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10 Best Wineries in Israel to Visit Throughout 2024

Best Israeli Wineries to Visit: Travel Guide for a Wine Tasting Adventure

Top Israeli Wineries & Vineyards to Visit for Wine Tasting This Year

Israel may not be top of mind when planning your next wine trip , but this is the perfect destination for those looking for rich history, great wines, and the adventure of a lifetime. Though wine has been made here for thousands of years, it is only recently that this little country (roughly the size of New Jersey) has been making a big move into the global premium wine space.

The modern era of winemaking in Israel dates back to the late 1800s when Baron Edmond de Rothschild from Chateau Lafite decided to come to Israel and invest in viticulture and winemaking. Bringing his expertise and relationships in the industry from the Bordeaux region of France , he set up shop on Mount Carmel and founded Carmel Winery, then called Carmel Wine Co., and included wineries at Rishon Le Zion and Zichron Ya’acov. Carmel is one of Israel’s oldest wineries and is considered the largest historic winery in the country.

The wine industry of the current state of Israel is very new and still building out its own regulations and regional identities. Therefore, the official wine regions (like an AVA or AOC) are still being adjusted and developed. However, there are delineated areas that represent regions where wineries can be found. There are now more than 300 wineries across different regions, producing a combined 40 million bottles a year.

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If you want to focus your wine tasting on one region that offers easy access to major cities, the Judean Hills area west of Jerusalem presents an opportunity to taste at several different wineries without traveling too far between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

Travel Logistics & Where to Stay 

When traveling to Israel for wine, it’s best to move around the country a bit to see all of the different regions and what makes them so special. From the northern Golan Heights to the Negev Desert in the south, Israel is full of unique terrain and endless historical sites to see.

Winetraveler Note: You will arrive and depart into and out of Ben Gurion Airport located outside of Tel Aviv. This is the main international airport in the country. You can check current flight prices here . It’s important to know that security at Ben Gurion is very intense. When leaving Israel, arrive at the airport no less than about 4 hours before your flight. You will encounter multiple security checkpoints heading into the airport and before you get to your gate. Please bring your patience and be ready to answer personal questions and inquiries about your trip. This is for your safety and the safety of everyone traveling to and from Israel.

The two most convenient cities that you can base out of are Tel Aviv on the Mediterranean Sea, and Jerusalem, a little further inland. The cities themselves are only about an hour and a half drive from each other, making it easy to bounce around a bit in one day. You can rent a car when you arrive at Ben Gurion airport.

Old Jaffa in Tel Aviv, Israel

Benefits of Staying in Tel Aviv

For those who are looking for more of a metropolitan feel – with access to a beach – Tel Aviv is the best spot. This is an incredibly diverse international city with numerous hotel options , and a lot to offer in terms of restaurants, cocktail bars, beach day clubs, nightlife, culture, etc.

If staying in Tel Aviv, make sure to visit the Jaffa Port area and enjoy a delightful traditional meal at The Old Man & the Sea (Nemal Yafo St 101, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel) right in the marina by the docks. Do note that alcohol is not served here. The culinary experience is worth the visit, and you’ll enjoy the delicious lemonade.

For a late-night cocktail, check out the whimsical Fantastic bar (Tsidon St 3, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel). This is an Alice in Wonderland-themed bar with a fairytale vibe and various creatively designed cocktails. For an experience that really feels like you’ve fallen down the rabbit hole and landed in a true fantasyland, book your table at Fantastic.

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Winetraveler Note: The Sabbath is observed on Saturday in Israel. Most businesses will be closed from sundown on Friday evening until after sundown on Saturday evening. Please make your plans accordingly and check with businesses to see if they are open during your stay. Tel Aviv has more entertainment options available on Saturdays than other cities around Israel that are stricter about Sabbath observance. Normal business resumes on Sundays.

Benefits of Staying in Jerusalem

Old city of Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives

Jerusalem is a Middle Eastern city with tons of history and culture. The ancient Old City of Jerusalem is where you will find the religious centers of the Western Wall, Dome of the Rock Islamic shrine, and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, along with other points of interest for Jews, Christians, Muslims, and history enthusiasts alike. Jerusalem is also home to some incredible restaurants and top markets. Take a look at current luxury hotel pricing in Jerusalem here.

Culinary enthusiasts must visit the Machaneh Yehudah Market in Jerusalem. This is the spot to find Middle Eastern spices, fruits, vegetables, meats, and other delights that are unique to the region. You may even need to purchase an extra suitcase here for all the wine and spices you’ll want to bring home.

While visiting the market, enjoy a spectacular Middle Eastern vegetarian meal at Tzemah (Hadekel Street 1, Jerusalem, Israel). This is a charming restaurant by the Machneyuda Group and Chef Asaf Serri with an open kitchen format featuring an array of vegetarian and vegan meal options. Perfect for a healthy bite in a chic location within walking distance to all the incredible vendors at the market.

When you’re ready to head out to wine country, here are some wineries from across Israel that offer an incredible opportunity to taste Israeli wine at its best.

Psagot vineyard view near Jerusalem

Wineries to Visit in Israel

This is by no means an exhaustive list. These wineries offer a snapshot of top tasting experiences in the country.

Carmel Winery

Carmel Mountains Region

Carmel Wineries, Derech Hikav St. Zichron Yaakov 309502

As previously stated, Carmel Winery is a large historic winery located on Mount Carmel in the town of Zichron Ya’acov. The winery was built in 1892 and is the oldest industrial building still in use in Israel.

The beginnings of the modern wine industry in Israel focused on Bordeaux grapes, due to the influences of the Rothschilds. These varieties represent a cornerstone blend at many of the wineries, including Carmel. However, Mediterranean grapes, such as Grenache and Syrah , are well suited to the climate in Israel and are now an important part of the current portfolio here.

A visit to Carmel Winery allows Winetravelers the opportunity to travel back in time to the late 1800s when Baron Edmond de Rothschild built a system of caves to cellar the wines at a constant, cool temperature. The tasting room and historic cave structure along with a shop and cinema called “The Center for Wine Culture” are on the same block. Plan ahead for an interesting and informative tour and tasting. Reservations are necessary. The winery is closed on Saturdays and major holidays.

Tulip Winery

Lower Galilee Region

Village Of Hope, Kiryat Tivon, Israel

Israeli Winery: Tulip Winery Tasting Room

Tulip Winery may be one of the most exceptional wineries in the world. It is located in Kfar Tikva, or “village of hope,” on a scenic hilltop. This small village was developed as a community for people with special needs. The winery here was founded by the Itzhaki family to be a place of employment for the residents of this unique village, giving them an opportunity to work and develop important skills. A visit to Tulip Winery allows Winetravelers the opportunity to not only taste premium Israeli wines, but to see the incredible mission of this business first-hand. As the winery says, “we label wines, not people.”

Truly an impactful visit, Tulip Winery is a must on an Israeli wine tour. The tasting room and gardens are a beautiful place to enjoy award-winning wines while getting to know the heart of this special place – the people who have found a purpose here. Bread and cheese plates are available to snack on while tasting. The winery is closed on Saturdays and holidays. Contact Tulip to reserve a tasting time.

Winetraveler Tip: If you’re unsure about how to get around and prefer a locally guided and customizable private day trip, you can schedule one that leaves from Tel Aviv. Visits to many of the wineries on this list can be arranged through Zelkind Land Tours . You can opt to focus on the hills of Galilee and Golen Heights , or spend your time in the more central Carmel Mountains region .

Tabor Winery

Sderot Kakal, Kfar Tavor, 15241, Israel

Tabor Winery was founded in 1999 in the Tabor Village at the foot of Mt. Tabor in the heart of the Galilee region. The village here has an historical tie, as it was established in 1901 by 28 farmers through the assistance of Baron Edmond de Rothschild.

The winery features award-winning wines, but one of their better-known wines on the international market is their Barbera Rosé. A deliciously refreshing and unique single varietal rosé.

Tabor’s visitor’s center was recently renovated and features tastes of their many wines through modern tasting dispensers. Cheese plates are also available to accompany a glass or bottle on the patio overlooking Mt. Tabor.

Check with the winery for their availability for tastings, especially with groups. Closed on Saturdays.

Barkan Winery

Judean Foothills Region

Kibbutz Hulda

Barkan winery and visitor's center

Barkan Winery is conveniently located about an hour from both Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, making it a great option for a day trip from either city. It sits at the center of Israel’s largest vineyard.

The beautiful modern visitor’s center features state-of-the-art equipment, large barrel room, and showcases the grand scale of one of Israel’s largest wineries. Spend the afternoon here tasting through a portfolio of wines made under the leadership of Head Winemaker, Ido Lewinsohn, one of two Masters of Wine in Israel.

Barkan’s visitor’s center offers a multi-sensual experience, allowing guests the opportunity to learn more about winemaking through multimedia, tasting, and tours. Drop by for a tasting Sunday through Friday or make an appointment for one of the offered tours or experiences.

Vitkin Winery

Central Coast Region

Kfar Vitkin, Israel

Vitkin Winery is a boutique family-owned winery founded in 2001 in the village of Kfar Vitkin. The winery was started by Doron and Sharona Belogolovsky and Sharona’s brother & winemaker, Assaf Paz. The winery makes uniquely Israeli wines and has won many awards throughout the years.

Assaf’s focus is on grapes outside of the common Cabernet, Chardonnay, and Merlot wines, with an emphasis on varieties like Carignan , Petite Sirah , and other unusual grapes. The Vitkin Israeli Journey series of wines features approachable, young bottles with Mediterranean variety blends, while the Vitkin series showcases premium varietal wines.

The property, including the winery and visitor’s center, is surrounded by vineyards and orchards. It’s a beautiful place to stop by for a tasting and some cheese in a lovely garden. There are several different wine experiences at Vitkin including tours, private dining options, and other culinary experiences. Contact the winery to learn more and book your visit.

Flam Winery

Judean Hills Region

Ya’ar Hakdoshim, Eshtaol

Tuscany or Israel? This will be the question you ask yourself as you sit on the patio at Flam Winery overlooking the surrounding vineyard and Judean Hills. Flam is a family-owned winery, started in 1998 by Golan and Gilad Flam and their mother, Kami. The brothers gained their love of wine from their father who was one of Israel’s wine country pioneers.

Golan is the winemaker, and he brings his expertise from studying and working in Italy and Australia to his family’s winery in Israel. At Flam, the style leans European. Expect to taste wines like the Flam Camila white blend of 90% Chardonnay and 10% Sauvignon Blanc. The Flam Classico is a big red blend with 47% Cabernet Sauvignon , 17% Cabernet Franc, 16% Merlot, 13% Petit Verdot and 7% Syrah. Flam Noble is 61% Cabernet Sauvignon, and the remaining blend is Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot.

Flam Winery accepts visitors by reservation only. Contact them to make an appointment to visit this beautiful winery outside of Jerusalem.

Psagot Winery

Central Mountains Region

Sha’ar Binyamin Industrial Zone

Psagot winery patio view

Psagot Winery was founded in the early 2000s by the Berg family. It is here on their land that the family discovered ancient caves containing an old olive and wine press and cellars. A coin also found in the cave sets the time period of winemaking on the property back at least 2,500 years ago. Proof that winemaking has existed on this land for thousands of years.

This winery is a great day visit if you are staying in the Jerusalem area. The beautiful brand-new visitor’s center is located in the Jerusalem Mountains at Sha’ar Binyamin, with stunning vistas of the surrounding area. Winetravelers can expect a modern tasting room, multimedia journeys, and property tours, requiring a longer visit to enjoy all of the amenities here. Plus, the building and location are so gorgeous, you’ll want to stay a while and take your time on this visit.

Psagot Winery is open for tours and tasting sessions every day but Saturday. Reservations are required for tours. Contact the winery to learn more.

Odem Mountain Winery

Golan Heights Region

Moshav Odem, Golan Heights

Odem Mountain Winery Volcanic Gamay Red Blend

Odem Mountain Winery was established in 2003 by the Alfasi family and is located in the Golan Heights region. This is Israel’s northernmost winery in a secluded oak forest at an elevation of 1100 meters above sea level.

The wines of Odem Mountain are very special higher-elevation wines by winemaker, Adam Alfasi. Odem Mountain is only one of three growers in Israel that grow Nebbiolo , and they also own the only Gamay vineyards in the country. Their Cabernet Sauvignon/Gamay blend is one of the more interesting lighter red blends in the world.

Spend some time at the Odem Mountain visitor’s center and enjoy a tasting of these unique high-elevation Israeli wines. Contact the winery to learn more. Closed Saturdays and holidays.

Pelter Winery/Matar Winery

Kibbutz Ein Zivan

Pelter and Matar Wineries are separate entities under the same family ownership and located right next to each other in the Golan Heights area of Israel. Pelter Winery was founded in 2002 by Tal Pelter, and Matar Winery came about 10 years later. Tal’s wine industry experience comes from his studies in Australia, thus giving his wines a bit of an Australian touch.

Matar Winery is Kosher, while Pelter is not. This means the production for each has to be separate due to the rules of Kosher winemaking. Both make premium wines that are available in markets outside of Israel.

Pelter is open seven days a week for visits, but it’s always a good idea to call ahead to arrange your tasting.

Yatir Winery

Negev Region

Tel Arad, Israel

For a very adventurous wine tasting, head down to the Negev Desert to visit Yatir Winery, located in the large manmade Yatir Forest. The winery was founded in 2000 as a partnership between grape-growers of the area and Carmel Winery. The wines of Yatir are high-altitude, cool climate wines, with the Yatir Forest premium line leading the way at the high end of the portfolio. Winemaker, Eran Goldwasser, gained experience and accolades working in many Australian wineries before ending up here in the desert of Israel.

History buffs should know that Yatir Winery was built at the foot of the Tel Arad archeological site, featuring the ruins of a 3000-year-old Canaanite city. A large ancient wine press dating back 2500 years sits nearby and is a must-see for those interested in the history of winemaking.

Use Yatir as a destination or visit as part of a tour of the southern desert in Israel. This is one of the more unique winetasting locations you’ll find anywhere.

Winetraveler Suggestion: On the way back to Jerusalem from Yatir Winery, take the route along the Dead Sea and stop to experience weightlessness in its salty waters.

Frequently Asked Questions about Israeli Wineries

Can you go wine tasting in israel.

Absolutely, you can go wine tasting in Israel! The country’s wine industry has been blossoming over recent years, and it’s been gaining international recognition for its quality and variety. Israel’s wine regions stretch from the Galilee and Golan Heights in the north, known for their cool climates and fertile soils, through the coastal plains, and down to the Negev desert in the south. Each region has its own unique microclimate and terroir, resulting in a diverse range of wines. There are hundreds of wineries in Israel, ranging from large, well-established producers to small boutique operations. Many of these wineries offer tours and tastings, where you can learn about the winemaking process, explore the vineyards, and, of course, sample the wines. Some notable wineries include Golan Heights Winery, Carmel Winery, Domaine du Castel, and Yatir Winery. Israel’s wine scene is not just about the wine. It’s also about experiencing rich history, culture, and stunning landscapes. So whether you’re a serious oenophile or just enjoy a good glass of wine, wine tasting in Israel is definitely an experience worth considering.

Are there any good Israel wine tours?

Certainly, there are numerous excellent wine tours in Israel that cater to different preferences and palates. Three standout options include the Zelkind Bible Land Tours, Ji Tours, and Israel Private Tours with Ori Stern. Zelkind Bible Land Tours offers a captivating day tour into Northern Israel’s prime winemaking regions, the stunning hills of Galilee and Golan Heights. You’ll have the flexibility to tailor the tour around your interests and discover the region’s rich wine-producing history. This boutique tour involves visiting multiple wineries where you can learn about the wine-making process, stroll through beautiful vineyards, and engage in relaxed wine tastings. It’s a great way to explore the region, with a price per group accommodating up to four people, making for a personalized experience. Interested in a day of wine-infused exploration? Check out Zelkind Bible Land Tours . For those seeking a unique blend of historical and cultural experience with their wine tour, Ji Tours offers an enriching Kosher wine tour . Wine is deeply embedded in Jewish and Israeli culture and this tour provides a rich tapestry of historical references, coupled with tastings at award-winning boutique wineries across the country. Each winery has a unique story that adds to the overall experience, making it more than just a wine tasting tour, but a journey through culture and time. To experience Israeli wine culture in a profound way, explore it Ji Tours Kosher Wine Tour . Lastly, for those looking for a comprehensive experience, Israel Private Tours with Ori Stern provides a luxurious two-day private tour around Israel’s top attractions, including wineries. You’ll travel in a private, Wi-Fi-equipped Range Rover, with front-door pickups from anywhere in Israel. The itinerary includes wandering down the enchanting alleys of Jerusalem’s Old City, visiting the ancient monastery of Mar Saba, and even a dip in the Dead Sea. A tasty lunch is included each day, and you can even get help with hotel bookings if needed. If you’re ready for an immersive journey into Israel’s diverse attractions, consider Israel Private Tours with Ori Stern .

What is the most famous winery in Israel?

One of the most famous wineries in Israel is the Golan Heights Winery. Established in 1983, it is located in the town of Katzrin in the beautiful Golan Heights region. The winery has played a significant role in establishing Israel’s reputation as a global wine producer. Golan Heights Winery was one of the first in Israel to combine traditional wine production methods with cutting-edge technology, and it consistently produces wines that receive international acclaim. Its labels include Yarden, Gamla, and Mount Hermon, each offering a range of varietals that reflect the unique terroir of the Golan Heights region. Visitors to the winery can enjoy guided tours that include a film presentation, a tour of the vineyards, cellars, and production areas, and of course, a wine tasting. The beautiful setting and high-quality wines make it a must-visit location for any #Winetraveler visiting Israel.

How many wineries are there in Israel?

Israel has over 300 wineries. These range from large commercial wineries to small boutique and family-owned vineyards. Israeli wineries are spread across several wine-producing regions, including the Galilee, the Judean Hills, the Sharon Plain, the Negev desert, and the Golan Heights. Each region has its own unique climate and soil conditions, leading to a wide range of wine styles and varietals, and wine tasting experiences. Whether you’re a serious oenophile or a casual wine lover, Israel’s wine industry has plenty to offer in terms of variety, quality, and innovation.

Does Israel have good wine?

Absolutely, Israel produces some truly excellent wines! While the country has a wine history dating back thousands of years, it’s the recent few decades that have seen a significant improvement in quality and international recognition. Israel’s diverse climate conditions and unique terroirs, combined with the introduction of advanced viticultural techniques and the dedication of its winemakers, have resulted in wines that can stand proudly on the world stage. Many Israeli wines have won prestigious international awards and are highly rated by critics. From the robust, full-bodied reds of the Golan Heights and the Galilee, to the refreshing whites and rosés from the Judean Hills and Sharon Plain, and even some intriguing desert wines (yes, we meant desert not dessert) from the Negev, there’s something to suit every palate. Israel also produces a range of high-quality kosher wines, which are produced according to Jewish dietary laws. These are not just for those following a kosher diet; many kosher wines are of excellent quality and worth trying for any Winetraveler. So, yes, not only does Israel have good wine, but it has a fascinating and rapidly evolving wine industry that is well worth exploring. Read our guide to learn how to visit.

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Carmel Winery Visitor Center

The Carmel Winery Visitor Center is an experiential center that combines tours, workshops, and wine tastings at the historic winery, which has opened its doors and presents the fascinating story from the beginning of the wine industry in Israel, to today’s new world of wine. The connection between old and new is the secret of Carmel’s magic.

We invite you to take a look at the sequence of professional winemaking in Israel, from its beginnings in the modern era, to the quality revolution of the well-known and beloved series of wines enjoyed in every Israeli home.   

The professional team of the Wine & Culture Center consists of wine guides with extensive experience in their field, who personally adapt the hospitality experience at the winery, while customising each visit to the character of each and every group.

Hours of operation and contact details of the Wine Culture Center

[email protected]

  • Tours by appointment only and subject to availability
  • On Saturdays, Israeli holidays and memorial days – the center is closed
  • All tours are for adults only (ages 18 and up) except for a family tour For booking tours in WhatsApp messages only Karina   052-7462398
  • The wine culture center will be closed at 9th April due to a private event. We apologies for any inconvenience.

winery tour israel

Our Wine Tour Options:

Tour of our wine cellars for small or large groups.

winery tour israel

The tour includes:

A fascinating historical background of Israel’s first settlement, and the Israeli wine industry.

A visit to the winery's authentic cellars, presenting an insight into the traditional and innovative technologies in the world of wine production (including renovated concrete vats/oak barrels).

Detailed explanations of the wine-making process.

Viewing of a short film illustrating the wine-making process. 

And finally: a tutored tasting of three different wines around the barrels in the winery's historic cellar.

The tour is also suitable for large groups (up to fifty people), with the possibility of two groups simultaneously.

מינימום משתתפים

אורך הפעילות

מחיר הפעילות

65 ₪ Per guest

Wine tasting tutorial.

winery tour israel

Tasting of four wines from the Carmel Signature series, accompanied by sourdough bread and quality olive oil.

The experienced staff of the Wine Culture Center is made up of professional wine educators who possess extensive experience in their field, allowing our visitors to enjoy a personalized & hospitable experience at the winery.

(Winery tour is not included).

75₪ Per guest

Wine and cheese platter in the winery's.

winery tour israel

Tasting of four wines from the Carmel Signature series, accompanied by sourdough bread, quality olive oil, and fine cheeses.

130₪ Per guest

Private wine tour & workshop.

winery tour israel

His workshop is intended for guests who wish to enhance the tour and wine tasting experience with a more in-depth insight into the world of wine. 

Commencing with a reception at the Wine Culture Center , this winery tour provides a historical background of Israel’s first settlement, and the Israeli wine industry. A glimpse of the principal operational elements of both our commercial and our boutique winery. A visit to the authentic winery's cellars, and exposure to traditional and innovative technologies in the wine world, with a view of the winery's renovated concrete vats and massive oak barrels.

The Highlight of the Visit: A tutored workshop that includes a wine tasting of five Carmel Signature wines, accompanied by fine cheeses, sourdough bread, and quality olive oil.

The duration of the workshop is around 2 hours, and by appointment only. This tour is not recommended for children.

170₪ Per guest

Private tour for couples.

winery tour israel

This workshop is intended for couples who would like an experience that is both unique and intimate.

Commencing with a reception at the Wine Culture Center , this winery tour provides a historical background of Israel’s first settlement, and the Israeli wine industry. A glimpse of the principal operational elements in both our commercial and boutique winery. A visit to the authentic winery's cellars, and exposure to traditional and innovative technologies in the wine world, with a view of the winery's renovated concrete vats and massive oak barrels.

The Highlight of the Visit: A wine workshop that includes a tasting of five Carmel Signature wines, fine cheeses, sourdough bread, and quality olive oil.

At the end of the tour, visitors will be presented with a gift voucher for the value of 100 NIS redeemable at the winery store.

500₪ Per Couple

הכניסה לאתר מגיל 18 ומעלה.

מה אתם שותים?

אזהרה: מכיל אלכוהול - יש להימנע משתייה מופרזת

נתקלתם בבעיה?

יש לכם שאלה ולא יודעים למי לפנות? שירות הלקוחות שלנו עומד לשירותכם

winery tour israel

winery tour israel

The best wineries in Istrael

Design your wine tours with our experts

Browse through the best selection of outstanding wineries

Gush Etzion Winery

Gush Etzion Winery

A boutique winery, with historical significance and a wonderful teroir

Tzora Vineyards

Tzora Vineyards

The winery which is one of the first boutique wineries in Judean Hills, Israel

Netofa Winery

Netofa Winery

Celebrating Moments with Wines

Binyamina Winery

Binyamina Winery

Discover Half a Century of Wines at Binyamina in Carmel


The journey from a wine barrel seller to a wine cellar

Ben Zimra Winery

Ben Zimra Winery

A Scenic View and Pleasant Wines!

70 winery

Winery 70, created from strong desire and passion of winemaking

Kobi B

GoKEDEM is a unique travel service bootstrapped by a seasoned entrepreneur who loves blending...


Our Israel Private Tours are for those who love history, and those who don’t care too much of...


Therefore, I decided to establish JEWISH ISRAEL TOURS, a Jewish tour company focusing...

Map Of Israel's Wineries

Looking for a more specific destination, read more about israel.

Everything you need to know before you take a tour to Israel

Explore the Best Wineries in Israel

For a parcel of the world, Israel holds strong spiritual meaning - and a close relationship with wine. The Christian bible talks about the country as the "cradle of vines and wines”, and mentions the very word "wine" 207 times. Explore this ancient country and find incredible wineries in Israel.

There are a vast number of wineries in Israel, where powerful and mineral wines are produced and sold. Breathtaking scenery folds the greenish vineyards, and a tour sounds like a perfect choice. An excellent pairing with the local wines is the traditional cuisine, which is possible to taste in several restaurants along with some wineries. And what bottles for pairing are we talking about? In the region of Judea , try Mazuelo, (Carignan), Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc, and Chardonnay, grape varieties widespread in the country.

Wait no more and book your visit to incredible wineries in Israel.

Are you interested in reading more about Israel?

Are you interested in reading more about Israel? Read our Israel wine country guide section, or visit our selection of the very best guide of Wine Tasting & Tours in Israel that you can visit during your stay.

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Exclusive Wine Tours in Israel Visting Fine Boutique Wineries & Scenic Wine Routes

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Personalized Custom Tours to Israel's World Class Wineries

Judean hills        ellah valley         carmel        upper galilee         golan heights         negev    &  more.


Discover Fine Wineries Throughout Israel  

Our wine tours.

Our exclusive wine tours in Israel are based on our extensive knowledge of Israeli wines coupled with our long term relationships with the winemakers and owners of Israel's fine boutique wineries across the country.

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Israel Wine Journeys gladly customizes your Israel wine tour to your interests and provides you with a unique Israeli wine tour experience so many have enjoyed. We offer personalized boutique wine tours throughout Israel.

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During your wine tour in Israel you will travel Israel's fine wine regions and explore it's scenic beauty. From the mountains to its rolling hills and the coastal plain, Israel's wine regions are filled with history that tell a story of an ancient Biblical land reborn into a modern country with a vibrant modern wine scene.

" We have been on many such tours around the world but we have to say that this was by far the best.... "  Mark, Spain

" We’ve experienced Napa, Sonoma, Lodi, Temecula, Baja California’s Rita de Vino, France’ Bordeaux and Champagne regions, and Italy’s Tuscany region. To name a few. Judaea wine region is in par with the best..... " Gloria and Greg, Las Vegas


winery tour israel

Exploring Israel, One Wine at a Time

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winery tour israel

Israel Wine Tours

Israel wine tours | judean hills & golan heights.

The Judean Hills and Jerusalem literally exude historical and religious significance. Our Israel wine tours ensure that whatever your religion and whether you are devout, agnostic, or an atheist that you cannot fail to be moved by the aura of Jerusalem and the surrounding parts of the world. And regardless of your religious views, as a wine lover, you will be in heaven!

  • Private Israel wine tours, do what you want when you want
  • Spend the day with local experts and wine guides
  • Explore a number of boutique wineries in the Judean Hills
  • Tour and taste with owners and winemakers
  • Enjoy a two-day trip to the Golan Heights wine region
  • There is always time to visit Jerusalem and all it has to offer
  • Non-wine activities (e.g. Safed or the Dead Sea) can be blended in

Our Israel wine tours are made of interchangeable one and two-day trips. A one-day trip from either Tel Aviv or Jerusalem will give you an in-depth look at the wines of the highly regarded Judean Hills wine region. The two-day segment will see you taken north to the Golan Heights and visit wineries plus other places of interest at a relaxed pace.

Gary and Malka about to enjoy a wine tour and tasting at Tzora Vineyards in Israel

Our Israel wine tours will always have a day (or two?) open so you can visit Jerusalem of course, with all that this ancient city has to offer. We can guide you or just leave you to it, Jerusalem has an easily walkable old city and is a real treat to spend the day exploring.

Judean Hills – Israel Wine Tours

The Judean Hills is becoming a big hitter with new investment and scientific know-how, plus its Mediterranean microclimates and limestone soils don’t hurt the wine quality. A day or two of wine visits here will be full of superb wines and passionate people and we have some suggestions below. But remember, everything is tailored to your tastes so please let us know if you have ideas already formed.

Strict handling of the winemaking process is required from the crush to produce Kosher wine

The order and types of winery experienced will be tailored to your tastes, literally. Below we mention just a few of the places we go.

Tzuba Winery is a Kibbutz-run enterprise. We will arrange for this visit and tasting to be led by the winemaker Paul Dubb. Paul, originally from South Africa, will make sure you are fully informed on the Holy land terroir and how his grapes enjoy growing here. A tour of the facility and a tasting is a great way to get your wine day going.

Bordeaux style blends are popular among winemakers here and Paul is no exception. Metzuda is his winery´s take on a classic Cab Sav – Merlot but with high alcohol. Many of the wines have between 14 and 15% alcohol due to the hot climate, Paul also has a port-style wine to show you.

Kosher wine can be high quality and is not just for Passover

Another great visit we have on offer is that of Nevo. This small winery is family owned and run and we often get the chance to meet the winemaker and several generations of the family. An interesting feature at this winery is that a bomb shelter has been converted into a cellar. The wine is superb and a great cheese plate will keep you going.

Going from boutique to slightly larger scale we take you to Tzora. Tzora Winery has several blocks growing in fossil-filled soils and this offers something extra on the nose and palate. Lots of use of French oak here but it is well integrated and produces some silky delights. Ella Valley is another of our favorites and its late harvest Riesling is particularly lovely, dried fruits and petrol is an interesting combo. Flam Winery is also on our list, here we will again meet members of the owner family involved hands-on with the winemaking. Flam has a lovely terrace overlooking the vines where we can sip and eat.

Gary and wine guide Yakov enjoying a tasting at Ella Valley winery

Another place we can visit is one of the most well-respected producers, Domaine du Castel. This winery is now in its custom-built, modern building and is crafting some superb wines gaining international acclaim. We may not be able to have such close contact with decision-makers here but you will love the visit and the wine.

Golan Heights – Overnight Road Trip

It is around a two-hour drive to get up to the Golan Heights and Sea of Galilee area, so that would be half your day spent driving on a day trip. We don’t want you to rush or limit your wine experience so we offer this trip with an overnight stay in the Golan Heights area either in the holy and historic city of Safed , a bed, and breakfast in the countryside or at a vineyard property such as the Assaf winery cabins.

On the first day of our 2-day Israel wine tours, we will focus on some of the fine wine producers whose vineyards grow in the rich combination of limestone and volcanic soil found in this area. We will visit two quality wineries and enjoy a tasty lunch at one of the wineries opposite one of Israel’s most sought after vineyard regions.

Safed is one of the four holy cities of Judaism, and a treat to wander around

At the end of your day, or at some point during the trip, in any case, we will let you wander through the artist colony in the old quarter of the mystical city of Safed. This city, like Jerusalem, needs more than a few hours in all honesty, so consider adding an extra full day to your trip (and two extra for Jerusalem we would say).

Day two will take you to explore the Golan Heights a little more, a volcanic plateau where the Israel wine revolution began. You will spend the day visiting some of the Golan’s best wineries such as the innovative Pelter Winery which produces a wide range of interesting wines and where you can enjoy a platter of homemade goat cheeses to accompany your wine tasting. In addition, you can choose between other artisanal boutiques such as a chocolatier, an olive oil factory which has created unique olive-based beauty products, a micro-brewery, and an innovative distillery using local grains and herbs. End the day with a scenic panoramic view overlooking this beautiful region and get a sense of its history and with the majestic Mount Hermon in the distance.

Then we will whisk you back to Tel Aviv or Jerusalem, you will probably sleep the whole way…most clients do! At the end of our Israel wine tours, there are many options to bolt-on another country or two, Tel Aviv has great connections around the immediate region such as Turkey , Greece , or the fantastic ancient wine-producing countries of the Caucasus maybe?

winetours_winetasting No matter how much you like wine it doesn't have t We love @estampawine for our guests with their ama Tough work, but someone has to check the wine is O The first of two days touring and sipping with Sue We are used to seeing Alpacas, but not in vineyard The Jackson group starting an epic 8-day road trip Load More Follow on Instagram +1 to our guide being AMAZING - totally a history buff (about everything). Guide's English was perfect which was important to translate things at wineries. Our driver was AMAZING and made me feel super calm (I'm nervous on roads) SUCH unique experiences! It was hard for our wine experiences with our wine group to match the ones on this 2 day tour! I LOVED the experiences and the meals were incredible at the wineries. Caitlin and Lynn - Wine Touring in Turkey - July 202 2
What an amazing road trip we had! The route from Salta to Mendoza is so interesting, not just for wine but all the landscapes and cultural experiences, its hard to find 6 days in a South American trip with so much other stuff to do but if you can then do it. The Phillips family - Oregon USA - December 2023
Thanks again for a spectacular day.  Great wine, unique wineries, insightful conversations and a definite memory maker. We were too tired to finish all the vino so we left 2 bottles from RE for you at the Doubletree check-in desk under your name. Until we meet again and with our warm regards The Brun / Hartzell group, Ohio USA - Jan 2022
We enjoyed a 3 day wine trip in the Colchagua region of Chile with Gary and Malka - just incredible! They took us to vineyards that we had never heard of; all of which were interesting and different in their own way. Gary and Malka are both super knowledgable, extremely passionate about wine and just really nice / professional people to spend time with. Steven & Meg, Aberdeen, UK - Sept 2021

Our Trip Advisor reviews page

What a great time we had in Georgia drinking Qvevri wine, we will be coming back and adding Armenia and maybe Turkey next time. Gary did a great job in the planning, he obviously knows his stuff! The Sanders Family, NY, USA - Jan 2020

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  • The Origins of Wine
  • Chilean Wine
  • Extreme Wineries
  • Whites + Tannins
  • Ancient Wine Snobs

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So, you are planning a trip to Israel. Excited right?!

Hundreds of churches, synagogues, ancient palaces, holy sites, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Muslims and Crusaders. Every stone has a thrilling story to tell. But, as a sommelier I believe "you have to taste a culture to understand it" and especially its wines. And so, I offer you a journey to the Golan Heights during which you can relax, sit back and just taste Israel. A bit less history, much more wine.

Tel Shifon Winery

The Golan Heights is a truly exciting and fascinating region

with an enchanting, ancient history and picturesque landscapes. Thanks to the cool, unique climate and its volcanic basalt soils, the region is one of the best, most dynamic and renowned wine regions in Israel. It extends about 44 miles, From the cold, high altitude northern part, in the foothills of Mount Hermon to the hot, ‘Southern France-like’ south that overlooks the Sea of Galilee - It is a heaven for high-quality wine growing. 

Since biblical times it has been known for its wine industry, like its neighboring region - the Galilee. Today, thanks to the quality revolution that began in the mid 80’s, it is the home for several boutique wineries... small, smart, dynamic & authentic family-run wineries, most of them practicing sustainable and organic viticulture. Join me to experience private tastings with up and coming winemakers themselves, and the opportunity for exclusive tastings from their vats and barrels.   

I Invite You   to an unforgettable, intimate wine journey in the Golan Heights.  You will experience a journey of wines, wineries, vineyards, people, history, and amazing views guided by me, a local, certified sommelier.  As your private guide, I am more than happy to share my passion, knowledge and connections with you.

Ask Me Anything

[email protected]

+972 52-456-2504

Thanks for submitting!

לוגו סופי.png

Israel Wine Tour Logo

Custom Tailored Wine & Culinary Tours

Our tours are custom tailored, You tell us what type of wine you enjoy back home, we plan your itinerary accordingly. Please let us know if you are interested in visiting a specific winery!


Judean hills wine tours

Judean Hills Premium Wineries Tour

TLV Levinsky Market Culinary Tour

Carmel region wine tours

Golan heights wine tours

Southern israel wine tours, judean hills wine tours.

Depart Tel Aviv / Jerusalem at 8:30 Drive towards the Judean Hills, One of the oldest wine regions in the world and the only registered Appellation of origin in Israel.  We will discuss the vast wine history of the area, the rise of boutique wineries in Israel, ownership of agriculture land in Israel, wine “politics” in Israel, current trends in wine making and much more.

Our itineraries differ from one day to another. We custom tailor the tour according to your wine preferences, Kashrut and availability of the wineries.

We often include a visit to a beautifully preserved 1,600 year old archeological wine press as there are dozens scattered through out the area.

We conduct “sit down” tastings at the wineries, often led by the winemaker or owners.

On route we drive through one of the most beautiful roads in Israel, ending up at an off the beaten path, “Tuscany In Judean Hills” vineyard vista point.

* Ask us about swapping one winery visit for tastings at a great Microbrewery.

* Ask us about swapping one winery for tour and tastings at a wonderful Agritourism Goat Cheese farm

* Ask us about hiking up Tel Azekah – The battle site of David and Goliath.

* Interested in a specific winey? email us! We work with over 25 wineries and several Microbreweries in a Judean Hills! We can offer multiple tours in this region in which the itinerary, vista points are different!

* We offer relocation wine tours in which our guests begin the tour in Tel Aviv and conclude in Jerusalem , or the other way around. Luggage included! Ask us about our Airport transfer services.

winery tour israel

Israel is making its way in the global wine scene. On the Judean Hills Premium Wineries Tour, we would visit three of the wineries that have been in the spotlight in the last few years. The first 4 listed below are a part of the  Judean Hills Quartet Tzora  – 5 wines over 90 points with Kim Marcus and Wine Spectator [October 2016], Eran Pick, the only Israeli Master of Wine,is the winemaker. Wines above 90 with Robert Parker in 2007 and 2013 Sphera  – Superb white wines made by Winemaker Doron Rav Hon formerly of Ella Valley Winery for 10 years. This winery produces complex, minerally white wines and heir varietal Riesling has been very well reviewed by wine blogger Stuart Pigott Flam  – Highest ranking wine in Israel by Wine Critic Jancis Robinson [September 2017] Castel – The Ben Zaken family are the owners of one of Israel’s first boutiques. This winery has ranked highly with Robert Parker and Wine Spectator in recent years. Eli Ben Zaken’s very first wine, 1992 Castel Grand Vin was tasted by MW Serena Sutcliffe, head wine buyer for Sotheby’s and her letter to the winery encouraging them to produce more, is still presented at the Caster visitor center. Clos De Gat  – Estate Winery specializing in open vat, natural Yeast fermentation. This winery is producing high end varietals and blends. This is a Vegan friendly winery. Cellar is the site of Yitzhak Rabin bunker in 1948

*Availability Pending approval from the wineries

Carmel and Jezreel Valley Wine Tours

Depart Tel Aviv at 08:30 Drive north towards the Carmel Region. On route, we will discuss the wine history of the land of Israel and how it evolved through the years. What makes a wine Kosher, wine politics in Israel and much more.

Drive to Vortman Boutique Winery Vortman Winery is an urban winery & vineyard overlooking the beautiful bay of Haifa from the height of the Carmel. Hai Vortman’s wines have been written up by the Late & Great Daniel Rogov in 2010 and ever since then the wine has won medals at quite a few competitions in Israel. Vortman Winery currently produces 20,000 bottles a year of varietals and blends. The winery has a beautiful tasting room overlooking the Mediterranean.

Drive to the beautiful town Zichron Ya’akov – a quaint Carmel Mountain town and the home of Carmel Winery. Visit Somek Winery, a small Estate winery owned by Barak and Hila Dahan. Barak,  a fifth generation Vineyard Manager  and Hila, an  Adelaide University trained Winemaker . At Somek, all wines are handmade using old world techniques to produce their critically acclaimed wines. Meet the winemaker and taste 4-5 wines.

Stroll the beautiful Zichron Ya’akov promenade and enjoy lunch at one of the terrific restaurants there.

Visit “Ramat Hanadiv”, the Rothschild Estate Botanical Gardens

Visit Vitkin Winery Family owned winery near a 100,000 bottle production. The wine maker Assaf Paz is striving to produce crisp white wines as well as elegant reds. At this winery one would not find standard Cabernet or Merlot. This winery works with Grenache Blanc, Grenache Noir, Pinot Noir Riesling and Carignan. The winery has become Kosher in 2015 and is producing as much white wines as they are reds which for Israel is extremely uncommon.

In recent years we are combining Carmel Region boutiques with fantastic producers that are in the Jezreel Valley. Ask us about visiting Tulip and Sadot wineries. Tulip is located in Village of Hope, and employs adults with Special Needs.  Sadot is a family Estate winery with an incredible view from its tastings porch. Both are well worth a visit!

Expected arrival time in Tel-Aviv – 17:00 *We offer relocation wine tours in which our guests begin the tour in Tel Aviv and end in Northern Israel, luggage included! Ask us about our Airport transfer services.

Depart  Tel Aviv at 7:30 AM

At over 1100 meters above sea level and superb volcanic soil, The Golan Heights is considered one of the finest wine growing areas in Israel.

We like to begin our Golan Itineraries with several off the beaten path vista points in Southern Golan. One is the only spot over looking the entire Kinneret – Sea Of Galilee, another is a secret and a surprise.

The first winery is Chateau Golan. A winery 20 years of age located in the Southern Golan village of Eliad. Winemaker Uri Hetz has studied wine making in Oregon, USA and this winery specializes in Cab as well as as other varieties. A beautiful winery and a great way to start tasting in this region.

The 2nd winery for the day is Pelter – one of Israel’s best and certainly the largest non-Kosher winery in Israel at 250K production. Tal Pelter’s wife is a goat cheese maker and between the two, it is a great winery to visit. Tal Also produces a sparkling wine in old world “Champagne” methodology. An antique distillery has been brought over from France recently and this winery is always changing. Matar by Pelter is a new kosher brand of Pelter so that can be tasted as well when visiting this superb winery.

Before our 3rd winery and lunch we would visit the Bental Mountain overlooking Mt. Hermon, Quneitra Crossing and both the Syria and Lebanon boarder. We will discuss the old city of Quneitra and the new one as well as the internal situation within Syria in recent years.

Assaf Winery – The Kedem family has opened what may be the only “Chateau” we have in Israel and the view from it is incredible. The family grows all the grapes themselves and father and son wine maker team of Assaf and Oren Kedem produce superb wines for over 10 years now. In this tiny village,  Adi who is Assaf’s daughter has opened a beautiful dairy café. Adi is a graduate of the French Culinary institute in NYC.

Other Wineries in the Golan We like visiting include Mika, Tel,  Tel Shifon, and Odem Winery, Israel’s most Notrhern winery

Expected arrival time in Tel-Aviv – 7:00 PM

We offer relocation wine tours in which our guests begin the tour in Tel Aviv and end it in the north or the other way around. Luggage included! Ask us about our Airport Chauffer services

Depart Tel Aviv at 08:30.

Drive South on Rt. 6 toward Yatir Forest, the largest forest in Israel with over 4 million trees. In the forest we will visit an ancient wine press, one of dozens scattered through this area, all of which are of a Byzantine era. We will drive by the beautiful vineyards of Yatir Winery. After a short 4X4 drive, we will head south to the city of Arad.

Our first winery is the up and coming Midbar Winery who has surprised many wine fans in Israel. Midbar is located at a new artist quarter, a spin off of an abandoned industrial zone at the entrance to the city of Arad. The meaning of the word “Midbar” is desert, an excellent name considering the the unique location of the winery. All the grapes used by Midbar are grown near Mitzpe Ramon.

The young winery experiments with many types of grapes usually leading to small batches of different wines. The main varieties used in the winery are: Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon, Chardonnay, Viognier, Chenin Blanc, Gewurztraminer, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Petit Syrah.

After the lunch break and a short drive, we will arrive at the famous Yatir Winery. Yatir belongs to Carmel Winery and is a boutique winery considered to be one of the best in Israel. It is the highest awarded Israeli winery by wine critique Robert Parker who gave the flagship wine 93 points. All of the Winery’s grapes come from the Yatir Forest. The main varieties are: Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot, Syrah, Merlot, Malbec and Viognier. Eran Goldwasser, an Adelaide University graduate is the winery’s winemaker from day one and the winery is kosher. At the end of the visit we will had back north to Tel-Aviv Expected arrival time in Tel-Aviv – 17:00

We offer relocation wine tours in which our guests begin the tour in Tel Aviv and end it in Beresheet Hotel in Mitzpa Ramon, or the other way around. Luggage included! Ask us about our Airport Chauffer services


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My Israel Wine Tours

Wine, food & cultural tasting tours in Israel

Winery visit & tasting – Zichron Yaakov

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Or continue as guest, adding item to wishlist requires an account, wine tasting and visiting local wineries.

If you can’t take the time for our all-day, all-inclusive cultural wine-tasting tour on Wednesdays, you have the option to join us at one of the wineries we visit during the day.

Carmel Winery – 11 am

A wine tour on the Carmel wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the Carmel Winery, of course. Indeed, the vision of the Baron Edmund de Rothschild gave rise to this world class winery, the village of Zichron Yaakov, and Israel’s wine culture that has blossomed ever since.

Join us for an exclusive tasting inside the wine cellars, accompanied with delicious cheeses and some local gourmet snacks. Let us raise a glass together, and celebrate 140 years of wine making excellence from Carmel.

Somek Winery – 3 pm

We have been tasting with our friends, Barak and Hila, at Somek Winery for over a decade.

Indeed, we have raised a glass over many vintages and many harvests together. And so it is with much excitement and honor, that we invite you to be a part of that friendship and taste with us; old friends, and new friends together.

This outstanding garagiste winery is quite possibly one of Israel’s finest. Their wine is simply wonderful. And so as part of our Thursday special, we invite you to raise a glass, meet our friends, enter the winery and barrel rooms, together with these fifth-generation winemakers. Our friends at Somek are the embodiment of the tours that we guide, and the dreams that we fulfil by working the land, harvesting the grapes, and making Israel’s wine scene come to life.

This gentleman is an outstanding agriculturalist, and a wonderful presence in Israel’s grape-growing arena. Most importantly, he’s a friend, and I enjoy taking my guests to meet my friend. I hope you’ll join us.

winery tour israel

Details of these wine tasting experiences

150 nis / person includes:

Tour DOES NOT include

  • Tastings outside of agreed program

What to bring

Keep in mind

Cancellation policy

Available through our cancellation and refund policy

Meeting time & place

Wednesdays (weekly)

11 am meeting place: Carmel Winery

3 pm meeting place: Somek Winery

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winery tour israel

Couples edition: your perfect date

winery tour israel

Wednesdays on Mount Carmel

Cultural vineyard wine tasting tour Judean Hills with My Israel Wine Tours

Short & Sweet Edition

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Best Wineries in Israel

Israel is home to many of the best wineries in the world and Masa has put together a list of wineries you should definitely visit! Located in the north, south, and everywhere in between, each winery and vineyard has something unique to offer. With jaw dropping views, fine wines, and delicious cheeses, a wine tour is a great activity to do on a sunny day in Israel.

Our Picks for the Top 11 Wineries in Israel

Gush etzion winery and restaurant.

Just a quick drive or bus ride away from the heart of Jerusalem, the Gush Etzion winery and restaurant will offer you a historical and informative tour along with delicious wine and food. The tour is around 45 minutes long and begins in the vineyard where you can explore vine growing methods and the wine making process. Making your way to the archeological garden, you’ll learn about wine traditions and agricultural devices from ancient times. The tour ends with a tasting of a selection of wines exclusive to the grapes from the Gush Etzion hills. Throughout the tour, you will hear stories and learn about significant historical places of Gush Etzion. The winery is also complete with a Kosher Mehadrin dairy and fish restaurant with premium food paired with Gush Etzion wine and breathtaking views of the vineyards and winery.

Gush Etzion Winery Information:

  • The tours take place daily, by appointment only, Sunday through Thursday from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m., and Fridays from 9 a.m. until 1:00 p.m.
  • The cost of the tour is 45 NIS per adult and 20 NIS per child.

The Golan Heights Winery

winery tour israel

Golan Heights Winery, Israel’s leading producer of quality wines, was established in 1983 by four kibbutzim and four moshavim. The winery strives to produce quality wines that express distinctive features of the Golan Heights. The winery includes their four labels: Yarden, Gamla, Hermon and Golan. They also offer a variety of tours ranging from a classic tour, a romantic couples tour, a culinary tour, to a Jeep tour of the entire vineyard. Whichever tour you choose, you will learn the story of the winery, vineyards, and region through their philosophy of winemaking, visit the oak barrel cellar, and taste multiple wines. Each tour offers a unique experience that you are sure to love! Make sure to reach out to the Golan Heights Winery to learn more about the tours and see which one is right for you!

Golan Heights Winery Information:

  • Sunday 08:30 – 16:00 , Monday – Thursday 08:30 – 16:30, Friday 08:30 – 12:30
  • Classic Tour: Cost per person: 20 NIS (1 hour)
  • Wine Box for Lovers: Price per couple: 125 NIS (1.5 hours)
  • Professional Tour and Wine Tasting: Cost per person: 150 NIS (1.5 hours) 
  • Vineyard Tour: Price per couple: 950 NIS or Price per 3-6 pax: 1400 NIS (4+ hours) 
  • Culinary tours

Psagot Winery

psagot winery israel

Beautiful vineyards, historic remains, scenic landscapes, and a fun, luxurious experience are all just a short drive outside Jerusalem at the Psagot Winery. Look out to the breathtaking landscape of the Michmash river and the Judean mountains, you’ll learn about the wine made in this region thousands of years ago and how the Psagot winery combines advanced production methods and Biblical-era winemaking traditions. You’ll have an audiovisual presentation and taste some of the fine Psagot wines. Cheese platters, coffee and cake, or a kosher-dairy meal can also be included as an addition.

Psagot Winery Information:

  • Sun.–Thu. 09:00–17:00; the last tour starts at 15:00, Fri. 09:00–13:00; last tour at 12:00

Barkan Winery

The Barkan Winery is a Winemakers’ heaven with over 500 acres of different varieties of scenic vineyards. Tours start in the visitor center with the deep aroma of wine and then make their way to the largest barrel hall in Israel with over 5,000 barrels. From there, you’ll watch an 180 degree movie exploring the growing methods and wine’s manufacturing and finish off the tour in the modern bottling hall. You will also be provided with a tasting of four Barkan premium or prestige wines with the addition of boutique cheese, crackers, breads, tapenades, and brunch.

Barkan Winery Information

  • Premium Tour: 70 NIS per person (3 to 10 ppl) and 40 NIS per person (10+ people) 
  • Prestige Tour: 100 NIS per person (3 to 10 ppl) and 75 NIS per person (10+ people)

Tishbi Winery

winery tour israel

The Tishbi Winery located in Binyamina is a family owned Israeli winery whose history is rooted in the First Aliya. Throughout the tour, you will learn about the thriving family winery, the wine production process, and Tishbi wine in particular. The tour includes wine and French chocolate tastings. Austrian Chef Gunther Biderman at the Tishbi kosher dairy restaurant prepares delicacies with fresh local ingredients. During the meal, you can enjoy Tishbi wine along with their signature Valrhona French chocolate. The Tishbi Winery also has the BBQ Garage, which specializes in barbequing meats in an American midwestern style. The smoked delicious meats are served on Fridays from 10 am to 3 pm, so make sure to plan your trip accordingly!

Tishbi Winery Information

  • Tours: Sundays – Thursdays: 10:00, 12:00 and 14:00 
  • Restaurant Hours: Sundays – Thursdays, 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. and Fridays, 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Kadesh Barnea

The Ramat Negev Winery located in Kadesh Barnea is the first and largest Israeli family winery established in the Negev. The winery is an ecological winery designed to preserve the desert ecosystem using many agricultural technologies. The tour explains the story of the settlement at the entrance of Nitzana, the establishment of the winery, the beginning of wine production in desert conditions, and so much more. Delectable wine will definitely be provided, but the winery does not offer meals or refreshments, so make sure to come prepared and bring a snack for the trip!

Carmel Winery

Located in Zichron Yaakov (Israel’s Napa Valley), Carmel Winery is globally recognized as one of the top wineries in Israel. With its rich history dating back to 1896, the tour will prove to be fascinating. The winery currently uses a mixture of old and new technologies allowing for fine wine that incorporates some of the winery’s history. Established by the French branch of the Rothschild family, you’ll discover an amazing selection of French style wines during your tasting!

Binyamina Winery

The Binyamina Winery (founded in 1952 by Joseph Zeltzar) is one of the best in the country and receives grapes from vineyards all across Israel. During the tour and tasting, you will learn about the transformation from a perfume distillery to the Binyamina Winery and the history behind the Zeltzer family’s winemaking heritage. The tour will lead you through the vineyard, barrel room, fermentation tanks, along with the state-of-the-art cellars. Finally, you will end in the tasting room where you will have the opportunity to taste three wines and a liqueur produced at this Israeli winery. 

Binyamina Winery Information

  • 25 NIS per person and tours are suitable for groups of 10 or more participants 
  • Duration: 1 hour

Netofa Winery

netofa winery

Netofa Winery’s vineyards are located in the heart of the Lower Galilee, which provides the ideal environment for the development of a variety of high quality Mediterranean grapes. The Netofa Winery offers guided wine tastings, culinary experiences, wine workshops, and romantic visits. Your visit to the winery will include a collaboration of five types of wine and exquisite cheeses, olives, dips, seasonal fruits, nuts, and bread straight out of the oven!

Netofa Winery Information:

  • Opening hours Sun-Thu 10:00-17: 00 – Friday 10:00 – 15:0
  • 130 NIS a person

Yatir Winery

During your visit to the Yatir Winery, you can get to know their fascinating history while connecting to the desert. With the Yatir region in southern Judean Mountains being one of the finest areas for growing vines, you are sure to taste incredible wine during your tour at the Yatir Winery. They offer a basic guided tour with a tasting of three wines and a more extensive tour, which offers a tasting of five types of wine and an assortment of different cheeses.

Yatir Winery Information:

  • Basic tour: 50 NIS per person
  • Extensive Tour: 100 NIS per person

Shiloh Winery

Shiloh Winery is a modern Israeli winery located in the Shiloh River/Samarian Hills, which is known to be the most ancient wine terroir in the world. Set in the biblical and stunning surroundings, you will get to taste fine wine with a breathtaking view. The winemaker, Amichai Lurie, makes new world style wines from various grape varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay, Carignan and Shiraz. Don’t forget to also visit Meshek Achia next door and get some of their delicious olive oils!

Shiloh Winery Information:

  • 50 NIS per person

Which Winery in Israel is Your Favorite?

Whether it’s at a winery packed with history, one with a beautiful view, or a winery with a world-renowned restaurant, Masa hopes that you have an unforgettable experience! Make sure to tag @masaisrael when you post pictures from the wine tour!

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5 Beautiful Winery Tours Near Jerusalem

April 7th 2019

If you’re a wine lover and you’re visiting Jerusalem any time soon, then a small detour to one of the region’s wineries might be in order. There are several winery tours near the Holy City which provide wine connoisseurs with a taste of Israel’s flourishing wine industry.

The beautiful vineyards in the Judean Hills, just south of the famous Samson wine region, are exquisite in both their visual beauty and the deliciousness of their fruits. Even if you’re staying in the Jerusalem area for most of your visit, you’ll have the chance to sample – and buy – some of the very best Israeli wines, right from the source.

Here are just 5 wineries within a short drive from the capital:

1. Agur Winery Tour

Located near to the site where the Biblical David slew Goliath, the Agur Winery Tour is a must-see for fans of blended wines. During a tour of the boutique winery – run by the spiritual and visionary winemaker Shuki Yashuv – you’ll discover more about Agur’s special blending processes as well as insightful information about the Judean foothills, from where the grapes are grown. The rustic setting of the Agur Winery is perfect for small functions, when booked in advance.

2. Castel Winery Tour

Founded in the 1980s by Eli Ben Zaken, the Castel Winery is located in the Ramat Raziel moshav in the Jerusalem corridor. Also known as Domaine du Castel, the winery tour provides visitors with a comfortable, relaxing, and beautiful setting in which to sample some delicious wines. You’ll get to see their wine making process and learn more about the story of how Castel wines received glowing international reviews soon after its first-ever batch of wine was produced.

3. Gush Etzion Winery Tour

Producing approximately 40,000 bottles of wine a year, the Gush Etzion Winery is perhaps the most well-known in the region. The winery also features a visitor’s center, a restaurant, and hands-on harvesting facilities, where visitors can participate in the picking the vineyard grapes (during the summer months). During the winery tour you’ll get to see the entire winemaking process, including the large fermentation vats, as well as sample the wines made from 12 different types of grapes. Due to its elevated position, you’ll also enjoy stunning views across the Gush Etzion region.

4. Shiloh Winery Tour

Wines from the Shiloh Winery are sold across Israel. However, there’s something truly special about the vineyards of this beautiful winery. Located in the Shomron Hills, the grapes are grown on the land believed to have been bestowed by the patriarch Jacob as an inheritance to his beloved son Joseph. Sages have taught that the grapes here are the sweetest in all of Israel. The winery provides a tour which explains more about their kosher winemaking processes, including the use of state-of-the-art technologies. The spectacular scenery across the hills of Judea will take your breath away.

5. Tzora Winery Tour

Winemaking in the Judean Hills has a history dating back 5,000 years. The Tzora Winery , situated next to Beit Shemesh, is a continuation of this fine tradition. The award-winning boutique winery offers visitors not only tours of its wine making process but also workshops on the finer details of wine production and the history of the local area. You can also sample and purchase sheep’s milk cheeses, delivered from local boutique dairies, and take a workshop detailing the cheese making process.

winery tour israel

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The Best Wineries To Visit In Israel

winery tour israel

Visitors to Israel’s wineries can enjoy an array of experiences, such as wine education, cheese and chocolate tastings, chef restaurants, vineyard tours and beautiful scenery. While there are many superb wineries to choose from, check out our favorites below.

1. golan heights winery.

The Golan Heights Winery at the Golan Heights, Israel.

2. Tishbi Winery

Tishbi Winery, Israel

3. Flam Winery

vineyard of Flam Winery in Eshtaol moshav in central Israel

4. Pelter Winery

Evangelist Christians Harvest Grapes For Israeli Wineries

5. Tulip Winery

Shop, Winery

Green grapes in a wine Vineyard.

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6. Carmel Winery

Carmel Winery, Zichron Yaakov in Israel

7. Binyamina Winery

Israel Golan Heights Gamla A vineyard of the Binyamina Winery

8. Tabor Winery

The Vineyard

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winery tour israel


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  1. THE 10 BEST Israel Wine Tasting Tours

    Israel is home to some of the world's top vineyards Cheers, L'Chaim, Salud - Experience some of Judean Hills finest vines…. Free cancellation. from. $475. per adult. 11. Private Olive Oil and Wine Tasting from Golan and Galilee. Spring Break. 1-2 days.

  2. Welcome

    Israel Wine Tour. Custom tailored to suit you perfectly. Our tours include incredible off the beaten path vista points, vineyards, and sit down tastings led by the top Israeli Winemakers. We are Licensed Tour Guides. In addition to wine and beer tours, We are happy to offer an itinerary and pricing on just about any tour you would be interested ...

  3. 10 Best Wineries in Israel to Visit Throughout 2024

    Carmel Mountains Region. Carmel Wineries, Derech Hikav St. Zichron Yaakov 309502. As previously stated, Carmel Winery is a large historic winery located on Mount Carmel in the town of Zichron Ya'acov. The winery was built in 1892 and is the oldest industrial building still in use in Israel.

  4. My Israel Wine Tours

    My Israel Wine Tours invites you to 'sponsor a tour' and pay it forward. For each guest you invite, we'll match your gift and cover their +1. Give the gift of wine and laughter to our heroes and sheroes. We support 3 important communities here in Israel: Soldiers, Teachers, New Immigrants (Olim). Sponsor a tour.

  5. 10 best wine tours & tastings in Israel 2024

    Best Wine Tastings and Tours in Israel. Israel has a special connection with wines when it comes to biblical statements, referred to as "cradle of vines and wines". The word "wine" itself, appears in the bible 207 times! Nowadays, wine tasting and tours in Israel are full of incredible experiences.

  6. Visitors Center

    The tour includes: This workshop is intended for couples who would like an experience that is both unique and intimate. Commencing with a reception at the Wine Culture Center, this winery tour provides a historical background of Israel's first settlement, and the Israeli wine industry.A glimpse of the principal operational elements in both our commercial and boutique winery.

  7. 10 best wineries in Israel to visit in 2024

    Explore the Best Wineries in Israel. For a parcel of the world, Israel holds strong spiritual meaning - and a close relationship with wine. The Christian bible talks about the country as the "cradle of vines and wines", and mentions the very word "wine" 207 times.

  8. Wine Tours in Israel

    Gloria and Greg, Las Vegas. Enjoy exclusive and private wine tours in Israel. Discover boutique wineries. Explore scenic wine regions. Meet winemakers, owners, and senior staff. Wine tours from Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa, and all over Israel. Excellent Tripadvisor reviews.

  9. VineIsrael

    Exploring Israel, One Wine at a Time. Welcome to VineIsrael, your comprehensive guide to the thriving Israeli wine scene. We pride ourselves in hosting a directory that features over 300 remarkable wineries, from the lush vineyards of the Golan Heights to the pioneering establishments of the Negev desert. VineIsrael takes you on an immersive ...

  10. Israel Wine Tours

    Our Israel wine tours are made of interchangeable one and two-day trips. A one-day trip from either Tel Aviv or Jerusalem will give you an in-depth look at the wines of the highly regarded Judean Hills wine region. The two-day segment will see you taken north to the Golan Heights and visit wineries plus other places of interest at a relaxed pace.

  11. 12 terrific wine-tasting tours in Israel

    The winery offers four different experiences - tastings at its visitor center, a tour of the vineyards (complete with an alfresco picnic), a tour (and tasting) in the winery itself and a VIP guided tour for serious aficionados. 3. Binyamina Winery. Binyamina Winery is one of Israel's oldest, established in 1952.

  12. Israel Wine Tour from Tel Aviv or Jerusalem

    Book Israel Wine Tour from Tel Aviv or Jerusalem - 1 day as a private tour for yourself, your family or a group of any size and enjoy a personal experience. Book Now. Take an Israel Wine Tour to see the land of wine and cheese up close, and visit some of the country's most recognised and impressive wineries. In Biblical.

  13. Israel Wine Tour

    Our tours combine the history of wine making in Israel dating back over 2100 years, along with wonderful vista points and exquisite food, all accompanied by world class wines. Israel Wine Tour are Licensed Tour Guides by the Israeli Ministry of Tourism and are happy to offer custom tailored tours throughout Israel. Tel Aviv, Israel. Contact.

  14. Israel Wine Tour with a private & local Sommelier

    The Golan Heights is a truly exciting and fascinating region. with an enchanting, ancient history and picturesque landscapes. Thanks to the cool, unique climate and its volcanic basalt soils, the region is one of the best, most dynamic and renowned wine regions in Israel. It extends about 44 miles, From the cold, high altitude northern part, in ...

  15. THE TOP 10 Wine Tasting Tours in Israel (w/Prices)

    Judean Hills Wine Tasting Tour From Tel Aviv. 2. Israel is home to some of the world's top vineyards Cheers, L'Chaim, Salud - Experience some of Judean Hills finest vines treasures.Bring an empty stomach, or two :-) 5 hours.

  16. Wine and Culinary Tours

    Judean Hills Wine Tours. Depart Tel Aviv / Jerusalem at 8:30 Drive towards the Judean Hills, One of the oldest wine regions in the world and the only registered Appellation of origin in Israel. We will discuss the vast wine history of the area, the rise of boutique wineries in Israel, ownership of agriculture land in Israel, wine "politics ...

  17. A Wine Lover's Guide To Israel's Wine Tasting Tours

    The winery offers a guided tour that explains the wine making process, including wine tasting with excellent goat and sheep milk cheese, delicious breads, and vegetables at reasonable rates from Monday to Friday. Recanati Winery, 16 Gesher Haetz Street, Emek Hefer Industrial Park, Israel, 972-4-6222288. 5.

  18. Winery visit & tasting

    Carmel Winery - 11 am. A wine tour on the Carmel wouldn't be complete without a visit to the Carmel Winery, of course. Indeed, the vision of the Baron Edmund de Rothschild gave rise to this world class winery, the village of Zichron Yaakov, and Israel's wine culture that has blossomed ever since. Join us for an exclusive tasting inside ...

  19. Best Wineries in Israel

    Located in Zichron Yaakov (Israel's Napa Valley), Carmel Winery is globally recognized as one of the top wineries in Israel. With its rich history dating back to 1896, the tour will prove to be fascinating. The winery currently uses a mixture of old and new technologies allowing for fine wine that incorporates some of the winery's history.

  20. 5 Beautiful Winery Tours Near Jerusalem

    Here are just 5 wineries within a short drive from the capital: 1. Agur Winery Tour. Located near to the site where the Biblical David slew Goliath, the Agur Winery Tour is a must-see for fans of blended wines. During a tour of the boutique winery - run by the spiritual and visionary winemaker Shuki Yashuv - you'll discover more about ...

  21. Israel's Wine and Wineries

    The Golan Heights Winery is one of Israel's largest and most well-respected wineries producing under the Golan, Yarden, and Gamla labels. With a large visitors center, this is one of a few wineries really geared up to wine-lovers. Visits include a tour of the winery, as well as a movie, and wine tasting. Visits should be booked: 04-6968435.

  22. 12 wonderful wineries to visit in Israel

    Golan Heights Winery. Photo: courtesy. 2. Pelter Winery in Ein Zivan, Golan Heights, welcomes visitors daily from 10-4 (₪50 per person). Tour the winery and distillery and taste the wines, spirits and homemade goat cheese in the company of winemakers. A meal can be added by prior arrangement.

  23. The Best Wineries To Visit In Israel

    Their wineries are located in four different areas across Israel, such as Zichron Ya'akov and Rishon Le Zion, allowing for production of a wide variety of wines. The Carmel Wine & Culture is a new visitors' center which houses a wine store, restaurant, tasting rooms, a barrel room and a small cinema. 7. Binyamina Winery.