1. iOS: как переводить веб-страницы в Safari на iPhone

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  2. How to find the font on any webpage on your iPhone or iPad

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  1. How to Show and Hide Favicons in Safari Favorites Bar

    Simply right-click anywhere on the bar and uncheck Show Icons in the pop-up menu. If you should miss them at all, you can just as easily turn them back on again using the same menu option ...

  2. Bookmark a website in Safari on iPhone

    While viewing the website, tap in the menu bar. Scroll down the list of options, then tap Add to Home Screen. If you don't see Add to Home Screen, you can add it. Scroll down to the bottom of the list, tap Edit Actions, then tap Add to Home Screen. The icon appears only on the device where you add it. Note: Some websites may ask for ...

  3. How do I change Safari favorites page ico…

    1. Go to safari bookmarks bar on top and look at what and look at what the icon currently looks like (It will be a small icon.) remember what it looks like. 2. Go to finder on the top menu bar select Go>Go to folder and type: ~/Library/Safari/Touch Icons Cache/Images/ 3. Browse through the icons until you find the one you identified above.

  4. How to get icons in Safari favorites (aka favicons) to display

    To do this, simply do command-shift-4 and drag a rectangular portion of any white portion of the screen, then take the resulting screenshot and resize to 144 x 144. Finally, take "image A" from before, and copy and paste onto this white space. This usually creates a very nice icon.

  5. How to Enable Favicons in Safari on iPhone, iPad, or Mac

    How to Show Website Favicons in Safari for Mac. Open Safari browser on your Mac, if you haven't yet. Locate and tap the Safari tab at the top left corner next to the Apple icon. Choose 'Preferences.'. You'll notice a window popping out on your screen. Go the 'Tabs' menu and tick 'Show website icons in tabs.'.

  6. How To Change Safari Favorites Icons

    Steps to Change Safari Favorites Icons. Identify the Desired Icon: Begin by selecting or creating the icon you wish to use for the Safari favorite. This could be an existing image that represents the website, a custom-designed icon, or a logo that aligns with your visual preferences. Convert the Image to .ICNS Format: Safari requires the icon ...

  7. How to Show Website Icons (FavIcons) in Safari for iPad & iPhone

    How to Show Favicons in Safari for iOS. Open the "Settings" app on the iPhone or iPad and then go to "Safari". Locate 'Show Icons in Tabs' and toggle that switch to the ON position. Return to Safari on the iPhone or iPad, if you have multiple tabs open you will now see the website icons appear along the tab name or site name.

  8. How to turn on and edit the Favorites bar in Safari

    Click on the Sidebar icon in the upper left corner of Safari. Select the bookmarks icon. Open the Favorites section by clicking on the arrow. Click Edit. Inside the Bookmarks editing screen, you can add folders to group bookmarks together, or simply drag bookmarks from their current location into the Favorites toolbar.

  9. How to Add and Manage Bookmarks on Safari for iPhone

    To manage your Safari bookmarks on your iPhone or iPad, first tap the Bookmarks icon along the bottom row. Now, in the bookmarks screen, tap the "Edit" button in the bottom-right corner. Now the edit mode will appear. Next to each bookmark or folder there is a "-" symbol, which means you can tap it and delete stuff.

  10. How to Add, Edit, and Delete Bookmarks in iPhone's Safari

    What to Know. Add a bookmark: Go to the web page you want to bookmark, tap the box-and-arrow icon, then tap Add Bookmark. View and manage your bookmarks: Tap the open book icon to view, edit, and delete your Safari bookmarks. Sync bookmarks across devices: Go to Settings > your name > iCloud, then turn on the Safari toggle and tap Merge.

  11. How to add Favorites in Safari on iPhone, iPad and Mac

    Use multitasking window to add to Favorites. Open Safari and visit the desired site. Now, press Command + N to open a new Safari window.; Open both Safari windows in Split View.To do this, press your mouse pointer on the tiny green button and choose Tile Window to Left or Right of Screen.; Once you have two Safari windows in Split View, place the mouse pointer on the URL in the address bar and ...

  12. How to hide or show website logo in Safari Favorites Bar

    Show top Favorites Bar in Safari. Safari on Mac and iPad (not iPhone because of the smaller screen area) lets you show a thin strip of your favorite bookmarks at the top of the browser, just below the URL address bar.. This row of favorite websites is visible at all times, whether you're on the Safari Start Page or a web page. Plus, it appears in both the Separate and Compact tabs settings.

  13. How to Add Bookmarks and Favorites to Safari on an iPhone

    1. Start the Safari app and open a web page that you want to bookmark. 2. Tap the Share button (the square with an arrow). 3. Tap "Add Bookmark." Use the Add Bookmark button to save bookmarks in ...

  14. How to Bookmark a Website on iPhone

    To save a site to bookmarks, first, launch Safari on your iPhone and open your favorite site or web page. When the site loads, in Safari's bottom bar, tap and hold on the book icon. In the menu that opens, choose "Add Bookmark." On the "Add Bookmark" page, optionally, change the bookmark's title. From the "Location" section, choose where to ...

  15. How to Customize Bookmark Icon on Your iPhone

    Yes, you can change the icon of a bookmark on your iPhone. To do so, open the Safari app and tap on "Bookmarks.". Select the bookmark you want to modify and tap on "Edit" in the top right ...

  16. How to Customize Your Favorite Sites in Safari for iOS

    Your favorite websites appear at the top under Favorites, and you can customize these bookmarks right from the start page. Tap and hold a folder or an individual site's favicon to reveal the start ...

  17. ios

    You need to use the following apple-touch-icon for Safari to pick up the image as a reference in Favorites tab. This has been implemented since iOS 1.1.3. Reference : Link. By the way, Google and Microsoft have different syntax.

  18. How to customize Favorites in Safari on Mac, iPhone, and iPad

    This one's easy. Fire up Safari, go to Safari>Preferences in the menu, choose General, and check out Favorites Shows. This is the pop-up menu where you can choose any of your bookmarks folders ...

  19. How to Add Safari Bookmarks on an iPhone or iPod Touch

    Tap the Share icon at the bottom of the page. It looks like a box with an arrow pointing up. In the Share menu, tap Add Bookmark. Enter a new name, if you like, or tap Save to save the bookmark under its original name. Alternatively, press and hold the Bookmark icon (it looks like an open book) beside the Share icon and select Add Bookmark.

  20. This Hidden Setting Gives Safari's Favorites Bar Better-Looking

    Since the initial release of macOS 14 Sonoma and iPadOS 17, Safari 17 has included an option to hide favicons, or website icons, from bookmarks in the Favorites Bar. It also affects folder icons and works with Safari 17 on the older macOS versions. With the feature, favicons will still appear on tabs, history results, and Safari's Start Page on macOS and iPadOS, as well as in the list that ...

  21. Safari profiles in iOS 17 are a game-changer

    In Safari, open the Tabs menu then tap the Profiles icon Select your new profile and set up your tabs and favorites We've got full instructions and demo images below if you need more detail.

  22. Safari iOS Favorite/Bookmark icon not updating apple-touch-icon.png

    Adding to homescreen works fine, MacOS favoriting/bookmarking works fine, Safari iOS doesn't. I remember having a similar issue when incorporating the first apple-touch-icon a few years ago, also using realfavicongenerator: when favoriting/bookmarking in Safari iOS the icon was empty instead of showing the image.

  23. iOS 18 makes iPhone more personal, capable, and intelligent ...

    TORONTO, ONTARIO Apple today previewed iOS 18, a major release that features more customization options, the biggest redesign ever of the Photos app, new ways for users to manage their inbox in Mail, Messages over satellite, and so much more.Users will be able to arrange apps and widgets in any open space on the Home Screen, customize the buttons at the bottom of the Lock Screen, and quickly ...