During the time of the war, Lake Champlain and the Hudson River were major transportation routes. If the British could control these routes, it would cut communication and the flow of supplies between New England and the rest of the colonies. It would also eliminate a very navigable passage as an American transportation route. At the same time for the British, it would open a major supply route from New Britain (Canada) to New York City, which were both held by the British for most of war. 

In the spring of 1777, British General Burgoyne devised a three-pronged invasion to divide the colonies along the Champlain and Hudson valleys. The invasion would come from Canada in the north, New York City in the south and Lake Ontario in the west. The target for all three was Albany, NY. 

All three invasions failed. Burgoyne led the largest of the British forces from Canada and eventually surrendered at Saratoga. The force from Lake Ontario withdrew at Fort Stanwix and the force from New York withdrew after setting fire to Kingston, NY. 

Today, the Champlain Canal not only parallels Burgoyne�s 1777 route, but also passes near a wealth of Revolutionary War sites that cover the entire period of the war from 1775 to 1783. 

DAY 1 : A Revolutionary Week Along the Historic Champlain Canal begins early in the morning on the Hudson River opposite the town of Bethlehem, NY , just south of Albany. 

From Bethlehem, you will sail past many areas where 18th century patriots once lived. When you arrive in Albany, you will dock at the Corning Preserve and take a short walking tour of Albany�s historic sites , including the Quackenbush house, where Burgoyne was a prisoner/guest after his failed invasion. 

DAY 2 :  Continue sailing north through Locks 3 and 4 and anchor offshore near the Saratoga Battlefield where you will take a short walking tour of the Great Redoubt. From the battlefield, you will continue sailing north through Locks 5 and 6 to Fort Edward where you will dock for the evening and visit the old fort�s historical sites. Burgoyne headquartered at Fort Edward during his invasion. 

DAY 3 : Continue sailing north through Locks 7, 8, 9 and 11 (Lock 10 was never constructed) to Whitehall where you will dock for a visit to the Skenesborough Museum . From the museum, you will continue sailing north through Lock 12 to a marina near Mount Independence where you will dock for the evening and make arrangements to visit Mount Independence . The fort at Mount Independence was evacuated and destroyed by the Americans when Burgoyne set cannon on top of Mount Defiance , opposite the fort. 

DAY 5 : Reverse direction and sail south and anchor near Fort Ticonderoga for a visit to the restored fort. Because of its commanding presence over the southern part of Lake Champlain, the fort has been called �a Key to a Continent.� After touring the fort, you will continue sailing south and dock at a marina in Whitehall for the evening and visit historical sites at the home of the US Navy. 

DAY 7 : Continue sailing south through Lock 4 and dock for a visit to Stillwater. Stillwater was a headquarters for the Northern Department of the Continental Army. After a walk around town, you will continue sailing south through Locks 3, 2 and 1 to Waterford. Dock in Waterford and conclude your Revolutionary Week Along the Historic Champlain Canal with a visit to this historic gateway to the Champlain and Erie Canals.

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Lakes to Locks Passage

Lakes to Locks Passage

Experience New York's Great Northeast Journey

champlain canal cruises

  • Baum Site 1: Union Cemetery
  • Baum Site 2: To the Bridge
  • Baum Site 3: An Altered Landscape
  • Baum Site 4: Little Carrying Place
  • Baum Site 5: A Canal Community
  • Baum Site 6: Clark’s Mill Bridge
  • Baum Site 7: The Saratoga Encampment
  • Baum Site 8: Setting off August 12
  • Baum Site 9: Batten Kill Encampment
  • Baum Site 10: On the Continental Road
  • Baum Site 11: Still on the Continental Road
  • Baum Site 12: Betsey Taylor’s Story
  • Baum Site 13: Still on the Continental Road
  • Baum Site 14: Understanding the Landscape
  • Baum Site 15: And Even Still on the Continental Road
  • Baum Site 16: John Weir House
  • Baum Site 17: Colonists in Cambridge
  • Baum Site 18: The Checkered House
  • Baum Site 19: The Skirmish with the Cambridge Militia
  • Baum Site 20: The White Creek Encampment
  • Baum Site 21: Sancoick Mill Skirmish
  • Baum Site 22: Prelude to the Battle
  • Baum Site 23: The First Battle of Bennington
  • Baum Site 24: Baum’s Demise
  • Baum Site 25: The Second Battle of Bennington
  • Baum: Epilogue
  • 1. Crown Point State Historic Site: The Changing Landscape
  • 2. Driving to Hammond’s Corners: Young America Defining Itself
  • 3. Hammond’s Corners in the Hamlet of Crown Point
  • 4. The Fish Hatchery via Creek Road
  • 5. Driving to the Penfield Homestead Museum via Creek Road
  • 6. Penfield Homestead Museum
  • 7. Driving to Hammondville
  • 8. Driving from Hammondville to the White Church
  • 9. The White Church
  • 10. Driving through Moriah Center-Moriah Corners
  • 11. Colburn Blast Furnace
  • 12. Witherbee
  • 13. The Heart of Mineville
  • 14. The Invisible Town of Fletcherville
  • 15. Belfry Mountain Historic Fire Tower
  • 16. Town of Moriah Park
  • 17. The Concrete Homes of Bridal Row
  • 18: The Churches of Mineville and Port Henry
  • 19. Driving Joyce Road to the Plank Road
  • 20. Driving Main Street (Plank Rd.) to Pilfershire Road
  • 21. Driving Switchback and Cheney Roads
  • 22. Driving Route 22 South to Cheever
  • 23. Powerhouse Park
  • 24. Port Henry
  • 25. The Railroads of Port Henry
  • 26. The Witherbees, Sherman & Company Buildings
  • 27. The Cedar Point Iron Company
  • 28. Hammond Wharf at Monitor Bay Park
  • Acknowledgements and Bibliography
  • 1. Clinton Community College: Battle of Valcour Part I
  • 2. Driving to Peru Dock Boat Launch: Battle of Valcour II
  • 3. Driving to Ausable Chasm: Shifting British Strategy
  • 4. Ausable Chasm: Contrasts between Europe and America
  • 5. Leaving Ausable Chasm: Building Troop Numbers
  • 6. Driving to Willsboro: Preparing for War
  • 7. Willsboro: The Rules of War
  • 8. Driving to Split Rock: The Army Code of Honor
  • 9. Driving South of Essex: Burgoyne’s Long Flotilla
  • 10. Driving Along Bulwagga Bay: A City of Tents
  • 11. Driving on Burgoyne Road: Flaws of Fort Ticonderoga
  • 12. La Chute Falls: The Easiest Route from Canada to Albany by Water
  • 13. Fort View Inn: The Rebels Flee
  • 14. Putnam Pocket Park: The Battle of Hubbardton
  • 15. Drowned Lands Pocket Park: The Lake Shrinks
  • 16. Whitehall: A Naval Birthplace
  • 17: Driving to Fort Ann : Rebels on the Run
  • 18. Fort Ann Pocket Park: Burgoyne Celebrates
  • 19. Driving to Kingsbury: The Trying Journey by Land
  • 20. Kingsbury Pocket Park: Moving a City
  • 21. Driving to Fort Edward: Losing Control
  • 22. Driving to Fort Edward, II: Stories of Indian Atrocities Spread
  • 23. Old Fort House Museum: The Great Carrying Place
  • 24: Leaving Fort Edward: Ending the Supply Line
  • 25. Fort Miller Pocket Park: Baum’s Disastrous Defeat
  • 26. Saratoga Falls Pocket Park: A Bridge of Boats
  • 27: Driving to Saratoga National Historical Park: Costly Battles
  • 28. Driving to North Schuylerville: The British Retreat
  • 29. Schuyler House: The Rebels Trap the British
  • 30. Victory Woods: A Noble End
  • 31: Fort Hardy Park: An Honorable Surrender
  • 32. Saratoga Surrender Site: A Gentlemanly Exchange
  • Epilogue: The Aftermath of Burgoyne’s Defeat
  • Learn More: 1775-76 Storming of Quebec and St. John
  • Marinas and Launch Sites
  • Guides, Charters, and Rentals
  • Valcour Island Overview
  • Bluff Point Lighthouse
  • Raboff Great Camp
  • The Gill Farm
  • Camp Penn/Shuttleworth Cottage
  • Seton Stone House
  • Nomad Monument
  • Brown Ledge Camp
  • Hudson, Moore & Yager Camps
  • Hitchcock Camp
  • Charles Kilbourne Camp
  • Harney Camp
  • Dawn Community House
  • Harney Farmhouse
  • Washbourne Camps
  • Grant Camps
  • Battle of Valcour Island
  • Crab Island Overview
  • Navigation and Water Safety
  • NYS DEC Paddling Tips
  • Winter Explorations and Ice Safety
  • Itineraries
  • History and Heritage
  • Waypoint Communities
  • Reference Materials
  • Passage Minutes
  • En Française

Andebit et beaqui corendit, ut quostes esciendion re dit ad et prae parion es quia quas alibus sam, omnim faciden ducipidiat arum autem nobis enis es voat

champlain canal cruises

Champlain Canal Boaters Itinerary

champlain canal cruises

An Itinerary on the Alfred Z. Solomon Cultural Heritage Trail

Historical trails, battlefields, bike trails, museums, and plenty of small businesses dot the landscape between Waterford (Lock 1) and Whitehall (Lock 12). Originally built as a feeder line for the Erie Canal, the Champlain Canal played a significant role in the growth of the Industrial Revolution in New York and America. The communities that dot the landscape are rooted in the economic opportunities that the natural and manmade waterways made available to them. As you boat upstream the Upper Hudson River and Champlain Canal, you will discover that many of these communities have not changed much since the boom days of the mid-nineteenth century. Row houses and high Victorian manors, rolling hills and calm waters, and the loud bells of canal boats and the soothing chirp of crickets all await mariners on America’s first highways. Best Times to Go Late Spring, Summer

What You Should Know Before You Go The New York State Canal Corporation is a subsidiary of the New York State Thruway Authority. State legislation transferred responsibility and day-to-day operations for the 524-mile Canal System from the state Department of Transportation to the Thruway Authority in 1992. While Lakes to Locks Passage is happy to provide information regarding the Erie and Champlain sections of the Lakes to Locks Passage, questions regarding the operation of the canals should be directed towards the NYS Canal Corporation at 1800-4CANAL4 or www.nyscanals.gov.

What About this Experience is Distinctive or Authentic to the Character of the Region? The New York State Canal System is not only rich in history, but also culture. Many immigrants worked long and hard to create this magnificent waterway. Folklore, songs and speech lingo emerged from those individuals working along the Canal. As the population grew and the Canal prospered, it became not only a transportation waterway, but also a vacation area.

Additional Notes Lock 8,9,…11?

Original blueprints created for the Champlain Canal were varied, and rather than renumber the prints, which were hand-drawn, the lock numbers were omitted.

Don’t have a boat? See below for a list of canal cruises.


Fees (if any) www.canals.ny.gov/exvac/boating/index.html Comments Check out your www.eccboating.com link. It doesn’t get me to a canal boat rental.

Tom, 9/17/2017 Thanks for point that out Tom. Unfortunately, they are no longer in business.

Drew – Lakes to Locks Passage, 10/12/2017

Explore the Narrows of Lake Champlain

champlain canal cruises

Whitehall Marina

champlain canal cruises

Lock 12 Marina

Andrew Alberti - Lakes to Locks Passage 518-597-9660 US [email protected]

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champlain canal cruises

Champlain Canal Tour Boats LLC.


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  • Champlain Canal Locks

Champlain Canal Locks and Transit Table

For those boaters and cruisers making the entire passage on the Champlain Canal from Troy, NY to Whitehall, NY there are a total of 12 locks that you will have to negotiate. The Federal Lock at Troy, NY operated by the USACE and 11 locks (C1 thru C12) on the Champlain Canal operated by the New York State Canal System.

NOTE: There is no Lock C10 on the Champlain Canal.

When northbound, these locks will raise you 140 feet until you reach Lock C9, at which time you will begin to lock down to a final elevation of 96.5 feet, the level of Lake Champlain, at Whitehall, NY.

Champlain Canal Menu

  • Introduction to the Champlain Canal
  • Champlain Canal Bridges
  • Champlain Canal Distances
  • Champlain Canal Downloads

The highest single lift found on the Champlain Canal is Lock C3 in Mechanicville, NY with a lift of 19 feet 6 inches. The smallest lift is found at lock C7 in Ft. Edward, NY with a total lift of only 10 feet 0 inches.


Communications with the locks is done on VHF Channel 13 (156.650 MHz). While we have listed the phone numbers for each lock, the cell phone should not be considered a primary means of communications with the lockmasters and only used when all other methods have failed to get a response.

Lock & Transit Table

The table below lists the locks on the canal starting from the Troy Lock in Troy, NY, then Lock C-1 just north of Waterford, NY thru to Lock C-12 at Whitehall, NY. It also provides the lifts for each lock, the distance to the next lock, and the estimated time enroute including lockage time between locks.

Note: There is no Lock #10 on the Champlain Canal.

This table can be downloaded for your personal and private use. The file is Zipped Adobe (.pdf) format. The Champlain Canal Locks file contains the tables in Statute Miles, Nautical Miles, and Kilometers/Meters.

Champlain Canal Transit & Lock Schedule - Download

Lock Chamber Waypoints

The table below list the latitude and longitude for the approximate center of each lock chamber on the Champlain Canal for those who wish to use them as waypoints.

The Champlain Canal Lock Chamber Waypoint’s can be downloaded for your personal and private use. The file is in Zipped Adobe (.pdf) format.

Champlain Canal Lock Chamber Waypoints - Download

New York State Canal Menu

  • Introduction to the NYSCS
  • Cayuga-Seneca Canal
  • Champlain Canal
  • Oswego Canal
  • Federal Lock at Troy, NY

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Things to Do in Elektrostal, Russia - Elektrostal Attractions

Things to do in elektrostal.

  • Good for Kids
  • Good for a Rainy Day
  • Good for Couples
  • Budget-friendly
  • Good for Big Groups
  • Honeymoon spot
  • Good for Adrenaline Seekers
  • Hidden Gems
  • Adventurous
  • Things to do ranked using Tripadvisor data including reviews, ratings, photos, and popularity.

champlain canal cruises

1. Electrostal History and Art Museum

champlain canal cruises

2. Statue of Lenin

champlain canal cruises

3. Park of Culture and Leisure

4. museum and exhibition center.

champlain canal cruises

5. Museum of Labor Glory

champlain canal cruises

7. Galereya Kino

8. viki cinema, 9. smokygrove.

champlain canal cruises

10. Gandikap

11. papa lounge bar, 12. karaoke bar.

  • Statue of Lenin
  • Electrostal History and Art Museum
  • Park of Culture and Leisure
  • Museum and Exhibition Center
  • Museum of Labor Glory

Elektrostal Attractions Information

  • FightCenter #
  • Tachi PF 2 Tachi PF 2
  • Gibson vs. Cervera Gibson vs. Cervera

Cody Gibson vs. Ray Cervera


Fighter Comparison

Bout information.

Tachi Palace Fights

Fight Details

  • Event: Tachi PF 2: Brawl in the Hall
  • Date: Thursday 12.03.2009
  • Venue: Tachi Palace Hotel & Casino
  • Enclosure: Cage
  • Location: Lemoore, California
  • Bout Billing: Main Card (fight 1 of 8)
  • Pro/Am: Professional
  • Weight: 146 lbs (66.0 kg)
  • Gibson Total Disclosed Pay: Gibson Disclosed Pay: None Disclosed
  • Cervera Total Disclosed Pay: Cervera Disclosed Pay: None Disclosed

champlain canal cruises

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Gibson vs. Cervera

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Jonathan Haggerty is 27 today!

  • MMA Junkie : 5 biggest takeaways from UFC 298: Did Alexander Volkanovski's quick return aid in Ilia Topuria's title win?
  • MMA Mania : Matches To Make After UFC 298
  • MMAFighting.com : WWE star CM Punk has no regrets on UFC run: ‘I would be kicking myself to this day if I said no’
  • MMA Junkie : Dana White calls new UFC champ Ilia Topuria 'a force' at featherweight – and now he can't wait to go to Spain
  • UFC.com : Dana White Talks Ilia Topuria, Conor McGregor & More
  • MMA Junkie : Paulo Costa thought he was winning at UFC 298, promises to 'pressure even more' next time
  • MMA Junkie : Sean Shelby's Shoes: What's next for Alexander Volkanovski after UFC 298 title loss?
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  • MMAFighting.com : Paulo Costa reacts to Robert Whittaker loss at UFC 298: ‘Damage or touching?’
  • MMA Junkie : Sean Shelby's Shoes: What's next for new champ Ilia Topuria after UFC 298 title win?
  • MMAFighting.com : Wanderlei Silva announced for 2024 UFC Hall of Fame
  • MMA Mania : McGregor Responds To Topuria’s Ballsy Callout
  • MMA Junkie : Robert Whittaker indifferent about potential Sean Strickland matchup, unfazed by trash talk: 'He's not that bad'
  • MMAFighting.com : Sean O’Malley on Merab Dvalishvili vs. Henry Cejudo: ‘Decent little fight from a couple little dudes’
  • MMA Junkie : Ian Machado Garry: I will rid UFC of 'piece of sh*t' Colby Covington once and for all
  • Middle Easy : Alexander Volkanovski Addresses KO Loss To Ilia Topuria, Insists He ‘Doesn’t Ask For Much’ But Only A Rematch

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  1. Le Champlain

    champlain canal cruises

  2. Le Champlain

    champlain canal cruises

  3. Le Champlain 2 BW 091619 Photograph by Mary Bedy

    champlain canal cruises

  4. Champlain Canal, United States Tourist Information

    champlain canal cruises

  5. Le Champlain: Travel Weekly

    champlain canal cruises

  6. cruising the champlain canal

    champlain canal cruises


  1. Erie Canalway National Heritage Corridor :: Boat Rentals and Tours

    Get On Board! Relax and enjoy the NYS Canal System on a canal boat tour, dinner cruise, or multi-day voyage. You'll find tours within an hour's drive of every major city in the Canalway Corridor. You can also rent kayaks, canoes, and stand-up paddle boards or rent self-skippered canal boats for multi-day vacations.

  2. Champlain Canal

    The navigation season for the Champlain Canal is the same as for the rest of the New York Canal System, typically early to mid-May through October or November from 0700 to 1700 daily. From just prior to Memorial Day to shortly after Labor Day the hours of lock C1 at Halfmoon, NY are typically extended to 0700 to 2200 daily, they then revert ...

  3. Boat Rentals and Cruises

    Cayuga-Seneca Canal: Champlain Houseboat Charters P.O. Box 62 Orwell, VT 05760 (802) 948-2288: Houseboats, pontoon boats : Orwell, VT: Champlain Canal, Lake Champlain: Charley's Boat Livery 82 McCloud Rd West Monroe, NY 13167 (315) 668-6341: Rowboats, motorboats : West Monroe: Oneida Lake, Erie Canal: Cruise - USA 406 Mc Namee Ave Ocean Springs ...

  4. Erie Canalway National Heritage Corridor :: Get on the water

    Enjoy a 30-second look at what makes the canal a great place to cruise, tour, vacation, and paddle. The NYS Canal System opens on May 17, 2024. Take a Cruise > Rent a Boat > ... Lake Ontario, and Canadian waterways before looping back through Lake Champlain and the Champlain Canal. Boating Tips.

  5. Mohawk Maiden Cruises

    My young grandsons thoroughly enjoyed their afternoon on the Champlain Canal & Hudson River. The 1 1/2 hour Locks & Waterfall Cruise was just enough for my grandsons. The Caldwell Belle glides along the waterway while the narrator points out wildlife & points of interest. The Saratoga Monument can be seen easily from the boat.

  6. Cruising the Erie Canal

    Going through a lock is one of the unique experiences of traveling along the canal. Each of the Erie Canal's 34 concrete locks measures 328 feet long by 45 feet wide, with lifts ranging between 6 feet (E-25, Mays Point and E-26, Clyde) and 40.5 feet (E-17, Little Falls). It takes about 20 minutes to lock through.

  7. American Revolutionary War Champlain Canal Boat Trip Cruise

    The Champlain Canal goes from Waterford, NY to Whitehall, NY, connecting the Hudson River with Lake Champlain. The canal, as well as its entrance on the Hudson River and its exit on Lake Champlain, passes many sites that are part of A Revolutionary Day on US Route 4, US Route 7, and US Route 9.Many of these sites can also be visited by water from the Hudson River, the canal and Lake Champlain.

  8. Champlain Canal

    Champlain Canal. Construction started in 1817 and was completed in 1822. The Canal starts in Waterford at the junction of the Mohawk & Hudson rivers and allows for passage to Lake Champlain and on to Canada through the Richelieu Canal. Today its path travels a little more than 60 miles to the southern junction with Lake Champlain.

  9. Lake Champlain Boat Tour

    Enjoy gorgeous vistas of Vermont's Green Mountains and New York's Adirondacks during a 75-minute scenic boat cruise aboard the Carillon. Learn about Lake Champlain's centuries of stirring maritime and military heritage with an onboard narrator. Sonar readings allow you to see underwater shipwrecks and other historic features. A selection of beer, wine, soft drinks, water,

  10. Cruise Details

    Or, travel through Lock C5, around Schuyler island, and back through the lock before heading north to Fort Miller.. Fare: $30 individual; $50 group of 2; $66 group of 3; $72 group of 4; $90 group of 5. Book Now! Enjoy an approximately 30-minute mini-cruise aboard the six-passenger Mohawk Maiden, a 20-foot pontoon boat.

  11. Cruising The Triangle Loop

    From there, you can take the Richelieu River to the Chambly Canal to Lake Champlain and then continue on to the Champlain Canal back to the Hudson River at Troy. This 750-mile cruise takes about three weeks actual cruising time, although it can be stretched out for an entire summer. A second option, which is slightly longer, is to take the ...

  12. Champlain Canal Boaters Itinerary

    An Itinerary on the Alfred Z. Solomon Cultural Heritage Trail Historical trails, battlefields, bike trails, museums, and plenty of small businesses dot the landscape between Waterford (Lock 1) and Whitehall (Lock 12). Originally built as a feeder line for the Erie Canal, the Champlain Canal played a significant role in the growth of the Industrial […]

  13. Richelieu River/Chambly Canal

    The Saint-Ours Canal portion of this route is a continuation of the Chambly Canal, bypassing the final obstacle to navigation between Lake Champlain and the St. Lawrence River and is often referred to as the tenth lock. The term canal is somewhat of a misnomer since the St. Ours only consists of a single lock. Navigation Season

  14. Bareboat Charter on the Erie Canal

    Interested in the Champlain or the Eastern section of the Canal System. Check out the Erie-Champlain Canal boat Company www.eccboating.com Start out in Waterford the country's oldest incorporated village and climb the highest canal lift in the world, a total of 169' through 5 locks. Visit towns like Ilion or Little Falls where lock 18 is ...

  15. Champlain Canal Tour Boats LLC.

    Champlain Canal; Eastern Erie Canal; Western Erie Canal; Oswego Canal; Boat the Erie Canal; Cycle/Hike the Erie Canal; Erie Canal Road Trips; News & Articles. Back; ... Place Categories: Boat Services Boat Tours & Cruises. Photos; Map; Reviews; 0. missing-image.gif Enter your location. Get Directions. Leave a Review Cancel reply. Your email ...

  16. Navigating the Canals

    Below is a list of marinas that perform mast stepping, and additionally which ones store masts. Hudson River - East end of Erie Canal / South end of Champlain Canal. Riverview Marine Services, Inc ., Catskill, NY (518) 943-5311, Mast storage. Hop-O-Nose Marina, Catskill, NY (518) 943-4640, Mast storage.

  17. SOLD OUT! FREE Local History Cruise with Mohawk Maiden

    May 17, 2024. SOLD OUT! FREE Local History Cruise with Mohawk Maiden. Sunday, June 27, 2021. 2:00 PM 3:30 PM. Google Calendar ICS. SOLD OUT! June's History Cruise is sold out, but don't fret - you can still join us for free cruises in July and August! Tickets will be released on the first of each month at mohawkmaiden.com to ensure as many ...

  18. Navigation Information

    Navigation Info: Champlain Canal. During high water see Bridge Height Tables. Printer Friendly Version (with Coordinate Data) Champlain Canal. 12 foot minimum depth unless noted otherwise; Lowest overhead clearance is 17 feet. MILE. SHORE. FEATURE.

  19. Champlain Canal Locks

    Champlain Canal Locks. Champlain Canal Bridges. Champlain Canal Distances. Champlain Canal Downloads. The highest single lift found on the Champlain Canal is Lock C3 in Mechanicville, NY with a lift of 19 feet 6 inches. The smallest lift is found at lock C7 in Ft. Edward, NY with a total lift of only 10 feet 0 inches.

  20. PEKIN, Elektrostal

    17 reviews #12 of 30 Restaurants in Elektrostal $$ - $$$ Asian. Lenina Ave., 40/8, Elektrostal 144005 Russia +7 495 120-35-45 Website + Add hours Improve this listing. See all (5)

  21. THE 10 BEST Things to Do in Elektrostal

    1. Electrostal History and Art Museum. 2. Statue of Lenin. 3. Park of Culture and Leisure. 4. Museum and Exhibition Center. 5.

  22. Samvel Eganyan vs. Maxim Smirnov, Shamo Boxing 77

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  23. Rosatom´s TVEL to develop new modification of nuclear fuel for Loviisa

    Moscow, 27 March - Neftegaz.RU.TVEL (fuel division of Rosatom) and Fortum Power and Heat Oy have signed an addendum to the existing fuel supply contract, which is aimed at development of improved 2nd-generation fuel assemblies for VVER-440 reactors at 2 power units of Loviisa NPP.Within the project Russian engineers will develop a new modification of fuel assemblies with increased uranium ...