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The Script  

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P!NK: Summer Carnival

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The Script is an Irish pop rock band formed by childhood best friends Danny O'Donoghue and Mark Sheehan in Dublin.

Working on music together since they were young boys, the duo found work in Los Angeles as a song writing team for the likes of TLC, Britney Spears and Boyz II Men. After a few false starts with their own record deal, the friends returned to Dublin and recruited drummer Glen Power. With this addition, The Script was born and the band never looked back.

The release of the band’s first album “The Script” blew critics and listeners away and debuted in the number one position on the UK and Irish charts. Much of the success of this first album must be accredited to the singles “We Cry” and “Break Even”, but mostly to “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved” which reached number two on the Irish and UK singles charts.

With the buzz generated from the first album, The Script won legions of fans across Europe and the US which assured that the release of their three subsequent albums – “Science & Faith”, “#3” and “No Sound Without Silence” – all hit the number one or two spot within the UK and Ireland, and were all top 20 albums in the US.

The band has completed three world tours to support their albums, and their hit singles “Hall of Fame” – which saw the band collaborate with will.i.am - and “Superheroes” are always met with excitement wherever they play. While the band has only been making music since 2001, their sound is certainly mature and self-assured.

The Script’s pop rock melodies and thoughtful lyrics can certainly be traced back to the band’s influences, which include Van Morrison, Snow Patrol, The Police and U2. Already off to a great start, The Script certainly have many more musical tricks up their sleeve, and their fans are dying to hear them.

Live reviews

At first I didn't think I was actually going to go and see The Script live in concert. I liked the Script, but I didn't actually know many of their songs apart from the popular ones. This was until one of my friends urged me to listen to more of their songs. The more I listened to them, the more I grew to love their music and their lyrics. I decided at this point that it would be worth going to see them live and going to my first ever music concert at Perth Arena. So I bought a ticket and went along with my sister.

I had no idea what to expect, but I was blown away my the magic of the night. Not just the magic, the atmosphere, the sense of united love for these guys who brought the place to life. Colton Avery was a great support act too, looks like he definitely has a bright future, and made the right move teaming up with the Script.

Danny, Mark and Glen couldn't have been more amazing throughout the night. They entertained Perth with not only their energy and talent but also that good old Irish humour. Best of all, relating us all to the deep meanings and moods of their songs performed. Danny actually asked the audience if anyone had an ex he could call and perform the song 'Nothing' to. He actually did this, and farewelled the ex with a "goodbye asshole!". Funniest moment.

Danny's crowd run with a go-pro was a pretty sweet moment too. When he came across my seated section, he was only a few rows in front of me!

But the best part of all was the way the guys finished the show. If this wasn't THE magical moment, I don't know what was. The final song performed was 'Hall of Fame' which was very fitting to end the first show of the Australian leg for the guys. Danny told us all to switch the flashlight on all of our phones, making the arena looked like a candlelit shrine. The atmospheric vibes were so crazy and uplifting that everyone in the seated area who were sitting the whole night erupted on their feet to pay tribute to the guys and the whole arena united as one and sang along. It was the best night I have ever had, and I really mean that! I truly love The Script and their music!

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chathuri-welgama’s profile image

The Script was awesome. This was easily one of the best performances I've ever seen. First of all the venue, while not very aesthetically pleasing, offered much in the way of every "seat" having a good view of the stage. Parking was convenient and it was easy to locate. Additionally, the price of the ticket was extremely reasonable. Although I didn't particularly enjoy Mary Lambert's performance as she did more talking than singing, I did like the first opener but of course they both paled in comparison to The Script.

Every time I see them, I'm amazed because they sound even better live than they do on their albums. My only complaint the last time I saw them was that their performance wasn't long enough but since this is their tour, they more than made up for that this time. They sang nearly everything that you'd want to hear - old and new and as always, it was a very high energy performance and the lead singer made several forays into the audience. As a regular concert goer, I can honestly say that his being willing to come out into the audience repeatedly is a very unusual thing for performers do which really makes me feel that they really do appreciate their fans and don't mind interacting with them.

I said it previously and I'll say it again, this was an awesome show and if they ever come anywhere near where I'm located and even if I have to travel aways, I'll definitely see them again. This show was definitely worth the cost of the ticket and then some.

shannon-bandy-1’s profile image

I went to see the Script with my friend, and I must say I was quite apprehensive about seeing them. Not because I dislike their music, on the contrary I find it thoroughly relaxing, but because most other gigs I have been to in the past have been rather more up beat and dancey. However, I must say I was very pleasantly surprised. The entire atmosphere, although different to a pop or sock gig, was electric, full of dedicated fans.

My favourite song of the night, ‘Six Degrees of Seperation’ was very touching and the crowd were hanging off the lead singers every word, becoming involved with his emotional performance. As the song began to pick up, the audience were swaying and holding their phone lights up to signify their appreciation for the music. It was unlike any gig I had been to before and I thoroughly enjoyed watching the Irish soft rock live.

Even if you are not interested inherently in this genre of music, from a fan of heavier music, I really do recommend using the script to broaden your horizons. Their lyrics and melodies are fabulous, and to watch them convey the sometimes-emotional messages first hand was something really special for me.

yazhow’s profile image

Indescribable is a word that describes the concert experience! From the moment they came on stage the crowd cheered and screamd their lungs out.

It was inevitable that the show would include tracks from this highly anticipated album. With their huge success, it was also inevitable that their huge number of singles would also be making an appearance. Allowing us to share their success over the years while singing our hart out to the favorites. With a combination of their newes hits The Script gave a monumental show!

They harbour such great talent. The show had everything, from the cheering, screaming, singing along to their upclose interaction with the audience. One could think there was no more to give. To top it all of, they held almost one hour extra show after they where finished. Making the crowd feel their love for music and the respect they have for their fans! The words THANK YOU FOR AN AMAZING SHOW does not nearly describe the experience!

For those who love heart filled good music is The Script an absolute must go to consert!

gashi.j’s profile image

The Script at the O2 was the best concert I have ever been to. I entered a competition to be part of the parade which features at the start of the show. Backstage we had rehearsals where we could watch their soundcheck. The lads were mucking around in their go karts around the arena which was hilarious!!

A short while later we were waiting backstage and Danny came in to meet us and he was lovely! He took time with all of us and we managed to get individual and a group photo!

Being in the parade was also the best experience with all the crowd screaming and looking around the arena with everyone holding their phone torches up.

The lads had an amazing set singing 20 songs all of which everyone sang their hearts out. You could also tell they had spent time thinking everything out with some amazing lazers and effects and an extra B stage.

Thank you The Script for an unforgettable experience :-)

Springroo96’s profile image

I attended my 4th The Script show on June 6th 2015 and I have to say, it was the greatest show out of all the one's I have been to. I was on the drummer's VIP list and I got to meet them (I have multiple times) and got great seats at the first show of the balcony. The music was perfect,the atmosphere was fantastic,and it was overall a great night. Glen Power (the drummer) noticed me up in the crowd and pointed and waved to me on multiple occasions and at the end of the show waved once more, attempted to throw his drumstick up at me, and blew me a kiss before walking off stage. Danny O'Donoghue (front man) also ran up to my seating area in mid song and high fived me and a bunch of other people around me. It was for sure a night to remember and I still haven't gotten over it. I am a huge fan of The Script and I would advise anyone and everyone to go to their shows. You'll completely enjoy it :) xx

lulu-power’s profile image

The concert was simply amazing, to be honest it was the best concert I've been to so far... I was extremely surprised what a deep, rough voice the lead singer of the band had, which gave the songs that certain something.

I can't say anything more but that the atmosphere and the whole show were incredible!!!

But also the service of the organizer "good news" was totally well structured and unique, there were no problems at all!

I'm definitely planning to go to another The Script-concert when they are in Switzerland the next time and I'm already looking forward to it!

... I just hope that they will be able to actually attend the show next time...!

naschoo’s profile image

OMG! If you have not seen The Script live, you must see them! They are an incredible live band. So much energy in the place. Not only was the concert great (Danny came down into the audience to do a song), but these guys LOVE their fans. There were over 100 fans lined up at the back gate and they came out and signed CD's, albums, shirts and verious body parts and took pictures with everyone. They left nobody out and didn't leave until everyone was happy. They really appreciate what their core fan base has done to support them. PLEASE SEE THIS BAND!! BUY THE NEW ALBUM FREEDOM CHILD! It's awesome!!

annmarkl’s profile image

As if The Script wasn't already my favorite band of all time, they literally are some of the best performers that I have ever witnessed! So fun and so energetic, it is hard not to become obsessed with them after seeing them live! They even called an audience members ex boyfriend when they sang Nothing and sang to the ex the whole time, it was literally incredible! They always have amazing set lists and are always there to entertain the heck out of the audience! Adored them from the start, no one will be sorry that they saw the script perform!

michalgurr’s profile image

The Script engages an audience like no other! Lead singer, Danny, always makes his way into the crowd...sometimes 3-4 times during a concert, and interacts w/ fans via high fives, hugs, selfies, and kisses...yep, kisses!!!! Glen (drummer) makes lots of eye contact and waves to fans often and Mark is constantly flicking picks into the crowd! The Script practice a great deal and it shows in their performances as they are always flawless! At every gig, they gain new fans and respect! Don't miss them next time they come to your area!!!!

tandra-clemons-lamia’s profile image

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Heinz von Heiden-Arena


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Want to see The Script in concert? Find information on all of The Script’s upcoming concerts, tour dates and ticket information for 2024-2025.

The Script is not due to play near your location currently - but they are scheduled to play 9 concerts across 7 countries in 2024-2025. View all concerts.

Next 3 concerts:

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  • London (40)
  • Dublin (30)
  • New York (NYC) (23)
  • Manchester (20)
  • Belfast (15)

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  • OneRepublic (45)
  • Hot Chelle Rae (38)
  • American Authors (35)
  • Ella Henderson (25)

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The Script at Amsterdam, Netherlands in Ziggo Dome 2023

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The Script - Greatest Hits Tour 2022

The Script - Greatest Hits Tour 2022

Calum scott.

  • Date Apr 7 , 2022
  • Event Starts 7:30 PM
  • Doors Open 6:30 PM
  • Ticket Prices $39.00 - $64.00
  • On Sale On Sale Now
  • Ages All Ages

In early 2020, The Script were flying high. The band’s sixth album Sunsets and Full Moons, released the previous November, had been their fifth album to hit Number One in the UK. Frontman Danny O’Donoghue called it straight, describing it as "the most poignant album we’ve ever made”, written and recorded in the aftermath of the singer losing his mother. That loss rocket-powered songs like Run Through Walls, and also gave other tracks like The Last Time (“we said that it would last, but how come it’s the last time?”) added emotional heft. And the fans responded in kind, sending the album to the top of the charts. It added to the remarkable tally of the Irish trio’s achievements of the preceding 11 years: five previous platinum-selling albums, 6 billion streams, 30 million single sales, 11 million album sales, 13 million monthly Spotify listeners and 2 million tickets sold across headline shows globally. So, come the beginning of last year, there was more where that came from in the shape of a sold-out UK arena tour. But then, of course, history came knocking. “We were just coming towards the end of a tour,” begins Glen Power (drums, vocals). First, he remembers things being scaled back. “Part of our thing is to get up close and personal with our fans – in fact, part of our show then was to go into the audience for a b-stage moment. We’re a really tactile band – we like to meet people, and suddenly our meet & greets starting getting cancelled. Then, we were in Aberdeen and we were due to go to Newcastle – and we had some big shows in Dublin, arena shows at Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam. And then everything got cancelled. It was terrible all round, of course. But for us as a band it was devastating.” Remembering the dark days of last March, O’Donoghue still sounds shocked, “I walked offstage at what turned out to be the last show – we decided to end about a week before the government made it mandatory – with 16,000 people’s voices ringing in my ears, singing For The First Time. And I jumped in my car, went to my house in London – and there I was for 18 months. It was such a shock to the system! Then there were just the four of us in the house – me, my missus, and then our reflections staring at us in the mirror!” he laughs. Like all of us, the singer/songwriter turned inwards. “And then I got to meet a lot of versions of myself: Confused Me, Optimistic Me, Working Out Me and Fat Me! Like there was four of us, there were all these different scenarios, hanging out together.” As guitarist Mark Sheehan notes, “it’s been a redefining time for us, like it has for everyone. If we can’t play live, who are we?" It was time for the group to regroup – but if they couldn’t physically do that, how best to do that, for their own sake as musicians but also for the fans’ sake? Cue a greatest hits. Cue Tales From The Script, the first ever best of from a band with enough hits and fan-favourites to make that a blockbuster 18-track double album. “We realised, if we were ever going to do something like this, now is the time,” says Power. “We’ve been together so long, and after all these years of writing and releasing and playing, let’s celebrate that fact.” And if ever people needed a celebratory set of songs, it’s now. “Exactly!” exclaims O’Donoghue. “That’s the way I’m really perceiving it. We sat around and talked about what we did next, what our next chapter is. And if we do a seventh album, do people, when they get to come out and see us, do they want to see six, seven new songs? And will we have the opportunity to road-test these songs? "Then, as we thought we were approaching our anniversary, that felt like another opportunity. And for music fans, what do we want to do in all this? We want to go into a field, or a big hall or arena, with our friends, sing the songs we know and love, sing them with the friends I’ve not been able to see, and have a big party. I think that’s live music in a microcosm right now – the joy of being under a roof together, arm in arm, enjoying things we love. "So, a greatest hits felt the best way to go, a festival of great moments.” Then came the hard bit: whittling down their back catalogue. After much discussion, they hit on a solid 17 bangers, with space for one new track. As Sheehan puts it succinctly, I Want It All (And Then Some), “it’s traditional Script. It just delivers all the ingredients everyone knows and loves”. Breaking it down, O’Donoghue cites his favourite lyrics: “I don’t want someone I can live with / I want someone I can’t live without / I don’t want someone I can just be with / I want someone I can’t be without / ’Cause I won’t stop looking till I find the one / I want it all – and then some.” “Lyrically I feel like it’s almost the best of The Script in one song,” he says. “It’s got heart, emotion, melancholy, heartbreak, triumph, a twist in the lyric.” It’s also a timely lyric. After everything we’ve been through, why not want it all (and then some)? Why settle for anything less than everything? Why settle for anything less than The Script? As for the other tracks, the band members each have their favourites. Firstly, Sheehan shouts out 2008’s debut single We Cry. “That stands out for me because it was our first actual music video we did as a band. And going to New York to shoot that – just to go there anyway as an Irish person is always a buzz, but to shoot a video there with your band was just incredible. That was a real moment for me as a musician. There were so many things that were unknown to us – and so many fears. And that was the song that really helped us develop our sound, and the first moment that we realised, hang on, we might have something here.” Power nominates another early track, Before The Worst. “That was also in the first three songs we wrote, and on this one I got to write the guitar part, which I’m really proud of. Mark invited me over to his apartment in Los Angeles to do some work. And at the time I had no money – I slept on Mark’s couch – so I had to get a Credit Union loan to pay for the flight. But I remember being about to leave for the trip thinking to myself, jeepers, I’m going all the way to America, I can’t afford it, and I don’t know what’s gonna happen… “Me and Danny would still be in our bedrooms if it wasn’t for our Mark,” he continues. “He has a great head for organisation and gathering the flock and steering the ship. Me and Danny are very good on the oars, but you need somebody at the front of the ship who can avoid the icebergs! That’s Mark, and that’s why I have really fond memories of writing that song in LA with Mark, making up that acoustic guitar part on his couch while he was producing. It was another foundation song for the band.” Breakeven, another track from the band’s self-titled debut, also gets Power’s vote, “because of the drumbeat – it’s a hard groove to play live. For me, that’s the most important one from the first album because it’s the genesis of what we became. I knew we were headed for good things.” For his first pick, O’Donoghue digs in the crates, too, noting the personal resonance of second single The Man Who Can’t Be Moved. “It was the last song my dad heard before he passed away. One of my greater moments as a songwriter was to write a song that stood the test of time. I love singing it every night. I love the message. And if there’s a song that encapsulates the emotion of who I am, that’s it. So, I’m so pleased that my dad got hear that.” Then he pivots to Hall of Fame, the 2012 tune that was the lead track from the album #3 and which featured will.i.am. “Just when you were frightened you might be a one-hit wonder, or that you were lucky with the second album, that song came along,” he says of the track that’s their most streamed track on Spotify, only a million or shy of one billion plays. “It was written quite fast, and the reach that’s had around the world is incredible. It’s a universal message, one that resonated with the public. It got played at the London 2012 Paralympics, and it was used again in Tokyo this summer. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime song, and coming from our third album, it really solidified us as a career band.” Finally, O’Donoghue has to foreground Run Through Walls, the song written after his mum passed away. “I look at that song and I feel like, here we are, 12, 13 years later, and we’re still doing what we always wanted to do with music: putting an immense amount of pain, feeling and emotion into our songs. And we’re using music as therapy, and as a vehicle to express those sentiments. As someone said, art is the only justification for pain. I live by that. Here we are, all these years later, still passionately believing in that. “And also here we are, three friends, still standing on stage together, still singing that we’d run through walls for each other. That encapsulates the spirit of The Script.” That spirit will once again be flowing strong in 2022, when the band take the Tales from The Script show on the road. As Power says, “taking all the best songs and playing them all together in one place – that’ll turn it into a celebration that we’ve survived and we’ve all got through to this moment together”. For sure. This isn’t a full-stop on the band’s career – more, it’s a celebratory exclamation mark after everything we’ve all been through. vThat's a feeling and sensation Danny O’Donoghue can’t wait for. As a frontman, he loves getting in amongst it. Or, as he puts it, “a Script show is me going through the audience, touching hands, shaking hands, being with the audience. That’s the kind of band we are, and that’s what our fans expect. And we need that as much as the fans – maybe more so! So I can’t wait for us to provide that Script energy. It’s a springboard to our next chapter, but it’s also our story so far. That’s why it’s called Tales from the Script.” He’s right. He does need it more than the fans. “I’m super-charged!” the frontman grins. “I know I’m gonna lose it on stage, night after night. I don’t think you’ve ever met a band more excited about doing a best of and then taking it on the road.”

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The Script

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Pnk: summer carnival tour 2024.

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Johan Cruijff ArenA | Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS

Pnk: summer carnival 2024, koning boudewijnstadion | brussels, belgium, pnk: summer carnival 2024, friends arena | stockholm, sweden, pnk: summer carnival world tour.

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The Dome at America's Center | St Louis, MO

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Pinnacle Bank Arena | Lincoln, NE

Latest setlist, the script on september 3, 2023.

Stradbally Hall, Stradbally, Ireland

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The Script Tour 2023 – 2024

The Script Tour 2024 - 2025

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About The Script

The Script are an Irish rock band from Dublin formed in 2001. The band consists of lead vocalist/pianist Danny O'Donoghue, vocalist/guitarist Mark Sheehan, and drummer Glen Power. Based in London after signing to Sony Label Group imprint Phonogenic, the band released their eponymous debut album in August 2008, featuring the hit songs "The Man Who Can't Be Moved" and "Breakeven (Falling to Pieces)".


the script tour

#3 is the third studio album released by Irish pop rock trio, The Script. The album was released in Ireland on 7 September 2012, in the United Kingdom on 10... Read More

Science & Faith

the script tour

Science & Faith is the second studio album by Irish pop rock band The Script. It was released in Ireland on 10 September 2010, via RCA Records. It was preceded... Read More

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Tales from the script - greatest hits tour, the script at electric picnic 2023.

  • Superheroes
  • Paint the Town Green
  • Before The Worst
  • Talk You Down
  • The Man Who Can't Be Moved
  • For the First Time
  • Hall of Fame
  • Six Degrees of Separation
  • If You Could See Me Now
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The Script at The Academy, Dublin, Ireland

  • Something Unreal
  • No Good in Goodbye

The Script at Festival Marés Vivas 2023

  • Before the Worst

The Script at Heinz von Heiden Arena, Hanover, Germany

The script at rheinenergiestadion, cologne, germany, the script at olympiastadion, munich, germany, the script at ernst happel stadion, vienna, austria.

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Setlist insider: taking back sunday.

  • Taking Back Sunday
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Ademola Lookman celebrates scoring the winner in the 41st minute

Lookman knocks Angola out in quarter-finals as Nigeria stick to Afcon script

The greatest shock of all, perhaps, is when there is no shock. In a Cup of Nations in which reputation and pre-tournament billing has meant nothing, there was at last a game that went the way that might have been expected, as Ademola Lookman’s first-half goal and a fourth clean sheet in a row carried Nigeria to the last four of the Cup of Nations for the 16th time.

It is a familiar position for them to be in, and it was a familiar way in which they achieved it. Although Zini hit the post when the score was 1-0, this was another very controlled performance from José Peseiro’s side, the only real concern their failure to add a second and make the game safe.

Peseiro was clearly a little frustrated at the lack of ruthlessness that squandered a couple of counterattacks and at the brief spells when the game opened up, but launched a spirited defence of his record before the tournament, insisting friendlies are only for preparation and explaining at some length why nobody should underestimate the significance of a win over Angola. “My players fought for this win,” he said. “They believe in our model, our organisation, our spirit.”

Angola’s impressively blunt coach, Pedro Gonçalves, was of a similar mind. “Nigeria deserved this win,” he said. “Trying to moan about this defeat is not a good attitude. We supposedly have very good forwards but they didn’t really perform today. Because the game was very intense there was a lot of fatigue and my players were not able to keep up with the rhythm of the match.”

DR Congo into semi-finals after beating Guinea

The Democratic Republic of Congo came from a goal behind to beat Guinea 3-1 in their Africa Cup of Nations quarter-final at the Alassane Ouattara Olympic Stadium on Friday and join Nigeria in the last four.

Chancel Mbemba, Yoane Wissa and Arthur Masuaku scored the goals as the Congolese recovered from conceding an early penalty to secure victory and a semi-final berth for the first time since 2015.

Mbemba had given away a penalty when he shoved Mohamed Bayo in the box to allow the Guinea striker to score after 20 minutes but the Congolese captain made up for his error seven minutes later with an excellent left footed finish.

DR Congo then had a penalty of their own in the 65th minute which Wissa tucked away and Masuaku completed the victory by scoring directly from a free kick near the touchline eight minutes from time. The audacious set-piece swung into the near post catching the goalkeeper out of position.

Guinea, looking to make a first-ever semi-final appearance, might have had a first minute penalty as Mbemba appeared to handle the ball in attempting to clear the first attack of the game but their appeals were turned down by the referee.

However, Mbemba was not as fortunate when he shoulder-charged Bayo and handed Guinea the opportunity to take the lead. Mbemba more than atoned, however, with a superb left footed finish at the back post, hit from a tight angle as Guinea failed to clear a corner, for the equaliser.

Julian Jeanvier then fouled substitute Silas Katompa to offer the Congolese a penalty of their own which Wissa converted. Masuaku's brilliant effort put the cherry on top of a convincing effort which came after four successive draws at the tournament in the Ivory Coast for the Congolese.

They drew all three group games but still finished second behind Morocco in Group F and then after a 1-1 stalemate with Egypt, won on post-match penalties in the last 16 at the weekend.

DR Congo, who won the last of two Cup of Nations titles in 1974 when they were still known as Zaire, now take on either hosts Ivory Coast or Mali in the semi-final in Abidjan on Wednesday.

Nigeria beat Angola 1-0 in the first quarter-final earlier on Friday and take on either the Cape Verde Islands or South Africa in their semi-final. Reuters

Nigeria are exceptionally good at quarter-finals. This was the 11th they have played in at the Cup of Nations since the expansion of the tournament in 1990; they have lost only one, in 2008 to a Ghana inspired by Junior Agogo. And this Angola, whatever Peseiro may claim, are not a Ghana inspired by Junior Agogo.

On a draining afternoon hot and humid even by the standards of the Ivorian February, as the rhythmic drumming of the Nigeria fans exercised a soporific effect, the game had slumped into a pre-half-time torpor when the winner arrived from nowhere. The Atletico Petroleos right-back Eddie Afonso had perhaps allowed the drowsy mood to affect him as he reacted sluggishly to an apparently overhit forward pass, allowing Moses Simon to nip in ahead of him. With Victor Osimhen making a typically intelligent run to the near post, drawing three defenders with him, Simon cut the ball back for Lookman to smash in his third goal of the tournament.

The mood of frankness was clearly catching. “Victory is the most important thing,” said the man of the match, Simon. “Winning man of the match when you lose is just shit.”

For Angola it was a third Cup of Nations quarter-final and a third defeat. They can draw encouragement from how well they played in the first three weeks of the tournament – far better, frankly, than on the previous two occasions they made it through the group in 2008 and 2010 – but other than an early opportunity for Mabululu after a corner they created little. They did, though, have that golden chance just before the hour as Alex Iwobi, who has been so assured in this tournament as a whole, lost possession. Zini was played in and rolled the ball past Stanley Nwabali, only to see it bounce back off the post. It would have been against the run of play, but it was a moment that, you suspect, will haunt Zini. Iwobi might be haunted too by the furious reaction of Nwabala who grabbed him by the cheeks to point out his error.

after newsletter promotion

Even as Nigeria scrapped their way through the group and beat Cameroon in the last 16 with clean sheets, there were plenty of fans grumbling at Peseiro. Many have said they do not want the Portuguese 63-year-old to stay on even if Nigeria win the tournament. And it is true that Peseiro – 13 jobs since leaving Sporting in 2005, none of them for more than 50 games – did not seem an inspiring choice and their football is not particularly exciting.

The deep-lying back three, as on Friday, often seems like a needlessly conservative ploy. But in a tournament in which shock has followed shock, leaving Nigeria as the highest-ranked side still standing, Peseiro can perhaps reasonably reflect that if you don’t concede you don’t lose – and Nigeria have not conceded since Ibán Edu scored against them for Equatorial Guinea nine minutes before half-time in their opening game.

Solidity plus Osimhen (and Lookman) is proving a highly effective option.

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  • Africa Cup of Nations
  • Nigeria football team
  • Angola football team
  • match reports

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