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Explore the world!

Get dropped anywhere from the busy streets of new york to the beautiful beaches of bali. join 70 million players now, explore the world.

city travel game

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city travel game

GeoGuessr for organizations

city travel game

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city travel game

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If you've forgot your password, click on " Already have an account? " in the upper right corner, and then on " Forgot your password? ". Enter the email address which is connected to your account, and we'll send you an email with a link to reset your password! Don't forget to check you spam email if it may have gotten caught there.

If you are not receiving an email you might have enabled Google/Facebook login. If so, send an email to [email protected] and we will help you further. If you've forgotten which email you signed up with, no worries! Contact us at [email protected] and we'll help you out!

Is GeoGuessr available on App Store and Google Play?

What languages is geoguessr available in, what is seterra.

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city travel game

City Guesser – Single & Multiplayer City Guess Game

Do you want to travel the world? Test your knowledge of geography and observation in the thrilling multiplayer game City Guesser, which places you in various locations throughout the globe at random.

Immerse yourself in charming towns, busy metropolises, and all points in between. Look around you for clues such as language, architectural designs, locations, and more. Before time runs out, use these hints to locate the mystery!

Organize rivalries amongst pals in the game of geographic wit. Establish or enter private online rooms where participants compete to identify cities first. City Guesser caters to players of every ability level, offering anything from 4-minute marathons to 15-second blitz rounds.

Advance on the leaderboards while raising your worldwide IQ. Unlock accomplishments to receive streak bonuses and accurate predictions. There are dozens of locations to choose from, so no two games are ever the same.

City Guesser is an exciting travel trivia game with exquisite accuracy, covering everything from big cities to far-flung locations. Start the virtual tour now! Take in the sights and customs of new places. Develop your abilities and explore the globe; are you capable of becoming the best virtual traveler?

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The website that lets you experience the world from home!

Walk Around 100+ Cities Around The Globe! Admire the beautiful scenery and street sounds.

Guess your location from your surroundings and walk around & admire the beautiful scenery!

Drive around and view the scenery from 100+ cities around the globe. Admire the beautiful sights!

Explore the world by walking, driving, flying, and viewing live footage of different locations around the world.

View LIVE Footage from different cities around the world. Enjoy!

Enjoy the view from above for over 80+ cities from around the globe/world.

Explore different famous & not famous monuments from around the world.

Click on cities on a map to view videos from that city!

Experience window views from hundreds of different cities.

Experience road trips by virtually driving between cities.

Guessing Game

Can you recognize where a city is just my walking around it? If so, give this game a go!

Want to help Virtual Vacation out? Give us a share and give others the gift of travel! © 2020

City Guesser: The Addictive Online Travel Game That Will Test Your Geography Skills

  • Best Of Travel

On our latest list of obsessions, we’ve discovered an addictive online game called City Guesser – and we can’t stop playing.

How does City Guesser work?

You’re dropped virtually into a random city around the world where you can watch a live video walkthrough as though you’re there, all the while hunting for clues to guess exactly where you are on a world map.

You can either go worldwide to make it completely randomised or hone in on a particular country you think you’ve got down pat.

How to play

The process to play is pretty simple; just choose your difficulty and location then watch as the camera walks through a city and make your guess on a world map as close as you can to the exact location of where you are.

There is also a multiplayer option so you can compete with friends and see who’s the best geographical king or queen in the group.

Here’s a tip

Look out for clues like shop signs, the language they’re written in, what the people walking around you look like, iconic structures, and significant locations to help you figure it out.

Who knows, you may even learn a thing or two about some cities around the world you haven’t had the chance to visit yet.

Visit to play.

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Level Winner

Travel Town Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Complete More Levels and Rebuild the Entire City

By: Author Barbara Craig

Posted on Last updated: April 6, 2022

Travel Town is a match and merge puzzle game developed by Magmatic Games, and it’s currently available on iOS and Android platforms. On top of the beautiful sharp graphics and matching sounds, Travel Town comes with an addictive gameplay, that fans of the genre will certainly enjoy.

To get you started on the right foot, we have put together a comprehensive Travel Town beginner’s guide . We will start this guide with explaining the basic mechanics and continue with effective strategies to advance quickly in the game, rebuild the city and help your neighbours. Of course, without forgetting to enjoy the thrill of finding new and better objects as you go merging.

travel town tips

Travel Town is visually similar and has the same mechanics as Merge Mansion , a game that we have covered before here at Level Winner. So if you had the pleasure of playing that game, then you probably won’t have any major problems going through Travel Town.

The game takes place in Travel Town, a beautiful seaside that was ravaged away by a storm. Your main objective is to restore it and help your neighbours who were left with nothing. Meanwhile, you discover new objects. The mechanics of the game consists of mixing matching objects to get better and better objects. You can sell these objects to your neighbours who in exchange will give you smileys among other rewards. Smileys are the in-game currencies in Travel Town, and you will use them to rebuild the town. To start to play you need to use energy. At the beginning you have 100 units of energy in the form of lightning and you must use it wisely to advance levels. But be careful, in between you must pay attention to how you organize yourself. Here I will share with you several tips and strategies to be able to advance quickly in Travel Town.

1. Starting From Scratch And Cleaning Your Place

At first, you will start with little free space to merge. Not only that, but you will also find spaces blocked by objects covered in sand. Do not worry that this is momentary and here you will see how to proceed to optimize your space.

starting from scratch in travel town

These grey objects that you find buried in the sand have to be removed with a matching item. To do this you must take objects out of the bucket and mix until you get the one you are looking for.

Now you may ask: How do I know what I need to mix to get what I’m looking for? Well, at first you will not have major difficulties. Keep looking, you’re on the right track. Once you achieve to unlock the space you will have a little bit more room and be more comfortable.

Pay attention not to miss the opportunity to unlock a space if you have the same item. As you advance in level, more spaces will be freed up to work and you will be able to have a greater variety of objects. You will also be able to see stars with numbers drawn on the sand, these numbers indicate at what level that space is unlocked. But you may have to dig up some grey object from that new place. When the neighbours see what you achieve on the beach, they will add you to the chat group.

travel town chat

There you can keep up-to-date with everything they would like to improve about the city, as well as read pretty funny things apart from the fact that they don’t stop talking in that group.

2. Stay Organized And Save Space

Maintaining order in Travel Town can be crucial and makes the difference between an average player and a pro player. Maintaining order in the first levels is not something very difficult to achieve, since you will only have a couple of objects on the playground. But what happens as you go forward? As you advance in the game you will have a greater variety of objects at your disposal.

Not only that, but you will also have to achieve more complex objects and you will have the board with half-jobs distributed everywhere. So how can you improve this situation?

A good option is to organize them by type , this way you will have more ease when searching for a particular object. For example, you can group the objects that come out of the bucket in one corner, the objects that come out of the picnic basket in another corner, and so on. You can also save space by gathering all the same items , so you will have more free places.

travel town inventory

Another option is to keep rare items, that you are not going to use for the time being, in the inventory. What happens if you follow the previous steps and still fill the sandbox with things? Can’t you keep mixing? Okay, do not worry! In this case, you have two options, one is to sell the objects in exchange for smileys, touching the object you want to sell and then below the currency symbol you can make the sale in exchange for smileys.

Some lower-tier items you will not be able to sell but if you need the space urgently you can remove them. You select the object first and then down in the garbage can. Throwing out the items does not benefit you since the sale value is not as good as the value for which the neighbours pay, but it’s still something. That’s why you have to try not to get to this point.

The inventory will also be enabled, where you can initially store up to 7 objects. You can unlock more slots in exchange for diamonds.

3. Keep Your Neighbours Happy And Successfully Deliver Orders

The neighbours seem to love the items you manage to get from the sand. That’s why they will be constantly requesting new items. Before starting to create an order object, you should review all the orders you have.

This way, you avoid making a very complicated request when you have an object that’s almost ready on your board. Sometimes the commands are very simple, but other times they are a bit more difficult. There may be unique objects , which you will have to find out where or how to get them. It may also be that you order 2 or 3 objects together.

travel town 2 items order

And you have to get them all, they don’t take half orders. This may seem difficult, but as the game progresses you will become a master at delivering double or triple commands. I recommend that you try to start with the most difficult of the 2 items. When you get this object it will turn green, this way it is very easy to identify them and you will know that you have to deliver it.

An ideal scenario is that you group the objects in green in some sectors of the board where you do not move the items much. This is so that you don’t keep mixing it with the same item and you lose the needed level. So you will leave it waiting until you get the others.

Why shouldn’t you overdo the level? If you build higher-level objects, you will spend more energy and later you will not be able to sell them and they will take up space. Also, you will have to start from scratch to build it again and deliver it, since you cannot go back. For example: if a neighbour asks you for a Nautilus shell but you continue mixing until you reach a starfish, then you will not be able to go back and you will have to wait for someone to ask you for that object.

travel town nautilus shell

Another thing that can happen is that you see some requests in grey: when you see this, if you try to open it, it will tell you that you have to go up to the next level to be able to take that order. So first you must level up completing other orders and then you will see what the order is about.

4. Start Little By Little To Buy Buildings And Reform Them

As we mentioned before, smileys are the in-game currencies. You can spend smileys on keys, so you can rebuild the buildings of Travel Town. You have several options to get smileys:

Fulfilling the requests of the neighbours: You will constantly have orders to deliver. Although, some objects will not give you many smileys in return. Some neighbours are willing to pay fortunes for rare objects. But yes, you have to know how to find them.

travel town order

Mixing certain objects: There are some objects such as photos or jewels that, when merged, may reward you smileys. You’ll notice because they will fly on the board, so don’t forget to collect them!

Buying smileys in the store: Some days there are available smileys in the store for purchase. It’s a lazy option and you must pay with diamonds in exchange if you do not want to merge.

Selling objects: Another good option is to sell some items that you have left and that you think you will not need. Once you sell an item, you will see how many smileys you got for that item in return.

Hmm… did you regret selling it? After the sale, you can recover the item by going down where it says undo selling and select the circular arrow. But be careful, once you select something else on the screen, the option to have the object returned to you will disappear.

selling objects in travel town

Opening chests: The majority of the chests have smileys as a reward, and you will be able to get many out of them. But of course, getting chests is not easy. You will have to fulfil orders, level up or rebuild buildings to get them. Once you get the necessary resources you can start upgrading the city. Keep in mind that in this case, you are going to need a pile of wood planks as well as smileys. Later in this guide, we will explain how to get the materials.

travel town upgrade

5. Squeeze The Juice Out Of Your Resources

The items that allow you to advance in the game faster are the following 3. Don’t forget to take care of your resources because they are the key to success in Travel Town.

Smileys: You need to get the maximum number of smileys to be able to pay for the key to the land that you are acquiring and also for the restorations. Doing this will give you experience points and you will advance in level.

That’s why every time a face item appears on the board, it is recommended not to sell it immediately and keep them in the inventory to mix them and reach the maximum level. This way, you can obtain greater benefits than selling them one by one.

For example: If you only have one smiley and you sell it, they will give you 1 in exchange, but if you have 2, they will give you 3, if you have 4 they will give you 7, if you mix 8 they will give you 15, and if you reach the maximum level of the item (level 5) which is 16 will give you 32 smileys. This is a lot of difference to make if you are patient and wait until you have the maximum level before selling it.

Energies: the energies will allow you to continue loading objects on the board, they renew themselves from time to time, but, indeed, they are also spent quickly when you need to deliver an object. That’s why every time an energy item appears, like the smileys, it is recommended to keep them in the inventory to mix them and reach the maximum level. This way you can get more benefit from it, for an energy item at the maximum level, you will get 100 units of energy.

travel town energy at maximum level

A tip to get more energy is to take a good look at the sign that appears when you run out, since sometimes to the right of the option to pay with diamonds it gives you the option to see a commercial in exchange for 25 energy.

travel town video ad

And because they are short commercials, I think it’s worth watching the commercial instead of spending diamonds on energy.

Diamonds: Diamonds are definitely the most precious and that’s why you have to avoid wasting them. In Travel Town, you can use it for almost everything. For example, you can skip the waiting time of some items with diamonds, but is it worth it? Perhaps, you can be patient with the wait and use the diamonds to exchange them for space in the inventory or get energy at good prices.

Check the offers daily, there are days that for a few diamonds you can get energy packages or chests. And just like energies and smileys, diamonds can be pooled together to make the most profit from selling them. Don’t forget that every time you discover a new item, it will appear in the collection book as a gift.

travel town collection

You must open it and inside it, you will find a diamond. So every day at the end of playing you can go to the book to continue completing the collections.

6. Permanent Objects

Permanent objects are those from which you can obtain objects in exchange for energy. These objects cannot be sold and you can take them to their maximum level. The higher its level, the better objects you will obtain from it. Keep in mind that of the objects that you can get from inside in exchange for energy, you will not be able to select them since it will give you a random object. Permanent items have a cooldown time that depends on the item.

As much as you have energy, you will not be able to remove objects infinitely. When the inside is finished, a clock will appear indicating how long you must wait until you can get objects again. There are times when you will be lucky and it will give you some higher-level item. Here are some permanent items that you will find in the first levels: Beach Bucket: This is the first permanent item that you get in the game. It is formed from buckets and you can take it to the maximum level, which is 9. From here you can obtain pebbles, stones, sandcastles and seashells, among others. When it is at its maximum level you will be able to obtain the mysterious letter from here but to be honest it will not be easy to obtain one.

travel town beach bucket

With the objects that come out of the bucket, you can complete the Shells and the Sand Castles book collection. Picnic Basket: This basket, like the bucket, is one of the first permanent items that you obtain and that requires energy to deliver objects.

travel town picnic basket

From here you can obtain spoons, olives among others. And you will be able to complete the Picnic Food series and the Cutlery Tools series. Jewellery display: When you take the jewellery display to level 4 you will have a jewellery box. It is a permanent item which means that it will remain on the board forever, not only will you be able to create beautiful jewels with what is inside it but it also has a particularity.

It is that this jewellery box does not use energy to generate objects! Which means that you will have endless items? Well, yes and no, because if it has a cooldown time. You can place the jewellery box in the middle of the board and you can see how the objects jump out.

In case you have a full workspace, I recommend that you keep the jewellery box surrounded by items. This way, neither of the will pop from inside, occupying the place you need on the board.

travel town jewellery

Once they stop coming out, you will have to wait for the recharge time to expire. If you need to make a jewel and you don’t want to wait for the recharge time, you can also use diamonds to skip the time. A trick for when they give you a reward jewellery box and you have one on the board: first you empty the one you have on the board until the clock mark appears indicating that you have to wait.

Next step, you lower the new jewel box to the board and empty it too. Once the 2 are with the cooldown clock, you merge them. This will not only give you a higher tier jewel box but also resets the time so you can empty it for the third time. 

7. Reward Items

Crates: Crates have 5 levels. Inside the crates, you can get smileys or  diamonds. When you get one, either for a level-up reward or for having completed a level. You can open it or you can also save it and wait till get one of the same level to be able to merge them.

Whichever option you choose, when you want to open it you have to select them and choose the option to open there will tell you how long you have to wait. The higher the level of the crate, the greater the rewards, but also the longer it will take to open.

travel town crate

Energy crate: The crates contain only energy inside so nothing that comes out of it can surprise you. They are usually achieved by levelling up or completing an order. These crates cannot be levelled up as they are at their maximum level when they appear. Toolbox: Toolboxes are boxes full of tools where you can find everything from screws and wood to cement and bricks for construction. They are crucial for building upgrades. Not only that, but they are quite difficult to get, usually given to you as a reward for hard-to-complete orders.

So I recommend that you keep everything that comes out of the toolbox well until you can get the maximum level of each item. So when you manage to build, for example, a brick wall or a concrete mixer, it will be kept in the inventory until you use it in some upgrade.

travel town tool items

These tool items will be saved in the second tab of the inventory. So you should not worry about them taking up space. You can go check what materials you have stored at any time.

8. Special Items Are Difficult To Get

Joker: The jokers are rarer items than diamonds. And they have the peculiarity of being able to duplicate any common object you have in the playground. If you’re lucky enough to get one, I don’t recommend using it to combine with a pebble.

Save it or use it to combine with an object that has a very high tier level. This way you will save a lot of time. You also have the option to buy it in the store in exchange for diamonds. So it would be a good purchase. Bubbled items: Bubbled items are items that appear inside a bubble when you are creating an object. These objects are trapped and you will not be able to use them unless you pay their reward in diamonds. Its price varies depending on the difficulty of the item. It may be that you are not interested in taking out of the bubble in exchange for some diamonds. But as soon as an item that you need appears, this may be worth spending diamonds on.

travel town bubbled

Be aware, you cannot doubt it for a long time since the bubble will disappear in a short time. Don’t worry if you decide not to pay with diamonds, the bubbles always leave you something in return, which can be a smiley, energy or even a diamond.

Mysterious letter: Just as its name says, this letter is mysterious, it is rumoured that it has a map inside and that it takes you to some hidden place in Travel Adventure, have you got it yet? Do not worry that as the levels progress they will come to your hands. As a suggestion, you should start by getting letters out of the bucket. Mysterious fossil: If there was something more mysterious than the mysterious letter, it is surely this fossil. It is much more difficult to get, but believe me, it has a very good reward.

9. Take Part In Special Events

Do not forget to complete the special events, they are a good opportunity to gather resources. Daily challenge: It is a daily event that will appear as an order on the top right and when you open it you will be able to see the tasks to complete. This order, unlike the others, has a time limit that you cannot exceed. You can see the time remaining from the order or when opening it as well.

travel town daily challenge

You can also see the counter, for example, if it says 0/3, it means that you have 0 tasks performed out of 3. As you complete them, it will indicate 1/3, 2/3, and so on until it reaches 3/3. Completing it will give you the reward indicated in the order. Wildlife sanctuary: it is a special event to which you are going to be invited to travel to the jungle. Precisely to a sanctuary, where you can feed and rescue tigers, cut dry or fallen trees, and plant new and healthy ones.

travel town welcome

During our stay in the sanctuary, you have to try to complete as many requests as possible. Here there are no smileys as a reward for orders. But in exchange for completing an order, they will give you a paw token.

travel town sanctuary

As you collect the paws you will advance in level, each time you reach a new level you will need more tokens to complete it. Once the time of the stay finishes, they will give you a diploma with the maximum level you reached and with it the rewards. The levels that you can reach range from level 1 to 8.

In the sanctuary, you will have a different energy, which has the same functionality as in the rest of the game but it is blue. When you run out of energy, you can go out and wait for it to recharge or you can also buy it with diamonds.

You can also collect smileys that will appear from time to time when you mix some items, it may be that smileys appear and you can collect those, a tip to take advantage of here is that if you see that our time in the jungle is running out and they are going to be left items, the ideal is that you can sell them before leave. Because once the time is up you won’t be able to come back for anything from the place.

travel town paw

The mechanic is very similar to what you’ve been doing. Only that here your mission, apart from completing the orders, is to rescue the tigers that are in the jungle. To do this, the first thing you must do is get items from the worker’s hut in exchange for energy. From here you can get tools, seeds and feeding bottles.

How to rescue your first tiger? The tigers are lost in the middle of the jungle but to get to them you must first cut down the fallen trees. You do this by taking some items of tools to the maximum level until you get a chainsaw. With it, you can choose the place to weed. Note that there are two types of trees to cut, one is the dry one that you will have to cut 2 times, so you will need 2 chainsaws.

travel town feeding bottle

And the other one is the stump for which you’re going to have to cut only once. Both will give you lodges in return. Once you enter the jungle you will find items in grey covered by the undergrowth, to unlock it you must get a matching item. When you go into the jungle, you may find a baby tiger in grey and to rescue it you will need to have another one. To get one you have to take a feeding bottle to the maximum level, then you double-tap it and a baby tiger will appear.

Once you got the baby tiger now with it, you can rescue the one you found in the jungle.

travel town baby tiger

How do you plant new and healthy trees? Once you were able to remove the dry trees, the idea of ​​the sanctuary is that you reforest it with healthy trees. To do this you must start by mixing the seeds until you bring them to their maximum level. When you manage to have a Sundari tree, it will provide you with seeds and flowers without having to spend energy in return.

travel town title

As soon as you finish don’t forget to claim your reward.

10. Be Persistent And Be Patient

As you progress in the game, you can achieve more complex items. Or maybe you use up energy faster. But don’t get discouraged, you can close the game and come back when you have full energy. Some items will take a few days to form but in the meantime, you will always have some other easier items to deliver. And when you have a permanent item in cooldown, relax and do other things in Travel Town.

That was our last piece of advice, and with that we conclude our Travel Town beginner’s guide. Hopefully, the tips and tricks we shared in this article will help you to advance in the best way until you complete your collection of objects and restore the city. If you have discovered any other tips or tricks during your gameplay, we would be happy to hear from you! Feel free to drop us a line in the comments below!

Karen Lancaster

Tuesday 26th of March 2024

How do I get the sand mmmm sand castle out of bucket rather than the shells ?

Deborah Leigh

Tuesday 13th of February 2024

What is an auto producer I keep hearing them mentioned. What do I do with the items? What items should I keep on the board?

Saturday 25th of November 2023

My favorite simple trick is this: try to keep 3 jewelry boxes on the playing board. Never combine them, and they will generate free jewelry three times as fast. Same with ice cream generators. Have fun Y'all.

Tuesday 21st of November 2023

Hi can someone tell me how to make the Goddess sculpture. I believe you use the are supplies for and I'm getting paintbrushes and notebooks which gave me pipes and make a colorful palette and pieces of concrete. But I don't know what to do with them. Thank you for any advice I could get

Sunday 6th of August 2023

What do the pearls do in the beach game?

city travel game

Urban City Stories: Town world 4+

Story builder for my roleplay, designed for ipad.

  • 4.4 • 26.5K Ratings
  • Offers In-App Purchases



Break your daily routine, escape to a new city and create a whole new life in Urban City Stories where you will live unprecedented and exciting experiences. Amazing places to explore await you, full of secrets to discover and new neighbors to meet. Welcome to your very own city! Experience the freedom to play your way and with your rules in everyday life in a vibrant metropolis, where its captivating places will inspire your imagination to create the most unforgettable stories. Take charge of the day-to-day life of a family in their urban apartment, take care of replenishing the products of the supermarket, be the police chief, or a banker, would you like to escape to the youth club and organize an unforgettable party? Or would you rather become a superhero and save the whole city? You will have at your disposal the most fashionable clothing store, where you can experiment with dozens of different clothes, accessories and hairstyles. And because urban life is always better when you share it, show off your outfit with friends and family using the new camera feature, where you can capture the magical moments that occur in Urban City Stories. Features - Free play mode without specific pressures or objectives. Your city, your rules. - Locations full of characters and interactions: A huge city with police station, supermarket, bank, café, fashion store, metro station, apartment, traditional house and a youth club. - 30 different characters that you can customize as you want with different hairstyles and colors of hair and skin, and dozens of clothes and accessories such as hats and shoes so you can create thousands of different combinations. - New camera mode so you can save and share the best moments that happen in your stories. The free game includes the city streets, 2 indoor locations and 10 characters for you to play unlimited and try the possibilities of the game. Once you're sure, you'll be able to enjoy the full version with a unique purchase, which will unlock all locations and characters in the game forever. About SUBARA   SUBARA games have been developed to be enjoyed by all members of the family, regardless of their age. We promote responsible social values and healthy habits in a safe and controlled environment without violence or advertisements from third parties.

Version 1.3.3

In this update we have included a number of improvements to make the game run faster, look better and consume less battery. Enjoy!

Ratings and Reviews

26.5K Ratings

This game is fine

I like this game but I don’t know why some people are giving it a one star just because there needs to be a fix. I think it’s fine. I think there’s no like bugs in any of these games and I bet if the person who made these games saw this they would be saying why are some people giving us only a one star review saying it’s bad I don’t even know why I don’t see anything wrong with any of these games, so why do people like some people need to give it a one star saying it’s not fine or not good

Hate this game sooo much

First off you have to pay for everything in the game. The only thing you get is the house like what are you supposed to do with only that the whole point of the game is supposed to have the rest of the stuff like what’s the point of only having one area like it’s so boring all you have is food. How are you supposed to get food? What are you supposed to do like you only have the house it’s so boring like I mean come on why do you have to pay five dollars for everything that doesn’t even make any sense like I mean it’s I know it’s only five dollars but I mean come on do you have to pay for every thing like why do you just get only one area it’s gonna make any sense and I should think that you should. I think that they should only have three things for sale and then it would be five dollars then it would make sense because like I mean I’ll come on what are you supposed to do? Maybe they could have the police station the bank and the grandma‘s house for you to buy because the rest you could use the rest of them you could use your useful but I mean come on that doesn’t make any sense so this is why I only give this game one star

Important News🍰

The game has great potential but you ruined it. By paying money for literally everything, All i can do is go to the free house. I know your trying to get money but this isn’t it I don’t know how this gets 5 stars it honestly deserves a 2 or 3. I understand you might think our parent s will buy it for us but most don’t. So here’s some ideas |💐—>: 1. Make more ✨FREE✨ items for us dearest creators 2. Make a character creator instead of having to use the supply’s for hair and skin! 3. ADD👏MORE 👏 SKIN👏 TONES. light blue, pink, green. If this is a kids app WE👏 NEED CO👏LORS👏 bright or dimmed we need them! or the- the Beige moms will take over! 4. If ykyk we need more hm.. Realism i suppose like when we drag them around they could like walk or run around. 5. I absolutelyyyy luvvvvv how whenever i walk into a shop it hits me with the BUY ME☺️ and i’m like b4💁🏾‍♀️ no way no how👹 ( if you don’t know i’m being sarcastic ) 6.😐 you better listen or else i will get duolingo on you 👸🏾

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  • Diagnostics

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city travel game

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Vacation Hotel Stories

Central Hospital Stories

Daily Shopping Stories

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Nerd Bear

25 Video Games That Allow You To Travel and Cure Wanderlust

By: Author Amar Hussain

Posted on Last updated: June 26, 2022

25 Video Games That Allow You To Travel and Cure Wanderlust

Travel may have changed forever and for some trips abroad to far-flung destinations could be a long way off. Wanderlust is calling and it’s hard to scratch the itch.

Luckily for us, there are several video games that will allow you to explore multiple places and worlds, all from the comfort of our homes.

In just a few clicks you can be flying over mountains, traversing jungles, driving through the British countryside, or diving under the sea.

Quick Links

Earth – Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

The middle east – journey, europe – euro truck simulator 2, under the sea – subnautica, u.k. – forza horizon 4, new york – spider-man, europe and africa – uncharted 4 – a thief’s end, colorado – horizon zero dawn, peru – shadow of the tomb raider, ancient greece – assassin’s creed odyssey, nepal – far cry 4, japan – ghost of tsushima, ancient egypt – assassin’s creed origins, san francisco – watch dogs 2, montana – far cry 5, caribbean – assassin’s creed iv: black flag, los angeles – grand theft auto 5, american frontier – red dead redemption 2, boston – fallout 4, washington d.c. – the division 2, oregon – days gone, tamriel – the elder scrolls v: skyrim, unknown – monster hunter world, the continent – witcher 3: wild hunt, alternative earth – super mario odyssey, final thoughts, best video games that allow you to travel.

Pack your virtual bags, we’re going for a ride.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Age: Everyone

Platform: Windows, Xbox One

Released: TBA

An upcoming new-gen title, Microsoft Flight Simulator, will be one of the best games to explore every possible Earth location .

The game will feature every part of the Earth. With 7 petabytes of satellite imagery being used as a reference, the game will be able to simulate every airport, city, and landscape available for us to visit.

What’s amazing is that the game will feature an accurate representation of a dynamic weather system, proper lighting per region, and accurate 3D representations places in the world.

So, if you’re tired of the rain where you currently are, you might as well take a break and vacation in a few tropical islands in Southeast Asia.

This one is perfect if you’re trying to make a plan for your next trip once this coronavirus pandemic is over.


Platform: PS3, PS4, Windows

Release Date: March 2012

It’s no wonder why this game holds up to this day.

It’s visually stunning, the music is an emotional masterpiece, and the world will let you feel what it’s like to be lost in the ancient ruins of The Middle East and its Arabian deserts , set in an astounding fantasy world.

The beauty that separates this game from its open-world cousins is that you’re not just here to play the game, but to visually and emotionally experience feel the journey.

Journey really is a rare gem that is worth a look.

Euro Truck Simulator 2

Age: Everyone (10+)

Platform: Linus, Mac, Windows

Release Date: October 2012

Feel like visiting Europe while enjoying the beautiful Scandinavian countryside? Euro Truck Simulator 2 has got your back.

You will play as a trucker whose sole mission is to deliver packages all across Europe . Want to visit Latvia ? No problem.

Feel like crossing the Italian highways to get to Poland ? Easy.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 is a paradise for people who want to experience European beauty, and countries you can visit include the United Kingdom , Estonia , Hungary , Norway , Germany , Sweden , Denmark , and many more.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 is the land-based counterpart of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. If you’re tired of waiting for the MFS release, why not try Euro Truck Simulator 2 for a fresh experience.


Platform: Mac, PS4, Xbox One, Windows

Release Date: December 2014

Subnautica is probably one of the best ways to experience the beauty of the ocean without having to go anywhere near a wet suit.

The game is set on a planet filled with nothing but a large ocean and rich variety of aquatic life, from large squids and a mutant shark to different types of fishes and humongous flora.

They all cohabitate in the ocean with a deep and complex ecosystem.

Forza Horizon 4

Release Date: September 2018

Are you tired of the slow-paced driving in Euro Truck Simulator 2? Why don’t you give Forza Horizon 4 a try?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a fan of city highways or country roads, because no matter where you like, Forza will have it all as it is set in the United Kingdom .

Explore the vast and open environment of Great Britain , from Edinburgh , up to Broadway and the Cotswolds , with hundreds of cars at your disposal.

Spider-Man Game

Age: Teen (13+)

Platform: PS4

If you’re not a fan of driving a truck across Europe, why don’t you fly a truck across New York ? Well, now you can, thanks to Marvel’s Spider-Man.

If you ever wanted to visit Times Square at any time of day and you’re having trouble getting there, you can just fling a couple of spider webs and weave your way around the entire cityscapes of New York City .

The open world in this game is massive as it stretches the whole of the Manhattan area. Perfect for anyone who fancies a trip to the big apple.

Uncharted 4 – A Thief’s End

Released: May 2016

One of Naughty Dog’s pride, Uncharted 4 – A Thief’s End is the final installment of the game in the Uncharted series.

Generally well-regarded as one of the best storytelling game by many fans, Uncharted 4 offers a good mix of exploration and combat.

The game isn’t an open-world adventure but you can still explore many parts of the world.

For the most part, you’ll be playing a linear story that follows several places from the cityscapes of Italy, up to Madagascar’s rich deserts .

For the most part, you’ll be exploring ruins and finding treasures, as well as fighting off enemies.

It’s a pretty fun game, and it won’t give you too much trouble in the puzzles since they’re fairly easy to solve.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Platform: PS4, Windows

Release Date: February 2017

One of the most visually stunning and gorgeous open-world action RPGs, Horizon Dawn Zero, will have you in awe, especially with the amount of gameplay and tons of replayability it offers.

Explore the vast wilderness and environmentally-luscious greeneries that the game can offer.

The game takes place in Colorado , now infested with giant robot creatures and beautiful nature reserves , where humans are the ones that are always in danger of getting stomped on.

Horizon Zero Dawn tops the games of post-apocalyptic genres simply for being spectacular.

The gameplay is definitely one that is almost similar to open-world RPGs like the Witcher 3, but it doesn’t really fall short of things to do, especially if you’re always on the run against the territorial and hostile metal-plated animals.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Age: Mature (17+)

Platform: Linus, Mac, PS4, Xbox One, Windows

Shadow of Tomb Raider is the most satisfying reboot of Lara Croft games franchise over the years.

Relive your nostalgia, now in full H.D. 1080p (4K, if you have one) and play as Lara Croft, the female counterpart of Nathan Drake from the Uncharted 4 series.

Experience the joy of exploring ancient ruins, the rich native culture of Peru, and the undiscovered beauty of both Central and South America .

You will meet not-so-friendly people along the way, but you can greet them in various ways. For example, with a knife, a bow, or a gun.

Choose how to live your rogue life and become the embodiment of freedom without boundaries.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Platform: PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Windows

Release Date: October 2018

Wise men say, “Only fools rush in,” but Socrates, Aristotle, and Plato cannot stop anyone from doing a Leap of Faith straight into a haystack after surveying Athens’s from above.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is one of the most satisfying games in the franchise. Who wouldn’t want to explore Ancient Greece ?

You’ll be able to immerse yourself in the center of Greek philosophy and knowledge in Athens , the lush environment of Kephallonia Island, the rich and culturally-diverse city of Korinthia , and many more.

You might as well explore the Lost City of Atlantis while you’re at it. You won’t meet Zeus here in Odyssey, that’s from a different game, but at least you can send your enemies to him.

Far Cry 4

Platform: PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Windows

Release Date: November 2014

Do you know what the definition of insanity is? It’s playing the same game over and over again, expecting different results. But that’s exactly what Far Cry 4 offers.

The game is set in the fictional countryside of the Himalayan alps , in the country of Kyrat .

The rich culture of Nepal and its atmosphere can be experienced by playing this game, especially if you ignore the danger, like the civil war and people shooting at you for no damn reason.

The game features the legends of the Kyrati culture that allows the player to experience both the real and supernatural beauty of its rich and astounding lore.

Ghost of Tsushima

Release Date: July 2020

Recently released, Ghost of Tsushima will allow you to explore several regions in Japan, and the beautiful sakura blossoms during the Mongolian invasion, which is a pretty terrible start for such a visually-amazing game and a peaceful tour in the land of the samurai.

What’s amazing about Ghost of Tsushima isn’t just about the combat and the gameplay mechanics they added, but the Photo Mode.

It’s one of the best features the game has to offer, and if you’re a fan of editing photos, you’ll have the perfect vacation shot in Japan , as well as its serene and stunning environment and traditions, all without spending thousands of dollars to get there.

Whether you want to fight dirty or with honor, it’s up to you. The game itself is already a masterpiece without the fighting,  but it’s even better now since you can put enemies down in a single slash of your master-crafted katana.

This the perfect game for Japanese aesthetic enthusiasts and those who wish to master the blade.

Assassin’s Creed Origins

Platform: PS4, Xbox One, Windows

Release Date: October 2017

Done exploring Ancient Greece in Odyssey? Why not try exploring Ancient Egypt as well?

Discover the roots and the start of a great civilization, you’ll play the first assassin in the history of Assassin’s Creed . Play as Bayek, a very tough and incredibly chill guy who is on his way to get revenge.

You see, when you’re playing Origins, you’ll be able to explore the beautiful and very sandy cities of Egypt , from Giza up to Alexandria , as well as the Pyramids of Giza , and the beautiful Nile River .

Unless you hate sand because it’s coarse, rough, irritating, and can get anywhere, this game is definitely one helluva deal for such a magnificent description of what it’s like to be ruled by Cleopatra .

It’s fascinating to see camels running faster than horses in this game, much more than a group of angry hippos destroying an entire village of fishermen.

Watch Dogs 2 Screensaver

Age: Mature (17+)  

Release Date: November 2016

This game is just GTA V with hacking and cool gear. It’s no wonder why this game is on our list.

Watch Dogs 2 is a very lighthearted and fun game to explore. It’s one of those games that you can play in many different ways.

The game is visually pleasing, the overall environment doesn’t sound as dead as any other game, and the people are quite loud (and you can hear what they’re usually talking about, even on SMS).

The general atmosphere of the game looks exactly (or better) than what you’ll see on the streets of San Francisco .

The core gameplay of this game is great fun. It’s an instant buy.

Far Cry 5

Release Date: March 2018

Probably one the best-liked Far Cry game in the series, Far Cry 5 takes place in the state of Montana .

This game is the definition of exploration—no minimaps, no HUDs, no maps, and fewer indicators that usually clutter up your screen.

There’s so much more to explore in this game; you can hunt animals like deer and bears for their meat and skin, or hike the mountainous regions with your Cessna, visit farms and small villages .

It’s definitely something you’ll see yourself in the real world, especially if you’re a U.S. citizen.

Far Cry 5 fleshes out the game’s open-world aspect, which gives the player a lot to explore and the freedom to do whatever they want.

Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag

Platform: PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One, Windows, Wii U

Release Date: October 2013

Aargh matey, you up for some booty hunting?

Assassin’s Creed IV takes place in the scenic and visually-stunning Caribbean archipelagos and islands .

Explore the rich environment that The Bahamas , Cuba , and Jamaica have to offer.

Hunt killer whales,  meet various types of aquamarine life, swim deep underwater to find hidden treasures and get wealthy in the process, or put down an enemy pirate and naval force ships.

You’re a pirate. The sea is yours as you are part of it.

You are no longer a mindless assassin whose noble ambitions and sense of justice are the primary driving force of the series.

As a pirate, you are the bane of the English, Dutch, and Spanish navies. Explore as much as you like and live off of your hard work.

The grind never stops. Keep hustlin’.

Grand Theft Auto 5

Platform: PS3, PS4, PS5, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Windows

Release Date: September 2013

GTA V is Rockstar Games’ most successful game, and it’s no doubt why you’re going to love this game.

Any fans of San Andreas always have been dreaming of a beautiful, next-gen GTA to play with, that is almost as good as GTA IV, with the amount of enjoyment that San Andreas can offer.

GTA V is one of the best games that you can play to explore the entire city of Los Santos, which almost looks similar to Los Angeles .

This game is the closest you can get to exploring the landscape of California .

A beautiful bay area, tall buildings, and commercial areas, mountainous regions where you can ride your dirt bike.

A sky that has air traffic, jet skis in the ocean, and a diverse array of people. This game has it all and more.

This is even better on P.C. because of the tons of mods and customizations it can offer, as opposed to playing it with a console. But, even in vanilla gameplay, this game offers so much.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Ready for some Wild West action?

Red Dead Redemption 2 is the sequel to the fantastic Red Dead Redemption, a timeless classic.

Take the helm of a troubled man, out here to ride on his horseback, take his horse to the old town road, and explore the American Frontier , during the Age of Cowboys and bounty hunting.

RDR2 is a very good game that explores the Wild West , featuring wild animals, wildlife, and teams of bandits. The old country is fraught with danger but you’ve got this.

Fallout 4

Release Date: November 2015

As post-apocalyptic games go, Fallout 4 doesn’t fall short of its shares of the environment of what it is like to wake up in the middle of nowhere, after a nuclear fallout (hence the name).

Boston ‘s depiction of a once lively city still has its charm, especially if you think your neighbors are extra loud during the morning, you’ll be glad that they’re all but memories of the old world.

Fallout 4 plays especially well for enthusiasts who want to explore what it’s like if Chernobyl happened, but people are still living there despite the radiation.

The game features a wide variety of bizarre creatures that spawned during the nuclear fallout along with many famous Bostonian landmarks.

The Division 2 Wallpaper

Platform: PS4, Xbox One, Google Stadia, Windows

Release Date: February 2019

The Division 2 is a sequel to the first game, The Division (obviously).

Explore the ruined city of Washington D.C. , the capital of great landmarks such as The White House , Lincoln Memorial , the Washington Monument , and many more.

If you ever feel like you need to cement your patriotism, come and play The Division 2 and see if you can make your mark among the anarchy.

Days Gone

Release Date: April 2019  

Have you ever wondered what’s it like to be a part of a biker gang?

Well, don’t fret, because in Days Gone, you’ll be able to play as one. Days Gone is an open-world, survival, action RPG.

The environment is filled with a variety of species, including the very hungry and carnivorous zombies that are always in groups.

The game is set in Oregon . Experience what it’s like to be a biker gang member and a wildlife hunter by eliminating a variety of enemies, which includes bad people most of the time.

This game is the perfect substitute for The Forest since this game offers forest reserves , rivers , and mountain ranges that are always available to explore, minus the base building.


Platform: Nintendo Switch, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Windows

Release Date: November 2011

Ah, yes. Todd Howard’s favorite baby. This game has been ported as many times as the bugs it has.

Skyrim is one of the best RPGs in the video gaming industry. Many people actually enjoy this game even if most of the time, the A.I. is dumbed down to a walking rock level.

This game offers so much content for you to last just about 50 hours and feel like it’s time to put it down.

Nevertheless, the beauty which this game offers is the rich and beautiful province of Skyrim , from the continent of Tamriel.

Skyrim offers a lot of places to explore, from rivers , caverns , dungeons , sanctuaries , castles , forts , snowy mountains , plains , and many more.

All in all, due to Skyrim’s popularity, a lot of people managed to practice their graphics and modding skills in Skyrim due to the game’s less complex system that allows it to be incredibly and visually awe-inspiring.

Monster Hunter World

Release Date: December 2017

Monster Hunter series has always been one of the best games that features a wide variety of exploration options.

These include abundant and colossal trees from the Ancient Forest , the stinking paradise of death that is Rotten Vale , the beautiful and coral reef jungle that is Coral Highlands , and the coarse and cavernous place that is Wildspire Waste .

It’s the core gameplay and general atmosphere of the Monster Hunter games that make it a refreshing game to play and get lost in. With the expansion of Iceborne, you’ll be introduced to a lot more maps that are waiting to be explored.

The game features several types of environments for every kind of adventurer or hunter you want to be.

MHW is rich and filled with great detail and storytelling about the existence of monsters and how the people survive in the treacherous and dangerous world of apex predators.

Monster Hunter World is definitely one of the most satisfying games, simply because of its natural environment that goes hand-in-hand with the great gameplay it can offer players.

Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

Release Date: May 2015

The Witcher 3 is hands down, one of the best RPGs of this decade. Few RPGs can match this one hell of a masterpiece by CD Projekt Red.

One of the best things about Witcher 3 is the exploration that makes the player travel The Continent , featuring the beautiful cities of the Novigrad region, The White Orchard , Velen , Skellige , the magical realms of Isle of Mists , and many more.

Honestly, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is incredible. The dialogue isn’t bland. The people aren’t necessarily emotionless and devoid of any kind of personality.

The cities are booming with vibrant and colorful designs and looks that make you feel like you’re living inside the game, and not just playing it.

What’s more, The Witcher 3 offers so much content that 100, 200, or even 400 hours isn’t enough to cover every bit.

There are times that you’ll waste a single day just riding your white horse while exploring the places of interest or just enjoying the view and scenery that it can offer.

Witcher 3 is a must, and people, regardless of whether they are a gamer or not, should at least experience this masterpiece.

Super Mario Odyssey

Platform: Nintendo Switch

Nothing bad can be said about this game. It looks incredible, everyone can play it, and it’s a sight to see when trying to play the game that honed most of every gamer’s childhood.

This game is the definition of “growing up but not growing out” of the things people tend to overlook and enjoy.

Super Mario Odyssey is one of the best games that came out this decade, and honestly, it’s kind of satisfying and rewarding to see that most of our childhood’s favorite game is coming out fresh and new while retaining the elements of what we used to love about them.

It’s kind of exhilarating, it’s fun, it’s enjoyable, and it’s not stressful.

You’ll explore jungles , safaris , deserted places , underwater dungeons , ruins , and even a city replica that looks like Manhattan .

Everything that Super Mario Odyssey offers is something that you can’t simply refuse or just ignore by not playing it.

This game is one of its kind, and everyone is encouraged to at least try and see the real adventure that resides within this game.

These games are merely suggestions that will allow you to explore the world or the world in your mind by playing them.

With the amount of stress that’s already in this world, I think we should at least give our minds a sense of peace, and with these games, you can get lost easily.

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10 jogos que vão fazer você querer viajar e viver novas aventuras – TechTudo – Ninja News

Monday 18th of September 2023

[…] desenvolvido pela Crystal Dynamics está disponível para PS4, Xbox One e PC. Com informações de NerdBear, Steam ( 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9 e 10) e PlayStation (1 e 8) 🎥 4 jogos com finais impactantes […]

10 jogos que farão você se sentir melhor a cada dia. – Portal Entretenimento

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[…] de Com Urso Nerdvapor ( 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9 E 10) ePlaystation (1 E […]


Saturday 17th of December 2022

It's a crime to not have the new Hitman trilogy in this list.

city travel game

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city travel game

Image Unavailable

Kulture Games Clap Clap City - The Travel Game with Twists and Turns - Learn About The World - Family Game for Teens and Adults - Bluffing, Strategy, Educational, Fun Card Game

  • To view this video download Flash Player

Clap Clap City - The Travel Game with Twists and Turns - Learn About The World - Family Game for Teens and Adults - Bluffing, Strategy, Educational, Fun Card Game

Purchase options and add-ons, about this item, the travel game with twists and turns.

  • Expect extreme fun, laughter, storytelling, and bluffing, as well as learning a thing or two about cities around the world.
  • In the box: 150 cards (40 cities, 10 surprises, 100 matching cards), a game guide and a pair of dice.
  • Created by KultureGames - By Africans for the World

Additional Details

city travel game

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city travel game

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Kulture Games Clap Clap City - The Travel Game with Twists and Turns - Learn About The World - Family Game for Teens and Adul

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Hasbro Gaming Trivial Pursuit Mini Packs Multipack, Fun Trivia Questions for Adults and Teens Ages 16+, Includes 4 Game Featu

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We love what we do because, through the universal language of games, we can bridge gaps, foster understanding, and create memories.

What makes our products unique?

Our products uniquely blend entertainment and social impact, celebrating diverse cultures through engaging games.

What problems are we solving?

We address the need for cultural representation and educational support by solving the scarcity of entertaining yet purposeful games.

Product Description


Can you match familiar landmarks to an unfamiliar city? Will you try to convince others that the Eiffel Tower is actually in Rome? You can gain it all in one second and lose it all the next but it’s still going to be a fun ride!

Expect extreme fun, laughter, storytelling and bluffing


Travel Guide

Sit tight, fasten your seatbelt and listen carefully. This game is as straightforward as traveling (cough cough). Each round, a player picks a city and all players look for a matching card. You clap twice when you find a match and then explain it. Other players vote on the credibility of your story.

clap clap

The first player to visit five cities wins the game. But not so fast …

Surprises like lost baggage, visa problems, flight delays or first-class upgrades may add twists and turns on your journey, or even leave you stranded!

clap clap

Travel Rules

  • You cannot use the internet or any other resource to verify a player’s story during the game. Vote based on the case presented to you.
  • Have fun and enjoy the trip!

city travel game

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Clap Clap City - The Travel Game with Twists & Turns

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Clap Clap City

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city travel game

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city travel game

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Jessie on a Journey | Solo Female Travel Blog

17 Best Travel Games For Adults To Satisfy Wanderlust At Home

By charlotte dow. this post contains affiliate links to brands we think you’ll love.

Looking for the  best travel games for adults to help satisfy your wanderlust at home?

If you’re like me, your Pinterest board is overflowing with photos of travel destinations, you’re stalking your favorite travel search engine for cheap flights, and you’ve binge-watched every travel documentary on Netflix. If a private jet showed up to take you to an unspecified locale, you’d get on, no questions asked.

You, my friend, have a serious case of wanderlust.

Wanderlust can be difficult to deal with when you can’t get out of town. Maybe your calendar is too full, you’re facing travel restrictions, or your budget just isn’t where you want it to be.

Thankfully, there’s a way to satisfy your craving for adventure from the comfort of your home with travel-themed board games!

We’ve rounded up of the best travel games for adults that will allow you to trek the globe for way less than the price of a one-way flight.

From conversation-starting cards to international adventures, you’ll be sure to find a game that’s right for you.

If you’re looking to plan the ultimate staycation or just want some fun stay at home activities for you and a similarly grounded travel buddy, we’ve got you covered!

Table of Contents

Satisfy Your Wanderlust

Before we dive into the fun travel games for adults, I want to share this free travel personality quiz .

Answer 10 visual questions, and you’ll be told what type of trip you should take based on your answers.

You’ll also be shown suggested experiences — all unique, to take you #BeyondTheGuidebook — for each trip type!

best travel games for adults - quiz

Best Travel Games For Adults

people playing the Trip Chase travel board game

1. Trip Chaser

Created by travel bloggers Dalene and Pete Heck of Hecktic Travels, Trip Chaser is an armchair travel game for competitive people.

Played by 2-6 players, the game mimics the act of travel, but without the need to pack a suitcase or spend $1000+ on a plane ticket.

You’ll collect and play destination cards in order to take trips around the world. Just make sure to plan your journeys strategically so that you have enough money to take each trip!

During the hour of play, expect a mix of challenges as well as enriching experiences to keep things interesting.

Bonus: The game is also packable to take on the road with you. And for every game sold, one tree will be planted via Ecodrrive (powered by Veritree).

games about traveling the world - Travel Banter

2. Travel Banter

Created by a friend of the blog, Nicolette Orlemans of Culture Trav, this fun travel-themed game comes in the form of a deck of conversation starter cards meant to help you re-live some of your favorite trip memories and swap life lessons with your partners.

Questions come in five categories — Arts & Culture, Food & Drink, Life & Lessons, Culture and People — and challenge cards will have you pondering the bigger picture.

While the cards are perfect for connecting with people you meet on the road, they’re also great for a night at home when you’re dreaming of your next big trip.

Moreover, you can use the cards to inspire some fun journal writing prompts related to travel!

Best Travel Board Games For Adults - Passport to Culture

3. Passport to Culture

Looking for the best travel board games for adults?

Well, if you binged too much TV and are now in need of some fun Netflix and Chill alternatives for travelers , Passport to Culture can help!

In this board game, you’ll travel the world and test your cultural knowledge, all from the comfort of your own home.

With 636 travel trivia questions and 60 possible cultural scenarios, you’ll definitely expand your knowledge — and will probably also discover a new location to add to your travel bucket list!

          View this post on Instagram                       A post shared by Jamie (@reissj) on Feb 22, 2018 at 12:59pm PST

Best Travel Games For Adults - Monopoly National Parks Edition

4. Monopoly: National Parks Edition

In this version of the classic property trading game, you’ll plan a cross-country trip to visit over 60 of the parks and historic sites in the United States National Park System while learning a little more about the parks themselves. Go hiking in Sequoia National Park , have an adventure in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains , explore the otherworldly landscapes of Joshua Tree , and more.

The best part?

You can play while supporting the parks themselves, as a portion of the game’s proceeds goes to the National Park Foundation.

5. Around The World In 80 Days

Inspired by the classic Jules Verne novel , you’ll race the other players to be the first to travel around the world from London in just 80 days.

As with all travel, success in the game requires a fair amount of strategy, as you’ll have to manage your savings wisely and make the right moves to come out victorious!

Note that to purchase this travel game, you’ll need to check sites like Amazon, eBay, and BoardGameGeek to find copies.

Bonus: After playing, click here to watch the classic film by the same name.

          View this post on Instagram                       A post shared by Jogos na Caixeta (@jogos_na_caixeta) on Aug 20, 2019 at 3:20am PDT

6. Ticket To Ride

Train fans and history buffs alike will love this two-to-five player board game that’s constantly listed as one of the best travel games for adults.

Compete to create the longest train route across turn-of-the-century North America, traveling to different destinations around the continent.

Already conquered the original?

Check out the rest of the series, with versions set in Germany , Europe , London , India , and more. If you love travel-related games, you’ll easily become addicted to this collection.

best travel games for adults

Ever wanted to help build one of the most awe-inspiring — and unfinished — cathedrals in the world?

In Sagrada, you’ll use dice to create one of the intricate stained glass windows in the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.

A little strategic know-how and artistic flair will take you far in this game, while the gorgeous game pieces will transport you to the storied Spanish basilica.

travel-themed board games - Forbidden Desert

8. Forbidden Desert

In this game for two-to-five players, you’ll search an ancient desert to find a legendary flying machine buried somewhere in the rolling sandhills.

You’ll have to survive the elements and work with your teammates to succeed in this travel-themed board game that will take you to another world, all from the safety of your own living room.

          View this post on Instagram                       A post shared by Lisbon Board Gamer (@lisboardgamer) on Sep 17, 2019 at 3:45pm PDT

9. 7 Wonders

How many of the Seven Wonders of the World can you check off your travel list?

In this travel game, you’ll play as one of the leaders of the ancient world, work to expand your empire and build architectural marvels.

The game moves quickly so you’ll stay engaged and enjoy leaving your mark on history.

10. Discover Lands Unknown

For those who love games about traveling the world, Discover Lands Unknown will easily become one of your favorites.

The board game challenges you and your fellow players will find yourself marooned in the harsh wilderness, searching for survival essentials. As the game goes on, you’ll work together to find your way home.

Each copy of Discover Lands Unknown is unique, featuring different mixes of environments, characters, and storylines; much like traveling, every gaming experience is different!

          View this post on Instagram                       A post shared by onemainemama (@onemainemama) on Dec 21, 2019 at 5:47am PST

This fun game is perfect for outdoor adventurers who might find themselves stuck inside for a while.

It tests your knowledge of the great outdoors while giving you some inspiration for your next camping trip.

Grab a copy of the game’s travel edition to bring along on your next adventure.

12. Ridley’s World Tour Travel Trivia Card Game

Looking for a game that’s a little less complicated — and more travel friendly? Look no further than Ridley’s World Tour Travel Trivia Card Game.

This 2+ player travel game includes 80 questions as well as bonus facts and offers the perfect way to show off your knowledge of world wonders and cultures to your travel-savvy friends.

13. Who Knows Where ?

This fast-moving and easy to play geography board game has 1,000 questions on capitals, major cities and towns, events and facts, major tourist sites and more.

The game’s board is also double-sided, featuring a world map with borders and country names for easier play on one side, and a topographical map on the other for more of a challenge.

As you learn about some of the coolest places on earth, you’re bound to get a few ideas for your next trip.

          View this post on Instagram                       A post shared by The Restless Wonderer (@slshowell86) on Feb 2, 2019 at 4:56am PST

14. Backpacker – The Ultimate Travel Game

Travel bloggers will love this game in which players compete to be the one to bring home the most photos.

In this travel-friendly card game, you’ll trek around the world, visiting as many places as possible without getting sick or missing your plane.

No two rounds of Backpacker are alike, so you’ll want to keep playing this one for a long time.

          View this post on Instagram                       A post shared by Mark (@boardgaminginthe6ix) on Feb 29, 2020 at 8:53pm PST

15. Tokaido

In this gorgeous board game, you and your fellow players will travel through Japan across the “East Sea Road.”

Along your way, you’ll indulge in many cultural experiences, collecting interesting things to become the most initiated traveler.

For those who want to relive the memories of their travels to Japan , or those itching to take a trip to the island nation, Tokaido is a great way to experience the country from afar.

          View this post on Instagram                       A post shared by @parempi_kuin_kimble on Feb 1, 2020 at 4:03am PST

16. Scotland Yard

Anglophiles rejoice!

In this game, you’ll travel through London to track down the criminal mastermind Mister X, a fugitive of Scotland Yard.

You’ll traverse the city by taxi, bus, and underground, visiting great London landmarks like Paddington Station and Piccadilly Circus.

For travel lovers who want to get their Sherlock Holmes on, Scotland Yard is the perfect way to spend an evening in.

travel-related games

17. Globe Runner

With adjustable levels for different ages and abilities, this geography board game is perfect for travel-loving kids and adults.

Use your knowledge of countries, capitals, flags and more to race your fellow players around the world.

As you “travel” to different countries, you can share some of your own stories and get some inspiration for your own travel bucket list.

What would you add to this list of best travel games for adults?

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Pinnable travel-themed games infographic:

city travel game

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Great list! Sagrada looks amazing!!!

Nice, I thank you for sharing the games list.

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Home » Europe » Moscow

EPIC MOSCOW Itinerary! (2024)

Moscow is the heart of Mother Russia. Just the mention of this city conjures images of colorful bulbous pointed domes, crisp temperatures, and a uniquely original spirit!

Moscow has an incredibly turbulent history, a seemingly resilient culture, and a unique enchantment that pulls countless tourists to the city each year! Although the warmer months make exploring Moscow’s attractions more favorable, there’s just something about a fresh snowfall that only enhances the appearance of the city’s iconic sites!

If you’re a first-time visitor to Moscow, or simply wanting to see as much of the city as possible, this Moscow itinerary will help you do just that!

city travel game

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Best Time To Visit Moscow

Where to stay in moscow, moscow itinerary, day 1 itinerary in moscow, day 2 itinerary in moscow, day 3 and beyond, staying safe in moscow, day trips from moscow, faq on moscow itinerary.

Here is a quick look at the seasons so you can decide when to visit Moscow!

The summer months (June-August) are a great time to travel to Moscow to take advantage of the enjoyable mild temperatures. This is considered peak travel season. Bear in mind that hotel prices rise along with the temperatures!

when to visit moscow

If you’re planning a trip to Moscow during fall (September-November) try to plan for early fall. This way the temperatures will still be pleasant and winter won’t be threatening.

Russian winters (December-February) are not for the faint of heart as Napoleon learned to his peril. Some days the sun will be out for less than an hour, and snow is guaranteed. Although winters are exceptionally cold, this is when you’ll get a true glimpse of the Moscow experience!

The best time to visit Moscow is during spring  (March-May). The temperatures will begin to creep up and the sun begins to shine for significant portions of the day. Hotel rates will also have yet to skyrocket into peak ranges!

city travel game

With a Moscow City Pass , you can experience the best of Moscow at the CHEAPEST prices. Discounts, attractions, tickets, and even public transport are all standards in any good city pass – be sure invest now and save them $$$ when you arrive!

Moscow is a large city with many accommodation options to choose from. Staying in a location that fits with your travel plans will only enhance your Moscow itinerary. Here is a brief introduction to a few great areas of the city we recommend checking out!

The best place to stay in Moscow to be close to all the action is Kitay-Gorod. This charming neighborhood will put you within walking distance to Moscow’s famous Red Square, thus cutting down on travel time. This will allow you to see more of the city in a shorter amount of time!

where to stay in moscow

It’s surrounded by restaurants, cafes, bars, and shops. If you’re a first-time visitor to Moscow, or just planning a quick weekend in Moscow, then this area is perfect for you!

Another great area to consider is the Zamoskvorechye district. This area of the city offers a blend of new and old Moscow. It has an artsy vibe and there are plenty of fun sites you can explore outside of the main touristy areas of Moscow.

Of course, as in all areas of Moscow, it’s close to public transportation that will quickly connect you with the rest of the city and make your Moscow itinerary super accessible!

Best Airbnb in Moscow – Exclusive Apartment in Old Moscow

Exclusive Apartment in Old Moscow

Modern and cozy, this apartment is in the heart of Old Moscow. Bordering the Basmanny and Kitay-Gorod districts, this two-bedroom flat is walking distance to the Kremlin and Red Square. Safe, quiet, and comfortable, this is the best Airbnb in Moscow, no question!

Best Budget Hotel in Moscow – Izmailovo Alfa Hotel

moscow itinerary

The Izmailovo Alfa Hotel is a very highly rated accommodation that provides all the components necessary for a comfortable trip to Moscow. There is an on-site restaurant, bar, fitness center, and an airport shuttle service. The rooms are modern and spacious and are equipped with a TV, heating/air conditioning, minibar, and more!

Best Luxury Hotel in Moscow – Crowne Plaza Moscow World Trade Centre

moscow itinerary

If you’re touring Moscow in luxury, the Crowne Plaza Moscow World Trade Centre is the hotel for you! Elegantly furnished rooms are equipped with a minibar, flat-screen TV,  in-room safes, as well as tea and coffee making facilities! Bathrooms come with bathrobes, slippers, and free toiletries. There is also an onsite restaurant, bar, and fitness center.

Best Hostel in Moscow – Godzillas Hostel

moscow itinerary

Godzillas Hostel is located in the center of Moscow, just a short walk from all the major tourist attractions and the metro station. Guests will enjoy all the usual hostel perks such as self-catering facilities, 24-hour reception, Free Wi-Fi, and security lockers. This is one of the best hostels in Moscow and its wonderful social atmosphere and will make your vacation in Moscow extra special!

Godzillas Hostel is one of our favourites in Moscow but they’re not taking guests right now. We’re not sure if they’re closed for good but we hope they’ll come back soon.

An important aspect of planning any trip is figuring out the transportation situation. You’re probably wondering how you’re going to get to all of your Moscow points of interest right? Luckily, this sprawling city has an excellent network of public transportation that will make traveling a breeze!

The underground metro system is the quickest and most efficient way to travel around Moscow. Most visitors rely exclusively on this super-efficient transportation system, which allows you to get to pretty much anywhere in the city! It’s also a great option if you’re planning a Moscow itinerary during the colder months, as you’ll be sheltered from the snow and freezing temperatures!

moscow itinerary

If you prefer above-ground transportation, buses, trams, and trolleybuses, run throughout the city and provide a rather comfortable alternative to the metro.

Moscow’s metro, buses, trams, and trolleybuses are all accessible with a ‘Troika’ card. This card can be topped up with any sum of money at a metro cash desk. The ticket is simple, convenient, and even refundable upon return to a cashier!

No matter which method you choose, you’ll never find yourself without an easy means of getting from point A to point B!

Red Square | Moscow Kremlin | Lenin’s Mausoleum | St. Basil’s Cathedral  | GUM Department Store

Spend the first day of your itinerary taking your own self guided Moscow walking tour around the historic Red Square! This is Moscow’s compact city center and every stop on this list is within easy walking distance to the next! Get ready to see all of the top Moscow landmarks!

Day 1 / Stop 1 – The Red Square

  • Why it’s awesome: The Red Square is the most recognizable area in Moscow, it has mesmerizing architecture and centuries worth of history attached to its name.
  • Cost: Free to walk around, individual attractions in the square have separate fees. 
  • Food nearby: Check out Bar BQ Cafe for friendly service and good food in a great location! The atmosphere is upbeat and they’re open 24/7!

The Red Square is Moscow’s historic fortress and the center of the Russian government. The origins of the square date back to the late 15th century, when Ivan the Great decided to expand the Kremlin to reflect Moscow’s growing power and prestige!

During the 20th century, the square became famous as the site for demonstrations designed to showcase Soviet strength. Visiting the Red Square today, you’ll find it teeming with tourists, who come to witness its magical architecture up close!

The Red Square

The square is the picture postcard of Russian tourism, so make sure to bring your camera when you visit! No matter the season, or the time of day, it’s delightfully photogenic! 

It’s also home to some of Russia’s most distinguishing and important landmarks, which we’ve made sure to include further down in this itinerary. It’s an important center of Russia’s cultural life and one of the top places to visit in Moscow!

In 1990, UNESCO designated Russia’s Red Square as a World Heritage site. Visiting this historic site is a true bucket-list event and essential addition to your itinerary for Moscow!

Day 1 / Stop 2 – The Moscow Kremlin

  • Why it’s awesome: The Moscow Kremlin complex includes several palaces and cathedrals and is surrounded by the Kremlin wall. It also houses the principal museum of Russia (the Kremlin Armory).
  • Cost: USD $15.00
  • Food nearby: Bosco Cafe is a charming place to grat a casual bite to eat. They have excellent coffee and wonderful views of the Red Square and the Moscow Kremlin!

The iconic Moscow Kremlin , also known as the Kremlin museum complex, sits on Borovitsky Hill, rising above the Moscow River. It is a fortified complex in the center of the city, overlooking several iconic buildings in the Red Square!

It’s the best known of the Russian Kremlins – citadels or fortress’ protecting and dominating a city. During the early decades of the Soviet era, the Kremlin was a private enclave where the state’s governing elite lived and worked.

The Kremlin is outlined by an irregularly shaped triangular wall that encloses an area of 68 acres! The existing walls and towers were built from 1485 to 1495. Inside the Kremlin museum complex, there are five palaces, four cathedrals, and the enclosing Kremlin Wall with Kremlin towers.

The Armoury Chamber is a part of the Grand Kremlin Palace’s complex and is one of the oldest museums of Moscow, established in 1851. It showcases Russian history and displays many cherished relics. Definitely make sure to check out this museum while you’re here!

The Moscow Kremlin

The churches inside the Moscow Kremlin are the Cathedral of the Dormition, Church of the Archangel, Church of the Annunciation, and the bell tower of Ivan Veliki (a church tower).

The five-domed Cathedral of the Dormition is considered the most famous. It was built from 1475–1479 by an Italian architect and has served as a wedding and coronation place for great princes, tsars, and emperors of Russia. Church services are given in the Kremlin’s numerous cathedrals on a regular basis.

The Grand Kremlin Palace was the former Tsar’s Moscow residence and today it serves as the official workplace of the President of the Russian Federation (Vladimir Putin seems to have bagged that title for life) .

Insider Tip: The Kremlin is closed every Thursday! Make sure to plan this stop on your Moscow itinerary for any other day of the week!

Day 1 / Stop 3 – Lenin’s Mausoleum

  • Why it’s awesome: The mausoleum displays the preserved body of Soviet leader Vladimir Lenin .
  • Cost: Free!
  • Food nearby: Khinkal’naya is a charming Georgian restaurant with vaulted ceilings and exposed brick. It’s a popular place with locals and right next to the Red Square!

Lenin’s Mausoleum, also known as Lenin’s Tomb, is the modernist mausoleum for the revolutionary leader Vladimir Lenin. It’s located within the Red Square and serves as the resting place for the Soviet leader! His preserved body has been on public display since shortly after his death in 1924.

It’s located just a few steps away from the Kremlin Wall and is one of the most controversial yet popular Moscow attractions!

Admission is free for everyone, you’ll only need to pay if you need to check a bag. Before visitors are allowed to enter the mausoleum, they have to go through a metal detector first. No metal objects, liquids, or large bags are allowed in the mausoleum!

Lenins Mausoleum

Expect a line to enter the building, and while you’re inside the building, you’ll be constantly moving in line with other visitors. This means you won’t be able to spend as long as you’d like viewing the mausoleum, but you’ll still be able to get a good look. Pictures and filming while inside the building are strictly prohibited, and security guards will stop you if they see you breaking this rule.

The mausoleum is only open on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday – unless it’s a public holiday or a day scheduled for maintenance. The hours it’s open for each day are limited, make sure to check online before you visit to make sure you can fit this into your Moscow itinerary for that day!

Insider Tip: The Lenin’s Museum is there for people to pay their respect; remember to keep silent and move along quickly, it’s not intended for people to congregate around. Also, men are not allowed to wear hats and everyone must take their hands out of their pockets when inside the building.

Day 1 / Stop 4 – St. Basil’s Cathedral

  • Why it’s awesome: A dazzling designed cathedral that showcases Russia’s unique architecture. This cathedral is one of the most recognizable symbols of the country!
  • Cost: USD $8.00
  • Food nearby: Moskovskiy Chaynyy Klub is a cozy cafe serving food items and pipping hot tea; it’s the perfect place to go if you’re visiting Moscow during the winter months!

Located in the Red Square, the ornate 16th-century St. Basil’s Cathedral is probably the building you picture when you think of Moscow’s unique architecture. Its colorful onion-shaped domes tower over the Moscow skyline!

The cathedral was built from 1555-1561 by order of Tsar Ivan the Terrible. It was designed with an iconic onion dome facade and enchanting colors that captivate all who see it. Fun fact: If you’re wondering why Russian churches have onion domes, they are popularly believed to symbolize burning candles!

This iconic cathedral has become a symbol of Russia due to its distinguishing architecture and prominent position inside the Red Square. It’s one of the most beautiful, wonderful, and mesmerizing historical cathedrals in the world!

St. Basils Cathedral

The interior of the church surprises most people when they visit. In contrast to the large exterior, the inside is not so much one large area, but rather a collection of smaller areas, with many corridors and small rooms. There are 9 small chapels and one mausoleum grouped around a central tower.

Visiting the inside is like walking through a maze, there are even small signs all around the cathedral tracing where to walk, and pointing you in the right direction! The walls are meticulously decorated and painted with intricate floral designs and religious themes.

The church rarely holds service and is instead a museum open for the public to visit.

Insider Tip: During the summer months the line to go inside the cathedral can get quite long! Make sure to arrive early or reserve your tickets online to guarantee quick access into the cathedral!

Day 1 / Stop 5 – GUM Department Store

  • Why it’s awesome: This is Russia’s most famous shopping mall! It’s designed with elegant and opulent architecture and provides a real sense of nostalgia!
  • Cost: Free to enter
  • Food nearby: Stolovaya 57 is a cafeteria-style restaurant with a variety of inexpensive Russian cuisine menu items including soups, salads, meat dishes, and desserts. It’s also located inside the GUM department store, making it very easily accessible when you’re shopping!

The enormous GUM Department Store is located within the historic Red Square. It has a whimsical enchantment to it that sets it apart from your typical department store.

A massive domed glass ceiling lines the top of the building and fills the interior with natural sunlight. There are live plants and flowers placed throughout the mall that give the shopping complex a lively and cheerful feel! A playful fountain sits in the center, further adding to the malls inviting a sense of wonder and amusement!

The GUM department store opened on December 2, 1893. Today, it includes local and luxury stores, including Fendi, Louis Vuitton, Prada, and many more! There are numerous cafes, restaurants, and even a movie theater inside!

GUM Department Store

For a special treat, head into Gastronom 1. This 1950s-style shop sells gourmet food items, like wine, freshly-baked pastries, cheese, Russian chocolate, and of course, vodka! Also, be on the lookout for a bicycle pedaling ice cream truck with an employing selling ice cream!

The ambiance is simply amazing, a trip to this idyllic shopping mall is an absolute must on any Moscow itinerary!

Insider Tip: Make sure to carry some small change on you in case you need to use the restroom, you’ll need to pay 50 rubles – or about USD $0.80 to use the bathroom in GUM.

city travel game

Wanna know how to pack like a pro? Well for a start you need the right gear….

These are packing cubes for the globetrotters and compression sacks for the  real adventurers – these babies are a traveller’s best kept secret. They organise yo’ packing and minimise volume too so you can pack MORE.

Or, y’know… you can stick to just chucking it all in your backpack…

Novodevichy Convent | Gorky Park | State Tretyakov Gallery | All-Russian Exhibition Center | Bolshoi Theater

On your 2 day itinerary in Moscow, you’ll have a chance to use the city’s excellent public transportation service! You’ll explore a few more of Moscow’s historic highlight as well as some modern attractions. These sites are a little more spread out, but still very easily accessible thanks to the metro!

Day 2 / Stop 1 – Novodevichy Convent

  • Why it’s awesome: The Novodevichy Convent is rich in imperial Russian history and contains some of Russia’s best examples of classical architecture!
  • Cost: USD $5.00
  • Food nearby: Culinary Shop Karavaevs Brothers is a cozy and simple place to have a quick bite, they also have vegetarian options!

The Novodevichy Convent is the best-known and most popular cloister of Moscow. The convent complex is contained within high walls, and there are many attractions this site is known for! 

The six-pillared five-domed Smolensk Cathedral is the main attraction. It was built to resemble the Kremlin’s Assumption Cathedral and its facade boasts beautiful snowy white walls and a pristine golden onion dome as its centerpiece. It’s the oldest structure in the convent, built from 1524 -1525, and is situated in the center of the complex between the two entrance gates.

There are other churches inside the convent as well, all dating back from many centuries past. The convent is filled with an abundance of 16th and 17th-century religious artworks, including numerous large and extravagant frescos!

Novodevichy Convent

Just outside the convent’s grounds lies the Novodevichy Cemetery. Here, you can visit the graves of famous Russians, including esteemed authors, composers, and politicians. Probably the most intriguing gravestone belongs to Russian politician Nikita Khruschev!

The Novodevichy Convent is located near the Moscow River and offers a peaceful retreat from the busy city. In 2004, it was proclaimed a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The convent remains remarkably well-preserved and is an outstanding example of Moscow Baroque architecture! 

Insider Tip: To enter the cathedrals inside the complex, women are advised to cover their heads and shoulders, while men should wear long pants.

Day 2 / Stop 2 – Gorky Central Park of Culture and Leisure

  • Why it’s awesome: A large amusement area in the heart of the city offering many attractions!
  • Cost: Free! 
  • Food nearby: Check out Mepkato, located inside Gorky Central Park for a casual meal in a cozy setting. There are indoor and outdoor seating options and the restaurant is child-friendly!

Gorky Central Park of Culture and Leisure is a large green space in the heart of Moscow. The park opened in 1928, and it stretches along the scenic embankment of the Moskva River. It covers an area of 300-acres and offers a lovely contrast from the compact city center.

You’ll find all sorts of wonderful attractions, from boat rides to bike rentals to tennis courts and ping-pong tables, and much more! there are an open-air cinema and festive events and concerts scheduled in the summer months.  A wide selection of free fitness classes is also offered on a regular basis, including jogging, roller skating, and dancing!

Although many of the options you’ll find here are more suited for outdoor leisure during the summer, you’ll also a selection of winter attractions, including one of Europe’s largest ice rinks for ice-skating!

Gorky Central Park of Culture and Leisure

If you’re trying to decide what to do in Moscow with kids, the park also offers several venues designed specifically for kids. Check out the year-round Green School which offers hands-on classes in gardening and art! You can also feed the squirrels and birds at the Golitsinsky Ponds!

The park is very well maintained and kept clean and the entrance is free of charge, although most individual attractions cost money. There is also Wi-Fi available throughout the park.

With so many attractions, you could easily spend all day here! If you’re only planning a 2 day itinerary in Moscow, make sure to plan your time accordingly and map out all the areas you want to see beforehand!

Day 2 / Stop 3 – The State Tretyakov Gallery

  • Why it’s awesome: The gallery’s collection consists entirely of Russian art made by Russian artists!
  • Food nearby : Brothers Tretyakovs is located right across the street from the gallery. It’s a wonderfully atmospheric restaurant serving top quality food and drinks!

The State Tretyakov Gallery was founded in 1856 by influential merchant and collector Pavel Tretyakov.  The gallery is a national treasury of Russian fine art and one of the most important museums in Russia!

It houses the world’s best collection of Russian art and contains more than 130, 000 paintings, sculptures, and graphics! These works have been created throughout the centuries by generations of Russia’s most talented artists!

The State Tretyakov Gallery

The exhibits range from mysterious 12th-century images to politically charged canvases. The collection is rich and revealing and offers great insight into the history and attitudes of this long-suffering yet inspired people!

All pictures are also labeled in English. If you plan to take your time and see everything inside the museum it will take a good 3-4 hours, so make sure to plan your Moscow trip itinerary accordingly! This gallery is a must-see stop for art lovers, or anyone wanting to explore the local culture and history of Russia in a creative and insightful manner! 

Insider Tip: When planning your 2 days in Moscow itinerary, keep in mind that most museums in Moscow are closed on Mondays, this includes The State Tretyakov Gallery!

Day 2 / Stop 4 – All-Russian Exhibition Center

  • Why it’s awesome: This large exhibition center showcases the achievements of the Soviet Union in several different spheres. 
  • Food nearby: Varenichnaya No. 1 serves authentic and homestyle Russian cuisine in an intimate and casual setting.

The All-Russian Exhibition Center is a massive park that presents the glory of the Soviet era! It pays homage to the achievements of Soviet Russia with its many different sites found on the property.

The center was officially opened in 1939 to exhibit the achievements of the Soviet Union. It’s a huge complex of buildings and the largest exhibition center in Moscow. There are several exhibition halls dedicated to different achievements and every year there are more than one hundred and fifty specialized exhibitions!

All Russian Exhibition Center

The Peoples Friendship Fountain was constructed in 1954 and is a highlight of the park. The stunning gold fountain features 16 gilded statues of girls, each representing the former Soviet Union republics. 

The Stone Flower Fountain was also built in 1954 and is worth checking out. The centerpiece of this large fountain is a flower carved from stones from the Ural Mountains! Along the side of the fountain are various bronze sculptures.

You will find many people zipping around on rollerblades and bicycles across the large area that the venue covers. It’s also home to amusement rides and carousels, making it the perfect place to stop with kids on your Moscow itinerary! Make sure to wear comfortable shoes and allow a few hours to explore all the areas that interest you!

Day 2 / Stop 5 – Bolshoi Theater

  • Why it’s awesome: The Bolshoi Theater is a historic venue that hosts world-class ballet and opera performances!
  • Cost: Prices vary largely between USD $2.00 –  USD $228.00 based on seat location.
  • Food nearby: Head to the Russian restaurant, Bolshoi for high-quality food and drinks and excellent service!

The Bolshoi Theater is among the oldest and most renowned ballet and opera companies in the world! It also boasts the world’s biggest ballet company, with more than 200 dancers!

The theater has been rebuilt and renovated several times during its long history. In 2011 it finished its most recent renovation after an extensive six-year restoration that started in 2005. The renovation included an improvement in acoustics and the restoration of the original Imperial decor.

The Bolshoi Theater has put on many of the world’s most famous ballet acts! Tchaikovsky’s ballet Swan Lake premiered at the theater in 1877 and other notable performances of the Bolshoi repertoire include Tchaikovsky’s The Sleeping Beauty and The Nutcracker!

Bolshoi Theater

Today, when you visit the theater, you can expect a magical performance from skilled singers, dancers, and musicians with the highest level of technique!

If you don’t have time to see a show, the theater also provides guided tours on select days of the week. Tours are given in both Russian and English and will provide visitors with a more intimate look at the different areas of the theater!

The stage of this iconic Russian theater has seen many outstanding performances. If you’re a fan of the performing arts, the Bolshoi Theater is one of the greatest and oldest ballet and opera companies in the world, making it a must-see attraction on your Moscow itinerary!

moscow itinerary

Godzillas Hostel

Godzillas Hostel is located in the center of Moscow, just a short walk from all the major tourist attractions and the metro station.

  • Towels Included

Cosmonautics Museum | Alexander Garden | Ostankino Tower | Izmaylovo District | Soviet Arcade Museum

Now that we’ve covered what to do in Moscow in 2 days, if you’re able to spend more time in the city you’re going to need more attractions to fill your time. Here are a few more really cool things to do in Moscow we recommend!

Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics

  • Hear the timeline of the ‘space race’ from the Russian perspective
  • This museum is fun for both adults and children!
  • Admission is USD $4.00

The Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics is a museum dedicated to space exploration! The museum explores the history of flight, astronomy, space exploration, space technology, and space in the arts. It houses a large assortment of Soviet and Russian space-related exhibits, and the museum’s collection holds approximately 85,000 different items!

Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics

The museum does an excellent job of telling the full story of the exciting space race between the USSR and the US! It highlights the brightest moments in Russian history and humanity and is very interesting and fun for all ages!

If you’re a fan of space or just curious about gaining insight into Russia’s fascinating history of space exploration, make sure to add this to your 3 day itinerary in Moscow!

The Alexander Garden

  • A tranquil place to relax near the Red Square
  • Green lawns dotted with sculptures and lovely water features
  • The park is open every day and has no entrance fee

The Alexander Garden was one of the first urban public parks in Moscow! The garden premiered in 1821 and was built to celebrate Russia’s victory over Napoleon’s forces in 1812!

The park is beautiful and well maintained with paths to walk on and benches to rest on. The park contains three separate gardens: the upper garden, middle garden, and lower garden.

The Alexander Garden

Located in the upper garden, towards the main entrance to the park is the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier with its eternal flame. This monument was created in 1967 and contains the body of a soldier who fell during the Great Patriotic War!

The park stretches along all the length of the western Kremlin wall for about half a mile. Due to its central location in the city, it’ll be easily accessible when you’re out exploring The Red Square.

It provides a bit of relief from the city’s high-energy city streets. Bring a picnic lunch, go for a walk, or just sit and people watch, this is one of the best Moscow sites to wind-down and relax!

Ostankino Television Tower

  • Television and radio tower in Moscow
  • Currently the tallest free-standing structure in Europe
  • Make sure you bring your passport when you visit, you can’t go up without it!

For spectacular views of the city, make sure to add the Ostankino Television Tower to your itinerary for Moscow! This impressive free-standing structure provides stunning views of the city in every direction. The glass floor at the top also provides great alternative views of the city!

Ostankino Television Tower

It takes just 58 seconds for visitors to reach the Tower’s observation deck by super fast elevator. The tower is open every day for long hours and is a great site in Moscow to check out! There is even a restaurant at the top where you can enjoy rotating views of the city while you dine on traditional Russian cuisine or European cuisine!

The tower is somewhat of an architectural surprise in a city that is not known for skyscrapers! To see the city from a new perspective, make sure to add this stop to your Moscow itinerary!

Izmaylovo District

  • The most popular attractions in this district are the kremlin and the flea market
  • Outside of the city center and easy to reach via metro
  • Most popular during the summer and on weekends

Travel outside the city center and discover a unique area of the city! The Izmaylovo District is a popular destination for locals and tourists alike, and one of the coolest places to see in Moscow! The two main attractions we recommend checking out are the Kremlin and the flea market.

The Izmailovo Kremlin was established as a cultural center and molded after traditional Russian architecture. This colorful complex is home to several single-subject museums, including a Russian folk art museum and a vodka museum!

Izmaylovo District

Next to the Kremlin is the Izmailovo open-air market, which dates back to the 17th century! The market is connected to the Izmailovo Kremlin by a wooden bridge. Pick up all your Russian souvenirs here, including traditional handicrafts, paintings, books, retro toys, and Soviet memorabilia!

You will find many hand-made and hand-painted options available at higher prices, as well as mass-produced souvenir options at lower prices!

Museum of Soviet Arcade Games

  • Closed on Mondays
  • Filled with old arcade games that visitors get to try out!
  • The museum also includes a small cafe and burger shop

For something a little different, check out the Museum of Soviet Arcade Games! The museum features roughly 60 machines from the Soviet era, including video games, pinball machines, and collaborative hockey foosball! The machines inside the museum were produced in the USSR in the mid-1970s.

Museum of Soviet Arcade Games

The best part is, most of the games are still playable! Purchase tickets and try the games out for yourself! The museum also has a neat little screening room that plays old Soviet cartoons and an area with Soviet magazines! This unique attraction is a fun addition to a 3 day itinerary in Moscow, and an attraction that all ages will enjoy! 

Whether you’re spending one day in Moscow, or more, safety is an important thing to keep in mind when traveling to a big city! Overall, Moscow is a very safe place to visit. However, it is always recommended that tourists take certain precautions when traveling to a new destination!

The police in Moscow is extremely effective at making the city a safe place to visit and do their best to patrol all of the top Moscow, Russia tourist attractions. However, tourists can still be a target for pickpockets and scammers.

Moscow has a huge flow of tourists, therefore there is a risk for pickpocketing. Simple precautions will help eliminate your chances of being robbed. Stay vigilant, keep your items close to you at all times, and don’t flash your valuables!

If you’re planning a solo Moscow itinerary, you should have no need to worry, as the city is also considered safe for solo travelers, even women. Stay in the populated areas, try and not travel alone late at night, and never accept rides from strangers or taxis without a meter and correct signage.

The threat of natural disasters in Moscow is low, with the exception of severe winters when the temperature can dip below freezing! Bring a good, warm jacket if you visit in Winter.

However, please note that Russian views on homsexuality are far less accepting than those in Western Europe. Likewise, Non-Caucasian travellers may sadly encounter racism in Russia .

Don’t Forget Your Travel Insurance for Moscow

ALWAYS sort out your backpacker insurance before your trip. There’s plenty to choose from in that department, but a good place to start is Safety Wing .

They offer month-to-month payments, no lock-in contracts, and require absolutely no itineraries: that’s the exact kind of insurance long-term travellers and digital nomads need.

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SafetyWing is cheap, easy, and admin-free: just sign up lickety-split so you can get back to it!

Click the button below to learn more about SafetyWing’s setup or read our insider review for the full tasty scoop.

Now that we’ve covered all the top things to see in Moscow, we thought we’d include some exciting day trips to other areas of the country!

Sergiev Posad (Golden Ring)

Sergiev Posad Golden Ring

On this 7-hour guided tour, you’ll visit several scenic and historic areas of Russia. Start your day with hotel pick-up as you’re transferred by a comfortable car or minivan to Sergiev Posad. Admire the charming Russian countryside on your drive and enjoy a quick stop to visit the Russian village, Rudonezh!

You’ll see the majestic Saint Spring and the Church of Sergiev Radonezh. You’ll also visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius, one of the most famous Orthodox sites in Russia!

Lastly, you’ll swing by the local Matreshka market and enjoy a break in a nice Russian restaurant before returning to Moscow!

Day Trip to Vladimir and Suzdal

Day Trip to Vladimir and Suzdal

On this 13-hour trip, you’ll discover old Russia, with its picturesque landscapes and white-stoned beautiful churches! You’ll visit the main towns of the famous Golden Ring of Russia – the name for several cities and smaller towns north-east of Moscow.

Your first stop will be in the town of Vladimir, the ancient capital of all Russian principalities. The city dates back to the 11th century and is one of the oldest and the most important towns along the Ring! Next, you’ll visit Suzdal, a calm ancient Russian town north of Vladimir with only 13,000 inhabitants!

The old-style architecture and buildings of Suzdal are kept wonderfully intact. If you’re spending three days in Moscow, or more, this is a great option for exploring the charming areas outside the city!

Zvenigorod Day Trip and Russian Countryside

Zvenigorod Day Trip and Russian Countryside

On this 9-hour private tour, you’ll explore the ancient town of Zvenigorod, one of the oldest towns in the Moscow region! As you leave Moscow you’ll enjoy the stunning scenery along the Moscow River, and make a few stops at old churches along the way to Zvenigorod.

Upon arrival, you’ll explore the medieval center, including the 14th-century Savvino-Storozhevsky Monastery. Next, you’ll take a break for lunch (own expense) where you’ll have the chance to try out the Russian cuisine! Next, you’ll visit the Museum of Russian Dessert and sip on tea at a Russian tea ceremony.

The final stop of the day is at the Ershovo Estate, a gorgeous place to walk around and enjoy nature!

Day Trip to St Petersburg by Train visiting Hermitage & Faberge

Day Trip to St Petersburg by Train visiting Hermitage and Faberge

On this full-day tour, you’ll enjoy a a full round trip to St Petersburg where you’ll spend an exciting day exploring another popular Russian city! You’ll be picked up from your hotel in Moscow and be transferred to the train station where you’ll ride the high-speed train ‘Sapsan’ to St Petersburg.

Upon arrival, you’ll start the day by touring the Hermitage Museum and the Winter Palace. Next, you’ll visit the Faberge Museum, where you’ll explore the impressive collection of rare Faberge Eggs! In the afternoon, enjoy a sightseeing boat ride and a traditional 3-course Russian lunch.

If you’re spending 3 days in Moscow, or more, this is an excellent trip to take!

Trip to Kolomna – Authentic Cultural Experience from Moscow

Trip to Kolomna - Authentic Cultural Experience from Moscow

On this 10-hour tour, you’ll escape the city and travel to the historic town of Kolomna! First, you’ll visit the 14th-century Kolomna Kremlin, home to the Assumption Cathedral and an abundance of museums!

Next, enjoy lunch at a local cafe (own expense) before embarking on a tour of the Marshmallow Museum – of course, a marshmallow tasting is provided!  Your final stop is the Museum of Forging Settlements, where displays include armor and accessories for fishing and hunting.

Discover this beautiful Russian fairytale city on a private trip, where all of the planning is taken care of for you!

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Find out what people want to know when planning their Moscow itinerary.

How many days you need in Moscow?

We recommend that you spend at least two or three days in Moscow to take it all in.

What’s the best month to visit Moscow?

The best time to visit Moscow is over the spring, from March to May as temperatures are mild, crowds are thin and prices are reasonable.

What are some unusual things to do in Moscow?

I mean, queuing up to see an almost 100 year old corpse is pretty unsual! Check out Lenin’s Mausoleum if you fancy it!

What are some fun things to do in Moscow?

The Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics is a fun place to explore the famous space race from the perspective of the ‘other side’!

We hope you enjoyed our Moscow itinerary! We’ve made sure to cover all the Moscow must-sees as well as some unique attractions in the city! Our addition of insider tips, favorite food stops, and day trips from Moscow is an added bonus and will guarantee you make the most out of your exciting Russian vacation!

Immerse yourself in the modern and traditional Russian lifestyle! Get lost in museums, witness awe-inspiring architecture, and indulge in Russian cuisine! Spend the day strolling through all of the charming sites of Moscow, admiring the beautiful scenery and discovering the city’s fairytale-like enchantment!

city travel game

And for transparency’s sake, please know that some of the links in our content are affiliate links . That means that if you book your accommodation, buy your gear, or sort your insurance through our link, we earn a small commission (at no extra cost to you). That said, we only link to the gear we trust and never recommend services we don’t believe are up to scratch. Again, thank you!

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Alya and Campbell

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Going on a road trip? These games will help you pass the time 

From classics like Scrabble and Uno to newer hits that prioritize conversation and connection, these games will appeal to everyone in the car.

No matter where you’re going on a road trip, travel games can be a great way to pass long hours in the car and create lasting memories.

The best travel games should be small and light enough to pack with you. They should appeal to a wide range of ages and interests. And of course, they should provide hours of entertainment.

With that in mind, the classic card game Uno is our top choice for best overall travel game. It’s compact, fun for everyone, and easy to pack and pull out when the mood strikes.  

But it’s not the only one. We considered portable games in several categories too. From classic board games to Ping Pong-inspired matches, here are the best travel games to take on your next road trip.

The best travel games by category

We break down the best travel games based on different categories like board games, card games, and more.  

The best travel board games

Purple cow magnetic backgammon  .

One of the best travel board games is backgammon, considered the national game in many countries across the Middle East and the Mediterranean. This portable version of the classic board game is magnetized so the pieces don’t slide around. Simply open the case, roll the dice, and play. The board may be smaller, but the strategy remains the same.  

Keep in mind:   The magnets on the pieces aren’t the strongest but do a good enough job of staying mostly in place.  

Product details: Number of players: 2 | Ages: 5 and up | Minutes to play a round: 15 |   Size: 6 x 3 inches  

Portable Puck Shot

Sturdy wooden pucks and a Baltic birch wood case make this portable hockey board game ideal for car trips, camping, or spending a cozy evening in a cabin. You don’t have to be a hockey lover to enjoy this fast-paced game either. It involves a simple sling that fires wooden pucks across the board at your opponent’s goal.  

Keep in mind:   The Portable Puck Shot game is a bit large and heavy, making it more suitable for a road trip than for carrying onto a plane.  

Product details:   Number of players: 2 | Ages: 6 and up | Minutes to play a round: 5 | Size: 17 x 10.25 inches  

Scrabble to Go

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Buy it now on   Amazon

It’s not hard to see why Scrabble is one of the most popular board games around. It appeals to players across generations, stimulates the brain, and can spark fun debates. This miniature version comes with snap-in tiles that make it easy to play on bumpy car rides or pick up later, after a break.  

Keep in mind:   The tiles on this mini version are small, which may take some getting used to for some players.

Product details: Number of players: 2 to 4 | Ages: 8 and up | Minutes to play a round: 25 | Size: 10.63 x 2.50 x 10.63 inches

Best travel card games  

Song survivor.

city travel game

This travel card game is a great way to kick off singalongs in the car or hotels after a long day of travel. Developed by Black-owned small business Doin’ The Most, the game involves drawing cards with one word, prompting each player to sing a song containing that word. If a player messes up the lyrics or can’t think of a song in time, they’re out. This card game is designed for players (and crooners) 13 and up, with easy and hard modes to help make the game as challenging as you want.  

Keep in mind:   Not everyone is into singing outside of the shower, so consider your audience of fellow players before bringing this one along.  

Product details: Number of players: 2 and up | Ages: 16 and up | Minutes to play a round: 15 | Size: travel size  

52 Essential Conversations

city travel game

The premise behind this intriguing travel card game springs from the idea that the art of engaging conversation never goes out of style. It’s a “social-emotional” learning game designed to get players thinking and talking about topics that can help people—including kids—open up, improve social skills, and spark creativity. The cards come in a small tin box, making them easy to keep organized and bring anywhere.  

Keep in mind: Although this travel card game is designed for players 5 and up, some questions lean more adult. If you’re playing with a multigenerational group, you can skip the questions better suited to adults or take them out of the deck before you play.  

Product details: Number of players: 2 and up | Ages: 5 and up | Minutes to play a round: NA | Size:   3 x 2 x 1 inches

city travel game

This popular family card game is equally fun to play while traveling. You can go head to head with just one other person or as many as 10. The objective is to be the first person to get rid of all your cards. But achieving that goal depends on the luck of the draw. Just don’t forget to shout “Uno!” when you’re down to your last card. We love that this version comes in a sturdy tin for safekeeping.

Keep in mind:   This version of Uno incorporates graphic symbols on the cards so players with colorblindness can play too.  

Product details: Number of players: 2 to 10 |   Ages: 7 and up | Minutes to play a round: 15 | Size: 3 x 2 x 5 inches

Exploding Kittens

city travel game

Easy to learn and loads of fun, Exploding Kittens is a cheeky card game loosely based on Russian roulette. Players draw cards, but use strategy (plus special “immunity” cards) to avoid drawing an “exploding kitten” card. With its compact size and lack of any additional game pieces, this card game is a hilarious way to pass the time while traveling.

Keep in mind: This card game is available in English, but other languages (German, Spanish, Italian, and French) are in the works.  

Product details:   Number of players:   2 to 10 | Ages:   7 and up | Minutes to play a round: 15 | Size: ‎4.41 x 6.38 x 1.5 inches  

Best travel games for adults

Pepper pong.

city travel game

This portable spin on ping pong and pickleball is one of the best travel games for adults. About the size of a shoebox, the game sets up virtually anywhere in a matter of seconds. Place the foldable net (called a Fence) on a picnic table at the park or any other relatively flat surface, and you’re good to go. The game’s three ball sizes (called Peppers) give you options for how aggressively you want to play. You can also feel good about purchasing this portable travel game—the makers say they donate a set to a recovery center or addiction-focused homeless center with each set they sell.  

Keep in mind:   There’s no official age minimum for this game. If you can swing the racket you can play. You’ll need a flat surface to set up.

Product details: Number of players: 2 to 4 | Ages: 3 and up | Minutes to play a round: 15 | Size: 12 x 7 x 4 inches

The Hygge Game

city travel game

Buy it now at   Uncommon Goods

Hygge is the Danish word for coziness and the basis for this 300-question portable travel game. The questions are designed to foster meaningful conversations among friends and family members. Play it during long car rides, in a candlelit, hygge-inspired restaurant, or anyplace where you want to spark fun and thoughtful connections.  

Keep in mind: Some of the questions go pretty deep and might surprise people who prefer more superficial lines of interrogation.  

Product details: Number of players: 2 and up | Ages:   14 and up | Minutes to play a round: 15 |   Size:   5.70 x 5.70 x 1.80 inches

Parents Are Human

Like the Hygge Game, Parents Are Human is a card game that fosters understanding and connections. This specific deck (others are designed for friends, romantic partners, and siblings) focuses on immigrant families, making it a great game for family road trips. Each set includes 50 question cards and 20 action cards in English on one side and another language on the other ( Arabic, Chinese, Punjabi, Spanish, and Thai).

Keep in mind:   Some reviewers say you can’t play this card game many times with the same people.  

Product details:   Number of players: 2 and up | Ages:   13 and up | Minutes to play a round: NA | Size: ‎3.81 x 2.81 x 1.44 inches

Where Should We Begin

city travel game

This traveling card game stems from relationship therapist and author Esther Perel’s Where Should We Begin podcast and is ideally suited for adults. Cards with topics like “A dream I’ve never shared” and “One of the things that is keeping me up at night” help travel companions learn more about each other in an approachable way.

Keep in mind: Many reviewers prefer not to use the dice and pull randomly from the deck of cards instead.  

Product details: Number of players: 2 to 6 players | Ages: 18 and up | Minutes to play a round: NA | Size:   9.4 x 4.9 x 2.6 inches  

Best travel games for kids

Nex playground.

This compact game console works as a portable travel game that the whole family can play while on the road. The colorful cube uses motion sensors (with controllers or wearable gear) for family-friendly competition. Just plug Nex Playground into a TV and tap the library of more than 20 games and experiences ranging from dance-offs to sports competitions and activities like jumping in puddles with favorite cartoon characters.  

Keep in mind: You’ll need floor space of about 8 feet by 8 feet to play, since the game requires moving around. If you’re in a small hotel room or other tight space, that can be challenging.  

Product details:   Number of players: Up to 4 | Ages: 5 and up | Minutes to play a round:   5 | Size: 2.83 x 2.83 x 2.83 inches

Kanoodle Ultimate Champion

city travel game

Popular on TikTok, this puzzle game can easily pack up and go with you on your next road trip. It comes with over 500 puzzles and a timer, challenging family members to use problem solving and spatial reasoning skills to beat the clock in time.  

Keep in mind:   This game requires two AAA batteries to operate.  

Product details: Number of players:   1 | Ages:   7 and up | Minutes to play a round: 15 to 30 | Size: ‎5.75 x 2 inches  

Play Monster Take ’N Play Bingo

city travel game

Kids can spend hours playing this traveling bingo game. The animal-based bingo cards are built into a metal case that closes for easy storage and transport. Two players take turns spinning the spinner and placing magnetic markers on the matching animals.

Keep in mind:   The magnet is built into one side of the marker pieces, so they’re not the strongest at staying put on the board. However, this game is hard to beat for an affordable and fun option.

Product details: Number of players:   2 | Ages:   4 and up | Minutes to play a round: 5 | Size:   1 x 6.50 x 6.50 inches

Pass the Pigs

city travel game

Families will get a kick out of this adorable dice game that involves rolling a pair of pig-shaped pieces to score points. The first player to score 100 points wins. It’s also a great game to play anywhere while traveling, since it only requires a flat surface to play, plus the pigs, scoring pads, and pencils fit in a small plastic storage case that easily tucks into a backpack.  

Keep in mind: Small parts could pose a choking hazard for younger kids.  

Product details: Number of players:   2 | Ages:   7 and up | Minutes to play a round: 15 | Size:   1.63 x 4.25 x 9.25 inches

Our review process  

The best portable travel games are compact and light enough to take on a road trip or flight, can be contained in a case, and are still fun after multiple rounds of play.

Size:   Travel games shouldn’t be large and heavy. They should be small and light enough to fit easily into suitcases and carry-ons.

Multiplayer: Games for two or more players are best, since the whole point of travel games is to keep everyone entertained.  

Fun-factor: Travel games can help stave off boredom between activities, while you’re in transit, or during travel delays. So make sure you choose games that appeal across ages, interests, and have enough variety for the long haul.  

Tips for buying travel games

Size of the game

When it comes to the best travel games, size matters, whether you travel with just a carry-on suitcase or don’t want to bulk out your checked baggage. Look for games that are contained in a case small enough to fit into a backpack. On road trips, you can get away with larger games, especially if you’re driving your own vehicle.  

Game ratings and popularity

A game’s ratings and popularity can give you a good idea for whether or not it will work for your needs. A sure-fire tip is to look for reviews by customers with similar travel styles and companions as your own.  

Players’ ages

It goes without saying, but you’ll maximize fun by packing travel games that are appropriate for everyone in your group. Consider bringing a couple of games–one for spending time with the kids and another for adults.  

Time it takes to play a round

When shopping for the best travel games, keep in mind that some people can take longer to finish a game than others. Consider your travel companions’ attention spans and choose accordingly.  

Frequently asked questions

Are there travel-sized board games?

Yes, many classic and unique board games come in travel sizes. Some even have travel-friendly modifications, such as magnets to prevent pieces from sliding off the board and carrying cases that keep everything contained.  

How do you know if a game is good for traveling?

Some games are better suited to travel than others. Card games with a carrying case and board games that don’t have too many loose parts (or are magnetized) tend to be good options for the road. Consider the size and weight of the travel game’s carrying case too. Make sure there’s enough room among everything else you’re packing for your trip.  

What are the best travel games for an airplane?

Since space is limited on an airplane, look for games that don’t take up more room than a typical airplane tray table. You’ll also want travel games that can handle turbulence and that you can quickly and easily pick up, in case you need to get out of your seat for a neighbor.  

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A History of Moscow in 13 Dishes

Featured city guides.

  • Emirates FA Cup semi-final weekend supporters guide

Emirates FA Cup semi-final weekend: supporters guide

Emirates FA Cup Semi- Final weekend Saturday 20 April 2024 Manchester City v Chelsea 17.15 KO Sunday 21 April 2024 Coventry City v Manchester United 15:30 KO Joining us under the arch for the Emirates FA Cup semi-finals this weekend? We want all supporters travelling to the game to have the best experience possible. Below, is a comprehensive guide of everything you need to know to ensure Wembley Stadium is a safe environment for all visitors on the day. Tickets Anyone without a ticket should not travel to the game. All tickets are strictly non-transferable and are not available to distribute to other supporters.  Click here  to see the full ticket guide. Fans with tickets are advised to check they are seated in the appropriate area of the stadium. Any supporter who is identified in opposition areas will be ejected from the stadium for breaching the FA’s ground regulations and be subject to each club’s own sanctions process. NOTE : Additional ticket checks will be in operation at points in and around the stadium prior to entry. Please have your tickets ready to show match day stewards when asked. Stadium access The fixture between Manchester City and Chelsea kicks-off at 17.15. General admission to the stadium will be available from 15.15. Doors for hospitality will open one hour earlier at 14.15. The fixture between Coventry City and Manchester United kicks-off at 15:30 General admission to the stadium will be available from 13:30. Doors for hospitality will open one hour earlier at 12:30. Make sure you arrive at the stadium in good time to assist with security protocols. Children (14 years and under) must be accompanied by an adult. Children under the age of two will not be permitted into the stadium. Please refer to your ticket for your turnstile colour zone. The quickest route to your turnstile entry point is by following the signage for the colour zone. Please ensure you enter via the correct turnstile. Stadium Security

Please note, additional safety and security measures will be in place at Wembley Stadium for both semi-finals. Full details can be found here. The safety and security of fans at Wembley Stadium is of paramount importance, and we always have robust and thorough security measures in place before, during and after each event. We work closely with the Police, the Safety Advisory Group and the relevant authorities to ensure that the stadium’s security protocols meet the highest standards. We will have multiple ticket checks and security searches in place on the day, including on the perimeter of the stadium and near the turnstiles, so we encourage fans to arrive at the stadium 60-90 minutes before kick off to allow enough time to assist with the security protocols. Anyone attempting to tailgate or gain illicit access to the stadium will be apprehended and reported to the Police. All events at Wembley Stadium have a strong Police presence, and search dogs with handlers will also be patrolling around the stadium to identify and apprehend anyone with illegal or prohibited items, including pyrotechnics and banned substances. Offensive Chanting Wembley Stadium has a zero-tolerance policy on any form of anti-social, offensive and discriminatory conduct, and anyone found guilty of this behaviour will be ejected from the stadium and reported to the authorities. Offensive tragedy-related chanting, gesturing and displaying of abusive messages is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. People who are found to have committed offences face stadium bans and potential criminal prosecution. No-street-drinking zone Brent Council have enforced a no-street-drinking zone on Olympic Way and the surrounding area for ALL events at Wembley Stadium. This is part of the current Public Space Order Protection in place around the stadium on event days. More information on the order can be  found here. Fans drinking on Olympic Way and the surrounding streets ahead of the Carabao Cup final will be asked to hand over their alcohol and enforcement action may be considered. Supporters wanting alcohol before the game should head for the licensed bars or restaurants in the  area  or make their way to the dedicated fan zones outside the stadium. Fan Zones All teams will have dedicated Fan Zone areas where supporters have the chance to join fellow fans to enjoy a drink, including alcohol, food and a DJ. They are an ideal place to soak up the pre-match party atmosphere. On Saturday, the  Manchester City  fan zone is located on the East Concourse area of the stadium and the  Chelsea  fan zone is on the West side of the stadium. On Sunday, the Coventry City fan zone is located on the West Concourse area of the stadium and the Manchester United fan zone is on the East side of the stadium. The fan zones will be open from 11.00 and stop serving alcohol one hour before kick-off. Supporters will need to present a valid stadium ticket to enter the area which has a limited capacity. The stadium’s bag policy (see below) also applies to anyone visiting the fan zone. Pyrotechnics The use of pyrotechnics, flares and smoke devices inside or outside Wembley Stadium is illegal and prohibited. Anyone caught carrying or using pyrotechnical equipment inside the stadium will be immediately ejected from the stadium, banned from future events and dealt with by police. Those caught using pyrotechnic equipment anywhere outside of the stadium will be in breach of the PSPO order and face enforcement action. More information  here . TRAVEL ADVICE Rail / London Underground Wembley Stadium benefits from easy access to three rail / London Underground stations. These are: Wembley Stadium station Wembley Central station Wembley Park station Supporters are encouraged to plan their journeys in advance to avoid disappointment or delay to their travel. All those travelling by rail should plan to arrive at Wembley stations no later than one hour prior to kick-off, to allow sufficient time to walk to and enter the stadium. Post-match, fans are asked to leave the ground promptly and avoid opting for the last train of the day. Please allow for longer journey times from Wembley Stadium to London Euston station due to crowd safety controls for safe station access. Please check the  National Rail Enquiries  and  TfL  websites to plan your travel in advance and to be notified of real-time travel information and status updates on match day. By Car Event day parking at Wembley Stadium is limited and must be booked in advance via the  Wembley Official Parking  website. Please book early to avoid disappointment. Any vehicles which do not pre-book will not be granted access to the stadium car parks. Customers are advised to park via the official car parks only. Blue badge parking is available for ticketholders with accessibility needs and this can also be booked directly through the  Wembley Official Parking  website. For any further accessibility requirements, please review Wembley Stadium’s  Access Information  page, or visit the  Guest support portal . By Coach National Express  is the official coach partner to Wembley Stadium. National Express drop off at the stadium from over 50 locations around the UK making it the easiest and most convenient way to travel to Wembley. To book a National Express service for the Semi-Final visit the  National Express website  or call 08717 81 81 81. Disabled supporters Wembley Stadium is a welcoming and inclusive venue for all guests with access requirements. There are 310 places for wheelchair users, each with a personal assistant/companion seat. The stadium also provides a range of services for guests with specialist access requirements including a shuttle service from Wembley Park Station. More information can be  found here . Stadium access Hospitality (Club Wembley) turnstiles will open three hours before kick-off and general admission turnstiles will open two hours before kick-off. Please arrive early at the stadium to allow enough time for necessary security checks, including enhanced searches and bag checks. Children (14 years and under) must be accompanied by an adult. Children under the age of two will not be permitted into the stadium. Restricted bag policy Wembley Stadium operates a restricted bag policy. Each person can only bring one small bag into the stadium, and it must not be bigger than A4 size: Height – 297mm (11.7 inches) - Width – 210mm (8.27 inches) - Depth – 210mm (8.27 inches) Please note, this means the overall bag size – bags that are half-full and folded over to reduce their size will not be accepted. Anyone carrying bags that do not meet the criteria above will not be allowed into the stadium. A full list of prohibited items can be found  here . Persistent standing Persistent standing during a match at Wembley Stadium is strictly forbidden (unless with a ticket for the safe standing area) and may result in ejection from the ground. Persistent standing not only compromises crowd safety, but also affects the matchday experience of fellow spectators, especially children and elderly people. Anti-social and discriminatory behaviour Wembley Stadium operates a zero-tolerance policy on any form of anti-social and discriminatory behaviour. If you witness any anti-social or discriminatory behaviour on the day, text HELP to 66566 or contact your nearest steward. Food and Drink Wembley Stadium offers an extensive range of food and drink options inside the stadium – more information is  available here . New for 2024 On level one the stadium has introduced a new frictionless  Tap Bar , allowing guests to access refreshments quicker and more conveniently. The bar deploys the latest technology to enable customers to simply tap their card on entry, pick up what they need and then walk out – without the need to queue or pay at a dedicated paypoint. Stay up to date with all of the latest matchday information by following @wembleystadium on X, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

Shadows of Doubt: How to Auto-Navigate

The Auto-Navigate function allows players to find their way through the city much more easily while they solve the mysteries of Shadows of Doubt.

Shadows of Doubt is a procedurally generated open-world detective game designed by Colepowered Games and published by Fireshine Games. As of the Sharpshooter Update, the Auto-Navigate function has made navigating the city easier than ever. This update also added new murder weapons, a new type of killer, and an assortment of new buildings and locations.

The Auto-Navigate function in Shadows of Doubt allows players to auto-walk to a specified location, making it easy to find your way through some of the more confusing parts of the city. It also has the added benefit of allowing players to consult the Case Board while on the move, allowing you to review your current cases while traveling and reducing downtime between crime scenes and points of interest.

8 Best Open-World Stealth Games, Ranked

How to use auto-navigate.

To Auto-Navigate the City, you only need to right-click on the location you want to travel to on the City Map. This will open a drop-down menu with the option "Auto Travel." After Clicking Auto Travel, you will automatically take the shortest available path to your destination. You can also open a location as a piece of evidence on your Case Board and click the "Plot Route and Enable Auto Travel" button. When traveling in this way, opening the Case Board will not cause the game to pause. This means you can safely check your notes and organize your evidence while traveling between locations, which is incredibly useful when dealing with complicated cases.

You can cancel Auto-Travel while moving with a right-click, and toggle Sprint with Shift as normal. At the time of writing, the Auto-Navigate has been known to get stuck on walls, usually quite close to the destination, after encountering a closed door. If this happens, cancel it with a right-click and either navigate manually or reactivate Auto-Navigate after moving past the obstruction. Naturally, Auto-Travel will also stop being useful if the location you're trying to reach is locked, blocked off, or inside a restricted area, so players will need to rely on their breaking and entering-skills or their ability to talk their way past the door at that point.

Shadows of Doubt

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city travel game

Inside the Traveling Act of the NBA G League: Planes, Trains and Automobiles

The Oklahoma City Blue have gone on a magical run to the NBA G League Finals through literal bumps in the road.

  • Author: Rylan Stiles

In this story:

Planes, Trains and Automobiles is more than just an average 80s flick, it is a way to describe the rigorous travel schedule of the Oklahoma City Blue en route to the NBA G League Finals.

Between March 29 and April 10, the OKC Blue traveled nine of the 13 days with six games littered across March 30 and April 11 on their way to Game Two of the G League Finals against the Maine Celtics.

This topsy-turvy travel featured eight time zone changes with four road games. In seven days from April 4 and April 10, the Blue traveled an average of seven hours per day, stayed in eight different hotels, and made 22 bus trips to get to the airport to hop on a bird for a total of nearly 50 hours.

While they are professional basketball players this is anything but a life of luxury. Instead, the gripping reality of the lonely world chasing a dream that has to feel fleeting with each passing bus ride.

Squeezing on commercial flights and figuring out which 6-foot-plus adult man gets to indulge in the additional inch of legroom the aisle seat has to offer.

After playing a nearly three-hour basketball game, the traveling act packs up their mobile life and continues their journey as roving basketball roustabouts.

As the final buzzer sounds it is another bus ride from 11 pm to 2 am to get to the airport with the next available flight to their destination -- or at least close enough to it -- with travel that started as early as 6 am and concluded past 10 pm on three of the seven days that week.

To an extent, the Blue were a victim of their own success. Cruising through the single-elimination G League tournament as the scrappy three-seed that had a slow start to their season and do not want it to end.

From Oklahoma City to Wilmington, Delaware back to Oklahoma City to bus to Omaha, Nebraska to fly to Sioux Falls, North Dakota before bussing back to Omaha to fly to Sacramento, California to catch a bus to Stockton, California before driving down to San Fransisco, California and flying to Boston, Massachusetts to pile on one more bus to Portland, Maine for game one of the NBA G League Finals.

In that stretch, the Blue wrapped up their final regular season game, won three playoff games and began the G League Finals on the biggest stage the league has to offer.

Taking commercial planes and busses while staying in what is described as "certainly not five-star hotels" by a former two-way player is the price you pay willfully for the shot at your dreams.

However, consider this: In the biggest call back of their life with a breathtaking audition standing between them and preverbal Broadway, they are tasked with performing after 7.1 hours of travel per day totaling 2,961 minutes in a week.

"It was definitely tough," Blue guard Adam Flagler put it lightly as to not make excuses for whatever may happen in this series, but the team is trying to model after their NBA parent club.

"We are trying our best to resemble the Thunder, how they always joke about being an AAU team [In the NBA], we definitely want to take pride down there with the Blue and be just like them, tight-knit, that is what we have been doing in the travel...It allows us to joke and laugh and enjoy our time together," Flagler told Inside the Thunder.

With such a difficult travel schedule this becomes a labor of love where you are tasked with finding the bright spots. None brighter than something any AAU player can relate to...the pitstops.

Flagler's eyes lit up when talking about the Blue's detours to convince stores on the corner of small town, USA where he and his teammates galavant through the double doors and nearly transform into kids again.

"I love that, I love that. Really just the moments we have with the teammates joking, trying to figure out what we are going to get in the gas station are memorable moments," Flagler explained to Inside the Thunder before divulging he has to get a "Big ole SmartWater" each stop.

While the goal is to one day be drowning in a treasure trove of chartered airplane snacks and hotel mini-bars, for now, a SmartWater is enough to satisfy a former NCAA Champion in the journey to reach the mountaintop.

Flagler has the ability to look around the cramped commercial flight as the 6-foot-3 guard gets smushed into the middle seat perhaps snuck between 7-foot Olivier Sarr and 6-foot-11 Noah Starkey and see more than a few faces who have tasted the sweet nectar of the NBA's travel life and realize quickly the goal is within striking distance as the two-way guard has still yet to travel with the big club.

One of his five teammates with NBA experience, Lindy Waters III, has been part of every type of travel there is. As a semi-pro baller turned G Leaguer turned NBA standard contract player, there is no one better to examine the differences between the two travel plans than the Oklahoma State product.

"It is commercial, you don't get the luxury of pulling through the gate and hoping right on the plane. You have to go through the security checks, sometimes there were delays, rerouting and connecting flights it is a bit different," Waters III explained to Inside the Thunder.

There is no doubt that it is taxing on the body, but Waters III is a living breathing example of a G League success story. What started as a heartwarming fairy tell with this former Enid Outlaw trying out for his local G League team turned into this notable novel of a 26-year-old who has inked four NBA deals.

"It trains you mentally, toughens you for whatever the case may be up," Waters III said, scoring one for the G League's development which prepared the swingman to handle the Thunder's traveling snafu that saw them not land in Atlanta until 7 AM on the second night of a back-to-back before tipping off at 7 PM that night against the Hawks.

Waters III, and every other G League alum, has endured a much tougher travel tour than being stuck on a chartered flight a tad too long.

As the Oklahoma City Blue attempt to stave off elimination on Thursday in the Paycom Center, it is important to remember the long and windy road it took for them to get here.

Want to join the discussion?  Like Inside the Thunder on Facebook  and  follow us on Twitter  to stay up to date on all the latest Thunder news. You can also  meet the team  behind the coverage.

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Jalen Williams Is Not Concerned With Standings, Tiebreakers In Final 15 Games

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San Antonio leaders travel to Europe to strengthen relationships, recruit international businesses

Satx strives to bring quality, high-wage jobs to the alamo city.

Tiffany Huertas , Reporter

Robert Samarron , Photojournalist

Maritza Carlos , Video Editor

SAN ANTONIO – In May, the San Antonio International Airport will get its first nonstop European flight and the groups that made it possible want to keep the momentum going and bring in new businesses.

Recently, San Antonio leaders traveled to Europe to strengthen business relationships and seek new ones.

“We work with companies globally to make sure they know that San Antonio is a wonderful place to live, to grow and to build a business,” Jamie Lutrell, vice president of brand and communications at Greater: SATX said.

The team at Greater: SATX, a private-public nonprofit, is dedicated to growing quality and high-wage jobs in the San Antonio area and have been developing strong relationships with the businesses in Europe.

“Our CEO traveled with a delegation from San Antonio which included Visit San Antonio and the San Antonio International Airport,” Lutrell said.

The San Antonio leaders traveled to London and Frankfurt to continue building the relationships with businesses in those countries and to recruit more international business to San Antonio.

“We have a set of target markets that we focus on, not only for business recruitment, but also for helping out local businesses continue to grow here in San Antonio. We focus on cyber security, life sciences, advanced manufacturing, financial services and of course those headquarter operations as well,” Lutrell said.

Recently, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott also traveled to Europe to deepen the economic partnerships between the United Kingdom and Texas.

“The governor’s office, when he is traveling internationally it certainly is opening doors and making sure the message is well received that Texas is open for business and is the best state for business,” Lutrell said.

Lutrell says the new flight from San Antonio to Frankfurt is key to attracting businesses.

“When businesses are looking at our market for the potential expansion opportunities, they are looking at workforce, they are looking at real estate, and they are looking at that connectivity to make sure they will be able to get back to their home base and continue to building upon that,” Lutrell said.

More businesses could create a ripple effect that has a positive impact on the entire city.

“Lets take the most recent JCB, they are a UK based company that is growing here in San Antonio with plans to add over 1,500 jobs. It’s a tremendous opportunity and we know there’s going to be a ripple effect as additional suppliers come in to support their growth in San Antonio,” Lutrell said.

Copyright 2024 by KSAT - All rights reserved.

About the Authors

Tiffany huertas.

Tiffany Huertas is a reporter for KSAT 12 known for her in-depth storytelling and her involvement with the community.

Robert Samarron

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  24. Emirates FA Cup semi-final weekend: supporters guide

    National Express is the official coach partner to Wembley Stadium. National Express drop off at the stadium from over 50 locations around the UK making it the easiest and most convenient way to travel to Wembley. To book a National Express service for the Semi-Final visit the National Express website or call 08717 81 81 81.

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    How to Use Auto-Navigate. To Auto-Navigate the City, you only need to right-click on the location you want to travel to on the City Map. This will open a drop-down menu with the option "Auto ...

  26. Inside the Traveling Act of the NBA G League: Planes, Trains and

    Kameron Woods. Planes, Trains and Automobiles is more than just an average 80s flick, it is a way to describe the rigorous travel schedule of the Oklahoma City Blue en route to the NBA G League ...

  27. San Antonio leaders travel to Europe to strengthen relationships

    San Antonio leaders travel to Europe to strengthen relationships, recruit international businesses SATX strives to bring quality, high-wage jobs to the Alamo City

  28. New Vaccines Could Give Lifelong Protection From Covid, Flu

    New Vaccines Could Give Lifelong Protection From Covid, Flu. April 17, 2024. A game-changing new idea could revolutionize the way we vaccinate against disease, giving you lifelong protection in ...