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A beautiful of Trip reports Voyageur Tripper

Create your perfect adventure

Detailed trip reports about real adventures – written by wilderness guides and backcountry enthusiasts

Canoe Route Planner - select campsite 2

Simplify planning - from permits to take out

Interactive planning tools turn your ideas into plans, and your plans into experiences

Map your route, day-by-day from trailhead to take out – distance, elevation gain and time estimations ensure your route works for you

Avoid the crowds - discover lesser known destinations

Detailed trip reports for routes outside the busy national and provincial parks

trip reports

Noganosh Lake Provincial Park: Pickerel River to Noganosh Lake (4 days / 35 km)

trip reports

Mattawa River: Blanchard’s Landing to Chant Plein Lake (3 days / 24 km)

trip reports

Temagami: Matagamasi Lake to Wolf Lake (4 days / 37 km)

trip reports

Lower Madawaska River: Paddler Co-op to Griffith (4 days / 37 km)

No permits, no problem - find routes on crown land.

Take last minute trips with routes that don’t require permits or reservations

Greenery on the rock in Big Sur Cone Peak

Cone Peak Loop: Hwy 1 to Cone Peak via Vincente Camp (40 km / 3 days)

trip reports

Steel River: Santoy Lake to Steel River Loop (7 days / 160 km)

Gladys River Trip Report - First Canyon at beginning of River

Gladys River: Gladys Lake to Teslin Lake (5 days / 75 km)

A tourist visiting the Howe Sound Crest Trail

Howe Sound Crest Trail: Cypress Mountain to Porteau Cove (3 days / 29 km)

Backcountry resources you can count on.

Get our free backcountry camping course delivered to your inbox – level up your skills in:

  • Planning Routes
  • Meal Preparation & Cooking
  • Wilderness Safety
  • Leave No Trace

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Bill W

Build the skills you need to thrive outside

Resources to get you the knowledge you need to explore the backcountry safely and comfortably

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the Luxury Travel Expert

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Flight reviews

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Wednesday newsletters always feature trip reports of my flights around the world (in Business and First Class), in addition to  luxury hotel reviews . Below, you find a list with all my flight trip reports so far. Click the thumbnail to be directed to my trip report.

  • My trip reports in Business Class
  • My trip reports in First Class


Review Air Belgium Airbus A330neo Business Class


trip reports


trip reports


review austrian airlines boeing 777 business class


trip reports


review british airways new business class suite


review cathay dragon A320 business class


cathay pacific first class review


review Delta A350 One Suite business class


Edelweiss Air Airbus A340 Business Class


review ethiopian airlines boeing 737 business class


trip reports


review eurowings discover a330 business class


trip reports


trip reports


kenya airways boeing 737 business class review


klm boeing 777 business class review


trip reports


review singapore airlines boeing 777 business class


review south african airlink embraer e190 business class


trip reports


swiss boeing 777 business class review


trip reports


review turkish airlines boeing 777 business class


trip reports


virgin atlantic A350 upper class review

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Great site, enjoyed keep up the great work

Looking forward to the reports. Great inspiration for Me!

Love your site. I love traveling and watching your you tube clips makes me want to fly right now. Your videos are probably the closest I will get to traveling first class.😪 Ah well. I will continue to dream. One day……

Thank you. I am glad you like my site. One day, I dreamed of flying First Class myself, before I realized that you don’t have to be rich to fly First Class. Perhaps you can follow some of my tips that I published today: http://wp.me/p4d1XU-EJP

You really need to try Eva Air, they are one of the new 5 star airlines. Excellent business class (Royal Laurel class) and great lounge in TPE airport. Highly recommended Food is amazing and the flight attendants are too.

Don’t you have any reviews on Singapore airlines, Lufthansa, China airlines, KLM?

I will review Lufthansa, KLM and Singapore Airlines next year

Uh oh… I strongly advise to not fly on a United aircraft, even a 787, unless your flying 1st class, Business class on United is bad.

Never fly on SAS. Just don’t do it. Our bag has been missing for three days. No one answers the phone. Can’t even leave a message. The Chicago police today inform me they have had TWO calls about SAS missing bags at OHare today alone. Sooooo NEVER fly SAS!! Ever.

try searching flights at homecityflights.com, flights ordered by price, departure city can chosen from 300 world major cities.

You should fly on a lot of A350s.

Hi! I wanna ask you if you could make a review of a flight with a Brazilian airline…

Americans Airline, Just amazing — they’ve never been late for me, but Americans Airline Cancellation Policy is a little bit difficult to understand. After searching so much about the modification policy, finally, I got a solution by {Airlinespolicy.com}. They have crisp, short, and relevant information about modification, cancellation, check-in, Baggage, and Pet policy. They helped me a lot during the harsh Covid-19 time. I am very thankful to the team of airlinespolicy.

Looking to change your Air Canada flight? Check out our new policy! The new policy will allow customers to make one free change to their flights, as long as the change is made at least 14 days before the original departure date. For more information on Air Canada change flight policy , and how to change your flight, Visit our site.

Sun Country Airlines is a low-cost airline. The airline offers a range of domestic and international flights to popular vacation destinations at affordable prices. In terms of Sun Country Cancellation Policy it allows passengers to cancel their reservations within 24 hours of booking without incurring any cancellation fees.

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