Bacolod Food Guide: 8 Must-Try Local Delicacies in Bacolod City

Where and what to eat in bacolod.

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Bacolod Delicacies: Bacolod Food Trip Guide

Table of Contents

B acolod City is the capital of the province of Negros Occidental, located in Western Visayas. This highly urbanized city is dubbed the City of Smiles and is known as the Sugar Capital of the Philippines, which will give visitors an idea of what Bacolod City’s local cuisine has to offer.

Food definitely plays a huge role in the thriving culture and economy of Bacolod City . For visitors, what better way to get to know the city than to try their local cuisine? Food has always been tied closely to a place’s history and culture, and Bacolod is no exception. A food trip to Bacolod is one of the must-try activities in the city. With plenty of must-try local delicacies within easy reach, it’s an effortless activity and a delight to partake in.

So to make things even easier, we’ve created this Bacolod Food Guide of the city’s top local delicacies visitors must try. We’ve also included recommended local restaurants or food establishments that offer the best of these Bacolod delicacies.

1. Piaya (Piyaya)

Ube and muscovado piaya by Obsidian Soul via Wikipedia CC

Piaya or Piyaya is a local Bacolodnon pastry, the number one product in Pasalubong Centers. Piaya is a toasted flatbread made of dough filled with muscovado or unrefined sugar and glucose syrup, then sprinkled with sesame seeds.

That’s the classic piaya. Many different flavors can be incorporated into Bacolod’s native flatbread. The popular ones are the ube and mango. But no matter what flavor, piaya will always be sweet to the taste.

Where to buy Piaya?

Boilon Food Specialties at San Sebastian St. is always highly recommended for its thinner version of the piaya with just the right amount of filling.

2. Chicken Inasal

Chicken Inasal by Eren A via Flickr CC

We can’t have an article about Bacolod delicacies without including chicken inasal. They say visitors never enter Bacolod city if they haven’t tried the local chicken inasal.

There’s something extra special about the Bacolodnons’ version of this dish. Bacolod’s chicken inasal uses a special marinade to marinate and baste their chicken as it’s cooked over an open flame.

Where to try Chicken Inasal?

Aida’s stall in Manokan Country often tops the food establishments offering the best Chicken Inasal in Bacolod. Visitors can eat at Aida’s across SM City Bacolod along Magsaysay Avenue.

3. Guapple Pie

Guapple Pie photo via El Ideal Bakery

Guapple Pie is one of those desserts in Bacolod that personified its nickname as the Sugar Capital of the Philippines. Guapple Pie is, you guessed it, a pie that’s made with guava and apple.

The pie’s name is simply a combination of these 2 fruits, with the delicious result being the crumbly pie with guava and apple filling with just the right amount of sweetness.

Where to try Guapple Pie?

El Ideal Bakery is highly recommended for serving the best guapple pie in the region. Although the bakery is located in Rizal St., Silay City, visitors can’t miss it as they travel between Bacolod City and the airport.

4. Half-moon Cakes

Half-moon Cakes photo via Pendy's Facebook Page

Visitors will be delighted to try Bacolod City’s half-moon cakes as dessert after a filling meal, but these delicious light pastries can also stand on their own as a snack. Half-moon cakes in Bacolod is a favorite among locals and visitors.

Known for its half-moon shape, it is sponge cake topped with creamy egg custard. Every bite brings sweet delight to the palate.

Where to try this Bacolod delicacy?

Many food establishments are famous for their Half-moon Cakes, but Pendy’s Snack Bar and Restaurant, located on Lacson Street corner 25th Street, consistently tops the list of the city’s best half-moon cakes.

5. Barquillos and Biscocho

Barquillos photo via The Negros Trade Fair

Barquillos and Biscocho are among the top pasalubong treats in Bacolod City, along with Piaya. Both treats can be eaten as a dessert and snack on the road. Barquillos is Spanish in origin, which Filipinos quickly adapted into its cuisine.

It’s best described as a tasty rolled wafer that melts in your mouth. Biscocho, on the underhand, is entirely Filipino in its origin. It’s a twice-baked crunchy bread, usually coated with butter and sugar.

Where to buy Barquillos and Biscocho?

Sugarlandia, found at Lizares Yulo Street, offers the best Barquillos and Biscocho in the city.

6. Napoleones

Napoleones photo via Merzci Facebook Page

Bacolod City’s pastry called the napoleones will be a visiting sweet tooth’s greatest discovery. This sweet pastry is sold by the box and comprises thin layers of dough with a sweet spread of custard sandwiched between each dough layer.

The napoleones are coated with a sugar glaze as the cherry on top. Visitors can find chocolate-flavored versions of this sweet delicacy.

Where to buy Napoleones?

Roli’s Cafe in Roli’s Arcade, La Salle Avenue, is highly recommended for its exquisite napoleones.

7. Calea’s Cakes

Calea Cakes photo by @chaolonglover via Flickr CC

One of Bacolod’s specialty products that cemented its position as the Sugar Capital of the Philippines is the province’s top-notch cakes.

In particular, Calea’s Cakes have a reputation for churning out the best cakes in the city, so giving the bakery its place on the list is better. The bakery offers various world-class cake flavors, but its classic chocolate cake is a crowd favorite.

Calea’s Cakes can be found in two spots in Bacolod, one is in Balay Quince, located at Lacson Street corner 15th Street, and the other is in Robinson’s Place Bacolod, located at Lacson Street.

8. KBL (Kadios, Baboy, and Langka)

Kadios, Baboy and Langka

If you want to try what the locals are eating in Bacolod, KBL, short for kadios, baboy, and langka, is a dish that shouldn’t be missed.

It’s usually served as a sour broth made of pigeon peas, pork, and green jackfruit. Bacolod’s KBL also uses the native Batuan fruit that gives a distinct sour taste to the dish.

Where to try this Bacolod dish?

The best place to try KBL in Bacolod has always been Sandok Comfort Food. Visitors can find Sandok Comfort Food in Capitol Shopping Center on Narra Avenue and O Residences at Lacson Street.

Bacolod City Travel and Tour Packages

To help you plan out your Bacolod journey, we listed places to visit and other amazing activities in Bacolod City. We also listed some of the best travel deals, tour packages, and excellent flight deals and accommodation.

Searching for the best hotels, resorts, and affordable flights in the nearby Cities? Check out our list of affordable Bacolod hotels and resorts via Agoda , and Booking , or you may also see available Airbnb properties in the city.

Want more updates about new package tours and tourist spots in Bacolod City, Philippines? Follow #TeamOutofTown,  on  Facebook , Twitter ,  Instagram , and Pinterest  for more travel ideas.

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bacolod food trip

14 Bacolod Local Food and Delicacies You Must Try

Bacolod City, fondly nicknamed the “City of Smiles,” is a vibrant metropolis in the Western Visayas region of the Philippines. Beyond its warm hospitality, Bacolod boasts a rich culinary heritage. From savory dishes bursting with flavor to decadent pastries that melt in your mouth, Bacolod food scene offers something to tantalize every taste bud. So, get ready for a delicious adventure as we explore 14 of Bacolod’s must-try delicacies!

Here are the 14 Bacolod Local Foods and Delicacies You Must Try

1. chicken inasal at manokan country .

Chicken Inasal at Manokan Country - Bacolod food

No trip to Bacolod is complete without experiencing the iconic Chicken Inasal. This dish features succulent chicken marinated in a special blend of spices, then grilled over charcoal to achieve a smoky, savory flavor. Manokan Country , a beloved institution in Bacolod, offers a mouthwatering rendition of Inasal. Their chicken is perfectly cooked, juicy on the inside, and crisp on the outside, generously coated with their signature sweet and savory chicken oil. Each bite is an explosion of smoky, savory, and slightly sweet notes, making it a truly unforgettable experience.

2. Puffyani by Quino’s 

Puffyani by Quino's 

Indulge in the melt-in-your-mouth Puffyani by Quino’s for a delightful afternoon treat. This local favorite is a flaky puff pastry with creamy custard filling. The golden brown pastry shatters with a gentle touch, revealing a smooth, rich custard that explodes with flavor in every bite. Quino’s offers a variety of Puffyani flavors, from classic vanilla to adventurous options like ube (purple yam) and durian.

3. Piaya of Bongbong’s 

Piaya of Bongbong's - Bacolod Food

Piaya is a thin wheat flour flatbread with a sweet filling, a staple pasalubong (souvenir) from Bacolod. Bongbong’s Piaya is legendary for its perfectly caramelized exterior and melt-in-your-mouth muscovado filling. The muscovado, a type of unrefined sugar, lends a deep, complex sweetness that pairs beautifully with the slightly crisp flatbread. You can choose from their classic muscovado filling or explore other flavors like langka (jackfruit) or mango.

4. Fresh Lumpia from El Ideal Bakery

Fresh Lumpia from El Ideal Bakery

A short drive from Bacolod lies Silay City, another culinary gem of Negros Occidental. Here, you’ll find the famous El Ideal Bakery, known for its delectable Fresh Lumpia. Unlike the fried spring rolls you might be familiar with, this version features a thin, crepe-like wrapper filled with a savory mixture of julienned vegetables, meat, and shrimp. Each bite bursts with fresh, crisp vegetables and a flavorful meat filling, making it a refreshing and satisfying snack.

5. Napoleones of Leones Napoleones

Bacolod Food - Napoleones of Leones Napoleones

Are you looking for a showstopping dessert? Look no further than the Napoleones of Leones Napoleones. This towering confection features layers of flaky puff pastry sandwiched with a rich, creamy custard and frosted with a delicate buttercream. The contrasting textures and decadent flavors make this Napoleon a true masterpiece. Each bite offers a delightful symphony of textures, from the crisp pastry to the smooth custard, leaving you wanting more.

6. Cansi from Sharyn’s Cansi House

Cansi from Sharyn's Cansi House

For a comforting and hearty meal, head to Sharyn’s Cansi House and savor their signature Cansi. This Negrense specialty is a beef bone marrow soup flavored with lemongrass, ginger, and local spices. The long-simmering process results in a rich and flavorful broth packed with collagen from the bone marrow. The tender beef slices and crisp vegetables add textural contrast to the silky broth, making it a soul-warming experience.

7. Mila’s Potato Cake 

Mila's Potato Cake 

A unique Bacolod treat is Mila’s Potato Cake. This unexpected gem is not a cake or a potato dish. It’s a deep-fried turnover filled with a savory mashed potato filling studded with bits of ground meat and vegetables. The crispy exterior gives way to a soft, flavorful potato mixture, creating a delightful textural and taste contrast.

8. Cassava Cake by El Ideal 

Cassava Cake by El Ideal 

El Ideal Bakery in Silay City offers more than just their famous Fresh Lumpia. Their Cassava Cake is a delightful local favorite. This sweet treat features layers of grated cassava, a starchy root vegetable infused with coconut milk and sugar. The result is a dense, chewy cake with a subtle sweetness and a hint of coconut flavor. It’s a perfect afternoon snack enjoyed with a cup of coffee or tea.

9. Calea Cakes 

<yoastmark class=

Calea Cakes are a delightful fusion of Filipino and Spanish influences. This delicacy features a flaky puff pastry base filled with a creamy custard flavored with queso de bola, a sharp cheddar cheese. The savory and creamy filling perfectly complements the pastry’s sweetness, creating a unique and irresistible flavor profile.

10. Lemon Thins by Felicia’s Pastry And Cake

Lemon Thins by Felicia’s Pastry And Cake

Grab some Lemon Thins from Felicia’s Pastry And Cake for a refreshing and tangy treat. These bite-sized cookies are made with a light and crumbly dough infused with real lemon zest. The sweetness of the cookie is perfectly balanced by the tartness of the lemon, offering a delightful burst of flavor in every bite.

11. Croissants in Cafe Bob’s 

Croissants in Cafe Bob’s

Cafe Bob’s is a Bacolod institution that boasts delicious Filipino dishes and offers fantastic pastries. Their croissants are a must-try for any bread lover. These buttery, flaky pastries are perfect for breakfast or an afternoon snack. Enjoy them plain or pair them with your favorite jam, butter, or even a savory spread for a delightful treat.

12. Barquillos of Bongbong’s 

Barquillos of Bongbong's 

Bongbong isn’t just known for its delectable Piaya. They also offer some of the best Barquillos in Bacolod. These wafer-thin cookies are made from a simple flour, sugar, and egg dough. They are then rolled thin and cooked until golden brown. The result is a light, crispy cookie with a hint of sweetness, perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth without feeling overly heavy.

13. Pinasugbo of Bongbong’s 

Bacolod Food - <yoastmark class=

Pinasugbo, also from Bongbong’s, is a unique and refreshing snack made from grated young jackfruit. The jackfruit is marinated in vinegar, sugar, and spices, resulting in a tangy and slightly sweet treat. The crunchy texture of the jackfruit adds a delightful element to the overall experience. It’s a perfect summer snack or a light side dish to balance out a heavier meal.

14. Puto Manapla 

<yoastmark class=

Puto Manapla is a delectable Filipino delicacy from Manapla, a municipality in Bacolod, Philippines. This traditional treat is a rice cake made from glutinous rice flour, coconut milk, sugar, and lye water, giving it a distinctive soft and slightly chewy texture. What sets Puto Manapla apart is its unique preparation method, which involves steaming the batter in banana leaves, imparting a subtle fragrance, and enhancing its natural sweetness. Often enjoyed as a snack or dessert, Puto Manapla delights taste buds with its delicate sweetness and comforting texture. Whether served plain or with a generous topping of grated coconut, this beloved Bacolod delicacy is a must-try for anyone seeking an authentic taste of Filipino cuisine.

Final Thoughts

Bacolod’s food scene is a vibrant tapestry of flavors, textures, and influences. It offers something to tantalize every taste bud, from the smoky savor of Chicken Inasal to the decadent sweetness of Napoleones. Whether you’re a seasoned foodie or simply looking for a delicious adventure, Bacolod promises an unforgettable culinary experience. So, pack your appetite and prepare to embark on a delicious journey through Bacolod’s bounty!

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Chibog Tayo PH

Chibog Tayo PH

must try restaurants in bacolod

Where to Eat in Bacolod: 5 Must Visit Restaurants For Sure You Haven’t Visited Yet!

Bacolod is often called the City of Smiles, and it’s not hard to see why when you take a bite of their delicious cuisine.

bacolod food trip

One of the must-visit destinations for any Bacolod food trip is Manokan Country.

You can try their famous chicken dishes like the famous Bacolod Inasal and Chicken Bacolod. 

But that’s not all Bacolod has to offer. There are also piping hot bowls of batchoy and fluffy puto bunuelos and sweet treats like piaya and sans rival. 

And while you indulge in Bacolod’s mouthwatering offerings, don’t forget to take in the city’s beautiful scenery and warm hospitality. 

Here are some of the restaurants you can try when you visit Bacolod.

Maria Kucina Familia 

If you’re ever in Bacolod looking for a unique dining experience, we recommend checking out Maria Kucina Familia. 

Maria Kucina Familia

Located in one of Bacolod’s old houses, it offers an authentic and cozy atmosphere while maintaining a safe and respectful environment. 

The prices are fair, the food is delicious, and they source their ingredients from local farmers’ markets. Plus, they have a variety of options for dessert and even pasalubong items available for purchase. 

They are open daily for breakfast at 6 AM. Their Regular ala carte menu is available daily for lunch and dinner service from 10 AM to 2 PM and 5 PM to 9 PM.

Food to Try: Blue Cheese Salad, Fileto ala Maria, Paellitos Negros, Chorizo Recado, Chili Cripsy Pata

Maria Kucina Familia best sellers

Vegetarian options include salads and greens; they can always remove the meat in their pasta dishes when requested.

Maria Kucina Familia is a pet-friendly restaurant. Fur-rents can bring their fur babies here.

Although they do encourage those with pets to dine in our alfresco area. 

They have ample parking inside Maria as well as outside. Plus, they have security guards to help aid customers with their parking and ensure their safety. 

If it’s your first time trying Maria out, we recommend having an early lunch at around 10:30-11 so that it wouldn’t be jam-packed with other diners.

Chorizo Recado Maria Kucina Familia

They accept walk-in customers, so reservations are not needed. Still, if you want to secure a table, they are only one call or message away. 

They can reserve your table at least 1 day in advance. For same-day reservations, they will accept guests on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Maria Kucina Familia has a  Smart Casual Dress Code.

Slippers for men and women; and open-toed sandals for men are not allowed. Sleeveless clothing for men is also not allowed. 

Here is there sample menu:

Maria Kucina Familia Menu

Maria Kucina Familia

Store Hours: Open Daily

6:00AM – 2:00PM and 5:00PM – 9:00PM

Address : Maria Kucina Familia, 24th Street, Bacolod, Negros Occidental, Philippines

Contact Number: +63 936 944 5416 | +63 919 814 0071

Website :

Facebook :

Instagram :

Google Maps :

Nezu Modern Japanese

Are you a fan of Japanese food and looking for a new spot to add to your Bacolod food trip itinerary? 

Look no further than Nezu Modern Japanese. 

Nezu Modern Japanese Bacolod

Their minimalist and modern interior set the perfect atmosphere for enjoying authentic, comfort food with a modern twist. 

They have two locations in Bacolod – one in La Salle and one in Lacson – so no matter where you are in the city, you can easily reach them on your food trip.

And don’t forget to ask about their limited-edition dishes! 

From their delectable sushi rolls to their savory ramen, Nezu Modern Japanese is sure to satisfy your cravings for Japanese cuisine. 

Food to Try: Aburi Spicy Crab Nigiri, Grilled Salmon Uramaki, Tantanmen, Spicy Miso Ramen, Karaage Chicken with Sticky Soy

Nezu Modern Japanese Bestsellers

Their only vegan option on the menu is Seaweed Inari Sushi.

In the Nezu Lacson Branch, Pets aren’t allowed, but in Nezu Lasalle Branch, pets are allowed for the outdoor dining area only.

Nezu Lacson branch – Spacious. Got parking on both sides of the building, plus a 2nd-floor parking area

Nezu Lasalle branch – limited parking area.

The best time is coming early, around 11 AM for lunch, while for dinner, it’s around 5 PM to 6 PM. This is to avoid lunch or dinner rush hour.

If you ever plan to visit Nezu Modern Japanese, be early on weekends to get good seats and check out their monthly specials!

Nezu Modern Japanese Menu

Store Hours :

Monday to Thursday – 11:00AM – 2:00PM and 4:30PM – 8:00PM

Friday to Sunday – 11:00AM – 2:00PM and 4:30PM – 8:30PM

Address : 19-20th Lacson Street 6100 Bacolod CIty

Contact Number: (034) 445 7392

Facebook :

Instagram :

Google Maps :

Italia Restaurant Bacolod

Bacolod is known for its delicious food scene. Italia Restaurant Bacolod is one place you don’t want to miss on your food trip. 

Not only does the restaurant serve excellent Italian cuisine, but they also have a commitment to serving fresh foods for the best value. 

Italia Restaurant Bacolod

And if that wasn’t enough, Italia Restaurant Bacolod also showcases art and culture, with beautiful paintings by Filipino artists adorning the walls. 

The restaurant even hosts art exhibits from time to time. 

With an elegant and well-lit atmosphere, dining at Italia Restaurant Bacolod truly adds an extra layer of enjoyment to your Bacolod food adventure. 

Food to try : Baked Oysters, Beef Carpaccio, Farfalle Funghi Truffles, Linguine ai Calamari, Ribeye steak and Pizza Suprema

Italia Restaurant Bacolod Pasta and Salad

They do have vegan and vegetarian options.

As for pet owners, they do allow pets in the restaurant but only during off-peak hours (2:00 PM to 5:00 PM)

I suggest you call in advance for big groups to ensure you have a table. Italia restaurant is often full. 

Here is a sample of their menu:

Italia Restaurant Bacolod Bestseller Menu

11:00AM to 10:00PM

Address : G/F Paseo Verde Building, Lacson St, Bacolod, 6100 Negros Occidental

Contact Number : 034-703-2978 | +63 916 281 7521

Facebook :

Instagram :

Google Maps:

Esquinita Bar & Cafe

Are you looking for the perfect spot to have Bacolod’s comfort food while enjoying crafted cocktails and live music? 

Look no further than Esquinita Bar and Café! Opened in February 2022, this narrow and unique bar offers the best of Bacolod’s music scene alongside delicious food choices, from merienda to bar time.

 Esquinita Bar & Cafe Bacolod

They only invite the best local musicians to guarantee a fantastic night of entertainment. 

Don’t miss their buy 1, take 1 cocktail hour from Tuesday to Sunday, 3–6 PM. 

Food to try: Pizza Esquinita, Cansi Steak, Buttered Chicken with homemade gravy, EsquiNachos, and Seafood Marinara Pasta

Drinks to try: Amaretto Sour, Beer Below Zero Beers, Salted Caramel Coffee Iced or Frappe, and Cocktails of the Month.

Esquinita Bar & Cafe Bacolod best sellers

Customers can bring their pets as long as they are responsible for their Furbabies!

Curbside parking is allowed in the area, and they have dedicated staff to assist with parking and safekeeping cars. They are the only establishment open on their operating hours at Narra Ave., so they virtually get the whole street as a parking space.

The bar is usually packed every Friday to Saturday. So if you want to experience Esquinita to the fullest –crowd, ambiance, food, drinks, music –you got to be here Friday and Saturday.

If you want a more chill vibe, you can come on Weekdays to enjoy the same vibes but with less crowd.

They also have a small exclusive room at the rear of the restaurant called “The Back Room,” where you can enjoy exclusive and private parties for a maximum of 20 persons. 

The Back Room is equipped with an up-to-date KTV machine, 55 inch LED TV for presentations, and JBL speakers and microphones.

 Esquinita Bar & Cafe Bacolod Menu

Esquinita Bar and Cafe

Store Hours: Tuesday to Sunday

3:00PM to 1:00AM

Address : Narra Avenue, Bacolod City

Contact Number : +63 938 889 8880

Facebook :

Instagram :

Google Maps :

Aboy’s Rest aurant

Among Bacolod’s many delicious dining options, Aboy’s Restaurant stands out as a must-try for any foodie. 

Aboy’s has been serving delectable Filipino dishes since 1992. 

Aboy's Restaurant Bacolod

They follow a farm-to-table approach, sourcing ingredients from their own natural farm and garden. Their seafood dishes are especially noteworthy, with each piece perfectly cooked and bursting with flavor. 

The restaurant’s warm and inviting atmosphere adds to the overall dining experience. 

They have even been recognized as one of Asia’s top 500 restaurants by The Miele Guide.

Food to Try: Grilled Blue Marlin, Pangat (Laing), Squid Fats, Sautéed Mushroom, Grilled Pork Belly

 Aboy's Restaurant Best sellers

They offer special mixed vegetables for pure vegan clients. They also serve Lumpiang Gulay, Sautéed Mushroom, Eggplant salad, and Ensaladang Puso ng Saging.

You can dine in their alfresco area if you plan to bring your pets.

Here is their sample menu:

Aboy's Restaurant Menu

Store Hours: Monday to Saturday

10:00AM to 9:00PM

Address : Goldenfield Commercial Complex, Liroville Subd., Bacolod City, Negros Occidental

Contact Number : 034 435 0760 | 435 2340 | +63 925 831 5923

Facebook :

Google Maps:

Whether you want some street food or dining at a fancy restaurant, Bacolod is the perfect destination for any foodie looking for their next culinary adventure.

So come on, let’s start planning your Bacolod food trip now!

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Wow ang dami pla tlga kainan dito ma masasarap na pagkaen . Sure na tlgang babalik balikan 😍

I haven’t been there before but gusto ko matry mga foods nila sure na masasarap and sulit talaga 😋🥰

See a lot of varieties of flavours and textures,each differ from each other but the thing here ,all looks good food , really nice and exciting to try them ,when in Bacolod

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BACOLOD FOOD TRIP: Eat Like a Local in Bacolod! @TourismPHL

By Abigail Javellana

Bacolod City

Bacolod is a foodie haven and food is central to the MassKarra Festival experience. Check out our list of favorite local finds…

Bacolod Series in Our Awesome Planet :

•  BACOLOD FOOD TRIP : Eat Like a Local in Bacolod! •   MASSKARA : Our Awesome Guide to Bacolod’s MassKara Festival! •  SILAY FOOD GUIDE : What to Eat in Silay & KAON TA! Food Festival? •  LAKAWON : Negros’ Secret Paradise Retreat & TawHai Floating Bar! •  10 Awesome Places to Visit Around Bacolod! • White Hotel vs. Hometown: The Old and New Backpacker Hotels in Bacolod City! •   BACOLOD PASALUBONG : What to Bring Back Home from Bacolod?


Bacolod is home to the famous chicken inasal . The charcoal grilled chicken can be found all over the city from Manokan Country, Chicken house, Chicken Deli, Masskara Chicken and many more.

Bacolod City

Manokan Country is a strip of Karinderia styled restaurants situated across the parking lot of SM Bacolod. The establishments practically all serve the same stuff- grilled chicken parts and nothing but.

Order: Paa (thigh part) P75, pechopack (breast) P80, Tina-e (chicken intestines) P25, isol (chicken bottom) P65 and bul-o (chicken skin) P25.

Aida’s is considered the best by the locals and is usually packed on the weekends. We love the “carinderia-ambiance” that makes our experience more authentic. We heard the more famous and better-tasting dishes in Bacolod are actually found in simple restos such as Aida’s.

Bacolod City

Inasal Chicken is first marinated with Sinamak (Negros vinegar), ginger, onions, garlic and spices and based with anato oil while grilled over an open flame. Inasal can be found throughout the Western Visayas Regions of the Philippine Archipelago.

Bacolod City

Jah showed us how Bacolodnons prepare their dipping sauce with squeezing two calamansi limes, pour sinamak/langgaw, and then add a few drops of patis(Hiligaynon term for soy sauce) for flavor and color.

Bacolod City

We love Aida’s chicken, we feel that it has a more savory taste, maybe because it was marinated up to the bone. There is no shame in eating with your bare hands and…

Bacolod City

Don’t forget to pour chicken oil all over your rice.

Bacolod City

Talaba  (P50/order) .

We also ordered local oysters called, “ talaba ” found in the beaches of Roxas Iloilo. The savory milky creamy treat is best paired with local vinegar sinamak/langgaw.

Besides the vinegar, our friend Jah told us to drink soft drinks as well to minimize the chance of upset stomachs. You can also order oysters at seafood pala-pala restaurants in the city. 🙂

Bacolod City

AIDA’S CHICKEN – Manokan Country Fr. M. Ferrero St., Nenas Rose II, Bacolod City 6100 Phone:  +63 34 433 8727 Operating Hours: Sun-Sat 7:30am–3am

Bacolod City

Another go to inasal house we tried is Nena’s Beth  found along the strip.

We heard that the restaurants along Manokan Country use the same marinade for the chicken. If you’re not after the ambiance and the crowd, I suggest trying other inasal grills also.

NENAS BETH- Manokan Country Fr. M. Ferrero St.,, Nenas Beth, Bacolod, 6100 Phone: +63 34 433-8830 Operating Hours: Sun-Sat 6:00am–3:00am

Bacolod City

Paa (thigh) ( P75) *rice not included

One of the chicken restuarnt that has made inasal popular is the Chicken House . We noticed their inasal has a very aromatic smell and it’s skin perfectly roasted to crisp.

Order: Paa (thigh part) P75, pecho (breast) P78, Spareribs P95, isol (chicken bottom) P30.

Bacolod City

Spareribs ( P95) . Besides ordering their Inasal we never fail to order their Spareribs.

Tips: We prefer to pair it with garlic rice only. No need for chicken oil.

Bacolod City

CHICKEN HOUSE Araneta Ave, Bacolod, Negros Occidental Phone: +63 34 433-4623, +63 34 434-8201

24th Lacson Street, Bacolod, Negros Occidental Phone: +63 34 434-9405

Bacolod City

One of the newly opened resto’s is Masskara Chicken . It’s interiors a bit classy compared to usual inasal joints. Our teammate Boom preferred Masskara Chicken’s inasal because it was much juicier and tender.

Order: Paa (thigh part) P75, pecho (breast) P75, Bul-0 (chicken skin) P25, isaw/tina-e (chicken intestines) P25.

Bacolod City

Bul-0 (chicken skin) (P25) .  I liked the unhealthy crunchy and chewy Bul-o (Chicken skin) 🙂

Bacolod City

Isaw/tina-e  (chicken intestines) (P25) .

We love the Bacoleño version of isaw (chicken intestines) called tina-e brushed with achuete oil, we find it a much cleaner way of eating chicken intestines as they are cleaned inside out. Be sure to dip it in vinegar.

Bacolod City

Masskara Chicken B.s. North Drive 6100 Bacolod City, Philippines Phone: +63 34 435- 1749

Overall, all the inasal joints we tasted were at par. Me and Sean loved Aida’s, Boom loved Masskara chicken and Jah likes Chicken house, it all comes down to personal preference. 🙂


Pala-Pala is similar in concept to the “Dampa” of Manila or the famed “Sutukil” of Cebu. Customers get to choose from a wide variety of freshly caught seafood and have it prepared and cooked in the style of your liking—be it grilled ,fried, baked or served on a Sizzling hotplate.

Popular seafood restaurants include Aboy’s, Diotays, 18th Street, Ting-Ting’s, Enting’s, Ading’s Pala-Pala, Hyksos and Imay’s.

Bacolod City

Aboy’s is one of my favorite places when it comes to local seafood. The establishment started as a small eatery serving basic grilled meats and seafood back at 1992, now it seats to more than 250 people offering a wide variety of favorite local seafood fares.

Order: Blue Marlin (P 484 – 1 kilo), Scallops, Pangat (local version of Laing P120), Squid fats (P185), Kinilaw (P160), Locos (grillef squid P70/piece)

Bacolod City

Blue Marlin  (P484) – 1 kilo. My favorite go to place for Blue Marlin is at Aboy’s. Perfectly grilled fish with a buttery taste that slightly melts in your mouth.

Bacolod City

Kinilaw  (P160) . Kinilaw is raw fish marinated in vinegar. They used Tanguigue (Spanish Mackarel) mixed with vinegar, onions, garlic, ginger, calamansi juice, salt and pepper. It is commonly eaten as a appetizer or pulutan.

Bacolod City

Squid Fats  (P185) . Using squid or cuttlefish it’s fats are squeezed out and then sauteed in adobo style. The flavors were intense and very flavorful. Though we had mix reviews with the dish. (Some loving it while others didn’t.)

Bacolod City

ABOY’S Liroville Subd., Singcang, Bacolod City Phone:  +63 34 435 0760 Email: [email protected]

Bacolod City

18th streets Pala-Pala restaurant’s inspiration comes from the pala-pala market on the 10th street downtown Bacolod City. Recommended dishes are the Grilled Blue Marlin (P640.00/kilo), Tangigue Kinilaw (P700.00/kilo), Black Pepper Shrimp or Garlic Butter Shrimp (P950/kilo) and Scallop (P170).

Bacolod City

Pepper Shrimp P321 (P950/kilo) . Fresh shrimp sauteed in pepper. We like the sauce and the strong burnt peppery and sweet flavors.

Bacolod City

Scallops P170 . Yummy juicy Scallops topped with butter and garlic.

Bacolod City

18TH STREET PALA-PALA Cor. 18th – Aguinaldo St., Bacolod City Phone: +63 34 433-9153, +63 34 709-1267

MassKara Festtival

Diotay’s Eatery , is a humble carinderia feel resto serving pala-pala style seafood dishes (sugba, tula, etc.) and turo-turo.We loved the fast service and reasonable prices.

Order: Diwal (P320- twelve pieces are about 1/2 kilo), Garlic Butter Shrimp (P280 1/2 kilo- 2 dishes), Adobong Squid (P260 1/2 kilo- 2 dishes) and Sinigang Lapu-Lapu (P280 1 kilo- 2 bowls)

For more info, visit the Facebook page:  DiotaysEatery

Bacolod City

Diwal (P320- twelve pieces are about 1/2 kilo) . Translating from Hiligaynon as “sticking out tongue” Diwal are known as “Angel Wings” in English as they resemble a pair of wings when opened.

Diwal are endemic to the coastal waters of Negros and Capiz and are highly regulated by local governments. They are rare to find in local markets making them a delicacy in the region.

They have a similar taste to mussels and a texture of a fresh oyster giving it a distinct flavor. They are usually baked, steamed or grilled and topped with fresh garlic. They are usually found in local seafood restaurants and can come pricey due to being rare.

MassKara Festtival

Garlic Butter Shrimp (P280 1/2 kilo- 2 dishes) . We noticed all the tables ordering the garlic butter shrimp, and so did we. 🙂

We liked it. The dish was a little sweet because locals would usually cook their shrimps with either Royal or Sprite.

MassKara Festtival

DIOTAY’S 12th st., Gatuslao, 6100 Bacolod City, Philippines Mobile: +639 4881-40037 Facebook:

Bacolod City

Cansi  (P270) is a dish that is found in Negros. It has similarities with Bulalo (Filipino Bone Marrow Soup) and Sinigang (Filipino Sour Soup). True Cansi is made with beef the shank that is boiled tender in a bone broth which is soured by the Batwan Fruit, a fruit that is indigenous to the Negros. ( Sharyn’s Cansi House P270)

Bacolod City

Typically it is eaten with rice dipped in soy sauce (called patis in Bacolod), kalamansi and chili. But we prefer to pair it with rice only. It’s a kind of comfort food for the locals and we recommend it to anyone visiting the region.

Bacolod City

SHARYN’S CANSI HOUSE C-58 Narra Avenue, Capitol Shopping Center, Bacolod City Phone: (034) 433 1374 Mobile: +639 405 3969 Facebook: sharynsbacolod

Bacolod City

You can also try Ero’s Cansi just a store away from Sharyn’s.

ERON’S CANSI HOUSE #66 Narra Ave. Capitol Shopping Center, 6100 Bacolod City Website : Email: [email protected] Phone: +63 34 435 2213 Facebook: EronsCansiHouse Operating Hours: Mon-Sun: 8:00 am-10:00 pm


Bacolod City

KBL   (Kadios, Baboy, Langka) ( P128) . If you’re going to ask the locals where you can get the best KBL (Kadios, Baboy, Langka) in town. they will point you to Sandoks . Sandok is a casual restaurant serving home cooked caldo and comfort food.

KBL is a favorite local dish composed of pigeon peas, pork, and green jackfruit. The pork is boiled until tender and the broth has a distinct sour taste from the fruit batwan and kadios which is used in the base. The batwan is a native fruit only found in the Negros Region and is used in many local dishes.

Bacolod City

SANDOK COMFORT FOOD Main: Narra Avenue Operating Hours: Mon-Sat 7:30am-8:30am Facebook: sandok.bacolod Phone: +63 34 703-2513

Branch: O Residences, 6100 Bacolod City, Philippines Operating Hours: Mon-Sat 7:30am-8:30am https: sandok.bacolod Phone: +63  34 703-2513

Bacolod City

Batchoy originated in La Paz, Iloilo a neighboring city from Bacolod. The Filipino favorite dish was made not only by what was available but was was left in the market (pork intestines, pork skin, liver).

The broth is simmered for hours that gave the soup such rich aroma and taste. Then topped with thin wheat noodles and crush pork crackling. It’s a cholesterol and uric acid nightmare but a delightful treat now and then.

Bacolod City

Special Batchoy  (P90) . One of the best places to get Batchoy in town is at 21 Bar and Restaurant . We loved the batchoy, it was very savory with a slight sweet aftertaste.

We heard their batchoy’s broth is most thick and savory during 2pm in the afternoon. 🙂

Bacolod City

21 RESTAURANT 21st Lacson Street, 6100 Bacolod City, Philippines Operating Hours: Daily 7am – 7pm Phone: +63 34 433 4096 Mobile: +639 08891-3588, +639 32257-5175 Facebook: 21-Restaurant E-mail : [email protected] Website:


Bacolod City

We loved dining at Mushu Asian Restauran t, it was a great experience to sample some original and unique dishes they offered. Master Chef JP Anglo remained true to its Asian tapestry with creating recognizable dishes and giving them a slight twist.

Order: Sizzling Cansi (P195), Chicken Inasal Sisig (P175), Salt and Pepper Squid (P175), Crispy Dilis (P95), Pritchon (P195).

Bacolod City

Pritchon  (P195) . We liked the Pritchon (Fried Lechon) pancake with hoisin sauce, which we find is the Filipino version of the traditional Chinese Peking duck pancake.

Bacolod City

Chicken Inasal Sisig   (P175) . Inasal Sisig is inspired by the Bacolod Chicken Inasal. Instead of a regular inasal they turned it into sisig.

We loved it, regardless it being healthier than regular pork sisig, it was still very flavorful and one of our favorite dishes we tried in Bacolod.

Bacolod City

Sizzling Cansi  (P195) . The Sizzling Cansi, is the famous cansi soup. They took it out of the cauldron and placed it in a sizzling plate with the addition of batuan gravy.

MUSHU ASIAN RESTAURANT & LOUNGE Azotea Building, Mandalagan, 6100 Bacolod City, Philippines Operating Hours: 5pm -1am Phone:  +634 703-1022 Facebook: mushu.bacolod.3


Bacolod City

Bob’s is one of Bacolod’s favorite family restaurants. For many Bacolodnons Bob’s is a place you’d visit to taste a piece of home. It was started by Dr. Homero Sicangco in 1965 in Bacolod. It is an institution similar to Aristocrat here in Manila.

They are popular for their American menu: Sate babe Pork BBQ, Baby Back Ribs, and Burgers.

Order: Sate babe Pork BBQ (P121), Baby Back Ribs(P272), Fruit Punch (P102), Lumpia Frito (P74), Fish Fillet in Black Butter Sauce (P264), Sizzling Bangus (price according to size) and their Mongolian eat-all-you can buffet (P320/head).

Bacolod City

Sate babe Pork BBQ  (P121) . The Sate babe is their most popular dish that gave rise to Bob’s claim to fame. Tender pork barbecue grilled with peanut butter sauce (Sate Sauce). I liked how it had a the sour twist in the end and a more peanutty taste.

Bacolod City

Baby Back Ribs  (P272) . One of our teammates loved the ribs so bad that others didn’t get the chance to try it. 🙂

Their tender pork ribs are marinated in homemade barbecue sauce then grilled with perfection. We liked how you can taste the BBQ sauce on every strand of meat that easily falls off the bone.

Bacolod City

Fruit Punch  (P102) . Also, order one of Bob’s famous drink. The fruit punch contains chunks of mango, watermelon, coconut flesh, but what makes it special are the Ubod bits.

Bacolod City

BOB’S RESTAURANT B.S. Aquino, North drive, 6100 Bacolod City, Philippines Facebook : BOBS-RESTAURANT Phone: +63 34 434-2409

La Salle /+63 34 709-7646 Gaisano City /+63 34 708-0807 Robinson’s Place Lacson SM City


Being the Sugar Capital of the Philippines , it’s no surprise that Bacolodnons love dessert. It is home to many pastry shops offering a wide variety of ridiculously affordable and generous mouthwatering cakes! A must try experience when visiting Bacolod.

Bacolod City

In my opinion, Calea has the best cakes in the city. The cakes were amazing, but the service and management were not at par.

Price range from P600-P800 and P85- P100/ slice.

Bacolod City

White chocolate cheesecake  (P90/slice, P835/ 1 whole) .

My favorite and also one of the best sellers is the white chocolate cheesecake with raspberry sauce on the side. It’s creamy goodness, with the sweetness balanced by the tangy raspberry sauce.

Bacolod City

Choco Mud Pie  (P100/slice) . Ice cream lovers would be delighted with the Choco Mud Pie. Chocolate ice cream cake with thick chocolate syrup sprinkled with oreo like crushed cookie crumb, and walnut silvers. It’s choco heaven goodness with just the right amount of sweetness.

Bacolod City

CALEA G/F Balay Quince, 15 Lacson St., Bacolod City, Negros Occidental Operating Hours: Mon – Thur 8AM to 10PM, Fri- Sun 9AM to 11PM Phone: +63 34 433-3143

G/F The District North Point, National Highway, Talisay, Negros Occidental Operating Hours: Mon–Sun 9:00 AM–9:00 PM

1st Level, Robinsons Place Bacolod, Lacson St, Bacolod, 6100 Negros Occidental Phone: +63 34 441 0505

Bacolod City

NSA Felicia’s Choco Cake  (P85/slice) . Locals would point me to Felicia’s for the best chocolate cakes in town.

The yummy cake was moist with just the right amount of sweetness. 🙂

Bacolod City

NSA Butter Sansrival  (P80/slice) . Also, order their other best seller the Sans Rival . I liked that it wasn’t too buttery and sweet for my taste.

Bacolod City

FELICIA’S PASTRY CAFE 6th lacson street, DOLL building, 6100 Bacolod City, Philippines Operating Hours: Sun-Thu: 9:00 am-11:00 pm, Fri-Sat: 9:00 am-11:45 pm Phone: +63 34 709-1123 Mobile: +639 27140-7892, +639 2898- 6253 Facebook: E-mail: [email protected]

Bacolod City

Frozen Brazo de Mercedez  (P90) . What also won over our sweet tooth is Ann Co’s frozen Brazo de Mercedez. 🙂

It is a frozen cake with layers composed of egg white, yummy yema filling, with sugary graham crackers on top.

Bacolod City

Ann Co Cakes Lacson Avenue corner 12th Street, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, 6100 Phone: +63 34 441 7196 Facebook: anncocakes

Tip: Conveniently these cake shops are located just a few shops away from each other in the Lacson Strip. 😉

HOW TO MAKE PIAYA VLOG! (Piaya Workshop at Bong Bong’s Factory)

Bong Bong's Piyaya

Piaya is Bacolod’s #1 pasalubong treat!

Join @Abi.golucky as she goes on a factory tour at Bong Bong’s -one of the oldest piaya bakers in Bacolod!

Being the Sugar Capital of the Philippines, trying out the local sweet delicacies are a must! This is one activity the kids would love to experience when visiting Bacolod, since affordable and mouthwatering sugary desserts is what the city is known for!

(Watch Video)

You can book the piaya workshop via Bong Bong’s Official Facebook, or call and message their office (034) 704 1275 | 09228606767.

Rate: 60php/head only. Min of 15 pax max of 50pax (The Factory is closed on Sundays)

*Please book in advance for availability

BONG BONG’S Bongbong Villan Building Corner Pauline Street Alijis Road, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental Landline: (034) 704 1275 Mobile:  +639228606767 Website:

Bacolod City

And what is a visit to the Sugar Capital of the Philippines without a cup of fresh Sugar Cane juice . (P20-P70 depending on size)

MassKara Festival 2015

Overall, we loved Bacolod City’s MassKara Festival! From Bacolod Food trips, heritage tours, colorful parades, vibrant costumes to endless street parties that last until the morning. Our experience wouldn’t be as fun without the smiling faces of the people of Bacolod.

BACOLOD CITY Facebook: Bacolod-City-Public-Information-Office Phone: +63 34 434-6751, +63 34 432-1997 Website: E-mail: [email protected]

Live an Awesome Life,

Abi with Boom and Sean Team Our Awesome Planet

Disclosure: Our #BoomingBacolod experience was courtesy of the Bacolod City Toursim office. Read Our Awesome Planet Complete Disclosure Policy here.

P.S. We do believe in the saying after your visit in  Bacolod, you’re sure to gain 5 pounds and a smile!

MassKara Festival

Thank you Bacolod City Mayor’s Office and the Bacolod Tourism Office for a wonderful #BoomingBacolod exerience. Especially to Mayor Monico Puentevella and  Mr. Rocky Puentevella for showing us what Bacolod City has to offer. Cheers to a successful Masskara Festival!

One thought on “ BACOLOD FOOD TRIP: Eat Like a Local in Bacolod! @TourismPHL ”

Of all the videos and blogs I searched about Bacolod Food, this is the ONLY page I saw that’s almost complete. I will surely share this to my foreign and local friends. Hope you update some of the photos and add other popular local eating place such as Lord Byron’s and Time Out and add sizzling squid in Masskara chicken. Supah thanks.

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Bacolod Food Tour - Secret Food Tours


Bacolod, Philippines is a foodie paradise and a destination worth visiting for anyone who loves to explore new flavors and indulge in mouth-watering cuisine. The city is famous for its distinct and flavorful dishes that are heavily influenced by its rich history and culture.

One of the reasons why Bacolod is a great foodie city is its famous chicken inasal. This dish is made with marinated chicken that is grilled over hot coals and served with rice, pickled papaya, and a spicy vinegar dip. The chicken is juicy and flavorful, and the dish is a staple in the city's culinary scene.

In addition to chicken inasal, Bacolod is also known for its seafood dishes, such as kinilaw, a ceviche-like dish made with fresh raw fish or shrimp, vinegar, and spices. There's also the famous batchoy, a noodle soup made with pork broth, pork belly, and noodles topped with chicharron, scallions, and egg.

A food tour in Bacolod is a must-do for any food lover. Bacolod food tours will take you to some of the best and most popular food spots in the city, where you can sample the local cuisine and learn about the history and culture behind each dish. You can also explore the local markets and see the fresh ingredients used in Bacolod's dishes.

In conclusion, Bacolod, Philippines, is a great foodie city that offers a unique and flavorful culinary experience. A Bacolod food tour is an excellent way to immerse yourself in the local cuisine and discover the delicious dishes that make this city a food lover's dream destination.

Bacolod - City View

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bacolod food trip

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Bacolod City, Philippines - Feb 2017: Capitol Park and Lagoon.

8 Delicacies to Try in Bacolod City – Local Foodie Guide

Bacolod City is known as the City of Smiles and is the site of one of the Philippines’ most famous festivals, the Masskara Festival. The Masskara Festival is a joyous celebration similar to Mardi Gras and features a kaleidoscope of celebration, music, and vibrantly colored masks. For foodies, Bacolod City is also known as the Land of Sweets. Do I have your attention now?

Bacolod City is located in the province of Negros Occidental, Visayas. Besides its famous Masskara Festival, Bacolod City is also known for its sugar cane industry. Based on that, you can surmise where the city’s specialty lies when it comes to delicacies. 

So, join me in this sugary journey into the best delicacies you should try in Bacolod City. The City of Smiles is a certified food haven that offers a wide variety of dishes to satisfy your palate. 

The Top 8 Delicacies You Should Try in Bacolod City

In this list are all the dishes that are synonymous with Bacolod City. Expect sweetness galore and some truly mouthwatering cuisines that will fill your tummy and leave you with a nice content smile on your face. 

Chicken Inasal

A delicious delicacy of Bacolod City

Before unveiling Bacolod City’s mouthwatering sweets, let us go through all the main course-worthy dishes. The first and most famous of all is, without a doubt, the Chicken Inasal. The Chicken Inasal is one of Bacolod City’s signature cuisine and is a must-try if ever you are in the City of Smiles. 

Chicken Inasal is made by marinating chicken in a mixture of calamansi, coconut vinegar, pepper, and annatto (a condiment made from Achiote tree seeds). The marinated chicken will then be grilled and basted until cooked. 

You get a grilled chicken that is bursting with flavor and packs a satisfying zest. To fully immerse yourself with Chicken Inasal’s full potential, don’t forget to use the calamansi, soy sauce, vinegar, and chili mixture as its dip. I recommend going to  Manokan Restaurant  for the best Chicken Inasal in the city. 

Chicken Inasal is extremely popular, and there is a fast-food chain in the Philippines called Mang Inasal that serves this classic Bacolod dish everywhere in the country. 

Another popular must-try dish in Bacolod City is the Kansi. The Kansi combines two popular Filipino dishes, bulalo (beef soup) and sinigang (native sour soup). Kansi is not as sour as traditional singang. Instead, it features a mild sourness that balances out the thick broth. This beef dish also incorporates bone marrow with a rich and slightly sweet taste. 

The Kansi is sought-after in the region during the rainy days and is a classic and beloved dish in Negros Occidental province. However, if you want to go with this savory, sour beef soup, I recommend  Sharyn’s Cansi House  in Bacolod City for what is generally considered the best-tasting version.

K.B.L. is another classic Negros Occidental dish that incorporates kadyos or pigeon peas, baboy or pork, and langka or jackfruit as its three main ingredients. This blend of different flavors is a favorite in Bacolod City and is another unique must-try dish if ever you are in the region. Natives from the province will often seek out K.B.L. as it is a taste synonymous with their hometown. 

If you want to try this beloved comfort food of Bacolod City, seek out  Sandok Comfort Food Restaurant , which offers one of the best K.B.L. in town. 

Piaya Delicacy

Now, let’s go over the best and most sought-after sweet delicacies of Bacolod City, shall we? But, first, allow us to begin with one of their most popular  pasalubong  or souvenirs, the Piaya. Piaya is a flatbread with muscovado sugar as its filling. Muscovado is unrefined sugar with a more earthy flavor than granulated sugar. 

Piaya is one of Bacolod’s most famous souvenirs, and arriving at the Silay-Bacolod Airport will highlight this fact as the place is filled with stalls that sell piaya, among other Bacolod favorites, to visitors. Moreover, you can tell who came from Bacolod City as they usually have a handful of boxes of different delicacies from the city’s famous  BongBong’s Pasalubong Center  or  Merczi’s .

Piaya also comes in different versions, such as ube, mango, and thinner variations akin to wafers. 

Chocolate-filled barquillos from the Philippines

Barquillos is another popular delicacy from Bacolod and is a thin, crunchy wafer roll that is often partnered with ice cream. Like Piaya, Barquillos in Bacolod come in a wide range of flavors such as strawberry, ube, mango, pandan, and chocolate. 

You can find Barquillos in stores around the city and airport. Specifically, you can drop by BongBong’s, Merczi’s, and  Sugarlandia  if you want to purchase in bulk, as stores in the airport sell these at a higher price. 

Guapple Pie

Guapple Pie is, you guessed it, a pie made from two different fruits – specifically, guava and apple. Surprisingly, guava and apple complement each other’s flavors incredibly well. The crunchy, flaky, and buttery taste of the pie crust is accentuated by the balanced sweetness of the guava and apple filling. 

Despite what you may think, a Guapple Pie is not as sweet as you think. Instead, it hits that sweet spot, no pun intended, that prevents it from being too overwhelming for your taste buds in terms of sweetness. 

I suggest buying Guapple Pie from the inventors of this unique pastry, the  El Ideal Bakery . 

Half-Moon Cakes

Half-Moon Cakes are sponge cakes filled with delectably sweet egg custard. Each bite of this fluffy pastry is simply heaven with an explosion of creamy sweetness designed to delight your taste buds. Half-Moon Cakes are a specialty of  Pendy’s Restaurant  and can be served as dessert or snack (perfect with a cup of tea). 

Similar to our next entry into this list, these Half-Moon Cakes are highly addictive, and you will most likely be craving more afterward. 

Finally, we get to the grand finale. A personal favorite and a must-have whenever I visit Bacolod City, Napoleones is a pastry dessert made from thin slices of flaky dough infused with custard filling and topped with a coating of glazed sugar. Simply typing about it is making me crave for one right now. 

Besides the Piaya, Napoleone’s is another must-buy souvenir in the City of Smiles. It is also a perfect companion with a hot cup of coffee. The delectable sweetness complements the coffee’s bitter flavor. If ever you are looking for the most satisfying delicacy to satiate your sweet tooth, look no further than a slice of Napoleones.

Suppose ever you are interested in visiting the beautiful City of Smiles. In that case, you might want to check out this  Private Tour package  that pretty much covers all the famous destination spots and caps it off with a visit to one of the city’s most renowned souvenir stores. 

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travel itineraries, tips and guides from our own adventures


A Food Crawl Guide in Bacolod City

restaurants in bacolod city to buy chickken inasal from

Bacolod City is such a gastronomic haven! What better way to explore any place than through the food it serves to the guests, right? You will need this food crawl guide to truly delight the palate.

Best restaurants to eat at when in Bacolod City

bacolod food trip

Aboy’s Restaurant

A food trip in Bacolod City will never be complete without going to Aboy’s Restaurant. This is the place to be if you want delicious yet affordable seafood. People go here for their menu’s praiseworthy taste and generous servings. There is a selection of pre-cooked meals if you are in a hurry, but you have a choice of seafood to grill. The place has a homey, inviting, and brightly-lit vibe — definitely not your typical inside-the-mall dining place. Aboy’s Restaurant is ideal for casual dining with family and friends. The native resto is inside Liroville Subdivision.

bacolod food trip

Nena’s Beth Chicken Inasal

Chicken inasal hails from Bacolod City , so you must make sure you sample authentic grilled-to-perfection inasal here. Nena’s Beth Chicken Inasal, which opened in 1952, is among the many eateries offering this local delicacy. But theirs is one of the tastiest. The eatery is known for its array of grilled food items from isaw (intestine) to isol (chicken tail). Nena’s Beth Chicken Inasal is inside Manokan Country, the biggest inasal house in the complex. 

bacolod food trip

Manokan Country

Manokan Country is an al fresco complex of local and international food stalls serving local delicacies. Of course, chicken inasal is the primary offering, but you must also try the oyster ( talaba ) dishes. The locals eat steamed oysters as an appetizer before digging into a chicken leg quarter. There is plenty of inasal and seafood to choose from.

bacolod food trip

Diotay’s Eatery

Diotay’s Eatery is a seafood restaurant serving the freshest and tastiest seafood at affordable rates. Why you might ask. It is because it is a paluto and paihaw dining area. It is a favorite among the Bacolodnons, and they would recommend going here without batting an eyelash. Inside the carinderia is a festive mood; the place is lively and bright.

bacolod food trip

Pala-Pala Seafood Market

An open-air seafood place, Pala Pala Seafood Market is peppered with various restaurants that cater to customers paluto -style. This is the concept of pala-pala , choosing from fresh seafood in front of you. Pala-pala actually refers to the open-air structure. There is an array of fresh seafood — you will get confused about which ones to try first. Good thing you may choose your ingredients and have them cook for you. The dining places cook the seafood in any way you want — grilled, fried, stewed, or boiled. Mixing seafood with veggies and soup is a common choice, too. Whichever you choose, sample Bacolod blue marlin . So yes, this is perfect whether you are on solo travel or with a big group of friends. Try their scallops! 

bacolod food trip

IMAY’S Bar and Restaurant

IMAY’S, another restaurant along Lacson Street, is a Filipino restaurant serving Bacolodnon delicacies . It is known for its taste, serving, and affordability. However, the fourth element that makes this dining place genuinely stand out is the friendly staff. Moreover, you may tell them your order ahead of time yet still serve your food hot once you get there. Try their crispy tadiang , baked oyster, and porbidang kangkong (spicy water spinach in coconut milk). Inside the resto are food carts of dirty ice cream and cotton candy. IMAY’S is one of the best restaurants at Restaurant Row on Lacson Street.

bacolod food trip

Enting’s Special of Sagay

Enting’s restaurant on Lacson Street is where you want to try lechong baka (roasted beef) and kalderetang kambing (goat stew). Nonetheless, the site is also famous for its cansi (beef soup) and kinilaw (much like ceviche), perfect pairings for the lechon. Other than these, Enting’s features a seafood buffet, so you can sample other seafood such as shrimp, scallops, and squid.

bacolod food trip

Palawud Resto Grill

Palawud is a bar and grill, but its outdoor setting is truly family-friendly; it has a playground that can keep the kids occupied. It is quite the dining experience because the place is expansive, festive, and overlooks the sea. Palawud mainly serves grilled dishes and soups; one of their must-tries is the fish steak. Some people go there for the food and its ever-hypnotizing fire dance show at night. This is one of the few restaurants in Bacolod City that marries dining and entertainment. Palawud is near Banago’s port area. Palawud is a Hiligaynon term that means going toward the sea, which also explains why you need to walk through a long grassy patch to the resto.

In Bacolod, the food, mainly chicken inasal and seafood, are not the only ones to try. But also the dining experience unique to the city, such as pala-pala , paluto , and paihaw . There is also a street filled with dining places, although mostly casual, carinderia-type eateries. Then again, some restaurants are located near the shore, and this is where to taste the freshest seafood in the area.

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By: Author Ruben Arribas

Posted on June 20, 2023

Categories Food , Philippines

We will tell you our best 20 restaurants in Bacolod City and where to eat in Bacolod City in our delicious food travel guide. Click here if you want to get your discount booking activities in Bacolod with Klook !

Looking into the most treasured cities and islands, you may come across a place called Bacolod City. From all these Bacolod delicacies. Well, it may also be the  savory home-cooked meals  (not to mention the most delicious  chicken inasal  that originated in Bacolod). 

Read here  Bacolod itinerary ,  how to get to Bacolod  and  where to stay in Bacolod !

Table of Contents


I wouldn’t recommend you to buy a sim card at Manila airport. If you wish comfort you can buy eSim online and if you aren’t in a hurry just go around phone shops in the city and compare prices to buy the cheapest sim card in Manila. Read here Philippines sim card for tourist and best Philippines eSim

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You can get accommodation starting from 800-1000 PHP (less than $20 USD ) for a room in a guesthouse. Can you imagen if you are two of you traveling in the Philippines, it will be $10 USD each.



You can read  Heymondo Vs Safetwing cheapest travel Insurance . You can get for  $135 USD  your  Heymondo   Travel Insurance  with Heymondo discount code  valid for 90 days. Read our full  Heymondo Travel Insurance Review

You can get  Safetywing Travel Insurance  for Digital Nomads valid for 28 days  Safetywing for $50 USD per month with kids until 10 years old included


Bacolod City is a 45-minute plane ride away from the capital city of the Philippines, Manila. Once you get to  Bacolod-Silay Airport ,  you will then take a 20-minute shuttle or taxi ride that will take you to the heart of Bacolod. Most of the tourists traveling to Bacolod come from Iloilo City and  Manila, but there are also plenty of foreign visitors in the city throughout the year.

Read here how to get from  Dumaguete to Bacolod

If you’re traveling to Bacolod from Iloilo, you can take a fast craft ferry with regular schedules to and from both islands. The fees vary but the cheapest one you can get as a tourist is worth around  4.30 USD  only. Taxis and shuttle buses/cars will not cost you more than $6 USD .

Read here how to get from  Cebu to Bacolod !

One of the many great things about traveling to Bacolod is how everything is really  cheap and affordable!  From the food and fares, this city’s affordability will keep your budget intact and will allow you to enjoy different things to do in Bacolod!

Sometimes is hard to connect your laptop to the VPN and you have to be patient. If you go for a week you will find VPN with free trials . We used Atlas VPN , ExpressVPN , NordVPN , Surfshark and Proton VPN . When connecting the VPN to your device will make it slower than usual.

Read here Atlas VPN vs Surfshark VPN ,  Atlas VPN full review ,  Atlas VPN vs Proton VPN ,  Nord VPN vs Surfshark VPN ,  PIA VPN vs Surfshark VPN ,  Proton VPN vs Surfshark VPN ,  ExpressVPN vs Surfshark VPN ,  IPVanish vs Surfshark VPN ,  Atlas VPN vs ExpressVPN  and  Atlas VPN vs Nord VPN


Bacolod can be found in  Negros Island , on the Philippines’ Visayan region. It has been dubbed as  “The City of Smiles ” because of the warmth and friendliness of its people. Throughout the year, visitors from all over the country and foreigners from other parts of the globe flock to Bacolod to experience its people’s congeniality and the warmth of its tropical climate.

It’s residents bask in the sun’s glory from  December to May , which is the country’s dry season and is the best time to visit Bacolod tourist spots. The remaining months vary from light rains to thunderstorms, so it’s always best to plan your trip along those dry months.

For those looking for a street party, the  Masskara Festival  is held during the  fourth Sunday of October  each year. This is the city’s most important festival and is another great time to visit other Bacolod tourist spots.

Click here to know more about the weather in Bacolod City!


Those visiting Bacolod City are in for a treat. Many of the food and hotels in the city are inexpensive but more than satisfying.

A full meal in the city can go for as low as  80 PHP per person  while a bottle of  beer  can be bought for around  50-65 PHP .  Restaurant food  can be bought for around  500-800 PHP  for two people.

Pretty cheap Bacolod delicacies, right? And if you only have  20 PHP  in your pocket and you’re feeling pretty hungry,  you can even buy plenty of street food  with your cash.

Those who are looking for budget hotels in Bacolod and can find one on a promo for around  500-900 PHP . Three-star establishments go for around  1,000-2,000 PHP . That’s only $19-38 USD ! For those who want a more luxurious stay, you can check in at very nice hotels at around $50-120 USD . You can also try AirBnB in Bacolod City.

You can also book your accommodations through  Agoda  or  Booking .

Click here if you want to get your discount booking activities in Bacolod with Klook !


1. manokan country, inasal chicken.

Inasal  is Bacolod’s pride and joy, making it the #1 must-try food in the city. This unique version of charcoal-grilled chicken originated in Bacolod and is cooked with a marinade of  calamansi , coconut vinegar, pepper and  annato .

All these herbs and spices give  inasal  its unique flavor that people from all over the world fall in love with. Since Bacolod is  inasal ‘s hometown, there’s no better place to try it than here.

Head on out to  Manokan Country , Bacolod’s street market that specializes in this delightful chicken dish. There are a few places where you can try chicken always full of people! For sure it’s the best place to go for dinner in the list of restaurants in Bacolod. Prices of orders are  around 100 PHP chicken and rice !

If you’ve ever heard of  bulalo , it would be easy enough for you to imagine what  cansi  is, the Ilonggo version of said Filipino dish. For those who think those two words sound made up,  bulalo  and  cansi  are basically dishes cooked with the same main ingredient:  beef shank .

However, the shank isn’t necessarily the highlight of  cansi . The star is actually the bone marrow, which can be eaten by using the wrong end of your spoon/fork to scoop the marrow from the bone. Even shaking the bone downwards to let the marrow fall out might do the trick! Prices for order is around  350 PHP  and it’s a complete soup full of meat that can be shared for a few of you.

There are oysters available in Manokan Country apart from the popular Inasal Chicken. The price is  60 PHP  for a dish and the big is quite big. It was so delicious for a cheap price!


Another oldie but goldie in Negros is  El Ideal Bakery.  It is the oldest bakeshop and restaurant in the entire province and is located in the  Cesar Lacson Locsin Ancestral House , which is another heritage site. Here, you can enjoy all kinds of meals served with bread or rice.

Pastries and delicacies abound for tourists to enjoy; there are  piaya , angel cookies and all sorts of pies. You will definitely want to eat your heart out in this local favorite.


It only started as a  merienda  house in 1984. Now, 21 Restaurant is already an institution in Bacolod City. The restaurant serves seafood and Bacolod delicacies and authentic Ilonggo dishes. It is open daily from  11:00am to 11:00pm.


Imbiss is located at Lacson Street in Bacolod, and is known for its  gourmet sausages . You can also order delicious pastas, salads, different meat dishes and steaks. You’ll definitely love the German cuisine and beer they serve here! Prices are  a little bit pricey  though but worth it if you’ll dine with loved ones and friends.


Located in  B.S North Drive , this is one of the locals’ favorites for  Chicken Inasal  and other Filipino seafood dishes. They also serve ribs, pork barbecue and many more. Prices for chicken inasal meals range from  PHP70 to PHP 150.  One of the best places in the list of restaurants in Bacolod to try chicken inasal.


Well if you love  Spanish food , Cantino Modo is for you! You can find it in  Robinson’s Place in Lacson , Bacolod. Dishes to try here include  steaks, chorizo, ribs,   lengua, estofado, salmon belly in teriyaki sauce  and many more!

They have a wide variety of both Spanish and Asian dishes so you’ll love it even more. Their  prices are also reasonable , so you would definitely love dining with friends and family here.


You can also find affordable yet delicious Italian, Asian, American food such as pizza, burgers and Korean dishes in Bacolod City. Pizzaro Pizza Goldenfields is located at  Goldenfield West Side . Many locals go here because of their pizza which is big in portion and comes in  different flavors .


Another famous food stop in  Lacson Street  is Buffalo’s Wings N’ Things. As their name says, they offer a wide variety of chicken wings with different sauces. They also serve mojitos, beer, burritos, and many more. Prices here start from  PHP 99.


This restaurant that was established in 1940 is very well known for its  Napoleones , a popular Bacolod delicacy that is usually given as  pasalubong  to friends and family back home.

Napoleones is  a sweet layered pastry with custard filling . Aside from that, it’s also a favorite restaurant for local dishes. Roli’s Diner is located in  Villamonte, Bacolod.


10. the original lord byron’s backribs.

Another barbecue spot that is in our list of best restaurants in Bacolod City is  Lord Byron’s Back Ribs.  According to the fans of this restaurant, they have the  best baby back ribs  in town!

Their ribs are not just delicious but also affordable and big in portion. For less than  PHP 200,  two people can share one order of their famous ribs.


Located in  Lacson Street , Balboa Restaurant is something not to miss when looking for best restaurants in Bacolod City. They have a wide variety of dishes to choose from- Asian, American, Italian, and many more! You should try their  ribs, pasta, soups, angus corned beef, and lengua . Prices in Balboa Restaurant are  affordable  so you should definitely stop by here!


This pastry shop is located at  Robinsons Place Bacolod , Lacson Street in Bacolod. They serve  affordable pastries  that are loved by many locals and tourists! Perfect for pasalubong for loved ones and family!


In Hyksos Pala-Pala Restaurant in  Bacolod Bayview Foodcourt in Burgos Street,  you’ll have the chance to munch on those yummy fresh seafood of Bacolod! The process here is easy.

You’ll choose which fresh seafood you want from the  wet market area  and just let them know how you want it to be cooked. Make sure to try  sinigang na isda, kinilaw, and buttered shrimps.


Lacson Street  is really famous for good restaurants and Entings restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Bacolod City to go to! Locals love their  cansi, kinilaw, and lechong baka . Prices are affordable if you go in groups. You can pay for as low as  PHP 100 per person per meal!


Of course, there’s no place like a branch of SM Mall in the Philippines to check out a lot of restaurants! SM City Bacolod is located  along Rizal Street in Reclamation Area.  You’ll get to choose from  almost a thousand of establishments  offering local and international food, clothes, different entertainment services, and many more!

You should definitely visit a local SM Mall to maximize your dining and shopping experience in the Philippines.


If you are heading in  Gatuslao Street  in Bacolod, don’t forget to stop by Negros Museum Cafe. They serve high-quality Filipino, French, Asian, and Mediterranean dishes for any meal of the day.

You should definitely try their  sandwiches, salads, steaks  and many more. One good thing about Negros Museum Cafe is that they source their ingredients from local farms and markets!


Calea is our favorite place for  desserts and coffee . You can find delicious cakes here for  100 PHP  per slice and there are so many variants/flavors to choose from. It’s really a great place for coffee, located in the popular  Lacson Street  where you will find many restaurants around as well.


If you want to have another dessert place to go to, don’t miss Felicia’s in  Lacson Street ! They serve varieties of  cakes, macarons, coffee and even pasta ! Prices are a little bit more expensive but worth it!


If you will be heading to a Bacolod tourist spot near Narra Avenue, then you should go visit a nearby Pastry shop at  Hilado Street !

Sofia Bread and Pastries offer delicious pastries that come in different flavors. They also have coffee, hot chocolate, and other drinks that will match your pastry! Prices for their food start at  PHP 100.


And the last but not the least, one of the best options for vegetarians and vegans is  Rau Ram Cafe.  It’s a must-visit restaurant in Bacolod City because of the food they serve- which mainly compose of  Vietnamese, Asian, Filipino and vegan dishes . Prices for their food start at  PHP 100.


Bibingka is another popular Filipino street food. This  egg-based dessert  is eaten alongside .It’s usually served on a banana leaf. Prices for mini bibingka start at  5 PHP  and it’s filled with  buko  or coconut.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are plenty of other seafood available in Bacolod like  shrimp and  talaba  (oysters) . Of course, different kinds of fish also abound in Bacolod and they are prepared and processed in different ways.

One famous variant of fish found in the region is  danggit , or salted and dried rabbitfish. It’s crunchy and salty, perfect to dip in vinegar, eat with hot rice and fried egg in the morning. Yum!

Do you want to add something to our list of 20 restaurants in Bacolod? Let us know and we’ll add them in the list! Where to eat in Bacolod? Choose your favorite one.

Feel free to use our links for discounts. Using our links you will help us to continue with the maintenance of the website and it will not cost you anything. Thanks for the love guys

Happy travels!

Ruben Arribas

About the Author : Ruben , co-founder of since 2014, is a seasoned traveler from Spain who has explored over 100 countries since 2009. Known for his extensive travel adventures across South America, Europe, the US, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, and Africa, Ruben combines his passion for adventurous yet sustainable living with his love for cycling, highlighted by his remarkable 5-month bicycle journey from Spain to Norway. He currently resides in Spain, where he continues to share his travel experiences alongside his partner, Rachel, and their son, Han.



By continuing to read this article, you agree to double check with the authorities or other concerned entities for the latest updates.

When we think of Negros Occidental, we think about Bacolod, its capital city. That can’t be helped, I guess. Bacolod has successfully made a name for itself as an attractive tourist destination. The Masskara Festival is one of the most well-known and most highly anticipated cultural events in the country. And don’t get us started with Bacolod’s influence to the Filipino culinary landscape. Bacolod and its neighboring cities, Talisay and Silay, have long been on the tourist map.

But the rest of the province also has a lot to offer to those who seek a sweet escape. Negros Occidental’s economy may be largely driven by sugar, but tourism is beginning to keep up too. Farther south of the province are hidden wonders like Danjugan Island, a protected area that you can visit on a day trip or an overnight stay.

Not far away from it is Sipalay City, a laid-back city devoid of skyscrapers and popular fast food chains. Interact with the locals at Poblacion Beach, just a few meters walk from the city center and the wet market. Taste the local food from the food stalls running parallel to the beach as you let the sunset embrace your weary mind and body. From the city center, you can start your beach hopping tour or stay in one of the resorts lining the coast of Sipalay.

bacolod food trip

From food tripping in Bacolod to nature tripping in Cauayan to laid-back beach hopping in Sipalay, you will thank yourself for choosing the province as the place to rejuvenate yourself. To help you with your trip, here are sample itineraries for you. Just choose what fits your budget and preference.

Please note that all these itineraries assume you’re a group of two and will be staying in a double/twin room and split the costs. Public transportation fares (jeepney, bus) are overestimated (rounded off).

Metro Bacolod Itinerary: 3 Days

Duration : 3 days, 2 nights

Hotel : Stay 2 nights in Bacolod. Another option is to stay 1 night in Bacolod and another night in Silay. Ideal budget: P1500 per night (P750 per person)

Day 1: BACOLOD CITY TOUR 09:00 am – ETA Bacolod-Silay Airport 09:30 am – Take cab to city center – P130 (P260/2pax) 10:15 am – Early check-in or drop baggage 11:00 am – Brunch at Sharyn’s Cansi House – P200 12:30 pm – Travel to Mambukal – around P50 01:30 pm – Mambukal Resort – P50 05:30 pm – Travel back to Bacolod – P50 07:00 pm – Dinner at Manokan Country – P200 09:00 pm – Calea – P150 10:30 pm – Back at hotel

Day 2: TALISAY & SILAY 09:00 am – San Sebastian Cathedral/Capitol Lagoon – FREE 11:30 am – Lunch at Aboy’s – P300 01:00 pm – Jeepney to Silay – P50 01:45 pm – Tour Silay City – P120 04:30 pm – Transfer to The Ruins 05:00 pm – Explore The Ruins – P100 07:00 pm – Back to Bacolod 07:30 pm – Dinner at 21 Restaurant – P300

Day 3: DEPARTURE 07:00 am – Hotel check out 07:30 am – Taxi to airport – P130 (P260/2) 08:00 am – ETD Bacolod-Silay Airport – P200 Terminal Fee

This itinerary will set you back P3500-P4000 per person. Note that much of the budget is spent on food as you will be trying the most popular dining places in the city. If you’re on a shoestring budget, you may opt to just have your meal at cheaper eateries for less than P100.

More info: Bacolod Travel Guide

bacolod food trip

Bacolod-Sipalay Itinerary: 5 Days

Duration : 5 days, 4 nights

If you want to get out of the city and see more of the Negros countryside, this itinerary is for you.

Hotel arrangement : Stay 2 nights in Bacolod (Ideal budget: P1500/night) and 3 nights in Sipalay (Ideal budget: P1200/night).

Day 3: TRANSIT TO SIPALAY 05:00 am – Hotel check out 05:30 am – Taxi to South Terminal 06:00 am – Bus to Sipalay – P209 11:00 am – Arrival in Sipalay 11:30 am – Hotel check in 12:00 pm – Lunch – P100 02:00 pm – Rest 06:00 pm – Sunset at Poblacion Beach 06:30 pm – Dinner at Sipalay Food Park – P150 08:00 pm – Back at hotel

Day 4: SIPALAY TOUR 08:00 am – Start Sipalay Beach-hopping – P750 (1500/2pax) 09:00 am – Sugar Beach – Boat: P250 11:00 am – Early lunch – P200 12:30 pm – Punta Ballo 02:00 pm – Perth Paradise Beach – P80 Entrance + P100 Pool Use 04:30 pm – Tinagong Dagat – P30 06:30 pm – Dinner at Sipalay Food Park – P150

Day 5: DEPARTURE 07:00 am – Hotel check out 08:00 am – Bus to Bacolod – P209 01:00 pm – Lunch – P150 02:00 pm – Taxi to airport – P130 (P260/2) 02:40 pm – Bacolod-Silay Airport – P200 Terminal Fee

For this itinerary, prepare to shell out P8000-P8500 per person. There are many other ways of bringing down the cost of the Sipalay leg, but we’ll discuss that in a separate Sipalay Travel Guide post (which we will be publishing very soon).

More info: Sipalay Travel Guide

bacolod food trip

Sipalay-Danjugan Island Itinerary: 4 Days

Duration : 4 days, 3 nights

This also involves a visit to Danjugan Island in the neighboring town of Cauayan, which makes up a bulk of the budget.

Hotel arrangement : Stay 3 nights in Sipalay City Center (Ideal budget: P1400/night).

Day 1: BACOLOD-SIPALAY 09:00 am – ETA Bacolod-Silay Airport 09:30 am – Take cab to South Terminal – P130 (P260/2pax) 10:00 am – Early lunch – P100 11:00 am – Bus to Sipalay – P209 04:30 pm – Arrival in Sipalay 05:00 pm – Hotel check in 05:30 pm – Sunset at Poblacion Beach 06:30 pm – Dinner at Sipalay Food Park – P150 08:00 pm – Back at hotel, rest

Day 2: DANJUGAN ISLAND DAY TOUR 07:00 am – Bus to Crossing Remollos – P30 08:00 am – Arrival at Remollos/Bulata beach 08:30 am – Begin Danjugan Island Tour 06:00 pm – End Tour (P1950) 06:30 pm – Travel to Sipalay 08:00 pm – Dinner – P150 09:00 pm – Lights out

Day 3: SIPALAY TOUR 08:00 am – Start Sipalay Beach-hopping – P750 (1500/2pax) 09:00 am – Sugar Beach – Boat: P50 11:00 am – Early lunch – P200 12:30 pm – Punta Ballo 02:00 pm – Perth Paradise Beach – P80 Entrance + P100 Pool Use 04:30 pm – Tinagong Dagat – P30 06:30 pm – Dinner at Sipalay Food Park – P150

Day 4: DEPARTURE 07:00 am – Hotel check out 08:00 am – Bus to Bacolod – P209 01:00 pm – Lunch – P150 02:00 pm – Taxi to airport – P130 (P260/2) 02:40 pm – Bacolod-Silay Airport – P200 Terminal Fee

This itinerary will set you back P7500 – P800 per person, excluding airfare.

As mentioned, the biggest bulk of the budget goes to the Danjugan Island tour. Yes, the tour is indeed a bit expensive, but it is absolutely be worth it. But if you’re not interested in it, it will bring down the cost significantly.

Sipalay Budget Itinerary: 4 Days

This itinerary is the budget version. Instead of going to Danjugan, spend an entire day just relaxing on Sugar Beach instead.

Hotel arrangement : Stay 3 nights on Sugar Beach (Ideal budget: P650/night, fan-only room).

Day 1: BACOLOD-SIPALAY 09:00 am – ETA Bacolod-Silay Airport 09:30 am – Take cab to South Terminal – P130 (P260/2pax) 10:00 am – Early lunch – P100 11:00 am – Bus to Sipalay – P209 04:30 pm – Arrival in Sipalay City Hall 04:40 pm – Trike to Jump off Point – P50 (P100/2 pax) 05:00 pm – Boat to the other side – P50 05:10 pm – Walk to resort 05:30 pm – Hotel check in 07:00 pm – Dinner – P200 08:30 pm – Back at hotel, rest

Day 2: SIPALAY TOUR 08:00 am – Start Sipalay Beach-hopping – P750 (1500/2pax) 09:00 am – Perth Paradise Resort – P80 Entrance + P100 Pool Use 11:00 am – Early lunch – P200 12:30 pm – Tinagong Dagat – P30 02:00 pm – Punta Ballo 04:30 pm – Back at Sugar Beach 06:30 pm – Dinner – P150

Day 3: SUGAR BEACH CHILL 07:00 am – Swim/Laze on the beach 12:00 nn – Lunch – P150 02:00 pm – Rest/relax 04:00 pm – Swim again 07:00 pm – Dinner – P150 09:00 pm – Lights out

Day 4: DEPARTURE 06:00 am – Hotel check out 07:00 am – Boat to Poblacion Beach – P150 (P300/2pax) 08:00 am – Bus to Bacolod – P209 01:00 pm – Lunch – P150 02:00 pm – Taxi to airport – P130 (P260/2) 02:40 pm – Bacolod-Silay Airport – P200 Terminal Fee

This itinerary will cost you P4500-P5000 per person.

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5 Must-Try Dishes and Delicacies in Bacolod

5 Must-Try Dishes and Delicacies in Bacolod

While mostly known for its Masskara Festival , Bacolod is more than just a party city – it’s also a food haven . People from the city are very particular about their food and they hold it to such high standards. That said, you’ll truly find a very rich food culture when you go around the city. And here’s a sample of the must-try dishes and delicacies:

Chicken inasal  

Chicken Inasal Image source: Elmer B. Domingo/Creative Commons

When you ask someone what comes to their mind when Bacolod is mentioned, some would most likely tell you of this food staple. Just as sugar plantations are scattered all over Negros Occidental , so are chicken inasal restaurants and stalls in Bacolod. It’s practically the signature dish of the city.

Of course, where else can you enjoy the best chichen inasa than over at Manokan Country. While it’s not the best-looking of places, it’s undoubtedly one of the best places to eat and enjoy this wonderful dish. Basically, Manokan Country is a host of small eateries that all sell chicken inasal and the most popular of which are Aida’s Chicken and Nena Beth/Nena Rose.

For the best chicken inasal-eating experience, order it with garlic rice and dip it in sinamak vinegar, which is vinegar mixed with calamansi and chili. Other than chicken inasal , other Filipino food staples such as talaba (oysters), isol (chicken butt) and chicken skin are also sold.

But if you’d like to sample this dish from a more comfortable place, you can always head to the mall.


Seafood Image source:

A lot of places in the Philippines are big into seafood, and that’s something that you get when in Bacolod . In the city, you have places called “pala-pala” where a variety of fresh seafood is put on display and you choose what you want and instruct them on how you want it cooked. So, basically, you can choose a good-looking fish and have them fry it. Or, if you’re new to this style of eating, you can always ask the one in charge what they would suggest for you.

Two great “pala-pala” places are Aboy’s Restaurant and Ading’s Pala-Pala.


Freshly baked Piaya. Image source: Kguirnela

Also spelled piyaya, this is one of the delicacies people from the Philippines mostly associate with Bacolod. It’s a flaky flat bread with dark muscovado sugar. The exterior is also sprinkled with sesame seeds to give it a nutty dimension. You can usually buy these in packs at pasalubong centers and you’ll also find it offered in ube flavor.


Napoleoñes Image source:

This is another one of Bacolod’s famous delicacies. It’s a layered puff pastry that is filled with custard cream and then glazed with white sugar on top. They are sold in small square sizes or larger rectangle sizes.

Napoleones, as its name suggests, is adapted from the French who did indeed bring some of their influence, especially in Negros Occidental. Two of the popular makers of this delicacy are Roli’s and Virgie’s.


Cakes by Calea Image source:

Cakes are found everywhere in the Philippines, but your visit to Bacolod wouldn’t be complete without having tasted the fine cakes and sweets from their lovely pastry shops. Two of the most popular ones are Calea and Felicia’s. Whether you’re craving a cheesecake or moist chocolate cake, those two places are your destination for sinful delights. Whether you’re in town for the Masskara Festival or not, do try some of these Bacolod staples and see just how wonderful the food culture is in the city.

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Pasalubong goodies from Bongbong’s, felicia’s, Merzci, Virgie’s are available online at . Shipped fresh from the shelves of these stores to anywhere in the Philippines, even in the US.

Like ko very much ang piyaya!

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    The Chicken Inasal is one of Bacolod City's signature cuisine and is a must-try if ever you are in the City of Smiles. Chicken Inasal is made by marinating chicken in a mixture of calamansi, coconut vinegar, pepper, and annatto (a condiment made from Achiote tree seeds). The marinated chicken will then be grilled and basted until cooked.

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    Address:Rolling Hills Compound, Lacson St., Bacolod City | Operating Hours: Daily, 7:30AM-10:30PM | Facebook. Napoleones at Roli's Cafe. A Napoleonesis a multi-layered puff pastry with a custard filling and topped with sugar coating.

  14. A Food Crawl Guide in Bacolod City

    A food trip in Bacolod City will never be complete without going to Aboy's Restaurant. This is the place to be if you want delicious yet affordable seafood. People go here for their menu's praiseworthy taste and generous servings. There is a selection of pre-cooked meals if you are in a hurry, but you have a choice of seafood to grill.

  15. Bacolod Food Trip: The Search for the Best Chicken Inasal

    Bacolod City is one of the top food destinations in the country. It is home to amazing dishes and, being the capital of Negros Occidental, which is dubbed as the Sugarbowl of the Philippines, delectable sweets. But a food trip in the City of Smiles won't be complete if you don't get to try it's most famous dish, the chicken inasal.

  16. Best 20 restaurants in Bacolod City

    Inasal is Bacolod's pride and joy, making it the #1 must-try food in the city.This unique version of charcoal-grilled chicken originated in Bacolod and is cooked with a marinade of calamansi, coconut vinegar, pepper and annato.. All these herbs and spices give inasal its unique flavor that people from all over the world fall in love with.Since Bacolod is inasal's hometown, there's no ...

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  19. 5 Must-Try Dishes and Delicacies in Bacolod

    Piaya. Freshly baked Piaya. Image source: Kguirnela/CC. Also spelled piyaya, this is one of the delicacies people from the Philippines mostly associate with Bacolod. It's a flaky flat bread with dark muscovado sugar. The exterior is also sprinkled with sesame seeds to give it a nutty dimension.

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