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Top 10 Backpacking and Camping Games

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Credit: knox news

1. Stinky Pinky

My favorite trail game. How it works... I pick a pair of unrelated words that rhyme and you try to guess what they are based on a pair of synonymous or related ‘hint’ words I provide you with. Example 1: (in my Head) I pick “ fat rat ”. I might pick “ chubby ” as the synonym for “ fat ” and might pick “ varmin ” as the synonym for “ rat ”. Therefore, my hint words for you: “ chubby varmin ”. Okay, that was super easy. Example 2: If I pick “ mountain fountain ”, your hint words could be “ hill water ”. Another hint option could be “ summit geyser ”. Let’s try one now… your hint words: “ trouser boogie ” Answer here and get your name listed in the book.  After days of this, we started going to three word rhymes and could hike for hours guessing what the answer could be. Sometimes our guesses were better than the original pick was. I remember waking up the middle of the night in shelters thinking about what my next Stinky Pinky would be.

There are endless quizzes to think of. We spent an entire day trying to think of all the state capitals. I had learned them in like 3rd grade and simply forgotten or mixed some up. (Hint: Montpelier is Vermont’s capital. Pittsburgh nor Philadelphia are Pennsylvania’s capital.)

3. Would You Rather

I think of two unrelated situations and you, hypothetically, decide which you would prefer to happen. Example: Would you rather be stranded on an arctic island with Michael Jackson or eat tuna for the rest of your life?

4. Memory Game

“I went on a hike and brought an (A) Apple.” Next person. “I went on a hike and brought an apple and a (B) Bazooka.” Next person. “I went on a hike and brought an apple, a bazooka and a (C) Carnivorous toy poodle.” Next person. “I went on a hike and brought an apple, a bazooka, a carnivorous toy poodle and a (D) Didgeridoo.” You get the idea.

5. 20 Questions

I think of something for you to guess and provide you with the category. Celebrities, mammals, famous trail sites, foods, whatever. You have 20 yes-or-no questions to figure it out. If I pick “Michael Jackson”, your first question might be “is it a male?” Sometime before your 20th question you should be asking “did he wear a white glove and sing Thriller?”.

6. Name that Tune

I think of a song and say the lyrics in monotone. If you can’t guess it, I may sing it.

7. Storytelling

Tell your most embarrassing moments, your most scared moments, etc. This was a great way to get to know other hikers as well as open up to new people.

8. What are you Going to Eat in Town?

Describe every little detail of that savory burger. Are you going to have one or three pickles? Premix the ketchup and mustard? Or maybe squeeze them both into separate containers and alternate dipping each bite? Warning: this game can be dangerous.

9. Hide Balto

Find certain trail objects or trinkets and hide them in each others packs. We found a VHS copy of the animated movie, Balto, in a shelter one day (no idea). We got as creative as possible trying to hide it in each others packs for weeks. The rule was - if you get caught trying to hide it in someone’s pack, you carry it for at least 24 hours. The methods of distraction became rather ornate to say the least. Last I heard, someone had snuck Balto into a NOBO’s pack and it, ultimately, made it’s way to Katahdin. There was also a Beatles biography that I snuck into my friends pack and was not discovered until months after he got off trail. 2 pts.

10. Charades

I act out a person, place, phrase, scene, anything. I cannot use props or speak; only my body and hand gestures. You try to guess what I am acting out.

Chris Cage photo

About Chris Cage

backpacking trip logic puzzle

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9 Simple Word Games to Spice Up Your Next Backpacking Trip

W hether you love it or secretly hate it, hiking is filled with opportunities to think.   There are miles and miles of screen-free nature.   Hours and hours of meditative motion.   For some, that is the appeal.   A long thru-hike is a great opportunity for diving inward, learning to know and love yourself.   It can provide the space and freedom to declutter a mind that’s overflowing with the BS from living a busy life disconnected from one’s self and environment.   Even a short day hike can clear the head or help put a problem in perspective.   Walking is therapeutic.

Getting Tired of Yourself

backpacking trip logic puzzle

Sometimes it’s hot, and sometimes you wish you were on a freight train to anywhere else. That’s when it’s nice to have distractions.

But what about those times on the trail when that freedom is too much?   It can be overwhelming to be stuck with your thoughts alone for days at a time.   Sometimes all you want is the equivalent of a chill night on the couch while watching Netflix.   That’s where distractions come in.   If you’re hiking alone, then music, podcasts, or audiobooks can help you check out mentally.   Hiking with someone else, there’s a whole ‘nother human being to learn about.   Multiply that if you’re with a group of hiker trash.

backpacking trip logic puzzle

Hiker couch.

However, hike for long enough and the conversations will temporarily sputter and run dry.   When this happens, if you’re still hungry for that trail-equivalent of Netflix, turn to word games.   They are both free, ultralight, and don’t require batteries.   Below is a collection of word games that are particularly suited to hiking.   Some are well-known classics, while others might very well be originals invented during a recent trip on the Sierra High Route by my partner, SpiceRack.   Give ‘em a read.   Maybe you’ll be reminded of one of your favorites, or perhaps you’ll find a new favorite.   One thing is for sure.   Remember all of these and you’ll be well-equipped to ward off any unsolicited personal growth or self-discovery.


backpacking trip logic puzzle

Crunchberry, hiking fast to catch up, doesn’t want to miss the next shoobee-doobee.

This is a game of rhyming riddles that is sure to produce timeless catchphrases.   First, one hiker thinks of two rhyming words, usually an adjective and a noun, that hopefully combine into funny pairing.   A rhyme of words with two syllables is called a ‘shoobee-doobee’.   If the words have just a single syllable, then it is called a ‘shoo-doo’.

Next, after informing the group whether they have a shoobee-doobee or shoo-doo, they give a clue in the form of two words (maybe more, if you feel it’s right).   These are sometimes, but not always synonyms of the rhyming words in the shoobee-doobee.   The clue does not need to rhyme.

Finally, the group must try to guess the shoobee-doobee or shoo-doo.   If an appropriate amount of time has not resulted in a correct guess, then the guessers may request another clue.   Once someone guesses the correct rhyme, anybody can jump in with the next shoobee-doobee or shoo-doo.   Keep it freeform and keep it fun.   There’s no competition here.

Scroll to the bottom of the article for the answers

#1 Shoo-doo: rotund dog #2 Shoobee-doobee: enthusiastic hello #3 Shoobee-doobee: smelly dessert #4 Shoobee-doobee: russet reptile

backpacking trip logic puzzle

Ooo, I got one: What are the odds you go for a swim in that frozen lake down there?

This dare game can get you into a lot of trouble, but it can also spark the miraculous.   It starts when one person (the darer) asks someone else (the daree), “What are the odds you ?”   This can be anything, like speaking in an Irish accent for the rest of the day, or serenading the next person you see.   How about eating an entire pint of ice cream at the next town stop, or worse, not eating an entire pint of ice cream at the next town stop?   Food related dares are always a hit.

Next, the daree answers with a number, with 1 as the minimum.   This is the “odds” that the darer was asking for.   There is no upper limit, but trail decorum suggests that unless the action is illegal or extremely dangerous, the number be no greater than 10.   The lower the odds, the greater chance that the daree will have to do the deed.

Once the odds are chosen, there is a countdown from three (counted by a third party if present, or either the darer or daree if not).   At the bottom of the countdown, both darer and daree say out loud a number from one up to and including the chosen odds.   If the numbers match, the daree must perform the action.   If the numbers miss, everyone inevitably makes an “ooohhh, that was close” noise, but nothing else happens.

This game does not follow a structure and has no end.   Odds are bound to come up throughout the day.   No one is safe.

Darer beware:   The daree has more than one way to fight back.   If the daree gives odds of 1, then both daree and darer must perform the action.   If the daree give odds of 2, then the game proceeds as usual.   However, if the odds don’t ‘hit’, meaning that the two said numbers are not a match (i.e. 1 and 2), then the darer must perform the action.   Daree is off the hook.   This fear of reprisal helps regulate the game.

Another hiccup:   The darer is on the hook for any costs incurred during the daree’s fulfillment of an odds that hits.   Yep, you need to buy that pint of ice cream even though you don’t get to eat it.

No recycling:   A specific dare may not be reflected or reused.   Hit or miss, let it go and move on.

backpacking trip logic puzzle

If my PCT hike were a movie: Young guy goes on a journey. He walks really far and eats a lot. The rain and snow crush his soul, then he is done.

In this game, one hiker tries to describe the plot of a movie (the more popular the better) in such a way that it does not give away the movie itself, as generic as possible.   The others try to guess the movie.   This is a fun challenge for both the person describing the plot and the people guessing.  

The trick is to stay faithful to the movie while describing it in a way that is purposefully deceptive.   A great example of this is portraying the plot of Star Wars from the perspective of Darth Vader being the sympathetic main character.   Sure, he’s evil, but without knowing that one might think that he got a pretty raw deal.   Those pesky rebels keep blowing up his home, after all.

Boiled down to their essence, movies all start to sound remarkably similar.   It is better to start the descriptions vague, then fill in some details if the people guessing can’t make any progress.   Yes or no questions are kosher, but obviously don’t give too much away.

Once someone correctly guesses the movie, they can either distill the next movie of their choosing or pass that privilege to someone else.

Generic plot #1: A young man is dissatisfied with his life and decides to go on a journey.   There are many other people who join him, and he falls in love with one of them.   Their love is forbidden, and a large catastrophe prevents them from being together.

Generic plot #2: A father loses his son and he goes on a journey to find him.   Along the way, he meets a companion that is at first annoying and unwelcome, but then proves her worth.   She balances his rational logic with her creative and unique way of seeing the world.   Eventually they become friends and find his son.

backpacking trip logic puzzle

Name 10 things that are green on the CDT in Colorado in October. Hah! Not so easy after all.

This one is so simple that you might wonder if I am insulting your intelligence.   Let me assure you that it is harder than it sounds and can be modified endlessly.   Together, with as many people who want to play, try to name 10 things (or more if you’re feeling feisty) of a specific color that you have seen or might see on this particular hike.   No duplicates, obviously.   When you struggle to hit 10, you can become more lenient and include pieces of gear, clothing, and accessories.   As someone who hikes with at least two rainbow-colored items, it kind of feels like cheating to use them for multiple colors, but I do.   Some colors will be easy, while others will take some imagination and rule-stretching.   Get creative with the colors too if the primaries are too easy.   Surprisingly, black* is particularly difficult.

When you run out of colors, try other descriptors like shapes, birds, or trees.   Or try to remember names of people you’ve met on the trail, or creeks you’ve crossed.   Possibilities abound.

* Yeah, yeah, blacks not a color, I know.   What are you in second grade? C’mon.

backpacking trip logic puzzle

Is that “Three Blind Mice” or “Teenage Dream”?

Put those vocal cords to good use with this hilariously unmusical trail game.   It’s simple.   One hiker hums part of a tune while others try to guess which song it is.   The longer the sound clip, the easier it is to guess.   It’s usually a good idea to start short, then expand as needed if confusion grows larger than patience.   Very quickly, one realizes that humming makes a poor substitute to sung lyrics.   Even hit songs can be impossible to decipher.   Also if singing is difficult for you, then don’t expect humming to be any easier.

Move on to the the next song once someone guesses correctly, or everybody gives up.   In the latter instance, try recording the humming before revealing the correct song.   Once it’s known, the humming will sound obvious, and no one will believe that the hummer hasn’t altered their tune.

Variation:   If humming is hard or not getting the message across, try whistling instead.   It probably won’t sound any better, but it will definitely be more annoying.   And finally, if everyone is feeling a little loopy at the end of the day, replace humming with brahking like a chicken.   That’s a sure bet to enhance the wilderness experience of anyone you encounter.

One Word Karaoke

backpacking trip logic puzzle

Out here, no one can hear you sing. Let if fly!

In this low-stakes music game, one person sings part of a song, trying to get the others in the group to correctly guess the song title.   Here’s the catch, that part of the song can only be one word long, and that doesn’t mean replacing all the lyrics with the same word.   Just one word, a fraction of a second.   Without the context of other lyrics or larger melody it can be maddeningly difficult to place a familiarly sung word in the correct song.

Reliable examples are “Shot” as in “Shot through the heart, and you’re to blame,” from Bon Jovi’s You Give Love A Bad Name , or “We” as in “We are never ever ever, getting back together,” from Taylor Swift’s We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together .   However, the possibilities are endless, and are only limited by the group’s tolerance for mangling their favorite tunes.

Would You Rather

backpacking trip logic puzzle

Here’s a tough one: Would you rather hike in freezing snow, or not hike at all?

This is a classic game of hypotheticals that is perfect for pairs or groups alike.   One person proposes two different scenarios, and everyone else chooses which one they prefer.   Simple?   Not so much.   The challenge is in crafting the perfect pairing, one that does not have an obviously better choice.   And let the imagination wander.   There’s no reason to get bogged down in reality.   You’d be surprised how much useless knowledge you can learn about your friends with the right questions.

Don’t be afraid to follow the random threads of theoretical discussion that lead away from the game itself.   Getting philosophical about the differences between burritos and pizza is arguably the best use of your time while hiking.

The format of the game is easy.   Ask a question beginning with “Would you rather…?” followed by the two choices.

#1: “Would you rather thru-hike with a pebble in your shoe the whole way, or never eat ice cream again?”

#2: “Would you rather be able to fly for one minute a day, or live in a 10-foot bubble of mosquito-free airspace?”

#3: “Would you rather never need to filter water again, or have a fanny pack that supplied limitless quantities of your favorite chocolate?”

20 Questions

backpacking trip logic puzzle

On question 30, at least. What the heck are you thinking, SpiceRack?

It’s a safe bet that most people know and have played this game at some point.   Here’s a reminder that it’s perfect for the trail.   One hiker, the answerer, thinks of an object, thing, or person (aka a noun or pronoun).   Everyone else takes turns (or not) asking yes or no questions, trying to figure out who or what the answerer has selected.   As the name suggests, the players have just 20 questions to narrow it down (Is it a person? Are they still alive? etc.).   Whoever correctly guesses the answer earns the right to be the answerer during the next round.   If nobody figures it out, then the answerer keeps their title before starting the next round with a fresh noun.

Variation, Endless Questions:   In reality, it can be really difficult to figure out the answer in 20 questions or less.   This is especially true with larger, less-focused groups.   More likely, the questions don’t stop at 20, and keep coming until someone guesses correctly.

backpacking trip logic puzzle

Long road walks are a perfect time to pull out the riddles. Crunchberry, Rooster, and SpiceRack are gluttons for this stuff.

While not a novel concept, riddles remain tried and true classic time-killers.   And if you’re like me, then you’ll be jonesing for boredom after working your brain overtime on a few head stumpers.  Any riddle will do really, but it’s best to do a little preparation ahead of your hike.   Riddles are as hard to remember as they are to solve, so look up a few before you get back on trail and jot them down (Let’s be real, screenshot them. Who still jots these days?).   Try them out on your best trail buds, while making sure to give ample time for cogitation.   Riddles, like the miles, should not be rushed.   If you run out, you can always try making up some of your own, but at that point it’s probably best to stop talking all together.   Riddling is virtually guaranteed to wear patience thin.

Have any games that you like to play on trail?   Let us know about them in the comments.

Answers: Shoobee-doobee: round hound, rowdy howdy, stinky twinkie, tater gator Movie #1: Titanic, Movie #2: Finding Nemo

backpacking trip logic puzzle

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Owen Eigenbrot

Above all, Owen(he/him) loves burritos. They are the reason he wakes, the reason he hikes. His hunger drove him the length of the PCT in 2015, the CDT in 2019, the ECT in 2022, and scatters him to wild places worldwide. An engineer sometimes and hiker trash always, he lives to experience, understand, and help the Earth.

backpacking trip logic puzzle

Another fun simplistic game is contact where u try and guess a word that someone else thought up. U get the first letter to start and try and make different words that start with the known letters to get more letters of the word. For this u give a clue and if someone thinks they know it they say contact and u both say what word u were thinking. If the person who thought up the word guesses correctly u don’t get any additional letters. If the person who thought up the word guesses wrong than u get the next letter to the word. This repeats until enough letters are known to correctly guess the word

backpacking trip logic puzzle

Oh yeah, Contact, I’ve played that before. I can’t remember when exactly, but it was a long time ago. Thanks for the reminder! That’s another good one and is perfect for backpacking.

backpacking trip logic puzzle

Four Letter Word Tennis

This is one that has whiled away many journeys. Start with a common four letter word, then change it to another four letter word by changing only one letter. The idea is to get as long a run of changes as possible without repeats. A group of people with large vocabularies and good memories can get a run of well over 100 words. Not all the words need to be common, but whoever uses the word needs to be able to give a definition if called on it.

Example # 1: Ball to bell to belt to Celt to colt to coot to cool to coal to goal. Example #2: Hate to have to lave to love.

Thanks, Laura. That’s a really cool game! I’ll definitely give it a shot on my next hike. Is there a reason the word needs to be four letters?

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Camping and Backpacking - (Earth Day) Critical Thinking Grid Logic Puzzle

Show preview image 1


Here’s a great critical-thinking lesson !

The main product is the grid logic puzzle.  The coloring page is just a bonus!  

This is great for a stand-alone sub plan and/or when you need a little problem-solving padding before your next big lesson .   Not sure how logic puzzles work?  See the last section in this description.

My students really get into solving these puzzles.  You can have them work individually or cooperatively.  In groups, it's great to hear kids explain how they "figured out" one of the answers.  You will hear lots of "AH-HA!!"s

My 7th graders found this to be of average difficulty. But there is a very easy way to allow every student grade 6 and above to experience success.

If kids feel frustrated, I would let them come up, tell me the quadrant they wanted a hint in, and then I would reveal one answer for them.  Repeat this process as needed.  This made EVERY student feel confident in being able to solve the puzzle.  

Another option, if you really want to use this puzzle but you think they're too difficult for most of your students, just fill in several answers  before making copies to give your students a head start!! 

HOW DO GRID LOGIC PUZZLES WORK?   (Include this description in your sub plans)

A grid-based logic puzzle can seem daunting if you've never solved one before, but don't get discouraged - once you learn a few basic rules you'll be on your way to completing your first grid in no time.  It's all about the process of elimination.

Each logic puzzle consists of a list of clues and a grid.  The grid will display a certain number of categories and a certain number of items per category. Every item is matched to one, and only one, other item in each category, and no two items in a category will ever be matched to the same item in another category.

Your goal is to figure out each item's matches using just the clues given, pure logical deduction, and the process of elimination.

Questions & Answers

Ejjaidali's deli.

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Daydream Puzzles

Welcome To Daydream Puzzles!

Logic Grid Puzzles

We’re here to share our passion for logic puzzles!

Our collection of logic grid puzzles for adults and teens are free to play online using our interactive grids. There is no need to create an account – just start playing. Your answers will be checked automatically when you have completed the grid.

You can browse all of our puzzles here: Logic Grid Puzzles .

If you would like to learn more about solving logic problems, check out our guide Solving Logic Puzzles For Beginners . For the initiated, improve your skills with our tips in Advanced Logic Puzzle Techniques !

We have a free Logic Puzzle Grid Printables section for downloading blank grids you can print and use to work on grids with a pen or pencil. You could also use them to create your own puzzle for fun or to distribute to a class.

Logic puzzles are a great challenge (and often relaxation method) for those who enjoy deductive reasoning puzzles, practicing logical or analytical thinking, or are simply drawn to the type of puzzle that has a single solution with no guesswork!

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9 Best Camping Puzzles to Enjoy While RVing

Yes you can do puzzles while rving without having to worry about all of the pieces. i'll tell you how and give you a list of the best camping puzzles to enjoy on the road….

  • 1 Yes! You can do puzzles while RVing without having to worry about all of the pieces. I'll tell you how and give you a list of the best camping puzzles to enjoy on the road…
  • 2.1 1. Newverest Jigsaw Puzzle Mat Roll Up Mat
  • 3.1 2. Bits and Pieces Cool Campers 500 -Piece Puzzle
  • 3.2 3. Ravenburger Rig View 1,000-Piece Puzzle
  • 4.1 4. Buffalo Games Canoe Lake 1,000-Piece Puzzle
  • 4.2 5. Campsite Trouble 300-Piece Puzzle
  • 4.3 6. MasterPieces Paraside Oceanside Camping 550-Piece Puzzle
  • 4.4 7. Springbok Camping World 1,000-Piece Puzzle
  • 4.5 8. National Parks 1,000-Piece Puzzle
  • 4.6.1 Remember when I promised a great list of board games, crafts, journals, books, movies, and more at the beginning of this article? Here is it — check it out!
  • 5 If You Love the Best Camping Puzzles…
  • 6 New ebook from Mike and Jennifer Wendland – the Natchez Trace
  • 7.1 Explore our 7 Day Adventure Guide to Colorado

I am calling all puzzle enthusiasts! What can be more relaxing than working on a puzzle out in nature? It is a creative and relaxing pastime and can be even more relaxing when you are RVing. 

If you think it's not practical to do puzzles in a bumpy RV that you move from campground to campground, you'd be (happily) wrong!

With the help of a nifty roll-up puzzle mat, you can puzzle on the go! I'm going to tell you more about that mat below.

I have also tracked down some of the best camping puzzles that you will want to take on your next trip. From lakeside landscapes to troublesome bears, there is a puzzle for everyone on my list.

If you buy something through our links, we may get a small commission at no extra cost to you. It helps keep our lights on so we can continue to provide helpful resources for RVers. Read our  full affiliate disclosure here.

What is a Jigsaw Puzzle Mat?

Before listing the best camping puzzles, I want to discuss a jigsaw puzzle mat. 

Many of you are probably hesitant about doing puzzles when traveling because you are moving to different locations. You might be thinking, “Yeah, Mike, why would I start a complicated puzzle when I have to tear it down in two days?” Not to mention taking up valuable table space during your stay.

Well, the good news is that a jigsaw puzzle mat solves that problem!

A jigsaw puzzle mat is a rubberized mat that you use underneath a puzzle you are putting together. Then, when you need to move the puzzle (or your RV), you simply roll it up, place it in the convenient carry bag, and open it later in a new location. 

You can move it from inside your RV to the picnic table with little effort. Enjoy the outdoors during the day, then bring it to work at night!

1. Newverest Jigsaw Puzzle Mat Roll Up Mat

Best Camping Puzzles Newverest Jigsaw Puzzle Mat Roll Up Mat

The puzzle mat that I recommend is by a company called Newverest. It can accommodate puzzle that is up to 1,500 pieces. 

The black mat features a smooth polyester top and a rubberized bottom. Believe me when I say that it will not be shifting unless you roll it up and move it!

It also comes complete with foam rolling tubes that help keep the puzzle in place while rolled and en route. And the drawstring carrying bag allows you to hang it out of the way when on the go. 

When I find excellent traveling “must-haves,” I love to pass them on. This is definitely a “must-have” for any traveling puzzle enthusiast!

The Best Camping Puzzles

The following are some of the best camping puzzles I could find! They feature many camping and nature-inspired images that any outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy!

(Are you looking for more activities to do while camping? I also have a great list of board games, crafts, journals, books, movies, and more at the end of this article!)

2. Bits and Pieces Cool Campers 500 -Piece Puzzle

Best Camping Puzzles Bits and Pieces Cool Campers 500 -Piece Puzzle

The Cool Campers puzzle features a vintage trailer and lake scape in the background, with a campsite and picnic table, bears, butterflies, and sunflowers in the foreground. 

The puzzle is vibrant and colorful. It is also made from recycled cardboard, which most outdoor enthusiasts appreciate. 

The completed puzzle measures 18” x 24”.

3. Ravenburger Rig View 1,000-Piece Puzzle

Best Camping Puzzles Ravenburger Rig View 1,000-Piece Puzzle

Ravenburger is a well-known brand in the puzzle world. They're known for beautiful images and quality puzzle pieces.

This Rig View puzzle shows the interior of a camper van and the outside view of a lake and campsite. It is an interesting perspective, and many puzzle enthusiasts will like the challenge of creating this exciting image. 

The puzzle measures 20” x 27” when complete. 

Mike and Jennifer's Official Summer T-Shirts for you to explore

9 Best Camping Puzzles to Enjoy While RVing 1

4. Buffalo Games Canoe Lake 1,000-Piece Puzzle

Best Camping Puzzles Buffalo Games Canoe Lake 1,000-Piece Puzzle

This puzzle features a gorgeous picture of a lake at sunset. In the background is a cozy cabin, and the foreground shows what looks like a crackling fire and a canoe tied to a tree. 

I have a hard time believing that anyone that likes the outdoors would not enjoy this puzzle. 

The finished puzzle size is 26.75 “ x 19.75”.

5. Campsite Trouble 300-Piece Puzzle

Best Camping Puzzles Campsite Trouble 300-Piece Puzzle

This puzzle is trouble! The picture shows camping crashers raiding a campsite! A bear, raccoon, and deer have all raided a beautiful forested camp. 

The puzzle is an entertaining picture since it is equal parts whimsical and pretty. 

This company also does an excellent job with its puzzles because they make them with a matte finish to reduce glare. (Which is a significant plus for us old folks!) That means it will be easier to see what you are putting together.

The puzzle also consists of random cut pieces to ensure that each piece has a tight, interlocking match. 

Finally, it is made from recycled cardboard. Not only is this puzzle entertaining, but it is good for the environment. 

6. MasterPieces Paraside Oceanside Camping 550-Piece Puzzle

Best Camping Puzzles MasterPieces Paraside Oceanside Camping 550-Piece Puzzle

Calling all beach lovers! This is the puzzle for you!

It features a vintage airstream trailer parked alongside the ocean. The foreground shows a campsite all set up for fun. The background has a lighthouse and sailboat. 

The entire picture is light and brightly colored. 

Enjoy the recycled puzzle piece’s tight, interlocking design. 

7. Springbok Camping World 1,000-Piece Puzzle

Best Camping Puzzles Springbok Camping World 1,000-Piece Puzzle

This giant puzzle is full of fun and adventure. The picture shows an extensive campground with campers, trailers, and motorhomes alongside a river. 

The puzzle reminds me of a “Where’s Waldo” book as there are hundreds of people, places and things to see. 

The nice thing is that the large pieces are thicker than other puzzle pieces, making them easy to handle. When complete, the puzzle measures 30” x 24”. 

8. National Parks 1,000-Piece Puzzle

Best Camping Puzzles National Parks 1,000-Piece Puzzle

Do you love National Parks? If so, you will love this pizzle. It features a retro photo montage of several different parks, including Yellowstone, Yosemite, the Grand Canyon and Zion. 

I think this one is really one of the best camping puzzles I've seen.

The completed size is 20″ x 28″ and it comes in a compact tube instead of a box.

9. Treasures of the Great Outdoors 1,000-Piece Puzzle

Best Camping Puzzles Treasures of the Great Outdoors 1,000-Piece Puzzle

The final puzzle I found features a cozy cabin tucked into some trees alongside a rushing river. It also has snow-capped mountains in the background. 

Anyone that loves camping will love the peaceful riverscape. 

The fun thing is that eight hidden images can be found once you complete them. Kids and adults alike will enjoy the challenge of finding the hidden images! You can find a dog, turtle, deer, three butterflies, a woodpecker, an elk silhouette, nine eagles and hawks and seven ducks.

The puzzle is made from 100% recycled cardboard and measures 26.75” x 19.75” when complete. 

Remember when I promised a great list of board games, crafts, journals, books, movies, and more at the beginning of this article? Here is it — check it out!

If you love the best camping puzzles….

Then you'll probably love these other fun activities to do while you're traveling:

  • 13 Best Travel Crafts & Activity Books for Adults
  • 6 Best Travel Journals & Notebooks For Every Journaler
  • 11 Fun Camping Party Games for Adults
  • 5 Best Road Trip Games for Adults
  • 10 Best Books to Read While Camping
  • 13 Best Road Trip Movies for RVers and Camping

New ebook from Mike and Jennifer Wendland – the Natchez Trace

9 Best Camping Puzzles to Enjoy While RVing 2

The Natchez Trace Parkway  will capture your imagination, soothe your jangled travel nerves, open your mind and inspire you with the history that unfolded along its 444 miles.

Each of the 7 Days of the ebook has:

  • Suggested Mileposts to explore
  • Places to Eat in each area of the 7 sections
  • Campground descriptions and links
  • Links to all the special places and information
  • Links to videos that show more in detail
  • and a lot of highlighted information for each section

PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT a printed, hard copy guide.

Whether you want to follow the footsteps of explorers, discover natural beauty, or visit historic sites, the Trace has something to grab your attention and leave you eager to see what’s at the next milepost.

You can see why this is one of our favorite US routes to explore.  We’ve traveled it a half dozen times!

Explore our 7 Day Adventure Guide to Colorado

9 Best Camping Puzzles to Enjoy While RVing 3

When Jennifer and I first went to Colorado, I felt like I finally understood what John Denver meant by his song: I've now been Rocky Mountain High.

And like Denver, exploring all that Colorado has to offer made me want to sing, too.

This is a fully designed and edited guide that you can download and start reading immediately on your phone, tablet, computer or e-reader.

backpacking trip logic puzzle

Published on 2022-07-09

Mike Wendland is a multiple Emmy-award-winning Journalist, Podcaster, YouTuber, and Blogger, who has traveled with his wife, Jennifer, all over North America in an RV, sharing adventures and reviewing RV, Camping, Outdoor, Travel and Tech Gear for the past 12 years. They are leading industry experts in RV living and have written 18 travel books.

2 Responses to “9 Best Camping Puzzles to Enjoy While RVing”

backpacking trip logic puzzle

July 09, 2022at9:02 am , Mark Buhrow said:

I just wanted to point out, that counter to those that have campfires and gather around them with friends, there are also those who would rather just stay in their RV, with the windows open and enjoy the silence and fresh air. When my wife and I purchased our RV in February 2019, my wife was apprehensive about doing the RV style of life. We traveled from Ohio to Connecticut and down the east coast, stopping and enjoying an RV site in Pensacola for 2 months. We then made our way back to Connecticut, when COVID hit. We camped in place at my mother-in-law’s till May when we shot. To Wisconsin in 2 days, then purchased our house. In the time since, I found that my wife missed the RV lifestyle we were doing. I guess, what I’m trying to say, there are people that just fine with staying to themselves while RV’ing.

backpacking trip logic puzzle

July 09, 2022at11:29 am , Team RV Lifestyle said:

Very good point, Mark. Thanks for adding this to the conversation! Team RV Lifestyle

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