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Fastball (formed in 1995) is an American alternative rock three-piece best loved for their 1998 sophomore album “All the Pain Money Can Buy”, hailing from Austin, Texas, U.S.

Born and bread in the American south, friends and bandmates Tony Scalzo, Miles Zuniga, and Joey Shuffield hall all previously played in the rock group Big Car. Scalzo, Zuniga, and Shuffield subsequently decided to form their own group, which despite being unable to decide on a moniker, developed a devoted following in and around Austin. In 1996, after signing with Hollywood Records, the band settled on the name Fastball, and issued their debut album “Make Your Mama Proud”. The record went on to win the “Best Pop Band” award at the Austin Music Awards and spawned the radio single “Are You Ready For the Fallout?”.

Whilst still working day jobs in January 1998, by April, Fastball had appeared on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” and “Late Night with Conan O’Brien” to promote their sophomore album “All the Pain Money Can Buy”. Earning a string of positive reviews and platinum certification, the record was led by the singles “The Way”, “Fire Escape”, and “Out of My Head”, the former of which topped Billboard’s Modern Rock chart for seven weeks. The following year the record was nominated for two Grammy Awards, “Best Rock Performance” and “Best Long Form Video” (This Way”, and was supported by an extensive tour alongside Marcy Playground and Everclear.

The band’s third full-length, “The Harsh Light of Day”, arrived in September 2000 produced by Julian Raymond. Led by the single “You’re an Ocean”, the record features the likes of Billy Preston, Brian Setzer, and Michael Ward, and was again supported by generous touring. The studio album “Keep Your Wig On” followed in 2004, as did the full-length “Little White Lies” in 2009.

Live reviews

Fastball has been steadily touring for their entire career, riding on the seemingly endless high from 1998 when 'All the Pain Money Can Buy' went platinum. They've played venues large and small and seem to have finally hit their middle ground in the last several years. I had the chance to catch Tony Scalzo and the band a few years ago at a hole in the wall venue in St. Louis called Two Cents Plain (now The Crack Fox). I wasn't sure what to expect from the show, and was only moderately familiar with a few of their pop-charts songs like 'The Way' and 'Fire Escape.'

I was blown away with the professionalism and quality these guys continue to put out in their live sets. The crowd was full, but not uncomfortable, and there was a definite feel of nostalgia in the air for the guys that had, arguably, one of the biggest hits of the late 90's with 'The Way.' The band was really upbeat, and you can tell in the way they perform and interact with the crowd that they still love what they do, and haven't lost any of the passion that got them to the big time.

This is a fantastic, laid-back show for anyone who wants to knock back a couple of beers and hear some good alternative-rock, and get taken back to the hey-day of the alternative/pop scene.

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Texan rock outfit Fastball are a strange anomaly on the live music circuit as the three original members have managed to stay together through their twenty year career. This is no easy feat and many bands alter members yet I believe that consistency in lineup translates to consistency in stage show and sound, Fastball are a great example of this theory.

They achieved major success with the 1998 album 'All the Pain Money Can Buy' and since then they have been on the road constantly touring all over in order to play this much loved material along with the lesser known following albums. Chart placements aside, the fans gathered tonight are equally enthusiastic for all the music played and cheer the musicians along enthusiastically as they perform 'Little White Lies' and 'Sooner or Later' in slick proficiency. Tony Scalzo remains grateful all evening and thanks the crowd for coming out before asking if they are ready for something a little older as they treat the audience to 'Fire Escape' 'Out of My Head' and 'My Way' in a rapid triple format.

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About fastball.

Fastball is an American rock band that formed in Austin, Texas in 1995. The band originally called themselves "Magneto U.S.A." but changed their name after signing with Hollywood Records. In 1998, their album All the Pain Money Can Buy reached platinum sales within six months of its release, and stayed on the Billboard 200 chart for a year. In addition, the group has been nominated for two Grammy Awards – Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal for "The Way", and Best Long Form Music Video for their promotional video "The Way". They also received five The Austin Chronicle awards: 1998's Album of the Year, Best Video, Best Single/EP, Band of the Year, and 1995's Best Pop Band.

fastball band tour dates

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Sonic Ranch - New Album, Upcoming Tour, and Lots of Fun: An Interview with Tony Scalzo of Fastball

I recently sat down on zoom with Tony Scalzo, singer / songwriter from the iconic American Pop Rock band Fastball . The band is heading out on tour (Tour Dates and Info below).  We chatted about the band’s upcoming tour, group history and their new, soon to be released album, Sonic Ranch.

Fastball formed in the 90s and band members include Tony Scalzo, Miles Zuniga, and Joey Shuffield. They skyrocketed to fame with their second studio album, All the Pain Money Can Buy (1998) .  This album included hit singles “The Way”, “Out of my Head”, and “Fire Escape”.

First some history-

TS: I moved to Austin in ‘93, and we started fastball in ‘94. I was there to play with somebody else, and that thing kind of like went its course. That's when I met Joey, who's the drummer of fastball.  He and I teamed up with Miles, who was moving back into town. He's from Texas, but he was living in the Bay area for a while, and he decided to come back to Austin and see if he could do anything there. That was basically the summer of ‘94 and we started moving right along... right from that point.  We managed to get on Hollywood Records within a year - we made 3 records with them.

TS: We've got a lot going on just coming up. We've had a very sort of chill December up to now. Mainly just trying to figure out what our record is going to be called. Getting all the songs together for it. Now we're working on the artwork.

We've got another record coming out in June, called Sonic Ranch . 

*MSM was privileged to get an early full listen to this new album!

TS: We're really excited about it (the new album) as we usually get when we put out new material. We put out a record in 2022. We started right away working on this material. We went to the studio in May 2022 – that was even before this last album, The Deep End, came out. We went in with David Garza, in west Texas. There is a studio called Sonic Ranch, where up to that point we had been there for a visit. The owner, Tony, was generous enough to let us come out and check the place out a long time ago... this was a long time ago, and we loved it, and we'd always wanted to go there and do something there. But the opportunity just really didn't come up.

For this stuff we call David, who works there quite a bit. He's an old Austin friend of ours and he's become a pretty prolific producer, as well as a great artist, in his own right. One of the best musicians I've ever known.

We went in in May of 2022, and we did about 8 or 9 tracks, and some of those we carried on and decided to go back in February of 2023. So, we did more stuff and had started a relationship with a label called Sunset Boulevard Records and the guys over there.  It's a small team, but they helped us get our material together for a record. Meanwhile we put out a live record with them (Smashed Hits !).

We got a live record with them, which is already out - since October 

MSM: Yes, I like that one and noticed some of the songs will be on your new album. 

TS: Correct. We sneaked (in) a couple of new songs.

Most of that material is from those sessions out in West Texas with David. A lot of the songs really do, I feel, convey images of being out in vast, empty spaces like Tornillo, Texas.

You spend a lot of time outside at night at that place. There's nothing else to do. You basically work in the day and go eat at the hacienda kind of right there.   You get huevos rancheros and breakfast tacos, or whatever it is you like for breakfast, and then they have lunch, and then they split, but they leave something for dinner. The dinner is already there on trays.  It’s cooked before the staff has gone home for the night.  So, you hang out and have dinner, and then you might walk around in the dark because there's nothing out there, and sometimes it might be a full moon. You go out there and it's almost like daylight... it looks like noon.

I'm sure it inspires different artists in different ways.  

Having said all that about the desert... our first single is called “Rather Be Me Than You” , and it was not recorded there (in the desert), and it was produced by David.

Our A&R guy from Sunset is Tim Devine, and he's done a lot of stuff, a lot of big stuff, over the years. He wanted to get us hooked up with John Fields, up in Minneapolis. John has a studio there. 

We just happened to be playing a show (in Minneapolis) on the Sunday of that weekend. We flew in on Friday, and we met John, hung out at his studio, and started working on something that I had as a song.  As we started playing it that afternoon, we realized that it had some strong parts, but maybe it wasn't all the way. Miles had some ideas for some parts, and I don't know how sometimes it works, you know. You just pound stuff out and it turns into a song.

We basically sketched out the main form with a chorus and a verse, and parts that I had come with, and parts that we added (together) and turned it into that song. A funny thing happened at the end of that evening. Miles was done and Joey was coming in later...  I'm like- hey, I know you wanna go to the hotel, but can you come to the studio and lay down a drum track for this? 

We did all (the parts) that didn't really have drums- finished mainly basic tracks. Joey played drums, and we had a pretty strong thing to work with for the next few weeks after we left. We've basically finished it from our houses.

Miles would play the riff to the song. It's the first song on the album. And so, he played this riff, and he laid that down in there and then he wrote some more lyrics. I think we had some other lyrics, and they weren't the finished product. So, I had to sing some stuff from my room.  It doesn't sound like the other songs to me. It's kind of a black sheep or whatever, and at the same time I think it's strong enough for a pop band like us. We're a Pop Rock band, you know.

Then the next song... it follows this sort of organic trail, I think, throughout the album.

  MGM: Is there a story behind that song? If you read the lyrics feels like there might be one.

TS: You know what I think. It's just like bash this out.  Miles had a chorus that was “Rather Be Me Than You”, and it came with the with the riff and I thought that was a little too like signature nineties, if you know... or even eighties kind of. But for whatever reason, I had dismissed it earlier, but then he brought it to this song. And I thought it worked really well.

MSM: Do you find it’s like that with most of your songs - that's how you create?

TS: No. So I would say, 20% of our material is collaborative in some way. We don't live near each other anymore. We could drive to each other's houses within an hour, but it's not super convenient to be in the same room unless we're on a tour on a show. So, I write a lot of songs on my own and he does a sort of singer / songwriter gig every week. 

At the Saxon Pub in Austin, and that's called The Resentments. The Resentment has turned into a tradition because it's a Sunday night gig that's been going on for over 20 years now. Some of the people are still around and do it, but some of the people have passed away. Stephen Bruton was one of the starting guys of that group, and he passed away a while back. But people, great songwriters, they back each other up as they play songs, and they do it every week. Miles is constantly in it - writing and performing every week. I don't perform live as often because I quit certain bands. I was in a couple of bands for a while. I was doing a tech centric cover band called the Texas Tycoons, and I was playing piano.  I had done it for over 10 years, and I learned a ton of great information from playing in that band because it was classic Texas jukebox music. Whether it be R & B, the Blues, country music, and straight up Honky-Tonk music. I mean when we played every week, couples danced, and they danced 2 steps. So that was a new thing for me. Back then, when I started (and) coming from California, I really didn't know anything about roots music other than American which was (different) from the punk thing you know I was into. Like Rank and File, and X and The Knitters, and the Blasters, and all that kind of stuff which sort of has become Americana.

But when I moved to Texas. And I started playing with some real Texas guys and girls, I really got to understand that there's more, there's a lot more, just here in the state. It's like another country for me.

MSM: We'll touch on that- What was your musical influence and how has it changed throughout the years? 

TS: I would like to say, as my musical tastes have changed and evolved, that my musical output has evolved along with it hand in hand. 

But it really hasn't. I'm not unhappy with that, but I would like to expand my horizons a little bit more musically. And I do slowly. I think Miles is quicker on the uptake with that. He's changed the way he writes, and we record, you know, these songs and some of the songs on the previous few albums have been ethereal and expansive and coming from a more artistic place. And then I'm always good for the you know, the toe tap and pop tune right now with the hooks, and I tend to want to be.

I always fall back on that, you know, and I kind of fault myself for that, as you can tell. But people like it. I know that. It's part of what people like about this band. And so I think I'm happy that there's a wide variety of stuff going on between the 3 of us.

MSM: I noticed that, even with your new album. You have the first song, and then it ends with the piano- which is beautiful.

TS: So if you were to take that playlist and divide it up like a Vinyl record, then you would get “ Rather Be Me Than You” as the first song, and then you have Miles's solo song “Gray Sky Blue”, and that's side one and then what I believe may be our next single is or maybe the third single- It's called “ America”. Okay? So you know, we're conscious of the whole election coming up. And we really want to time it right. It's about just unifying- how do we find a way to unify this country? How do we find a way to find real common ground, you know. That's what “America” asks. So that’s going to be the first song on side 2. The last song is my song, which is just me on piano and vocal . David specifically asked for us to each come up with a song that we just play and just record.

That's what we did on those songs. There's nothing on there that's anything but the piano and my voice. And that was honoring what David had asked for in the first place.

But then they did do some stuff with Miles song. I'm very glad they did, because John Fields added a little bit of keyboard string to it to give it more space. Then David was in there playing guitar as well. So there's 2 guys playing guitar, and then he does this little piano thing in the middle, which I think is a brilliant little piano. A very simple, almost childlike. Really, we're not really virtuosos, right? Miles or myself. David is. So, while he's there we're going to utilize him. We let him go, and he runs around the studio. Does all kinds of amazing things before we even knew what the last thing he did was, he's doing something else.

He's very organic and he's not a show off. But yeah, it sounds like he's showing off because he's so freaking good. Miles and I- we're adequate. You know, we're good, and we can pull it off live, and we can play our asses off, and with energy. And we're not super technical.

I like that because I don't ever want to have some ripping thing in one of our songs. There's no need for it... or there hasn't been, yet, like some fast guitar solo.

I guess that stuff's kind of passe anyway, right? That's how we were when I was a teenager. It was like waiting for the guitar solo to come up.

MSM: I was happy that “Hummingbird” got on the new album.

TS: I believe that will be the second single.

MSM: Whose idea was it to add the hummingbird at the end?

TS: I don't know, but it's a real hummingbird. It's very funny, because I didn't know the story, but when the Beatles did "Blackbird"  for the wide album in ‘68, at the end of the song somebody put a bird on there. But it wasn't the proper sample, they didn't have that yet, but they had some kind of birds on tape.

But we found a hummingbird, I guess, and there you go. So it's not some bullshit like a mockingbird.

MSM: Do you have any plans on this tour to do any recordings for live tracks like on the other album.

TS: No, we don't have any plans, and we don't really expect to have the ability to do that on the road. We are not the Wings over America, or you know, we don't have a truck. We don't even have a bus. Okay, we're we go out Econo to the max. We're playing small places. We're doing what we did when we were starting out. We got hotels, but it's bare bones.

We're taking out another guy who's going to play guitar and keyboards - a guy named Dave. He's an excellent musician who plays with Eric Johnson. And he's been practicing with us, getting ready to go out April seventh- April eighth is the first show... nearby in Fredericksburg, Texas.

It's in the path of the eclipse, so it’s our eclipse show. Then we start running up the east coast, and we'll be doing great. The majority of the audience hasn't seen us play in years, or ever, right? But you know, we're always good for a mind-blowing experience. We like to impress people, and I think we pull it off most of the time.

MSM: Yeah, definitely! 

MSM: That also leads into one of my questions- If you were to go back in time and talk to yourself right before you headed out on your first tour (the first Fastball Tour)- What advice would you give yourself.

TS: Oh. I think we did really, really good. I think we did what we were supposed to be doing. Yeah, we all had some experience already separately. 

We knew what to do. We knew how to find a van for $8,000, and we knew how to build a little structure over the back of the van. Take out the last 2 rows of seats. You build this thing with plywood and 4 by fours in the in the back, put the gear underneath that plywood deck, and you still have about 15/16 inches of clearance and that's where either one or 2 guys crashes... crash is bad word. But you know someone sleeps. Someone reclines. Someone relaxes. We knew how to do all that stuff.

I think we rough it, and we travel... hard . Once we get on the road. You see the routing on this tour?

MSM: Yes! Do you have one that stands out?

  TS: Yeah, there's one where we're going from Maryland to Boston to Asbury Park. 3 days in a row! 

MSM: Can I ask you a silly question - If Fastball were an ice cream, what flavor would it be and why?

TS: Hmm, let's see.

Okay, Neapolitan. Like we're a 3 piece. Colors are all, you know, to different people they send different messages, you know, but brown, the chocolate. Chocolates my favorite flavor. But I'm not the chocolate. I'm not the brown. I'm probably the strawberry. My stuff tends to be a little bit more dulce.  It's like it's sugar-coated kind of. 

I think Miles is the brown. I think that he provides a little deeper flavor. Okay, so that's the chocolate. And Joey is the white, he’s kind of a kind of a straight dude, you know. He's a white guy, he still got the soul. 

MSM: One more question - if somebody goes to your live concert on this tour, what do you hope they walk away with?

TS: Hope they walk away with a couple of cd’s and a T-shirt... we'll have plenty of stuff for them to buy, and we'll be there to hang out and say, “Hi!” Take a photo and sign our shit so they can look forward to that. They can look forward to hearing- if they're fans, they already know- they're going to hear a lot of the songs that they heard back in ‘95 to ‘98, and past then. If they're fans, they're familiar with our stuff. We have a lot of time to fill up. We're not opening, we're headlining. So, we have to fill up around 75 min. That means a lot of songs for a band that has 3 min songs. So, you know, long set lists. Some volume of music like that it's going to have peaks and valleys. So, there's going to be some mellow stuff and sing along stuff. We throw in a little bit of an Americana vibe with some of our material. So, we'll be busting out acoustic guitars and we'll be rocking, too.

There you go! I would hope that people get to hear the songs that they want to hear. And obviously anything that's been on the radio by Fastball is going to be in our set. It's like 4 songs... so those things are going to be in there, for sure. We usually play "The Way" towards the end of the set.

MSM: Awesome! And thank you very much for your time today.

TS: Thank you. It's been fun.

*This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

8 – Fredericksburg, TX – Arch Ray Eclipse Musicfest *

10 – Orlando, FL – The Social

11 – St. Petersburg, FL – Floridian Social Club

12 – Miami, FL – Magic 13 Brewing Co.

13 – Port St. Lucie, FL – MIDFLORIDA Event Center †

14 – Charleston, SC – Music Farm

17 – Atlanta, GA – City Winery

18 – Durham, NC – Motorco Music Hall

19 – Philadelphia, PA – City Winery

20 – New York, NY – Mercury Lounge

21 – Columbia, MD – The Collective Encore

23 – Boston, MA – The Middle East

24 – Asbury Park, NJ – Wonder Bar

25 – Hagerstown, MD – Hub City Vinyl

27 – Forest Park, IL – Robert's Westside

9 – Austin, TX – Parish

10 – San Antonio, TX – Sam’s Burger Joint

18 – Augustine, FL – AS IF! The 90s Fest *

* Festival Appearance

† w/ Gin Blossoms

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EVERCLEAR Announces 30th-Anniversary U.S. Tour With FASTBALL And THE NIXONS

EVERCLEAR , one of the leading alternative rock bands to emerge from the '90s, is celebrating 30 years as a band in 2022 and to mark this major milestone, the quartet — led by vocalist, guitarist and founder Art Alexakis — has announced a 25-plus date North American 30th-anniversary tour featuring special guests FASTBALL and THE NIXONS . The setlist for this year's tour dates will run the gamut of EVERCLEAR 's career, including songs from their currently out-of-print full-length debut, 1993's "World Of Noise" , which the band has announced will be remastered and made available for the first time on all digital music streaming platforms on Friday, June 10.

Officially kicking off Thursday, June 9 in Idaho, EVERCLEAR 's celebratory outing will make stops throughout the summer in Denver, Waco, Memphis, Virginia Beach, Greenville, Baltimore, Nashville, Lexington, and Schenectady, among many other markets. See below for full list of upcoming tour dates. Bandsintown and artist pre-sales for the newly announced 30th-anniversary tour dates will begin Wednesday, April 6, with local presales available Thursday, April 7 and the public on-sale commencing Friday, April 8, all starting at 10 a.m. local time. Visit for all details and to purchase tickets.

"Three decades as a band is quite the reason for celebration," exclaims Alexakis . "I'm almost 60 years old. I've got MS. I've been through the wringer, but I'm still here. The music's still here. EVERCLEAR is still here. EVERCLEAR is my band; it always has been. Its faces have changed, but the music stays the same. We've got a great band now, we're tight as hell, we all love and respect each other, and we just go out and put on the best show we can every night. I'm blessed that I get to do this for a living and am truly grateful for my life."

Of the 30th-anniversary tour, he adds: "We're gonna do a couple of songs off 'World Of Noise' for sure, and maybe even some hidden gems from back in the day that were B-sides. And, of course, we'll still play all the hits and fan favorites. It's going to be a really fun summer!"

Below is a special 30th-anniversary tour teaser video showcasing performance footage of the band's first No. 1 hit, and fan favorite, "Santa Monica" from the early days along with clips of them playing the song literally all over the world over the decades.

Since forming in 1992, EVERCLEAR has enjoyed a lengthy career by any measure, spanning 11 studio releases, including four that have been certified gold or platinum, selling over six million records, and achieving 12 Top 40 hit singles on Mainstream Rock, Alternative and Adult Top 40 radio, including "Santa Monica" , "Father Of Mine" , "I Will Buy You A New Life" , "Wonderful" and "Everything To Everyone" , as well as numerous videos, thousands of shows, and various other accolades, including a 1998 Grammy nomination. In recent years, Alexakis created and runs the annual "Summerland" tour, which features a package of popular '90s alt rock bands, and also released his first solo album, "Sun Songs" , in 2019.

After the demise of his band COLORFINGER in 1992, Alexakis was struggling to make it in Portland, where he'd moved from San Francisco. That extremely difficult personal and creative period was the crucible that forged Alexakis into the fiery songwriter heard on the early EVERCLEAR demos, the "Nervous & Weird" EP (1993),and ultimately the "World Of Noise" LP, both released on the Portland independent label Tim/Kerr Records . The original 1993 release of "World Of Noise" , paired with the band's significant efforts to break into college radio and the buzz they'd created within the Portland music scene, attracted the attention of major labels, including Capitol Records , which signed the group soon after. Beginning with their major-label debut, 1995's platinum-selling album "Sparkle And Fade" , and its massive chart-topping hit "Santa Monica" , EVERCLEAR was soon a household name and catapulted into the masses, thus allowing their impressive three-decade career to prosper and endure.

EVERCLEAR is Art Alexakis (vocals, guitar), Davey French (guitar), Freddy Herrera (bass) and Brian Nolan (drums).

Photo credit: Ashley Osborn

fastball band tour dates

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    Official site for Fastball. Rock & roll pop harmonic thrill seeking band based in Austin, Texas. Tony Scalzo, Miles Zuniga, and Joey Shuffield.

  3. Fastball Concerts & Live Tour Dates: 2024-2025 Tickets ...

    Forest Park, IL @. Robert's Westside. Alan. April 26th 2024. Fastball at The Wonderbar was a fantastic show. The band is known for late 90's hits, but they continue to deliver outstanding and well-crafted songs 20 years later. Live, they play a ton of songs and no two shows are ever the same.

  4. Fastball Tickets, Tour Dates & Concerts 2025 & 2024 – Songkick

    Fastball tour dates and tickets 2024-2025 near you. Want to see Fastball in concert? Find information on all of Fastball’s upcoming concerts, tour dates and ticket information for 2024-2025. Fastball is not due to play near your location currently - but they are scheduled to play 2 concerts across 1 country in 2024-2025. View all concerts.

  5. Fastball Tickets, 2024 Concert Tour Dates | Ticketmaster

    by AnglicanBeachParty on 8/8/17Saint Andrews Hall - Detroit. Fastball is a straight ahead rock and roll outfit. There is no place to hide for these musicians, but then, they don't need that. Brilliant songs, brilliantly performed is what they brought to this live performance at St. Andrew's Hall in Detroit. St.

  6. Fastball The Band | News

    Hi, we’re the band Fastball. ... Below is a list of our upcoming tour dates, including a hometown record release show at the Saxon Pub in Austin, TX next Saturday ...

  7. Fastball: Official Tour Dates, Tickets & Concert Info 2024-2025

    Discover the latest tour dates, ticket availability, and concert details for Fastball. Stay updated with the band's upcoming shows, venues, and special events on MyRockShows.

  8. Sonic Ranch - New Album, Upcoming Tour, and Lots of Fun: An ...

    The band is heading out on tour (Tour Dates and Info below). We chatted about the band’s upcoming tour, group history and their new, soon to be released album, Sonic Ranch. Fastball formed in the 90s and band members include Tony Scalzo, Miles Zuniga, and Joey Shuffield.

  9. Fastball Concert & Tour History (Updated for 2024) | Concert ...

    Fastball is an American power pop / rock n roll band that formed in Austin, Texas in the 1990s. The band originally called themselves "Magneto U.S.A" but changed their name after signing with Hollywood Records. They released their first album, Make Your Mama Proud, in 1996.

  10. EVERCLEAR Announces 30th-Anniversary U.S. Tour With FASTBALL ...

    The setlist for this year's tour dates will run the gamut of EVERCLEAR's career, including songs from their currently out-of-print full-length debut, 1993's "World Of Noise", which the band has ...