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Published Jan 14, 2022

Seven of Nine Was Always Queer

Seven has always represented layered identities, and with Picard she finally gets to show us how far she's come.

Star Trek: Picard - Jeri Ryan

This article was originally published on June 9, 2020.

For a fleeting moment during the season finale of Star Trek: Picard , we see Seven of Nine, aka Annika Hansen, take Raffi's hand in hers. The two characters look into one another's eyes before the camera moves on to show us how the rest of the crew has fared in the wake of their battle with and for the synthetic lifeforms against the Romulan Tal Shiar. Star Trek fans took that small moment of queer acknowledgemen t and ran with it—and who can blame us? Getting to see queerness as not subtext, but text on Star Trek took many decade s. And, though Star Trek: Discovery beat Picard to overt queer representation, embracing an established and much-beloved character’s queerness not only sends the message that queerness is acceptable, but also that viewers weren’t wrong for clocking Seven as queer for over 20 years. Even Jeri Ryan agrees.

Oh, Seven is canonically bi, don’t you worry. — Jeri Ryan (@JeriLRyan) May 28, 2020

The truth is that Seven has always been queer. No, I’m not talking about the palpable sexual tension between Seven of Nine and Janeway, nor the substantive number of Seven of Nine/Janeway fanfiction stories on AO3 — though that’s all a part of Seven’s queerness, too. What I’m referencing specifically is Seven’s relationship to her body, gender, attraction, and romance. The way she relates to her body and how her body autonomy has been taken from her by both the Borg and the Federation reads like the experiences of many transgender, nonbinary, and queer folks like me.From the first time Seven of Nine, Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix Zero One appears on Voyager , she captures the imaginations of viewers — and Jeri Ryan’s transformation from pale automaton to mega-babe in a shockingly tight bodysuit didn’t historically hurt viewership either. Over the four seasons in which she appears, Seven grapples with her identity as Borg and as human, finding a way to come to terms with the trauma done to her. Romantically, she’s shoved into suggested and real couplings with the Doctor (a hologram), Harry Kim, who turns her down, and Chakotay. She’s a workaholic who ends up raising an ex-Borg child named Icheb and returning to earth with the Voyager crew.

Star Trek: Picard -

When Seven makes her epic first appearance on Picard , she arrives as a lethal space ranger on a revenge mission. She’s hunting down the human that killed Icheb, or rather, left him in such a terrible condition after harvesting his cybernetic implants that it was Seven who pulled the trigger at Icheb’s behest. She is understandably enraged and has no problem manipulating the interests she shares with Picard to get what she wants: A face to face with Icheb’s killer. After he talks her down and convinces her not to kill her, Seven gives Picard a ranger chip so he can call her and tells him something to the effect of, “Oh no, no. I won’t go back and immediately murder her. Unrelatedly, can I borrow these giant phasers?” Of course, she then transports herself back to face the rich ex-Borg implant peddler and kills her.Seven’s other appearances in Picard are equally as violent and powerful. She beats up and kills a bunch of Romulans to save the Artifact, a Borg cube separated from the collective, but still filled with dormant drones and xBs (ex-Borg). She plugs herself into the cube becoming the Borg Queen and destroying the Romulan forces aboard the cube. Then she just hops into the Borg warp conduit to follow and provide cover for Picard’s crew as they reach the synthetic beings’ homeworld.Her feats on both Voyager and Picard are wrapped up in violence, resistance, and philosophical quandaries around body autonomy and that’s part of what makes Seven’s story so queer. She and the Borg, like Data, Soji, and the synthetics, interrogate what it means to be human — and the limits of that humanity. And as history has shown time and again, who gets to be seen as human is determined by those in power; currently, the sitting U.S. president has been attempting to roll back human rights for LGBTQ+ folks and has succeeded in some instances .

Star Trek: Voyager - Jeri Ryan

As a child, Seven was taken to the Delta Quadrant by her parents who were exobiologists studying the Borg. For three years, her parents trailed, observed, and tagged the Borg aboard one cube, all in the name of science. One day, they got too close, their cloaking failed, and all three were assimilated. Seven was around six years old at the time and her family might have been the first humans assimilated into the Borg.Though we never see Seven’s assimilation, we know that unlike adults who are assimilated, she was placed in a maturation chamber where her synaptic pathways were remapped. As part of her five-year dual maturation and assimilation, she had parts of herself stripped away and replaced with cybernetic enhancements. One of her eyes was replaced and her body was filled with technology including in her hands, hips, and brain. It seems that most assimilated people experience extreme pain and fear in the moments when they wait to become Borg and it seems the same was true for Seven. Once a drone out of the maturation chamber, though, we know that Seven, like other Borg, became compliant and connected to the hive mind.The queerness and transness of it all is staggering. Transgender, nonbinary, and queer people have our bodies claimed and labeled when we are young — like the Borg assimilating Seven. Before we can declare who we are for ourselves, we get sorted into blue or pink — never green or black or yellow — and told that we’re only attracted to people who wear the other color; and then those categories are enforced over and over. The surgeries forced on intersex infants are one example of how the gender binary is enforced, and refusing trans teens access to binders, hormone blockers, and other means of harnessing and manifesting our gender identities is another. Adults who jokingly ask children if they have any crushes of only one gender is one example of enforced heteronormativity, while disallowing queer kids to bring their dates to prom would be another.But for 18 years, Seven of Nine lives as a Borg, humming with the connectivity and unity of the hive mind while she enacts the same violence done to her onto others who are assimilated. It’s something she has to grapple with throughout Voyager , but before she gets to that point, she has to face her own de-assimilation. Captain Janeway, acting as the long reach of the Federation, authorizes the Doctor to remove the cybernetic implants that they both know Seven would not elect to have removed. In “The Gift,” Seven begs to be returned to the Borg, begs not to be turned into a human against her will. After stripping her cybernetic implants from her, they even try call her by the name she had as a child, one Seven doesn’t want to be called — until she does. (As someone with two names, two ways of being addressed and perceived in the world, I get it.)In the same way that trans and nonbinary folks are never the same — and in reality, no person nor their relationship to their gender identity is the same — after having a fixed heterocentric gender binary forced onto our bodies and consciousness, so, too, is Seven never the same after she leaves the Borg. The crew of the Voyager can strip her cybernetic implants away, but they can’t remove them all without potentially killing her. They can tell her she’s safe and take her away from the Borg, but they can’t undo the trauma she experienced or the memory of all the violence she did with her own two hands when she was part of the Borg.

Star Trek: Voyager - Jeri Ryan

Who we become after living through the hyper-enforcement of the gender binary, even if we can find ways to live in our true genders and sexualities, is never the same person who could have existed before. We can never be the child who was not assimilated into heteronormativity and neither can Seven. We have to deal with hatred, discrimination, and trauma — including facing the ways we’ve forced others to comply with the gender binary. As she adjusts to her new self and her new identity, Seven is tutored on (aka pressured into) romance and relationships. Both the Doctor and Janeway want her to have normal human connections, to date, maybe one day to marry. And, she tries. She pursues romances, even ones that make literally no sense. In fact, those episodes can be difficult to watch as a queer and trans person, because I can see how uncomfortable Seven is, how little she wants to be in romantic or sexual relationship with those she’s around. Janeway and the rest of the crew just want to give Seven back what she lost. They just want her to be a normal human. But, Seven is still Borg. Just as we are still gender variant and queer.So much of what Seven does on Voyager is to break down the binaries that exist in Janeway’s and others’ minds. Seven is not good or bad. She is not Borg or human. She is both and she is neither. She is Borg, she is human, and she is one of the first of her kind: an xB.

Producing Star Trek: Picard: Hail to the Queen

Seven has always represented layered and conflicting identities. And during Picard ’s finale, the way she both helps the humans on Picard’s crew and the xBs aboard the cube highlights how far she's come in learning to accept and reconcile her many identities. Of course, there are lots of ways Seven’s experiences don’t map directly onto queer, trans, and nonbinary experiences, but the parallels are undeniable, whether or not they were intentional.Queerness and transness are not defined by coming out stories or medical procedures, despite the fact that those are the narratives our media focus on. Being queer, trans, and nonbinary is so much more than a label, so much more than a rejection of heteronormativity. It is an acceptance of the multiplicity of being. It is an acceptance of the fact that everything changes. It is an acceptance that we may yet change again. Like many queer and trans folks, Seven’s body is often a site of conflict between her and those that would control, dismantle, or destroy her for her refusal to fit in a binary. But what she does by resisting those labels, by refusing to deny either her Borgness or her humanity, is create space for others: What does the future of the xBs hold? Who knows, but thanks to Seven, they’ll get to find out.

Star Trek: Picard

When she plugs herself into the Borg cube on Picard , Seven fears she might like being the Borg Queen, she might want to keep control of the drones even after their skirmish with the Romulans. As the Borg Queen she drives the Romulans out of the cube and a member of Picard’s crew looks at her and asks, “Are you going to assimilate me now?”Still the queen, she replies in the voices of the Borg, “Annika is not done yet.” Seven is unplugged from the cube and seems a little shocked by what she said. The moment shows both that Seven doesn’t quite know the limits of herself or her Borgness and that we and the Federation have more to learn about what it means to be Borg and xB. Seven may have been unique for her kind, but she is far from the last—and that’s exactly what it means to be queer, trans, and nonbinary. We follow in the footsteps of our forebears, declaring that we don’t have to assimilate—you have to change.

S.E. Fleenor (they/them) writes fiction and non-fiction centering on queer identities, feminism, pop culture, and literature. They're the managing editor at Bella Media Channel, co-host of Bitches on Comics, and editor of Words appear, Electric Literature, SYFY WIRE, and right here.

Star Trek: Picard streams exclusively on Paramount+ in the United States and is distributed concurrently by ViacomCBS Global Distribution Group on Amazon Prime Video in more than 200 countries and territories. In Canada, it airs on Bell Media’s CTV Sci-Fi Channel and streams on Crave.

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‘Star Trek: Picard’: Jeri Ryan And Michelle Hurd Discuss Seven And Raffi’s “Easy” Romantic Relationship

Where to stream:.

  • Star Trek: Picard

Patrick Stewart Was Asked To Wear A Wig At His 'Star Trek' Audition — A Wig That Flew By Itself From Heathrow To LAX

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When it comes to romance on  Star Trek , nothing is easy. Whether you’re dealing with alien planets, rogue anomalies, Borg invasions, or anything else, something always gets in the way of the characters having a smooth time in the romantic department. Unless, of course, you’re  Star Trek: Picard ‘s Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan) and Raffi (Michelle Hurd).

“These are easy characters to work together because we love each other,” Ryan told Decider on the burgeoning romance in Season 2 of the Paramount+ series. “I love working with Michelle, and we have such a good time together and we work so well together and we work in very similar styles. So it’s such an easy fit, and I’ve heard her say, it’s like a shorthand, there is no work like, ‘well here’s what our relationship maybe could be.’ We don’t have to do that because it’s so comfortable and it’s so easy, so it’s fun.”

Though fans might have suspected something was going on between the duo in the Season 1 finale of the series, the relationship was fleshed out significantly in the audio drama “No Man’s Land,” which was released on February 22 and stars Ryan and Hurd. When Season 2 of Picard picks up, there’s a time jump, and things are going down, for real.

“We’re plopped down into the middle of a relationship just in the trenches, we are just figuring it out and two really strong independent women, mature women, with fully realized lives, trying to save the galaxy, by the way while we’re doing this, how do you make this work?” Ryan continued. “And how much am I willing to make myself vulnerable and open to another person and accommodate this other life and a lot of respect, a lot of love? It’s a challenging thing with kind of big stakes for Season 2.”

Though a lot of the plot for Season 2 of  Picard is shrouded in mystery, we know that things aren’t going to be easy for Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) and his new crew. There’s the return of the all-powerful Q (John DeLancie) to deal with, as well as what looks like time travel back to our time on Earth (or a close approximation). But through it all, Ryan and Hurd will continue to explore what Seven and Raffi mean to each other.

“When you find an artist that you work so well with, I think that’s also one of the reasons why the writers wrote what they did, is that they could see that there was something innately in us that we’re able to click and that we could flesh out,” Hurd noted. “It didn’t need us sitting down and like, ‘err, when was our first date?’ It’s really about, Michelle and Jeri have such a rich life history because we’re grown women, that we have a shorthand. We don’t need to flesh out those little things, we meet at the same place. So it was really easy to flesh out that relationship.”

You can check out how Seven and Raffi’s relationship develops when  Star Trek: Picard returns for Season 2 on Paramount+, on Thursday, March 3.

Where to watch  Star Trek: Picard

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star trek picard seven of nine and raffi

What Star Trek: Picard’s Michelle Hurd Loves About Raffi And Seven Of Nine’s Storyline In Season 2

The actress shared some interesting thoughts.

Star Trek: Picard introduced an exciting new relationship to the prime universe in Season 1, as Michelle Hurd’s Raffi entered a romantic relationship with Jeri Ryan ’s Seven of Nine. Fans didn’t get to see a ton of the couple together, but with Season 2 on the way and the release of the new audiobook Star Trek: Picard: No Man’s Land centered around the two characters, there’s a reason for fans to be excited. Hurd is excited to see the two’s relationship play out in the universe and recently revealed what she loved about Raffi and Seven of Nine. 

I spoke to Michelle Hurd and Jeri Ryan (who first portrayed Seven of Nine in Star Trek: Voyager ) ahead of the premiere of Star Trek: Picard Season 2 and asked if fans excited to see more of the couple will be satisfied with what all is on the way. Hurd answered and explained what she ultimately loved about Raffi’s relationship with Seven despite her initial hesitation.

I hope they are. I think one of the things that I really appreciate that the producers and the writers took heed in is that these are two strong, mature, independent, stubborn, determined, driven women that have a very clear focus when they have a mission. I was really hesitant when I heard we were doing [a relationship]. I was like, ‘We’re not going to do white picket fence and skipping rope and unicorns, are we? Because these two women are not that.’ They may have been that at some point, but they’re not that, particularly at this moment. So, I was happy with how they showed a mature relationship with two incredibly independent, stubborn women.

Star Trek fans who check out Star Trek: Picard: No Man’s Land (which is written by Kirsten Beyer and Mike Johnson) will see exactly what Michelle Hurd is talking about when it comes to Raffi and Seven of Nine’s dynamic. It’s clear Raffi and Seven both have feelings for each other, but at the same time, they’re very much set in their ways. As Hurd said, it’s two independent women operating as they did prior to their meeting and still remaining just as stubborn and hard-headed even with each other. 

Both Michelle Hurd and Jeri Ryan will reprise their roles in Star Trek: Picard Season 2, albeit with some changes. Trailers ahead of the release revealed Seven of Nine won’t have her Borg implant at some point , in a twist that’s likely a result of Q’s meddling with reality . It’ll be interesting to see how or if Seven’s change impacts her relationship with Raffi and how the two navigate that change amongst all the other things happening in Season 2. Of course, there’s a lot more probably happening than Seven and Raffi’s relationship, which is why it’s handy fans got this story in advance to see an adventure that’s dedicated to them. 

Star Trek: Picard Season 2 premieres on Paramount+ on Thursday, March 3. Now is as good a time as ever to pick up a subscription to Paramount+ , especially with all the new Star Trek set to premiere in 2022. 


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Den of Geek

Why Picard’s Decision to Make Seven of Nine Queer is So Important

The Star Trek: Picard finale casually confirmed Seven of Nine as a queer character, something many Star Trek fans have been hoping for for a while.

star trek picard seven of nine and raffi

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Star Trek: Picard Seven of Nine

This Star Trek: Picard review contains spoilers for the finale.

The return of original Star Trek: Voyager character Seven of Nine has been one of the most unexpected joys of Star Trek: Picard Season 1. Though Seven and Picard had never previously met in mainstream Trek continuity, the two’s shared experience of assimilation at the hands of the Borg ties them together in intriguing and emotional ways, and Picard deftly manages to display the ways in which she has become darker, more complicated, and more fully human in the years since her original return to Earth at the conclusion of Voyager . 

Jeri Ryan only appears in five episodes of Picard – one of which is a minute-long surprise reveal in the fourth episode’s closing moments – but Seven’s arc over the course of the series’ first season is a fascinating one. This is a woman who has clearly spent the intervening years since her last Trek appearance figuring out precisely who she is. She’s dedicated her life to dispensing justice to reprobates on the far reaches of the galaxy as part of the vigilante group the Fenris Rangers, and enters the world of Picard on a quest to avenge the death of Icheb, a former Borg drone who became like a son to her during her time on Voyager. Over the course of this series’ first season, we watch Seven face down her greatest fear (reconnecting to the Borg collective), fight to save her friends, and, presumably, join the crew of the La Sirena for Season 2.

And we also got confirmation (or at least a strong implication) that Seven is, in fact, bisexual.

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The concluding moments of the Picard season finale definitely seem to indicate that Seven is canonically queer, showing her holding hands with Raffi in what seems to be a very romantic way.

🏳️‍🌈 — Jeri Ryan (@JeriLRyan) March 28, 2020

There are, of course, some lingering questions here, given that Seven and Raffi were rarely shown even having conversations this season, let alone flirting. How did this romance blossom? And isn’t that something we, as viewers deserved to see onscreen?

(The answer to that question is yes, by the way, even if the pair does turn out to be a major part of Picard’s second season. We deserve flashbacks, is what I’m saying.)

Nevertheless, it’s hard to understate the importance of the decision to seemingly make such an iconic Star Trek character like Seven of Nine queer. This is a franchise that has often struggled with living up to the inclusive and diverse future it espouses onscreen in deed as well as in word. 

The first openly gay series regulars weren’t introduced to the Trek universe until 2017 (yes, you read that correctly) in the form of Star Trek: Discovery ’s Paul Stamets and Hugh Culbert. And while J.J. Abrams film Star Trek: Beyond made Hikaru Sulu explicitly queer , that’s technically a character that only exists in an alternate universe, not on the “Prime” timeline. LGBTQ+ Trek fans have often claimed a special kinship with Seven of Nine, feeling a particular connection to her journey to re-engage her humanity and fit in with world that doesn’t accept her for who she is. (And many fans are still actively writing Voyager fanfiction about Seven and Captain Janeway .) 

So, yeah, officially making Seven of Nine—a legacy character who remains one of the most popular figures in the entire Trek franchise—bisexual is definitely a big deal, and something that should be celebrated as an important step forward. (Gene Roddenberry, I think, would be proud.)

Furthermore, this twist shouldn’t necessarily come as that big of a surprise to viewers. As someone who was raised in the Borg collective from the time she was six, it makes sense that Seven wouldn’t necessarily have terribly rigid views about things like gender and sexuality. In fact, back when the character was first introduced on Voyager , there was a not insignificant amount of fan speculation that Seven would turn out to be gay, but for various reasons that development never panned out. It was television in  the 1990s, and many television executives apparently balked at the idea of including an LGBT character on something they viewed as a “family show.” 

Instead, Seven was eventually romantically paired off with Chakotay, and the two were generally happy together. But Star Trek fans know how hard Seven had to work to reconnect with her humanity following her time as a Borg, so it certainly feels true to life that it might take her some time to figure out her precisely what her orientation might be, particularly once Chakotay was out of the picture. And any romantic or sexual relationship Seven may or may not have with Raffi would not negate or diminish Seven’s relationship with Chakotay. Both can exist as valid parts of Seven’s story.

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In Picard episode “Stardust City Rag,” Seven helps Picard, Raffi and Rios locate Bruce Maddox on the casino planet of Freecloud. She, as it turns out, has a history with Bjayzl, the crime lord that’s taken him prisoner, and is known for her black market dealings in harvested Borg parts. She’s eager to dole out some serious revenge, given that Bjayzl is responsible for Icheb’s death. But there’s also a very personal sense of betrayal between the two that permeates every scene they share. 

While the show doesn’t explicitly spell out the fact that Seven and Bjayzl had a relationship prior to Icheb’s death, it’s nevertheless strongly hinted that the two were intimate at one point. The two were close enough that Bjayzl knows Seven’s “real” (human) name, and that Seven trusted her enough to tell her about Icheb – and how much he meant to her – in the first place. It’s why Bjayzl’s betrayal hurts so much, beyond the mere fact of Icheb’s death. It’s because Seven, who has fought so hard to reclaim her humanity, put her fragile faith in someone who ultimately didn’t deserve it, and the only way she knows how to process the loss of that is to kill her. 

How, precisely, this all translates into a burgeoning romance with Raffi – who wasn’t, by the way, even part of that initial trip to Stardust City – is anyone’s guess. While Picard has made a point of hinting at Seven’s sexuality all season, that hasn’t really been the case with Jean-Luc’s later-in-life BFF. We know that Raffi is a recovering addict with an ex-husband and an estranged son, but any hint that her sexuality be anything other than straight   is limited to that revelation of an “old (female) friend” who secured Picard diplomatic access to the Borg artifact. 

Truth be told, there’s something deeply appealing in the prospect of these two damaged, lonely people finding comfort and affection, or even love, with one another. Raffi and Seven may be an odd pairing on paper—they’ve lived very different lives—but they’re also women who live with a lot of regrets and who are, every day, attempting to choose their better angels over their inner demons. Here’s hoping we’ll get to see them figuring out the next stage of their journey – together – in Season 2 .

Lacy Baugher

Lacy Baugher

Lacy Baugher is a digital producer by day, but a television enthusiast pretty much all the time. Her writing has been featured in Paste Magazine, Collider,…

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Picard season 3 fails this fan-favourite Star Trek couple

"There will always be a deep respect and a deep love between these women."

preview for Star Trek: Picard Season 3 | Official Trailer | (Prime Video)

Picard 's final season is easily the best of the three , and all those nostalgic Next Generation reunions definitely play into that. We do have one bone to pick with this season though ( well, one more ), and funnily enough, it comes from the only reunion that's heartbreaking instead of heartwarming.

In episode six, Worf and Raffi finally board the USS Titan and join in on the fun. It's been eleven years, five months and four days since Worf last saw Jean-Luc, but who's counting? It's not all sunshine and rainbows though, and we're not just talking about the Changeling threat that looms on the horizon.

While the Next Gen gang are mostly happy to see each other, things are a bit awkward between Raffi and Seven of Nine. But why? The last time we saw them, they were still together as a couple in season two , so what's happened since then?

star trek picard jeri ryan as seven of nine

Even Worf notices, commenting that it can be totes awks to go into battle with one's ex. Our words, not his. So there you have it. "Saffi," as we like to call them, are no more. But again, we must ask why? Picard circles around this without giving a clear answer, so right now it's left to fans to fill in the gaps.

And honestly, that's pretty typical for how the show has dealt with Raffi and Seven's relationship in general.

Remember when season one ended with them suddenly holding hands out of nowhere ? Fans worried that these three seconds of public affection would amount to just that, and nothing more, but season two did the right thing by actually confirming their relationship rather than just teasing us with the mere possibility.

That's not to say season two did a particularly good job of handling Saffi overall though. As the timey-wimey plot grew more convoluted, Seven and Raffi faded further and further into the background. And even when Saffi did take the lead, their love for each other was barely acknowledged at all. If you'd missed that brief confirmation of their relationship at the end of season one, you might not have even realised that they were together.

Star Trek isn't exactly known for its riveting romances, but you could argue that this missed opportunity was worse than having no LGBTQ+ representation at all. As we said back when season two drew to a close : "By 'confirming' a queer relationship without actually showing it, Picard can claim to be inclusive without alienating bigoted viewers who might object to such storylines."

star trek picard characters seven of nine and rafi played by jeri ryan and michelle hurd

A year on, that remains true, even though we doubt Picard's team actively chose to omit the end of Saffi's relationship for this particular reason. Star Trek doesn't exactly have the best track record when it comes to meaningful queer representation , but that's mainly down to the franchise's general aversion to romance rather than anything more sinister. Straight or gay, most relationships aboard the starship Enterprise turn out to be more fleeting than the life of a redshirt .

But still, there was a real opportunity here to do better for a change. The love that Seven and Raffi shared could have made a real difference to countless LGBTQ+ Trekkies watching back home. Instead, they were just given one under-developed season together followed by a breakup that didn't even happen onscreen.

Ahead of season three's release, Digital Spy spoke exclusively to Seven of Nine star Jeri Ryan about this storyline and what her thoughts were on this new dynamic, to which she said: "I think this is the most realistic progression of their storyline, to be honest. These are two very independent women, and for Seven especially, who's most of the time by herself, it's not realistic to expect, I think, for these characters, especially Seven, to settle down."

"So of course, they're separated," continued Jeri. "And of course they're off on their own journeys and are doing their own things. They touch base when they can. There will always be a deep respect and a deep love between these women. They've got a very deep bond."

Honestly, this all rings true. Raffi and Seven are both loners, so it was only a matter of time before separate missions would pull them apart. And hey, queer people break up. That's ok too. But the problem is when the end comes before fans are even given a chance to enjoy the relationship beforehand.

That tells us our stories don't matter, which is more heartbreaking than the actual breakup itself.

Star Trek: Picard season 3 is available on Paramount+ in the US, with new episodes released weekly. Viewers in the UK can watch the new season on Prime Video and Paramount+ from February 17. Previous seasons are available to stream on the same platforms.

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After teaching in England and South Korea, David turned to writing in Germany, where he covered everything from superhero movies to the Berlin Film Festival. 

In 2019, David moved to London to join Digital Spy , where he could indulge his love of comics, horror and LGBTQ+ storytelling as Deputy TV Editor, and later, as Acting TV Editor.

David has spoken on numerous LGBTQ+ panels to discuss queer representation and in 2020, he created the Rainbow Crew interview series, which celebrates LGBTQ+ talent on both sides of the camera via video content and longform reads.

Beyond that, David has interviewed all your faves, including Henry Cavill, Pedro Pascal, Olivia Colman, Patrick Stewart, Ncuti Gatwa, Jamie Dornan, Regina King, and more — not to mention countless Drag Race legends. 

As a freelance entertainment journalist, David has bylines across a range of publications including Empire Online, Radio Times , INTO, Highsnobiety, Den of Geek , The Digital Fix and Sight & Sound . 

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Star Trek: Picard star teases possible return

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Picard star addresses big change from Next Gen

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Star Trek's Jean-Luc Picard movies getting boxset

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Picard's Michael Dorn breaks down Worf's return

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Star Trek legend breaks down Picard's TNG reunion

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Raffaela Musiker

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Raffaela "Raffi" E. Musiker was a female human Starfleet officer who lived in the late 24th and early 25th century . She served under Admiral Jean-Luc Picard until the end of the Romulan Rescue and resigned her commission shortly after. Years later joined him on an unsanctioned mission to seek out Soji Asha and Bruce Maddox . After playing a crucial role in discovering the plot that led to the Attack on Mars , Musiker rejoined Starfleet and once again found herself at Picard's side when Q pulled the admiral into a dystopian alternate reality.

  • 1.1 Early life
  • 1.2 First Starfleet career
  • 1.3 After Starfleet
  • 1.4 Return to Starfleet
  • 1.5 Starfleet Intelligence
  • 1.6 Service aboard the USS Enterprise -G
  • 2.2 Friendships
  • 2.3 Romantic relationships
  • 3 Awards and honors
  • 4 Key dates
  • 5.1 Appearances
  • 5.2 Background information
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Biography [ ]

Early life [ ].

Raffaela "Raffi" E. Musiker was born on April 9 , 2353 on Earth . She would join Starfleet and would be commissioned as an officer with the serial number CG-1256-8345. Her major field of study was Intelligence, with a minor in Romulan Relations. ( PIC : " The Next Generation ")

First Starfleet career [ ]

From 2375 to 2379 , Musiker served as a security officer on Starbase 39 . From 2379 to 2381 , she was assigned to Starfleet Headquarters as an Analyst on Romulan Affairs . ( PIC : " The Next Generation ")

As a lieutenant commander , Musiker helped Picard formulate a new plan to evacuate Romulans from the Romulan supernova after the 2385 attack on Mars destroyed the Romulan Rescue Armada . She gathered information for a proposal to use mothballed ships and reserve duty personnel to carry out the operation instead. However, Starfleet rejected the proposal and accepted Picard's protest resignation . Musiker was distraught, as she thought she would be dismissed from Starfleet as well. She came to suspect that the Tal Shiar , and other apocryphal splinter groups such as the " Zhat Vash " and the " Conclave of Eight ", were responsible for the attack, but admitted that she could not discern a plausible motive.

After being denied the resources to investigate her theory, Musiker grew increasing paranoid and erratic. She disobeyed direct orders on twenty-seven occasions and committed thirteen court martial offenses, including commandeering a ship, child endangerment , hacking the Starfleet Intelligence databases of Romulan contacts, appearing at work intoxicated , and stalking Admiral Kathryn Janeway . Starfleet concluded her actions to be indicative of a nervous breakdown , and ordered her to compulsory drug rehabilitation and psychotherapy on Betazed . After one year without improvement, Musiker requested a dishonorable discharge and returned to Earth. ( PIC : " The End is the Beginning ", " The Next Generation ")

After Starfleet [ ]

Raffi Musiker, 2399

Musiker during her self-imposed exile in 2399

Musiker described her life after Starfleet as "one long slide into humiliation and rage" . Having come to rely on stimulants during her last years of active duty, she developed a substance abuse problem that estranged her from her family . By 2399 , she lived alone in a small house at Vasquez Rocks . ( PIC : " Maps and Legends ", " The Next Generation ")

After Picard's encounter with the Android Dahj Asha in 2399, Picard reached out to Musiker to enlist her support for a mission to seek out Bruce Maddox and Dahj's twin sister. Since he had been turned down by Starfleet, Picard was looking for an unregistered ship and an off the books pilot. Musiker was reluctant to speak to Picard until he revealed that Romulan assassins were operating secretly on Earth . While their conversation remained tense, Musiker recommended Picard hire her friend Cristóbal Rios and his ship La Sirena for the secret mission. ( PIC : " Maps and Legends ", " The End is the Beginning ")

Musiker joined Rios, Picard, and Dr. Agnes Jurati on La Sirena when they left Earth, though she made it clear she was not there to help Picard, but only catching a ride to their first destination, Freecloud . She got frustrated when Picard diverted the ship to make a stop at Vashti , ostensibly to win the services of a qalankhkai of the Qowat Milat . She understood it was really a ploy to reconnect with Elnor , whom Musiker knew from her time working with Picard on the Romulan Resettlement. ( PIC : " The End is the Beginning ", " Absolute Candor ")

Despite her protestations that she was not joining Picard's mission, Musiker was very involved in helping Rios run ship's operations during Picard's trip to Vashti. Later, she developed an elaborate plan to help Picard, Rios, Elnor, Jurati, and Seven of Nine , who had come on board after her ship was destroyed in battle over Vashti, extricate Bruce Maddox from the powerful criminal Bjayzl , who was holding him captive to sell him to the Tal Shiar . Musiker did not join that effort herself, however, since she was planning to reunite with her son Gabriel Hwang and his wife Pel . ( PIC : " Absolute Candor ", " Stardust City Rag ")

The reunion went poorly, since Hwang was still angry at his mother for abandoning him and his father when she got obsessed with the Romulan conspiracy. Although Musiker explained she had gotten clean and tried to mend fences at first, her son's anger caused her to insist she had been right about her theories. Hwang took this as confirmation that she had not changed and made it clear he wanted nothing to do with his mother. Musiker returned to La Sirena , where she ended her recent sobriety and started drinking and smoking snakeleaf again. ( PIC : " Stardust City Rag ", " The Impossible Box ")

Musiker once again helped Picard when he needed access to the Romulan Reclamation Site on the Artifact to find Soji. She convinced an old acquaintance, Captain Emily Bosch , to grant Picard diplomatic credentials to visit the Borg Reclamation Project , ruining her relationship with Bosch in the process. ( PIC : " The Impossible Box ")

When Sirena was on the way to catch up with Picard and Soji on Nepenthe and the cloaked Romulan scout who had been tailing them disappeared after Jurati injected herself with noranium hydride , Musiker began to suspect Jurati might have killed Bruce Maddox, who died in Sirena's sickbay shortly after being rescued. Musiker discussed her theory with Emil , La Sirena's Emergency Medical Hologram , and later shared it with Picard, who remained skeptical. Musiker consulted the ship's other Emergency Holograms with questions about the Conclave of Eight and why the appearance of Soji had sent Rios into shock. She also convinced Rios to tell her about his past encounter with the Android Jana , whose murder at the hand of Rios's captain Alonzo Vandermeer (and the latter's suicide ) were the source of Rios's trauma and dismissal from Starfleet. Musiker put all this information together and realized that Commodore Oh , the Head of Starfleet Security was actually a Zhat Vash double agent and responsible for orchestrating the deaths of Jana, Dahj, and Maddox, as well as the Attack on Mars. ( PIC : " Nepenthe ", " Broken Pieces ")

Arriving on Coppelius , Musiker joined Picard, Soji, Rios, and Jurati in going first to the Artifact that had crash-landed on the planet, and then to Coppelius Station . There, she met Altan Soong and the other synths Maddox and Soong created. She helped Rios fix La Sirena's engine with the help of the synths' fundamental field replicator and then made a plan with Rios, Narek, and Elnor to stop Soji and the synths from establishing contact with an extra-galactic alliance of synthetic life , bent on destroying all organic life in the galaxy. While their plan failed, Picard was able to convince Soji and her siblings to destroy the beacon they had built. ( PIC : " Et in Arcadia Ego, Part 1 ", " Et in Arcadia Ego, Part 2 ").

After Picard's death and resurrection in a synthetic body, Musiker left Coppelius on La Sirena in the company of Seven of Nine , with whom she had gotten closer during their time on the planet, Rios, Soji, Jurati, Picard, and Elnor. ( PIC : " Et in Arcadia Ego, Part 2 ")

Return to Starfleet [ ]

Raffi Musiker, 2401

Commander Musiker in 2401

By 2401 , Musiker returned to Starfleet with the rank of commander and was assigned to the USS Excelsior as its operations officer. She also watched over Cadet Elnor who was assigned to the ship. ( PIC : " The Star Gazer ") Before, Elnor's training could begin, he and Raffi found themselves in an alternate timeline where the Federation was replaced by a militaristic Confederation of Earth , whose mission was to root out all other life in the galaxy. Fortunately, Raffi was able to keep Elnor from being executed and found herself reunited with Picard, Rios, Agnes and Seven, who'd all been deposited into that timeline by Q . Elnor was shot by the husband of the alternate Seven of Nine and ultimately died of his wounds. ( PIC : " Penance ", " Assimilation ") Elnor's death hit Musiker particularly hard, since she blamed herself for encouraging him to pursue a career in Starfleet. ( PIC : " Penance ")

Aboard the CSS La Sirena , the group, used a captive Borg Queen that was scheduled for public execution to travel to the 21st century to correct the timeline. ( PIC : " Assimilation ")

Paired with Seven, Musiker traveled to Los Angeles to seek out the mysterious "Watcher" mentioned by the Queen during their journey. Along the way, they were forced to rescue Rios, who was injured and later arrested by immigration authorities. ( PIC : " Watcher ", " Fly Me to the Moon ") It was soon discovered that Agnes had been possessed by the Borg Queen and was loose in Los Angeles. Teamed with Dr. Adam Soong , an ambitious geneticist, the Jurati-Queen intended to seize La Sirena with mercenaries Soong provided her to act as improvised Borg drones. ( PIC : " Monsters ", " Mercy ") Raffi and Seven fought to defend the ship, but Seven was impaled through the stomach by one of the Queen's tentacles. The mind of Dr. Jurati, fighting for control of her body, eventually convinced the Queen to save her life with nanoprobes, returning Seven's Borg implants. ( PIC : " Hide and Seek ")

After Q returned them to their own time, Musiker was thrilled to see Elnor alive and well in the corrected timeline. In addition, Picard used his authority to give their leading authority on the Borg, Seven, a provisional field commission of captain and command of the Stargazer to replace Rios, who had remained in the 21st century. Following the reveal that the Borg Queen attacking the ship was in fact Jurati trying to get their help to deal with a threatening galactic event, Starfleet and Jurati's Collective made common cause to stop the destructive wave. ( PIC : " Farewell ")

Starfleet Intelligence [ ]

Raffaela Musiker, 2401 excursion jacket

Commander Musiker, Starfleet Intelligence

Later that year, Musiker was on an undercover assignment on M'talas Prime for Starfleet Intelligence . She worked on a case involving experimental weapons technology taken from Daystrom Station , an offsite location of the Daystrom Institute . Using information from an Orion drug dealer, Musiker was able to identify the "Red Lady" mentioned by the thieves as a statue of Captain Rachel Garrett at the Starfleet Recruitment center in District Seven . However, she was too late to stop the attack and watched as the recruitment center was destroyed.( PIC : " The Next Generation ")

Raffi went to M'talas Prime to talk to Sneed but the Ferengi double-crossed her and drugged her just before showing her the head of Lurak T'Luco . Worf arrived and killed Sneed's guards before decapitating Sneed with his Kur'leth . As they left, Worf rebuked Raffi and told her, "I told you do not engage". ( PIC : , " Disengage ")

Service aboard the USS Enterprise -G [ ]

USS Enterprise-G command crew

Commander Raffi Musiker was assigned to the USS Enterprise -G as Captain Seven's first officer

In 2402 , Musiker transferred to the command division and was assigned to newly rechristened USS Enterprise -G as Captain Seven's first officer . She was present when Ensign Jack Crusher reported for duty aboard the Enterprise and remarked that Starfleet saw fit to give a thief, a pirate and a spy their own ship. The Enterprise later embarked on their shakedown cruise. ( PIC : " The Last Generation ")

Personal life [ ]

Musiker was a brilliant analyst, tactician, and hacker. She was able to gain access to the Interfacers Guild and create fake credentials for Rios, and even found a way into the Borg and Romulan systems of the Artifact , though the Borg machine language was able to slow her down, if not stop her.

Musiker was fond of Saurian brandy and Chateau Picard , in particular the ' 86 vintage . She had a habit of inhaling snakeleaf , which caused paranoia as a side effect. ( PIC : " Maps and Legends ", " The End is the Beginning ") While Musiker had struggled to become clean while on her first mission with Picard, by 2401 , she was sober and sticking to non-alcoholic beverages, such as club soda . ( PIC : " Two of One ")

Following the Attack on Mars , Musiker's relationship with her son Gabriel Hwang grew estranged. She briefly tried to reconnect with him in 2399 , but Gabe made it clear he was still too hurt to forgive her for the way she had hurt him. ( PIC : " Stardust City Rag ")

On Freecloud , while trying to contact Gabe, Musiker discovered that he was married to Pel , a Romulan woman, and the two were expecting a daughter. Musiker later told Rios that she never expected to meet her granddaughter.

Friendships [ ]

When Musiker served under Picard, they had a close relationship; she regularly addressed him by the nickname "JL". ( PIC : " The End is the Beginning ")

Musiker also considered Captain Emmy Bosch an "old friend", and would call her up on occasion when she needed a favor. Musiker called on Bosch in 2399 and blackmailed her, with exposing where the Captain's "bodies were buried," in order to get diplomatic credentials for Picard. Bosch granted the credentials and asked Musiker never to call her again in return. ( PIC : " The Impossible Box ")

Romantic relationships [ ]

Musiker met Seven of Nine while hitching a ride to Freecloud with Rios and Picard. While Seven left La Sirena on Freecloud, the two met again on Coppelius and began a romantic relationship. ( PIC : " Absolute Candor ", " Stardust City Rag ", " Et in Arcadia Ego, Part 2 ")

By the time Rios had returned to Starfleet and given Seven of Nine custody of La Sirena , Elnor called Seven Raffi's " girlfriend ". While their relationship was strained by Seven's work for the Fenris Rangers , which often took her away from Earth and from Musiker, they still supported each other when they got stranded in the alternate universe by Q. This particular adventure, and the trials it put them through, lead the two women to reaffirm their relationship and emerge as an even stronger couple. ( PIC : " The Star Gazer ", " Monsters ", " Mercy ", " Hide and Seek ", " Farewell ")

Awards and honors [ ]

Musiker was awarded two medals during her service in Starfleet. In 2385 , she received a Decoration for Valor and Gallantry . In 2399 , she received the Starfleet Medal of Honor for her "commitment to truth in the face of great opposition". ( PIC : " The Next Generation ")

Key dates [ ]

  • 2353 : Born on Earth
  • 2374 : Gives birth to son Gabriel
  • 2375 – 2379 : Assigned to Starbase 39 as a security officer
  • 2379 – 2381 : Assigned to Starfleet Headquarters
  • 2399 : Awarded the Starfleet Medal of Honor
  • 2401 : Promoted to Commander , served as an instructor at Starfleet Academy, and then Starfleet intelligence.
  • 2402 : Assigned to the USS Enterprise -G as First officer

Appendices [ ]

Appearances [ ].

  • " Remembrance "
  • " No Win Scenario "
  • " Dominion "

Background information [ ]

Raffi Musiker was played by Michelle Hurd .

The character's full first name was not revealed until "Stardust City Rag", the fifth episode of Star Trek: Picard .

According to the PIC Season 1 press kit, Musiker was a veteran Starfleet Intelligence agent with experience investigating and analyzing Romulan affairs and a "formidable tactician ". It also claims that after Picard's retirement from Starfleet, she returned to Starfleet Intelligence before eventually leaving the service. [1]

Apocrypha [ ]

Raffi Musiker, 2385

Raffi Musiker (2385)

Before her first on-screen appearance, Raffi Musiker was featured in the Star Trek: Picard - Countdown prequel comic book . According to the comic, she was Picard's first officer on the USS Verity ( β ) in 2385, during the mission to relocate Romulans threatened by the supernova, and was noted as "Starfleet's foremost analyst on Romulan affairs."

She also appeared in The Last Best Hope , which depicted her as having a husband, Jae, and a son, Gabe , from whom she became estranged due to the ongoing length of the evacuation mission. Raffi was also the central character of the novel, Second Self , which took place between seasons one and two of Picard , and featured flashbacks to her time in Starfleet Intelligence immediately following the Dominion War .

"Musiker" is German for "musician".

External link [ ]

  • Raffaela Musiker at Memory Beta , the wiki for licensed Star Trek works
  • 1 USS Bozeman
  • 3 Battle of Wolf 359

Star Trek Picard: 8 Ways Seven of Nine Has Changed Since Voyager

A lot has happened to Seven of Nine since her days on Voyager. Here's how it's impacted the character she's become on Picard.

Star Trek: Picard is one of the latest iterations of live-action series in the Star Trek universe. Unlike most new Trek, this show brings back many characters from previous Star Trek shows. This includes a large part of the bridge crew from The Next Generation, as well as a few familiar faces from other series.

One of the most beloved and iconic characters from Star Trek: Voyager , the ex-borg Seven of Nine also re-appears in Star Trek: Picard. Just like Captain Picard , who underwent major changes since his command of the Enterprise, Seven of Nine is also no longer the same person she was aboard Voyager. Time has passed, and just like everyone else, Seven's experiences have changed her.

Warning! Vague spoilers ahead!

8 LGBTQ Character

One of the big Voyager controversies is the out-of-the-blue romance that develops between Seven of Nine and Chakotay in the last few episodes of the show. This seemed out of place not only because she and Chakotay have never shown any interest in each other, but also because many fans felt that Seven of Nine might be bisexual, owing to a few intimate moments between her and Captain Janeway.

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Star Trek: Picard finally openly shows Seven of Nine as an LGBTQ character , as she interlocks hands with Raffi in the season 1 finale. To many's delight, their relationship is explored further in seasons 2 and 3 of the show.

7 New Outlook On Life

The Seven of Nine viewers experience on Voyager is new to humanity, and some might even say that she can be naive. When everyone thinks that a situation is impossible to resolve, Seven of Nine would say things like "Impossible is a word humans use too often" and find a solution to the problem.

Seven's first conversation with Picard in Star Trek: Picard, however, reveals that her positive outlook on life has changed. After brutally losing her "son" Icheb and being betrayed by Bjayzl (who some say her former lover), it is clear that Seven of Nine has become hardened. She even downs a glass of Picard's Whiskey.

6 She No Longer Relies On Starfleet

Seven of Nine makes quite an entrance the first time she appears in Star Trek: Picard. Instead of being astrometrics officer on a Federation ship, as she is on Voyager, she has her own ship and is part of a group of intergalactic vigilantes called the Fenris Rangers.

It is revealed later that the Starfleet brass weren't too thrilled to have an ex-Borg like Seven of Nine as part of Starfleet, and so she had no choice but to pursue other avenues . The situation changes in season 3 though, where viewers see Seven in a red Starfleet uniform for the first time.

5 Friend of the Borg

For obvious reasons, in Voyager , Seven of Nine is antagonistic towards, and even scared of (see the episode "Raven"), the Borg. Seasons 1 and 2 of Star Trek: Picard have Borg sub-plots, and so Seven of Nine comes face-to-face with her former family a few times.

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In Season 1, Seven herself briefly becomes the Borg Queen and feels visible pain when a few hundred drones are ejected from The Artifact. The "real" Borg Queen appears in Season 2, and Seven and Raffi (sort of) team up with her to save the timeline.

4 A New Look

Seven of Nine is known for is her super impractical catsuit that she wears throughout Voyager. This suit comes in variations of silver, red and blue with heels, and Seven always wears her hair up.

In Star Trek: Picard , Seven wears practical vigilante clothing: a leather jacket, boots and cargo pants. Her hair is also down most of the time, and later on, for the first time since the Voyager episode "Relativity," Seven is in a Starfleet uniform.

3 Lacking Borg Precision

Being part-Borg, Seven of Nine is shown throughout Voyager to be calculated and precise in her decision-making and actions. She also disdains emotions, like many Vulcans, and even comes across as cold owing to her logical approach to situations.

Twenty years later, viewers witness a Seven of Nine who is more likely to make decisions fueled by emotions, like her choice to take revenge on Bjayzl after the death of Icheb .

2 Independence From Captain Janeway

Captain Janeway is a significant mentor for Seven of Nine throughout Voyager's journey home. Although the two do not always get along, Janeway teaches Seven important life lessons and facilitates her transition from Borg to human.

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There is, unfortunately, not much mention or acknowledgment of Captain Janeway's influence on Seven in Star Trek: Picard. In season 3, Seven mentions for the first time that Janeway and Picard convinced her to join Starfleet, but not much beyond that. It seems that Seven of Nine is not reliant on Captain Janeway for guidance anymore.

1 Improved Social Skills

Many of the funnier moments in Voyager are caused by Seven of Nine's lack of social skills. Her awkward date on the holodeck in the Voyager episode "Human Error," where the Doctor tries to work on Seven's social skills, is a great example.

In Star Trek: Picard, Seven successfully navigates a romantic relationship with Raffi, and even saves the day with her social skills on one or two occasions. Significantly, by the end of season 2, Seven has more confidence interacting with people despite her visible Borg enhancements .

Season 3 of Star Trek: Picard is streaming now on Paramount Plus.

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Star Trek: Picard perfectly set up a Raffi/Seven of Nine spin-off

By rachel carrington | apr 20, 2023.

Pictured: Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine, Sir Patrick Stewart as Jean-Luc Picard, Michelle Hurd as Raffi and Evan Evagora as Elnor of the Paramount+ original series STAR TREK: PICARD. Photo Cr: Trae Patton/Paramount+ ©2022 ViacomCBS. All Rights Reserved.

Warning: This post contains spoilers for Star Trek: Picard season 3, episode 10 “The Last Generation.” 

Star Trek: Picard wrapped its three season run today with an episode that was full of drama, action, nostalgia, and heart. To say that it went out with a bang is an understatement as the credits rolled on the final scene of the Star Trek: The Next Generation crew playing poker (one year after the events of the season had come to a conclusion) as they had on the finale of The Next Generation. Prior to that, though, viewers watched as Seven of Nine’s life went in a new direction with Raffi at her side.

After helping to save the universe, the USS Titan was rechristened the USS Enterprise, and Seven of Nine, now promoted to captain, took command with Raffi as her second-in-command or her “Number One.” Also beaming aboard the ship was Ensign Jack Crusher who’d gone through an accelerated program at Starfleet and would now serve as special counselor to the captain. And there are the beginnings for the spin-off that viewers have asked for since season two of Star Trek: Picard.

Star Trek: Picard ended on a high note for Seven of Nine and Raffi

Though we didn’t get to see a resolution to Raffi and Seven of Nine’s relationship (are they back together or have they simply remained friends?), the fact that the pair are now working together aboard the new Enterprise says a lot about where things stand between the two of them.

Obviously, relationships between captains and their seconds-in-command would be frowned upon in Starfleet…at least they would before the Borg tried to obliterate the world. Perhaps now, Starfleet has gotten a little more lenient, knowing how Seven of Nine and Raffi helped to save billions of lives.

As the USS Enterprise prepares to leave spacedock, Seven of Nine is asked to choose a phrase to tell the pilot it’s time to move. Would it be “Make it so,” “Engage,” or “Take her out?” We don’t know…at least not right now as the scene cut away before Seven could make the choice. But that’s something we could see on a spin-off that, by now, practically everyone has to be desperately hoping for. All I can say is I’m there if it happens!

Next. Where Starfleet has taken Seven of Nine in Star Trek: Picard. dark

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‘Star Trek: Picard’ Series Finale Sets the Stage for a Big Spinoff

By Alan Sepinwall

Alan Sepinwall

This post contains spoilers for the Picard series finale, “The Last Generation.”

When this third and final season of Picard debuted earlier this year, I wrote that while on the one hand it was shameless fan service , on the other this was exactly what Star Trek fans wanted and needed after the show’s first two years were so disappointing. Simply bringing back the entire crew of The Next Generation — and giving most of them much better and richer material than what they got to play back in the Eighties and Nineties — felt like more than enough, even if the season’s conspiracy plot was largely gibberish.

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On the whole, though, this is exactly what most Trekkies would have wanted from this season, and from Picard as a whole: one last chance to see these characters at their best, and to let the actors dig deeper into roles that were often much thinner than they should have been in the Eighties and Nineties.

Some more thoughts on the finale, and the season:

  • The season used the Changelings from Deep Space Nine as red herring villains, finally roping the Borg back in for the last couple of episodes. This was a mixed bag, not only because it conflicted with what had happened previously on this very show, but because it feels like it is somehow always going to be the Borg with Jean-Luc. The Changelings were at least surprising, and also a small way for this season to pay homage to the wildly underrated Deep Space Nine , when otherwise it was made up of pieces of TNG and Voyager . (Heck, there was even an original series cameo of sorts, as Walter Koenig provided the voice of Pavel Chekov’s son, Anton — not a nod to playwright Anton Chekhov, but to the late Anton Yelchin , who played Pavel in the Chris Pine films.) Réne Auberjonois (whose Odo was the cleanest connection to the Changelings) has passed away, and Avery Brooks’ Ben Sisko is trapped in the wormhole, but couldn’t Nana Visitor have stopped by? (Colm Meaney who, like Michael Dorn, appeared on both TNG and DS9 , but was much more integral to the latter?) Plus, the nature of the Borg takeover of Starfleet made everyone — particularly Borg expert Elizabeth Shelby from the classic “Best of Both Worlds” two-parter — look very, very stupid.
  • The relentless nostalgia did go over the line a bit at the end of the season’s penultimate episode, when Geordi brought his friends onto a rebuilt version of their old ship. Exciting as it was to see them back on the familiar Enterprise-D bridge, it didn’t feel like a time for gawking while the Borg had taken complete control of Starfleet and were preparing to destroy Earth.
  • Boy, were Stewart and Michelle Forbes great together in the episode where Jean-Luc’s rebellious Bajoran protege Ro Laren returned. Ro was one of the better TNG recurring characters, and was meant to be the female lead on Deep Space Nine , but Forbes wasn’t crazy about committing years of her life to Star Trek . But she was very invested in the character here, and her argument with Jean-Luc about their former relationship was among the more complex pieces of old business the season did.
  • Finally, before we see the Enterprise-D crew play one last round of cards together, we get set-up for a potential spinoff, where Seven of Nine is the captain of the newly-rechristened Enterprise-G, Raffi is her first officer, Geordi’s daughter Sidney remains at the helm, and the multi-talented but reckless Jack is, for now, the ship’s counselor. And later, he’s visited by his father’s old nemesis Q. (Q died at the end of Season Two, but Matalas picked and chose which aspects of the first two seasons he wanted to use and which he wanted to ignore.) On the whole, this feels like a mixed bag. Jeri Ryan can certainly carry a new series as the lead, and Ed Speelers had his moments as Jack, but Raffi has been a dud for three seasons now. If we do get a Seven-centric show, though, the good news is that it would keep pushing the timeline forward, where the otherwise-excellent Strange New Worlds and Lower Decks take place in the franchise’s past. 

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Star Trek's Jonathan Frakes Knows How He Wants The TNG Story To Continue After Picard

Commander William Riker smiling

"Star Trek: Picard" ended in 2023 following three successful seasons. However, while the show provided some moments of closure for fans of "Star Trek: The Next Generation," Jonathan Frakes hopes to see some of the other characters from that series continue the story.

While speaking to SFX Magazine (via Winter Is Coming ), the actor best known for playing Commander William Riker noted that it isn't likely that the "TNG" players will return for a movie. Still, he believes the ending of "Picard" Season 3 left the door open to more adventures for the crew. "I'm certainly optimistic. I think it may be the end of the Picard story, but I'm not sure it's the end of the Next Generation story. That's the vibe. I'm an eternal optimist. I'm sure it's what [showrunner] Terry [Matalas] would like!"

The "Picard" series finale sees Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan) take charge of the Enterprise and recruit Jack Crusher (Ed Speleers), Sidney La Forge (Ashlei Sharpe Chestnut), and Raffi (Michelle Hurd), teasing more journeys throughout the frontier. That said, will a show centered around these characters happen down the line?

Star Trek: TNG fans shouldn't get their hopes up

Jonathan Frakes believes that "Star Trek: Picard" created a pathway for more stories about these beloved characters. Showrunner Terry Matalas doesn't disagree with this sentiment either, as he told TVLine following the series finale. However, he said that the reality of a new show depends on certain variables matching up.

"Well, really, it was an ending to Picard, which was a proper beginning. That was what was designed to be the most satisfying thing: the passing of the torch. So, having said that, it does feel like something new, with Captain Seven and her crew. It feels like a new mix. I don't know how much everyone would be involved, but it definitely feels like a mix and match of old legacy and new."

Despite the tease, Matalas added that there are no immediate plans to continue the "Star Trek: The Next Generation" story. The "Picard" showunner said that the ending was created to give fans something to contemplate despite the unlikelihood of those dreams ever being realized. However, his words suggest he's open to the idea if the cast members are keen on reprising their roles.

Terry Matalas Pitched 'Star Trek: Picard' Season 3 to Michelle Hurd as "Raffi in the 'Bourne Identity'"

During a panel at MegaCon, Hurd also spoke about representation and how Nichelle Nichols inspired Raffi's character design.

The Big Picture

  • Michelle Hurd expresses how important it was to humanize people struggling with addiction through her character Raffi in Star Trek: Picard .
  • Hurd wanted to show the struggle of somebody who keeps stumbling but never stops trying, emphasizing the value of life.
  • Hurd praises Nichelle Nichols from the original Star Trek for opening doors for women of color in the entertainment industry.

It's been nearly a year since Season 3 of Star Trek: Picard hit Paramount+ and instantly became one of the most popular and beloved installments in the franchise. While there are still plenty of exciting Star Trek projects on the horizon, there's still no official word on whether we'll get the much desired spin-off series Star Trek: Legacy . However, Star Trek fans know that with this franchise anything can happen.

Star Trek and fan conventions go together like peanut butter and jelly, and this weekend, Picard alum Michelle Hurd took to the stage at MegaCon during the "Women of Sci-Fi" panel hosted by Collider's Maggie Lovitt . During the panel, Hurd took the time to answer some fan questions about the joys and challenges of playing such a complext character like Raffi over the course of the show's three seasons. She told the audience that "Raffi has been one of the most fulfilling characters I've gotten to play, to bring to life in my decades in this industry." She continued saying, "And it's because of all those things about the complexities, about the challenges. What I really loved in the beginning and, you know, like the producers and the writers and I talked about it and I really wanted to bring to life a character that was perfectly imperfect."

Hurd went on to express how important it was to her to tell a story that humanizes people who struggle with addiction . "I think in our society, addicts often get a really bad reputation, for some reason we think that if someone has an addiction, they are less than." Hurd went on to explain that this is the kind of story that everyone can relate to, and that it was important to show that, in spite of her flaws, Raffi never stopped trying. She said:

"Addiction is a real thing. It's a real disease. It's a demon on your shoulder and there's addictions to everything, anything and everything. There's so many things that we sometimes find ourselves obsessing over and find ourselves in a Pandora's box that we can't get out of. And I really wanted to show the struggle of somebody who's doing the best that she can. She's trying so hard, but she keeps stumbling and she keeps falling and failing. But every single day she picks herself up, and she tries to reach the [day] again because it's worth it, because life is a good thing and that we should be included in this story. So that was really important. I also really wanted to tell the story of like Episode 5 of the first season where she goes and sees her son and she's like, ‘I’m, great. Everything's cool. Let's go, let's do this.’ And he's like, ‘No, you don't get to come back 10 years later, say you're fine and walk into my life.’ I wanted to empower the children to say ‘no, you don't get to just do that to, to blow up my life. And then when you feel ready to come back.’ And if you remember she wasn't ready, she went right back to the ship and got drunk, she wasn't ready. So all that was so important. And then I really wanted to sort of explore the vulnerability of that, you know, to be a strong woman, to be a proud person, but that vulnerability that it takes to be all of that. As an actor, it's just delicious, delicious to sort of dive into it. You know, we can all relate to those sort of stories. You know, people can say, well, I've never had this addiction. That's fine. There's been things that you've wanted so hard that you've got tunnel vision that you were fighting by fighting that you didn't see anything else beside it because you were so focused on that one thing that's there, that's the journey, right?"

​​​​​Over the course of Picard 's run on Paramount+, Hurd got to show off several different sides of Raffi. The show's third and final season saw Raffi thrust into the world of espionage, still recovering from her past as an adict, as she helped save the day alongside The Next Generation 's Worf ( Michael Dorn ). Hurd was grateful to showrunner Terry Matalas for giving her "the opportunity to kick some ass too." She went on to say Matalas pitched her Season 3 arc by saying "I'm thinking Raffi, like in the Bourne Identity ." Naturally, Hurd's response was, "I'm in." Of the show's final season, Hurd said, "I mean, so, so fun. So, and you know, and again, to be able to show the journey of somebody who maybe society might have written off in the first season actually comes to save the day. That's how valuable we all are."

While Hurd didn't indicate that any forward motion had been made on getting Legacy greenlit, she's not giving up hope, saying "God I hope we get to see more of Raffi...I do hope that there's more Raffi like Star Trek: Legacy ." She ended by saying that "social media, unfortunately, really does" make a difference when it comes to making studios take note of what audiences want more of and encourged fans to continue being vocal about the potential spin-off .

How Nichelle Nichols Influenced the Character Design for Raffi in 'Star Trek: Picard'

At MegaCon, Lovitt opened the panel by asking Hurd, along with co-panelists Alex Kingston and Felicia Day — as they're all part of franchises that are often a young person's first introduction to sci-fi — what their original introduction to the genre was growing up. "Mine, of course, was Star Trek, " said Hurd. Telling a familiar story about "watching the reruns of The Original Series. " Growing up biracial, Hurd said, "my father knew the importance of representation, and he wanted to make sure that his three little brown girls saw themselves represented in entertainment. And so, as a family, we would sit around the television on Saturday nights and watch reruns of Star Trek ."

Of course the representation she's referring to is the legendary Nichelle Nichols, who played communications officer Lt. Uhura and opened doors for women of color both in the entertainment industry and in STEM careers. Hurd shared high praise for Nichols and her legacy expressing gratitude for the lessons she taught her and the influence watching Star Trek had on her career. She said:

"I give it up to Nichelle Nichols too. And you know what I think is so interesting about that is that, I don't know if we knew it, if it was conscious or if it was subconscious or unconscious, but I absolutely believe that Nichelle Nichols gave me and my sisters the permission to be bold, and to be brave, and to be present, and to make sure that our voices are heard, and that we have an impact. Because that woman, on that bridge had a strength, had a competence, had a grace, and an elegance. And she said— she showed us, we weren't just maids, we weren't the concubine, we weren't just the girlfriend, the neighbor. We were important. We had a presence, we had a necessity to be there."

Hurd took that with her when she went to set to play Raffi in Season 1, taking that intentional representation into how she wanted the character to look. "It’s one of the reasons that when creating Raffi...I wanted to make sure that Raffi had the silhouette of a huge, unruly set of curly hair because I wanted all of our brown and black [kids] as well as all the people who have the curly hair to see themselves represented in 2400 to know that we're all still here." Nearly six decades after Nichols made history on Star Trek Hurd is carrying that torch alongside actors like Tawny Newsome and Sonequa Martin-Green . With Raffi, Hurd wanted audiences to see "that there's no need to be a homogenized kind of beauty, that we all have our own unique beauty and to own our individuality. So that's what sci-fi and seeing Star Trek did for me. And I want to do that for [other people]."

All three seasons of Star Trek: Picard are available on Paramount+. Don't miss the rest of our coverage from MegaCon, and stay tuned at Collider for more Star Trek news.

Star Trek: Picard

Follow-up series to Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987) and Star Trek: Nemesis (2002) that centers on Jean-Luc Picard in the next chapter of his life.

Watch on Paramount+


10 Good Things In Star Trek: Picard Season 2

  • Q's motivation in creating a dystopian alternate reality in Star Trek: Picard season 2 was flawed; he could have achieved his goal by repeating the classic TNG episode "Tapestry" instead.
  • Annie Wersching's portrayal of the Borg Queen in Picard season 2 brought a unique loneliness and vulnerability to the character, providing a fresh spin on the Borg's desire for assimilation.
  • Despite some flaws in the overall story logic, Picard season 2 still had great Star Trek moments, including John de Lancie's brilliant performance as a malevolent Q and the exploration of a Mirror Universe-like dystopia.

Star Trek: Picard season 2 had its flaws, but it had some great moments that developed the character of Admiral Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) and laid the groundwork for the Star Trek: The Next Generation reunion season. The biggest flaw in Picard season 2 was the motivation for Q (John de Lancie) to create a dystopian alternate reality, the Confederation of Earth. It was seemingly an attempt by the cosmic trickster to get Picard to forgive himself for the tragic suicide of his mother during his childhood.

However, Q could have easily done this by repeating the classic TNG episode "Tapestry", in which he took Jean-Luc back to a key moment in his past and offered him the chance to change his future. Instead, Q's plan in Star Trek: Picard season 2 saw him threaten the life of one of Jean-Luc's ancestors, create a dystopian timeline, and accidentally create a brand-new species of Borg. Somehow, at the center of all this chaos, Picard was still able to reconcile the issues with his father, Maurice Picard (James Callis), and forgive himself for the death of his mother. However, despite the flawed logic of Picard season 2's overall story, it still had some great Star Trek moments worth celebrating.

Star Trek: Picard Cast & Character Guide

Annie wersching as the borg queen, a fresh take on a classic star trek villain..

24 actress Annie Wersching played the Borg Queen in one of her final roles before her sad death in 2023. Building on Alice Krige's iconic portrayal of the Borg Queen in Star Trek: First Contact , Wersching brought a strangely affecting loneliness and vulnerability to the classic villain. This wasn't something that had been explored before in previous Borg Queen appearances, and her desire to connect with Agnes Jurati (Alison Pill) provided a fresh spin on the Collective's desire to assimilate other species. This need for connection would ultimately create a more benevolent Borg that is still out there after the end of Star Trek: Picard season 3, ensuring Wersching's legacy.

The Attack on the USS Stargazer

Star trek: picard season 2, episode 1, "the star gazer".

The Star Trek: Picard season 2 premiere, "The Star Gazer", saw Admiral Picard's presence requested aboard the brand-new USS Stargazer. Now commanded by Captain Cristóbal Rios (Santiago Cabrera) , the namesake of Picard's first command found itself the receiver of a mysterious message. The unnerving scenes that followed, from the Borg requesting Federation membership to Edith Piaf's "Non, je ne regrette rien" playing throughout the ship, were an utterly thrilling start to Picard season 2. The 21st-century adventure that followed could not compete with the bizarre events unfolding on the Stargazer, which was a big disappointment.

John de Lancie as Q

The beloved star trek actor brought back q's malevolence..

By the end of Star Trek: The Next Generation , Picard and Q were practically begrudging friends. The banter between them was always part of the charm of a Q episode, but something drastically changes in Star Trek: Picard season 2. Q slaps Picard in the face and becomes increasingly unpredictable as the season goes on. This off-kilter Q is brilliantly played by John de Lancie, who performs the cosmic trickster with a level of malevolence not seen since his first appearance in TNG . The story of the immortal god facing death may have been a cheap way to mirror Q and Picard's characters, but it did at least give John de Lancie some new aspects of the character to perform.

The Confederation of Earth

Picard finally gets his own mirror universe story..

Although Star Trek: The Next Generation never explored the Mirror Universe, Picard gets a chance to visit an alternate fascist reality thanks to Q's meddling. As Star Trek: Deep Space Nine had revealed the Terran Empire had fallen, a new dystopian reality had to be conceived. The Confederation of Earth is essentially Star Trek 's Mirror Universe in all but name. It's just as brutal and all-conquering as the Terran Empire. Picard's study is decorated with the skulls of his enemies, and the USS Enterprise-D gets a brutal upgrade. It was an interesting insight into the TNG era's alternative dystopia and reaffirmed everything that Picard fights against.

Seven of Nine Embracing Her Humanity

Seven gets to experience a universe free from prejudice..

Due to the Confederation of Earth wiping out the Borg Collective, Annika Hansen (Jeri Ryan) never became Seven of Nine in Star Trek: Picard season 2's alternate timeline. This allowed Jeri Ryan to emphasize Seven's human side in her performance, giving a new take on the character. Free from the prejudice that stopped her from being accepted into Starfleet, Seven can enjoy herself at a party for the Europa mission astronauts and finally gets to be seen for who she is without her Borg enhancements. Ultimately, the fresh perspective she gained from Picard season 2 allowed Seven to become a more rounded and brilliant Starfleet officer aboard the USS Titan-A.

Star Trek's Jeri Ryan Felt "More Connected" To Seven of Nine in Picard Season 3 Than Voyager

Captain rios' staying on 21st century earth, it was a fitting ending for the star trek: picard character..

Although Rios' ending may have been controversial for side-stepping Star Trek 's World War 3 timeline , it was a fitting end for the character. Captain Rios had always been something of an old soul, and his enjoyment of the authentic cigars and food of the 21st century greatly appealed to him. So too did the prospect of working with the Mariposas to bring medical supplies to struggling communities. His love for Dr. Teresa Ramirez (Sol Rodriguez) and her young son Ricardo (Steve Guttierez) sealed the deal for the Starfleet captain who never truly fitted into the 24th century.

Brent Spiner as Dr. Adam Soong

Tng's data has another tragic ancestor..

Brent Spiner added another branch to Star Trek 's Soong family tree by playing the role of tragic geneticist Dr. Adam Soong. Adam's genetic experiments were seemingly focused on curing the health of his ailing daughter, Kore Soong (Isa Briones). However, it was revealed that she was the most successful of Soong's experiments to create an artificial human. Soong stopped at nothing to prove the merits of his experiments and cure his daughter, even siding with the Borg Queen and Q to do so. While Adam Soong did want to save Kore, it's hard to deny that he was actually working against Picard and the crew to protect his damaged ego. Adam Soong was a compelling character played brilliantly by Star Trek: The Next Generation legend Brent Spiner.

FBI Agent Martin Wells

Played by the shield 's jay karnes.

FBI agent Martin Wells (Jay Karnes) provides an interesting counterpoint to Jean-Luc Picard in the episode "Mercy." Coming straight after Jean-Luc has reconciled his own childhood trauma, Picard helps Wells come to terms with his own youthful experiences. Wells was a dogged FBI agent who effectively combined the worlds of Star Trek and The X-Files by way of Fox Mulder (David Duchovny). Arresting Picard and Guinan (Ito Aghayere) to prove that they were aliens, Wells ultimately lets them go when Jean-Luc convinces the FBI agent that the alien he met as a child was not a threat, and that Wells had the power to save the future of humanity.

The Return of Wesley Crusher

Wil wheaton's surprise cameo teased the tng reunion..

Wil Wheaton's Wesley Crusher made a surprise return in the Star Trek: Picard season 2 finale. Recruiting Kore Soong to the Travelers was the first proper glimpse of Wesley since he joined the ethereal group in Star Trek: The Next Generation 's final season. Although Wesley didn't appear alongside his TNG co-stars in Picard season 3, his return did set up one of the big aspects of the finale. Reminding viewers of Wesley, and, by association, his father, Jack Crusher, was a smart move ahead of the surprising revelations about Jack Crusher (Ed Speleers), the son of Admiral Picard and Dr. Beverly Crusher (Gates McFadden). It was also pleasing to see that Wesley was continuing to do good in the universe decades after his TNG departure.

Picard and Q's Farewell

A hug that was almost 40 years in the making..

Although the road to get there was incredibly complicated, the final scene between Picard and Q was deeply moving. Q revealed that he was trying to get Picard to allow himself to be loved, essentially setting up Jean-Luc's new-found family in Star Trek: Picard season 3. Q has always had a deep fondness for Picard, and it's clear that this fondness was driving his last act before his death. While the logic of Q's plan falls apart under scrutiny, it's hard to deny the chemistry between Patrick Stewart and John de Lancie. Their touching final scene together ensured there wasn't a dry eye in the house.

All episodes of Star Trek: Picard are streaming now on Paramount+.

Star Trek: Picard

After starring in Star Trek: The Next Generation for seven seasons and various other Star Trek projects, Patrick Stewart is back as Jean-Luc Picard. Star Trek: Picard focuses on a retired Picard who is living on his family vineyard as he struggles to cope with the death of Data and the destruction of Romulus. But before too long, Picard is pulled back into the action. The series also brings back fan-favorite characters from the Star Trek franchise, such as Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan), Geordi La Forge (LeVar Burton), Worf (Michael Dorn), and William Riker (Jonathan Frakes).

10 Good Things In Star Trek: Picard Season 2

  • February 5, 2024 | ‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ Season 4 Arrives On Digital Today, DVD And Blu-ray In April
  • February 5, 2024 | William Shatner Open To AI Version Of His James T. Kirk In New Star Trek, Under A Specific Condition
  • February 4, 2024 | ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Wins 4 Saturn Awards, ‘Strange New Worlds’ Wins 1
  • February 2, 2024 | Cate Blanchett And Rami Malek Might Have Starred In Noah Hawley’s Shelved Star Trek Movie
  • February 2, 2024 | Podcast: All Access Star Trek Has A Q&A With John de Lancie

‘Star Trek: Picard’ Wins 4 Saturn Awards, ‘Strange New Worlds’ Wins 1

star trek picard seven of nine and raffi

| February 4, 2024 | By: Anthony Pascale 127 comments so far

Star Trek: Picard dominated at the Saturn Awards on Sunday night in Burbank, CA. The third season picked up four awards, Strange New Worlds also won, and the cast of The Next Generation picked up a special award as well.

Picard  wins 4

Star Trek: Picard started with seven total nominations in five categories and came away with four wins, including Best Science Fiction Television Series. It beat  Star Trek: Strange New Worlds as well as  Andor , Foundation , The Mandalorian, and Silo . On hand to accept the award were series star Sir Patrick Stewart, showrunner Terry Matalas, cast members Michelle Hurd and Jeri Ryan, and season 3 guest stars Todd Stashwick, Brent Spiner, Michael Dorn, and Marina Sirtis.

You can see Terry Matalas accepting the award below (posted by production designer Dave Blass from the livestream).

Congratulations to @TerryMatalas and the entire Star Trek Picard Team on their 2024 Saturn Award for Best Science Fiction TV Series. — Dave Blass (@DaveBlass) February 5, 2024

Sir Patrick also won Best Actor in a Television Series for his work in Picard , winning over Strange New Worlds star Anson Mount along with Tyler Hoechlin ( Superman & Lois ), Sam Heughan ( Outlander ), Diego Luna ( Andor ), Pedro Pascal ( The Last of Us ), and Harold Perrineau ( From ). Stewart was at the event to pick up his award.

star trek picard seven of nine and raffi

Patrick Stewart with his Saturn Award (Photo: Albert L. Ortega)

The Picard wins kept coming with Jonathan Frakes winning for Best Supporting Actor in a Television Series. He beat Picard cast members Ed Speleers and Todd Stashwick as well as Ethan Peck of Strange New Worlds . Also up for the award were Harvey Guillen ( What We Do in the Shadows ), Ernie Hudson ( Quantum Leap ), and Matt Smith ( House of the Dragon ). Jonathan Frakes was not able to attend due to his filming schedule.

Finally for Picard, Jeri Ryan won Best Supporting Actress in a Television Series. She beat Strange New Worlds actresses Jess Bush and Celia Rose Gooding as well as Genevieve O’Reilly ( Andor ), Katee Sackhoff ( The Mandalorian ), Sophie Skelton ( Outlander ), and Rebecca Wisocky ( Ghosts ). Jeri was at the event to pick up her award.

star trek picard seven of nine and raffi

Jeri Ryan with her Saturn Award (Photo: Albert L. Ortega)

Paul Wesley wins for Strange New Worlds

In a bit of a reversal from the trend in the other categories, Paul Wesley won the sole Saturn Award for Star Trek: Strange New Worlds . He picked up the statue for Best Guest Star in a Television Series for his work as James T. Kirk, winning over Amanda Plummer for Picard as well as Gael Garcia Bernal ( Marvel’s Werewolf by Night ), Giancarlo Esposito ( The Mandalorian ), Nick Offerman ( The Last of Us ), Andy Serkis ( Andor ), and Catherine Zeta-Jones ( Wednesday ). Wesley was at the event to pick up his award.

star trek picard seven of nine and raffi

Paul Wesley with his Saturn Award (photo: Saturn Awards)

Star Trek: Lower Decks was nominated for Best Animated Television Series but lost to Star Wars: The Bad Batch .  Star Trek: The Motion Picture: Directors Edition was up for Best 4K Home Media Release, but the award went to John Wick, Chapter 4 – 4K.

TNG cast wins special award

The cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation were presented with a special Lifetime Achievement Award, which was announced ahead of the show. Producer and Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige presented. The award went to Sir Patrick Stewart, Brent Spiner, Marina Sirtis, Gates McFadden, Michael Dorn, and Wil Wheaton (who were all at the event) as well as LeVar Burton and Jonathan Frakes, who had scheduling conflicts.

star trek picard seven of nine and raffi

TNG cast at Saturn Awards (Photo: Albert L. Ortega)

The ceremony was livestreamed (and will be available on demand) on ElectricNOW .

TrekMovie was at the ceremony and had a chance to talk to many of the Star Trek nominees, presenters, and winners so check back during the week for those interviews.

Find more news and analysis on Star Trek Universe TV shows at .

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star trek picard seven of nine and raffi

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star trek picard seven of nine and raffi

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Congrats to winning beat show!! You deserve it Matalas! Best season of Trek since DS9!

Also congrats to my boys Frakes and Stewart along with my girl Ryan winning beat actor nods! You guys all shined.

And the TNG cast getting the Lifetime Achievement award made it that much more special! 😍

TNG had an amazing night. NOW GIVE US THE LEGACY SHOW PARAMOUNT!!! 😉

Also congrats to Paul Wesley! Really don’t like his Kirk but hey others obviously do and all that matters. 🙂


A big part of why LEGACY is so popular online is that right now, it’s all things to all people. But really, the only absolutely essential character for LEGACY is Jeri Ryan as Seven. Possibly you could add Michelle Hurd as Raffi to that list. But beyond that, what *is* LEGACY?

Is it essentially season four of PICARD, with all the TNG characters reprising their roles? That seems unlikely to me (witness the cast scheduling problems even for S3) and probably unwarranted as well. With the possible exception of the new Data — who *isn’t* the old Data — their story has been told.

I could see Riker showing up in a role of senior admiral, like Nechayeva, Ross, or Forrest: TNG realized the need for the captain to have a CO only around its sixth season, and all the shows since then have shown one; we might as well have the role filled with a likeable character with a backstory. But that alone hardly justifies an entire series.

Is LEGACY the adventures of Jack Crusher, Syndey LaForge, and Kestra Riker-Troi? I don’t have much desire to see “the continuing adventures of the Star Trek kids.”

Is LEGACY the adventures of Dr. Ohk and the rest of the TITAN crew? That at least sounds like a real continuation of the story — Star Trek: The Third Generation, as it were. But I also suspect that’s not what lies behind the clamor for LEGACY. Also, why did they kill off many of the interesting new characters, like Shaw and T’Veen and Rios?

Bro all I care about is that we get Captain Seven commanding the Enterprise G. That’s all that really matters to me.

Everything else is just a bonus. 😎🖖

We won’t forget you Shaw, T’Veen and Rios. 😥

Right? Seven is what I care about. Shaw would be a plus. Other than that? Don’t care at all…

Exactly bro! 😎

Would I love to see other TNG characters on the ship, sure but I don’t really care either. Matalas already said the show is not about them. I don’t understand why people keep acting like they would even be in the show or be the main cast? 😐

I want to see Seven as Captain since we obviously never seen her be a leader. Her story is one of the best in Star Trek, an ex Borg who was assimilatd as a child and freed from the collective is now part of Starfleet. I would love to see those stories.

I am on board for Ryan being a series lead (not in a Matalas-based “Legacy” follow-on, but something new), and Riker showing up as and Admiral guest star. But I have zero interest in seeing Picard (Stewart is just not playing him all that great anymore), his superpowered British son which I still haven’t bought into, and the Data Bunch (we’ve gone to the Brent Spinner well two too many times now) anymore — these characters need to be sunsetted once and for all.

PS: If the S31 movie is a success, I would be down with Hurd and Dorn joining Michelle Yeoh for a S31 series — that would kind of make sense if they could work the timeline out given Worf and Raffi’s roles now in Starfleet.

I think Jack’s powers came from his connection to the Borg. Now that the Borg is no more, I would imagine his “powers” are also gone.

Yep. The show was kind of fuzzy about it – but basically he could control anyone infected with the Borg DNA thingy.

While that sounds all and good. I don’t see this writing team being able to resist coming back to those super powers several times per season to save the ship and the crew — It’s too lazy of a “get out of jail free,” super convenient plot device for that writing team to be able to resist.

I fully agree with your first paragraph. 2nd Paragraph not so much, although we’ll see how the S31 movie does. I’m not really optimistic, since I still don’t like how they brought S31 out into the apparent open. Maybe they’ll explain how everyone forgot about them by the mid 2300’s. Kind of like how a galaxy far, far away forgot about the Jedi in less than 20 years.

Any news what timeline the S31 movie is set in. I know the emporess went through the portal but not sure which century she ended up in. Would be great if it was in the 25th century, wishful thinking I suppose.

That would be great — And that would easily support them bringing in Raffi and Worf if it became a series.

If the movie takes place in the 25th century then that would excite me the most because I want to know how Section 31 is functioning in a post Sloan era. We know it still exists of course as we saw in Picard but at what level?

And totally want Worf or Bashir as a part of it. But also wishful thinking.

I think all of that is valid, but Legacy would be an instant hit in the fanbase considering how popular Picard ended up being.

Personally I’m open to whoever joins up again. Of course I would love to see anyone from the TNG cast back, but guessing just as guest stars, but it wouldn’t be about them.

I would still love a way to get Shaw back and Matalas said he would be involved again. Of course it’s Star Trek so yeah lol.

We’ll always have Holograms.

LEGACY crew:

Seven, Raffi, Jack, Sydney, Hologram Shaw, Other People Who Are Neither Holograms Nor Shaw If We ABSOLUTELY Must

Yep would love that as the Legacy crew and I didn’t love Jack much but I accepted he would be there.

And plenty of characters I didn’t start off liking much only to love them later on.

No LEGACY series. Instead let’s come up with another series with a new concept, actors, characters, and story ideas. Please!

Not really a big fan of Wesley’s Kirk either. IDK, he just doesn’t feel like Kirk at all to me, but I kind of liked him more in season two. But it’s nice he won.

Yeah dead weight Kirk sucks.

But it’s just my opinion only.

+ 1, there. I just don’t get the casting. I mean, the actor seems fine, but not as JT. I could take Chris Pine as Kirk over this guy all day. Just my opinion, though.

So would you say that the closer we get to TOS in the timeline, the more he seems like Kirk from TOS?

That feels like more of a feature than a bug to me.

Frankly, call me biased (because I am) but I won’t be ever satisfied with anyone other than Shatner as Kirk. I didn’t like Wesley and I didn’t like Pine either.

I only like Shatner’s Kirk too. I always hated Pine’s Kirk but I did like him a lot more in Beyond. He was finally feeling like an actual adult and not a spoiled dumb jock like how he came off in the first two movies. He still wasn’t that bright in Beyond either but at least better.

And I never blamed Pine. He played the role great, it’s just the direction and how he was written that I hated. I did love the Shatner pauses he added in Beyond. I read that was solely his idea.

But I would take Pine ten times over Dead Weight Kirk. That guy feels like he barely has a pulse much less a personality. 🙄

To be honest, I also prefer Shatner’s Kirk. Neither of the two could really compare to his portrayal of the character. But Pine is imo still ok and definitely a better choice than Wesley. 

I wasn’t a fan at first (and posted here incessantly about his lack of Kirk charisma), but he’s grown on me this season.

Me too. I also find him somehow unsympathetic and I’m not really convinced by his portrayal of Kirk. 

Dude, I’m so happy right now!!!!!

Yeah this felt sooooo good!

And you probably don’t remember this but I doubted season 3 would be any good after seeing how bad the first two seasons were. I was excited about the TNG cast being back but that didn’t mean it was going to be good either. I knew the actors themselves would be great but I still doubted the writing itself would be.

But glad to be proven wrong! This is what I wanted in the first season. I think most fans did to be honest. Most wanted to see TNG back but I know Stewart himself didn’t want it.

The show ended on a huge high note and one of the best things if not THE best thing in NuTrek for me personally.

Thank you Terry! 🙂

Congrats to one and all! Awesome showing!

Happy for them all, but the Frakes’ win makes me the happiest. He’s always been such a reliable player, but I was totally unprepared for him to be the low-key MVP of Picard season 3.

Definitely agree about Frakes. I remember reading he was the most apprehensive about acting full time and he just knocked it out of the park. They all did IMO, but Frakes certainly stood out the most among the original cast. It’s a well deserved win.

I love this guy so much. It’s nice to see them all having a Trek revival and the great reception they been getting by the fans, but Frakes seems the happiest to be doing all of this again.

Yep! He was awesome!

There usually wasn’t much for Frakes to do on TNG (and he always just seemed generally pissed off) — but Frakes was the heart of Picard S3. Well-deserved win.

I’m very happy for the cast and crew.

That said, Andor wuz robbed! ;)

Andor, Foundation and Silo were way better that Pic S3 for sure. And Stewart won on the sentimentality of the evening in my opinion — although I think Ryan and Frakes were most deserving, Stewart’s performance was rather pedestrian and not up to his portrayal of Picard in the past. So I find if rather laughable that he beat out both Luna and Pascal, but they had the entire TNG cast show up to the Saturns, so I get why he needed to win of course.

Andor, Foundation and especially Silo were all snooze fests. Anything Star Wars did on the small screen was a huge disappointment.

Dude, I enjoy our banter, and this is not meant personally, but I don’t think you would know real science fiction if it popped you on your head and called you papa. ;-)

I would know a lot more than you, my boy. A lot more than you. But then again, you are so obsessed with your hate with Lower Decks, don’t you would even know what Sci-Fi is.

Nah, I’ve been reading science fiction for 50 years and have even dabbled in writing it. Nice try though

I feel bad for you that there weren’t enough hijinks and comedy in Silo and Foundation to give you the titillation you need.

So about 10 years less than me. I have a series of sci-fi shorts that were published back in the early 80s. Soooooo….

Cool! I will mention that as much as you seem obsessed with my comments on not liking LDS — and I will acknowledge that some of that is justifiable criticism — I haven’t really seen your knowledge of serious science fiction come across in your posts? You come across as someone who more appreciates the lazier type of situational soft science fiction that network TV shows have historically put on. Just an observation.

Actually, I have not even mentioned what shows I really do like. And as far as Trek is concerned – I have never voiced my like or dislike for them. I just know that I am not a fan of the crappy Star Wars shows. Silo had promise… but it was lost somewhere along the line.

Not only have I published sci-fi, I also wrote 2 episodes or Are You Afraid of the Dark? The 2 episodes were based on short films I produced in University.

I am basically on here to read the articles… but I have found that the negativity is intense. People crapping all over the shows, the actors, the people involved. So I started posting as well… to counter-point the negative posts but basically saying the same thing as them but changing Star Trek for something else. And I find repeated comments. With you included. Sometimes going out of your way to mention your dislike for LD when no one is talking about it or the article has nothing to do with it. You and Emily are famous for that. Your dislike for it goes so far that your username shows it.

And all that is the reason why I chose my username.

Okay, that’s all good to know.

What you fail to miss in all of my comments is that sure, I don’t like the show, but I am having fun with it, and the fact that you and like three other people here take it so seriously and try to police me is part of the fun of it. You guys take me way way more seriously than I take myself. So you guys keep me interested in keeping this up.

But there is also the awards thing — that’s just a comedy gift to me. I mean four freaking seasons now with all the other new Trek series getting multiple awards an LDS still has not won one single award? Given I’m not a fan of the show and I think it’s overrated, I find that futility as rather hilarious and kind of reinforcing my point that the show isn’t all that.

I bet you’re fun at parties too.

That’s more like it!

I liked Andor too! 🙂

But Trek is my baby!

Oh yeah I really loved Andor as well and thought it was going to win actually. But I’m so happy Picard won.

And I thought Silo was really good too. I could’ve saw that winning as more of a dark horse.

I actually didn’t watch Andor until just a few months ago. It didn’t appeal to me especially after how much I hated Boba Fett and Obi Wan. Didn’t want to even bother with Andor.

But a few friends swore by it it was really good. It started off slow got really good. It actually felt like Picard season 3 and it was a show made for adults with real drama. It made you actually fear the Empire too.

Never checked out Silo. Is that really good? It looks kind of dark. I may check it out one day.

So much love for these people and what they have given and created.

Well deserved Luke…well deserved! :)

And yet “no plans for a Legacy series…” Picard face palm.

Tell me about it! 😥

But we keep fighting! 😎 👍

Well Rise of Skywalker won five Saturns, including JJA winning for Best Director for that crap movie, so let’s not get too carried away here…lol

Yeah, the Saturns have never done all that much for me, truth be told. But I’m happy for the people who got to carry their trophies home, nevertheless.

I just read about this huge scandal at the Hugo awards where writers with qualifying stories (Neil Gaiman among them) were disqualified for wholly unexplained reasons by the Hugo committee. All of these 4 writers had protested against holding the WorldCon in China over their human rights violations, but nobody is even coming clean to say that it was on account of that, it is just a fiasco par excellence. (I think I saw the story on Esquire, so it must be pretty mainstream.)

The story also mentions one time when the Hugos got it right, when L.Ron Hubbard got a nomination, but came in sixth in a field of five, coming in behind even the ‘no award’ category, so there is occasional justice.

I never had that much faith in the Hugos, given that BACK TO THE FUTURE won one.

They should not have been penalized for that, obviously.

That being said, I failed to see how punishing science fiction fans in China for what their government does achieves anything to move the ball forward regarding their human rights violations? I think the people-to-people cultural exchanges you would get at a Chinese Worldcon would be far more beneficial than the negligible impact of canceling the event there.

Why should Chinese science fiction fans be penalized for their government’s actions? The only real thing this does is to make those of us in the west feel good like we’re doing the right thing, which at the end of the day not only doesn’t do anything to move the ball forward on human rights, but it actually penalizes the sf fans over there who need more in-person cultural contacts with people from democratic countries.

Wow congrats to Picard/TNG! This really warms my heart!

No matter if Legacy happens or not, Matalas can say he went out on a high note. Congratulations Terry! :)

But I still remain confident we will get the Legacy show at some point! Just gotta keep the faith.

I love your positivity! And seeing them win just makes it clearer why I do hope Terry gets to make more Trek. The guy breathes Star Trek the way McMahan does.

We need Legacy!

LOL thanks! :)

Even if we don’t get Legacy, I still hope to see Matalas be more involved in Star Trek in the future. But that’s probably not feasible until things settle down with Paramount and ultimately what happens with Trek long term.

But I hope he’s part of it again. I think he’s brought back an element a lot of fans been missing.

Congratulation to The Cast of ” Picard”and Terry Matalas! and TNG cast. much love.

Great to see the cast of Picard and TNG get all those wins. Their acting in Pic S3 saved the season in my book — just a great effort. But Pic S3 winning Best TV series over Foundation, Andor and Silo has to be one of silliest wins I can ever recall at an award event — I think having TNG actors all show up for the Saturns obviously helped Picard carry the day there for that award since the overall season was a mixed bag at best. But certainly a feel good night for the ole TNG cast given Pic S3 was the end of that chapter in Star Trek given Legacy was never happening — well done all!

Also, so glad to see Paul Wesley get the recognition he deserves with his vastly underrated, nuanced and update version of Kirk. Sorry haters, but this actor is great in that role and I can hardly wait for him in to appear in a couple years in the rebooted TOS or TOS continues series.

PS: But no Saturns again LDS? Left at the alter again? ;-)) And to think, Will Wheaton 1 Saturn, LDS 0 Saturns — how funny is that? LMFAO :-))

Are you even a Star Trek fan? 🙄

If I wasn’t a fan I wouldn’t care so much.

Regarding LDS, even though I’ve kind of joked about the awards situation, I’m kind of actually feeling sorry for Mike M now. I mean, imagine waking up this morning to the situation where after working your ass off for four seasons on a labor of love series, and you now you have to face the embarrassment that Wesley crusher has won more awards than your show? That’s got to suck.

The series does deserve some kind of award here at some point — this is getting too ridiculous even for my sense of humor and personal dislike of that show.

Best animated series should have gone to Transformers: Earthspark My Adventures With Superman but congrats to the Trek winners.

I’ll be quiet again for the next while. My dad died yesterday.

My condolences.

Sorry about your dad. You’ve had a tough last month. Keep your chin up, my friend!

Ah man. So sorry Gritizens. You know how much I like and respect you. You’re in my thoughts tonight.

Please accept my condolences.

Deepest condolences.

So sorry about your dad.

Sorry to hear about your father. Hang in there!

Picard S3 deemed better than Andor. omg that’s hilarious. Judges must really love the TNG cast.

Because, like every other Star Wars series, it was horrible! By the way… since you are so against same old, same old… same characters, same story… I am guess you hate the Star Wars franchise too.

Yes, the two Star Wars shows Mando and Andor that were nominated for “Best Drama series” are “horrible”. Well done on that excellent take.

As for same old same old:

Mando: new characters Ahsoka: returning characters Kenobi: returning character Andor: new characters The Acolyte: new characters Skeleton Crew: new characters The Bad Batch: new characters Resistance: new characters Rebels: new characters Jedi games: new characters The High Republic: new characters Outlaws: new characters

Mando: Did it not have Boba Fett in one of the seasons or was it the other way around. Either way, the Mandolorians are not new.

Andor: Characters from Rogue One / spin-off show

Jedi games: nostalgia and call back to all Jedi

The Bad Batch: Storm troopers and Palpatine

Resistance: Had Poe, Princess Leia, C3PO. Not to mention the whole theme of the resistance.

The High Republic: Isn’t than a book or series of books or graphic novels?

Outlaws is a video game.

And you forgot Asoka: Returning characters all fan service

Droids: Same thing.

Skeleton Crew: Not even out yet, I don’t know anything about it, so I cannot comment on it… yet. But it is supposed to be a spin-off taking place in the same time frame as Mando.

So your argument was what again?

I guess we all have personal opinions — but it’s tough to argue that Andor was horrible.

I don’t think any of the Star Wars shows are bad (although Boba Fett was a slog) and they all have original ideas/stories (sure, as part of the SW universe and often connected to other stories) — but the better ones avoid fan service for the sake of it.

But that’s the point. It is ALL fan service. When you are talking about a franchise, whether it’s Star Trek or Star Wars or Marvel, it is all fan service or nostalgia. Every Star Wars show, like Star Trek, calls back to the originals… I am not just talking characters, but with themes as well. That is the basis of a franchise. That is what makes it a franchise. Terminator, Predator, Alien, Star Gate, etc. Otherwise, it is just a one-off sci-fi movie or show.

I don’t disagree with your overall point, but the levels of fan service can certainly be different. And to me, continuing to trot out the same actors/characters in the 70’s/80’s is a level of fan service well above recasting the characters in a newly conceived reboot. Also, when you do it for the gimmick/joke purpose, that’s a rather desperate and lazy level of fan service.

Luke Skywalker, Leia, Han Solo, Chewbacca, C3PO, Darth Vader… Soni go on? Rehashing the same characters all the day. Mando, Ashoka, Kenobi, Boba Fett… All characters from the 80s/90s. Darth Vader… Rehash rehash rehash. All fan service… Grogu… Using the whole Yoda thing as a joke. Come on.

Andor was the best Star Wars live action series, but it still wasn’t great. Neither was Picard S3, it would have been a coin-flip for me as to which was better. I liked Silo , too. Never saw Foundation .

Picard S3 could not hold up either Silo’s or Foundation’s jock-strap.

It’s great to see Star Trek getting more wins at the Saturn Awards. While i didn’t love S3 of Picard it was still a good season but to me it had it’s problems. I’m always happy to see Trek and it’s actors win Awards.

Star Trek Picard joins the likes of Star Trek Discovery & Strange New Worlds in winning an award for Best Science Fiction Series. I’ve actually gone back through the Saturn Awards for the past few years since TV Trek came back.

(Awards won by Modern Treks – Star Trek Discovery won Best New Media Television Series in 2018/Best Streaming Science Fiction, Action & Fantasy Series in 2019 & Best Science Fiction Television Series in 2021.)

(Sonequa Martin-Green won Best Actress on a Television Series/Best Actress in a Streaming Presentation in 2018/2019. Doug Jones won Best Supporting Actor in a Streaming Presentation in 2019 and Best Supporting Actor on Television in 2021) winning the Best Science Fiction Television Series Award.)

(Strange New Worlds won Best Science Fiction Series (Streaming) in 2022. Patrick Stewart won Best Actor on Television in 2021 for Picard.)

(The older Trek shows (TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY and ENT all won various Saturn awards as well but i think all of us know that)

Jess Bush was robbed.


Well deserved! Picard S3 has been the best live action Star Trek since 2005.

Now Paramount, green light Star Trek: Legacy with this team ASAP!

“The best live action Star Trek” … substitute ALL the legacy characters and make them new characters. Would you still be saying that? I think not.

It’s just because you don’t really like Star Trek. You like the idea of Star Trek but as generic Sci-Fi. Maybe Star Gate will be more to your liking.

While her point is extreme, I’m certainly ready to move on from the Picard and The Data Bunch characters, and if I never see that fake-ass son of Picard with his Marvel-like superpowers ever again, I’ll also count that as a win.

This is the boost we need for Star Trek Legacy and another TNG-Movie !

Nostalgia and legacy characters. To the max.

Just like Star Wars

Does anyone in the industry care all that much about the Saturns?

Lorna Dune said no.

Thrilled for the PIC winners. Well deserved, and job well done! Especially happy for Frakes and Ryan. As to Paul Wesley, good for him but even in rewatching some SNW lately, I still don’t see where he embodies the Kirk character at all. Maybe that’s just me, but to beat out Giancarlo Esposito, Nick Offerman and Andy Serkis? Strange new world indeed. Anyway, cheers to all award recipients!

Yes It does not reflect well on the prestige or validity of the awards if Wesley won over Esposito, Offerman, and Serkis.

I am happy for Picard Season 3, but the Wesley win is strange.

In twenty or thirty years people are going to watch Picard S3, and see the convoluted, idiotic story-telling, terrible cinematography, forced melodrama and awful visual effects and wonder how this thing became such a big deal. Legacy characters only work for so long.

Much like Star Wars.

Isn’t it past your bedtime?

No, but it is time for you to stop repeating yourself. Annoying, isn’t it?

For some of us, it didn’t take that long. :-)

Congrats to both Star Treks Picard and Strange New Worlds. The night belonged to them.

How the heck did Picard beat those other shows? It was slop compared to the other nominees

To paraphrase the late great Carrie Fisher just a bit…..who do I have to sleep with to win a Saturn?

That, or bribery.

Monday, February 5, 2024–7:51 am CST

I want to congratulate the cast and crew of “Star Trek: Picard” on winning the the Saturn Award. I also want to congratulate the cast of “Star Trek: The Next Generation” for winning the special award. I also hope that “Star Trek: Legacy” will start sometime. I hope Paramount will approve the filming of the series.

Terry Marvin (Dallas, Texas, USA)

These awards are pretty meaningless, though. The fact that Amanda Plummer was nominated despite her character being the weakest aspect of PICARD season three, and that Katee Sackhoff was nominated despite her character being the dull spot of The Mandalorian, shows how random, arbitrary, and irrelevant these awards shows are.

Yes! Also the fact that Jolene Blalock won Best Supporting Actress back in 2002 shows that these awards have been based on something other than acting skill for a long time. :-)

Well, watching her in the decontamination chamber scene over and over certainly deserves some kind of award in my book. ;-).

But NOT for acting skill! :-)

Especially given a couple years back they gave five awards to ROS, including best Director to JJ Abrams… for the worst Star Wars movie since Phantom Menace.

It Is rather funny that LDS can’t even win a Saturn though. I mean, especially this year, given the skids were greased for Star Trek to get all these awards. The Saturn is the easiest award for a Star Trek show to get — and LDS still can’t get off the dime here

Stewart winning for lead over Heughan? That was a pity win, not based on the actual performance.

Yeah. I thought the last time Stewart nailed his portrayal of Picard was S1. In these past two seasons his voice is too low and the confidence and the way Picard carries himself hasn’t been the same.

I always thought season 3 of Picard was a bit on the derivative side with a fairly unoriginal story, but at the end of the day it was the most entertaining Star Trek I’ve seen since the middle seasons of TNG and I liked where everyone was at the end. It was definitely a “feel-good” story and there haven’t been too many of those recently. I do think Andor was a more powerful show overall but Picard Season 3 was a lot more fun and I’m glad it got recognized for that.

Patrick Stewart gave one of his better performances; I don’t know if it was the best of the candidates but he largely avoided the over-acting trap that he’s fallen into recently.

Really happy that Jonathan Frakes was recognized for his acting; he was easily the best character in the season for me (I’d still love to see a mini-series with him and Worf going on an adventure). I am a little disappointed that he didn’t also get recognition for his directing as I think he helmed some of the best episodes of the season, including – if I’m not mistaken – the one where Todd Stashwick relives the Wolf 359 incident; that was some powerful stuff.

Jeri Ryan was a good selection as well. She really got to stretch her acting muscles during the season and always looked beautiful doing it.

Unlike some people, I liked Paul Wesley’s turn as Kirk. It was a likable and fairly understated performance without any of the bad-boy nonsense of Pine’s first couple of outings. I do think Stashwick would have been a better choice as he showed a lot more range in his performance though.

Great news. Something positive we can all get behind.

What’s striking with these wins is how good the competition is. It’s a completely different sci fi world than when TNG originally aired.

As much as I liked Picard S3, the correct order for the nominees for best SF series of the year is:

ST:SNW Silo Andor Foundation ST:Picard The Mandalorian

Sounds like a win of sentiment over accomplishment.

It won against 2 excellent sci fi series in Foundation and Silo so fair play. Apple is putting out some pretty great shows, Masters of the Air is fantastic.

Paul Wesley wins for  Strange New Worlds


Congratulations to all!!! What an amazing night for Star Trek. It’s truly well deserved. Star Trek: Picard season three was truly an inspired gift. Everyone evolved was outstanding. I’ve watched the season over and over and I love it more every time. It’s crazy that Paramount didn’t move heaven and earth to make sure that a spin off to this season didn’t happen and retain all talent involved.

Not that awards shows mean much really but my favourite sci fi shows of 2023 were in this order were. 1) Silo 2)Foundation S2 3) Picard S3 4) Andor (I class Star Wars as Sci-fi fantasy but Andor felt more sci fi than any Star Wars) I kind of wish Star Trek was on Apple rather than Paramount as that is a great channel if you like sci-fi shows. I think they would do more with the franchise and support it much better financially than what Paramount are doing.

Yeah, I can get behind those ratings, although I might put Foundation above Silo — but both are leagues better than Andor and Picard.

Clearly some folks did not like S3 of PIC .. fine … expressing intelligent criticisms is cool. Derogatory comments say more about those expressing them … especially on a Trek site.

Screen Rant

Picard showrunner says seven of nine & raffi are like kirk & spock.

Star Trek: Picard showrunner Terry Matalas draws a parallel between Seven of Nine and Raffi in Star Trek: Legacy and Kirk and Spock in TOS.

Star Trek: Picard showrunner Terry Matalas draws a parallel between Seven of Nine's relationship with Raffi, and Captain James T. Kirk's (William Shatner) relationship with Spock (Leonard Nimoy). Commander Raffi Musiker (Michelle Hurd) and Commander Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan) were separated for the majority of Picard season 3, leading viewers to question whether the couple were still together. Terry Matalas has been very comfortable engaging with such fan questions and provided an answer that also teased a fascinating Seven/Raffi dynamic should his Star Trek: Legacy project get the green light.

During a Reddit AMA , Matalas was asked about the lack of romance in season 3, which was one of the showrunner's biggest Star Trek: Picard regrets . The question focused on Raffi and Seven's apparent estrangement during Picard season 3, and whether the couple could pursue romance aboard the USS Enterprise-G. Read Terry Matalas' response, and his comparison to Kirk and Spock, below:

I think Starfleet regulations have a lot to say about them being officially together which is why we had them apart to begin with. We knew we were ending here and that would be a big conflict of interest on the bridge. Are they together in secret? Will this ABSOLUTELY be a story you want to tell in the future? A story about a Captain who loves her First Officer and vice versa? Absolutely. Kirk literally stole the Enterprise to save Spock’s life. It cost him his son. The best Treks are stories about love and family.

RELATED: 8 Ways Star Trek Picard Changed Seven Of Nine

How Seven And Raffi Compare To Kirk And Spock

Should Star Trek: Legacy go ahead with the USS Enterprise-G as its hero ship, whether they're still a couple or not, Seven and Raffi will be the first openly LGBTQ+ Captain and First Officer in Star Trek history. Despite the wealth of unofficial fan fiction online, the love between Captain Kirk and Spock was one of deep friendship and mutual respect. Refreshingly for the time, the overtly masculine hero James T. Kirk wasn't afraid to hug, or on occasions, be hugged by Spock. Nor was Kirk afraid to express his love for the Vulcan. However, it's not just a deep love for her first officer that makes Seven similar to Kirk.

Captain Kirk regularly flouted Starfleet regulations in pursuit of doing the right thing, in what Captain Jean-Luc Picard referred to as " cowboy diplomacy ". In his summary of Commander Seven of Nine's performance, Captain Liam Shaw (Todd Stashwick) highlighted her own questionable attitude to the rules but identified this as a strength. In Star Trek 's 25th century , Starfleet is seemingly embracing an approach more similar to Kirk's dedication to doing the right thing, in spite of what Starfleet's rules and regulations may say.

Like Kirk, Raffi has risked everything in pursuit of saving the galaxy, including her relationship with her family. However, Musiker's rank aboard the Enterprise and her mutual love and respect for her Captain does place her in the Spock role should Star Trek: Legacy go ahead. Seven and Raffi's romantic history in Star Trek: Picard will add a fresh layer to the established Kirk and Spock dynamic that will allow the Star Trek franchise to honor the original Enterprise crew's legacy while also breaking new ground.


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