The Portal Weapon In Star Trek: Picard Season 3 Is A Wild New Addition To The Universe

Amanda Plummer as Vadic in Star Trek: Picard season 3

In the first episode of the new season of " Star Trek: Picard ," Raffi (Michelle Hurd), while working for a mysterious, faceless contact within Starfleet, is attempting to locate dangerous stolen technology that can be used as a massively destructive weapon. Raffi catches wind of where the weapon will be used but arrives moments too late to stop it. She watches in horror as the Starfleet recruitment building — the entire massive structure — is sucked into a mysterious portal that is instantaneously formed below it. An exit portal then appears about a mile up and a few miles over, and the building crashes to the ground, crushing its own next-door neighbors. 

The practical implications for portal technology will, of course, be immediately evident to anyone who has ever played the 2007 video game "Portal." That game was predicated on making magical doorways through which the player would pass in order to surmount increasingly complex physics and maze puzzles. If one could form an entrance portal in front of them, and then an exit portal on a platform above, one could easily traverse the world. 

Generally speaking, the relationship "Star Trek" has with technology is very positive. Starships allow people to travel the cosmos, replicators have essentially ended hunger, and transporters allow people to visit alien worlds. But often, when new technologies are introduced into "Star Trek," ethical concerns are immediately raised. What, for instance, is a building-size portal-maker really for besides transporting entire buildings a mile into the air and then dropping them? Characters speak often about how certain machines could handily be weaponized. 

A portal gun is weaponized spectacularly and will boggle the average Trekkie's mind.

Later in the series, a mysterious villain named Vadic ( Amanda Plummer ) who pilots a talon-like ship called the Shrike will reveal that she has been controlling the portal weapon, and will happily demonstrate how functional it can serve in ship-to-ship combat. When her prey attempts to flee, for instance, she can project a portal in front of it, redirecting them directly in front of her ship again. If she's fast enough on the draw, she can open a portal in front of a photon torpedo, forcing it directly back at her attacker. The uses of the portal weapon are limited, it seems, only by the imagination and ruthlessness of its wielder. 

To idly postulate, one could open a portal right next to a sun's cornea, position its exit next to a ship, or even a planet, and blast either with unbelievable solar energy. One could open a portal in front of a ship, and arrange its exit immediately behind, allowing a ship to rear-end itself. One could fire a ship's phasers or photon torpedoes into a portal, and arrange its exit inside a ship, or even inside a deep basement somewhere, essentially committing acts of terrorism from space. The building-dropping maneuver is plenty creatively destructive as is. 

Because of these weaponized uses, it's clear why portal technology has been banned and hidden away from Starfleet at large. Yes, the portal tech could make rescue and transportation that much swifter, perhaps being used to evacuate thousands of people at once from dangerous situations. It would also give researchers a chance to, say, scan dangerous spatial phenomena from a safe distance. Just open a portal and scan away. But until a portal cannot be used as a weapon, then perhaps wait to use it.

The ramifications of technology

While weapons and ships' armaments are regularly discussed on "Star Trek," a starship's ability to overpower another in combat is rarely the point of the franchise. It's going to be extremely uncommon for a "Star Trek" story — at least outside of feature films — to end with a show of battlefield might. As such, every new piece of tech is often examined for its ethical boundaries before being installed in a starship. Could one use the Enterprise computers to create sentient holographic geniuses whenever a situation called for an expert? Perhaps, but isn't now deleting that program considered murder? "Star Trek" typically steps forward tentatively. Portal-making tech is cool and all, but, well, Vadic is showing why ships don't have it. 

This may be why " Star Trek: Discovery " still possesses one fundamentally frustrating element. The USS Discovery has discovered that the entire galaxy is populated by an unthinkably vast network of microscopic interdimensional spores. By tying the ship's engines into this network, the Discovery can essentially pass through an alternate dimension and reappear anywhere in the galaxy. Zip, pop, they're there. 

Not only does this remove the trekking part from "Star Trek," but the implications of such technology are staggering. Borders would become meaningless if ships could simply be anywhere on a whim. Space would no longer be vast, trade would be instantaneous, and combat would vanish. Why destroy other ships if you can teleport away? Or teleport to their homeworld, drop a bomb, and flee before being detected? "Discovery," sadly, never wrestles with its own teleportation technology, using it as a narrative excuse to not write scenes on board the ship. 

The portal tech in "Picard" is seen as horrendous and devastating. It's cool, but it's also terrifying.

‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season 3 Episode 3 Recap: Bridges Built and Bridges Burned

Emotions run high aboard the Titan.

Tensions are mounting aboard the U.S.S. Titan as Vadic ( Amanda Plummer ) and the Shrike pursue the starship deeper into a dangerous nebula, which prevents them from jumping to warp. But tension isn’t the only thing mounting, emotions are too. On the heels of last week’s revelation, Picard ( Patrick Stewart ) and Jack ( Ed Speleers ) are both forced to come to terms with their newfound connection in Episode 3 of Star Trek: Picard Season 3.

Picard is convinced that Vadic will continue to pursue them, no matter where they go until they surrender, and Captain Shaw ( Todd Stashwick ) isn’t looking to surrender his ship—at any cost. Without any other options, he orders the crew to take the ship deeper into the nebula, in hopes that they might be able to shake the Shrike loose. With the clear and present danger that the crew of the Titan is in, they are quick to glare at Jack and blame him for the attack, especially without knowing why Picard has pushed for Shaw to protect him. Beverly ( Gates McFadden ) cautions Jack that it’s not worth getting mad about because the crew is going to need them because of their medical experience.

Before the opening credits roll, the episode flashes back to a window of time shortly after the birth of Riker’s ( Jonathan Frakes ) son, when he and Picard have reunited to celebrate Thad’s birth. This scene sets the stage for a pivotal moment that arrives towards the end of the episode, with Riker telling Picard how touch-and-go Thad’s birth was, and that—on board the Titan —the turbolift takes approximately seventeen seconds to go from the bridge to the sick bay. It is a very poignant moment for a number of reasons. For one, because Riker’s son does ultimately die, and his worst fears do become a reality, and secondly because he so clearly wishes that Picard could experience fatherhood too. Riker also tells Picard that once you have a child, “You’ll burn the whole world to save them.” This harkens back to the song that both Picard and Beverly were listening to in the premiere.

Picard and Riker pay a visit to Beverly and Jack while they are tending to patients in the sick bay, looking for answers about their current predicament. Riker attempts to lure Jack away, but Jack is quick to protest, insisting that anything Picard could need to say to his mother could be said in front of him. However, Beverly encourages him to leave with Riker, and for good reason, because there are definitely aspects of their conversation that would’ve been difficult to discuss in front of him. While the silence of Episode 2’s revelation made for profound and compelling storytelling, there are a lot of questions that Picard deserves the answers to—starting with why .

Beverly explains that before she left the Enterprise , she was convinced that they both understood that they were finally at the end of their on-again-off-again relationship. They tried to enjoy their shore leave, but he was called back early, which was how it always worked out. At that point, they ended their relationship for the fifth time, but Picard didn’t realize that ending their romance meant ending their friendship too, or that he would be left wondering what he did wrong since he never saw her again. Picard can’t wrap his head around why Beverly didn’t tell him that she was pregnant, and she insists that it was because his life was too dangerous—there was always someone trying to kill him or he was dashing off into a dangerous scenario. She doubted that he would walk away from Starfleet, especially knowing that he never wanted to have a family because he was too afraid of becoming his own father.

Understandably, this upsets Picard, because it feels like Beverly is throwing his father in his face—and he has every right to be upset. Season 2 focused so much on the trauma that Picard still carried from his father , which allows him to tell Beverly that he now knows that he would’ve never become his father, but he points out that he could’ve learned that twenty years ago, by becoming a father. They reach a bit of a stalemate, with Picard pointing out that Beverly robbed him of the choice to decide for himself, while Beverly is certain she made the right decision. As she ominously points out, being the son of Jean-Luc Picard means living with a target on your back.

Elsewhere on the Titan , Jack and Riker are having an equally tense conversation—though theirs is a little more humorous, and it perhaps gives a glimpse into what life could’ve been like if Riker had been an uncle-like figure for Jack. Jack tells Riker to stop looking at him like a science experiment, but Riker pushes back that Jack is actually a bit of a science experiment because he spent years with Picard and Beverly watching Jack get cooked up. Which is exactly what every kid wants to hear about their parents. Jack makes it clear that he wants nothing to do with referring to Picard as his “dad” and Riker attempts to talk some sense into him by pointing out that everyone is faulty, and he can’t really hold their situation against Picard. Jack relents a little and reveals that his mother was always so excited to tell him stories about her time aboard the Enterprise , but that her happiness often gave way to sadness. He asks Riker if he has a family and Riker reveals that he has a wife, a daughter, and he had a son. It’s a subtle moment, but you see a shift in Jack as he realizes why Riker is so keen to build a bridge between him and Picard.

In the sick bay, emotions have tempered between Picard and Beverly as he questions her about the Shrike. Beverly says that she doesn’t know who Vadic is, and explains that the Shrike is just another in a long line of people trying to hunt them down. Everywhere they have turned over the past few weeks, has resulted in someone always turning on them and trying to take Jack from her. While she doesn’t know who is pursuing them or why, she is convinced that it has nothing to do with Jack, and everything to do with Picard. With this revelation, the conversation shifts back to their son, with Beverly telling Picard that Jack picked up his accent while studying in London, and that she had actually given him the option to meet his father. She explains that, when Jack was old enough, she told him everything he needed to know about Picard and gave him the option to find him and meet him, but ultimately Jack decided that he didn’t want to find him.

After their respective conversations, Riker and Picard regroup and Picard is extremely standoffish. Riker tries to pry and find out how the conversation with Beverly went, but Picard calls it all “immaterial” even though it is decidedly not immaterial. Riker encourages him to talk to Jack, and even uses his own personal tragedy as an example of why Picard should try to cherish the time he has with Jack, but Picard isn’t very interested in listening to reason. Especially not when the Titan is in peril. When they arrive at the bridge, the Shrike reemerges from the nebula, firing at the starship and plunging them into chaos. Captain Shaw is severely injured, which prompts him to begrudgingly transfer command of the Titan to Riker—who he hopes can lead the ship to safety. Riker takes the Captain’s seat and as Picard takes the seat beside him, he wryly remarks: “Will, I think it may be time you call me Number One.”

Beverly and Jack are once again helping the injured crew members in sickbay when Shaw is brought down in pretty dire condition. Since Beverly recovered from her own injuries, she has been butting heads with the Titan ’s doctor who seems very reluctant to utilize “old-fashioned” medical practices or relinquish any control to another medical professional. They butt heads once again when Shaw is brought in and Beverly realizes that he has internal bleeding that the doctor’s imaging failed to catch. While Shaw is struggling to catch his breath, he summons up just enough strength to get his hands on Jack and question him about how Vaidc keeps finding them. Jack initially seems like he has no idea, at least until he looks down at the floor and sees the trail of Shaw’s blood.

On the bridge, Riker is trying to come up with a way to avoid being caught by the Shrike again, and orders the crew to “keep them squirrely” as they travel through the nebula. Picard, on the other hand, is convinced that they need to fight the Shrike—an option that Riker seems reluctant to explore. Riker ultimately decides that their best course of action would be to leave the nebula, since they can’t warp, but before they can get out, the Shrike is on top of them once again. Utilizing the same weapon which decimated the celebration in Episode 1 , the Shrike utilizes the portal weapon to drive the Titan right into their clutches. It puts the starship into a dire situation that leaves them with only a few options for escape.

Earlier in the episode, Alandra La Forge ( Mica Burton ) paid Seven of Nine ( Jeri Ryan ) a visit, after she was confined to her quarters for insubordination in the previous episode. When she arrived, Seven was listening to super moody music while she's sulking about her situation, and Alandra attempted to extend a hand of understanding by comparing their situations. Alandra revealed that she has always had a hard time fitting in and making friends, especially because most people just think of her as Geordi La Forge’s daughter. Alandra isn’t the only person who pays Seven a visit in the episode. After Jack is denied access to the bridge to tell Riker and Picard his theory, he goes straight to Seven’s quarters. Knowing that she used to be a Fenris Ranger, he questions her about the “blood in the water” tactic, and they realize that the Titan must be leaving some sort of trail, which is allowing the Shrike to track them.

Seven and Jack set out to figure out where the leak is coming from, but first, they have to get around the officer that is guarding Seven’s door. Jack plays coy about the situation before knocking the officer out without even flinching. With a little hint of admiration, Seven tells Jack “You’re insane.” all the while kicking the unconscious officer out of her way as they head to engineering.

When they arrive in engineering, they discover that there is some sort of gas leak, which requires them to use gas masks. They also find the evidence that they need to prove that they’ve been sabotaged and Seven reports to the bridge that there is a saboteur on board. Over the course of the first three episodes, there has been one specific ensign ( Chad Lindberg ) who has been acting very shady, and it all comes to a head while Jack is trying to investigate in engineering. Ensign Foster attacks Jack, ripping his gas mask off and exposing him to the deadly gas, in an effort to stop them from repairing the sabotaged equipment.

As Jack is succumbing to the noxious gas, he begins to hallucinate an eerie red-hued room and a red door. While this is unlikely to be an allusion to Jane Eyre —which famously employs the literary allusion of “The Red Room”—it does appear to go deeper for Jack than just being poisoned. Seven returns just in the knick of time, hauling Jack out of the gas-filled room. When they arrive in sick bay, he is already fading and Beverly realizes just how dire her son’s situation is. Once Picard is made aware of the situation, he steps onto the turbolift and endures the same seventeen-second journey that Riker once told him about.

This part of the episode is incredibly well-constructed, with it inter-cutting between Picard’s agonizingly long journey while Beverly is desperately trying to revive Jack. It’s this situation that finally forces Picard to break through his own self-constructed walls. He can’t deny that he’s a father now, even if it is just in name only. Even before he knew that he was, in fact, Jack’s father, Picard had carefully constructed a wall between them. Now, as he stands beside Jack’s bedside—watching as his vital signs go flat, as Beverly works to bring him back to life—something finally shifts in Picard’s expression. Like Riker’s story about Thad, Picard is seeing a life flash before his eyes, but it isn’t his: it’s his son’s life he sees.

RELATED: 'Picard’ Season 3 Showrunner Terry Matalas Breaks Down Episode 2 & That Jack Crusher Revelation [Exclusive]

On the other side of the galaxy, Raffi’s ( Michelle Hurd ) investigation into the deadly attack continues. After her unfortunate encounter with Sneed’s Splinter drug in the previous episode, Raffi groggily awakens on La Sirena ––only, she isn’t alone. She hears music playing somewhere aboard the ship, so she goes to investigate and discovers Worf ( Michael Dorn ) training. She knows exactly who he is and calls him a legend—a title which is being consistently tacked onto each of The Next Generation cast members in the series, with different degrees of veneration and indifference. Worf reveals what the audience already learned last week, which is that he’s her handler, and he explains that he’s a sort of contractor for Starfleet now. He explains that he told her to disengage from the mission because he was worried she would get herself killed, a concern that she almost made a reality by going after Sneed. After a little back and forth, Worf shares that he located an individual named Titus Rikka who he believes paid Sneed to lie about the weapon. With this revelation, they set off together to track him down.

Their mission takes them to the seedy underbelly of M’talas Prime, where they locate Titus and haul him back to La Sirena for interrogation. He appears to be strung out, which Raffi recognizes from her own experience, and she uses it to her advantage to try to pry information out of him. Despite their attempt at playing good cop-bad cop, Raffi and Worf don’t get a lot of information out of Titus, but what they do get out of him seems to hint at a much larger plot unfolding. Titus reveals that the individuals behind the attack are “enemies of the federation” and that it was never about the portal weapon—it was about keeping Starfleet distracted.

Raffi and Worf slowly piece together that something far more valuable has been stolen from Daystrom, but all of this is undercut by the revelation that Titus is a Changeling. This connects back to what’s happening aboard the Titan , where Jack has regained consciousness and revealed that he was attacked by a Changeling. While Worf tells Raffi about the contentious relationship between Changelings and Starfleet, we see Ensign Foster installing a bomb on the Titan .

On the bridge of the Titan , Picard and Riker have a fight about Riker’s “fear of loss,” which is a cruel thing to throw in Riker’s face, after Picard just experienced a fraction of what Riker felt when he lost his son. Riker tells Picard to sit down and essentially shut up, which is an order he reluctantly complies with. Riker attempts to prepare the ship for warping out of the nebula, but before they can the bomb goes off, causing them to lose an engine.

Throughout the episode, Picard has been goading Riker into attacking the Shrike and now, without a means of escape, Riker gives in to Picard’s pleas. They turn the ship around and unload their entire arsenal of weapons against the Shrike, which ends up leading to disaster. Despite knowing that the Shrike possesses a portal weapon, neither Picard nor Riker anticipated that Vadic would utilize the weapon to cause the Titan to essentially attack themselves. In the final moments of “Seventeen Seconds” Riker orders Picard to remove himself from the bridge because his fool-hardy plan of attack caused fatal damage to the Titan and, as Riker says to Picard, “You’ve just killed us all.”

Episode 3 of Picard increases the stakes in unimaginable ways by positioning the crew of the Titan in a no-win situation. They are dead in the water, trapped in a dangerous nebula, with a powerful enemy on their tail. With the personal stakes at play, this scenario makes Kobayashi Maru look like child’s play.

The first three episodes of the final season of Star Trek: Picard are currently streaming on Paramount+.

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Follow-up series to Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987) and Star Trek: Nemesis (2002) that centers on Jean-Luc Picard in the next chapter of his life. Follow-up series to Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987) and Star Trek: Nemesis (2002) that centers on Jean-Luc Picard in the next chapter of his life. Follow-up series to Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987) and Star Trek: Nemesis (2002) that centers on Jean-Luc Picard in the next chapter of his life.

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Stellar Photos From the "Star Trek" TV Universe

Nichelle Nichols and Sonequa Martin-Green at an event for Star Trek: Discovery (2017)

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  • Trivia The Chateau Picard vineyard first appeared in Family (1990) . It was run by Jean-Luc Picard's brother Robert and his wife Marie, and their son René. Jean-Luc would learn in Star Trek: Generations (1994) that Robert and René had both burned to death in a fire, leaving Jean-Luc as the last in the Picard line.
  • Goofs Commodore Oh often wears sunglasses. Star Trek lore establishes that Vulcans have an inner eyelid to protect against harsh sunlight on their desert planet. Oh's shades are a fashion statement, not a protective measure.
  • The first season features a Borg cube and the planet Romulus.
  • The second season features a Borg ship, a wormhole and hourglass, and the Borg Queen's silhouette.
  • The third season does not have an opening titles sequence.
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Michael Dorn, Jonathan Frakes, Gates McFadden, Marina Sirtis, Brent Spiner, LeVar Burton, Patrick Stewart, Jeri Ryan, Michelle Hurd, Todd Stashwick, and Ed Speleers in Star Trek: Picard (2020)

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Star Trek: Picard – Finale Explained and Season 3 Teases

Executive Producer Akiva Goldsman breaks down the big reveals of the Star Trek: Picard season 2 finale and what they mean for the show’s final season.

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Star Trek: Picard Season 2 Episode 10 Finale Explained

Warning: This artic​​le contains Star Trek: Picard season 2 finale spoilers. 

Star Trek: Picard Season 2 Episode 10

Star Trek: Picard season 2 started with small, intimate moments, and in the end that’s where it ended. Along the way though Picard and the rest of the gang (are they even technically a crew?) went to an alternate universe, time traveled, prevented history from being altered, and even gave us some perfect moments where Raffi and Seven lived up to the motto, “be gay, do crimes.”

The final episode answered most of our questions but it’s fair if some of the big twists and reveals left you a bit confused. We sat down with Picard executive producer (and co-writer of the season finale) Akiva Goldsman to clear up some of these points. He even gave us some little hints of how it all will tie together with the show’s third and final season.

Does Q Love Picard?

Picard and Q have shared a strange relationship since the beginning of Star Trek: The Next Generation . For all the grief Q’s given Jean-Luc through the years he’s also helped him learn more about himself, such as the classic episode “Tapestry” where he let Picard see where another path in life would have taken him. This season of Picard started with the two at each other’s throats but ended with something that felt strangely tender, as Q tells Picard that even god’s have their favorites, as he warmly holds Picard’s face. 

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So is Q… in love with Picard?

Goldsman agrees that the final scene the two shared was supposed to be tender.

“I think he always has [loved him].”

Many of the ideas for the season sprung out of, as Goldsman explained to us when the show premiered , Picard’s lack of long term relationships. The writers realized that Picard and Q, as antagonistic as they’d been, had shared a long term relationship.

“Why is Q constantly chasing after Picard?” Goldsman asked himself. “I think it is because in his own god-like way, Q loved him.”

That love manifested in sending Picard on this mission through time in order to give him the “wisdom of insight.” The experiences as a whole helped Picard learn to love again and open himself up to others. 

Is Q Really Dead?

Q confirms to Picard that he’s dying and his last act before that is to send Picard and the others back, along with reviving Elnor. Does this mean Q is gone for good? Goldsman believes that “for now, Q is gone.”

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Of course in a long running franchise like Star Trek , death, especially for a god being, isn’t always permanent. However for the purposes of Star Trek: Picard , it seems Q is finally gone.

Picard and His Mom

That “wisdom of insight” Q gave Jean-Luc centered on learning more about his father and particularly his mother. For years Picard blamed his father for her death but it was revealed that she had actually committed suicide. All of this left deep scars on Picard, ones the writers were eager to explore as they hadn’t been previously touched on in the franchise.

“Trauma’s always a nice source of storytelling,” Goldsman explains. “It’s a strange thing to say but when you’re dealing with a character who’s 100, you can’t be facing something that happened last Thursday. You need to really be looking into something that’s going to impacting a life lived for that long.”

The time travel element of the story also helped reflect how people can get, “stuck in places in our life. By solving that trauma, we solve the story then we move forward.”

Some hardcore fans were left scratching their heads at this new backstory for Jean-Luc, particularly because in the first season TNG episode “Where No One Has Gone Before” we were shown a vision of Picard’s mother who was noticeably older. In Picard season 2, his mother died at a much younger age.

Goldsman reveals that they had planned to reference this discrepancy, with Picard imagining his mother as we’d seen her in the vision but it was “scrapped.” Goldsman and the other writers reasoned that the vision Picard had in that first season TNG episode, “was a fantasy” of what Picard had wished his mother had been like. (Some fans may point out a photo of Picard’s mother that depicted her as older was in Picard’s family album in Star Trek: Generations but it is barely seen on screen if at all.)

The Return of Wesley Crusher

Like all Star Trek these days, Picard was filled to the brim with Easter eggs and references but one that took everyone off guard was a cameo by former Next Generation character Wesley Crusher. At the end of that series he went off with The Traveler to explore the universe and, barring a blink and you’ll miss it cameo in Star Trek: Nemesis , hasn’t been seen again.

Here he reappears to Kore Soong and offers her a chance to work with him. It seems in the years since we’ve seen Wesley he’s not just been traveling the galaxy but keeping an eye on the timeline as well. 

The return of Wesley was an element the producers of Picard had been discussing for a long time but it wasn’t easy. Goldsman previously explained to us that all the showrunners of the various Trek shows get together and lay out their plans and during some of these meetings Goldsman and the Picard team had to fight to use Wesley.

“Never ever have I seen shows be fighting over a character the way they were Wesley,” he says. “Getting Wesley was such a big deal because he’s for us really important.”

But would all this fighting over the character happen for just a cameo? Does this explain why actor Wil Wheaton was noticeably absent from the returning TNG cast members for Picard Season 3 ? Was it all to disguise this cameo and Wesley will have a bigger role to play next season? Goldsman wouldn’t say but we have a suspicion this isn’t the last we’ve seen of Wesley.

The Travelers and Gary Seven

This season of Picard hasn’t just mined the well of TNG’s history but all of Star Trek. An intriguing pull was the idea that time traveler/secret agent Gary Seven, a famous one-off TOS character who was set to star in his own spin-off, was part of a much larger group that we got to see more of in Picard . Wesley’s appearance and the recruiting of Kore into the same group Gary Seven was a part of seemed to indicate that the beings overseeing it are The Travelers.

Goldsman confirms that this was the intent and that it’s part of trying to line up some of the different time traveling groups over the franchise.

“There are so many folks out there who seem to be screwing around with the timeline. Let’s at least line them up. That’s our full on retcon.”

The Transwarp Conduit

The biggest dangling story thread of the season involves a newly opened Transwarp Conduit thanks to the Federation and the Borg teaming up. A Transwarp Conduit that’s so big it’s something even Seven has never seen before. Goldsman is very tight-lipped about what this will mean for the future but hints that, “maybe there’s some setup there” for the future. 

A giant transwarp conduit, the Borg joining the Federation, and Picard finding new love? Plus we’ve got the announced return of the TNG cast? Picard season 3 has a lot of ground to cover.

Shamus Kelley

Shamus Kelley | @ShamusWrites

For more from Shamus including original TV scripts visit He’s been a TV writer since 2009 when he created and executive produced the 21 JSR…

How Star Trek: Picard Sets Up Season 3

Star Trek: Picard Season 2 ends with its cast at a major crossroads and the fate of the galaxy in the balance. Here's how it sets up Season 3.

The following contains spoilers for Star Trek: Picard Season 2, Episode 10, "Farewell," streaming now on Paramount+.

Star Trek: Picard saw the eponymous Starfleet admiral go back to the past to preserve history while addressing painful elements of his own backstory. Throughout this crucible, Picard’s friends endured cataclysmic changes themselves as they scrambled in the 21st century to ensure humanity’s destiny would be fulfilled. And by the end, while Picard emerged more at peace with himself than ever, several members of this impromptu crew have taken on radically new positions that will shape the course of Picard Season 3.

Q resurfaced to meddle in Picard’s life and tamper with the timeline after learning he was dying , with Picard’s time-travel mission to restore the timeline providing an opportunity for Q to learn more about the nature of existence and mortality. In doing so, Picard’s repressed childhood memory about his mother’s severe mental illness and circumstances surrounding her death came back to the surface, with Picard finally forgiving himself of the traumatic incident. This gave Picard with the emotional vulnerability and willingness to allow himself to fall in love, finally admitting his feelings to his Romulan friend Laris, potentially setting the stage for a romance between the two in Picard Season 3. Seven of Nine and Raffi Musiker also reignited their own romance, now more open and honest with each other than their past attempt at a relationship.

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Q himself appears to be finished, using the last fraction of his omnipotent power to send Picard and his friends back to the point where he whisked them away to the divergent timeline he was responsible for. What exactly caused Q’s death is unclear, unlike the elaborate means Q devised for Picard to forgive himself as a parting gift to his old friend , as much as it was a headache for Picard and his friends to endure. However, Q may not be dead quite yet, with an unexpected character deciding to remain behind in the past, sparing Q some power that could see him make one last appearance in Season 3.

The character that opted to stay behind was La Sirena’s Captain Chris Rios, who fell in love with Teresa Ramirez, a woman from the 21st century who ran a clinic in Los Angeles. Back in the 24th century, Guinan reveals that Rios eventually died in the past after living a full life, closing the door on his future on Picard for good. And Rios is not the only regular character written out of Picard ahead of its third season.

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In order to travel back to the 21st century precisely when Q altered the past, Picard and his friends rescued the Borg Queen and took her with them. Agnes Jurati allowed the Queen to partially assimilate her to carry out repairs to La Sirena from the rigorous journey through time, with the two developing an emotional bond. Though the Queen attempted to assert more control over Jurati, the scientist was able to positively influence the Queen in using the Borg as a force for good in the galaxy . The resurgent Borg Collective was last seen in the 24th century, looking over a mysterious portal that suddenly opened in the center of the galaxy.

This portal will likely serve as the centerpiece for Picard Season 3, as it's still unclear why the portal opened and what is waiting for Starfleet on the other side. In the first trailer for Picard Season 3 , the main cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation is confirmed to appear. Whatever Picard faces coming out of that portal, he won’t be alone as he prepares for one final voyage, now emotionally stronger and supported by plenty of friendly faces as the fate of the 24th century hangs in the balance.

Created by Akiva Goldsman, Michael Chabon, Kirsten Beyer and Alex Kurtzman, the first two seasons of Star Trek: Picard are available to stream in their entirety on Paramount+.

Star Trek: Picard season 3: everything you need to know about the show's Big Bad

After making Captain Sisko’s life hell on Deep Space Nine, some familiar faces are back in Star Trek: Picard season 3


Spoilers for Picard season 3's third episode follow. If you haven't seen the latest episode or caught up on the season so far, look away now!

Following on from the bombshell that Jean-Luc Picard and Beverly Crusher have a kid together , the big revelations keep on coming in Star Trek: Picard season 3 . Third episode ‘Seventeen Seconds’ has just confirmed the identity of the villains who used a stolen portal weapon to destroy a Starfleet recruitment facility on M’talas Prime, and it turns out we’ve met them before.

The shapeshifting Changelings were the principal aggressors in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and now they’ve returned to the Alpha Quadrant with new-and-improved CG morphing techniques. Aside from stealing top-secret Starfleet hardware, their ultimate goal remains unknown, though whatever they have planned is unlikely to be good news for Jean-Luc and the Federation.

So, as one Changeling spy gets busy creating havoc on the USS Titan, and another winds up interrogated (and vaporised) by Worf and Raffi Musiker, we travel back in time to explore the Dominion’s Star Trek origins.

Where have we seen the Changelings before in Star Trek?

The shapeshifting Changelings became the main antagonists of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, which ran for seven seasons from 1993-99. DS9 security chief Odo was a member of the same species, though he didn’t learn about his heritage until season 3.

The Changelings originated on the other side of the galaxy, but the discovery of the Bajoran wormhole next to DS9 allowed easy access between the Alpha Quadrant (our bit) and the Gamma Quadrant (theirs). Suddenly, two factions who may otherwise never have met had each other in phaser lock.

The Changelings primarily exist in liquid form but can assume the form of multiple humanoid races. Despite possessing similar shapeshifting abilities to the Chameloid Martia in Star Trek 6: The Undiscovered Country, the species are apparently not related.

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Odo in Deep Space Nine

What is the Dominion?

The Dominion was the empire ruled over by the Changelings – known as the “Founders” to their adoring subjects.

Although the Founders were undoubtedly the brains of the operation, they were never particularly keen on getting their hands dirty. Instead, many administrative roles were fulfilled by the humanoid Vorta (easily cloned in the event of an individual’s demise). The Dominion’s military might, meanwhile, supplied by the ruthless Jem’Hadar. The Founders ensured the loyalty of their footsoldiers by genetically engineering them to be dependent on a drug known as ketracel-white.

What are the Changelings’ strengths and weaknesses?

Thanks to their morphogenic matrix, Changelings can shapeshift to impersonate a vast array of inanimate objects, animals and humanoids. As well having no need for food, they can survive in the vacuum of space.

On their homeworld they all join together to form a big lake of liquid beings known as the Great Link. Here they can exchange thoughts in one big hive mind – it’s like the Borg but gooier.

As predominantly liquid beings, however, they can’t hold solid form indefinitely. They subsequently experience intense pain and a rapidly deteriorating body if they leave it too long before returning to their liquid state. During Odo’s early days on Deep Space Nine, he had to revert to his gloopier self every 16-18 hours, spending his R&R periods in a bucket before relocating to larger quarters.

How do you spot a Changeling?

While Odo would struggle to pass for human, older, more experienced Changelings have the ability to create a seamless imitation of detailed facial features and voices. This has traditionally made them incredibly difficult to spot, with even the extensive blood screening adopted by the Federation proving frustratingly hit-and-miss. In fact, their best efforts weren’t enough to prevent copies of DS9’s resident doctor Julian Bashir and Klingon bigwig General Martok slipping through the net.

A Founder in Deep Space Nine

What was the Dominion War?

The Dominion’s initial slow-burn efforts to infiltrate the Alpha Quadrant eventually escalated into all-out war. The resulting two-year conflict brought all of Star Trek’s significant powers into battle, and led to in massive casualties on both sides.

Dominion tactics were varied enough to incorporate the brute force of the Jem’Hadar armada, and Changeling operatives shapeshifting their way into the upper echelons of Starfleet or the Klingon Empire – they even engineered a war between the Klingons and the Cardassians to further their aspirations in the region,  

The threat became so great that the Federation, the Klingon Empire and the Romulan Star Empire were forced to enter into an unlikely alliance, though the Cardassian Union went the other way and teamed up with the Dominion. This decision ultimately backfired when the Founders decided an alliance with the secretive Breen was actually more beneficial to their cause. Hundreds of millions of Cardassians were slaughtered in the subsequent invasion.

What happened to the Dominion at the end of Deep Space Nine?

The Federation/Klingon/Romulan alliance ultimately reclaimed Cardassian territory and gained the upper hand over the Dominion in battle. But arguably the most important (and most morally questionable) development of the war’s endgame was the morphogenic virus Starfleet Intelligence’s perennially shady Section 31 developed to kill off the Changelings.

With the Founders unable to develop a treatment of their own, they were facing extinction when the Federation Council vetoed the use of the cure Dr Bashir had developed.

Odo ultimately convinced the Founders to surrender, on the condition that he join them in the Great Link to share the cure. The war officially ended with the signing of the Treaty of Bajor.

Worf in Deep Space Nine

Has Picard ever faced the Dominion before?

Neither of Picard’s Enterprises ever encountered the Dominion on screen, though the long-running war is referenced in both Star Trek: Insurrection and Star Trek: Nemesis. Seeing as the crew would have been in service throughout the conflict, however, it seems unlikely they’d have avoided the Changelings completely.

And, seeing as Worf spent four seasons as a regular on Deep Space Nine, there is at least one member of the classic Next Generation line-up with extensive experience of the Founders. When the Klingon makes a reference to “a close friend within the Link” in Picard season three’s third episode, he’s almost definitely referring to his former colleague, Odo.

How do the Changelings fit into Star Trek: Picard?

Episode 3 (‘Seventeen Seconds’) sets them up as season 3’s Big Bad, responsible for stealing both the troublesome portal weapon Vadic uses to torment the USS Titan, and another top-secret threat housed at Daystrom Station. There’s also a Changeling hidden aboard the Titan, and he's done his best to kill Jack Crusher in between ongoing efforts to sabotage the ship.

It’s important to note, however, that these Changelings are not the Dominion. Worf explains that, “When the Dominion War ended, there was a schism. A terrorist faction broke away, unwilling to accept defeat.” It appears that the Changelings we’ve seen so far in Star Trek: Picard are part of this “rogue group”, though Worf is treading softly because Starfleet realise that acknowledging their existence might risk reigniting the Dominion War.

New episodes of Star Trek: Picard stream on Paramount Plus in the US every Thursday, and on Fridays in the UK courtesy of Prime Video.

Richard is a freelancer journalist and editor, and was once a physicist. Rich is the former editor of SFX Magazine, but has since gone freelance, writing for websites and publications including GamesRadar+, SFX, Total Film, and more. He also co-hosts the podcast, Robby the Robot's Waiting, which is focused on sci-fi and fantasy. 

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star trek picard portal

‘Star Trek’ Fans Can Now Virtually Tour Every Starship Enterprise Bridge

An interactive web portal explores the vessel’s evolution over nearly six decades

Sarah Kuta

Daily Correspondent

Enterprise bridge view

For decades, many “ Star Trek ” fans have imagined what it would be like to work from the bridge of the starship  Enterprise , the long-running franchise’s high-tech space-exploring vessel. Through various iterations and seasons of the series, created by  Gene Roddenberry in the ’60s, the bridge has remained a constant, serving as the backdrop for many important moments in the show’s 800-plus episodes.

Now, die-hard Trekkies and casual watchers alike can virtually roam around the Enterprise’s bridge to their heart’s content, thanks to a sophisticated and highly detailed new  web portal that brings the space to life.

The site features 360-degree, 3D models of the various versions of the Enterprise , as well as a timeline of the ship’s evolution throughout the franchise’s history. Fans of the show can also read detailed information about each version of the ship’s design, its significance to the “Star Trek” storyline and its production backstory.

The new web portal's interface

Developed in honor of the “Star Trek: Picard”  series finale , which dropped late last month on Paramount+, the portal is a collaboration between the Roddenberry Estate, the Roddenberry Archive and the technology company OTOY. A group of well-known “Star Trek” artists—including Denise and Michael Okuda , Daren Dochterman, Doug Drexler and Dave Blass—also supported the project.

“Through new technology, we can bring audiences back in time as if they were there on set during the making of ’Star Trek,’ providing a window into new dimensions of the ‘Star Trek’ universe,” says Jules Urbach, OTOY’s CEO, in a  statement .

YouTube Logo

The voice of the late actress  Majel Roddenberry , who played the Enterprise ’s computer for years, will be added to the site in the future. Gene Roddenberry  died in 1991 , followed by Majel Roddenberry  in 2008 ; the two had been married since 1969.

The portal’s creators also released a short video , narrated by actor  John de Lancie , exploring every version of the Enterprise ’s bridge to date, “from its inception in  Pato Guzman ’s 1964 sketches, through its portrayal across decades of TV shows and feature films, to its latest incarnation on the Enterprise-G , as revealed in the final episode of ‘ Star Trek: Picard ,’” per the video description. Accompanying video interviews with “Star Trek” cast and crew—including William Shatner , who played Captain Kirk in the original series, and Terry Matalas , a showrunner for “Star Trek: Picard”—also explore the series’ legacy.

star trek picard portal

The interactive, 3D bridge models contain a surprising level of detail, right down to the consoles and turbolifts. The site, however, has so far been hit or miss for users, suggesting that the team behind it may still be working out a few of the technical kinks, reports the  Verge ’s Sean Hollister. And as Kyle Barr writes for  Gizmodo , one big downside is that the models don’t contain any “Star Trek” characters, who he says are “the beating heart of the show and its ideals.”

“Sitting in the captain’s chair, with all the stations empty beside you,” he writes, “is enough to make one wistful.”

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Sarah Kuta

Sarah Kuta | READ MORE

Sarah Kuta is a writer and editor based in Longmont, Colorado. She covers history, science, travel, food and beverage, sustainability, economics and other topics.

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New Roddenberry Site Offers Virtual USS Enterprise Bridge Tours, Including Ships From ‘Star Trek: Picard’

star trek picard portal

| April 27, 2023 | By: Staff 67 comments so far

Roddenberry Entertainment has been working with technology company OTOY on “The Roddenberry Archive” for the last few years with the goal of creating a digital archive of the work of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry. The initial focus of this project has been virtual recreations of Star Trek ships bearing the name USS Enterprise, and they have just launched a brand-new portal where you can tour the iconic bridges.

Tour the Enterprises

The new free web portal includes many iterations of bridges for ships named Enterprise across Star Trek history. You can tour the different ships via a timeline and expand into each bridge for a 360-degree tour. In some cases, bridge details include working turbo lifts and consoles.

star trek picard portal

Roddenberry Archive Enterprise portal

The portal includes the new USS Enterprise-F and USS Enterprise-G from Star Trek: Picard .

star trek picard portal

Enterprise-F bridge

A visit to Veridian III

Season 3 of Star Trek: Picard did an update on Star Trek history, adding to the events of the movie Star Trek: Generations . This includes the saucer of the Enterprise-D being recovered from Veridian III and restored by Geordi La Forge at the Starfleet Museum. The new virtual tour reflects this update to Trek history.

star trek picard portal

Recovery of the Enterprise-D

This includes a short video showing the recovery and a certain Vulcan visiting the grave of James T. Kirk on Veridian III.

Mini documentaries

The Roddenberry Archive is a collaboration that involves a number of key figures in Star Trek history who helped build these iconic ships, including Denise and Michael Okuda, Doug Drexler, Daren Dochterman, and now Picard production designer Dave Blass. They are also getting help from Picard showrunner Terry Matalas, Star Trek star William Shatner, and Q himself, John de Lancie.

This introductory video narrated by de Lancie gives you a brief history of the USS Enterprise.

Another new video released today focuses on the USS Enterprise-D, with a history of the bridge design and details about the reconstruction for Star Trek: Picard .

They also released a preview of their extended interview with William Shatner.

For more about the Roddenberry Archive, see the Deadline report about today’s announcement and visit the new web portal at .

Find more Star Trek history at TrekMovie .

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star trek picard portal

The Roddenberry Archive Recreates Sets From First ‘Star Trek’ Pilot “The Cage”

Here’s hoping we get the Rodenberry-Archive Vol 2 Blu-Ray then.

yes, please

The post Star Trek Generations video was very cool.

it was but also didn’t make much sense. Why would Spock have any memory of the Enterprise’s destruction over Genesis, and why would he be reflecting on that in TMP era? Weird. Technically awesome but weird

Spock probably didn’t see the Enterprise destroyed, but Kirk did. Could a Vulcan mindmeld with a dead human? Doubtful. He could with a resurrected one, though. Hmm.

Anyway, these videos do have a weird scattered memory vibe. It will be interesting to see what comes next.

Maybe because his Katra was in McCoy.

Oh, good point.

Exactly. Spock’s body did not witness anything but his Katra aka soul did via McCoy

Spock didn’t witness the destruction of the Enterprise but McCoy did. And they had a pretty in depth mind melt katra sharing session going on at Vulcan

Awesome they brought back Leonard Nimoy digitally. These, along with Yeoman Colt, would make great Short Treks.

As I understand it, that’s not a digital Nimoy, it’s an actor made to look like him with makeup and so forth. Whatever they did, it looks amazing.

It was an actor, then they put Nimoy’s face on it digitally. It’s not the actor’s face.

According to their website, it was makeup and prosthetics. There’s BTS pics you can find there.

Following the rabbit hole of Lawrence Selleck, that is one hell of an amazing transformation. I’m nearly speechless.

Yeah, if someone looks THAT much like Nimoy — dude, you’re Nimoy. :D

Lol, sure it’s not. Dude, trust your eyes and don’t overthink this.

There was a lot about this awhile back, the guy’s resemblance is amazing in b-t-s imagery. I think there was some digital sweetening that actually soured the look, because the imagery as I recall had a CG feel, whereas the guy just being shot looked like the real deal.


What has Colt?

Showing the sets of the Cage.

Someone from the original pilot and Yeoman Rand’s predecessor.

No, I knew who Colt is; I just wondered how she came up here.

Big shout out to the team who created the makeup and prosthetics for Spock. They’ve done amazing work.

TOS bridge, so sweet. Movie era bridge, awesome. Star Trek IV bridge, sooo good!! Colors, displays, function. Star Trek V/VI – probably the best (not sure why I like the white color scheme in IV). SNW best bridge ever? But TNG, Ent D,E,F… suddenly space is at a premium and they make no sense, walls of non function and/or stations way off that no one can communicate with the Captain. No wonder they need chairs for the shrink on the bridge after that. The TNG, I now think it would be soo funny if the carpet lit on fire, that’s got to happen in Lower Decks. The only thing on the F I like is those consoles getting some heads up displays, I guess that might work to make these far off stations useful and able to communicate with the Captain. Anyone shocked Shelby got phasered from the front as opposed to someone just walking in the door and shooting her in the back? All that wasted space with no function. Someone give the G a new bridge. Cool video with Spock. Though in the one scene where he recalls the Enterprise falling through the Genesis Planet atmosphere, pretty sure he should be wearing the red monster maroons (the best Trek uniforms!).

The various bridges we never saw- from Star Trek Is, Planet of the Titans, Phase II- all look really cool.

It would be cool if some of these came into canon.

In fact, with the 32nd century drawing in more mid-70s Space 1999 design language, some of these might work better there.

Roddenberry or paramount should buy the “stage 9” called simulation/recreation of the entire enterprise d interrior which was shut down by cbs years ago. Such a huge shame, this had so much potential and looked sooo accurate and photorealistic!

I think at least one developer from Stage 9 is working with Roddenberry on this project.

So when I met Shatner on the TOS bridge set recreation in Ticonderoga, NY for his 90th birthday celebration, I brought along my little 360 camera so that I could capture VR video of the legendary captain back in his chair. He and his PR team were so fascinated by the camera, and I implored them to consider doing a 360/VR production with Shatner while he’s still around, as a way to sort of immortalize the experience for future generations, since we really are on the cusp of creatunig truly immersive virtual worlds, but Shatner may not be around for much longer. I wonder if in some way my conversation with them was the spark for this project, because I really think it’s important work – future generations, I believe, will think of 2D video the same way we think of old, silent film. But with the leaps and bounds being taken by AI, not only will they be able to recreate the sets in some future virtual environment, but probably recreate the movies too as an interactive experience where you’re literally there. I am hoping I live to see the day when I can join Kirk and co as a member of the bridge on any one of their greatest adventures :)

I think this has been in development for quite awhile. One of the companies involved, Light Field Labs, was apparently already on the fringe of this project when I interviewed with them early in the pandemic, nearly three years back. Correction: it has been in the works much longer, see this old trekmovie story:

Where is the season 2 TNG bridge and the versions from Yesterdays Enterprise, Parallels, All Good Things and Generations?

Hasten to add what was done is incredible to be sure!

There are definitely a few omissions to address.

Academy-award nominated production designer Tamara Deverell is responsible for the 1701 bridge as it appeared in Discovery S2, but the narration credits Jonathan Lee for both the Discovery and SNW versions.

Lee is responsible solely for the tweaked SNW version after the set was moved to a new, permanent soundstage.

Deverell made the effort to recreate the paint and plastic colours of the original, getting input from the 1701 recreation in NY state.

Really rather shabby omission given she’s the only woman head production designer in the history of the franchise.

I would expect the Official Archive to ensure these kinds of citations to be accurate.

Thanks for pointing this out, I’ll make sure it’s addressed on the website!

Thanks for your response.

I hope the voiceover on the video can be corrected though.

Deverell did the kind of deep dive work to recover the colours of the original, and deserves the same kind of acknowledgement that’s being given for the reproduction of the Enterprise D bridge.

This is documented in many articles from 2019. It raises genuine questions about blindspots and biases in the archive. Perhaps a featurette documenting the creation of the new 1701 bridge would address this.

See for example this from SyFy

Heh, these things take time, you know? Eventually, we plan on having all in there ;)

In the meantime, your video is out getting tens and hundreds of thousands of views falsely telling people that every major Trek production designer was male.

Don’t you see how a correction on a website and we’ll get to it when we get to it is not an adequate or appropriate correction for the kind of error that never should have happened?

It’s weird that they have complete bridges for seemingly small variations of some of the bridges, but the Enterprise D’s biggest changes, from Generations, aren’t represented.

That Generations short with Spock showing could use as post-credits or part of special features for a Generations Blu-Ray release.

Yeah that is incredible.

love the 360 bridge views, only wish they’d retconned the obvious CRT monitors on some of the sets

Considering they are working from a historic perspective, they should be faithful to the original.

If they were CRTs on set, then they’re CRTs. Same with the TNG consoles having visible screws. We’re recreating them as they were built. :)

Holy smokes. This is a lot of content. This is all shockingly amazing work.

I could enjoy this a lot more if they didn’t have to kill Stage 9 and other similar projects for it that I was frankly a lot more excited about

Not only is this not responsible for what happened to Stage 9, but also now several Stage 9 devs (including myself) are working on this full time!

Same. I was so excited about Stage 9. I kept up with it’s development since it started and couldn’t wait until it was complete just for it to dumped.

Hey what is 765874 ?!? I don’t suppose it could be a secret code to more of the Spock / Regeneration story. I want more!!

“ Her service number was 765874.”

Looks like a high-end “fan-film” coming down the Pike soon. Pun intended.

Oooohhh exciting. I don’t get why they didn’t have Colt in SNW honestly, or at least a cameo and then have her transfer. I mean she was in the Cage! Wow, good catch on Colt’s service #. Guess I am not the TOS fan I thought I was to not have considered that!

This all looks amazing. Spock on Veridian III wow! CGI has come so far today seeing the saucer section. And that Spock was on the mark.

But I truly love that video discussing the history of TNG and the E-D. It’s crazy a week ago I was watching that ship and bridge in live action again on an IMAX screen. Never thought we would see it again, much less in that format. TNG and the Enterprise D has been my home ship for 30 years now and I have to thank Terry Matalas and everyone responsible for bringing it back to all us fans! This is the happiest I been as a Trek fan in decades.

Thank you again.

Well said! 👍

It still doesn’t feel real they found a way to bring the D back in canon. It’s really surreal and definitely have Matalas to thank for it.

That scene with Spock was beautifully heartbreaking

This is the icing and the cake.

The Enterprise-G (aka Titan-A aka Stargazer) bridge set looks great when you can actually see it with the light on! I hope that if Legacy is green-lit, they turn the lights up on that bridge!

While the SNW bridge set is fun, it seems too busy.

Amazing. Wonderfully executed. All of the videos. (Although wonder why they would envision raising the D’s saucer with cables and not tractor beams, but whatever)

All very cool. I hope one day we get something in VR that’s as good or better than the Stage 9 recreation of the Enterprise D was. It’s such fun to be able to virtually tour those familiar sets. It was a great bonus feature to some of the old games too like Elite Force and The Fallen.

OTOY and Spock make-up BTS –

I hope this portal is made available for vr headsets soon.

I’m really happy to see so much attention given to my favorite ship in the franchisee lately. The Enterprise D will probably always be my favorite although I love the E and A as well.

love all the content being created. hoping they add the generations enterprise-d refit bridge

This is awesome! But, bummed to not see the Defiant. I hope they can add other ships!

I can not find any Enterprise bridge archive on any on the links. Is it down?I can not find any Enterprise bridge archive on any on the links. Is it down?

Same here — it’s nowhere to be found :(

star trek picard portal

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Star Trek: Picard Returns, With the Sins of the Past in Tow

"the next generation" kicks off picard 's farewell tour, as it struggles to weigh the ramifications of its hero worship..

Image for article titled Star Trek: Picard Returns, With the Sins of the Past in Tow

Over two wildly different seasons so far, Star Trek: Picard has tried to navigate just what it wants to say about its titular legend. Are our memories of Jean-Luc Picard justified or warped through rose-tinted recollection ? Is he too tied to the past, or the only figure Starfleet could turn to to navigate a tumultuous future? Its third season opens in much the same way; it’s just that this time, it’s not just Picard dealing with the weight of legacy.

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“The Next Generation ” is pointedly named— k nowing that, for the most part, you are likely here running down a clock before one of Patrick Stewart’s former colleagues shows up this season. The episode opens up this navigating of how people see each other through the lens of their history with Jean-Luc himself, but it’s a struggle that almost each and every character, old and new, is asked to deal with. Set just long enough after the events of season two’ s absolutely pants-on-head bananas finale that Picard never has to actually address anything that happened in it, the episode opens with one of those new-old faces wrestling with this almost quite literally: Beverly Crusher, Gates McFadden in the flesh, hunted by mysterious pursuers as she defends her ship—and a similarly mysterious passenger—from a hostile boarding action. From her being awoken to the sound of an old voice log from Picard, to her desperation when wounded by her assailants to reach out in spite of years of obvious hurt between both her and Picard and her and Starfleet, it’s clear that something bad has caught up with Beverly, and she’s very close to paying the ultimate price for it.

Image for article titled Star Trek: Picard Returns, With the Sins of the Past in Tow

As this setpiece lays down the hook to bring Picard back into contact with Crusher—apparently for the first time in the decades since the TNG movies, with Beverly leaving Starfleet altogether and cutting all ties in the preceding years—the premiere sets the ground work for this season’s big new threat through this lens of pasts catching up to people. We don’t know much just yet about what Beverly has done to earn this ire, nor do we know what happened between her and her former colleagues on the Enterprise to warrant her exile. B ut from the get-go,   Picard   makes it earnestly clear that this final season’s exploration of Star Trek history wants to go beyond the nostalgic thrill of seeing all these TNG stars together again, although there’s plenty of that even if the only TNG stars we get to see this episode are Picard, Riker, and Crusher. Time and time again, it asks us to consider our view of these characters and their histories, and the characters in their orbit, and question if they’re of value beyond mythmaking.

We see this as Picard and a re-recruited Riker—eager, apparently, to spend some time away from his Imzadi—flaunt their status as Starfleet legends to bully their way onto Riker’s old command, the U.S.S. Titan , to gain a ship they can use to rendezvous with Beverly, believing they can lean on the bluster of their legacy to run off on an adventure again. We see it on the Titan   when they encounter its first officer, a now-commissioned Seven of Nine, or as she is begrudgingly forced to identify herself as, Commander Annika Hansen, a fact that irks her as much as the rude welcome Riker and Picard face from her commanding officer, Captain Liam Shaw (Todd Stashwick, relishing being a brazenly assholish boss with a shit-eating grin that makes Shaw almost as charming as he is annoying). That welcome, puncturing right through Riker and Picard’s casual persona as old heroes to let them know that the Titan is his ship, not theirs, is perhaps the most “The Next Generation” feels more akin to Picard ’s first season than anything else in this episode. It’s a blunt, yet pointed reminder that both Jean-Luc and Picard itself often trade in on his own hype too much. But it’s hard to say just what Picard wants to do with that kind of argument around its hero, as not only does it immediately place Shaw in the position of the episode’s antagonist for much of its runtime—it also just lets Picard and Riker trade in on that hype anyway, when Seven agrees to defy Shaw’s orders and get them where they need to go to help Beverly.

Image for article titled Star Trek: Picard Returns, With the Sins of the Past in Tow

It’s not just the old Trek faces this episode dealing with the baggage of their past though. We also catch up with Raffi as she seemingly goes through a rough patch herself—already broken up with Seven after their brief relationship last season, at first, we’re lead to believe that she has fallen back into old habits, trawling the seedy underbelly of the planet M’Talas Prime in search of drugs and information. But it turns out even if this is a feint—Raffi quickly drops her substance abuser mask to reveal she’s working with a mystery handler in Starfleet Intelligence—there’s still parts of her past haunting her. Her cover story brings her in conflict with her ex-husband again, and her estranged son denying Raffi access to her grand daughter. Even within Starfleet , she’s kept at a distance and somewhat untrusted, as her nebulous h andler prevents her from following her own leads—even, as we learn, that doing so leads to a devastating terrorist attack on a Starfleet recruitment facility, where a stolen experimental portal weapon opens the building up, and on top, of itself.

But even as this weaves itself into the mystery Riker and Picard begin to uncover when they board Beverly’s adrift vessel, the premiere ends with another reminder that the real ties binding our disparate new and old heroes is this shadow of the past. With Beverly in a failing medical pod to try and heal the injuries sustained in the opening assault, Picard and Riker find themselves cornered by a massive, hostile ship—a four-pronged alien vessel called the Shrike, that we know is home to the season’s villain of the piece, Vadic, played by Amanda Plummer. It’s a ship that’s been chasing Beverly down for a while now, as she hops from planet to planet, finding her foes just behind her, always wearing new faces (a threat that will set any old school Star Trek fan’s alarm bells ringing). Whatever Vadic wants, it’ s something that’s pushed Beverly away from everything in her past, from Picard and her former friends aboard the Enterprise , to Starfleet itself.

Image for article titled Star Trek: Picard Returns, With the Sins of the Past in Tow

Except we don’t learn any of this from Beverly, of course. She’s unconscious in stasis, and on death’s door. We learn this from her irascible mystery passenger (played by Ed Speleers), locked away for his own safety in the opening action scene and now with Picard and Riker at gunpoint. But he’s a mystery no longer: he’s Beverly Crusher’s son , a secret kept from all her friends as much as just why Vadic wants the both of them. This is the ultimate twist of what “The Next Generation” wants to say about the sins of its character’s pasts, a reveal that asks us to look at our familiar TNG heroes through the eyes of a literal next generation. What better way to examine the legacy of these old heroes than a man born of that legacy? One whose ties could be bound to more than just Beverly herself?

Even as the Shrike emerges into view to end the episode, the real question on our minds isn’t just what Vadic is up to, or the mystery Raffi and her handler are chasing. It’s this: what if Picard ’s examinations of the sins of the past are actually about the sins of the father instead?

Want more io9 news? Check out when to expect the latest Marvel , Star Wars , and Star Trek releases, what’s next for the DC Universe on film and TV , and everything you need to know about the future of Doctor Who .

star trek picard portal

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New Star Trek Website Lets You Explore Every Enterprise Bridge

The site also features bridges from enterprise variants that only existed as concept art.

Sometimes I discover a website or app that I know is going to suck up hours or even days of my life and immediately have to close it or else I’ll not get any work done. That’s exactly what happened when I stumbled upon the new official website that lets you freely explore every Enterprise bridge that has appeared over the decades of Star Trek movies and TV shows. But then I remembered I can explore it for work reasons, so here we are!

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This new web portal , launched on April 27, was created as a collaboration between the Roddenberry Estate, the Roddenberry Archive, and tech company OTOY. It went live shortly after the series finale of Star Trek: Picard aired on Paramount+ and spoiler warning, it does feature some information from that show that you might want to avoid if you’ve not seen the recent season. The digital recreations were approved and “overseen” by well-known Star Trek artists, including Denise and Michael Okuda—the authors of The Star Trek Encyclopedia —Daren Dochterman, Doug Drexler, and Dave Blass as explained in a blog post from OTOY .

While the portal is filled with a lot of information about the various Enterprise starships that have appeared in the show and movies, the real star here is the ability to explore digitally recreated bridges of nearly every variant, including some that never actually existed. For example, you can poke around a surprisingly detailed 3D version of the bridge that would have appeared in the never-produced Star Trek Phase II , a sequel series to the original show that was canned after Paramount’s then-plans for a TV network launched alongside the show fizzled out.

What details you can spot in the digital Star Trek bridges

And if you dig around enough, you’ll also discover alternate reality Enterprises that only appeared in one episode and the ships from the J.J. Abrams films aka the Kelvin timeline. There’s even a really well-made Voyager bridge tossed in there , too. Like I said earlier, you could (and I probably will) spend far too much time virtually touring each and every ship bridge available through this awesome website.

I also love that you can right-click to zoom in on anything and read all the text on the various panels and computers in each bridge. Not only that, but many of the bridges include interactive doors, panels, and chairs. Yes, you can sit in the captain’s chair. And using that zoom feature, you can glare at the viewscreen as if some evil alien had just threatened your crew. Feel free to yell “ Red Alert ” or “ Engage ” if you want to. I know I did.

One thing to keep in mind: Some folks have reported technical issues or bugs while using the site. I’m using Google Chrome and haven’t run into any issues yet, but for some of you, it might not be smooth sailing depending on your device or browser.

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Star Trek: Picard recap: A hero, resurrected

After an epic intergalactic odyssey, Jean-Luc Picard makes one final attempt to stop the synthetics from annihilating all organic life in this week’s season finale, “Et in Arcadia Ego, Part 2.” Given that he’s also coping with a fatal health condition, it could be the Starfleet hero’s final mission — thus raising the monumental stakes for the conclusion of Star Trek: Picard ’s maiden voyage.

Having been freed by Sutra, Narek returns to the Artifact, where he reunites with his sister Rizzo. He collects grenades that will let him destroy Coppelius’ orchid defense system, and leaves Rizzo to get the Artifact’s defense systems back online.

Soji explains to the imprisoned Picard that she’s carrying out Sutra’s plan because it affords synthetics their first opportunity to determine their own fate. “To say you have no choice is a failure of imagination,” Picard responds, telling her not to let the Romulans turn her into the monster they believe her to be. He implores her to shut down the beacon before it contacts the apocalyptic higher synthetics.

Onboard La Sirena, Rios learns to use his imagination when Raffi suggests that the ship-fixing device given to them by Arcana can be activated by mentally envisioning what one needs to be fixed. That magically does the trick, and La Sirena regains full operational power. The duo is then visited by Narek, who wants to join forces to stop the beacon from opening the portal. Elnor materializes and is prevented from killing Narek; instead, after failing to contact Picard, they all sit around a campfire and Narek recounts the ancient Romulan legend of “the end.”

Apparently, Romulans believe that, at the end of time, two sisters appear to unleash demons upon the galaxy. One of them is known as the “fortune teller,” and plays a drum made from the skin of children. The other is Seb-Cheneb, who carries a horn from a great pale hell-beast called Ganmadan. Blowing that horn will summon a horde of demons intent on bringing about 1,000 days of nightmarish pain and suffering. “I believe it’s history. And the fascinating thing about history is, it always repeats itself,” says Narek.

Construction of the beacon tower continues. Soong tells Jurati that her decision to help the synthetics end all organic life is “a remarkable act of self-sacrifice on your part. Well, I supposed that’s what mothers do, isn’t it?” Once he’s gone, Jurati exclaims, “I’m not their mother, a--hole.” Soong is working on transferring Saga’s memory to a VR module for safekeeping, and when he momentarily leaves the room, Jurati steals Saga’s eyeball and uses it to gain access to Picard’s chamber. “I’m busting you out,” she informs the stunned Picard, and they flee for La Sirena.

Rios, Raffi, and Elnor gain entry to the synthetics’ compound by pretending that Narek is their prisoner. Via a soccer ball, they sneak in a bomb that they plan to use to destroy the beacon. Once inside, they’re immediately aided in their cause by Soong, who’s switched allegiances after seeing – via Saga’s VR memories – that the android was murdered by Sutra.

At the base of the beacon, Soong confronts Sutra, telling her, “I thought I taught you better than this. Turns out, you’re no better than we are.” With a handheld device, he easily deactivates her. Elnor and Narek fly into action, and Rios launches the bomb at the tower. Alas, Soji catches it mid-flight with her bare hands and throws it into the sky, where it detonates harmlessly. Meanwhile, on the Artifact, Rizzo is thwarted from activating the defense systems by Seven. They fight, and with a swift kick (“This is for Hugh”), Seven sends Rizzo plummeting to her death.

Commodore Oh’s fleet finally shows up and prepares to stop the synthetics by incinerating the entire planet. The orchids engage her ships, leading to an enormous space battle. Thanks to a suggestion by Jurati about “the Picard maneuver,” Picard devices a plan: using Arcana’s magic device, he creates hundreds of holographic duplications of La Sirena, thereby tricking Oh into thinking she’s under siege and diverting her attention away from Coppelius below. This works until the real La Sirena takes a serious hit.

The beacon is fully activated, and Oh once again orders her fleet to destroy Coppelius. At that moment, Starfleet arrives, led by a ship piloted by Riker. Rather than stand down, Oh gets set to fight the Federation’s forces. At this crucial moment, Picard suffers an attack from his “brain abnormality” and demands that Jurati give him medicine that’ll speed up his eventual demise. Temporarily lucid, he opens a communication channel with Soji and begs her to power down the beacon, saying, “Show them how profoundly wrong they are about you.” He argues that the Federation isn’t a danger to the synthetics like the Romulans are, because “we trust you to make the right choice. I trust you, Soji. I know you. I believe in you.”

Convinced, Soji destroys the beacon, thus closing the portal before giant tentacle-like creatures can emerge from it.

Having saved the day, Picard thanks Riker for “always having my back.” Riker replies, “I learned that from the best.” Following their farewell, Picard collapses, and Soji beams him and Jurati back down to Coppelius.

Surrounded by everyone, Picard informs Soji, “I gave you a choice. Not being the Destroyer was up to you. It always was.” Then, Picard dies!

Later that evening, Seven and Rios both admit that they wound up doing just what they’d always promised themselves they wouldn’t do again – for Seven, that means killing someone just because they deserved it, and for Rios, it entails allowing a no-nonsense ship captain back into his heart and then watching that man die. Elsewhere, Raffi consoles a weeping Elnor.

Such grieving, however, is short-lived. Star Trek: Picard subsequently cuts to Picard opening his eyes in a darkened living room opposite Data, who informs him that yes, he’s dead. Picard remembers dying, but Data does not – he only possesses the knowledge that he sacrificed himself to save Picard. Data says his memory was extracted from a single neuron by Bruce Maddox, and his consciousness was reconstructed by his brother Soong.

Together, they’re in a complex quantum simulation. Yet Picard, it turns out, is real. Before he expired, Soong, Jurati, and Soji transferred his entire memory into this simulation, and he can’t stay. Behind an opening door, blinding white light beckons. Data confesses that he remembers that Picard loves him. Before Picard departs, Data asks him a favor: to terminate his consciousness once Picard returns to the land of the living. This isn’t because Data wants to die, but because, “I want to live, however briefly, knowing that my life is finite. Mortality gives meaning to human life, Captain. Peace, love, friendship – these are precious because we know they cannot endure.”

Picard awakens in a chamber, and it’s clear his mind has been transferred into Soong’s synthetic golem. Picard’s new body is an exact replica of his prior one, and he learns that it features no superpowered augmentations, and will last just as long as his original mortal shell would have, had his (now erased) brain abnormality never existed. Basically, he’s his old self.

Picard fulfills his promise to Data and erases his consciousness. As he does so, we see Data in the simulation, drinking wine while wearing a robe and listening to Irving Berlin’s “Blue Skies.” Picard “appears” in the simulation and hold Data’s hand as his life comes to an end. Quoting Shakespeare’s The Tempest , the reborn Picard intones, “We are such stuff as dreams are made on. And our little life is rounded with a sleep.”

Back on La Sirena, Jurati kisses Rios, Seven and Raffi romantically intertwine their hands, and everyone – including Elnor and Soji – join Picard on the bridge. Soji says that she’s cut out for wandering, and now that the synthetics ban has been lifted, she’s free to travel. “Me too,” Picard smiles.

At the sound of Picard’s trademark “Engage,” La Sirena blasts off.

Captain’s Log:

  • This season finale hinges on more than a few oh-so-convenient developments, but perhaps the most frustrating is Sutra’s deactivation, which is severely abrupt and anti-climactic.
  • The last scene’s suggestion that romance is in the cards for Seven and Raffi feels similarly random, especially as a closing note.
  • A former Borg who’s now a synthetic, Picard seems to be downright unkillable – which suggests that a second season is all but inevitable.

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Memory Alpha

Portal weapon

  • View history

Portal weapon

Portal weapon ejected from Shrike

USS Titan passing through portals

The Titan passes through portals created by the weapon

The portal weapon was a device that created a pair of wormhole -like portals within a short distance of each other. Anything that entered the first portal would emerge from the second, which appeared after a short delay and could be precisely aimed for tactical effect. Because the weapon utilized gravimetric distortion , bringing it into close proximity to a gravity well was extremely dangerous. ( PIC : " Seventeen Seconds ", " No Win Scenario ")

The weapon was based on experimental quantum tunneling technology stolen from Daystrom Station by renegade Changelings in 2401 . Several months after the theft, it was used to destroy the Starfleet Recruitment center in District Seven on M'talas Prime , causing 117 casualties. ( PIC : " The Next Generation ", " Disengage ")

Meanwhile, the USS Titan -A also encountered the portal weapon during a battle with Vadic 's warship , the Shrike . The Shrike used portals to prevent the Titan from escaping the Ryton Nebula , and later to send a volley of photon torpedoes fired by the Titan back at the Federation starship , disabling it. Vadic was subsequently ordered by her superior to pursue the Titan into the gravity well at the center of the nebula , which necessitated that she jettison the portal system. ( PIC : " Seventeen Seconds ", " No Win Scenario ")

External link [ ]

  • Portal weapon at Memory Beta , the wiki for licensed Star Trek works
  • 2 ISS Enterprise (NCC-1701)

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Star trek: picard season 2 ending explained (in detail).


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Young sheldon season 7’s new character finally explains why meemaw is so different in big bang theory, chicago pd season 11 finale synopsis sets the stage for upton's exit.

Warning: SPOILERS for Star Trek: Picard' s Season 2 Finale - "Farewell"

The season 2 finale of Star Trek: Picard   saw Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) and his motley crew set Star Trek's timeline back on the right path while simultaneously bidding farewell to a few major characters, including Q (John de Lancie). Picard 's season 2 ending also set up potential new threats for Star Trek: Picard season 3 that may be linked together.

In 2024 Los Angeles, Picard and his friends ensured that the Europa Mission piloted by Renée Picard (Penelope Mitchell) launched as history intended. Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan), Raffi Musiker (Michelle Hurd), and Cristobal Rios (Santiago Cabrera) stopped Dr. Adam Soong (Brent Spiner) from using his drones to shoot down Renée's spacecraft, the Shango, from Orbit. Meanwhile, Tallinn (Orla Brady) fulfilled the prophecy left behind by the hybrid of the Borg Queen (Annie Wersching) and Dr. Agnes Jurati (Alison Pill) that there must be two Renées: one who lives and another who dies. Once the Europa Mission was saved, the final stage of Star Trek: Picard season 2's finale involved Q returning our heroes to 2401 and the Borg crisis introduced in Star Trek: Picard season 2's premiere, which saw an unprecedented new friendship formed between Starfleet and the Borg.

Related: Picard: Star Trek Finally Delivered On First Contact's Borg Tease

Star Trek: Picard season 2's finale was a satisfying ending with genuine, heart-tugging moments as the series and the Star Trek franchise concluded the stories of some of its main characters - as well as dropping a couple of big surprises. While the main storylines were resolved, Star Trek: Picard season 2's ending also created some big questions that will hopefully be answered in season 3, which is going to be the final season of Star Trek: Picard .

How Tallinn's Renee Sacrifice Helped Picard Fix Star Trek's Timeline

The Borg Queen's riddle -  "To succeed, there must be two  Renées: One who lives, another who dies"  - had an answer so obvious that Picard himself quickly solved it. Jean-Luc realized that Tallinn planned to sacrifice herself in Renée's place to fulfill the Borg Queen's prophecy. After Tallinn talked Jean-Luc out of stopping her, sure enough, the Romulan Supervisor used her face-swapping technology to impersonate Renée so that Adam Soong could poison and kill her. But for Tallinn, giving her life for Renée Picard was the fulfillment of her mission to protect Renée and ensure her all-important role in preserving Star Trek's timeline. Tallinn also finally got to speak to Renée after watching her from afar all her life so that the Romulan guardian angel got to express the love she felt for her Picard.

The Europa Mission's success meant that Renée does discover the mysterious microorganism that proves vital to the future. This directly assured that Star Trek's Prime timeline proceeded as it must and prevented the alternative track that led to the rise of the Confederation of Earth. Later in Star Trek: Picard season 2's finale, Guinan (Whoopi Goldberg) tells Jean-Luc that the adult Ricardo Ramirez (Steve Guiterrez) uses the microorganism Renée brought back from Jupiter's moon, Io, to clean the oceans and environment. Tallinn sacrificing herself for Renée was the final part of the puzzle that restored Star Trek's timeline to its proper course. 

Picard Season 2 Is The End Of Q (But The Resurrection Of Elnor)

Star Trek: Picard season 2 was, ultimately, Q's final act, and the omnipotent being revealed to Picard that all of it was designed to help Jean-Luc move past his lifelong trauma of blaming himself for his mother, Yvette's (Madeline Wise), suicide when he was a young boy. Jean-Luc also hid the skeleton key back in the wall of Chateau Picard so that he can find it again centuries later. To Q's logic, changing the timeline to the Confederation was meant to show Jean-Luc the worst possible outcome of a Picard who chose not to feel love. While Picard and his friends were focused on changing the timeline back to its proper course, Q's real intent was always to provoke Jean-Luc to face the truth of his mother's suicide and forgive himself, at last. By giving Picard this absolution (although he certainly didn't make it easy for Jean-Luc), Q hoped that this act toward his favored human would give his own existence some meaning.

Related: Picard: Why Renée's Europa Mission Changes The Future

Q is dying (or "moving on" to a new plane of existence), and his final farewell to Jean-Luc was truly touching. Q confessed that Jean-Luc was always one of his favorites and the two adversaries parted with a hug as friends since Picard also knew that Q has been an important part of his life for over thirty years. Q apparently had enough power left to bring Picard, Seven, and Raffi back to the future and, with Rios choosing to remain in 2024, he also had sufficient energy for "a surprise, a gift" by resurrecting Elnor (Evan Evagora) in 2401. Elnor's sudden death early in Star Trek: Picard season 2 was a traumatic event for Raffi and Jean-Luc, the Romulan's parental figures. But Elnor is now back, alive and well, as a Starfleet Cadet with a, hopefully, bright future ahead of him. Meanwhile, Q's poignant parting with Picard indicates that this is John de Lancie's swansong as Q in Star Trek.

The Borg Finally Joined The Federation

The Borg Queen and Dr. Agnes Jurati becoming one and the same was one of Star Trek: Picard season 2's most shocking outcomes and, arguably, its best storyline. As many Trekkers guessed, Jurati was indeed the masked Borg Queen who attacked the USS Stargazer in Star Trek: Picard season 2's premiere. However, the Borg Queen's takeover of the Stargazer wasn't out of malice but in order to save the future. A galactic event that was going to wipe out entire planets is what brought Agnes, the new Borg Queen , to 2401 and she summoned Admiral Picard because she needed "a friend" who would believe her that she meant to save the galaxy. After Q time-traveled Picard back to his present-day, the Admiral realized what was really happening and prevented the Stargazer from self-destructing. True to her word, the Borg Queen joined forces with Starfleet to stop the galactic cataclysm.

Star Trek: Picard season 2 is the most sweeping revamp of the Borg since their creation in Star Trek: The Next Generation . Influenced by Agnes Jurati's compassion and humanity, the Borg Queen has been changed and joined Agnes in setting out to build a better Borg Collective. To continue their alliance, the Borg Queen requested her race receive provisional membership in the United Federation of Planets, and she chose to remain at the transwarp conduit created by the incursion as "the guardian at the gates." Essentially, the Borg have finally become allies of the Federation , eliminating one of the galaxy's greatest threats and explaining why the Borg no longer menace the Federation in Star Trek: Discovery 's 32nd century. However, the Borg Queen (or "Agnes Borgrati" as some Trekkers have dubbed her) also warned that she doesn't yet know who created the transwarp conduit or why, hinting at a threat still to come that may be the focal point of Star Trek: Picard season 3. Meanwhile, Alison Pill won't be in  Star Trek: Picard season 3 but Annie Wersching could continue as the Borg Queen regardless.

Seven Of Nine Joined Starfleet, At Last

With Captain Rios absent because he never returned from 2024, Admiral Picard gave Seven of Nine a "field commission" to command the Stargazer during the Borg Queen's crisis. This effectively means that Seven has joined Starfleet, a happy outcome and an optimistic new purpose for the reclaimed Borg. Earlier in Star Trek: Picard season 2, Seven , who was made human by Q changing the timeline, confessed to Raffi that she was enjoying people not fearing her because she was a Borg. Seven also told her significant other that when the USS Voyager returned to Earth, Seven was rejected from Starfleet because she was a Borg. Admiral Kathryn Janeway (Kate Mulgrew) defended Seven and nearly quit Starfleet in protest but Seven opted to leave Earth and become a Fenris Ranger.

Related: Picard's Admiral Janeway Reveal Would've Changed Star Trek In 2 Ways

Seven's existence since she came to Earth aboard Voyager has been sad and lonely, but meeting Raffi and becoming part of Picard's makeshift motley crew has been the light at the end of the tunnel for her. Seven also realized she could be a leader since her evil alternate timeline counterpart, Annika Hansen, was President of the Confederation of Earth . Of course, the Borg Queen restored Seven back to being a Borg, and it's not clear yet what, exactly, Admiral Picard's field commission translates to for Seven of Nine. Ideally, Seven could replace Rios as Captain of the Stargazer, which would continue her habit of inheriting Cristobal's ships as she previously took over La Sirena when Rios returned to Starfleet. However, Seven and Raffi's love story seems solid and, at long last, Starfleet is part of Seven of Nine's future in Star Trek: Picard .

Rios Staying In 2024 Raises Big Timeline Questions

Cristobal Rios may have surprised Picard and his friends by choosing to stay in 2024 but Star Trek: Picard 's audience could plainly see this was the direction Rios was heading. It was obvious Chris had fallen in love with Dr. Teresa Ramirez (Sol Rodriguez) and Rio was shockingly nonchalant about violating the timeline to show Teresa and her son, Ricardo, that he was from the future. Rios' rationale that he "never really fit" in Starfleet made sense and tracks given his character's history, and Chris found a greater purpose and genuine happiness being part of Teresa and Ricardo's family. As Guinan told Picard in 2401, Rios and the Ramirez family founded a medical company called Mariposa, and Ricardo used Renée Picard's discovery to heal the environment and the oceans.

And yet, Rios' happy ending directly conflicts with Star Trek's canonical timeline. Just 2 years after Picard's visit to 2024, World War III begins and lasts for 30 years. As Captain Christopher Pike (Anson Mount) showed the people of Kiley 279 in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds ' series premiere, World War III 's nuclear conflagration leads to the deaths of 30% of Earth's population, every capital city destroyed, and a global catastrophe. This is something Picard and all of his friends knew yet no one raised World War III's inevitability to Rios when he opted to stay. Given the nightmare about to occur beginning in 2026, Rios' happy ending as described by Guinan conflicts with what's known about World War III. Further, it's hard to believe that Rios and his found family somehow protected the future timeline considering Chris' reckless actions throughout Star Trek: Picard season 2. Regardless, Rios remaining in 2024 seemingly marks Santiago Cabrera's exit from Star Trek: Picard since his character's story has come to an end.

Wesley Crusher's Cameo Ends His TNG Story And Starts Kore Soong's Destiny

The surprise appearance of Wesley Crusher (Wil Wheaton) in Star Trek: Picard season 2's finale confirmed that Wesley is a Traveler, one of the cosmic beings that defy time and space in the Star Trek universe. Further, Wesley dropped another surprise that the Travelers recruit and oversee the Supervisors, like Tallinn, who are charged with protecting key figures in the timeline. This effectively retcons the Star Trek: The Original Series episode, "Assignment: Earth," and explains that the Travelers brought Gary Seven (Robert Lansing) to outer space and made the human into a Supervisor. Wesley also recruited Kore Soong (Isa Briones) into the Travelers, just as the Traveler recruited the young Crusher in Star Trek: The Next Generation .

Related: Picard's Adam Soong Reveal Risks A Star Trek Story Problem

After discovering she was the only survivor among Adam Soong's genetically engineered 'daughters,' Kore wiped all of her father's files and research to ensure he can never repeat his experiments. Yet this left Kore without a future of her own, which Wesley understood when he came to Earth to make her a Traveler. Kore Soong now takes her place as a cosmic being but it's unclear whether she will return in Star Trek: Picard season 3. It's also not known whether Isa Briones' other character, Soji, will return. Soji was left behind with the Deltans on Raritan IV in Star Trek: Picard 's season 2 premiere and she wasn't part of Picard's crew celebration at 10 Forward in the finale. However, Wil Wheaton has indicated that he won't join his former TNG castmates in  Star Trek: Picard season 3 so it may be Kore who joins Picard's motley crew in Soji's place since she is now a Traveler and will have been one for 400 years by the time Picard season 3 happens.

Picard Gets A Happy Ending With Laris

At the end of Star Trek: Picard season 2, Jean-Luc gets his heartwarming happy ending with Laris (Orla Brady). The Romulan threatened to leave Chateau Picard for her own "adventures" when she saw Jean-Luc was unwilling to open his heart to her but Laris gladly gave Jean-Luc "a second chance" after he changed from his experiences in Star Trek: Picard season 2. Q forcing Jean-Luc to face his buried memories of his father Maurice (James Callis) and his mother's suicide finally freed Picard of the guilt he harbored his entire life. Jean-Luc essentially chose to close the most important part of himself as penance for his role in Yvette's death and, instead, Picard prioritized matters of galactic import as if repeatedly saving the universe would balance his lifelong pain and regret.

The question is: What happens next for Jean-Luc and Laris? Will they marry in Star Trek: Picard season 3? Or will they just be a couple for the remainder of Picard's life? Star Trek: Picard season 2 set out to address the biggest question about Jean-Luc: why he chose to remain alone and, as wildly convoluted as it was to get there, the question has been definitively answered. Whatever becomes the final test for Picard and his returning friends from Star Trek: The Next Generation in Star Trek: Picard season 3, Jean-Luc is poised to face it with his true love, Laris, by his side.

Does Adam Soong's Project Khan Set Up Star Trek: Picard Season 3?

Dr. Adam Soong was soundly defeated in Star Trek: Picard season 2 after he failed to stop the Europa Mission and Kore purged his lifetime of research into his genetically engineered daughters. Yet Soong had one last shocking trick up his sleeve: a secret file marked "Project Khan." What does this mean? Khan Noonien Singh (Ricardo Montalbán) fled Earth in 1996 and is floating through space aboard the S.S. Botany Bay in Adam's present-day of 2024. Khan's descendant, La'an Noonien Singh (Christina Chong), is part of the USS Enterprise's crew in the 23rd century of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds , several years before Khan is revived by Captain James T. Kirk (William Shatner).

But what is Adam Soong's Project Khan? One possibility is that it's the eugenics technology that gave birth to Khan Noonien Singh. Given Adam's age, he could very well have been one of the young scientists that created Khan, to begin with, since it's never been established if Khan was born or grown in a lab. Star Trek: Picard season 3 could, shockingly, delve into the origin of Khan. Further, Adam Soong, who feels he was robbed of his future, may intend to turn himself into a genetically-engineered 'superman.' Adam may well be the threat who created the transwarp conduit that the Borg Queen warned about. After all, Brent Spiner is listed among the Star Trek: The Next Generation cast returning for Star Trek: Picard season 3 but Spiner isn't playing Data, who is dead. Perhaps Adam Soong is returning as the main villain of Star Trek: Picard season 3, with Brent Spiner as the ultimate enemy taking on all of his old TNG castmates.

Next:  Picard's Massive Borg Change Is Perfect For Star Trek

Star Trek: Picard Season 2 is available to stream on Paramount+.  Star Trek: Picard Season 3 premieres in 2023 on Paramount+.

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All Roads Lead to Discovery: The Full Star Trek Timeline, Explained

Star Trek: Discovery Season 5, the final season, is currently underway. The series debuted in 2017 and was used as the launch title for the streaming service CBS All Access, now rebranded Paramount+. It was also the first Star Trek series on television in 12 years following the conclusion of Star Trek: Enterprise back in 2005. While Paramount has spent nearly a decade trying to get Star Trek 4 out of development hell , the franchise has been going strong on Paramount+ with various series on the streaming service at different times of the year. Now, there is almost always a Star Trek series on the air at any given point.

Star Trek: Discovery is a fascinating case for the franchise, as it was originally conceived as a prequel to Star Trek: The Original Series , but following the conclusion of Season 2 and starting in Season 3, the series jumped far into the future, the farthest point in the franchise history. Star Trek: Discovery now takes place in a universe built on years of stories. Here is a breakdown of the Star Trek timeline across television and film and how it all leads to Star Trek: Discovery .

Star Trek: Enterprise (2151-2155)

Star trek: enterprise.

Release Date September 26, 2001

Cast Solomon Burke Jr., Dominic Keating, Connor Trinneer, Linda Park, John Billingsley, Scott Bakula, Jolene Blalock, Anthony Montgomery

Main Genre Sci-Fi

Rating TV-PG

The last television series on air before Star Trek: Discovery is also the first in the timeline as Star Trek: Enterprise takes place over 100 years before the adventures of Kirk and Spock in Star Trek: The Original Series . The series follows Jonathan Archer, the captain of the Enterprise NX-01 which was Earth’s first starship able to reach warp five. Major events in the series are around first contact with alien species like the Klingon and the Xindi. The series also featured the true formation of the United Federation of Planets.

The series also established the Temporal Wars, a conflict that stretched across time and space and resulted in the creation of multiple timelines as agents from various factions in the 32nd century were sent back in time to move history in their favor. This eventually resulted in an all-out war, and while it was resolved, it later had some major ramifications for the franchise. The first was that all-time travel technology became outlawed or destroyed in the 32nd century, so when the crew of Discovery jumped forward in time, they had no way of returning home. The other was a way for the writers to fix continuity errors , like moving up the date of Khan's rise and the Eugenics wars from the 1990s, as established in The Original Series , to the 2010s.

Star Trek: Discovery: Seasons 1 and 2 (2256-2258)

When Star Trek: Discovery first premiered, it was pitched as a prequel to Star Trek: The Original Series , taking place nine years before the events of the series. It introduced Sonequa Martin-Green as Michael Burnham, the never-before-mentioned adopted sister of Spock who ended up starting the war between the Federation and the Klingons, one that would have repercussions for the franchise for years. Star Trek: Discovery dealt with a threat from the Mirror Universe , a faction that would come into play in Star Trek: The Original Series , while season two brought on fan-favorite versions of characters from the original Star Trek pilot in the form of Captain Christopher Pike (Anson Mount), Number One (Rebecca Romijln), and Spock (Ethan Peck).

Star Trek: Discovery season two ended with the crew of the Enterprise making the decision to jump forward 1000 years in the future to save the galaxy from an artificial intelligence threat. This resulted in Pike, Spock, and Number One telling Starfleet that Discovery was destroyed in the battle and vowing never to speak of it or the crew again to prevent another incident like the rouge AI Control from happening. This was done to explain why nobody in the later series of Star Trek mentioned any of the characters on Discovery or the advanced technology the ship had as the first and only one of its kind to use an experimental spore drive.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (2259-TBD)

Star trek: strange new worlds.

Release Date May 5, 2022

Cast Ethan Peck, Rebecca Romijn, Christina Chong, Anson Mount

Genres Sci-Fi, Action, Adventure

Studio CBS Television, Roddenberry Entertainment, Secret Hideout, Paramount+

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is both a spin-off of Star Trek: Discovery , following Captain Pike and the crew of the USS Enterprise, introduced in that series, as well as a continuation of the original pilot for Star Trek: The Original Series "The Cage." Now that Captain Pike knows the fate that awaits him by the time Star Trek: The Original Series happens, he and the crew of the Enterprise begin exploring strange new worlds. The series is notable for featuring not only Spock but also his first-ever meeting with Captain Kirk (Paul Wesley) and the first missions of Uhurua (Celia Rose Gooding). Other members of the original crew, like Nurse Chapel (Jess Bush) and Doctor M'Benga (Babs Olusanmokun), while Season 2's finale introduces a young Scotty (Martin Quinn).

Star Trek Movies in Order: How to Watch Chronologically and by Release Date

It also adds a new wrinkle to the lore: La'an Noonien-Singh (Christina Chong), who is a descendant of villain Khan Noonien Singh. The series has so far fleshed out the alien race, The Gorn, and features the foundation of the Prime Directive rule, one that forbids a Starship from interfering with the development of an alien planet. It also features time travel in two key episodes. The first was when La'an and another version of Kirk traveled to 2020 Toronto, where La'an has a chance to kill a young Khan when he was just a boy but doesn't due to him not being guilty of any crime yet, and the other involved the crew of Star Trek: Lower Decks traveling back in time and arriving back 100 years before their time.

Star Trek: The Original Series (2265-2269)

Release Date September 8, 1966

Cast Majel Barrett, Nichelle Nichols, Walter Koenig, William Shatner, George Takei, Leonard Nimoy, Deforest Kelley, James Doohan

Main Genre Action

The one that started it all, Star Trek: The Original Series , follows the crew of the USS Enterprise in their five-year mission to explore strange new worlds and go where no one has gone before. Under the guidance of Captain Kirk (William Shatner), his first officer Spock (Leonard Nimoy), and friend and ship doctor Leonard "Bones" McCoy (DeForest Kelly), the crew of the USS Enterprise are the most important characters in the Star Trek franchise. Decisions and events here have major ripple effects on the entire franchise.

There are far too many to name, but the biggest ones include in 2267 when the crew finds and uncovers the body of Khan Nooniegn-Signh, and after he attempts a mutiny, they leave him on a planet to begin a new life, an action that will have repercussions decades later.

Star Trek: The Animated Series (2269-2270)

Star trek: the animated series.

Release Date September 8, 1973

Cast Majel Barrett, Nichelle Nichols, William Shatner, George Takei, Leonard Nimoy, Deforest Kelley, James Doohan

Main Genre Animation

Star Trek: The Animated Series was made in 1973, four years after Star Trek: The Original Series was canceled. It featured the continuing adventures of the crew of the Enterprise's five-year mission. It lasted for two seasons and helped round out the stories of Captain Kirk, Spock, and the rest of the USS Enterprise.

Star Trek: The Motion Picture (2271)

Star trek: the motion picture.

Release Date December 7, 1979

Director Robert Wise

Cast Majel Barrett, William Shatner, George Takei, Leonard Nimoy, Deforest Kelley, James Doohan

Runtime 132

Main Genre Adventure

Tagline The human adventure is just beginning.

While no official stardate is mentioned in Star Trek: The Motion Picture and is only identified as the 2270s, supplementary material for the film dates it one year after the crew of the Enterprise's five-year mission. The film sees the crew of the Enterprise reunite to investigate a mysterious and powerful alien cloud known as V'Ger, which is destroying everything in its path as it approaches Earth. While not stated in the film, subsequent Star Trek material has suggested that V'Ger is the progenitor of the Borg, one of the franchise's most popular recurring enemies.

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (2285)

Star trek 2: the wrath of khan.

Release Date June 4, 1982

Director Nicholas Meyer

Cast Walter Koenig, William Shatner, George Takei, Leonard Nimoy, Deforest Kelley, James Doohan

Runtime 113

Tagline At the end of the universe lies the beginning of vengeance.

The most iconic Star Trek film, The Wrath of Khan , picks up 15 years after the events of the Star Trek: The Original Series episode "Space Seed." The time since the planet Khan was marooned on , it became a wasteland after one of the planets near it was destroyed and altered the atmosphere. Khan now seeks revenge on Kirk and does so by going after the planet-terraforming machine called the Genesis device, a machine created by Kirk's ex, Carol Marcus, and his son, David Marcus. Kirk is able to defeat Khan but at a price, as Mr. Spock is forced to give his life to save the crew of the Enterprise. Spock's death will have major repercussions on the franchise that will be felt for years.

Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (2285)

Star trek iii: the search for spock.

Release Date June 1, 1984

Director Leonard Nimoy

Cast Robin Curtis, Willliam Shatner, Nichelle Nichols, Walter Koenig, George Takei, Leonard Nimoy, Deforest Kelley, James Doohan

Runtime 105 Minutes

Tagline A dying planet. A fight for life.

Star Trek III: The Search for Spock picks up just months after The Wrath of Khan , as the crew of the Enterprise discovers that there is a way to revive Spock. They go against Starfleet's orders and steal the Enterprise to return Spock's body and mind to Vulcan so that he can be reborn. The crew must also face off with hostile Klingons, led by Kruge (Christopher Lloyd), who is bent on stealing the secrets of the powerful terraforming Genesis.

Heres How Much Each Star Trek Movie Made at the Box Office Upon Release

The film features some major hallmarks of the franchise. The first is the destruction of the Enterprise, a ship that had been with the franchise for years and would be absent in the following film. The second was establishing the core characters as fugitives from the United Federation of Planets, which would set up clearing their names in the follow-up. It also featured Spock being resurrected but at another cost for Kirk, the death of his son, which would begin to drive Kirk's prejudice against Klingons for many films.

Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (2286 and 1986)

Star trek iv: the voyage home.

Release Date November 26, 1986

Runtime 119

Tagline How on Earth can they save the future?

Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home sees the former crew of the USS Enterprise discover that Earth is in grave danger from an alien probe attempting to contact now-extinct humpback whales. The crew travels to Earth's past to find whales who can answer the probe's call. The first and final part of the movie takes place one year after The Search for Spock , but the majority of the movie takes place in 1986, the present day for moviegoing audiences. While Star Trek had done time travel stories before, this one set a template for future entries in the franchise. By the end of the film, Kirk and his crew had been reinstated and cleared of all charges.

Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (2287)

Star trek v: the final frontier.

Release Date June 9, 1989

Director William Shatner

Cast Nichelle Nichols, Walter Koenig, William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Deforest Kelley, James Doohan

Runtime 107

Tagline The greatest Enterprise of all is adventure

Star Trek V: The Final Frontier deals with the crew of the new USS Enterprise-A as they confront renegade Vulcan Sybok, who is searching for God at the center of the galaxy. Sybok is Spock's half-brother , and he is from his father's previous relationship with a Vulcan woman. This makes the second chronological secret member of Spock's family and the first introduced in the series in order of release.

Sybok's presence was actually hinted at in the series Star Trek: Strange New Worlds when his lover, Angel, attacks his half-brother's ship. The entry is also the first to allude to a higher power in the Star Trek franchise, and while God would not be revealed in the series, the idea of someone being the creator of life in the galaxy would be picked up years later in Star Trek: The Next Generation and is now the main storyline for the final season of Star Trek: Discovery.

Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (2293)

Star trek vi: the undiscovered country.

Release Date December 6, 1991

Runtime 109

Tagline The battle for peace has begun.

The final time the entire crew of the USS Enterprise would be together was in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country . The Klingons seek to form an alliance with the Federation after years of fighting due to their planet suffering a major catastrophe, but Kirk is still bitter after the death of his son at the Klingon's hands in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock . Kirk and Bones are framed for the murder of a high-up Klingon official, which threatens the peace accords, and they, alongside the rest of the crew of the Enterprise, must work to clear their names.

This final entry for most of the original cast marks a turning point in the franchise. It marked the end of the Federation and Klingon conflict, setting up Star Trek: The Next Generation , featuring the character Worf in a prominent role as part of the crew. The film takes place 28 years after Star Trek: The Original Series, and through one live-action show, an animated series, and six films, audiences saw a massive epic unfold for these characters, but the story was far from over as a new era began for the franchise and the next generation began.

Star Trek: The Next Generation (2364-2370)

Star trek: the next generation.

Release Date September 28, 1987

Cast LeVar Burton, Brent Spiner, Jonathan Frakes, Patrick Stewart, Marina Sirtis, Gates McFadden, michael dorn

Star Trek: The Next Generation takes place a century after the events of Star Trek: The Original Series . The series follows Captain Jean Luc-Picard and the crew of the USS Enterprise-D as they continue to explore strange new worlds and seek out new life and new civilizations. For many audiences, this was their Star Trek and introduced a whole new host of concepts to the franchise, with the most iconic being the villain, The Borg.

Star Trek: The Next Generation might be one of the most important in terms of how it connects to Star Trek Discovery. The first is the episode "Unification," in which Spock looks to bring peace between the Vulcans and Romulans. Not only is this paid off as Spock's vision of a united Romulus and Vulcan comes true in the form of the planet Ni'Var in Star Trek: Discovery , but his work with the Romulan people will lead to the events that create the alternate Kelvin timeline of Star Trek , Star Trek Into Darkness and Star Trek Beyond .

Yet the most important element is in the episode "The Chase," which reveals that the reason various alien life in the galaxy looks so similar is due to sharing a common ancestry from an ancient species that crafted life in their image. This revelation forms the backbone of Star Trek: Discovery 's final season as the crew looks to find the technology of the species that created life, now dubbed the Progenitors. The episode debuted in 1993, and now, 31 years later, the series is finally going to delve into some answers.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (2369-2375)

Star trek: deep space nine.

Release Date January 3, 1993

Cast Cirroc Lofton, Rene Auberjonois, Nana Visitor, Avery Brooks, michael dorn, Colm Meaney, Armin Shimerman, Alexander Siddig

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine broke from franchise conventions as instead of being focused on a starship, it was set on a space station Deep Space Nine, located adjacent to a wormhole connecting Federation territory to the Gamma Quadrant on the far side of the Milky Way galaxy. The series begins one year before the events of Star Trek: The Next Generation come to a conclusion and is firmly connected to the events of that series as Benjamin Sisko, head of Deep Space Nine, is mourning the death of his wife, who was killed by the Borg at the Battle of Wolf 359 seen in the episode "The Best of Both Worlds Part II" from The Next Generation and has a difficult time seeing the face of Jean-Luc Picard as that was the face he saw leading the Borg that lead to the death of his wife.

The biggest event of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is The Dominion Wars, a massive story arc that ran over the course of the series. It involved all major powers of the Alpha and Gamma Quadrants, organized into two opposing military alliances, the Federation Alliance and the Breen-Dominion Alliance, which resulted in the deadliest conflicts in the galaxy. It would begin the drive for the Federation to become a more militarized organization.

Star Trek Generations (2371)

Star trek: generations.

Release Date November 18, 1994

Director David Carson

Cast LeVar Burton, Brent Spiner, Jonathan Frakes, Patrick Stewart, Gates McFadden, michael dorn

Runtime 118

Tagline Two captains. One destiny.

Star Trek: Generations occupies an interesting place within the timeline. It is set one year after the events of The Next Generation and two years into Star Trek: Deep Space Nine in the year 2371. Yet the film's beginning takes place shortly after the events of Star Trek VI: The Final Frontier, which sees Captain Kirk stuck in a pocket dimension, allowing him to meet Captain Jean-Luc Picard of The Next Generation nearly a century later into his future. This film marked the death of Captain Kirk , who died the way he lived, a man of adventure.

Star Trek: First Contact (2373)

Star trek: first contact.

Release Date November 22, 1996

Director Jonathan Frakes

Rating PG-13

Runtime 111

Tagline Resistance is futile.

Star Trek: First Contact is another time travel movie, similar to Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home . Set six years after being assimilated by the Borg in Star Trek: The Next Generation , Captain Picard and his crew travel through a time portal to pursue the Borg to April 4, 2063. This is the date before the historic warp drive flight that leads to humanity's first encounter with alien life, and the Borg are looking to alter the future so humans never make contact. The film's date of April 5th has now become an unofficial Star Trek holiday known as First Contact Day .

Star Trek: Insurrection (2375)

Star trek: insurrection.

Release Date December 11, 1998

Runtime 103

Tagline The battle for paradise has begun.

Star Trek: Insurrection is notable as the film is set in 2375, the same year as the final season of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Trying to take the renegade Starfleet team element from Star Trek III: The Search for Spock , the crew of the USS Enterprise -E rebels against Starfleet after they discover a conspiracy with the Son'a species to steal the peaceful Ba'ku's planet for its rejuvenating properties.

Star Trek: Voyager (2371-2378)

Star trek: voyager.

Release Date January 16, 1995

Cast Tim Russ, Robert Duncan McNeill, Roxann Dawson, Robert Beltran, Kate Mulgrew, Jeri Ryan, Ethan Phillips, Robert Picardo

Star Trek: Voyager begins in 2371, the same year as Star Trek: Generations . It follows the adventures of the USS Voyager as it attempts to return home to the Alpha Quadrant after being stranded in the Delta Quadrant on the far side of the galaxy. This entry is key for introducing two characters to the franchise that will play major roles in future installments. The series introduced Captain Janeway (Kate Mulgrew), the first female Captain in the franchise, who will later have a major role in Star Trek: Prodigy .

The second is Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan), a former Borg drone that was born Annika Hansen before being assimilated by the Borg at age six in 2356, eight years before the start of Star Trek: The Next Generation . Seven of Nine plays a major role in Star Trek: Picard as the series delves more into the Borg's history and culture.

Star Trek: Nemesis (2379)

Star trek: nemesis.

Release Date December 13, 2002

Director Stuart Baird

Cast LeVar Burton, Brent Spiner, Jonathan Frakes, Patrick Stewart, Marina Sirtis, michael dorn

Runtime 117

Tagline A generation's final journey begins

Star Trek: Nemesis takes place fifteen years after the events of Star Trek: The Next Generation and deals with a threat from a clone of Captain Picard named Shinzon (Tom Hardy), who has taken control of the planet Romulus and was created by the Romulan Empire originally to create a spy within the Federation but the plans were abandoned likely due to the events of "Unification" and the clone child was left on die as a slave on the Romulan controlled planet Remus. The film marked the final film for the crew of The Next Generation as it marked many landmarks, including the wedding of Commander Will Ryker and Deanna Tori and the death of Data, all elements that lead into Star Trek: Picard .

Star Trek: Lower Decks (2380-TBD)

Star trek: lower decks.

Release Date August 6, 2020

Cast Fred Tatasciore, Jerry O'Connell, dawnn lewis, Gillian Vigman

Rating TV-14

Star Trek: Lower Decks is a comedic spin on the Star Trek franchise . This animated adventure follows the low-ranking support crew of the starship Cerritos and begins one year after the events of Star Trek: Nemesis . Star Trek: Lower Decks crossed over with Star Trek: Strange New World in that series' second season episode, "Those Old Scientists," which saw Tawny Newsome and Jack Quaid get the chance to play their roles of Beckett Mariner and Brad Boimler, respectively, in live-action.

The series just announced its fifth and final season, meaning both it and Star Trek: Discovery will come to a close in 2024, and fans are certainly hoping to hear a mention of the characters of Lower Decks in Discovery just to know these lowly crew members did become big names with the Federation history.

Star Trek: Prodigy (2383-TBD)

Star trek: prodigy.

Release Date 2021-00-00

Star Trek: Prodigy was an attempt to create a new starting point for young kids to get into the Star Trek franchise. Set in 2383, it follows a group of young aliens from the Delta Quadrant who find the abandoned starship Protostar and learn about Starfleet with the help of the ship's computer, an AI of Captain Janeway from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine . This young crew of kids makes their way to the Alpha Quadrant while discovering what it means to be a crew and what being part of Starfleet is all about.

The series features plenty of cameos and references to the past Star Trek series but does so in a way that invites the young viewer to learn more about them. The series was canceled at Paramount+ after one season but was then picked up by Netflix, where it will have a second season.

Kelvin Timeline (2387, 2255 - 2263)

This is where things get a bit tricky. In the year 2387, a supernova destroys the planet Romulus. For those in the original timeline, the destruction of Romulus kicks off the events of Star Trek: Picard, but a major event happens that none of the characters are aware of at the time: the creation of a new timeline.

In an attempt to stop the supernova, an elder Spock launches a piece of red matter into the supernova that creates a black hole that sucks both him and the Romulan villain Nero (Eric Bana) through it and back in time. Nero arrives first in the year 2233, which results in the destruction of the USS Kelvin and the death of Geroge Kirk on the birth of his son James T. Kirk's birth, creating a new branching timeline that is the Kelvin timeline, which is where the events of Star Trek , Star Trek Into Darkness and Star Trek Beyond take place. This means that while the events of the Kelvin timeline take place earlier, they are doing so in a separate timeline that is built off the events of the prior stories. So 2009's Star Trek is both a reboot, a prequel, and a sequel to the franchise.

Due to the timeline changing, the events of the Kelvin timeline actually take place earlier than in Star Trek: The Original Series . 2009's Star Trek takes place in 2255, while Into Darkness takes place four years later in 2259, and Beyond is set in 2263, roughly four years into the crew's five-year mission. This is notably two years before Star Trek: The Original Series begins. By the 31st century of Star Trek: Discovery season three, the Prime Timeline is aware of the Kelvin timeline. They established a Starfleet officer named Yor, a time soldier who originated from another timeline and referenced the events of 2009's Star Trek .

Star Trek: Picard (2399-2402)

Star trek: picard.

Release Date January 23, 2020

Cast Patrick Stewart, Alison Pill, Santiago Cabrera, Michelle Hurd, Harry Treadaway

Rating TV-MA

Star Trek: Picard takes place 20 years after the events of Star Trek: Nemesis in the year 2399. In the years since the series concluded, the Federation has become more isolationist. Following the destruction of Romulus, the Romulan people have become scattered; meanwhile, an attack on a Starfleet operation has led to a ban on synthetics. Season one focuses on Picard discovering more about the syncs with the discovery of Data's daughter Soji while also exploring more into the Borg culture as Romulans have begun mining Borg technology.

Season 2 takes place two years later, in 2401, and sees an old adversary named Q, an extra-dimensional being, traping Picard and his new crew in an alternate reality which forces them to travel back in time to Los Angeles 2024 to save the future while exploring more about Picard's own family origin. Finally, season three takes place one year later, in 2402, as Picard reunites with his old crew from The Next Generation , as well as his long-lost son, for a final showdown with the Borg.

Star Trek: Discovery: Seasons 3-5 (3188-TBD)

Now, finally, it's time to loop back to Star Trek: Discovery . Season 3 sees the crew of Discovery travel to the year 3188 to discover the Federation fragmented and investigates the cause of a cataclysmic event known as the "Burn" as they attempt to rebuild Starfleet. Burnham is promoted to captain at the end of the season, and in season four, the crew helps rebuild the Federation while facing a space anomaly created by unknown aliens that causes destruction across the galaxy, similar to the plot of Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

The fifth and final season sees Discovery faced with its biggest task yet. They embark on a journey to uncover the mystery of The Progenitors, the species that The Next Generation revealed created multiple sentient lifeforms in the universe. The final season of Star Trek: Discovery , the series set furthest in the Star Trek timeline, is now taking the franchise to answer the oldest question in the cosmos: where do we come from, and what is our purpose?

With humans making first contact with aliens on April 5, 2063, to the events of Star Trek: Discovery in 3188, the story of Star Trek is one that spans 1,125 years. It is an epic tale filled with heroes, villains, and worlds filled with imagination and hope. Star Trek continues forward as there are plenty more stories to tell.

All Roads Lead to Discovery: The Full Star Trek Timeline, Explained


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    Episode 3 of Picard increases the stakes in unimaginable ways by positioning the crew of the Titan in a no-win situation. They are dead in the water, trapped in a dangerous nebula, with a powerful ...

  7. Star Trek: Picard (TV Series 2020-2023)

    Star Trek: Picard: Created by Kirsten Beyer, Michael Chabon, Akiva Goldsman, Alex Kurtzman. With Patrick Stewart, Michelle Hurd, Jeri Ryan, Alison Pill. Follow-up series to Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987) and Star Trek: Nemesis (2002) that centers on Jean-Luc Picard in the next chapter of his life.

  8. Star Trek: Picard Finale Ending Explained

    Warning: This Star Trek: Picard article contains MAJOR spoilers through the Season 1 finale. When the La Sirena warps into the great unknown at the end of "Et in Arcadia Ego Part 2", you could ...

  9. Star Trek: Picard

    For years Picard blamed his father for her death but it was revealed that she had actually committed suicide. All of this left deep scars on Picard, ones the writers were eager to explore as they ...

  10. How Star Trek: Picard Sets Up Season 3

    This portal will likely serve as the centerpiece for Picard Season 3, as it's still unclear why the portal opened and what is waiting for Starfleet on the other side. In the first trailer for Picard Season 3, the main cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation is confirmed to appear. Whatever Picard faces coming out of that portal, he won't be ...

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    Following on from the bombshell that Jean-Luc Picard and Beverly Crusher have a kid together, the big revelations keep on coming in Star Trek: Picard season 3. Third episode 'Seventeen Seconds ...

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    Developed in honor of the "Star Trek: Picard" series finale, which dropped late last month on Paramount+, the portal is a collaboration between the Roddenberry Estate, the Roddenberry Archive ...

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    The portal includes the new USS Enterprise-F and USS Enterprise-G from Star Trek: ... Season 3 of Star Trek: Picard did an update on Star Trek history, adding to the events of the movie Star Trek: ...

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    From her being awoken to the sound of an old voice log from Picard, to her desperation when wounded by her assailants to reach out in spite of years of obvious hurt between both her and Picard and ...

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    This new web portal, launched on April 27, was created as a collaboration between the Roddenberry Estate, the Roddenberry Archive, and tech company OTOY.It went live shortly after the series ...

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    The ending of Star Trek: Picard season 1 literally gave Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) a new lease on life as the Starfleet legend helped save the galaxy. In addition, Star Trek: Picard 's season 1 finale, "Et in Arcadia Ego, Part II" gave Commander Data (Brent Spiner) the fitting final bow that his death in Star Trek: Nemesis denied him.

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    After an epic intergalactic odyssey, Jean-Luc Picard makes one final attempt to stop the synthetics from annihilating all organic life in this week's season finale of 'Star Trek: Picard.'

  18. Portal weapon

    The portal weapon was a device that created a pair of wormhole-like portals within a short distance of each other. Anything that entered the first portal would emerge from the second, which appeared after a short delay and could be precisely aimed for tactical effect. Because the weapon utilized gravimetric distortion, bringing it into close proximity to a gravity well was extremely dangerous ...

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    Star Trek : TNG - Picard Takes Lead Going Through Portal#innovativelifeform

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    The Borg Queen and Dr. Agnes Jurati becoming one and the same was one of Star Trek: Picard season 2's most shocking outcomes and, arguably, its best storyline. As many Trekkers guessed, Jurati was indeed the masked Borg Queen who attacked the USS Stargazer in Star Trek: Picard season 2's premiere. However, the Borg Queen's takeover of the Stargazer wasn't out of malice but in order to save the ...

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    Vadic forces Picard to make an impossible choice: deliver what he can never give… or watch his crew perish. Their only salvation lies in the mind of an old friend and old foe.

  22. Vadic Uses Portal Weapon on Titan


  23. Star Trek: Picard, The Complete Series

    In the epic, thrilling conclusion of STAR TREK: PICARD, a desperate message from a long-lost friend draws Starfleet Admiral Jean-Luc Picard into the most daring mission of his life, forcing him to recruit allies spanning generations old and new. Star Trek: Picard, The Complete Series. HD; CC; Sci-Fi & Fantasy; 2023;

  24. [SPOILER?] Picard S03E04 interesting item spotted : r/startrek

    Picard S03E04 interesting item spotted : r/startrek. [SPOILER?] Picard S03E04 interesting item spotted. In Episode 4, when Vadic had the discussion with the Changeling (00:22:00 if you want a time reference), when she orders her ship into the nebula we see it change course then something interesting is seen flying off or by her ship (a computer ...

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    Here's everything we know about Season 3 of 'Star Trek: Strange New Worlds,' including cast, plot, renewal news and more! We'll add the release date, trailer, guest stars as soon as they're announced.

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    Star Trek: Discovery Season 5, the final season, is currently underway. The series debuted in 2017 and was used as the launch title for the streaming service CBS All Access, now rebranded Paramount+.