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416 Sid Snyder Avenue SW Olympia, WA 98504

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Martines Wines

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Château des Tours

  • Owned by the Reynaud family since 1935, Château des Tours is the home estate of Château Rayas' renowned winemaker, Emmanuel Reynaud.
  • Emmanuel has held the reins to this estate since 1989, and, true to his nature as a farmer, grows olives and grains alongside grapes.
  • The vineyards are tended with the same organic methods used in all of Emmanuel's properties, horse-plowed, and deeply reverent of the old-vine Grenache grown here.
  • Hand-harvested grapes from 40 hectares of vineyards see whole-cluster fermentation and native yeasts.
  • Entirely free from modern interventions, Emmanuel's wines are always some of the most coveted in the Rhône.

The spirit of Jacques Reynaud, the godfather of Châteauneuf-du-Pape, is always present at the storied estate of Château Rayas. When this legendary founder died suddenly in 1997, his wife asked their nephew, Emmanuel Reynaud, to take the reins at both Château Rayas and Château de Fonsalette. Already making wines at his father's Château des Tours, Emmanuel agreed. Somewhat reclusive and to be found working his vineyards at most any time of day, every day, Emmanuel does not revel in the fame and notoriety that come with making such sought-after and acclaimed wines. Instead, he continues to quietly but successfully carry the mantle of his famous forebears, producing hauntingly aromatic wines at his three estates: Château Rayas, Château des Tours, and Château de Fonsalette. Located in Sarrians, just outside Vacqueyras, the Reynaud family purchased Château des Tours in 1935. The old house is flanked on both sides by tall towers (hence “des Tours”). This is Emmanuel's family estate, which he took over from his father, Bernard, in 1989. Emmanuel is at heart a farmer, and here he grows food for his family — olives, grains, and, importantly, grapes. Like all Reynaud vineyards, these are tended with the same organic methods, manually plowed, all hand-harvested much later than other producers, and centered around a reverence for old-vine Grenache. With 40 hectares of vineyards surrounding the house, Emmanuel produces Vacqueyras, Côtes du Rhône, and Vin De Pays, all from estate fruit. His wines are made with minimal to no sulfur during vinification. Whole cluster fermentation commences naturally without the inoculation of yeasts in underground concrete tanks and the wines are aged partly in oak casks. The parcels are vinified separately before assemblage takes place in enamel-lined tanks and bottled. The resulting wine is unfined and unfiltered. There is a a clear throughline in all the wines produced by Emmanuel — a unique weighty, aromatic, complex, and savory signature of all the wines that ranks them among the most well-regarded, sought-after bottles of the appellation.

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des tours

Château des Tours

Côtes-du-Rhône Rouge

des tours

Côtes-du-Rhône Rouge Grande Résérve

des tours

Domaine des Tours Vin de Pays de Vaucluse Blanc

des tours

Domaine des Tours Vin de Pays de Vaucluse Merlot

des tours

Domaine des Tours Vin de Pays de Vaucluse Merlot-Syrah

des tours

Domaine des Tours Vin de Pays de Vaucluse Rouge

des tours

Vaucluse Grenache Blanc Les Tours

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Things to Do in Greater Des Moines

There is a reason we are the fastest-growing city in the Midwest. People like it here, and not only in a “great-place-to-raise-a-family” way, but in a “great-place-to-spend-a-weekend” way, too.

Hungry? We've got regional specialties ranging from burgers served up zombie-style to Steak de Burgo. Thirsty? Our two biggest taprooms combine for more than 340 beers on tap. Bored? Our Downtown Farmers' Market is ranked #2 in the country and we have more than 800 miles of biking trails . Kids? Adventureland Park , the Science Center of Iowa , and Blank Park Zoo bring out the kid in all of us. Retail therapy? Hit up one of the Midwest's premier shopping malls, Jordan Creek Town Center , or take a stroll through the hip Historic East Village . We'll quickly dispel your stereotypes turn "Des Moines, huh?" into "Des Moines, who knew?"

DM Playhouse - School of Rock

Suggested Itineraries

Events calendar, insider's guide, style starts here, the playhouse upcoming shows.

  • Château de Corcelles
  • Château La Nerthe
  • Château des Tours


Grand Terroir de Brouilly

After nine centuries, Château des Tours is still there, in the middle of the Beaujolais countryside. Over the years, women and men have served their terroir, meticulously working to perfect their elixir with nuances of character and scent. First, admire how the wine moves in the glass and then you may taste it and be transported to the heart of Brouilly!

In the Heart of Brouilly

Beaujolais is located just below the southern tip of Burgundy wine country. North of Lyon, city of lights and capital of gastronomy, Beaujolais is home to 10 crus, including the largest of them, Brouilly, a few kilometers from Mâcon. You then have to go up the alley of walnut trees to arrive at Château des Tours and discover this splendid, perfectly renovated property, built over 700 years ago. There is no doubt that its architecture recalls the villages bordering the oh-so-famous land of golden stones that is the Beaujolais. This lively and luminous area is home to stone constructions in various warm and sunny shades of yellow ochre .

Château des Tours - Bouteille

In the heart of Brouilly, Château des Tours is part of the current dynamism of developing the Beaujolais wine-growing terroirs, in particular through plot selections highlighting ancestral soils and know-how.

Sébastien Kargul, Director of the Château des Tours.

Château des Tours

Rarely has the Château des Tours carried its name so well!

Château des Tours

The original castle, likely rebuilt several times, dates back to the 10th century. It was undoubtedly built on the remains of a Roman villa as we found a vase filled with Roman coins when demolishing an old wall of the castle.

Today, it remains flanked by two majestic towers: the first, cylindrical and known as “Saracen,” was erected in the 12th century. It continues to dominate the entire region. The second tower, which is square and lower, is also older, dating back to the Merovingian dynasty.

1331: Guichard VI le Grand, Lord and Baron of Beaujolais, is the first known owner of the Château des Tours: which he bought in 1331. And so began seven centuries of history, during which many owners succeeded each other, making their own contribution to the building. The Beaujeau and De La Chaize d’Aix were particularly influential owners.

Ideally located near the main communication routes, the Château des Tours was a notable center for trade starting in the 15th century, and an important fair was held there each year.

Today this fortress continues to watch over 70 hectares of vines dedicated exclusively to the Brouilly appellation. The Richard family completely renovated the estate following its acquisition in 1986.

Sources: “History of Beaujolais” P LOUVET – “The Historic Castles of Lyonnais and Beaujolais” SALOMON

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La golden hour, c’est cette période de la journée durant laquelle le soleil est rasant, formant une douce aura autour de nos vignes 🌞 Elles sortent petit à petit du froid nocturne et s’animent tandis que le soleil monte dans le cielThe golden hour is that period of the day during which the sun is low, casting a soft aura around our vines 🌞They gradually emerge from the cold night and come to life as the sun rises in the sky#chateaudestours #grandterroirdebrouilly #domainesrichard #famillerichard #vineyardlife #sunrise #winetour #gamay #goldenhour

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Jardins et château de Villandry

In Tours, castles are at the bottom of the garden

Balade avec la Rabouilleuse

In Tours, the wind is in our sails

In tours, there's always something to taste.

Apéro sur la Rabouilleuse

In Tours, we weigh anchor in moderation

Side car devant le château Rigny Ussé

In Tours, we keep an eye on the past

Magazine Goût de Tours

Goût de Tours magazine

For a truly memorable stay in Touraine, see our irresistible offers in order to discover, explore and savour the region! Châteaux, gardens, art, vineyards and gastronomy, you'll find the essence of your stay here…

Château de Villandry

Visit the castles of the Loire

A Tours on déguste à tout bout de champ

Discover the vineyards and gastronomy

Arpenter le jardin de la France

Explore the “Garden of France”

A Tours, on ne vous envoie pas balader pour rien

Travel slow

Looking for ideas and good addresses for a day, a weekend or a stay in Tours? Find your inspiration here!

Carte du Tours City Pass

48h with the City Pass

Jardins et château de Villandry

In Tours, the castles are at the bottom of the garden

Visite du Vieux Tours Place Plumereau

3 days in Tours and in Touraine

Place Plumereau

Our selection of guided tours

Top 5 des spots pour boire un verre en terrasse à Tours

Top 5 spots for an outdoor drink in Tours

Our best offers.

Find out our best offers !


Duration : 1h30 - Price : 10€ The Tours Loire Valley Tourist Office and the city of Tours offer a thematic tour of the Old Town of Tours, led by a guide. A guided tour of the emblematic Vieux Tours district around Place Plumereau, led by an expert guide.  Medieval half-timbered and stone houses stand side by side with exceptional townhouses. These mansions bear witness to the prosperity of this part of town, which grew up around a huge collegiate church dedicated to Saint Martin. Once home to the saint's body, it was the center of one of the oldest pilgrimages in Christendom. This tour has been awarded the Ville d'Art et d'Histoire label.


Enjoy the destination's must-see attractions: Castle and Gardens of Villandry, Castle of Azay-le-Rideau, Castle of Tours, Centre of Contemporary Creation Olivier Debré, Fine Arts Museum, « Compagnonnage » Museum, Natural History Museum, Saint-Cosme Priory, Psalette Cloister and a guided tour of Tours. This 48h Pass also includes bike hire, access to the little tourist train (available end of March 2024) and exclusive benefits from our partners (e.g. €3 discount per player with Escape Yourself, 10% discount in the pub « Au temps des Rois »)


Discover the Loire Valley and visit its 2 most prestigious castles in one great day: impressive Château de Chambord and stunning Château de Chenonceau. Learn about the intimate little secrets of the French Kings who once lived there. Enjoy off-the-crowd panoramic views thanks to your local guide, benefit from wealth of thrilling genuine details and funny anecdotes and make the most of this exciting day. Program: 9.30am: Departure from Tours. Meet your friendly guide in front of the Tourist Office in the city of Tours (just in front of the train station). Everybody's here? Let’s start the day! 9:30am: Start in front of the Tourist Office in the city of Tours, and get into our minivan, off to Chenonceau! Next step is Château de Chenonceau! On the way, get a good look at lovely privately owned châteaux but also other must-see castles of Loire Valley such as: Cheverny, Chaumont, Amboise, Montrichard... Chenonceau: this is the most visited historical monument in France after Château de Versailles. Admire this stunning chateau and its unique gallery, built on a bridge across the Cher River. With your guide, stroll through the gorgeously-manicured gardens à la Française named after the famous ladies who lived there: "Catherine de Médicis" and "Diane de Poitiers". Once inside, take your time to appreciate the refined architecture and feminine influence that prevails in each room of this renowned chateau, all decorated with beautiful antiques and the most divine fresh flower arrangements. The kitchens, the Queen bedroom, the Gallery... your tour guide will show you all the beautiful rooms of this incredible place. Lunch will take place off the beaten path. You will enjoy a typical French lunch in a lovely private château of Loire Valley, built by Jean le Breton! Start with the visit of this unique familly Château, meet the family and discover all the authentic rooms and lovely surroundings of this haven of piece. After the visit, hosted by the French Countess who lives there permanently, indulge in the nice and cozy atmosphere with tasty food and local Loire Valley wine. This experience will make you feel like the owner of the place! More than a chateau, this work of art is a glorious historical place that will take you to the heart of the Loire Valley and the Renaissance era. Your guide will make this trip back in time a fun and captivating experience. He will tell you everything about the history of the castle, built by the famous King François 1er. Unforgettable! Once inside, your guide will select for you the most emblematic rooms to visit: the double helix staircase, the chapel, the terrace...He will also share with you memorable anecdotes and point at hidden details of interest and breathtaking views of the château. So get ready to travel back in time of French Renaissance! After this exceptional visit, your tour-guide will advise you some spots to get a impressive view of the chateau. A spectacular day you will never forget. 5.30pm: Back to the Tourist Office in Tours


Duration : 45mn - Price : Since 50 € Come aboard a tuk-tuk for an original tour of the city of Tours! For 45 minutes, Pascal will be delighted to take you to discover the city's most emblematic sites: the old town of Tours, Les Halles, the Quartier des Arts, the Basilica Saint-Martin and, of course, the riverside of the Loire.

Events calendar

Here, events come and go and none is alike other ! The metropolis know how to cultivate its art of living. Numbers of events from traditionnal and old music, to gastronomy or sport are organized throughtout all seasons. This eclectic program also allows to discover some nice historic, or out the ordinary, places.


Tours Loire Valley Tourist Office & Convention Bureau

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The Tourist Office is located: 78-82 Rue Bernard Palissy, 37000 Tours.

Monday to Saturday: 8.30am to 7pm Sundays and public holidays: 9.30am to 12.30pm and 2.30pm to 5pm

For any information, please reach our team +33(0)2 47 70 37 37

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2019 Château des Tours Côtes du Rhône

  • Red Rhone Blend
  • > Rhône
  • > Southern Rhône

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6/19/2024 - RayOB wrote: 93 Points

Drank in Brussels Delicate and light. A real beauty

Do you find this review helpful? Yes - No / Comment

  • View LB88's profile

4/30/2024 - LB88 wrote: 93 Points

Opened to a beautiful nose but on the palate this was just a touch less opened compared to the 2017.

  • View Claret & CdP Gang's profile

4/2/2024 - Claret & CdP Gang Likes this wine: 92 Points

Lunch at my favourite steak place, double decanted for 2 hours, savoury & red fruits, decanting helped soften the wine, good Cdr

  • View B Paul's profile

3/18/2024 - B Paul wrote:

Followed over 5 hours. You definitely get a sense of the house style here, though this is obviously showing very young. Very pure fruit, good balance. Probably needs 3-5 years, but I expect this will be excellent with additional bottle age.

  • View Oli_Vilmo's profile

3/17/2024 - Oli_Vilmo Likes this wine: 91 Points

Very structured and heavy, so Rayas style

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  • Vintage 2019
  • Producer Château des Tours
  • Variety Red Rhone Blend
  • Designation n/a
  • Vineyard n/a
  • Country France
  • Region Rhône
  • SubRegion Southern Rhône
  • Appellation Côtes du Rhône
  • Display options Default
  • UPC/EAN Code 4000152374062 , 5051559049427 , 7090027145597

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Château des Tours Les Tours Grenache Blanc Réserve

Château des Tours Les Tours Grenache Blanc Réserve

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How to walk the Tour des Combins, the best long-distance hike in the Alps

For a different side of a classic, the Alps have no shortage of lesser-known walking trails and alternative hiking experiences, leading to towering peaks and gentle meadows. Along the way, pick up new skills, meet welcoming locals and form friendships to last a lifetime.

Lunch at Cabane Panossière, one of the stops along the Tour des Combins.

“We’ll never be as popular as the Tour du Mont Blanc, and we’d never expect to be,” says mountain instructor Melanie Müri, as steaming bowls of apple and celeriac soup are passed down the long, wooden table. “But there’s so much untapped potential in this landscape.” We’re in the dining room of Cabane de Chanrion, a mountain hut set at an altitude of 8,077 feet below snow-speckled summits and razor-edge arêtes, narrow rock ridges that separate valleys with fang-like pinnacles. The hut’s stripped-back, pale-wood interior makes showpieces of the oversized windows, beyond which butterflies dance among the blue gentian flowers and marmots whistle. It’s a scene of playfulness and stark stillness, all in one.

Melanie has cut to the heart of an uneasy conundrum. I’m on day three of a six-day loop from the small Swiss village of Bourg-St-Pierre following the Tour des Combins, a 63-mile trail circumnavigating the little-known Grand Combin massif — a glaciated mountain range in southwest Switzerland’s Valais canton, straddling the border with Italy. Like Melanie, many locals in this corner of the Alps are torn: they covet recognition yet fear its consequences. They want to share this region’s treasures but also cherish its quietness. It’s a contradiction as sharp as the towering peaks outside.

Some critics argue such balance has eluded Mont Blanc — which, at 4,800 metres, is western Europe’s highest peak — none more so than Jean-Marc Peillex, mayor of Saint-Gervais, a village nestled at its foot. He made local headlines last summer after threatening to sue two hurluberlus (fools) who slept at the summit, flouting a law that prohibits camping throughout the 7,800-acre Mont Blanc natural protection zone. It was set up in 2020 with the aim of safeguarding the local environment by regulating activities in the face of a visitor swell.  

The challenge of reining back tourism on the ‘roof of Europe’, as Mont Blanc is known, might be tougher than its ascent: some 20,000 climbers bid for the summit each year, and tens of thousands more set foot on the Tour du Mont Blanc (TMB).  

A 105-mile, cross-country loop around the peak, the TMB is often cited as one of the world’s best mountain trails, as well as an Alpine rite of passage. But it was a different sort of baptism I’d experienced when starting the Tour des Combins. On the first day, a storm drenched the rolling pastures as I set off in blissful solitude. It was a game of cat and mouse between hiker and weather: when the thunder rumbled, I dove for cover inside an abandoned shepherd’s shelter; when the dark clouds subsided, I got my miles in quickly before the next downpour.  

At the end of the 12-mile stage, with 4,100 feet of ascent in the bag, I sat back in the wood-panelled dining room of Cabane Brunet, dipping boiled potatoes into melted cheese. It had been a stuttering start, but I felt refreshed in more ways than one.

A picture of a modern hut with grass covered mountains in the near background. The picture has been taken in the late evening, and the windows in the cabin omit an orange light

Coming full circle

The next morning, I set off from Cabane de Chanrion with Eloi Rossier, the grey-haired, long-standing president of the Association du Tour des Combins, hiking over steep, rock-strewn terrain to the 2,797-metre Fenêtre de Durand. This pass threads the eye of the needle between the sweeping ridges of Mont Gelé and Mont Avril — every twist, every turn, every stride unveiling new views. As I top out onto its rocky saddle in glorious midday sunshine, the 4,314-metre Grand Combin de Grafeneire is on the horizon, seemingly congratulating my lung-busting, calf-burning efforts.

The snowy summit of this Alpine leviathan is a constant presence on the Tour des Combins. “It’s higher and more Alpine, and you get high-quality but simple hospitality,” says Eloi when I ask how this trek compares to the TMB. “But we’re not in competition. We can be complementary, and, of course, people can walk both tours if they desire.”

Eloi may sound modest, but there are big plans in store for the Tour des Combins, which celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2023. A longer version — the 80-mile, eight-day Grand Tour des Combins — could be ready for its first hikers as early as next year. It will take in a night at Rifugio Frassati, which was built by volunteers in Italy’s Aosta Valley, and a hike past the trio of Alpine tarns at Lacs de Fenêtre, a Swiss lake.

Meanwhile, a promotional push is underway for the original route. It has much going for it: the length is perfect for a week-long trip, and there are convenient public transport links to Geneva. Although steep, the terrain is more than achievable for any competent hillwalker, and the route itself has all the ingredients to make it a bona fide trekking classic — suspension bridges above glaciers, Tolkien-like moonscapes and water bodies, flowing and frozen. Once word gets out, stemming the flow of visitors may prove trickier than selling the dream. “We want more visitors,” Eloi says, “but not too many. Definitely not too many.”

Hikers walking past a stream running between two mountains with surfaces ranging from spikey rock to a soft grass surface.

For the time being, I’m alone on the trails, and by now, I’ve settled into a routine. Each day, I climb up brutally steep saddles: I spot a horned ibex silhouetted atop a ridgeline; wispy clouds embracing the tops of giants; and icy-blue meltwater gushing from a glacier outflow. Each night, I share tales and mountain grub with fellow hikers met in yet another Alpine hut, each with a location as picturesque as the last.

A particular highlight is Hospice du Grand-Saint-Bernard, which I visit the following day. This historic refuge is best-known for accommodating Napoleon Bonaparte’s 40,000-strong army in 1800 — a visit that saw the kitchen serve up an incredible 21,724 bottles of wine and some 3,498lbs of cheese.

I feel I could consume a similar amount of food the next day, on the last leg of the trek. After a rocky descent of the Pas des Chevaux, a narrow old mule path weaving over craggy ground and fields of boulders, I loop back to Bourg-St-Pierre. “La boucle est bouclée,” says Sophie Dorsaz, one of my mountain instructors for the trip.

“The circle is complete.” As I look back at my time on the trail, the days as hazy as the dawn horizon, I reflect on another journey — that of the Alpine destinations that were hungry for attention, then bent under the influx of visitors and now want to find a sweet spot. It seems I’m not the only one to have come full circle.

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Château Tour des Termes: A new chapter

How an Irish businessman is transforming his recently acquired Bordeaux estate.

By Raymond Blake

des tours

Raymond Blake profiles Château Tour des Termes, the rising St-Estèphe estate now owned by the O’Connor family. 

At the risk of harping on at tedious length about the strong wine connections between Ireland and Bordeaux—a drum that I may be guilty of beating too often—the latest in a roll call of châteaux with Hibernian links deserves mention and celebration among Irish wine lovers. After a stop–start search that spanned more than a decade, including serious consideration of a purchase in Burgundy , as well as other Bordeaux châteaux, noted Irish businessman Eddie O’Connor finally settled on Château Tour des Termes in St-Estèphe in 2022. Then began the long-drawn-out, oh- so-Gallic process of getting the transaction approved by the relevant authorities before news of the purchase of this cru bourgeois supérieur finally broke in summer 2023. Almost immediately, a planning process was set in train for a major program of renovation, including the construction of a carbon-neutral winery. Sadly, only six months later, tragedy struck when O’Connor died suddenly. He had been ill, but his death was still an unexpected shock. 

Those Irish wine lovers who had been toasting his achievement and buying the first consignments of Tour des Termes shipped to Ireland now began to wonder if his family would continue with the project or perhaps decide to sell up. They need not have worried. His widow Hildegarde, son and daughter Robert and Lesley, and Lesley’s husband Stewart Kennedy have reaffirmed the family’s commitment to their patriarch’s vision for Tour des Termes. A new chapter in its history is currently being written.

The name Tour des Termes references an old tower on the property, on a plot called Les Termes, which roughly translates as “land’s end” and derives from the fact that this may have been the site of a Gallo-Roman port. Skipping forward to the late 17th century, documents make mention of a laborer in the commune of Potensac named Anney, whose great-grandson started making wine in St-Estèphe in 1876. His family continued his endeavors until his descendant Pierre Anney solidified their presence in the commune by buying Tour des Termes in 1938. He was succeeded in turn by his son Jean and grandson Christophe, whose daughter Aurélie continues in an ambassadorial role since the O’Connor purchase.

des tours

Above and beyond postmodernist wine

Vérité Bennett Valley Vineyard

Pierre and Hélène Seillan: Two generations at Vérité

Oz Clarke's story of wine book cover.

A sweep of history, and a wealth of knowledge, in a revamped classic

des tours

Writing in her excellent book Inside Bordeaux in 2020, Jane Anson opened her profile of des Termes with a sentence that remains accurate, despite the change of ownership: “Great quality and still independently owned, this is an estate to follow and support.” She continues her assessment of the wine: “Certainly rustic is not a word you would use to describe Tour des Termes, as the fruit is often soft, appealing and extremely drinkable,” before concluding that the wine is “Superbly balanced after a few years—oak can be a little dominant when young, emphasizing black chocolate and licorice flavours.”

Thus it is clear that, although des Termes does not have a high profile in the anglophone world, it would be wrong to suggest that O’Connor bought a run-down property that carried the scars of decades of neglect. Far from it. The reputation is solid if not spectacular, in other words; the château is ripe for the sort of dynamic rejuvenation that O’Connor envisaged and that will now be overseen by his family, with recently appointed general manager Julien Brustis in day-to-day charge on the ground. Brustis is a 34-year-old Bordeaux native, qualified as an agricultural engineer and enologist, who started his career at Château Dauzac in 2009 before moving on to Château Latour Martillac for three years. Then followed stints in Corsica and California, prior to returning “home” to Château Angélus and then to Paris to establish the Domaine La Bouche du Roi vineyard in Ile-de-France, as well as creating a pop-up winery on the Eiffel Tower.

Brustis is dynamic and articulate, fully committed to realizing the O’Connor family’s vision for des Termes. He was quickly on top of his brief and needs little prompting to outline the plans for des Termes at length. “We are going on the same plan, the same ambition for Tour des Termes [as Eddie had],” he says. “The family want to pursue his goal to develop the winery because the purchase of Tour des Termes was really linked to a development plan. He chose an estate that had potential and not one that is already at the top, so they will keep going with this and not delay things or change the ambition in terms of investments and long-term plans.”

Content from our partners

Wine Pairings with gooseberry fool

Wine Pairings with gooseberry fool

Wine pairings with chicken bhuna 

Wine pairings with chicken bhuna 

Wine pairings with coffee and walnut cake 

Wine pairings with coffee and walnut cake 

Château Tour des Termes

Transformation in vineyard and winery

Both winery and vineyard are undergoing significant transformation—the former by way of a completely new, eco-friendly facility, with visitor reception area for tastings and meals; the latter by way of extensive mapping and replanting as deemed necessary. For the winery, noted Bordeaux architects BPM have been appointed. They have an impressive track record in delivering such projects, having already worked for a prestigious roll call of châteaux that includes Lascombes, Lynch-Bages, Beychevelle, Lagrange, and Angélus, as well as near neighbors Phélan Ségur and Cos d’Estournel. As Brustis puts it, “They are one of the famous architects in Bordeaux. They are really winemaking-oriented; they are not artists that do a very special building that you then try to make wine in… We try to make something very functional and very oriented to what I want to do with the wine and with the size of the vineyard we want to manage.”

In the vineyard, a plot-by-plot soil-mapping exercise has been completed and a restructuring plan drawn up. A little-known fact about des Termes is that 60% of the vineyard is planted to Merlot —which is highly unusual in the Cabernet Sauvignon-dominated Médoc. Brustis elaborates: “It was important to me to know precisely all the sorts of soils we have. We have a very special type of soil, which is very interesting in the context of global warming, having two thirds of our soil on clay and limestone and one third on the classic deep gravel of the Médoc, which makes our blend Merlot-oriented and not Cabernet Sauvignon. This helps us to have a high level of acidity.” As to the style of wine he is aiming to make: “Thirty years ago, St-Estèphe was wine for my grandfather—like a meal cooked for 70 hours; it was very strong… You expected a big wine, and now with climate change and the fact that it is the only place in the Médoc where we have clay and limestone, we are able to do wines that have a good level of acidity. So, now that we have more sugar, it means better-balanced wines, which helps us to enjoy them both young and with 20 years of aging. That is the direction we want to go—not do the most massive wine.” 

Perhaps the most radical vineyard development will be the production of a new white wine—radical in the sense that it will be a first for des Termes, though it is very much on-trend, given that neighbors Montrose and Cos d’Estournel now produce a white, as does Château Angélus in St-Émilion. ( See 2020 Angélus Grand Vin Blanc ) The first vines for this new wine were being planted as this issue of The World of Fine Wine went to press. 

Brustis explains, “We took out 2 hectares [5 acres] of St-Estèphe red wine to plant white wine […] so we will declassify it, because it is a great area to make great white wine, and it is not a great place for red. It is very white-oriented, even if in the beginning we had in mind to plant white in Haut-Médoc, because that is obvious, but the Haut-Médoc part [of the vineyard] is great to make red but not white. So, I said, ‘Do we want to do a good white or do we want to do a great white?’” Production will run to about 10,000 bottles annually, and the grape mix will be composed principally of Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc, with a little Albariño to add distinction.

If everything goes according to plan, the first harvest will be in 2026, the year in which the new winery is due to come online. By then, the O’Connor family will be firmly embedded in this northern corner of the Médoc, about two thirds of a mile (a kilometer) west of celebrated third growth Château Calon Ségur. Tour des Termes played host to five generations of the Anney family, and already the third generation of O’Connors, still children, are enthused about their grandfather’s purchase. Lesley O’Connor explains: “We want to instill a love for it in our family in the next generations. We are learning, and we are trying to bring them along as we go.” She would be the first to admit that when it comes to getting to know the wine business, the learning curve is steep, but she succinctly sums up her fascination with viticulture by declaring, “There’s an inner farmer in me, for sure.”

And she has quickly come to a perceptive appreciation of the notion of terroir in its broadest sense. “When you start to listen to people who really love wine, and when they talk about the terroir and the connection between the wine as a manifestation of the environment, the place, and the time in which it was grown—it’s an expression, I suppose, of all of those things, so to get a real appreciation of the wine, you need in some way to have an understanding of the place itself.” Understanding the place is the key—and committed “ terroirists ” might struggle to give as concise an argument in favor of the too-often-nebulous concept of terroir. Tour des Termes is in safe hands.

It is no exaggeration to say that Eddie O’Connor enjoyed legendary status in the Irish business community, as a pioneer of renewable energy, and beyond those shores, too. He brought enormous energy to every project to which he turned his hand, carrying others along in his slipstream, as he strove confidently toward his chosen goal. Among his many noteworthy achievements, he also managed to write two books along the way. A Dangerous Visionary is the title of the first one; and having studied the plans that he put in place for Château Tour des Termes, I’d say he was more visionary than dangerous. 

Raymond Blake

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La carte permet de visualiser le parti du candidat arrivé en tête ainsi que les scores réalisés par ceux des principaux partis dans chaque circonscription, en les sélectionnant à l’aide du bouton en haut à gauche.

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L'Actualité du Burkina Faso 24h/24

Ligue africaine des champions : L’AS Douanes du Burkina Faso affronte Coton du Bénin au tour préliminaire

des tours

Le tirage au sort de la Ligue des champions d’Afrique et de la Coupe de la Confédération s’est tenu ce jeudi 11 juillet 2024 au siège de la CAF au Caire en Égypte. Les clubs burkinabè sont désormais situés sur leurs potentiels adversaires. 

Des adversaires abordables pour les clubs burkinabè. L’AS Douanes, championne en titre du Burkina Faso débute sa campagne africaine 2024-2025 au Bénin. L’équipe entraînée par Kamou Malo affronte le Coton du Bénin. L’AS Douanes reçoit lors du match aller.

En cas de qualification, l’AS Douanes sera opposée au vainqueur de la rencontre entre le club congolais de  AC Léopards et les Algériens de CA Belouidzda.

Rahimo ou EFO en Guinée

Le vainqueur de la Coupe du Faso 2024 se déplace en Guinée pour affronter le Hafia FC. Le match aller se joue en terre guinéenne. Le représentant du Burkina Faso sera désigné à la faveur de la finale de la Coupe du Faso qui oppose l’Etoile Filante de Ouagadougou (EFO) à Rahimo FC le dimanche 14 juillet 2024 au Stade Municipal de Ouagadougou. Si l’EFO se qualifie, elle affrontera Eyimba du Nigeria au deuxième tour.

Les matchs aller se disputeront les 16 et 18 août prochains et les rencontres retour sont programmées entre les 23 et 25 août. En cas de qualification des équipes burkinabè, elle disputeront la phase de groupe à partir du 25 octobre 2024.

"Nous voulons que le niveau de notre armée atteigne un niveau jamais égalé dans la Sous-région" (Le Capitaine Ibrahim Traoré aux Forces Vives de la Nation)

Burkina faso : « nous allons changer de modèle de justice » (capitaine ibrahim traoré), articles similaires.

des tours

« Nous voulons que le niveau de notre armée atteigne un niveau jamais égalé dans la Sous-région » (Le Capitaine Ibrahim Traoré aux Forces Vives de la Nation)

des tours

Burkina Faso : Naissance du Haut Conseil de la Chefferie Coutumière et Traditionnelle Bissa

des tours

Journée Mondiale de la Population : Le message du Mouvement de Réflexion sur les Opportunités de Développement du Burkina Faso (MROD/BF)

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Non, il n’y a pas eu de nuées de drapeaux étrangers au soir du second tour des législatives

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Info ou Intox revient sur le second tour des élections législatives françaises au résultat inattendu, notamment pour les sympathisants du Nouveau Front populaire, à gauche. Il y a eu des rassemblements au soir des résultats, et sur les réseaux sociaux beaucoup d’images circulent, mais elles n’ont pas toujours été filmées le dimanche 7 juillet, et certains s’en servent pour créer des polémiques.

  • Élections législatives
  • Nouveau Front populaire
  • Rassemblement national
  • Conflit israélo-palestinien
  • Extrême droite

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An Iowa drive-in took a chance on ‘The Eras Tour.’ Swifties showed up to dance in the rain

des tours

There's a golden rule at Voy 61 Drive In Theatre in Delmar: The grandkids get whatever they want.

Dennis Voy's granddaughter, Sara Clasen, spent her childhood at the drive-in movie theater in eastern Iowa. Three years ago, when the drive-in's longtime operator retired, Clasen entered her management era at the drive-in.

“I have grown to love it just like he loves it,” Clasen, 38, said. “It’s just amazing to watch his legacy continue and shine bright and provide such a fun and unique opportunity for everyone in the area.”

Review: 'Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour' is a great concert. Why doesn't the movie feel like enough?

Dennis coined Clasen's fresh concepts for the drive-in "Sara's crazy ideas." And at the end of the summer, the mom of three developed another one: show Taylor Swift's "The Eras Tour" concert film at the historic drive-in, which opened in 1950.

Need a break? Play the USA TODAY Daily Crossword Puzzle.

The film is a second act of sorts for one of Iowa's last remaining drive-in movie theaters.

'He was a little leery, to be honest:' Longtime Iowa drive-in operator wasn't sold on 'Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour' film

On Aug. 31, Swift announced her concert would make its way to American theaters starting Oct. 13. The movie features performances from Swift's 6-night tour stop at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California.

The drive-in received dozens of viewing requests from Swifties, the pop superstar's devoted fanbase. Clasen pitched the idea to Voy. The multi-generational duo makes decisions together. Voy owns the drive-in while Clasen operates the property.

At first, he wasn't so sure about showing the theater's first concert film.

More: Taylor Swift praises Beyoncé's 'generosity' after she attends 'Eras Tour' movie premiere

"He was a little leery, to be honest with you, but it's been a great success," Clasen said.

Since she stepped in to help with theater operations, Clasen started a slew of new traditions. Voy 61 now offers a monthly family night with $5 admission featuring face painting, a petting zoo and train rides on the property.

The family hosts a back-to-school bash each August where local organizations provide free giveaways, the property is available for private rentals, and the theater expanded its concession stand options.

But the concert film was a risk for the drive-in.

How the first Eras Tour movie night went at Delmar's Voy 61 drive-in

There was a downpour of rain in Delmar the first night that the theater showed the film. Clasen wasn't sure if the pop star's fans would make it to the movies. Rain is usually terrible for a drive-in, she said.

The fans showed up anyway.

"We still had to come in the rain because Taylor would've been singing in the rain," they told her.

The Swifties sang out loud, purchased popcorn, danced in puddles and drank pop. The environment was reminiscent of the Eras Tour, which was performed in open-air stadiums and arenas.

“For us to provide the same opportunity for people to watch the concert movie outdoors is a unique experience for her fans and the drive-in," Clasen said.

Friendship bracelets, a signature accessory on the tour, were worn. One moviegoer had a 61 charm on theirs in honor of the theater.

Sara's latest crazy ideas became 'a great success' for the Voy 61

Clasen keeps busy taking care of business at the drive-in and Voy's three-screen theater in Maquoketa. She called the film "a great success" for the drive-in.

Until last year, his fifth decade of ownership, Voy would stand back during the movies and watch as families arrived for a night of fun. He would drive out every single night, sit back and watch as stars appeared on the night sky.

These days, Clasen has a golden rule, too. She calls Dennis every night and recaps the day on the ride home.

But after the first concert film viewing, she waited until daylight . She drove over to her grandpa's house the morning after to tell him in person.

"There was another idea that was crazy, but it worked out," she recalled him saying Saturday.

The Eras Tour movie marked a new era for Voy 61 — and Sara's list of crazy ideas.

How to see 'Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour' at an Iowa drive-in

Location: Voy 61 Drive In Theatre, 1228 U.S. Highway 61, Delmar

Dates: Screenings currently scheduled through Nov. 5

Contact: 61-driveintheatre.com ; 563-674-4367

Cost: To see "Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour" admission runs $25 per adults (ages 13 and over), $17 for children (ages 4 to 12), 3 and under see for free

Jay Stahl is an entertainment reporter at The Des Moines Register. Follow him on Instagram or reach out at  [email protected] .


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