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I have been a fan of science fiction for more than thirty years, since my parents introduced me to Star Wars some time in 1991. Since then, I’ve become obsessed to varying degrees with many shows including Star Trek , Babylon 5 , Battlestar Galactica , The Expanse , and many others. Generally, I don’t buy into most of the incessant crossover debates that frequently rage on certain sci-fi message boards. Rather than waste time proving that the Imperial Star Destroyer can blast Kirk’s Enterprise into molten slag, I prefer to enjoy each story based on the merits of its own setting and plot. Since the entire technological background is fictional anyway, the writers can simply make up any quasi-scientific principles that they wish for the sake of the plot.

Although I’m not that interested in the technological comparisons between series, I’ve occasionally wondered about how a certain starship would compare in size to those of another series. When Farscape ’s John Crichton first saw Moya , he exclaimed, “That’s big.... really big.” The question is, just how big is “big”? So I started to gather a list of the sizes of various science fiction ships. There are plenty of fans out there who have worked up all kinds of comparison charts on their own. But the one thing that very few of those charts has ever done is to include non-canon fan designs alongside the original canon starships. I decided to create one all-encompassing chart that would include many (if not quite all) of the Star Trek ships that are out there. The charts available below include those created by the Advanced Starship Design Bureau , Masao Okazaki at the Starfleet Museum , and Star Trek: Renaissance , the fan fiction series of which I was once a part.

I originally started these charts as a side project , to fulfill my own curiosity for how the ships stacked up. But they’ve become one of the most popular resources on Star Trek Minutiae, and I’ve even found copies of them floating around elsewhere on the web. So, here’s the original cross-sci-fi starship reference!

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Invincible class

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The Invincible -class was the single largest multi-mission combat-equipped starship ever constructed by Starfleet . She was designed as the ultimate in front line explorers. She was classified as a Fleet Carrier - Command Battleship . Invincible -class ships combine the roles of battleship and fighter carrier, having a massive offensive capability in terms of on-board weapons and huge complement of tactical fighters.

At 1,607.2 meters in length, 764.4 meters across, and 305.76 meters high, it was the largest starship class ever built by Starfleet .

Invincible ortho

The Invincible class Command Battleship-Fleet Carrier.

  • 2 Special features and capabilities
  • 3 Vanguard Command
  • 4.1 Offensive capabilities
  • 4.2 Defensive capabilities
  • 5.1 Tactical flyer group
  • 5.2 Embarked escort ships
  • 5.3 Standard auxiliary craft complement
  • 6 Task force flagship role
  • 7 Command and senior staff
  • 8.1 Navigation Bridge
  • 8.2 Flag Bridge
  • 8.3 Flight Operations Bridge
  • 9.1 Impulse drive
  • 9.2 Warp drive
  • 9.3 Quantum slipstream drive
  • 10.1 Redundant bio-neural / isolinear Circuitry
  • 10.2 Communications array
  • 11 Emergency holographic complement
  • 12.1 Astrometrics & stellar cartography
  • 12.2 Science labs
  • 13 Medical facilities
  • 14.1 Accommodations
  • 14.2 Mess lounges
  • 14.3 Recreational facilities
  • 15 Related links

Overview [ ]

Combining the abilities of a fully armed battleship, a full-fledged fleet carrier, and a mobile base of operations all in one massive platform, the Invincible -class of starship was the new flagship class of Starfleet . Designed as part of Starfleet's advanced technology starship program, the Invincible -class emerged from the dockyards in 2384 as the most sophisticated, most comprehensively armed, most impressive and the most advanced starship in Starfleet. This class of vessel was no doubt designed because of the Borg threat.

The hull configuration of the Invincible -class was comparable to other established Starfleet vessels, incorporating design characteristics of battle-proven designs. Her carrier features were considered to be the next step in carrier technology, as she was capable of carrying four (4) whole wings (four squadrons per wing, nine fighters per squadron) of tactical fighters into combat scenarios.

She was also capable of overpowering heavily armed enemy starships in one-on-one combat. The Invincible -class was currently one of very few Starfleet vessels that has enough firepower for any combat role, yet also carries the full capabilities of an exploratory starship.

She incorporates every weapons system known to Starfleet , supports triple computer cores and a twin type-D trelinium/dilithium hybrid reactor. With her 60 Decks on the primary and secondary hulls, 1,607.2 meter length, and full crew complement of 4,000, she was virtually a city in space. Only three ships of this class have been built.

Special features and capabilities [ ]

The Invincible -class was designed to provide military superiority in unstable regions. As such, it was well armed and self reliant, capable of handling all types of military situation, including fleet battle. The Invincible -class was equipped with Starfleet 's most advanced and most extensive weapons and defense systems. Constructed to explore uncharted space and to be able to stand toe-to-toe against any threat, it was a hard-hitting starship that was much more powerful than the Sovereign -class . Starfleet Engineering specified a long-range, multi-purpose fleet carrier-battleship that can capably function as a fleet command ship, as well as one that could penetrate enemy defenses and strike strategic installations with little or no escort. While fairly effective flying solo, the Invincible -class was devastating when operating as the center of a starship formation or a fleet. However, as Starfleet appears to be taking on the role of galactic police officer, it was also fitted for diplomatic purposes to hopefully stop conflict as it starts.

The Invincible -class merges the catamaran hull design of the Akira -class with the features of the fleet carrier-classes. It has three main hulls or sections: the primary hull, the secondary hull, and the tertiary hull . The Carrier Section was found in the secondary hull and was connected directly to the Saucer Section. The tertiary hull was composed of the ship's Catamaran and the wide roll bar carrying the sensor array and Catamaran superstructure.

The ship combines the maneuverability (both physically and mission-wise) of the Sovereign -class , the overwhelming firepower of the Achilles -class and Katana -class with their quantum mini-torpedo phalanx arrays and thick shielding, the ablative hull armor of the Defiant -class , the technological advancements and speed of the Prometheus -class , the bio-neural circuitry and borrowed regenerative and multiphasic shielding , and ablative armor plating technology found on the future Intrepid -class .

Vanguard Command [ ]

Only three vessels of the Invincible -class have been built by the Federation . All three were deployed as primary platforms of the three major fleets of Starfleet to "hot spots" where Starfleet Command was expecting a fight.

There was only one staship of this class assigned to the Vanguard Fleet and was its flagship. The Invincible -class Fleet Carrier - Command Battleship USS Invincible was the flagship of Task Force Invincible , the primary task force of the Vanguard Fleet .

Onboard tactical systems [ ]

The Invincible -class carried an extremely heavy torpedo complement. The phaser and torpedo firepower of the Invincible -class Fleet Carrier - Command Battleship makes it a powerful force in ship-to-ship combat. The ship’s weaponry systems consist of the most advanced phaser and torpedo systems available.

Offensive capabilities [ ]

The Invincible -class features 18 torpedo launchers . It has a total payload complement of 50 transphasic torpedoes , 750 quantum torpedoes and 1,500 high-yield photon torpedoes . It was also outfitted with 18 mini-torpedo phalanx arrays that face directly out, at 9 launchers each to port and starboard, with a complement of 3,600 quantum mini-torpedoes . Arranged this way, the phalanx arrays allow for an astoundingly high rate of fire that was able to cripple starships and ward off wings of fighters, while letting the ship keep its eye on its primary target.

The Invincible -class was also armed with 24 Type-XII phaser arrays , scattered in strips about the vessel to insure optimum firing arcs. These weapons have been improved since their debut on the Sovereign -class , including a 75% increase in beam output, a shorter firing time of .65 seconds, and a shorter recharge time of .2 seconds. The firing time was reduced to concentrate all beam energy to when the beam hits shield or hull, which exponentially increases overall efficiency and nearly doubles damage to shields. 12 forward triple-mounted Type-XII pulse phaser cannons and 12 rotary triple-mounted Type-XII pulse phaser cannons were also mounted, which have been similarly upgraded since their debut on the Defiant -class .

Defensive capabilities [ ]

The shield system of the Invincible -class was, quite simply, among the most powerful on any Starfleet ship. The design of the quadruple-redundant emitters provide regenerative features and to increase effectiveness against both high energy tractor beams and phased anti-muon (polaron) particles, measures clearly aimed at the Borg and Dominion respectively. Under normal operation, the shield modulation frequencies were controlled by the ship's computer system, which continually evaluates incoming weapons fire and automatically remodulates the shields to provide the most effective defense possible. It was thought that this system can also prevent beam-through by Borg transporter technology.

The Invincible -class utilizes a series of interlocking duranium - tritanium - tetraburnium poly-alloy truss frames for its space frame construction and hull. Instead of gamma wave welding, all ships of its class use transporter welding to create stronger joints. Its hull was also made of overlapping and regenerative ablative hull armor that allows it to take many direct hits from enemy fire even with minimal shields.

In addition, the class has been equipped with two armor generators that can deploy a thick layer made of ablative armor plating along the contours of the entire ship when activated. This can be done through the armor emitters that were installed at different points on the ship's hulls. Phaser arrays were covered by this coating, but torpedo systems remain uncovered.

This triple redundancy feature of shields and armor on the Invincible -class gives it a high degree of resistance to Borg and Dominion firepower. However, due to the huge amounts of energy needed to activate both the shields and the generated armor coating at the same time, the Invincible -class can only use all three simultaneously for several hours.

The Invincible -class 's hull was coated in microdiffracted carbon to absorb all visible radiation that fell upon it, making it as black as the space it moved through.

Carrier features [ ]

A primary feature of the Invincible -class was the arrangement of her flight decks. The ship has three flight decks. Aside from the flight decks, the secondary hull also houses equipment, locker rooms, offices, and other various services which the flight crews may need.

The two large full fly-through flight decks of the Carrier Section house the Invincible's Tactical Fighter Group composed of four wings, or a total of 16 squadrons. They run the width of the Carrier Section and have multiple bay doors at starboard and port sides, allowing for large numbers of simultaneous launch and landing operations.

Two wings of four squadrons each were housed in each of the flight decks. This was where all the fighters and equipment were kept. All fighter launchings and dockings take place here. These large hangars were capable of supporting and maintaining almost 144 tactical fighters, as well as several combat-equipped runabouts and shuttlecraft, including support facilities for all.

Tactical flyer group [ ]

The Invincible -class boasts of a complement of 144 Valkyrie -class advanced tactical flyers, divided into 16 squadrons of 9 fighters each. The vessel also has flyer and shuttlecraft construction and repair facilities onboard to keep support craft numbers at a constantly optimum level.

Embarked escort ships [ ]

Invincible -class capital ships are large enough to carry six escort ships, namely:

  • Two Defiant -class Tactical Frigates docked in the underside of the ship's dorsal superstructure on recessed docking ports
  • Four Valiant -class Tactical Corvettes housed in the hangar bay located aft of the saucer section, above the third flight deck of the ship and between the two large impulse engines.

These ships were deployed on the occasions when the Invincible -class was required to travel on solitary missions and without its permanent escort complement or attached task force. They served as permanent escort ships. Each had an assigned detail from the parent ship's main crew.

Condition Green - Invincible

The Invincible class with its companion ships.

Standard auxiliary craft complement [ ]

The third flight deck located dorsal aft of the Saucer Section, below the ship’s superstructure, was where all auxiliary runabouts, non-tactical flyers and shuttles were kept. The Invincible -class was equipped with a complement of 48 auxiliary crafts of varying types, with support facilities for all:

  • 8 Venture -class scout ships
  • 8 Yellowstone -class runabouts,
  • 8 Flyer -class heavy shuttlecrafts
  • 12 Type-11 medium shuttlecrafts
  • 12 Type-9 light shuttlecrafts .

Task force flagship role [ ]

Invincible -class starships were designed to serve as flagships of the largest task force formations of Starfleet . As such, she was accompanied by about 70 other combat-oriented starships during task force formations. Invincible -class starships were also one of only three ship classes in Starfleet with permanently attached companion ships.

Command and senior staff [ ]

Owing to their being task force flagships, Invincible -class starships have Commanding Officers that have the rank of Rear Admiral , while Executive Officers hold the rank of Commodore . Second Officers , Fighter Group Command Officers , and on occasions Chief Medical Officers hold the rank of Captain .

Flag facilities / Command Center [ ]

Another special feature of the Invincible -class were the full flag facilities with which it was equipped. Invincible -class starships serve as the flagships of the largest fleets of Starfleet. A primary flag facility onboard was the Flag Bridge , which was found in the middle portion of the Command Center .

Primary operational control of the task force, the ship and the tactical wings of the ship was provided by the Command Center , located at the top of the primary hull. The Command Center was ovoid in shape from aft to forward and was divided into three parts: the Navigation Bridge, the Flight Operations Bridge, and the Flag Bridge.

Navigation Bridge [ ]

The Navigation Bridge was primarily where the ship can be commanded. It directly supervises all primary mission operations and coordinates all departmental activities. It was located at the front most portion of the Command Center

  • At the Navigation Bridge’s aft section was a large bank of control consoles that were programmable for a multitude of functions and data readout screens. Center of that area was the Master Systems Display . All relevant ship information (such as damage, power distribution, etc.) could be displayed on this cutaway image of the vessel. Above this whole section was the forward handrail of the Flag Bridge, separating the latter from the Navigation Bridge.
  • The central area of the Navigation Bridge provides seating and information displays for the ship’s Commanding Officer and two command level officers. The command chair was slightly raised from the rest of the bridge officers to the height of the surrounding level. At the end of the armrests of the command chair were control panels with miniaturized status displays which could be used to override the basic operation of the starship. The two officer seats were also equipped with retractable and fully programmable consoles for a variety of uses.
  • Directly aft of this area, integrated in the handrail encircling the aft section of the central command area were the three consoles of the tactical and security station.
  • Directly fore of the central command area was the Conn Station and the seat of the Conn Officer , which face the main viewer. To the port side of the Conn Officer , also facing the main view screen, was the Operations Officer 's console, which was identical in size and design to the Conn Station.
  • At the very front of the bridge chamber was a large view screen. When the screen was not active, a standard bulkhead was present. On the floor between the view screen and the helm control station was a holo communicator.
  • Aft and to the port-side of the command area was an elevated platform on which the three consoles of the Engineering Station were located. This has a smaller cutaway diagram of the vessel, which shows all engineering-relevant data and shows warp fields and engine output.
  • Aft and to the starboard of the Command Area was another elevated platform on which the three consoles of the Science Station were located.
  • To the aft of both Science and Engineering Stations were two identical command consoles that could be operated to perform more bridge duties. Aft of these were the passageways that lead to the Flag Bridge and the Flight Operations Bridge beyond.

Flag Bridge [ ]

The Flag Bridge was the nerve center of the task force led by the Invincible -class . It was where coordination between task force elements and planning for task force movements were done, whether in squadron formation, in mission group formation or in strike group formation. It was located in the middle of the Command Center , separated from the Navigation Bridge in front and Flight Operations Bridge in the rear by port and aft doors. As the sector command hub whenever the flag officer was onboard, it was a combination briefing room, operations center and workplace from which the flag officer could keep a weather eye on the ships of the task force and on the situation over dozens of star systems under the flag officer's command. It was dominated by a large, oval holotable, with virtual panes hanging suspended in the air above it and a gesture-sensitive interface.

  • At the aft wall of the Flag Bridge was the Master Systems Display of the whole task force and the whole sector.
  • The central area of the Flag Bridge provide space for the Fleet Operations Table, a large oval-shaped console which can display above it a three-dimensional image of any region in space where ships of the task force were located. It can also serve as a holo-communicator.
  • Directly on the aft side of the Fleet Operations Table was the seat of the ship’s flag officer .
  • Directly on the fore side of the Fleet or Sector Operations Table was the seat of the Fleet Operations Officer who was responsible for monitoring and working the fleet operations table.
  • To the portside of the central area were two fleet control consoles, one intelligence console, and one mission ops console. Fleet control consoles convey the flag officer ’s orders to the ships of the task force and receive messages intended for the flag officer.
  • To the starboard of the central area were two more fleet control consoles, one long-range sensor console, and one mission ops console.

Flight Operations Bridge [ ]

The Flight Operations Bridge was where the ship’s complement of flyers and auxiliary crafts were directed from. It directly coordinates the movement of the ship’s flyers and support crafts in mission. It was located aft of the Command Center . The Flight Operations Bridge was supported by at least two Flight Deck Control Centers located at the flight decks.

  • At the aft wall of the Flight Operations Bridge was the flight deck and hangar bay systems displays. On either side were control consoles for hangar bay operations.
  • The central area of the Flight Operations Bridge provide seating and a console for the ship’s Fighter Group Command Officer , the Flight Operations Command Chair.
  • Directly fore of the central area were the four mission control consoles facing the flight ops viewer, at two to portside and two to starboard.
  • Aft and to the portside were two of four flight deck control consoles.
  • Aft and to the starboard were the other two flight deck control consoles.
  • At the forward wall of the Flight Operations Bridge was a holographic wall screen which could display fighter and support craft locations and movements within a given stellar region in three dimension.

The three bridges of the Command Center were connected to each other by doorways on the port and starboard side to allow for easy access between the three parts of the Center. On the portside of the Command Center were three glass-walled ready rooms: one for the flag officer , one for the ship's commanding officer and one for the fighter operations command officer. On the starboard side of the Command Center was the long briefing lounge which features a long table and seating for the senior staff of the three bridges. This can be separated by glass walls if the senor staff of each bridge neede privacy.

Propulsion systems [ ]

The propulsion system onboard ships of this class were state-of-the-art. The class boasts of the best navigational sensors and among the highest rated top speed of any Starfleet vessel.

Impulse drive [ ]

The impulse drive system of the Invincible -class was the most sophisticated model in production. Her oversized impulse engines were equipped with impulse thrusters that provide superb sublight maneuvering speed, especially considering her size. With this design, along with the new retro-thrusters, and uprated structural integrity fields give the ship maneuverability equal to the size of a Steamrunner -class vessel.

Warp drive [ ]

The ship’s matter-antimatter reaction assembly warp core was the most powerful in Starfleet . The warp core spanned 20 decks just behind the center line of the primary hull. Its warp drive featured a quadri-cyclic input manifold and was designed to operate for up to 5 years before refueling. The ship's warp engines were based on a new concept in warp drive design, one which eliminates subspace distortion effects inherent to standard warp drives . The reaction chamber was equipped with a compositor, which allowed recrystallization of dilithium . The deuterium tanks were above the core, while antimatter storage pods surrounded the base of the core.

A Class-9 warp core was located aft of the primary warp core and spans 7 decks and brought online when the primary warp core was offline. This allows the ship to travel at a cruising speed of warp 6 while the primary warp core was offline.

Equipped with the enhanced warp drive system of the Khronnians , the Invincible -class can now safely attain and indefinitely sustain a normal cruise speed of Warp 8.5, a maximum cruise speed of Warp 9.5 and a top speed of Warp 9.99 sustainable for up to twelve (12) hours.

Quantum slipstream drive [ ]

The Invincible -class was equipped with a quantum slipstream drive in addition to its primary and secondary warp drives , located adjacent to the warp drive . This allows the ships to travel 300 light years in an hour. The systems installed as part of the slipstream drive included a quantum field focus controller at the front of the ship's main deflector and a chroniton integrator; the latter of which could be used to take sensor readings several seconds into the future when the ship was using its slipstream drive.

Computer systems [ ]

The Invincible -class starship was equipped with some of the most advanced computer systems of the time. The ship carries four independent computer cores. These multiple cores provided redundancy in case one of the cores was damaged or destroyed. The main computer processor was capable of simultaneous access to 47 million data channels, of transluminal processing at 575 trillion calculations per nanosecond, and having operational temperature margins from 10 ° to 1790 ° Kelvin. The bio-neural circuitry sped up the computer's data functions and improved overall performance.

Redundant bio-neural / isolinear Circuitry [ ]

The ship’s size allow it to be fitted with both bio-neural gel pack and isolinear computer interfaces and circuitry. The bio-neural circuitry enables high-speed information transfers and the newest sensor equipment with efficiency levels that exceed that of the Galaxy -class by 100%. The isolinear circuitry provides for redundancy, allowing the ship’s computer systems to continue operating in the event that the bio-neural circuitry were affected by viruses and infectious agents encountered in deep space.

Communications array [ ]

In its role as a command ship, the Invincible -class 's advanced communications array allows the embarked flag officer to relay battle-critical information instantaneously.

Emergency holographic complement [ ]

This class was equipped with holo-emitters on every deck to allow emergency holographic programs a higher level of access and free movement around the ship. The ship’s computer systems can simultaneously bring online an extended Long-term Holographic Program Package composed of:

  • 3 Mark-III Long-term Command and Navigation Holograms (LCNH)
  • 4 Mark-III Long-term Security and Tactical Holograms (LSTH); 1 Gorn , 1 Pahkwa-thanh , 1 Hirogen , 1 Brikar .
  • 6 Mark-III Long-term Engineering Holograms (LEH)
  • 3 Mark-IX Long-term Medical Holograms (LMH)
  • 3 Mark-III Long-term Health Care Holograms (LHCH)
  • 3 Mark-III Long-term Science Holograms (LSH)

Science features [ ]

Also designed to go for extensive periods on deep space exploratory duties, the Invincible -class was equipped with cutting-edge scientific equipment.

It also serves as a testbed for experimental science technology not yet available in most other classes. State of the art computers give it unprecedented storage capacity, access speed, and rigorous conditioning. Combined with a wide array of sensors on the dorsal superstructure and covering a large amount of the exposed surface, makes the Invincible -class a premier ship of the line for Starfleet ’s scientific endeavors.

Astrometrics & stellar cartography [ ]

The Invincible -class also boasts of four large Astrometrics labs and one Stellar Cartography Department, which was not only dedicated to the science and practice of charting space, but could also be used for long-range communications purposes or even, as a workplace for easy access to sensor information. It features a holotank which allows a person to gain a 360° panoramic view of an area using holographic technology. There were a series of control panels to manipulate the screen. The area below the screen and in front of the control panels could be used as a stage during presentations. Astrometrics also include 8 additional workstations on the side walls.

Science labs [ ]

There were 35 science labs on the Invincible -class . 20 were non-specific labs were easily modified for various scientific endeavors including Bio/Chem, and Physics tests and/or experiments. 15 were specific labs on Planetary Development, Geologic Studies, Languages/Archaeology, XT (extra-terrestrial) analysis, Eugenics, Biologics Laboratories, Atmospheric Physics experiments, and High-Energy Physics. There were also 5 smaller labs which can be configured for astrophysics/astrometrics and stellar cartography studies. Science Department crews rotate often among these laboratories. The Chief Science Officer's office was attached to this bank of labs.

Medical facilities [ ]

There were 3 large sickbay facilities located onboard the Invincible -class : Command Sickbay, Main Sickbay and Flight Deck Sickbay.

Command Sickbay has 3 intensive-care biobeds, 3 medical laboratories, 10 standard biobeds and the Chief Medical Officer's office.

Main Sickbay has 3 dedicated surgery suites, 2 medical laboratories, a physical therapy facility, a null-gravy therapy ward, and 16 standard biobeds.

Flight Deck Sickbay also has 3 dedicated surgery suites, 2 medical laboratories, a physical therapy facility, a null-gravy therapy ward, and 16 standard biobeds.

Also pursuant to new Medical Protocols, all Primary Medical Facilities were equipped with holo-emitters for the usage of the Emergency Medical Hologram System.

Crew facilities [ ]

The Invincible -class boasts standard crew quarters and recreation facilities for its 4,000 crrew complement.

Accommodations [ ]

Because of its combat oriented features, crew berthing facilities on this ship class were comparable to that of an Intrepid -class . Quarters in general were smaller than those of other large Federation vessels, such as the Sovereign -class . With emphasis towards the tactical and fighter carrier systems being the priority in the vessel designers' minds, ensigns , non-commissioned officers and crewmen had to share their quarters with at least one other crewmate during normal times of operation. Each shared cabin for crewmen had four stacked bunks, one replicator port, a small living area, and a twin bathroom. Each shared cabin for ensigns and non-commissioned officers had two small bedrooms, one replicator port, a living area, and a twin bathroom.

Officers of the rank lieutenant junior grade and lieutenant were given their own quarters, which included a living area with work station, a small bedroom and a bathroom. Senior officers’ quarters were larger than junior officers’ quarters and lined the edge of the saucer section and usually have windows.

Meanwhile, the quarters of the embarked flag officer , the executive officer and the fighter group command officer were equivalent to the captain ’s quarters onboard an Intrepid -class starship.

Mess lounges [ ]

There were 10 large mess halls and 5 smaller mess lounges onboard that were equipped with full bar and kitchen facilities, each managed by a Mess officer , with a private captain's dining room just behind the mess lounge , all served by windows that offered a spectacular view of space outside. Eating accommodations were provided by a slew of tables and chairs. The larger mess halls can occupy 100 diners at a time, while the mess lounges can occupy 32 diners at a time. Each mess area has a very relaxed and congenial air about it. At the head of the hall were open slots that served as dispensers for the replicators . The mass-use replicators were able to produce other food and non-alcoholic beverages with an extensive recipe listing from over two hundred worlds for the crew to enjoy in this relaxed social setting. The most notable accessory to the lounge was a modest-sized bar area, offering a wide selection of synthetic and alcoholic. To conserve replicator rations, the mess halls ’ menu was supplemented with food stocks of vegetables cooked by the mess officers from the airponics bay and hydroponics bay, along with food obtained from trading and scouting missions. In addition, the mess lounges can double as large meeting areas that could be used to conduct crew briefings and mission profiles. A tall screen panel located on one of the walls can be used as a visual aid to display graphics.

Recreational facilities [ ]

16 standard holodeck facilities and 32 holosuites were scattered all over the ship. The facilities of 8 gyms on the Invincible -class were not only spacious, but were also well outfitted. The facilities include variable weight machines, isometric machines, and calisthenic machines and a sparring ring configured for Anbo-Jytsu but easily modified and/or expanded for other practices. All equipment was equipped with the ability to variate gravity for those species that were physically biased toward higher or lower than standard gravity.

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The remains of this Federation starship are seen in the Star Trek: Voyager  episode, "The Raven." In better days, the exploration vessel was the home -- and workplace -- of the Borg-studying scientists Magnus and Erin Hansen. Per, the couple and their young daughter, Annika, the future Seven of Nine , are considered "perhaps the first [humans] to be assimilated" by the Borg.


34. Deep Space Nine

On one hand, Deep Space Nine, the setting for the same-titled TV series, is just an old Cardassian mining station. On the other hand, it's an old Cardassian mining station that, by Season 4 of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine , is retrofitted with 5,000 photon torpedoes. Klingons beware.


33. USS Defiant (NX-74205)

Don't let its waffle-iron looks fool you. This Federation ship is tricked out with a Romulan cloaking device, and is built for Borg battles. The Defiant is adept at taking out Jem'Hadar warships, and, from a storyline perspective, opening up Star Trek: Deep Space Nine . It also adds spunk to Star Trek: First Contact .   


32. La Sirena

This is the lone entry from Star Trek: Picard . According to Memory Alpha, this newcomer, captained on the show by Cristóbal Rios, is a Kaplan F17 Speed Freighter, a class of civilian ships equipped with shields, phasers -- and a whole lot of hologram capabilities. 


31. USS Franklin (NX-326)

Like other Freedom-class starships, the Franklin is small, but tough. The 22nd-century craft is equipped with cannons, torpedoes, stealth technology, and, in the Kelvin timeline of  Star Trek: Beyond , seat belts. In the flick, Captain Kirk and crew salvage the rusted-up, long-lost Franklin, and use its warp 4 power to get from the planet Altamid to the Starbase Yorktown.   


30. Enterprise (NX-01)

In much of the Star Trek universe, warp 5 power and a cargo-only transporter bay won't get you far. But in the 22nd century setting of Star Trek: Enterprise , this Starfleet ship, capable of carrying a crew of nearly 100, is a triumph of Zefram Cochrane's theories of space travel.


29. Sh'Raan

The Vulcans may be better known for logic than combat ships, but the pre-Federation years are a salty time, and Spock's forerunners are ready to throw down in this Star Trek: Enterprise -era craft with warp 7 power.


28. USS Shenzhou (NCC-1227)

Introduced in Star Trek: Discovery , the Philippa Georgiou-captained Shenzhou is a Walker-class Federation starship of the 23rd century. It's possessed of cannons, phasers, torpedoes -- and bad luck. Following a mutiny, it's destroyed in 2256's Battle of the Binary Stars. 


27. Sarcophagus

The Sarcophagus is a 23rd-century Klingon ship. It's larger than the Shenzhou, which it encounters in the Star Trek: Discovery  pilot. Its most impressive feature is its most unique feature: Its armor is a patchwork of caskets containing the remains of Kilngon warriors. 


26. Jem'Hadar warship

You can't tell the story of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine  without the Dominion, and you can't tell the story of the Dominion without its military branch, the Jem'Hadar, whose battleships can defy tractor beams and compromise an opponent's shields.


25. USS Prometheus (NCC-71201)

As seen in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine , this Nebula-class Federation ship is a floating science experiment. Its lofty goal: to reignite a dead sun. It gets the job done.


24. USS Excelsior (NX-2000)

The vessel that ably serves Captain Hikaru Sulu in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country  is the first Federation craft to feature transwarp drive. It would rank higher here, save for the apparent ease with which Scotty disables its bells and whistles in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock .


23. D7-class battle cruiser

At 748 feet long (228 meters), and with the capacity for a crew of 430, this Klingon ship is the largest of its era. Per, it is also the "pinnacle of combat warships in the 23rd century." It'd rank higher here, except, well, even cooler stuff came along in the 24th century. 


22. Scimitar

This Reman-made ship from Star Trek: Nemesis   is stocked with enough disruptor banks (52) and photon-torpedo bays (27) to impress, but its real power lies in its ability to convert itself into a thalaron weapon , similar to a nuclear weapon but far more devastating.


21. Vor'Cha-class attack cruiser

A mainstay of the Star Trek universe, this powerful, heavily armed Klingon craft is nearly as long as a Galaxy-class Federation starship, a la the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D) of Star Trek: The Next Generation .  


20. USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-A)

This Constitution-class starship is essentially a replica of the original, iconic Enterprise. 

First seen blasting off in the prime timeline of Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home , the Enterprise-A also appears in the Kelvin timeline of the J.J. Abrams-era Star Trek films. There is no known distinction between the Enterprise-As of the two timelines.  


19. USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-B)

This 23rd-century, Excelsior-class Federation starship is a sleeker version of the Constitution-class Enterprise of the prime timeline. In Star Trek: Generations , Captain Kirk is aboard the Enterprise-B when it's damaged by the Nexus ribbon -- and Kirk is swept away (and presumed dead). 


18. USS Enterprise (NCC-1701), prime timeline

So, sure, the Enterprise of the original Star Trek series (of the original Star Trek timeline, natch) would lose a drag race with, say, the USS Voyager (NCC-74656), but speed isn't everything. The Constitution-class vessel is part warship, part science lab -- and all kinds of iconic. 


17. USS Enterprise (NCC-1701), Kelvin timeline

According to Gizmodo, the Kelvin timeline's Enterprise is more than twice the size of the prime timeline's Enterprise. Storyline-wise, however, the craft is still the product of the 23rd century, so it can't really kick it at more than warp 8.


16. Romulan warbird

In Star Trek: The Next Generation , Captain Jean-Luc Picard and crew, no strangers to swank and size, are in awe of this baby -- and for good reason. Per, the Romulan warbird is "the largest and most powerful of Romulan spacecraft." 


15. Negh'Var warship

In the 24th century, this Klingon craft is the flagship of its fleet. It runs more than 2,250 massive feet long.


14. USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D)

This 24th-century, Galaxy-class Federation starship is the star of Star Trek: The Next Generation , Captain Jean-Luc Picard's ride is bigger and faster than the Constitution-class Enterprise of the prime timeline. With 250 photon-torpedo bays, it's also better equipped to battle the Borg than its 23rd-century counterpart. 


13. USS Voyager (NCC-74656)

Captain Kathryn Janeway's relatively puny ship from Star Trek: Voyager  gets the edge over the Enterprise iterations we've covered so far, because it's smarter and faster. Powered in part by Borg technology, Voyager can cruise at warp 9.975.


12. USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-E)

This Sovereign-class craft, captained by Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek: First Contact , Star Trek: Insurrection  and  Star Trek: Nemesis , was voted the best-engineered Federation ship (prime timeline) in a fan poll. With quantum torpedoes and the ability to quickly dispatch a Borg cube, it's easy to see why.


11. USS Vengeance

This is a scary-powerful vessel from Star Trek's Kelvin timeline. As related in  " Star Trek: Into Darkness ," the Vengeance was developed off the Federation grid -- and with the help of Khan. The Vengeance is the one-and-only member of the Federation's Dreadnought battleship class.


10. The whale probe

There is no defeating this massive, cylindrical, power-sucking, starship-disabling, ocean-vaporizing threat from Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home . There is only placating it with what it wants to hear: whales.


9. USS Discovery (NCC-1031)

There is nothing else quite like the namesake ship of Star Trek: Discovery . The Federation Crossfield-class starship is distinguished by a propulsion drive that allows it to jump (or, spore jump, if you prefer the technical term) from realm to realm. When last seen in the Season 2 finale, the ship had time-jumped nearly 1,000 years into the future . 


8. Xindi probe

This Xindi-dispatched probe from Star Trek: Enterprise  is a pure beam of destructive force. In a 22nd century attack on Earth, it wipes out more than 7 million people from Florida to Venezuela.


After this 20th century Earth probe melds with the E.T. probe, Tan Ru, it turns into a judgmental little bugger that wipes out at least 4 billion people across four planets. Captain Kirk and company encounter it in the Star Trek  original-series episode, The Changeling . 


6. "The Doomsday Machine"

In " The Doomsday Machine ," the Star Trek  original-series episode from which this nameless alien ship/lifeform sprang, we learn that "that thing" literally eats planets and everything else it finds, fueling itself with the resulting rubble.


5. Krenim temporal weapon ship

The promise -- or, rather, threat -- of this Star Trek: Voyager  craft is awesome: Possessed of timeline-changing power, the ship, we're told in the episode, "Year of Hell," can "erase [an] entire species from time." 


4. Species 8472 bioship

This craft is organic -- heavily armed and fortified organic. In Star Trek: Voyager , a Federation-Borg team-up is the only thing that can stop hundreds of these vessels from destroying pretty much everything they encounter. .


3. The Narada

This time-traveling Romulan mining ship is arguably the most significant ship in the Star Trek universe. 

In the 2009 Star Trek  film, the Narada launches an attack on the USS Kelvin, and prompts Captain Kirk's father, First Officer George Kirk, to take his dying ship on a suicide mission. The resulting collision with the Narada is so massive it creates a whole new timeline -- the Kelvin timeline.

In the new timeline, the devastating Narada destroys the planet Vulcan. 


2. The Borg cube

Such is the dark legend of this inscrutable spacecraft that fans routinely debate which is more powerful: Star Wars' vaunted Death Star ... or Star Trek's Borg cube . 

Before your next debate, consider this: The Death Star just wants to blow you up. The Borg cube, like the Borg itself, can blow you up, but it may just slice you up in bits instead -- the better to steal your technological soul.


1. V'Ger

As seen in Star Trek: The Motion Picture , V'Ger is a force-field cloud of destruction driven by an old Earth probe, Voyager 6.

That it wipes out Klingon Bird-of-Prey ships and a Federation space station without any apparent effort is one impressive thing. That it spans 7.6 billion miles (or 82 astronomical units) in diameter is another. Craft like this are not defeated; they can merely be managed. Hopefully.

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25 Best Star Trek Ships, Ranked

Starfleet, the Federation, and many others in the Star Trek franchise boast powerful starships like the Sovereign-Class or Krenim Time Ship.

One of the most popular sci-fi television shows of all time, Star Trek , has been enthralling fans for decades. In recent years, the property has come back with a vengeance. The Prime timeline is in full effect, and multiple spinoffs have made their way to Paramount+.

While Star Trek is known for its big idea sci-fi, it also features some great space battles. The starships of Star Trek are some of the most powerful in all sci-fi, armed with powerful weapons and great designs. From the well-known vessels like the USS Enterprise to the lesser-known ships that appeared for an episode or two, these ships are as powerful as they are cool.

Updated January 22, 2024, by Joshua M. Patton: The Star Trek universe is vast, with nearly 60 years of history behind it, and with that longevity comes dozens or hundreds of vessels. From the physical filming models used through the 20th century to the all-digital models used in the 21st, these ships are basically characters themselves. If the ships don't "feel" real, then Star Trek doesn't work. This article has been updated to match CBR's current formatting standards and include more information about Star Trek's best ships.

25 The Krenim Time Ship Is a Unique Vessel in Star Trek Lore

Starship details at a glance, star trek: prodigy's connection to voyager, explained.

Star Trek captains go too far at times , something Voyager' s Captain Janeway was known for. However, there was sometimes good reason for that. The Delta Quadrant was a dangerous place, and Janeway dealt with amazing threats. The most dangerous, even more powerful than the Borg or Species 8472, was the Krenim Time Ship.

The vessel was out of synch with time, which kept the crew from aging while also making the ship itself invulnerable to attack. The Krenim Time Ship's main weapon didn't destroy planets; it erased them from the timeline. On top of that, it was armed with powerful chronometric torpedoes and energy weapons. The Krenim Time Ship was a nearly unstoppable weapon made to change history.

24 The Species 8472 Bioship Was Unlike Any Ship That Came Before It

Since their introduction into Star Trek canon, the Borg have had their run over the galaxy, able to destroy entire Federation armadas with only one ship. That is until they opened a portal into fluidic space and met Species 8472. This alien race proved a threat unlike any other to the cybernetic collective, as they could destroy Borg ships with relative ease. Biogenetic in nature, the ships of Species 8472 were as resistant to technological attack as the individuals themselves — rendering conventional weapons, transporters, and force fields useless against them.

The Species 8472 bioships could also emit incredible energies in tandem, destroying Borg ships as easily as the Borg destroyed others. When the crew of the USS Voyager formed an alliance with the Borg to fight them, Command Chakotay said he believed the ship itself might be alive. The ship was designed by Steve Burg and was one of the earliest fully computer-generated models used in Star Trek .

23 The Galor Class Warship Was the Face of the Cardassian Fleet

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 's Sisko and Gul Dukat for one of sci-fi's greatest rivalries . The Cardassians were the show's main villains for much of its run and fans got used to seeing their mainline battleship, the Galor class. This vessel was the backbone of Cardassia's fleet, spearheading its conquest of worlds throughout the Alpha Quadrant after it aligned with the dreaded Dominion.

The Galor wasn't a new ship, but she was a powerful one. The ship wasn't heavily armed compared to something like a Galaxy -class, but its forward disruptor array was extremely powerful. A Galor could do massive damage to targets and could take a beating like few other ships.

22 The Jem'Hadar Fighter Was a Scarab-Like Fighter That Packed a Wallop

Jem'Hadar Fighters were the mainline vessel of the Dominion Fleet. The Jem'Hadar were a very powerful Star Trek race , and their ships matched their might. Extremely sturdy, their ships could survive a crash landing on a planet and still be flyable with minimal repairs. Armed with phased polaron disruptors, the Jem'Hadar Fighter 's weapons could easily pierce the shields of Starfleet vessels in the early days after their first confrontation.

Over time, the efficacy of the ship's weapons and shields went down after Sisko and his crew captured one to be studied. Still, a group of Jem'Hadar Fighters was still dangerous to just about any single ship in the allies' repertoire. The ship was designed by Jim Martin, influenced by Rick Sternbach's Egyptian-scarab flavored designs. John Eaves also did the mockup of the full ship that appeared in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Season 5, Episode 2 "The Ship."

21 The D'deridex Class Warbird Revealed How the Romulans Upped Their Game

Star trek: insurrection's first villains help the movie make better sense.

Star Trek: The Next Generation showcased powerful threats , including the return of the Romulans. The main vessel of the Romulan Star Empire's fleet, D'deridex-class Warbirds were massive vessels that dwarfed some of the largest ships the Federation put to space. Powered by a forced quantum singularity, these battlecruisers were armed to the teeth with multiple disruptor arrays and photon torpedo tubes.

Like most Romulan vessels, D'deridex-class Warbirds were equipped with cloaking devices, which was a pretty scary proposition — a vessel with the size and power of a D'deridex being able to sneak behind enemy lines undetected and wreak havoc is something any good commander would fear.

20 The Narada Is a Mining Vessel That Doubles as a Warship

As seen in the first of three Star Trek reboot movies starring Chris Pine in 2009, The Narada is a Romulan vessel from the late-24th century. After pursuing Ambassador Spock through a black hole, it arrives in the middle of the 23rd century and continues its relentless vengeance mission against the Federation and its allies.

Though it's a fairly safe bet that in its own time, The Narada is not an exceptionally powerful ship when compared to its peers, that's not the case in the 23rd century. Shortly after its arrival it destroys an entire planet (as well as a starship or two) and it's more than deserving of a place on this list. While not mentioned in the film, subsequent materials and the novelization revealed this ship was made from repurposed Borg technology, which is why it was so powerful.

19 The Excelsior Class Eventually Replaced the Original Constitution Class

Ship design was always important to Star Trek 's success , and Connie set up the most common design: primary saucer hull connected to the secondary hull, which contained the engines and power systems. The Excelsior was designed to replace the Connie , taking advantage of years of research and development. The Excelsior was built around the new transwarp drive, dubbed "the Great Experiment" by Starfleet, but the project's failure meant it would be years before the Excelsior replaced the reliable Constitution Class.

The Excelsior was an improvement on the Connie in every way — better sensors, better computers, and better defenses. The ship was armed with multiple phaser batteries and torpedo launcher, allowing the ship to cover itself with 3-D firing arcs at nearly every angle. The Excelsior would eventually fulfill its destiny of becoming the main heavy cruiser of Starfleet. It remained in use for over a hundred years, forming the backbone of Starfleet through the Dominion War and beyond, as the class got another refit in the late 2390s/early 2400s.

18 The Miranda Class Starship Was a Versatile Vessel for Starfleet

The Miranda Class starship is the backbone of the Federation fleet for a reason. First introduced in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan , it has since appeared in many movies and television series tied to the franchise. The ship itself has a solid array of weaponry, if nothing truly out of the ordinary, and it can more than hold its own against standard classes of enemy ship.

A fun fact about the ship's design is that it was actually meant to be the other way round, but Wrath of Khan producers looked at it upside down. When the error became clear, they decided they preferred it that way. The repurposed Constitution class design was used to save money since the film had a slim budget.

17 The Sarcophagus Was a Klingon Ship of the Dead

Why klingons look different from discovery to strange new worlds.

The terrifyingly named Ship of the Dead or the Sarcophagus is actually used to transport the preeminent Klingon House of T'Kuvma. The ship was more than 200 years old, and the bodies of slain Klingon warriors are entombed on its hull. It serves as the main ship for their forces during the Federation-Klingon War depicted in Star Trek: Discovery .

The ship packs a heck of a punch and has guns capable of turning the entire surface of a mid-sized, habitable planet into a barren wasteland. It also has spectacular cloaking abilities and is around three times bigger than even the biggest ships in the Federation fleet. It's a truly intimidating leviathan to come up against.

16 The Jem'Hadar Battleship Was Larger Than the USS Enterprise-D

The Jem'Hadar Battleship was the largest vessel in the Dominion fleet and the most feared, which is saying something considering just how powerful Jem'Hadar vessels are. Armed with multiple polaron disruptor batteries and torpedo launchers, the Jem'Hadar Battleship was not just one of the most powerful Dominion vessels but one of the most powerful vessels in the galaxy.

Extremely hard to damage, a Jem'Hadar Battleship taking the field was met with apprehension. Twice the size of a Galaxy- class and three times as powerful, no ship that any of the allies fielded could hurt it in a one-on-one battle.

15 The Curiosity Class Was a Small, but Mighty, Advanced Starfleet Vessel

Star Trek: Picard was chock-full of nostalgic moments and exciting developments as it charted new territory in the 24th century. Without a doubt, the arrival of William Riker and the USS Zheng He at the head of a Federation fleet was one of those pulse-pounding moments viewers cheered for. It also was one of the most massive assemblage of vessels seen in Star Trek .

Primed to save Captain Picard from a Romulan fleet that was threatening to destroy him, the USS Zheng He had an imposing appearance. A new, Curiosity class vessel, Riker touted the Zheng He as “the toughest, fastest, most powerful ship Starfleet ever put into service.” Although it was never seen in action, it’s reasonable to assume it’d be more advanced than any ship that came before it.

14 The Akira Class Vessels Were Fast, Sleek Fighters

The Akira Class was commissioned in the 2370s and was part of the Federation's initiative to field more ships with the main purpose was fighting. It was basically a torpedo boat that had its dorsal weapons pod armed with a large amount of fore and aft torpedo tubes.

The Akira Class even has port and starboard tubes, almost unheard of on Starfleet ships. Like most Starfleet vessels, it also is armed with phasers. The Akira also had fore and aft launch bays, making it an ideal launch platform for Starfleet attack ships. Fast and maneuverable, it could bring a disproportionate amount of power to bear for its size. The ship got its name from the anime film, Akira .

13 The Jem'Hadar Battle Cruiser Was a Near Unbeatable Ship

Why 'in the pale moonlight' is an important ds9 episode.

The Jem'Hadar Battle Cruiser was the larger cousin of the Jem'Hadar Fighter and a formidable vessel in its own right. Not seen until after the Cardassian-Dominion alliance, these large cruisers were armed with the standard polaron beam disruptor batteries that made Dominion ships so powerful, as well as multiple torpedo tubes.

Extremely durable vessels, even one Jem'Hadar Battle Cruiser was considered a substantial threat to Deep Space Nine even after its massive weapons upgrade. They often anchored Dominion lines in battle and could take down even the most powerful allied vessels single-handedly.

12 The Reman Warbird Was a Nemesis to the USS Enterprise-E

Star Trek: Nemesis was a divisive film to fans of The Next Generation , but one thing that was undeniably awe-inspiring was the power of the Reman warbird, the Scimitar . Armed to the teeth, the ship had fifty-two disruptor banks and twenty-seven photon torpedo bays, which allowed it to lay waste to the Enterprise-E and several other ships with ease.

The Scimitar was also heavily armored, able to withstand double the damage other ships could. Its cloaking technology has Geordi LaForge’s stamp of approval as “perfect,” and its thalaron radiation weapon could strip a planet of life in seconds.

11 32nd Century Federation Fleet Is Sleek and Near Magical

Star Trek: Discovery turned its narrative on a dime at the end of Season 2 by transporting its crew from the Kirk era to almost one thousand years in the future. Here, the Federation has been decimated by a phenomenon called “The Burn,” during which all dilithium in the galaxy grew inert and devastated the ships that used them. Using "programmable matter" the nacelles and some saucer sections could appear detached from the main hull.

However, the crew of the Discovery was treated to a tour of a shipyard filled with ships of the 32nd century, including the USS Nog and the USS Voyager-J . Although these ships weren't seen in action, it can be assumed nine hundred years of technological advancement would make them the most sophisticated and powerful ships on this list.

10 The Prometheus-Class Was a Multi-Attack Vessel

How a set fire led to star trek: voyager's funniest episode.

Starfleet's subtle change into a more war oriented power was heralded by multiple new warship designs. This war fleet was first meant to defend against the Borg, but the Dominion's threat kept them making ships made for war, including the Prometheus class. However, this ship wasn't just kitted out with the latest in weapons and shield technology.

The Prometheus class was created around multi-vector attack formation. The ship split into three, and was suddenly three times the threat it was before. The USS Prometheus could single-handedly destroy a D'deridex class ship with multi-vector attack mode, using only phasers. That's a powerful ship and a great weapon in Starfleet's arsenal.

9 The Defiant Class Was Starfleet's First Warship

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is amazing , and it got better when the USS Defiant arrived. The Defiant class was originally designed to fight the Borg and was brought out of mothballs to counter the Dominion threat. Armed with four phaser cannons, three phaser banks, and four forward and two aft quantum torpedo launchers, the Defiant packs a tremendous wallop for a ship of its size.

The Defiant Class had powerful deflectors and ablative armor to make them extremely hard to damage, but their speed and maneuverability also make them very hard to hit. Able to destroy smaller vessels with a few shots with phaser cannons, the Defiant Class turned the tide of the war with the Dominion.

8 The Sovereign Class Signified Starfleet's Turn Towards the Militaristic

The most powerful vessel in Starfleet, the Sovereign class takes all the lessons Starfleet learned and puts them into practice. More powerful after a class-wide refit, the Sovereign class boasted sixteen phaser arrays, a forward quantum torpedo launcher, three forward photon torpedo launchers, and six aft photon launchers.

The Sovereign class was built for a wide variety of missions, like the Galaxy before it, but Starfleet made sure to arm it with the latest in weaponry, allowing it to hold its own against even the most powerful enemy vessels without needing reinforcements.

7 The Borg Cube Is Simplistic and Terrifying

The Borg cube is easily the most powerful ship encountered by any of the Alpha Quadrant powers. Armed with a variety of powerful beam weapons, torpedo launchers, and tractor beams, a Borg cube was more than a match for fleets of ships. In fact, it could destroy multiple ships before they could even scratch it. As the Borg assimilated new species and technology, their vessels were consistently being updated but the basic shape stayed the same.

Equipped with regenerative shielding and the adaptive technology that make the Borg so formidable, the only way Borg cubes have ever been defeated was with computer-based trickery, knowledge from when Captain Picard was assimilated, or future technology. Much from Star Trek' s past holds up , including the power of a Borg Cube.

6 The Shrike Was a Sinister Vessel for Even More Sinister Villains

Star Trek: Picard gave viewers several amazing ships, and one that grabbed fans' attention was the Shrike. Commanded by the changeling Vadic, this warship had an eye-catching design, with four claw-like protrusions extending forward from its body, giving it a fierce, insectoid look. It was also armed to the teeth.

Vadic allowed the Titan to scan them, revealing the Shrike 's armament comprising forty isolytic burst warheads, eighty-eight plasma torpedoes, two hundred thirty-six photon torpedoes, eighteen anti-matter missiles, twenty pulse wave torpedoes, and an unknown number of directed energy weapons. On top of that, the Shrike was equipped with a portal weapon, which could transport ships it engaged through space into more vulnerable positions.

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Published Jul 5, 2021

The Fleet's In: 24th Century Federation Starships

Does your favorite ship make the cut?

Star Trek: The Next Generation

For those of us who lovingly refer to ourselves as “starship nerds,” Star Trek 's 24th century is populated with an astounding array of Starfleet vessels for us to gaze upon with awe. The series and films set in this era, namely Star Trek: The Next Generation , Star Trek: Deep Space Nine , Star Trek: Voyager , Star Trek: Picard , and the four movies helmed by the TNG crew, produced vast fleets that demonstrated the Federation's prestigious shipbuilding capabilities.

Narrowing down choices, and ranking my favorites proved difficult enough, so we have excluded 23rd century holdovers (so no Excelsior -, Miranda -, Constellation -, and Oberth -class staples), non-Starfleet vessels such as Ambassador Spock's craft from Star Trek (2009) , the relatively diminutive Danube -class runabouts, and auxiliary shuttles. With that in mind, let's take a look at the ships that have been deployed from Utopia Planitia, Riverside, Beta Antares, Eridani A, and other Federation fleet yards.

10. Nova -class in Voyager

Star Trek: Voyager

When the Nova -class U.S.S. Equinox first popped up on U.S.S. Voyager 's sensors in “Equinox,” Captain Janeway noted that the starship was a planetary research vessel designed for scientific missions rather than long-range tactical excursions. The Nova -class bore streamlined similarities to its larger Intrepid and Sovereign -class cousins, but its limited scope and small crew left it vulnerable to a lonely jaunt through the Delta Quadrant. If Captain Ransom had commanded a sturdier vessel, perhaps he would not have resorted to the deplorable tactics he employed to find a faster route home. However, the design apparently stood an excellent chance of enduring, as Captain Harry Kim sat in the center seat aboard the Nova -class variant U.S.S. Rhode Island in the alternate future seen in “Endgame.”

9. Ambassador -class in The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine

Star Trek: The Next Generation

The U.S.S. Enterprise-C remains the most well known Ambassador -class vessel due to its namesake, its prominence in the classic “Yesterday's Enterprise,” and its valiant rescue of the Klingon outpost on Narendra III from Romulan aggressors. Variants of this starship also notably appeared in Captain Picard's blockade during the Klingon Civil War, at the Battle of Wolf 359, and as a transport in “Data's Day.” The explorer's design proved to be an elegant mid-point between its Excelsior -class predecessors and Galaxy -class successors, and it would have been wonderful to see the vessel show up on a more frequent basis.

8. Prometheus -class in Voyager

Star Trek: Voyager

Who can forget the stunning sight of the prototype U.S.S. Prometheus becoming three independent vessels as it separated into multi-vector assault mode during “Message in a Bottle?” The Prometheus 's computer and resident EMH informed Voyager 's doctor that the advanced ship was intended for deep space tactical assignments and could achieve speeds faster than any other member of the fleet. The pair of holographic physicians managed to wrest control of the Prometheus from Romulan hands and deploy its experimental defensive systems against Tal Shiar warbirds. While it is unknown if further Prometheus -class ships were constructed, the prototype was spotted again as part of the armada sent to intercept the Borg sphere in “Endgame.”

Star Trek Ships of the Line — U.S.S. Prometheus

7. Akira -class in Star Trek: First Contact , Deep Space Nine , and Voyager

Star Trek: The Next Generation

First seen on screen in the Battle of Sector 001, the Akira -class's earliest chronological appearance occurred during a flashback at the Utopia Planitia shipyards in the Voyager episode “Relativity.” While no single starship of this design ever received an excessive amount of attention, numerous Akira -class vessels substantiated their worth in battle during the height of the Dominion War. From retaking Deep Space 9 in “Sacrifice of Angels” to assaulting Cardassia in “What You Leave Behind,” these resilient craft evidently became an instrumental element in Starfleet's defense forces by the end of the 2370s.

6. Inquiry -class in Picard

Star Trek: Picard

The imposing task force led by Captain Riker above Coppelius was composed of Inquiry-class vessels, including Riker's own U.S.S. Zheng He . Representing the most up-to-date Federation design of the 24th century, the reinstated captain described these ships as the toughest, fastest, and most powerful ones that Starfleet had ever produced up until that time. Although the entire fleet that confronted the Romulans in the Ghulion system fell into the Inquiry-class designation, there seemed to be two variants with differing nacelle configurations present. A whole armada of vessels more advanced than either the Galaxy - or Sovereign -classes? Now that is a majestic view to behold. I'd love to see a rundown of the entire roster of over 150 ships (by my latest count) that participated in Riker's defense formation.

5. Nebula -class in The Next Generation , Deep Space Nine , Voyager , Star Trek Generations , and Star Trek: First Contact

Star Trek: The Next Generation

With primary hulls resembling those of its Galaxy -class counterparts, the Nebula -class explorers were featured heavily across multiple series and movies. Captain Maxwell demonstrated their tactical prowess as the U.S.S. Phoenix overwhelmed Cardassian targets in “The Wounded,” Data assumed temporary command over the U.S.S. Sutherland in “Redemption II,” the U.S.S. Farragut aided the U.S.S. Enterprise-D 's crew on Veridian III, and Professor Seyetik's U.S.S. Prometheus conducted solar experiments in “Second Sight.” The Nebula -class's diverse mission profile and extensive use over the years helped it secure such a high rank on our list.

4. Sovereign-class in Star Trek: First Contact , Star Trek: Insurrection , and Star Trek Nemesis

Star Trek: Nemesis

With its on screen credits confined to the U.S.S. Enterprise-E 's roles in the final three TNG films, the beautifully-fashioned Sovereig n-class is often considered to be an underutilized design by starship aficionados. However, given the class's appearances on background LCARS graphics in DS9, I would love to imagine that many Sovereigns were built and saw service somewhere just off-camera during those epic Dominion War battles. Geordi La Forge considered the Enterprise-E to be Starfleet's most advanced ship in 2373, and the new Federation flagship lived up to its reputation in engagements with the Borg, Son'a, and Praetor Shinzon's Scimitar . While not as voluminous as the Enterprise-D , Picard's latest command maintained a larger-than-life presence as it warped across the quadrant to extinguish diplomatic and strategic brush fires.

3. Defiant -class in Deep Space Nine , Star Trek: First Contact , and Voyager

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Riker's legendary quip about a “tough little ship” perfectly encapsulates the Defiant -class's ability to contain such overpowered weapons and defensive shields within such a small spaceframe. Originally developed to combat the Borg (which the U.S.S. Defiant bravely did under Worf's leadership at the Battle of Sector 001), Captain Sisko's beloved flagship ultimately earned its fiercest accolades in clashes against the Jem'Hadar both before and during the Dominion War. The only member of Starfleet to be (unofficially) considered a warship and (legally) equipped with a cloaking device, the Defiant withstood everything that was thrown at it... until a Breen energy-dampening weapon brought about its untimely end. The U.S.S. São Paulo , fittingly renamed in honor of its sister ship Defiant , allowed Sisko to oversee the Dominion's final defeat at Cardassia from a familiar bridge.

2. Intrepid -class in Voyager and Deep Space Nine

Star Trek: Voyager

Home to Captain Janeway and her crew for their entire venture through the Delta Quadrant, U.S.S. Voyager pioneered Starfleet's use of bio-neural circuitry, the Emergency Medical Hologram, and a warp core that managed a top cruising speed of warp 9.975. Of course, Voyager also reaped the unique benefit of Seven of Nine's Borg database, a valuable library that permitted them to add a finely-tuned astrometrics lab and the Delta Flyer to the ship's already impressive complement. Voyager' s capacity to outlast everyone from the Hirogen to the Devore in a firefight while still completing countless scientific surveys and first contact missions served as a testament to its durability. When Admiral Ross visited Romulus during the height of the Dominion War, even the high-ranking officer opted to travel on the Intrepid -class U.S.S. Bellerophon rather than any other craft.

1. Galaxy -class in The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Picard , and Star Trek Generations

Star Trek: The Next Generation

In what is sure to become a controversial decision, the Galaxy -class explorer tops our list of incredible Federation vessels. Despite early concerns over potential design flaws, the Enterprise-D and its sister ships acquitted themselves admirably from TNG's opening moments through Voyager 's return to Earth. Whether hosting dignitaries or being transported to regions beyond the Milky Way's confines, the Enterprise-D acted as a home and refuge for its crew and their families. Although the U.S.S. Odyssey fell in the Federation's first skirmish with the Jem'Hadar, other Galaxy-class starships held the line against the Dominion throughout the war. In the alternate version of 2390 depicted in “Timeless,” the U.S.S. Challenger remained in service under Captain Geordi La Forge. If the Galaxy -class is good enough for Starfleet's most accomplished 24th-century engineer, who am I to disagree?

Star Trek Ships of the Line — U.S.S. Enterprise

Jay Stobie (he/him) is a freelance writer who contributes articles to the official Star Trek website and Star Trek Magazine, as well as to Star Wars Insider and the official Star Wars website. Jay also serves as a part-time assistant and consultant advising many actors and creatives who work on his favorite sci-fi shows and films. He can be found on Twitter and Instagram at @StobiesGalaxy.

Star Trek: Picard streams on Paramount+ in the United States,  n Canada on Bell Media’s CTV Sci-Fi Channel and streams on Crave, and on Amazon Prime Video in more than 200 countries and territories.

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Star Trek: Best Movie Villains, Ranked

Star trek: most iconic klingons, ranked, star trek: 10 starfleet admirals who went rogue.

The Star Trek franchise is an extremely long-running one, with so many shows and movies that it can be hard for fans to keep track of everything that has happened. This becomes even truer when trying to discuss the most powerful ships that have been seen in the franchise.

The Star Trek movies have quite a few great villains, but which one is the best?

Between different timelines, leaps into the past and future, and mysterious vessels like the Borg cube, the Star Trek franchise has portrayed some incredible space-faring vessels. But the Federation starships are almost always the ones that triumph in the end. These ships have gotten pretty powerful over time, showing that no matter how much things change , they stay the same.

Updated on March 9, 2024, by Chris Harkin: The Star Trek franchise is ever-growing, despite there being a cinematic lull, several shows continue onwards as the franchise continues exploring many new eras and re-treading ground on some old ones. As such, the Federation is likely to continue releasing new ship brands, continuing to boldly go where no man has gone before. As the franchise continues to update, particularly with more futuristic capabilities attached to new classes of Starship, this article will continue updating and growing to signify the changes in the long-running franchise.

8 Inquiry Class

Active from the 2390s onward.

  • Appeared In Star Trek: Picard (6 Episodes)

Heavy cruiser ships that were introduced only recently in Star Trek: Picard, the Inquiry Class are one of the newer brands of Federation Starship. Considered the new cream of the crop, these ships were the fastest available to Starfleet at the conclusion of the 24th Century.

Coming with a generally similar design to many previous classes of Starfleet class ships, the Inquiry Class contained the USS Zheng He and other ships that opposed a Borg Cube in 2401 and were shown at other points throughout Picard , proving them to be the main body of Starfleet's major active ships at that time.

7 Prometheus Class

Active from 2370s to 2380s.

  • Appeared In Star Trek: Voyager (2 Episodes)

One of the strangest designs seen in a Starfleet vessel, the Prometheus Class ship, was seen in Voyager as a highly classified experimental ship that only four people in all of Starfleet knew how to command and control. Not only was this ship brutally fast, but it could also split into pieces.

The Prometheus Class, though it doesn't seem to have become common, was capable of splitting into three pieces, each capable of attacking enemies independently. Capable of surpassing speeds of warp 9.9 and featuring regenerative shielding, this class was highly unusual but also incredibly useful.

6 Akira Class

Active from 2370s to 2400s.

  • Appeared In Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (9 Episodes)
  • Appeared In Star Trek: First Contact

The Akira Class of Federation Starships is a mighty one, and unlike most starships under Federation control, it was made with the thought of war in mind. During production, the hostilities with the Cardassian Union prompted the creation of a speedy battleship. However, during the creation of the Akira Class, the Federation became more aware of a potential Borg invasion and sped things up.

Brought into service in 2368, the Akira Class has been seen in Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: First Contact . Examples of this ship type include the USS Akira, USS Geronimo, and even the USS James T. Kirk. Major differences from other Federation ships include a high number of torpedo bays and a large shuttle bay, which enabled the Akira Class ships to be fighter carriers.

5 Defiant Class

  • Appeared In Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (68 Episodes)

The Defiant Class and the USS Defiant also had an intriguing build history. Initially, these ships began construction during the Borg threat, but when this was lessened, they were put away until the Dominion threat became a fresh problem for Starfleet. Despite initial design flaws, DS9 ’s Miles O’Brien was able to fix the USS Defiant enough to make it ready on a high level.

This caused the Federation to start building more ships to follow the USS Defiant, and thus the Defiant Class was born. These ships are small, highly powered, and heavily armed. They remain warships, the first ones ever created by Starfleet, and were introduced in the year 2371.

4 Galaxy Class

Active from 2360s to 2400s.

  • Appeared In Star Trek: The Next Generation (All Episodes)
  • Appeared In Star Trek Generations

As if the Galaxy Class needed any more praise, the USS Enterprise-D ship flown by Captain Picard and his amazing crew throughout Star Trek: The Next Generation was a member of this class. The many achievements of Picard and his crew boil down to their tenacity, but the strength of the Galaxy Class Federation starships is not to be ignored.

A well-used ship by the Federation during the heavy losses of the Dominion War , the Galaxy Class is a heavy capital ship class that came into being in the mid-2360s. Unlike some of the Federation’s other most impressive and powerful ships, the Galaxy Class managed to be an all-in-one, with the capability to wage war, but a crew tasked with preventing it. Discovery and war, speed and majesty, the Galaxy Class has it all.

3 Sovereign Class

  • Appeared In Star Trek: Picard (5 Episodes)
  • Appeared In Star Trek: Insurrection & Star Trek: Nemesis

The Sovereign Class was a follow-up to the Galaxy Class in many ways. This includes the fact that Picard’s follow-up ship, the USS Enterprise-E, was a member of the Sovereign Class. Judging solely from the ability of the Enterprise-E to take down the Borg Cube it destroyed in Star Trek: First Contact , it is safe to say the Sovereign Class was a worthy update to the Galaxy Class.

Star Trek introduced fans to some fascinating alien species, but the Klingons are one of the most popular with viewers

Smaller in design and released in the early 2370s, the Sovereign Class was a major upgrade from previous classes in terms of warfare, including photon and quantum torpedoes as well as a large volume of phaser banks.

2 Curiosity Class

Active from the 2390s onwards.

  • Appeared In Star Trek: Picard (4 Episodes)

This ship has only recently made its entrance into the Star Trek universe. The Curiosity Class was introduced in Star Trek: Picard as the new wave of Federation starships. Released initially in 2389, ships such as the USS Curiosity and the USS ibn Majid are included in this class, which was primarily meant to replace the aging Galaxy Class vessels.

A mix between a heavy cruiser and an explorer ship, the Curiosity Class will be able to do everything that the previous main Enterprise ships were. Ready for diplomatic missions, discovery missions, and if all else fails, combat missions as well, the Curiosity Class is the next generation of Starfleet technology, which pushes beyond anything seen in Star Trek outside the new seasons of Discovery .

1 USS Vengeance (Dreadnought Class)

Active 2259 (alternate timeline only).

  • Appeared In Star Trek: Into Darkness

The USS Vengeance, seen in Star Trek: Into Darkness , is a very special case. Despite the technology being old in comparison to many ships in The Next Generation and other shows , this was one of the few Federation ships ever made purely for war. With the unholy pact that Khan made, helping to design this ship, and his heightened intellect, Starfleet was able to secretly create one of the largest and the single most destructive forces in Starfleet's history .

Whether this is actually more powerful than the starships created over a hundred years later is hard to say for certain, but Starfleet has yet to put any ship together that is so brutally focused on combat. The capability of this ship to be armed and operated by a single man is also a terrifying notion. It enables one person to go rogue and operate one of the more deadly forces in the universe alone. If not for the quick thinking that enabled the crew of the rebooted Enterprise to destroy it from within with a huge payload of torpedoes teleported to the inside, this ship might never have been beaten .

The higher-ups of Starfleet command often pose a challenge to Star Trek's main characters. Not all the series' admirals play by the rules.

  • Movies & TV
  • star trek: Discovery

star trek largest ships

Jonathan Frakes leaves Star Trek knowing that the franchise is in "good hands"

J onathan Frakes seems to be leaving the Star Trek franchise, for now, just as Star Trek: Discovery takes its final bow. Frakes has filmed the last of his commitments to the franchise, having done an episode for Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, that won't air until 2025. Before that, he got done filming the 9th episode of Discovery's fifth and final season, unaware that the show would be ending.

The production was almost a year ago, and the news of the show's ending didn't come until after he had wrapped up as a director on the show for the season. As one of the biggest advocates for the brand, it's not surprising at all that Frakes would be a tad sentimental about the close of Discovery.

Speaking to CBR recently, Frakes revealed how he felt at the end of the episode, acknowledging that he may not be back for some time;

"It would've been much sadder had I known when I was shooting it that it was going to be the end because it had the end of the episode feeling where everyone gives you a hug and says "I'll see you next season." Now, I don't know when I'll see some of these actors and filmmakers again. In the big picture of Star Trek , I think the franchise is in great hands. I think there's a lot of excitement about Starfleet Academy and I can't wait to see what happens with Olatunde and Michelle Yeoh's movie, Section 31 , that's coming. The Star Trek Universe is in very good hands and I think Alex Kurtzman has a lot of irons in the fire that are really cooking."

Frakes will take a break from Star Trek, having confirmed that he won't be part of the first season of Starfleet Academy. He is moving on to a non-Star Trek project next, so he'll be eying a return to season four of Strange New Worlds. It's not expected to be a necessarily long break, but in today's ever-changing climate and the age of Frakes, you can never assume anything is for sure. Frakes has made his name alongside Star Trek, being one of the franchises' best directors for both the television and film side of the series.

With him taking, we'll call it a sabbatical, it's unclear what happens next in his career or Star Trek's overall direction without him involved, but he seems to believe the franchise is in good shape going forward. While we wish someone else other than Alex Kurtzman was running the ship, things could be a lot worse, that's for sure.

This article was originally published on as Jonathan Frakes leaves Star Trek knowing that the franchise is in "good hands" .

Jonathan Frakes leaves Star Trek knowing that the franchise is in "good hands"

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  • May 23, 2024 | ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Continues Climbing The Streaming Top 10 Chart
  • May 23, 2024 | Production On ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Season 3 Has Wrapped(ish)

Recap/Review: ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Finds The Right Balance In “Lagrange Point”

star trek largest ships

| May 23, 2024 | By: Anthony Pascale 99 comments so far

“Lagrange Point”

Star Trek: Discovery Season 5, Episode 9 – Debuted Thursday, May 23, 2024 Written by Sean Cochran & Ari Friedman Directed by Jonathan Frakes

The penultimate episode of the season sets up the finale with a great mix of action, heart, and even some fun.

star trek largest ships

I know you missed me.

WARNING: Spoilers below!

“What do we do now?”

We begin with Ambassador Saru returning to HQ, flowers in hand (aww), only to have his romantic moment with T’Rina diverted to a crisis meeting with the Prez. Rillak briefs the group on the last episode: Moll killed Ruhn, now Primarch Tahal’s fleet is heading to claim his dreadnaught, and it would be really bad news if she found out about the Progenitor Tech. On the Disco, they are still fixing the ship but risk using the spore drive to beat Moll to the coordinates. Upon arrival, they’re immediately pulled into a black hole—right next to another one. “That’s interesting.” Not now, Tilly! She rallies and sciences a way out of them being spaghettified , and the crew battles their way to safety, quickly spotting a curious cylinder in the Lagrange Point (title alert!) point between the holes, which must be what the 24 th -century scientists built to hide the Progenitor tech. They take in the moment to be dazzled by the awesome majesty of these binary primordial black holes as the secret home to the power of creation. This why they went into the final frontier, to find strange new… Oh shit, the Breen show up and tractor the cylinder into their shuttle bay. Zoink! You snooze you lose, space nerds.

star trek largest ships

I did miss you!

“I think they can do it.”

The Breen use the map as a key to open the container, revealing an extra-dimensional portal, so Moll starts sending Breen red shirts scientists in to figure it out. She doesn’t have the cryptic clue Michael got from Avatar Book, so the good guys have time if they can figure out how to beam the cylinder to the Disco. Adira suggests attaching transport locks, but how to get close enough? Cue the heist movie montage! The plan is to sneak a shuttle through a shield weak point to insert two teams dressed as Breen: Alpha to go to bridge and shut off shields, Beta to attach the transport lock. After some protective dad objections, Adira (with Rhys as security backup) are Alpha and Michael leads Beta, bringing Book along as pilot. Cleveland assesses the plan as “insane,” proven right as they fly into the dreadnaught’s exhaust with only seconds  before they are “deep fried.” Both teams beam in at the last moment… right next to some soldiers demanding answers. Banking on strict Breen hierarchy, Burnham chastises the soldiers and evokes the Scion, using the old fake it till you make it strategy of infiltration. Alpha team heads to the bridge, where they order a lowly officer away from his station with Adira sympathizing, “Everyone always picks on the ensign.” Beta heads to the shuttle bay with their usual banter, but take a quick sidebar so Michael can tell Book about the emotional epiphany she had in the mindscape last episode. Nice, but do you need to do this now?

star trek largest ships

Rhys and Adira prepare to drop some beats.

“This is getting weird.”

Back at HQ, Rillak is getting ghosted by Tahal so they debate dispatching the USS Mitchell to waylay the Breen Primarch, then settle on sending a less provocative shuttle with the same cool new Pathway Drive. Before T’Rina can provide a list of who could head up the mission, Saru volunteers. Later, they finally get their nice romantic moment and come to an understanding of how in their line of work they will always be faced with balancing their love with the logic required to choose duty over emotion. Speaking of duty, Rayner continues to pace the Disco bridge as he readies the crew for action and he isn’t about to sit in the captain’s chair, making it clear to acting first officer Tilly that he has no need for her “warm and fuzzy encouragement.” Stay gruff, my friend. On the dreadnaught, Michael and Book bluff their way through a checkpoint, knocking out the guards to get into the shuttle bay to see another Breen scientist sacrificed to the mysterious glowing cylinder. They need to shut off a quarantine field, so Book is tasked with distracting a guard and he goes with… flirting. No helmet and refrigeration suit can hide the sexy. As he agrees to a group hook-up at the oil baths, Michael gets to work on that field, but on the bridge, Captain Moll gets wind of the missing shuttle bay guards. She orders a total lockdown as more soldiers head towards the precious cylinder… too many even for Book to seduce.

star trek largest ships

Those DJs are really kicking it.

“I always knew my crew would come for me.”

Beta Team needs a distraction, so Rayner hails Moll, revealing the Disco wasn’t destroyed last week but fibbing that Captain Burnham was killed. He warns Tahal is coming for Ruhn’s dreadnaught, but Moll rejects the offer of protection from the Federation. The former courier soon finds Alpha Team, unmasks them, and grabs the transporter lock before it can be used. Michael and Moll trade barbs, but Rayner is listening closely and understands the coded message from his captain.  The crazy plan is to fly the Disco through the Breen shuttle bay containment field and beam Michael, Book, and the cylinder over when they get flung into space. Sure, no problem. Alpha Team drops the shields, but that gets unwanted attention, so Rhys jumps into action and even Adira gets in some hits before they’re beamed away to safety. Moll sorts out what the Starfleeters are doing and decides her best hope is to go through the interdimensional gate herself (with L’ak’s body safely stored in a portable pattern buffer). Burnham can’t let her get the tech, so she decides to follow, sharing one last poignant look with Book before being zapped away. Discovery dives through the energy barrier and all hell breaks as the cylinder floats out into space and disintegrates, revealing the pulsating glowing portal from within. Book’s now on the bridge (having found the time to change back into his cool leather coat, perhaps due to some transporter tech?) and reveals the captain is inside the portal. Scanners find nothing, so Tilly sums up: “She’s just gone.” Not on Rayner’s watch. The commander rallies the crew with a fine “ failure… not an option ” speech. They are going to get her and the tech back, period. To make his point, he (finally) sits in the captain’s chair with, “Let’s do this”… next week.

star trek largest ships

I’ll sit down when I am damned ready.

That was exciting

What an exciting episode, nicely setting things up as a first part of the two-part finale while still being a complete package on its own. Time flies by with good pacing from director Jonathan “two-takes” Frakes. He leans into the season’s pivot in tone with a sense of adventure and even some fun with heist movie motifs. Sneaking on board alien ships in disguise is classic Trek going back to “The Enterprise Incident,” but this time with a Breen twist, evoking Kira Breening up in DS9’s “Indiscretion.” The stakes are huge as the season plot comes to a head with Moll and now a looming new Breen threat potentially taking the Progenitor tech, and these bring along the VFX moments and dramatic bridge scenes we should expect from big-budget Star Trek. But this is also Discovery, and so what is woven throughout are key character moments driving home the season’s theme of connection. This may be exemplified best by the very welcome return of Doug Jones, who is giving us the perspective from Starfleet HQ as Saru and T’Rina find love in between moments of high-tension statecraft and diplomacy.

star trek largest ships

Michael senses she only has one episode left.

“Lagrange Point” pays off several character arcs that have been playing out this season, leaving Saru and T’Rina’s big day (presumably) for the season finale. Here there were more quick and even subtle moments that were still quite satisfying, especially seeing Adira come into their own by going on an away mission based on their own crazy idea, with the nervous but proud space dads sending them off like it was the first day of school. Adorable, yes, but it was also great to see Blu del Barrio show more range, with bits of humor—and it was really them doing the action scenes (check back later for Blu’s TrekMovie interview about this episode and more). The episode did make a big deal out of Rayner taking the chair, but it built up to this by picking up on threads from the season as he has earned the trust of the crew as expressed by Tilly, even as they hung a lantern on the show’s penchant for being all touchy-feely. The biggest payoff was for Michael and Book, broken up at the start of the season, now clearly realizing they are still in love. However, Discovery can’t help itself by having an inappropriately timed feelings discussion with Michael and Book on the Breen ship. This kind of thing isn’t really necessary and could have played better if she’d tried to have the conversation but was cut off, leaving everything that needed to be said in that brief beautiful moment they share only with looks before she goes into the portal.

star trek largest ships

Do they have Breen suits in my size?

Breen to be wild

It looks like they are saving all the big reveals about the Progenitors and their tech for the rest of the finale, but the ability to put their portal into the Lagrange Point of two primordial black holes is literally awesome, and Tilly seemed to imply the Progenitors may have even created those black holes, once again telegraphing this god-level tech probably shouldn’t end up in anyone’s hands. Season 5 also adds more to the lore when it comes to the Breen, although they do remain mysterious. It’s hard to grasp how Moll is now in command instead of Arisar, Ruhn’s top lieutenant who backed her coup. But there does seem to be a cult-like worship of the Scion and her association is the source of that power. More importantly, Moll seems to remain singularly focused on L’ak, but Eve Harlow’s over-the-top performance risks what we can assume is a coming redemption with Book in the finale. They were careful to show that even though she had little regard for Breen scientists, she had not gone full evil, saying she planned to drop Michael and Book off at some planet instead of killing them. We also learn that the Breen are polyamorous, like Denobulans, and they relax with oil baths, like Star Wars droids. Like with other little beats in the episode, they pick up on things established earlier in the season, like using the “anchworm” insult to good effect on the ship. This, as well as the nod to the Kellerun Ballad of Krul and “osikod” code from Burnham to Rayner, are little examples sthat show how this season is tied together more effectively than previous ones.

star trek largest ships

The Breen aren’t into walls.

For the setup to a season finale, there was a surprising amount of action, and not just with the spectacular space effects of the two black holes and battle with the Breen. The fight scenes on board the Breen ship with accompanying bluff-the-bad-guys moments were a bit familiar, but perhaps that was intentional as the episode had no time to waste. That said, there were moments that felt like they were skipping a step; after the Discovery crashes into the shuttle bay, the next moment Book is on the bridge wearing a new outfit. If you rewind and look VERY closely, you will see in the chaos of flying debris a tiny beam-out effect, but it felt like we missed something there. And if they could easily nab Book while he was in the shuttle bay, why not the cylinder as well? But it was still effective when the episode slowed down for some moments, including those back at Starfleet HQ, which added emotional beats and more context to the larger plot.

star trek largest ships

You’ll be back next week, right?

Final thoughts

In the end (and little nitpicks aside), “Lagrange Point” is a taut episode that stands on its own, but will likely be seen later as just part of the larger season finale as it ends on a cliffhanger. The balanced mix of action and emotion sprinkled with humor is the sweet spot for this series that we’ve been seeing throughout the season.

star trek largest ships

You better come back, the deposit on the wedding venue is nonrefundable.

  • This is Jonathan Frakes’ 31st Star Trek directing credit and 8th episode of Discovery .
  • At 46:57, it is the shortest episode of the season.
  • A Lagrange Point is a real thing in celestial mechanics.
  • Primarch Tahal leads the “3rd Flight” of the Breen factions.
  • Once again Michael showed off her expertise in xenoanthropology (revealed in the series premiere) by knowing “Sarkaress” was a Breen festival, although it’s not clear why the universal translator didn’t know that as well.
  • The vulnerability of an unshielded exhaust port is likely a reference to the Death Star from Star Wars .

star trek largest ships

Stamets is still shrooming.

More to come

Every Friday, the All Access Star Trek Podcast  covers the latest news in the Star Trek Universe and discusses the latest episode. The podcast is available on Apple Podcasts ,  Spotify ,  Pocket Casts ,  Stitcher and is part of the TrekMovie Podcast Network.

The fifth and final season of  Discovery debuted with two episodes on Thursday, April 4 exclusively on Paramount+  in the U.S., the UK, Switzerland, South Korea, Latin America, Germany, France, Italy, Australia, and Austria.  Discovery  will also premiere on April 4 on Paramount+ in Canada and will be broadcast on Bell Media’s CTV Sci-Fi Channel in Canada. The rest of the 10-episode final season will be available to stream weekly on Thursdays. Season 5 debuts on SkyShowtime in select European countries on April 5.

Keep up with news about the  Star Trek Universe at .

star trek largest ships

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star trek largest ships

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One More Ride. LET’S GO!

I can’t recall offhand, but did we ever see Discovery’s engine room? I think they just showed the spore drive engine but never the warp engine.

It’s one of those things (like with who is chief engineer and who is chief medical officer) they never decided on. First it was ‘a’ science lab, then it was engineering.

Yeah, that was definitely one of the series’ major flaws.

Early on, they acted like we hadn’t, and that we would, but we never did.

I seem to recall this room being called engineering this season or last. It’s clearly at least an offshoot.

In Season 3 they, briefly, showed the Warp Core.

I’m pretty sure Stamet’s Lab became Engineering. You can sometimes see what’s supposed to be the core through the window.

No, and it really wasn’t necessary. The ship has engines, we get it.

And with that, there goes how many TOS eps right out the window?

Every show minus DS9 the engine room is a big part of the show and stories. This is the only one who apparently forgot they even had one.

TOS never showed the warp core.

They did, it just looked different, more like a particle accelarator then the one from TNG which set the standard, where Scotty would always be

Actually The Motion Picture set the standard. It may not have had the exact look of the core from TNG, but it did have the cylinder and lighting effects that were passed on to TNG.

One more episode of this extremely disappointing season to go. This one was moderately better than some of the others, but at this point I can’t imagine how they could possibly pull off a good season finale with this dull concept.

> extremely disappointing

How the fuck high are your standards?

(Go ahead and delete this, mods. I don’t blame you.)

To each their own. I really enjoyed the episode and it has been one of the best season we’ve had. I think we all get it. Discovery just isn’t your thing. That’s fine – you are entitled to your views. But there are quite a few of us that are actually enjoying this season. The writing have been fantastic this season (talking as a writer myself), the pacing has been great, and the acting has been wonderful.

What is the point of saying “We all get it?” I’m expressing my opinion, the same as anyone else here. If you don’t like my opinion, feel free not to read it. But there’s no need for that kind of response, and there is no “we”–you speak only for yourself. In any case, you enjoy the writing and acting this season, and that’s cool. I, for the most part, do not.

Oh, I seem to have touched a nerve. I only say that we all get it is because you have mentioned it several times before. Twice in this thread. That is all. “We get it” that you do not generally like Discovery – you have been quite vocal about it. And “WE”, meaning “others” understand that too.

But perhaps you should have read what else I said in my post… “to each their own”

No need to get snappy with me.

I have never said I dislike Discovery. On the contrary, I’ve said many times that I like some aspects of it, and have been consistent in saying so since season one. What I dislike are the needless melodrama, the whisper-acting, and how thin the plots have been since season three. That doesn’t mean I dislike the show. I’d argue it means the opposite. I keep watching because there are aspects I find enjoyable, and I keep hoping the show will finally rise up and meet its enormous potential.

Unfortunately, this season’s storyline doesn’t work for me. That is not the same as me not enjoying the show. I loved seasons one and two, and I thought season three had a lot of great things about it, too. It’s just four and five that have generally disappointed me. But there have been moments of greatness from time to time, even in these two disappointing arcs.

As for my getting snappy, I was responding in kind to “We all get it.” But that’s fine, I’m moving on

Thank you for moving all… from all of us.

Yes, but the guy is right, you do make that quite clear in your posts. They are more negative than positive. I think I read that you liked 2 episodes. But even then, you tend to focus on the negative aspects than celebrate the positive ones. But I get it. It’s your thing to nit-pick. I, for one, never understood your obsession with what you call whisper acting. Don’t really get it. But you do you. But I think that got you called out for trolling once.

You’ve been pissing on this since the first episode, so I guess you need to finish strong. By most accounts this has been a great season, and people are watching. So there’s that.

“Most accounts” is very subjective and kind of moot. I’ve read a lot of negative reactions to this season. Mine are hardly unique.

I will say looking at the reviews for IMDB the ratings are a lot lower than I expected GIVEN that people seem to at least like it. But the highest rated episode so far is episode 4 with a 7.1 which is decent but that’s the HIGHEST so far. The lowest rated is episode 6 with a 5.7 rating. In fact all the other episodes are in the 5s and 6s. That’s LOW.

Just for comparison sake SNW season 2 highest rated episode was TOS with a 9.0 rating. The lowest rated was subspace Rhapsody with a 6.9. But all the other episodes are in the 7 and 8 ranges which are sold ratings overall.

Now we’ll come to the most highly rated season in modern Star Trek so far with Picard season 3. The highest rated episode there is still the finale with a 9.4 which is still insane to me a year later but there it is. The LOWEST rated episode are episodes 2 and 7 tied at 8.2. Let that sink in that’s the Lowest rated episodes of the season. Picard season 3 are all rated 8 and 9. That’s abnormally high for any Star Trek show.

So your assessment is accurate. The season is rated higher than the last two but just barely. It’s shocking with people people fawning over how much they are loving this season but yet not a single episode has reached anything close to an 8. To clarify there isn’t a rating for this episode yet so maybe it will be higher.

But the REALITY is this season is still very mixed overall in the fanbase. I certainly do think a lot of people like it more, certainly more than last season. But Picard season 3 this is NOT!

I think what is happening is the people who isn’t loving it as much simply isn’t talking about it as much either. At least not here. But I could be wrong. That’s my only theory because the season is still rated fair to low on both IMDB and RT which currently has a 30% audience score. But I focus more on IMDB since the episodes are individually rated.

But you’re 100% right, yours is not unique in the slightest.

Another reminder that imdb as a metric has to be tempered due to review bombing. They’ve removed transparency to see the percentages of how people vote, but it’s guaranteed there’s a slew of unreasonable 1’s in the mix there.

This is why it’s hard to have an honest discussion about the show – people started review bombing it the second they added trans people to the cast, which makes it more difficult to talk about how at the same time the writing did change noticeably.

I know this but it’s season 5. I mean at this point it’s all been laid out.

Picard season 2 for example has the WORST ratings of any of the modern shows after the first two episodes. But then season 3 as said now has the highest.

So were people just review bombing season 2 of that show? Because it has lower ratings than even Discovery. Or maybe people just generally thought it sucked? That seems to be the consensus everywhere at the time.

At some point we just have to also admit maybe the majority of down votes are just people unhappy with the show?

And here is the biggest irony. The highest rated season of Discovery is actually season 1, the season that easily had the most acrimony and bitterness from fans since Enterprise season 1 lol.

Oddly that season is decently ranked today. It’s highest rated episodes are 12 and 13 tied at 8.1.

The lowest rated that season is #8 with a 6.8. In fact most of the season are in the 7 range. Not amazing but not awful either. Basically average which MOST Star Trek seasons are rated actually across the entire franchise.

So obviously it’s not like every season has been pounded into oblivion either.

But look these discussions really frustrates me because everyone wants to argue the online ratings .. when they are bad. NO ONE argues about them when they are good lol

If I came and posted every episode this season got an 8.1 everyone would be saying “SEEEE! People love this show!!!!”

And I only posted this because of Lorna Dune said that his view wasn’t in a tiny minority and he’s right… it’s not.

But yes people certainly love it here more than him which I think is accurate and fair. But other places online it is MUCH more mixed and those ratings are bearing it out.

As far as the Trans issue sorry I just don’t buy that. Were there any Trans characters in the first two seasons of Picard because those are rated just as bad as Discovery is minus a few stand out episodes.

And I went and looked at SMW episode that featured a Trans character in episode 7. It’s rated at a 7.2. Not amazing but decent right? And it’s not the lowest rated episode of the season either.

So sorry I don’t think it’s that. Some people YES, there are certainly the anti Woke idiots around, no doubt. But no not the main issue for its lower ratings. People have been complaining about this show for five seasons and we know it’s not those issues why most think it’s bad.

The IMDb ratings start to collapse the second they introduce Gray. Could be a coincidence, but my faith in people has been dashed. When they were visible, these numbers were filled with “1” ratings. It’s just skewing the numbers too much. I think the show got worse in seasons 3 and 4. But as bad as the numbers from IMDb fanboys who can’t even bear to rate When Harry Met Sally above a 7.7? Nah. There’s a mean-spirited agenda at work.

Ok fine and you could certainly be right. But again you also said the show just got worse in those seasons as well… which most people here (who didn’t like them) have also said.

Yes maybe that did have something to do with it but I think it’s clear it’s not the only thing either.

I was the guy saying Michelle Paradise should be fired because of HOW disappointed I was over seasons 3 and 4 and it obviously had nothing to do with Grey. I just thought it was generally bad outside of a few standout episodes.

The IMDB ratings are really just a self-selecting group of poll-takers who are motivated by having their likes and dislikes noted, somewhere. (Yeah, I doubt even Terry Matalas would rate the Picard finale that highly.) I wouldn’t put all that much stock in them, in any case.

We have this conversation every season lol.

And I say the same thing EVERY season, if you’re going to just dismiss every online poll then how do we rate anything???

When someone says people are loving or hate such and such show, OK, fine but where is it coming from? TikTok videos, viewing ratings, what people on a message board says?

Because here is a shock, every metric is online.

Look no one has to believe it, I say that all the time too lol, but for me these ratings seem to bare out what people are saying online most of the time. People seem to love SNW, guess what good ratings for the show in every poll. Not always amazing but decent. People think Nemesis was a bad movie, rating for that movie… not so decent lol.

I guess what I’m saying is I would like to see a pill that is completely left field of what people are saying online. I mean an EXTREME view.

And it’s not like Discovery is hated overall. The show has a 7.0 rating overall. It is the lowest rated show in the franchise but guess what 7 of the shows are all rated in the 7s, just higher than Discovery. The only shows that are rated 8 or higher are TNG, TOS, DS9 and SNW.

That sounds about right to me BASED on discussions on these shows everywhere.

But if people really hated Discovery or just review bombing it seems like it would be in the 5 or 6 range category.

Oh and lastly, I actually agree with most people here. I thought it was a pretty good episode and gave it an 8/10. I had some issues with it but it set things up well for the finale at least.

All said and done I was just defending Lorna Dune. Phil said he was the only one giving the season crap and while I knew that wasn’t completely true since it has been more mixed in other places for sure it’s hard to just base that any one place obviously.

But that’s the problem with message boards, right? You can go to one place and find people fawning over an episode. You can then go to another place and find the opposite responses on literally the same episode.

So yes your point isn’t wrong but that’s EVERYWHERE online today, right? So how do you determine how much something is liked consensus wise anywhere today? Especially something so subjective as a TV shows and movies?

But his view wasn’t coming out of a vacuum either and that’s all I was really trying to highlight. I haven’t even looked for any ratings for this season until today and yeah even I was a little shocked by it .. but not totally either.

I’ll make a deal with everyone now. Stop saying every one loves or hates something and I won’t post any of these polls. But you can’t keep saying “Well everyone truly loves such and such show except the vocal minority” but then dismiss ANY data that contradicts that U-N-L-E-S-S you have proof your statement can actually be validated. Fair right?

And guess what however it is validated will be 100% from online sources and we’re back where we started anyway.

Keep on posting your data Tiger please. You are by far the sanest person on these boards, I agree with you about 98% most of the time.

Thanks dude! I always appreciate it.

As I said I just wanted to present a more balanced picture and it wasn’t to prove that people thought the season actually sucked, simply that’s it’s probably a bit more complicated as well. That’s all.

I don’t doubt the season is more popular, especially when compared to last season which is EASILY the lowest rated season of the series.

But of course none of it matters just your personal feelings about it. But Lorna Dune is disappointed in the season probably moreso than a lot of people here including me. But he’s certainly not alone as proven and has the right to express it just the same.

Agreed to your terms about not assuming my preferences are shared by everyone, sir. But then, I never did. 😊

Yeah why I really enjoy talking to you because you really only discuss YOUR opinion and not obsess with other people’s thoughts.

For the life I just don’t understand why is it so hard to just to give your opinion about something without being so triggered over what anyone else says or that you feel your opinion has to part of some consensus to matter? But we see it over and over again lol.

Negative comments coming from the same people…over and over again… often in the same threads.

This episode was a really enjoyable one i loved every minute of it though i was a little disappointed by the shortness of it. Compared to the rest of the season that had episodes that were over 50 minutes long so i hope the final is a lot longer.

Jonathan Frakes again proves he is fantastic as a director and i hope he gets to direct some episodes of Starfleet Academy. The shot of Discovery cloaked and escaping the black hole’s gravity was gorgeous. A big thumbs up for the VFX team and their hard work.

Saru bringing flowers to T’rina was cute and great to see him again and President Rillak. I always enjoy seeing an away team infiltrating another ship. As it helps us the viewers get to know little more about the other team as in this case we get to know more about Breen culture.

The CGI shots of Discovery attacking the Breen Dreadnought and blasting/crashing it’s way into the shuttle bay was another gorgeous sequence. I hope we get a few more shots like that in the final.

They called this a two part finale, and… ok, sure. It’s really just episode 9 on a serialized show, so I don’t think it matters to call it a two part finale when every episode already connects.

100% this – Disco has always been a 6 episodes too many movie each season (same w/ Picard for that matter)

Something is telling me someone is about to become the new Emissary to the new worm/black hole aliens.

Sisko to return?! Whoa!

Not a chance.

lol.. yeah.. just being funny

lol if they did that I would be saying to Disco:

No haha, but I was feeling some parallels. Let’s see what’s behind the portal next week.

I quite enjoyed it. It was a bit of a stretch with how many times they needed to fool the Breen crew… I’m a bit torn about DSC finishing next week. I feel bad for the fans who say this is “their Star Trek…” They’ll miss the show. I won’t miss it… I feel the show has run its course…what’s left to do??? (FWIW, I watch each episode as they drop. I support the franchise. When DSC is successful, it helps the franchise succeed…) I’m grateful for DSC’s success in bringing us SNW, LDS, and Prodigy. One more to go…finish strong DSC, finish strong…

I am with you. No matter what you think of it now, Discovery gave us a lot!

I agree. I hope they apply what they’ve learned about how to do a season to SNW, but I don’t think very many in this writers room are moving over there. That show needs some help. But DSC Season 5 feels like they looked at PIC S3 and took some good lessons about what made it so great without feeling like they copied it. There’s a lot they dialed back on this one, and that’s appreciated.

I won’t miss it… I feel the show has run its course…what’s left to do???

One thing is setting up the new Academy show, although they may have already done that a couple seasons ago with the Tilly Academy episode.

I actually agree with your view. I am constantly up and down with this show. I am certainly a little more up with this season but it’s still not amazing for me but yes decent.

I think it will take a few years after this show is over for people to assess it better. And I will say this, based on all the past shows it will probably bold well for Discovery in the end because so far every past show seems much more loved today vs when it was on minus TOS and TNG. I separate those because I think they were just as adored when they went off the air as they are today.

The others needed more time but all seems to be generally loved today if still not by everyone obviously. Maybe that will ultimately happen with Discovery as well.

Solid episode, right in line with the season. Nothing revelatory, but adequately fun for sure, which is all I’m hoping for at this point.. Action / Adventure has made this series work for me this season in a way it never has. I’m very worried that whatever is behind the curtain will be underwhelming and / or unimaginative. We’ll see.

Have we ever seen Discovery in battle mode? Cause if not, I thought it was pretty cool with the nacelles sitting on top of the secondary hull!

I noticed that too!! I was hoping someone else spotted it too. What a neat trick with the detached nacelles.

I can’t remember seeing it in any previous episode but then again I didn’t notice it during my first viewing of this episode so it’s possible I’ve missed it before.

Naturally, now that the series is in the bin, the show finds it’s groove. But that’s tradition, I guess. This one went a lot harder than I expected. Rayner brings that ‘Lorca’ energy the series has been missing since S1. Excited for the resolution, and overall conclusion… the only real criticism being pulling Book aside, mid-mission, for one of those patented Discovery heart-to-hearts, but at least Michael lampshades that before doing it. ;)

The only good thing about this episode is that we have to endure this stupid plots for just another one. This series can’t end fast enough, because the good episodes ended in season 2, and that was a long time ago.

Is Kovich inside?

That would be something haha, if the portal leads to the infinity room.

100% Saru dies in the finale. It couldn’t be more telegraphed

Very, very doubtful.

Remember it wasn’t filmed as a finale.

Maybe not this episode, but it’s been clearly stated that there were re-shoots for the finale. I also got the vibe that we may lose Saru, but I think the finale will play out the wedding as a way to wrap everything up – think Nemesis and Troi and Riker’s wedding (just at the end, not the beginning).

Rayner DESERVES a spinoff!

I’m on board with that. I had a few moments of questioning where I stand on him around mid-season, but after this episode, I have to say I will miss him when he’s gone. Keep him and Admiral Vance, and I think you’ve got a winner.

If it wasn’t for the fact that she’s 89 and probably not in the mood for a full head of makeup anymore, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they find Salome Jens inside that thing.

I’m not sure but was this the first time we saw those blue phaser beams fired by Discovery? They had a wonderful TOS feeling about them and finally, none of those ugly pulse phasers but a clear and continuous phaser stream like in the old days! Just a tiny detail but those are the things I get hooked on…

Weren’t Discovery’s Phasers blue when it faced off with Control?

Star Trek is so synonymous with beam weapons. Never made sense to shake that up the way JJ Trek and Discovery did.

Anthony, your recaps are always excellent and appreciated, your comment, “ They take in the moment to be dazzled by the awesome majesty of these binary primordial black holes as the secret home to the power of creation. This why they went into the final frontier, to find strange new… Oh shit, the Breen show up and tractor the cylinder into their shuttle bay. Zoink! You snooze you lose, space nerds.” — That REALLY made me laugh out loud. Well done sir!

You can always tell when he’s the writer. There’s just a different feel to his recaps.

I know NOTHING abut the finale but there are definitely hints that the Progenitor Tech is too much power for anyone to have, too much “God-Power” and I have a feeling after the awesomeness of the Progenitor Tech is fully revealed, I believe there will speeches about “No planet, no race, no person should this much power” and I’m guessing the Disco crew somehow destroy the Progenitor Tech for good so that no one can ever “Genesis” the universe(s) and then we see the new series finale, guessing there will be lots of hugging and crying, and that’s cool, that’s what this show does, it’s about the FAMILY.

…in which case the entire season will have been pointless.

Why would it be pointless? Why should the Federation have that much power? Isn’t there something about absolute power corrupts absolutely? I might have gotten the exact quote wrong. Burnham and the Disco crew should absolutely destroy the tech if given the chance … but I’m guessing there will be a big reveal where Burnham is given the opportunity to try and make peace with the Breen ..

Not remotely .

or they’ll take it all the way back to the start of time and they’ll become the Progenitors etc etc…they probably won’t let much of the crew or the ship keep kicking around in the future

I’m putting money on it taking them back to the moment Picard finds out about the progenitors at the end of “The Chase” and we encounter a CGI de-aged Picard who secretly begins the process of hiding the progenitors tech by meeting with all the scientists mentioned through the past Discovery season and showing that he ultimately inspired the whole process.

Yep, that’s what I’m thinking too. I’m also betting on a fast resolution to the progenitor problem that happens in the first 20 minutes, and then the last 30+ is the touchy/feely wrap up of the series.

Or maybe Burnham will finally find her inner strength inside and maybe she will forgive herself and stuff. Pure poetry.

Craft services on this show is awesome apparently ,…….Tilly , Adira , Helm officer , President of the Fed all look well fed …very well fed

You mean they look like …real people?

Here’s a fun fact: Powerlifters often look very round, because their musculature is adapted to lifting heavy weights above their head. They often do carry a healthy amount of fat because that’s the fuel for their muscles.

Having visible abs is a result of dehydration. That’s why bodybuilding is not the same as athletic training; it’s to create a look, not serve a purpose.

Even Olympic athletes come in different sizes and shapes, and have musculature / fat percentages attuned for their sport. Simone Biles is small and lithe, and Brittney Griner is tall and lean. One is trained to run and do springy flips across a mat, the other has to do a lot of start-and-stop running, passing and throwing.

Chase Ealey, the US women’s shot-put champ, is curvy and stocky, and incredibly strong. I’m sure she could lift you over her head before dropping you, but you seem to have already been dropped on your head as a kid.

This sort of sexist commentary isn’t welcome here.

Drop a selfie my dude.

I’m bothered by the fact that while Burnham and crew are standing around gazing at and pondering the cylinder before them, the Breen just pop in and grab it. C’mon, Discovery should have just yanked it the second it was in sight. Similarly with the transporter lock, the second it’s attached to the cylinder ZAPPP, just beam immediately!! Instead they wait around, and give Moll a chance to remove it. They just move soooo slowly, the ensuing complications are totally of their own making.

or just destroy the first part of the map in episode 2 and the universe is safe

The Breen grabbing the cylinder is the worst part of the episode if not the worst moment from the whole season. If they didn’t know the Breen were coming, that would be one thing. But knowing that they just barely beat them, they should have jumped on it as soon as they figured it out. But also, it’s a bad moment based on the fact that the Breen should not have had an easy time just warping in between two black holes and grabbing the thing that easily.

The blocking on that was really, really bad.

Is it the blocking or just the script? If the script doesn’t have them doing things like voicing concern about yanking it, there’s only so much you can do to enrich a scene like that.

Yes! The Breen are right behind you; grab the thing as soon as you see it. Sheesh.

Wow, watched it again last night on CTV Sci-Fi, really enjoyed it again. Even though it was a shorter episode, the pacing really kept it fresh. The editing was superb and kept that tension going. Absolutely LOVED the chemistry between Tilly and Rayner in that scene on the bridge. I have said this before, but the addition of Callum Keith Rennie has been a huge win. He is an incredible actor. There is so much to say about this episode but it has definitely been my favourite of the season. Frakes did a wonderful job directing as always. He knows how to build tension and balance out a story. Well done!

Interdimensional god-tribbles are on the other side of that portal.

Well, well, well, another decent episode. Careful DIS, you may pull off a good season! ;)

I jest! I jest! – though loved seeing/hearing the upgraded phasers firing of the Discovery, was a cool shot. Plus, Rayner, honestly, that dude deserves a spin off or something. We’ve had more character growth and backstory for him in 9 episodes, then we have for most of the Discovery crew in 5 seasons! Hope he AT LEAST pops up in the Academy show.

Was the episode amazing? No. Was it Berman Era good? No, but DIS’ format is so different to those days, so a tad unfair. Was there some typical DIS cringy parts? Yes, BUT the positives outweighed the negatives and was a good romp. Here’s hoping the series finale pulls off a good landing.

What if Burnham actually finds a smiling koala on the other side of the portal? That would tie things up pretty neatly, I’d say…

Thank goodness for Callum Keith Rennie

***Once again Michael showed off her expertise in xenoanthropology (revealed in the series premiere) by knowing “Sarkaress” was a Breen festival, although it’s not clear why the universal translator didn’t know that as well.***

UT doesn’t translate or contextualize proper nouns.

Don’t know if this has been raised yet, but I wonder if the saltly interplay between Rayner and Tilly might be setting the stage for Rayner to be the head honcho in the upcoming Starfleet Academy series. I think he would be terrific.

Never mind. Just read that Holly Hunter will be top dog at The Academy. C’est la vie.

Not bad. Loved the shot of Discovery breaking into the shuttle bay. Exquisite high end VFX right there.

The story was well paced, just a few points off for Burnham and Book taking valuable time out of their dangerous and time sensitive mission to tell each other their feelings. It’s always so hamfisted. Ditto a little bit when Culber came to see his husband at the end and Stamets took time out from solving how he’d save the day… to reassure him. It’s nice on a human level, just clunky in a dramatic tv show with stakes (and professionalism) on the line.

Acting was solid form most of the cast. Tilly and Rayner are good together, Mary Wiseman’s line deliveries were delightful. Still do not find anything compelling about Moll or Eve Harlow’s performance.

Intrigued to see what they find on the other side of the portal!

Screen Rant

Strange new worlds can solve star trek discovery’s biggest villain mystery.


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Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Season 3 Wraps Filming & Anson Mount Hangs Up His Boots [UPDATED]

Under the bridge true story: who the shoreline six are & what they were charged for in real life, why halstead didn’t return for upton’s season 11 finale exit justified by chicago pd showrunner.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds takes place after Star Trek: Discovery season 2, leaving the door open for Jason Isaacs' Captain Gabriel Lorca to potentially return. Introduced in Star Trek: Discovery season 1, Captain Lorca commanded the USS Discovery after his previous ship, the USS Buran, was destroyed in the Klingon War. For the first eleven episodes of season 1, everyone on the Discovery believed Lorca to be the Prime Universe version of himself, but the twelfth episode "Vaunting Ambition" revealed that he had been the Mirror Universe Lorca the entire time.

Though it will likely not happen in Strange New Worlds season 2 , the possibility remains that some version of Lorca could make an appearance in the future. Strange New Worlds has a much lighter tone than Discovery and focuses on episodic storytelling rather than the season-long story arcs Discovery prefers. Whether as friend or foe, Lorca could make a one-episode appearance or become a recurring character. With an actor as talented as Jason Isaacs, it seems a shame to waste the opportunity to bring back such a compelling character.

Strange New Worlds Can Solve Discovery’s Lorca Mystery

At some point before the beginning of Star Trek: Discovery, the Mirror Universe Captain Lorca switched places with his Prime Universe counterpart. While this manipulative Mirror Universe Lorca was killed by Emperor Philippa Georgiou (Michelle Yeoh) in the Discovery season 1 episode "What's Past is Prologue," the Prime Universe Lorca's status remains a mystery. Though it is assumed that the Prime version of Lorca would not have been able to survive long in the Mirror Universe, his death is never confirmed. This could open the door for the character to return at some point on Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.

Since the Captain Lorca introduced in Star Trek: Discovery season 1 was revealed to be from the Mirror Universe, viewers never got to know the actual Prime Universe Lorca. His appearance on Strange New Worlds would allow actor Jason Isaacs to play a different version of the character. Plus, the story of Prime Lorca's time in the Mirror Universe would be a fascinating one to tell. While Prime Lorca would likely not be as villainous as his Mirror Universe counterpart, his years in the Mirror Universe would have surely affected him. Jason Isaacs has expressed his willingness to return to the Star Trek universe, and Strange New Worlds could be the perfect show for him to make an appearance.

Lorca Would Be An Excellent Villain For Pike & Strange New Worlds

Although the Mirror Universe version of Captain Lorca was killed off, Star Trek has been known to bring characters back from the dead. Cunning, manipulative, and duplicitous, the Mirror Universe version of Lorca would make an excellent foil for Captain Christopher Pike (Anson Mount). A conflict between Pike and Mirror Lorca would make for an exciting stand-off, as the two are both smart and capable despite being near polar opposites. Where Pike remains full of hope and celebrates the achievements of his crew, Lorca looks out only for himself and uses the people around him to achieve his own ends.

One of the best villains of modern Star Trek , Jason Isaacs' Captain Lorca would be a welcome presence on any Star Trek show. Strange New Worlds has the potential to continue for many more seasons, and the introduction of a villain like Captain Lorca would be a great way to shake up the show. The optimism and idealism of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds would certainly be an interesting backdrop for either version of Captain Gabriel Lorca.

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‘Star Trek III: The Search for Spock’: new poster art revealed for 40th anniversary

Pip Ellwood-Hughes

A new poster has been released to celebrate the 40th anniversary of ‘Star Trek III: The Search for Spock’, created by Matt Ferguson.

The new artwork pays homage to the classic design of the original poster with its look and feel. Ferguson is an artist and designer from Sheffield in the UK. He has designed original artwork for ‘Star Trek Beyond’, as well as iconic franchises Marvel and ‘Jurassic Park’. He has also curated exhibitions in the UK and USA, and is well known for his beautifully stylised creations for established film and TV properties.

Star Trek III: The Search for Spock

The IMDB plot synopsis for the film states:

In the wake of Spock’s ultimate deed of sacrifice, Admiral Kirk and the Enterprise crew return to Earth for some essential repairs to their ship. When they arrive at Spacedock, they are shocked to discover that the Enterprise is to be decommissioned. Even worse, Dr. McCoy begins acting strangely and Scotty has been reassigned to another ship. Kirk is forced to steal back the Enterprise and head across space to the Genesis Planet to save Spock and bring him to Vulcan. Unbeknownst to them, the Klingons are planning to steal the secrets of the Genesis Device for their own deadly purpose.

‘Star Trek III: The Search for Spock’ is directed by Leonard Nimoy, who plays Spock in the franchise. The cast also includes William Shatner, DeForest Kelley, James Doohan, Walter Koenig, Nichelle Nichols and George Takei. Fans will be able to enjoy ‘Star Trek III: The Search for Spock’ once again in UK cinemas from 14th June 2024, and on a new 4K UHD + Blu-ray™ SteelBook releasing on 27th May 2024.

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Federation starship classes

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The following is a list of starship classes operated by the Federation .

Background information

Because of the strong connotations with the real world United States Navy, Star Trek: The Original Series Producers Gene Roddenberry and Robert H. Justman (a World War II navy veteran himself) had imbued Starfleet with ( The Making of Star Trek , p. 112, et al. ; These Are the Voyages: TOS Season One , 1st ed, pp. 28-29; see also in this respect: Aircraft carrier ), it came hardly as a surprise that the US Navy ship class naming convention was also followed for the vessels of Starfleet. This convention has it that a class is named after the first, or lead, vessel authorized by US Congress, which is not necessarily the one first laid down, launched, completed or commissioned (formally taken into service), and after which the British Royal Navy for example name their ship classes. While not canon , it can serve as a potential real-world rationale why there are Constitution -class vessels with lower registry numbers than the lead vessel USS Constitution . Nonetheless, in his influential " The Case of Jonathan Doe Starship " article, then fan and future Star Trek alumnus, Greg Jein , had postulated an alternative theory for the discrepancy, albeit equally non-canon.

Additionally, while it is highly unlikely that all alien races follow the same naming convention as Starfleet does – even on present-day real-world Earth, the US Navy convention is far from being universal – there is a real-world counterpart for this as well. The defense organization NATO uses a variant of the US/British class naming convention for ship types of their adversaries, particularly those of the former Soviet Union, who themselves classified their vessels according to project number, such as – where a Star Trek related example is concerned – their Project 705 / Alfa -class submarines .

  • Earth starship classes
  • Unnamed Federation starships

External links

  • Star Trek Ships: Expanded - UFP: Starfleet and Prehistory at The STArchive
  • Ship class at Wikipedia
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    The largest Starfleet starship to appear anywhere on screen is the upgraded Enterprise-J briefly seen in the episode "Azati Prime".It's described as being "almost 2 miles" in length (i.e. 3.2 kilometers) as compared to Borg cubes which are approx. 3 kilometers in length along each edge.The single largest constructed vessel we see in the Trek TV show is the "Voth City Ship" which measures 9 ...

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    Ships of the Alpha/Beta Quadrants. 1px = 1m • Updated 2023-07-03. Ships of the Gamma/Delta Quadrants. 1px = 1m • Updated 2023-07-03. Large Starships and Stations. 1px = 5m • Updated 2022-05-09. Huge Starships and Stations. 1px = 20m • Updated 2023-07-03. Shuttlecraft and Small Starships.

  3. Invincible class

    Invincible-class The Invincible-class was the single largest multi-mission combat-equipped starship ever constructed by Starfleet. She was designed as the ultimate in front line explorers. She was classified as a Fleet Carrier-Command Battleship. Invincible-class ships combine the roles of battleship and fighter carrier, having a massive offensive capability in terms of on-board weapons and ...

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    The speed? The shields? The sheer size of a vessel? Or perhaps it's the captain and crew at the helm? We believe it's all of those things and more, so we took 46 of the most noteworthy Star Trek starships and placed them in a head-to-head battle. Which iconic ship came out on top? Find out below. Warp ahead for our rankings of the most ...

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    Belt up: We've ranked 40 iconic Star Trek ships, probes and shuttles from the (relatively) ... (228 meters), and with the capacity for a crew of 430, this Klingon ship is the largest of its era ...

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    Star Trek: The Next Generation showcased powerful threats, including the return of the Romulans. The main vessel of the Romulan Star Empire's fleet, D'deridex-class Warbirds were massive vessels that dwarfed some of the largest ships the Federation put to space. Powered by a forced quantum singularity, these battlecruisers were armed to the ...

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    Check out some of the biggest ships in the Star Trek universe, we cover the Enterprise J, Earth Spacedock, the Voth City Ship and the Whale Probe. Subscribe ...

  8. Voth city ship

    The Voth city ship was a massive transwarp-capable starship that served as the center of the Voth civilization. The Voth city ship located and captured the USS Voyager in 2373 and proceeded to beam the Federation starship aboard. ... It was one of the largest vessels to appear on Star Trek - measuring approximately 11 kilometers in length ...

  9. USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D)

    USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D), or Enterprise-D, to distinguish it from other vessels with the same name, is a starship in the Star Trek media franchise. Under the command of Captain Jean-Luc Picard, it is the main setting of Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987-1994) and the film Star Trek Generations (1994). It has also been depicted in various spinoffs, films, books, and licensed products.

  10. Borg cube

    The Borg cube was a type of starship used by the Borg Collective in the 24th century. Along with the Borg sphere, cubes were among the primary types of vessel for its fleet. (TNG: "Q Who", "The Best of Both Worlds"; Star Trek: First Contact) Described as mighty and omnipotent, Borg cubes were considered one of the most destructive weapons ever known. (PIC: "Maps and Legends") The USS ...

  11. Negh'Var warship

    Sci-fi. Star Trek. The Negh'Var warship was the largest class of cruiser known to operate in the Klingon Empire during the late 24th century. In early 2372, the IKS Negh'Var was announced as the new flagship of the Klingon Imperial Fleet. Commanded by a changeling posing as General Martok, he led the Klingon...

  12. Starship Enterprise

    Service: 2151-2161 (10 years) Captain: Jonathan Archer ( Scott Bakula) United Earth Starfleet's Enterprise is the main setting of Star Trek: Enterprise (2001-2005). Enterprise was the first Earth-built starship capable of reaching Warp 5. The ship was commanded by Captain Jonathan Archer and played an instrumental role in the founding of ...

  13. Spacecraft in Star Trek

    The Star Trek franchise features many spacecraft. Various space vessels make up the primary settings of the Star Trek television series, films, and expanded universe; others help advance the franchise's stories. Throughout the franchise's production, spacecraft have been depicted by numerous physical and computer-generated models. Producers worked to balance often tight budgets with the need ...

  14. The Fleet's In: 24th Century Federation Starships

    The imposing task force led by Captain Riker above Coppelius was composed of Inquiry-class vessels, including Riker's own U.S.S. Zheng He.Representing the most up-to-date Federation design of the 24th century, the reinstated captain described these ships as the toughest, fastest, and most powerful ones that Starfleet had ever produced up until that time.

  15. Star Trek: What Is The Most Powerful Starfleet Ship?

    Riker called the Zheng He "the toughest, fastest, most powerful ship Starfleet ever put into service." Taking the Captain at his word, the Inquiry -class Zheng He has exceeded the two starships commanded by Captain Picard, the Enterprise-D and E. In Star Trek: The Next Generation, the Galaxy -class Enterprise-D was the pinnacle of Starfleet.

  16. Ranking All the STAR TREK Hero Ships from Best to Worst

    8. The Defiant NX-74205, prototype class, seen in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, (1994-1999), Star Trek: First Contact (1996) CBS/Viacom. It's tiny compared to the other ships on this list, and ...

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    Active From The 2390s Onward. Appeared In Star Trek: Picard (6 Episodes) Heavy cruiser ships that were introduced only recently in Star Trek: Picard, the Inquiry Class are one of the newer brands ...

  18. Galaxy class

    The Galaxy-class was a Starfleet heavy capital ship class first introduced in the mid 2360s. It was one of the largest and most powerful Federation starship classes of its time, with many serving in the Dominion War. Starfleet had previously operated another type of Galaxy-class starship in the 2250s. (TNG: "The Ensigns of Command") The Galaxy Class Starship Development Project took place at ...

  19. The Largest Ships in Science Fiction

    10) Varro Generational Ship. Length: 9.3 kilometers (5.8 miles) Appearance: Star Trek Voyager (1999) This very long stick of a ship was encountered by the crew of the Voyager in the 2370's. They ...

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    What is the largest t6 zen ship that can be purchased? I think it's funny to be the biggest ship possible, but I'm having a hard time finding the data on ship sizes. ... This is the unofficial community subreddit for Star Trek Online, the licensed Star Trek MMO, available on PC, Playstation, and Xbox. Share your glorious (or hilarious) in-game ...

  21. Klingon starships

    In the Star Trek franchise, the Klingon Empire makes use of several classes of starships.As the Klingons are portrayed as a warrior culture, driven by the pursuit of honor and glory, the Empire is shown to use warships almost exclusively and even their support ships, such as troop transports and colony ships, are armed for battle. This contrasts with the exploration and research vessels used ...

  22. Jonathan Frakes leaves Star Trek knowing that the franchise is in ...

    Story by Chad Porto. • 17m. J onathan Frakes seems to be leaving the Star Trek franchise, for now, just as Star Trek: Discovery takes its final bow. Frakes has filmed the last of his commitments ...

  23. Recap/Review: 'Star Trek: Discovery' Finds The Right Balance In

    As he agrees to a group hook-up at the oil baths, Michael gets to work on that field, but on the bridge, Captain Moll gets wind of the missing shuttle bay guards. She orders a total lockdown as ...

  24. Star Trek Adventures Second Edition Rules Changes Revealed (Exclusive)

    One of the biggest changes revealed in the Star Trek Adventures Second Edition first look is that Modiphius has eliminated challenge dice from the game. That means that Star Trek Adventures, based ...

  25. Starships

    A list of starships by: Andorian starships Borg starships Cardassian starships Dominion starships Earth starships Federation starships Ferengi starships Klingon starships Romulan starships Vulcan starships Category:Starships for a full listing of all starships Star Trek Ships: Expanded - Others at The STArchive

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    Star Trek: Strange New Worlds takes place after Star Trek: Discovery season 2, leaving the door open for Jason Isaacs' Captain Gabriel Lorca to potentially return. Introduced in Star Trek: Discovery season 1, Captain Lorca commanded the USS Discovery after his previous ship, the USS Buran, was destroyed in the Klingon War. For the first eleven episodes of season 1, everyone on the Discovery ...

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    A new poster has been released to celebrate the 40th anniversary of 'Star Trek III: The Search for Spock', created by Matt Ferguson. The new artwork pays homage to the classic design of the ...

  28. Federation starship classes

    The following is a list of starship classes operated by the Federation. Because of the strong connotations with the real world United States Navy, Star Trek: The Original Series Producers Gene Roddenberry and Robert H. Justman (a World War II navy veteran himself) had imbued Starfleet with (The Making of Star Trek, p. 112, et al.; These Are the Voyages: TOS Season One, 1st ed, pp. 28-29; see ...