2022-23 PGA Tour Money List: All-Time Career Money Leaders

1977 pga tour money list

PGA Tour Money List 2022-23: All-Time PGA Tour Tournament Career Money Leaders List by Year Since 1934..

Pga tour money list 2022-23, top 10 list, what’s the total pga purse, payout & prize money this year in 2022-23 season, money list leaders on the pga tour tournament / career highest earnings year by year ., who was the money leader in last season: pga tour money list 2021-22..

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PGA Tour Yearly Money Leaders

70+ years of money list leaders on the PGA Tour

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The golfer who finishes a PGA Tour season with the highest tournament earnings is called the tour's "money leader" or "leading money winner." And that golfer receives the Arnold Palmer Award. The award is a trophy the features a golden likeness of Arnold Palmer atop a wooden base. (The Arnold Palmer Award is also given to the Champions Tour's money leader .)

(Note: If you're looking for the current standings for this year, see the current season's money list on .)

Annual money leaders on the PGA Tour are recognized going back to 1934, when records first started being kept. Here is the list money list leaders annually in PGA Tour history (and below that are a couple money list records):

Annual Money List Leaders on the PGA Tour

2019 - Brooks Koepka, $9,684,006 2018 - Justin Thomas, $8,694,821 2017 - Justin Thomas, $9,921,560 2016 - Dustin Johnson, $9,365,185 2015 - Jordan Spieth, $12,030,465 2014 - Rory McIlroy, $8,280,096 2013 - Tiger Woods, $8,553,439 2012 - Rory McIlroy, $8,047,952 2011 - Luke Donald, $6,683,214 2010 - Matt Kuchar, $4,910,477 2009 - Tiger Woods, $10,508,163 2008 - Vijay Singh, $6,601,094 2007 - Tiger Woods, $10,867,052 2006 - Tiger Woods, $9,941,563 2005 - Tiger Woods, $10,628,024 2004 - Vijay Singh, $10,905,166 2003 - Vijay Singh, $7,573,907 2002 - Tiger Woods, $6,912,625 2001 - Tiger Woods, $5,687,777 2000 - Tiger Woods, $9,188,321 1999 - Tiger Woods, $6,616,585 1998 - David Duval, $2,591,031 1997 - Tiger Woods, $2,066,833 1996 - Tom Lehman, $1,780,159 1995 - Greg Norman, $1,654,959 1994 - Nick Price, $1,499,927 1993 - Nick Price, $1,478,557 1992 - Fred Couples, $1,344,188 1991 - Corey Pavin, $979,430 1990 - Greg Norman, $1,165,477 1989 - Tom Kite, $1,395,278 1988 - Curtis Strange, $1,147,644 1987 - Curtis Strange, $925,941 1986 - Greg Norman, $653,296 1985 - Curtis Strange, $542,321 1984 - Tom Watson, $476,260 1983 - Hal Sutton, $426,668 1982 - Craig Stadler, $446,462 1981 - Tom Kite, $375,698.84 1980 - Tom Watson, $530,808.33 1979 - Tom Watson, $462,636 1978 - Tom Watson, $362,428.93 1977 - Tom Watson, $310,653.16 1976 - Jack Nicklaus, $266,498.57 1975 - Jack Nicklaus, $298,149.17 1974 - Johnny Miller, $353,021.59 1973 - Jack Nicklaus, $308,362.10 1972 - Jack Nicklaus, $320,542.26 1971 - Jack Nicklaus, $244,490.50 1970 - Lee Trevino, $157,037.63 1969 - Frank Beard, $164,707.11 1968 - Billy Casper , $205,168.67 1967 - Jack Nicklaus, $188,998.08 1966 - Billy Casper, $121,944.92 1965 - Jack Nicklaus, $140,752.14 1964 - Jack Nicklaus, $113,284.50 1963 - Arnold Palmer, $128,230 1962 - Arnold Palmer, $81,448.33 1961 - Gary Player, $64,540.45 1960 - Arnold Palmer, $75,262.85 1959 - Art Wall, $58,167.60 1958 - Arnold Palmer, $42,607.50 1957 - Dick Mayer, $65,835 1956 - Ted Kroll, $72,835.83 1955 - Julius Boros, $63,121.55 1954 - Bob Toski, $65,819.81 1953 - Lew Worsham, $34,002 1952 - Julius Boros, $37,032.97 1951 - Lloyd Mangrum, $26,068.83 1950 - Sam Snead, $35,758.83 1949 - Sam Snead, $31,598.83 1948 - Ben Hogan, $32,112 1947 - Jimmy Demaret, $27,936.83 1946 - Ben Hogan, $42,556.16 1945 - Byron Nelson, $63,335.66 (war bonds) 1944 - Byron Nelson, $37,967.69 (war bonds) 1943 - No stats compiled 1942 - Ben Hogan, $13,143 1941 - Ben Hogan, $18,358 1940 - Ben Hogan, $10,655 1939 - Henry Picard, $10,303 1938 - Sam Snead, $19,534.49 1937 - Harry Cooper, $14,138.69 1936 - Horton Smith, $7,682 1935 - Johnny Revolta, $9,543 1934 - Paul Runyan, $6,767

PGA Tour Money List Records

We promised a couple records relating to the PGA Tour money list. Which golfer has led the money list the most times? Who has led the money list the most consecutive seasons?

  • Most Times Leading the Money List : This record belongs to Tiger Woods. Woods was the tour's leading money-winner 10 times, in 1997, 1999-2002, 2005-07, 2009 and 2013. Jack Nicklaus topped the money list eight times, and Ben Hogan and Tom Watson did it five times each.
  • Most Consecutive Seasons Leading the Money List : This record is shared by Woods and Watson. Watson was the leading money winner each year from 1977 through 1980, four years in a row. And Woods led four consecutive years from 1999 through 2002.
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1977 PGA Tour

The 1977 PGA Tour was the 62nd season of the PGA Tour , the main professional golf tour in the United States. It was also the ninth season since separating from the PGA of America .

Unofficial events

External links.

The following table lists official events during the 1977 season. [1]

The following events were sanctioned by the PGA Tour, but did not carry official money, nor were wins official.

The money list was based on prize money won during the season, calculated in U.S. dollars. [2] [3]

  • ↑ The number in parentheses after each winner's name is the number of PGA Tour events they had won up to and including that tournament. This information is only shown for PGA Tour members.
  • 1 2 Official money; unofficial win.
  • ↑ Unofficial money event at the time, but retrospectively counted as an official win.

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The 1991 PGA Tour was the 76th season of the PGA Tour, the main professional golf tour in the United States. It was also the 23rd season since separating from the PGA of America.

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The 1986 PGA Tour was the 71st season of the PGA Tour, the main professional golf tour in the United States. It was also the 18th season since separating from the PGA of America.

The 1984 PGA Tour was the 69th season of the PGA Tour, the main professional golf tour in the United States. It was also the 16th season since separating from the PGA of America.

The 1983 PGA Tour was the 68th season of the PGA Tour, the main professional golf tour in the United States. It was also the 15th season since separating from the PGA of America.

The 1982 PGA Tour was the 67th season of the PGA Tour, the main professional golf tour in the United States. It was also the 14th season since separating from the PGA of America.

The 1981 PGA Tour , titled as the 1981 TPA Tour , was the 66th season of the PGA Tour, the main professional golf tour in the United States. It was also the 13th season since separating from the PGA of America.

The 1980 PGA Tour was the 65th season of the PGA Tour, the main professional golf tour in the United States. It was also the 12th season since separating from the PGA of America.

The 1979 PGA Tour was the 64th season of the PGA Tour, the main professional golf tour in the United States. It was also the 11th season since separating from the PGA of America.

The 1978 PGA Tour was the 63rd season of the PGA Tour, the main professional golf tour in the United States. It was also the 10th season since separating from the PGA of America.

The 1976 PGA Tour was the 61st season of the PGA Tour, the main professional golf tour in the United States. It was also the eighth season since separating from the PGA of America.

The 1975 PGA Tour was the 60th season of the PGA Tour, the main professional golf tour in the United States. It was also the seventh season since separating from the PGA of America.

The 1972 PGA Tour was the 57th season of the PGA Tour, the main professional golf tour in the United States. It was also the fourth season since separating from the PGA of America.

The 1970 PGA Tour was the 55th season of the PGA Tour, the main professional golf tour in the United States. It was also the second season since separating from the PGA of America.

The 1959 PGA Tour was the 44th season of the PGA Tour, the main professional golf tour in the United States.

  • ↑ "The Top money-winners in 1977" . Progress Bulletin . Pomona, California. November 13, 1977. p.   51 (52 in paper) . Retrieved November 7, 2023 – via
  • ↑ "Watson's $310,653 third best on all-time PGA money list" . Valley News . Van Nuys, California. November 2, 1977. p.   28 (2 in paper) . Retrieved November 7, 2023 – via
  • ↑ "Watson Named Player of Year" . The Kansas City Times . Kansas City, Missouri. November 24, 1977. p.   102 . Retrieved November 7, 2023 – via
  • ↑ "Another trophy for Watson" . Birmingham Evening Mail . Birmingham, United Kingdom. December 7, 1977. p.   30 . Retrieved November 7, 2023 – via
  • Official website

PGA TOUR Champions

1 st  •  Steven Alker

Stephen Ames

1 st  •  Stephen Ames

Bernhard Langer

1 st  •  Bernhard Langer

Phil Mickelson

1 st  •  Phil Mickelson


  • Playing Career Timeline

Named “Rookie of the Year”

Scoring average, top-10 finishes, named “rookie of the year”, made first professional start at los angeles open winning $33.33, earned first professional victory five months later at u.s. open via 18-hole playoff with arnold, palmer at oakmont country club, pga tour victories: seattle, portland, won masters and pga championship for the first time, pga tour victories: tournament of champions, sahara, palm springs classic, captured world series of golf for second straight year, won individual honors at world cup, ranked first in money and scoring average, pga tour victories: tournament of champions, portland, phoenix, whitemarsh, won australian open and individual honors at world cup, runner-up: houston, doral, new orleans cajun, won masters a second time with a record 271, won masters a second time with a record 271, breaking ben hogan’s mark by three strokes set in 1953, pga tour victories: thunderbird, philadelphia, memphis, portland, runner-up: canadian, pensacola, jacksonville, won money title and led in scoring for the second straight year, won british open to become one of five golfers in history to win each of the “grand slam” major championship titles, won masters for third time and became first golfer to successfully defend title, pga tour victories: sahara, national team championship (with arnold palmer), named pga player of the year, won u.s. open a second time with record 275, pga tour victories: western, westchester, crosby, sahara, captured world series of golf money title for third time each, won world cup with arnold palmer for fourth time, pga tour victories: western, american classic, captured australian open, runner-up: canadian, westchester, finished second on money list, pga tour victories: kaiser, sahara, san diego, runner-up: hawaiian, finished third on money list, closed in on million-dollar mark in official winnings ($996,524), made first ryder cup appearance (1-2-1 record).

1970’s Jack, Steve and Jack II

Won British Open for second time, beating Doug Sanders in an 18-hole playoff

Pga tour victories: byron nelson classic, national team championship (with arnold palmer), won the piccadilly world match play championship and world series of golf a record fourth time, became first golfer to record a “double grand slam” by winning the pga championship, completing the cycle of major championship victories for a second time, established new earnings record in capturing money title; won scoring title for a third time, pga tour victories: tournament of champions, disney world open, national team championship (with arnold palmer) and byron nelson classic, also won australian open, australian dunlop international and world cup individual honors (a record third time), member of u.s. ryder cup team (5-1-0 record), named pga player of the year for a second time, winning a third u.s. open tied the late bobby jones for major championship titles with 13, tied the masters victory record with his fourth win, became the first player to win more than $300,000 in one year, took over all-time career winnings lead ($1,703,705), pga tour victories: doral-eastern open, crosby, westchester, disney world open, u.s. match play championship, posted lowest scoring average for a fourth time and won money title for a fifth time, named pga player of the year for the third time and second straight year, made golf history by winning his 14th major championship, became first player to win over $300,000 two straight years and $2 million in a career, posted lowest scoring average of his pro career, winning scoring title and money title for second straight year, pga tour victories: crosby, new orleans open, tournament of champions, atlanta classic, ohio kings island open, disney world open, won world cup team title with johnny miller, member of u.s ryder cup team (4-1-1 record), pga tour victories: tournament players championship, hawaiian open, runner-up: world open, colonial invitational, finished first in scoring and second on money list, remained no. 1 in career tour scoring average (70.2) and career tour earnings ($2,243,623), inducted into pga world golf hall of fame, one of 13 original enshrinees, tied ben hogan by being named pga player of the year for a fourth time, won masters for a record fifth time and pga championship for the fourth time to raise major championship victory total to 16, three pga tour victories in consecutive starts (doral,heritage, masters), won scoring title and money title for seventh time each, received usga’s bob jones award for distinguished sportsmanship, named pga player of the year for a record fifth time and for the fourth time in the last five years, won the tournament players championship for the second time in its three-year history and the first world series of golf under its new format, the fifth overall since its inception, captured the australian open for a record fifth time, won scoring title and money title for eighth time each, made 105 consecutive cuts from 1970-76, the inaugural memorial tournament is played at muirfield village golf club, pga tour victories: memorial tournament, jackie gleason inverrary classic, tournament of champions, runner-up: pleasant valley classic, finished second on money list and scoring list, became the first player to eclipse the $3 million mark in official tour career earnings, brought his total tour victories to 63, surpassing ben hogan and taking over second place on the all-time victories list, member of u.s. ryder cup team (1-2-0 record), british open title was his third there, giving him 17th major championship victory and making him the only player to win each of the “grand slam” titles three times or more, pga tour victories: tournament players championship, gleason inverrary classic, ivb- philadelphia classic, won sixth australian open, continued streak of winning at least two tour events in each of his 17 professional seasons (1962-78), named “athlete of the decade” in a nationwide poll of 432 sports journalists, named “golfer of the ’70s” in sweeping 12 of 14 categories, runner-up: philadelphia, strengthened his position as top money-winner of all time with official tour winnings of $3,408,826 and as career scoring-average leader with 70.4 strokes per round.

1980 Jack is Back sign US Open

Won U.S. Open for the fourth time with record score of 272, breaking his own mark set in 1967 by three strokes

Tied walter hagen for most pga crowns with fifth title, golfworld player of the year, registered his best tour scoring average since 1977 and his highest earnings since 1978, runner-up: canadian open, inverrary, remained no. 1 in career tour scoring average with 70.49 and in career tour official money with $3,759,426, member of u.s. ryder cup team (4-0-0 record), pga tour victories: colonial invitational, runner-up: bay hill classic, australian open, recorded his best earnings in four seasons and remained no. 1 in career total with $3,992,071, won chrysler team invitational (with johnny miller), runner-up: world series of golf, captain of u.s. ryder cup team, became the first player to reach the $4 million mark in career earnings, pga tour victories: memorial tournament, runner-up: canadian open, doral-eastern open, won the biggest check of his career ($240,000) in the skins game, remained no. 1 in both career earnings and lifetime scoring average, runner-up: canadian open, milwaukee, won the masters for a record sixth time, his 20th major championship victory, brought his official tour victories total to 71 and world-wide victory total to 89, marked his 25th year as a golf professional, lifetime tour winnings came within $23,020 of the $5 million mark, career scoring average still ranks no. 1 with 70.71 strokes per round, captained the u.s. ryder cup team for a second time, first player to break the $5 million mark in official tour winnings, named “golfer of the century” by golfing officials and journalists from around the world as highlight of the “centennial of golf in america celebration”, golf coaches association of america created the jack nicklaus award to honor collegiate golfer of the year, established personal record in total worldwide winnings for the year with $524,232., (official pga tour total, $96,594; australian skins game, $254,250; american skins game, $90,000; ronald mcdonald invitational $42,750; merrill lynch shoot-out championship, $25,000; australian masters, $8,100; and british open, $7,538).

1991 Tradition – JACK, BARBARA AND Lyle Anderson

Won in his first Champions Tour start at The Tradition (senior major championship)

Won his second champions tour event at the senior players championship with a record 27-under-par 261, won three of five starts: u.s. senior open, pga seniors’ championship and the tradition for the second straight year, brought his total victories around the world to 95 (71 pga tour, 19 non-tour or international, and five champions tour), hit the $6 million mark in total career winnings on both tours, made it into the top three twice with a second-place finish at the tradition, in scottsdale, ariz. with a 275 for the tournament and a third-place at the u.s. senior open championship at saucon valley country club in bethlehem, pa., won u.s. senior open for the second time, capturing his sixth senior event since becoming eligible in 1990, won mercedes championship (formerly tournament of champions) in the champions tour’s first official event of the year, captured his eighth champions tour victory at the tradition, his seventh senior major championship in six years, finished runner-up at the u.s. senior open and ford senior players championship, led the champions tour in earnings per start ($76,971), member of winning team at wendy’s 3-tour challenge, increased career wins on both tours to 79 (98 worldwide) and surpassed $7 million mark in career earnings, recorded his 100th professional victory by winning the tradition for a record fourth time, captured his 10th champions tour victory in seven years at the tradition and his second title of the year, the first being the gte suncoast classic, became the oldest champion in tradition history at 56 years, two months, 17 days. also, holds record for being youngest tradition champion (50 years, two months, 11 days), named “golfer of the century” by golf monthly magazine (u.k.), extended his lifetime appearances in majors to 152 straight, increased his official money total on both tours to $7,964,696 (not counted was “unofficial” money of $221,366 earned on champions tour), his runner-up finish at the senior pga championship gave him a total of 24 career second-place finishes in majors (19 on pga tour), has 63 overall career second-place finishes, including 58 on the pga tour, finished third with son gary in the annual office depot father/son challenge, shooting a final-round 59 in the scramble format, final-round 68 led to tie for sixth, making jack (at age 58) the oldest top-10 finisher in masters’ history, snapped streak of 154 consecutive majors for which he’s been eligible when he withdrew from the british open because of left hip-related problems, made the cut at the memorial tournament in his first start on the regular tour after surgery, underwent left hip-replacement surgery in january and returned less than four months later at the champions tour’s bell atlantic classic. shot consecutive rounds of 70 on the weekend to finish 18th.

2005 last bridge walk – JACK AND JACK II

Competed in all four majors in one season for the last time

Masters’ performance gave him 43 straight years of making cut in at least one regular pga tour event, electrified u.s. open crowd alongside 18th hole when he reached par-5 finishing hole at pebble beach in two with a 3-wood from 261 yards, missed cut by one shot at pga championship but nearly holed his wedge into par-5 18th for eagle, only major championship appearance was the masters (missed cut), rallied in final round of the u.s. senior open to tie the lead with four holes to play. two late bogeys slipped him into a tie for fourth—two shots behind winner bruce fleisher—for his best senior open finish in six years, finished fourth in the inaugural siebel classic at silicon valley, played at nicklaus-designed coyote creek in san jose, calif., champions tour earnings were his highest in five seasons, season-best finish came in a tie for third in his first appearance in the senior british open, won a record 10 skins and pocketed personal-best $260,000 at senior skins game, made the most money ever to start a senior skins game by claiming seven skins on the seventh hole and earning $150,000, nagging back problems limited his playing schedule to just three starts between the pga tour and champions tour. missed the masters for only the second time since his debut in 1959, only pga tour start was the memorial tournament, where he made the cut—his first on the pga tour since 2000, teamed with tiger woods for the first time to defeat sergio garcia and lee trevino in the primetime, made-for-tv battle of bighorn. their 3-and-2 victory came with a combined 11 birdies. the two split $1.2 million for the largest golf payday in the golden bear’s storied career, appeared in more champions tour events than in any other previous season since joining the circuit in 1990 (nine events, with six top-25 finishes), his tie for 10th at the jeld-wen tradition was his first top-10 finish in a senior major in 10 starts, participated in bmw charity pro-am at the cliffs with his four sons—the first time all five have played in a professional tournament together, captained u.s. presidents cup team for second time, where the matches were declared a tie after both teams finished regulation with 17 points apiece, and the sudden-death playoff between ernie els and tiger woods could not determine a winner before darkness descended after three holes. in a show of sportsmanship, both teams decided that the competition would be declared a tie and that the teams would share the cup, received the “muhammad ali sports legend award,” as well as “the three amigos george bush inspiration award”, 2003 greater columbus hospitality award was given to both jack and barbara for continuing contributions to the growth of tourism in the greater columbus area, became the second oldest player to make a cut on the pga tour when he finished tied for 63rd at the memorial tournament after a final-round 71, solo sixth-place effort at the season-opening mastercard championship in hawaii was his best on the champions tour since a tie for fourth place at the 2001 u.s. senior open, teamed with son steve for the pro-am portion of the bayer advantage classic where he tied for 64th in champions tour event, made his final masters and british open championship appearance sinking a 15-foot birdie putt on his final hole of championship golf at st. andrews where he won two of his three open championships in 1970 and 1978.

2005 JACK walk AWAY




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24 Famous Golfers Who Were Photographed in the Nude

32 Best Golfers Of The 70s

Jack Nicklaus was still topping leaderboards, but who were the emerging talents and who are other best golfers of the 70s?

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Tom Watson and Jack Nicklaus GettyImages-87139466 for Best Golfers of the 70s

Best Golfers of the 70s

The Seventies in golf saw the continuing dominance of Jack Nicklaus – the Golden Bear – and the start of his rivalry with his friend Tom Watson, which brought about one of the greatest Opens ever. The decade also saw the emergence of a Spanish superstar. So who were the best golfers of the 70s?

Tommy Aaron

Tommy Aaron GettyImages-1013797144

Tommy Aaron only won twice on the PGA Tour. It could have more as he was involved in four playoffs, all of which he lost. In 1970 he won The Atlantic Classic and then, aged 36, he won a Major, the 1973 Masters. Aaron had been one of five co-leaders at halfway, but had to come from fifth place and four shots behind after 54 holes to win the Masters after his third round 74. But a final round with six birdies and two bogeys sealed his one-shot victory.

Charles Coody

Charles Coody GettyImages-1065501290

Texan Coody was co-leader with Jack Nicklaus going into the final round of the Masters in 1971. Coody had led the Masters in 1969 with three holes to go, only to finish fifth. Nicklaus was expected to win this time round as Coody had a reputation of being a fine shotmaker who seldom came top. But at Augusta in 1971 Coody carded a final round 70 to win by two shots. He added to his near misses, however, in the PGA Championship of 1976 when he lead by two shots after three rounds, then shot 77.

Donna Caponi

Donna Caponi GettyImages-1190516064

In 1970 she won the U.S. Women’s Open at Muskogee Country Club in Oklahoma, which was a successful defence of her 1969 title, thus becoming the second golfer to win back-to-back U.S. Women’s Opens after Mickey Wright had done so in 1959. She won the LPGA Championship in 1979 at the Jack Nicklaus Golf Center in Ohio, the third of her four Major wins. From 1971 to 1981 she competed as Donna Caponi-Young, before reverting to being called Donna Caponi.

Andy North GettyImages-87861200

Andy North only won three times on the PGA Tour, yet two of his victories were in the U.S. Open. The first of these was in 1978, his second tour victory. North was the leader after the second and third rounds, and he held on during a final round in which he made five bogeys, a double bogey and four birdies. His putting won it for him – he had only 114 puts across the 72 holes. He was not to win again on tour until the 1985 U.S. Open. He won the World Cup with John Mahaffey in 1978.

Neil Coles GettyImages-682636064

Neil Coles won seven events in 1970 and won the Harry Vardon Trophy that year, the precursor to the European Tour Order of Merit award. He was runner up for this in 1971, when he won four times. He was 37 when the European Tour was formed, in 1972, but still won on this tour in 1972, 1973 (twice), 1974, 1976 and 1977. The only Major he ever played in was the Open Championship, and his best finish in this was joint runner up to Tom Weiskopf at Troon in 1973.

Lou Graham GettyImages-87860103

Born in Nashville, Tennessee, Lou Graham started playing golf as a seven year old. He won the U.S. Open in 1975 at Medinah Country Club in a playoff and narrowly missed out on successfully defending his title, coming second the following year, a shot behind the winner. His first 15 years on the PGA Tour brought only three wins, then he had purple patch in 1979 when, in the space of 11 weeks, he won three more times. He was also part of the winning World Cup team in 1975.

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Peter Oosterhuis

Peter Oosterhuis GettyImages-682632798

London-born Oosterhuis won the Harry Vardon Trophy for four consecutive years from 1971. From 1972 this meant that he topped the Order of Merit on the newly formed European Tour. His most important win in these years was at the PGA Championship at Wentworth in 1973. In 1975 he moved over to play on the PGA Tour, but was less successful on this, winning only once, in 1981. His best result in a Major was when he was runner up at the Open Championship of 1974.

Sandy Lyle GettyImages-53404861

Sandy Lyle was born in Shrewsbury, the son of a club pro. In 1979 Lyle won his first European Tour events, in the B.A./Avis Open at La Moye, which was later renamed the Jersey Open; the Scandinavian Enterprise Open, at Vastorp, and the European Open, which was held at Turnberry. He had the most wins by anyone on the European Tour that season and he topped the tour’s money list with £49,232 which was £1,821 more than second-placed Severiano Ballesteros.

JoAnne Carner

JoAnne Carner GettyImages-1882893

JoAnne Carner (née Gunderson) only turned pro aged 30, but still became the second women golfer to earn a million dollars. Big Mama was LPGA Tour Rookie of the Year in 1970. She won the U.S. Women’s Open in 1971, a wire-to-wire victory which ended with her seven shots ahead of second place; and in 1976, when she won after a playoff. In 1974 she was named LPGA Tour Player of the Year and was LPGA Tour Money Winner and won the Vare Trophy, a trophy she retained in 1975.

Sandra Palmer

Sandra Palmer GettyImages-460500620

Sixteen of her nineteen LPGA Tour wins came in the Seventies including both of her Major titles. The first was the final Titleholders Championship, which was in 1972 at Pine Needles Lodge and Golf Club in North Carolina. She played the four rounds in one under par, and won by 10 strokes. She also won the U.S. Women’s Open the following year, by four shots. She was the leading LPGA Tour money winner in 1975 when she was also named LPGA Player of the Year.

Hollis Stacy

Hollis Stacy

She won the U.S. Girls' Junior in 1969, 1970, and 1971 and played for the winning United States Curtis Cup team at Western Gailes in Scotland, in 1972. She joined the LPGA Tour in 1974 and in May 1977 had her first tour victory. Her second came that July and was in the U.S Women's Open at Hazeltine National, which she won by two shots. She successfully defended her title the following year, at the Country Club of Indianapolis, the second of her four Major victories.

Jerry Pate GettyImages-803229766

Pate won the U.S. Amateur in 1974 and was part of the U.S. sides that won the Eisenhower Trophy that year and the Walker Cup the following year. In 1975 he also tied for Low Amateur at the U. S. Open. He then turned pro and in his rookie season on the PGA Tour, aged 22, won the U.S. Open. The next month he won the Canadian Open, with a closing round 63, and two more wins came in 1977, and in 1978 he successfully defended the Southern Open title he won in 1977.

Susie Berning

Susie Berning GettyImages-1286747379

Petite and 5ft 2in, Susie relied upon her short game to compensate for her lack of strength. As her coach U.C. Ferguson explained: “She practised all day long. She practised her short game an awful lot. She earned her success.” She won 11 times on the LPGA Tour. This included four Majors, the last two of which were the U.S. Women’s Opens of 1972 and 1973. She played under her maiden name of Maxwell until 1968, so is sometimes referred to as Susie Maxwell Berning.

Hubert Green

Hubert Green GettyImages-83103673

Walking off the 14th green in the final round of the 1977 U.S. Open, leader Green was informed that the FBI had been told he would be shot on the 15th green – did he want to carry on? His tee shot on 15 was a duck hook which only avoided going out of bounds by hitting a tree. He scrambled par and, followed by armed police, finished the round as the winner. It was one of his 16 PGA Tour wins in the 70s; he also won that decade on the European and Japanese tours. He won the U.S. Open again in 1985.

Lanny Wadkins

Lanny Wadkins GettyImages-830463230

Jerry Lanston Wadkins turned pro in 1971 and was named the PGA Tour’s Rookie of the Year in 1972. His fourth PGA Tour victory, and his first for almost exactly four years, was the PGA Championship of 1977 at Pebble Beach. Six shots behind leader Gene Littler entering the final round, Wadkins shot 70 to Littler’s 76, and won the subsequent sudden-death playoff on the third extra hole. He won the Tournament Players Championship in 1979 by five strokes.

Sandra Haynie

Sandra Haynie GettyImages-56859650

“One reason that golf appealed to me was that I was an only child,” Haynie has explained. “I didn’t need anyone else to play golf.” She was introduced to golf by her father, a scratch golfer. She turned pro when she was 18 and won 42 times on the LPGA Tour. In 1974 she won the LPGA Championship and, a month later, the U.S. Women’s Open by a shot when she made a 70ft birdie putt on the 71st hole and a 15ft one on the 72nd. In all, she won four Majors.

John Mahaffey

John Mahaffey GettyImages-83225361

Texan Mahaffey twice came close to winning the U.S. Open. In 1975 he lost a playoff to Lou Graham, and the following year he lead by two shots going into the final round, but his 73 left him tied fourth. He finally won a Major when he secured the PGA Championship in 1978. Seven shots behind leader Tom Watson after the third round, he was still seven shots adrift with 14 holes to go, but his final round 66 forced a three-way playoff with Watson and Jerry Pate, which he won with a birdie on the second extra hole.

Fuzzy Zoeller

Fuzzy Zoeller GettyImages-82742186

Zoeller was 27 years old and had only won once on tour when he played his first Masters in 1979 . He was not in the top 10 at Augusta at halfway, but a third round 69 took him to tied 4th, but six shots behind leader Ed Sneed. When Sneed shot a final round 76, Zoeller ended in a three-way playoff with Sneed and Tom Watson, which Zoeller won on the second extra hole. The Indiana native had become the first man since the second Masters in 1935 to win on his first Masters appearance.

David Graham

David Graham GettyImages-803230484

At the 1979 PGA Championship Australian David Graham was in a three-way tie for third going into the final round, four shots behind the leader. In the first 15 holes of his final round he made seven birdies, but a double bogey on the 18th meant he ended up in a sudden death playoff. He made an 18ft putt on the first extra hole to save par and tie the hole. A birdie on the 3rd hole won him the title. Naturally left-handed, he played golf right handed.

Billy Casper

Billy Casper GettyImages-176458697

In what was the last 18-hole playoff for the Masters, before the format was changed to sudden death, Billy Casper won at Augusta National in 1970, overcoming Gene Littler 69 to 74. It was his third and final Major win, which had all come in different decades. He had also won the 1966 U.S. Open in an 18-hole playoff, defeating Arnold Palmer. He won four times in 1970 and was named PGA Player of the Year. Regularly outdriven by his competitors, he was one of the best putters of his era.

Dale Hayes GettyImages-992753978

South African Hayes won the South African Amateur Stroke Play Championship and Scottish Amateur Stroke Play Championship in 1970. He won 17 times on the South African Tour in the 1970s. He also won several times in Europe, including the Spanish Open, in 1971, as an 18 year-old, and the 1979 French Open, which he won 11 strokes clear of second-placed Seve Ballesteros. He won the South African Tour Order of Merit in 1972/73 and 1976/77 and the European Tour Order of Merit in 1975.

Tony Jacklin

Tony Jacklin GettyImages-1084007524

Jacklin won the U.S Open in 1970 with all four rounds under par. He was the only person to play the first round, in winds gusting up to 40mph, under par. Indeed, only three five other players went round in under 75 that day at par-72 Hazeltine National. He was a wire-to-wire winner and his margin of victory was seven shots. He was only the second non American to win the U.S. Open since 1925. Open Champion in 1969, he came fifth, third and third in The Open in the first three years of the Seventies.

Dave Stockton

Dave Stockton GettyImages-1082803446

Dave Stockton won the PGA Championship in 1970 and 1976. In 1970 at Southern Hills in Oklahoma he was joint leader after the second round and outright leader after the third round which was played in 101°F (38°C) heat, and ended up winning by two shots. In 1976 he holed a 15ft putt on the 72nd hole to win, and avoid a three-way playoff. That was his last win on the PGA Tour. His most successful year in tour was 1974 when he won three tournaments.

Kathy Whitworth

Kathy Whitworth GettyImages-869930148

During her career Kathrynne Whitworth won 88 times on the LPGA Tour, setting a record. She was also runner up on 91 occasions. She was the first golfer to reach $1m career earnings on the LPGA Tour. Tennis had been her early sporting interest, and she only took up golf aged 14. She won six LPGA Majors, the last two of which were the LPGA Championship of 1971, which she won by four shots, and the 1973 LPGA Championship, which she won by a stroke from defending champion Sandrie Haynie.

Tom Weiskopf

Tom Weiskopf GettyImages-82679220

He and Jack Nicklaus are the only golfers to play in every Major Championship of the 1970s. He had 11 top-five finishes in Majors in this decade, but won only once. He was a runner up four times. His win came at Troon in 1973 and was a wire-to-wire one and his 12-under-par 276 equalled the then lowest total for four rounds in an Open Championship, a record that Arnold Palmer had set in 1962, also at Troon. Weiskopf won the World Match Play in 1972.

Seve Ballesteros

Seve Ballesteros GettyImages-691646792

The Spaniard claimed his first European Tour event in 1976, aged 19, when he won the Dutch Open by eight strokes. That season he finished runner up at The Open at Royal Birkdale, having led the field after the second and third rounds. He won ten times on the European Tour in the 1970s, the last of which was The Open in 1979 at Royal Lytham & St Annes by three shots, at 22, the youngest winner since 1893. He won the European Tour Order of Merit in 1976, 1977 and 1978.

Johnny Miller

Johnny Miller GettyImages-81862445

When he won the Tuscon Open by nine shots in 1975 he reckoned: “the average iron shot I hit that week was no more than two feet off line. When I was at my peak, I would go into streaks where I felt that I could knock down the pin from anywhere with my irons. I played some golf that I think is unequalled.” He was the first to record a round of 63 in a Major when he won the U.S. Open in 1973. He won The Open in 1976, but finished the decade afflicted by putting yips .

Hale Irwin GettyImages-83499976

Three weeks before the U.S. Open of 1974, Irwin had a dream where he won. Three weeks later, he shot a seven over par 287, which was enough for victory. Sports Illustrated reported it was won by “hardworking Irwin who, day after day, kept hitting his trusty two-iron and his trusty sand wedge, hanging in, hanging on.” He won the World Match Play in 1974 and 1975 and lost in 1976 on the second playoff hole. Between 1975 and 1978 he made 86 consecutive cuts on the PGA Tour. He won the U.S. Open again in 1979.

Lee Trevino

Lee Trevino GettyImages-1268381

In a three-week period in 1971 Supermex won the U.S. Open, beating Jack Nicklaus in an 18-hole playoff, the Canadian Open and the Open Championship at Royal Birkdale. He defended the latter title successfully the following year at Muirfield, winning by a shot after four times holing out from off the green. He won the PGA Championship in 1974. He headed the PGA Tour money list for 1970, was named PGA Player of the Year in 1971 and won the Vardon Trophy in 1970, 1971, 1972 and 1974.

Gary Player

Gary Player

The Black Knight won the last four of his nine Major championship titles in the 1970s: the PGA Championship in 1972; the Masters and the Open Championship in 1974, and the Masters in 1978. In that 1978 Masters the South African had started the final round seven shots adrift of the leader, Hubert Green, but won by a shot through making seven birdies in his last 10 holes. He also won his fourth and fifth World Matchplay titles at Wentworth in 1971 and 1973.

Tom Watson GettyImages-82746022

Three of his eight Major championship wins came in the 1970s – the Open Championships of 1975 and 1977 and the Masters of 1977. His one-shot victory over his friend and strong rival Jack Nicklaus at Turnberry in 1977 is now one of the most famous Opens, dubbed the "Duel in the Sun.” Watson topped the PGA Tour money list in the last three seasons of the decade, and in these seasons was also named the PGA Player of The Year and won the Vardon Trophy for lowest scoring average.

Jack Nicklaus

Jack Nicklaus GettyImages-830463366

The Golden Bear played in all 40 Majors held during the decade and made the top 10 in all but five of them, and was runner up in seven times and winner eight times. His wins were: The Open Championship in 1970; the PGA Championship in 1971, the Masters and U. S Open in 1972; the PGA Championship in 1973;  the Masters and the PGA Championship in 1975 and The Open in 1978. He topped the PGA Tour money list in 1971, 1972, 1973, 1975 and 1976 and was PGA Player of the Year in 1972, 1973, 1975 and 1976.

Contributing Writer Roderick is the author of the critically acclaimed comic golf novel, Summer At Tangents . Golf courses and travel are Roderick’s particular interests. He writes travel articles and general features for the magazine, travel supplement and website. He also compiles the magazine's crossword. He is a member of Trevose Golf & Country Club and has played golf in around two dozen countries. Cricket is his other main sporting love. He is also the author of five non-fiction books, four of which are still in print:  The Novel Life of PG Wodehouse ; The Don: Beyond Boundaries ; Wally Hammond: Gentleman & Player and England’s Greatest Post-War All Rounder .

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Tiger Woods with a goatee at the 2013 Arnold Palmer Invitational and the 2013 Players Championship

It's PGA Championship week, and the GOAT is rocking a goatee at Valhalla Golf Club, just like he did when winning these five events...

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PGA Tour Money List

11 - 14 Aug 1977

US PGA Championship

Pebble Beach Golf Links, Pebble Beach, California, USA

1977 pga tour money list

DP World Tour Partners

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  • CUTS : Cuts made
  • TOP10 : Top 10 finishes
  • WINS : Wins
  • SCORE : Scoring average per round
  • DDIS : Driving distance (in yards)
  • DACC : Driving accuracy %
  • GIR : Greens In Regulation %
  • PUTTS : Putts per hole
  • SAND : Save Percentage
  • BIRDS : Birdies per round
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1977 pga tour money list

PGA Championship 101: History, qualifications and this year at Valhalla Golf Club

Take a look at some answers to frequently asked questions about the PGA Championship:

Still holding down the second spot?

Correct. The PGA Championship moved from the major finale in August to the second of the season in May, in 2019. Then 2020 came and the golf calendar was reorganized because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The PGA was contested again in August, after the U.S. Open and ahead of the Masters. Things returned to order in '21 and, for the foreseeable future, the PGA of America's crown jewel sits in its spring spot.

Wait, isn't this the championship of the PGA Tour?

Sigh. No, this is not the championship of the PGA Tour. That would be considered The Players Championship. This is the championship of the PGA of America.

Why the need to designate “of America”? What else would it be –  the PGA of Timbuktu?

Obviously we need a history lesson here. We'll keep it as brief as possible. There used to be one PGA – the "of America" one, which was founded in 1916. In 1968, action was begun that resulted in an eventual split into the PGA of America and the PGA Tour. 

Why the split?

The original golf pros were the people who work at golf clubs. You know, the ones who sell us logoed ball markers and take our green fees when they're not trying to cure our slices by giving us lessons. The better players among them also played the national tournament circuit.

As golf grew in popularity and tournaments became more lucrative, a class of pros evolved who were tournament players first and foremost. If they held a club job, it was often ceremonial.

Over time, more of these pros discarded the idea of working at a club at all, instead devoting full time to tournament play.

OK, I follow you so far.

So now you had one organization, the PGA of America, trying to represent the interests of two entirely different types of "golf pros." No surprise that the root of the dispute was money, specifically what to do with what was becoming a windfall in rights fees from the TV networks. The tournament players, a group that included Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer, wanted that money to go to increased tournament purses, while the club pros wanted it to go into the PGA's general fund. Eventually the touring pros broke off on their own. The PGA of America remained in place, representing the traditional "club" pros.

If the PGA of America was no longer going to represent the interests of tournament players, why does it still have a championship? And why is it a major?

It wanted to keep the PGA Championship alive for many reasons, not the least of which is that it generates considerable revenue. As for your second question, that is a big ol' can of worms for another day. We will say this, however. For most of the PGA Championship's existence, it has had a justifiable status as a major. Whether that will ever change, whether it will ever be replaced in the major rotation by The Players Championship is anyone's guess. But golf is a game that respects – and clings to – tradition.

Anything else about its history that sets it apart?

The most obvious thing is that from its inception in 1916 through 1957, the PGA was a match-play tournament. It has been periodically suggested that it return to match play, but that is not considered likely. Prior to the shift to May in 2019, it was previously held during this month in 1949, when Sam Snead won.

  • Golf Channel Staff ,

We get the May thing, but why no longer match play?

Worst-case scenario – all the highly seeded "name" players get eliminated before the final. If you're a TV network that has spent big bucks to televise this event, do you want two guys you're never heard of in the final?

Speaking of the final, what's the name of the winner's trophy?

It's called the Wanamaker Trophy, and it was named after Rodman Wanamaker, a department store magnate who was influential in the formation of the PGA.

How does a player qualify for this major?

These are the ways, based on the PGA's 2024 qualifying criteria ( click here for the field):

  • 1. All former winners of the PGA Championship;
  • 2. Winners of the last five Masters (2020-24);
  • 3. Winners of the last five U.S. Opens (2019-23);
  • 4. Winners of the last five Open Championships (2018-23). [Note: canceled in 2020];
  • 5. Winners of the last three Players Championships (2022-24);
  • 6. Top three on the International Federation Official World Golf Ranking List as of April 29
  • 7. Winner of 2023 KitchenAid Senior PGA Championship;
  • 8. The top 15 finishers and ties from the 2023 PGA Championship;
  • 9. The top 20 finishers from the 2024 PGA Professional Championship;
  • 10. The top 70 players who are eligible and have earned the most PGA Championship points* from the 2023 Charles Schwab Challenge through the 2024 CJ Cup Byron Nelson (ending May 5);
  • 11. Playing members of the last named U.S. and European Ryder Cup teams (2023), provided they remain in the top 100 on the Official World Golf Ranking as of May 6;
  • 12. Winners of PGA Tour co-sponsored or approved tournaments whose victories are considered official, from the 2023 Charles Schwab Challenge through the 2024 Wells Fargo Championship and Myrtle Beach Classic (ending May 12);
  • 13. The PGA of America reserves the right to invite additional players not included in the categories listed above (note: the PGA has traditionally invited the top 100 from the Official World Golf Ranking as of the week before the championship);
  • 14. If necessary to complete the field, those players beyond the top 70 players who are eligible and who have earned the most PGA Championship points* through same time period as criteria No. 10, in order of their position on such a list.

*Note: PGA Championship points are based on official PGA Tour earnings.

Are LIV Golf players eligible?

Yes, as long as they meet the above criteria.

I probably should have asked this a lot earlier, but what does PGA stand for?

Professional Golfers' Association. Remember, in the early years of the 20th century, pros were looked down upon. It was only natural that they band together under one umbrella organization.

Let's get to the tournament itself. The Masters has Jack Nicklaus winning at age 46 in 1986 and Tiger Woods' remarkable turns in '97 and '19. The U.S. Open has 20-year-old Francis Ouimet upsetting two of the top British pros in 1913 and Arnold Palmer's charge in 1960. The Open Championship has the Duel in the Sun in 1977 and  Woods destroying the field in 2000. So, what have been the most memorable PGAs?

It would be hard to beat a then-unknown John Daly winning in 1991. He got into the tournament as ninth – ninth! – alternate, then torched the course with a combination of absurdly long driving and incredible touch around the greens. Then there was Bob Tway holing a final-hole bunker shot to beat Greg Norman in 1986 – something we didn't yet know would become a trend. And who could have predicted that the player who would give Woods his toughest test would be one of his former junior-golf rivals, Bob May, who did everything except beat him in 2000? And, of course, there was 2021, when Phil Mickelson, at age 51, became the oldest-ever major champion.

What happened last year?

Brooks Koepka won his third Wanamaker trophy at Oak Hill Country Club in Pittsford, New York. The LIV Golf player shot 72-66-66-67 to win by two shots over Viktor Hovland and Scottie Scheffler.

Who has won the most PGA Championships?

Nicklaus and Walter Hagen have each won five times. Woods has won four times. Woods has twice won back-to-back in this major, in 1999-2000 and 2006-07.

Where are they playing?

Valhalla Golf Club in Louisville, Kentucky. The venue is owned by the PGA of America and has hosted three PGA Championships. Mark Brooks won in a playoff over Kenny Perry in 1996. Tiger Woods prevailed in a playoff over Bob May in 2000. And, Rory McIlroy beat Phil Mickelson by a stroke in 2014. Valhalla also hosted the 2008 Ryder Cup, won by the U.S.

PGA Championship - Final Round


Complete list of all 105 winners of the pga championship, share this article.

Brooks Koepka won the 105th PGA Championship at Oak Hill Country Club in Rochester, New York, for his third PGA title and fifth major in all.

He clinched the two-shot win with a final-round 67 for his third Wanamaker trophy.

He joins Gene Sarazen and Sam Snead with three PGA titles. Only three golfers have won the title more. Koepka also won the PGA in 2018 and 2019.

The 2023 PGA marks the third major he has won in New York, to go along with his 2019 PGA at Bethpage and his 2018 U.S. Open at Shinnecock Hills.

PGA CHAMPIONSHIP :  How to watch  |  Tournament hub

Here is a complete list of every PGA Championship winner along with the year, course and score.

Most Popular

Follow tiger woods on friday at 2024 pga championship with shot-by-shot live updates from valhalla, scottie scheffler facing four charges – including a felony – after being arrested at 2024 pga championship, lynch: scottie scheffler got cuffed, but golf world's reaction was even more embarrassing, in pictures: rory mcilroy and wife erica stoll, live updates from scottie scheffler's round at 2024 pga championship, 2024 pga championship second round delayed due to fatal accident near valhalla golf club friday morning, meet the 16 liv golf players in the field for the 2024 pga championship at valhalla.

The 'Redcoats': Players Championship past chairs have made lasting contributions

1977 pga tour money list

Players Championship fans have often taken notice over the years of the men and women wearing bright red sportscoats at The Players and other golf- and charity-related functions on the First Coast during the rest of the year. 

It's simple: they're "The Redcoats." 

But their contribution to The Players is lasting. 

The Redcoats, or the Honourable Company of Past Chairmen, have served one-year terms as the head of the volunteer force that in recent years has numbered 2,000 or more. 

Without the volunteers, The Players and the PGA Tour would have to pay outside contractors to do jobs such as monitoring the parking lots, pounding the stakes and stringing miles of rope on the golf course, handling small construction jobs, manning the practice facilities, checking players in, scorekeeping, standard-bearing and any number of tasks. 

The money saved is then plowed into charity — more than $100 million on the First Coast since the Players came here in 1977. 

A committee of past chairman also reviews charity request applications, decides on the final list and then, usually in the fall, delivers the checks personally to a handful of recipients. 

Chairmen have already served for years

Becoming a Players chairman is a lengthy process.

Chairs have served for years as volunteers, sometimes beginning with the most menial or tedious jobs, such as parking lot detail. They then become committee chairmen.

Eventually, they are elevated to one of four major committees: Volunteer Services, Facilities, Player Services and Spectator Services. A first vice-chairman is selected from those four, who then succeeds the chairman the following year.

One and done? Not quite

The concept of chairing The Players volunteer committee goes back to the days of the Greater Jacksonville Open (1965-1976).  

The first five GJO chairs, John Tucker, Wes Paxson Sr., John Montgomery, Lester Varn Jr., Eugene Cowan and Karl Ambrose were among the area business leaders who convinced the PGA Tour to return to the First Coast.  

Their efforts in selling tickets and corporate hospitality, resulting in huge crowds at the GJO, eventually convinced Tour commissioner Deane Beman that the area would be an ideal landing spot for the PGA Tour headquarters, construction of its signature golf course (the TPC Sawgrass Players Stadium Course) and the home of its marquee tournament, The Players. 

Tucker, who was the first GJO chairman in 1965 and later hired by the PGA Tour to manage The Players, had the idea for chairs to serve one-year terms. He said each new chairman, almost always drawn from the First Coast business community, brought a whole new list of clients, customers, employees, contacts and family members who may buy tickets or corporate hospitality. Yea 

Year after year, chairman after chairman, the constituencies grew to the point where The Players has grown to its status today. 

For a time, the GJO also had a volunteer chairman and a president, which also was an unpaid position. But whether they were a chairman or president of the GJO or a chairman of The Players, they are all considered Redcoats.

Hardly any of them stop serving after their one year as chairman. In addition to assisting with The Players charitable efforts, many Redcoats still pitch in during the run-up to The Players and during the week.

Family and football ties

The Nimnicht family has produced three Players chairmen: Ed Nimnicht (1978), his sister-in-law Anne Nimnicht (1997) and his nephew and Anne's son Lee Nimnicht this year. 

Rufus Dowell (1991) is Tucker's son-in-law. 

Father-son GJO/Players chairmen are Fred Robbins (1976) and Kevin Robbins (2004); and Fuller Tresca Jr. (1983) and Tim Tresca (2007). 

Nine past GJO or Players chairmen have also served as the volunteer chairs for the TaxSlayer Gator Bowl: Tucker, Paxson, L.C. Ringhaver, Dick Stratton, Gordon Thompson, Peter Kirill, Tommy Gay, Don Davis and Mike Hartley. In addition, Brian Goin, who was The Players executive director, was a Gator Bowl chairman. 

Here are the men and women who have served as volunteer chairs for the Greater Jacksonville Open and The Players Championship: 

Greater Jacksonville Open 

Past chairmen  

1965: John Tucker 

1966: Wes Paxson Sr. 

1967: John Montgomery 

1968: Lester Varn Jr. 

1969: Eugene Cowan 

1970: Karl Ambrose III 

1971: Richard Martin 

1972: George Utsey Jr. 

1973: Henry Tuten Jr. 

1974: J.D. Beckwith 

1975: Fred Robbins 

1976: Hamp Walker 

Past GJO Presidents  

Peter Kirill 

L.C. Ringhaver 

Dick Stratton 

Bob Feagin 

Gordon Thompson Jr. 

William Drennon 

The Players Championship 

1977: Tommy Gay 

1978: Ed Nimnicht 

1979: Donald Zell 

1980: James Addington Jr.

1981: Campbell Smith

1982: Charles Renfroe 

1983: Fuller Tresca Jr. 

1984: James Wilkerson Jr. 

1985: Donald Rose 

1986: Bob Martin 

1987: Bob Olson 

1988: Don Davis 

1989: Buster Browning 

1990: Lad Daniels 

1991: Rufus Dowell 

1992: Tom Perry 

1993: Hank Haynes 

1994: Hugh Dunn 

1995: Tom Healy 

1996: Gerry Hurst 

1997: Anne Nimnicht 

1998: Mike Hartley 

1999: Therese Greene Hazel 

2000: Murray Beard 

2001: Lynn Stoner 

2002: Jack Garnett 

2003: Marc Smith 

2004: Kevin Robbins 

2005: Tommy Lee 

2006: Rusty Pritchett 

2007: Tim Tresca 

2008: Ron Natherson 

2009: Tommy Douglas 

2010: Harold Tool 

2011: Jim Fuller 

2012: Curtis Hazel 

2013: Robert Davis 

2014: Andy Baggs 

2015: Brian Franco 

2016: Michele McManamon 

2017: Kevin English 

2018: Damon Olinto 

2019: Adam Campbell 

2020: Andy Carroll 

2021: Troy Smith 

2022: Matt Welch 

2023: Houston Bowles 

2024: Lee Nimnicht 

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a]:underline [&>a]:text-team-secondary"> Greg Norman led the 1986 Money List standings with $653,296 in 72 events.

pga tour money leaders 1986

  • Who won the Masters?
  • Who has hit the most holes in one all-time?
  • Who has won the most tournaments all-time?
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PGA Championship 2023: Newcomer Eric Cole alone atop leaderboard as play gets suspended

The first day of play at the 2023 PGA Championship is over.

Play was suspended due to darkness at Oak Hill Country Club in Rochester, New York, with a surprise name sitting atop the leaderboard.

Eric Cole, a newcomer to the PGA Tour in 2023, sits in first at 5-under.

Bryson DeChambeau, who sits right behind Cole at 4-under, will be attempting to be the first player from LIV Golf to win a major. He is among the 16 players from the Saudi-backed tour playing in the PGA Championship. There are 156 players in the field, and they will play the first two rounds Thursday and Friday in groups of three. 

Scottie Scheffler, Corey Conners and Dustin Johnson trail DeChambeau at 3-under.

USA TODAY Sports provided the latest news, updates, analysis and more throughout the day.

Play suspended due to darkness

The delayed start to play Thursday resulted in play being suspended due to darkness at 8:30 p.m. ET. There are 11 groups that still need to finish their first rounds. PGA Championship organizers said play would begin again at 7 a.m. ET and that the second round "will start on time as originally scheduled."

Newcomer Eric Cole becomes sole leader after three straight birdies

Among all the big names near the top of the leaderboard, a rather unknown player has risen to take the top spot.

Eric Cole has taken over first place at the PGA Championship after a birdie on the 4th put him at 5-under-par, his third birdie in a row, to separate him from Dustin Johnson, Adam Scott and Bryson DeChambeau, who was the sole leader for much of the day.

Cole had been on the Minor League Golf Tour for much of his career, which began in 2009. He doesn't have any Tour wins and has appeared in just one previous major, the 2021 U.S. Open, in which he missed the cut.

His parents are professional golfers Bobby Cole and Laura Baugh. Bobby Cole won the 1977 Buick Open on the PGA Tour, and Baugh was the 1973 LPGA rookie of the year.

Tom Kim gets a little dirty

Sometimes when a ball goes off course, a golfer might have to get wet trying to find it.

Then there's what happened to Tom Kim.

An ESPN camera cut to Kim with his arms and pants covered in mud while barefoot, after he appeared to get into a marsh or creek on the course. His caddie handed him a towel as he attempted to clean himself off. He later changed his shirt, but his mud-soaked pants were still on as he continued play.

Kim confirmed after his round he was indeed looking for a ball when things went awry.

"As soon as I went in, it was kind of sketch," Kim said in an interview with ESPN. “Once my foot got in there, there was no looking back," he added.

Adam Scott, Dustin Johnson jump into tie for first

Bryson DeChambeau finally has company.

As play begins to wind down for the day at Oak Hill, Adam Scott and Dustin Johnson ramped up their play to join DeChambeau at the top of the leaderboard at 4-under-par.

It's been a magnificent back nine for Johnson, who birdied three of his last four holes, while Scott has continued his consistent play, with a birdie on the 14th to jump into a tie for the top spot.

Phil Mickelson keeping pace

The last two PGA Championship winners didn't jump out to the best start, but they aren't out of the competition yet.

The 2022 champion, Justin Thomas, finished his day 2-over-par, and the 2021 champion, Phil Mickelson, is 1-over-par more than halfway into his first round.

It started off as a modest day for Mickelson, but he's been unable to hit any quality tee shots, setting him up to just try to save par on several holes. He bogeyed the 6th and 11th holes. Mickelson got his first birdie of the day on the 13th.

Justin Rose chips in, afternoon starters get rolling

Justin Rose has had an eventful opening, but he seems to be getting back on track.

After two birdies on the first three holes, Rose had a setback on the par-3 5th hole, struggling with the putter and resulting in a double bogey. But when things looked to turn worse, he recovered with a birdie on 6th. The back-and-forth beginning seemed to be headed toward another bogey, but Rose chipped in a bunker shot from over 57 feet to save birdie and find his way back into the top five.

Meanwhile, Australia's Adam Scott has played a mostly clean first round at 3-under-par through No. 10 hole, currently in second. He has four birdies and one bogey so far.

Bryson DeChambeau: Played 'a fantastic round'

Leader Bryson DeChambeau told reporters after his first round he couldn't have drawn up a better round of golf, finishing his day 4-under-par.

"It's a fantastic round of golf at Oak Hill. It's a prestigious place. Very difficult golf course," DeChambeau said. "Luckily, I was able to play some really good golf, hit a lot of fairways, did my job and made some putts."

DeChambeau added that he has been most surprised about being able to hit with his driver straight. He also talked about his weight loss journey and other struggles that have made it hard to succeed on the course in recent years.

"I feel like I'm catching on and trending that direction. Figured out a couple things this week, and it certainly paidoff today," DeChambeau said.

Rough start for Tony Finau

It will take a miraculous comeback if Tony Finau is to win his first major. He's enjoyed a string of success with two wins and four top-10s this season, but it was anything but a hot start for the 16-year veteran.

After starting the first round with three consecutive pars, things took a turn for the worse on the 4th. Finau began the hole with a shot in the bunker, and his second shot went only 29 feet, setting him up with a bogey. On the 5th, his opening shot went wide left and struggled to get on the green, before finishing the hole with a double bogey. He would bogey the next two holes to fall to a quick 5-over-par through eight.

Austria's Sepp Straka quickly rising

One of the strongest starts to the day came in the afternoon with Sepp Straka, who birdied three of his first seven holes to start the day and jump into a tie for second at 3-under-par.

A professional since 2016, the 27-year-old from Vienna, Austria is the first person from his country to earn a tour card, and won his first PGA tournament in 2022 with The Honda Classic. His best major performance was finishing 30th in the 2022 Masters.

Bryson DeChambeau ends his day on top

After being in a brief tie with playing partner Keegan Bradley, Bryson DeChambeau ended his first round on top thanks to a string of four birdies in a seven-hole span. Meanwhile, Bradley bogeyed on the seventh and ninth hole to drop his score to 2-under-par, in a tie for fourth.

DeChambeau is looking to become the first LIV Golf player to win a major championship after he joined the Saudi-backed tour in June 2022 . Phil Mickelson and Brooks Koepka, another pair of LIV golfers, finished in a tie for second at the Masters in April .

Defending champion has sluggish start

Defending champion Justin Thomas had a solid back nine, highlighted by a birdie on the 10th hole, but was doomed by a double bogey on the par-4 No. 6, arguably one of the toughest holes at Oak Hill at 498 yards.

After hitting his tee shot into the rough, his second shot went only 74 yards into the fairway. Thomas struggled the rest of the hole on his way to the double bogey. He later bogeyed the 9th before rebounding with a birdie on the 10th.

Phil Mickelson returns

The 2021 PGA Champion Phil Mickelson has teed off, returning to the tournament for the first time since winning it in South Carolina two years ago. He was met with a roar from the crowd his name was announced to the crowd gathered at hole 1.

The 52-year-old hooked his first shot 303 yards to the left, but recovered to make par to start his day.

New leader as scores start dropping in afternoon play

The revamped course at Oak Hill favors players who can hit long, and Bryson DeChambeau has taken advantage of that. A birdie at No. 6 — his fourth in his last seven holes — allowed him to take sole possession of first place at 4-under. His stay as the sole leader was brief, with his playing partner Keegan Bradley matching his birdie at six. Both are now tied for first, as a wave of players making their afternoon starting times have made their ways to the course.

Mickelson is set to tee off at Oak Hill in a matter of minutes.

Has Tony Finau ever won a major?  

No. But Finau’s major championship history started at the PGA, so it’s only fitting that his first major title come at the PGA of America’s premier event, especially given his current form . Finau, who just teed off at No. 1 to start his round, has two wins and four top-10s this season, most recently at the Mexico Open just last month. 

"I feel like a different player, more so than I’ve ever been. More confident in my game and my abilities than I’ve ever been and just who I am as a person and as a player," Finau explained. "I think those things will serve me well as I continue down my path in my career."

Not only is he in good form, but Finau’s game is a perfect fit for the demanding Donald Ross test that is Oak Hill. 

"You’ve got to hit it far and you’ve got to hit it straight," said Finau, who ranks 17th in total driving, third in Strokes Gained: Tee-to-Green and first in Strokes Gained: Approach this season. "This golf course is going to start from the tee box. If you’re not hitting enough fairways, you’re not going to be able to play this place very good."

— Adam Woodard, Golfweek 

World No. 2 joins crowded top spot on the leaderboard

Scottie Scheffler closed out his first round in a tie for first place, joining Keegan Bradley, Bryson DeChambeau and Corey Conners.

The World Golf Ranking No. 2 player maintained a bogey-free round, including a birdie on Nos. 5, 8 and 14. Scheffler had a chance to take sole position of the lead on his final hole, but his long birdie putt spun out, leaving him with a par to close out the day at 3-under.

"It was a grind today," Scheffler said on ESPN.

The quartet for first place are followed by Ryan Fox and Viktor Hovland at 2-under.

Masters winner Jon Rahm in free fall; Scottie Scheffler adds another birdie

He was looking to be the first player to win the first two majors of the year since Jordan Spieth did so in 2015, but it's looking like that simply won't be the case for Masters winner Jon Rahm . Over his last nine holes, Rahm has bogeyed six of them. He has plummeted down the board and sits at 5-over par, in a tie for 71st.

Switching to the 2022 Masters winner, Scottie Scheffler has put himself in excellent position for the rest of the tournament. Scheffler is through 17 holes and remains bogey-free. He birdied No. 8 after his lovely approach shot softly found the green, about 6 feet away from the pin. He is sitting at 3-under and in a tie for first, joining Corey Conners, and Keegan Bradley. It has been a trademark Scheffler round, avoiding big mistakes and saving par chances when his shots have gone slightly off-target.

Revolving door atop leaderboard at Oak Hill welcomes two new members, but it doesn't last long

For the first time today, Corey Conners and Viktor Hovland climbed up to grab a share of the lead. Hovland has birdied two of his last four holes to move into the tie for first at 3-under, joining Ryan Fox and Conners.

The problem for Hovland and Fox, though, is that Conners is on a torrid pace and has birdied six of his last 11 holes, including three in the last four. The most recent birdie came at No. 15 and moved him into sole possession of first place, at 4-under par.

Trouble, though, might be ahead as his tee shot on No. 16 landed well right in thick rough.

Five players — Fox, Sahith Theegala, Keegan Bradley, Scottie Scheffler and Bryson Dechambeau — are sitting at 2-under and a tie for fourth.

More movement at the top at Oak Hill

In what has been the theme of the day, tough pin placements and challenging holes have created parity at the top of the leaderboard at the PGA Championship. Ryan Fox has been the steadiest player of the day so far, with four birdies against one bogey through 16 holes. He sits at 3-under par and in sole position of the lead.

Corey Conners birdied No. 12 and Viktor Hovladnd birdied No. 2 to move into a tie for second place at 2-under.

Justin Thomas had a very makeable birdie at No. 4, but took a long time to assess an 8-foot putt, only to see him push it left. That kept him at 1-under.

Scottie Scheffler, though, hasn't played the cleanest round, but he has scrambled exceptionally well and has avoided bogeys all day. His birdie on No. 5 moved him into that tie for second place at 2-under.

Long par putt save seems to fuel Rory McIlroy

Rory McIlroy's day appeared as if it was going to get worse at No. 2, when his approach shot sailed the green and landed in a shelf below the pin. Then, he did this.

That saved par to keep him at 3-over par and still within striking distance. But it also seemed to settle him. Notoriously a slow starter, McIlroy then hit a beautiful tee shot on the par-3 third and converted his first birdie of the day.

His tee shot with the driver at the par-5 No. 4? He drilled it about 340 yards, finding only his second fairway of the day. His approach? A beautiful draw to land safely on the green for a long eagle putt. He tapped in for a birdie to move to 1-over par, just four strokes off the lead.

Changes at the top, all of a sudden, as several golfers drop strokes

Kazuki Higa had charged out to a lead and then played steady golf for most of his first round at Oak Hill. Then, he came to No. 6. where he made a mess off the tee box, landing far left and needing a layup just to get back on the fairway. Even that shot couldn't find its mark, landing short and remaining in the thick grass.

Elsewhere, Keegan Bradley suffered his own double bogey to drop out of the co-lead. Bradley's came at No. 15.

That left Sahith Theegala as the lone player atop the leaderboard at 3-under par, but then he bogeyed No. 12. That now puts him at 2-under and in a co-lead with Ryan Fox, who has one birdie and seven pars in his last eight holes.

That has opened the door for a logjam of nine players who are at 1-under par, including World Golf Ranking No. 2 player Scottie Scheffler, LIV Golf's Bryson Dechambeau and Keegan Bradley. Of those, Scheffler has played the cleanest, and has maintained a bogey-free round with a single birdie on No. 14. He is through 11 holes.

Joel Dahmen hits fan during PGA Championship practice round, buys his beer for the day

It was quite the start for Joel Dahmen at the PGA Championship.

Ahead of the first round at Oak Hill Country Club, Dahmen was in the final practice round Wednesday when a shot went awry and hit a fan in the calf .

But instead of just apologizing and signing the ball and giving it to the fan, Dahmen went the extra mile. After meeting the fan he hit, Dahmen asked how much beer costs at the course, which he said is $17 and was  widely criticized last year .

Dahmen then pulled out a $100 bill and told the fan "I got your beers today." Dahmen, who was become a fan favorite after his appearance on the Netflix documentary "Full Swing,"  apologized on Twitter  and told the fan "hope you enjoyed the beers."

— Jordan Mendoza

Leaderboard starting to crowd at the top

A three-way tie has formed atop the leaderboard at Oak Hill, with Kazuki Higa converting pars on six straight holes after he charged out to a score of 3-under. Keegan Bradley raced off to a hot start as well, birdying three of his first five holes. And Sahith Theegala has birdied three of his last four − Nos. 8, 9 and 11 − to join them.

That said, there are plenty of players within striking distance. Ryan Fox is the lone player at 2-under and in fourth place. But there are nine players sitting at 1-under par. One of them, Callum Tarren, bogeyed Nos. 5 and 6 to neutralize his hot start and brief hold of a co-lead with Higa. Tarren did, however, settle with pars on Nos. 7 and 8.

Rory McIlroy sliding, sliding down

As several players are capitalizing on soft greens and favorable conditions, Rory McIlroy is going in the opposite direction. He has posted bogeys in three of his last four holes, Nos. 15, 17 and 18 to move to 3-over par and a tie for 59th. It's not just one part of his game that's letting him down; he has misfired on some of his irons and has had to resort to two-putts at times throughout the round.

Several early groups have turned to their second nine

The conditions right now at Oak Hill are spectacular . It’s comfortably cool because the sun is shining, and there’s very little wind for the players to contend with.

Kazuki Higa has leveled off since his quick start and has made six pars and a bogey, so as he plays his 13th hole, he’s at 3-under-par. He also has company on that number atop the leaderboard as Keegan Bradley has opened his round on the back nine with birdies at Nos. 10, 12 and 13.

Bradley, who is the nephew of former LPGA great Pat Bradley, won the PGA the first time he played it back in 2011. He beat Jason Dufner in a playoff, the same Dufner who won the tournament two years later at Oak Hill.

But Bradley has struggled in recent years, though he did break a four-year victory drought when he won the Zozo Championship last October.

— Sal Maiorana, Rochester Democrat and Chronicle  

Tiger texted Rory McIlroy about something in his swing after recent lackluster finish 

A few weeks ago in Charlotte, Rory McIlroy tied for 47th, a substandard finish for a man who has dominated Quail Hollow and the Wells Fargo Championship for most of his career — McIlroy’s won the event three times. 

Golfweek’s Eamon Lynch reported on Golf Channel Tuesday that Tiger Woods texted McIlroy after the event and told him he saw something in the four-time major champion’s swing. 

And when Woods calls, you listen.

— Riley Hamel, Golfweek 

Callum Tarren ties (then loses) share of lead; Rory McIlroy still unable to break through

Calum Tarren had been doing his best Kazuki Higa impression until it went awry on No. 5. Higa, who birdied four consecutive holes early in his round to race out to the lead, briefly had company atop the leaderboard after Tarren posted three consecutive birdies to briefly grab a share of the lead. Tarren's tee shot on the par-3 No. 5, however, just rolled down the ridge of the green and set him up for a two-putt par that he mismanaged. Tarren's bogey dropped him to 2-under and a tie for second with Ryan Fox, who birdied No. 9.

Higa, meanwhile, held steady and converted two challenging putts to par No. 1.

Elsewhere, Rory McIlroy, the No. 3 player in the World Golf Rankings, has been searching for his first birdie of the day but has been unable thus far to break into the red. He has parred each of his first five holes of his first round. In fact, McIlroy actually dropped a stroke on No. 15 after his nice shot out of the greenside bunker on No. 15 set up a makeable par putt that he pushed left. He tapped in for his first bogey of the day, moving him to 1-over par, in a tie for 33rd.

Kazuki Higa drops first stroke of his day; Callum Tarren starts hot

Sole leader Kazuki Higa, whose four consecutive birdies saw him race out to an early lead, dropped his first stroke of the day on his eighth hole, No. 17. His tee shot drifted left into the rough and then forced him to layup his second shot. His approach landed on the wrong side of the ridge on the green, which resulted in a two-putt and his first bogey of the day. The silver lining is that — thus far — No. 17 has been the most difficult hole on the course.

He remains at 3-under par, one stroke better than Callum Tarren in second place. Tarren, the 32-year-old British golfer, has started his round in excellent shape. He parred No. 1 and then posted consecutive birdies on Nos. 2 and 3 to shoot up the leaderboard.

Kazuki Higa does his best Tiger Woods impression on way to early lead

Kazuki Higa of Japan came out of the gates blazing with four consecutive birdies to take the early lead at the PGA Championship.

After just lipping out a birdie putt on No. 10, his first hole of the round, Higa rolled in an 11-footer to go into red figures.

Then, channeling Tiger Woods' iconic shot at Augusta National , the 28-year-old Higa rolled in a long birdie putt on No. 12 that just hung on the lip of the cup for a split second before tumbling in.

The 5-2 Higa continued his hot streak with two more birdies on the 13th and 14th holes.

Higa, No. 99 in the world golf rankings, has played on the Japan Tour since 2017 and he has four career victories. He has made three starts on the PGA Tour this year and missed the cut in two, including the Masters. This is his first PGA Championship appearance.

The first eagle of PGA Championship has landed

Scott Stallings began his round on the 10th hole which, most golf analysts believe, will play as one of the easiest of the week on the East Course. Stallings proved that as he striped a drive down the middle at the 423-yard par-4. With 128 yards left to the flag, Stallings likely hit some type of wedge and he two-hopped it into the hole for an eagle-2.

The 38-year-old is a three-time winner on the PGA Tour, the last in 2014. He has said that if he wasn't a professional golfer, he'd be a pediatrician. Stallings has struggled this season as he has no top-10 finishes in 16 starts.

— Sal Maiorana, Rochester Democrat and Chronicle 

How to watch PGA Championship 2023  

Here is the TV schedule: 

Thursday, May 18 and Friday, May 19 

  • 7 a.m.-1 p.m.: ESPN+ 
  • 1 p.m.-7 p.m.: ESPN 

The tournament can be livestreamed on: 

  • YouTube TV  
  • Hulu+ Live TV  
  • DIRECTV Stream  
  • Paramount+  

Is Justin Thomas playing today?  

Yes. If he’s going to win a third PGA this week, Thomas has to play the way he did two weekends ago at Quail Hollow which, when it isn’t hosting majors, is the annual home of the Wells Fargo Championship. 

Thomas hasn’t won since his victory at Southern Hills and has only four top 10 finishes in the 19 events he has teed it up. But despite a tie for 14th on a course he knows well and has succeeded on, he felt like things were starting to click. Now the trick will be to carry that forward when he begins his PGA defense Thursday . 

“I’ve preached this to myself, I’m sure I’ve said it to y’all or I’ve said it to younger guys that ask, but how you learn is failure and negatives, and I feel like I’ve had a great opportunity for a lot of learning the past, whatever, six months, couple months, this year,” he said. “I said it in Charlotte a little bit, I’m starting to see a little bit of a light at the end of the tunnel.”

Thomas got off to an excellent start with a birdie on his first hole of the day.

Opening of practice facilities, golf course pushed back due to frost

All practice facilities and the golf course at Oak Hill Country Club were temporarily closed Thursday morning because of frost. To protect playing surfaces, everyone on-site was required to stay off any grass.

The practice range opened at 7:35 a.m. and the putting green at 7:45, pushing starting times back by a total of one hour and 50 minutes.

Round 1 tee times begin at 8:50 a.m. on the first tee and 8:55 a.m. on the 10th tee.

Temperatures are supposed to rise into the mid-60s by early afternoon under sunny skies and light winds.

GALLERY: 10 beautiful photos of frost-covered Oak Hill

Jordan Spieth injury update  

“How are you feeling, Jordan?” a spectator shouted with genuine concern to Jordan Spieth from behind the rope lining the right side of the 13th fairway at Oak Hill on Tuesday as Spieth sauntered to his ball. 

“I feel good,” Spieth said imitating the deep baritone of James Brown. 

But does Spieth, who withdrew from last week’s AT&T Byron Nelson, his hometown event, citing a left wrist injury, really feel so good, as the soul singer Brown would say? That we don’t know because when a reporter asked to speak to him about his injury, he declined and said, “But thanks for your concern.” 

Spieth, ranked No. 10 in the world, is bidding to complete the career Grand Slam this week by winning the PGA Championship. It marks his seventh attempt since winning the 2017 British Open for his third major title.

— Adam Schupak, Golfweek 

Map of Oak Hill Country Club  

Oak Hill Country Club’s East Course is regarded as one of top golf courses in America. It's also one of the most challenging. The East Course is built around part of Allen Creek, which weaves a hazard through half of the holes. The par-70 course plays 7.394 yards. Here's a hole-by-hole bird's-eye view .

Hole by hole distances and par 

  • No. 1, 460 yards, par 4 
  • No. 2, 405 yards, par 4 
  • No. 3, 230 yards, par 3 
  • No. 4, 615 yards, par 5 
  • No. 5, 180 yards, par 3 
  • No. 6, 503 yards, par 4 
  • No. 7, 461 yards, par 4 
  • No. 8, 429 yards, par 4 
  • No. 9, 482 yards, par 4 
  • No. 10, 430 yards, par 4 
  • No. 11, 245 yards, par 3 
  • No. 12, 399 yards, par 4 
  • No. 13, 623 yards, par 5 
  • No. 14, 320 yards, par 4 
  • No. 15, 155 yards, par 3 
  • No. 16, 458 yards, par 4 
  • No. 17, 502 yards, par 4 
  • No. 18, 497 yards, par 4 

— Ryan Miller, Rochester Democrat and Chronicle 

Who are the PGA Championship announcers?  

ESPN: Scott Van Pelt will anchor live coverage on ESPN and ESPN+ and will be joined for analysis by former world No. 1 golfer David Duvall. Hole announcers are Curtis Strange, Bob Wischusen and David Fleming. On-course reporters will be Andy North, Billy Kratzert, Suzy Whaley, Ken Brown and John Maginnes. 

CBS: Jim Nantz will host the network's coverage from the 18th tower for the 33rd straight year and will be joined by analyst Trevor Immelman. Hole announcers are Ian Baker-Finch and Frank Nobilo. On-course reporters will be Dottie Pepper, Colt Knost and Mark Immelman. Amanda Renner will provide reports and conduct interviews.

Updated PGA Championship tee times, groupings for Thursday  

Half the field will start at No. 1, the other half on No. 10, and they will switch for the second round.  The morning tee times were scheduled to begin at 7 a.m., but play was delayed for an hour and 50 minutes due to early-morning frost.

The afternoon tee times that were supposed to start at 12:30 p.m. are being pushed back as well. Here are the updated tee times for Thursday's opening round:

  • 8:50 a.m.: Shaun Micheel, Braden Shattuck, Steven Alker 
  • 9:01 a.m.: Ben Griffin, Chris French, Joel Dahmen 
  • 9:12 a.m.: Wyatt Worthington II, Nico Echavarria, Wyndham Clark 
  • 9:23 a.m.: Tom Hoge, Ryan Fox, K.H. Lee 
  • 9:34 a.m.: Paul Casey, Adam Svensson, Beau Hossler 
  • 9:45 a.m.: Zach Johnson, Kurt Kitayama, Sahith Theegala 
  • 9:56 a.m.: Corey Conners, Ockie Strydom, Joaquin Niemann 
  • 10:07 a.m.: Kevin Kisner, Jimmy Walker, Padraig Harrington 
  • 10:18 a.m.: Alex Noren, J.T. Poston, Mackenzie Hughes 
  • 10:29 a.m.: Lee Hodges, Callum Tarren, David Lingmerth 
  • 10:40 a.m.: Taylor Moore, Denny McCarthy, Brendan Steele 
  • 10:51 a.m.: Jeremy Wells, Justin Suh, Adri Arnaus 
  • 11:02 a.m.: Anthony Cordes, Mark Hubbard, Dean Burmester 
  • 2:20 p.m.: Matt Cahill, Taylor Montgomery, Cam Davis 
  • 2:31 p.m.: Michael Block, Hayden Buckley, Taylor Pendrith 
  • 2:42 p.m.: Alex Beach, Brendon Todd, Sihwan Kim 
  • 2:53 p.m.: Patrick Reed, Rasmus Hojgaard, Nick Taylor 
  • 3:04 p.m.: Christiaan Bezuidenhout, John Somers, Chez Reavie 
  • 3:15 p.m.: Tommy Fleetwood, Cameron Young, Hideki Matsuyama 
  • 3:26 p.m.: Adam Scott, Max Homa, Tony Finau 
  • 3:37 p.m.: Xander Schauffele, Tyrrell Hatton, Dustin Johnson 
  • 3:48 p.m.: Patrick Cantlay, Rickie Fowler, Phil Mickelson 
  • 3:59 p.m.: Alex Smalley, Russell Henley, Mito Pereira 
  • 4:10 p.m.: Adam Hadwin, Matt Kuchar, Talor Gooch 
  • 4:21 p.m.: Justin Rose, Billy Horschel, Francesco Molinari 
  • 4:32 p.m.: Russell Grove, Patrick Rodgers, Ben Taylor 
  • 8:55 a.m.: Trey Mullinax, Josh Speight, Kazuki Higa 
  • 9:06 a.m.: Adam Schenk, Colin Inglis, Thriston Lawrence 
  • 9:17 a.m.: Min Woo Lee, Andrew Putnam, Emiliano Grillo 
  • 9:28 a.m.: Harold Varner III, Scott Stallings, Nicolai Hojgaard 
  • 9:39 a.m.: Steve Holmes, Adrian Otaegui, Davis Riley 
  • 9:50 a.m.: Scottie Scheffler, Brooks Koepka, Gary Woodland 
  • 10:01 a.m.: Rory McIlroy, Justin Thomas, Collin Morikawa 
  • 10:12 a.m.: Shane Lowry, Jordan Spieth, Viktor Hovland 
  • 10:23 a.m.: Matthew Fitzpatrick, Cameron Smith, Jon Rahm 
  • 10:34 a.m.: Luke Donald, Adrian Meronk, Yannik Paul 
  • 10:45 a.m.: Kenny Pigman, Davis Thompson, Maverick McNealy 
  • 10:56 a.m.: Keegan Bradley, Jason Day, Bryson DeChambeau 
  • 11:07 a.m.: Jesse Droemer, Matt NeSmith, Rikuya Hoshino 
  • 2:15 p.m.: Sam Ryder, Gabe Reynolds, Brandon Wu 
  • 2:26 p.m.: Sadom Kaewkanjana, Ben Kern, Thorbjorn Olesen 
  • 2:37 p.m.: Webb Simpson, Y.E. Yang, Danny Willett 
  • 2:48 p.m.: Sepp Straka, Harris English, Robert Macintyre 
  • 2:59 p.m.: Thomas Pieters, Keith Mitchell, Pablo Larrazabal 
  • 3:10 p.m.: Lucas Herbert, Brian Harman, Callum Shinkwin 
  • 3:21 p.m.: Tom Kim, Sam Burns, Abraham Ancer 
  • 3:32 p.m.: Sungjae Im, Chris Kirk. Seamus Power 
  • 3:43 p.m.: Si Woo Kim, Stephan Jaeger, Anirban Lahiri 
  • 3:54 p.m.: Victor Perez, Aaron Wise, Jordan Smith 
  • 4:05 p.m.: Chris Sanger, J.J. Spaun, David Micheluzzi 
  • 4:16 p.m.: Thomas Detry, J.J. Killeen, Matt Wallace 
  • 4:27 p.m.: Nick Hardy, Greg Koch, Eric Cole 

Who will win the PGA Championship 2023?  

Justin Thomas is the defending champion, but Jon Rahm enters the week as one of the betting favorites (+750). The Spaniard has amassed four wins already this season including the Masters in April — his second major championship victory. 

However, it’s Scottie Scheffler on top of the betting odds list, sitting at +700. He tied for fifth at last week’s AT&T Byron Nelson and grabbed a T-10 finish at Augusta National. 

At double Scheffler’s odds is McIlroy (+1400), who is going through a bit of a funk. In his last three stroke-play events, the Northern Irishman has missed the cut at the Players and Masters, and tied for 47th at the Wells Fargo Championship.

PGA Championship dark horse picks 2023  

Although the field is littered with stars from both the PGA Tour and LIV Golf League, there are several names further down the odds list worth keeping an eye on. 

Here are five sleeper picks for the PGA Championship at Oak Hill: Tommy Fleetwood (60/1), Rickie Fowler (60/1), Adam Scott (80/1), Shane Lowry (90/1), Gary Woodland (90/1).

Rory McIlroy at Oak Hill in Rochester  

Rory McIlroy stopped short of saying he has the home course advantage this week for the PGA Championship at Oak Hill Country Club, especially when you consider he actually hasn’t played the East Course since its renovation. 

“It’s not as if I have a ton of local knowledge here compared to everyone else,” McIlroy said Tuesday before heading out to play a practice round to get familiarized with the changes. “The last two days are the most I’ve really seen of this golf course over the last couple years.” 

He may not have much of an advantage regarding the subtleties of the course or the best way to negotiate the daunting challenge of the East Course, but McIlroy will likely be the darling of the massive galleries.

Oak Hill Country Club designer  

A voluminous renovation has been ongoing for several years at Oak Hill, and the goal of renowned golf course architect Andrew Green was to restore the East Course as close as possible to the original design Donald Ross created nearly a century ago.

Purse for PGA Championship 2023

There will be $15 million in prize money awarded. The winner will take home $2.7 million.

Who's missing at the PGA Championship at Oak Hill?  

Will Zalatoris, who is ranked No. 9 in the world, is the only player in the top 100 not at Oak Hill as his season ended due to back surgery. 

Jordan Spieth, No. 10 in the world, is battling a wrist injury which forced him to withdraw last week from the AT&T Byron Nelson. He practiced Tuesday, but it’s possible he might have to pull out. If he plays, he’ll start Thursday at 8:22 a.m. on No. 10 with Viktor Hovland and Shane Lowry.

LIV Golfers at the PGA Championship  

The LIV Golf contingent has a stout record in the PGA. The 17 players in the field have combined for 32 top-10 finishes and have made 100 of 131 cuts (76.3 percent).   

Englishman Paul Casey announced Wednesday that he's withdrawing from the tournament due to injury, leaving 16 LIV golfers in the field. Previously, fellow LIV golfer Martin Kaymer pulled out as well.

  • Abraham Ancer: Best finish, T8 in 2021; four of four cuts made.  
  • Dean Burmester: First appearance.  
  • Paul Casey: Best finish, T2 in 2020; 13 of 19 cuts made.  
  • Bryson DeChambeau: Best finish, T4 in 2020, three of five cuts made.  
  • Talor Gooch: Best finish, T20 in 2022; two of three cuts made.  
  • Dustin Johnson: Best finish, Solo second in 2019, nine of 13 cuts made.  
  • Sihwan Kim: First appearance.  
  • Brooks Koepka: Best finish, won in 2018 and 2019; 10 of 10 cuts made.  
  • Anirbarn Lahiri: Best finish, T5 in 2015; two of six cuts made.  
  • Phil Mickelson: Best finish, won in 2005 and 2021; 26 of 29 cuts made.  
  • Joaquin Niemann: Best finish, T23 in 2022; three of five cuts made.  
  • Mito Pereira: Best finish, T2 in 2022; one of one cuts made.  
  • Thomas Pieters: Best finish, T6 in 2018; six of seven cuts made.  
  • Patrick Reed: Best finish, T2 in 2017; seven of nine cuts made.  
  • Cameron Smith: Best finish, T13, 2022; six of seven cuts made.  
  • Brendan Steele: Best finish, T9 in 2022; six of nine cuts made  
  • Harold Varner III: Best finish, T29 in 2020; four of five cuts made. 

— Garry Smits, Florida Times-Union 

Is Tiger Woods playing in the PGA Championship 2023?  

No. Woods had to withdraw  from the Masters due to an ankle injury which later required surgery, likely ending his 2023 season. 

PGA Championship merch at Oak Hill  

Here is a first look at some of the items available at the  Merchandise Center located by the main entrance at the  2023 PGA Championship which is being held at the Oak Hill Country Club . 

PGA Championship 2023 odds  

Here are the odds:

  • Scottie Scheffler (+700) 
  • Jon Rahm (+750) 
  • Rory McIlroy (+1400)  
  • Xander Schauffele (+1600)  
  • Patrick Cantlay (+1600)  
  • Tony Finau (+2200)  
  • Brooks Koepka (+2200)  
  • Jason Day (+2800)  
  • Collin Morikawa (+2800)  
  • Matthew Fitzpatrick (+3000)  
  • Justin Thomas (+3000) 
  • Viktor Hovland (+3500) 
  • Tyrrell Hatton (+3500) 
  • Sungjae Im (+3500) 
  • Dustin Johnson (+3500) 
  • Cameron Young (+3500) 
  • Cameron Smith (+3500) 
  • Max Homa (+4000) 
  • Jordan Spieth (+4500) 
  • Hideki Matsuyam (+5000) 

— Riley Hammel, Golfweek

Wanna bet? Add +1000 on any golfer to win the PGA Championship 



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