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    cheapest balkan country to visit

  3. Best Cheap Places to Travel in the Balkans

    cheapest balkan country to visit

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    cheapest balkan country to visit


    cheapest balkan country to visit

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    cheapest balkan country to visit


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  1. The Cheapest Country in the Balkans: A Comprehensive Guide for Budget

    Kosovo is the cheapest country in the Balkans, but every country in this region is beautiful, affordable, and worth a visit. ... Is it Cheap to Travel in the Balkans? It can be very cheap to travel in the Balkans. The region has steadily gained a reputation as a haven for budget travelers, offering experiences that rival those of Western Europe ...

  2. Ultimate Balkans Travel Guide by Country

    A Balkans travel guide by country, including an overview of Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia, North Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo, and Serbia. Skip to the content. ... Sarande & the Riveria - A beach vacation on the cheap; this area is quickly blowing up, so get your trips in now! Enjoy electric blue water, waterfront accommodation, and ...

  3. 14 Best Budget Tips on How to Travel the Balkans Cheaply

    There are many beautiful and affordable countries in the Balkans, but some are more expensive than others. If you want to travel on a budget, consider countries like Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Greece, and Serbia. These countries are relatively cheap to visit and offer much value for your money.

  4. 3 Perfect Balkans Itinerary Options: 10 Days, 1 Month, and More [+PDF]

    ALBANIAN BACKPACKING BUDGET/PRICES: Albania is the cheapest country to travel in the Balkans. $35 per day total; Hostel: $11/night; Good meal: $5; Transport: $75 to $100 for bussing the entire loop of Tirana to the Riviera to the Alps; WIFI AND CONNECTIVITY: Vodafone SIM for 3G is best, also Eagle Mobile, Telekom

  5. Basking in the Balkans: The Cheapest Destinations in Europe

    Admittedly, I'd never heard of the Balkans (let alone pinpoint a single Balkan country on a map) before I found myself having to travel there to avoid the Schengen Area (Pro tip: if you're a long-term traveler planning to make your way across Europe, you need to know about the Schengen; long story short, I discovered that I was only ...

  6. The Balkans: The Cheapest Region in Europe to Visit

    The Balkan Peninsula in southern Europe contains some of the cheapest places in Europe to visit. With a fascinating range of countries with varied attractions, there is just as much to see and do here as there is in Western Europe. Yet, you can enjoy it for a fraction of the price. Here is a brief overview of this fascinating region to get you ...

  7. Balkans Travel Guide: 12 Balkan Countries Tips & Information

    This Balkan countries list includes a wealth of travel information. It has all you need to know about visiting the countries in the Balkans. ... Much less visited (and the cheapest) than, for instance, the Iberian Peninsula, Italy, the British Isles, and France, the Balkan countries are somewhat of a blank spot on the map for many Western ...

  8. Your ultimate Balkan travel guide

    Some example routes with times and prices: Ljubljana - Lake Bled: from 6am till 9pm at least one bus per hour, 1h20min, 6,30€ one way / 11,30€ return. Ljubjana - Zagreb: 12 connections per day, 2h20minutes, 9€ one way. Zagreb - Plitvicke Lake: 12 connections per day, 2h20 minutes, 10-13€ one way.

  9. The Ultimate Balkans Itinerary

    Which Balkan country is cheapest? Albania is probably the cheapest country to visit in the Balkans, with low costs for accommodation, transport and meals. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Croatia and Slovenia are probably the two most expensive countries in the Balkans. Which is the most beautiful Balkan country? Please don't make me ...

  10. Cheapest European countries to visit: Best places to travel in the Balkans

    Croatia is one of the best places to visit in the Balkans. Photo / Mj; Unsplash. Meg Prendergast suggests visiting the Balkans for a charming but cheap holiday. As a tour manager for Contiki and ...

  11. Balkans Travel Guide: Plan Your Visit to the Balkans

    Balkan Countries. For the purposes of this guide, we will be concentrating on travel in the following Balkan countries: Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia and Slovenia. While parts of Greece, Romania and Turkey can also be considered part of the Balkans, they are not included in this guide.

  12. Balkans Travel: 61 Places to Visit in the Balkans + Transport & More

    In fact, depending on your personal preferences, Albania is one of, if not the cheapest Balkan country to visit overall. The city of Tirana has really undergone an incredible transformation over the last few years and I can see it becoming one of the best cities to visit within the Balkans and south-eastern Europe.

  13. Balkans Travel Guide

    Geographically, 'the Balkans' is the 12 countries that share the Balkan Peninsula, including the six ex-Yugoslavia republics (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and North Macedonia), plus Kosovo, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece and Albania. Much of their history is shared - yet when you look beneath the ...

  14. Top Balkan Countries to Visit in 2019 & What to Know

    For the travel-related purposes of this article, we're focused on the region of the Balkans that people tend to travel within the same trip. These countries included as part of "The Balkans" are: Albania. Bosnia and Herzegovina. Bulgaria. Croatia. Kosovo. The Republic of Macedonia. Montenegro.

  15. Holidays in the Balkans: 12 Incredible Places to Visit in the Balkans

    The fact that the Balkans offers amazing cheap holiday destinations makes it the perfect location for the budget-conscious traveller. Whether you are planning to go to the Balkans most visited country, Croatia, or you want to check out one of the many hidden gems such as Serbia, Slovenia, or Bulgaria.

  16. Balkans Itinerary For 2-8 Weeks (No Car Needed)

    Here are a few options for different time frames and destinations. Holiday hotspot itinerary for 2 weeks. Croatia - 1 week following my Croatia itinerary. Montenegro - 1 week following my Montenegro itinerary. Off-the-beaten-path Balkans itinerary for 1 month. Serbia - 3 days. Kosovo - 5 days. North Macedonia - 5 days. Albania - 10 ...

  17. The Ultimate 2-Week Balkans Itinerary: 3 Perfect Routes

    Days 12-13: Prizren, Kosovo. After spending some time exploring beautiful Albania, it's time to venture even more off the established tourist trail and head to Kosovo. Prizren is the second-largest city in Kosovo and also one of the most beautiful, which makes it a perfect addition to this Balkans travel itinerary.

  18. 10 Best Cheap Balkans Tours & Trips 2024/2025

    Balkan Discovery (4 Star Hotels) 4.8 (76 reviews) All of the places we visited were amazing, but by and large the success of this tour was due to our incredible guide Voisin Munchan. To keep everyone together with patience and kindness, to enlighten us with history and humor, to always have a positive outlook, all of these abilities and so much ...

  19. 18 Cheapest Countries To Visit in Europe All Year Round

    4. Bulgaria. Sofia, the capital city, is very affordable, with an average two-person vacation costing $916. Sunny Beach is a must-visit for those after a good party, offering water sports ...

  20. The Ultimate Balkans Itinerary for First-Time Visitors

    5. Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Once dubbed "the Jerusalem of the Balkans," the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina is a fascinating cultural and historical place to visit. Beginning in the Ottoman Old Town, take in the Sebilj, an iconic wooden fountain, and Baščaršija, the surrounding bazaar.

  21. The Best of the Balkans: 20 Places not to miss!

    Mostar is quickly becoming one of the most sought after destinations in Europe and indeed, one of the best of the Balkans! See this post for more of Bosnia's must-visit travel destinations. Ljubljana, Slovenia. The capital of Slovenia is perhaps the single most underrated city in all of Europe.

  22. Which Country in the Balkans is the Best?

    It probably comes down to what you consider best. If you want the best beaches, head to Croatia. If you want history, choose Serbia. If you want cheap, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina are marginally cheaper, but only by a few pennies. The Balkans (except for Croatia) are the cheapest countries in Europe, along with Ukraine, Moldova and ...

  23. This Is The Cheapest Region Of The Mediterranean For Tourists

    Albania Is The Cheapest Country Out Of Them All. This is the cheapest Balkan country by a mile, and somewhere you go to escape the crowds in Croatia and Montenegro and live it up in a resort by ...

  24. The best Balkan countries to visit this summer

    How to do it: The country's growing relevance to travellers is apparent in the launch of a new Bosnia & Herzegovina Expedition from adventure-tour experts Intrepid Travel (0808 274 5111 ...

  25. The Cheapest Countries to Travel To and Visit

    The best part is it's extremely affordable. You can cap your budget at $40 per day and still enjoy the country to the max. 14. Colombia. From its beautiful cities like Medellin and Bogota to the ...

  26. The Cheapest Cities To Live in the Balkans

    The Balkan Peninsula in south eastern Europe contains some of the cheapest places to live in or visit on the continent. However, the Balkan region is a mystery in itself to many people due to its perpetual ethnic, geopolitical and linguistic disputes. Hence, before moving there, you should get to know all the countries there and their locations ...

  27. 5 Cheapest European Countries to Visit in 2024

    5 Cheapest European Countries to Visit in 2024. 1. Serbia. Cheapest Return Ticket: $1220. Average expense during stay: $555. Total cost: $1775.

  28. The Best, Underrated Places to Visit With Kids, From a Travel Blogger

    I've visited 93 countries, 57 of them with kids. These 5 underrated spots are great places to enjoy with your family. Karen Edwards, her husband and children at the Al Ain Oasis. Courtesy of Karen ...

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  30. Cherry Blossoms to Cheap Yen Spur Record Tourist Visits to Japan

    1:23. Japan hosted a record number of tourists in March as the country's early start to cherry blossom season and a weakening yen drew in holidaymakers. Visitors totaled 3.1 million in March, up ...