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Alaska Cruise Tours:

A cruise tour is a voyage and land tour combination, with the land tour occurring before or after the voyage. Unless otherwise noted, optional services such as airfare, airport transfers, shore excursions, land tour excursions, etc. are not included and are available for an additional cost.

Vacation Packages

Choose your european adventure, choose your own european adventure; discover secret beaches in greece, explore ancient castles in ireland or hunt down the best wine in france..

Explore the museums of Madrid, sip espresso by the canals of Venice and witness the Changing of the Guard in London. Europe has something to offer everyone.

  • Netherlands

Limited-Time Deals

Greece limited-time deals.

Athens, Santorini, Mykonos, Crete $300 Instant Savings Book by 2/29/24

Spotlight on Paris

Daily Breakfast Round-Trip Transfers Exclusive Costco Member Savings on Select Hotels

Featured Deals

Paris: exclusive package.

Daily Breakfast Exclusive Costco Member Savings Book by 2/29/24

Discover Europe by Rail

Vacation Packages that Include Rail Transportation Daily Breakfast

Best of Italy: Your Way

Daily Breakfast Private Airport Transfers and Rail Tickets Costco Member Savings

Athens, Santorini and Mykonos: Your Way

Daily Breakfast $300 Instant Savings

Ireland: Your Way Package

Dublin, Killarney and Galway Daily Breakfast Self-Drive Countryside

London and Paris: Your Way

Daily Breakfast $400 London Tour Credit Rail Tickets on Eurostar, Executive Member Benefits

Venice, Florence, Rome and Sorrento: Your Way

Daily Breakfast Executive Member Benefit at Select Hotels

European Discovery

London, Paris, Venice, Florence, Rome Daily Breakfast, $400 London Tour Credit Executive Member Benefit at Select Hotels

London, Paris and Amsterdam: Your Way Package

Daily Breakfast $400 London Tour Credit Private Airport Transfers, Rail Tickets on Eurostar and Thalys

The Costco Traveler Blog

Eating through italy, amazing amsterdam, epicurean paris, more about europe.

Europe blends its rich history and modern innovation seamlessly. From the catwalks of Paris fashion week to the awe-inspiring ruins of Greek temples you'll find it hard to fit everything into one vacation. The vast expanse of Europe is covered in numerous cultures, languages and landscapes that can make you feel like you've been transported onto the set of a movie. Sit down for a cup of tea in London, learn how to make your own pasta in Italy or simply take time to stare in wonder at the amazing Highlands of Scotland. Whether you're traveling with family, friends or your special someone, a trip to Europe will be a vacation to remember.

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  • June through August: 72° to 76° (Summer)
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Europe Vacations & Trips

Book a hotel + flight or car together to unlock savings.

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Your Europe Vacation

Ancient history, to-die-for cuisine, and rich culture galore: There’s almost too much to choose when you’re building a multi country European vacation package. From the romance of Paris and Rome to edgier Berlin and London , Europe’s capitals are fascinating, with show-off sights and secret gems. Step away from urban life and discover the empty golden beaches of Greece or the fertile wine lands of Bordeaux . Come winter, there’s no place more magical than Europe. Ski the snow-covered, beer-filled Austrian Alps on a European ski vacation package, visit Santa at home in Lapland on a European family vacation package, or dip into the mulled wine and gingerbread magic of Europe’s Christmas markets to level up the romance. There’s so much to fit in—one trip is never enough.

Top destinations in Europe

London featuring a city, a skyscraper and night scenes

The Latest Europe Vacation Packages

The Major

Reviewed on Feb 10, 2024

Smooth Hotel Rome West

Smooth Hotel Rome West

Reviewed on Jan 25, 2024

Occidental Aran Park

Occidental Aran Park

Reviewed on Aug 28, 2023

Occidental Aurelia

Occidental Aurelia

Reviewed on Feb 15, 2024

Ginevra Palace Hotel

Ginevra Palace Hotel

Reviewed on Nov 2, 2023

Your European Vacation

Whether you’re into beaches, history, food or landscapes, this diverse continent has enough to keep you occupied for a lifetime. Read on for ideas about cheap vacation packages in Europe and get your passport ready.

Beachside Bliss

For many travelers, the perfect Europe vacation package revolves around sun, sea and sand. Get your fill on Spain ’s most famous beaches, from San Sebastian and the Costa del Sol on the mainland to the warm-year-round Canary Islands . In Greece , hop through some of its 6,000 islands such as Santorini and Mykonos or sail to dreamy hideaways like Karpathos . With 300 days of sunshine annually and around 125 miles of coastline, it’s no surprise that the Algarve in Portugal is among Europe’s top beach resort areas. Meanwhile the Italian island of Sardinia , famous for its iridescent waters and fine white sand, regularly tops polls of the world’s best beaches.

Culture & Sightseeing

Packed with culture and major attractions, Paris is always a good idea! Climb the Eiffel Tower , stare at the Mona Lisa in the Louvre and wander the streets of charming Montmartre . In Rome , you’ll come face to face with history at almost every turn. Check out the Colosseum and Trevi Fountain before exploring Italy ’s other wonders like the Leaning Tower of Pisa and Grand Canal of Venice . In Athens , walk around the ruins of the Acropolis and in London , see Big Ben and Buckingham Palace . The mysteries of Stonehenge are a day trip away. How about a Europe vacation package to Barcelona ? Here, be wowed by the architecture of Sagrada Familia and dance the flamenco. Olé!

Outdoor Adventures

What if mountains, fjordlands or forests are your idea of heaven? When it comes to nature, Iceland dazzles with its electric blue ice caps, black-sand beaches and vast lava fields. Take a dip in the Blue Lagoon and tick a must-do off the list. If skiing is your thing, head for the Swiss Alps to shred under the shadow of the mighty Matterhorn . In the Scottish Highlands , hike the rugged Isle of Skye and keep an eye out for the Loch Ness Monster (Nessie) at Loch Ness lake. Scandinavia is a dream for outdoor enthusiasts. Sail through the fjords of Norway , chase the northern lights in Finland and hike through lush forests around Stockholm , Sweden . Be sure to add some activities or experiences to your Europe vacation package for the ultimate adventure.

Vacations for Foodies

It’s time to eat your way through Europe! In Brussels , Belgium , chow down on moules-frites (mussels and French fries), Belgium chocolate and waffles and then wash it all down with a beer. Bring your appetite to the birthplace of pizza, Naples . Order a slice from a hole-in-the-wall restaurant to find out why it’s considered the world’s best. While you’ll no doubt think of wine when it comes to Bordeaux , this French culinary haven is also renowned for its oysters, foie gras and canelé pastries. Tapas, paella and churros dipped in chocolate are on the menu in Madrid , while Portugal’s capital Lisbon serves up delicacies from pastéis de Belém (custard tarts) to grilled sardines.

Europe Packages on a Budget

If you’re looking for cheap vacation packages in Europe , Budapest won’t break the budget. The Hungarian capital’s exceptional beauty and famous landmarks (like Buda Castle ) have earned it the nickname of the “Paris of the East.” In Slovenia , pristine nature full of mountains, rivers and caves await along with castles and museums. Want to do the Mediterranean on the cheap in Malta ? There are gorgeous beaches, charming villages and medieval fortified cities to explore. Sicily also serves up a stellar lineup of sights for less, from the Valley of the Temples in the Province of Agrigento to the volcanic Aeolian Islands .

Luxury Locations

With destinations like the Amalfi Coast to tempt you, a European vacation package is your opportunity to splurge. This stretch of Italian coastline is home to Mediterranean superstars like the cliffside village of Positano and Capri , where you’ll find the magical Blue Grotto . If the French Riviera is calling your name, say bonjour to the “billionaires’ playground” of Monaco . Hit the famous Monte Carlo Casino and maybe even cruise around on a luxury yacht. Glamorous Nice , Cannes and Saint-Tropez are just over the border in France . Ibiza is one of Spain’s most famous luxury destinations. Its crystal-clear waters, white sands and epic nightlife have long attracted celebrities and party-loving travelers.

Save on Europe Packages

Wherever you choose to go, you’ll save with Expedia’s cheap vacation packages to Europe . For example, discover the best of London or book a Rome package to marvel at the Vatican and Sistine Chapel . Wander around the Louvre Museum on a Paris vacation — alternatively, if Amsterdam is more your style, then book one of our bundles and you’ll be taking a private tour of the city and experiencing its world-famous nightlife soon enough. Europe vacation packages start at $833* and can save you heaps.

Flights, hotels and rental cars, or any combination of them — the choice is yours when it comes to creating your package. Prices depend on exactly what you bundle, and whether you add extras like tours and experiences. Other factors include the length of your trip, hotel rating, time of year you travel and where you’re flying from. You can unlock even more discounts on your European escape by simply booking your flight and hotel together, rather than booking separately. Europe package savings can add up to as much as 68%** . Still haven’t picked your destination? We recommend exploring unmissable Prague — where great package savings means more cash to spend on eating hearty pork knuckles and sightseeing at Prague Castle !

How to Plan Your Europe Vacation

Select one of our ready-made cheap packages to Europe or build your own customized trip – all you need to do is enter your desired destination and travel dates. Take your pick of hotels, resorts or vacation rentals, add flights and/or a car rental and get incredible prices. You can sort your results by price, amenities and more.

Wondering when to travel to Europe? Peak season is June, July and August. Expect sunny weather, long days and plenty of excitement, but also higher rates and large crowds. If you really want to save, consider the quieter months of April through mid-June, or September through October. The low season, November through March, is another option. While it may be cold, you’ll usually get the best hotel and airfare deals, not to mention fewer tourists.

Looking for cheap all-inclusive Europe vacation packages ? Select the all-inclusive filter and we do the rest. Simply pick one of our awesome properties and you’ll get food, drinks and activities included in the price. Check out our all-inclusive stays in Europe for the ultimate stress-free vacation!

* Prices and availability are subject to change. Additional terms apply.

**Savings based on all package bookings with Flight + Hotel made on Expedia from 2019-04-01 - 2020-03-31 as compared to the price of the same components booked separately. Savings will vary based on origin/destination, length of trip, stay dates and selected travel supplier(s). Savings not available on all packages .

Top Vacation Destinations in Europe

An image of spain

Experience vacation packages in Spain where Islam meets the west

In Spain, you can experience a unique culture whose medieval influences draw from Islamic and Western cultures. You'll see incredible architecture and a culinary tradition that's unlike anything anywhere else. See concerts in astoundingly posh performing arts halls or walk museums with unique and ancient treasures. Explore urban markets filled with delectable sights and smells, then take a bit of the culture home.

An image of italy

See the heart of the Roman Empire with Italy vacation packages

Italy offers ancient culture, elegant architecture, and artwork showcasing the Renaissance Masters. You can head for Venice and take a gondola ride. Head for Rome and see the Colosseum, or see the ruins of Pompeii. Visit the Vatican and see the Sistene Chapel. Head for a sidewalk cafe for a cappuccino or enjoy mouth-watering cuisine. Don't be surprised if, when you go home, you're speaking a little Italian.

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Head for the Emerald Isles with Ireland vacation packages

Ireland offers the chance to explore vast, rolling hills and experience famous landmarks like the Cliffs of Moher. You can kiss the Blarney Stone or take a tour of the original Guinness brewery. See medieval castles and cathedrals or even unusual museums tracing the history of crime and punishment. Ireland offers a wealth of things to do and provides thriving nightlife as well as family-friendly events.

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Walk the footsteps of Vikings on Iceland vacation packages

Iceland is defined by dramatic rock formations, volcanoes, geysers, and other geological features and by its eco-friendly way of life. Its capital city is run entirely on geothermal power. You can see stunning natural vistas with serene blue mountain lakes and heavily forested mountain valleys. You can tour ice caves and visit museums rich with Norse culture. Take a walk back to the ancient days of Europe.

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Head for the birthplace of democracy on a Greece vacation

A vacation in Greece lets you see the place where the famed mythology of Zeus and Heracles was born. You can visit ancient sites like the Parthenon, cities like Athens that combine ultramodern urbanism with millennia-old culture, and see medieval sites of stunning architecture. Visit museums and walk through traditional marketplaces, where you can try everything olive. Enjoy delicious food and wine, and soak up the culture.

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Experience vibrant nightlife with an Amsterdam vacation package

Amsterdam is renowned for being a party town. Aside from its famous red-light district and vibrant nightclubs, however, the city offers an array of things to see and do, many of which are family friendly. It's filled with art and culture museums, outdoor adventures, open-air theaters, and quirky shops selling handmade toys and games. Whether you're an adult or a kid, there's a party in Amsterdam for you.

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The Best Places to Go in Europe in 2024

By CNT Editors

The Best Places to Go in Europe in 2024

All products featured on Condé Nast Traveler are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

This is part of our global guide to the Best Places to Go in 2024 —find more travel inspiration here .

In considering the best places to go in Europe in 2024, we asked our expert contributors to nominate the destinations that are on the up—either because of a flock of hotel openings, perhaps, murmurings of Michelin arrivals, shiny new museums, or a concerted conservation effort taking root. Across the continent, we heard about a first-time sports events in Italy ; astonishing nature and new glampsites in Scandinavia ; and an unexpected surf scene in France with heightening buzz. There are also classic Greek escapes, which are easier to reach than ever before, and Hungarian cities evolving wholesale in time for major anniversaries.

What follows is an edit of Europe's countries, regions, cities, and neighborhoods that are worthy of your time and attention in 2024—all thoughtfully selected by our editors at Condé Nast Traveller UK and Spain . It's just a fraction of what Europe has on deck in the year ahead, but it's, we feel, the best place to start. Happy travels.

All listings featured in this story are independently selected by our editors. However, when you book something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

The Best Places to Go in Europe

Antwerp, belgium.

Go for: intriguing new architecture and a clutch of sharp hotel openings

Enjoy the cocktails at August in Antwerp then head next door for dinner at the new Untitled which offers rustic dishes...

Enjoy the cocktails at August in Antwerp; then head next door for dinner at the new Untitled, which offers rustic dishes from a renowned team.

August and sister property Hotel Julien showcase the effortless cool that characterizes Belgium's most underrated city.

August, and sister property Hotel Julien, showcase the effortless cool that characterizes Belgium's most underrated city.

So often overlooked in favor of its Dutch neighbor Amsterdam —or mistakenly written off as being as staid as Brussels— Antwerp is easily Belgium's most underrated city. In fact, the diamond capital of the world is somewhat of an undiscovered gem, with plenty of cool and culture for a weekend romp. There’s an impressive concentration of Michelin-starred restaurants to rival major European capitals. Perhaps best known is two-star The Jane , which was ranked number 39 in this year's World’s 50 Best Restaurants list and will celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2024. If the exquisite 14-course tasting menu htere is out of budget, the restaurant’s sleek new bar, Untitled , which opened earlier this year, offers rustic dishes at a more accessible price point, all lovingly plated before your eyes by chef Joeri Timmermans. After dinner, roll yourself next door to bag a bed at August (a former Augustinian convent turned supremely serene sanctuary), or for a sleepover in the heart of town, sister property Hotel Julien is a design-led favorite. Once you’ve eaten your way through the city’s culinary offerings, walk it all off Zuidpark, an ambitious development set for completion by spring 2024. Pinned to be one of Antwerp’s leafiest havens, the seven-hectare park will have 30,000 plants and several smart water features—all part of the city’s continual effort to be greener. — Gina Jackson

Asturias, Spain

Go for: eco-focused tourism that doesn't scrimp on luxury

Sink into Asturias's mountainous landscapes at Ecoboutique's Solo Palacio in the Picos de Europa mountain range where...

Sink into Asturias's mountainous landscapes at Ecoboutique's Solo Palacio, in the Picos de Europa mountain range, where smart interiors beg travelers to stay a while.

In this lessertrammeled slice of Spain rural hotels provide a place to rest your head between days spent hiking and...

In this lesser-trammeled slice of Spain, rural hotels provide a place to rest your head between days spent hiking and visiting Michelin star restaurants. Talk about balance.

While the pandemic generated a new type of traveler—increasingly nature-loving and environmentally conscious—Asturias did not have to reinvent itself to attract them. The tagline “Asturias, natural paradise,” created almost 40 years ago, represents everything we look for in a getaway. Perhaps that is why this autonomous community is the most dynamic destination in northern Spain; it welcomed more than 2.4 million visitors last year, with more international travelers than ever. The climate also helps: heatwaves are barely noticeable. This is the year to discover its natural spaces, many of them UNESCO Biosphere Reserves , via rejuvenated routes such as the Camino Primitivo, a calmer branch of the popular Camino de Santiago , through some of the country’s least-known regions. Spain’s first rural hotel, La Rectoral de Taramundi , opened here, and other noteworthy addresses include PuebloAstur Eco-Resort in the Picos de Europa mountain range, Ecoboutique’s Solo Palacio and Las Caldas Villa Termal . Alternatively, book into new arrivals Palacio de Figueras from the Vestige Collection or CoolRooms’ Palacio de Luces . The food scene also makes Asturias unmissable. Its “landscape cuisine” rivals that of the Basque Country . There are 11 Michelin stars peppered around the region as well as an emerging culinary movement in the Caudal and Nalón valleys, while chefs such as Natalia Menéndez (Casa Chuchu), Diego García (El Pintu), Paula Lamas and Jairo Rodríguez (Roble), and Xune Andrade (Mont) are on the rise. Regional capital Oviedo is aiming to be the country's Gastronomic Capital for 2024, bringing together more than 200 chefs at the Euro-Toques conference in April. — Clara Laguna

Biarritz, France

Go for: a sweet surf scene in a lesser-known stretch of the Basque Country

Sunsoaked Biarritz has built on its Belle Époque heritage with hotels like Villa Magnan .

Sun-soaked Biarritz has built on its Belle Époque heritage with hotels like Villa Magnan (unsurprisingly, you may fine local interior designers sitting beside you at its restaurant).

Breathe in the salty air atop the roof terrace at Regina Biarritz a new opening from the Parisianborn Experimental...

Breathe in the salty air atop the roof terrace at Regina Biarritz, a new opening from the Parisian-born Experimental Group—and added proof that the surf town is having a comeback.

Just over the border from San Sebastián , the French resort town of Biarritz is prepped to step out of the shade of its Michelin-star-studded Spanish Basque counterpart and welcome a new generation of sophisticate. These travelers are booking into its artfully resuscitated Belle Époque hotels, including Experimental’s brand new Regina Biarritz , Unbound’s Hôtel du Palais , and enigmatic indie Villa Magnan (book a table at De Puta Madre and dine with local interior designers and filmmakers). The late 20th century was not kind to this beautiful town on France’s southwestern coast , its dwindling fortunes and faded grandeur standing in stark contrast to its late-19th-century and early-20th-century heyday, when Emperor Napoleon III had his summer palace here, and his Spanish wife Eugénie promoted Biarritz as a health resort. Happily, in-the-know Spanish and French urbanites have rediscovered this delight, lapping up a hip surf scene (Biarritz is one of Europe’s oldest surf destinations, thanks to a bunch of Americans who visited in the 1950s) and fueling a youthful Basque culinary scene, from the thrilling Les Halles covered market to neo-bistro Epoq and Michelin-starred favorites such as L’Impertinent . — Anna Hart

Bodø, Norway

Go for: stargazing, spectacular nature, and can't-miss cultural events

The aurora borealis are one of the biggest draws for those visiting Bodø in winter, but cultural events in 2024 will means days equally full of colorful entertainment.

Bodø’s position on the pristine shores of northern Norway affords it endless days in the glow of the midnight summer sun and shocks of fluorescent light come winter, when the aurora borealis erupt onto the night sky. This small Arctic fishing town is a European Capital of Culture for 2024, which will result in the area’s largest-ever arts program, including about 1,000 events and an influx of people interested in creativity in all its forms. The region’s unique Sámi heritage is championed here, while striking modern expansion is seen in buildings such as the world-class, harbor-fronting Stormen Concert Hall , which can hold 900 people and will form a crucial centerpoint for the celebrations.

Beyond its cultural accolades, Bodø is also the gateway to the ethereal Lofoten Islands . The dramatic landscape of fjords and jagged peaks makes it a perfect playground for adventurers and photographers alike, offering unforgettable, dramatic views. Adding to Bodø’s appeal is its burgeoning food and drinks scene (try Lystpå for dinner and Brødrene Berbusmel Bakery for breakfast) as well as exciting new places to stay. The Wood Hotel will open in 2024, offering the town’s most luxurious lodgings yet, with pared-back Scandi design and floor-to-ceiling windows. For something a little more in tune with nature, try GlampNord .— Rosie Conroy

Budapest, Hungary

Go for: a fresh take on the 150 year-old city

As the city of Budapest turns 150 an overwhelming sense of oldmeetsnew is inspired by historic attractions living...

As the city of Budapest turns 150, an overwhelming sense of old-meets-new is inspired by historic attractions living alongside just-opened hotels (such as the art deco-inspired W, above) and futuristic buildings (like the House of Music Hungary).

Renowned for its architecture, the Hungarian capital is home to everything from art nouveau and neoclassical to gothic and baroque, with the Blue Danube connecting it all like a ribbon. And then there are the mineral-rich thermal baths, featuring ornate design flourishes. The city also buzzes with creativity, which spills over into the vibrant nightlife; the ruin bars district is a tangible example of crafting opportunity from the ashes of adversity following the brutality of Communist rule. November 2023 marks 150 years since the previously divided cities of Buda, Pest, and Obuda were unified, as well as a series of cultural events. The Chain Bridge—the city’s oldest and a “symbol of togetherness,” according to Mayor Gergely Karácsony—has fully reopened after a two-year restoration, granting excellent views of Buda Castle and the Hungarian Parliament Building. New builds such as the spectacular House of Music Hungary and the National Athletics Centre (the central stadium for 2023’s World Athletics Championships) are testament to a city with optimism for its next 150 years. The art deco W Budapest —formerly a palace and on a UNESCO World Heritage-listed street—opened in July 2023 opposite the Hungarian State Opera. Also in the Marriott portfolio is the Dorothea Hotel , with its 216 rooms and glamorous rooftop restaurant. In keeping with the musical events celebrating the 150th anniversary, the 2022 opening of the Hard Rock Hotel—Eastern Europe’s first—combines musical memorabilia (Prince’s faux-fur coat in a shade of, unsurprisingly, purple) with an in-thick-of-it location on Nagymező Street, Budapest ’s legendary louche entertainment strip. — Sarah Rodrigues

Carlsberg City District in Denmark

Go for: new-new-wave eateries in the city's district of the moment

Petit fours are served at Studio a new restaurant from acclaimed chef Christoffer Sørensen. It joins a select set of...

Petit fours are served at Studio, a new restaurant from acclaimed chef Christoffer Sørensen. It joins a select set of eateries in the Carlsberg District.

From Studio's food to fashion ateliers and design houses Carlsberg is an intentional hub of creative newness in the...

From Studio's food, to fashion ateliers and design houses, Carlsberg is an intentional hub of creative newness in the beloved Danish city.

For 161 years, Copenhagen ’s sprawling Carlsberg brewery held its secrets behind closed gates. When Carlsberg moved away in 2008, a plan was hatched to transform the old site, with its patinaed spires and life-size elephant statues, into a showcase neighborhood. What attracts residents to the emergent Carlsberg District also charms visitors: copious green space, easy public transit, and an evocative mash-up of contemporary and repurposed architecture, anchored by cherry-picked restaurants and shops. At the light-flooded Coffee Collective , they like to serve two roasts at once to contrast the beans’ terroirs. Aamanns , the pioneer of modernized smørrebrød, is also here, along with Neopolitan pizzeria Surt ; Kona , a destination izakaya from former Noma chef Philipp Inrieter, and Studio , by Christoffer Sørensen, a Michelin Best Young Chef. Home designers Carl Hansen and Søn , by Adelborg and PP Møbler have arrived. Fashion’s Henrik Vibskov has also moved in, packing his atelier with kaleidoscopic garments, in contrast with the classic suits of Deerest nearby. In December 2023, the Carlsberg brewery itself springs back to life, with a state-of-the-art, interactive visitors’ center and the revival of its 1847 bar-room. Also to come are Friday summer parties in the courtyard and the unveiling of namesake Carl Jacobsen’s lavish gardens, open to the public for the first time since their 1890 groundbreaking. Afterwards, retire to the windowseat of your room at Hotel Ottilia overlooking the construction cranes. In a city that believes in livable density, you’re witnessing smart urban planning unfold. — Betsy Andrews

Costa de Prata, Portugal

Go for : boho openings in an unsung corner of the country

Drive north of Lisbon to the quiet Costa de Prata where Areias de Seixo is one of several new hotels attracting an...

Drive north of Lisbon to the quiet Costa de Prata, where Areias de Seixo is one of several new hotels attracting an effortlessly cool crowd.

After bedding down at Areias de Seixo hit the worldclass waves lining the coast—like those Portugal's World Surfing...

After bedding down at Areias de Seixo, hit the world-class waves lining the coast—like those Portugal's World Surfing Reserve in Ericeira.

Not as show-offy as Comporta , much less known than the Algarve and with more surfer vibes than the Costa Vicentina, Costa de Prata (Silver Coast) is the strip of Portugal ’s Atlantic seaboard that we are most excited about right now. Start a south-to-north road trip in Ericeira, where Aethos Hotels opened an outpost in which smart design is combined with laid-back coastal cool at the end of 2022. It was hot on the heels of Immerso , a hotel full of local crafts and the same truly Portuguese personality as new restaurant and beach club Balagan. Heading north, Areias do Seixo continues to be a benchmark for luxury stays on the Costa de Prata, while in Nazaré, where German surfer Sebastian Steudtner rode a world record wave of 86 feet, Ohai Nazaré has family-friendly glamping. A visit to Obidos , one of the most beautiful towns in Portugal , is the perfect excuse to stay at the bohemian Literary Man or, if golf is more your thing, check in at Marriott’s Praia D’El Rey . Along the coast, surfing hub Peniche has standout beaches, including Consolação, and is a great jumping-off point for the Berlengas islands, an increasingly less secret paradise. The road trip ends in Aveiro, known as the Venice of Portugal, where MS Collection Palacete de Valdemouro has just opened under the Small Luxury Hotels banner. There’s no doubt that the Costa de Prata is on track to take gold. — David Moralejo

Cyclades, Greece

Go for: salty-air island-hopping made easier than ever

Stylish boutique hotel Kalesma Mykonos is opening a spa in 2024 marking a hotel boom throughout the cluster of islands...

Stylish boutique hotel Kalesma Mykonos is opening a spa in 2024, marking a hotel boom throughout the cluster of islands known as the Cyclades.

It will be easy to hop between Kalesma and islands like Mykonos Santorini Paros Milos and Ios thanks to new flights to...

It will be easy to hop between Kalesma and islands like Mykonos, Santorini, Paros, Milos, and Ios, thanks to new flights to and throughout the dazzling blue archipelago.

Is there anywhere more popular than the Greek islands right now? This past summer, the Cyclades—an island group that includes Mykonos , Santorini , Paros, Milos, and Ios—dominated social-media feeds with beautiful blue and white backdrops, thrilling beach clubs and nightclubs, and unparalleled shopping. With more smart stays being unveiled in 2024, as well as new flights, next summer is the time to make a Cyclades trip happen. Etihad , British Airways , and Saudia added new routes to various Greek islands in 2023, plus the 2022 launch of Cycladic , the first inter-island airline, means it’s easier than ever to get there. Hotel business is booming. Santo Pure in Oia on Santorini has just added 20 new suites, and next year it will be joined by sister hotel Santo Mine, a 37-suite luxury resort. Slick boutique hotel Kalesma on Mykonos will launch its spa for the 2024 season, including a hammam and cryotherapy area. Five-star, 80-acre Gundari Resort will open on Folegandros next May, while a new One&Only property will come to Kea in April. Such plush hotels are rare on these islands, expanding the options for luxury stays in the Cyclades. — Ali Wunderman

Go for: new hiking and biking trails, pristine countryside views

Kosovo's untouched valleys offer the perfect canvas for multi-day hiking and biking trips—like the Trans Dinarica cycling route, opening in 2024, which will wind its way past rivers, markets, and via ferrata setups.

Tiny Kosovo lacks the stunning beaches of Albania and luxury resorts of Montenegro, but Europe’s newest country has sky-scraping peaks, pastoral countryside and heart-warming hospitality, a combination ideal for multi-day hiking and biking trips. 2024 will mark the 25th anniversary since the end of the Kosovo war, and there's much to discover in the region now. Following in the footsteps of cross-border adventure trails such as the Peaks of the Balkans and High Scardus, the Trans Dinarica cycling route opens in 2024, making its way past the minarets framing Prizren’s eponymous river, through the Ottoman market town of Gjakova, and on to Peja. Perched on the edge of the Rugova Gorge, Peja serves as base camp for the country’s many outdoor adventures, including via ferratas and spelunking. A new paved path will soon connect the Lumbardhi River Promenade with the popular Health Trail—the beginning of the south-to-west route through the inaptly named Accursed Mountains. Two additional forthcoming routes connect trails in the Rugova Mountains to the gushing White Drin waterfall and Radac cave. Steps from the waterfall, the sleek, modern Ujëvara e Drinit Resort specializes in rooms with a view and fresh trout dinners. Through-hikers can rest weary bones and fill hungry bellies further from town at rural guesthouses such as Ariu , where traditional Kosovar dishes include flija, made with dairy produced on-site. — Naomi Tomky

Mallorca, Spain

Go for: an outpouring of exciting new hotels across the island

Whether you're looking for poolside cocktails or art installations beloved Mallorca has more where that came from in 2024.

Whether you're looking for poolside cocktails or art installations, beloved Mallorca has more where that came from in 2024.

The pool and gardens at Ikos Porto Petro a sleek resort that opened in 2023 in Mallorca add to the region's hearty...

The pool and gardens at Ikos Porto Petro, a sleek resort that opened in 2023 in Mallorca, add to the region's hearty roster of luxury stays.

The grande dame of the Mediterranean remains unrivaled thanks to its pitch-perfect brand of low-key luxury, exceptional service, and focus on sustainability. But in recent months, the Balearic island has added even more jewels to its crown; among them is Son Bunyola , Richard Branson’s latest hotel, in the Tramuntana Mountains. Not far from there, in the town of Puigpunyent, the team behind Andalucia’s stellar Finca Cortesin has opened Grand Hotel Son Net in a 17th-century manor house. Also adding to the excitement for 2024 is the slick styling of Ikos Porto Petro , farm-turned-boutique stay The Lodge , and Zel Mallorca —the first Zel hotel is a collaboration between Rafael Nadal and another homegrown big hitter, Meliá. As if that wasn’t enough, there’s also the Four Seasons , which takes over the much-loved Hotel Formentor; Mandarin Oriental Punta Negra; beachfront Aethos ; and Marugal, which has unveiled its second project on the island after Cap Rocat. Meanwhile, S’Arracer del Dimoni hotel will open in Santa Margalida, and Belmond La Residencia will continue its artists-in-residence program and the third edition of art installation Mitico, in collaboration with Galleria Continua. — María Casbas

Northern Italy

Go for: next-level cycling, need-for-speed motorsports, and a slow travel on a new train line

No longer secondfiddle to France cycling holidays in Italy are taking off—and the north of the country is where all the...

No longer second-fiddle to France, cycling holidays in Italy are taking off—and the north of the country is where all the action is unfolding in 2024.

For the first time ever, the first three stages of the Tour de France will take place in Italy in 2024, a historic moment for the country, the sport, and the prestigious race. Competitors will saddle up in Florence , head east towards Rimini on the Adriatic Coast , follow the Apennines north through Emilia-Romagna , and complete stage three in Turin . With their truffles and terroirs, Italy’s northern regions are best known for their gastronomic heritage, but two-wheeled pursuits have long been part of the landscape. The 1998 Tour de France champion Marco Pantani was born here, while professional racer Davide Cassani was instrumental in developing the Via Romagna, a nearly 300-mile network of cycling routes throughout the region. Now, tour operators have upped their game in time for the event: Tourissimo’s week-long cycle holiday is designed to provide guests with live-action access to the tour itself, plus the chance to conquer the hills and thrills of Emilia-Romagna. Ride International Tours and Ride Holidays have released new routes to reflect growing interest in the region, while the looping, leisurely route between Parma and Modena by Inn Travel leaves more time for sampling local delicacies along the way. Those more comfortable on four wheels will find the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix and the annual Motor Valley Fest , both in May, irresistible—this is the birthplace of Maserati, Ferrari, and Lamborghini after all—while those who prefer life in the slow lane can board new railway routes between Turin and Canelli with Fondazione FS ’s 1930s carriages or take Nightjet ’s overnighter from Verona to Liguria (via Milan and Genoa ). Make a final pit stop in Pesaro to find out why it’s been crowned the Italian Capital of Culture for 2024. — Anna Prendergast

Yorkshire, UK

Go for: star chefs leading a foodie revolution

The Abbey Inn is the latest Yorkshire opening from local foodie hero Tommy Banks—and with three luxurious bedrooms...

The Abbey Inn is the latest Yorkshire opening from local foodie hero Tommy Banks—and with three luxurious bedrooms launched in summer 2023, you won't have to travel far after indulging at one of the many Michelin-star restaurants in the area.

For a bewitching break in 2024, go north. Yorkshire-born sculptor Henry Moore once said: “The observation of nature is part of an artist’s life.” And Yorkshire has some of the most seductive nature: sweeping landscapes like living oil paintings; undulating dales and peaks; deep-forested moors with big skies; heady lavender fields; lofty woodlands filled with birdsong; and golden sandy sweeps skirting the peppermint-blue sea. The Brontës’ romanticism is not lost. In 2024, go stargazing in Yorkshire’s national parks at the magical Dark Skies Festival . The Yorkshire Balloon Fiesta will return to its new home at Castle Howard in 2024, with rainbow-bright, early-morning mass balloon flights and night glows. There were plenty of Michelin mentions for the county in 2023, with keen eyes on the 2024 list, so restaurants with rooms are ramping up. Just up the road from The Black Swan in Oldstead, Michelin-lauded chef Tommy Banks’ latest outpost, The Abbey Inn , opened in May and its three luxurious bedrooms, care of Tommy’s mother, were launched in July. For the ultimate culinary sleepover, stay two nights and eat at both restaurants. Newbie Mýse , helmed by chef-and-sommelier couple Joshua and Victoria Overington, is a petite restaurant with rooms set among caramel-colored cottages in the sleepy village of Hovingham. Book in for its creative tasting menu, then retire upstairs to one of the cosy-cool rooms. In June, Middleton Lodge , a sustainable luxury retreat bordering the Yorkshire Dales National Park, launched the Forest Spa in the heart of a serenely wooded estate. Don’t pass by honeycomb-hued Helmsley, with its emerging culinary scene and the recent opening of Pignut —a restaurant with a sustainable focus and impressive casual and tasting-menu options. Expect plenty more magic in 2024. — Rachel Everett


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Book flights to Europe starting at $401

Meghna Maharishi

Have you always wanted to tour the Colosseum, take a picture outside Buckingham Palace or see the Parthenon? These deals to some of Europe's most popular tourist destinations allow you to do so without shelling out tons in airfare. Round-trip flights to Europe are as low as $401.

While these deals are primarily available from major airport hubs in the U.S., they allow you to fly to Rome; London; Athens, Greece; and Milan — places that can otherwise cost closer to $1,000 to visit.

The travel dates for these marked-down flights are scattered from October to April and largely vary by destination. These prices are expected to only last for one to two days.

trip a deal europe 2024

Deal basics

Airlines: Air Canada, Lufthansa, Norse Atlantic Airways, Swiss and United Airlines. Routes: From Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Newark and New York. How to book: Use Google Flights to determine your travel dates and then book directly with the airline of your choice. Travel dates: Generally from October 2023 to April 2024, although dates vary by destination. Book by: The next one to two days.

Major kudos to Going for scouting these deals. For $49 a year, the site's Premium membership offers discounts of up to 90% and comes with a 14-day free trial. The Elite membership also finds premium economy, business-class and first-class deals.

Sample flights

There haven't been a lot of deals to Europe lately, so don't miss these fares — especially if you've been hoping to squeeze in a Europe trip either this year or in 2024.

Here are a few of the flights under this deal:

  • Norse Atlantic: John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) to London Gatwick Airport (LGW), starting at $401.
  • Norse Atlantic: Boston Logan International Airport (BOS) to LGW, starting at $450.
  • TAP Air Portugal: JFK to Rome Fiumicino Leonardo da Vinci Airport (FCO), starting at $477 (includes a layover in Lisbon, Portugal).
  • United: Newark Liberty International Airport (LGW) to FCO, starting at $544.
  • United: EWR to Milan Malpensa Airport (MXP), starting at $559.
  • Air Canada: Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) to Athens International Airport (ATH), starting at $583 (includes a layover in Toronto).

We recommend searching through Google Flights to figure out your travel dates and then booking your flights directly on the airline's website; direct airline bookings are more reliable if your flight is delayed, canceled or has a booking change.

For a flight from Newark to Rome, Google Flights displays a United flight as the cheapest option.

trip a deal europe 2024

All the fares featured here only apply to basic economy. United's basic economy for international flights allows passengers to bring a carry-on for free. However, it includes fees for seat selection and does not allow for ticket changes or upgrades.

trip a deal europe 2024

United will also typically offer bundles you can purchase along with your flight. For this round-trip journey, the Chicago-based carrier is offering bundles that include seat assignments, checked baggage and Wi-Fi.

trip a deal europe 2024

The cost to select an economy seat ranges from $27 to $37. A Preferred seat — essentially an economy seat that allows you to earn Premier qualifying points for United's MileagePlus program — costs anywhere from $57 to $79.

trip a deal europe 2024

Maximize your purchase

Use a card that earns bonus points on airfare purchases, such as:

  • The Platinum Card® from American Express ( 5 points per dollar on airfare booked directly with the airline or through American Express Travel , on up to $500,000 on these purchases per calendar year).
  • Citi Prestige® Card (5 points per dollar on airfare). The information for the Citi Prestige has been collected independently by The Points Guy. The card details on this page have not been reviewed or provided by the card issuer.
  • Citi Premier® Card (see rates and fees ), Chase Sapphire Reserve (3 points per dollar on airfare).
  • American Express® Gold Card (3 points per dollar on airfare when booked directly with the airline or through Amex Travel).
  • Chase Sapphire Preferred Card (2 points per dollar on travel).

For tips on making the most of your airfare purchases, read our guide to the best credit cards for booking flights .

Bottom line

Airfare to Europe is usually expensive, but these flight deals to some of the continent's most popular tourist destinations are discounted by almost 50%.

Snag these flights quickly, as they are sure to fill up soon.

21 new Europe trips for 2024  

trip a deal europe 2024

For an unforgettable adventure filled with cultural marvels, scenery and delectable cuisines, Europe is the place to be in 2024.   

Europe’s wealth of attractions include Renaissance art, historic architecture, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, stunning natural landscapes and some of the most delicious food you’ll ever put in your mouth. When it comes to holiday destinations, it’s a clear winner for travellers. This is why Intrepid has worked hard behind the scenes to bring you a new selection of awesome European trips for 2024 – get your luggage ready.

1. Hit the road less travelled in the Balkans

If you’re looking for something a little more under the radar, welcome to the Balkans. Often overlooked by tourists, this southeastern region of Europe has so many natural and historic gems waiting to be uncovered by travellers, and the perfect place to start is Intrepid’s new Albania Expedition . Think off-grid river hiking, birdwatching at breakfast, beachside hotels and sustainable farm-to-table dinners.   

2. Take the kids on an adventure in Croatia 

If your family desperately needs adventure, there’s no better place to spark everyone’s interest than Croatia. You can relax in beach coves and wander the cobbled city streets in search of sweet treats (or a much-needed crisp glass of wine for the parents). Take on the new eight-day Croatia Family Holiday and you could be teaching the kids constellations with a local astronomer, making yummy homemade pasta at sunset or biking around olive groves on scenic islands.  

3. Follow in the footsteps of artists and musicians

From Paris, the City of Light, to St Tropez, this new trip has all the best bits of France, with all the comforts of home. Splurge on Premium Best of France to stay in higher-end accommodation and take part in exclusive experiences. You’ll visit villages with local markets and private cooking classes, take a daytrip to the Burgundy wine region for a local tasting and enjoy snoozing in 16th-century Hotel la Magnaneraie.  

4. Dine on local delicacies in Slovenia and Croatia

Here’s one for the foodies who can’t get enough of Eastern Europe: Ljubljana to Split Real Food Adventure . Sample street food, bask in the beauty of Lake Bled with a kremna rezina in your hand, knock back a few glasses of local wines in the countryside and taste olive oils and dried fruits from an organic farm. Go truffle hunting, feast on homemade lunches, stroll through local markets in walled cities and cap it off in the World Heritage-listed Plitvice Lakes National Park.

5. Island hop in Greece with new friends

If you’re a young traveller daydreaming of glittering coastlines, Intrepid’s One Week in the Greek Islands is the wake-up call you need. This new adventure, designed for those aged between 18 and 29, is perfect for nature lovers and beach enthusiasts heading to Greece. Explore the ancient citadel of Athens, island-hop to find scenic swimming spots and enjoy delicious Greek faves like moussaka and dolma tucked away in an olive grove. With some nightlife and sunset views thrown in for good measure, it’s a pretty perfect introduction to Greece.

trip a deal europe 2024

6. Deep dive into Italy’s food, wine and artistic heritage  

If you’re heading to Italy for the first time, Essential Italy was created for you. This new 10-day Italian adventure covers must-visit cities like Venice, Verona, Cinque Terre, Pisa, Florence, Rome and more. Specially designed for 18 to 29s, this trip gives you loads of free time to choose your own adventure – whether it’s cruising the canals or making pesto from the pros – coupled with leader-led walks, hikes and all the nitty gritty details taken care of for you. 

7. Indulge in Croatian pasta and world-class seafood

This year could be the tastiest one yet, especially if you head to the Dalmation – a region renowned for its culinary offerings – on Intrepid’s new Croatia Real Food Adventure . You’ll sample olive oil-infused local dishes, including cured meats, makaruni, fresh bread, local jams and marmalades, cheeses, candied oranges and ocean-fresh fish. This six-day trip takes you through Split, Dubrovnik, Brac and Korcula – from iconic cities with medieval walls and coastal views to serene islands covered in olive groves. Get hands-on with a pasta class, indulge in a sugared walnut cake and drink your fill of local wines on the peninsula. 

8. Sail secluded coastlines in the Ionian Sea

Sailing the Greek Islands has never looked so good. Intrepid’s Greece Sailing Adventure is now available in two routes: Corfu to Kefalonia or Kefalonia to Corfu . Set sail on the Ocean Star 51.2, hopping between private islands and rolling hills, watching sunsets from the boat and swimming in some of the world’s cleanest waters. Dive into seldom-visited bays, explore small towns with friendly locals and kick back on the white shores of hidden coves.

9. Go lower-carbon and travel like a local

With sustainability at the forefront of our minds, we know the future of travel lies in the little things – like zipping around Europe on public transport. See Paris to Madrid by Rail and uncover some iconic bits of France and Spain. Get artistic in Paris’ Montmartre, find local-only lookouts with your expert leader and get off the beaten track in Nimes. From swimming under the Pont du Gard on a sunny day to biting into a fresh buttery croissant, this adventure will give you a local perspective. 


10. Cruise through mighty fjords in Scandinavia 

This once-in-a-lifetime Scandinavian experience will leave you with everlasting memories –  including an exclusive daytrip to Flam, where you’ll cruise through the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Western Norwegian Fjords. If cheese tastings in picturesque villages and staying in historic monasteries sound like your jam, Intrepid’s Premium Sweden and Norway trip has all of this and more. Hop on one of the world’s most spectacular train journeys, learn about Oslo’s sustainable missions and  munch on all the pastries in Stockholm’s Old Town. 

11. Uncover human history at Greek hotspots

You can’t do Europe without exploring one of the sunniest places in the world – we’re talking about Classic Greece of course. On this culture-filled trip, you’ll spend eight days ticking off landmarks like the Acropolis in Athens, hiking the Menalon Trail, standing at the foot of waterfalls and enjoying feasts in a family-owned winery. 

12. Make your way along the eastern coastline of Spain

Anywhere that lays claim to the origins of paella has got to be a great place to visit. Spain takes that crown, but it’s also home to festivals, dynamic art scenes and a coastline that sparkles like a Mediterranean jewel. The new Classic Barcelona to Madrid trip is a cava-laced trip with Roman history, artist workshops, sea views from the top of castles and all the tapas you can take. There’s a little something for everyone on this adventure. 

13. Hike, bike and kayak through Southern Greece

Head out on a week-long trip tailored to thrill-seeking nature lovers unafraid of a little sweat. On Intrepid’s Southern Greece: Hike, Bike & Kayak, you’ll pedal and paddle your way through historic Athens, venture towards monasteries carved into rockfaces, and discover Grecian island life. Whether you’re on foot, two wheels or water, this trip will awaken the adventurer in you. 

14. Bask in the Bohemian glow of central Europe

There’s a lot of cool stuff to see on the road from Berlin to Budapest. On this new eight-day trip, you can mix medieval castles with underground absinthe bars and explore central Europe with a local who knows all the best spots. Walk along the iconic murals that cover what’s left of the Berlin wall, listen to the echo of your voice from the heights of Bastei and find your rhythm to the smooth sounds of jazz in a low-lit bar in Prague. Whether you’re a bohemian at heart or just have dreams of cruising down the Danube, this classic route is a good place to start.

people looking at Berlin wall

15. Tick Central Europe’s icons off your bucket list

Discover Central Europe by spending a week in some of the hottest locations. This new trip offers you loads of free time, so you can tailor Budapest, Vienna, Salzburg, Bled and Venice to your tastes. Whether you’re a lover of art history or a nature enthusiast seeking mountain views, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for in these iconic cities. Customise your trip by taking a row boat in Lake Bled or hitting the ruin bars of Hungary with a local leader by your side.  

16. Combine Spanish splendour with Portuguese delights  

Immerse yourself in the Iberian Peninsula’s best bits on the new Classic Barcelona to Lisbon trip. For the food lovers there’ll be stops in the birthplace of paella, a trip to a cava winery in the heart of the Catalonian wine region and free time in Coimbra – the official European Region of Gastronomy. History buffs should look out for visits to ancient oceanside amphitheatres, tours of the 12th century town of Tomar and a stay in UNESCO World Heritage-listed Douro Valley. And that’s all without mentioning the glittering coastlines both east and west.  

17. Take a snapshot of western Europe’s highlights

Gladiators, artsy architecture and the City of Lights – if you haven’t seen the best bits of western Europe, this one’s for you. On the new Barcelona to Paris trip, wander the streets of northern Spain and eastern France at your own pace. Whet your appetite with an aperitivo and wander famous Gaudi architecture on the streets of Barcelona. Make the most of your free time in Girona, Nimes and Avignon with scenic journeys past mountain hideaways, emerald vineyards, Mediterranean coastlines and fields of wildflowers. Snack at local markets, tour Burgundy’s wine region and top it all off at the Eiffel Tower!

18. Get your heart pumpin’ for love, from Paris to Berlin

Discover the novelty of modern-day disco and eavesdrop on romance under the Eifel Tower on this route from Paris to Berlin – a trip packed with iconic landmarks and cultural activities. You can visit Brussels’ breweries, do your own thing in Amsterdam, wander through Het Steen Castle in Antwerp and watch the city of Bruges come alive as the sun sets – this is the western Europe you’ve been picturing. 

19. Look for the Loch Ness monster in scenic Scotland

Scotland has captured the hearts of many, and now you can see why on this Premium Scotland adventure. Head to the Highlands and discover a hidden forest folly and a whiskey distillery. Visit a rewilding centre and national parks, then cruise along Loch Ness and travel to the tiny isles of Seil and Easdale, the home of the world stone-skimming championships . You’ll also spend two nights in an estate from the 1400s with 40 acres of gardens.  

scotland rolling hills

20. Treat yourself to a taste of Croatia and the Balkans 

If you love a dinner with a view, our new Split to Skopje Real Food Adventure might be for you. Sample a selection of Croatia’s cuisine, indulging in plates of fresh seafood – including some of the finest oysters in the world – as you island hop along the Dalmation Coast. In the Balkans, dine on homemade meals in North Macedonia and meet the makers behind famous Njegusi smoked hams in Montenegro. Along the way, enjoy it all with the backdrop of the area’s stunning, historic cities.  

21. Walk a famous pilgrimage route in Spain

The UNESCO-listed Northern Way, or the Camino del Norte Hike , is part of Spain’s centuries-old Camino de Santiago – a pilgrimage route. You can follow in the footsteps of thousands of travellers before you by taking part in this spiritual and explorative experience. Trek the 190 km to Santiago Cathedral, the ending point of the pilgrimage, stopping to discover charming monasteries, villages and towns along the way.  

Discover these trips and more in our complete collection of Europe trips. Find out what else is new for 2024 with The Goods .

Feeling inspired?

trip a deal europe 2024

Chalice Faehse

Chalice Faehse is Intrepid's global product content lead, based in Melbourne. When she's not writing trip copy, she's hanging out with her little black cat or travelling. Her favourite places so far are Amsterdam (for the art, the gardens and the attitude) and Croatia (for the natural beauty, the sun and the architecture).

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Europe Tours & Trips 2024/2025

With so many cultural experiences, it's no wonder why a European tour is top of mind for many. Step back in time when visiting London 's famous landmarks, sample the finest wines in Paris, or get lost in the alleyways of Rome . Whether you want to relax on a Danube cruise , or don your hiking boots in Iceland , there's so much to see on a tour through Europe.

250+ Europe tour packages with 53,939 reviews

European Capitals (5) Escape - 11 Days Tour

  • In-depth Cultural
  • Christmas & New Year

European Capitals (5) Escape - 11 Days

We were not able to complete our travel due to the world situation with Covid19. We felt, however, that we needed to share our positive experience with DOT travel. From the booking process, helping to make arrangements to suit our family, and adapting the itinerary to accommodate our travel needs, DOT was nothing short of extraordinary with their customer service. Additionally, when we had to make the sad decision to cancel our trip due to the world events, DOT was understanding and accommodating and refunded us promptly with no cancellation fees. We will complete this trip when the world opens up again, and rest assured we will be booking with DOT travel eu.
  • £50 deposit on some dates Some departure dates offer you the chance to book this tour with a lower deposit.

Europe Escape - 12 Days Tour

  • Coach / Bus

Europe Escape - 12 Days

Wakey Wakey! Steve is very professional and very knowledgeable about all the places we visited. His passion for travel and history is evidenced by the way he runs his tours and all the information he provides. He is able to tell you in detail what to expect and even when to avoid purchasing things at extortionate prices. He manages his tours well and always found ways to make our days run smoothly. The 12 day escape is a great snap shot for anyone wanting to see the highlights of Europe without the hassle of organising it yourself. Thanks again Steve! Michael.
  • 10% deposit on some dates Some departure dates offer you the chance to book this tour with a lower deposit.

Europe Jewel - 14 Days Tour

Europe Jewel - 14 Days

Amazing tour! John, our tour leader and Ferenz our driver were a great team. We were fully immersed in the culture, food and experience of the cities we visited. Will travel with Expat again in the future.

The Great Adventure Tour

The Great Adventure

Israel was an amazing guide. My only critique would be how I was shuffled into other tours but with different timetables

European Cavalcade (End Paris, 18 Days) Tour

European Cavalcade (End Paris, 18 Days)

  • £130 deposit on some dates Some departure dates offer you the chance to book this tour with a lower deposit.

All About Balkans (4 Star Hotels) Tour

All About Balkans (4 Star Hotels)

The Travel talk tour guides were great. Some of the local guides could have been better. Mostly accomodation was great except one hotel we shared with 300 poorly controlled screaming kids when it was raining. Some of the evening optional meals were at very poor restaurants, the first night it took us 3 hours to eat and pay and there was food put out for us that was not ordered and we had to pay for it. It is a very fast paced snap shot of some amazing places in the Balkans and northern Greece. There's alot of time in the bus but overall it was a great experience with some great people.
  • £100 deposit on some dates Some departure dates offer you the chance to book this tour with a lower deposit.

Genuine Europe Tour

Genuine Europe

For my overall review about this tour - it is excellent. But I would like to give suggestion regarding transfer from airport to hotel. If you can make the waiting time starts after 1 hour of the plane arrival and give 1 hour waiting or more , it will be more convenient to your future client . 1 hour to get out of the airport after plane arrival is very unlikely to happen. We miss the transfer service and because of this we had a very sad experience on the taxi we get going to the hotel.

Balkan Discovery (4 Star Hotels) Tour

Balkan Discovery (4 Star Hotels)

Amazing tour guide, bus driver and all the guests. Would have loved to see more of Bosnia

Balkan Kaleidoscope Tour

Balkan Kaleidoscope

I booked a tour in 2020 with Penguin, which was canceled due to the pandemic. However, Penguin Travel has been great to deal with all the way through this pandemic and travel uncertainty. I finally was able to take a tour with them this month (Oct. 2021) and it was worth the wait. The tour was fast paced with a great balance of organized activities and free time. Our tour guide Anton was excellent - always calm, organized and his great sense of humor kept us all laughing. It was my first time traveling with Penguin tours but it won't be my last. Great tours and customer service. I highly recommend.

Britain and Ireland Delight (Summer, 8 Days) Tour

Britain and Ireland Delight (Summer, 8 Days)

Great tour, fast paced but lots of fun. James was great, lots of jokes and fun and he went the extra mile for everyone. Rooms variable but beds always clean and comfortable. Coach was kept very clean

The Best of Eastern Europe Tour

The Best of Eastern Europe

It is a good tour to Eastern Eunrope

Essential Britain & Ireland Tour

Essential Britain & Ireland

Covered alot of ground and very busy of course with never enough time, but that was expected. Great driver, found tour director somewhat unenthusiastic - would have liked more concise info on how each day was going to progress and a little more interaction with the group. Hotel Metropole was so hot and too noisy to have window open - most of the hotel rooms were so hot all night. Holiday Inn York room was rather well tread and dirty. Other than that a great trip with excellent meals except the dinner at Holiday Inn York.

European Encounter (Summer, Start London, 16 Days) Tour

  • Sightseeing

European Encounter (Summer, Start London, 16 Days)

Get Social: Central & Eastern Europe Tour

Get Social: Central & Eastern Europe

Vinnie is an absolute legend. He always goes out of his way to make everything simple and easy for the group. He really knows his stuff particularly about the Holy Roman Empire and he has the most soothing voice! He's always friendly, approachable and down for a good time. Plus he absolutely loves to be hugged! Topdeck let's go let's go!
  • £60 deposit on some dates Some departure dates offer you the chance to book this tour with a lower deposit.

Tour from Athens to Dubrovnik or Split: 7 Balkan countries in 14 days Tour

Tour from Athens to Dubrovnik or Split: 7 Balkan countries in 14 days

Traveling from Australia to Europe is quite a long journey, so we wanted to see as much as possible while in Europe. We are so glad we got this tour. The tour was very convenient for us as they picked us up from our hotel in Athens and the tour was very well designed. You had enough time to visit historical sites, but also time to explore the area your self. The tour guide was very professional and gave us in-depth information about the history of this region. The group was small and we enjoyed as almost a private tour. We lo

Europe Tour Reviews

I just got back from my 3rd solo trip with Expat Explorer & can't wait to join some more. This time was a 12 day Christmas and New Year's Europe Escape 2023/2024 and being the first time I was ever away from home for the holidays, it was truly magical, everything I imagined plus more. Our tour guide Luke was very personable, knowledgeable, caring and simply fun. He went out of his way to make sure each and everyone of us was well taken care of & provided plenty of ideas/options to us to get the most we could get out of each and every single day. Luke even dressed up as Santa Claus on Christmas Day!?! Our driver, James, was very professional, courtesies and when able, took the time to get to know us but always made it a priority to get us to our next destination as well as keep us safe. This tour is fast-paced with plenty of early morning departures and lots of walking but in doing so, the trade off is that you get to experience as much as possible in each of the various destination cities along the way. As a solo traveler, I never felt unsafe or alone and the camadarie of our group was instant. I appreciate that Expat Explorer allows you the freedom to decide between various pre-set excursions in the various destinations or the opportunity to explore on your own and/or even some combo of the two. If you are on the fence about one these tours, I say do your self a favor and just book it :) - Christie Fick
Having Gustavo Gomes as a Team Leader and combination with Sebastiano as a Coach driver really made a difference in having a memorable experience our first trip in Europe.


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Top Travel Deals in Europe 2024/2025

Top 1624 Travel Deals in Europe with 6073 customer reviews. The below Europe travel deals are delivered by 176 of Europe’s tour operators, giving you tour discounts ranging from 3% to 53%, allowing savings upto USD 7500 per person.

  • Tours in Europe
  • Europe Travel Guide

+300 Travel Deals in Europe with 6,073 Reviews

Glimpse Of Europe Tour

  • Starts Amsterdam, Holland
  • Ends Paris, France

Glimpse of Europe

  • Best price guaranteed
  • No booking fees
  • Tour Type Group Tour
  • Activities Sightseeing Tours & Art and architecture Sightseeing Tours , Art and architecture & Cultural, religious and historic sites 'data-more-tripid='21253'>+1 more
  • Accommodation Hotel
  • Transport Private Vehicle, Coach & Boat
  • Age Range 5-99 yrs
  • Operated in English
  • Brochure Price: US$ 1,675
  • Special Deal (16%): - US$ 268
  • Total Price from: US$ 1,407
  • Apr 08 Only 7 seats left
  • Apr 15 Only 7 seats left
  • View More Jan 1, 2019 Jan 2, 2019 Jan 3, 2019

Europe Jewel Tour

  • Ends Amsterdam, Holland

Europe Jewel

  • Activities Cultural, sightseeing, food tours & Art and architecture Cultural, sightseeing, food tours , Art and architecture & City sightseeing 'data-more-tripid='37689'>+1 more
  • Transport Coach, Boat, Taxi & Train
  • Age Range 10-99 yrs
  • Brochure Price: US$ 3,120
  • Special Deal (29%): - US$ 890
  • Total Price from: US$ 2,230
  • Mar 29 Only 3 seats left
  • Apr 12 Only 2 seats left

Best Of Central Europe Tour

  • Starts Vienna, Austria
  • Ends Budapest, Hungary

Best of Central Europe

  • Tour Type Small Group Tour
  • Activities Sightseeing Tours & Art and architecture Sightseeing Tours , Art and architecture , Cultural, religious and historic sites & Mountains 'data-more-tripid='3044'>+2 more
  • Accommodation Hotel & Resort
  • Transport Train, Bus, Private Vehicle, Boat, Minibus & Taxi
  • Age Range 15-99 yrs
  • Brochure Price: US$ 3,775
  • Special Deal (15%): - US$ 566
  • Total Price from: US$ 3,209
  • Mar 30 Only 5 seats left
  • Apr 06 Only 3 seats left

Europe Taster Tour

  • Starts London, England
  • Ends London, England

Europe Taster

  • Activities City sightseeing & Art & architecture tour City sightseeing , Art & architecture tour , Art and architecture , & heritage & Cultural, religious and historic sites 'data-more-tripid='37695'>+3 more
  • Transport Coach, Boat & Train
  • Brochure Price: US$ 1,860
  • Special Deal (28%): - US$ 530
  • Total Price from: US$ 1,330
  • Mar 24 Only 4 seats left
  • Mar 31 Only 5 seats left

Europe Express Tour

  • Ends Rome, Italy

Europe Express

  • Trip customizable
  • Tour Type Independent Tour
  • Activities City sightseeing & Cultural, religious and historic sites City sightseeing , Cultural, religious and historic sites & Art and architecture 'data-more-tripid='38274'>+1 more
  • Transport Private Vehicle & Train
  • Age Range 18-99 yrs
  • Brochure Price: US$ 2,897
  • Special Deal (20%): - US$ 579
  • Total Price from: US$ 2,318
  • Feb 27 Only 10 seats left
  • Feb 28 Only 10 seats left

Get Social: Central & Eastern Europe Tour

Get Social: Central & Eastern Europe

  • Activities Explorer
  • Accommodation Bungalow & Hostel
  • Transport Coach, Bus & Helicopter
  • Age Range 18-39 yrs
  • Brochure Price: US$ 3,739
  • Special Deal (15%): - US$ 561
  • Total Price from: US$ 3,178
  • Apr 10 10+ seats left
  • May 08 10+ seats left

Paris To Athens Tour

  • Starts Paris, France
  • Ends Athens, Greece

Paris To Athens Tour

  • Activities Art and architecture & City sightseeing
  • Transport Boat, Flight & Train
  • Brochure Price: US$ 2,571
  • Special Deal (20%): - US$ 514
  • Total Price from: US$ 2,057

Spain & Portugal: Flamenco & Tapas Tour

  • Starts Barcelona, Spain
  • Ends Madrid, Spain

Spain & Portugal: Flamenco & Tapas

  • Activities City sightseeing & Art and architecture City sightseeing , Art and architecture , Party and nightlife & Food tours 'data-more-tripid='4978'>+2 more
  • Accommodation Hostel
  • Transport Train, Bus & Coach
  • Brochure Price: US$ 1,799
  • Special Deal (15%): - US$ 270
  • Total Price from: US$ 1,529
  • May 24 Only 3 seats left
  • Jun 21 Only 7 seats left

All About Balkans (4 Star Hotels) Tour

  • Starts Sofia, Bulgaria

All About Balkans (4 Star Hotels)

  • Activities Sightseeing Tours & Art and architecture Sightseeing Tours , Art and architecture & Cultural, religious and historic sites 'data-more-tripid='17753'>+1 more
  • Transport Bus, Coach & Boat
  • Brochure Price: US$ 2,906
  • Special Deal (45%): - US$ 1,308
  • Total Price from: US$ 1,598
  • Mar 23 10+ seats left
  • Mar 30 10+ seats left

Irish Explorer Tour

  • Starts Dublin, Ireland
  • Ends Dublin, Ireland

Irish Explorer

  • Activities Art and architecture & Cultural, religious and historic sites
  • Transport Coach
  • Brochure Price: US$ 1,495
  • Special Deal (19%): - US$ 290
  • Total Price from: US$ 1,205
  • Mar 24 Only 5 seats left
  • Apr 14 Only 6 seats left

Baltic Capital Cities Tour

  • Starts Vilnius, Lithuania
  • Ends Tallinn, Estonia

Baltic Capital Cities

  • Activities Active and outdoor & Cultural, religious and historic sites
  • Transport Bus
  • Age Range 16-95 yrs
  • Brochure Price: US$ 1,540
  • Special Deal (8%): - US$ 130
  • Total Price from: US$ 1,410
  • May 18 Only 3 seats left
  • May 25 Only 10 seats left

Europe Escape Tour

  • Starts Rome, Italy

Europe Escape

  • Activities City sightseeing
  • Transport Coach, Boat & Taxi
  • Brochure Price: US$ 2,990
  • Special Deal (28%): - US$ 845
  • Total Price from: US$ 2,145
  • Mar 24 Only 6 seats left
  • Apr 07 Only 5 seats left

European Vistas Tour

European Vistas

  • Activities Natural landmarks sightseeing & City sightseeing
  • Transport Coach, Boat, Private Vehicle & Taxi
  • Brochure Price: US$ 1,890
  • Total Price from: US$ 1,360
  • May 04 Only 6 seats left
  • Jun 01 Only 3 seats left

Croatia Sailing Adventure Tour

  • Starts Split, Croatia
  • Ends Split, Croatia

Croatia Sailing Adventure

  • Activities Sailing, yachting and motor boating & National parks Sailing, yachting and motor boating , National parks & Chill out 'data-more-tripid='37268'>+1 more
  • Accommodation Yacht Cabin
  • Transport Private Vehicle, Yacht & Boat
  • Age Range 18-40 yrs
  • Brochure Price: US$ 2,150
  • Special Deal (40%): - US$ 860
  • Total Price from: US$ 1,290
  • May 29 10+ seats left
  • Jun 05 10+ seats left

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  • At 17 Jan 2024
  • Shamsiev Shokhrukh
  • At 16 Jan 2024
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Highlights of Classical Greece

  • Visit Athens, the capital of Greece
  • See iconic landmark in Athens
  • Visit Archaeological site of Mycena
  • See the charming town of Nafplion
  • See iconic site in Olympia
  • Explore Delphi, naval of the world
  • See the rock formation in Meteora

Greece Island Hopping

  • Visit the charming town of Naoussa
  • Relax in Paros' beautiful beaches
  • Capture the famous Santorini sunset
  • Sample local wines in Santorini
  • Enjoy the beauty of Santorini

Spitsbergen Photography: Domain of the Polar Bear

  • View iconic arctic wildlife
  • Enjoy continuous daylight
  • Cruise in a Zodiac
  • Learn techniques from photographers

Norway's Fjords and Arctic Svalbard

  • Explore the rare northern fjords
  • Paddle in a deep fjord
  • Explore Lofoten Islands
  • Visit the famous building in Tromso

Discover Iceland

  • Explore Reykjavik
  • Visit the Golden Circle
  • Search for whales
  • Circumnavigate Ring Road

Classic Italy

  • Ride the gondola in Venetian canals
  • Discover the Sistine Chapel
  • Explore the Vatican Museums
  • Marvel at the architecture in Siena
  • Savor authentic Tuscan cuisine
  • Enjoy the Tuscan countryside

Magna on the Danube - Budapest to Vilshofen

  • Experience Melk Abbey
  • Explore Passau
  • Discover Salzburg
  • Visit Vienna

Best of Iceland

  • Drive the Ring Road
  • Enjoy Whale Watching Tour
  • Visit National Parks
  • Wander Snæfellsnes Peninsula
  • Tour the Golden Circle

Highlights of Croatia

  • Visit Ancient ruins in Spilt
  • Visit Diocletian's Palace
  • Enjoy the coastline of Split
  • Explore the streets of Hvar
  • Visit Hvar, a historic port town
  • See Dubrovnik's historical sites
  • Taste fresh oysters in Ston

Mediterranean Enchantments

  • Visit the site of Delphi
  • Explore the Albanian Riviera
  • Marvel at the town of Kotor
  • Explore ports in 4 countries

Flavors of Portugal & Spain - Cruise Only

  • Explore Porto's historic old town
  • Taste Portugal's wines
  • Visit Nossa Senhora dos Remédios
  • Hike through Vega Terron, Spain

Mount Blanc Hiking Adventure

  • Enjoy the view of Chamonix
  • Hike the Mont Blanc
  • Admire the Bioniassay glacier
  • Explore Courmayeur Alpine resort
  • Hike the old trail valley in Trient

Corsica & Sardinia

  • Discover Cagliari
  • Visit Nuraghe Losa
  • Enjoy the medieval city of Alghero
  • Admire Bonifacio's unique views

Spitsbergen Highlights: Expedition in Brief

  • Enjoy all the adventures
  • Kayak surrounded by icebergs
  • Hike the arctic tundra
  • Look for arctic wildlife

Enticing Douro

  • Tour Belem Tower
  • Explore the Castelo da Pena
  • Travel to Lamego
  • Enjoy Sandeman Winery

Delightful Douro

  • Explore the Douro Museum in Regua
  • Enjoy the elegant town of Lamego
  • Visit Salamanca
  • Be amazed by the Côa Valley Museum

Turin, Langhe, and Cinque Terre

  • Explore the city of Turin
  • Visit the city's main squares
  • Discover the wine region of Barolo
  • Taste local wine and cheese
  • Experience truffle hunting
  • Walk in Quadrilatero Romano
  • Admire Cinque Terre
  • Swim in the Italian Riviera
  • See the picturesque Santa Margherit

Wild Scotland

  • Visit the St Kilda
  • Explore the Orkney Islands
  • Kayak through caves and lochs
  • Visit an Iron Age broch

Top Europe Travel Destinations

  • Czech Republic
  • Danube River
  • Douro River
  • French Riviera
  • Mediterranean
  • Moselle River
  • Netherlands
  • Norway Fjords
  • Rhine River
  • Rhone River
  • Russian Arctic
  • Scandinavia
  • Seine River
  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom

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  • 2024 Europe trips (621)
  • 2025 Europe trips (231)
  • 2026 Europe trips (10)
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  • May 2024 (259)
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  • 5 day trips (16)
  • 6 day trips (10)
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  • 22 day trips (4)

Europe Trips by Activity

  • Europe small ship cruises (360)
  • Europe village visits (260)
  • Europe hiking (172)
  • Europe wildlife viewing (158)
  • Europe wine tasting (154)
  • Europe archaeological site visits (136)
  • Europe biking (119)
  • Europe urban exploration (112)
  • Europe whale watching (99)
  • Europe local market visits (63)
  • Europe kayaking (63)
  • Europe small ship sailing (49)
  • Europe christmas market visits (34)
  • Europe land & sea exploration (31)
  • Europe adventure options (27)
  • Europe cooking classes (14)
  • Europe snorkeling (12)
  • Europe photography seminars (12)
  • Europe northern lights (8)
  • Europe spa relaxation (6)
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Air France Has Discounted Flights to Paris, Dublin, and More From These U.S. Hubs

The airline released a host of discounted fares in time for spring travel.

Alexander Spatari/Getty Images

Air France has released dozens of spring break flight deals to popular European destinations like Barcelona, Paris, and Nice.

“Traveling the world at a small cost is possible with Air France,” the airline shared on its website about the sale . “You can book cheap airline tickets thanks to our many promotional flight deals and other great offers.” 

The French flag carrier flies nonstop routes between its major Paris hub and nearly 20 cities across the U.S., including Boston, San Francisco, and soon-to-be Phoenix. Travel + Leisure sifted through the promotion and found the following round-trip deals, most of which will connect through Paris first:

  • Boston (BOS) to Paris (CDG) for $548 between Feb. 27 and March 12
  • Boston (BOS) to Nice (NCE) for $586 between March 13 and April 13
  • Denver (DEN) to Lyon (LYS) for $734 between March 13 and April 3
  • New York (JFK) to Paris (CDG) for $546 between Feb. 27 and March 5
  • Miami (MIA) to Nice (NCE) for $558 between March 13 and March 20
  • Miami (MIA) to Porto (OPO) for $550 between March 12 and March 19
  • Los Angeles (LAX) to Dublin (DUB) for $595 between March 12 and March 26
  • Minneapolis (MSP) to Berlin (BER) for $683 between March 11 and March 25
  • San Francisco (SFO) to Madrid (MAD) for $678 between March 12 and April 9
  • San Francisco (SFO) to Valencia (VLC) for $584 between March 11 and April 8
  • Seattle (SEA) to Geneva (GVA) for $588 between March 11 and April 24
  • Washington, D.C. (IAD) to Milan (MXP) for $558 between February 28 and March 6

Air France calls these “promo fares” part of the economy light class, which are non-refundable but can be changed for a $199 fee and any remaining fare difference. These tickets include a personal and carry-on bag, but checked bags and seat assignments will cost extra.  

For the entire list of promotional fares, travelers can enter their home airport and maximum budget on Air France’s dedicated “Flight Deals” page . Delta and United also have their versions of flight promotions pages that can help travelers score an excellent deal on their next vacation.

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Euroviews. The farmers' protests should be taken seriously by Europe's leadership

Farmers driving in a heavy-duty tractor into the western city of Poznan as part of a nationwide farmer protest against European Union's agrarian policy, February 2024

The ability of enraged minorities to act should not be underestimated, as this poses significant political and electoral risks — the past few weeks have proven it, Radu Magdin writes.

It doesn't require a sophisticated political observer or analyst to recognise that an unprecedented number of Europe's farmers have taken to the streets.

In this super-electoral year, with European elections scheduled for the beginning of June, they are seeking to capitalise on the political opportunity. 

Strategically, this is the best time to express their grievances and to compel politicians to pay close attention to what they have to say. 

The farmers are maximising their chances of success, so we should not be too harsh in condemning their tactics, even though their approach is causing headaches in many European cities and capitals.

It would be a mistake to solely focus on the repertoires of protests, on what the farmers can do to make their claim-making more convincing and vivid for those witnessing the protests and being, more or less, affected by them. 

Regardless of how many memes one could see on social media, or AI-generated images with straw bales surrounding the Eiffel Tower, this is more than an aesthetic exercise. 

An invitation to an honest discussion

Many European farmers, especially the small ones and those part of family farms, are suffering. 

For them, this activity is part of their identity, and they find it increasingly hard to survive economically in a world where every input is getting more expensive, forcing them to reduce margins to the point that profit becomes a chimaera. 

Furthermore, this entire episode should be seen as more than an attempt to negotiate from a position of strength under the threat that farmers (and the rural world in general) will abandon their conservative or centre-right voting proclivities to boost the chances of the radical right in this consequential year.

Who will be next? Who will put more pressure on the European and national elite? How politicians will respond to the farmers' predicament and grievances will, in no small part, determine what will happen.

A farmer tractor runs in front of the Rome's Colosseum to protest government and EU agriculture policies, February 2024

So, in a normal world, these events should be an invitation to honest discussion and decisions, for well-thought-out policies, and for genuine engagement that is more than photo-ops and kicking the can down the road until the polls have closed. 

When looking at these protests, the instinct is to be sympathetic to these people's demands and to wonder whether this is not part of a bigger trend, of various groups feeling left behind and alienated. 

  • Behind the blockades: Witness joins France's protesting farmers
  • Hungarian and Polish farmers stage protest on border with Ukraine

So, one is right to wonder, who will be next? Who will put more pressure on the European and national elite? How politicians will respond to the farmers' predicament and grievances will, in no small part, determine what will happen.

It's time for appeasement, not escalation

Apparently, a rational perspective would start with the figures. Thus, as many have already pointed out, agriculture accounts for only 1.4% of the EU's GDP, 4.2% of the EU's employment, and 14.3% of the EU's greenhouse gas emissions, while, at the same time, receiving approximately 30% of the EU budget. 

In the context of the EU's quest for climate neutrality, Green Deal implementation, and fighting climate change in general, farmers should not pose too much of a problem, at least when considering these numbers. 

However, the reality is much more nuanced, and we should approach all this from a different angle, taking into account political inequality, responsiveness, and the willingness to act by those who feel betrayed by their representatives.

Following the farmers' mini-uprising, we have seen the national governments rushing to adopt agriculture-friendly policies, and the EU making serious concessions that could be seen as a major watering down of the Green Deal and the farm-to-fork strategy.

Polish farmers, angry at EU agrarian policy light flares in protest before the office of the regional governor, in Poznan, February 2024

Following the farmers' mini-uprising, we have seen the national governments rushing to adopt agriculture-friendly policies, and the EU making serious concessions that could be seen as a major watering down of the Green Deal and the farm-to-fork strategy. 

All of a sudden, in a key electoral year, every decision-maker has become risk-averse. A few days ago, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen praised the farmers' "remarkable resilience" and announced that "the farmers can count on European support." 

Moreover, she launched "strategic dialogues," whose goal is to address the demands of those working on the land. 

These are all positive developments, and the European and national leaders should be commended for understanding where public opinion stands and that this is the time for negotiation and appeasement, and not for escalation.

Bringing the elites back to earth

At the same time, all these events emphasise a very reactive political establishment. Rather than bet on the farmers' lack of reaction and be surprised to find them in Brussels, in front of Europe's key institutions, a visionary (or even re-election-minded) politician would have been able to anticipate all these events. 

Obviously, we do not ask politicians to predict the future or become super-forecasters. However, there is a clear need for them to get better at understanding the consequences of the policies they propose. 

For all those who love the European Union, an image one could distil from these protests is that of the political elites so far removed from the public that they had to be brought back to earth to understand what is really happening under their watch.

Pedestrian cross the road as farmers with their tractors march along the center of the city while taking part in a protest, in Pamplona, February 2024

A key lesson here is that it matters less the overall positive effects of regulation; what triggers mobilisation and action are the distributional effects, and these have to be significantly better estimated so that the likely losers are swiftly and adequately compensated. 

The ability of enraged minorities to act should not be underestimated, as this poses significant political and electoral risks — the past few weeks have proven it. 

  • This is why green activists joined farmers protests for fairer EU farming policies
  • Supermarkets are the gatekeepers stacked against people who grow what we eat

A correct diagnosis and a cure to follow

Insufficient impact assessment, inattention to distributional consequences, and unresponsiveness are some of the political pathologies we have observed these days. Hopefully, after a correct diagnosis, a (political) cure will follow. 

More focus on the small farmers, on family businesses, and on how Europe should preserve and enhance its food security are all part of the serious conversation that should follow what is happening on Europe's main streets, from Brussels to Bucharest, from Paris to Rome. 

Before blaming the populists for taking advantage of these events, we should all engage in some perspective-taking and ask ourselves what could be done so that farmers and other similar categories will return to normal politics and claim-making. 

We need to make politics and decision-making a bit more boring but significantly much more responsive to the public's needs.

Radu Magdin is CEO of Smartlink and former advisor to prime ministers of Romania (2014-2015) and Moldova (2016-2017).

At Euronews, we believe all views matter. Contact us at [email protected] to send pitches or submissions and be part of the conversation.

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What to expect from medtech in 2024

The medtech industry posted an uneven year in 2023. Among the reasons for celebration were expectation-beating revenue growth, a record number of novel-product approvals, and a spate of divestitures that helped companies refocus on their core capabilities.

On the flip side, the growing popularity of glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) drugs for weight loss led investors to move away from many obesity-related-device stocks. Profitability did not meet investor expectations in an environment where margins increasingly became a key point of focus for valuations. And companies continued to struggle to perform consistently across geographies, especially outside the United States.

Indeed, 2023 marked the fourth consecutive challenging year for medtech, following a boom from 2012 to 2019. 1 S&P Capital IQ, S&P Global Market Intelligence, accessed on November 15, 2023. Despite many advances, a value creation slowdown may force companies to make bold moves to reset their trajectories in response to investor skepticism and other macroeconomic headwinds.

Since the September 2023 publication of our comprehensive report Medtech Pulse: Thriving in the next decade , we have spoken to more than 200 medtech executives. In this article, we draw from the insights and questions that emerged from those conversations and offer seven predictions about the evolving industry landscape in the coming year.

1. Industry growth will likely stabilize at a higher level than the prepandemic average

Growth in medtech has accelerated since the COVID-19 pandemic, bringing with it higher expectations for medtech companies. The uptick in patient volumes due to the pandemic dampened in 2023. Other underlying growth factors driving patient volumes continue to persist, though, including demographic shifts because of aging populations and the availability of innovative technologies that address high unmet needs across such disease areas as diabetes, heart failure, and stroke. Growth is also being fueled by patients accessing new and nontraditional sites of care, including alternative surgery centers (ASCs), medical offices, and outpatient settings.

Going into 2024, we expect overall medtech revenue growth to stabilize at 100 to 150 basis points above prepandemic rates (Exhibit 1). And as industry leaders look forward to the next five years, cardiovascular health, digital healthcare, and robotics are expected to be among the fastest-growing segments. 2 “Global medtech market analysis & projections (MAP),” Life Science Intelligence, accessed on December 4, 2023.

These trends present several hurdles for medtech companies. First, as market growth rises, companies will find it more challenging to outperform expectations. Second, the widening growth rates between segments will require conglomerates to reallocate resources more thoughtfully. And third, the race to serve ASCs, medical offices, and outpatient settings will continue to intensify.

2. Investors will continue to seek profitable growth

While sales growth remains chief in value creation, profitability and cash flow are increasingly coming into focus. The correlation between profit margin improvement and valuation has almost tripled since 2019. 3 S&P Capital IQ, S&P Global Market Intelligence, accessed on November 15, 2023. The top-quartile value creators in medtech improved their profitability in the past two years and are expected to continue expanding EBITA margins by at least 200 basis points over the next two years.

In conversations with medtech executives on profitability, we heard a common refrain: margin expansion will decrease in importance when interest rates decline. Historically, this line of thinking has been true. From 2014 to 2022, medtech valuations were inversely correlated with real treasury rates (Exhibit 2); as interest rates declined, investors focused more on revenue growth than on earnings growth, and valuations rose.

However, valuations have never been as disconnected from real rates as they have been in the past 18 months: even as interest rates rose dramatically, medtech valuations declined only modestly. As such, the expected decline in interest rates in 2024 may not necessarily boost medtech valuations. Against this macrodynamic, investors will remain keenly focused on companies’ ability to expand margins.

3. The industry will deliver another banner year for innovation

In 2023, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved more novel medical technologies than it has in any single year ever before (Exhibit 3). Several factors contributed: approvals of AI and machine-learning-enabled medtech products reached an all-time high; miniaturization and improved visualization continued to drive approvals in cardiovascular and urology segments, among others; and digitally enabled categories, such as neuromodulation and robotics, continued to grow steadily. Also, waiting times for FDA reviews receded by almost 15 percent from 2020 to 2022. 4 “2023 device approvals,” US Food and Drug Administration, updated on December 22, 2023.

Based on our conversations with medtech executives, we expect the pace of innovation in 2024 to exceed 2020 to 2022 levels, with cardiovascular, digital-health-device, and neuromodulation segments gaining momentum. Advanced imaging, microelectronics, miniaturization, and new treatment modalities, such as renal denervation, are spurring innovation in underserved disease areas. These exciting advances can fuel the next wave of growth and improvements in patients’ quality of life. The pace of innovation also means more competition for medtech companies. Increasingly, it’s the big, novel innovations that will drive commercial relevance and growth—incrementalism won’t be enough.

4. Performance across geographies will continue to be lumpy

In 2024, we project that China, Japan, and the United States will contribute two-thirds of near-term industry growth in medtech. Across more established markets, such as Japan and the United States, growth continues to be driven by innovation and the adoption of innovative technologies. In the United States, commercial execution and innovation will be the hallmarks of growth.

The market in Japan will likely behave similarly, though CFOs and finance leaders there will need to be thoughtful about managing currency risk (for example, through hedging strategies). Domestic and international companies are facing foreign-exchange challenges in Japan, making the US market even more critical to overall industry growth.

Growth in Europe will likely slow after a year in which price increases saw a step-up in the underlying growth rate. Medtech companies that thrive in the European market will tap fresh solutions to help providers manage workforce shortages and improve health economics through reduced readmissions and shorter hospital stays.

Elsewhere, medtech leaders are tackling difficult strategic choices. China has delivered tremendous growth over the past decade. However, increasing complexity, local competition, and volume-based procurement have posed challenges for multinational corporations. India will begin to make a bigger splash, thanks to favorable governmental-policy changes, increased investment flow, a maturing tech ecosystem, and the emergence of growing local businesses that are increasing provider access to technology and training.

5. Leaders in AI adoption will start to see benefits of scale

The underlying technologies of generative AI (gen AI)—namely, foundational models—have a long history in life sciences  and medtech. Foundational models representing complex structures have already been used in many insight-generating tasks, particularly in product development. For example, digital-twin technologies (virtual representations of physical medtech devices paired with deep-learning models) have been used to validate alternative, and more effective, device designs. Most of the gen-AI-related activity in medtech to date has focused on device enablement, functionality, and R&D, with untapped opportunities in commercial, supply chain, and other business functions.

Medtech companies that adopt gen AI are starting to gain productivity benefits, starting with low-hanging fruit such as “copilots” for workers in HR, IT, finance, and legal roles. Companies are beginning to explore the impact of gen AI on commercial and operational roles. Because of regulatory requirements, the deep integration of AI in medical products and services remains years away. However, some companies will start integrating gen AI into their products and software, such as by leveraging voice prompts. New capabilities and talent will be needed to capture the business value fully. Given the rapid pace of innovation, early adopters are likely to have an advantage over the competition.

6. M&A deal volumes will likely remain stable, with a continued balance of growth and at-scale transactions

Medtech M&A slowed in 2023 amid earnings challenges, macroeconomic uncertainty, and rising interest rates. Meanwhile, large buyers set a precedent of paying premiums at or above 52-week highs. 5 LSEG Data & Analytics, London Stock Exchange, accessed on August 28, 2023; S&P Capital IQ, S&P Global Market Intelligence, accessed on August 28, 2023. Many of these buyers were in pursuit of meeting rising growth expectations and unlocking margin expansion.

While growth-focused tuck-in deals will remain critical to value creation, they are not always available to companies at attractive valuations. Another tool that companies are increasingly exploring is at-scale transactions. Larger acquisitions can offer operating leverage, which can help medtech companies improve margins that currently sit near 2018 levels (Exhibit 4); they can also help companies in lower-growth markets improve their commercial presence with more end-to-end solutions that help care teams streamline operations and focus on patient care.

We anticipate that the volume of M&A activity will remain low but that the deals that are executed will show more balance across deal sizes. Medtech companies continue to have “dry powder” that accumulated during the COVID-19 pandemic, with approximately $55 billion of cash and cash equivalents. 6 LSEG Data & Analytics, London Stock Exchange, accessed on August 28, 2023; S&P Capital IQ, S&P Global Market Intelligence, accessed on August 28, 2023. However, high-growth, at-scale, and profitable targets remain scarce. Interested acquirers will need to act quickly, given the scarcity of options.

7. Penetration of GLP-1 drugs will continue but is unlikely to have meaningful impact on medtech growth

GLP-1 therapies have been deployed to treat type 2 diabetes since 2005. Recently, their indications have expanded to obesity, and emerging data suggest that these drugs could help even more patients, including those with cardiovascular or chronic kidney disease. The market has responded, with shares of GLP-1 drug manufacturers rising 26 percent in two months after trial readouts. 7 S&P Capital IQ, S&P Global Market Intelligence, accessed on October 13, 2023. At the same time, medtech stocks, particularly those that are obesity related and in adjacent categories (such as cardiovascular health, diabetes, orthopedics, sleep apnea, and surgery), dipped 17 percent amid concerns that GLP-1 therapy adoption will dramatically reduce the need for device-enabled diagnostics and interventions. 8 S&P Capital IQ, S&P Global Market Intelligence, accessed on October 13, 2023.

Indeed, GLP-1 drugs may meaningfully aid many patients, but they will likely have minimal effect on most medtech markets. Long-term use of GLP-1 therapy will depend on patient adherence to the prescription, payer coverage, and prescription rates. Our analysis across scenarios suggests that, for most indications across medtech sectors, low-single-digit percentages of patient populations will become long-term users of the therapy. In the meantime, GLP-1 drugs are much on the mind of analysts, executives, investors, and patients, so medtech companies will need proactive, fact-based narratives to describe the potential business impacts.

While reflecting on the past year’s growth and challenges, industry leaders have reason to be energized by the promise of 2024. The new year will bring innovations that improve more lives, opportunities to create value, and fresh approaches that adapt to market-shaping trends. Although obstacles remain, the medtech industry is poised to continue to deliver benefits to all its stakeholders.

Karsten Dalgaard is a senior partner in McKinsey’s Stockholm office; Gerti Pellumbi is a senior partner in the Washington, DC, office; Peter Pfeiffer is a senior partner in the New Jersey office; and Tommy Reid is a partner in the Austin office.

The authors wish to thank Helen Hultin, Brett Klosterhoff, and Elea Medina for their contributions to this article.

This article was edited by Jermey Matthews, an editor in the Boston office.

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