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Jumpstreet Tours


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780 avenue Brewster, bureau 02-300

Montréal, Québec

Canada H4C 2K1

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les tours jumpstreet

les tours jumpstreet

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Jumpstreet is a bilingual company located in Montreal and known as Éducatours by its French-speaking clientele.

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Groupe immobilier perspective.

Jumpstreet Tours - Quality Trips for Student Groups



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Virtual Tours for the Classroom

Virtual Tours

Jumpstreet Goes Virtual

Why go virtual.

“Its the not the destination, it's the journey” said American philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson. Well, we're ready to expand your classroom journey through these carefully crafted virtual gamified tours that focus on our most popular destinations.

Whether it's to get your group excited for their next class trip, or use as a review as you come back from your tour, this will be an incredible addition to enhance your students' travel experience. Covering specific neighborhoods, walking tours, classroom subjects, or languages, you'll get a glimpse of what it is like to hit the road, the Jumpstreet way!

Our Suite of Virtual Tours


Québec City - Virtual Tour of the Upper Town

Follow tour leader Amélie through the charming streets of the Old Walled City and get ready to test your knowledge AND FRENCH (!) along the way.

Groupe à Montmartre

Paris - Virtual Tour of Montmartre, La Bohème

Discover why so many celebrated artists have been inspired by the authenticity of Montmartre as you get quizzed & challenged through its cobblestone streets.

WDC_Youth 4

Washington D.C. - Virtual Tour of War and Peace Memorials

Put your thinking caps on and head out for a tour of the D.C. monuments with tour leader Sam to reflect on important moments and figures in U.S history.

Baleine tadoussac

Province of Québec - 100% Franco

Fluent in French? Tour la belle province dans la langue de Molière while navigating le fleuve St-Laurent like Jacques Cartier did in the 16th century.

The Educational & the Fun

Watch out! These tours are far from being vanilla. We've got some serious gelato going on, and if you've been to Italy, you know what we're talking about!

Just like a real tour, your virtual tour will be led by one of our cream of the crop tour leaders via video clips. They will give historic information, share valuable educational resources, ask questions, and test your skills along the way through games, quizzes and interactive pieces that will get your students' creative juices flowing. Plus, points are given throughout the tour, so you can easily turn this into a friendly competition. Your class will be buzzing after this!

How Does it Work?

1. Download the application on your cellphone. 

2. Scan the QR code or click Start Bound .

3. Voilà! You're in.

JSET-Photo de groupe en voyage scolaire en France

Let's Talk Class Trips

Discover More


French Quebec Tours

Enter the first fortified city in North America and walk its cobblestone streets to burn off your evening at the Sugar Shack.

FR_Paris_Youth_Eiffel Tower

Paris Tours

Discover the best of the City of Lights with visits to essential monuments, immersive activities and meals made of local specialties. Paris will always be Paris!

WDC_Attraction_Youth_Air and Space

Washington D.C. Tours

Our D.C. programs stuff iconic milestones, monuments and activities into an action-packed itinerary that's as entertaining as it is educational.

Why Jumpstreet?


780 Brewster, suite 02-300

Montreal, Quebec

Canada H4C 2K1

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Put-in tours

Original tour agency in moscow and st petersburg..

Onboard a Soviet van!

Welcome to Russia!

We are Sergey and Simon, a Russian and a Frenchman, both  passionate about Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and classic cars. Together, we have created Put-in tours. Our goal is to help you experience Russian culture off the beaten path. Join us onboard our classic Soviet van and let’s get rolling!

In Moscow we offer you a city tour to discover most of the city in an original way as well as a night tour to admire the lights. Our pubcrawl is ideal to explore Moscow’s night-life and have fun. If you are craving to discover Russian culture, come impress your senses during our monastery diner or join our 100% Russian Banya Excursion . The latest will also bring you to Sergiyev Posad and it’s famous monastery!

For the most extreme travellers, our shooting tour will deliver your daily dose of adrenaline whereas our tank excursion will let you ride a real tank and shoot a bazooka.

We also offer help to receive your visa , safe and multilingual airport transfers , as well as organisation services for team-building events or bachelor parties .

All our excursions (but the monastery diner) happen onboard our Soviet military vans and can be covered by our  professionnal photographer or videographer.

In Saint Petersburg

We welcome you in Saint Petersburg onboard our Soviet van to discover the imperial city with our city tour and night tour .

Continue your discovery in style! The adrenaline lovers will like our shooting tour  which brings 3 Russian weapons to the tip of your trigger finger.

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Our partners

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At Put-in tours, we put you in our classic Soviet vans to go explore Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Russian culture off the beaten path. Discover our Moscow city guided tour, visit Moscow by night, join our banya & Sergiyev Posad excursion, visit and dine in one of Moscow's oldest monastery or even Luzhniki stadium, before you party on our famous pubcrawl! Original and atypical tours : Shoot AK47 and a bazooka after riding on a tank with our tank & bazooka excursion ! Extreme tours: Fly a fighter jet in Moscow onboard a L-29 or L-39 aircraft!

© Copyright 2021 – Put-in tours

Design web: SD Marketing & Design

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Russian Tours and Cruises from Express to Russia

  • Trans-Siberian Express

Our 8 Best Trans-Siberian Rail Tours of 2022

Come with us on truly... The Journey of a Lifetime along the world’s longest railway. See how the landscape and culture changes as you head West to East. See Moscow, Siberia, China and more. Our Trans-Siberian Railway tours are all customizable and can be adjusted to fit any budget. Our most popular packages are listed below. Please click on the tour details to learn more or contact us for more information about our Trans Siberian rail tours using the form on the page. Feel free to also schedule a call with one of our Russian travel specialists. Many travelers have found this to be the best way to together, create an unforgettable customized tour for you.

Trans-Siberian by Imperial Russia Train

Besides the below tours, we also offer a luxurious tour by a private train

Trans-Siberian 3 in 1

Trans-Siberian 3 in 1

This is our shortest version of our Trans Siberian railroad tours but it covers some of the most interesting cities. The trip begins in Moscow, the capital of Russia, then continues on to Yekaterinburg, located in the Ural Mountains and at the edge of Siberia. The tour ends on the shores of Lake Baikal.

  • Schedule Tour can be started on any day
  • Route Moscow - Yekaterinburg - Irkutsk
  • Languages English-speaking guide is guaranteed. Other languages are on request.
  • Accommodation The following hotel options are available: 3 stars
  • PRIVATE TOUR This is a private tour, there won't be other people in your group

Great Russia by Train

Great Russia by Train

This tour will take you along the full route of the Trans-Siberian railway to 3 of Russia's most interesting cities - Moscow with stunning Red Square, the Kremlin and Cathedrals, Irkutsk located in the heart of Siberia and home to the great Lake Baikal and Vladivostok - the King of the East with its harbor of the Golden Horn and Amursky Bay on the Pacific Ocean.

  • Route Moscow - Irkutsk - Vladivostok

Trans-Sib - four cities

Trans-Sib - four cities

On this great Eurasian journey from West to East you will cover the entire route of the Trans-Siberian Railway, visiting four major cities along the way: Russia's capital Moscow, Yekaterinburg in the Ural Mountains, Irkutsk including incredible Lake Baikal, and finally Vladivostok on the Pacific Ocean, at the very edge of Russia.

  • Route Moscow - Yekaterinburg - Irkutsk - Vladivostok

Highlights on the Trans-Sib

Highlights on the Trans-Sib

This tour is a great choice for seeing the highlights of Russia, Mongolia and China. From Golden-Domed Moscow you will continue on to Irkutsk and visit beautiful Lake Baikal. Mongolia will greet you with its endless steppes and the Gobi Desert. Finally, you will reach China and visit the magnificent Great Wall, Ming Tombs and Forbidden city.

  • Schedule Tour can be started on any Monday
  • Route Moscow - Irkutsk - Ulan Bator - Beijing

The Great Journey - East to West

The Great Journey - East to West

This trip lasts for 2 weeks and passes through 6 fascinating cities. Starting in Vladivostok with its harbour of the Golden Horn and passing through the Buddhist city of Ulan-Ude, then to Irkutsk - home of magnificent Lake Baikal and onto Novosibirsk and Yekaterinburg - very dynamic Siberian cities, and finally ending in golden-domed Moscow.

  • Route Vladivostok - Ulan-Ude - Irkutsk - Novosibirsk - Yekaterinburg - Moscow

5 stars - East to West

5 stars - East to West

This tour covers the highlights of the Trans-Siberian Railway - including all 5 major cities along its route. You will admire cultural masterpieces in Beijing, learn about nomadic life in Mongolia, see amazing Lake Baikal in Irkutsk, learn about the fate of the Last Tsar in Yekaterinburg, and visit Russia's energetic capital Moscow.

  • Schedule Tour can be started on any Thursday.
  • Route Beijing - Ulaanbaatar - Irkutsk - Yekaterinburg - Moscow

Trans-Sib through Russia - Mongolia - China

Trans-Sib through Russia - Mongolia - China

This exciting Trans-Siberian tour takes you to three countries - Russia, Mongolia and China. From Moscow you will proceed to the Siberian cities of Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk and Irkutsk, close to Lake Baikal. Then you will cross Mongolia with its endless steppes and the Goby Desert, and finally arrive in China with the Great Wall and more.

  • Schedule Tour can be started on any Saturday
  • Route Moscow - Yekaterinburg - Novosibirsk - Irkutsk - Ulaanbaatar - Beijing

Journey of a Lifetime

Journey of a Lifetime

The tour is a great opportunity to visit three countries on one trip. You will be delighted with the capital of Russia, see the border of Europe and Asia in Yekaterinburg, admire beautiful nature in Krasnoyarsk, see the world's largest lake Baikal, steppes of Mongolia and China's cultural heritage.

  • Route Moscow - Yekaterinburg - Krasnoyarsk - Irkutsk - Ulaanbaatar - Beijing


My wife & I have just completed the Journey of a Lifetime 16 day 15 night Trip as organised by Express to Russia. We also had a tour of St Petersburg & Moscow as well. The planning & execution of both trips was well above our expectations. The guides we had in all of our destinations were exceptional & the meet & greet & return to the stations went as smooth as clockwork. We had one minor hitch but that was through no fault of Express to Russia..a quick email from our Ipad had the problem resolved immediately We did have some misgivings at the start about doing the booking online ourselves but Elena was wonderful & answered all of our questions promptly & to our satisfaction. We felt comfortable with the whole process.The train trip is wonderful with Mongolia being a "special " place for us! We highly recommend Elena & her company. I am happy to answer any questions any body may wish to ask.

Thank you so very much for organizing our trip. Everything went wonderfully, and we really enjoyed our time in Russia. Moscow was beautiful, Lake Baikal was very cold, yet very fun to swim in, and the DPR Koreans that I met and made friends with in Vladivostok was beyond priceless. The guides you got for us did an exceptional job, and the drivers helped us out a lot as well. The hotels you got for us were great, and the room you got for us in the Vladivostok really made the long stay comfortable. The trains were also very enjoyable as was the Russian hospitality, although we really weren´t expecting people to be so generous or helpful. Overall, the trip was wonderful, and you arranged it magnificently. You really went out of your way to accommodate my schedule and help me with my schoolwork, so I really appreciate it; I couldn´t have done it without you. So once again, thank you for all of your efforts, and hopefully in the future you will be able to help us out again. Take care, and thank you for everything.

The Trans-Siberian Express is the longest train journey in the world. The route takes you from ancient Russian cities through deep forests and breathtaking mountains to Siberian outposts and into Asia. You will visit Buddhist temples , Lake Baikal , the Ural Mountains , Vladivostok or Beijing . Express to Russia is a specialist in travel for individuals and small groups along the route. We will make sure that you have an unforgettable journey on this incredible adventure. Choose basic packages below or contact us to arrange your own custom travel.

Our Russian tours are offered as land only where you arrange your own airfare and we meet you at the airport and handle everything else. You can easily book the discount tickets yourself through our own discount internet ticket office . Please browse our discount air tickets section to learn more.

A train on Trans-Siberian Railway

Trans-Siberian Train

The main route of the Trans-Siberian Railway begins in Moscow and heads east to Vladivostok passing through Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Omsk, Novosibirsk, Irkutsk, Ulan Ude, Chita, Blagoveshchensk and Khabarovsk. The length of the route is 9259 km or 5753 miles. The train travels through 7 time zones and takes 8 days to complete without making overnight stops. The Trans-Siberian splits off into a few other fascinating directions as well:

Trans-Mongolian Train

The Trans-Mongolian Line was built from 1940 to 1956 between Ulan-Ude at Lake Baikal’s eastern shore and the Chinese capital Beijing. From Ulan-Ude the tracks go south towards Mongolia, crossing the great Gobi Desert and finally ending up in Beijing. This route is a mere 7867 kilometers long (Moscow - Beijing).

A train on Trans-Siberian in 1916

Trans-Manchurian Train

The Trans-Manchurian Line runs on the same route as the Trans-Siberian as far as Tarskaya, which is a few hundred miles east of Baikal. From Tarskaya, the line runs southeast into China near Zabaikalsk and makes its way down to Beijing. This route is a 9001 kilometres long (Moscow - Beijing).

Click to learn more about the history of the Trans-Siberian Railway .

Frequently Asked Questions From Our Travelers

Where does the trans-siberian railway start and where does it end.

The Trans-Siberian Railway starts in Moscow and extends all the way to Vladivostok on the Pacific Ocean. This route connects the European part of Russia, the Ural region, Siberia and the Russian Far East.

Are Beijing and Ulan Bator stops along the Trans-Siberian railway?

Beijing and Ulan Bator are parts of Trans-Mongolian railway - an offshoot of the main Trans-Siberian Railway. There are many options to arrange your travel: to visit Ulan Bator and or follow the Trans-Siberian railway to or from Vladivostok. 

Can I use the hop-on hop-off principle when traveling by Trans-Siberian train?

Unfortunately, that is not possible. Train tickets in Russia are not open, so you will need a separate ticket with a particular date for each leg of your trip - for example, you may go all the way from Moscow to Vladivostok, but you will only be able to leave the train for short stops at the railway stations. In case if you would like to explore different cities on the way, you will need separate tickets, for example Moscow – Yekaterinburg, Yekaterinburg – Irkutsk, Irkutsk - Vladivostok. We offer carefully planned private tours that will allow you to visit several cities on your way.

Are there showers aboard Trans-Siberian trains?

Most of the Trans-Siberian trains do not have showers, and there are two WCs per each carriage. Please consider it while planning your trip. We recommend to choose shorter distances (that is, to plan more overnight stops in the cities along the way) to avoid the inconvenience of not showering. Another option is to choose the trip on board a more luxurious train which has all the on-board amenities that one might need.

Are meals included on the board of Trans-Siberian express train?

When traveling with RZD regular trains meals are not included. You can easily buy your meals in the restaurant car.  Another option is to buy local specialties from “babushkas” (grandmothers, or simply Russian old ladies) on the short train stops along the way. This is a very authentic way of getting your meals.

What is the most comfortable way to travel on the Trans-Siberian railroad?

There are luxurious trains on the Trans-Siberian railway that are quite different from regular RZD trains and can be described as 5* hotels on wheels. We offer this type of accommodation on the Imperial Russia train where you can enjoy a full board menu, a shower and a comfortable compartment.

Our travel brands include

Express to Russia

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Lire le PDF en ligne

Guerre en Ukraine : Zelensky favorable à la présence de la Russie lors d’un prochain sommet pour la paix

  • Lire dans l’app
  • Copier le lien Lien copié

Le président ukrainien ne s’était jusqu’alors jamais prononcé en faveur d’une participation directe de représentants russes à ce type de sommet. Il a aussi affirmé rester confiant quant au soutien des États-Unis, même en cas de retour au pouvoir de Trump.

C’est une première. Ce lundi 15 juillet, le président ukrainien Volodymyr Zelensky  s'est dit favorable à ce que la Russie participe à un prochain sommet pour la paix organisé par Kiev, après de premières discussions mi-juin en Suisse sans Moscou. «Je pense que des représentants russes devraient participer à ce deuxième sommet» , a déclaré le président ukrainien lors d'une conférence de presse à Kiev, espérant qu'un «plan» en vue d'une telle rencontre puisse être prêt en novembre. Il n'a pas évoqué l'arrêt des hostilités, mais l'établissement «d'un plan» sur trois sujets: la sécurité énergétique de l'Ukraine, dont l'infrastructure a été ravagée par les bombardements russes, la libre navigation en mer Noire et les échanges de prisonniers.

  • Suivez les informations sur la guerre en Ukraine avec l'application du Figaro

C'est la première fois toutefois que Volodymyr Zelensky émet l'idée de discussions avec la Russie sans retrait russe préalable de son territoire. Par le passé, il avait aussi juré ne pas vouloir discuter avec Moscou tant que Vladimir Poutine serait au pouvoir et même signé un décret rendant illégales des négociations avec Moscou.

Un premier sommet sur la paix en Ukraine a été organisé mi-juin en Suisse. Une centaine de pays étaient représentés, mais la Russie n'avait pas été conviée et la Chine, allié diplomatique et économique de Moscou, avait décidé de ne pas participer. L'Ukraine avait déjà proposé en 2022 un plan de paix en 10 points, soutenu par l'Occident, impliquant le retrait inconditionnel des forces russes du territoire ukrainien. Une proposition balayée par Moscou.

Zelensky n'a «pas peur» d'une nouvelle présidence de Donald Trump

Le président ukrainien a également dit ne pas craindre une nouvelle présidence de Donald Trump, en cas de victoire du républicain à la présidentielle américaine de novembre, malgré les incertitudes que son élection entraînerait sur la pérennité du soutien de Washington à Kiev. «Je pense que si Donald Trump devient président, nous travaillerons ensemble. Je n'ai pas peur» , a affirmé le président ukrainien.

Une éventuelle victoire de Donald Trump à l'élection présidentielle du 5 novembre prochain fait peser de grosses incertitudes sur la pérennité du soutien américain financier et militaire à l'Ukraine face à l'invasion russe lancée en février 2022. Le candidat républicain a laissé entendre qu'il mettrait fin très rapidement au conflit s'il revenait à la Maison-Blanche, laissant planer le risque que Kiev se retrouve contrainte à négocier avec Moscou dans une position défavorable. Près de 20% du territoire ukrainien est toujours occupé par la Russie.

Mais Volodymyr Zelensky a affirmé avoir le soutien d'une grande partie du camp républicain aux États-Unis, où il a récemment rencontré de nombreux élus. «Je tiens à vous dire que la majorité du parti républicain soutient l'Ukraine et le peuple ukrainien» , a-t-il dit aux journalistes. Le président ukrainien a également relevé que certains dirigeants républicains avaient «des positions plus à droite, plus radicales» que Donald Trump.

  • Sommet pour la paix en Ukraine : cet important dispositif de sécurité déployé en Suisse pour protéger les participants
  • Otan : les alliés mettent en garde la Chine contre son soutien à la Russie
  • Attentat de Moscou: la Russie persiste à accuser Kiev et l’Occident
  • volodymyr Zelensky

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Plus d'options

le 19/07/2024 à 13:31

Il est loin d'être bête, ce Zelinsky


le 16/07/2024 à 15:51

Trump pourrait être thaumaturge ! Trump n est pas encore élu , que deja Zelinski veut la fin de la guerre ! avouez que c est cocasse non ?

monsieur légion

le 16/07/2024 à 15:06

En fait on va retrouver avec la situation de l ete 2022 c aura juste coûté des centaines de milliers de morts et blessés merci biden

L’homme qui a tiré sur Donald Trump aurait été repéré une heure avant d’ouvrir le feu

Selon NBC News, Thomas Matthew Crooks se serait également rendu sur le site du meeting de l'ancien président quelques jours avant l'événement pour repérer les lieux.

Tentative d’assassinat de Trump : Biden reconnaît avoir commis une «erreur» en appelant à «cibler» l’ancien président

L'actuel locataire de la Maison-Blanche a en outre confirmé lundi vouloir débattre de nouveau avec Donald Trump «en septembre», après son premier duel désastreux fin juin.

Pour repousser les migrants, la Pologne adopte une loi permettant aux garde-frontières de tirer plus facilement

Le Parlement polonais a légiféré pour modifier les règles d’engagement des militaires polonais à la frontière avec la Russie et la Biélorussie après une série d’incidents impliquant des migrants.

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les tours jumpstreet


  1. JUMPSTREET TOURS (Montréal): Ce qu'il faut savoir pour votre visite

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  3. JUMPSTREET TOURS (Montréal): Ce qu'il faut savoir pour votre visite

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  4. Tours éducatifs Jumpstreet

    les tours jumpstreet

  5. JUMPSTREET TOURS (Montréal): Ce qu'il faut savoir pour votre visite

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  1. Jumpstreet Educational Tours

    For over 30 years, Jumpstreet Tours has crafted thoughtful and immersive class trips to the delight of teachers and student groups worldwide. Known as the French-Language Travel Specialists, the variety of programs that Jumpstreet has to offer goes above and beyond the simple language immersion experience.From hands-on workshops to exclusive activities, winter to service-learning trips, and ...

  2. Our Student Tour Travel Destinations

    Request a quote Download our brochure Book a meeting. Mon-Fri 8:30-4:30. 24/7 for emergencies. +1-800-663-4956. [email protected].

  3. Student Trips to Quebec

    Let's Talk Class Trips. Request a quote Download our brochure Book a meeting. Mon-Fri 8:30-4:30. 24/7 for emergencies. +1-800-663-4956. [email protected].

  4. Jumpstreet Tours

    Jumpstreet Tours Éducatours is a bilingual company from Montreal known as Jumpstreet Tours by its ... Demandez un prix Planifiez un appel Voir nos destinations Lundi au vendredi 8h30 à 16h30. 24/7 pour les urgences +1-866-843-3311. [email protected]. Fiers partenaires de. 780 avenue Brewster, bureau 02-300. Montréal, Québec. Canada H4C ...

  5. Organize my next trip

    Send us the information for your next school trip and Jumpstreet will take care of the rest! Leave on summer vacation with peace of mind. PORTAL LOGIN; 1-800-663-4956; FR; Student Travel Destinations. Quebec; Canada; USA; Europe; Latin America; Request a Quote; Why Jumpstreet? Health & Safety; Our Tour Leaders; Registration Portal; Carbon ...

  6. Jumpstreet Educational Tours

    Jumpstreet Educational Tours, Montreal, Quebec. 2,503 likes · 45 talking about this · 3 were here. We organize unforgettable educational and language tours around the world for student groups.

  7. Tours éducatifs Jumpstreet

    High-quality and innovative educational packages for teachers of French as a second language and their students. Packages includes planning, transportation, accommodations and meals. Groups only. By reservation only.

  8. Jumpstreet Educational Tours

    Jumpstreet Tours is a bilingual educational tour company that specializes in group travel to North America, Europe, and Central America. For over 35 years, Jumpstreet Tours has delighted teachers ...

  9. Log in and manage my tour

    Canada 780 Avenue Brewster #02-300, Montreal, Quebec H4C2K1 Call toll free 1(800) 663-4956 | Fax Toll Free 1(800) 710-9550 | Tel. (514) 954-9990 | Fax.


    Jumpstreet is a bilingual company located in Montreal and known as Éducatours by its French-speaking clientele.

  11. Student Trips to Montreal

    Request a quote Download our brochure Book a meeting. Mon-Fri 8:30-4:30. 24/7 for emergencies. +1-800-663-4956. [email protected].

  12. Virtual Tours

    Request a quote Download our brochure Book a meeting. Mon-Fri 8:30-4:30. 24/7 for emergencies. +1-800-663-4956. [email protected].

  13. Les Tours Jumpstreet Tours Inc. · 780 Brewster Avenue Suite 02-300

    LES TOURS JUMPSTREET TOURS INC. (LEI# 213800AUOS8VRTEZW607) is a legal entity registered with LONDON STOCK EXCHANGE LEI LIMITED. The address is 780 BREWSTER AVENUE SUITE 02-300, Montreal, CA-QC, H4C 2K1, CA.

  14. Les Tours Jumpstreet Tours Inc.

    Les Tours Jumpstreet Tours Inc. is a Non-distributing corporation with 50 or fewer shareholders corporation type, which located at Care of: TOM CLARKE 780 BREWSTER AVENUE SUITE 02-300 MONTREAL QC H4C 2K1 Canada. It was registered on 05-Dec-1989, the corporation's bn is 122377609RC0001 and corporation number is 2538911.


    LES TOURS JUMPSTREET TOURS INC. is a Canada Non-Distributing Corporation With 50 Or Fewer Shareholders filed on December 5, 1989. The company's filing status is listed as Active and its File Number is 253891-1. The Registered Office Province on file for this company is Québec. The company's principal address is 780 Brewster Avenue Suite 02-300 ...

  16. THE 10 BEST Moscow Tours & Excursions for 2024 (with Prices)

    1. Moscow Private Tours. 1,304. City Tours • Historical & Heritage Tours. Red Square & Kitay-gorod. Open now. By youonec. I would highly recommend this company; the guides and services they offer an excellent one-on-one tours around Moscow. 2.

  17. Voyages éducatifs

    Request a quote Download our brochure Book a meeting. Mon-Fri 8:30-4:30. 24/7 for emergencies. +1-800-663-4956. [email protected].

  18. Best Moscow Walking Tours

    Get a more intimate experience of the city on a small-group tour. This is an ideal tour for first-time visitors to Moscow. Book My TourLearn More. Very popular. 2 Hours. Iconic metro stations, The world's deepest metro station, walking. From€38.

  19. Tours in Moscow and St Petersburg

    In Moscow. In Moscow we offer you a city tour to discover most of the city in an original way as well as a night tour to admire the lights. Our pubcrawl is ideal to explore Moscow's night-life and have fun. If you are craving to discover Russian culture, come impress your senses during our monastery diner or join our 100% Russian Banya Excursion.The latest will also bring you to Sergiyev ...

  20. The 8 Best Trans-Siberian Railway Tours of 2022

    Trans-Siberian Train. The main route of the Trans-Siberian Railway begins in Moscow and heads east to Vladivostok passing through Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Omsk, Novosibirsk, Irkutsk, Ulan Ude, Chita, Blagoveshchensk and Khabarovsk. The length of the route is 9259 km or 5753 miles. The train travels through 7 time zones and takes 8 days to ...

  21. Montreal Student Trips

    Request a quote Download our brochure Book a meeting. Mon-Fri 8:30-4:30. 24/7 for emergencies. +1-800-663-4956. [email protected].

  22. Guerre en Ukraine : Zelensky favorable à la présence de la Russie lors

    Guerre en Ukraine: explosions entendues à Kiev, alerte aérienne en cours; Guerre en Ukraine : le Kremlin veut «comprendre d'abord» ce qu'est le sommet de la paix de l'Ukraine

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