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The 9 Best Travel Jewelry Cases of 2024, Tested and Reviewed

Keep your jewelry safe with one of these protective and stylish travel cases.

travel jewelry organizer canada

We independently evaluate all recommended products and services. If you click on links we provide, we may receive compensation. Learn more .

Travel + Leisure / Jhett Thompson

Traveling with jewelry can be risky business, so it’s important to pack your accessories thoughtfully. Sure, you can always use Ziploc baggies and tissue paper, but the easiest and safest way to keep your jewelry safe is by using a handy travel-size jewelry case.

Since travel jewelry cases come in all different shapes and sizes, we tried 25 options from trusted luggage and jewelry brands. After loading the cases up with jewelry, we tossed, dropped, and shook them to see how safe the jewelry would be in situations like traveling where rough handling can be expected. From testing, we selected the winning jewelry cases that will keep your jewelry safe and organized whether you’re a jewelry minimalist or maximalist.

Our Top Picks

Best overall: cuyana travel jewelry case, best budget: bagsmart jewelry organizer bag.

  • Best Roll-Up: Bagsmart Peri Folding Jewelry Organizer

Best Personalization: Mark & Graham Small Travel Jewelry Case

Best large capacity: kendra scott medium travel jewelry case, best for long trips: calpak jewelry case, best compact: vee & co. small travel jewelry case.

  • Best for Everyday Use: Levenger Mini Jewelry Organizer

Best Sustainable: Paravel Jewelry Case

The small, oval container is the perfect size for a weekend getaway.

It could use a few more organizational features.

Cuyana’s oval-shaped case is deceptively spacious in comparison to its smaller design. Perfect for minimalist jewelry wearers, the interior has plenty of room and designated spots for several rings and earrings, but there aren’t specific latches for necklaces or bracelets. The two slip pockets on each side of the case can hold bigger or longer pieces of jewelry, but they run the risk of getting tangled without a latch so we wish the organization was a bit better. Made with genuine leather, the case has a protective exterior with a soft suede interior to further guard the jewelry against scratching or other damage. Throughout six months of tests, we loved this case for weekend getaways and longer trips alike and found it to be the perfect size to toss in a backpack or personal item.

The Details: Italian leather | 5 in. x 3.5 x 1.25 inches

Travel + Leisure / Joy Kim

The bag is spacious yet compact and comes with a handle to carry it easily.

The quality feels a bit lower than other cases we tried.

Designed similarly to a toiletry bag, we love that this wallet-friendly jewelry case comes with a top handle to transport it to and from a suitcase with ease. The compact bag is also a great deal considering how much jewelry it can hold while still being easy to pack. The polyester material is protective and flexible so the bag can pack down to a smaller size depending on how much jewelry is inside. The interior has an earring panel, ring bands, necklace clips, and various zippered pockets for storing all of the jewelry you want to pack for a trip. While we didn’t notice any issues with quality during testing, the materials feel less durable than other pricier cases we tried. We tossed the packed jewelry case around a bit during our tests and the items remained perfectly safe without any tangling or damage. Even after traveling with the case on seven flights, trains, and throughout more than four roadtrips during our six months of tests, nothing became tangled and the case is proving to be durable and sturdy.

The Details: Polyester | 6.1 x 9.8 x 1.9 inches

Travel + Leisure / Jhett Thompson

Best Roll-up: Bagsmart Peri Folding Jewelry Organizer

The compartments roll out, which makes it easier to pack jewelry.

It was slightly difficult to put the earrings on the designated card.

Bagsmart impressed us a second time with their roll-up jewelry organizer, which was the easiest bag to pack with jewelry during testing. After six months of use, we love that it can fit a lot of jewelry and has compartments big enough for even the biggest hoops and other dramatic earrings. The envelope-style case unrolls and lies flat so you can easily see all of the pockets, latches, and hooks for storing every piece of jewelry you could ever need for traveling thanks to the larger capacity. We had some slight difficulty getting earrings into the holes in the earring card, but it was just a minor inconvenience, and there are plenty of other spots to place hoops and studs. Made with cotton fabric, the case may feel a bit flimsy, but is soft and protective, and it’s very compact since it can lie fairly flat even after it’s packed with jewelry.

The Details: Cotton | 9.06 x 6.3 x 5.75 inches

Mark & Graham

It comes in 28 color and pattern options — plus it's monogrammable.

After six months of using the case, we wish it had more space for necklaces, bracelets, and larger earrings.

Looking for the perfect gift for a traveler? You can monogram this Mark & Graham jewelry case with up to three letters for a personalized touch that makes the gift all the more thoughtful. The square-shaped case has a sturdy exterior that feels like it will hold up perfectly in a packed carry-on and the pebbled vegan leather gives the box a sophisticated look while sitting on a desk or dresser. The interior is split into two sections with a mirror divider to separate the box, which makes it slightly difficult to fit larger jewelry pieces like a watch or chunky necklace, but after six months of testing, we did like that the separate sections help you access all your items without spilling everything out. We also love that there are tons of ring pillow slots so if you’re a big ring wearer, this jewelry case is an excellent option. In addition, there are several necklace or earring latches as well as a slip pocket and sections for bracelets or broaches.

The Details: Vegan leather, linen | 4.5 x 4.5 x 2.25 inches

Kendra Scott

The large size of this jewelry box makes it useful for heavy packers or at-home use.

It doesn’t have any necklace hooks.

Jewelry maximalists will appreciate the bigger size of Kendra Scott’s jewelry case. It looks like a traditional jewelry box that sits on a dresser, but it’s also very portable thanks to its lightweight materials and design. The interior has four large compartments to easily drop in bracelets, necklaces, or watches without any hassle and there are over 10 ring pillow slots for rings or earrings. To keep all the packed jewelry safe, the case comes with a divider to prevent items from jostling around on the go. The case also comes with a small matching zippered pouch that you can keep in the box or remove for extra storage. We found this separate pouch to be perfect for use on shorter trips when you may not need to bring the full case. While we wish the box had a few more organizational features like necklace hooks or earring holes, the jewelry remained perfectly intact after we shook it around, so we’re confident that the box keeps items safely tucked away. Plus, after six months of use, the stylish case still looks new and is a great option for home storage, too.

The Details: Polyurethane, polyester | 8 x 5.5 x 2.5 inches

After six months of traveling with this case, not one necklace became tangled thanks to the plentiful hooks.

We wish it had more storage options for studs.

If you’re embarking on an international trip that includes a checked bag, we recommend this jewelry case from Calpak to weather the journey. Since the rectangular jewelry case is bigger, it can easily store enough jewelry for several weeks of traveling. The structured design makes it ultra-durable and our favorite part is that it has a built-in drawstring bag that does an excellent job of keeping bracelets, watches, or earrings safely secured in the bottom section of the jewelry case. The top part has a variety of necklace latches and a ring holder for even more security. When we rigorously shook the container, none of the jewelry budged from its original spots, so we feel confident that this case will protect your valuables in a checked bag with no issues.

The Details: Faux leather, faux suede | 7 x 5 x 2.5 inches

The square-shaped box is small enough to easily fit in a carry-on or backpack.

The jewelry might scratch up the mirror on the divider.

The lower price and superior functionality make this petite jewelry case an excellent option for anyone looking for a place to store their accessories. It’s smaller than a lot of the options we tested, so we think it’s ideal for travelers needing to save space in a backpack or suitcase. Despite its compact stature, this jewelry box can fit tons of jewelry from studs to a leather watch. It’s intuitive to pack the case with rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and more since there are designated latches, slots, and compartments for virtually everything. When we shook the case, all of the jewelry remained packed away in its original spot without any damage occurring. The box has a divider with a mirror on one side and our only worry is that the mirror could get scratched by the metals or vice-versa, so you may want to put a small piece of fabric between the mirror just in case.

The Details: PU vegan leather | 3.94 x 3.94 x 1.97 inches

Best for Everyday Use: Levenger Carrie Mini Jewelry Organizer

The small design makes it easy to store the case in a purse.

It can’t fit large jewelry pieces.

Jewelry minimalists will love this tiny jewelry case for keeping track of just a few pieces of jewelry while on the go. After six months of use, we love that this Levenger mini jewelry case has latches, hooks, and pockets to protect and organize rings, bracelets, and necklaces. It is on the small side with minimum space for studs, but light packers will appreciate the hard, durable exterior that still looks new after six months. The genuine leather exterior and suede interior feels luxurious and looks elegant, so this also makes a great jewelry case for newlyweds going on a honeymoon . We especially love the tiny zippered pocket in the middle of the case for storing extra small jewelry items like studs or stacking rings.

The Details: Leather, microsuede | 4.25  x 4.5 x 1 inches

All of the materials used to make this case are recycled.

The organizational features could be better and, after six months of use, we think it's a bit too large to pack in a carry-on.

Paravel is one of our favorite luggage brands , so we’re pleased to report that its jewelry case impressed us, too. The circular case is made entirely of recycled materials from post-consumer plastic water bottles and upcycled zippers to create an eco-friendly accessory for travel. Besides the sustainability factor, the case comes with a large drawstring pouch that makes it easy to drop in larger pieces of jewelry like bracelets or watches. The top flap of the case has a ring holder and earring post to store smaller pieces of jewelry, but we wish there were a few more organization features like necklace latches or zippered pockets. However, we love the vintage-style design and, like most Paravel bags, you can monogram the case with initials for a special touch.

The Details: Recycled canvas, vegan leather | 5.6 x 3.6 inches

Other Travel Jewelry Cases We Liked

The jewelry cases below get an honorable mention since they still performed well in testing, but fell slightly short compared to our top performers.

Benevolence Plush Velvet Travel Jewelry Box Organizer : This jewelry box can fit a ton of items, but you’ll want to make sure everything is secure before traveling since we noticed most of the jewelry became dislodged during testing.

Mejuri Travel Case : The case looks elegant and sleek on the outside, but the interior doesn’t offer much in the organizational department, so it’s best for minimalist travelers.

Our Testing Process

After thoroughly researching jewelry cases from trusted brands, we selected 25 options to first test out in our New York City lab. We packed each case with every type of jewelry you can think of, including rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, watches, and more to get a feel for the usefulness of the organization features. Then, we tossed, dropped, and shook the cases (think Kourtney Kardashian level of salad bowl shaking) to see if the jewelry remained safely secured in place or if the pieces moved around. We also examined the cases for any scuffing or damage.

With our lab testing portion complete, we then rated the jewelry cases based on ease of use, capacity, design, and quality to determine the winners. We will continue to test the jewelry cases for an additional six months so we can see how each one performs while traveling in a more natural setting after the lab testing.

Tips for Buying a Jewelry Case

Buy the right size case.

First, you’ll want to think about how much jewelry you travel with to determine the best size for your needs. For those who travel with bigger pieces of jewelry like watches or chunky necklaces, consider getting a more structured case with large compartments. Delicate or minimalist jewelry will pack better in an envelope or binder style of jewelry case. And if your jewelry collection consists of just a few pieces, opt for a mini jewelry case to save space in your luggage.

Consider organization

Most jewelry cases come with latches, hooks, pockets, and pillows to hold pretty much any piece of jewelry you can think of. Like other types of travel organizers , some jewelry cases are more barebones than others, so you’ll want to buy a case according to your organization preferences or based on the type of jewelry you travel most with. If most of your jewelry consists of earrings, be sure to get a box that has pockets and hole cards with spots for hoops, studs, and dangling earrings.

The best way to keep your jewelry safe and organized is to use a jewelry case. The best thing about travel jewelry cases is that they often come with designated slots for all types of accessories to make packing intuitive and quick. If you want to add an extra layer of protection, you can always place tissue or fabric between your jewelry to prevent the pieces from rubbing against one another in transit.

Once your jewelry is packed into the case, we recommend placing the jewelry case between soft clothing for safekeeping or in a personal item in case you have to gate-check your bag when flying. It can be risky to place a jewelry case in a checked bag since you may run the risk of the bag getting lost, but it depends on your comfort level for flying with potentially valuable items.

Why Trust Travel + Leisure

T+L commerce writer Anna Popp writes most of the team’s articles where all of the products were tested in our lab or in a real-world setting. She participated in this lab test and is currently testing the Cuyana jewelry case for the next six months. Anna sifted through testing notes and used her expertise of traveling with jewelry to recommend the best travel jewelry cases for all types of trips.

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travel jewelry organizer canada

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25 Best Travel Jewelry Cases You’ll LOVE: Leather, Personalized + Pretty!

Choosing the best jewelry case for travel is a bit tricky. They come in so many shapes and sizes, materials and features. Which is the best travel jewelry case for you: a box, roll or pouch? Hard or soft exterior?

Below are 25 fantastic jewelry organizers for travel, including sophisticated leather, hanging organizers, and personalized options, too. As you shop, consider how much jewelry you like to travel with and what kinds. The best travel jewelry case for big, chunky jewelry is different than for a few petite pieces.

If you’re looking for the best jewelry case for travel gift ideas, pick something elegant and compact. These organizers will be used by both the minimalist traveler and those who carry a few extra-special pieces in their handbag.

Best travel jewelry cases you'll love!

  • HOW TO CHOOSE the Best Travel Jewelry Case for You
  • 6 Best COMPACT Travel Jewelry Cases
  • 6 Best MID-SIZED Jewelry Cases for Travel
  • 4 Best Travel Jewelry Cases for MEN
  • 5 Best Travel Jewelry ROLL Organizers
  • 4 Best LUXURY Travel Jewelry Cases

5 Tips: HOW TO CHOOSE the Best Travel Jewelry Case for You

1. hard or soft travel jewelry organizer .

A hard jewelry case seems like the most sturdy, protective organizer for travel. But, this is only true if everything is held securely inside. Well-padded, soft travel jewelry organizers can sometimes do this better, while also saving on space. And while hard exteriors are generally easy to clean with a damp cloth, some fabric organizers can be tossed in the washing machine.

2. Spacious or Compact Travel Jewelry Case

Obviously, how much space you need in your travel jewelry case mostly depends on how much and what type of jewelry you like to travel with. If you travel minimally with only a few pieces, you can get away with a smaller, more compact travel jewelry case. But some small cases won’t fit your chunky bracelet or keep necklaces from tangling.

3. Variety of Features to Organize Travel Jewelry

The jewelry organizers below come with a variety of features. Some are best suited for small, petite pieces and others work well for large, chunky pieces. Do you need a travel jewelry case to secure long, delicate necklaces? A zippered pocket or pouch to store a watch or wide bracelet? Double-access ring rolls? A mirror and lots of clear pockets? Are clear pockets a must-have?

4. Closure to Secure Travel Jewelry

Consider whether you care how a jewelry case for travel is secured. Must it be a zippered closure, or are buttons, ties and buckles cool, too? While zippers and snaps feel the most secure, other closures might give you the wiggle room to fit that extra piece you really want to bring on that trip. 

5. Personal Style for Jewelry Travel Case

Do you like classy or quirky? Something timeless that works for all your travels or something a little more playful and fun? While personal style has a lot to do with the exterior material you like best, it also applies to how durable you need it to be. Tossing a travel jewelry case in a backpack is obviously different than keeping it in your carry-on (although backpacks can have a lot of cushioning!).

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Gabriel & Co. fine jewelry

25 BEST Travel Jewelry Cases: Leather, Personalized and Pretty!

Ready to find the best travel jewelry case for you or someone you care about? Below you’ll find leather organizers, personalized options and super cute and pretty ones, too.

Disclosure: This post includes affiliate links to excellent travel-related products. This means that if you use the links below to make a purchase, we’ll receive a commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you!

Best COMPACT Travel Jewelry Cases

1. small travel jewelry box by vlando.

This small travel jewelry box from Vlando is compact and sturdy, and all the minimalist traveler would need. You can get it without the mirror, but I like that the mirror also keeps any loose jewelry in the bottom compartments from moving around. Tuck necklaces or bracelets into the elasticized pocket. There’s also space in the upper section for a small jewelry pouch.

2. Saffiano Leather Travel Jewelry Box by Minimale

Small travel jewelry box, Minimale

Another beautiful small travel jewelry organizer is made by Minimale . It organizes and secures earrings on a leather strap with space below to prevent bending, and rings on a separate roll. This small jewelry travel organizer includes four adjustable necklace hooks and two deep pockets to help prevent tangling. And the detachable double-pocket is perfect for bulkier pieces while cushioning pieces above and below.

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3. Two-Tiered Handmade Travel Jewelry Box by Meissa Handmade

Small travel jewelry box, Etsy MeissaHandmade

Here’s a bigger travel jewelry box handmade by Meissa Handmade on Etsy. It has a good-sized mirror and two levels with removable dividers, giving you lots of flexibility for organizing different types of jewelry. And no need to worry about earrings bending, as this travel jewelry case puts them sideways. Secure with a button closure.  

travel jewelry organizer canada

4. MOST COMPACT Leather Travel Jewelry Case by Jewearity

Small travel jewelry box, Etsy Jewearity

Super compact and made of genuine leather, this small travel jewelry case will safely hold a surprising amount of jewelry. Four button closures and elasticized pocket keep necklaces and bracelets secure. Use the bottom section to hold three pairs of earrings, brooches or cufflinks, and the ring roll to safely stow them in a tidy little row. All secured with a zippered closure and available in eight colors. You can get it from from Jewearity on Etsy.

5. Small Floral Carpet Travel Jewelry Case by My Charm Workshop

Compact fabric travel jewelry case

My Charm Workshop on Etsy has a beautiful line-up of jewelry cases for travel, three of which are featured here! First up is this gorgeous little round case made from a rich tapestry fabric. The interior is satin, which absorbs moisture in the air and protects your jewels.

One thing I love about this store is how they build versatility into their products. This compact travel case includes four double-zippered pouches, so you can include (or exclude) however many you need. Plus, three removable bars on the lid, including two for earrings and one for rings. Order more inserts for more options! This case is available in six lovely colors.

6. Personalized Drawstring Jewelry Pouch by Cut Design

Suede pouch, compact jewelry case for travel

Let’s include a simple but elegant drawstring pouch from Cut Design with our compact travel jewelry cases. A drawstring pouch is an easy way to safely store a small amount of jewelry, though this idea is better for chunky jewelry that won’t tangle. Choose from plenty of great colors and personalize it, too. 

You might also combine this with inserts from My Charm Workshop (above), to give you a bit of organization inside.

Best VALUE Travel Jewelry Organizers

7. travel essentials tassels jewelry case by vlando.

Travel jewelry box, Vlando

If you like Vlando jewelry boxes but want something a bit bigger for your travels, here’s a great one for you. The travel essentials jewelry case from Vlando features a wide mirror and elasticized pocket on the top, and two covered compartments on the bottom. In the center are ring rolls and two small compartments with earring holes in the divider. No need to worry about earring backings getting bent! All secured with a zippered closure.

8. Wallet Jewelry Travel Organizer by BuzzyBDesign on Etsy

Travel jewelry organizer, Etsy BuzzyBDesign

Here’s a best-selling travel jewelry organizer on Etsy, and for good reason! This slim jewelry wallet packs a ton of features in its compact space. Find the perfect spot for all your jewelry, with three zippered pockets including a clear double-pocket. Flip over the clear pocket for four necklace loops with separate pockets and bands to prevent tangling. If you love your rings and earrings, you have plenty of spots for them. Secured with a button. Plus, it’s handmade from Buzzy B Design ! 

9. Hanging Travel Jewelry Organizer for Long Necklaces by Pink Larus

Travel jewelry organizer, Pink Larus

If you LOVE your long necklaces, then check out this hanging organizer from Pink Larus . It has 5 necklace hooks in a separate pocket that folds out, with three bands to hold them in place and individual pockets at the bottom. Safely store other chunky jewelry in the removable zippered pocket. And there’s plenty of space for all your rings and earrings. All secured with a zippered closure.

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10. Jewelry Travel Organizer Pouch by Ellis James Designs

Travel jewelry organizer, Ellis James Design

Ellis James Designs also makes a fantastic travel jewelry organizer for long necklaces. Use the necklace loops on both ends to secure them, and the good-sized zippered pockets to store chunky jewelry. One zippered pocket is also removable, as is the large earring card. I love the quilted fabric exterior and simple, easy-to-clean interior. Plus, everything is kept safe with a zippered closure. 

11. Double-Decker Travel Jewelry Case by Teamoy

Large travel jewelry case, jewelry organizer for travel

Now, if you love the case above but want more space for chunky pieces, check out this double-decker jewelry case from Teamoy. It has a removable earring card and spots for dangly necklaces and earrings, too. Flip over the middle part, and underneath you’ll find a clear zippered pocket and a customizable area deep enough for chunky pieces.

The exterior is a pretty quilted fabric and interior is a soft velvet. Reviewers love it.

12. Hanging Travel Jewelry Case by BAGSMART

Travel jewelry organizer, BAGSMART

This hanging travel jewelry case by BAGSMART is an Amazon best-seller with fantastic ratings, and it’s easy to see why. You can organize a lot of jewelry in this travel case, and easily find what you’re looking for.

Choose from mini, small or large sizes. All sizes have at least one clear zippered pocket plus two regular zippered pockets. Plus, an earring card, ring roll and segmented pouches and bands to keep necklaces from tangling. Unfortunately, only the large size includes a super-handy 360-degree rotatable hanging hook.

This isn’t the smallest jewelry case for travel, but it can fold up pretty thin. It comes in multiple pretty colors and quilted cotton or rich velvet!

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What Do Women Want, Fine Jewelry

Best Travel Jewelry Cases for MEN

13. small travel jewelry box by m.m.a.

Travel jewelry case organizer, Aco&bebe House

This small jewelry box from M.M.A is great for minimalist travelers wanting to safely store a bit of jewelry on-the-go. Store watches and tie clips in the elastic pouch on the lid. And put rings and cufflinks on the bottom. The leather divider keeps pieces in place and prevents rubbing, with space for another jewelry pouch on top. Everything is secured with a zippered closure. 

14. Personalized Leather Travel Case from Byron and Brown

Watch jewelry travel case for men

If you love the idea of the travel jewelry case above but want more compartments, check out this travel watch case from Byron and Brown. It includes a section for a watch, rings and cufflinks. The zipper closure keeps everything secure. Choose from a variety of personalization colors, too.

15. Personalized Leather Watch Case by SK Leather

Leather watch case for travel

SK Leather has other beautiful styles of watch cases to choose from. Have it personalized for that extra touch.

16. Personalized Crazy Horse Leather Watch Roll by Broscolors Design

Leather travel watch roll organizer, Etsy BroColors Design

Rounding out our top travel jewelry cases for men is this elegant leather watch roll by Broscolors Design on Etsy. It’s made of premium crazy horse brown vintage leather and comes in two to six slots. Secured with a buckled strap. For an extra touch, get it personalized on the outside or inside.

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Best Travel Jewelry ROLL Organizers

17. rollio series travel jewelry roll case by vlando.

Travel jewelry roll organizer, Vlando

Vlando makes a really cute and functional travel jewelry roll organizer. The exterior is a soft synthetic leather that comes in four pretty color options. Inside is a velvet lining and quality flannel to protect your jewelry. Safely store short necklaces and bracelets with the three hooks and two elasticized pouches. Plus, there’s a ring roll and 11 holes for earrings and brooches. 

My favorite part is the zippered pouch pocket that’s removable. Use it to store your larger jewelry, like bangles and watches, or throw it into your purse for a small makeup bag. Any travel jewelry case that can double as something else is pretty useful on a trip! 

18. Viaggio Small Jewelry Roll by Vlando

Travel jewelry roll organizer, Vlando

Here’s another super cute travel jewelry roll by Vlando . This one has three cups for organizing your travel jewelry, big enough to fit large earrings and watches. It’s the perfect solution for those who hate earring holes and necklace loops and want something pretty and compact to throw in their handbag. Do make sure you’re holding it the right way when opening it, though, so your treasures don’t fall out!

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Engagement rings and fine jewelry.

19. Personalized Hanging Travel Jewelry Roll Case by My Charm Workshop

Travel jewelry roll, hanging organizer, Etsy MyCharmWorkshop

If you want a sturdy travel jewelry roll but love clear pockets, here’s the perfect pick from My Charm Workshop on Etsy. It has a whopping NINE clear zippered pockets, with removable bands for earrings and rings. And to take advantage of all those clear pockets, hang it up to quickly find what you want! Secures with a leather tie rope. For the extra touch, get it personalized!

20. Fabric Jewelry Roll for Travel by Nature Quotes

Travel jewelry roll organizer, Etsy naturequotes

If you want a travel jewelry roll that’s super compact, consider one made with a soft material. Nature Quotes on Etsy makes so many beautiful ones, with lots of cute fabric options and interior features. Some even have pretty feminine lace to hold dangling earrings. All travel jewelry organizers include a leather earring holder, fabric ring roll, and zippered pocket. Since they fold up like a wallet, they’d also work great for chunky jewelry. Everything is secured with a pretty loop and button closure.

Handmade in Ukraine. SO pretty!

Mini travel jewelry roll organizer, Etsy naturequotes

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21. Custom Monogram Travel Jewelry Roll in Silk Dupioni by Plethora

Travel jewelry roll organizer, Etsy Plethora

Now, I want to end this list of best travel jewelry roll organizers with what I consider a true jewelry roll, with all its simplicity and potential! Plethora on Etsy makes a beautiful jewelry travel roll organizer from high end silk dupioni. It’s lined with satin, secured with a pretty rope, and features three zippered pockets. The larger roll also has a ring roll. Choose from a variety of colors and customized monogram.

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travel jewelry organizer canada

Best LUXURY Travel Jewelry Cases

22. signature cotton jewelry organizer train case by vera bradley.

Travel jewelry case organizer, Vera Bradley Women

Vera Bradley is respected for producing high-quality luggage and handbags. And known for its quilted cotton designs in bold, colorful feminine prints. These bags wear well over time and are machine washable.

If you’re looking for a Vera Bradley travel jewelry organizer, the most widely available is the Signature Cotton Jewelry Organizer Train Case . It comes in a variety of bold, subtle and classy prints to suit any taste, and has two main compartments. The upper compartment features two tabs to safely store earrings and rings, plus a large clear zippered pocket. Underneath, you have two clear zippered pockets and two deep compartments for larger, chunkier jewelry. And everything is secured with a zippered closure.

The toughest thing about buying a Vera Bradley is choosing your favorite print!

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23. Luxury Tapestry Travel Jewelry Case by My Charm Workshop

Fabric travel jewelry case

Here’s another jewelry case for travel from My Charm Workshop on Etsy that you should seriously consider. This large tapestry travel case has the gorgeous fabric of the compact case featured above, but with much more space. The interior also has satin to absorb excess air moisture and protect your jewelry. (Not to mention, making it feel oh-so luxurious!)

Double compartments give you tons of space and ways to keep your jewelry organized while you travel. In the first compartment are eight removable necklace holders (can hold up to 32 necklaces!) and 16 clear pouches. And the other compartment has two large zippered clear pouches for chunky pieces, three smaller clear pouches, another zippered pouch and a slip-in pocket. The earring and ring boards can hold up to 18 pairs of earrings and 20 rings. Wow!!

24. Caroline Zip Travel Case by WOLF

Travel jewelry case, small jewelry box, WOLF

After all of the beautiful jewelry travel organizers above, we come back to a classic travel jewelry box. WOLF gives us its signature, handcrafted quilted genuine leather travel jewelry box in red or black , and dusty rose or ivory (sold in two different posts on Amazon). 

Part of what makes WOLF travel jewelry boxes so great is its LusterLoc interior lining. It absorbs the hostile gases known to cause tarnishing, and can prevent tarnishing for up to 35 years.

The Caroline Zip Travel Case has everything a small jewelry travel organizer needs. Three necklace hooks with an elasticized pocket, 7 ring rolls, 4 small compartments and a mirror divider. If you have chunkier pieces, consider using a small jewelry pouch and tuck it inside. Everything secures with a zippered closure. Price depends on color choice.

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25. Caroline Portfolio  for Travel Jewelry by WOLF

Luxury WOLF travel jewelry case

How Should I Organize My Travel Jewelry?

In your favorite travel jewelry case!  Jewelry organizers for travel have brilliant little hooks, pouches and rolls designed for this.

Are you traveling with multiple, extra-long necklaces? Keep your necklaces from tangling when traveling by using travel jewelry cases that have the loops, pockets, AND mid-section holders to keep each necklace in place.

If you’re traveling with a lot of earrings, get extra earring insert cards from My Charm Workshop.

Where Should You Keep Jewelry on a Plane?

In your carry-on.  If you’d be sad or worried about your jewelry getting lost and not having it for your trip, keep it with you.

When going through airport security, simply set your travel jewelry case in a bin so it can easily be scanned. I’ve done this plenty of times without any issues.

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  • Gifts for TRAVELERS to Enjoy at Home, Too
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Best travel jewelry cases you'll love!

Featured photo credit: Andie Gomez-Acebo from Unsplash

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travel jewelry organizer canada

Life. Beautifully Organized

From stackable trays to jewellery boxes, from travel wallets to makeup bags, we have everything you need to keep your life beautifully organised. Shop now and discover the difference organisation can make in your life.

travel jewelry organizer canada

Travel in Style

From passport holders to luggage tags, travel wallets to cosmetic bags, we have everything you need to make your next adventure a breeze.

Fast Shipping

Within Canada & Flat Rate Worldwide, Plus Easy Returns

The Brand for Beautifully Organized Living

Now available in Canada

Simplify Your Life

From elegant jewellery boxes to chic travel bags.

Stack the classics

Whether you have a large earring collection or a variety of jewellery types, design a jewellery box specific to your collection with our customizable lids and layers.

Classic Jewellery Box Lid

(5) 5 total reviews

Classic Necklace Layer

(1) 1 total reviews

Classic Statement Layer

(2) 2 total reviews

Classic Trinket Layer

Classic ring & bracelet layer, classic chunky jewellery layer, classic watch & accessory layer, classic glasses & accessory layer.

(3) 3 total reviews

Supersize Jewellery Box Lid

Supersize trinket layer.

travel jewelry organizer canada

Travel Gift Guide

Give the gift of organization on the road with our travel jewellery boxes.

The Perfect Bags for Modern Living

From work to the gym to weekends away, our bags are designed to help you stay organized and stylish no matter where life takes you.

Weekend Garment Bag

Shop our best sellers, classic set of 3 jewellery box, medium travel jewellery box.

Stackers offers a range of products designed to keep men organized on-the-go. Whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, our high-quality accessories will ensure you're prepared for any occasion.

Double Watch Wrap

Compact cable tidy, shop all colour collections, pebble grey, shop jewellery storage, stackable layers, travel goods, jewellery boxes, unlock the secret to beautifully organized living.

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Travel Jewelry Organizer

Travel jewelry organizers.

Sophia Square Zip Leather Jewelry Case

  • Monogramming Available .

Quinn Jewelry Travel Case

  • Bestseller .
  • Personalizable .

Quinn Jewelry Travel Case

Get Away With a Travel Jewelry Organizer

Bring your most precious jewels and beloved baubles along for all your trips with a travel jewelry organizer. Whether traveling for business or personal pleasure, these organizers are a wonderful accessory to have in your carry-on or weekender bag . With features ranging from snaps to envelopes and outer finishes that look luxe and feel fantastic, your organizer becomes a travel essential and a personal accessory worth showing off. Bring it with you for more than just trips. Your travel jewelry organizer makes it to the gym, fits in a work bag for drinks or dates at happy hour and protects high-value pieces you may not wear often.

How a Travel Jewelry Organizer Works

A travel jewelry organizer keeps your jewelry pieces each in their own separate, contained area, so that you can go about your day, including commutes, trains, air travel, road trips, weekends or overnights.

  • Your travel jewelry organizer features interior components that are designed specifically for each type of jewelry.
  • When each type of jewelry has its own space, it's less likely to get tangled and you don't have to worry about breakage.
  • Look for envelopes that include tabs with holes for you to store pierced earrings, loops that let you keep necklaces separate or small pockets for rings.

A snap or tie enclosure keeps your organizer securely fastened, so that you can rest assured your jewelry stays where you intend while on the go.

Different Styles of Organizers

Browse different travel jewelry organizer styles to find the one that's best for you. Check to see if the ones you like have all the features and holding capacity you require for your watches and jewelry or discover looks you love for a piece or two.

  • Jewelry portfolios look like envelopes and have a fold-over flap to keep them closed. The flap usually snaps shut.
  • Travel jewelry boxes are miniaturized versions of regular jewelry boxes with a hinged lid, a mirror in the interior lid and a snap close.
  • A jewelry roll is often preferred for watches, so as to protect fine mechanical versions from shock and to safeguard well-made crystals from scratches.

Creating a Travel Set

Curate a collection of travel essentials, so that you're always ready to go at a moment's notice and feeling pulled together when planning in advance. Your accessories might include beautiful hard-sided luggage, a toiletries bag , a cosmetic bag, tech accessories and your travel jewelry organizer.

travel jewelry organizer canada

Luggage shop by size

Best Ways to Pack and Organize Jewelry for Travel

Travelpro Travel Expert Editor

Tips & Tricks

Best Ways to Pack and Organize Jewelry for Travel

How to Pack Jewelry for Travel

When traveling, not only do you have to figure out how to safely pack your clothing, toiletries, and other essentials, like your passport . You also want to bring jewelry and other accessories.

So, what's the best way to travel with jewelry? Should you pack it in your checked baggage or in your carry-on? And how do you keep your necklaces from tangling? Can you wear jewelry through airport security? What will set off metal detectors?

Here is everything you need to know to pack and travel with your jewelry:

What jewelry can you wear through airport security?

You can wear jewelry while traveling, but there are a few things to keep in mind. First, consider the type of metal. Sterling silver and gold are mostly fine to wear through security, while other metals may set off the alarms.

Second, consider the size and style of your jewelry. Big metal statement necklaces and some watches will set off the alarms. Digital watches, small earrings, rings, and other small jewelry should pass through fine.

Does gold set off metal detectors?

Gold is a metal that can set off the detectors if you are wearing a big chunky piece. However, if you have a small piece of jewelry, like a ring or earrings, they are unlikely to cause problems.

Does silver set off metal detectors?

Sterling silver is also a metal that has a good chance of setting off the security metal detectors. However, like gold, if you have a small piece of jewelry, it's unlikely to cause any issues.

What metals set off metal detectors?

Any substantial amount of metal, including copper, brass, and aluminum can set off the detectors at the airport. If you have a piece of jewelry made with one of these metals, it's best to take it off before you go through security. Point out to the security agents what you are wearing or just remove them and place them in your bags ahead of time.

Can you take jewelry on a plane in your carry on?

When deciding whether to pack your jewelry in a carry-on or checked bag, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, think about the value of your jewelry. If you have expensive or sentimental jewelry, carry it on to lower the risk of it getting lost or damaged in transit.

Second, consider the size and style of your jewelry. If you have large or bulky pieces, they may be better stored in your checked bag. Finally, pack your jewelry in a protective case, pouch or other travel organizer to prevent it from getting damaged during the journey.

Travel Organizers

If you love organization, Crew VersaPack Luggage is a great choice for keeping jewelry, accessories, and everything else tidy with a variety of optional zip-in organizers that serve all sorts of needs.

How to pack necklaces for travel

Necklaces are one of the trickier pieces of jewelry to pack for travel. You'll want to ensure it doesn't get tangled. The best way to do this is to put it in a small pouch or wrap it in bubble wrap or tissue paper before placing it in your suitcase.

If you have a thicker or more durable necklace, you can simply loop it a few times and tuck it into the accessory pouch of your bag.

Packing Rings and Earrings

One of the most common questions is, "Can you bring earrings on a plane?" The answer is yes, but rings and earrings are easy to lose, so pack them carefully. One way is to put them in a pill case or other small container. You can also put them in a plastic bag that seals.

Storing Jewelry While Traveling

Once you've arrived at your destination, you'll need to find a safe place to store your jewelry. Most hotel rooms have a safe where you can store your valuables. You can also keep your jewelry stored in your luggage, if your luggage has a lock.

When you're out and about, only wear the jewelry you need for the day. Leave the rest safely tucked away in your room.

Jewelry in checked luggage

Putting jewelry in your checked bag is ok, but choose carefully. You don't want to add too much weight to your bag or risk losing anything too valuable.

First, take inventory of what you're bringing. Pack important pieces in your carry-on bag, and only bring what you're comfortable losing in your checked luggage.

Next, choose how you'll pack your jewelry. Investing in a travel jewelry case or jewelry organizer that protects your pieces is a good plan. If you're using a jewelry box, wrap each piece individually in soft cloth to prevent scratching.

Using packing cubes and travel pouches

If you like the idea of a travel jewelry organizer for keeping your baubles safe and handy, the Travelpro Essentials Max Access Small Cube organizer gives you plenty of space. At the same time, its angled zipper opening makes finding what you want quick and easy.

For a lot of jewelry, it may be worth investing in a dedicated jewelry roll that has multiple compartments for different types of jewelry and a built-in mirror. But this can add bulk to your bag. Ultra-lightweight packing cubes and travel pouches are a great option for keeping all of your accessories and clothing organized.

Packing cubes

Importance of bags with locks

Always use a lock when packing jewelry in your luggage. Locked bags deter thieves and help keep your items safe. Look for luggage with TSA-approved locks that can be safely opened and relocked with a master key in case your luggage needs to be inspected by authorities when you’re not there.

Packing jewelry for travel is easy with a bit of planning. Just take inventory of what you're bringing, choose the right packing method, and use a lock for extra security. Safe travels!

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Yazzii: Your Perfect Crafting and Travel Companion with a full range of multifunctional craft organizers catering to sewing, quilting, knitting, travel, jewelry, and much more!

Click here if you're visiting us from australia, or anywhere else outside of usa/canada. discover the convenience and versatility of yazzii's craft storage & organizer collection, tailored to meet the needs of seasoned crafters. with a diverse range catering to sewing, crafting, quilting, knitting, crochet , needlework, applique, cosmetic, and travel & jewelry storage , yazzii offers solutions that go beyond mere accessories — they become your trusted companions on every creative journey., whether you're in need of a compact sewing kit, a quilt block carry case , or a spacious crafting tote , yazzii has you covered. each product is meticulously designed to adapt to your creative process, allowing you to focus on what you love most — whether starting a new project at home, or heading to a creative retreat., save 10% on select best sellers no code needed sale ends 4/30.

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Yazzii has been offering specialized craft storage solutions for over 20 years, catering to enthusiasts of quilting, embroidery, tapestry, crochet, knitting, sewing, patchwork, needlepoint, needlework, beading, scrapbooking, and more. these bags are designed with multiple compartments and pockets, enabling users to neatly organize and easily access a wide range of supplies, from tiny jewelry pieces to larger fabric rolls., constructed for durability, yazzii bags are ideal for frequent travel and regular use, functioning effectively as travel organizers. these versatile bags also accommodate jewelry, cosmetics, makeup, and other small accessories, making them excellent for various travel needs or even for organizing during spring cleaning. the durable and practical design of these bags supports easy transport, ideal for attending crafting classes or retreats. combining australian design with indian hand-craftsmanship and a commitment to fair global trade, yazzii craft storage bags provide a reliable and stylish solution for managing both crafting supplies and travel necessities., testimonials from happy customers.

This is an awesome little organizer! Perfect for my quick on the go cross stitch projects. It fits a large amount of stuff. Very well made. I really like it. Tina Martin
This bag is a great storage bag for my machine quilting rulers. It has a variety of pocket sizes for the different sizes/shapes of the rulers. It is very well made and sturdy. This is my second one and my first one is still going strong after years of use. Tracey Z
You can't go wrong with Yazzii bags and you are going to love them no matter what bag you get. Velda V.
So nice to receive your personal email. This will be my 3rd purchase from you, congratulations on a great product. I previously purchased your Sewing organizer and knitting bag. Very satisfied customer... Thank you. Ruth T

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Kate Spade,Morgan Travel Organizer,Pink Dune


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Hello everybody,

Like I said I'm new at traveling and I tend to worry about everything and I want everything to be planned carefully so that I don't miss a flight and whatnot.

The plan is the following:

1- Once I receive my visa, I'll book my flight . Looking at my options it seems like I can either fly from the Montreal airport and pay $1400-1500 for a two-way, one-stop flight to Moscow, or take a bus down to NYC, then another bus to the airport ($120-160 each way) and $1000 for a one stop flight to Moscow. Which option would you guys prefer? I like to avoid dealing with airports, so I'm thinking going down to NYC by Greyhound bus and getting to the airport by bus or taxi well in advance is better than a long layover in a random airport...

2- Get to Moscow, get registered at my hotel. I'll spend 5 days in Moscow, and then fly to Novosibirsk. Should I foresee any issue with flying internally?

3- Fly back to Moscow, get to airport, fly back, Greyhound back to Montreal.

Any tips? I've never traveled solo, and I'm thinking Russia isn't beginner-grade travel for a Canadian dude, so any advice is appreciated. Someone was super helpful in DMs last time I posted and that was really cool.

I'm not sure I can edit my previous post but some of the questions I'm wondering about are, should I rely on bringing US cash to get paper rubles to pay for things, or is it ok to bring a credit card?

' class=

As of now, you can either use your credit card in many places in Russia, or get cash from ATM. But who knows what happen in July. Some backup USD cash won't hurt anyway.

travel jewelry organizer canada

> is it ok to bring a credit card?

you should. Visa/Master cards used everywhere excepted small kiosks and street vendors. Cash at an ATM of airport upon arrival.

> I'm thinking Russia isn't beginner-grade travel for a Canadian dude

pas plus difficile que pour un francophone qui ne parle pas anglais (je l'écris mais j'ai un mal de chien à le comprendre oralement, contrairement aux langues slaves) de voyager au Canada, en se tapant les conneries occasionnelles de Air Canada, les bizarreries des anglos ou certaines humeurs québécoises le long du Saint-Laurent.

I am quite familiar with Montréal, Québec-Ville, Baie-Saint-Paul and few countryside spots, and from my yuropan pov. Canada features here and there some weird americanisms, but Russia is mostly plain Europe. It feels home. In short I experience more cultural and practical lags when I am in Canada but very few when I am in Russia. Can be mindset and cultural patterns but also just many very small trivial things, like tipping for instance, or even bankomats.

Norwegian have very cheap flights Oslo - New York starting at 1156 NOK, depending the period of the year, 1156 krona are ~148 USD, most tickets more in the ~250 USD (one way) bought in advance.I don't have personal experience of these flights .

I know from experience tickets Oslo-MSK are cheap when bought in advance on Aeroflot site. If there are good rates and convenient transit times, then a little layover in Oslo airport, newly expanded, is extremely relaxing, as the new airport is now big but without the huge traffic of main european hubs. Plenty of room and very quiet.

Finnair is generally relatively cheap for a main national airline yet with lot of international routes, maybe Toronto or Montréal? and Helsinki airport is also more relaxed than main european hubs (even if not roomy and quiet like the new Oslo airport), so it may also be an interesting alternative.


random practical aspects I can think of:

- the type of your mobile phone. The ones tied with plans sold by canadian att/bell (also maybe virgin) may not work in Europe. If you have already been in Europe and your mobile phone was working then it will work the same in Russia.

- bank card. It seems nowadays (last time I was in Montréal was Easter last year) canadians do use card with chip&pin. This is the standard in Russia, stripe only card and earlier kind of chip+pin may be problematic at some points, because russian banks have last technological implementations (also NFC widespread).

- mobile 4G internet is very cheap, contrary to the silly canadian rates. Buy a sim loaded with a generous plan upon arrival, it will be very handy.

you could buy tickets long time in advance, probability for being denied visa, if you are a regular guy, is infinitesimal.

travel jewelry organizer canada

Or Toronto - I checked flights some time ago, they never were anything over $ 500


"Regular tourists" do not choose Novosibirsk for their first visit...

// Any tips?

Don't be surprised that most of people around you don't speak a word of English. For some visitors from North America it is the real surprise, I don't know why, maybe they have never heard of the existence of other languages on Earth (joke)

landstrykere, merci beaucoup pour ta réponse, je prend ça en considération!

MuscoviteVT, well it'll be Moscow and then Novosibirsk to hang out with friends.

andres16, yeah I don't expect to be able to use English very much outside of Moscow (and even there). I'll have my friends helping me to get around.

Thanks everybody for your answers, I really appreciate

travel jewelry organizer canada

I would personally avoid US and JFK at any cost...while usually in my frequent trips I somehow manage to get out of JFK on time, coming back, after being delayed for a day on 3 of my last 4 tries, I avoid this like the plague. The issue is this is about the most horrible area on earth, with 3 major airports, limited air space, and airports that seem to shut down at the first sign of a slight drizzle...

Still, 9-hour bus ride is exhausting, for me anyway. Connection in Europe is usually no problem. I go quite frequently and never missed my connection. Just make sure it's at least 2 hours. I even prefer 5-6 hours, so I could go out and explore a city in Europe.

beachpotato2017, you didn't misunderstand, I misspoke, I did say one stop flight from NYC and I meant direct flight . Some of the flights I've been offered had 50 minutes layovers which is pretty bad... And the cheaper ones have layovers with different airlines which I don't think I want to do.

Thanks everybody once again :). Still open to ideas and suggestions.

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    Answer 1 of 19: Hello everybody, So, I'm a new traveler, I'm looking to visit Moscow and Novosibirsk sometime between July 26th to August 24th. I'm going to get a visa for those dates and I'll fly in for a period of 2-3 weeks sometime between...