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Pulau Pangkor travel guide: Explore an Island Paradise in Malaysia

Welcome to Pangkor Island, also known as Pulau Pangkor, located in Malaysia’s Manjung District in Perak about 80 kilo meters from Ipoh. This captivating island is a peaceful retreat surrounded by stunning natural beauty, including nearby islands like Tukun Terindak and Pangkor Laut. Visitors are enchanted by the island’s rich fishing culture and delectable seafood dishes.

Travelers can immerse themselves in the island’s history by visiting historic sites while indulging in water sports activities. Whether you prefer a leisurely stroll along the sandy shores or an adrenaline-filled adventure in the water, Pangkor Island offers something for everyone.

For nature enthusiasts, adventurous jungle treks through dense forests provide opportunities to spot unique wildlife species. The island’s serene ambiance and cultural heritage create an enriching experience for visitors of all ages.

In this article Pulau Pangkor travel guide, we will discuss Pulau Pangkor’s activities, attractions, and much more. If you haven’t yet had the chance to explore the magnificence of Pulau Pangkor, now is the perfect time to plan an exciting vacation and immerse yourself in this island paradise.


How to Reach: Pulau Pangkor travel guide


Reaching Pulau Pangkor is easy and convenient. Here’s a brief guide to help you get there:

By Air: Fly into Sultan Azlan Shah Airport in Ipoh, the nearest airport to Pulau Pangkor. From there, take a taxi or bus to the coastal town of Lumut, about a 1.5-hour drive away.

By Land: From Kuala Lumpur: Take a bus or drive to Lumut. Buses from Kuala Lumpur take around 4-5 hours, while driving takes about 3-4 hours. From Penang: Buses to Lumut take around 4-5 hours, and driving takes about 3.5-4 hours.

By Sea: Once in Lumut, head to the Lumut Jetty. Ferries to Pulau Pangkor operate regularly, with a journey time of about 30-40 minutes. Alternatively, you can take a ferry from Marina Island Jetty, which is a shorter 10-minute ride. Follow these steps, and you’ll find yourself enjoying the idyllic beauty of Pulau Pangkor in no time!

Transportation in Pangkor Island

a row of pink vans parked in a parking lot

Pangkor Island does not offer public transportation services, such as buses. However, visitors can easily get around using the available options, which include the iconic pink vans, taxis, bicycles, motorcycles, and rental cars. These modes of transportation provide convenient and flexible ways to explore the island at your own pace.

History of Pulau Island

a wooden boat with masts and trees

On the beautiful Pangkor Island , nobody really knew where the origin came from. The locals believed that the island was secured by spirits, so they named it Spirit Island. So, Pangkor Island had another name, Dinding, which meant ‘wall’ or ‘division’. Also, The Dinding River’s delta merges with the Straits of Malacca.

The Straits of Malacca wasn’t a safe place for ships because pirates often attacked them. Some pirates even had a hideout on Pangkor Island. Although it’s hard to reach them now, but there are reminders of those days, like the Pirate Cave and Pirate Rock. In 1670, the Dutch constructed a fort on Pulau Pangkor and named it Dinding. Over time, the fort was rebuilt and abandoned a few times. Sadly, the fort was attacked and left in ruins. In 1973, the National Museum decided to fix it. At the present time, you can see the fort’s walls and some paintings on Tiger Rock as a reminder of the past.

In 1874, something extraordinary took place on the shores of Pangkor Island. It was the backdrop for the historic Pangkor Treaty. This treaty brought together the British government and the ruler of Perak. What they didn’t realize at the time was that this treaty would start a new era of British control over the beautiful lands of the Malay Peninsula, changing everything in its wake. They changed the island’s name to Monkey Island and later Aman Island. Lastly, it became known as Pangkor Island.

So, this is the history of Pangkor Island’s beginnings, its belief in spirits, the dangers of pirates, and the influence of different colonial powers. Today, the island continues to enchant visitors with its history and natural beauty, inviting everyone to discover the tales that whisper through the gentle breeze and waves of Pangkor Island.

18 Best Things to do in Pulau Pangkor

1. explore duty-free shops and local markets:.

a girl standing in a duty free store

In the heart of Pangkor Island, there are many duty-free shops , where you can go shopping while your Pangkor Island trip. There are some shops where you can buy imported and local chocolates. For Chocolates, you can visit some duty-free shops like Star Glory Asia, Teow Soon Huat Duty-Free, Coco Valley Duty-Free, Laris Duty-Free, and Keok Family Chocolate. In these shops, you can find other things as well.

Pangkor Island is renowned for its dried seafood. Blue-eyed anchovy is the most selling fish among the other seafood. Hai Seng Hin Satay Fish Factory, Eng Seng Pangkor, Hua Xing Fishery, T&C Food Products Trading, and Hasil Laut Paksu are shops where you can buy dried seafood, frozen seafood, salted fish, and more. Besides, you can go to the workshops to understand how they process the foodstuffs.

And don’t forget to buy souvenirs to remember your trip! There are shops selling souvenir shirts with cute designs of the island and beach. You can also find colorful shells and photo frames in some store. You can buy these as keepsakes. Besides that, there are pearl accessories, fridge magnets, key rings, cups, and many more souvenirs to buy. So, from this island, you can take a lot of great gifts for family and friends.

2. Relax on the beach:

a child on a swing on a beach

No visit to Pulau Pangkor is complete without experiencing its pristine beaches. Pasir Bogak, Teluk Nipah, and Pantai Puteri Dewi offer idyllic settings where you can relax, sunbathe, and swim. There are several amazing beaches to explore.

Teluk Nipah Beach is known for snorkeling and soft white sandy shores. You have a chance to do a lot of fun activities here. Pasir Bogak Beach offers a picturesque setting, ideal for leisurely walks. It is perfect for a relaxing getaway.

You may pick a suitable place on the beach to lay down your towel and unwind. The waves will soothe your soul as you watch the sparkling sea stretch endlessly before you. Time stands still, and all worries. fade away on this peaceful island.

3. Go for Island Hopping


Get set for an amazing island-hopping adventure in the magnificent Pangkor archipelago! The two core islands, Pangkor Island and Pangkor Laut, are bounded by untouched islets. You can easily reach them by hopping or booking a boat ride through the beach tour operators.

Now, here’s the best part – the Pangkor Island Hopping tour ! There are various types of  island-hopping packages in Pulau Pangkor , like family packages or group packages. The price of island-hopping tours in pulau pangkor starts from RM 60-70. But again, it depends on how many people are in the group and how many days of the tour is. If you don’t prefer a package, you can as well take a boat for Pangkor Island hopping.

a boat on the water

You can go on a  three-day island-hopping tour for the best experience. But for this tour, the price is RM 400 per head. The Pangkor Island hopping Package includes a relaxing stay at Pangkor Holiday Resort with complimentary breakfast. But you will have lunch and dinner at your own expense in any of the nearby restaurants. In this Pangkor Island Hopping Package , you will get free snorkeling equipment and boat rides. And of course, the Pangkor Island Day Tour is all set to display the best of Pangkor.

The tour starts at Lumut Jetty, where you’ll catch a ferry to Pangkor Jetty. From there, it’s just a short trip to Pangkor Holiday Resort , where you might have to stay for the tour. The next morning, it’s time for the Island Hopping! You’ll visit four stunning beaches – Nipah Bay, Monkey Bay, Coral Bay, and Man Bay . But that’s not all! You’ll also get to explore two captivating islands, Mentagor Island and Coral Island .

a rocky beach with trees in the background of Coral Island

But wait, there’s more excitement. The Pangkor Island Day Tour takes you to see some local gems. You will explore Pangkor Town, Fu Lin Kong Temple, Dutch Fort, and the lovely Masjid Al-Badr Seribu Selawat. Don’t miss the Hornbill Feeding; it’s quite a sight! And the next day marks the end of this fantastic journey. Have a delicious breakfast at the hotel. Then It’s time to say goodbye, but don’t worry – you’ll leave with a treasure trove of incredible memories!

4. Go for fishing:

a fishing dock on the water

Explore the local culture by visiting the charming fishing villages around Pulau Pangkor. Take a leisurely walk near the village and try fishing if you’re interested. Don’t forget to treat yourself to delicious and fresh seafood at one of the nearby stalls. It’s a delightful way to experience Pangkor’s coastal lifestyle.

5. Explore Pangkor Island by car, bike or bicycle:

a man riding a motorcycle

On Pangkor Island, you can embark on an exciting journey to explore the island’s attractions using various modes of transportation such as cars, bikes, or bicycles. The island’s road stretches for approximately 18 km, making it perfect for a bike ride, especially if you’re traveling solo or as a couple. Renting a motorbike typically costs between RM25 to RM40 per day.

For families or larger groups, renting a car is a convenient option. During our visit, we rented a car for three days and found it to be a worthwhile decision. The cost of car rental varies depending on factors like the number of seats and the condition of the car. We opted for a small car with five seats, which cost us only RM50 per day. It’s important to ensure that you have a valid driving license before renting any vehicle.

Note: Bringing cars here isn’t allowed; you’ll need to rent one once you’re onshore.

6. Try local street food and cuisine:

a plate of food on a table

The island’s food streets are filled with food stalls serving authentic Malay, Chinese, Indian and western dishes prepared with local cooking styles. Try these mouthwatering delicacies like Fried Shrimp Cakes, Seafood Tomyam, Ikan Bakar which means Grilled Fish, and a variety of fried rice and noodles.

Don’t miss the famous Lai Noodle Stall, Xiaoqiang Handmade Wantan Noodles, and Sister Ayin Fried Dumplings for a truly satisfying experience.

7. Watch and feed Hornbills:

a bird sitting on a branch

Pangkor Island is home to various bird species, making it a perfect spot for bird enthusiasts. You can go to the Nipah beach to feed the bird and create a unique bird-watching experience. In the morning, you’ll spot hornbills everywhere on the beach. You can take some fruits to feed hornbills. For a truly captivating encounter, you can visit Sunset View Chalet at dusk. You can witness the spectacle of bird-feeding.

There you can feed hornbills and also you can take close-up pictures or selfies with them. The good thing is, there’s no fee to enjoy these interesting experiences in Pulau Pangkor. It’s a magical moment that wildlife lovers will always cherish.

8. Visit 17th centuries Dutch fort

a brick wall with a staircase leading to Dutch-fort-Pangkor-Island

The Dutch Fort on Pangkor Island is a fascinating place to visit, especially if you love history or enjoy exploring new places. This old fort, built in 1670, gives you a chance to learn about the past and see how things were in Perak during colonial times.

The fort’s unique design, mixing Dutch and British styles, is really interesting to see. Inside, you can explore the different rooms that were once used for storing things and living in them. It’s a fantastic option for getting back in time and discovering the effects of Dutch colonialism in the area.

Plus, the fort’s location by the sea offers stunning views of the beautiful coastline, making it even more special to visit.

9. Kayaking and Snorkeling:

Snorkeling near the Giam Islands

You can do a lot of water activities in Pangkor Island. Just go to Teluk Nipah rent a kayak and explore the serene bays of Pasir Bogak and Teluk Kepatang. Kayaking is available for rent from RM20 to RM60. You can do watersports at Pasir Bogak and Teluk Nipah with jet skiing, banana boat rides, and more.

a surfboard on a beach

Additionally, you may ride a banana boat, accommodating 5 to 7 persons. It will cost RM15 per person. You can enjoy this fun activity with your buddies. Snorkeling is another fun thing, where you’ll see beautiful coral reefs and colorful fish.

10. Visit Pangkor’s biggest Taoist temple:

a red archway with a red brick path and trees in the background of Taoist-temple-Pangkor-island

Make sure to visit the marvelous Fu Lin Kong Temple when you’re exploring Pangkor Island. It is situated on the east coast of Malaysia. It’s the biggest Taoist temple on the island and draws many visitors. Found in the village of Sungai Pinang Besar, this Taoist temple was thoughtfully created at the base of Pangkor Hill.

This temple holds great importance for the Taoist community. Inside this temple, you’ll find some Sacred objects and bronze Buddha statues. What makes Fu Lin Kong Temple truly special are its stunning gardens. Take an easy walk and you will see the replica of the Great Wall.

Don’t forget to capture the mysterious ‘Rock of Fate’ in your snapshots. Additionally, you can see the turtle pond. Fu Lin Kong Temple offers a calm atmosphere, traditional richness, and natural magnificence that you shouldn’t miss.

11. Visit the famous Floating Mosque:

Masjid-Al-Badr on the water

On the picturesque Pangkor Island, you’ll find an extraordinary mosque called Masjid Al-Badr . This remarkable structure stands as a symbol of beauty and worship, captivating visitors from around the world.  What makes it even more special is that, unlike any other mosque, it gracefully rests on the water, and its entrance facing Mecca. The Floating Mosque, as it’s commonly known, welcomes visitors of all faiths, including non-Muslims, during non-praying hours.

Masjid Al-Badr Seribu Selawat is not just a mosque; it’s an outstanding architectural masterpiece that represent the glory and splendor of Islamic values. Built-in 2004, the mosque has a capacity for up to five hundred people. The space near the mosque has a very peaceful atmosphere.

When you visit, be sure to respect those praying places and dress suitably. A trip to Masjid Al-Badr Seribu Selawat offers a truly unforgettable experience for anyone seeking a calm and peaceful day on Pangkor Island.

12. Visit Sri Pathira Kaliamman Temple


You can experience the lively celebration at the Sri Pathira kaliamman Temple on Pangkor Island. From this temple, you can enjoy a lovely sea sight. Recently it has been reconstructed and reopened. During the festival, the captivating Pasir Bogak beach becomes a colorful spectacle.

People of Indian and Chinese cultures gather, dressed in vibrant attire, crafting beautiful flower garlands and giving fruit offerings. With eyes closed in prayer, they pay worship to Mother Kali. You can join in or see this extraordinary experience and enjoy the festive vibe.

13. Visit Lin Je Kong Temple

You should visit this amazing Lin Je Kong Temple, found on the northern side of Coral Beach on Pangkor Island. While entering the temple you will see the big Mickey Mouse statue guarding the temple entrance. Inside, you’ll find the respected goddess Kuan Yin, standing beside a majestic golden dragon.

You will love visiting this place because there are a lot of aesthetic spots where you can take photos or videos. This temple is a treat for the eyes, full of gigantic figures of dragons, mushrooms, tortoises, and even mermaids! As you walk beside the shoreline, you’ll encounter the beautiful Teluk Nipah and Coral Bay beaches.

If you’re up for a short walk, follow the coastline to witness the most breathtaking sunset views. This is a place where you must visit to be amazed by the incredible beauty of Lin Je Kong Temple!

14. Visit Masjid Al-Khairiah


There is a really calm and peaceful mosque, Masjid Al-Khairiah , which is in Sungai Pinang Kecil, Pulau Pangkor. This mosque holds a special place in the hearts of nearby villages. If, you are a Muslim you can pray there, it is very beautiful from inside.

What’s really cool is that it’s found in an area where most people aren’t Muslims. Inside the mosque, you’ll be amazed by the beautiful mix of Islamic and Chinese designs that make this truly unique. Every detail, both inside and outside, show how different cultures can come together amicably. Masjid Al-Khairiah stands proudly as a symbol of unity and diversity that we can all appreciate.

15. Explore Batu Bersurat

You can explore Pangkor’s Batu Bersurat , also known as the Sacred Rock or Tiger Rock. This gigantic rock, located in Kampung Teluk Gedung, boasts interesting carvings left by Dutch soldiers. It’s a significant landmark, protected by a modern rooftop to keep it safe.

Many folks believe that it shows a tiger attacking a child, while others think it represents the Dutch soldiers. Folklores and mysteries surround this rock, with some saying it grows over time and carries unique energy. When you’re exploring Pangkor Island, don’t miss the chance to visit Batu Bersurat and witness its interesting beliefs.

16. Trekking in Pangkor Hill:

If you want to do an adventure on Pangkor Island, then put on your shoes and trek to Pangkor Hill. It is also known as Bukit Pangkor or Teluk Segadas Hill. Trust me, this trek is no ordinary stroll – it’s just filled with stunning sights! As you wander through the greenery, you’ll be surrounded by jaw-dropping views of the entire island.

It’s not just a trek; it’s a chance to connect with nature, soak up the serenity, and create memories that’ll make your heart smile.

17. Camping in Pangkor Island:

a wooden building with a red roof and a sign on the front

Camping in Pulau Pangkor offers a unique and adventurous experience. Set up your tent amidst the island and feel the quiet environment. As the sun sets, enjoy a cozy campfire and the breathtaking starry sky. It’s an opportunity to reconnect with nature and create unforgettable memories with your friends and family in this tropical paradise.

18. The lively Chinatown of Pangkor Island:

Pangkor Chinese shop

One of the must-visit places in Pangkor Island is the sparkling Chinatown. It’s a delightful place that offers a glimpse into Chinese traditions and flavors. The roads are decorated with lively decorations, and the vibe is very festal. Don’t miss this unique side of Pangkor!

Chinatown of Pangkor Island

Therefore, if you’re wondering, “Is Pangkor Island worth visiting?” the answer is a resounding yes! With its wide range of fun activities, stunning scenery, and peaceful atmosphere, it’s the best destination for an extraordinary trip.

Best times to visit Pulau Pangkor

The best times to visit Pulau Pangkor is from February to July. Throughout these months, the climate is generally pleasant, making it ideal for outdoor activities and beach relaxation. February and March offer a great balance between dry and wet environments, while June and July provide sufficient sunshine for beachgoers and water sports lovers.

It’s important to note that the wet season in Pulau Pangkor occurs from September to December, with increased rainfall. You should prefer to avoid this period if you want to maximize your time outdoors and minimize the chances of encountering heavy rains.

Where to stay in Pulau Pangkor:


If you’re on a budget-friendly trip to Pangkor Island, there are some fantastic hotel options for you. Pangkor Nature View House, Pangkor Pop Ash Hotel, Pangkor Holiday Home, Nipah Guesthouse, Pangkor Guesthouse SPK, and Pangkor Village Beach Resort, Pangkor Sandy Beach Resort are some budget-friendly hotels where you can stay comfortably at a reasonable price.

But then again if you want a luxury stay in Pangkor Island, you can pick Pangkor Laut Resort . It is a five-star hotel where you can enjoy the private beach. It is one of the most expensive resorts in pulau pangkor. However, if you want a luxurious stay at a reasonable price, then you can choose Avi Pangkor Beach Resort.

It is situated near Pasir Bogak Beach. It offers luxurious amenities at an affordable price. Whichever you choose, you’ll have a relaxed and affordable stay on this beautiful island.

Pulau Pangkor promises an enchanting blend of history, natural beauty, and traditional experiences for all visitors. There’s no shortage of exciting activities to enjoy on the island. Take in breathtaking views from Pangkor Hill and delve into cultural insights at Fu Lin Kong Temple. For water enthusiasts, Coral Bay is perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and kayaking adventures. Explore the Dutch Fort and charming fishing villages to immerse yourself in local history and daily life.

When it comes to dining, Pulau Pangkor boasts delicious seafood sourced from its vibrant fishing communities. Shopaholics can browse markets offering unique crafts, souvenirs, and delectable local snacks. Whether you’re seeking nature’s wonders, cultural discoveries, gastronomic delights, or memorable souvenirs, Pulau Pangkor has something special to offer. With its captivating attractions and warm hospitality, Pulau Pangkor ensures a memorable vacation that will leave a lasting impression.

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Things to do in Pangkor Island: A Complete Travel Guide

Pangkor island blog post header of a dog on a beach

After spending 5 days on Pangkor Island, we learned that there are so many great things to do here!

Apart from the expected exotic beaches, you can explore Pangkor’s thriving wildlife, see the beautiful religious sites including a floating mosque, and go get lost in the fishermen’s village.

We literally found Pangkor Island by looking at green spots in the ocean on Google Maps. I’m not even joking.

So we arrived with absolutely no expectations, but were pleased to leave with rich memories. Pangkor Island really took us by surprise, and we cannot wait to be back in the future!

In this blog post, we want to show you all the things there is to do in Pangkor Island, how to get there, where to stay, how much it costs, and other useful tips. That way, you can start planning your own trip to this fantastic island.

AFFILIATE LINKS DISCLOSURE: Dear Reader, this blog post contains affiliate links. If you click on them, we may earn a commission at no extra cost to you. Learn more here .

Plan your trip to Pangkor Island

In this section of the travel guide, we’ll help you plan your own trip to Pangkor Island.

So here you’ll find why you should visit, when to visit, how to get there by bus and ferry, where to stay on the island, and other general travel tips for Pangkor Island.

Why visit Pangkor Island

Not sure whether you should go for Pangkor Island or some other beautiful Malaysian Island? Then you landed on the right page.

Before diving into all the best things to do in Pangkor, we’ll quickly go through the top 3 reasons to why you should visit this island.

First, the island is easy to reach from Penang and Kuala Lumpur, which are two major tourist spots in Malaysia. So you can easily get there in half a day, which means spending the rest of the day on the beach!

Second, we never heard about the island before. That is pretty saying when you’re backpacking through Southeast Asia, and it means that Pangkor Island is not overrun by tourists. In other words, it’s kind of a hidden gem.

Third, we found that there are so many great things to do in Pangkor Island! If you rent a scooter, then you can spend the mornings exploring all corners of the island, and spend the afternoons relaxing on the beach.

When is the best time to visit

We recommend you to visit during the week days. In the weekends and on Malay holidays it can get really busy because a lot of Malays go on vacation on Pangkor. However, if you come during the week days, you basically have the whole island all to yourself.

The weather on Pangkor island is actually okay throughout the year. However, during September and October the rain can be much heavier and more frequent. This doesn’t mean that you can’t visit during these months, just be aware that the weather can change quickly. We visited in late August and the weather was just fine.

How to get to Pangkor island

Compared to most of the other countries in Southeast Asia, Malaysia has an amazing public transportation system. It’s comfortable, efficient, and cheap!

But since we never heard about the island before, we first had to figure out how to get to Pangkor. And after about a small hour of research, it was clear to us where we had to go. So to spare you an hour of your life spend on research, you can just follow this quick guide instead.

First of all, the ferry to Pangkor island leaves from a little port town called Lumut. So Lumut should be your destination from wherever you are.

Last time we visited, the ferry left every 45 minutes from Lumut to Pangkor Island, and the price was 14 RM for a return ticket. So check if you still get discount by purchasing a return ticket right away.

Kuala Lumpur to Pangkor island

From Kuala Lumpur (TBS) you can take a bus to Lumut for around 30 RM, and from Lumut you take the ferry to Pangkor island for 10 RM for a one-way ticket. The bus takes 4-5 hours, and the ferry takes about 30 minutes.

  • Bus from Kuala Lumpur to Lumut: Book your ticket on .

So going from Kuala Lumpur to Pangkor island will take 5-6 hours and cost you around 40 RM (without a return ferry ticket).

Penang to Pangkor island

From Penang (Butterworth) you can take a bus to Lumut for around 20 RM, and from Lumut you take the ferry to Pangkor island for 10 RM for a one-way ticket. The bus takes 3-4 hours, and the ferry takes about 30 minutes.

  • Bus from Penang to Lumut: Book your ticket on .

So going from Penang to Pangkor island will take 4-5 hours and cost you a total of 30 RM (without a return ferry ticket).

Where to stay in Pangkor Island

There are several areas to stay at in Pangkor Island. We recommend staying around Teluk Nipah Beach on the West Coast because you can find many restaurants here, there are a lot of water sport activities close by, and it’s only a short walk from Coral Beach, which is the best beach in Pangkor.

There aren’t that many hotels to choose from in Pangkor Island, but we’ve gathered what we think are the best ones in the list below.

Hotels in Pangkor Island

  • Utan Teluk Nipah : Stay above sea level in a rustic cabin in the jungle and get close to nature. Breakfast is included in the price of this hotel.
  • Pangkor Nature View House : Stay in your own chalet away from the main road and enjoy the peace and quiet of this hotel. This is the cheapest option of the 3 suggestions here.
  • Nipah Guesthouse Pangkor : Stay in your own cottage in the middle of Teluk Nipah. This place is only a stone’s throw away from the beach – if you prefer that over the pool.

Pangkor Island Travel Tips

In the last part of the planning section, we just want to share a few travel tips for Pangkor Island.

  • ATM & Bank: There is an ATM on the east side of Pangkor island close to the harbour in the main town. So you don’t need to carry a lot of cash with you prior to your visit.
  • How to get around: When we needed to get around Pangkor Island, we just took a taxi. All the taxis in are pink, so you really can’t miss them! Ask at your accommodation for the price since we don’t remember it. The prices are fixed though, so you shouldn’t have to haggle.
  • How long should you stay: We stayed in Pangkor for 5 nights and it was the perfect amount of time for us. We had enough time to spend days relaxing on the beach, yet we still got to see all the attractions and things to do in Pangkor island.

Sunset and beach dogs on Coral beach in Pangkor

The best things to do in Pangkor Island

Now that we’ve covered all the practical things to know about Pangkor island, let’s get into the fun stuff!

It turns out that there is a lot more to Pangkor island than beaches – in fact there are quite a few attractions to see. So here is a small guide to all the best things to do in Pangkor island.

1. Beaches and water sports

There are many beaches to visit on Pangkor island. We lived close to Coral Beach on the west side of Pangkor, and we spent most of our time here. In our opinion, Coral Beach was the nicest beach on the island.

You can also rent a kayak from Coral Beach and go to the small island Pulau Giam. Pulau Giam is supposedly one of the best places to go snorkeling in Pangkor island. Unfortunately, we went to Pulau Giam on a windy day, so we never tried snorkeling.

Apart from kayaking and snorkeling, Pangkor Island also offers other fun things to do in the ocean. You can go on a banana boat with your friends, rent jet skis, or book a diving tour to see what’s below sea level.

If you prefer sunsets and calm beach days, then Coral Beach is a great spot!

Kayaks on coral beach. Kayaking is one of many things to do in Pangkor island.

2. Wildlife Spotting

Since most of Pangkor is still jungle, you will definitely spot some wild animals during your visit. It’s also possible to do a jungle trekking. However, you don’t have to go trekking in order to spot hornbills and monkeys.

Pangkor Island is especially known for its many hornbills, more specifically the Oriental Pied Hornbill. The hornbill is characterized by its massive yellow beak. You will know it when you see it!

Other animals to look out for are monkeys. One of the days, when we returned home from the beach, a whole family of monkeys was hanging out on the roof of our bungalow.

Monkeys are so funny to observe! But they’re also quite intimidating sometimes, so please keep your distance. They are wild monkeys, and they can be quite aggressive – especially when they are hungry… Which they always are.

A picture of a beautiful hornbill in Malaysia

3. Rent a Scooter

Pangkor is not very big, so renting a scooter is the perfect way to get around! We actually tried to rent bicycles, but we were luckily convinced by a local man to rent a scooter instead.

He gave us good advice because it turns out that the roads on the island are very hilly! Knowing us, we would probably have suffered going up and down those hills on rusty bicycles.

We paid 35 RM per day for scooter rental, maybe the price have gone up a bit since then. You can easily find scooter rentals around the island. Just ask your guesthouse for advice and they will help you.

The roads on Pangkor are well paved and there aren’t much traffic, which means that even beginners can give a scooter a go!

We spent a whole day exploring the East side of Pangkor Island, where most of the attractions and things to do are located.

The roads on Pangkor

4. The Floating Mosque

Masjid Al-Badr, also known as Pangkor island’s floating mosque, is probably one of the best attractions on the island.

It’s basically a beautiful mosque that’s build out in the ocean. How amazing does that sound?!

Since it’s a religious site, it’s completely free to visit Pangkor island’s floating mosque. By the entrance you can even borrow a robe to cover yourself up. So don’t worry if you’re not properly dressed, the mosque got you covered!

The floating mosque on Pangkor island

5. Fu Lin Kong Temple

One of the most bizarre, yet amazing things to do in Pangkor island, is to visit the Taoist temple – Fu Lin Kong.

It’s full of colorful figures and statues, the garden is built like a maze, and it has a rather sad-looking pond full of turtles. You can easily spend a long time discovering this amazing temple. Make sure to make it all the way to the top of the temple for an amazing viewpoint over Pangkor island.

And just like the floating mosque, the Fu Lin Kong Temple is completely free of charge!

Fu Lin Kong Temple viewpoint

6. Hindu Temple

The Hindu temple is situated in the Fishermen’s village right next to the ocean. Apparently it actually used to be a temple for fishermen before it turned into a Hindu temple. Its official name today is Kaliamman.

Just as the two other religious sites, visiting Kaliamman is completely free of charge.

7. Fishermen’s village

Pangkor is mostly known for fishing – in fact most of the East side is still one big fisherman village. Here you can go for a walk among the old houses and eat some good, fresh fish.

Overall, we think it’s safe to say that if you get tired of beach life, then there is a lot of other things to do and see in Pangkor island.

By now, you’re hopefully prepared to go visit Pangkor yourself. We were surprised with how many things that you can actually do on Pangkor Island, and we genuinely hope to be back in the future.

If you have any questions about Pangkor, then please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

Thanks for reading and happy travels!

Other travel guides from Malaysia:

  • Petronas Twin Towers
  • BOH Tea Plantation

' src=

Hi, I'm Cecilie! And I'm the writer behind our travel blog. I only write about places that we've personally been to and want to recommend to you. I'm passionate about creating truthful travel guides, which can help you plan your own trip. When I'm not traveling or writing, you'll find me on a hiking trail, in a coffee shop, or in a shoe store around Copenhagen.

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This looks like a lovely place to visit with lots to see and do. I’d enjoy all the wildlife and water activities.

Oh it really is such a lovely island 🙂

Pangkor island is a beautiful little gem in Malaysia! Watch out for the monkeys though haha, they could become quite aggressive.

We absolutely loved Malaysia. Missed this gem though, although we did go to Langkawi which was incredible.

I heard many good things about Langkawi! This island is worth a visit for next time 😉 Enjoy your day.

Gorgeous. You can just see the lushness and beauty of this paradise. I would love to be sitting on that beach by the kayaks, looking out at that scene. Great post …thank you!

Thanks!! It really is a lovely place. We could all use a beautiful sunset on a beach these days 🙂

You’re welcome! You will have a wonderful time in Malaysia, there is so much to see. Thank you so much! 🙂

This is actually exactly how I discover hidden gems! Those unknown places on Google Maps are really the ones that intrigue me the most. I’m happy to see that you stumbled upon such a pretty island!

Haha Google Maps is the best!

I’ve never heard about this island, but it looks like and amazing place to visit, full of wildlife and beauty! I actually found a lot of beautiful beaches in Sri Lanka this year the same way using Google Maps 🙂 Do you need a special license to rent a scooter?

Haha there is no better way than looking at spots on Google Maps! 🙂 It’s very different from place to place, sometimes they don’t ask for anything. In our situation, they wrote our driver license numbers down. That was all. If you have a drivers license for a car you can always rent a scooter legally.

Malaysia is just beautiful! We’ve not (yet) made it there but it’s definitely on our bucket list and Pangkor Island will have to be part of our trip. Loved your photos and details, thanks for sharing!

That’s good to hear Arielle! There is so much to see and do, not only on Pangkor but in all of Malaysia. Definitely worth a spot on the bucket list 🙂 Thanks!

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The Crazy Tourist

Home » Travel Guides » Malaysia » 15 Best Things to Do in Pangkor Island (Malaysia)

15 Best Things to Do in Pangkor Island (Malaysia)

Pangkor Island in Perak has empty beaches, a colonial fort and hundreds of hornbills.

The small island in the Straits of Melaka is less than 200 kilometers (124 miles) northwest of Kuala Lumpur.

Pangkor remains under the radar, and visitors feel like they have the place to themselves. And it’s close enough for a side trip from the capital.

Expect empty coastlines, a colorful Chinatown and a traditional lifestyle.

Crazy Tourist uncovers the 15 best things to do in Pangkor Island including the top beaches, where to go snorkeling and how to feed hornbills.

1. Ruins of a 17th-century Dutch colonial fort

Dutch Fort Pangkor Island

The ruins of Dutch Fort stand as a testament to Perak’s rich colonial heritage.

The fort is among the oldest in Malaysia dating to 1670.

Back then, the Dutch mined tin in Perak. They stored their supplies in the fort.

Rooftop cannons kept the invaders away. Those who dared to approach had a hail of bullets fired through the slit-like windows.

Today, the fortress almost looks like it was made using Lego. Worn bricks crumble to ruin.

Dutch Fort sits on the southeastern coastline.

Information boards explain the fort’s story and provide insight into 183 years of Dutch colonial influence in Malaysia.

2. Feed the Hornbills at Sunset View Chalet

Hornbills Pangkor Island

Hornbills are Malaysia’s quirkiest species.

The stout-legged creatures have a double-decker beak and look more like an animation than a bird.

Hundreds of these oversized creatures live in Pangkor Island’s jungle. Dozens fly down to Sunset View Chalet every single evening at about 6:30pm.

The owners of the guesthouse feed the hornbills chunks of bananas in the same way for years.

Head down around 6:00pm. Countless Oriental Pied Hornbills and Lesser Hornbills sit in anticipation on the electricity wires.

Watch as the birds swoop down and perform acrobatics to get their dinner.

3. Spend the afternoon on an empty beach

Teluk Ketapang

Pangkor Island has dozens of kilometers of coastline and a handful of deserted beaches.

Along the west coast, the pristine stretches of golden sand are only broken by the occasional hotel and guesthouse. Sunbathers can lie on the sand watching the gentle waves of the emerald sea roll in.

Head to Pasir Bogak Beach on the southern coast. Follow the road through the hills to Teluk Ketapang (Turtle Bay) and Teluk Nipah (Nipah Bay) on the west.

Pangkor Island is conservative. Leave the speedos and bikinis in the hotel.

4. Hypnotic sunsets on Coral Beach

Coral Beach Pangkor Island

Coral Beach is along the western coast separated from Nipah Bay by a rocky outcrop.

The sugar-like sand stretches around the golden coastline next to the palms.

Hammocks hang lazily between the trees.

Around 7:00pm, the sun dips towards the horizon. Either sit on the sand and watch the spectacular event alone.

Or grab an iced drink and sit on the terrace in any nearby café.

Bring a torch. Inky darkness descends within minutes along the poorly lit streets.

5. Colorful communities in Chinatown

Pangkor Island Chinatown

Neat terraced houses line both sides of the red blocked-paved streets in Pangkor Island’s Chinatown.

Red lanterns hang from the roofs of the two-storied homes. The atmosphere feels utterly different from the rest of Malay dominated Pangkor.

Wander through immaculate block pathed streets. Photograph the lively colors and traditional decorations.

Head to the family-owned restaurants offering Chinese-style street food. Sit and eat on plastic tables in their backyard.

Chinatown shows a different side of Pangkor.

Either walk from Pangkor Town or stop by while exploring the whole island.

6. Pangkor Island’s largest Taoist temple (and a Great Wall replica)

Foo Lin Kong Temple

A huge blue and red archway mark the entrance to the Foo Lin Kong Temple.

The Taoist temple stands in the heart of Chinatown. Dozens of bronze Buddha statues, spiritual artifacts and Taoist relics decorate the inside.

But what sets Foo Lin Kong apart from other temples in Malaysia is the stunning gardens.

Follow the steps on the right and find a replica of the Great Wall. Snap photographs of the mysterious ‘Rock of Fate’.

The highlight is the turtle pond located halfway up the steps on the right-hand side.

7. Scale Pangkor Hill: The Island’s highest point

Pangkor Trekking

Hilly terrain and thick forests cover most of Pangkor’s interior.

A path near Pasir Bogak leads to the summit of Pangkor Hill, the island’s highest point. The peak rises slightly higher than 350 meters (1,148 feet).

Marked trails lead through the lush jungle vegetation to the background sound of cicadas and buzzing insects. Howling macaques swing above as giant hornbills glide overhead.

Expect a moderate level of difficulty. Most hikers take about one hour to reach the top.

Bring water. Reward yourself with a picnic overlooking sweeping views of Pangkor Island.

8. Explore the island from a kayak

Nipah Bay

Nipah Bay on the western shoreline is a water sports haven.

Locals rent everything from jet skis to canoes to kayaks.

The most memorable way to see Pangkor’s striking beauty is from the sea in a kayak.

Start by exploring the shallow waters in Nipah Bay. Kayak to Coral Beach through the gentle waters. Then head further north towards the steeper hills and discover hidden coves.

Several companies rent kayaks. Ask around and find the best offer before accepting.

Rent snorkeling equipment and bring it with you. Northern Pangkor hosts the island’s most active marine life.

9. Photograph traditional sampans floating in the jetty

Pangkor Kopitiam

On first glance, Pangkor’s pier might not seem like the most attractive part of the island.

But looks are often deceiving.

Peer down and find fishing boats, ferries and flat-bottomed sampans moored in the jetty.

The islanders have lived off the sea for centuries. Visitors can stand near the jetty and watch the fishermen arrive with their catch.

Keep your eyes open for the sampans bobbing up and down.

Pangkor Kopitiam (a Malaysian-style café) overlooks this hub of activity around Pangkor jetty.

Grab a coffee and watch the world of a Malay fishing community unfold.

10. Discover a thriving marine world on a snorkeling trip

Pangkor Island Coral Reefs

Pangkor Island has some of Malaysia’s calmest and clearest waters.

Nearby Sumatera takes the full force of the Indian Ocean. The waves reduce to a gentle roll when they reach Pangkor.

This allows coral reefs to flourish, which act as a breeding ground for countless species of tropical fish.

Green and pink parrotfish swim above the colorful and geometric coral.

Rent snorkeling equipment in Nipah Bay.

Head out solo into the gentle waters along the western and northern shores. Or splurge on a tour and discover secret sites.

11. Ride a boat to Pangkor’s most elegant restaurant

Pangkor Laut

Pangkor Island gets only a handful of tourists. Pangkor Laut Island, its baby sister, gets even fewer.

Rather than guesthouses and a beach lifestyle, Pangkor Laut has a more elegant atmosphere.

Fisherman’s Cove is the go-to place. The restaurant/bar has coastal views like those in the Maldives.

Expect fresh seafood, sumptuous desserts and a romantic ambience.

Take a speedboat from Nipah Bay.

But leave the sandals and flip-flops. Fisherman’s Cove enforces a strict smart-casual dress code.

12. See a different side of the island from the sea

Pangkor Island Cruise

What’s a better way to get a perspective of Pangkor Island than from a boat?

Boat trips start near Nipah Bay on the west coast. Some sail for 30 minutes around the shoreline; others ferry passengers to and from Pangkor Laut.

Longer cruises explore further afield taking passengers to hidden inlets and secret bays.

Boats offer a convenient vantage point for watching wildlife.

Monkeys are visible in the trees while the world below the waves bursts with life and activity.

Boats moor on the sand near Nipah Bay. Bargain hard to get the best price.

13. The color and charisma of Pangkor Town

Pangkor Fishing

Pangkor Town consists of a single street with a handful of cafés and restaurants.

Wander through the shophouses and search for souvenirs or snacks. Or check out the antique stores with forgotten relics from previous generations.

Watch the day-to-day life of the islanders.

Head north to tiny fishing villages. Admire the colorful houses and their slower pace of life.

Look towards the rickety stilted villages as fishing boats sail in and out.

14. Diversity, scenery and culture on a road trip

Pangkor Island Road Trip

A road leads around Pangkor Island past beaches, mountains and sleepy villages.

Start at your guesthouse and choose a direction: left or right. Follow the road and you’ll loop back to your starting point.

This gives you the chance to appreciate the scenery, environment and habitats.

Some travelers rent a motorbike and ride around the island. Others take the challenge of cycling or walking.

Get ready for steep hills. Watch out for speeding taxis taking up both sides of the road.

15. Dive in Pulau Sembilan: Pangkor’s secret diving oasis

Pulau Sembilan

Pulau Sembilan, translating to Nine Islands, are a mini-archipelago south of Pangkor.

The uninhabited islands host some of Malaysia’s best diving and snorkeling areas.

Boat trips start in Nipah Bay before bouncing over gentle waves for 20 kilometers (12.4 miles).

Snorkelers will encounter a series of hard corals and barracudas.

Divers head to White Rock where hundreds of parrotfish swarm in the depths.

Armies of micro-organisms sometimes transform the sea into a glowing mass of color. But you need to be here at the right time to witness this rare natural event.

Pulau Sembilan isn’t open all year. Diving typically takes place between November and March.

If you want to go diving, it’s often better to arrange a tour from a company in Kuala Lumpur.

15 Best Things to Do in Pangkor Island (Malaysia):

  • Ruins of a 17th-century Dutch colonial fort
  • Feed the Hornbills at Sunset View Chalet
  • Spend the afternoon on an empty beach
  • Hypnotic sunsets on Coral Beach
  • Colorful communities in Chinatown
  • Pangkor Island’s largest Taoist temple (and a Great Wall replica)
  • Scale Pangkor Hill: The Island’s highest point
  • Explore the island from a kayak
  • Photograph traditional sampans floating in the jetty
  • Discover a thriving marine world on a snorkeling trip
  • Ride a boat to Pangkor’s most elegant restaurant
  • See a different side of the island from the sea
  • The color and charisma of Pangkor Town
  • Diversity, scenery and culture on a road trip
  • Dive in Pulau Sembilan: Pangkor’s secret diving oasis
  • SEE & DO
  • Penang Mainland
  • Itineraries

Penang Insider

15 Amazing Things to Do (and Eat) in Pangkor Island, Perak: the Ultimate Pulau Pangkor Travel Guide

Just two hours south of Penang, Pangkor Island (or Pulau Pangkor) off Perak’s town of Lumut, is curiously off the tourism radar. But there’s plenty of authentic culture and natural charms on this former Dutch hamlet.

pulau pangkor floating mosque at sunset

Floating in the shadows of Malaysia’s more popular islands, Langkawi and Penang , Pangkor’s international fame has been slower to take off. Located off the southwestern coast of Perak state , the island swells mostly on weekends as a short getaway for nearby city-dwellers.

It’s a short drive from other great Perak attractions like Ipoh , Taiping with its Lake Gardens and its hill station Bukit Larut , the mangroves of Kuala Sepetang , the fishing village of Kuala Kurau  and the Kuala Gula Bird Sanctuary , adventure-capital Gopeng , and the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Lenggong Valley .

This post will tell you all you need to know about:

  • How to get to Pangkor Island
  • Where to stay in Pangkor
  • The Best Things to do on Pangkor Island
  • What to Eat on Pulau Pangkor

Article Contents

Historical Importance of Pulau Pangkor

Pangkor island and its three smaller sisters—Pangkor Laut, Pulau Mentagor, and Pulau Giam— had an important historical role. It was here that in 1874, the British and the Sultan of Perak signed the Pangkor Treaty, thus officially starting their rule over Malaya.

Besides early colonial politics, Pangkor’s waters, rich with Indian Mackerel, mostly attracted Cantonese and Hainanese fishermen. A Marine Industry Association was founded in 1930, sanctioning fishing and boat making as Pangkor’s main local trades. This still reflects into the local cuisine, graced by a bounty of fresh seafood, shrimps and anchovies, all spruced up with the local spices and herbs that grow in the island’s forested interior. This offers a safe haven to an army of squeaky endemic hornbills: They often fly out of the thicket, gliding above the coastal road towards the sea.

How To Reach Pangkor Island

Pangkor is situated roughly halfway between Penang and Kuala Lumpur, and is very close to Ipoh and its cave temples . A stop here is very much worth and there are many cozy Airbnbs in Ipoh .

From Kuala Lumpur , take the North-South highway and exit either at Tapah or Gopeng. Interstate roads lead to Highway 5 to Sitiawan and Lumut, where the jetty for Pangkor is located.

From Penang , drive to the Changkat Jering highway exit, and proceed south to Terong and along the coast via road A101 and 60 passing Pantai Remis to Lumut.

Lumut marina’s multistory car park is right next to the pier where a half-hourly ferry departs to Pangkor Town (40 minutes; RM14 round-trip). You can park your car here at a multi-level car park and pay by the hour.

If you are coming to Lumut by bus, the station is within walking distance of the Pangkor jetty.

Best Places to Stay on Pangkor Island

There are plenty of good accommodation options on Pangkor island. You can check out our list of the 20 best Pangkor Hotels , while the following are some quick and trusted recommendations:

Best Budget and Mid-range Pangkor Hotels

1- Nipah Guesthouse is a perfect choice, clean and super friendly, with charming A-frame mini-villas set around a long and thin swimming pool. Check prices on | Agoda .

2 – Joe Fisherman Inn is another flashpacker option offering two storeys of comfortable rooms tucked around an inner courtyard equipped with a long swimming pool. Check prices on | Agoda .

3 – If you can ride a motorbike, Pangkor Fish House is a nice yet simple place with rooms inside an overwater stilt house and plenty of character to get to know the real-life of Pangkor’s fishing villages. Check prices on | Agoda .

Not enough choice? Check more Pangkor hotels here .

High-End Pangkor Hotels

Tiger Rock is Pangkor’s charming and trusted boutique accommodation. The former secluded home of Penang-based visual artist Rebecca Duckett-Wilkinson and her family, Tiger Rock packs a cluster of charming eco-chalets on a former rubber estate enveloped by lush rainforest. Check their official website .

Set in the midst of Pasir Bogak’s bay on the tiny islet of Pangkor Laut, the secluded Pangkor Laut Resort has a private beach and a series of thatched villas, and it’s Pangkor’s most luxe accommodation. Check prices on | Agoda .

Best Things to Do & Pangkor Island Attractions

Pangkor is a small island but packs quite a number of things to do that will keep you busy for at least a couple of days.

1 Dutch Fort Ruins at Kota Belanda

pangkor island trip

The Dutch Fort (Kota Belanda), on the southeastern end of the island, is a not too flashy memory of Pangkor’s colonial past. Built by the Dutch in 1670 to store supplies and control the tin trade in Perak, it was destroyed by locals in 1690, rebuilt by the Dutch in 1743 as a military garrison, and finally abandoned in 1748. What you can see today was mostly rebuilt in 1973 for conservation and tourism purposes.

2 Take a look at Batu Bersurat (Tiger Rock)

pangkor island trip

Across the road from Kota Belanda is Pangkor’s most famous boulder, Batu Bersurat, or “tiger rock” for the inscription it carries. Sheltered by a pavilion, the gray stone has an enigmatic carving of a big cat: to some, it’s a tiger mauling a child—a memorial to the cruel death of a Dutch dignitary’s son; to others, it’s the obscure lion from the Dutch coat of arms, holding a quiver of arrows and a sword. What poses no doubt and makes one think of the validity of the second option is the unmistakable “VoC” engraving, a symbol of the Dutch East India Company.

3 Stroll Pangkor Town’s streets and markets

pangkor island trip

Pangkor’s coast is peppered with modest villages where residents still peddle century-old trades, from wooden boat-making to fishing for ikan bilis (local anchovies). Pangkor Town, a swelling of iron-roofed buildings spilling out of the ferry port, is the main settlement. It’s pretty much a small grid of lanes where mom-and-pop shops sell dried fish and daily essentials, and locals play a game of haggling for the best price. There’s also a bank here if you need an ATM, and a thriving fish market in the morning. Come here to see how locals sell and buy the fresh catch of each day.

4 Visit Sungai Pinang Town and its Fishing Boat Yards

pangkor island trip

The island’s two main towns, Sungai Pinang Besar and Sungai Pinang Kecil, are Pangkor’s two main Chinese fishermen settlements. Set halfway on the east side of the island, Sungai Pinang Besar is arguably the most interesting of the two for it has most of Pangkor’s famous shipyards, an industry that thrived in the 1980s.

You can descend to a series of rickety wooden jetties where local boat-makers mould wood into the bows and flanks of newborn vessels, some of which will be sold to Thailand and beyond. Other moored boats float next to the jetties, waiting to fire up their engines for their evening sea hunt for fresh anchovies — dry fish is the second biggest industry here.

5 See China’s Great Wall at Fu Lin Kong Temple

pangkor island trip

From Sungai Pinang Besar, skirt Pangkor’s old abandoned cinema to reach the orange pagodas of Chinese temple Fu Ling Kong, a collection of bright orange curved Chinese pagodas scattered on a nearby hill. It’s an extravagant concoction of the sacred and the cartoonish, made all the more quirky thanks to a mini-replica of the Great Wall of China that clings to the hill-slope. The views from the top take in as far as Pangkor Town and the port and provide great photo opportunities.

6 Visit Pangkor’s Kali Amman Temple

pangkor island trip

Kali Amman temple , one of Malaysia’s most sacred shrines to the fierce ten-armed Hindu goddess, was rebuilt in January 2019. It’s one of Malaysia’s few sea-facing Hindu temples, and for this reason, attracts many devotees throughout the year.

The yearly Kali Amman festival —similar to the Thaipusam celebrations held in Penang and Kuala Lumpur, but with the added dreamy beach backdrop — transforms this temple into a prime pilgrimage site for thousands of devotees who cross the sea from the mainland to pay homage to Mother Kali.

Expect to see processions, face and body piercings, coconut smashing, and more extraordinary religious shenanigans. Kali Amman Festival falls during the Tamil month of Masi (between February and March) and is very interesting for the striking number of local Chinese residents who take part in celebrating the goddess, whose statue is taken from the temple to the sea for a ritual purification bath.

7 Enjoy the Beach at Teluk Nipah and hike to Lin Je Kong Temple

pangkor island trip

Tucked up Pangkor island’s western coast are Teluk Nipah and Coral Bay, Pangkor’s two most alluring beaches. The coast here is strewn with many rocks and boulders, and swimming is peaceful thanks to the shallow waters naturally protected by the two twin bays. Walk along the shore up to the Lin Je Kong temple, strangely patrolled by a life-sized statue of Mickey Mouse — there used to be a Donald Duck on the left side of the access staircase, but it’s been demolished by vandals. Dedicated to goddess Kuan Yin, whose statue stands above a golden dragon, Lin Je Kong has a very scenic beach location and is the starting point of a short trek that will take you to the end of the coast, from where the sunset views are pretty stunning.

8 Chill at more secluded Pasir Bogak

pangkor island trip

Pasir Bogak, a long stretch of fine sand backed by tall and thin coconut trees, is a quieter beach — well, everywhere is quite chilled in Pangkor, but here you’ll be mostly alone with nature. There are very few food options here, so come prepared. Right in front of the bay is Pangkor Laut, the second biggest of Pangkor’s five islands, which is privately owned by Pangkor Laur Resort. You can still visit, if you wish, by chartering a fishing boat on Pasir Bogak.

9 Feed wild Hornbills with your Own hands

pangkor island trip

Tucked up one of Teluk Nipah’s two back lanes, the daily hornbill feeding organized by budget hotel Sunset View Chalet at 6.30 p.m. is unmissable. A group of 20-odd hungry birds patiently wait on the powerlines for a daily fruit feast prepared by the guesthouse’s owners. They descend upon any brave tourist who dares lift a slice of fruit up in the air. It’s fun—though slightly scary—to see the birds glide down to snatch the coveted pineapple from our fingertips. The best thing is, the spectacle is free of charge, and you are guaranteed to see the mighty birds.

10 Loop around the island on a Motorbike

pangkor island trip

Pangkor 16-kilometer-long paved coastal road is windy but well-paved, and getting on a bike is one perfect way to spend half, or even a full day, exploring. If you rent a motorbike at Pangkor Town’s main jetty (around RM 25/day), you can strike off in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction, and stop at your own leisure at most of Pangkor’s sites. Make sure to fill up your tank at Pangkor Town, as there are no other petrol stations around the island.

11 Catch a Ride in a Pangkor Pink Taxi

pangkor island trip

Pangkor Island doesn’t have ride-hailing or taxis, only this peculiar fleet of Nissan Vanettes painted in bright pink. They can be found mostly at the ferry port in Pangkor Town, from where they ferry tourists to Teluk Nipah and Coral Bay. The price per person is clearly written on a signboard that hangs at the port (about RM 10 per person to Coral Bay), so you won’t even have to bargain for your ride. It’s one unique form of transport on Pangkor, and the best option if you don’t feel confident enough to rent your own scooter or car to cruise around.

12 Feel the Arts and Culture at Pangkor Island Festival

Started in 2013, this yearly appointment, most often held in September or November, sees a number of local and foreign artists flocking to the island to perform and create art connections with the locals. Pangkor Island Festival also offers interesting workshops and community events, and it’s a perfect time to come to the island and enjoy a very different vibe.

13 Venture inside Pangkor’s Rainforest on an ATV

pangkor island trip

Get a taste of Pangkor’s nature by joining a tour with ATV Pangkor (from RM80 per person). The two-hour ride leaves from Coral Bay and snakes through the rugged paths of the interior towards Bukit Pangkor, climbing all the way to Pangkor’s old airstrip. As you finally approach the sea at the deserted northern beach Teluk Dalam, you’ll finally get to grips with the diverse charms of Pangkor.

14 Snorkel at Pulau Mentagor

Pangkor’s waters offer good snorkeling off Mentagor islands (half-day tour RM380 per boat/6 people). It’s actually very close to the southern end of Teluk Nipah, and strong swimmers may even want to brave getting there on their own.

15 Sail and Dive at Pulau Sembilan

The nine inhabited and protected Sembilan Islands to the south of Pangkor are a perfect spot for diving (RM1,800 per boat/6 people) . The trip takes about an hour, and as the small archipelago is a reserve area, it’s not possible to stay here overnight. A pity, because Pulau Sembilan is one of the best places in Malaysia to see rare blue plankton glowing in the dark on the beach. If you come here late in the day, you may convince your boatmen to stay after sunset and witness this most unique natural spectacle. Check with locals whether or not the island is open, as often times it’s unaccessible for conservation reasons.

Best Food in Pangkor Island

It’s obvious that when coming to Pangkor, you’d better think of trying the local seafood.

Along the road leading to Pasir Bogak beach is Ye Lin Restaurant   (Tel. +60 5685 1881, a meal for two from RM70) , the no-frills, pioneer Chinese seafood joint that’s famous island-wide for its scrumptious, juicy, and fresh courses.

Nipah Deli   (; dinner for two from RM50) , right on the beach in Coral Bay, is a simple choice for tasty Chinese steamboat dinner, while tucking toes into the sand, and watching the sun paint the horizon copper orange.

Next to it, Daddy’s Cafe   (Tel. +605 685 1744, meal for two from RM50) is another popular option for cocktails, local fresh seafood, and Western-styled comfort foods — think pastas, seafood pizzas and chicken schnitzels by the beach.

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pangkor island trip


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Pangkor Island

Adrean N

Top ways to experience Pangkor Island and nearby attractions

pangkor island trip

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Detailed Reviews: Reviews ordered by recency and descriptiveness of user-identified themes such as waiting time, length of visit, general tips, and location information.

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PANGKOR ISLAND: All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (with Photos)

pangkor island trip

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Pangkor Island

Experience laidback luxury at pangkor island.

If you are looking for the perfect beach getaway, look no further than Pangkor Island to satiate your holiday needs. The island is located a mere 10-minute distance from the mainland, and is packed with family-friendly activities and luxurious beaches that will instantly transport you into a relaxed state as you bathe in the warm sun and sea, and soak up interesting historical sites the island has to offer.

The Charms of Pangkor Island

Located on the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia, Pangkor Island is notable for its scenic beachside views and the carefree state of mind it can leave you with. The island is also dotted with scenic fishing villages, which you can visit to learn more about the everyday lives of Malaysian fishermen.

pangkor island trip

There is also an array of seafood processing factories around the island where you can stop by to sample a variety of seafood snacks; the most popular snack being the Fish Satay .

While in Pangkor Island, you will also want to splurge at duty-free stores that can be found around the island selling decadent chocolates, travel accessories and many more goodies.

pangkor island trip

Not only is Pangkor Island famous for its relaxing ambience, but it is also known for its rich historical heritage. Located in the heart of the island is a 17th-century Dutch fort that stands proud and tall for visitors to explore. Back in the day, this fort was originally built to control Perak ’s tin trade.

Back to the present day, there are a few other beaches that can be visited around Pangkor Island. Some famous ones include Teluk Nipah , Coral Bay and Pasir Bogak . Round up your friends and family for some quality time by the beach as you take in the calming sounds of the lapping waves and the chirping of birds around you. The best time to visit the beach is during sunset where you can dip your toes in the cooling waters as you bask in the sun as it sets upon the horizon.

Things to do in Pangkor Island

pangkor island trip

Just a short distance from Teluk Nipah Beach too, is where you can try your hand at Hornbill feeding. With free admission, you will get to participate in the feeding of these colourful birds that can be found soaring around the island. Fully guided, all you have to do is stand straight with your arm in the air holding the treat for the hornbills. Don’t forget to strike a pose for the cameras as the birds swoop down to grab the treat. You’ll want to be here at 6:30 PM or 7:00 PM so as not to miss out on your opportunity to partake in this exciting activity.

pangkor island trip

Alternatively, stop by two of the most beautiful mosques on the island, Masjid Seribu Selawat and Masjid Seribu Doa .

pangkor island trip

Masjid Seribu Selawat or also known as the ‘Floating Mosque’, sits upon stilts on the waters of Pangkor Island. Masjid Seribu Selawat was built in 2016, making it the first floating mosque to be built in the Perak state. The interior of the mosque is beautifully decorated with blue detailing, and amongst the designs of the mosque, you will be able to spot over 1,000 engravings of the Arabic phrase “ Selawat ”- a phrase expressed by Muslims in their everyday prayers.

pangkor island trip

Masjid Seribu Doa on the other hand, also has its own uniqueness. The design and architecture of the mosque is heavily influenced by Chinese architecture. The mosque dons colours of white, red and green making it stand out from other mosque designs.

pangkor island trip

Another religious heritage that you can visit in Pangkor Island is the Fu Lin Kong Temple. This Taoist temple was built at the foot of Pangkor Hill and is the biggest Taoist temple in Pangkor. Aged over 100 years, the temple is decorated with a magnificent arch that welcomes its visitors. A mini ‘Great Wall of China’ can also be spotted in the garden at the back of the temple. 

pangkor island trip

How to get to Pangkor Island

Pangkor Island is located approximately 250 kilometres from the bustling city of Kuala Lumpur, 90 kilometres from the Perak state capital, Ipoh and 180 kilometres from Penang Island.

The easiest way to get to Pangkor Island is by ferry. The Marina Island Jetty Complex, which is located in Lumut, provides direct ferry services to Pangkor Island. From here, the journey to Pangkor Island takes around 15 to 30 minutes. As you hop onboard the ferry, don’t forget to whip out your phone or camera to capture the stunning scenery that surrounds the island, from its blue waters to the luscious greenery for a view you certainly won’t want to forget.

Ticket prices for the ferry are as follows:

  • Adult: RM 10.80 (one way)
  • Child: RM 5 (one way)

  *Prices are subject to change. Visit Pangkor Ferry’ s official website for price confirmation

Once you are on the island, getting around Pangkor Island is easy. Rent a taxi for the day to tour this captivating island - the taxis in Pangkor are pink vans that are located at the Pangkor Jetty and can take you around to explore the wonders that the island has to offer.

Accommodations in and near Pangkor Island

It is highly recommended that you spend at least a night here to truly experience the island. Various accommodations with top-notch hospitality and services are ready to host you, so look no further and book a stay at some of these fabulous accommodations that can be found in Pangkor or near the island.

Double Tree by Hilton Damai Laut

pangkor island trip

If you are looking for a stay near Pangkor Island, then Double Tree by Hilton is your go-to. Nestled in the coastal town of Lumut, Double Tree by Hilton will offer nothing short of a luxurious and relaxing stay.

pangkor island trip

With options that are fit for a king, you may not want to leave the comfort of your room. Multiple rooms offer different views from the balcony so you will be spoiled by either a glorious sea view of the straits of Melaka or a breathtaking garden view.

pangkor island trip

The hotel is also packed with an array of services for you to enjoy. Relax and unwind at the hotel’s spa where you can take a break from the daily toil. As you enter the spa, the soothing scents of essential oils will immediately calm any frayed nerves. What also makes this spa extraordinary is its astonishing view overlooking the blue seas that surround the hotel.

pangkor island trip

Also, don’t miss out on having the best fun at the hotel's swimming pool. Designed as a mini theme park, this pool is perfect for little ones to splash about under the warm sun. There are multiple slides and other fun activities across the 5 types of pools for you to enjoy. The pool is open everyday from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM. Since Double Tree by Hilton Damai Laut is a 40-minute drive to the Marina Island Jetty, you also have the option to enjoy a fun day-trip to Pangkor Island.

Alun Retreat

pangkor island trip

Book a stay at Alun Retreat to experience staying in unique container rooms. Located along one of the many beaches in Pangkor Island, you will wake up to the views and sounds of waves crashing along the shoreline.

pangkor island trip

Each room is creatively designed with repurposed shipping containers that provide a modern and stylish ambience to the retreat. Guests are more than welcome to watch the sunset from their rooms as some rooms are designed with big windows that overlook the sea. There are four types of rooms that can be found at Alun Retreat - the Family Beachfront, Family Garden Front, Oceanfront & Oceanview and the Executive Beachfront, which are all designed to provide the utmost comfort to their guests.

pangkor island trip

Alun Retreat’s motto is embracing sustainability. The resort believes in being a fully-fledged eco-hotel by using only repurposed containers for their stays and outdoor lights around the resort that are fully solar-powered to reduce its carbon footprint and by extension, contributing to a greener and cleaner environment.

Pangkor Laut Resort

pangkor island trip

   Photo by Pangkor Laut

This is the ultimate private and luxurious stay at Pangkor Island. With a minimum requirement of two nights stay at the resort, you will be able to properly take in the beauty and hospitality that the resort has to offer.

pangkor island trip

Pangkor Laut Resort is located on a private island, which is just a stone's throw away from the main island of Pangkor and runs a private ferry service that takes you right to the resort’s doorstep. Nestled amongst an ancient rainforest, Pangkor Laut Resort exudes a tropical feel, offering a variety of experiences for its guests to immerse themselves in nature. What’s even better? Guests also have the opportunity to sample extraordinary culinary delights from their talented chefs who take you on a gastronomic journey unlike any other, completing a wholesome experience that is truly fit for royalty.

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4D3N Geological ~Heritage~ & Exploration Tour Package...

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1 Full Day Penang Unecso Sites +...

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Birthday Party Celebration

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Experience the thrill of the wild with...

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3D2N Langkawi

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  • How To Travel To Pangkor...

How to Travel to Pangkor Island

Sungai Pinang Kecil in Pangkor Island

Pangkor is a tiny mountainous island off the western coast of Malaysia’s peninsular. The unspoilt beaches, resorts and a refreshing lack of tourists allure both domestic and international visitors to one of Malaysia’s secret destinations. Here’s how to travel to Pangkor Island from Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Ipoh.

Why you should visit pangkor island.

Pangkor consists of four islands in Perak State conveniently located between Penang and Kuala Lumpur. With just 30,000 permanent residents and a 16-kilometre (10-mile) road looping around the island’s perimeter, it’s easy to relax and explore. Apart from having the beach to yourself, tourists can visit a 17th-century Dutch fortress and see tame hornbills . If you want to experience an almost deserted island on your trip to Malaysia, we recommend a night or two on Pangkor.

Pangkor is worth a visit for a night or two

What you need to know

Unlike Langkawi and Penang, Pangkor Island offers a more laid-back and toned-down experience. Nightlife is practically non-existent. Most restaurants tend to be locally owned and close around 9:00 or 10:00pm. Getting around can be challenging too. Pangkor lacks buses and visitors need to either rent a motorbike (or bicycle) or rely on fixed-priced minivan taxis. Because the island acts as a haven for domestic tourists, it’s best to avoid during public holidays.

Enjoy the tourist-free beaches

Forms of transportation

The only way to travel to Pangkor Island is by first getting to Lumut in Perak before taking a ferry to Pangkor Town. Lumut sits approximately 160 kilometres (99.4 miles) south of Penang and 220 kilometres (137 miles) northwest of Kuala Lumpur. Ipoh is just 83 kilometres (53 miles) from Lumut. Boats connect its terminal with Pangkor Town Jetty.

The fastest and cheapest way to travel to Pangkor Island is by bus to Terminal Lumut. Buses depart every 30 minutes to one hour from Kuala Lumpur’s TBS (Terminal Bersepadu Selatan). Tickets cost approximately RM 30 ($7.50 USD) taking around four and a half hours. If you’re travelling from Penang, you first need to get to Butterworth on Mainland Penang (three and a half hours), costing RM 19 ($4.70 USD). The bus from Ipoh takes two hours at RM 10 ($2.50).

The bus is the fastest and most convenient way to get to Lumut

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The nearest railway station to Lumut lies approximately 70 kilometres (43 miles) away in Batu Gajah near Ipoh. The KTS Train from Kuala Lumpur and the ETS in Penang’s Butterworth connect here. Tickets for both services range between RM25 ($6.20 USD) and RM35 ($8.70). But you’ll still need to get from Batu Gajah to Lumut. Alternatively take a cab or use Grab to Ipoh Bus Station. We don’t recommend using the train to travel to Pangkor Island unless you want a stopover in Ipoh. If you have enough time, combine the train journey with a trip to Kellie’s Castle in Batu Gajah.

Ferries depart every 45 minutes from Lumut to Pangkor Island. Buy a return ticket. The journey usually takes less than 20 minutes. The first stop is at SPK (Sungai Pinang Kecil) Jetty while the second drops passengers off at Pangkor Town. Get off at the second stop. Expect to be swarmed by taxi drivers. Passengers usually share the ride and divide the fixed fare. Pro tip: When you arrive at Pangkor, find out the ferry schedule for your return trip back to Lumut.

Take the ferry from Lumut Jetty to Pangkor Town

Other ways to travel to Pangkor Island

Pangkor Island does have its own airport, but as of 2018, it’s only used for chartered flights. Malindo and Scoot fly from Johor Bahru and Singapore to Ipoh. From Ipoh, take the bus to Lumut and then the ferry to Pangkor Town. We don’t recommend renting a car to travel to Pangkor Island. It’s much faster, cheaper and more convenient to use the bus.

Sunset on an empty beach

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pangkor island trip

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Visiting the borneo rainforest: all you need to know.

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Borneo food: top dishes to try when you visit.

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What Are the Best Resorts in Malaysia?

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The borneo sun bear: where to find the world's smallest bear.

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Pangkor island, marina island, ready for your pangkor getaway.

No Time to Waste: Experience the wonders of Pangkor Just 10 Minutes from Marina Island!

Harga tiket feri pangkor

Ferry Schedule

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Balik Raya Room Package

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pangkor island trip

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Fun Time Marina Island

Staycation Package – Marina Island Pangkor Resort & Hotel

Staycation Package Marina Island Pangkor

Jom bercuti ke pulau pangkor discover stunning beaches, a profound cultural heritage, and thrilling adventures., why travel with

pangkor island trip

Easy & Fast

Enjoy a quick 10-minute ferry ride from Marina Island Jetty Terminal to Pangkor Island

pangkor island trip

Eat & Shop

Savour Culinary Delights and Discover Local Treasures at Eateries and Shops

pangkor island trip

Scenic & Serene

Breathtaking sceneries with many perfect Instagram spots await you

pangkor island trip

Safe & Secure

Park with ease with 24/7 security patrols for your peace of mind

Things to do in Pangkor Island

Find your perfect jetski experience, shop your gift for your loved one, fall in love with the food in pangkor, relax in pangkor’s serene accommodations, feel the difference on pangkor island, pink taxi (van sewa pangkor).

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How to get to Pangkor from Marina Island Jetty

Map of pangkor island.

Peta Pulau Pangkor / Map Pangkor Island

Parking Facilities at Jetty Complex Marina Island

pangkor island trip

Discover Marina Island

For a  beautiful island vibes, scenic lookouts, and endless activities for family and friends.

Bako Bako Resto

Seafood – Western -Dine

Fishing Village @ Rockbund

Fishing – Chalet -Dine

Light – Camera – Action

D’Ocean & D’Sea

Room – Hotel – Food

Frenzy Waterpark

Kayak – Paddle – Sunset

Celebration Bliss

Sandy – Dream – Occasions


pangkor island trip

Pangkor Island

View hotels for your date, pangkor island travel essentials.

Ideal duration: 2-3 Days

Best Time: January to February Read More

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"Beautiful Island"

Pangkor island tourism.

Pangkor Island is a resort island located in Manjung District, Perak, Malaysia. Boasting of stunning landscape, it is known for its white sand beaches, clear blue skies, corals reefs and turquoise blue water. Located just three-hour drive away from Kuala Lumpur, Pangkor Island is a popular romantic getaway.

The most popular and main beaches of Pangkor are Pasir Bogak, Teluk Nipah and Coral Beach. Pangkor is made up of five islands of which Pangkor is the main island. The three  smaller islands are Pangkor Laut, Pulau Mentagor and Pulau Giam, There is also an isle called Pulau Pelandok. Pangkor Laut is where most of the famous beaches are located - Coral Beach, Royal Bay, and Emerald Bay are a part of Pangkor Laut Island. Pangkor Island is also home to a number of reptiles and amphibians, and the interior of this island is forested. The breathtaking island is also known for snorkelling. The snorkelling gears, jet skis and boats are easily available at the resorts. These can also be hired at Pasir Bogak or Teluk Nipah beach. Pulao Sembilan is Pangkor’s secret diving spot, giving you a chance to witness hard corals and barracudas.  Boat trips that begin from Nipah Bay are one of the best ways to explore the beauty of this island. While Teluk Nipah houses most of the budget beach resorts, Pasir Bogak is known for the bigger midrange resorts. To get a feel of the local town, staying in Pangkor Town or Sungai Pinang Kecil is recommended. Pangkor is a beautiful, peaceful holiday spot. Home to beautiful beaches, sceneries of greens and blues, it is serene in its own little way.

Things to do in Pangkor Island

1. coral beach.

Coral Beach

2. Pasir Bogak

Pasir Bogak

3. Pangkor Hill

Pangkor Hill

4. Chinatown


5. Foo Lin Kong Temple

Foo Lin Kong Temple

6. Dutch Fort

Dutch Fort

7. Lin Je Kong Temple

Lin Je Kong Temple

8. Pangkor Island

Pangkor Island

Top Hotels In Pangkor Island

9.1 (147 reviews)

₽ 3,466 onwards

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₽ 2,677 onwards

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₽ 6,740 onwards

Nearby Places

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

How to Reach Pangkor Island

How to reach overview, how to reach pangkor island by road, how to reach pangkor island by bus, how to reach pangkor island by waterways, local transport in pangkor island, browse hotel collections, by hotel type.

Best Chalets In Pangkor Island

Best Resorts In Pangkor Island

Pangkor Island Photos

Pangkor Island

How To Reach Pangkor Island

Have a question on pangkor island.

pangkor island trip

Pangkor Island Reviews

pangkor island trip

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pangkor island trip

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Dive Into Malaysia

Dive Into Malaysia

EXACTLY How To Go From KL To Pangkor [2024]

Want to visit a tropical paradise and wondering how to go from KL to Pangkor? We can help!

While it’s not far from KL to Pangkor Island, this journey can seem complicated – at least until you take it step-by-step. It’s actually quite straightforward with many people taking this trip every day – and I just took it myself recently.

Ferry leaving Marina Island Jetty Complex

Below, I break up exactly how to get to Pangkor Island from KL so you know exactly what you need to do, when, whether you are looking for a KL to Pangkor flight, a KL to Pangkor bus or traveling from KL to Pulau Pangkor by car. This way, you will be in paradise as quickly as possible!

I also describe the reverse journey from Pangkor to KL. 

Travelling from somewhere else? Find our full guide to travelling to Pangkor Island here.

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Have any questions? Join our Malaysia Travel Planning Facebook group here now! It’s the perfect place to ask any questions and to be inspired.

Map From KL to Pulau Pangkor

KL to Pangkor Map

Pangkor Island is an island with no road access from the mainland so driving to Pangkor from KL actually means driving to the ferry terminal at Marina Island or Lumut.

KL to Pangkor by car distance to the closest ferry terminal is 212 kilometres. This takes about three hours not factoring in traffic. Then there is a quick, ten minute ferry.

BEST OPTION: How To Go To Pangkor From KL

Overall: how to get to pangkor from kl.

As mentioned before, there is no road to Pangkor Island. You have to get to one of the ferry terminals and then take a ferry across.

There are two ferry terminals, one in Lumut and one in Marina Island Jetty Complex. They both have regular ferries.

Below, I describe different options to getting to these ferry terminals and then I describe the second part of the journey which is the ferry.

Option 1: Flight To Pangkor From KL

While there have been small airplane flights in the past, these are no longer operating. The closest airport is in Ipoh. However, there are no flights between Kuala Lumpur and Ipoh.

The closest airport with flights from KL is in Penang. However, it’s going to be quicker to just travel overland from KL than to fly to Penang and travel from there so I don’t recommend you fly to reach Pangkor from Kuala Lumpur.

However, if you are really keen on flying, click here to see the prices for your dates.

Nipah Bay Pangkor Island

Option 2: KL To Pangkor Island By Bus

Lumut Bus Station

To go by bus from KL to Pangkor Island is easy. The first step is to get a bus from KL to Lumut where you can then catch a ferry to Pangkor Island.

Ticketing counters at Lumut Bus Station

The bus takes about 5 hours and costs around RM30. There are some very comfortable buses taking this route and it’s straightforward. Bus lines that take this route are Arwana Express, Kesatuan Express, Starmart Express and Plusliner.

bus seat Arwana bus Lumut KL

There are options to travel KL to Pangkor by bus throughout the day so you have lots of choices. They leave from either TBS (Terminal Bersepadu Selatan) or Hentian Duta Bus Terminal in Kuala Lumpur.

The bus did stop more than I expected and also had a couple of toilet breaks. It did not stop anywhere with food so make sure you have snacks!

Click here to book a bus to Lumut now .

The Lumut bus station is just a 2-minute walk from the Lumut Pangkor Ferry Jetty, but note that Google Maps has the location not quite right – it showed it as being in a car park opposite where the bus station actually is when I was here.

The covered walkway opposite the Lumut ferry terminal

From the bus station, walk through the ticketing area, walk one block left and then there is a super easy covered walkway all the way to the ferry terminal with some shops and eating outlets if you need any last minute supplies.

When you are coming the other way, simply walk out of the ferry terminal and keep walking straight ahead under this covered walkway until you hit the car park. Turn left and the station is one block away.

car park near lumut ferry terminal

Option 3: KL To Pangkor By Car /Taxi

The fastest answer to how to go Pangkor from KL is to drive whether that is in your own car or a taxi.

As stated above, this will take about three hours to the Marina Island Jetty Complex or Lumut ferry if there isn’t much traffic. It costs around RM600.

There is plenty of parking at both options. If you are in Lumut, there is a covered walkway from the car park right to the ferry terminal and you’ll be there in moments.

Click here to hire a car in Malaysia .

It’s easy to book a taxi to take you. This is the simplest and easiest way to get there.

Simply click here for the latest prices and to make a booking.

Click here to read more about driving in Malaysia.

Want the Easiest (and BEST) Way to travel between Kuala Lumpur and Pangkor?

We can book a taxi for you from anywhere in Kuala Lumpur directly to the ferry to Pangkor Island for a great price.

You can pick your own departure time, relax and know everything will go to plan.

Click here for prices and online booking.

Teluk Dalam beach Pangkor Island

Part 2: Ferry To Pangkor Island

There are two choices for ferries to Pangkor Island.

Option 1: Lumut Pangkor Ferry Jetty To Pangkor Town

Lumut Pangkor Ferry Jetty

This ferry is the best one to pick for lots of options. The ferry runs regularly throughout the day and only costs about RM10 each way. Note, you do have to buy a return ticket.

It takes about 35-40 minutes to make the journey from Lumut to Pangkor Town. The ferry operator is Konsortium Mesra Duta.

Click here to check the latest timetables and book your ticket .

You can also buy tickets on arrival, but it’s just as easy to get them online. The ticketing counter is to the right of the entrance.

I only ever had to show my ticket from easybook on my phone. You don’t need to print it or get a new ticket on arrival if you buy it beforehand .

Ticket office at Lumut Pangkor Ferry Jetty

This is the best option if you are taking the bus from Kuala Lumpur as it’s only a two minute walk from the bus to the jetty. It’s also the easiest one to book thanks to being on easybook.

Once you have your ticket sorted, there is a waiting area as pictured below.

Waiting area at Lumut Pangkor Ferry Jetty

Once it’s time to board your ferry, this is very easy and straightforward.

Walkway to boat at Lumut Pangkor Ferry Jetty

The boat had comfortable seating, all indoors. You need to carry your suitcase up and down some stairs so make sure you can carry it. There are people that will help, but you do need to be able to (mostly) do it yourself.

Inside the ferry between Lumut and Pangkor

When you get there, you have to walk up a few steps to get back on the jetty and into town. Keep reading for what to do.

Option 2: Marina Island Jetty Complex To Pangkor Town

Marina Island Jetty Complex

This ferry leaves from Marina Island which is connected to Peninsular Malaysia so you can drive straight here. It’s closer to Pangkor Island so the ferry trip is closer to 10 minutes long.

It costs around RM10 each way as well and, again, a return ticket is required.

Pangkor Ferry runs this route and timetables vary depending on the day. The schedule is available a week in advance – although it can vary from this. It runs very regularly on the weekend, less often during the week. I travelled on this ferry on a Saturday of a long weekend and it was operating every 15 minutes.

My boat to Pangkor Island

I highly recommend you book this ferry in advance. Even when I took it and it was running every 15 minutes, I didn’t book in advance, and I had to wait an hour and a half for the next available ferry.

It’s also a little painful to book a ticket once you get there.

Ticketing area at Marina Island Jetty Complex

Look for the ticketing office then you have to use one of the computers here to book the ticket yourself anyway. Then the ticketing staff will print it for you.

If you book online, you can print it out yourself or simply show the ticket on your phone. Easy!

Waiting area at Marina Island Jetty Complex

There is a food court at the terminal as well as other eating options and shops, so you won’t go hungry while you wait. There are some logs to sit on. I can’t say it’s very comfortable. There is free internet though.

About 15 minutes before my allocated ferry, my time slot was called up (not in English but it’s easy to work out when it’s your turn). My ticket was scanned and we then waited on the jetty itself until the boat was ready.

boarding area at Marina Island Jetty Complex

You need to be able to carry your luggage yourself up and down a few steps to get on the boat. At the front of the seating area onboard is an area to leave it. You can then take any seat.

Despite being at the terminal on a very busy day, the boat was not full and there was plenty of space. Inside, it felt the same as the Lumut-Pangkor ferry. I didn’t feel there was any difference with my comfort level.

One section of the inside of the boat to pangkor

Either Option: What To Do On Arrival At Pangkor Town

Once your ferry arrives, no matter which option you take, simply get off the boat and follow the pathway into the terminal area.

On arrival in Pangkor Town

This area is a bit crazy with plenty of shops and action. There’s also a taxi stand, and it’s very easy to take one of the island’s pink taxis (actually vans) to your accommodation.

There’s a board with set prices (see below), but the drivers are notorious for expecting more money than what it states. I had to pay a few extra ringgit but at least I was out of there in moments and soon enjoying the beautiful beaches.

Taxi prices on Pangkor Island October 2022

Pangkor To Kuala Lumpur

One of the two waiting areas at the Pangkor Ferry Terminal

The return journey from Pangkor Island to Kuala Lumpur is exactly the same but in reverse.

different paths pangkor ferry terminal

You need to take one of the ferries listed above to the mainland and can then drive or bus back to Kuala Lumpur or on to your next destination.

Click here to book your bus from Lumut to Kuala Lumpur or here for ferry options .

You can also take a private taxi which is the nicest and quickest way to travel.

We can book this for you with a safe and trustworthy local operator.

Click here for more information and prices.

How To Get From KL To Pangkor Laut

The boat to Pangkor Laut

Pangkor Laut is a small island next to the main Pangkor Island. Pangkor Laut Resort is located here. Only guests of this resort can travel to Pangkor Laut.

If this is you, your ferry leaves from Marina Island. You need to travel to here and then catch their quick ferry across. The resort can give you their latest ferry times and they will put you on the next available one after you check in at their office which is opposite the main ferry terminal.

This ferry is comfortable but expensive – it cost me over RM169.

To get to Marina Island, you can hire a car and drive there or catch a taxi ( book here ) as per above. If you want to catch a bus, you can catch one to Lumut and then get a taxi from Lumut to Marina Island.

Final Words

It’s straightforward to travel from Kuala Lumpur to Pangkor. There are two parts of this journey – one overland and one on a ferry.

The quickest way is to drive or take a taxi to Marina Island and ferry from there. The cheapest way is to take a bus to Lumut and ferry from there. Either way is comfortable and fine.

I hope you found this guide to how to get to Pangkor from KL useful. You can check out all the best hotels to stay in Pangkor Island , our complete guide to how to get to Pangkor here or find our complete travel guide to Pangkor here . You can also find our podcast episode on Pangkor Island here.

Planning a trip to Malaysia? Have any questions? Join our Malaysia Travel Planning Facebook group here now! It’s the perfect place to ask any questions and to be inspired!

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pangkor island trip

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Sharon is a certified Malaysia travel expert and can't get enough of travelling and talking about Malaysia since she first visited 21 years ago. She travels around Malaysia multiple times a year both alone and with her kids. She used to call Penang home and especially loves this food paradise. Sharon also has a Bachelor of Arts in Asian Studies, a Certificate III in International Travel Sales and has been certified by Tourism Malaysia as a Malaysia Travel Expert. Through this site, she'll help you have the perfect trip to this amazing destination.

pangkor island trip

South Pacific

Central america & the caribbean.

  • How we selected

We found 11 affordable overwater bungalows that start as low as $170 a night and still come with luxury amenities

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  • Overwater bungalows are among the most desired hotel accommodations in the world.
  • Many overwater bungalows cost thousands per night, but affordable options exist starting at $170.
  • We found affordable overwater bungalows in the South Pacific, Caribbean, Central America, and Asia. 

Insider Today

Few destinations in the world inspire more wanderlust than far-flung locales dotted with overwater bungalows (or alternatively called overwater villas). These lodgings are perched atop calm, shallow waters and crystalline lagoons that are striated into every imaginable hue of blue.

Fortunately, not all overwater bungalows have an astronomical financial barrier to entry. Cheaper options exist, and while less common, they're still in desirable areas like the South Pacific, Asia, and the Caribbean. These are the best affordable overwater bungalows, from rustic and eco-minded to over-the-top posh.

These are the best overwater bungalows, sorted by location and price.

Koro sun resort.

pangkor island trip

Book Koro Sun Resort

Fiji's Koro Sun Resort sprawls over 160 acres on the island of Vanua Levu. The property has a spa, impeccable scuba options, and an overwater room category billed as Fiji's only floating accommodation.

Here, Edgewater Floating Bures are adults-only accommodations offering 380-square-foot rooms, each one floating within the resort's calm marina. A two-person kayak is tied to each bure's 120-square-foot private front deck, so you can hop right in the water for either kayaking or swimming. 

Hotel Kia Ora Resort & Spa

pangkor island trip

Book Hotel Kia Ora Resort & Spa

Totally unspoiled with screensaver views in every direction, Rangiroa Island places you away from the over-saturated crowds of (big-spending) honeymooners on Bora Bora while still indulging in overwater accommodation luxury. Hotel Kia Ora Spa and Resort is located in the Tuamotu Archipelago, located on its largest atoll. The environment includes turquoise lagoons, wild coconut groves, and a stunning tropical garden.

There are 10 overwater bungalows. Each bungalow is decorated in a traditional Tahitian style and includes a glass panel in the floor to observe passing fish. When you aren't enjoying your direct access to the lagoon, you can bike into the island for a visit to the local wine cellar. 

Coconuts Beach Club Resort and Spa

pangkor island trip

Book Coconuts Beach Club Resort and Spa

Located in the culturally rich but much lesser-traveled South Pacific destination of Samoa, Coconuts Beach Club Resort and Spa is located on Upolu's southern coast where you'll experience incredible sunrises and sunsets.

The intimate resort offers overwater fales with six indoor-outdoor accommodations boasting spectacular views of the beaches, lagoon, and ocean. Each has a large sun deck, an expansive bedroom with a King bed, and a high traditional Samoan ceiling. Private decks can be closed off with sliding glass doors for privacy and the use of AC. Open-air bathrooms have sunken tubs and waterfall showers. There are no phones or TVs, just total peace.

Punta Caracol Acqua Lodge

pangkor island trip

Book Punta Caracol Acqua Lodge

This eco-lodge is located in Panama's Bocas del Toro area where white sand and turquoise water make the views and the atmosphere idyllic. Punta Caracol Acqua Lodge offers a uniquely untouched nature experience with the ocean right on your doorstep. You can snorkel among colorful fish, kayak through picturesque waters, or take a quick trip to Bocas Town to take in the local culture.  

Guests can enjoy their stay knowing that Punta Caracol Acqua Lodge is passionate about sustainability. On the premises, you will find solar panels for clean energy, a sewage purifying system to avoid pollution, and eco-friendly products in the bathrooms.

Eclypse de Mar Acqua Lodge

pangkor island trip

Book Eclypse de Mar Acqua Lodge

Nestled on the border of Isla Bastimentos National Marine Park, Eclypse de Mar Acqua Lodge is a sea and jungle paradise. The on-site nature reserve, which spans over 7 acres, offers guided tours. Here, you will find trails, lagoons, and wildlife like sloths, iguanas, and colorful frogs. 

Each of the seven overwater bungalows is built with local wood and natural palm-leaf roofing. Inside, you will find a glass panel in the floor to watch passing marine life. No matter where you are at Eclypse de Mar Acqua Lodge, you will be immersed in nature.

Las Lagunas Boutique Hotel

pangkor island trip

Book Las Lagunas Boutique Hotel

Las Lagunas is located in the heart of the Mayan world near the ancient ruins of Tikal, Uaxactún, and Yaxhá in Guatemala. Although it's just 10 minutes from the international airport, it feels isolated within the rainforest amid more than 300 acres of an untouched nature reserve. It's a perfect spot for bird watching, too. 

There are a set of 12 Waterfront Master Suites, connected by high-rise paths. Each is a one-bedroom bungalow with a cascade shower bathroom, and a deck with a hot tub overlooking the dazzling water.

St. George's Caye Resort

pangkor island trip

Book St. George's Caye Resort

St. George's Caye Resort offers adults-only lodging that is located on a rustic but indulgent private island in Belize. There is a totally secluded feel but it's actually just seven miles from Belize City, so it's still easy and affordable to access.

The overwater bungalows feel like bargains compared to similar accommodations in other parts of the world. Prices start in the low $300s and include full board with no catch. You'll get a private porch with a hammock and thatched roof overlooking the Caribbean Sea on the west side of the island. These six cabanas are situated on a half-moon-shaped dock with prime sunset views. 

Pangkor Laut Resort

pangkor island trip

Book Pangkor Laut Resort

Pangkor Laut Resort is located on a privately owned island situated three miles off the West Coast of Malaysia along the Straits of Malacca. Here, there are no other resorts, so you're isolated among secluded bays, impeccable beaches, and magical sunsets.

The island comprises 300 acres, but the resort developed just a fraction of that leaving it feeling lush and natural. Overwater accommodations sit on stilts above the tropical waters, each with an expansive balcony with loungers, a bathroom with an oversized tub, and a shower that opens to the sea.

Adaaran Club Rannalhi

pangkor island trip

Book Adaaran Club Rannalhi

Adaaran Club Rannalhi is located at the tip of the South Male atoll in the Maldives, with easy access to the capital city of Male. A slate of daily activities includes morning or sunset fishing, a sunset photo tour (on which it would be nearly impossible not to nail some prize-worthy snaps), as well as a full menu of treatments at the spa.

The 34 large and private Water Bungalows all include direct access to the ocean waters from private sun decks with wooden ladders. Bungalows are quite large at nearly 750 square feet, and decor is modern and tropical, done in creams and vibrant colors. 

Pearl Farm Beach Resort

pangkor island trip

Book Pearl Farm Beach Resort

With a spa, white sand beaches, and multiple dining options, Pearl Farm Beach Resort includes the accommodations of a luxury resort without costing a fortune. These overwater bungalows — known as the Samal Suites — are elegantly designed with beautiful wood detailing and wicker furniture. And, each bungalow is just steps away from your own private section of beach. 

Pearl Farm Beach Resort also includes two outdoor pools. The infinity pool will make you feel like you are right on the water, while the other pool is nestled among the lush greenery.

Panvaree Resort

pangkor island trip

Book Panvaree Resort

For a truly unique overwater bungalow, look no further than Panvaree Resort. Located near Ratchaprapha, Thailand, this resort offers stunning natural beauty. Situated over a lake, the property is surrounded by picturesque mountain ranges and breathtaking limestone cliffs. 

The villas themselves are built with ornate dark wood and thatched roofs. Each bungalow comes with your own kayak to explore the lake below. Reviewers rave about the stellar service and food at this resort, which makes it stand out from similar properties.

FAQ: Overwater bungalow hotels

Where can i stay in an overwater bungalow.

Many of the world's overwater bungalows are found in Asia and the South Pacific, in places like the Maldives and Malaysia, as well as Fiji, Bora Bora, and Tahiti. This is because these areas are home to crystal clear, shallow blue waters that are suited to such accommodations.

While fewer, you'll also find some in the Caribbean and Mexico.

Are overwater bungalows worth it?

If you dream of stepping out of your room and dipping straight into warm, turquoise waters surrounded by incredible scenery, then you'll likely feel that the answer is yes. Overwater bungalows offer the ultimate in luxury, romance, and privacy, in most instances.

However, because of their idyllic accommodations, overwater bungalows will be more expensive than most hotel rooms simply because of the style, and also because remote locations mean it's more expensive to maintain upkeep and import goods and services.

Where are the cheapest overwater bungalows?

According to our research, the cheapest highly-rated overwater bungalow is Punta Caracol Acqua Lodge in Panama. In general, bungalows in Central America are cheaper than you'll find in Asia and the South Pacific.

For the cheapest prices, look to travel in off season, away from holiday periods, and when the weather might mean more rain.

How much does it cost to stay in a water bungalow?

If you travel in off season, it might be as low as $200 to $300 a night. However, on average, many prices seem close to $400 or $500. And if you opt for true luxury resorts, they likely will inch closer to $1,000, especially if you opt for all-inclusive or full-board packages and travel during popular times of the year and holidays.

How we selected the best overwater bungalow hotels

  • We considered price first and foremost, and every hotel on this list ranges from $170 to $600.
  • Every hotel offers overwater accommodations, plus access to beautiful beaches, activities, and scenery.
  • These budget-friendly options are found in top-end destinations such as the South Pacific including Tahiti, Central America and the Caribbean, and Asia, including the Maldives. 
  • All overwater bungalow hotels provide excellent service and picture-perfect amenities to ensure each property meets your lofty expectations.
  • We made selections based on our own travel experience, as well as past traveler reviews and rankings on trusted traveler sites such as Trip Advisor and
  • Most hotels are tailor-made for romance and ideal for couples (many are adults-only), though we've also included some options that welcome families or are affordable for solo trips.

pangkor island trip

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pangkor island trip

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    A boat trip is one of the best Pangkor island day trip ideas. Boats leave from Nipah Bay and can take you on a coastal tour in 30 minutes. There are longer options as well including day cruises. You can also take a boat to Pulau Sembilan - one of the Pangkor Island things to do listed below. Wander Along SPK And Pangkor Town

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    Without doubt, It is one of an incredible island in the state of Perak. Perak is the state of the Island and Manjung is the district of this Island. The total population of the island is 25000.The Pangkor Island total area is almost 18 kilometer square and most of the area is composed of mountains, the highest point is at 1216 meters (Pangkor ...

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    Pangkor Island is located approximately 250 kilometres from the bustling city of Kuala Lumpur, 90 kilometres from the Perak state capital, Ipoh and 180 kilometres from Penang Island. The easiest way to get to Pangkor Island is by ferry. The Marina Island Jetty Complex, which is located in Lumut, provides direct ferry services to Pangkor Island.

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    This little island could be the perfect place for your Malaysian beach break. An easy ferry ride from the mainland, on Pangkor (or Pulau Pangkor) you'll find ruins of a 17th-century Dutch fort and plenty of beaches and snorkelling opportunities. I personally love it for its local free, energising towns, beautiful beaches and great prices.

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    Location: Masjid Al-Badr Seribu Selawat, Teluk Gedung, Pulau Pangkor, Perak ( Google Maps) 4. Chill and unwind at Coral Beach. Image via @dahcuti. If you're looking for a bit of privacy, get away from the crowds by heading to Coral Beach, Teluk Nipah's quieter neighbour.

  13. Top Things To Do On Pangkor Island Malaysia

    4. Kayak around Pangkor. The sea around Pangkor is calm enough for even novice kayakers. Renting a boat and paddling from an unspoilt cove to a balmy bay is a great way to see the island. The views are wonderful - of pristine rainforest rising from golden sand, the occasional hornbill floating elegantly through the trees.

  14. Pangkor Island

    Take the Pangkor island ferry for an inexpensive, hassle-free, comfortable and punctual way of reaching the beach resort island of Pangkor from the ferry terminal at Lumut, Perak. Lumut Jetty Terminal is a famous gateway among the tourist to get to Pangkor Island. - Ruins of a 17th-century Dutch colonial fort.

  15. Pulau Pangkor Travel Guide

    Pangkor Island is only 8sq kilometres, so getting around isn't that hard - you will see pink taxis around, that's the main transport as there is no public bus service. Prices are per vehicle, so try to get a few people together to share the costs. Typical price from Pangkor ferry terminal to Teluk Nipah is 15RM.

  16. How To Travel To Pangkor Island

    Boats connect its terminal with Pangkor Town Jetty. Bus. The fastest and cheapest way to travel to Pangkor Island is by bus to Terminal Lumut. Buses depart every 30 minutes to one hour from Kuala Lumpur's TBS (Terminal Bersepadu Selatan). Tickets cost approximately RM 30 ($7.50 USD) taking around four and a half hours.

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    Pangkor Honeymoon Package. To & Fro Ferry Transfer From Lumut/ Marina Jetty To Pangkor Island+ Use Of Motorcycle 2D1N / 3D2N+ Accommodation (2D1N / 3D2N)+ Romantic Room Decoration+ Breakfast (Available For 3 Star & 4 Star Resort Only)+ 1x Beach Romantic Candle Light Dinner Including Food (Appetizer , Main Dish & Dessert)+ 1x Fun Island Hopping Including Life Jacket+ 1x Complimentary Snorkeling ...

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    Lumut Bus Station. To go by bus from KL to Pangkor Island is easy. The first step is to get a bus from KL to Lumut where you can then catch a ferry to Pangkor Island. Ticketing counters at Lumut Bus Station. The bus takes about 5 hours and costs around RM30.

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