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    surf trip with baby

  2. Baby's First Time Surfing

    surf trip with baby

  3. Happy Baby Boy

    surf trip with baby

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    surf trip with baby


    surf trip with baby

  6. Happy Baby Boy

    surf trip with baby


  1. day in the life surfing in FIJI 🌊

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  4. 2023 Family Beach Vacation!

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  6. Camping Out To Work On Cabin Family Fun At The Beach With Cousins And So Many Jellyfish


  1. Square One: How to Surf Trip With a Baby

    Stay Less (Places) Say you're going somewhere to surf but plan on moving around a lot. Yeah, don't. Don't try and stay in four AirBnbs in two weeks with a baby. It's unsettling and wears ...

  2. Best Family-Friendly Surf Destinations: Waves, Sun, and Fun

    Family surf vacations offer the perfect opportunity to bond, create lasting memories, and experience the joys of surfing together. By choosing a family-friendly surf destination, prioritizing safety, and embracing the surf lifestyle, you can ensure a fun and memorable trip for all.

  3. Planning a Surf Trip for the Family? Check These 8 Options

    Click play above to get the family surf trip inspo flowing. *** Don't miss another headline from SURFER! Subscribe to our newsletter, follow us on Instagram, and stay connected with the latest happenings in the world of surfing.We're always on the lookout for amusing, interesting and engaging surf-related videos to feature on our channels.

  4. The 5 Most Family Friendly Surf Vacations

    After your surf session, grab kayaks or SUPs and snorkel gear and spend the afternoon together exploring the shallow waters and virgin reefs as far as the eye can see. #3. Playa Negra, Costa Rica ...

  5. Getting surf trip ready with a baby

    When a baby becomes part of the surf trip quiver, you're gonna need to pack more than just board shorts. This is especially true if the surfari is in a foreign country, where your usual baby things might be more difficult to find. Here's what tops our packing list of surf/ocean specific items for your beach baby:

  6. The Safest Family Friendly Surf Destinations

    A surf trip is a grand adventure, full of unexpected turns, funny moments, and timeless memories. This doesn't change when you travel with your family. In fact, we believe that it actually makes the entire experience all the more worthwhile. So don't be afraid to go off the beaten track and try not to lose your head when things don't go ...

  7. Family Surf Trips: How to Plan The Perfect Holiday

    You'll find LONG and empty waves, gorgeous beaches, excellent service, and even the chance to tag on a safari or similar to your surf trip. Top picks for families in Africa are: Morocco - Paradis Plage Surf, Yoga & Spa Resort. Morocco - Solhouse Taghazout Bay. Mozambique - White Pearl Resort.

  8. Find the Best Family Surfing Holidays Worldwide

    family surf travel EXPERTS. From the boutique surf resorts of Portugal and the rugged coastline of Cornwall, to the white-sand beaches of Barbados, and wildlife-rich Costa Rica, we've made it our mission to find the best places to surf, stay and play with your family. As surfing mums who have travelled the globe with our children and ...

  9. Best Family Surf Destinations (8 Epic Surf Trip Ideas)

    Portugal. Portugal is another excellent family surf trip, with so many epic waves all over its coast. Ericeira and Peniche, have all the infrastructure you could ever need for a surf trip. Accommodation, surf schools, shops, restaurants, and cafes are everywhere! The weather is also great most of the year and the cost of living is refreshingly ...

  10. 7 Ways to Take a Baby on a Baja Strike Mission

    This one family's story of taking a baby on a southern Baja strike mission. My partner and I often plan surf trips based on work and responsibilities. As we all know, this is NOT the way to ...

  11. Perfect Wave Travel

    Perfect Wave have exclusively partnered up with Surf Getaways, the #1 all-female surf experience company on the planet. Together we've developed an exclusive range of Women's Surf Getaways. We've chosen these resorts as they provide a holistic surf adventure that includes daily surfing, yoga, snorkelling and relaxation.

  12. Family Surf Trips

    Resorts with your own private wave to ensure minimal time away surfing, or your own private charter boat for the surfing family. Kids club for the young ones and spa services for your non-surfing partner, watersport activities and kids menus. Time to make more family holidays memories! ENQUIRE. 35 %off.

  13. Yes, You Can Take Your Kids on a Surf Trip

    When she was born, I refused to hang up my wetsuits and give up surfing. Similarly, I refused to give up my semi-annual pilgrimages to far flung surf spots. With some minor logistical adjustments, we found that you can take your baby, and eventually toddler and/or kids on a surf trip and that their presence might even make the trip better.

  14. Dive into Family Fun: A Guide to Epic Surf Adventures by the Sea

    It's a must-have for any water activity, ensuring your baby's safety in and around the water. Wave Conditions: Last but not least, always choose gentle, small waves for your baby's first surfing experience. Avoid rough waters and be mindful of the tides. Opt for calm days and sheltered spots. Making Surfing Fun for Babies

  15. Teaching a Toddler to Surf

    Here's the video: Surfing at 32 Weeks Pregnant. Once she was born, I started counting down the days til I could get her out on a surfboard with me. We tried it the first time when she was 10 months old. I sat on a big wide 9'6 longboard in the whitewash of a sandy bay and had a friend push us into a few waves.

  16. 8 best family surf holiday destinations

    West Timor. Just north of Australia, remote Timor has quality swells minus the crowds. Venture out with Atoll Travel to the palm-fringed Nemberala Beach Resort at the western tip of the island of Rote, West Timor. The tiny eight-room resort sits right in front of Rote's main surf hotspot, T-Land, and just a short and complimentary transfer boat ride from other breaks like The Bommie, Suckies ...

  17. Surf Trips and Family : r/surfing

    When my kids were little I had to flat out stop family surf trips and just go solo once a year, also do a non surf family trip, and then let my wife have weekends where she goes and visits her sisters, her mom, and such while I stay home with the kids. ... otherwise WACO BABY! best trip you can plan. period. Reply reply

  18. Bali With A Baby

    Travel to a far flung island might sound like a daunting trip to make with a baby (depending on where you live, ... Surf board rental costs £3 for the entire day and are found anywhere along the beach. There are plenty of spots on the beach where you can grab some shade for little ones. The waves weren't too dumpy in the shallows so it was a ...

  19. Family Surfing Holidays in Portugal

    Perfect for families with young children, The Martinhal offers luxury villas and apartments alongside swimming pools, restaurants, sports and other facilities, just footsteps from the sand. As well as surfing on nearby beaches, enjoy a huge range of activities, and make the most of the kids' clubs to take time out and unwind in the spa.

  20. Surf Travel Planning » Plan the best surf trip (Step-By-Step Help)

    The final advice. The final advice for surf travel is the oldest but the most crucial piece of advice: pack half the clothes you think you need, but have twice the money available. Literally, pack your bags, and before you leave, take half of them out. You can survive for weeks in boardshorts and tee shirts, especially off the beaten track.

  21. Surf trip with baby

    Answer 1 of 4: My fiancé and I are planning a trip to Uluwatu in April with our 8 month old baby. We'd like to be close to a good surf beach but also one that is family friendly. I was looking at Bingin but it looks like the steps might be a problem. As we...

  22. Surfing trip with 1-year-old baby : r/VisitingHawaii

    Surfing trip with 1-year-old baby Multiple Islands Hi all! Forgive me if this has been asked before. I found a lot of posts on traveling with baby but none that combined our specifics. We're planning on visiting in September or October for a week or so, and my husband's priority is to surf. He's a beginner but very athletic and had a lot ...

  23. Surf trip with baby

    Answer 1 of 4: My fiancé and I are planning a trip to Uluwatu in April with our 8 month old baby. We'd like to be close to a good surf beach but also one that is family friendly. I was looking at Bingin but it looks like the steps might be a problem. As we...

  24. Must Haves When Camping With A Baby

    Instant Portable Travel Baby Tent, Beach Tent for Babies, Blue I need this ♥ . DockATot. This is an amazing baby must have in general! The DockATot is meant to mimic the womb. It snuggles baby in a safe and hypoallergenic environment that is also lightweight and easy to bring on travel. This will help keep baby cozy and snug at home and on ...

  25. From Duo to Trio: Tips for Traveling with Your Baby as a Couple

    Last, but certainly not least - we want to remind you that your baby's first trip is a special milestone. So, make sure to take lots of photos and videos to capture the memories. These trips ...