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This Year, Harry Styles Truly Mastered Stage Style

By Christian Allaire

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Each show in Harry Styles’s Love On Tour served up more than just great music. The performances have doubled as a fashion show, where Styles dresses up in custom Gucci ensembles, and his fans in equally-as-theatrical fits. On some occasions, like Styles’s Harryween shows , the singer has even encouraged a specific dress code for his fans to adhere to (and they’ve nailed it). The tour has been the perfect picture of music, fashion, and fun , but Styles has been killing the fashion game off stage, too. 

While Styles has always had a penchant for fashion, this year saw the singer truly master and cultivate his performance style. Working with Gucci’s Alessandro Michele , the pair came up with several designs that shined on tour. He’s hit the stage in a glittery, tinsel-style vest (worn without a shirt, of course), and slinky, metallic tops worn with suspenders and flared trousers. For his Halloween shows, he dressed up as Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, and as a seriously chic ghost in a white, ruffled getup.

Styles hasn’t hit many red carpets this year, but on the occasions he has, Styles has delivered a memorable fit. At this year’s Grammys , he set the fandom ablaze when he wore a checked Gucci blazer with a lavender boa. He switched into a leather suit with a green boa for his performance that night; Both looks became a popular Halloween costume this year. At the Brit Awards , Styles channelled the 1970s with a wallpaper-print suit by Gucci, complete with a bamboo-handle bag and dapper boots. The singer’s style seems to only better itself every year—so let us prepare ourselves for what 2022 will hold.

Below, more of Styles’s best looks from the year.

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harry styles tour outfits

  • Aug 4, 2022

Ranking All of Harry Styles' European Love On Tour Outfits ✨

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

Written by: Kylie Connet

Harry has been putting on show after show ever since his third album, Harry's House , came out in May and we have been absolutely living to see what outfit he gives us each night. Previously, we ranked all 42 of his 2021 North American Love On Tour outfits so we're back to do it again. Keep reading to find out our number 1 pick! 🤩

23. Berlin, Germany

harry styles tour outfits

In last place, we have Harry's outfit from Berlin. While we are so here for mixing patterns, the inverted colors on the pants makes this look a little hard on the eyes when paired with the top. Great idea but just a little bit busy for our tastes! 🤔

22. Budapest, Hungary

harry styles tour outfits

Yellow! Normally we love seeing this color on him but the mismatched tones mixed with the polka dots threw us off this time. 💛

21. Madrid, Spain

harry styles tour outfits

More yellow and patterns! Harry seems to be very into the bright colors this tour. We think the shirt and pants could both be great as separate pieces but they aren't our favorite together. 😅

20. Antwerp, Belgium

harry styles tour outfits

Harry's shirt in this outfit is actually part of a set that includes his pants from Madrid. We love the creativity in separating the set but with the busyness of this pattern, we think it would have been better as a co-ord. 🧐

19. Oslo, Norway

harry styles tour outfits

Polka dots seem to be a trend on this tour and while we're not mad about it, we would have loved to see more variety. It also seems like Harry's pants could have been a little better fitted here. 👖

18. Krakow, Poland

harry styles tour outfits

Harry really went for a " Watermelon Sugar " vibe here and while it is fun, it's lacking his usual pizzaz. We would have loved to see it completed with some fun jewelry and different shoes! 👟

17. Hamburg, Germany

harry styles tour outfits

Again, we have a co-ord set that was split (see Budapest outfit). In the picture that Harry Lambert , Harry's stylist posted before the show, it looks like he was planning on wearing his red shoes but opted for green. We love the chunky beaded necklace in this outfit! 😁

16. Bologna, Italy

harry styles tour outfits

We love seeing Harry in overalls because nobody can pull them off quite like he can! We think the look could have had more risks taken but we love the idea and the silhouette of this is perfect. 😇

15. Dublin, Ireland

harry styles tour outfits

Speaking of risks, Harry definitely took a big one stepping out in this chevron patterned, mint green jumpsuit channeling all of 2013's biggest trends. The collar and belt especially are what make it so unique and playful. 🍀

14. Cologne, Germany

harry styles tour outfits

In Cologne, he had beautiful matching set that was paired perfectly with his red Gucci sneakers. We love the color on Harry and think he looks like a total rockstar. 🎸

13. Munich, Germany

harry styles tour outfits

We're obsessed with these two-toned leather pants. Once again, Harry looks amazing in the red and pink. We think the color of the leather is so unique and fun for tour. 💞

12. Amsterdam, Netherlands

harry styles tour outfits

Another matching outfit! This one is similar to the Cologne outfit but in much softer colors. The baby blue and pink give total Fine Line vibes and we love it. 🥰

11. Turin, Italy

harry styles tour outfits

Turin was given one of the most colorful looks of the entire tour leg with this glittery rainbow jumpsuit. The colors, which are softer than regular rainbow colors, blend so well together and the pizzaz we were looking for from Harry was definitely there! 🌈

10. Stockholm, Sweden

harry styles tour outfits

At number 10, this simplistic outfit is one of our favorites. The red glitter heart paired with the baby blue leather pants is so cute and the red shoes tie the whole look together. ❤️

9. Vienna, Austria

harry styles tour outfits

We always love to see Harry reference his own songs in his outfits and this nod to " Kiwi " is so much fun. While the shirt by itself would have been alright, its pairing with the checkered pants really elevates the outfit to something more. 🥝

8. Lisbon, Portugal

harry styles tour outfits

This night, Harry decided to wear a shirt from his very own Gucci collection ! The collection is a collaboration between Harry and Alessandro Michele , which will launch in October. This shirt features an adorable bear with lyrics from " Watermelon Sugar " and the two-toned pants make an appearance again to complete the outfit.

7. Prague, Czech Republic

harry styles tour outfits

This color combo is everything to us. We love how the red, purple, and blue all contrast yet are still so cohesive. The details on the side of the pant legs are so much fun and give the outfit exactly what it needed to make the top 10. 🤗

6. Manchester, England (Night 2)

harry styles tour outfits

For the second night in Manchester, Harry chose to go with an adorable overalls look. This outfit is so youthful which we think is so fitting for a hometown show and the pop of red with the shoes is so perfect! 🥹

5. London, England (Night 2)

harry styles tour outfits

At Wembley Stadium, Harry stepped out looking like a true rockstar in a glitter tank top and white leather pants. He was the physical embodiment of a disco ball in the absolute best way. We always love glitter and sequins on him! 🪩

4. Paris, France

harry styles tour outfits

With another glittery fruit shirt, Harry made yet another song reference in his outfit choice. This " Cherry " themed shirt was perfectly paired with some pinstripe trousers for an effortless Parisian style. 🍒

3. London, England (Night 1)

harry styles tour outfits

Again, nobody can pull off overalls quite like Harry does and he proved it on his first night at Wembley Stadium. This look is just so cute and we love that he decided to pair a chunky pink necklace with the pattern. 💌

2. Manchester, England (Night 1)

harry styles tour outfits

In Manchester we saw a nod to Harry's previous Coachella look with these super fun pants! More glittery fruits make an appearance here on the shirt and we love it so much. ✨

1. Glasgow, Scotland

harry styles tour outfits

Coming in at number 1 is Harry's Glasgow outfit! We adore everything about this look; from the sequin strawberries to the blue and yellow that contrast so well with the red. The mirror details on the pants and collar elevated the whole thing to be the tour outfit of our dreams. 🍓💛

While we love Harry, sometimes his looks aren't our style but he will continue be a fashion icon. The rest of Love On Tour continues in North America in August 2022. Make sure you have your tickets ready because we know Harry will show up with outfits just as good for this upcoming tour leg! 🫶

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The Love On Tour Dress Code: Outfits To Inspire Your Harry Styles Concert Look

woman posing with feather boa

We may receive a commission on purchases made from links.

What does one wear to a Harry Styles concert? Concert fashion is one thing, but as those of us who have been or even simply seen the crowds at Harry's 'Love On Tour,' Harry Styles concert fashion is an entirely different thing. Harry Styles is known for his unique sense of style, and his Styles' on-stage fashion , in particular, never disappoints. Consequently, concert attendees consider "Love On Tour" to be a fashion show of sorts, and they are inspired by the challenge.

Styles fan, Bella Troy-Williamson, who went viral for her handmade concert dress, shared with Refinery29 , "I wouldn't spend three months making a dress for any other artist because there's the risk that I would be out of place in the crowd, but I knew that for some reason it would be appreciated and understood at a Harry gig." It's clear that other fans are definitely on the same page. Instagram user @makeupxria ended the caption of her  Instagram  post showing off her "Love On Tour" 'fit with, "[S]o much love for Harry's fans for making his shows a catwalk!"

If you're attending said catwalk, you're going to want to dress the part. This "fashion show" is more inclusive than exclusive, and it aims to give you a way to express your wild side through your wardrobe. Still, if you want a little direction when choosing your outfit, there are some common themes among the best "Love On Tour" 'fits that can help you channel your inner Styles. 

Show your true colors

The best way to show up to a Harry Styles concert is decked out in clothes that are inspired by the man of the hour. Styles is known for eccentric looks and out-of-the-box ensembles, but more than anything, he loves color. As a result, a look into the audience at one of his concerts shows a bright rainbow of concert outfits. Mixing and matching vibrant hues and colorful patterns is a surefire way to feel perfectly dressed for the occasion. 

Pick pretty pastels

One great way to embrace color –– especially as we approach the warmer weather months –– is to opt for a pastel palette with plenty of different hues. This gives you a slightly more subdued version of a colorful 'fit while still embracing the boldness and whimsy of a bright color scheme. Don't be afraid to pair pastel tones that you think wouldn't normally go together. The light tones will play off of each other and give you a cohesive yet statement-making ensemble. 

Make it a monochrome moment

If mixing and matching many vibrant hues doesn't fit your vibe, that doesn't mean that you have to shy away from color. Maybe a monochrome moment will let you do color your way. Pick a bold hue, like hot pink, bright yellow, or lime green. Create your outfit with pieces in this matching shade –– accessories included. This is a chic way of making a statement, yet it's still got that fun, bold element that embracing color gives you. 

Bring your boa

A feather boa is one of Harry Styles' signature accessories, and plenty of concert-goers consider this whimsical outfit addition to be the perfect way to pay homage to Styles' incomparable style. No matter what you choose to wear, add a feather boa to your 'fit. From rainbow boas  to light-up boas  and any solid color you could imagine, there are tons of options. There's no need to be matchy-matchy with your boa; use it for a pop of color. And, for a full nod to Styles style, pair it with a matching cowboy hat. 

Incorporate feather boa accents

Feather boas are true Harrycore, but that doesn't mean you need to throw one on top of your outfit to get on board with the trend. There are so many ways to incorporate the fun, over-the-top vibes that feather boas give off. From using a feather boa as trim on your outfit, making it into jewelry, or rocking it as a hair accessory, add a feather boa to your look in a new, exciting way. Harry Styles concerts are all about expressing your fun side through fashion, so don't be afraid of a little DIY. 

Make the whole place shimmer

One of the keys to "Love On Tour" chic is being just a little bit extra. One tried-and-true way to add a little oomph to any outfit is with sparkle. Maybe bright colors and feather boas aren't your thing, but being underdressed for a very important occasion isn't your thing, either. In that case, incorporate some sparkle for just the right effect. From sequined clothing pieces to sparkling makeup or  dazzling hair glitter , the recent sparkle-centric trends have left us with plenty of ways to shine when we visit Harry's house. 

Go themed or go home

Harry Styles often treats his ensembles as works of art that show off his creative side, rather than just on-trend outfits. A great way to honor that tradition is to wear a 'fit that's built around a theme. Yes — hearts and fruits have become synonymous with Styles, but those aren't the only options. Dig into the lyrics of his songs, like Twitter user  Bella Troy-Williamson did when she crocheted her viral sunflower dress inspired by his song, "Sunflower" (via Refinery29). Alternatively, you can think up another theme that simply fits the vibe. 

Step out in a set

Another way to make your outfit look like a whole work of art? Choose pieces that fit perfectly together. Coordinated sets are a great way to make just a bit more impact with your outfit. Plus, if you don't have much of a creative side, this is a way to rock a bold, coordinated look without having to think of a theme. There are so many sets out there to choose from, but you can also add matching trim or sparkle to a top and bottom in the same shade to make your own. 

If you want your footwear to be your look's center of attention, make sure that your boots are made for walking straight to the stage. From rocking the edgy heavy boot trend we're seeing everywhere this year  to donning your fave pair of cowboy boots, boots are the footwear trend most embraced by the it-girls attending "Love On Tour." Go for prints, textures, and colors when choosing your footwear, and don't be afraid to don dancing shoes that make a major statement. 

Match your makeup

Your full "Love On Tour" look goes way past your outfit. These days, there are so many bold makeup trends everyone is trying , so make sure your makeup is as on point as your ensemble. From  the trending invisible glitter makeup look  to  diamond lips , the bolder the makeup, the better, and that counts extra when you're at a Harry Styles concert. Match your eyeshadow to the color of your accessories, rock a bright eyeliner color, or pile on plenty of sparkle. 

Add a little spice to your usual look

When it comes to attending a Harry Styles concert, the average attire might seem overwhelming. Still, you're going to be dancing the night away, singing your heart out, and snapping plenty of photos. As a result, you want to be comfortable and feel like yourself. If you'd rather not go for an entirely new outfit, there are easy ways to update your usual look. Throw a feather boa on over your favorite sundress with some sneakers, or add some color and a fun makeup look to your usual jeans 'fit. 

There's no such thing as 'too much'

View this post on Instagram A post shared by 🦋SKYE EDITH BANNISTER🦋 (@bluebannister)

Remember that Coco Chanel saying: "Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off?" Yeah –– that rule does not apply to "Love On Tour." In this case, we recommend adding one more accessory before you leave the house. Dressing up for a Harry Styles concert has become all about fun, so don't feel shy about going for it, and if you're wondering, "can I pull this off?" — feel confident that you can. 

Every Look From Harry Styles' 'Love On Tour'

The Gucci muse is the embodiment of a man written by women.

person human stage crowd

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Breaking down Harry Styles’ best Love On Tour looks

harry styles tour outfits

Image from @harrystyles on Instagram

Styles’ jaunt around the US for Love On Tour has come to a close, which means significantly less Hazza content will be popping up on our feeds. As we mourn the loss, we’ve rounded his best sartorial moments from his 42-date run.

Words: Jessica White 29th November 2021

Last night, Harry Styles ’ 42-date US arena tour, Love on Tour, drew to a close in Elmont, New York. Those of us who have been paying attention to every single detail of every single show will no doubt be feeling somewhat bereft in the coming days. Social media has been rife with documented moments of sincere interaction between Harry and fans (including a sweet coming-out moment between a fan and her mother), photos of special audience guests like Lizzo, BTS , SZA and girlfriend Olivia Wilde, and TikTok users showcasing their outfits to his song Woman . My own Instagram explore page has been wall-to-wall Love On Tour content for months and I am not ready to go back to reality.

In typical Harry Styles fashion, one major aspect of the tour has been the clothes. And anyone following the details of his outfits has had an easy time of it – the singer’s entire wardrobe was provided by Alessandro Michele’s Gucci , much of it custom made.

Stylist Harry Lambert clearly had a cohesive vision for the tour as a whole. Wearing one look per show, most nights saw Styles in high-waisted, wide-legged trousers, round-toe boots with a block heel and a blouse or shirt rolled to the elbow, usually finished off with thin suspenders. There have been random breaks from this silhouette, where the shirt has been replaced with a vest or waistcoat with nothing underneath, harking back to his topless, leather-clad Grammy performance and (more importantly, of course) his cover of THE FACE Issue One.

But the major variations from each evening were largely in colour and print, from polka dots to monochromatic block colours to a little razzle-dazzle sequin fringe. Practicality had clearly been considered; Styles is known for covering the entire stage, dancing and taking time to speak to his fans in the audience. The repeated silhouette and the chosen fabrics allow for this movement, while not adding too much heat and remaining thoroughly photogenic – and, importantly, remaining thoroughly recognisable as Harry Styles in his Fine Line album and tour era.

From ​ “ Harryween” to jacquard emerald green vests, as a Love On Tour aficionado, I’ve whittled down Styles’ top five looks from a tour to remember.

5. Atlanta, October 28th

Simple yet effective, the second Atlanta show’s full red look with black suspenders is a classic example of Love on Tour’s signature look. Unbuttoned to the chest, the shirt is broken up by the textured, subtle floral print running through it and sharply contrasting black suspenders. Both red and pink as colour choices appeared heavily during the tour, as an on-the-nose nod to the concept of love… being on tour. This is by far one of the most striking examples of red as a style decision, with Styles looking like an obscenely handsome Cupid.

4. Philadelphia, September 17th

Lambert gestured towards the pink and blue cover of Styles’ second studio album Fine Line with the colour choices for his Philadelphia show. These specific shades have become distinctly identifiable with this era of the singer’s career, so pairing them with the tour’s signature silhouette was a stroke of genius. Finished with tan suspenders, a gold cross-chain and white boots, this outfit was as visually interesting as it was significant to Styles’ larger body of work. As with the Atlanta show’s entirely red look, the shirt was broken up with subtle texture, this time with, funnily enough, fine lines. If Harry Lambert knows one thing as a stylist, it’s that it’s all in the details.

3. Glendale, Arizona, November 13th

The Glendale show was a slight departure from the usual tour uniform, with an almost sheer blouse instead of a shirt. The more feminine edge to the choice of top was well complimented by the Wedgwood-inspired blue and cream trousers. There’s a softness to the fabric choices in this outfit, set off by the hard, tailored edges to the cuffs and trouser waist. It’s this tailoring that shows us just how custom Styles’ Gucci wardrobe is. The actual fit of the clothes is spectacularly neat, making for an extremely clean overall look.

2. Both “Harryween” looks, New York, October 30th and 31st

“ Harryween” was originally announced two years ago, when Styles challenged his fans to come dressed up in costume to his two Madison Square Garden dates, with the promise that he would return the favour. He certainly delivered. The first night saw him and his entire band dressed up as the cast of The Wizard of Oz , while the second night saw them transform into Pierrot clowns (all provided by Gucci, of course).

The clown outfits were gorgeously whimsical and visually stunning, but it was Harry dressed as Dorothy that really stole the show. Perhaps the best detail of the entire tour was how his usual round toe, block heel boots were made to look like red ruby slippers with blue socks – the perfect balance of classic Halloween gimmick and high fashion.

1. Los Angeles, November 17th

This stand-out was a late entry, but well worth the wait. In one of the much-demanded all green outfits, Styles appeared at the first of his three LA shows in a 2019 Gucci velvet floral vest and matching emerald green trousers. The look encapsulates everything that’s great about the singer’s current style era, which is classic in cut but bold in colour and print. Lambert’s choice to have Harry go topless underneath the folk-inspired vest allows the garment to stand out, while showing off the singer’s tattoos and, on a practical level, letting him breathe under the stage lights. It’s a look worth going wild for.

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Harry Styles’ Glam-Rock Heels, Sequin Tops & Flared Pants Are Taking Over TikTok

Nikara Johns

Nikara Johns

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Harry Styles

Harry Styles is back on tour and his concert outfits have taken over TikTok. The star embarked on his second solo tour in September with “Love On Tour,” performing hits off his 2019 album “Fine Line,” and fans are flooding the video app with hundreds of clips from the show.

In the videos, you can see Styles onstage in a range of custom looks , all created by creative director Alessandro Michele and Gucci , that they just can’t get enough of. Many are also recreating his flamboyant, retro aesthetic for their own outfits when attending the shows.

“Harry Styles or ’70s fashion show,” one user wrote on TikTok as she scanned the crowd of fans at a recent concert.

Bella Hadid Reaches New Heights Wearing Gucci Platform Horsebit Loafers in New York City

Blake lively glistens in crystal-embellished gucci sandals at tiffany & co. x pharrell launch event, both & dion lee release select collab platform boot designs from the spring 2024 runway.

@j.phillips97 Harry Styles concert or 70’s fashion show? 😍🤭 #loveontour #tpwk #harrystyles #fashion #70s #fineline ♬ Treat People With Kindness – Harry Styles
@raelilyyy harry’s concert is basically a fashion show!! these fits🔥🔥 #harrystyles #loveontour #SoFiMoneyMoves #fashion #fashionshow #msg #harry #nyc #fyp ♬ Harry Styles Grammy Mashup Dynamo – Dynamo Mashups

In early September, stylist Harry Lambert took to Instagram to tease one of Styles’ outfits from tour featuring a sparkling fringed red vest, matching red flared trousers and beige heeled boots that have since become a TikTok staple. Styles, of course, goes shirtless in this look during the show.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Harry Lambert (@harry_lambert)
@harrryy_styyless This. Just this #fyp #harrystyles #foruu #fineline #hs1 ♬ blue monday slowed – film/tv edits🎬🕷🏴

In another outfit, Styles sports a baby blue, lace and sequined button-down shirt paired with matching pants with suspenders by Gucci.

@slutforharrystyles.xoxo #harrystyles #hslotorlando #hslot #fyp #loveontour ♬ original sound – nicole

Throughout the tour, Styles has updated his stage outfits to include a chic cream-colored ensemble complete in satin silk. “Shimmied his suspender right off,” one fan posted the look on TikTok.

@katienicks shimmied his suspender right off ! i apologize in advance if all i do from now on is edit this clip to different audios. actually i’m not sorry. #harrystyles #tpwk #hslot #hslotdallas #harrystylesvids ♬ BEE GEES VS 50 cent – EZ

And for his most eccentric look of all — that gives major Elton John vibes — Styles is seen wearing a glam-rock-inspired suit with dramatic feather sleeves and high-waisted pants. Plus, he accessorizes with heart-shaped, rose-colored sunglasses.

@emhodder wait for it #harrystyles ♬ man eater x need to know by Altegomusic – ALTÉGO

Next up, the “Falling” singer has two special tour dates to celebrate Halloween on Oct. 30 and 31 at Madison Square Garden in New York. Titled, the “Harryween Fancy Dress Party,” fans are sure to get in the spirit as will Styles.

To see more of Harry styles fashion evolution through the years, click through the gallery.

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A history of Harry Styles' best-ever on-stage outfits

By Alfred Tong

With the pop star's Love On Tour in full swing, we take a look back at some of his other finest tour 'fits

Harry Styles' Love On Tour has been, to put it mildly, a vibe. So far the pop star has delivered a touching tribute to his former primary school teacher , helped a young fan come out as gay and – even more poignantly for One Direction fans – enticed ex-bandmate Niall Horan to show up and looking on approvingly from the crowd. Oh, and by all reports the music has been rather good – not surprising after Harry's House went to the top of the billboard charts. 

But Harry's onstage 'fits that have caught our eye. With a little help from his collaborators ,the Gucci creative director, Alessandro Michele, and the stylist, Harry Lambert, the former One Direction teen bopper has been at his flamboyant, sequinned best. To celebrate, we've done a deep dive into some of his most memorable onstage looks to date, all of which have played a role in the way Styles has helped redefine fashion for men in the 2020s. 

Image may contain Musical Instrument Guitar Leisure Activities Human Person Musician Performer and Guitarist

Radio 1's Big Weekend, 2022

This boldly striped, sequinned jumpsuit is typical of the Styles approach to stage-wear, at once flamboyant and peacock-y, recalling Brit rock icons such as Freddie Mercury and David Bowie.

Image may contain Human Person Stage Crowd Dance Pose Leisure Activities Lighting and Audience

Coachella, 2022

Here Styles is in a jumpsuit that makes him resemble a human disco ball, while its skin-tight cut and plunging neckline ooze the sex appeal of icons before him Jagger, Bowie and Mercury.

Image may contain Clothing Apparel Lighting Harry Styles Human Person Jacket Coat and Crowd

Grammy Awards, 2021

The iconic feather boa! It’s flamboyant, fun, and one of the key pieces that helped to put Styles on the map as a fashion force to be reckoned with. Less has been made of the black leather suit he chose to wear it with, which provides a backdrop that is simultaneously tough and camp, and somehow makes the boa standout even more.

Image may contain Human Person Audience Crowd Leisure Activities and Stage

"Harryween" Fancy Dress Party, 2021

We’re getting unhinged Grayson Perry-meets-Dorothy vibes with this outfit. And why not? He did wear this at his ‘Harryween’ concert after all, and the relationship between art, rock and fashion is a long standing one.

Image may contain Musical Instrument Guitar Leisure Activities Human Person Musician Harry Styles and Electric Guitar

The Today Show, 2022

This is double denim with a Harry Styles twist. The addition of the Ami jacket's huge fur collar, which serves to frame his cherubic face, takes a regular look and sends it into the style stratosphere.

Image may contain Musical Instrument Guitar Leisure Activities Harry Styles Human Person Festival Crowd and Musician

How do you make a striped jumpsuit even more compelling and eye-popping? By rendering the stripes diagonal so that you look like a human flash of thunder, of course. 

Image may contain Human Person Harry Styles Musical Instrument Musician Music Band Guitar Leisure Activities and Tie

The Today Show, 2020

We love it when Styles wears straight up tailoring, relatively free of styling stunts. This light pink jacket, blue shirt and bold polka dot tie shows that he can wear clothes with a natural ease and elegance.

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Image may contain Harry Styles Human Person Clothing Apparel Sleeve Long Sleeve Coat Suit and Overcoat

European tour, 2018

From something you have to wear for work to something you want to wear in order to peacock, no one has done more than Styles to revitalise the suit. The glittering fabric worn with a shirt unbuttoned to the sternum are the key elements of this outfit and have become Harryisms we love. 

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Every outfit Harry Styles wore during his Madison Square Garden residency

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Harry Styles

Kendall Jenner, Devin Booker have a date night and more star snaps

Kendall Jenner, Devin Booker have a date night and more star snaps

Everything I’d Wear To The Harry Styles’ Concert, From Someone Who Just Attended One

We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was written by our Commerce team.

Left, me having the time of my life at a Harry Styles Concert; Right, Harry Styles performing at Coa...

If you’ve made the very wise decision to attend Love On Tour, Harry Style’s truly incredible 2022 tour, then you’ve probably arrived at one of the greatest challenges of your life (or at least it was for me): What should you wear to a Harry Styles’ concert? In part due to the way his tour has dominated so many of our TikTok feeds, you’ve probably noticed that his fans are taking their outfit choices seriously.

I have some good news: Having recently attended Harry’s tour date in New York City, I can tell you, you are in for a show . I can also let you in on the absolute best outfit ideas for a Harry Styles’ concert, having experienced extreme jealousy over some of the amazing clothes I saw there. So let’s go through it. What should you wear to Harry Styles’ Love On Tour? An investigation.

1. A Boa — Lights Optional

While you can buy boas on site (at least, I could at Madison Square Garden), I almost immediately regretted buying mine. The feathers fell out quickly and stuck to my clothes, the clothes of the people sitting around me, and I even think I swallowed one. The red boa I wore also turned my white shirt red throughout the night. So I’d advise coming prepared.

Flydreamfeathers Feather Boa

If you peep the reviews section of this feather boa you will see photos of Harry Styles wearing this rainbow feather boa at his concert. But this comes in more colors than you can count so you can find the perfect one for your outfit and style. And having just went to this concert, you will be in good company if you decide to sport a boa all night long.

Flydream Feathers Light-Up Feather Boa

To take it one step further, you could also get a light-up feather boa . These were all over the arena during the concert and when the lights turned down between songs or for the very dramatic performance of his song, “Sign Of The Times,” you’ll be lit up for him (or for his drummer Sarah?) to see.

FEARAFTS Fluffy Marabou Feather Boa

If lights or large feathers are not your style, you could also opt for a furrier boa like this one. It’s a little more discreet, or at least as discreet as any boa could be, and comes in a bunch of fun colors, so you could also get one for everyone in your group.

2. A Cowboy Hat

The biggest hit of the night (in my honest opinion), were the light-up cowboy hats many people wore throughout the venue. When the lights went down, they were lit up and you could see them from so far away.

FlashingBlinkyLights Light-Up Iridescent Pink Space Cowgirl Hat

This light-up iridescent cowboy hat is super cute even before you activate the lights. Bring it with you to the show and then when the lights go down, you can pull the tab to activate the blinking lights which are powered by batteries. Easily change this from steady lights to blinking, based on your mood. And, since the batteries can be replaced, you can wear it again for another event (or for a second Love On Tour date, no judgement here).

HSCTEK Light-Up Holographic Space Cowboy Hat

Available in more colors, this light-up cowboy hat is similarly powered by batteries and has a similar mechanism inside the hat for shifting it from solid to blinking lights. If you’re looking to match your hat to your outfit, this would be an amazing choice. It comes in gold, blue, black, white, green, and a few other colors.

FlashingBlinkyLights Sparkly Cowboy Hat

And finally, here’s one more cowboy hat with more sparkly details. This hat works similarly to the ones above, but comes in a bunch of color options. The main difference? This hat has shiny circular detailing along the hat that’ll catch the light (and Harry’s eye? I mean, possibly).

3. Sparkles, Fringe, & Sleeves

In your search for an outfit for the Harry Styles’ concert, going with something sparkly probably crossed your mind.

SAFRISIOR Rhinestone Trim Sleeveless Cropped Top

I wish I could say I was the only one sporting this rhinestone-trim crop top at the concert, but sadly it was a very popular look. It’s super stretchy and comfortable and comes in a bunch of colors. The rhinestones definitely snag though, so keep this in mind when planning the rest of your outfit.

  • Available sizes:
  • Available colors:

Floerns Rhinestone Fringe Mini Skirt

This skirt features fringe and sparkly details. Even better? It’s not the sort of skirt that screams “Harry Styles’ concert outfit,” so you could probably wear it again. It’s high-waisted and flares out, and is even made with some spandex so it’s super comfortable for sitting or, let’s be real, dancing harder than you’ve ever danced.

  • Available sizes: Large — 5X
  • Available colors: 2

SOLY HUX Sheer Mesh Long Sleeve Tee

Arenas and venues are notoriously chilly, which is why opting for a see-through long sleeve tee can be a great choice. This sheer one has sparkly details and a cute mock neck. Pair it with a tank or a bra underneath.

  • Available sizes: X-Small — 4X
  • Available colors: 13

Verdusa Fringe Trim Halter Bodysuit Top

One of the best parts about having fringe on your outfit at a concert like this one is that you will be dancing. Every time you move, the fringe will move with you. Whether your seat neighbors are on board or not, this gives you another prop to use in the effort to make eye contact with Harry himself. This fringe halter body suit comes in a bunch of colors and is super comfortable to wear all night, or the better part of a day if you have pit tickets.

  • Available sizes: X-Small - 5X
  • Available colors: 15

GUOLEZEEV Sparkly High-Waist Wide-Leg Palazzo Pants

I nearly wore these pants to the show and the high-waisted, opaque, and comfortable design makes me wish I had. They’re sparkly enough to catch eyes but easy to pair with brighter colors, prints, or accessories.

  • Available sizes: Small — XX-Large

Floerns Off-The-Shoulder Sheer Puff Sleeve Blouse

On my way into the concert I saw someone wearing the most stunning puff sleeve top and felt immediate jealousy. This one comes in four different colors and has an off-the-shoulder design that still allows for a good range of motion for dancing in your seat or the aisles.

  • Available sizes: Large — 4X

4. Bright Colors & Prints

LYANER Ruched One-Shoulder Crop Top

Bright colors were all over the arena when I went to see Harry Styles, and this one-shoulder crop top would’ve looked incredible with the neutral white pants and jeans I saw a lot of people wearing. It comes in 32 colors for whatever color scheme you have in mind for your outfit.

  • Available sizes: X-Small — X-Large
  • Available colors: 32

Floerns Green Print Flare Pants

My sister rocked these pants and looked incredible in them. These flare pants come in more than 50 different colors and patterns, including paisley, marble, leopard, and floral. You could build a whole outfit around them.

  • Available colors: 52

Sunloudy Long Sleeve Crochet Knit Top

In the spirit of Harry’s legendary crochet cardigan , this bright color-block crochet knit top would look perfect at the tour. Sparkles, fringe, and knit were the prevailing themes to most of the outfits I saw at the concert.

  • Available sizes: Small — X-Large
  • Available colors: 38

ROYHON Corset Top

The corset top is one 90’s trend I’m so glad came back into style. This one comes in a bunch of bright and neutral colors so you can add a pop of color to an otherwise black or white outfit, or style a neutral corset with printed or sparkly pants.

  • Available sizes: X-Small — 3X
  • Available colors: 11

Romwe Bootcut High-Waisted Yoga Pants

Patterned pants were super popular at Harry’s show, and this checkered pair is trippy to look at but so fun to wear. This pair of pants comes in a ton of prints, including colorful 70’s-inspired designs and geometric prints.

  • Available sizes: X-Small — XX-Large
  • Available colors: 22

NUFIWI Floral Two-Piece Pants Set

Unsurprisingly, there were a lot of people at the Harry Styles’ concert wearing two-piece suits. This printed blue floral one comes in a bunch of different prints and solids, as well as options with pants and with shorts. Since these double as pajamas, they’ll be super comfortable all night long.

5. A Sushi Costume?

Hauntlook Unisex Salmon Sushi Roll

Okay, hear me out. One row in front of me, two people dressed up in sushi costumes in honor of the huge bop, “Music For A Sushi Restaurant.” It was by far the most creative outfit I saw all night and lends itself great to a group costume.

  • Available sizes: One size only

6. Fun Sunglasses & Hair Accessories

Sure the concert is at night, but you’d be in good company if you brought a fun pair of sunglasses to wear. Some of the clear styles were super popular and didn’t inhibit anyone’s ability to stare deeply into the eyes of Harry’s guitarist Mitch.

Maxdot Heart-Shaped Sunglasses

These heart-shaped sunglasses come in 36 different colors including a bunch of gradient and solid styles. Because they’re clear, you’ll have no trouble seeing the stage with these on (which is a mistake I made, wearing polarized sunglasses indoors).

Magicsky Checkerboard No-Bend Hair Clips (10 Pieces)

These checkerboard hair clips add a fun detail to your outfit. And, considering just how much geometric color-block clothing Harry Styles has sported on this tour, you’d fit right in with a few of these in your hair.

ENTHYI Rimless Star-Shape Sunglasses (2-Pack)

You could also opt for these star-shaped sunglasses which come as a single pair or in a pack of two to match a friend. They’re available in a bunch of colors and neutrals, including pastels and deeper-hue shades.

mincl Diamond Color Sunglasses

Go big or go home. These rainbow stone sunglasses are oversized and will turn heads (seriously). These shades are tinted, but they would look stunning propped on your head or worn throughout the show.

Sunflower-qd Fruit Hair Clips (10 Pieces)

It goes without saying but, anything watermelon is going to be on theme. These fruit hair clips will keep your hair back and look super cute in photographs. The perfect accessory for the “Watermelon Sugar” stans.

WeWooDay Tassel Cloud-Shaped Sunglasses (2-Pack)

I didn’t see these sunglasses at the concert, but they would’ve fit right in. These cloud-shaped sunglasses come in a set of two and they have three rhinestones hanging from each eye of the glasses. This two-pack comes with a blue and red pair, but they come in a range of colors.

FEISEDY Cat-Eye Sparkling Sunglasses

Sparkles are the name of the game with the Harry Styles fandom. These sparkly cat-eye shades are easy to see through even if you’re at an indoor venue, and add a bitt of glitz and shine to your outfit.

7. A Statement Bag

YIFEI Green Beaded Bag

Not only is this green beaded bag one of the most worn bags in my closet, it’s also the one my sister carried to the concert. This bag gets me more compliments than anything else I own, and it’s gone with me to two concerts so far and fits everything I need.

Avilego Rhinestone Evening Bag

In contrast, I brought this sparkly evening bag which I have in the maroon color. It’s pricier, but it fit my portable charger, wallet, phone, and sunglasses easily, and it’s a great bag to have in the closet for any occasion you need to dress up for.

HXQ Strawberry Crossbody Purse Bag

A bunch of people at the concert had fruit-shaped purses to hold their things. And while watermelon is the obvious choice, more than one person had a strawberry bag like this one. It also comes in watermelon, banana, lemon, or pineapple if that’s more your style.

Ayliss Handwoven Crochet Crossbody Handbag

Aside from sparkles, I saw a lot of crochet styles at the concert. Given Harry Styles’ proud love of crochet and knits , that’s not all too surprising. This rainbow crochet floral bag is super cute and can be worn beyond just the concert night. It also fits a cell phone, sunglasses, keys, and a wallet. Basically everything you need for the best night of your life.

GGOOB Fairycore Woven Bag

Unsurprisingly, there were quite a few tote bags there, as well. While there are a few stunning tote bags in his merchandise onsite, you may want to bring your own as well to hold T-shirts or water bottles from his merchandise stand. This floral bag would be great for a picnic outside or for the Harry Styles’ concert. He’s a fan of a tote bag himself .

harry styles tour outfits

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Harry Styles Fans Are Redefining Concert Fashion

How harry styles fans are redefining concert fashion.

@lifewithlaurel HSLOT GLASGOW OUTFIT 💖 she’s giving coachella weekend 2 vibes #harrystyles #harrystylesloveontour #hslot #harrystylesfan #harrystylesoutfit #hslotoutfit #harrystylestiktok ♬ original sound - dream

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R29 original series.

The Honey POP

Our Five Favorite Harry Styles Outfits From Love On Tour So Far!

harry styles tour outfits

Throughout his career, Harry Styles has worn a variety of fun and memorable outfits. For instance, Harry’s Vogue cover outfit and his 2019 Met Gala look will both go down in history. Some of his most iconic looks, however, have been worn during Love On Tour , his current and seemingly endless tour that kicked off in September 2021. 

So, to celebrate the iconic looks that have been regularly blessing stadiums around the world, we’ve rounded up five of our favorite looks from  Love On Tour  so far!

LA: January 29th, 2023

For his third-to-last LA show, Harry decided to dazzle fans with his classic trouser and bomber jacket combo, the sparkly fringe dangling from the jacket giving it a bit of a cowboy vibe. While this may be a very recent look, it has easily become one of our all-time favorite Harry Styles outfits. Plus, we really appreciate the nod to the Fine Line   era with the blue and pink combo. 

View this post on Instagram A post shared by @harrystyles

Harryween: October 31st, 2022

I mean, we couldn’t  not  mention this look, could we? In 2021,  Harry  dressed up as a Perriot clown and Dorothy Gale for his annual  Harryween  show. But, for 2022, he dressed up as  Grease’s  Danny Zuko, and it was  iconic . He paired Danny’s leather jacket with a black top and skinny jeans, slicking back his sprayed black hair to complete the look. His band even joined in on the  Grease  fun, dressing up as various other characters from the movie. Honestly, if they ever consider re-making  Grease , we think  Harry  should seriously audition for the role of Danny because he killed this look. 

HARRYWEEN. Los Angeles. October, 2022. — Harry Styles. (@Harry_Styles) November 2, 2022

Austin: October 3rd, 2022

Harry  really channeled his inner cowboy in Austin, shamelessly rocking a denim-on-denim look and wearing it incredibly well. He paired a blue denim waistcoat with matching denim jeans, with both halves of the outfit featuring pink and silver bedazzling. His waistcoat had two pink hearts on either side, while his jeans featured an ‘H’ and an ‘S’ on the back. This was such a cute look, and we think it would be such a fun one for fans to re-create at upcoming tour dates!

Love On Tour. Austin VI. October, 2022. — Harry Styles. (@Harry_Styles) October 5, 2022

Vienna: July 16th, 2022

Harry truly lived up to his ‘fruit man’ nickname in Vienna, pairing a bedazzled kiwi t-shirt with a pair of black and white checkered pants. While this was a more simplistic look for Harry, it was still super memorable and cute. The t-shirt is an obvious reference to his iconic song ‘Kiwi,’ and his trousers were the perfect pairing choice. They were serving kitchen floor, but in a  Harry’s House -chic kind of way and we were absolutely here for it. 

Love On Tour. Vienna. July, 2022. — Harry Styles. (@Harry_Styles) July 18, 2022

Glasgow: June 11th, 2022

This was another classic bomber jacket and trouser combo from Harry, except this time he decided to go for a blue and yellow combo. This color pairing looked so flattering on him and was such a great way to kick off the UK leg of the tour. Like many of his other HSLOT outfits, Harry’s jacket featured two bedazzled strawberries, four silver stars, and a series of sequins where the blue and yellow material met. His trousers also featured large sequins down each leg. He was truly serving sparkles in Glasgow and we have thought about it every day since. 

Love On Tour. Glasgow. June, 2022. — Harry Styles. (@Harry_Styles) June 12, 2022

What are your favorite Love On Tour outfits? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us  @TheHoneyPop  or visiting us on our  Facebook  and  Instagram .


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harry styles tour outfits

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harry styles tour outfits

harry styles tour outfits

theme credit

harry styles tour outfits

Harry for Gucci HA HA HA | November 3, 2022

Gucci HA HA HA houndstooth coat ($4,980) Gucci HA HA HA sweater ($2,150) Gucci HA HA HA check kilt ($2,200) Gucci HA HA HA maxi gingham hat ($590) Gucci HA HA HA oval sunglasses ($505) Gucci HA HA HA striped cotton socks ($235) Gucci HA HA HA loafer with interlocking G ($1,100)

harry styles tour outfits

Gucci HA HA HA gingham jacket ($3,900) Gucci HA HA HA gingham vest ($1,600) Gucci HA HA HA cherry and lamb print pant ($1,650) Gucci HA HA HA G check shirt (£1,050) Gucci HA HA HA oval sunglasses ($505) Gucci HA HA HA loafer with interlocking G ($1,100)

harry styles tour outfits

Gucci HA HA HA corduroy jacket ($3,700) Gucci HA HA HA bunny t-shirt ($750) Gucci HA HA HA corduroy pant ($1,600) Gucci Tennis 1977 sneakers ($720)

harry styles tour outfits

Gucci HA HA HA denim jacket ($3,980) Gucci HA HA HA silk shirt ($1,150) Gucci HA HA HA denim pant ($1,600) Gucci HA HA HA Jackie 1961 shoulder bag ($6,900) Gucci HA HA HA printed silk tie ($410)

harry styles tour outfits

Gucci HA HA HA herringbone jacket ($3,980) Gucci HA HA HA striped t-shirt ($690) Gucci HA HA HA cotton pant ($1,150) Gucci HA HA HA silk scarf ($370) Gucci HA HA HA Prince of Wales hat ($590) Gucci HA HA HA Tennis 1977 sneakers ($980)

harry styles tour outfits

Gucci HA HA HA pajama set ($3,350) Gucci HA HA HA boot ($1,450)

harry styles tour outfits

Gucci HA HA HA gingham wool jacket  ($3,700) Gucci HA HA HA gingham wool pants  ($1,600) Gucci HA HA HA check vest  ($1,400)

harry styles tour outfits

Look 6:

Gucci HA HA HA fine twill jacket ($3,980) Gucci HA HA HA fine wool pant ($1,150) Gucci HA HA HA square sunglasses ($740)

harry styles tour outfits

Gucci HA HA HA pinstripe wool jacket ($2,980) Gucci HA HA HA tank top ($650) Gucci HA HA HA drill flared pant ($1,150) Gucci HA HA HA pince-nez sunglasses ($755) Gucci HA HA HA flower print silk scarf ($720)

harry styles tour outfits

Gucci HA HA HA Prince of Wales Coat (£3,900) Gucci HA HA HA Prince of Wales jacket (£1,900) Gucci HA HA HA Interlocking G Shirt (£1,050) Gucci HA HA HA Houndstooth Hat ($590)

harry styles tour outfits


Harry Styles Wore A Glitter Fringe Vest & Now I Need One Too

Note the distinct ‘70s vibe.

Harry Styles poses for The 2021 GRAMMY Awards.

Harry Styles has a proclivity for subverting gender norms and expressing his individualistic flair. His choice in clothing and accessories, therefore, often feels like a breath of fresh air. It’s evident the British crooner wanted to unleash his expressive and joyful aesthetic in its truest form for Love On Tour , the series of concerts in honor of his 2019 album Fine Line. Dressed in Alessandro Michele’s maximalist Gucci creations ( of course ) and styled by Harry Lambert , Styles’ outfits while on tour have become a multi-part celebration of his signature flamboyance. The ensemble most emblematic of Styles’ expressive approach to fashion, however, was his red serotonin-inducing look, which he wore to kickstart the concerts.

For his premiere Las Vegas show on Sept. 4, Styles wore a pair of uber high-waisted fuchsia trousers with a glitter fringe vest. (It’s worth noting Styles wore his vest open, with his chest tattoos serving as additional touches of personality, almost as if his ink doubled as the outfit’s accessories). For shoes, Styles went for a more demure direction and wore a pair of beige heeled booties that helped to ground his eclectic outfit.

Thanks to a few style elements — namely the wide-leg silhouette of Styles’ pants and an overall kitschy feel — his look tapped into a ‘70s vibe that’s since become a signature for the pop star. Look to his collection of retro handbags , bell-bottom pants, and psychedelic prints for further proof he’s drawn to the groovy decade.

Harry Styles performs onstage during the tour opener for Love On Tour at MGM Grand Garden Arena on S...

In addition, his retro aesthetic often feels like an homage to the eccentric fashion and music icons that came before him, like David Bowie and Elton John. But, as Lambert revealed in an Instagram post, this particular concert look was made uniquely with Styles in mind. It’s a one-of-a-kind, custom-made Gucci creation.

View on Instagram

Styles’ tour style has been one energetic display after the next that confirms the singer is not only overjoyed to be back performing IRL, but to also be showing off his stage costumes. One Twitter user even said his tour has become more than just a procession of concerts and equated it to “a series of fashion conventions.” Another fan said Styles’ next-level style from his tour has fundamentally altered their morning routine; After waking up and before tackling other important to-dos, they turn to social media to check what Styles wore during his performance from the night before.

The best aspect of Styles’ fashion from Love On Tour, however, is that you can replicate his unique aesthetic yourself. Scroll ahead to shop some trousers and a few glittery vests similar to Styles’.

We only include products that have been independently selected by TZR’s editorial team. However, we may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.

Milly Lennon Cady Flare Pants

Every Harry Styles Suit From His Solo Tour

harry styles tour outfits

By Ella Cerón

Harry Styles , wear a boring outfit? Never .

Even during his One Direction days, the singer and showman knew his way around a leopard print or two . Now that he's embarking on a world tour as Harry Styles, Solo Superstar, you know he'll kick the fashion up several notches. After all, this is the guy who wore red heeled boots to jazz up a suit on the Dunkirk red carpet. (And don't get me started on that jaunty double-breasted jumpsuit from his appearance on The Late Late Show . It was A Look!)

So what's Harry wearing on his tour? Not your average jeans and Chelsea boots, that's for sure. (Not that there's anything wrong with that look, either.) With floral prints and a diamond pattern that could be seen even from the furthest seats, he's making sure not to disappoint sartorially. Click through to see every look from the Harry Styles tour; remember, they're a sign of the times.

Image may contain Harry Styles Human Person Clothing Apparel Sleeve and Crowd

For his first show in San Francisco, California, Harry opted for custom Gucci.

The Instagram account @HarryWoreWhat noticed the print on a different jacket.

Image may contain Harry Styles Human Person Clothing Apparel Electrical Device and Microphone

In Los Angeles, he switched up the look only slightly, with a tweedy blue suit with — yup — even more flowers.

That's not the only fun part of the outfit: peep his black shirt with a fun bow!

Image may contain Human Person Clothing Apparel Harry Styles and Stage

Few people could wear Harley Quinn's favorite diamond motif from head to toe and not look a little silly. But then again, few people are Harry Styles.

Custom Gucci looks good on you, Harry. It looks really good.

Image may contain Musical Instrument Guitar Leisure Activities Human Person Musician Performer Guitarist and Crowd

In New York City, Harry once again opted for Gucci.

The most fall of fall prints.

Ella Rubin Was Destined to Play Anne Hathaway’s Daughter in The Idea of You

By Ilana Kaplan

16 Tenniscore Essentials to Add to Your Wardrobe for a Major Serve

By Donya Momenian

Kim K Is Back to Blonde and in See-Through Metal Skirt at the Met

Stepping out on the London Stage, Harry wore the only pink suit of the tour so far.

This might be one of our favorites.

This image may contain Human Person Clothing Apparel and Crowd

Night two in London, Harry went for leopard print because of course he did.

This might be peak Harry Styles.

Image may contain Human Person Musical Instrument Guitar Leisure Activities Musician Electrical Device and Microphone

In Milan, Harry wore yet another Gucci suit, this time in purple.

We're sensing a trend at this point.

This image may contain Musical Instrument Guitar Leisure Activities Human Person Electric Guitar Musician and Crowd

In Basel, Harry opted for something a bit more toned down. An all black suit did the trick.

Image may contain Human Person Musical Instrument Guitar Electric Guitar Leisure Activities Musician and Bass Guitar

Harry's Birmingham show was electric in more ways than one. Check out that blue blazer.

Is there anything he can't pull off?

This image may contain Dance Pose Leisure Activities Human and Person

In Copenhagen, Harry mixed decades and colors with a light blue suit.

Is it 2018 or 1818? You decide.

Image may contain Harry Styles Musical Instrument Guitar Leisure Activities Human Person Musician and Performer

In Munich, Harry a solid purple suit that was somehow one of the simplest of the tour.

An icon in purple.

Image may contain Human Person Clothing Apparel Sleeve and Long Sleeve

Parisian chic takes a new meaning with Harry's glitter Saint Laurent suit.

Please explain how they just get better !

Image may contain Human Person Musical Instrument Musician and Leisure Activities

Harry opted for a pink plaid in Stockholm.

Do they have this in my size?

This image may contain Human Person Musical Instrument Guitar Leisure Activities Musician and Electrical Device

Harry's red suit in Oberhausen was the perfect fit with the warm color lights on the stage.

These matching tones make for the perfect fashion moment.

Image may contain Human Person Crowd Clothing and Apparel

In Glasgow, Scotland Harry Styles wore a Kilt. That is all.

This is a "look" if I've ever seen one.

Image may contain Imaan Hammam Hair Human and Person

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Olivia Rodrigo Fans Brought Their Style A-Game to MSG

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31 Harry Styles Outfits That Live in Our Heads Rent-Free

They're so golden.

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One of the most stylish men in music is arguably Harry Styles . Yes, the former One Direction boy bander turned solo artist and Hollywood actor has been burning up the music charts for over a decade, but this is just the beginning. Or, perhaps, we’re in the middle of a very prolific era of evolution. Either way, it wouldn’t be a stretch to throw around the word “iconic” when dissecting Harry Styles’ most memorable outfits, many of which have been dreamed up by longtime stylist and friend, Harry Lambert . 

Whether or not you're a fan of his music, it’s impossible to deny that Styles is creative to his core. This comes out not only in his catchy lyrics and unparalleled stage presence but also through his style, both in and out of the spotlight. From his earliest days as a fresh-faced floppy-haired boy in skinny jeans to his more recent collaborations with former Gucci Creative Director Alessandro Michele, each sequin and pearl, graphic tee, and gender-fluid garment adds dimension to his artistry.

Although literally every outfit Harry Styles has ever worn could probably be considered iconic in its own way, we’ve narrowed it down to 31 of our favorite looks since the “Watermelon Sugar” singer struck out on his own. Ahead, check out an array of outfits, plus a few pro tips on how to recreate the look for yourself, if you’re so inspired. 

Harry Styles in Gucci at the 2017 iHeartRadio Music Festival

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After One Direction disbanded in 2016, Styles stepped out on his own, releasing new music and debuting edgier looks as an independent artist. This harlequin Gucci suit was a sign of the times, as the singer would go on to wear the label repeatedly on red carpets around the world.

Harry Styles at the 2018 Casamigos Halloween Party

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Styles loves dressing up for Halloween (see: Harryween, his concerts at Madison Square Garden), and took inspiration from Elton John in 2018. His sequined 1975 Dodgers uniform, complete with a bedazzled baseball cap and John’s signature sparkly sunglasses, was the perfect homage to another over-the-top icon.

Harry Styles at the 2019 Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony

We’re not sure what we love more: Styles's blue velvet suit outfit, or the fact that he wore this getup to induct friend and fellow superstar Stevie Nicks into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. This look is easy to recreate at home by pairing a brightly colored velvet suit with a few chain necklaces, rings, and a simple white tank top.

Harry Styles in Gucci at the 2019 Met Gala

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If the Met Gala is the superbowl of fashion, Styles is always in the running for MVP. He showed up to the “Camp: Notes on Fashion”-themed event, in a head-to-toe Gucci outfit, complete with a sheer black pussy-bow blouse, breezy black trousers, and patent leather heels. A single pearl earring made an unexpectedly elegant statement, as did his black and white manicure. 

Harry Styles in N.Y.C. in November 2019

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Anytime we spot a British celeb in sheep's clothing (or a sheep motif, at least), we can be fairly certain they’re paying a subtle homage to the People’s Princess, Diana (whose iconic red sweater recently sold at auction for over $1 million , by the way).

Harry Styles in L.A. in November 2019

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Styles embraced retro, vintage vibes for the release of his single, “Watermelon Sugar.” At a L.A. event, the singer sported super high-waisted trousers with suspenders and a sparkly short-sleeved shirt. Bright pink wayfarer sunglasses added the only pop of color to this look — unusual for his performance attire — and were on-theme if not necessarily on-brand for the star.

Harry Styles Visiting BBC Radio in December 2019

Neil Mockford/GC Images

We’re not sure what we love more: The fact that he’s wearing his own concert merch, or how he paired a pearl necklace with a plaid jacket. A mix of feminine and frontiersman, this look is casual Harry at his coolest, and a fun outfit idea for fall.

Harry Styles in Archie Alled-Martínez at Jingle Bell Ball in 2019

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One iconic Harry Styles outfit that we didn’t see coming was the sparkly Canadian tuxedo he wore on stage at the 2019 Jingle Bell Ball in London. The custom denim two piece, designed by Spanish designer Archie Alled-Martínez, ended the year on a high note for Styles — and all of us, really.

Harry Styles Visiting BBC Radio 2 in February 2020

It’s no secret: Harry’s best styling trick is adding a pearl necklace to any outfit. Again, the star sported a simple T-shirt, colorful jacket, and corduroy trousers and still turned heads. We almost forgot to point out his crossbody bag, oversized sunglasses, and black Vans sneakers. Just call him the king of subtly chic accessories.

Harry Styles Performing on ‘TODAY’ in February 2020

ANGELA WEISS/AFP via Getty Images

Could 2020 have been the beginning of Harry Styles’ polka-dot era? Prior to the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, the singer was seen spotting this motif on several occasions. Here, the plum pants, pink blazer, and blue shirt are pretty plain, particularly for Styles, but the black-and-white polka-dot tie bridges that fine line between funky and fabulous.

Harry Styles Visiting SiriusXM and Pandora in February 2020

Another fun vest moment, this Harry Styles outfit demonstrates how even suiting separates can have a playful appearance. But, the real feat is how this look combines polka dots and stripes at once.

Harry Styles at the 2020 Brit Awards

Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

Somehow, this outfit is giving high school librarian and total heartthrob all at once. The pearl necklace and elongated lace collar adds a feminine touch to an otherwise simple double breasted suit. And, we’ve got to admit: The purple hues really make Harry’s green eyes pop.

Harry Styles in Gucci at the BRIT Awards 2020

Karwai Tang/WireImage/Getty Images

Who wouldn’t want to wear a lace Gucci jumpsuit? This delightful getup might just be one of the most versatile on-stage outfits Harry has worn to date. Think of all the styling combinations with the shirt and pants alone! Plus, he kept his pearl necklace on from the previous look. Nice.

Harry Styles at a 2020 BRIT Awards After-Party

Neil Mockford / Ricky Vigil M/GC Images/Getty Images

Styles isn’t afraid to play with color, which is just one reason we love this bright yellow three-piece suit. The flared legs and notched lapels give off a ‘70s vibe, while the purple silk shirt (featuring more polka dots!) cements this outfit securely in the 21st century.

Harry Styles in Gucci at the 2021 Grammy Awards

Boas were the accessory of choice for Harry in 2021. This red carpet look falls somewhere between That ‘70s Show and Clueless — honestly, not that out of left field considering the singer’s aesthetic — but it’s the feathery purple plumage that completes the completely original — and so very Harry — look.

Harry Styles at "Harryween" at Madison Square Garden in October 2021

Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Remember how we said Harry loves dressing up for Halloween? The “Cinema” singer paid tribute to one of the greatest films of all time with his interpretation of Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz . Although it’s not necessarily his most copyable look, this Harry Styles outfit shows just how much he’s willing to commit to the bit — from his rouged cheeks to the iconic ruby red slippers. That’s what makes him beautiful.

Harry Styles in Gucci at the 2021 BRIT Awards

JMEnternational/JMEnternational for BRIT Awards/Getty Images

Mid-century modern, with an emphasis on the “mod.” Styles was fêted for his single, “Watermelon Sugar,” at the 2021 Brit awards wearing a ‘70s-inspired suit from Gucci’s fall collection, coordinating handbag with bamboo handle, and sneakers. The oversized lapels and flared pant leg would go on to become a favorite combo for Styles’s outfits for the duration of his Fine Line era, which we think is absolutely golden.

Harry Styles in Gucci During His Weekend-One Coachella Performance in 2022

Harry Styles officially entered his disco era with this sparkly number. The performer sparkled in a gold sequined jumpsuit when he performed at Coachella. Channeling equal parts Freddie Mercury and Diana Ross, this outfit was almost as memorable as his surprise performance that evening with Shania Twain.

Harry Styles Performing on ‘TODAY’ in May 2022

Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images/Getty Images

One pieces are practical, right? This eye-catching Harry Styles jumpsuit combines all of the singers favorite motifs: stripes, flares, and unexpected color combinations. It’s a lot, but then again, it makes for a standout look in a year of majorly memorable outfits.

Harry Styles in Arturo Obegero at Radio 1's Big Weekend 2022

Joseph Okpako/WireImage/Getty Images

Styles continued his streak of sparkly on-stage jumpsuits with a performance back across the pond in Coventry, England. This sleeveless, sequined outfit was another custom look by designer Arturo Obegero, who also created the red outfit worn in the “As It Was” video . Worn with black Vans sneakers, it’s easy to see why this Harry Styles outfit would not only be fun, but also comfortable to wear when taking the stage (or copy as a fan in the nosebleed section).

Harry Styles in Gucci at the 2022 Venice Film Festival

MEGA/GC Images/Getty Images

Just when we didn’t think Harry Styles’ outfits could get any buzzier, the singer — and bona fide actor — showed up at the Venice Film Festival to promote a little film called Don’t Worry, Darling . In true Harry fashion, he was bedecked in pieces from the Gucci HA HA HA collection for the duration of the event. For this look, we’re particularly fond of Harry’s accessories which add a hint of old school travel elegance to his ensemble.

Kate Green/Getty Images

We’re not sure if Harry or Gucci had the last laugh on the Venice Film Festival red carpets, as each outfit — suits, mostly — were eye-catching enough to rival the many glamorous gowns worn by his Don’t Worry, Darling co-stars. Another head-to-toe Gucci ensemble, we love how Harry matched his manicure to his baby blue shirt with extra pointy lapels.

Harry Styles at a ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ Photocall in N.Y.C. in 2022

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

Following all the flare at Venice, Harry Styles’ outfit for the Don’t Worry , Darling , NYC photocall was a bit more subdued. Still, the key elements are there: a tailored double breasted blazer paired with pinstripe trousers and a collared shirt. Although it’s super simple, this look demonstrates that smart basics are the building blocks of any stylish wardrobe.

Harry Styles in Gucci at the TIFF Premiere of ‘My Policeman’ in 2022

Geoff Robins/Getty Images

Given that envy is a prominent theme in My Policemen , Harry Styles’ green Gucci outfit was a clever choice for the film’s premiere in Toronto. Once again, the mani and the bag match, but it’s the unexpected silk floral brooch that really makes us jealous of this red carpet look.

Harry Styles at a TIFF Press Conference for ‘My Policeman’ in 2022

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

Always keeping us on our toes, Styles changed into a more traditional pinstripe suit for a press conference. While this outfit is less eye-catching than his green getup, it’s impossible to overlook the chunky orange beaded necklace. To take a page out of the singer’s book, try adding some colorful vintage jewelry to give an otherwise everyday outfit some pizazz.

Harry Styles in Gucci at the L.A. Premiere of ‘My Policeman’

Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Styles changed up his look to promote the post-war era film, My Policeman , on the west coast. Wearing a more streamlined Gucci ensemble reminiscent of 1950s Bobbies, the coordinated patent leather shoes and belt bring this otherwise uniform look into the realm of red carpet chic. 

Harry Styles at the 2023 Grammy Awards

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

At first glance, this Swarovski crystal-covered rainbow jumpsuit by French fashion brand EgonLab seems like an odd choice for the red carpet. But, this captivating one-piece was just the beginning of what would wind up being a banner night for Styles, both thanks to his over-the-top outfits and an array of awards.

Harry Styles in Gucci Performing at the 2023 Grammy Awards

Sonja Flemming/Getty Images

If you thought the crystal jumpsuit was going to be Harry Styles’ best outfit of the evening, think again. The singer took to the stage in a shimmery sequin fringe Gucci onesie to perform “As It Was,” dazzling audiences around the world. If we had to choose just one outfit for Styles to wear for eternity, this would be it — simply sensational.

Harry Styles in at the 2023 Grammy Awards

Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

Upon winning the Grammy for Best Pop Vocal Album for Harry’s House , the singer concluded the seriously epic evening in a quintessential combination of Harry Styles outfit staples: sequins and a suit. The cropped Gucci tuxedo jacket and trousers looked even more glam with a sparkly tank, but it’s the classic Adidas Sambas that make this look another winner.

Harry Styles in Nina Ricci at the 2023 BRIT Awards

Karwai Tang/Getty Images

On the heels of his big night at the Grammys, Styles graced the red carpet again, this time on his home turf for the Brit Awards. This look, a fantastic flared suit featuring a peplum jacket, and custom flower choker necklace by Nina Ricci, seems rather demure for styles. Then again, the triangle of chest hair peeking out seems to indicate that he went shirtless — very rock and roll.

Harry Styles in Gucci at the 2023 BRIT Awards

Samir Hussein/Getty Images

With just a jacket and trousers, Styles’ Brit Awards performance outfit is undoubtedly the easiest to copy. A search for “Harry Styles red sequin jacket” yields dozens of hits touting replicas of the custom-made sequin top available for an “affordable” price. If you want to recreate this Harry Styles outfit for Halloween, be sure to include his most recognizable tattoos — the swallow sand butterfly — for the most accurate representation.

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