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27 Top New Zealand Packing List for 2024 + What to Wear & NOT To Bring

Overlook view of lake in New Zealand

New Zealand is famous for its stunning mountains, beautiful beaches, and greener-than-green native forests. Known as ‘Middle Earth’ in the Lord of The Rings trilogy, it is a diverse country with mystical landscapes that almost feel otherworldly.

NZ spans several climate “zones,” so it can be a surprisingly tough place to pack for (there are not many places where you can go skiing in the morning and surfing in the afternoon!) To get the most out of your trip, it’s best to pack for ALL seasons.

Below you’ll find a list of items I highly recommend, a section on  what to wear in New Zealand , what NOT to bring, and other FAQs. Enjoy your travels to Kiwiland!

27 Top New Zealand Packing List for 2024 + What to Wear & NOT To Bring

What to Pack for New Zealand – 27 Essentials

1. neck wallet.

After having some scares with misplacing valuables while jet-lagged, I never make long-distance trips without my neck wallet. This is especially important for New Zealand since the travel time is typically so loooong. When you’re a tired tourist getting off the plane into a new city, you have a target on the back of your head that pickpockets can spot from a mile away. But with a neck wallet, it’s practically impossible for thieves to steal since you can keep your passport, phone, credit cards, and cash all concealed under your clothing. This one also has RFID-blocking material to prevent e-thieves from scanning your bag.

Neck Wallet

View on ➜

2. Jet Lag Relief (Natural)

It’s a lengthy trip to New Zealand from the States (roughly 13-18 hours with a non-stop commute), and the time change is fairly significant. Travel days are hard enough without jet lag adding to your stress, so gameplan smarter with these natural jet-lag tablets. They’re actually MADE in New Zealand but sold worldwide. Formulated with botanical ingredients like chamomile and daisy flowers, they’ve noticeably impacted my energy levels while traveling and I can’t recommend them enough.

Jet Lag Relief (Natural)

3. Virtual Private Network (VPN)

The risk of cyberattacks is steadily going up and hackers will take some extreme measures to obtain your personal info. A VPN adds an additional layer of security to your browsing and data to help protect you from identity theft or other hacking issues. If I’d used one in Paris when I traveled there recently, I would have avoided having my credit card information stolen … This is more common than you think when using free Wi-Fi networks at cafes, hotels, Airbnbs, airports, and more .

A VPN also allows you to browse the internet despite restrictions and any country-specific censorship, so it’s one of the smartest subscriptions you can have if you travel at all – and also one of the cheapest. Bonus tip: It will get you deals on flights and certain websites since they can’t track your IP address or price-gouge you based on location! We use our VPN at home and every time we travel.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

View Options ➜

4. NZ Power Adapter

Since NZ has a different outlet type than most countries, you will need to bring a power adapter. Make sure you choose a high-quality one with fuse protection that prevents your devices from getting fried – you don’t want to risk damaging your phone, laptop, kindle, camera, or any other precious device. This adapter is our go-to because it works in over 100 popular countries and comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee.

NZ Power Adapter

5. Water-Resistant Travel Backpack

You’re definitely going to want to bring a day bag of some kind, and a backpack-style bag will save your back and shoulders a lot of tension and pain. This one is large enough to hold the daily essentials – water bottle, rain jacket, money, passport, camera, etc. – but also lightweight enough to keep from adding to your already heavy travel load. It’s comfortable to carry since it’s made for exploring and compacts down into a small rectangular pouch when you don’t need it.

Water-Resistant Travel Backpack

6. Travel Insurance For New Zealand

One of the biggest mistakes I see travelers make is overlooking travel insurance. Your health insurance does not extend to medical incidents that occur while abroad, so you could be left paying out-of-pocket for extremely high hospital bills. This includes Medicare and Medicaid, which only cover you domestically.

Don’t leave yourself vulnerable to potentially five-figure expenses that are mitigated with an affordable plan. It will also cover common travel issues like baggage loss, flight delays, cancelations, theft, evacuations, and more. We recommend Faye Travel Insurance to find the plan that best suits your needs. They handle everything through their mobile app so you can get reimbursed faster (without all the drudgery and paperwork!) We’re thrilled that they offer the ability to cancel your trip “ for any reason ,” which we’ve taken them up on once when we had to postpone our vacation!

Faye Travel Insurance

Get a quote in less than 60 seconds with Faye ➜

7. Packing Cubes

Organization is one of the keys to an elevated traveling experience, and it doesn’t get much more organized than packing cubes. Once you travel with them, you won’t want to suffer through another discombobulated suitcase or dig around to find basic things ever again.

These luxury organizers have labels on each cube, a variety of sizes, and several colors for each family member. They make packing much easier, as well as transferring items to and from your daybag. The bonus laundry bags seriously sweeten the deal!

packing cubes

8. Lipstick-Sized Portable Charger

A small portable charger is always wise when traveling, especially since you might be at the beach, exploring cities like Auckland and Queenstown, or hiking through the wilderness with no power outlets nearby. This charger is the size of a lipstick tube and holds multiple charges so you can power all of your devices while on the go. You’ll be thankful to have navigation and internet access in case of an emergency. We never travel without it.

Lipstick-Sized Charger

9. Windproof Travel Umbrella

New Zealand demands a trustworthy travel umbrella. Weather varies from region to region, and you never know when you’ll need to ward off a sudden rainfall. This umbrella is especially nice because it’s windproof and large enough for two people yet still lightweight and compact. The carrying case is a useful accessory so you can store a wet umbrella in your bag once grey clouds have passed.

travel umbrella

10. Waterproof Hiking Shoes

With glaciers, national parks, and sweeping cities to explore, you will be doing a considerable amount of walking. It’s best to have sturdy, broken-in hiking shoes for New Zealand so that you don’t risk hurting your feet or ankles hiking in regular sneakers. This pair is waterproof and the brand is known for its comfort and durability. I’ve used them to trek through dozens of countries and they haven’t failed me yet!

Hiking Shoe

11. Compression Flight Socks

If you’re in good shape, you may be thinking, “compression socks, really?!” But let me tell you that flying for 15-20 hours, possibly 25-30 if you have layovers or stops, makes anyone’s ankles swell (no matter your age or how many hours you spend at CrossFit). Blood clots are more common on long flights which is why flight attendants commonly wear compression socks or stockings. They will help you maintain blood flow and increase circulation in your legs and feet, all while reducing the potential for pain or swelling so you don’t feel like the marshmallow man when you touch down.

compression flight socks

12. Universal Waterproof Phone Case

Whether you’re horseback riding along the white-sand shores of Northland, boating through the glow worm caves, or hiking through the river valleys – your phone will need protection from the elements. This phone case has been a miracle worker for my family, saving our phones on multiple occasions and still allowing us to record underwater videos when snorkeling. They also make a version for your eReader , which you may want to consider if you plan to read on your trip!

waterproof phone case

13. Discounted Tickets for New Zealand Attractions

There are so many awe-inspiring things to do in New Zealand, and you’ll want to experience everything this destination has to offer. Visit the Lord of The Rings Hobbit house , take a rapid’s adventure down the Waikato River, and get closer to nature at the underwater observatory .

Foodies will love the Queenstown BBQ tour , while adventurers may opt for a glacier and helicopter tour or boating through the enchanting glow worm caves. We also recommend day trips to majestic Milford Sound and the lush wineries of Waiheke Island .

Get Your Guide is our preferred booking service for the best that a destination has to offer. They allow cancellations up to 24-hours notice of your activity, making it easy to shape-shift your itinerary and remain adaptable if plans change.

get your guide

See all New Zealand attractions at ➜

14. TSA-Approved Luggage Locks

When traveling internationally, you should play it safe and always secure your luggage with luggage locks. You never know who’s coming in contact with your bags, especially when they’re checked for international travel. I like this set because they are TSA-approved and made by a reputable travel brand. They’re 10x harder to crack than a typical 3-digit lock, so I use them for suitcases, lockers, hotels, and on my backpack when exploring crowded areas that are preyed upon by sticky fingers.

luggage locks

15. Dry Bag

New Zealand has more ways to soak your belongings than you might imagine. With boat cruises, snorkeling, diving, river rafting, and everything in between – you should invest in an inexpensive dry bag. You don’t want to watch your cash crumble into a ball of nothingness, trust us. We’ve used this bag for tubing down the river and to combat the wet floorboards of dingy boats. It’s been submerged a few times and everything comes out 100% dry.

Dry Bag

16. Quick-Dry Travel Towel

Carrying a portable towel with you is always handy since you never know when you’ll need to dry off while adventuring. It’s also good to bear in mind that some accommodations may not provide towels, so having a quick-drying one like this is a good solution. It can be carried easily in your daybag and will be much lighter than bulky ones that can get in the way during extensive hikes. Plus, it dries 10x faster than cotton and is incredibly soft too.

quick-dry travel microfiber towel

17. Stylish Warm Jacket

New Zealand is a magical land where you can be freezing on a glacier in one moment and then sunbathing at a tropical beach by the next. The climate varies WILDLY and their seasons are opposite of the U.S. (most travelers know that June/July is peak travel season for American tourists when kids get out of school. But for NZ, this is the peak of winter and the coldest time of the year!) The secret to success will be layering and preparing for rapidly-changing weather conditions. This warm jacket is a safe bet because it’s fast-drying, lightweight, and mega stylish.

 Stylish Warm Jacket

18. Touchscreen-Friendly Gloves

Spare your hands from the cold with sleek winter gloves. These offer the best of both worlds – thermal protection and the ability to wick away moisture. For outdoor activities or driving in harsh sunlight, these gloves are lightweight, soft, and still allow you to use the touchscreen on your phone. The palms have a non-slip silicone material that makes them great for thrillseekers, bikers, etc.

Touchscreen-Friendly Gloves

19. Wool Headband

Regardless of the season, a warm headband will be of great comfort to you in New Zealand. We lose heat through our heads, so a wrap will keep you feeling toasty even during chilly activities like whale-watching or snowboarding down Mount Ruapehu. Even in the summer, temperatures are colder in the south and you will appreciate having a cozy accessory. This brand support working mothers in Nepal, honoring 1,000 years of complex weaving technique that’s been passed on for generations.

white headband hat

20. Activated Charcoal (Food Poisoning Fix)

Almost every traveler I know has experienced some kind of stomach upset – most frequently Traveler’s Diarrhea – as a result of long journeys, new foods, and the general physical stress of traveling. Activated charcoal has provided me quite a lot of relief, and now I take it with me wherever I go (I even use it at home if need be!) It absorbs toxins in your system if there are any, and it helps return your digestion to normal so that you can go on enjoying your trip instead of feeling unwell.

Activated Charcoal (Food Poisoning Fix)

21. Hanging Toiletry Bag

Wanderlust involves lugging around a lot of toiletries, skincare, and styling items – while running the risk that liquids are going to explode all over your suitcase. Maintain your routine (and your sanity!) by packing every liquid in this hanging toiletries bag. It hooks onto any door, pole, branch, etc. and really saves the day when countertop space is limited. It holds way more products than I would’ve guessed, almost giving you a shelf-like system in your home away from home. P.S. I haven’t had any spills since purchasing this because everything is so tightly and compactly stored.

Hanging Toiletry Bag

22. Deet-Free Mosquito Wristbands

Let’s be honest… The mosquitos and sandflies of NZ are a nuisance ! Although there are no insect-related diseases in the country, the bites are still itchy, annoying, and uncomfortable. We buy these wristbands for our family because they’re deet-free and non-toxic; it’s also much more convenient than constantly spraying and respraying those strong nasty fumes. Made with essential oils like citronella and lemongrass, these wristbands deter bugs the natural way and in my experience, provide the most effective defense.

Deet-Free Mosquito Wristbands

23. Water Bottle With Built-In Filter

You’re not going to have a hard time finding safe water to drink in New Zealand, but if you’re doing a day hike and need some water from a mountain stream, this is a great way to be sure it’s safe to drink. Opting for a filtered water bottle is a smart precaution because you’ll have an easy and free way to stay hydrated without having to purchase plastic water bottles. It will reduce the taste of heavy chlorine purification and filter out bacteria, sand, and sediment.

Water Bottle With Built-In Filter

24. Packable “Just in Case” Bag

Shopping in New Zealand is not to be missed – with predominantly European and indigenous Māori influence, the culture of NZ is distinct and deliciously collectible. This ‘just in case’ bag is a great pack-along for those purchases you may make. It takes up zero space when empty but can serve as your carry-on item for the flight home that fits under your plane seat.

Fill it up with goodies and handmade gifts that your loved ones will treasure – some local goods we recommend are: Merino wool, Māori crafts, jade necklaces, Tuatara coffee, Manuka honey, woodwork, and LOTR memorability.

Just in Case bag

25. Quick-Dry Convertible Pants/Shorts

This is an item I bring on all trips that involve hiking, simply because I often start activities in the morning when it’s cooler, and finish the day when it’s later and much warmer. The transition from cold weather to warm weather is super easy when you can zip off part of your pants to make them into breathable and lightweight shorts. These pants are also quick-drying, a necessary bonus when you’re in humid or water-rich areas.

convertible hiking pants beige

26. "Gumboots" (AKA Rain Boots)

Rubber boots (known as ‘gumboots’ in NZ) will add convenience to your adventures through the many terrains of Middle Earth. Most people don’t realize that it rains nearly as much in NZ as in the UK, so you’ll need a pair of shoes that function in rain, snow, and mud to keep your feet dry. There’s a reason the locals refer to gumboots as ‘essential footwear’ – they will save you in a surprise downpour! This brand is very cute and has many beautiful designs to choose from.

wellies rain boots for europe

27. Gorgeous Jumpsuit

Last but not least, any getaway calls for a stunning outfit. Your sundress or beachwear won’t quite cut it for nights out on the town, so try this chic jumpsuit that feels modern yet classic all at once. It’s elegant, comfortable, and complements many body types because it cinches at the waist but flairs out around the hips. This gives it a very relaxed (almost dress-like) style that’s undeniably timeless.


Other NZ Packing List Items Not to Forget

  • Travel Insurance
  • Facial cleansing/travel wipes
  • Motion sickness patches
  • Steripod toothbrush cover
  • Toiletry bag
  • Vitamins and/or personal medications
  • Reef-safe sunscreen
  • Convertible Quick-Dry Pants
  • Travel-sized umbrella
  • Flash drive/memory card
  • Combination padlock
  • Flashlight/Head lamp
  • Travel toilet paper
  • Shoulder bag
  • Travel pillow
  • Travel sheet
  • Underwater camera
  • New Zealand power adapter
  • Noise-canceling headphones
  • Passport photos

What to Wear in New Zealand

Warm layers are your friend if you are planning to visit New Zealand during winter, as the South Island can drop down to 14°F! (-10°C). If you’re planning a visit in the warmer months, pack a light raincoat. It is also really important to remember your sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat to protect your skin from the sun, as well as your swimsuit, so you can enjoy a dip in the ocean! The winters can be cold but the summers are warm and pleasant.


For a destination as diverse as New Zealand, check the weather before your departure and pack accordingly. If you’re planning lots of outdoor excursions or even hiking, ensure you pack reasonable footwear with a suitable grip. It’s also important to note, Kiwis tend to be quite laid back when it comes to their outlook on life and their style. You may notice many people not even wearing shoes, let alone dressing up for the weekend. Therefore, your fancy best heels can probably stay at home this time.

That’s not to say there’s no need to get dressed up if you’re planning fancy dinners and nights out in the city. New Zealand has so much to offer a traveler, so you’ll definitely have ample choices when it comes to activities! Nighttime does mean a drop in temperature year-round, so pack a shawl, comfy layers, and a warm scarf. What should MEN wear in New Zealand? – (Click to expand) Below is a sample men’s clothing list. (All items link to for your convenience).


Dressing for the Seasons in New Zealand

Spring – september, october, november.

New Zealand during Spring for most of the day is warm, but expect chilly mornings and evenings. You may find the days pleasant enough, especially if you are from somewhere colder. Be ready to layer up and for the temperature to change quickly. It is always handy to have a sweater and extra layer for the evening as night time sees a drop in temperature. Definitely pack a light coat .

Average daytime temperature: 61 – 66˚F (16 – 19˚C).

SUMMER – December, January and February

These are the hottest months in New Zealand. Remember to pack your sunscreen and other sun protection such as hats and sunglasses .

Remember to cover body parts after sun exposure to avoid damage and use after sun. Swimsuits perfect for these months, as well as shorts , t-shirts , dresses . It may be advisable to carry light layer in the evening.


FALL – March, April, May

Fall in New Zealand will be chilly and sunny in the daytime, with a sense of the Winter months approaching and a drop in temperature, particularly at night. It is important to pack cozy layers , something warm to sleep in and lighter layers for the daytime. You may wake up to really cold mornings. Prepare for all weathers here, but for the most part it will be cold.

Average daytime temperature: 62 – 70˚F (17 – 21˚C).

WINTER – June, July, August

Winter sees the average temperature in New Zealand drop. The South Island can drop down to 14°F! (-10°C) Wear a coat , pack layers including moisture-wicking shirts and even thermal leggings to go under pants . There’s a chance of it being particularly cold, so remember a scarf , a warm hat , and gloves !


Beaches: Normal beach attire is most welcomed and suitable here. New Zealand has some diverse and beautiful beaches. If you are planning on doing water sports or surfing, a wetsuit may be advisable to protect your skin from the cold water.

What NOT To Take to New Zealand

1. don’t pack your own sunscreen.

It just takes up valuable packing space. Yes, it’s ABSOLUTELY crucial to wear sunscreen while in New Zealand as the sun’s rays are much stronger there. But sunscreen can be found anywhere, and it’s pretty affordable in any pharmacy or supermarket, so don’t bother bringing your own.

2. DON’T BRING too much clothing

and especially not fancy clothes. You won’t need a lot of clothing anyway, and New Zealand is not the place to dress up. Avoid bringing anything too nice – you’ll probably just get it dirty, anyway. DO bring layers that you can mix and match, and outfits that can easily go from warm to chilly.

3. DON’T TAKE extra electronics

It’s both a packing no-no and a security issue (yes, crime exists in NZ too!). You don’t want to schlep all of that extra weight around, and you REALLY don’t want your electronics stolen or damaged. There’s plenty to entertain you in NZ without them.

4. DON’T PACK heavy books

Or, honestly, any books except ones you need to navigate and explore NZ. Books are delightful, but heavy and bulky, which your back will not thank you for. If you haven’t already, update your library with a  Kindle  or similar e-reader, and bring that instead.

5. DON’T TAKE lots of cash

Another security issue. You don’t want to attract any unwanted attention, and cash is an unfortunate beacon for petty criminals. ATMs are everywhere in NZ, and they’re not usually any more expensive than in the States, so you’ll be able to get small amounts of cash when you need it.

6. DON’T BRING expensive or valuable jewelry

The theme here is not to take anything you’d be sad to see lost, stolen, or destroyed. You really won’t need decorative accessories in New Zealand – most of your activities will be outdoorsy and a little on the rugged side.

Fancy, elegant, expensive clothing For the most part, leave your precious clothing at home – the exception being if you are planning very extravagant nights out. Opt for clothing practical for your activities that you wouldn’t mind getting dirty.

Expensive Jewellery Do not wear expensive, eye-catching jewelry. As with everywhere else in the world, flashy things like this will only attract pickpockets and thieves. Trying to minimize the risks to yourself and your belongings is always best, no matter where you’re traveling.

FAQs about travel in New Zealand

1. is nz tap water safe to drink.

Yes! Tap water is perfectly safe, although the water in many cities tastes a little unpleasant due to treatment. Mineral water is available in all supermarkets and dairies, or you can bring your own filtered water bottle with you so that your water is always fresh.

2. What is the cheapest way to get around New Zealand?

nz coastas trolley

There are several options for traveling NZ on a budget, including:

  • Campervans. Buying or renting a van means you save on accommodation and get to travel at your own pace. There are hundreds of campervan parks around NZ, and in some places you can  freedom camp .
  • Bus: Lots of budget options with companies that run services that cover all of NZ, or hop-on/hop-off tours.
  • Train: Although not a common way to travel due to the expense, the Tranz Alpine train journey is one of the most beautiful in the world.

3. Do I need to tip in restaurants?

Tipping isn’t expected in New Zealand. If you’re impressed by a particular staff member, then go ahead and tip if you want to, but many establishments require staff to pool any tips so that they can be shared equally. You may even see a “Tip Jar” on the counter, but again, it’s up to you to put something into it.

4. How safe is it to go hiking in NZ?

How safe is it to go hiking in NZ?

Hiking is as safe as long as you’re prepared!

Most hiking tracks will have a sign posted at the start which tells you how long it will take and the grade of difficulty, so you should know what to expect.

In any case, you should check the details with a local information centre or on the  Department of Conservation  website beforehand. Always take sufficient gear and ALWAYS tell someone when and where you’re going.

5. Do I need a visa to visit NZ? Or to work in NZ?

If you are a UK citizen and/or passport holder, you can stay up to six months without a visa. If you are a citizen of a country that has a visa waiver agreement with NZ, you can stay up to three months without a visa. Otherwise, you’ll need a visitor visa, which allows you to stay for up to 9 months.

A  working holiday visa  allows you to travel and work in New Zealand for up to 12 months, or 23 months if you’re from the UK.

6. When is the best/worst time of year to visit NZ?

When is the best/worst time of year to visit NZ?

Depends on what you want to do in NZ! If you’re coming for beaches and bush trekking, summer is your best bet. But if you want to hit the slopes and see the wild beauty of the snow-capped Alps, you can’t miss winter. Some parts of NZ are quite wet and cold during winter, so outdoor adventures aren’t as safe or fun, but there’s always somewhere to go to escape the worst of it.

And remember – the southern hemisphere seasons are opposite to the northern hemisphere, so Christmas is in summer!

7. How can I stick to a budget while traveling NZ?

Budget travel can be tough, as New Zealand has become much more expensive in recent years. But there are still ways to see plenty on a shoestring by:

  • Camping: if you don’t mind communal kitchens and a slightly cramped living space, camping is a fun and cheap way to see the country.
  • Van or campervan: As above – rent or buy a campervan and your accommodation is sorted!
  • Couchsurfing: Very popular in NZ with over 2000 hosts around the country.
  • WWOOFing: A great way to work for your keep whilst hanging out with the locals!

8. What are some foods to try while I’m in New Zealand?

What are some foods to try while I’m in New Zealand?

Lamb is kind of a given, considering sheep are their primary pasture animal. Roast lamb is drool-worthy and an experience you won’t want to miss.

Other, lesser-known foods to try are:

Tuatua (a soft and mild shellfish), Hāngi (A traditional Maori dish of steam-roasted veggies and meats), Fish and chips (again: FRESH, LOCAL seafood!), and NZ’s delicious offerings of wine and cheese.

9. How can I find out where to get off the beaten path?

This is best done by visiting an i-site (information center), checking out TripAdvisor or, better yet, getting to know some locals. There are many, many hidden gems in New Zealand that you won’t see on a tourist brochure – I could tell you a few just off the top of my head! Locals are only too willing to point you in the direction of a cool place.

10. Where can I go camping in NZ

camper van new zealand

There are loads of campgrounds in NZ, especially in areas near tourist attractions. Facilities in campgrounds range from cabins, TV rooms, and modern communal kitchens, to isolated paddocks with cold showers and long drops.

Freedom camping is also possible in some areas, which means you can park your van or pitch your tent and camp for the night – for free. It’s a fantastic way to explore New Zealand, BUT please  obey the rules!

Travel Clothing

Offering style and practicality, our travel clothing will help you pack like a pro. From handy layering tanks to chic clothes that can easily go from day to night, we have your jet-setting style needs covered. Discover our range of basics and fashion pieces that will make filling your suitcase a cinch.

When travelling, you want to be prepared for everything! You also need a range of basics that will work for every occasion. We've handpicked our travel edit to give you ease of use so you can focus on your holiday without having to worry about your outfit! No matter if you’re heading to a beachside paradise, country escape or metropolitan mini-getaway, we have all the pieces you’ll want to pack.

Travelling is easy with White & Co. as our team ensures you always look your best. Get more out of your vacation by feeling comfortable and carefree with everything from a cute pair of sandals to a top that works across a range of occasions. Your travel outfit is easy with White & Co.

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What to Pack and Wear in New Zealand For 2023?

Have you decided to visit New Zealand? Feeling excited about the new travel destination you’ve chosen?

Sure you are, and there are plenty of reasons for that!

It is a multicultural country of cosmopolitan people, vivid cities and amazing beaches, native forests, crystal clear lakes, and magnificent mountains.

Are you willing to try extreme sports? Why not?

 New Zealand has so much to offer:

– bungy,  heli-skiing, snowboarding, ziplining, canyoning, caving, rafting, skydiving, stand-up paddleboarding, cycling, and kayaking.

If you like walking and hiking, there are beautiful trails and great walks.

Having an interest in local art and culture? You can see traditional Māori arts and crafts, museums, theatres, and performances.

Maori were the natives of New Zealand, but now they belong to the largest minority nation in this country.

Maybe you are dreaming of stargazing? Clean and dark sky enables you to see constellations and shooting stars!  New Zealand has some of the most available observatories in the world.

If you like to try local food and drinks, here you can find unique flavors.

All these activities and many others can be investigated by car, by boat, on foot, by air, and even by train.

Whatever you decide to do, New Zealand requires some planning to

If you want to have a pleasant and calm vacation, here are some tips for you:

Table of Contents

Find out what the dress code is in New Zealand

The way New Zealanders dress is a reflection of the country’s multiculturalism. The Maori were the original inhabitants of New Zealand.

Therefore, intricately designed and brightly colored, the Maori dress is the most popular form of clothing.

Many of these types of dress, particularly kilts, were brought to New Zealand by migrants, but if you are visiting this country, it is not necessary to wear a national dress.

Also, Popular clothing is Western-style clothing, as well as Polynesian and Asian styles of dress.

Both, the North and South islands offer amazing sites, nature excursions, and city

tours, but the dress code is a little different from island to island.

When it comes to dressing style, the people of  New Zealand (who nicknamed themselves the Kiwis), from the South Island, are laid back. They like to dress simply and casually. Even when they go out at night, on weekends.

The dressing style of people on the North Island is a  bit more than casual.

travel outfit nz

Read what to pack for New Zealand

Do you want to know why the packing list is a bit challenging?

This is because of the time and the activities you will be doing.

The weather is always changing, so you literally need to pack clothes

for all four seasons. This means you must be prepared for the sun,

and rainy and windy days at the same time. Sometimes it might even snow. Packaging

a multi-layered wardrobe will make you feel confident that you have everything you need, so you can keep calm during the visit.

We’ve created a Packing list for all seasons. That way, you’ll know what to wear depending on the weather and the activities you’re doing.

Packing list for All seasons

T-shirts, but long-sleeved shirts and sweaters, too

Shorts, skirts, but also jeans, hiking trousers, and  smart-casual trousers for men

Raincoat, windproof jacket, or if you have rain and windproof jacket

One light jacket, such as denim

Warm hat, scarf, and gloves

A suit or a dress you could wear at night for dressing up (if you are going to expensive restaurants and nightclubs)

Shoes for man

You should pack:

hiking boots

casual evening shoes

Shoes for woman

 You should pack:

sandals, stylish heels

Also, you should pack Basic necessities and Accessories such as toiletries,  underwear, socks, a track towel, a belt, costume jewelry, a camera, a phone, a day pack, a shoulder bag, sunscreen, sunglasses, sun hat, swimsuit, swim trunks, something for reading, etc.

If your cycling is put a head torch and some padded shorts in your bag too.

And most important of all choose colors and styles that suit you.

Learn what  you should not wear in New Zealand

Clothing tips for man

Generally are not expected to wear suits and ties, only if you go few of the most formal bars and restaurants.

So, you don’t have to wear it, especially if you won’t visit cities such as Auckland and Wellington.

People on the North Island do like to dress up a little more with the hip.

Clothing tips for woman

If you are visiting only the South island you don’t have to wear a pair of your most beautiful heels.

Women on the South Island dress casually, even at night outs. So, casual clothes are acceptable at most restaurants.

The big winter jacket is not a “must have” too. Layering is a better choice.

Catch how to dress when visiting New Zealand

Regardless of what season we are talking about, the weather in New Zealand is changeable, so the summer temperatures generally differ little from winter temperatures.

What does it mean?

Whenever you go into this exciting country, it means that your packing list will not suffer from radical change.

Even so, there are still some small differences whether we travel in spring, summer, autumn, or winter.

Uncover things to add to your All-season packing list

What to wear in September, October and November- Spring  in New Zealand

During spring you can expect a mixture of weather: cooler temperatures with spring showers can change to sunny days.

Temperatures range from 4.5°C – 18°C.

Average daytime temperatures during spring range between 19°C in the north to 16°C in the south.

What to wear in September

In Auckland, one of the most popular cities on the North Island, the average high temperature is 16°C and the average low is 10°C.

In Queenstown, the famous city on the South Island, the average high temperature is 13°C and the average low is 2°C.

Clothing tips for women and man

Bring rain and windproof jacket

Hooded sweatshirt, denim jacket

One more sweater and a long-sleeved shirt

Shoes to pack for man:

formal shoes

Shoes to pack for a woman:

pair of flats

What to wear also depends on the activity that you will do.

Kayaking, fishing, or white water rafting are popular in September and the ski season runs until mid or late September.

So, if you like fishing, you can wear a fishing jacket and boots and your favorite fishing rod. Or, you can buy it, in New Zealand too.

Kayak clubs generally provide you with all the equipment you need. It is the same for rafting and skiing.

What to wear in October

In Auckland, the average high temperature is 18°C and the average low is 11°C.

In Queenstown, the average high temperature is 15°C and the average low is 4°C.

You have the advantage of longer days and lighter evenings, now!

Clothing, shoes, and basic necessities you should wear are similar to those in September.

Great walks are opening in October. The trails are safe to walk again, so don’t forget to wear your hiking boots!

What to wear in November

In Auckland, the average high temperature is 20°C and the average low is 12°C.

In Queenstown, the average high temperature is 18°C and the average low is 6°C.

Enjoying fantastic beaches begins on the North Island!

In November the weather is warming up.

Average daytime temperatures in November range between 4°C and 18°C.

Switch a couple of your t-shirts for some lighter tank tops.

Join a lighter shoe such as an espadrille and you will not regret it.

A pair or two of short skirts will be fine too.

travel outfit nz

Join tailored pair of shorts. It is an option for casual evening wear.

Add one long sleeve linen shirt. You can wear it buttoned up, or unbuttoned, wearing T- a shirt underneath.

A denim jacket also comes in handy for spring nights.

Spring rains

Spring rains are common in New Zealand, so don’t forget to bring your raincoat or rain and windproof jacket!

What to wear in December, January, and February- Summer in New Zealand

New Zealand’s summer season runs from December to February. Temperatures range from 21°C – 25°C

What to wear in December

In Auckland, the average high temperature is 22°C and the average low is 15°C.

In Queenstown, the average high temperature is 20°C and the average low is 8°C.

Although summer has arrived, cooler and rainy days can still be expected in the South Island.

That’s why you always need a layered wardrobe in New Zealand, even in December.

What to wear in January

The best time to enjoy the magic of the sun is in January.

In Auckland, the average high temperature is 24°C and the average low is 16 °C.

In Queenstown, the average high temperature is 22 °C and the average low is 9°C.

The hottest temperatures in the country are found in the South Island, sometimes getting close to 40°C.  This means that January is the hottest month of the year in New Zealand and that is the reason why January the busiest time of the year to visit this country.

You’re never far from the sea in New Zealand but now is the weather just fine for enjoying the beautiful beaches. Here are some tips for what to wear:

Clothing tips for women:

Add second bikini sandals and flip flops

Bring a beach bag, sunhat, sunglasses, sunscreen

Add a sarong scarf. It is nice for your daily and nightly clothing combinations

A sarong can be worn in so many ways: as a beach cover-up for the sun, or as a skirt. Also, it can cover your shoulders if you are going to religious places.

Clothing tips for men:

Add Linen pants and one or two short sleeve linen shirts

Sunhat, sunglasses, and sunscreen is “must-have”

Don’t forget your swim trunks and flip-flops!

What to wear in February

In Auckland, the average high temperature in February is 24°C and the average low is 16 °C.

Queenstown is with an average high temperature in February at 22°C and an average low of 9°C.

You’re never far from the sea in New Zealand, so here are some tips for what to wear:

You should wear a summer coverup in February.  It is a good option.

What to wear in March, April and May – Autumn in New Zealand

New Zealand’s autumn season runs from March to May.

In March, you can hardly notice that summer is over, but nights begin to get chilly around mid-April.

Average temperatures range from 7°C  – 21°C.

What to wear in March

The average high in Auckland is 23°C and the average low is 15°C.

In Queenstown, the average high is 19°C and the average low is 7°C.

Add a full-zipped fleece jacket. It can be useful in the evening and at night.

What to wear in April

The average high in Auckland is 20°C and the average low is 13°C.

In Queenstown, the average high is 15°C and the average low is 4°C.

April is a great time for hiking.

If you like to hike, wear your polyester, nylon, or merino wool undies,

hiking trousers and boots, polyester fleece, a rain jacket, and a brimmed hat.

What to wear in May

The average high in Auckland is 18°C and the average low is 10°C.

In Queenstown, the average high is 12°C and the average low is 2°C.

Pack some warm clothes.

Pair the turtleneck with your jacket of choice

Add shacket. It offers both: layering opportunities and good styling

In addition to your list of a vest, you can use layer clothing

Wear a turtleneck or rollneck

What to wear in June, July, and August- Winter in New Zealand

Temperatures range from 1.5 – 15.5 °C.  It is much lower in Queenstown than in Auckland.

In the North Island, average temperatures range from 10-16°C

In the South Island winters are colder. Temperatures range from 7-12°C with frosts and heavy snowfall.

What to wear in June

In Auckland, the average high temperature is 15°C and the average low is 8°C.

In Queenstown, the average high temperature is 8°C and the average low is 0°C.

Clothing tips for women and men

Add some rollneck,  turtleneck, and sweaters

What to wear in July

In Auckland, the average high temperature is 14°C and the average low is 7°C. This is

In Queenstown, the average high temperature is 8°C and the average low is -1°C.

Do not forget to wear your warm hat, scarf, and glows

Add a few pairs of worm socks

Take a warm jacket too

Important: wear an umbrella and raincoat because July is the wettest month of the year.

What to wear in August

In Queenstown, the average high temperature is 10°C and the average low is 0°C.

Wear a lightweight sweater, flowy blouse, and a cardigan, but do not forget a warm jacket, hat, scarf, and glow

Clothing tips  for man

Add a comfy cotton shirt and cardigan to dress up nice, but casual

A warm jacket is still a “must have”

Queenstown is the perfect destination for any season of the year, especially in winter! From snow-capped peaks, buzzing ski fields, and a variety of après ski offerings, Queenstown has something for everyone.

Enjoy a snowy holiday in Queenstown

Surrounded by the snow and the adventures it brings makes you feel really good.

Queenstown has its own special magic and that is the reason why you should visit it during the winter.

This city is the best target for any season of the year.

The ski season in Queenstown is one of the largest seasons. It starts in June and lasts till October.

Queenstown has some of the best places to ski in New Zealand.  You can choose from five commercial ski resorts: The Remarkables, Coronet Peak, Cardrona, Treble Cone, and Snow Farm.

Coronet Peak is the closest mountain to Queenstown. It takes you a 20-minute drive along the road to get there. If you don’t have a car, bus transport is available from central Queenstown.

Coronet Peak offers safety for those new to the snow as for seasoned skiers and riders.

New Zealand’s longest ski day with First Tracks and Night Skiing is something you must try without delay!

This particular ski resort has private and group lessons for all abilities. Lessons are available from experienced coaches on the mountain.

Mountain rental system is available as long as a range of dining options. There is an Early Learning Centre for children aged 2 and up.

If you wanna take a small break from being a parent,  supervised kids’ programs are here for you!

Enjoy your holiday, there are many reasons to visit Queenstown.

More destinations to discover:

  • What to wear in Mykonos?
  • What to Wear In Sri Lanka?

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Clothing for travel through New Zealand should be chosen with all 4 seasons in mind.  The clothing you bring, must be able to cope with unpredictable weather patterns. New Zealand weather is famous for it’s sudden changes – within a matter of hours or less. But the good news is, that there are no extreme weather conditions. And that means you can actually travel throughout New Zealand all year around.

Before I begin talking about clothing for travelling New Zealand, let’s look at the local weather patterns in more detail.

New Zealand is surrounded by water – lots of water…

Yes, by looking at this map you can see that New Zealand sits between Antarctic and the Equator – and it is surrounded by vast oceans. The distance to both oceans is approx. 5000 kms (3000 miles). So of course, a steady continental climate does not apply here. The upside,is that unsettled weather doesn’t usually stay for too long. In fact, you can have rain in the morning and a warm sunny afternoon. You might even get 4 seasons in one day !

Abel Tasman kayaking at nice weather conditions

Weather in different locations in New Zealand

Where you are located in New Zealand, will play a big part in what you wear. The far north of the North Island has subtropical weather during summer – while the inland alpine areas of the South Island, can be as cold as -10°C (14°F). The average New Zealand temperature decreases as you travel south. Check out the New Zealand Tourism site with a changeable, regional climate map (as below) and select the different locations throughout New Zealand.

New Zealand travel seasons

The seasons in New Zealand are basically the reverse of the Northern Hemisphere season. They are in fact quite similar in respect of temperatures, weather patterns and clothing you need. The northern parts of New Zealand are similar to that of northern Africa and the southern parts, more like northern France. It is the oceans around New Zealand that cause a  different climate to that of Europe. There are some key differences, which I can to explain in more details.

Spring: September – November

The spring season can be an excellent time to visit New Zealand. Sure, the temperatures can often be a little cooler – especially in the southern parts of the South Island. But you will discover that the land is lush with greenery. Also there is often far less wind in the September and October months. However, keep in mind that the days are still a little shorter in September to October. By November, the daylight hours are getting far longer. Temperatures will range from 4.5 – 18 degrees celsius (40 – 65F).

Clothing for travel through New Zealand

Summer: December – February

By now, the weather patterns have changed a little. In the ‘old days’ November was regarded as the start of the summer season. But now, the start of summer has shifted to December – this really when the summer warmth kicks in. It is at the start of December that both domestic travellers (e.g. long school holidays between mid Dec and end of January) and internationals come to NZ’s shores. So that means just one thing – early reservations are essential! Temperatures range from 21 – 32 degrees celsius (70 – 90F).

Autumn/ Fall: March – May

The autumn season is regarded as the best time to go hiking and tramping in New Zealand. This is when the weather is very stable. You will get less wind, less rain and far less fellow travellers around! Temperatures are still pleasant, though they are getting chillier in the morning and evenings – especially from mid-April onwards. Personally I love this time of the year. This is the time when I can wholeheartedly recommend that you visit New Zealand. Temperatures range from 7 – 21 degrees celsius (45 – 70F).

Winter: June – August

These months are recognised as the ‘off season’ for New Zealand – that’s unless you want to go skiing. Ski fields are generally opened from the end of June until mid September. These times can change slightly from year to year. Especially in the southern parts of the South Island, the days are getting much shorter. Temperatures range from 1.5 – 15.5 degrees celsius (35 – 60F).

General advice on New Zealand weather condition

It’s always good idea is ask your accommodation hosts about the local weather.  However, the five-day forecast is pretty helpful, especially if you have outdoor activities planned. By now, it will be clear to you that New Zealand has many micro climates for it’s regions. Therefore having chat to the locals for updates, is often the best call.

Dress for New Zealand - what clothing to pack for travelling

What clothing should I pack for New Zealand?

If you are traveling around New Zealand, you are bound to bump into most types of weather. The safest policy is to be equipped for all weather, no matter what the season. Wear layers of clothing to strip off and replace as necessary. Wet weather gear, a wind proof jacket, woollen sweater and strong footwear should be high on your list. In keeping with New Zealand’s relaxed lifestyle, dress is informal for most occasions. A smart standard will be required for fine dining restaurants, shows and casinos.

Your Clothing Check-list New Zealand

  • Take a good rain jacket – this will be extremely beneficial in windy weather.
  • A quality fleece beneath and a polypro or merino shirt is always a good choice. The good old ‘Swandri’ has always been popular with Kiwi men.
  • In New Zealand most trampers wear mainly shorts.
  • If long trousers are preferred , for your tramp, then go for fast drying hiking trousers. Jeans are no good ! They will get wet and you will get cold!
  • For hiking/tramping, do pack strong comfortable footwear .
  • Don’t forget about sun hat and sun glasses. If you are anywhere near glaciers and snow, these are a ‘must have’.
  • If you need additional outdoor clothing while in NZ, just pop into a Kathmandu or MacPac shop. They’re the local outdoor clothing specialists.

Read about packing for New Zealand .

When is formal dress expected?

When selecting clothing for travel through New Zealand keep in mind that dress standards in NZ are pretty casual and informal. We do make exceptions for weddings or an ‘occasion’.  By viewing this video below, you will get a sense of what most outdoors and nature-focused travellers will wear.

Some more helpful travel information for New Zealand:

  • Autumn – the best time to travel New Zealand
  • Sample travel itineraries for nature travellers
  • Travel Hints for New Zealand
  • South I travel the North or South Island ?
  • Travel planning New Zealand

Happy Travelling through New Zealand at any time of the year!

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If I knew how to whistle on the internet I would – look at you! Beautiful. So true regarding our weather – all four seasons in one day – always be prepared for anything. My general rule of thumb, take a jacket and it won’t rain (hopefully), don’t take a jacket and it most definitely will lol.

' src=

Never thought I’d say this, but nowadays, I’d be grateful for that one wolf Whistle Jan. How true about the rain jacket but the one time when this item of clothing really comes into it’s own, is when there is a cold wind whipping through. It’s saved many an outdoor enthusiast from hypothermia.

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Essential New Zealand Packing List & What to Wear for Every Season

New Zealand is one of the world’s top travel destinations. From the snow-dusted mountains and ancient rainforests in the South Island to the balmy beaches and geothermal wonderlands in the North Island, New Zealand is known for encapsulating all the world’s landscapes in one country.

This can make packing for your trip a challenge. It’s even more of a challenge if you’re traveling to both the North Island and the South Island, as they couldn’t be more different than night and day.

That’s why we’ve created a New Zealand packing list and a guide on what to wear in New Zealand .

You can also download and print this New Zealand packing checklist .

New Zealand Packing List Essentials

  • Travel Documents – Always know where your travel documents are and keep photocopies of them in case anything happens. One of our favorite tips is to keep online copies of travel documents. Simply email copies of your passport, trip vouchers, flight confirmations, etc. to yourself, giving you the ability to access your documents wherever you can log in to your email. This can be a lifesaver, even if you lose your phone!

Download and print this New Zealand packing checklist.

Clothes Packing List: What to Wear in New Zealand

Figuring out what to wear in New Zealand can be a bit challenging. Sunny beach days are common at the top of the North Island, yet its urban cities often see changeable weather with winds and rains. The South Island is home to the sunniest regions in New Zealand, yet its mountains accumulate snow and cold weather the further south you go.

This is why we’ve made it simple with our guide on what to pack for New Zealand based on each island and season.

Coromandel, North Island. Photo: Adam Bryce

Summer (December, January, February)

These are New Zealand’s warmest months of the whole year, with temperatures averaging between 70 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. During this time, daylight can last until 10pm, so be sure to keep up with sunscreen!

North Island

Northernmost regions such as Cape Reinga, Bay of Islands and the Coromandel enjoy subtropical weather. Think balmy sunshine, warm golden beaches and inviting bays. Summery clothes with a light jacket for any sudden changes in weather are ideal.

You may want to pack your swimwear and jandals (New Zealand’s word for flip flops!) if you fancy a dip at the beach. Sunhats and sunglasses are also great sun protection.

For more urban areas including Auckland, Rotorua and Wellington, comfortable walking shoes are a must. You might like to bring some dressier clothes for nights out in the cities. Don’t forget a rain jacket and cardigans or sweaters for the cooler mornings and evenings. Pants or trousers are recommended over shorts, but for any outdoor activities such as hikes or beach days, shorts are fine.

South Island

Nelson is one of New Zealand’s sunniest regions, so sunhats and sunglasses are essential. Summer clothes are perfect, with cardigans or light jackets for the evenings and cool mornings.

The further south you travel, the lower the temperatures drop. Christchurch sees temperatures in the low 60’s, so pack thin layers with a sweater or light jacket. In southernmost destinations such as Queenstown and Dunedin, bring light layers you can mix and match, with a sweater or light jacket.

Canterbury, South Island. Photo: Fred Rood and Elite Images

Fall (March, April, May)

Cooler temperatures create perfect conditions for outdoor activities with a gorgeous setting. Colorful changing leaves, tufts of gold and orange, snowy peaks in the distance – autumn in New Zealand will take your breath away. With less crowds and temperatures averaging between 45 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit, this is one of our favorite season to go to New Zealand.

Cold mornings and evenings are common, with sunshine during the day. It’s important to pack cozy clothes you can layer up or down as the day goes by, with a jacket to keep warm against any drops in temperature.

A rain jacket is a must, as this is when rains start to pick up in major cities such as Auckland and Wellington.

The South Island is where you’ll see those changing autumn colors. Comfortable layers with a warm sweater or jacket will keep you most comfortable. Boots or comfortable walking shoes will keep your feet sheltered from the elements.

Queenstown, South Island. Photo: Skyline Queenstown

Winter (June, July, August)

Winter in New Zealand brings cooler temperatures averaging between 35 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. The one essential item you need to pack for winter in New Zealand is a raincoat, as these months see the most rain.

Winter is temperate enough to explore the northernmost region of the island on hikes and scenic walks. Warm layers, a cardigan or sweater, and a light jacket will be enough to get you through the day. Bring a warm jacket for the cold mornings and evenings, especially in major cities.

July is the wettest month, so apart from a rain jacket you might also want to bring an umbrella.

The mountain ranges are blanketed with fresh snow, making for stunning views. Frosts and heavy snowfall are common, so warm layers, sweaters and jackets are recommended. You might like to bring scarfs, gloves or hats to help protect you from the cold in wilderness areas such as national parks, the glaciers and fiords.

Bay of Islands, North Island. Photo: Alistair Guthrie

Spring (September, October, November)

Blossoming trees, cascading waterfalls and colorful blooms – New Zealand in spring is a wonderful time to visit. Keep in mind the average temperatures for your New Zealand packing list in spring, ranging between 40 – 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

Warm sunny days gave way to crisp evenings, so definitely pack a sweater or light jacket. Thin layers you can mix and match are highly recommended, keeping you prepared for any sudden drops in temperature. If you can easily withstand cooler temperatures, one layer and a light jacket will be just fine.

One basic jacket or coat and versatile layers are perfect for South Island destinations. A warm sweater with a light jacket is also a good alternative. Keep in mind that mornings and evenings can still get quite cold. If you’re traveling along the west coast to the glaciers or Mount Cook, be sure you’re prepared for rain.

No matter what time of the year you’re visiting New Zealand, it’s always important to use sunscreen – yes, even in the winter!

Now that you know what to pack for New Zealand, you’re ready to enjoy the trip of a lifetime!

Safe travels from your mates at About New Zealand!

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Our trip covered several stops in New Zealand, Australia and Fiji over about a month. Each accommodation, shuttle, arranged tour and request was fulfilled beautifully. We couldn't have asked(...)

Six of us set off to New Zealand organised by About Australia and Ana and her team. Every step was smooth and organised. Every transfer worked, every hotel was clean and welcoming. The tour(...)

It's such a beautiful country with lots of friendly people! Our travel guide did amazing work setting up our flights, hotels, tours, and shuttles, making it really relaxing on our part. So(...)

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travel outfit nz

Stylish Travel Outfits To Keep You Comfy While Travelling

Travelling in the summer can be fun and exciting. However, trying to beat that last-minute rush can be more than stressful – you know, trying to fit everything into a suitcase, making sure the cat is fed, fitting in those last-minute appointments – we’ve all been there.  

Next thing you know, it’s time to leave for the airport and you end up in a less-than-stylish, not-that-comfortable travel outfit. We may or may not have ended up in the terminal of Italy’s biggest airport wearing a jumper in the middle of summer…

But why dim your sparkle with basic travel looks when you can still look fabulous AND be on time?

Sit back and keep reading these tips to learn how to travel in comfort and in style.

Simplicity Is Key

We know, we know, you’ve heard this before. But it’s true – simplicity is key. When dressing for transit and travel it can be easy to fall into the trap of choosing an overly glam airport outfit for the sake of looking chic at the boarding gate.

However, it’s important to remember your travelling outfit should work seamlessly with the rest of your travel outfits and consist of classic pieces that can be mixed and matched on your holiday. Now don’t worry, simplicity doesn’t mean boring. Instead select silhouettes made from high-quality fabrics such as cotton or linen that you can easily dress up with colourful accessories .

BB's favourite travel-friendly basics

Say yes to midi dresses.

A summer travel wardrobe wouldn’t be complete without including a crowd favourite – the Midi dress. Midi dresses are a one-stop for comfort and total freedom when looking at travel clothes. When choosing a travel dress for summer, go for a floaty silhouette that will be suitable for warmer weather and keep it vibrant with a summery floral pattern or striking block colour.

Pair with sandals or a sneaker when travelling and swap them out for statement heel once you’ve reached your destination.

To accessorize your summer dress, add a statement belt and earrings to switch up your look or pop on some oversized shades at your destination for an editorial worthy look!

The chicest midi dresses for travel

When in doubt stick to neutrals.

One of the biggest advantages of sticking to a neutral colour palette for your summer travel outfits is that it streamlines the getting ready process leaving you more time to relax in style. A few more hours by the pool? Sign us up.

To avoid your outfits feeling bland and uninspiring, try experimenting with different textures such as linens and crinkle cotton fabrics. Not only are they synonymous with summer but they leverage the ease of summer dressing and will keep your holiday outfits fresh, interesting and breezy!

Easy neutral pieces to travel with

Things you can wear on the plane.

Whether you're travelling to get home or to make a statement at destination, here is some inspiration for your in-transit wardrobe:

Fabric Matters

Fabric can often be overlooked when thinking about travel outfits, however it’s arguably one of the most important factors in a successful travel wardrobe. Remember it's summer, so you'll want to opt for lighter and breathable materials to keep you cool and dry.

Now, you’re in holiday mode so try and avoid high-maintenance or delicate fabrics – standing over an ironing board for hours doesn’t really scream relaxation, right?

Instead look for fabrics that will be suitable for your summer travel wardrobe yet will still give you maximum comfort in transit. At BB we are lovers of fuss-free fabrics such as crinkle cotton , bamboo and micro modal . These fabrics will allow you to sit and stretch for a long period and they are incredibly breathable – perfect for keeping you cool once you’ve reached your destination.

Travel hack: If you find yourself with a slightly crushed garment and no iron to be found, hang it up in the bathroom when showering and let the steam do its magic! It won’t give you iron-crisp finish but it’s fab in pinch!

Travel must-haves to keep your time in transit stress-free  

Athleisure anyone.

If athleisure is more your style, then don’t worry we have you covered. The key to chic but sporty travel outfits is finding the right balance between looking classy and comfortable.

For ultimate comfort, choose a pair of soft and stretchy leggings as your base and layer with a relaxed button down or jumper for a more refined look.

Take your travelling outfit from airport to hotel lobby, by finishing the look with a pair of elevated sneakers and remember to always accessorise!

Whether you’re travelling overseas or interstate, it can be easy to get overwhelmed when battling congested airport crowds. This is where the trusty tote bag comes in to keep you sane, organised and stress-free. Tote bags are essential travel companions for several reasons but, most importantly, they keep all you prized possessions within arm’s reach and away from chaotic baggage carousels.

When searching for the perfect tote, versatility is key. Consider opting for a bag with a woven or canvas finish that can be a used a beach bag during your holiday.

BB's favourite tote bags to take you from the plane to the beach

I f you seek to explore the world during the summer while prioritizing comfort, you can always look fabulous while doing it. There are endless dresses, pants, shirts, and other accessories to make up your look. Sure, you may be in a hurry to catch your flight, but you can look elegant while at it.

The next time you're thinking of a travel outfit, use the above style inspirations or our gorgeous, curated travel edits which offer an abundant collection of travel-friendly outfits! Don’t forget dressing for the destination, check out our favourite tropical holiday outfits here!

travel outfit nz

What to Wear in New Zealand

travel outfit nz


  • New Zealand is typically an informal place so pack casually for comfort.
  • Smart casual clothes are acceptable at most restaurants and night-spots.
  • New Zealand is renowned for its outdoor activities , so make sure you take swimming gear, hiking shoes, trekking pants/shorts and gloves.
  • Due to the lack of ozone layer, the New Zealand sun is especially strong so wear plenty of protection. Opt for screening products with a minimum SPF 30, or better still SPF 50 and apply every 3 hours in the summer sun. Products are easy to buy in supermarkets, chemists and petrol stations, plus many venues with outside seating provide it for free – you just need to ask.
  • Don't forget your sunhat and sunglasses too.
  • light wool is a good choice to wear against your skin as it naturally helps to regulate your body temperature . It keeps you warm in the cold, wicks away moisture when it's hot, and doesn't retain odours – even after prolonged wear.
  • Ensure you bring a versatile travel jacket. We love the  SCOTTeVEST  travel jacket because it has over 23 pockets, removable sleeves and RFID protection.
  • And if cycling is on the agenda pop some padded shorts and a head torch in your bag too.

What Shoes To Pack

  • You're bound to do plenty of sightseeing, so you'll need comfy shoes for exploring . We recommend Hotter shoes , for total comfort along with style
  • If you plan to do much serious walking then lightweight walking shoes or sturdy sneakers are fine.
  • Some lovely flip flops or sandals can be a good choice for going out. Why not try the Lindsay Phillips Switch Flops range – using interchangeable shoe and flip-flop bases with snap-on decorations, you can change your look from day to evening in an instant whilst still packing light.

Clothing Tips for Women

  • A pashmina can be a versatile piece that will smarten up any outfit, should you need it.

Clothing Tips for Men

  • Even in the big cities like Auckland, men are generally not expected to wear suits and ties , except in a few of the most formal bars and restaurants.
  • If you're looking for versatile and stylish beachwear , try the Madda Fella range of shirts, shorts, polos and swimwear.

Pack for the Weather

  • Famous for having four seasons in one day , our advice at all times is to pack a light jacket or sweater just in case the weather turns cooler, or if you're visiting higher altitudes. You can also expect some rain, so include a light raincoat and travel umbrella .
  • Clever layering is the key to dressing for changeable weather .
  • If visiting through April, May, June, July, August, September and October pack warm winter garments and layer your clothing .
  • We love the Weather+ app – it gives an accurate 6 day forecast for day and night, which when you're planning from home is really helpful. You can keep all the places you've been to too – a nice way to remember your trip 🙂 Download for iPad/iPhone or Android

Other Things To Pack

  • A soft-sided rucksack is more practical than a hard suitcase if you plan to travel around – it's easier to fit into the small planes or transfer vehicles. Using packing cubes can help to keep your belongings tidy whilst compressing the volume too.
  • A lightweight day sack or shoulder bag will come in handy to carry your sightseeing essentials.
  • If you tend to buy bottled water , consider carrying a LifeStraw Filtration Water Bottle – fill up from any source and get clean, safe drinking water without wasting plastic bottles.
  • Look after your mobile phone with a phone bunjee – it protects against loss, theft and damage. For more remote areas a solar powered charger can come in handy too, as a back-up for your battery.
  • To use electrical gadgets you may need a travel adapter plug , and also a step down voltage converter if your devices are not designed for local voltage (230V) .
  • Avoid paying unexpected baggage fees – use an accurate luggage scale to ensure you keep within the weight allowance. Don't forget to leave room for souvenirs on the way home! Possum-merino knitwear is a speciality of New Zealand and is a great and unusual buy. Sheepskin slippers and boots are also very popular.

© Copyright 2019 | What To Wear On Vacation | All Rights Reserved

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Want to pack light but don't know where to start? Let's find the perfect size bag using this quiz !

Her Packing List

Packing Lists

Ultimate female travel packing list for new zealand (in summer).

' src=

This guest packing list has been brought to you by Rebecca Several . See all packing lists here .

travel outfit nz

The weather in New Zealand can change in an instant. The largest city in the country, Auckland, can experience all four seasons in the span of 24 hours. Summer in New Zealand is a fantastic time to visit because it rarely gets too warm (30C is death for them) and perfect for a t-shirt and jeans most days in most parts of the country. Layering is key as it can be quite hot under the extra strong sun but chilly in the shade and definitely after the sun sets. And there is of course rain around every corner! It really depends on what part of the country you are in.

I spent two summers in New Zealand , both times traveling around the whole place. I didn’t include amounts below, as it will vary depending on how long you are there. Washing machines and clothes lines to dry (and if you are lucky, even a dryer!) are fairly widespread (nearly all hostels have them), should you need to wash anything. Not super cheap, but not crazy Europe-expensive either. The recommendations below are for those doing a whistle-stop tour around the country, someone who is doing a backpacker bus or driving a car and plans on staying in hostels or hotels and not camping or doing any multi-day hikes .

>> Have a read of this female packing list to New Zealand during winter .

Tank tops and t-shirts – For layering and the beach

Long-sleeve shirts or even turtlenecks – Depends on how easily cold you get

Sweater or sweatshirt – It will get cold , even in the summer! Take one with you everywhere you go (maybe except for the beaches in the north, but hey, you never know. Don’t say I didn’t warn you). Standing in the sun will be hot, but the moment you step into the shade, you will shiver.

Jeans – You’ll pretty much wear these everyday you are not at the beach

Non-denim pants – Linen, cargo, water-proof, whatever tickles your fancy. There are some hot inland (and coastal) areas were the weather might be in-between. Too hot for jeans, but not warm enough for shorts, something you are comfortable will be a good choice. Plus, you never know when the weather might quickly change and it’s good to be prepared for both!

Editor’s note: Read about the best travel pants for women .

Shorts – You’ll pretty much wear these everyday you are at the beach

Underwear , etc – Need I say more?

Socks – Unless you want your feet to smell in your trainers! Also, for night, if your feet get cold easily. The temp drops considerably all over the country.

Going out – New Zealand is an extremely casual country. In the bigger towns like Auckland and Wellington, you can deck yourself out as much as you want for a night on the town and there will still be girls and guys in jeans right next to you so no need to stress about dressing up at all, especially if you are tight for space.

Togs (Swimsuit) – You are never too far from the ocean, no matter were you are in New Zealand. Never know when the road will curve towards the ocean and a burst of sunlight will appear! The water is too cold or too rough to enter in most parts of the country, but still beautiful and great for laying out for a few minutes.

Towel – Laying on, sitting on or drying off – it’s multi purpose!

Editor’s note: As a lighter alternative, try Turkish travel towels .

compression packing cubes

Use packing cubes to keep your clothing nice and tidy. We recommend the Eagle Creek Compressible Packing Cubes as they’re lightweight and can reduce the space your clothing takes up in your luggage.

Check them out on Amazon .

Hiking shoes – Trainers (normal American sneakers) will work fine in most terrains around New Zealand . Most hikes are pretty short (under an hour) and the trails are really well maintained thanks to DOC, so you most likely won’t need any thing more hardcore then this.

Jandals (Flipflops) – Half the time I hiked in these and I was fine for short hikes , but I would have been more comfortable in trainers. Other then hiking, everyone wears jandals all summer long to every event. Everything is really casual all over the country.

Bare Feet – If you want to go native, just go barefoot. I saw people all year long in central Auckland not wearing shoes. I don’t think the sign “No Shoes. No Shirt. No Service” exists in New Zealand.


New Zealand is a first world country and everything you can get at home, you can buy here . It’s more expensive (but not much if you buy generic, like me) and they sell everything at both pharmacies and supermarkets. No need to go to a special store to buy your products. To help me get acclimated to the country I am visiting, I don’t even bring most of this stuff with me as the perishables weigh me down. Plus, it’s a nice local souvenir to bring home! It varies on person to person. You know what works for you, so who am I to tell you what to bring? The only thing that I normally would not think to buy is:

Suncream – A MUST!!!  The sun is way stronger in New Zealand, something to do with the ozone layer. I just bought a generic brand of cream at the pharmacy when I arrived. Hey, if the locals are using it, it must be good.

attack of the hat

Protection from Elements:

Rain gear – Whatever works for you as it rains A LOT even in the summer, though umbrellas are pointless because it is so windy most of the time. Your umbrella will just break or poke someone in the eye. Suck it up, you are going to get wet.

Jacket – Must be water proof. Thickness will depend on how cold you get or how well you layer . I am always hot yet I am the worst at layering. A tshirt, jeans, jandals, wool hat and my waterproof down jacket was my official summer in New Zealand outfit.

Hats – Yes, I said hats, plural! A sunhat with a wide brim will save you in the sun. Even with heavy duty suncream, you’ll probably miss a spot on your face (I know I always do). I also jammed a wool beanie in my bag for when it rained though if your jacket comes with a hood, that will work well too.

Sunglasses – The sun will show its face at least once a day. Be prepared, you don’t want to miss a thing!

Camera (Still/video) – Don’t forget your adapters and chargers. You don’t want a dead camera battery at anytime because you never know what kind of spectacular scenery is around the corner! Outside the three major cities (Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch) it will be hard to buy anything electronic that you are missing.

Computer – Internet is pretty crap around the country, both in terms of wifi and computer terminals so don’t count on it too much. But then, get your head out of the screen and enjoy the scenery! That is what you are here for anyway.

New Zealand is the safest country I have ever been to. Just be street smart and you’ll be fine. No need for a money belt , but a padlock is always helpful for your bags or hostel locker. I didn’t have one and I never felt unsafe or had anything stolen. But then, I am pretty anal and carried all my important stuff around with me at all times when I stayed in dorms or didn’t have a car.

Guide book – Your choice but not required. Every single town of note has an I-Centre. Just make it your first stop to check out the local attractions and you’ll be fine. In fact, they’ll have more up to date info on attractions then your guide book . But I read guide books like novels (especially about places I missing) so it’s not a complete waste of space, especially if you want to plan something far in advance. Most I-Centers cover the local area too, so you can grab information on your next stop.

Novel – Paper edition! Every hostel has a book swap and buying books is crazy expensive. Always carry a paper copy so you can trade. There are some pretty decent collections at some hostels.

Pens/Paper – Always helpful.

Passport – Obviously. Doesn’t need to be carried around obsessively as the only place you’ll need it besides entering the county is when you check in at hostels.

Money – There are ATM’s in every single small town and all tourist places take credit cards. Some may require a minimum payment and if an outside fee is charge, they will state it. No place takes USD or AUD (you’d be surprised how many people think New Zealand is a “state” of Australia !) so leave the local cash at home.

Book a Viator Tour for Your Trip to New Zealand

Wellington sightseeing tour ↗.

Whether it’s your first time in Wellington or you just want to see as much as possible during your time in port, this half-day sightseeing tour offers a great introduction to the city and a diverse range of sights.

Small Group, Award Winning, Full Day Milford Sound Experience from Queenstown ↗

Travel with a small group by coach from Queenstown to Fiordland National Park to explore this lush wilderness, including a boat cruise on the Milford Sound. 

Book Your Viator Tour Before You Go

travel outfit nz

Far North New Zealand Tour including 90 Mile Beach and Cape Reinga from Paihia – $109.90

Enjoy this full-day tour visiting the best of the Far North in a unique Dune Rider vehicle. Let our drivers immerse you in the culture and history of the Far North while taking in the amazing scenery of places like the 90 Mile Beach and Cape Reinga.

About the author: Rebecca Several works at an office job by day and spends her free time figuring out how to make her limited US vacation days last the longest by night. She originally traveled to New Zealand on a Working Holiday Visa back in 2007, parlaying that into a general work permit for an additional few months before discovering the Work and Holiday Visa in Australia where she traveled for an additional 8 months. She only meant to be overseas for one year but whoops! Didn’t make it home for over two years. She writes about her travels on her website Travels at 88mph and can be found on Twitter @purplekat99 .

how to pack for new zealand in summer

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Download This Packing Checklist Now

Plus get access to 100+ more FREE downloadable packing lists.

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Gear we use.

speakeasy hidden pocket travel scarf ad

Speakeasy Hidden Pocket Scarves

Splice Jaisalmer Reversible Tunic

Splice Reversible Jaisalmer Tunic

Eagle Creek Compression Packing Cubes

Eagle Creek Compression Packing Cubes

tom bihn 3d organizer toiletry bag

Tom Bihn 3D Organizer Cube

Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Daypack - Fits in the palm of your hand!

Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Daypack

travel outfit nz

Turkish Travel Towels

Travel resources, hpl learnables.

H PL Packing Method – Learn to pack your lightest bag ever in this revolutionary packing course by HPL founder, Brooke.

Book Your Trip

Viator – Enhance your trip experience by booking from thousands of tours across the globe. – Search for hotels, hostels, and apartments using this one resource. Use it for flights, car rentals, and airport taxis as well.

Trusted Housesitters – Save money on travel accommodation by becoming a housesitter. Housesitters often have extra duties, like caring for pets and gardens.

Reader Interactions

' src=

March 12, 2013 at 2:18 am

As a Kiwi I can tell you – Every town (no matter how small) will always have one thing – a Petrol Station. At such a place you can fill up with petrol (the vehicle not you!) and they will always have food/ drink and other small items available. (I’ve been to some which sell sanitary items, toilet paper and news papers!)

The small towns (New Plymouth, Tauranga, Hamilton, Queenstown etc) to name a few all have proper supermarkets, petrol stations etc. You’re not likely to be going far without seeing civilisation! (Unless you’re in the wop-wops in the South Island!)

I would actually go as far to say 80-90% of NZ has cellphone & internet coverage. So you’re not cut off!

' src=

June 1, 2013 at 4:35 pm

As a kiwi, I must warn you that a simple SPF 15 will not do ANYTHING in the harsh NZ sun!!!! I will put SPF 70-100 on my face and atleast a 30 on my body, and I am from italian heritage!!! There is a hole in the ozone layer above NZ and it is very common for tourists to get burnt to a crisp on their first day– even if it’s cloudy! Just a warning 🙂 Be extra cautious!

Also, NZ is the safest place in the entire world, so get to know the locals and have an amazing time with no worries.

' src=

August 20, 2013 at 11:43 pm

Great list with great tips – I reckon you’ve got it spot on! From personal experience (Brit now living in NZ), here are a few more tips…

If you plan to explore the West Coast of the South Island, beware of the sandflies! They are more attracted to dark colours, so long trousers and a long sleeve shirt in light colours are the best protection. You can get some great (natural) sandfly repellant over here, so don’t bother bringing anything from home.

A sarong is my summer travel essential – beach towel, scarf, skirt, you can even use it to carry your laundry to the laundromat!

Sunscreen – cheap and very very good over here – SPF 30 minimum (you rarely see anything lower for sale). Buy a sport or waterproof version if you’re going to be doing l making the most of the beach / wilderness.

Wifi – there’s more and more of it here in NZ. Most hostels have it (sometimes free, sometimes not), and many cafes (a good excuse to buy a coffee). Libraries often have free wifi spots too.

Bare feet and shorts – Roll on the summer 🙂

' src=

December 21, 2014 at 10:40 am

I love this site! i am young. But i have lived in new zealand my whole life. Here a few extra items to bring:

-aloe vera gel: for the days you do get sunburnt

-insect repelent: once night time falls and your still exploring outside, the mozzies will bite you! Haha, dont worry. Itcy bites dont hurt but well, itch! The stuff smell strong, bjt its worth it!

-sun glasses: yes ladies, your eyes can get burnt to! Espeacialy if you have light eyes like me. The ‘whites’ around your eyes may go red-ish proably will sting a bit. Bjt with your sunnies youll be just fine. (THIS DOSENT HAPPEN TO EVERYONE!)

Thats all i can think of at the moment. Brooke, i love this post. Please keep posting!

' src=

January 13, 2014 at 9:26 am

This list is helpful in general, but as a New Zealander I’m a bit surprised by a few of these tips …

1) It does get cold here but on a warm/hot day in summer you’re pretty unlikely to be shivering the second you step into the shade – please do bring jerseys/sweatshirts, long pants, etc, and do plan for the weather to deteriorate if you’re out hiking for more than an hour or so, but don’t panic about it being freezing here!

2) “Most hikes are pretty short (under an hour)” … this might be true in a pure numbers sense, but the kinds of hikes people come to NZ for (eg the Tongariro crossing, the Milford track, etc) are generally full-day or multi-day ones – where you might get sick of wearing substandard shoes. You CAN probably manage Tongariro or Taranaki in sneakers, so if space is at a real premium for your luggage then go for it, but if you possibly can then I’d advise wearing decent hiking boots for those kinds of longer tramps.

3) “Outside the three major cities (Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch) it will be hard to buy anything electronic that you are missing.” … this seems pretty unlikely too. There are decent electronic shops in most cities (New Plymouth, Dunedin, Palmerston North …) – so again, don’t panic about this one.

[…] was a post for my buddy Brooke‘s website Her Packing List which she asked me to write about packing for summer in New Zealand. My first guest post!!! I couldn’t say no:-). I am like the worst packer, but I love making […]

[…] a hostel in New Zealand where I needed, well wanted, to call my boyfriend. I could have used Skype if the Internet wasn’t […]

[…] Ultimate Female Travel Packing List for New Zealand in Summer […]

[…] Eastern Europe, in the hull of an Egyptian felucca, in the back of rental cars on road trips across New Zealand and Australia, and in the overhead bins of a few dozen airlines. It’s a […]

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New Zealand Summer Packing List

12/12/2023 by Kristin Addis 1 Comment

New Zealand is a dream destination in the summer for photographers, hikers, and anyone who appreciates outstanding natural beauty. From epic hikes to beautiful ocean views to cute towns, there is plenty to see and do. However, you need the right gear to get the most out of your upcoming trip to NZ. You want to be prepared… but without overpacking. To help you out, I’ve put together a complete summer packing list that includes clothing, technology, and toiletries.

This NZ Packing List has got you covered:

Table of Contents

isthmus peak

Even in the summer, New Zealand can experience several seasons in one day. It’s also rarely super hot, particularly on the South Island. Although temperatures can reach the mid-20s around Wanaka and Queenstown, I usually wore pants and brought a jacket , even in the height of summer. Here’s what I recommend bringing:

  • 3-4 warm undershirts
  • 2 pairs of leggings ( 1 in black for hiking , 1 in a bright color to pop in your photos!)
  • 1 pair of shorts
  • 3 tops ( 1 tank top for layering , 1 t-shirt , 1 long sleeve shirt )
  • 1 nice dress for going to town (like this tunic dress or  this flannel shirt dress )
  • 1 pair of warm, comfy ski underwear to sleep in
  • 1 pair of lightweight rain pants and/or  water-wicking pants
  • 1 thick rain jacket
  • 1 super lightweight windbreaker to layer
  • 1 lightweight insulated jacket
  • 3 pairs of thick socks (just make sure they fit with your boots!)
  • 1 pair of hiking boots
  • 1 pair of Toms  for going out
  • 1 pair of flip flops
  • Beanie and hat for the sun
  • A couple of sports bras , and enough undies for a week
  • Microfiber towel

Keep in mind that I visited New Zealand in the summer. You will encounter snow in the winter or at higher elevations in the spring and autumn months, so come prepared for colder temperatures. If hiking, remember the importance of spikes for your shoes and specialized equipment depending on the conditions. Avalanche training is a must for many winter NZ hikes.

Picking the right backpack could make or break a trip. I almost always prefer using a backpack over a suitcase , as I never have to worry about walking through cobblestone walkways, along dirt roads, or climbing the staircases – it is just so much more convenient. If you do not own a backpack, go to a store that allows you to try the packs on with weight in them (I like REI in the US), or if that’s not available to you, order multiple bags online and return within the time window. Something like this bag is perfect for hiking and for traveling.

If you’ll be backpacking, check out this post for a comparison of the top women’s travel backpacks in the market.

Bring a day pack and a sling bag for daily use.

Hiking Gear

gertrude saddle

  • Hiking poles
  • 2 liters of water storage (can do a Camelbak + Nalgene combo to be covered regardless of activity)
  • Sleeping bag (opt for a colder rating if you’re tenting or slightly warmer if you’ll be staying in huts)
  • Light tent  (here is a complete backpacking checklist if you plan on backpacking New Zealand)

A quick note on bringing food: security checks at the airport are extremely strict. Almost all food items are banned unless they’re highly processed, so you are better off not bringing any and stocking up when you are in the city. Supermarkets and outdoor stores carry dehydrated backpacking food, although you will need some type of stove if you’re going that route. Just remember that you can’t fly with fuel.

For day hikes, I like to bring nuts and dried fruit, or a couple of energy bars.

new zealand south island itinerary

Though everyone is different, my dry skin tends to need moisturizers that have lots of aloe. The sun is very intense in New Zealand and it’s extremely easy to burn, so ensure that you always wear SPF 30, at least. These are the products I’ve used for years:

  • Your usual hair products
  • Whatever deodorant you prefer.  I love this one .
  • Floss, 1 under 100ml toothpaste, toothbrush
  • 1 DivaCup  (it makes life easier for that special week each month)
  • Nail clippers
  • 1 palette of eyeshadow, powder, bronzer, and eyeliner – or go natural!

travel outfit nz

I’m a photographer, so I can’t imagine going without a camera. But even if you’re fine taking pictures with your phone, there are still some pieces of technology that you should bring. Here’s what I always take with me:

  • An unlocked smartphone if you want to use local SIM cards.
  • Noise-cancelling headphones , which are a godsend on flights or in hostels.
  • Computer if you are a digital nomad like me – check out this post for a digital nomad’s packing list
  • Camera – check out this post for my camera equipment
  • Travel adapter so you can charge your devices. New Zealand uses the same outlets as Australia.

Here's a complete packing list for your summer holiday in New Zealand, with amazing, practical yet stylish clothing options, hiking gear, best bags to bring, as well as tech. #NewZealand #SummerPackingList

And that’s everything I brought along to New Zealand! I hope this list helps to make your trip more worry-free and easier to plan. Be sure to read my other guides for more on itineraries and how to make the most of your road trip:

The Perfect New Zealand South Island Itinerary

The best audiobooks for road trips, new zealand country guide, about kristin addis.

Kristin Addis is the founder and CEO of Be My Travel Muse, a resource for female travelers all around the world since 2012. She's traveled solo to over 65 countries and has brought over 150 women on her all-female adventure tours from Botswana to the Alaskan tundra.

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Rachel says

02/13/2019 at 10:11 pm

These have always been my list while backpacking for travel…Thank you once again for adding and reminding the packing list!!

Travel Fashion Girl

Backpacking New Zealand Packing List

Oceania Packing Lists , Packing Lists , Travel Packing Lists

travel outfit nz

Support TFG by using the links in our articles to shop. We receive a small commission (at no extra cost to you) so we can continue to create helpful free content. We earn from qualifying purchases made to the featured retailers. Thank you, we appreciate your support!

For the edition of Locals Approved Packing Lists Olivia McCaskill, a resident Kiwi, has assisted in providing a reliable account of a locals view for a realistic backpacking New Zealand packing list.

Olivia was born and raised in a small town in the Canterbury region of New Zealand, but has spent the last 5 years living in the beautiful capital of Wellington, she is due to travel Europe for 3 months this summer, exciting times!

Olivia is a self-confessed photography, fashion, health and fitness fanatic and blogs at The Black Peony , where she shares cool anecdotes about her thoughts and life. Thank you for your helpful insight Olivia!

I spent a quick 2 1/2 weeks backpacking New Zealand during my RTW trip in 2010. I was absolutely mesmerized by the country’s beauty and it is definitely a place I’d love to explore more fully one day.

To maximize my short time, I jumped on one of their efficient and cost effective hop on hop off backpacking New Zealand tour buses and not only saw all the sights I wanted to see, I also had the chance to meet a great group of people.

Having traveled in January, summer time, I must stress how essential my jeans were during this trip as well as a pair of cute flats. As Olivia recommends below, this is definitely a place where tourist clothes just don’t fly.

Read below for great tips on backpacking New Zealand from The Black Peony’s Olivia beautifully compiled by TFG’s fashion blogger Chantelle Mallin. Enjoy!

New Zealand Clothing Style

New Zealand is largely a relaxed place, so pack informally for comfort! Canterbury, in the south island, is quite casual regarding dress – jeans and a tank top for girls and jeans and a t-shirt for guys, even when backpacking New Zealand.

The capital Wellington, on the North Island, has an awesome fashion scene with alternative and stylish wear, whereas in Christchurch, the largest city on the South Island, the scene is more conservative think cashmere and pearls.

If hitting the town in a city, it’s expected that you wear something nice, although heels aren’t a necessity, guy should invest in a pair of dress shoes to wear out at night and a girl should have some nice flats.

In the countryside the style is way more casual, its normal for farmers to hit the pub in ‘stubbies’ (farm shorts) and a checked top, be prepared to receive strange looks if you’re wearing anything too flash, tone it down and opt for simple jeans and layers, or shorts and skirts in the summer.

A word of local insight from Olivia – Be prepared ‘You’ll be pegged for a tourist if you wear those horrible beige cargo pants with sneakers. ’

New Zealand Weather

New Zealand has a mostly pleasant climate as most the country lies close to the coast, great weather for experiencing all the country has to offer,as NZ is in the Southern Hemisphere, the temperature decreases as you travel south. This makes it great when you’re backpacking New Zealand.

Always check the weather forecast before your trip. Once you’ve researched the weather, you can focus on creating a travel capsule wardrobe .

In the summer the average temperature ranges between 20 – 30ºC / 68F-86F and in winter between 10 – 15ºC / 50F-60F, however the inland alpine areas of the South Island can have temperatures as low as -10ºC / 14F.

Use packing cubes to help you organize and even compress your belongings to maximize your space.


Tee | Top | Shirt | Blouse | Dress 1 | Dress 2 | Jeans 1 | Jeans 2 | Raincoat | Jacket | Sweater | Skirt | Boots 1 | Boots 2 | Hat | Bag

What to Wear When Backpacking New Zealand in Spring

Olivia says: Mild and sunny – cool in the morning with warmer day. Night time is generally cool. In Wellington spring is when it gets very wet.

Start by reading these general tips on packing for spring travel:

  • Feminine Clothing Trends for Spring
  • How to Layer a Summer Dress for Spring
  • Spring Basic Travel Wardrobe
  • Best Shoes for Traveling in Spring and Fall

Backpacking New Zealand Packing List for Spring

Spring in New Zealand last between the months of September and November, the weather can range from cold and wet to warm and sunny, keep an eye on the weather forecast and try and pack for every outcome.

When backpacing New Zealand, spring is the perfect time to check out one of New Zealand’s historic blossom festivals, if sports are more your bag it’s a great season to hit the slopes and the waterways.

Find out the  benefits of polarized sunglasses  plus my top picks!

The best advice for backpacking New Zealand in the spring season would be to layer. Clothes can be added and removed depending on what the weather brings, jeans are a good choice, pair with a nice blouse or t-shirt add a denim jacket and cotton scarf to finish the look.

If you’re planning on hitting the town pack a cute skater dress, wear with opaque tights and a cardigan or pashmina in case the weather drops cool.

Read these tips on how to avoid boring all-black outfits  when you travel!

Shoe wise, stick with a pair of printed ballet flats or brogues due to the impulsiveness of the weather; pack a pair of closed toe leather sandals just in case the temperature picks up.

Accessories your wardrobe with a pair of cat eye sunglasses to protect your eyes for NZ strong sun glares. Don’t forget a colorful raincoat, spring can get wet!

Here’s the most cute and comfortable ballet flats  for travel!


What to Wear When Backpacking New Zealand in Summer

Olivia says: It can get very hot in summer – up to 40+ degrees in the South Island, 30 degrees in Wellington. But it has also been known to get very cold. When a Southerly rolls in expect the temperature to plummet 10+degrees.

Start by reading these general tips on packing for summer travel:

  • Capsule Wardrobe for Summer
  • Cute Summer Dresses
  • Beach Sandals for Hot Weather Vacations
  • 3-Day Weekend Getaway Outfits for Summer

Backpacking New Zealand Packing List for Summer

The summer season last between the months of December to February bringing high temperatures (20 – 30 degrees) and lots of sunshine, NZ in the summer can get hot!

The days are long and sunny, so when backpacking New Zealand, take advantage of the beautiful weather by packing fittingly, include a cool pair of distressed denim shorts and a light maxi skirt for on the bottom and loose t-shirts, tank tops and sleeveless blouses for on top.

Here are some gorgeous outfits on what to wear for a beach resort vacation !

Add a pretty printed tea dress to complete you’re travel wardrobe. Jandals (flip flops) and sandals are the perfect shoe choice, choose a natural colour palette so you can easily mix and match with your outfit choices.

Don’t forget to pack a printed bikini or swimsuit, summer is an excellent time for backpacking New Zealand, whether its visiting one of the beautiful beaches – ideal for swimming, sunbathing, boating and water sports in areas like the Bay of Islands or walking in the bush the country has plenty of outdoor activities on offer.

Here are the best swimwear trends of the season!

Accessories your summer wardrobe with a floppy sunhat, a pair of sunnies and some high SPF – the midday heat UV radiation is extreme.

It is known to drop cool in the summer when a ‘southerly rolls in’ – a front of air coming from the south, pack a thin jumper, palazzo pants and light jacket for if this occurs or for if the weather drops chillier at night.

Find out why we love these  lightweight jackets for summer travel !


Tee | Longsleeve | Shirt |  Blouse  |  Dress 1  | Dress 2 |  Jeans 1 | Jeans 2 | Raincoat | Jacket | Sweater  | Skirt |  Boots 1 | Boots 2 | Scarf | Bag

What to Wear When Backpacking New Zealand in Autumn

Olivia says:Much cooler – it’s crisp and cool in the mornings with it getting warmer later in the day. As soon as the sun goes down it gets chilly.

Start by reading these general tips on packing for autumn travel:

  • How to Pack for Trips with Mixed Weather
  • How to Layer Clothes
  • Use a Summer Dress to Pack Light in Fall

Backpacking New Zealand Packing List for Autumn

The autumn season last between the months of March to May, the weather is still quite pleasant, even though the temperature does start to cool, many regions in NZ are known for their ‘autumn splendour’ including Central Otago and Hawke’s Bay.

When backpacking New Zealand, suitable fall clothing include light trousers, such as capris or palazzo pants, or longer shorts, pair these with neutral coloured t-shirts and light jersey long sleeved tops, if you want to include a dress go for a wool fabric and pair with tights, the temperature can cool at night so pack a cute jumper and a warmer jacket such as a leather or military cape.

Find out how to turn any one of your dresses into versatile dresses !

Coming up to the winter season the temperature will be slowly dropping, pack a scarf and felt fedora to protect yourself from the elements. Think of spring and layer, that way you can add and take off clothing depending on the weather.

In the autumn, New Zealand’s summer crowds have started to scatter, the season becomes a great time to hike the great walks and bike some of the many cycling tracks. When backpacking New Zealand in fall, pack a pair of leather boots or hiking shoes to enjoy these experiences to their fullest. It also a great season to taste some great produce at the countries various food markets and vineyards.

Ankle boots are so versatile, you can’t go wrong with them! Here are the  best ankle boots for fall !


Tee | Turtleneck | Shirt |  Sweater |  Dress 1 | Dress 2 | Pants | Jeans | Parka | Coat | Top | Leggings |  Boots 1 | Boots 2 | Beanie | Bag

What to Wear When Backpacking New Zealand in Winter

Olivia says: Very cold – it is a crisp cold in the South Island while very wet in Wellington (think ice cold rain coming at you horizontally – am I selling Wellington to you? No?)

Basically, try and wear as many clothes as possible when backpacking New Zealand in winter. No one judges fashion when you’re cold. Remember that New Zealand’s winter is North America and Europe’s summer. Be prepared!

Start by reading these general tips on packing for winter travel:

  • Capsule Wardrobe for Winter
  • How to Pack for Cold Weather
  • How to Stay Warm in Cold Weather  (without the bulk)
  • The Best Travel Shoes for Winter

Backpacking New Zealand Packing List for Winter

The winter months of June, July and August bring cool and colder weather to a lot of the country (between 5 and 15 degrees), the North Island can get really wet too, so it’s a definite that you pack with warmth in mind.

For backpacking New Zealand, pack items that will keep you snug and warm, opt for waterproof winter coats and thick merino jumpers, stick to long sleeved jersey and include a printed shirt to add a bit off colour to your travel wardrobe.

Find out what are the best and warmest long underwear for women for traveling light on your travels!

Stick to fabrics such as wool, fleece and polyester, they’ll keep you snug, retain warm air and release moisture keeping you insanely warm and dry. Accessories with a classic wool beanie, scarf, gloves and fleece lined boots and don’t forget to layer to keep warm.

The winter season sees a lot of snow so if the perfect time to visit glaciers, mountains and other areas of picturesque beauty, in the West Coast there are several spots to enjoy a relaxing soak in a hot pool, escape the chilly weather and check Glacier Hot Pools in Franz Josef.

Find out the most stylish and best down jacket options for your cold weather travels!

Backpacking New Zealand Travel Essentials

New Zealand’s weather can be quite temperamental; it is often described as having ‘four seasons in one day’, it can change unexpectedly so be prepared for the sudden change in temperature.

For the summer pack a light jacket or pashmina shawl in case the weather does turn cool, rain is expected so include a waterproof jacket – leave the umbrella home if visiting Wellington, it’s guaranteed to break.

NZ has some of the harshest UV rays in the world so don’t forget a cute pair of sunnies, a sunhat and plenty of sunscreen! If visiting in the winter months, pack clothing that will keep you nice and warm – don’t forget to layer!

Make sure you pack a swimming suit, hiking boots and trekking gear, the country is notorious for its outdoor activities and you’ll not want to miss out. New Zealand is the country of extremes so try to bring clothing to cover all seasons and weather conditions.

New Zealand Shopping

If you’ve forgotten an item or just fancy updating your holiday wardrobe New Zealand has got it covered, check out the cool selection of fashion stores, designer boutiques, galleries and specialized shops including –

  • Glassons – NZ’s most visited women’s fashion store known for its fast fashion, vibrant stores and ‘winning’ value, check it out at Glassons.
  • Hallensteins – Is NZ’s icon menswear store, owned by the same company at Glassons, it is recognised for its ‘fashion and value equation’, Hallensteins stores are located around most metropolitan areas throughout the country, check it out at Hallensteins.
  • Cotton On – Is great for both guys and girls, Cotton On is a ‘cheap and cheerful’ Australian retail chain offering on trend fashion at affordable prices, check it out at Cotton On.

Many fresh and promising designers are making a name for themselves in New Zealand, if you fancy bagging a unique investment take a look at – Cybele –

Based in Auckland, Cybele is considered one of NZ’s foremost fashion brands, the garments are timeless and feminine yet have a bold directional edge, the collections are recognisable by their distinctive custom prints and patterns and used of innovative cuts. The brand is available throughout boutiques in New Zealand.

If you’re after a unique find or vintage is more your thing pay a visit to Vintage Heaven specialising in a wide range of retro and vintage inspired clothing and accessories located at 253 Wakefield Street, Wellington 6011.

Backpacking New Zealand Travel Tips

Olivia says: There can definitely be four seasons in one day, and it can snow, be sunny, windy and rainy all in the span of a couple of hours. But there are definitely days where it can be super calm and sunny and warm!

The number one tip when visiting New Zealand is to always check the weather – it can change pretty quickly so it’s best to be prepared.

New Zealand is a place where the outdoors are celebrated, being so compact its quite easy to get around and you’re sure to meet an insane amount of lovely people from all walks of life, why not check out on of the countries themed highways – the routes are easy to follow (follow the brown signposts) and take you through some of the most famous landscapes and view. The routes have been road tested and given the stamp approval by other travellers, some of the routes include:

  • Thermal Explorer Highway – Experience earth forces on a road that leads to volcanoes, ancient caves and bubbling mud pools.
  • Surf Highway 45 – Taking you from surf to summit -check out the cool surf between New Plymouth and Hawera, the track will also take you buy Egmont National Park and the magnificent Mount Taranaki.

Backpacking New Zealand Transportation and Accommodation

  • Transportation – If you’ve got limited time, book a hop on, hop off tour bus. You can get a pass upon arrival at one of the hostels. I used and recommend the Magic bus but you can also use Stray (25+) and Kiwi Experience (18+).

travel outfit nz

  • Itinerary:  It’s recommended to fly in and fly out of different destinations if you want to travel both islands. For example, fly in Auckland and out of Christchurch. This will maximize your time and money! If you want to add tours to your trip, you can use companies such as My Adventure Store tours.

What do you recommend when backpacking New Zealand ? Please comment below!

For more South Pacific packing list , please read:

  • What to Wear when Backpacking Australia
  • What to Pack for Fiji
  • What to Pack for the Great Barrier Reef?
  • What to Pack for Gold Coast and Brisbane

Suggested travel resources:

  • Lonely Planet South Pacific
  • Lonely Planet New Zealand (Travel Guide)
  • Lonely Planet New Zealand Planning Map
  • New Zealand (National Geographic Adventure Map)

I hope you liked these tips on backpacking New Zealand. Please share with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. Thanks for reading!



Ooh, thanks for this list! I can’t wait to go for three weeks in April! I was hoping to just take my Osprey Daylite+ with me for all my luggage but the hand baggage is quite restrictive for my flights from the UK (7kg and no personal item!). Luckily I’m only petite so my clothes are light and fold up small and I plan to pack in layers. I’ve already done a couple of practise packs and I’ve still got just under 2kg to play with and that’s with my Macbook Air inside my bag. Would a pea coat or similar be a bit much for that time of year?


Hi Catherine, sounds like you’ve done a great job packing! April is the end of summer there so it might start to cool down depending on where you’re traveling. Make sure to check the weather forecast before you go!

James Morris

I traveled to NZ about 15 years ago with a buddy of mine after researching our trip for approx a year. We decided to fly into Auckland and then, fly back out of Christchurch. We spent one week on the north island and two on the south. We discovered several towns with unique characteristics we were not expecting. Akaroa was originally settled by the French and the residents of the city have maintained their French heritage by continuing to speak French, the restaurants serve French food, etc. The same is true in Dunedin; it was originally settled by people from Scotland and they are very proud to honor their ancestors. Finally, Christchurch was settled by the British. Each of these unique cities make you feel as if you are visiting cities in Europe due to their festivals, architecture, customs, dress, food and the special attention the attention local inhabitants pay to preserving the flavor of their parent countries.

We really preferred the south island because of the following: the wineries, the many unspoiled, white sand covered beaches you had all to yourself, the fjords with 1,000 foot vertical walls at Milford Sound, the spectacular glaciers on the west coast and last, but definitely not least…the penguin colonies. The little guys waddling home from a day of fishing for the family was a real “hoot” as they all gathered to cross the highway together and then, each one split up to go home to find their spouse and kiddo. I highly recommend everyone spending time visiting a penguin colony in the Dunedin area on the southeast coast. It is quite a treat and NZ is one of the few places in the world where you can view them in their home habitat. I plan to move to NZ soon once I retire as a result of my previous vacation trip. You WILL have a great trip IF you plan ahead and do adequate research before making the jaunt.


Thank you for the helpful ideas and advice. Always appreciate hearing recommendations from and hindsights of others

Thanks Lisa!


Just came back from two weeks of travelling the North Island. Although some places were very hot (Napier! 32°C), Wellington turned out to be relatively chilly, at which point I was very happy with my jeans and layering options. Loved it and definitely planning on going back some day to travel the South Island as well.


Alex, even through I have never met you, you are my internet best friend. I am beyond excited to have found your blog! Having just read your article on NZ with the help of your kiwi friend, I am feeling so much more confident about planning my trip next year. Its been a dream of mine to go to NZ, amongst other places, but Ive been stressing about traveling solo, plus i’ve never left the US. Ive been doubting my abilities to find my way and get from place to place, being I want to see the both islands.

These insights, including what to pack, is helpful and makes me think I can totally do it. Any other top of your head advice you can give on traveling alone for the first time? Im 26 and like to do things alone, but Im stuck in my head at this point.

Awww thanks Nicole! Happy to help 🙂 New Zealand is incredible – you’re going to absolutely love it! My biggest tip is to fly into Auckland and out of Christchurch (or vice versa) so you can maximize your time and money. New Zealand is super safe so it’s an ideal place for a female solo traveler. This is an article I wrote about solo female travel: You can do it, and you’ll have a great experience 🙂


you guys are really great I’m following you all the time

Thank you yay!


perfect travel!


Regarding the winter temperatures in Wellington, I’m sorry to say that this is quite misleading. I lived in Wellington for 20 years and can only remember one day when it was 30C. February is the warmest month in New Zealand. If you are from a warmer climate, note that even as late as November it can be quite cold (12-15C).

Good to know. Thanks for your feedback Julie!


Hi! Im so happy I came across your site 🙂 Im going to be in NZ in November, and Im debating on what I need to bring. I think NZ spring weather is my winter lol. My friends and I are going to be doing a lot of day hikes – 2 day hikes. We are going to try to get to both islands and I was wondering if wearing leggings will be warm enough to hike in NZ, or should I get something warmer? Can/should I pack shorts? Also are leggings and a shirt with flats ok to wear into town? Sorry for the many questions, I live in a desert. I would really appreciate you advise! 🙂 Thank you!

Hi Hunter! It is Spring in November. Make sure to check before your trip for the different cities to get a good idea of what you’ll need to wear. Depending on where you are shorts might be okay but you should plan to pack pants you can wear as well in case you are camping or for a change of elevation where it can be cooler. Remember, the key to spring is layering. Have a look at this example:

As for dressing up, around town leggings and a cute shirt with flats sounds good but for the bigger cities like Auckland and Christchurch you might need a dressier outfit or maybe dress up a casual outfit with jewelry and makeup. I ended up buying heels and a dress while I was there because I like going out at night but it just depends on what you like to do at night too.

Hope this helps!

Joey Chan

hi there! I’m so glad to see you blog about New Zealand packing list! I am ready to travel New Zealand on 2nd June 2015! I am a little bit of confusing what to pack in my luggage. It is Winter and will travel to Christchurch, Dunedin, Auckland. If it is possible for you to give me some opinion? I will be much appreciated!! All the best to you!!

Hi Joey, June in New Zealand is Winter so it will be moderate to cold climate. The best idea would be to check with or BBC Weather closer to your trip. Hope this helps!

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15 Essentials to Pack for New Zealand

The items you can’t miss when packing for new zealand.

It’s getting real, you’re about to go to New Zealand! Things get quite exciting yet stressful when packing for travelling in New Zealand. Let this list of essentials to pack for New Zealand ease the stress a little bit.

Apart from the obvious “don’t forget your toothbrush”, we have listed all the items that are essential to take on a trip around New Zealand. These items will not only make life on the road easier, but more comfortable and stress-free. Of course, these are only the essentials. Clothing, toiletries and electronic items are more of a personal choice, but be sure to follow our advice on those in What Clothes to Pack to Travel in New Zealand and you will find some cool things in 12 Genius Travel Gadgets for New Zealand .

travel outfit nz

1. A Good Backpack

First things first, you need a good quality backpack to pack all these essential travel items in! As this backpack is going to be your companion for your entire trip (maybe for a whole year for you working holidaymakers), you are going to want to invest in a decent backpack. It’s important to have a backpack that is the right size for you, as well as being durable enough to last the whole trip. Follow our tips in How to Choose a Good Backpack .

Maybe lose the stuffed toy, though.


2. A Day Pack

For those glorious times when you don’t have to carry your big backpack around, get yourself a day pack to carry just the essentials for day trips and day hikes. A 20-30l backpack should do the trick, which can usually fit in a water bottle, wallet, keys, phone, a couple of extra layers and then some. There are so many backpacks out there, but a practical outdoors backpack is the most versatile for urban and wilderness exploration, such as this 22l Osprey backpack . Alternatively, if you want a good-looking backpack just for exploring cities and doing day trips, check out the 25l Little America backpack or 19.5l Retreat Backpack by Herschel Supply Co. – see the full review of these eco-friendly backpacks .


3. Hiking Boots

Whether you prefer boots or shoes, sturdy footwear for hiking is an essential thing to pack for backpacking New Zealand! If you are coming to New Zealand, we’re guessing you are going to want to see the famous New Zealand landscapes while staying on a budget. Hiking is the best way to do this and there is no lack of hiking tracks in New Zealand. You hiking shoes are going to end up being your feet’s best friend by the end of your trip. To help you find a good pair of hiking footwear, we have put together How to Choose a Good Pair of Hiking Boots and 10 Tips for Picking the Perfect Hiking Boots for New Zealand .


4. Fast-drying Travel Towel

When you are on the road a lot, there is nothing more annoying than a constantly wet towel. Instead of packing a fluffy cotton bat towel, pack a microfiber travel towel, like this Relefree Premium Microfiber Towel . Not only do they fold up extremely small, but they dry much more quickly than a cotton towel. A fast-drying travel towel is an absolute essential for backpacking New Zealand!


Whatever season you are arriving in New Zealand, make sure you pack some layers! By that we mean, a thermal under layer, a jacket and some mid-layers (sweaters, long-sleeved hoodies, etc.) The weather is unpredictable in New Zealand so to be prepared for the change in temperature is a wonderful idea. If you plan on doing any outdoor activities while you’re in New Zealand, many New Zealander’s swear by merino wool as a breathable yet warm material. You can get merino under layers for men and for women .


6. A New Zealand Adapter Plug

To connect to power while you’re in New Zealand, you’re going to need a New Zealand adapter plug. This is a three-pin adapter. Although it’s tempting to get the cheapest one out there, we recommend getting an adapter with surge protection like this travel adapter on Amazon . What’s more, you don’t want a travel adapter that is way to bulky to plug anything in the outlet next to it – you don’t want to be “that guy” in the hostel…


7. Multi-plug

On the subject of power, if you have a lot of items to charge/connect to power then it might be worth packing a multi-plug. This way you only need the one New Zealand plug adapter, then the rest of your electrical items can plug into a multi-plug from your home country. Power outlets are often minimal in hostels or inside your campervan, so a multi-plug which doesn’t take too much space in your backpack is likely to come in handy.


8. Some Cash

You know how the world works, right? You pay for stuff. It’s the same in New Zealand. The New Zealand currency is the New Zealand Dollar. Bring enough cash for your first couple of weeks in New Zealand, just in case something goes wrong with accessing money from home or opening your New Zealand bank account. You can find some advice on payment methods while you are backpacking in New Zealand at New Zealand Currency: The New Zealand Dollar . If you are in New Zealand for more than a couple of months, we recommend opening a New Zealand bank account .


9. Insect Repellent

During the summer months, there are annoying little bugs called sandflies that will bite you. Although not found everywhere in New Zealand, they are particularly abundant in the South Island and especially the West Coast. Get yourself a little bottle of insect repellent to keep the bugs at bay. There are alternative methods for avoiding sandfly bites too, which we mention in 7 Ways to Stop Sandfly Bites .

 Mike Mozart

10. Sunscreen

Sunscreen is an absolute essential item to pack for backpacking New Zealand. Because of the hole in the O-zone layer between New Zealand and Australia, the sun is intense and can burn you within seven minutes of exposure even in winter. New Zealand has the world’s highest rate of melanoma skin cancer due to not enough people wearing sunscreen. It’s not a joke. Always have sunscreen with you!

15 Essentials to Pack for New Zealand

11. Your Passport (and Copies)

It’s obvious but it’s still worth mentioning, right? Make sure that your passport is valid at least up to three months after you plan to leave New Zealand. It’s also worth making a copy of your passport, whether it’s a paper copy in a separate place to where you keep your original passport or a digital copy on whatever cloud you use. This will make it easier to keep a record of your passport details should you lose your passport. To reduce the chances of that nightmare happening, check out Don’t Use Your Passport for ID in NZ: There’s a Much Better Way!


12. Your Driving License (and IDP)

If you want to drive at any point during your time in New Zealand, you will need your driving license. Your driving license will be accepted in New Zealand if it is written in English. Any other language driving license needs to be accompanied by an approved translation or an International Driving Permit (IDP). The latter is the best one to get because you can get a hold of an IDP before you leave home. Then you will be able to drive in New Zealand as soon as you like. Find out more in Why You Need an International Driving Permit for New Zealand .


13. Prescription Medication

If you are on any prescription medication, then make sure you have a sufficient supply of them for your backpacking trip in New Zealand. You can bring up to three-months-worth of prescription medication through New Zealand customs. Any more will need to be accompanied by a letter from your doctor. If you need to get any prescription medication while you are in New Zealand, follow our advice in How to Get a Medical Prescription in New Zealand .


14. Visa and Paperwork

Upon entering New Zealand, you may be asked to provide evidence at the Immigration desk to make sure you are not breaking the conditions of your visa – short-term visitors, take a look at Do You Need a Visa to Visit New Zealand? for advice on the visitor visa and NZeTA. If you are on a working holiday visa , have a copy of the visa printed out which looks like this , as well as evidence that you have your “sufficient funds”, a return travel ticket or funds for one, and a copy of your travel insurance certificate. More information can be found at Arrival Advice: Biosecurity and Customs in New Zealand .


15. Your “Togs”

There are plenty of reasons to throw your togs, otherwise known as swimwear, on in New Zealand, whether it’s for swimming, scuba diving or relaxing in one of the natural hot pools. One pair of togs is one of the essential items to pack for backpacking New Zealand!


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Plus, find more essential travel advice in the  31 Tips for Travelling in New Zealand .

travel outfit nz

This article was reviewed and published by Robin, the co-founder of NZ Pocket Guide. He has lived, worked and travelled across 16 different countries before calling New Zealand home. He has now spent over a decade in the New Zealand tourism industry, clocking in more than 600 activities across the country. He is passionate about sharing those experiences and advice on NZ Pocket Guide and its YouTube channel. Robin is also the co-founder of several other South Pacific travel guides.

Was this article useful?

travel outfit nz

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What Clothes to Pack to Backpack in New Zealand

travel outfit nz

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How to Get a Medical Prescription in New Zealand

How to Get a Medical Prescription in New Zealand

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New Zealand Travel Tips

The perfect New Zealand packing list

Having travelled all around New Zealand (and the world) with a 40L pack and day bag each, we’ve learnt exactly what’s essential and what’s better left at home.  This no-fuss guide will help you to pack for your travels in New Zealand too – whether you want to travel light or be prepared for every eventuality.

Table of contents

Pack for New Zealand Year-Round

Packing light for different seasons in Aotearoa is one of the biggest challenges you’ll face.  There is some gear you’ll need regardless of the season though. We just suggest you amend this list slightly depending on your own requirements.

If you’re only travelling over the course of summer, for example, you’ll probably have a little more room in your bag. Try to resist the temptation to ft extras in just because you have the room though as it will make your travels much easier. Changes are, you really don’t need as much as you think you do.

Five wheeled luggage and backpacks on top of each.

Travel Light

The truth is, in my day-to-day life, I’m a bit of a hoarder.  Get me out on the road though, and I’ll gladly preach the benefits of packing and travelling light.

With less gear to cart around, you’ll have much more freedom in your travels (and you’ll save on pesky baggage fees if your gear falls within carry-on limits).  

Whilst travelling in New Zealand, we’d recommend travelling light – it just makes life easier.

If there’s anything you forget at home, or that you desperately need on the road, we’re equipped with lots of wonderful shops. Second-hand stores can also be a great place to pick up items that you need at affordable prices.

Pro Tip: If travelling light doesn’t interest you, this packing list can easily be adapted – just throw a few more of each item in and won’t worry about leaving your bulkier items at home.

Consider the Season

If you’re travelling outside of the summer season we suggest you include at least some items from the ‘winter’ packing list we’ve included in this article.

The weather here can be very changeable so it’s always a good idea to have a jumper or raincoat handy.

Choose Easy-Wear Clothes That You Can Layer

If you’re aiming to keep your bag light, packing multi-purpose, easy-wear clothing is essential.

Choose clothing that doesn’t easily crease (and definitely doesn’t need ironing). Ensure that all of your colours and items work together, creating a capsule wardrobe. If there’s one item of clothing that will only work with one other, leave it at home – you want to be able to mix and match all of your gear.

By packing clothes that can be worn in layers, it’s easy to add another layer or remove one as the weather changes. This is the perfect way to dress in New Zealand, particularly during spring, autumn and winter .

Three friends trailing along the road leading to the summit.

Planning your first visit to New Zealand? 🇳🇿 Start here or check out these must-read articles:

Your New Zealand Packing List

Year-around packing, essentials: clothing and shoes.

We use this list for our core pack. We’ll then add in items from the ‘summer’ and/or ‘winter’ list depending on the weather we’re expecting.

Keep in mind that New Zealand is known for its changeable weather, so it’s best to have a range of items regardless of the season. For example, even in the summertime, I would have a pair of jeans and a hoodie/jersey to hand for evenings and rainy days.

  • 4-6 pairs of socks .
  • 4-6 pairs of underwear  (+ 1 bra and 1 sports bra for women)
  • (For women), a pair of  exercise tights .
  • 1 zip-up hoodie .
  • A pair of jeans . 
  • A pair of light-weight running shoes .  I love Nike Freeruns as they squash down small when not being worn.
  • A pair of jandals/flip-flops .  Particularly if you’re staying in hostels, to wear in the shower.
  • A cotton  neck buff .  These beauties take up no space in your packs but help keep you warm in winter and the sun off your neck in the summer.
  • Sunglasses .

Essentials: Bathroom/Laundry

  • A lightweight towel .  Some prefer sports towels but they’ve only ever shifted water around on us!  We prefer  Turkish cotton towels .
  • Mini bottles of shampoo/conditioner/body wash  and any other shower products you use (eg. moisturiser, cleanser).  I love hair oil as it’s a lifesaver if I’m in and out of the ocean.
  • (For women),  hair ties ,  tampons  etc.
  • A bar of clothes-washing soap  for handwashing in the shower/sink.
  • Ziplock bags  to keep everything dry and organised.
  • First-aid gear .  Painkillers, plasters, sleeping pills, cotton buds etc.
  • Insect repellant .

A person crossing a wooden bridge of Rakiura Track built on top of a beach and clear waters of Stewart island.

Essentials: Electronics and Entertainment

  • A smartphone .  You can set your phone to roam, or pick up a local sim card. Even if you just use your phone for the apps though (currency conversion, translation, maps and more) it’s a great help.
  • Your  Netflix subscription .  With the ability to download series and movies onto your phone/iPad, it’s a subscription that really does pay for itself on long bus/plane rides.
  • Travel power adaptors . Find out about the power plugs we use in New Zealand .
  • Headphones .

Essentials: Packing

  • An amazing pack  to put everything in!  We love our  Osprey Farpoint 40L  packs – they’re hands-down the best bags out there if you ask us (and also come in a women’s fit if you prefer).  Some may even prefer a slightly larger carry-on bag like the  Osprey Porter 46L  – we wouldn’t suggest going any larger though, unless you’re really giving up on the pack-light mentality. We love the hand’s free nature of a pack, but wheeled suitcases work well too.
  • Packing cubes .  These are invaluable if you’re planning to be in New Zealand for a longer period or for multi-season travel.  #1, they allow you to fit more into your pack by compacting your gear down and #2, you can pack anything you don’t need for a while into specific cubes and hide them down the bottom of your pack.
  • A day bag  so you’re not left carting everything around on day trips.  Again we love Osprey for this; we have a  Tempest 20  and a  Talon 22 . 

Essentials: Travel Gear

  • Your passport  and an understanding of  visa requirements . 
  • A small  wallet .
  • Two different credit cards or travel cards . Most shops in New Zealand will happily accept cards, but we also suggest you get some cash out of the ATM when you arrive.

Optional Extras

  • An  eReader  or old-fashioned book.
  • Better quality  camera gear .  Your average traveller might be happy with a cell phone camera but unsurprisingly, we wanted more.  We took our  Fuji X-T20  (which we adore) and also our DJI Mavic drone (which we sent home about three months in).
  • A laptop .  For us, these were essential (as we were working and blogging on the road) but probably wouldn’t be for many.
  • Cutlery  and a  drink bottle .
  • Snacks for the plane. Be mindful of what is and isn’t allowed when it comes to food though.
  • If you’re planning on lots of hiking,  hiking poles .
  • Hiking boots .

Summer Add-Ons

Summer really is the best season to test out your carry-on only skills.  With warm weather, light clothing and the ability to get things dried quickly, challenge yourself to leave excess clothing behind.  As long as you can wash your clothes in the shower or basin as you go, you really won’t need as much as you’d think.

  • 2-3 t-shirts .  We prefer the quick-dry sports tops as they tend to stay looking nice for longer, are easy to wash, quick to dry and take up very little space.
  • 1 pair of cotton shorts .
  • 1 pair of quick-dry nylon shorts .  Great for aquatic activities and to wear on washing days.
  • Swimming togs .
  • A cap  or hat.
  • Sunscreen .
  • A long-sleeve rash top .  Ones that zip open at the front are ideal, as they offer more flexibility in different temperatures.
  • Keens  or water shoes/sandals.  These are great for rafting , canyoning and general water adventures.

Two women in shades playing in the sand with a green shovel beside them.

Winter Packing for New Zealand

With cold weather comes a few more pack-light challenges.  There’s no doubt, winter gear takes up more room and quality items are often expensive to replace (so you probably won’t want to buy them as you go).

With a few quality pieces though, it is possible to keep your weight down and your winter clothing to a minimum.  Layers are key so don’t be afraid to put your summer gear to use to help keep yourself warm.

  • 1-2  merino /thermal long-sleeve  tops .
  • 1-2 pairs of merino /thermal  long-johns .
  • 1 pair of track pants  or hiking pants.
  • A packable jacket  that is both waterproof and warm.  We love the  Kathmandu XT driFILL down jacket .
  • A snuggly beanie .
  • 2 pairs of merino hiking socks .
  • Gloves .  If you feel the cold, lightweight gloves can be a great addition to your pack.
  • A thick scarf .  If you’ve got room, a square one will double as an extra blanket in a squeeze.

Couples leaning at the fence of a glass lodge while looking at the snow-capped Mt. Ruapehu.

How Easy is it to Travel Light?

All in all, you’ll probably be surprised by how easy it is it pack a capsule wardrobe and cut down on the amount you pack.

It’s really important that packing light works  for  you, not  against .

If you fall in love with something, don’t be afraid to buy it.  If it doesn’t fit into our pack, it’s easy enough to pick up a cheap duffle bag.

Is that ideal?  No.

Would we do it anyway?  Absolutely!

As we look around our home, we have all sorts of awesome reminders of our travels that just wouldn’t have been possible had we held firm to our ‘pack light’ ideals.

After all, travel’s meant to be a pleasure, not a chore.

Happy packing!

Do you have more questions about packing for New Zealand? Join the conversation and get feedback from our members today!

Founder of one of Aotearoa's most popular and helpful Facebook travel planning groups, Sarah shares reliable information and discounts around New Zealand. As an experienced tour guide, travel writer and airline reservations consultant, she enjoys bringing you the best of New Zealand.

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Have You Heard of a Snow Skirt?

travel outfit nz

One cold February day in California, I was on a film set high above Malibu when it began to snow. Everyone started laughing, taking selfies, and shivering, except for the great Tracey Levy : makeup artist to the stars, impossibly chic human, and mom of author Honor Levy . She simply pulled this sleek, insulated snow skirt by Swedish brand Skhoop from her tote bag, slipped it on over her pants , and warmly went about her day. I stuck my hand down her skirt, looked at the tag, and ordered myself one on the spot.

Since that day, this toasty, insulated faux -down skirt has been my ride-or-die cold-weather BFF. Whether on location in New York City, visiting a pal in Chicago in March, or suffering through the random 17-degree cold snaps we have at my childhood home in Texas every year, this thing has been my salvation. Giant puffy coats are outfit killers, so the ability to wear a regular waist-length coat and just slide on the snow skirt as needed when walking or working outdoors is a revelation. Sissi Kewenter, the founder and designer of Shkoop, hit on something genius when she made her first down skirt from an old parka: If your butt and legs are warm, the rest of you is warm too.

Skhoop Mary Mid Down Skirt

My Skhoop skirt is a midi length that hits me right at the knee (I’m five-foot-seven), but the brand also makes a mini version that comes in eight colors, a mid-thigh version that’s perfect for sitting down on a snow-covered bench or tree stump, a clever version that is longer in the back than in the front, an ankle-length version , and a less puffy midi version . Ninety-five percent of Shkoop’s product line is OEKO-TEX certified, which means no harmful substances have been found in any components of the garment, everything from the fabric to zippers, thread, insulation, and buttons.

Every Shkoop snow skirt has at least one zippered pocket (mine has two, and they are deep enough to put your hands in or to stash your phone inside) and has zips on each side up to the waist so you can adjust it depending on the activity you’re doing. Almost all Shkoop skirts have belt loops — I usually wear mine with a Gucci belt on set to (1) elevate the vibe and (2) have a place to hook my walkie. Every time I wear my Shkoop, people stop me and ask what the heck this magical garment is, just as I did that day on a snowy hillside in Malibu.

More cold-weather clothing items we’ve written about …

Girlfriend Collective Woods Long Recycled Puffer

The Strategist is designed to surface the most useful, expert recommendations for things to buy across the vast e-commerce landscape. Some of our latest conquests include the best acne treatments , rolling luggage , pillows for side sleepers , natural anxiety remedies , and bath towels . We update links when possible, but note that deals can expire and all prices are subject to change.

  • the strategist
  • this thing's incredible
  • cold weather

Every product is independently selected by (obsessive) editors. Things you buy through our links may earn us a commission.

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COSRX Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence

Delta apologises for threatening to deplane bra-less Kiwi

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Delta Airlines has apologised to a passenger who complained that staff discriminated against her for dressing like a man.

Kiwi expat Lisa Archbold says that she was threatened with being kicked off her flight from Utah to San Francisco on January 22 after an employee took exception to her dress.

Archbold alleged that this was because she had been wearing men’s clothes and her decision not to wear a bra.

More confronting still was that the issue was not raised at the gate. Having already boarded the plane, the passenger was escorted out of her seat by the Delta crew.

“I was dressed like a little boy in baggy pants and shirt. I had no idea what she was talking about,” she said, sharing a photo of her outfit worn to travel.

“She essentially weaponised Delta’s policy to humiliate and abuse a woman she didn’t think was being a woman in the right way.”

Archbold eventually complied with the request to “cover up”, putting on a jacket to reboard the flight from Salt Lake City.

However, she submitted a complaint that she was dressed modestly and the incident was an example of discrimination against her choice to wear men’s clothes.

From the handling of the incident, the passenger said, it was “not about boobs and definitely about being queer”.

"Definitely not about boobs": Passenger Lisa Archbold  wants Delta to review its dress code.

Archbold said that the airline’s “loose and highly subjective” dress code was open to abuse and left passengers at the mercy of crew’s personal views.

The airline’s contract of carriage reserves the right to refuse travel when “the passenger’s conduct, attire, hygiene or odor creates an unreasonable risk of offense or annoyance to other passengers”.

“I’ve been very specific that what I seek isn’t miles but a change in policy,” said Archbold.

She called for “a reasonable, specific policy that has checks and balances”, rather than one that gave crew power to eject passengers because they were deemed to be an “annoyance”.

The airline has since contacted the passenger to “sincerely apologise for this experience,” but could not be clear on the intent of the crew member who took exception to her attire.

”While we cannot conclude there was any discriminatory intent, we have reported this to our employee’s leadership, and I assure you this will be handled internally, and the appropriate action taken,” they said.

A spokesperson for Delta told the Herald it was airline policy not to comment on individual passengers but they had been in correspondence with Archbold.

“The contract of carriage is up to date and functioning. If there is a need, it will be amended. That said, it’s important to get compliance from every customer for every flight to ensure safe, clean, [on] time flights.”

Dress codes on planes

As the arbiters for the airline at 35,000ft air stewards are the thin blue line, responsible for everything from passenger safety to seating plans.

Among the many duties of cabin crew is interpreting airline policies. For matters such as dress code, this can be extremely woolly.

In an effort to apply to as broad a range of passengers and situations as possible, many international carriers have adopted the “no dress code” dress code.

Carriers like Air New Zealand have clauses covering passenger attire in their contract of carriage, but beyond the requirement that dress be “clean and tidy” it is highly subjective, requiring crew to pass judgment.

Every so often this leads to a “misunderstanding” such as a 2021 incident where a passenger returning from the Cook Islands was told they were exposing “too much skin”.

The passenger, Courney Newbold, told the Herald she was disappointed to have been singled out on a plane of passengers in swimwear.

“I thought we were a bit more progressive in New Zealand.”

On the far end of the spectrum, some airlines are extremely uptight on the particulars of their dress code. In 2019 United Airlines was put to task for not allowing two 10-year-old girls to board a flight out of Denver for wearing yoga leggings.

Their family’s complaint that the situation came from the lack of details in United’s dress code led to the airline zipping up on specifics. Among the banned wardrobe malfunctions are no exposed midriffs, no attire that reveals undergarments, shorts should finish no higher than three inches above the knee, bare feet or form-fitting leggings, tops and dresses.

Then there are the oddly specific banned items of attire that surely there must be a story behind.

Like the fact that, for some reason, Ugg Boots are one of the four items of dress banned from Qantas business class lounges. As are jandals, board shorts and vest-tees.

Woe betide any Aussie travellers who rediscover their early-2000s leisure wear.

You can see the appeal of airlines gravitating towards loosely defined, no-code dress codes.

After all, attire guidelines are designed to make flying as pleasant, or inoffensive as possible. Not as a trap for passengers who wear the wrong thing.

travel outfit nz

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Amazon’s Fashion Outlet Is Hiding Deals on Alo, Ugg, Paige, and More Designers Up to 84% Off

A New York stylist shares her top fashion finds.

travel outfit nz

We independently evaluate all recommended products and services. If you click on links we provide, we may receive compensation. Learn more .

Travel + Leisure / Tyler Roeland

During the dead of winter, it’s important to find joy where you can. Booking a spring break trip, binging a TV show (mine: Traitors on Peacock), and finding the best shopping deals to pass the time while staying cozy on your couch. I recently discovered Amazon's Premium Fashion Outlet , a place to find excellent sale prices on top brands like Ugg, Dr. Martens, Alo Yoga, Paige, and more. 

Currently, my travel shopping list consists of transitional items that can take me from winter to spring. I am also eyeing a few winter updates, like cozy fleeces and snow boots to wear on an upcoming ski trip in Canada and have handy for next year. Plus, I am always on the hunt for activewear sales like Alo Yoga bicycle shorts and Sweaty Betty workout tops . Trust me, as a shopping expert, I know you’ll want to bookmark this page because it will surely come in handy to score major fashion deals. Ahead are my top 14 deals from Amazon's Premium Fashion Outlet not to sleep on.

Ugg Women's Scuffette Ii Mirror Ball Slipper

Bring shine into your mornings by slipping your toes into these sequin-covered Ugg slippers. It's the same signature sheepskin lining and insole you love hugging your feet, just with a dressier appearance and 38 percent off full price.  It also has a rubber outsole that provides traction on wood floors and allows you to wear these in the garage or to the mailbox. I love the idea of bringing some glitz into lazy Sundays, although they will probably cause me to upgrade my pajamas to a more satiny set.

Alo Yoga Women's High Waist Cargo Short

Alo (also known as Alo Yoga) is one of the top activewear labels on the market. From supportive leggings to super soft fleeces, the hype is worth it. But like so many top brands, the price tags can be steep. So when I see a style of theirs for under $40, I act fast. Bicycle-style shorts have been a top activewear style for a few years, but what I like about this style are the side pockets to comfortably and securely store keys or your cell phone. Pair with a loose tee, tank, or sports bra for yoga, pilates, or your workout of choice — you’ll be wearing these all year long. 

Vineyard Vines Women's Oxford Classic White Button-Down

It's not just vacation-friendly pieces; Amazon's Premium Fashion Outlet has deals on everyday clothes, too. Refresh your office button-down with this style from the beloved preppy brand Vineyard Vines. The stretch cotton blend keeps the fit one you can move in all day. Oxfords might read wear to work, but they can be great on vacations with shorts or as beach cover-ups. Stylist tip: buy a size or two bigger to get that oversized boyfriend fit. 

Paige Women's Leenah Ankle Pants

This pair of jeans hits two trends happening in denim right now: wide legs and a cropped ankle length; the latter is perfect for transitioning to spring (or showing off your winter boots). The popular and well-fitting denim brand Paige makes splurge-worthy jeans, and these are up to a whopping 84 percent off full price in select sizes. An ultra-flattering appearance is thanks to the high waist and flare leg. Adding to the appeal is the elevated leather-like finish, which keeps the fit stretchy and comfortable (read: easy for travel days). Having a dressy pair of jeans at your disposal makes picking a look for nights out all the easier.

Vince Women's Gabi Sneakers

Low-profile, travel-friendly sneakers may just be my favorite type of shoes. The shape's versatility makes it a pair you can wear with jeans, dresses, skirts, and joggers — all my go-to pieces for travel. The silver metallic upper on this pair from Vince certainly caught my eye. It feels fresh yet seasonless and adaptable to any color outfit. Also, I appreciate the thick rubber soles that will support my feet on long walks. I have owned several shoes from Vince, and I can attest they are just as comfortable as they are stylish.

Fjällräven Kånken No. 2 Acorn Everyday Backpack

A modern classic, Fjällräven Kånken has been a favorite of cool kids for years. Why? The boxy design and functionality, with backpack straps and top handles for easy toting. It’s also roomy, with more than enough space in the main compartment for daily essentials, plus a handy zip front pocket and side slip pocket for a water bottle. It also makes an excellent travel backpack — great for flights and day trips sightseeing. 

Dr. Martens Women's Combs W Padded Snow Boot

Like it or not, winter isn’t over. There’s still a chance for snow, sleet, and ice to come your way, and now is a great time to capitalize on end-of-season sales. Whether you need to update your current style or like to have a second pair handy, this Dr. Martens snow boot has a unique yet timelessly cool look that will keep you supported this winter and the winters to come. The soft padded upper is waterproof and will feel good on your feet while protecting it from cold and water. A wide lace-up design matches the Dr. Martens signature sole, which will provide traction against any weather elements.

Victoria's Secret Pink Oversized Reverse Fleece Shacket

As stated above, we are still in the heart of winter, so I am still feeling those cozy vibes. This shacket (part shirt, part jacket) is made entirely of soft fleece, meaning the inside and outside have that same ultra-soft hug-like material. The oversized fit means this is great paired over a tank or tees and leggings. It’s also the perfect top layer to pack for chilly airplanes or colder climates.

Sweaty Betty Women's Pwr Ultra Sculpt 7/8 Leggings

Anyone not familiar with Sweaty Betty should become so. The British activewear company has some of the best-fitting leggings, sports bras, and tops. (Truthfully, I find it hard to part with a few of their pieces that I've owned for 10 years.) This stretchy, high-waisted style is quick-drying and sculpting for a flattering fit.

Sweaty Betty Women's Big Girls' Revive Lounge Cropped Hoodie Sweatshirt

What's making me want to buy this Sweaty Betty sweatshirt, now at 30 percent off the retail price, is the relaxed-fit drop-shoulder design. Also, I can't have too many hoodies that help provide extra coverage in chilly weather. The cropped front makes it easy to wear with high-waisted leggings or jeans. 

Velvet by Graham & Spencer Women's Edith Cotton Slub Dress

Long cotton dresses are my warm-weather uniform. Crafted in 100 percent cotton, there’s no doubt this dress will be on heavy rotation come spring. With a minimal design, you can dress this up or keep it casual, depending on where you plan to wear it. A statement necklace and sandals heels make this ready for dinner at your resort, while a jean jacket and casual walking sneakers make this sightseeing day appropriate (and cute). Plus, it includes everyone’s favorite feature — pockets. 

Ash Women's Vinci Slide Sandal

Smart shoppers are always looking for a deal, even in the off-season. For me, there’s never a bad time to buy a pair of sandals, even in the dead of winter with no sunny-weather trips on the calendar. What draws me to click “add to cart” on this pair is how ultra-comfortable and supportive these look (which a five-star review confirms). The platform sole and the leather upper three-strap design will keep my feet comfy. I also appreciate that the chunky look will seamlessly work at home in New York with cropped wide-leg jeans and on vacation with a maxi dress. 

Vince Women's Mid-Waist Tie Front Pull-On Pants

White loose pants are a timeless hot-weather look. Not only do they pair nicely with any tank, tee, or bathing suit; but the elastic tie waist also keeps the fit easy and relaxed. This pair is made from hemp, which is naturally breathable and moisture-wicking, making them perfect for any warm climate. Heading on a spring break trip or have summer vacation plans in the works? Get a head start on your packing by snagging this pair. 

Amanda Uprichard Women's Rosalia Dress

File this piece under another look that never goes out of style. A white eyelet sundress is always a good choice, especially this one from contemporary brand Amanda Uprichard, one of my go-to brands for dresses, jumpsuits, and tops. Lacey material is lightweight with an easy-to-wear flattering shape that will be perfect for resort getaways, warm-weather parties, or just dinners out come summer.

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    MERINO - THE BEST TRAVEL BUDDY. Wearing the same clothes for hours on end - with no access to showers - will make most us feel a little crusty. But shirts made of merino wool are naturally odour resistant. You can experience a plethora of conditions while you're travelling, from freezing cold airplanes to suffocating humidity on the tarmac.

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    Wearing some loose-fitting clothes, while squished on a bus or an economy seat, might be more comfortable than in skinny jeans and a corset…. Try sweatpants, shorts or leggings with a cosy t-shirt and hoody. In Short, You Will Need…. 1 pair of leggings/sweatpant. 1 pair of shorts (for warmer days)

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    2 pairs of leggings ( 1 in black for hiking, 1 in a bright color to pop in your photos!) 1 pair of shorts. 3 tops ( 1 tank top for layering, 1 t-shirt, 1 long sleeve shirt) 1 nice dress for going to town (like this tunic dress or this flannel shirt dress) 1 pair of warm, comfy ski underwear to sleep in.

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