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Small-group tours from tbilisi, david gareji & real rainbow mountains off-road group tour, old tbilisi walking small group tour, brutal tbilisi urban exploration, go wild in summer georgia, let's go to the black see, david gareji monastery, sighnaghi & rainbow mountains: kakheti highlights, mtskheta - uplistsikhe - borjomi: best of georgia, ananuri - truso - stepantsminda - kazbegi off-road group tour, transfer from tbilisi to gudauri, esim for georgia, the best day trips from tbilisi, david gareji & rainbow mountains off-road tour, explore armenia with our tours from tbilisi, vardzia - rabati castle - borjomi private tour, private tour kakheti: the ultimate foodie experience, discover the hidden beauty of brutalism in georgia.


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If you first time in Georgia. This is the best way to explore our country.

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Best way to see Tbilisi with unique views from the second floor of our open top bus. Get a wine tasting with a 24-hour ticket and free Wi-Fi on board, don't forget your free headphones & Tbilisi map.

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Spend a full-day in a famous winter resort Gudauri, Ananuri architectural complex, Gergeti Trinity Church, and Kazbegi village. Drive along a historic highway that winds through the Caucasus Mountains. Take in the breathtaking views at Zhinvali reservoir.

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Discover the traditions of the Kakheti region, process of bread baking, wine testing, explore city of Love-Sighnaghi.

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4 -tours in One. Save your money & time! Buying a summer offer you get 4 tours & unlimited internet for a week with a sim card. All this together with gifts on tour. We think about your vacation in Georgia.

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Our travel packages will save you time and money to enjoy the best vacation in Georgia

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Our Travel company, WST Georgia, proudly presented its inaugural stand 27-29 May at ITB China 2024!

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Mountain Gems

  • Svaneti (Mestia/Ushguli)
  • Tusheti (Omalo)
  • Khevsureti (Shatili)
  • Khevi (Kazbegi/Gudauri)
  • Racha-Lechkhumi

Seaside Gems

  • Batumi (Mtsvane Kontskhi)

West Georgia

  • Guria (Bakhmaro)
  • Samegrelo (Martvili)
  • Samtskhe-Javakheti (Bakuriani)

East Georgia

  • Kakheti (Telavi)
  • Mtkheta-Mtianeti
  • Shida kartli (Gori)
  • Kvemo kartli (Dmanisi)
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✓  Illustrious, fun-loaded tours all year round ✓  From piques above 5000m to see beaches ✓  Settlements in all altitudinal zones ✓  Summer Skiing Destinations

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✓  Some of the world’s richest history ✓  Staggering ancient rock-hewn towns ✓  UNESCO World Heritage Sites ✓  Churches, fortresses & prehistoric artifacts

World's Most Outstanding Folk

World's Most Outstanding Folk

• The earliest polyphonic traditions • The heritage of humanity by UNESCO • Sixteen regional "musical dialects" • Most fiery & impassioned dances 

Absolutely Special Cuisine & Wine

Absolutely Special Cuisine & Wine

• A huge assortment of unique dishes • Variety of meats & vegetarian food • Supra - a zest of social culture • The cradle of winemaking (8000 yrs) 

Living a Dream

Living a Dream

The story of the girl who never stopped chasing her dream.

Welcome to our website! Inspired by the grandmothered mentality of passing on, so cherished in Georgia hospitality to the next generation, Natia created Tour Guide Georgia as an embodiment of her childhood dream. Born at the beautiful seaside of Abkhazia, Natia spent her childhood in the high altitude Mountain village of Racha , riding horses, hiking icy piques, jumping off waterfalls, playing with calves and piglets and baking khachapuri together with her beloved grandmother.

At a very young age, Natia had already traveled extensively across Europe, Middle East, and Russia and had become fluent in four languages. Throughout her life, she has lived in a few different countries (on three continents) and is a legal resident of three of them, but she never gave up on her dream of building a marvelous house full of light and lots of guests in Georgia . This aspiration led her to start building houses with an exceptional design and amazingly welcoming atmosphere and now she and her family own and operate  several gorgeous guest houses in Georgian cities, mountains and seaside .

Mother of three, Natia believes her family based company should treat every guest as they would want to be treated , she holds herself to a fullness of integrity no matter who she is dealing with and has earned an outstanding feedback from her customers and employees alike . Tour Guide Georgia is an example of a company that is willing to sacrifice to make things right and goes to any length to be sure every tourist is fully satisfied .

Having an exceptionally cheerful and outgoing character, coupled with great people skills Natia also treats her tour guides and hosts at the highest care, honor, and respect, which not only draws the best people to her, but they also stay with her. Tour Guide Georgia is dedicated to getting you the best under the Georgian sky . The company is growing rapidly, constantly adding new tours, activities, and destinations. Please check back from time to time, sign up for our newsletter, and follow us on social media to stay afloat on our great services and incentives.

Natia Maisuradze /  Founder

Georgia tourism.

Even though Georgia has always been an attractive destination for tourists, its popularity has increased unprecedentedly in recent years as more and more foreign travelers started to flood in.

7,554,936 international tourists visited Georgia in 2017, resulting in + 18.8% growth with 1,194,433 more people coming than the year before.

The unparalleled growth of Georgia tourism has been featured by a number of premier international editions , such as Emerging Europe, an intelligence platform positioned in London and Forbes , which devoted a broad article to the nation’s emerging tourism strategy in 2017. According to this article authored by Craig Turp, Georgia tourism taking off sharply in 2012, jumped from 2.8 million travelers to 4.4 million in the period of 12 months .

“It was 2017 which really placed the country on the map: more than 7.5 million people visited Georgia, an increase of 18 percent in 2016. The number of visitors from Western Europe increased by almost 30 percent ,” says the article.

The news network CNN has featured Tbilisi as “ an almost overnight must-see destination , the city increasingly becoming one of the world’s most coveted hubs for fashion, arts, and creativity .”

According to UNWTO, Georgia holds the fourth place after Egypt, Vietnam, and Togo , among those nations that saw the most substantial increase in the number of international travelers.

In 2017 Georgia ranked 7th safest state out of 125 , according to the International Crime Index .

In the same year, Georgia topped the list of nations in the category “Gastronomic and agrotourism,” as reported by an online version of National Geographic Traveler . The list of nations leading in various nominations is composed on the bases of the results of online voting on the website.

36% of users mentioned Georgia as the most desired country for gastronomic and agritourism. Italy was on the second place with 26%, and Belarus ranked third with 13%. In addition to its apparent success in gastronomic tourism, Georgia ranked third in the “Ski vacation” category with 10%, lagging behind only Switzerland (44%) and Austria (32%). Although the tourism revenues in Georgia are not particularly high in dollar amounts compared to other countries, it holds a notably high 15% share in nations total GDP . For Montenegro, this indicator is 21%, for Croatia 19%. Greece tourism, for example, has less than an 8% contribution to GDP.

The spendings of foreign travelers to Georgia have a substantial effect on the payments exchange balance, and nearly 36% of Georgia’s products that support export earnings are derived from tourism.

41% of Georgia’s land is covered by fertile forests, with about 25% of total territory lying within national parks. Protected regions of Georgia offer different services including birdwatching, hiking, boating tours, horse riding, safari tours, etc.

Georgia is currently home to approximately 5,601 animal species , including 648 representatives of vertebrates (more than 1 percent of all species found worldwide) and a large part of these species are endemics.

310,477 foreigners and 424,397 domestic tourists visited Protected Areas of Georgia in 2016. The preferred attractions were Kazbegi National Park, Prometheus Cave , and Sataplia Managed Reserve.

At August 2017, there have been an almost 2000 housing units registered in the GNTA database. The most widespread form of lodging are hotels (41,123 beds), and Family Guesthouses (11,374 beds) . During 2017, about 60 new hotels with 3,894 beds have been opened. By the end of 2019, another 194 resorts, with a combined bed amount of 21,216 are going to open. Hotel chains involved in Georgia tourism include Holiday Inn, Radisson Hotels, Courtyard, Millennium Hotel, Mercure, Hilton Hotels & Resorts and Sheraton Hotels and Resorts.

Batumi and Tbilisi feature numerous casinos which, apart from western travelers, draw tourists from Turkey and other Muslim countries, where gambling is prohibited.

Based on the Georgian National Tourism Administration data, the average traveler in Georgia spends about 1144 GEL. In the second quarter of 2017, the largest share of tourism spending came on food and beverages (27% total) followed by accommodation (22.1% total) . Among other neighboring countries, an average traveler from Russian Federation was spending the highest amount of 1,253 GEL per trip, followed by Turkish visitors with 865 GEL, Armenians 578 GEL, and Azerbaijanis with 349 GEL. Europian Tourists (from central and eastern part) spent on average 2049 GEL per trip, other representatives of Europe spent 2726 GEL, and travelers from the rest of the world spent 2653 GEL on average.

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Where is the country of georgia.

Georgia is in the east coast of the Black Sea and in the south of the famous Caucasus Mountains. Its neighboring countries are Russia (north), Azerbaijan (east), Turkey and Armenia (south).

Is Georgia in Europe or Asia?

There is no definitive answer to this question. Georgia is right on the verge of Europe and Asia. There are a few different definitions that attribute Georgia either to Europe or Asia.   Georgians themselves believe to be Europeans, but we would say they have taken a bit from both worlds, which is one of the reasons why this country so amazingly diverse and colorful.

Is Georgia the country in the European Union?

Georgia is not a member of the Europian Union, but it enjoys visa-free travel with EU and strives to become its member in the foreseeable future.

What are Georgia visa requirements?

Visitors from more than 90 countries , including British, EU or American nationals, do not need a visa to enter Georgia for up to 1 year. Tourists of other nationalities who don’t have a visa-free agreement with Georgia need to apply for a visa in advance. Travelers can find all the necessary information on the web page of the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia .

What is the best time to visit Georgia?

Georgia is almost equally good for tourism all year round, but it all still depends on travelers’ preferences. Spring (April to early June) and autumn (September to the middle of November) are characterized with most pleasant, milder weather, perfectly suitable for cultural and historical tours. Summer is the best time for those travelers who want to explore gorgeous high altitude villages and Caucasus mountains and enjoy Georgia’s thermal spas or Black Sea beaches. Winter, of course (early December through April), is a greater tourist boom time for Georgia’s skiing destinations.

What are the best places to visit in Georgia?

This, of course, is the most frequent question we hear, but it also is the hardest one. There are so many wonderful things to see in Georgia that it’s almost impossible to fit all of them in a single trip. We suggest taking a careful look at the Georgia Destinations page on our website, where we have sorted for you by categories the best places in Georgia, including best vacation spots and most popular cities to visit. This will give you a better Idea about where to go and/or what to see in Georgia as a first preference.

What are the best things to do in Georgia?

Again, if you wonder what is there to do in Georgia, we suggest visiting our Georgia Activities page,  where we have carefully sorted for you by categories the best stuff to do in Georgia. You will find quite a large spectrum of Activities with careful descriptions that will make it much easier for you to decide what to do in this wonderful country.

Is Georgia safe?

YES, Georgia is totally safe for tourists to visit. The crime rate in Georgia’s is one of the lowest in Europe. There are only two areas of Georgia that most of Europian Foreign Offices discourage tourists to visit – the breakaway regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia. There is an official 24-hour tourist hotline operated by National Tourism Administration of Georgia: 0800800909; +995 591 965002 (Viber/WhatsApp).

How much cash is allowed to bring to Georgia?

There is no such restriction, but travelers crossing the border do need to declare any cash amount that exceeds 30,000 GEL.

Is Georgian food suitable for vegetarians?

Yes, Georgian cuisine offers plenty of choices for vegetarians and vegans alike. Any middle-class restaurant should be able to offer you strictly plant-based food.

Are Georgians friendly?

Georgian people are exceptionally hospitable and they are generally very friendly towards visitors of any race and nationality. Hospitality is rooted in Georgian traditions. “Stumari Gvtisaa” – “a guest is a gift from God”, say Georgians, and even a poor family will hardly ever take a guest without great respect and care.

What is the currency in Georgia?

The local currency in Georgia is the Lari (GEL), which is fairly stable. One lari is divided up into 100 Tetri. You can currently buy around 2.6 GEL per 1 US dollar. The exchange is never a problem and is accessible for tourists almost everywhere.  

Are credit cards accepted in Georgia?

Major credit cards (VISA, MasterCard) are accepted almost everywhere in Georgia, but in some remote towns or villages cash is king.

Are there car rental services in Georgia?

Yes, car rental services are available for both, locals and tourists, but most of them provide pick-up and drop-off options only in major cities (Tbilisi, Batumi, and Kutaisi ). Tour Guide Georgia provides car rental service all around the country, but you can only rent a car with a driver.

Are there any dress-code rules in Georgia?

There are no dress-code rules in Georgia, except for Churches or other religious institutions, where women are generally required to cover their head and shoulders, and men are advised to cover their legs.

What is the voltage in Georgia?

The voltage in Georgia is 220V, so If you do need to operate strictly 110/120V devices you will certainly need a voltage converter.

Can tourists subscribe for Georgian mobile operator?

Yes, foreign visitors can subscribe to any of the Georgian mobile operators’ services. Tourists should submit their official ID, travel document or passports.

Is traveling to Georgia cheap?

Traveling to Georgia can be very affordable. Cost of living in Georgia is, in general, at least 50% less than that in Europe. With that said, there are still plenty of tourist places (hotels, restaurants, clubs, casinos, etc.) in this country that are by no means less fancy than those in Europe.


Featured tours.

Gergeti Trinity Church

Gergeti Trinity Church

Kabzegi miracle at 2170 meters 

Tobavarchkhili Lakes

Tobavarchkhili Lakes

The glamour of Georgia's wildlands 

The Realm of the Wine Kakheti

The Realm of the Wine Kakheti

Vineyards around ancient Alaverdi Monastery 

Vardzia Cave City

Vardzia Cave City

Back in time journey of seven wonders 

Tusheti Omalo Castle

Tusheti Omalo Castle

Mysterious medieval castle Keselo, rising above clouds 

Martvili Canyon

Martvili Canyon

Experience a stunning fairytale world 

Ushguli Svaneti Village Fortress

Ushguli Svaneti Village Fortress

Medieval village fortress of unbelievable beauty 

Katskhi Pillar

Katskhi Pillar

Imereti Highlights 

Prometheus Cave

Prometheus Cave

Marvelous caves and dinosaur footprints in Sataplia 

Batumi City

Batumi City

Georgian gem of the black see 


Escorted Tours

Escorted Tours

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Diverse Activities

Diverse Activities

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House & Room Rentals

Multi-Purpose Cars

Multi-Purpose Cars

Private Hotels

Private Hotels

Only those things you give remain truly yours, ~ shota rustaveli ~, top destinations.


A UNESCO World Heritage Site , surrounded by the highest peaks in the Caucasus, Mestia is a highland town loved by every tourist


Martvily Canyon

This mysterious and magical sight, like a scene straight out of Tolkien’s vivid imagination, is full of tourist activities …


Borjomi is a spa-town famous for its mineral water springs. A true Georgian gem, the tranquil resort offers health-giving waters


A journey to the villages of  Tusheti feels like a journey into the Middle Ages, to a place where time has stood still …


Dubbed the “Pearl of the Black Sea”, Batumi is Georgia’s most attractive coastal city and seaside resort. Tourist Activities …


The most famous picture of the  country of Georgia  is the view of  Gergeti Trinity Church , seen from Kazbegi village…



Take a deep breath and dive into the clear blue skies. Skydiving in Georgia is the quickest way to satisfy that adrenaline craving you have


Air Ballooning

A hot air balloon flight is a unique travel adventure you don’t want to miss. It’s a completely new way to discover Georgia.


Georgia is rich in fast-paced rivers perfect for rafting, which is considered one of the most popular extreme activities in the country.


Horse Riding

If you grow tired of exploring Georgia on foot, you can always try horseback. Horse riding is one of the most enjoyable travel experiences…



The vast Caucasus Mountains, dense forests, steep slopes, and breathtaking sights, are all included in the Georgian off-road tour.


If you are bored of the usual everyday tourist activities and thirsty for more extreme sensations you should try zip lining


James & debra.

tours ge

Natia is an amazing host who helped arrange interesting tours that were suitable for our large family. She helped take the stress out of organizing a family holiday to a new destination. We look forward to returning to Georgia

tours ge

I have never felt more at home away from home. Natia is truly an outstanding host, who is extremely accommodating!

tours ge

Natia is wonderful to work with,… she has options that are very affordable… You feel like you’re living the rich life! We would stay here again in a heartbeat! Thanks, Natia!!

tours ge

Natie was amazing. She gave fantastic suggestions and setup tours. She will keep checking in and will go out of her way to make sure that you are having fun. Overall, it was a great stay and we had a very good time.

Karen van Straaten

tours ge

I booked a 7 day private tour through Ana. Booking the trip was seamless and everything was as promised. I had the pleasure of Zura Zubasvili showing me around this diverse and historically rich country. Zura is knowledgeable and shared the rich past of his people and the details of every monastery and church we visited. One day I will be in sunny Tbilisi roaming the streets with its beautiful traditional architecture and the next I will be ankle deep in the snow in Kazbergi. The snowcapped Caucasus mountains will forever stay in my memory. As a solo traveller I felt that I had a friend travelling with me! Thank you for making this such a memorable experience!

tours ge

They planned the whole trip and I truly enjoyed the country with their guidance..if you’re looking for someone to show you around then I recommend natia Thank you for everything

Sanjay Singh

tours ge

I had a trip true tour guide for 4 days whole trip experience was amazing. The most amazed thing I had was my tour guide Mr.Gogi marvellous person with beautiful heart.he has that aura people enjoy around him. I was one of lucky one .thank uh so much tour guide and Mr.Gogi.🤝🙏

Mariusz Majewski

tours ge

Fully satisfied with professional service. Very good contact with Mari who was our trip coordinator and she organised amazing travel what made unforgettable adventure. Our personal driver, Sozo, was very polite, helpful and he made our day! Hee took us to historical places and his knowledge impresssesd us all. I don’t say goodbye but see you soon!

tours ge

Had a really awesome tour with them. Beyond expectations.Gogi was the best. Great with communication and understanding. Very respectful. He provided everything we asked and made us feel like family. Best tour ever. 1000% recommend. 🤩

tours ge

What a trip!!! I fell in love with the country and its history Thank you again for everything

Vaibhav Awinashe

tours ge

Me and my family planned Georgia trip under guidance of Natia . She sent me 10 days plan and modifoed it to oir requorement . She was very kind to accomodate whatever we wanted. Our trip started with our tour with Tblisi. Our driver Beqa was at the airport to recieve us ,we were immediately provided internet card ro remain connected. He was very friendly and helpful all throughout the trip.Our hotels at Gudauri and Bakuraini were exeptional. Natia had selected best hotels. The hotels at Kutaisi,Tbilisi and Batumi were also veru good. My wife had an accident and broke her arm. Our driver Beka arranged for emergemcy treatment in 15 min . Natia was personally supervising everything till her treatment was done. We actually wanted to cancel our trip but both Natia and Beka asked us to continue and made all arrangement for her comfort. Last but not the least they arranged for Georgian dinner with national dance and songs. We had a memorable trip for which we are thankful to Natia.

Manbahadur Thapa

tours ge

Thanks Tour Guide Georgia team, We enjoy our trip very much and special thanks to host @GOJI make us feel amaze with every location Action sport, natural wonder and photography all were very best experiences

tours ge

Sharon Buenaventura

tours ge

גלי אטלין-מדורסקי

tours ge

We visited Georgia in June 2023. Huge thanks for the interesting trip, which Natia Maisouradze organized for us. We recommend everyone this tour. Find here all your wishes and preferences. We fell in love with this amazing country, and it’s thanks to Natia and our guide-guide Rezo. We plan to come again next year. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

Ritesh Dhanak

tours ge

Me and my family travelled to Georgia for 11 days and the whole trip was wonderfully planned by Natia… She offered us best hotels in all the places and we were also given very great price… our tour was private as we were 7 members of family… I highly recommend this company for your trip to Georgia… A beautiful and clean country and lovely people… very thankful to Natia Maisuradze…

tours ge

We have visited to Georgia during Dec 2023 and it was a very wonderful experience guided through the company Tourguide . First of all , it was double-minded as we have never travelled with any of the agents before but Tourguide Georgia changed our mindset and provided me the best in class service . Especially we want to thank Ms. Ana who accompanied us in each and every part of travel and gave the special care & efforts and arranged everything to celebrate the birthday party of my closed one and always ensured our comfortness in every occasion. Secondly, I want to thank Mr.Kimi who had taken me through private car safely to every places and felt enjoyed as one of our family member and very disciplined while driving. Finally I would thank Tour guide Georgia for giving me the wonderful experience and satisfied beyond my expectations. Keep going with your best service!

PaavanaKumar Pulipaka

tours ge

The team of house of tour guide did a splendid support for the visit of Georgia . We felt at home of ease in our holidaytour to Georgia. Specail thanxs to team Ana, Beqa and Googa

Hayatul Fitri

tours ge

We were very satisfied with our 11 days tour to Georgia last July. Natia managed it very well. And we were accompanied by a very good tour guide n driver. We visited many place that the nature very beautiful and interesting. Hopefully we can visit Georgia again in other season.

Mohammed Ghadeer

tours ge

Literally A to Z, they planned for everything, all what was needed is to enjoy. Thank you guys again ❤️🌷

Shivani Padayachee

tours ge

Had a splendid girls trip this February through Tour Guide Georgia. Ana handled all my itinerary needs and kept in touch throughout. We were met by Gogi, the tour guide who was always respectful, kind, and accommodating. He was also very patient. We traveled with a minor, and he was always very caring towards her and us. A complete gentlemen willing to carry our bags, accommodate our bathroom breaks, open the doors for us, and mostly be patient. Thank you, Gogi and Tour Guide Georgia, for a lovely experience.

Vikram Mehta

tours ge

Wonderful experience of Georgia family tour.

tours ge

We had a wonderful trip. From the planning with please. And the meeting with Zora. A pampering car. Driver. And a pleasant and professional guide. A week trip. where we exhausted all the goals we desired and planned. We traveled on Passover. The weather was perfect. The company can be trusted. They are very flexible.

(Original) היה לנו טיול מעלף. מא_ ת מהתכנון עם אנא. והפגישה עם זורה. רכב מפנק. נהג. ומדריך נעים ומקצועי. טיול של שבוע. שבו מיצינו את כל היעדים שחפצנו ותיכננו. נסענו בפסח. המזג אוויר היה מושלם.. ניתן לסמוך על החברה. הם מצועיים מאוד.

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LTD «Imperialtours», an experienced tour operator in Georgia. The priorities of our company from the first steps in the tourism business are the quality of our services, excellent service at a professional level, a wide range of services. With all our enthusiasm and experience, we are at the disposal of our customers at any time to show them the best in Georgia. We value the trust of our partners and offer only the best in return! Imperialtours has experienced and qualified managers with many years of experience in this field. In addition to the fact that they are professionals in their field, everyone is friendly and always happy to help guests. Imperialtours conducts trainings for its guides so that our clients receive maximum information about the country. The team of "Imperialtours" will successfully help its tourists to realize their cherished dreams to plunge into the most desired vacation. And it does not matter where these dreams will become a reality.

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tours ge

Jack Hunton

« Gamarjoba, Genatsvale !!! My name is Irina and this is my favorite greeting. Together with our colleagues, we will show you the most amazing corners of Georgia, tell you about the past and present of the country of happiness and freedom, and share funny stories. The main reward for us is a piece of love for Sakartvelo, which you will take with you! »

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« Hello! My name is Georgy and it is with great pleasure that I help the guests of our country to plunge into the wonderful culture of Georgia. Together with a group of professionals, you will see the most beautiful places in Georgia, hear exciting stories about this wonderful country and fall in love with it. Hospitality is my middle name and I claim that everything will be at the highest level. Waiting for you!!! »

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« Hello! My name is Temuri and it is with great pleasure that I help the guests of our country to plunge into the wonderful culture of Georgia. Together with a group of professionals, you will see the most beautiful places in Georgia, hear exciting stories about this wonderful country and fall in love with it. Hospitality is my middle name and I claim that everything will be at the highest level. Waiting for you!!! »

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"Ana is great. She is flexible and always available to respond to all our queries at anytime. Kate our guide and our driver was amazing. We were ensured that we were comfortable throughout . ."

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"Best Tourst company. Very friendly very helpful. Worth the price. Ana the owner and the guide is the best very helpful very cooperative and never the less she is a wonderful person and beautiful"

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“Brilliant experience would be a small word to explain!!I’m glad that we have met team of tours in Georgia. We had a brilliant experience in traveling around Georgia and they have shown us the best places and they customize and they have worked according to our requirements. "


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  • საზღვარგარეთი


Ყველა ტურისტული სერვისი ერთ სივრცეში, 3 დღიანი კრუიზი - სრული ტური, ვენა-პრაღა-ბუდაპეშტი, დაისვენე ეგვიპტეში / შარმ ელ შეიხი, პარიზის დისნეილენდი, დუბაი - ფასდაკლება გრძელდება 10 აპრილის რეისზე, რომი | ფლორენცია | ვენეცია | მილანი, ამსტერდამი და ბრიუსელი, ჩრდილოეთ გოა, ესპანეთი / მადრიდი, კოპენჰაგენი, აბუ დაბი 5* სასტუმროები, თურქეთი - სტამბოლი, კოსტა დორადა - სალოუ, კრუიზი - ესპანეთი - იტალია - საფრანგეთი, კრუიზი: სტამბოლი - მიკონოსი - როდოსი - კრეტა - კოს კუნძული - ათენი - სტამბოლი, ტაო კლარჯეთი, ტურები საზღვარგარეთ, კრუიზი: თურქეთი - საბერძნეთი, შარმ ელ შეიხი, კრუიზი: ცივიტავეჩია - სავონა - მარსელი - ბარსელონა - იბიცა - პალერმო - ცივიტავეჩია, ათენი, მეტეორა, ეგინა-პოროსი-ჰიდრა.

აღმოაჩნე საქართველო სულ სხვა კუთხიდან, საქართველო დაუვიწყარი მოგონებების ქვეყანაა.

ტურები საქართველოში



1 დღიანი ყაზბეგის ტური, 3 დღიანი დაუვიწყარი ტური თუშეთში, 2 დღიანი ტური ხევსურეთში . აბუდელაური შატილი მუცო, 3 დღიანი დაუვიწყარი ტური ულამაზესი სვანეთში, 4 house bakuriani, საოჯახო სასტუმრო გოტა, კვადრუმ რეზორტი, l.m club hotel, eco house merisi, ბუდე მესტია, კოტეჯი სოჭი რაჭაში, მთის ქოხები.


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Tbilisi city tour

Georgia in Miniature

Georgia is a country in the Caucasus region of Eurasia. Located at the crossroads of  Asia and Europe, it is bounded to the west by the Black Sea…

About Culture Georgian Dance

Short Master Class of “Tamada”

It’s a Georgian toastmaster at a Georgian feast, corresponding to the symposiarch at the Greek symposium.


Kakheti wine tour

Almost three-quarters of the country’s wine grapes are grown here, on land that has been used for viticulture for thousands of years.

visit church tbilisi

Cradle of wine

Oldest wine region in the world. The fertile valleys of the South Caucasus house the source of the cultivated grapevines and neolithic wine production over 8,000 years.

David Gareja monastery complex

Path of the Holy Fathers

Assyrian Fathers according to Georgian tradition, a group of monastic missionaries who arrived from Mesopotamia to Georgia.

tours ge

Searching for Golden Fleece

In Greek mythology, the Golden Fleece is the fleece of the gold-hair[a] winged ram, which was held in Colchis.


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Charles Schwab Challenge

Charles Schwab Challenge

Colonial Country Club

Fort Worth, Texas • USA

May 23 - 26, 2024

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.css-1hnz6hu{position:static;}.css-1hnz6hu::before{content:'';cursor:inherit;display:block;position:absolute;top:0px;left:0px;z-index:0;width:100%;height:100%;} WiretoWire: Riley rolls on through Colonial

Presented by


Davis Riley’s winning highlights from the Charles Schwab Challenge


With sister battling tumor, Riley breaks through at Colonial


Golfbet recap: Riley cruises to first individual TOUR title at Charles Schwab


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Davis Riley’s winning highlights from the Charles Schwab Challenge

Davis Riley pars the last to win Charles Schwab

Davis Riley hits it tight to set up birdie at Charles Schwab

Davis Riley hits it tight to set up birdie at Charles Schwab

Scottie Scheffler bends in 31-foot birdie putt at Charles Schwab

Scottie Scheffler bends in 31-foot birdie putt at Charles Schwab

Robby Shelton rolls in 23-footer for birdie at Charles Schwab

Robby Shelton rolls in 23-footer for birdie at Charles Schwab

Collin Morikawa sends in 25-foot birdie putt at Charles Schwab

Collin Morikawa sends in 25-foot birdie putt at Charles Schwab

Recent news view all, wiretowire: riley rolls on through colonial.

Image for article.

Points and payouts: Riley drives home 1975 Schwab Stingray

Image for article.

Riley captures first individual TOUR win by five-stroke margin at Colonial


See clubs Riley used in Charles Schwab victory

Things to Do in Odintsovo, Russia - Odintsovo Attractions

Things to do in odintsovo.

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tours ge

1. Recreational Sports Park in the name of Larisa Lazutina

tours ge

2. Temple of the Grebnevskaya Icon of Mother of God

tours ge

3. Odintsovo Museum of History and Local Lore

tours ge

4. Church of the Icon of the Mother of God Soothe My Sorrows

tours ge

5. Cathedral of St. George


6. Husky park

tours ge

7. Volleyball Sport Complex

tours ge

8. Mall Atlas

tours ge

9. City Park Odintsovo

tours ge

10. Rubliovskij Privoz

tours ge

11. Jungle Kids

tours ge

12. Odintsovskiy Arbat

tours ge

13. SenSip Thai Spa

14. chernoff art gallery.

tours ge

15. Truzhenikam Tyla i Detyam Voiny Memorial Stone

tours ge

16. O!Podvorye

tours ge

17. Alexander Nevsky Church

tours ge

18. Ruki VVerkh! Bar

tours ge

19. Shopping Center MPlaza

tours ge

20. Marshal M.I. Nedelin Monument

tours ge

21. Private Arrival or Departure Transfer: Moscow Airports to City Center

tours ge

22. Theater KHOBOT

tours ge

23. O'kart, Karting Club

tours ge

24. Immersive VR Club

tours ge

25. Family Entertainmanet Center HIPPO

tours ge

26. Culture and Sport Center Mechta

tours ge

27. Tvin Kids Center

tours ge

28. Little Dream Club

tours ge

29. Entertainment Center Volna

tours ge

Yury Gagarin Cosmonauts Training Centre (Zvezdny Gorodok - Star Town) (7 hours)

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tours ge

The Yuri A. Gagarin State Scientific Research-and-Testing Cosmonaut Training Center is a Russian training facility responsible for training cosmonauts for their space missions. It is in Star City of Moscow Oblast, a name which may refer to the facility itself or to its grounds. (Read more about Yury Gagarin Cosmonauts training center )

The secret Star City was built to train Soviet cosmonauts, including Yuri Gagarin, the 1st man in space. Many other famous Russian cosmonauts trained here with Gagarin: German Titov, Valentina Tereshkova, the first female cosmonaut, and Alexei Leonov, the first cosmonaut to exit the spaceship into space . The best facilities were built for them: the world’s largest centrifuge and hydro laboratory. Many cosmonauts from other countries (USA, Japan, Germany and many others) also have trained here together with Soviet Russian cosmonauts. On this Star (Space) City Tour you will see:

  • Models of Soyuz Soviet spacecraft 
  • World's largest centrifuge with an 18-meter radius 
  • Hydro laboratory, with the model of the International Space Station in water, which allows to simulate the weightlessness and many more

Important info

Ask a travel expert.

  • Professional English-speaking guide assistance. Other languages upon request (additional charge may apply)
  • Roundtrip transportation to and from your central hotel (Comfortable car/minivan with A/C)
  • Fully private tour to ensure a personalized experience
  • Entrance fee to Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre (territory)
  • Entrance fee to Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre Museum
  • All taxes, fees and handling charges
  • Food  / Drinks
  • Personal expenses
  • Gratuities to guide/driver (optional)

The tour price already includes all the taxes & fees, you will not see any of them later during the checkout.

Adult pricing applies to all travelers

IMPORTANT! To book the tours please provide us with the copy of your passport (scan of page with photo) and the following information (for all the travellers):

1. Surname / Names (as in passport) 2. Passport number 3. Passport expiry date 4. Date of birth 5. Place of birth (country, city, state) 6. Place of current residence (country, city, state) 7. Citizenship 8. Place of work 9. Position held 

This information is required to get access to the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre, as per their security policy.

If it took Gagarin 1 year to get prepared, now it takes 7 years to become a cosmonaut, and 50 days to pass  security  check for foreign visitors.

Due to the security policy of the Centre, the guided tours are to be arranged in 50 days before the tour date. Last-minute arrangements are not available. 

Departure: from your Moscow hotel

Return: to your Moscow hotel (or any other place in Moscow that you choose)

Sights included in program

tours ge

SPECIAL OFFER US$ 366 Now 5% off

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Also you get 5% discount and get the best, top-rated and most experienced and knowledgeable hand-picked tour guide appointed on a priority basis. In our experience, exceptional travel experiences are almost always delivered by exceptional people. With that in mind, we utilize a comprehensive approach to select and employ the best tour guides only. Multilingual and well travelled, each possesses deep insight into the diverse attractions and cultural patterns throughout the region. With us guides undergo a rigorous selection process, achieving outstanding knowledge of local culture and language. Rest assured that the best tour guides only will be working on the tours to give you excellent opportunity to explore the best of the sights during both short and long-term stay in Russia.

Once you complete your reservation, we will send you a booking confirmation email. As the day of the tour approaches, our logistics team will provide you with all relevant information for your tour.

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tel: +7-812-309-5339

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    PGA TOUR Tournament Highlights 2024 Charles Schwab Challenge, Fort Worth - Golf Scores and Results

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  18. The 15 Best Things to Do in Odintsovo

    Things to Do in Odintsovo, Russia - Odintsovo Attractions. 1. Recreational Sports Park in the name of Larisa Lazutina. 2. Temple of the Grebnevskaya Icon of Mother of God. 3. Odintsovo Museum of History and Local Lore. 4. Church of the Icon of the Mother of God Soothe My Sorrows.

  19. Odintsovo

    Odintsovo (Russian: Одинцово, IPA: [ɐdʲɪnˈtsovə]) is a city and the administrative center of Odintsovsky District in Moscow Oblast, Russia. Western suburb of Moscow. Population: 180,530 ( 2021 Census); [8] 138,930 ( 2010 Russian census); [3] 134,844 ( 2002 Census); [9] 125,149 ( 1989 Soviet census). [10]

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    Toll Free 0800 011 2023 ... Day tours. Tours by Region

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