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The Best MagSafe Wireless Chargers

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Anker MagGo Qi2 Charging Pad connected to an iPhone

Best MagSafe Charger Anker MagGo Wireless Charger Pad (Qi2) Read more

Bedside nightstand with a black lamp coaster clock and magnetic phone charger on top. The charger is white and upright...

Best MagSafe Stand Nomad Stand (Qi2) Read more

Nomad Base

Best MagSafe Pad Nomad Base Read more

Belkin BoostCharge Pro 2in1 charger

Best 2-in-1 MagSafe Charger Belkin BoostCharge Pro 2-in-1 Read more

Keeping your iPhone topped up can be a challenge, but the clever magnetic MagSafe system means you don’t need to fumble with cables or worry about a wireless charging sweet spot. Apple’s MagSafe is an accessory system integrated into the iPhone 12 , iPhone 13 , iPhone 14 , and iPhone 15 range . A ring of magnets on the back of the phone (and in MagSafe-enabled cases) allows you to attach MagSafe chargers that can recharge your iPhone wirelessly.

Snag a MagSafe charger for your nightstand, work desk, and car, and you can easily top up throughout the day. These are the best MagSafe chargers we've tested. (And yes, if you have an Android phone with a MagSafe case , some of these chargers may be compatible and do the job.)

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Best MagSafe Charger

The new Qi2 wireless charging standard , developed with Apple’s input, brings MagSafe-style magnetic charging and a 15-watt charging rate. Sadly, most third-party MagSafe chargers with a puck-shaped design charge your iPhone at a slower rate (7.5 watts), but you won't have to worry about that with this 15-watt Anker charger. Few phones beyond Apple’s MagSafe lineup (iPhone 12 and later) work with the magnets today, but Qi2 is backward compatible. This pad from Anker stays put, has a durable aluminum casing that stays relatively cool, and has a 5-foot USB-C cable permanently attached, giving it the edge over Apple’s official MagSafe puck , which only has a 3-foot cable. It can also charge AirPods that have a magnetic charging case.

15-watt charging, 5-foot cable, wall charger not included, two-year warranty.

Best MagSafe Stand

Striking the perfect balance between heft and magnetism is tricky, but Nomad nails it with its new stand. It's heavy enough that you won’t knock it over when you fumble for your iPhone, and you can peel it away from the charger one-handed. The stand comes in black or white and feels sturdy, featuring an aluminum and glass body with rubber padding. It is officially Qi2 certified , so it can charge any Qi2 phone (including all the MagSafe iPhones) at the maximum 15-watt rate. It can get a little warm when charging, but not unusually so. You get a high-quality braided cable in the box, but you will need a 20-watt wall charger. We like Nomad’s 20-watt charger ($20) , but I can’t help feeling it should have been included at this price.

15-watt charging, 6.6-foot cable, wall charger not included, two-year warranty.

Best MagSafe Pad

Folks who prefer a pad should consider Nomad’s Base One. Like the stand, it's sculpted from metal and glass with rubber padding and has enough weight that you can pick your MagSafe iPhone off of it with one hand. The Base One is also officially MagSafe certified to charge at the maximum 15-watt rate, and you get a lovely braided cable in the box, though you need to supply your own 20-watt charger. If you don’t care about the 15-watt charging rate, perhaps because you charge overnight, you can opt for the regular Nomad Base and save some cash. It has a similar design and is MagSafe compatible, but tops out at 7.5 watts for iPhones. Stock seems to be fluctuating for the Base One, but you can get a notification when it's available again.

Best 2-in-1 MagSafe Charger

Our favorite 2-in-1 MagSafe charger is perfect for charging your iPhone and AirPods (or any other wireless earbuds with wireless charging support). It has a wide, circular base with a shiny metallic post connecting the MagSafe charging pad. Ours is white, but there’s a black option too. Stick your iPhone on in landscape view, and you can enjoy StandBy mode , effectively turning your iPhone into an alarm clock. This charger can provide the top 15-watt rate and includes a power adapter with a 5-foot cable permanently attached.

15-watt charging, 5-foot cable, wall charger included, two-year warranty.

Image may contain Electronics Cell Phone Mobile Phone and Phone

Best 3-in-1 MagSafe Charger

Folks with the holy trinity of Apple products will love Belkin’s 3-in-1 charging tree. It has a similar design to the 2-in-1 above, but the metal post is T-shaped, with a pad for your iPhone on one side and an Apple Watch spot on the other, plus a Qi-certified base for AirPods . It is fully certified to deliver 15 watts and can fast-charge capable Apple Watches . You can also pop your iPhone in landscape orientation if you want StandBy mode . There is a power adapter with an attached cable provided. Read our Best 3-in-1 Apple Chargers guide for more recommendations.

Anker MagGo Qi2 Travel 3in1 charger

Best for Travel

Space is at a premium when you travel, but Anker’s MagGo 3-in-1 folds away to an impressively compact form. It doesn’t scrimp on power, charging your iPhone or Qi2-certified phone at up to 15 watts on a magnetic pad that can adjust to your preferred angle. A second pad behind the main pad charges AirPods or other wireless earbuds, and there is a fold-out Apple Watch charger. You get a USB-C cable (around 5-foot) and a wall adapter in the box.

★ Alternative: Mophie's 3-in-1 Travel Charger With MagSafe ($150) is a nice option though it takes up a bit more space when it's unfolded. It folds neatly into a fabric case with a cable and charging adapter. It will fast-charge iPhones at 15 watts, and this updated model includes fast-charging support for the Apple Watch.

Oval shaped phone mount clipped to the vent inside a car

Best MagSafe Car Mount

This simple MagSafe mount slots into any vent in your car and has a powerful magnet array that keeps your iPhone securely in place, even on bumpy roads. There’s a ball joint so you can angle your iPhone slightly for a better view, and it’s easy to place it on the mount and remove it one-handed. You get a 12-volt car adapter and a USB-C cable in the box. Vent mounts are unobtrusive and may help your phone keep cool. If you prefer something different, read our Best Car Phone Mounts and Chargers guide for more recommendations.

15-watt charging, 3.9-foot cable, car charger included, two-year warranty.

Anker 622 MagGo MagSafe charging station

Best MagSafe Power Bank

Sling a MagSafe power bank in your bag, and you can attach it when you need to top up your iPhone battery. This power bank boosted my iPhone 14 Pro’s battery by 78 percent and took around three hours to charge (since wireless charging is not the most efficient method, you will never get the stated capacity of a MagSafe power bank). You can continue using your iPhone while it’s charged because it doesn’t add much bulk, and there’s a small fold-out kickstand for propping your iPhone in portrait or landscape orientation. Just ensure you get the newer (A1614) version, as it has the USB-C port on the side and can turn off if you just want to use it as a stand. Read our Best MagSafe Power Banks guide for more recommendations.

7.5-watt charging, 3.9-foot cable, car charger included, two-year warranty.

Headphones and iPhone charging on Satechi 2in1 wireless charger

A Headphone Stand and Wireless Charger

Combining functionality is a great way to save desk space, and this headphone stand cleverly doubles as a MagSafe charger. There’s a stainless steel arm with a rubber section to lay your cans on and a MagSafe charging spot on the base. There’s also a USB-C port that you can use to top up your headphones or other devices. While you get a USB-C cable in the box, you'll need to use your own 20-watt wall charger.

7.5-watt charging, 3.3-foot cable, wall charger not included, one-year warranty.

View looking down at a bedside nightstand with a black magnetic wireless charger holding a phone watch remote and small...

Having a place to dump your keys, jewelry, and watch, and charge your phone and earbuds, can help you get out faster in the morning. This classy and roomy tray from Courant has a MagSafe spot for your iPhone, a secondary charging spot for your earbuds, and space for all your other daily essentials. I tried the black linen version, but you can opt for lighter shades or a leather finish (though it’s more expensive). The wireless charging is slow, but there is a spare USB-C port. There's also a bright, unnecessary LED on the back of this charger that I had to cover when using this on my nightstand.

It looks classy and neat, but the linen version picks up dust easily. WIRED reviews editor Julian Chokkattu has the Leather-Saddle model—he says it doesn't show dust easily and looks great after months of use.

7.5- and 5-watt charging, 5-foot cable, wall charger included, one-year warranty.

belkin apple travel charger

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MagSafe Monday

Magsafe monday: the top magsafe accessories for summer travel.

Avatar for Bradley Chambers

I’ve been traveling quite a bit this summer, so it’s been a good time to test out some MagSafe accessories designed for portability. For this week’s MagSafe Monday, I am looking at the top MagSafe accessories for summer vacation or any travel. Read on to find out more.

MagSafe Monday :  Every Monday, Bradley Chambers looks at the latest and greatest in the MagSafe and wireless charging industry to help you get the most out of your Apple devices that support wireless charging.

Anker MagGo Power Bank

Anker MagGo Power Bank

I did some international travel back in late May, and the Anker MagGo Power Bank was my go-to charger to keep my iPhone from dying when I was away from power outlets. With a powerful 10,000mAh capacity, securely get 1.8 full charges for your iPhone 15 Pro and enjoy hands-free viewing with the convenient built-in stand. I love how the display lets you know how much charge is left in the battery as well.

Buy it on Amazon .

MagSafe Wallet from ESR with Find My

ESR MagSafe

There are countless MagSafe wallets on the market, and I’ve tried them all. They all have different aspects that I love and things I wish they’d change. For traveling, I really like the ESR MagSafe wallet with Find My integration.

A few things here make it an upgrade over Apple’s wallet. The first is the built-in stand. I’ve grown to appreciate always having a stand on my iPhone. Even at my desk, I’ll often leave it on a stand for quick glances for phone calls, 2FA text messages, etc. With the iPhone 15’s always on display, it’s incredibly useful to have it at only a glance away. It works between 15° and 170° in either portrait or landscape. It’s perfect for TV/movie watching on a plane as well.

The 2nd aspect I like about the ESR wallet over Apple’s wallet is the secure grip. This is a new feature for me as I’ve never been one to have a case with it built-in before, but I’ve found it beneficial day to day for holding my iPhone securely while holding other items.

Overall, it’s fantastic for travel. The Find My integration is critical in case you leave your wallet somewhere.

You can buy it from  Amazon  or  directly from ESR .

ESR for iPhone 15 Pro case

belkin apple travel charger

Without a MagSafe-compatible case, MagSafe accessories are pretty useless! I’ve tried a number of cases on my iPhone 15 Pro, and I’ve landed on the ESR case with a built in screen protector . After a cracked screen (maybe my first one?), I decided I was done spending $300 for repairs. I had purchased this case for my son when he got his first iPhone this past Christmas, and I am really liking it. It’s robust enough to handle drops and the general day to day hassle of travel, but thin enough to still fit in your pockets.

You can buy it from Amazon .

Belkin Magnetic Wireless Car Charger

belkin apple travel charger

Using MagSafe in the car was one of the first accessories I purchased when I upgraded to the iPhone 12 mini (A phone ahead of its time), and I immediately fell in love. Getting in and out of the car is a prime example of where MagSafe shines. Before MagSafe, I’d use docks that would require a separate charger. I’d often get into the car and neglect to plug in the charger. It could quickly deplete the battery, especially when using GPS over long drives.

One of the things I’ve come to appreciate about an air vent installation with the Belkin Magnetic Wireless Car Charger is how it can keep the iPhone cool in the brutal southern summers. Wireless charging can induce additional heat, so having a vent-based MagSafe charging solution allows the air conditioner to counterbalance the heat the wireless charging brings.

The Belkin Magnetic Wireless Car Charger is my favorite wireless car charger. It’s on the higher end of the price for this product category, but it’s a fantastic device. It brings a low profile, strong magnets, and a 20W USB-C Power Delivery 3.0 car power supply, capable of 10W fast charging.

 It can be purchased from  Amazon  and directly from  Belkin .

FTC: We use income earning auto affiliate links. More.

Check out 9to5Mac on YouTube for more Apple news:

MagSafe Monday

Bradley lives in Chattanooga, TN.

Tips, feedback, corrections and questions can be sent to [email protected].

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MacBook Air

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AirPods Pro 2

AirPods Pro 2

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End cable clutter with the best multi-device wireless chargers of 2024

By Jason R. Rich

Edited By Leslie Gornstein , Fox Van Allen , Nina Bradley

Updated on: June 25, 2024 / 9:59 AM EDT / Essentials

CBS Essentials is created independently of the CBS News editorial staff. We may receive commissions from some links to products on this page. Promotions are subject to availability and retailer terms.

The 7 best multi-device wireless charging devices

Anyone who uses a smartphone, smartwatch or wireless earbuds knows how cable clutter can make keeping all of your mobile devices charged a huge hassle. As part of your summer cleaning tasks, consider getting rid of cable clutter altogether by taking advantage of a multi-device wireless charger. 

We're talking about a single device that requires just one power outlet and one power cable. Simply place your smartphone , smartwatch and wireless earbuds case on that charger and those devices will all recharge at the same time. No additional cables are needed, so you can say goodbye to cable clutter and hello to fast-charging convenience.

The best multi-device charging stations for 2024

When it comes to wireless charging devices, you have a choice: There are two-in-one options available for those who use two mobile devices, as well as three-in-one options. There are also a few multi-device charging stations that can accommodate your tablet too.

  • Best multi-device wireless charger overall :  Twelve South Butterfly 2-in-1 MagSafe charger
  • Best 2-in-1 wireless charger :  Courant Mag:3 Classic
  • Best 3-in-1 wireless charging stand :  Belkin BoostCharge Pro
  • Best 3-in-1 wireless charging pad :  Belkin BoostCharge Pro Pad
  • Best Apple MagSafe, multi-device wireless charger :  Torras 3-in-1 charging station
  • Best multi-device wireless charger for travel :  Zagg 3-in-1 Travel Charger with MagSafe
  • Best 4-in-1 wireless charger :  ZenGoose Apple Wireless 4-in-1 Charger

Best multi-device wireless charger overall : Twelve South Butterfly 2-in-1 MagSafe charger

Twelve South Butterfly 2-in-1 MagSafe Charger

Number of devices supported : 2 |  Wireless output : Up to 15W (for Phones and earbuds), 5W for Apple Watch |  Apple made for MagSafe certified : Yes |  Qi certified : Yes |  Fast charging : No |  Dimensions : 2.4 x 2.4 x 0.9 inches (when closed)

This ingenious phone, earbuds and Apple Watch charger folds up to fit in a pocket, but unfolds to provide two wireless charging pads -- one for a smartphone or earbuds (like iPods) and the other for an Apple Watch . The charger features an anodized aluminum layered shell that matches a MacBook's silver color. It has a soft vegan leather interior.

One included USB Type-C cable connects from the Butterfly to an external power source. Among this charger's features are its versatile design. It can be positioned in multiple ways -- either holding your phone in landscape mode or flat when charging. Your Apple Watch also either lie flat or in nightstand mode.

We also like that the Butterfly is ready to travel internationally. It comes with a collection of five power adapters, so you can plug it in pretty much anywhere in the world and keep your devices charged easily using just one power outlet.

Best 2-in-1 wireless charger : Courant Mag:3 Classic dual charging tray

Courant Mag:3 Classic Dual Charging Tray

Number of devices supported : 2 |  Wireless output : Up to 7.5W (phone), 5W (smaller pad) |  Apple made for MagSafe certified : Yes |  Qi certified : Yes |  Fast charging : No |  Dimensions : 8.03 x 10.91 x 0.91 inches 

The Courant Mag:3 Classic combines elegance with convenience in a two-in-one wireless charging tray. Built into the Italian leather-covered tray is a MagSafe and Qi-compatible charging pad for a smartphone and a second (smaller) charging pad for wireless earbuds.

The Mag:3 makes a great-looking addition to a nightstand because the valet tray area has extra room to keep your small items (like a wallet and keys) organized and readily available. On the back of the tray is an extra USB Type-C charging port that can connect an Apple Watch or tablet's charging cable. A matching Apple Watch charging stand is sold separately. 

The leather version of the Mag:3 is available in five colors. On the bottom of the weighted tray is a non-slip material. A slightly less expensive version with a linen covering (instead of leather) is also available.

Best 3-in-1 wireless charging stand: Belkin BoostCharge Pro  


Number of devices supported : 3 | Wireless output : Up to 15W | Apple made for MagSafe certified : Yes | Qi certified : Yes | Fast charging : Yes | Dimensions : 7.38 x 6.38 x 8.25 inches (with Apple devices connected)

Instead of having three separate charging cables that require three separate power outlets, the Belkin BoostCharge Pro has just one cable leading to a power source. Yet it simultaneously charges up to three devices wirelessly, including your iPhone, AirPods and Apple Watch.

The Belkin BoostCharge Pro charging stand is MagSafe certified. It offers fast charging capabilities for compatible Apple devices and delivers up to 15 watts of power. It also works with all iPhone cases that are also MagSafe compatible. 

This is an elegant tabletop stand, made primarily from plastic and metal. It takes up minimal space on a desk or nightstand. Choose between a black or white base color. The modern, looking three-in-one stand, with its minimalist design, comes with a charging cable and power adapter.

For a limited time, the BoostCharge Pro wireless charging stand is 25% off at Belkin with code SUMMER24 .

Best 3-in-1 wireless charging pad: Belkin BoostCharge Pro pad


Number of devices supported : 3 | Wireless output : Up to 15W | Apple made for MagSafe certified : Yes | Qi certified : Yes | Fast charging : Yes | Dimensions : 3.44 x 9.34 x 0.83 inches

If you don't want a wireless charging stand, but still want to charge up to three devices at once, the Belkin BoostCharge Pro 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Pad offers a flat (but not foldable) design that plugs into a single electrical outlet. The pad offers three wireless charging locations, including one that flips upward to accommodate an Apple Watch and keeps the watch's display visible (in nightstand mode). 

The Belkin BoostCharge Pro pad also features a minimalist design that's available in either black or white. It offers fast charging for compatible Apple devices. And because it's MagSafe-certified, it works seamlessly with iPhones that are within a MagSafe-compatible case.

Best Apple MagSafe, multi-device wireless charger: Torras 3-in-1 charging station

Torras 3-in-1 Charging Station with MagSafe Charger Stand

Number of devices supported : 3 |  Wireless output : Up to 15W |  Apple made for MagSafe certified : Yes |  Qi certified : Yes |  Fast charging : Yes |  Dimensions : 5.5 x 2.7 x 1.3 inches 

The Torras three-in-one charging stand offers a modern-looking design that can charge a smartphone, wireless earbuds and Apple Watch at the same time. The main charging pad for the phone is both MagSafe and Qi-compatible, so it'll work with any smartphone that supports wireless charging. 

This stand is also foldable and comes with a USB Type-C power cord and adapter. The charger's internal cooling system prevents overheating and helps to protect the rechargeable batteries within your mobile devices. 

The charger stand also supports both horizontal and vertical phone orientations, while the magnetic technology ensures seamless alignment and secure attachment to MagSafe-compatible iPhones. 

Best 3-in-1 charger for travel : Zagg 3-in-1 travel charger with MagSafe


Number of devices supported : 3 |  Wireless output : 3W for AirPods, 15W for iPhone, 5W for Apple Watch |  Apple made for MagSafe certified : Yes |  Qi certified : Yes|  Fast charging : Yes |  Dimensions : 3.15 x 3.15 x 1.05 inches (folded within its carrying case)

If you're a frequent traveler, you know that hotel rooms typically do not offer enough power outlets. So, if you want to charge your iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods at the same time, the Zagg 3-in-1 travel charger with MagSafe offers a perfect, highly portable solution.

This charging pad folds for easy transport, but when unfolded, provides three separate wireless charging platforms, including one that delivers up to three watts of power to charge AirPods, one that delivers up to 15 watts of power for your smartphone and a third that delivers up to five watts of power to recharge an Apple Watch. 

This charging pad is Qi and MagSafe compatible. It comes with a handy travel case. A USB Type-C charging cable and a 30W USB Type-C wall charger are also included.

Best 4-in-1 wireless charger for a desk : ZenGoose Apple wireless 4-in-1 charger


Number of devices supported : 4 | Wireless output : Up to 18W | Apple made for MagSafe certified : No | Qi certified : No | Fast charging : Yes | Dimensions : 10.47 x 6.3 x 2.83 inches

The ZenGoose Apple wireless four-in-one charger is one of a few charging stands that can charge an Apple iPad and keep it positioned at an easy-to-view, adjustable angle during charging. This stand supports any tablet that's less than 11 inches. At the same time, your Apple iPhone, AirPods and Apple Watch can be charged by placing them on the stand's base. For the Apple Watch, you can lie it flat on the base or flip up the wireless charging pad so you can display the watch in nightstand mode. 

This stand supports fast charging. Keep in mind, that while wireless charging is offered on the base of the stand, your Apple iPad will need to be plugged in with a cable. (You can still charge all four devices simultaneously and will only need a single electrical outlet.)

Each of the wireless charging pads incorporates over-current protection, over-voltage protection, over-temperature protection, short-circuit protection and foreign object detection. Located on the base of the device are four tiny LED indicator lights that show the current status of each device being charged. Meanwhile, the bottom of the base has a non-slip silicone strip. 

What's the difference between Qi and MagSafe wireless chargers?

Qi is an industry standard for wireless charging. It's compatible with Apple iPhones and many Android phones (including those from Samsung) that support wireless charging. Some other devices, like smartwatches, fitness trackers , wireless earbud charging cases and even some portable cameras also support Qi. 

The technology relies on electromagnetic induction to transfer power to a mobile device, so you can recharge it without having to plug it into a USB-C power cable. Instead, you simply place the device on the pad.

What makes this technology convenient is that when you invest in a multi-device wireless charger, only the pad needs to be plugged into a power source. You can recharge several devices simultaneously without needing additional power cords. This greatly reduces cable clutter. The latest Qi2 wireless chargers allow some mobile devices to recharge even faster.

While the latest Apple iPhones and AirPods (with a wireless charging case) support Qi wireless chargers, the iPhone also supports Apple's own technology for wireless charging, called MagSafe. When used with a compatible Apple device, a 15-watt MagSafe charger allows for faster charging. It also uses magnets to hold the mobile device in place while its battery is recharging. This magnet system can be used with various Apple phone accessories, including MagSafe cases.

For all of your summer needs, keep up-to-date on our  home, kitchen & outdoor  coverage. And when it comes to keeping up with the latest  technologies , our team of  consumer tech experts  has you covered with comprehensive product roundups, in-depth product reviews and details about where and how to find the best deals. We cover everything from  laptops  and  action cameras  to the best  TVs ,  smart grills ,  tablets ,  smartwatches  and noise-canceling  earbuds  and  headphones .

Jason R. Rich ( ) is an internationally recognized consumer technology expert with more than 30 years' writing experience. He's also an accomplished author and photographer. One of his most recently published books, The Remote Worker's Handbook: How to Effectively Work From Anywhere ($24.99, Entrepreneur Books) is now available from Amazon and wherever books are sold.

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Despite a lifelong fear of cats, the Oscar-winning actor took on the challenge of working with a feline co-star in the latest prequel to the popular horror franchise.

Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin attorneys say FBI testing damaged gun in "Rust" shooting

Alec Baldwin's attorneys say the involuntary manslaughter charge against him for the "Rust" shooting that killed Halyna Hutchins should be dismissed.


Voice actors sue AI startup

Two voice actors say they were hired by the AI company Lovo to provide voice clips for what they were told would be internal research. They claim the company instead cloned their voices, breaching their contracts. The actors are suing Lovo in a proposed federal class action lawsuit.


How AI powered robots are helping small farms

From labor shortages to environmental impacts, farmers are looking to AI to help revolutionize the agriculture industry. One California startup, Farm-ng, is tapping into the power of AI and robotics to perform a wide range of tasks, including seeding, weeding and harvesting.

Virtual assistant and CRM software automation technology. Customer using online service with chat bot to get support. Chat bot conversation concept.

ChatGPT gives incorrect answers to questions about how to vote

A CBS News investigation found ChatGPT gave incorrect or incomplete answers to some questions about how to vote in battleground states in the U.S. presidential election.

What to know about the CDK Global cyberattack

A cyberattack on a company that provides software for thousands of car dealers in North America says it's a "ransom event." The hack on CDK Global happened last week and is still disrupting about 15,000 car sellers who depend on the company's software to run their businesses. CBS News MoneyWatch reporter Megan Cerullo has more.

Study: Polar bears threatened by thinning ice

New research paints a worrying picture about the state of polar bears in Canada's Hudson Bay. The big furry bears could go extinct in the region as early as the 2030s due to thinning ice, longer ice-free seasons and human activity leading to climate change. Geoffrey York, one of the study's co-authors, joins CBS News to break down the findings.


Chimpanzees seek out medicinal plants to treat ailments, study finds

Scientists monitoring 51 chimpanzees saw sick or injured animals eating certain plant items that were not part of their normal diet.

How dangerous are microplastics?

A large amount of human-produced plastic waste degrades into microplastics: small particles that linger in the environment and can be consumed by animals and people. Microplastics spread through water, air, and even the human bloodstream. Matthew Campen, director of the University of New Mexico's Center for Metals in Biology and Medicine, joins CBS News to explain the possible health risks from microplastic exposure.

Spain Lynx Recovery

European lynx species rebounds from brink of extinction

In 2001, there were only 62 mature Iberian lynx on the Iberian Peninsula.

What to know about Tropical Storm Alberto

Tropical Storm Alberto is expected to make landfall in Mexico by Thursday, but parts of Texas are already experiencing heavy flooding. Meanwhile, extreme heat continues to bear down on millions of Americans. CBS News national correspondent Dave Malkoff has details.

Firearm-related deaths on the rise in U.S.

U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy on Tuesday declared gun violence a public health crisis in America, citing the numbers of injuries and deaths involving firearms. Dr. Murthy is now calling on lawmakers to ban automatic rifles, introduce universal background checks for buying guns and more legal restrictions. Anna Schecter Zigler, senior coordinating producer for CBS News' crime and public safety unit, joins to discuss.

Closing arguments in Karen Read trial

Lawyers delivered closing arguments in Karen Read's murder trial in Massachusetts Tuesday. Read's defense team tried to cast doubt on who killed her boyfriend, Boston police officer John O'Keefe, while prosecutors pointed to the evidence against her. CBS News Boston reporter Penny Kmitt has more.

Yellow police tape

5 people killed, 13-year-old girl critically injured in Las Vegas shooting

The suspected shooter killed himself Tuesday morning as he was confronted by officers in a neighborhood, police said.


Man allegedly flew to Florida to attack gamer after online dispute

Edward Kang allegedly flew from Newark to Jacksonville to confront a fellow gamer for being "a bad person online."


Powerful weather satellite launched for hurricane-hunting duty

The latest GOES satellite will play a critical role in tracking hurricanes and other dangerous storms across North America.


Chinese probe returns to Earth with first samples from far side of moon

China's Chang'e 6 is the first craft ever to collect soil and rock samples from the side of the moon that faces away from Earth into space.


Starliner trip home from ISS delayed

NASA has again postponed the troubled Boeing Starliner's trip home from the International Space Station as crews assess a series of helium leaks. Those leaks had also delayed the first crewed launch of the ship multiple times. Mark Strassmann reports.

Spacewalk scrubbed; Starliner return delayed

NASA canceled a spacewalk on Monday due to a leaky spacesuit. And Starliner commander Barry "Butch" Wilmore and co-pilot Sunita Williams will remain at the International Space Station longer than planned after NASA and Boeing delayed the capsule's return to Earth. CBS News space consultant Bill Harwood breaks down the issues the astronauts are navigating in space.


Second spacewalk in a row called off due to spacesuit problems

It was the second spacewalk in a row to be called off because of spacesuit issues.

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belkin apple travel charger

The Best Magsafe Accessories to Get the Most Out of Your Apple iPhone

If you purchase an independently reviewed product or service through a link on our website, The Hollywood Reporter may receive an affiliate commission.

The Apple iPhone is incredibly versatile, especially with the right gear to get the most out of the smartphone. And since 2020, Apple has made attaching accessories to the device easier, thanks to MagSafe technology.

What is MagSafe ? It's an Apple standard that wirelessly transfers power from the iPhone (iPhone 12 and up) to accessories (and vice versa) magnetically. This means accessories will stay in place more securely and line up perfectly with the back of the iPhone, which means no more trial and error to get the best fit and placement. It just attaches flawlessly with the power of magnets.

Shop Apple IpHone Magsafe Accessories on Amazon

Ahead, you'll find our picks for the best MagSafe accessories for the Apple iPhone to get more out of the mobile device. Whether you need something to turn your phone into a MacBook camera upgrade, or a multi-device charging station to simplify traveling, we've found something for every scenario.


Belkin Auto-Tracking Stand Pro

$180 at Belkin

The Belkin Auto-Tracking Stand Pro is a very cool and useful way to make self-tracking videos for TikTok, Instagram, Zoom and other apps with your Apple iPhone.

It uses MagSafe and NFC (Near Field Communication), so all you have to do is attach your iPhone and Belkin's Auto-Tracking Stand Pro will track and follow your body and face.


Anker Magnetic Battery

Price: $59.39 (reg. $79.99)

You Save: $20.60 (26%)

Buy at Amazon

Looking to get more juice out of your iPhone? The Anker magnetic battery provides Apple mobile devices with nearly twice as much battery life for when you can't find a wall outlet. Just snap it onto the back of a MagSafe-equipped iPhone to get an instant charge when you're on the go.

It even doubles as a kickstand to prop up your phone when watching videos or taking a video call.


Belkin BoostCharge Pro

$150 at belkin

Wouldn't it be great if you could charge your iPhone and its accessories simultaneously bin one place? The Belkin BoostCharge Pro is a three-in-one charging solution for the iPhone, Apple AirPods Pro and Apple Watch. It also looks elegant on a nightstand or office desk, thanks to its floating design.


Anker MagSafe Charger Stand

$150 at Amazon

If you travel a lot, then you know carting round multiple devices can be a pain - especially when they each need to be charged. Instead of packing several chargers and wall outlets, just pack the Anker MagSafe charger stand to charge up to three devices when traveling domestically.

Its cube-shaped design makes it compact and packable, while its foldable design offers functionality.


iOttie Velox Pro

$75 at Amazon

Although using a docked iPhone for hands-free maps and GPS when driving is very useful, it can sometimes be clumsy if your Apple smartphone isn't secure. Enter the iOttie Velox Pro , a MagSafe dash and windshield car mount for iPhone.

It keeps your device safe and secure when driving, thanks to magnets, while also cool and usable with "CryoFlow" cooling technology. The car mount is also adjustable to give you an optimal at-a-glance view of your iPhone.


Moft Snap Phone Tripod Stand Movas

$40 at Moft

The Moft Snap Phone Tripod Stand Movas is a quick and easy iPhone stand that's foldable and compact. It attaches to the back of an iPhone via MagSafe, and it's designed to stay out of the way when you don't need it and keep it stable and secure when you do. The stand is also flexible and adjustable. It comes in four colors, including misty cove white, jet black, seafoam green and sapphire blue.


Belkin iPhone Mount

Price: $23.23 (reg. $29.99)

You Save: $6.76 (23%)

Over the years, Apple has made the iPhone work better with a MacBook, especially with the Continuity Camera feature, which lets you use the camera on the iPhone as the MacBook's webcam.

With MagSafe accessories like the Belkin iPhone Mount , you can securely place the iPhone at the top of a MacBook for better camera positions in landscape and portrait modes. It even doubles as a ring holder for a better grip or a kickstand to watch videos on a desk.


PopSockets Phone Grip

Price: $24.99 (reg. $29.99)

You Save: $5.00 (17%)

Speaking of grip, the PopSockets Phone Grip is an iconic iPhone accessory that comes in MagSafe now for security and stability. It goes on the back of your iPhone for a better one-handed grip. (Think of it as a handle for your smartphone.) And since it's MagSafe, it's easier to swap out for another color or design.

Shop More Apple IpHone Magsafe Accessories on Amazon

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The Best Magsafe Accessories to Get the Most Out of Your Apple iPhone

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What is Qi2 wireless charging? And why you’ll want it.

September 12, 2023


In Chinese, Qi, pronounced CHEE, means energy. And Qi is the newest way to wirelessly transfer energy to your devices.

Qi2, AKA Qi v2.0, is a cutting-edge wireless charging standard developed by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) that improves charging efficiency through magnetic alignment.

The WPC unveiled Qi2 during CES 2023 as “The latest advancement in charging technology.” Qi2 is the use of magnetic alignment and a different frequency to achieve 15W fast charging for compatible phones. The magnets allow proper alignment for devices, improving efficiency and reducing charge times. This is a game changer for wirelessly charging smartphones, mobile devices, and even wearables.

At the heart of Qi2 is the Magnetic Power Profile (MPP), developed by the WPC based on Apple’s MagSafe technology. This fundamental feature of Qi2 is a huge reason Qi2 will rapidly become the industry standard.

Like MagSafe, the Qi2 Magnetic Power Profile aims to optimize energy usage, minimize charge times, and safeguard the device's battery life and integrity.

The benefits of Qi2 wireless charging

Speed: The biggest benefit, by far, is how much faster Qi2 charges than its predecessor, Qi. Qi2 charges up to 15 watts, while Qi charges anywhere from 5 watts to 15 watts. More wattage means faster charging. But speed is just the beginning. Thanks to its ingenious use of magnets, it’s far more efficient and creates far less heat because the charging coils are always aligned properly.

Safety: Qi2 aims to optimize energy usage, minimize charge times, and safeguard the device's battery life and integrity. The standard includes enhanced foreign object detection, ensuring that only compatible devices are charged, and minimizing the risk of accidents or damage. Only certified Qi2 devices will work. If it isn't certified, performance may vary.

Compatibility: Qi2 will initially be compatible with select iPhone 15, iPhone 14, iPhone 13 and other MagSafe compatible devices and is available to Android manufacturers to integrate into their future devices.

Forward thinking: Qi2 will enable new product innovation in other ways, too. The magnetic locking feature will support new product form factors, like an AR/VR headset. It will also support new types of accessories that magnetically attach to the back of the phone, like an extra battery.

Sustainability: Charging cables tend to wear out due to the mechanical stress of daily plugging and unplugging, ending up as waste in landfills. Wireless chargers eliminate that mechanical stress and do not wear out, reducing needless waste.

What’s the difference between MagSafe and Qi2?

Both MagSafe and Qi2 use magnets to provide a secure, power-efficient way to wirelessly attach chargers to smartphones, and both deliver faster charging speeds than standard Qi. Initially, Qi2 will offer 15W fast charging capabilities like MagSafe. However, the WPC has plans to support even faster charging speeds and higher wattage in the future.

The most obvious difference between MagSafe and Qi2 is that Qi2 is open to all device manufacturers as an industry standard whereas MagSafe is for Apple devices. Qi2 will be more widely accessible across different smartphone brands and operating systems.

Our reason for being is new technology.

Qi2 is an exciting technology and is only going to keep developing. We’ve only seen the beginning of its applications. At Belkin, we live for the new, the possible. We are excited to be a part of this amazing technology that is going to help people work and live with more ease and productivity.

Discover the Qi2 chargers introduced in January 2024.

2-in-1 Magnetic Wireless Charging Pad with Qi2 15W

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    Seamless charging experience with MagSafe for iPhone 15, 14, 13 and 12 models. Charge your Apple Watch while lying flat or in Nightstand mode. Flat, compact design for convenient travel. Modern minimalist design elevates any space. Compatible with official MagSafe cases. LED light indicates proper charging for AirPods.

  2. Belkin Apple Watch Charger

    Buy Belkin Apple Watch Charger - Fast Wireless Charging Pad - Apple Watch Travel Charger with Nightstand Mode - MagSafe Charging Station W/USB-C Cable Included for Apple Watch (All Models) - White: Smartwatch Cables & Chargers - FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

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    2-in-1 Wireless Charging Pad with Official MagSafe Charging 15W. $79.99. Add to Cart. HOT DEAL. + Quick add. (191) BoostCharge Pro. Portable Wireless Charger Pad with Official MagSafe Charging 15W. Price reduced from $49.99 to $29.99.

  4. Belkin MagSafe 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Pad

    Travel, LED charging indicator light, MagSafe, Chrome Finishes and Silicone Details, Fast Charging: Color: White: Input Voltage: 120 Volts: Mounting Type: ... 3-IN-1 CHARGER: Power your apple ecosystem with this Belkin 3-in-1 Wireless iPhone Charger Pad. It is the perfect charging station for multiple Apple devices, including iPhone 15, 14, 13 ...

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    Read more. $55 at Nomad (Base) Best 2-in-1 MagSafe Charger. Belkin BoostCharge Pro 2-in-1. Read more. $100 at Amazon. Show more. 4 / 10. Keeping your iPhone topped up can be a challenge, but the ...

  9. Chargers

    We approximate your location from your internet IP address by matching it to a geographic region or from the location entered during your previous visit to Apple. All Accessories. Charging Essentials. Choose from: Belkin Auto-Tracking Stand Pro with DockKit,Belkin BOOST CHARGE PRO 2-in-1 Wireless Charger Pad with MagSafe.

  10. Belkin BOOST↑CHARGE™ PRO Magnetic Power Bank 5K (MagSafe ...

    The Belkin BOOST↑CHARGE™ PRO Magnetic Power Bank 5K is the ultimate charging solution for fast charging at work, at home or on-the-go. The MagSafe compatible, convertible design allows users to switch between pad and stand modes, ideal for FaceTime, taking calls, or streaming video while charging. It's versatile, reliable, compact, and easy ...

  11. Apple Watch Chargers

    BoostCharge Pro. Fast Wireless Charger for Apple Watch + Power Bank 10K. $99.99 $84.99. Add to Cart. 15% off. (717) BoostCharge Pro. 3-in-1 Wireless Charger with Official MagSafe Charging 15W. $149.99.

  12. Belkin Travel Stand Charger for Apple Watch Series 4, 3, 2, 1, Black

    Belkin Apple Watch Charger - Fast Wireless Charging Pad - Travel Charger with Nightstand Mode W/USB-C Cable Included for Apple Watch (Compatible with All Models) - Black 4.6 out of 5 stars 530 8 offers from $28.99

  13. MagSafe Monday: The top MagSafe accessories for summer travel

    It's on the higher end of the price for this product category, but it's a fantastic device. It brings a low profile, strong magnets, and a 20W USB-C Power Delivery 3.0 car power supply ...

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  15. Chargers

    iPhone. iPhone Accessories. Charging Essentials. Choose from: Belkin Auto-Tracking Stand Pro with DockKit,Belkin BOOST CHARGE PRO 2-in-1 Wireless Charger Pad with MagSafe.

  16. The Best Magsafe Accessories to Get the Most Out of Your Apple iPhone

    PopSockets Phone Grip. Price: $24.99 (reg. $29.99) You Save: $5.00 (17%) Buy at Amazon. Speaking of grip, the PopSockets Phone Grip is an iconic iPhone accessory that comes in MagSafe now for ...

  17. Wireless Chargers & Charging Stands

    Discover wireless chargers compatible with Apple and Samsung devices including iPhones, AirPods, Apple Watch, and Samsung Galaxy. Explore 3-in-1 charging stands and pads, along with 2-in-1 chargers ideal for home, office, and travel. Free shipping on orders $50+, 24/7 customer support. ... Send me all Belkin updates and special offers (Select ...

  18. Belkin Apple Watch Charger

    Belkin Apple Watch Charger - Fast Wireless Charging Pad - Apple Watch Travel Charger with Nightstand Mode - MagSafe Charging Station W/USB-C Cable Included for Apple Watch (All Models) - White The Belkin BoostCharge Pro wireless Apple Watch MagSafe charging pad is the perfect way to keep your Apple watch charged and ready to go. It's compact ...

  19. THE 10 BEST Things to Do in Elektrostal

    Things to Do in Elektrostal. 1. Electrostal History and Art Museum. 2. Statue of Lenin. 3. Park of Culture and Leisure. 4. Museum and Exhibition Center.

  20. Medvedkovo Map

    map to travel: Medvedkovo. Wikipedia. Photo: Antares 610, CC BY 3.0. Notable Places in the Area. Babushkinskaya. Metro station Photo: Aborisov, Public domain. Babushkinskaya is a Moscow Metro station in the Babushkinsky District, North-Eastern Administrative Okrug, Moscow. Sviblovo.

  21. 3-in-1 MagSafe Charger for iPhone 15, 14, 13, 12

    BoostCharge Pro. 3-in-1 Wireless Charger with Official MagSafe Charging 15W. SKU: WIZ017ttBK. (0) Charge your Apple devices faster with a powerful, beautifully designed charging stand that features the latest magnetic fast charging module for Apple Watch Series 7-9 and MagSafe technology for your iPhone 15 through iPhone 12 series device. $149.99.

  22. Belkin Apple Watch Charger belkin apple watch charger. ... Travel Charger with Nightstand Mode W/USB-C Cable Included for Apple Watch (Compatible with All Models) - Black. 4.6 out of 5 stars. 531. 50+ bought in past month. $59.99 $ 59. 99. FREE delivery Wed, Mar 6 . Or fastest delivery Mon, Mar 4 .

  23. Elektrostal Map

    Elektrostal is a city in Moscow Oblast, Russia, located 58 kilometers east of Moscow. Elektrostal has about 158,000 residents. Mapcarta, the open map.

  24. State Housing Inspectorate of the Moscow Region

    State Housing Inspectorate of the Moscow Region Elektrostal postal code 144009. See Google profile, Hours, Phone, Website and more for this business. 2.0 Cybo Score. Review on Cybo.

  25. USB-C Chargers

    Premium chargers that pack a powerful punch for Apple, Samsung, and other USB-C devices. Choose fast, safe charging solutions with travel-ready options for when you're on-the-go. USB-IF certified. 2-year warranty, free shipping on orders $50+, and 24/7 customer support.

  26. What is Qi2 Charging

    Qi2, AKA Qi v2.0, is a cutting-edge wireless charging standard developed by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) that improves charging efficiency through magnetic alignment. The WPC unveiled Qi2 during CES 2023 as "The latest advancement in charging technology.". Qi2 is the use of magnetic alignment and a different frequency to achieve 15W ...