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60+ Creative Travel Gift Basket Ideas For Any Occasion

A suitcase filled with gifts and items at the beach

Not everyone has the time or energy to hunt down individual gifts and painstakingly arrange them into a picture-perfect travel gift basket. That’s why we’ve got you covered with a mix of premade travel basket ideas that you can order online with just a few clicks. As well as homemade ideas for travel gift baskets where we simply give you the idea, but you can score the gifts and baskets yourself, allowing you to unleash your inner gift-giving Picasso right at home.

So, whether you’re looking to surprise your wanderlust mom or dad, send off a friend on their globetrotting adventure after graduation, or simply need a Christmas gift basket for a travel-obsessed soul, this comprehensive list will inspire and delight.

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60+ travel gift basket ideas with a photo of a French-themed food basket

Destinations – Premade travel gift baskets

All right, let’s start with the first category; baskets by destinations.

Whether your recipient is obsessed with Europe, Australia, Asia, or The US, you can find premade travel basket ideas for just about any destination (a city, a state, or a country).

And the best part?

If you can’t find the destination your recipient loves in the list below, you simply make it yourself (check out the homemade section to help you out), or check out my three favorite travel gift basket sites and use the search bar. There were simply too many amazing options online, that I had to make a selection.

So if you’re looking for a specific destination, head over to the following sites

#1 British gift basket

Includes a selection of 12 of Britain’s finest foods, from cheese to tea, and fudge. There is something to satisfy every England and UK lover. (Shop basket at iGourmet )

#2 French gift basket

This is the perfect travel gift basket for people who are obsessed with France, or at least French food. It includes 12 French items such as cheese, fig jam, and mustard. (Shop basket at iGourmet )

A plate filled with french food

#3 Spanish gift basket

Do you need a basket for someone who loves Spanish tapas? Then this is the basket you need, filled with 10 typical tapas dishes and a recipe this is every Spanish food-lover dream. (Shop basket at iGourmet )

#4 Italian gift basket

If you’re up for a surprise, Cratejoy’s Taste of Italy basket is the perfect option. It includes hard-to-find sweet and savory items from Italy, and each month they curate a box with new items. It’s actually a subscription plan, but you can also sign up for a 1-time basket. You won’t know exactly what items will be in the basket then, but you can bet that they are all delicious (I mean, they’re sourced from Italy after all). (Shop basket at Cratejoy )

#5 Greek gift basket

For anyone who is obsessed with Greek cuisine, the Greek travel gift basket is perfect. Just like the Italian one, the basket includes different Greek items each month. But what you will know upfront is that each item is healthy, organic, and all-natural. And from Greece, of course. (Shop basket at Cratejoy )

#6 German gift basket

This collection of 8 typical pantry items from Germany will transport your recipient straight back to the land of sausages (even though the basket doesn’t contain any sausage). (Shop basket at iGourmet )

#7 Scandinavian gift basket

With 10 delicious items from Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark, the Scandinavian gift basket will make the recipient feel like they’re back in the north and the lands of hygge, fika, and happiness. (Shop basket at iGourmet )

#8 Japan basket

The Japan crate includes 18-20 pieces of unique candy and snacks from Japan. It’s a monthly subscription box (but you can also order a one-time box), which means that the candy will change every month. So the exact candies will be a surprise for both the recipient and you. (Shop basket at Cratejoy )

A box with "Japan Crate"

#9 Mexico basket

This Mexican basket contains 15-25 different sweets and snacks from Mexico. The content varies every month, but all items will be sourced from Mexico. (Shop basket at Cratejoy )

#10 Israel gift basket

Let the recipient discover the Holy Land with a basket filled with artisanal food, crafts, and content from Israel. (Shop basket at Cratejoy )

#11 Canadian beauty basket

Do you need travel basket ideas for someone who loves beauty products and Canada? Then this is the basket you need. It contains 5-8 full-sized beauty products from Canadian brands all over the country. (Shop basket at Cratejoy )

#12 Korean beauty basket

K-beauty is known around the world. So if you want to award the recipient with fresh and shiny skin like the Koreans, then this Korean beauty basket is perfect. (Shop basket at Cratejoy )

An unpacked box of Facetory a K-beauty brand with facemasks

#13 Seoul basket

For more Korean-themed gift baskets, this Seoulbox is perfect. It includes snacks, drinks, and K-beauty products from various brands located in Seoul. (Shop basket at Cratejoy )

#14 Paris gift basket

For the Francophile who is obsessed with Paris, this is the gift basket you need. Filled with cute Eiffel Tower-related items for their home, they can travel from the comfort of home. (Shop basket at Etsy )

#15 Tokyo gift basket

Whether you opt for the monthly subscription or just the one-time travel gift basket from Tokyo, this gift will satisfy all Japan and Tokyo loves, with snacks from local shops. (Shop basket at Cratejoy )

#16 Atlanta gift basket

Get your peaches from Georgia with this Atlanta gift basket. It contains cookies, candles, peanuts, coco cola, and more typical Atlanta and Georgia items. (Shop basket at Etsy )

Georgia gift basket filled with food from Atlanta, and Georgia

#17 New York State basket

This travel gift basket contains all the beauty New York State has to offer. From local NYC brands to upstate New York cheese, there is something from across the state in this basket. (Shop basket at iGourmet )

#18 California basket

This collection of 9 items from California’s artisan food producers makes a great travel gift basket for anyone who loves the Golden State. (Shop basket at iGourmet )

#19 Louisiana basket

Louisiana is known for its delicious food, and that’s all collected in this Cajun gift basket which contains 7+ new items from Louisiana every month. (Shop basket at Cratejoy )

#20 Florida gift basket

Bring a piece of the Sunshine State into their homes, with a gift basket from Florida. Each box contains various Florida wildflower honey items, such as body lotion, a candle, and honey. (Shop basket at Etsy )

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#21 Maine basket

The last gift basket by destination is from Maine. It includes a personalized message and  7-10 unique hand-selected items from Maine that vary every month. (Shop basket at Cratejoy )

A box of gifts from Maine

Destinations – Homemade gift baskets ideas

#22  homemade ideas for travel gift baskets by destinations.

You can literally make a gift basket for any country, state, or city yourself. All you need to do is to find items related to that country and you’re all set.

For more help with homemade gift baskets, check out this comprehensive guide on how to make gift baskets.

To make your basket look prettier, you can add decorations in the color of the flag of the country too. For example, by buying fillers (such as crinkle paper shreds in the colors of the flag), add an actual flag of the country, or paint the basket.

Blue crinkles paper

Gifts to include

Below I’ve made a list of items you can add to your homemade gift basket. Of course, make sure they’re related to the destination you picked.

And if you’re wondering where to buy these items, check out some of my favorite websites when it comes to buying unique gifts.

  • Pantry items
  • Kitchen utensils
  • Travel guide
  • Interesting book
  • Language course
  • Water bottle
  • Beauty products
  • Passport cover
  • Luggage tag
  • More Apparel

Texas food basket

Foodies – Premade travel gift baskets

#23 asian snack basket.

Do you know a foodie who loves trying unique food from around the world? Then a basket filled with unusual Asian snacks is perfect! Every month, they’ll include 20 new snacks, sweets, drinks, and whatnot from any country in Asia, so it’s always a surprise for you and the receiver. (Shop basket at Cratejoy )

#24 International cheese basket

For cheese lovers, this basket with cheese from four different continents is heaven. It contains Gouda from Europe, Cheddar from Oceania, Argentine Reggianito from South America, and Atlanta Blue from North America. (Shop basket at iGourmet )

#25 Scandinavian baking basket

Help the recipient embrace the fika and hygge lifestyle with a Scandinavian gift basket that includes everything they need to make delicious cardamom buns at home and bring the sweet smell and taste of Scandinavia into their house. (Shop basket at Etsy )

#26 Paella basket

Ditch those standard baskets, and use the actual pan as your basket with the paella gift! It comes with a pan, a recipe, and all the ingredients to make a pot of paella at home (apart from the fresh ingredients). (Shop basket at Amazon )

DIY Paella kit

#27 Whiskey-lover crate

Surprise your favorite whiskey drinker with a whiskey box that contains everything they need to take their whiskey drinking to the next level, from a personalized decanter to a whiskey-tasting journal. (Shop basket at Man Crates)

#28 International chocolate basket

This chocolate gift basket contains nothing but the best chocolate bars from five different countries around the world; Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, France, and the USA, which makes it by far the best option for chocolate lovers. (Shop basket at iGourmet )

#29 International spices

Do you know someone who loves to experiment in the kitchen? Then this is the perfect travel basket idea for you; a set with six different spices from different countries in the world (Egypt, Mexico, Argentina, Japan, India, Italy). (Shop basket at Etsy )

#30 Hot sauces from around the world

This suitcase basket filled with hot sauces from around the world is the perfect idea for people who love spicy food and who love to experiment. (Shop basket at Walmart )

A suitcase shaped box with various hot sauces from around the world

#31 European cookies baskets

This gift basket is every sweet tooth’s dream; a selection of the best European cookies combined in one cute iGourmet tote bag. (Shop basket at iGourmet )

#32 Avocado gift box

For the avocado and guacamole lover in your life, this is the ultimate gift box. It includes fresh and ready-to-eat avocados, lemons, honey, seasoning, and delicious fresh bagels to create the best avo on bagel toast at home. (Shop basket at Gourmet Gift Basket )

#33 Pizza-lover gift basket

This gift basket is perfect for pizza lovers who a ready to try their own pizza-making skills at home. It comes with a dough mixture that only needs water and oil, spices, and various online recipes the recipient can use. (Shop basket at Etsy )

#34 Mochi ice cream basket

Do you need gift basket ideas for people who love Japan and ice cream? Look no further! Head over to Uncommon Goods and go for this box to help them make their own Japanese mochi ice cream. (Shop basket at Uncommon Goods )

DIY mochi ice cream kit

#35 Taco gift baskets

The taco and queso gift basket does not only come with vegetarian taco seasoning and sauces but also with a cute and colorful basket to turn your gift into a true fiesta. (Shop basket at Gourmet Gift Basket )

#36 International coffee basket

Even though this is technically not a gift basket, I still added it to the list. Why? Because all you need to do is buy a cute basket, add some rustic-colored fillers, and place these 16 different coffee bean bags from around the world in the basket, and you’re all set. (Shop basket at Bean Box )

Collection of coffee bean bags

Foodies – Homemade gift basket ideas

The good thing about food-inspired baskets is that you can basically recreate any of the premade baskets at home. Simply find a type of food the recipient loves, and then find those from around the world.

Or go for a typical food from a country the recipient loves, and make a basket that contains everything they need to make that food at home. Below you’ll find a few of those ideas for inspiration. But honestly, the options are endless.

#37 Crepe lover gift basket

What you need:

  • Cute basket
  • A crepe maker
  • Ingredients to make crepes
  • Toppings for crepes
  • A crepe recipe book

#38 Belgium waffle lover basket

  • Waffle maker
  • Ingredients for Belgium waffles
  • Toppings for waffles
  • Recipe book

#39 Pasta lover gift basket

  • Colander (to serve as a basket)
  • Pasta maker
  • Pasta dough ingredients
  • Italian pasta cookbook
  • Ingredients for one pasta dish

#40 Homemade gift basket idea for alcohol drinkers

  • A cute basket
  • Mini bottles of their favorite drink (eg, different international beers, wines, whiskey, gin, rum)
  • Serving glasses

Six different gift baskets with food and drinks

#41 Homemade gift basket idea for cocktail drinkers

  • Cocktail shaker
  • International cocktail book
  • Ingredients for 1 or 2 cocktails from that book

#42 Homemade gift basket idea for tea lovers

  • Bag of international tea leaves
  • Cute mug or travel mug
  • International cookies
  • Infuses with travel-themed hangers
  • Teaspoon with a travel theme

General – Premade travel gift basket

#43 happy glamper gift basket.

For people who love the outdoors, but who also love luxury, this glamping gift basket is what you need. Every three months, the curators will come up with new items to fill the basket that will make the life of outdoor lovers more comfortable and luxurious. (Shop basket at Cratejoy )

A box with "happy glamping" and gifts for campers

#44 Campers gift basket

This is the ultimate gift basket for campers. Each box contains essential items for camping lovers, such as camp lights, dry bags, camping games, and energy snacks, so that your favorite camper can enjoy a basket full of goodies. (Shop basket at Cratejoy )

#45 Gift basket for beach bums

Help your favorite beach bum enjoy a beachy day, every day (even when they’re not at the beach) with this cute beach basket. It includes a candle, keychain, water bottle, bag, and more. (Shop basket at Etsy )

#46 Gift basket for bookworms

Do you know a traveler who also loves to read? Then this basket filled with amazing travel-themed books that every jet-setter will love is the perfect idea for you. You can choose from various price ranges, which will include a varied amount of books to read. And each basket comes with tea, bookmarks, postcards, and other keepsakes. (Shop basket at Cratejoy )

An unpacked box with books

#47 Outdoor survival crate

This survival ammo basket is another great option for campers and outdoor lovers. It includes everything they need to survive in the wild. From snacks to tools such as knives and survival blankets as well as a survival guide, so even if they don’t have any survival skills yet, they can learn everything with this basket. (Shop basket at Man Crates )

#48 Ttravel basket idea for kids and teens

Get kids and teens excited to explore the world with a gift basket that features a different country each month and that teaches them fun facts about it. the basket is completely catered toward kids and teens, so the facts are understandable and relatable for them. (Shop basket at Cratejoy )

#49 Travel through music basket

The last premade travel basket idea is a truly unique one for music lovers. It’s a basket that features local artists from around the world. Because they change the country and artists with each box, it’s always a surprise for you and the recipient. But each time it includes a travel guide, Spotify playlist, keychain, postcards from that specific destination as well as music-related travel gifts such as speakers or headphones. (Shop basket at Cratejoy )

A box with a lot of small travel-themed items around

General- Homemade gift basket ideas

Always remember, that for each of the travel basket ideas I shared above, you can always curate one yourself. Simply pick similar items that match your recipient, buy a cute basket, and add some fillers, and your homemade gift basket is done.

If you need more inspiration for what kind of gifts you can buy for each type of recipient have a look at my list of homemade ideas for travel gift baskets.

#50 Homemade gift basket ideas for book lovers

  • Travel-themed books (either inspirational guides, travel memoirs, or travel stories)

Or for the reader with an e-reader

  • Gift card for a Kindle subscription
  • E-reader cover
  • Card with a sweet message

#51 Homemade gift basket ideas for beauty queens and kings

  • Makeup bag (as a basket)
  • Travel-sized beauty products
  • Travel-sized manicure set
  • Sleeping mask

Toiletery bag with travel items

#52 Travel-safe homemade gift basket ideas

  • Anti-theft bag (as a basket)
  • Personal Alarm
  • Extra hotel door lock
  • GPS trackers
  • Or any of these travel safety gifts
  • Card with sweet ‘ travel safe message ‘

#53 Road-tripping gift basket

  • Road trip guide book
  • Gas gift card
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Travel pillow

#54 Couple’s or wedding-themed homemade ideas for travel gift baskets

  • Matching eye masks
  • Matching passport covers
  • Matching travel mugs
  • Matching luggage tags
  • Matching keychain
  • Any of these travel gifts for couples
  • Or these wedding travel gifts

#55 Techy traveler homemade gift basket ideas

  • Tech bag organizer (as a basket)
  • Headphone splitter
  • Sleeping mask with built-in headphones
  • Travel adaptor
  • Gift card for a tech company
  • Any other tech travel gadgets

Backpack with techy items

Occasion – Homemade gift basket ideas

Unfortunately, you can’t find any premade travel basket ideas online for specific occasions such as Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and more.

But don’t worry.

It’s actually really easy to make an event-themed gift basket yourself. Yes, really. Even if you’re not one of the creative types. I’ve got your back.

There are two super simple ways in which you can curate a travel gift basket for a special occasion.

  • Through decoration
  • Through international products

The first method is by far the easiest. You simply buy regular travel gifts and baskets (as you would for any gift basket). And then just decorate the basket in the theme of the occasion.

So let’s say you’re making a travel-themed Easter basket, you simply add Easter grass as a filler, Easter eggs for decoration, and a Happy Easter card to finish it off.

For Christmas, same story. Simply buy Christmas-themed fillings, and a Christmas card, and then add Christmas ornament such as Christmas balls, tinsels, and pinecones.

A basket with bath goodies and Christmas decorations

The second method requires a bit more creativity, but luckily I’ve helped you out with that one too. So let’s have a look at all the fun homemade ideas for travel gift baskets by occasion.

#56 Travel-themed Easter basket through decoration

  • Backpack, dry bag, or makeup bag as a basket
  • Easter grass as filler
  • Easter eggs as a garnish
  • Happy Easter card with a sweet message
  • Travel guides
  • Globe-themed accessories
  • Travel-sized game
  • Or other general gifts ideas from these 50+ travel gifts

Basket with Easter eggs and a bunny

#57 Travel-themed Easter basket with international treats

  • Easter-themed basket
  • Pizzelle from Italy
  • Tsoureki bread from Greece
  • Babka from Poland
  • Easter eggs
  • A felt toy of an English hot cross bun

#58 Travel-themed Christmas basket through decoration

  • Christmas-themed filler
  • Christmas ornament
  • Happy Holidays card with a sweet or funny Christmas message
  • One major travel gift such as an e-reader, a portable speaker, or headphones (this could be a more expensive gift as the centerpiece of your basket)
  • Or more travel-themed gifts

A Christmas basket with food and Christmas ornament

#59 Travel-themed Christmas basket through international treats

  • Christmas-themed basket
  • Swedish gnomes ornament
  • International holiday baking cookbook
  • Kolaczky cookies from Poland

#60 Housewarming gift basket for travelers

  • Cute travel-themed basket (e.g. this world map storage basket )
  • Happy new home card
  • Serving plates
  • World map posters
  • Or any of these housewarming travel gifts

#61 Graduation gift basket with a travel theme

  • Backpack, toiletry bag, travel pouch, or any practical bag for travelers as a basket
  • Congratulations card with a sweet or funny graduation message
  • Graduation cap for decoration (or as the basket)
  • Travel mug for graduates
  • Journal for graduates
  • Any of these travel graduation gifts

#62 Mother’s Day travel basket idea

  • Travel-themed baskets, such as this world map storage basket
  • Happy Mother’s Day card with a sweet or funny message for mom
  • Serving tray
  • Photo frame
  • Any of these travel housewarming gifts
  • Cable organizer bag
  • Travel journal
  • Or any of these Mother’s Day travel gifts

Basket wit chocolate and 'Happy Mother's Day'

#63 Father’s Day travel gift basket idea

  • Happy Father’s Day card with a sweet or funny message for dad
  • Swiss army knife
  • International coffee beans
  • Or any of these travel gifts for dads

Backpack with outdoor items

#64 Retirement travel gift basket

  • Happy retirement card with a sweet or funny farewell message
  • Travel mug for retirees
  • Journal for retirees
  • Any of these travel retirement gifts

Save these travel basket ideas

Did you save these premade and homemade ideas for travel gift baskets on Pinterest yet?

60+ premade and homemade gift basket ideas that travelers will love with a photo of a Paris-themed basket

Final notes on travel basket ideas

Alright, I hope that this mix of premade as well as homemade ideas for travel gift baskets inspired you to make the ultimate basket for your friend, mom, dad, or any other recipient!

travel gift basket items

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Stuffed Suitcase

60 Useful Road Trip Gifts and Basket Ideas for Travelers in 2023

By: Author Kim Tate

Posted on Published: March 2, 2023

road trip gift basket with text overlay

Planning a road trip or know someone who is traveling soon? For travelers that are heading out soon, how about you surprise them with some road trip gifts — perhaps you’ll even make them a road trip gift basket! As someone who has taken dozens of roadtrips, these are some of the best road trip gifts you can pack.

These ideas are also perfect for auction gift baskets – this road trip basket below is one I made for our class school auction!

road trip gifts in a road trip gift basket sitting inside car

In this article:

Best Road Trip Gifts Ideas

As someone who has taken a LOT of road trips, here are 60 of my favorite road trip gift ideas! This list has a mix of road trip gifts including road trip essentials, road trip gadgets, games for road trips, unique gifts, and even some ideas for family road trip gifts!

Affiliate links are included in this post so I may earn a small commission if you purchase with my link.

Road Trip Essentials

These items are essentials that will help make a road trip more comfortable, safe, and clean. They make great road trip gifts as they're practical gifts and most have a low price. Many of these can be added to a road trip gift basket to fill in space.

travel gift basket items

Rand McNally 2022 Large Scale Road Atlas

While we all rely on google maps on our phones these days, there's always a chance you'll lose your coverage while driving. A road atlas helps you navigate to where you need to go if you lose signal for some reason. Rand McNally makes great road atlases, this one is spiral bound with large-scale maps but they also make a traditional staple-bound atlas. A road atlas is one of the best road trip gifts.

If you're staying in one particular state or region, you might consider a paper map for that state that you can just store in your glove compartment versus a whole atlas.

Also, keep in mind that digital maps will probably tell you the best way to go to save time or mileage, but it might not be the most scenic way to go. A road atlas can help you look for scenic drives and routes.

travel gift basket items

While traveling in the car there's nothing worse than getting something on your hands and not being able to wash them. Wet wipes are a great item to pack as they can be used to wipe up spills and messes -- not just for kids! I recommend buying biodegradable eco-friendly wipes.

travel gift basket items

Hand Sanitizer

Of course over the past couple of years having hand sanitizer handy has been a big part of traveling. But our family has been packing hand sanitizer on road trips for a while. The 8 oz Purell pump bottles fit well in our van cup holders and is easily accessible for all. It's great for using after stops, after fueling up, and before eating.

travel gift basket items

Paper Towels

Going along with the keeping things clean theme, a roll of paper towels is a great item to pack for a road trip. These come in handy in a variety of situations, cleaning up messes, wrapping up wet or dirty items, or even cleaning up spills in the car.

travel gift basket items

Facial Tissues (Kleenex)

Having some facial tissues, aka kleenex on hand is helpful since there's a good chance someone will need to blow their nose at some point. These can also come in handy if you need to use an outhouse or "green latrine" while on the road. These travel packs work well for the car but I know some brands make canister-style facial tissues that are supposed to fit in cup holders, too.

travel gift basket items

Car Trash Bag

While you can certainly use a plastic shopping bag for this purpose, a car garbage bag can make a great road trip gift. This is the one we use and I love that it has an elastic neck which makes it easy to push trash in, plus it has a rolled velcro bottom that you can simply unroll to empty out the garbage when you get to a large garbage can. Great (cheap) gift for road trip travelers!

travel gift basket items

5 Organization Tips for Road Trips

Here are some tips for keeping your car clean and organized during a road trip -- which will help everyone enjoy the trip more!

travel gift basket items

Roadside Emergency Kit

A roadside emergency gift is an excellent road trip gift idea -- especially for teen drivers! You never know when you'll have an issue on the road and one of these items might just help you avoid a serious issue or inconvenience.

travel gift basket items

5 Steps to Prep Your Car for a Road Trip

And don't forget to make sure your car is road-ready and any car maintenance is up to date. You'll also want to make sure your spare tire is in good condition and ready if you get a flat tire.

travel gift basket items

Car Battery Booster Pack

While the roadside emergency kit above comes with jumper cables, that relies on having another car available to give you a jump. When you're on the road, a car battery booster pack is a good idea since you can jump your car without relying on the help of strangers.

travel gift basket items

First Aid Kit

While you should make sure you're covered for serious medical concerns and can access a hospital, minor scrapes can be fixed with a travel first aid kit. Remember some ibuprofen/acetaminophen, stomach chews (Pepto Bismol), allergy pills, and bug bite cream. We've used them all on road trips.

travel gift basket items

Helpful Tips for What to Pack in a Travel First Aid Kit

If you're traveling as a family, here are some helpful tips for what we pack in our travel first aid kit - many items are useful for traveling with kids!

travel gift basket items

Odor Eliminator Spray & Air Freshener

Let's face it, long stretches in a car with one or more people are going to lead to some stink. Pack along a bottle of air freshener / odor eliminator to help manage smells while on the road. This is an item that many don't think about packing and so makes a great road trip gift!

travel gift basket items

Reusable Insulated Water Bottle

Water bottles are great for road trips as they help you stay hydrated and can save you money from buying drinks at every stop. Insulated bottles can also be used for coffee in the morning and water later in the day.

I like to have a bottle that has a flip/slider lid and a straw option as those are the easiest for using while driving in my opinion (versus a screw cap bottle). Just make sure to get a bottle that will fit in most cup holders (like these Simple Modern ones)!

A reuseable water bottle is one of the best travel gifts!

travel gift basket items

If you're planning a long drive with multiple rest stops along the way, it can be useful to have a simple day bag that you can grab if you leave the car for a hike or even to run into a store. A sling bag like this can even hold smaller tablets and books, plus it has a pocket for a water bottle or umbrella.

travel gift basket items

Facial Wipes

For long, multi-day road trips, facial wipes can come in handy, especially in the summer. These work for men and women and can be useful in helping you feel refreshed and

travel gift basket items

Being in the car for a long time can lead to some dry lips, so having some lip balm on hand

travel gift basket items

There's nothing worse than dry eyes, especially when you're driving! Having some eye drops packed in the car can be a real lifesaver on a long road trip.

travel gift basket items

Dental Floss Picks

Since eating in the car or on the go is pretty standard for road trips, having some dental floss picks packed can help keep your mouth feeling clean after meals. I also try to buy biodegradable ones so I'm not adding plastic to the landfills.

travel gift basket items

Another comfort item for road trips is lotion. We like to use a pump bottle, but you can also use a travel-size tube,

travel gift basket items

Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

These microfiber cloths are especially handy for cleaning eyeglasses and sunglasses. But they can also be used for cleaning mirrors or windows or even the screens of DVD players, phones, and tablets.

travel gift basket items

Polarized Sunglasses

Driving in bright sunlight can be overwhelming and even dangerous. I have eyes that are sensitive to sunlight and a pair of polarized sunglasses is a huge help for driving during the day. Even people who don't normally drive with sunglasses can find these useful on the open road!

travel gift basket items

Slip-On Shoes

While these aren't necessarily a road trip gift you can gift someone you don't know well, slip-on shoes are definitely a road trip essential. You'll be making stops often and wearing shoes that tie will slow you down and become an annoyance for taking on and off when you're not driving. Of course, if you're a solo driver, you can wear whatever shoes you want since you won't be taking them off while in the car.

travel gift basket items

Travel Pillow

If you're going to be a passenger on a long road trip, you'll want to pack a travel pillow. Pillows like this one can be useful for traveling and make great gifts for a road trip passenger.

travel gift basket items

5 Reviews for the Best Travel Pillow

Check out my reviews for these different travel pillows.

travel gift basket items

Travel Blanket

Another road trip cozy item is a small travel blanket. This is useful for passengers if one person wants to keep the car at a cooler temp than others prefer. I also think being cozy makes it easier to fall asleep. This blanket also makes a great filling item for a road trip gift basket.

travel gift basket items

Travel Towel

If you're making stops along water and beaches, a travel towel can come in handy. We've stopped at roadside beach pull-outs and have always appreciated having a towel to dry off our legs and feet after taking a little walk in the waves.

travel gift basket items

Picnic & Outdoor Blanket

Planning some picnics or beach stops along the way? One of these fold-up picnic blankets is one of the best gifts for road trippers who like to enjoy nature along the way.

travel gift basket items

Reliefband Anti-Nausea Wristband

Keep in mind if anyone suffers from motion sickness while traveling. If so, be sure to pack some items to help with that. You can use medicine like Bonine, essential oils, ginger candies, or a Reliefband tech bracelet that uses electricity to help combat motion sickness.

Car Road Trip Accessories & Gadgets

For techy travelers, many of these road trip accessories and gadgets will seem like essential items! I'm making them their own category as they do offer some convenience and will certainly help plugged-in travelers stay connected while on the open road.

travel gift basket items

Car Power Inverter USB Charger

So many of us have electronics that will need to be kept charged during a long road trip. This power inverter also allows you to charge larger electronics like a laptop, in addition to having multiple USB ports for everyone to be able to charge their device. Great gift for a road trip with friends or family!

travel gift basket items

Portable Cooler Refrigerator

For road trippers that want to save money and eat on the road, a portable refrigerator that hooks to a car 12V outlet works great. It keeps food and drinks cool to enjoy later on the trip. This one comes with an AC plug too, so you can bring it in to plug in your hotel room.

travel gift basket items

We all know that driving can be dangerous, and these days proving who is at fault during an accident can come down to who has proof. A dash cam like this can help you prove what happened if something does go wrong while you're on a trip. (note, some US states do not allow you to mount dashcams to windshields, only dashboards)

travel gift basket items

If you're an Alexa-loving road tripper, consider "teching out" your car with one of these Echo Auto devices. You'll be able to go hands-free to play music, listen to audiobooks, and even play Alexa games.

travel gift basket items

Kindle Paperwhite

For travelers who love to read, having a Kindle can be a great gift idea. And for road trips, the glare-free Kindle Paperwhite is perfect for in the car. You can even get them with a trial for Kindle Unlimited which is a great service for avid readers!

travel gift basket items

Car Charger Phone Vent Mount

We love having this car mount in all our cars and I love that it charges my phone, too. Fits most phones and vents.

travel gift basket items

Handsfree Bluetooth FM Transmitter

If you or your friends have an older car, they might want one of these Bluetooth transmitters that let them connect their phones to their car through an FM radio station. Great for allowing you stream your favorite playlists and audiobooks from your phone to your car sound system.

travel gift basket items

If you like to keep your car clean while traveling, having a car vacuum on hand can be useful. This one plugs into a 12V outlet in the car and can help keep crumbs and dirt at bay. Make a great road trip gift!

travel gift basket items

Portable HEPA Air Purifier/Deodorizer

Since most road trips involve fast food and eating in the car, it's no surprise that your car can start to stink. This car gadget works to clean, purify, and deodorize the air. No more coming out to a car that smells like french fries from the day before!

travel gift basket items

Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

This handy road trip accessory gadget helps you check your tire pressure. It's always a good idea to drive with proper inflation and know if you might have a leak so you can get it fixed quickly!

travel gift basket items

Car Trunk Organizer

Here's another handy organization item that makes a great gift for road trips! Help your best friend keep things in order with a hanging trunk organizer. This one is great for vans and SUVs, but you can get sedan-sized organizers that work well for cars.

travel gift basket items

Car Window Shade

If you're buying a road trip gift for a group or someone who is traveling as a group, these car window shades can be useful. Often they're used by families for babies, but they work well for any passengers that don't want the sun beating down on them while they watch movies or sleep.

travel gift basket items

Cleaning Gel for Car

Here's another fun road trip accessory that makes for an affordable gift. This cleaning gel (aka slime) will seep into tight crevices and pick up rogue crumbs that a vacuum just can't quite reach.

Family Road Trip Gift Basket Ideas

Here are some great family road trip gift ideas that are perfect if you're shopping for someone who will be road-tripping with kids! These road trip gift basket items will keep the kids entertained and comfortable on the open road.

travel gift basket items

Road Trip Travel Games Gift Box

Here's a fun set of road trip games and activities for kids and it's already packaged together, making it ideal for adding to a family road trip gift basket!

travel gift basket items

Kids Travel Tray with Dry Erase Board

This travel tray can be a lifesaver for traveling families. Kids will have a surface to help them draw and eat, plus handy storage pockets for keeping their toys and activities from falling in between the seats!

travel gift basket items

Backseat Car Organizer with iPad Holder

If the kids are planning to watch some movies or shows on a tablet during the road trip, having a hanging pocket or mount can come in handy. This seat organizer serves that purpose as well as offering pockets for storing away other items.

travel gift basket items

Car Seat Organizer with Cup Holders

If you don't like the backseat mounted organizers, these organizers can sit in the middle seat next to kids to give them easy access to toys and snacks. Plus this one has cup holders!

travel gift basket items

Car Seat Headrest Pillows

One of the best ways kids can stay happy on a road trip is by sleeping, whether you're talking toddlers or teens. This neat road trip headrest gadget creates a cushioned rest for kids or adults to lean against which supports their heads.

travel gift basket items

Printable Road Trip Games for Kids - License Plate, Bingo, I Spy...

Check out my post with free printable road trip activities!

travel gift basket items

Shotgun! The Hilarious Family Card Game for Road Trips

Here's a fun road trip game perfect for grade school and teen-aged kids. Adults can even play along. This game is sure to bring laughs and great family memories!

travel gift basket items

Hidden Pictures Book Set

These are classics and I remember loving them when I was a kid. This pack of hidden picture books will keep kids entertained in the car and give parents a bit of peace and quiet while they search. :)

travel gift basket items

Free Printable Road Trip Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Print off this fun road trip scavenger hunt.

travel gift basket items

These are fun sensory toys for kids, letting them use their imagination to craft and build. They're fairly mess-free although you likely don't want to leave them in the hot sun as they're coated in wax to allow molding.

travel gift basket items

Crayola Color Wonder Mess Free

The Crayola Color Wonder Mess-Free art sets are perfect for traveling kids. The markers only work on the special paper, so no worries about marker messes on your car, and no stress about melting crayons!

travel gift basket items

Kids Travel Bag Activities to Pack for Vacation

Here are some fun travel activities kids can bring on the road.

travel gift basket items

Road Trip Activities and Travel Journal

This fun book is packed full of road trip games and activities for traveling kids. Great gift for kids who are writing.

travel gift basket items

LCD Writing Tablet for Kids

This brings back some memories of etch-a-sketch for me! Kids can draw whatever they want and then at the push of a button the screen is clear and ready for a new design. The name-brand version of this toy is Boogie Board in case you want to avoid the "knock-off" versions.

travel gift basket items

Dramamine Motion Sickness for Kids

If you're buying a road trip gift for a family who hasn't traveled much with their kids, adding these kids' motion sickness tablets could be a lifesaver.

Road Trip Gift Cards & Memberships

Another great idea for road trip gifts is to give travel lovers gift cards or memberships that will be useful on the road.

travel gift basket items

Roadtrippers Plus

One of my favorite tools I used on a recent road trip was Roadtrippers. It's a road trip planning app that helps you find great spots to see and things to do along your route. It even includes reviews and photos from fellow travelers. It's a perfect road trip gift!

travel gift basket items

National Parks Pass

If the road trip will be heading past national parks in the US, giving the gift of a National Parks Pass ($80) can be a great idea. Plus, there are even ways people can get a parks pass for free!

travel gift basket items

Audible Membership

Audiobooks are great to listen to on road trips, and a gifted membership to Audible will help road trippers stay entertained and maybe even learn something new while on the road.

AAA Membership

AAA is the leader in roadside assistance memberships, so a membership for their service can make a great gift. Many hotels also offer a AAA discount on hotel rooms which could help a traveler save money!

travel gift basket items

Gas Gift Cards

Buying a gift card for gas can be a bit tricky as you might not know what gas stations will be popular on the road trip route. However it's a fun gift idea with a definite road trip theme, so even a small amount to a local area gas station can get used.

Road Trip Snacks

Lastly, there’s nothing quite like snacks to help make a road trip great! Read my full list of road trip snacks , but these are a few of my favorites that make great gifts for a road trip gift basket!


  • Fruit Leathers/Snacks
  • Granola Bars
  • Rice Krispie Treats
  • Animal Crackers

I hope this list has been helpful. Many of these road trip gifts are a great way to prepare travel lovers for their upcoming trip while also providing useful gifts that they might not have thought of! Let me know if you have any other gift ideas I didn’t list.

road trip gifts flat lay with text overlay

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travel gift basket items

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10+ Clever Travel Basket Gift Ideas

10+ Clever Travel Basket Gift Ideas

When it comes to showing appreciation or expressing love, gift-giving is a time-honored tradition. And when the person you're shopping for loves to travel , it's important to find the perfect present, one that strikes a balance between meaningful, unique, and useful. 

Sometimes the best gift idea is one that actually combines several things  — like, perhaps,  a travel basket full of goodies and other essentials for those who love traveling often (or even do it out of necessity, like flight attendants ).

Do you need some inspiration for putting together the right travel basket? Consider these thoughtful travel basket gift ideas!

A white bag sitting on top of a box, everything branded with The Wander Club, some of the best travel basket gift ideas

14 Travel Basket Gift Ideas You’ll Love

Show how much you care about your globetrotting loved one with these travel basket gift ideas. 

1. The Wander Club Travel Tokens

One of the joys of traveling is collecting keepsakes, or  souvenirs , from past trips so you can look back and have those memories.

Travel tokens from The Wander Club  are a fun, unique way to keep a record of and display the places someone has traveled to. These collectible tokens are made of high-quality stainless steel and feature the name of different destinations, ranging from national and state parks to countries and landmarks. 

Plus, each token is customizable with an engraving , so you can add a date or initials. Any jet-setting pal will appreciate this, so it's one of the best travel basket gift ideas!

A Token Holder from The Wander Club with several Travel Tokens sitting on a map

2. The Wander Club Token Holder

Collecting travel tokens is even better when you have a customizable token holder  to hold and display them. After all, what's the point of souvenirs that just sit on a shelf or in a drawer, never being seen?

Choose a unique, handcrafted Wanderchain that you can attach to a keyring to organize and display travel tokens. They come available in various colors and designs, but each is handmade for an extra level of uniqueness.

If, alternatively, you’re looking for a conversation piece, buy a chain necklace so you can wear your “travel history” in style.

Pro gift-giving tip: Split rings can only hold up to 40 tokens, whereas the necklaces can accommodate many more tokens.

3. Packable Blanket

Keep the cold at bay on a road trip or during a long flight with a packable travel blanket. They pack up small, often into a carry case that's smaller than a backpack, but open to a nice large size. Some even roll up into a tube shape to fit conveniently around your neck as a rest. 

4. Compression Packing Cubes

One of our go-to travel basket gift ideas is packing cubes. They k eep your clothes organized while eliminating unnecessary bulk, allowing you to fit way more into your luggage. 

5. Passport Cover

For your pals who love to travel internationally, a passport cover is one of the best travel basket gift ideas. Not only is it small and affordable, it also adds a personal touch to the entire gift, especially if you add the recipient’s name.

Someone holding a luggage scale, one of the best travel basket gift ideas, above a green suitcase

6. Luggage Scale

Discovering that a suitcase or bag is too heavy at the airport can be very inconvenient — and very expensive . Avoid that with a handheld luggage scale that features a digital display and can measure up to 110 pounds. Its small size also makes it extremely gift-able, perfect for one of your travel basket gift ideas!

7. Reusable Water Bottle

A reusable water bottle should be at the top of your list of travel basket gift ideas. It has many benefits, including being sustainable and eco-friendly and saving money by not having to buy single-use bottles. 

For extra brownie points, add a personal water purifier to the basket!

8. Airplane Necklace

A fun necklace with an airplane-shaped pendant makes a statement simply yet elegantly. Many options come in your choice of gold, rose gold, or silver, so there's a style for everyone.

9. Hanging Toiletry Bag

If you're looking for a super practical gift that will go with its recipient on every trip from here on out, this is it. Hanging toiletry bags are some of the best travel basket gift ideas because they provide a getting-ready station virtually anywhere and organize hygiene items. 

10. Travel Jewelry Organizer

This is one of those travel items you don't realize you need until you've traveled with it. A simple yet wildly helpful jewelry case designed for travel (typically padded and very small) can keep your  earrings, necklaces, rings, and more safe during travel. To make it an even better travel basket gift idea, add a monogram or name for a personal touch.

Travel scrapbook supplies

11. Travel Scrapbook

Often the best vacations are shared experiences between loved ones. Whether you get a DIY kit or a ready-made scrapbook, they're highly customizable and meaningful, making it one of the best travel basket gift ideas. 

12. Keepsake Container

People love collecting things like beach sand, pine cones, seashells, and leaves on their travels, so one of the best travel basket gift ideas is a jar or other container to keep them all organized. 

13. Scratch Map

We love this travel gift idea because of the customization and fun it offers! Who wouldn't enjoy scratching off the different places they've visited, whether that be national parks, countries, or US states? Many also come protectively rolled up in a tube, so they're extra giftable.

14. Soft Cooler Bag

We have a serious appreciation for those who travel on a budget, and a soft cooler is a great way to do that. Investing in a high-quality cooler bag lets you stock up on some basic groceries when you get to a destination, allowing you to skip eating out so often. Plus, soft bag-style coolers are packable!

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The Wander Club Custom Keychain

The Wander Club

We are a charitable online shop for travel lovers! We help keep your favorite memories alive with engraved tokens and handcrafted token holders. For every order placed, we provide a meal to a child in need. ❤️

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  • Gifts for grown-ups

The 31 Best Gifts for Frequent Travelers

A selection of our favorite gifts for travelers, including Aesop travel cosmetics, a book on national parks, an eye mask, and more.

By Samantha Schoech and Dorie Chevlen

Give the globe-trotter in your life a gift that will appeal to their sense of worldly wonder. These items will make flights, long lines at customs, and hotel stays feel less arduous and more comfortable. You could also give your favorite traveler special mementos and experiences to celebrate past trips and anticipate future expeditions. Whatever type of traveler you’re shopping for, there should be something here to suit their wanderlust.

Luggage helper

A person pulling a suitcase on wheels that has the Cincha Travel Belt bag attached to the handle.

Cincha Travel Belt

This wide nylon strap has a sturdy buckle to keep your shoulder bag, backpack, or carry-on firmly attached to your roller bag, for smoother trips through the airport.

Buying Options

Anyone who travels has surely precariously perched their carry-on atop their rolling suitcase, only to have it topple, swivel, or lurch. Solve that annoyance with the Cincha Travel Belt , a useful (if unglamorous) offering. The concept is simple: This adjustable nylon strap cinches a smaller bag to the telescopic handles of a suitcase, thereby freeing up a hand, shoulder, or back. Yes, your traveling friend could use a bungee or even a rope for that purpose, but this item has a few touches that make it worth the upgrade: The sturdy metal buckle releases like butter, and a hidden elastic loop keeps the belt attached, even when it’s unclasped. Yes, this is a practical gift, but for the right traveler, it will be a real gem.

The Penkou Portable Neck Fan in front of a blue background.

Penkou Portable Neck Fan

This fan’s battery lasts all day, and several accidental drops haven’t killed it. Also, it fits comfortably around the neck without being heavy, loud, or excessively gusty.

This past summer, heat records broke across the globe, and many travelers reported they found it difficult to stay cool and comfortable on the go. New York City’s own heat wave prompted associate staff writer Thom Dunn to explore the world of wearable neck fans , including the Penkou Portable Neck Fan . And the Penkou model, with a ring of 72 air slots that softly blow air up toward the head (but not directly into the face), was his pick. It weighs only about half a pound, and due to its smooth plastic design, it’s barely noticeable against the neck and shoulders. There’s one large button on the front right, making it easy to cycle through the fan speeds. The rechargeable battery lasts up to 16 hours, and the fan is compact enough to slip into a carry-on.

Handy sanitizer

A person's hands refilling a bottle of Noshinku Hand Sanitizer with a Noshinku refill pouch.

Noshinku Hand Sanitizer

This flat, pocket-friendly hand sanitizer comes in sophisticated scents like vetiver, eucalyptus, and bergamot. And it’s refillable.

Traveling requires a lot of surface touching: airplanes, subways, taxis. If the pandemic taught us anything, it was that we should clean our hands as often as possible. The lovely-smelling Noshinku Hand Sanitizer is an FDA-compliant germ-killer that also contains stuff like jojoba, rosehip, argan oil, and aloe, to keep skin from drying out. Each canister is about the size of a credit card, though not quite as slim. So it can be slipped into a back pocket or a purse pocket. The best part is the canister is refillable , so your recipient can continue to use it for a long time.

Reading light

Our pick for best reading light overall, the Glocusent Bookmark Style Reading Light, shown clipped onto a book that is open to a page in the middle.

Glocusent Bookmark Style Reading Light

This chic, compact device offers five light settings, and the power indicator makes it easy to tell when to charge it.

With clipped on-page coupon, use promo code WCMOMS24, free shipping for Prime members

Whether your favorite traveler is reading on a plane, train, or bed, or they’re just rifling through their suitcase, they will surely appreciate some extra light. The tiny Glocusent Bookmark Style Reading Light is our pick because it’s so lightweight and easy to carry. It twists and adjusts, so the light covers a full page, and it has simple buttons, for changing the brightness and temperature of the lighting. This lamp is so small it can clip to a paperback without weighing it down, and it fits in a pocket.

Trip planner

A spread of two pages about Alta Badia in Italy, taken from Lonely Planet’s Where to Go When travel book.

Lonely Planet’s Where to Go When

This visual travel guide suggests events and destinations for every month of the year. It’s as much an inspiration as it is a planner.

Graphically exuberant and endlessly inspiring, Lonely Planet’s Where to Go When is arranged by month, so travelers can figure out where to head on any given day. Miami’s Art Deco Weekend is in January. Consider Botswana’s Okavango floods (the best time for dugout canoe safaris) in June. This book further categorizes potential trips by budget, family-friendliness, and “expensive but worth it” (a July road trip along the Westfjords of Iceland, for example). Even if the recipient is more of an armchair traveler than a frequent globe-trotter, this book is sure to kick their wanderlust into full gear.

Luggage tracker

Apple AirTags next to each other.

Apple AirTag

AirTags leverage Apple’s huge network of devices to track down a lost suitcase, and they’re impressively accurate at pinpointing an item’s precise location.

You save $20 (20%)

Whether it was misrouted by the airline or left behind in a station waiting room, a lost suitcase can really dampen a trip. The Apple AirTag —our favorite Bluetooth tracker —does not work with non-Apple products. But if your beloved traveler owns an iPhone, AirTags are better than their competitors in just about every way—from ease of setup to location accuracy. They track belongings almost in real time. And if an airline does lose your favorite traveler’s suitcase, they will have an accurate map to point to when trying to locate it. Wirecutter staffers have also had success with slipping AirTags into the pockets of their restless kids.

Arrive refreshed

The Peace Out Puffy Eyes box next to the patches.

Peace Out Puffy Eyes

Each box contains six pairs of under-eye patches, which are infused with caffeine and hyaluronic acid to depuff tired, travel-weary eyes.

Nobody looks—or feels—as fresh as a daisy after a flight. But the Peace Out Puffy Eyes cooling under-eye patches—a longtime favorite of supervising editor Hannah Morrill—can help with both. Each box contains six pairs of crescent-shaped patches, made of a gelatinous (but not icky) biocellulose gel. The cooling effect is certainly pleasant enough. But the ingredients (caffeine, for a temporary tightening effect, and hydrators glycerin, niacinamide, and hyaluronic acid) are what really do the trick for travel-worn eyes.

Safe drinking water

A person refilling a lifestraw water bottle with water from an outdoor faucet.

LifeStraw Go Series

This water bottle’s microfilter straw protects against all sorts of contaminants—from microplastics to E. coli. And it makes everyday tap water taste better.

To turn non-potable water into fresh, clean drinking water, staff writer Samantha Schoech swears by the LifeStraw Go Series water bottle (she recently sent her son off to Central America with one). Its replaceable filter removes 99.9% of contaminants and protects against common waterborne pathogens. This bottle is a little pricey, but it eliminates the need for single-use plastic bottles. And each filter cleans 1,000 gallons, which translates to roughly five years of daily use. (To learn a little more, see our article on the LifeStraw Max Water Filter .)

Plane entertainment

travel gift basket items

Nanoblock Birds Rosella Collection Series Building Kit

Flat bags packed with tiny building blocks keep bored hands and minds occupied on long treks. The resulting builds are about the size of a fist.

A person can only watch so many in-flight movies. On long hauls, we find these Nanoblock mini building sets to be just the ticket for restless hands and minds. They’re engaging but not mentally taxing, and the sets (ranging from about 100 to 200 pieces) are small enough to lay out on a tray table and later carry home in luggage. Finished pieces—from musical instruments to cats to pizzas—are only about 3 inches tall.

Power on the go

A Zendure SuperMini 20W.

Zendure SuperMini 20W

This is the smallest and lightest power bank we’ve tested. It has USB-C PD and USB-A ports, and it comes in several colors. It also has rounded edges, so it’s easy to slip into a pocket.

At some point, your constantly on-the-go pal will require some extra juice, and a portable charger will ensure they have it when they need it most. We like this power pack , which also happens to be the smallest model we tested. But there’s more to love than just its pocket size. The Zendure SuperMini 20W ’s USB-C Power Delivery (PD) port can charge most handheld devices (and recharge the power bank itself) at top speed, and the USB-A port can handle any older, non-USB-C devices. In other words, this thing is fast and versatile.

An unmissable luggage tag

An Ovener Silicone Luggage Tag.

Ovener Silicone Luggage Tag

This brightly colored silicone tag displays the owner’s name but keeps other personal information out of sight.

There are a few features that make the Ovener Silicone Luggage Tag superior to pricier models in our testing . For starters, due to its sturdy, silicone-and-metal cable construction, it can withstand crowded overhead bins and rough tarmac treatment. Then there’s the issue of privacy: Although the owner’s name is always fully visible, address details are revealed only after you unscrew and remove the metal cable. Also an upside: This tag comes in a range of eye-catching colors. So it can help someone spot an otherwise-nondescript suitcase on a fast-moving carousel.

Premier toiletry transport

A State Bags Bensen Dopp Kit in blue, green, and yellow color block.

State Bags Bensen Toiletry Kit

This bag includes a detachable pouch and other organizational options, so packing is easier for both long and short trips.

For all manner of travelers, the State Bags Bensen Toiletry Kit is the most versatile one we tested . If your traveling pal takes longer trips and often checks their luggage, this bag folds up to stash larger items, like full shampoo bottles or contact solution; the hook hangs smoothly from a towel bar, for easy access. Our favorite feature for light packers: a removable translucent plastic pouch that holds up to four 2.7-ounce travel bottles (ideal for carry-on security checks). Available in a dozen prints and patterns, the bag also looks great and feels like a fancy, will-last-a-lifetime gift at a relatively modest price.

Small servings

travel gift basket items

Cadence Capsules

These leakproof plastic travel containers hold half an ounce of solids, liquids, or capsules; magnetized sides keep them compact and easy to locate.

If your favorite excursionist wouldn’t dream of using hotel shampoo or missing a day of their skin-care regimen, a set of Cadence Capsules will serve as an anxiety-abating treat. (Less-particular travelers will appreciate our favorite simple toiletry bottles .) All six hexagonal cases are leakproof and magnetic on every side, and they can be filled with about a half-ounce of whatever the traveler’s heart desires—from serum and dry shampoo to omega-3 capsules and CBD gummies. The well inside each capsule has rounded corners, so the recipient can scrape out every last daub of their precious potions. Each vessel can be customized with a “tile” or label. But unless you know your recipient very well, we suggest giving a gift card , which will allow them to choose their own colors and tiles.

Organized packing

The Eagle Creek Pack-It Reveal Cube Set.

Eagle Creek Pack-It Reveal Cube Set

Simple and solidly constructed, these packing cubes maximize luggage space and keep everything organized.

Even for the most enthusiastic traveler, packing remains an uphill battle. The Eagle Creek Pack-It Reveal Cube Set (one of our favorites ) can make the task infinitely less arduous, and some of our testers found that this set made packing borderline pleasant. The three cubes are made of sturdy polyester, so they stay upright when empty, and the mesh windows let travelers easily scope the contents. With a clamshell design, these cubes fully open on three sides, so deeply stashed items are easily accessible. Another welcome note in the age of lost luggage: Pouches can help your favorite traveler compress stuff into a single carry-on.

Safety socks

Two pairs of Sockwell's Lifestyle Firm Compression Socks.

SockWell Men’s Lifestyle Firm Compression Socks

These compression socks offer the perfect combination of function and price. They are made of a merino wool blend, which is typical of more-expensive options.

travel gift basket items

SockWell Women’s Lifestyle Firm Compression Socks

For a true frequent flier, wearing a great pair of compression socks is both a safety and a comfort measure. Long flights can cause deep vein thrombosis and gravitational oedema (the technical term for swelling caused by sitting around too long); compression socks facilitate circulation and reduce the instances of both. SockWell Lifestyle Firm Compression Socks (available in both men’s and women’s sizes) are comfortably snug, and they’re made of a luxe, merino wool blend that hugs without constricting. The socks are cozy on a nippy flight, and they come in a handful of prints and colors that aren’t as institutional-looking as those of other compression socks we tried.

A hands-free journey

A person is standing outside, wearing the Dagne Dover Ace Fanny Pack in sage green.

Dagne Dover Ace Fanny Pack

This neoprene pack blends style and function, fitting everything from a large wallet to a makeup kit—with room to spare.

For those who like to explore new places but don’t want to carry a purse, a modern, cool fanny pack is just the right accessory. Of the 22 we tested, the Dagne Dover Ace Fanny Pack offers the best marriage of handsome looks (eight suave colors!) and plenty of storage space—it can readily hold a smartphone, a passport, a wallet, and hand sanitizer, and there are extra pockets for a transit card and some change. Wide straps make this bag comfortable to carry, and the neoprene material (think wetsuit) will keep gear dry if the weather shifts unexpectedly.

A cozy cardigan

A person wears the White + Warren Essential Cashmere Trapeze Cardigan in a blush color.

White+Warren Essential Cashmere Trapeze Cardigan

This simple, luxurious, and flattering open-front cardigan will add a layer of warmth and elegance to a trip abroad.

There is nothing worse than boarding a flight and realizing you miscalculated just how chilly airplane AC can be. One of our favorite cashmere sweaters , the White+Warren Essential Cashmere Trapeze Cardigan is a simple and luxurious piece that will keep a traveler cozy both in transit and once they’ve reached their destination. This sweater is lightweight but soft enough to nap in (it can double as a blanket, thanks to its drapey shape), and it looks polished when layered over a tee or under a jacket. Available in six muted tones, the cardigan has an airy construction, so it can fold down smaller than expected for easy packing.

Colorful little notebooks

The Pantone 10 Notebooks set, which is a box with 10 brightly colored notebooks in it.

Pantone 10 Notebooks

Each brightly colored, pocket-size notebook has 48 grid-dot pages.

Not all travel journals need to be works of art, layered with watercolor and ink. The Pantone 10 Notebooks set includes 10 brightly colored, 4-by-5½-inch soft-cover notebooks that are perfect for jotting down ideas, an itinerary, or travel memories. Each notebook slips nicely into a tote or a pocket and has 48 grid-dot pages of decent-quality paper. Send your traveler out into the world with a couple of these and a good pen , and see what they return with.

Armchair travel to Japan

A family gathered around a table, playing Tokaido, the board game.

Set in Edo-era Japan, this game revels in the simple pleasures of traveling—in this case, from the city of Kyoto to Edo (what is now Tokyo).

Players journey along the Tokaido road with other travelers, stopping at hot springs, stores, temples, and inns (and collecting souvenirs and eating delicious meals as they go). The ultimate goal is to be the “best traveler,” or to have the richest experience by seeing, eating, or doing the most during your trip. The game itself is beautifully designed and simple to play; it’s not deeply competitive, though there is some strategy involved in attempting to win. The pleasure of playing Tokaido comes from relaxing and accepting the pace of the board, and letting the game reveal surprising discoveries—much like travel itself.

A window out into the world

A view into a window with flowers and a house. Words in the middle read: Open a new window somewhere in the world.

With each click in this free app, a view opens from a real window somewhere in the world, complete with sounds of birds, traffic, or blessed silence.

Sometimes the best gift is to remind someone that the world is both larger and more accessible than they realize. WindowSwap offers a strangely compelling experience, allowing someone to take a break to stare out a window in cities like Copenhagen, Prague, and Manila. Some of the window scenes are tranquil, others are not, but all suggest there’s an infinite number of new things to see, wherever you are. The app is free, but for $5 a month, your armchair traveler will be able to look out all of the windows ever uploaded, create unlimited bookmarks and playlists, and even access a back button so they can spend a little more time gazing out a favorite window.

Noise-cancelling bliss

A pair of Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700.

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700

These over-ear headphones are traveler-friendly, thanks to their noise-cancellation feature and lightweight, comfortable design.

A traveler can’t turn down the volume of an airplane’s engine, but the right pair of noise-cancelling headphones can. Such headphones are designed to reduce low-pitched droning sounds—in other words, exactly the kind of noise encountered in an airplane. After reviewing travel gear for more than six years, we think the Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 are the best to help travelers relax and block too-loud plane noise.

An eye mask and a travel pillow for catching z’s

A Travelrest Nest Ultimate Memory Foam Travel Pillow.

Nidra Deep Rest Eye Mask

This lightweight, contoured mask comfortably fits a wide variety of face shapes and blocks light well. It’s best when you’re sitting upright or sleeping on your back.

travel gift basket items

Travelrest Nest Ultimate Memory Foam Travel Pillow

This compressible pillow has tall, memory-foam walls, and it offers more support than any other pillow we tested.

It’s perhaps an indictment of air travel in general that many travel items are designed to mitigate the environment, whether it’s the noise, the light, or even the cramped seats of an airplane. The Nidra Deep Rest Eye Mask , a Wirecutter favorite , features contoured eyecups that rest around the eye sockets, instead of directly on the eyelids. By combining this mask with noise-cancelling headphones and a pillow, a traveler will be about as close to a sense of privacy as one can find on an airliner. For a headrest, we like the Travelrest Nest Ultimate Memory Foam Travel Pillow . It’s simple to wear, doesn’t interfere too much with headphones, and provides support even when the wearer is sitting upright.

Tiny white noise machine

A person's hand holding the Yogasleep Travel Mini Sound Machine.

Yogasleep Travel Mini Sound Machine

This sound machine is about as small as the palm of a hand and weighs less than 5 ounces. And it features a USB-rechargeable battery.

There’s no guarantee that your beloved traveler’s hotel or Airbnb will be as quiet as it promises to be. A small, portable sound machine may create enough white noise to drown out sleep-disturbing intrusions. The Yogasleep Travel Mini Sound Machine is from the same company that makes the classic Yogasleep Dohm , which we recommend . The Travel Mini has six sound options, including white noise, brown noise, and three nature-inspired sounds. It also acts as a gentle night-light, with three dimmable options. What’s better than the gift of a good night’s sleep?

A game about the birth (and death) of words

travel gift basket items

Those who enjoy language immersion (and disorientation) will appreciate this card game, which has players generate a unique dialect.

Part of the experience of traveling to another country is feeling lost in its language, and Dialect can help fill the gap. This game involves the birth (and eventual death) of a language and the culture that created it. At its heart, Dialect—which requires almost no setup but plenty of imagination—is as much a discussion of what language is and why it exists as it is a game. It’s also good for last-minute shoppers: Order the standard physical edition, and you’ll get a digital copy, too (online access is emailed immediately, so your loved one can start figuring out how the game is played).

Global foods sampler

travel gift basket items

Tapas for Two Gift Box

This gift box for two takes you on a Spanish food journey, including favorites such as jamón serrania and chorizo.

Our kitchen team is wild about the Despaña Tapas for Two Gift Box , which offers a seemingly bottomless assortment from a famed Spanish food importer. (The box is among the other great options in our favorite gift baskets guide .) Staffers were particularly smitten with the anchovy-stuffed olives, trio of Spanish cured pork, and delectable Cabo de Peñas tinned sardines. The cornucopia of savory treasures comes in a brown paper box tied with a red ribbon, and there’s an option to add a card. In short, this box offers all of the interesting stuff your favorite traveler would grab off the shelves from a small grocery store en España.

Travel posters with classic appeal

travel gift basket items

Anderson Design Group World Travel Posters

These archive-quality, vintage-inspired prints depict destinations worldwide, and they come in a variety of sizes.

Years ago, senior staff writer Kit Dillon’s father went to Cuba and saw a clay statuette of Fidel Castro for sale. Kit said that when the vendor told his father the price, he said, “Castro no vale tanto” (translation: Castro isn’t worth that much). That may seem risky for an American to say while traveling alone in Cuba, but the statuette is here now looking at Kit, so somebody appreciated the joke. Ever since, Kit said when he finds a small token of Cuba—like this art print —he sends it to his father to remind him to take the trip again one day, only this time with Kit. For its World Travel Poster series , the Anderson Design Group created nostalgic images that hearken back to another era of travel—and they make an excellent promissory note for a trip to come. The collection currently encompasses every country in Asia, Europe, Africa, and Central, South, and North America, and it will eventually include every country in the world. The prints come in six sizes, and the images are available on canvas or metal.

Watercolors and travel journaling for the DIYer

The Leuchtturm1917 Hardcover Notebook open next to a pen.

Leuchtturm1917 Notebook

With its page numbers, index pages, ribbon bookmarks, and sticker labels, this notebook is ideal for documentarians.

travel gift basket items

Winsor & Newton Cotman Watercolor Paint Set

This 14-pan watercolor set renders plein air painting possible, thanks to a slide-out palette, a water dish, and a quality brush.

Any traveler who’s interested in creating their own travel journal needs the right materials. The Leuchtturm1917 Notebook features thick, ink-proof paper, which works very well with pen and pencil. And as long as the artist isn’t too heavy-handed, it can also accommodate some light watercolor washes without warping. Your loved one can brighten their works with the Winsor & Newton Cotman Watercolor Paint Set . This small, travel-friendly set of high-quality watercolors comes with everything a painter needs to get started (except the paper).

Cutlery to go

The Hydro Flask Flatware Set, displayed next to a plat on a dinner table setting.

Hydro Flask Flatware Set

This three-piece stainless flatware set helps climate-conscious travelers avoid single-use plastics, and it comes with a Velcro carrying case.

Airport food has come a long way. What hasn’t progressed: the flimsy and environmentally deplorable single-use plastic utensils you have to eat it with. Portable cutlery will give your recipient a dignified way to dine on the go. Wirecutter editor Ria Misra recommends the sturdy stainless Hydro Flask Flatware Set , which comes with a full-size fork, a knife that’s strong enough to butter a muffin (but that won’t alarm the TSA), and a spoon that’s perfect for ladling soup. This set also comes with its own carrying case, so it won’t get lost (or separated) in the dark recesses of your carry-on.

A pretty passport cover

Two hands hold a bright green Tusk Siam Passport Cover.

Tusk Siam Passport Cover

This elegant goatskin passport cover comes in 11 zippy color combos, and it won’t fade or scuff, even after years of traveling.

A bright passport cover will make it easy for your traveling pal to quickly locate their passport in a bag at the airport (or at home, when it’s shoved in the back of a drawer). Supervising editor Hannah Morrill loves the Tusk Siam Passport Cover , which is made from supple goatskin leather and comes in nine cheery color combinations. (Some other versions we’ve tried have a translucent pouch; in theory, this sounds ideal for flashing the relevant page at customs, but in practice, the cover ends up smudgy and embedded with crumbs.) Hannah reports that even after years of use, the slim folio looks clean and crisp. Plus, there are two inner card slots, which are excellent for stashing any stray forms you’re asked to hang onto at the airport or on the plane.

We love finding gifts that are unusual, thoughtful, and well vetted. See even more gift ideas we recommend .

This article was edited by Hannah Morrill and Jennifer Hunter.

Meet your guides

travel gift basket items

Samantha Schoech

Except for the time she gave a boyfriend her mother’s old toaster for Christmas, staff writer Samantha Schoech has a reputation as an excellent gift giver. She lives in San Francisco with two teens, two cats, a geriatric betta fish, and a bookseller husband. Her first book of short stories, My Mother’s Boyfriends, is coming out in 2024.

travel gift basket items

Dorie Chevlen

Dorie Chevlen is a staff writer from Youngstown, Ohio, now living in Los Angeles. She has worked as a copy editor, fact checker, and sandwich maker, but this is probably her favorite gig. Beyond her Wirecutter work, Dorie writes screenplays and contributes frequently to other sections of The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The LA Review of Books, and Slate, among others. She has been called—both flatteringly and not—“a lot.”

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Travels With Casey

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21 Best Ideas for a Travel Gift Basket

travel gift basket items

Do you have a travel enthusiast in your life and want to help make their next trip extra special? A travel-themed gift basket is a perfect way to help them prepare for their upcoming adventure.

It’s easy to create a fun travel-themed basket. Whether flying across the world or driving across the country, a well-curated gift basket will make a trip more enjoyable. The recipient will surely thank you for the thoughtful gift you have designed to make their travel experience the best yet.

Here are the 21 best ideas for a travel gift basket:

Idea #1: Travel Pillow

Sleeping is never easy on a plane. A travel pillow is a must-have on a long flight. You can get a stuffed one or an inflatable one that can pack up small when not in use. Travel pillows make great additions to any gift baskets Canada .

Idea #2: Compression socks

Idea #3: luggage tags, idea #4: toiletry bag, idea #5: eye mask.

Travelling can be tiring. An eye mask can help people get much-needed shut-eye on a flight by providing a dark environment.

Idea #6: Kindle & Handheld Reader

Lots of people love reading, but books are bulky items to pack. A handheld reader is an ideal way to give the gift of many books in a tiny package.

Idea #7: Collapsible Water bottle

Staying hydrated while travelling is so important. A collapsible water bottle is an ideal gift because you can fill it after going through security.

Idea #8: Wireless Earbuds

The cords on a standard pair of earbuds get in the way and are prone to breaking. Wireless earbuds are sure to make a flight more enjoyable. Bonus points for noise cancelling!

Idea #9: Paper Roadmap

A road trip is often the adventure of a lifetime. Here are some ways to help make it more fun, safe, and clean. As reliable as technology is, there’s always a chance of a dead battery or a place with no cell reception. Help prevent the road trip from taking a wrong turn with a paper map.

Idea #10: Picnic style basket or Cooler

Road trip snacks bought along the way will quickly add up in expense. A basket or cooler will allow the road-tripper to pack ahead of time. You can even fill the rest of your gifts into it.

Idea #11: Quick Dry Travel Towel

Regular towels take up a lot of space. A travel towel made of microfiber will roll up small and dry quickly after use.

Idea #12: Gift Card for Audiobooks

That long road trip is the perfect time to listen to a new audiobook or an old favourite.

Idea #13: Road Assistance Kit

No one expects car trouble, but if it happens, then at least you can make sure the adventurers are prepared.

Idea #14: Travel surge protector

A power bar is an excellent addition to a gift basket if a road trip is long enough to include stops overnight in a hotel or motel. You can even buy one that has USB ports.

Idea #15: Notebook and pens

Help your friend or loved one preserve all the memories they are making on their trip by including a beautiful notebook.

Idea #16: Favourite Snacks

All parents dread the inevitable chorus of “are we there yet?” from the back seat. Here are some ways to help keep the kids busy on a long trip. The parents and kids will both thank you for these. Prepackaged on-the-go snacks so the kids aren’t constantly complaining they are hungry.

Idea #17: Magnetic Drawing board

Draw and erase repeatedly without needing to go through a reem of paper. Also, bonus, it’s mess-free!

Idea #18: Magnetic Travel Board Games

These games are a fun and easy way to pass the time. The magnets ensure that pieces don’t get lost all over the car.

Idea #19: Kids Camera & Disposable Camera

Kids love taking pictures, and their own camera is a perfect way to help keep them occupied.

Idea #20: Puzzle Books

The best thing about a puzzle book is that it will never run out of batteries. There are many kinds to choose from, such as word search, crossword, and sudoku. Pick their favourite or get one of each.

Idea #21: Book of ideas

Remember all the games we played when we were kids on road trips before the age of handheld technology? The alphabet game, eye spy, etc. Write them down with quick instructions to help the kids from being bored.

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7 Tips for Working Remotely from Another Country

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Image may contain Human Person Cushion and Pillow

When it comes to choosing the best travel gifts, there are many routes to take: You can get your go-to vacation companion something practical that they'll reach for every time they take out their carry-on. Or, you can gift something to encourage them to start planning their next trip (and hopefully invite you along). There are also gifts that bring travel to them, making the space between adventures feel a bit more like a vacation, and experience gifts to make their next trip even more exciting. No matter the occasion, or the traveler, we've rounded up nearly 60 travel gifts from brands we love, so you can find something for each person on your list.

For even more specific gift guides, be sure to check out all our recommended gifts for travelers, which we've gathered for you here . And keep an eye on the calendar—the sooner the better if you're shipping presents straight to a giftee, or mailing to yourself to wrap. Standard free shipping deadlines end as early as December 13 for delivery by Christmas, so aim to order by that date if you're hoping to avoid shipping costs.

This gallery has been updated with new information since its original publish date.

All products featured on Condé Nast Traveler are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

travel gift basket items

Lunya washable silk pajama set

Washable silk pajamas? Say no more. For the traveler who could use a little luxury in their life, Lunya's matching set—which we've raved about time and time again—will get plenty of use at home and on vacation.

travel gift basket items

Dreamegg White Noise Machine

This sound machine fits into the palm of a hand and weighs less than five ounces. It's perfect for travelers with small children or who find it hard to fall sleep in new environments. It has a rechargeable USB battery, features 21 different sounds, and has an easy-to-use timer setting.

travel gift basket items

Ashya Passport Bolo

For those who like to travel light, the Passport Bolo from Ashya is an adjustable, hand stitched leather passport necklace made with 14K gold-plated hardware. It can be worn as across the chest like a slingbag or around the neck like a lanyard. Use it to hold important cards while traveling or as an everyday wallet .

travel gift basket items

Ember Travel Mug 2

The charge on this mug can last up to three hours, but lasts all day when combined with the charging coaster. When left unattended, it automatically goes into sleep mode, but can keep the cup warm for up to two hours with the help of its thermal hardware.

The Best New Cruises in the World: 2024 Hot List

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Sleepy Ride Airplane Footrest

Sleepy Ride Airplane Footrest

We could wax poetic about what our office has dubbed “the foot hammock,” but it all comes down to this : for those roughly 5'7" and under, it'll transform your in-flight economy experience. Sling it around your tray table and enjoy stretching out your legs (or curling up to sleep) throughout your next flight.

travel gift basket items

Ralph Lauren Cable Cashmere travel set

This Ralph Lauren travel set is a travel accessory you'll use again and again. It comes with a large shawl that can be used as a blanket, a small pillow, and a soft eye mask—all made from cashmere.

travel gift basket items

Zendure mini portable charger

For frequent travelers, a small, lightweight portable charger is truly a must-have. The Supermini portable power bank is extremely slim, durable, and is compatible with USB-A, USB, and USB-C ports.

travel gift basket items

Rifle Paper Co. AirTag luggage tag

If your giftee has gotten on the AirTag train this year, they’ll appreciate this handy luggage tag, designed to hold said tag and look aesthetically pleasing while doing so. The garden party print will add a Bridgerton-meets-cottagecore vibe to their suitcase, and the AirTag compartment is detachable, making it even more versatile.

Bellroy Tech Kit

Bellroy Tech Kit

Every organized traveler needs a good tech kit. We like Bellroy's for its many pockets and loops that will fit any size cord and offer a safe place to stash AirPods, portable chargers, and work-from-anywhere accessories like a mouse or Wi-Fi extender.

travel gift basket items

Dagne Dover Seoul Dopp kit

Ahead of the holidays, Dagne Dover released a new slate of items in its eco-friendlier collection. The Seoul Dopp kit, much like the rest of the collection, is made from 100 percent recycled polyester while the interior is made from a spill-proof recycled poly lining.

travel gift basket items

Canada Goose Trillium Parka Heritage

For winter travel, a thick, packable coat is a necessity. The Canada Goose Trillium parka is built for extreme cold but is by no means bulky, and actually has a slimming effect. It has a chin guard to protect the neck from cold air, interior pockets, and a hoodie with removable trims, giving your giftee some style options.

travel gift basket items

Comrad Knee High Ombre compression socks

Socks have a reputation as a boring gift option, but for travelers, these ones are an actually thoughtful pick. Comrad is known for bringing comfort and style to the world of compression socks, which are designed to help regulate swelling and keep the blood pumping through the legs. They're perfect for long flights, road trips, or just walking around sightseeing.

Image may contain Cylinder Cup and Coffee Cup

AeroPress coffee maker

The AeroPress coffee and espresso maker is perfect for coffee lovers who can't go without their morning cup. It's durable, shatter-proof, and fits compactly into a backpack . It's easy to use and easier to clean, making it a must-have for travelers.

travel gift basket items

Pak Réve The Wilder Bundle

Trying to make it out of the house as a new parent can be stressful to stay the least. The Wilder Bundle, designed by Traveler contributor Jordi Lippe-McGraw , can fit everything you need and more. On the exterior, we see a full-size backpack, but its included attachments—a mini backpack, wristlet, and insulated lunchbox—easily snap off to lighten your load when you don't need them, or to be used separately.

travel gift basket items

Parks by Brian Kelley

From intricately drawn brochures and eye-catching advertisements emerges a collection of over 400 designs produced by the United States National Park Service over the last century, compiled into a giftable portfolio by photographer Brian Kelley.

travel gift basket items

Shinola The Canfield Sport

The Shinola Canfield Sport watch is a timeless piece of jewelry that can withstand whatever life throws at it. It features a stainless steel outer case and bracelet with a gunmetal finish making it extremely durable. Its sportier look is perfect for casual wear but the black finishing makes it easy to dress up.

travel gift basket items

Filson x Chris Stapleton Traveller Bag

Country music star Chris Stapleton recently collaborated with Filson on the Traveller collection that features both clothing and travel gear. One of the standout pieces is the rereleased archived duffel. The Traveller Outfitter Bag is one of Stapleton’s favorites and we understand why: It has an adjustable shoulder strap, a large main compartment for a few days' worth of clothing, and a comfortable leather grip handle. The leather on the handle won’t transfer any color and with each wear, the leather gets softer.

travel gift basket items

Browit silk sleeping bag

This silk sleeping bag sack gives a subtle glamping touch to any camping trip. The sleeping bag liner can be put into a sleeping bag for added comfort, or placed on top of a blow-up mattress or even a hotel bed. It comes with a drawstring bag that makes it easy to store and pack.

travel gift basket items

Simo Solis Portable Hotspot

When it comes to working outside of your home, we all know how unstable Wi-Fi can be. Instead of struggling through Zoom meetings on an Airbnb’s outdated router or a hotel on a crowded line, invest in your own hotspot. This one has a better bandwidth than the one you find on your phone, lasts longer, and won't run down your phone battery.

travel gift basket items

Collapsible Food Tent

This is an ideal gift for those who love to host outdoor get-togethers. Each tent is handwoven with long-lasting sinamay abaca fiber. It can easily be placed over trays, bowls, plates, and cups to keep bugs out of the food.

Béis The Expandable Pouch

Versatile is the best way to describe The Expandable Pouch from Béis. It transforms from a fanny pack into a sleek, lightweight backpack, with plenty of space to fit must-haves for a whole day. It's great for trips with packed itineraries, and when you find yourself picking up items throughout the day.

travel gift basket items

Aman x 111Skin nourishing gold algae eye mask

Perfect for the skincare routine queens on your list, these eye masks blend the expertise of Aman and 111Skin. A set comes with eight Nourishing Gold Algae Eye Masks to hydrate and brighten the under-eye area. They’ll come in handy after long-haul flights, or just the post-holiday drive home.

travel gift basket items

Té Company Tea set

The Formosa tea set is a perfect starter bundle for those looking to expand their tea palate. It has seven different blends and includes detailed instructions on the tea-making process to guide your giftee toward the perfect cup.

travel gift basket items

Four Seasons velvet slippers

Slippers are a no-fail gift option for pretty much anyone on your list, and this velvet style from Four Seasons will bring a touch of luxury to their day. The elastic back makes them easy to slip on and off, and the recycled rubber sole adds some durability to them.

travel gift basket items

Oui The People Body Renewal set

Oui The People has been bringing some heat to the skincare world, with formulas that produce an unmatched glow. The brand's holy trinity includes the new Clean Slate body wash, Cheat Sheet body exfoliant, and Featherweight body oil. The trio work together to achieve visibly smoother, brighter, and more hydrated skin.

Image may contain Electronics Headphones Headset and Sink Faucet

Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless Headphones

Noise-canceling headphones can improve any journey, whether they're blocking out a snoring plane neighbor or immersing you in movie after movie on a long car ride. This popular option from Sony offers multi-device Bluetooth pairing, so you can connect to two devices at once and switch between them seamlessly.

travel gift basket items

Kindle Paperwhite

Amazon’s best-selling, waterproof Kindle Paperwhite is perfect for bookworm travelers—its battery lasts for weeks, it can hold more than 2,000 e-books, and the adjustable warm lighting emulates actual book pages.

travel gift basket items

Verloop trio colorblock knit touchscreen gloves

Add some fun to a practical gift with these colorblock touchscreen gloves from Verloop. The nano-metallic knit fingertips allow you to keep using your phone without sacrificing warmth—ideal for winter travel, especially on days when you’re relying on Google Maps to get around.

travel gift basket items

Malin + Goetz Essential Starter Kit

This is the ideal stocking stuffer for the traveler who is always squirreling away shampoo and body wash minis from hotels. They'll be treated to a full swath of toiletries—face cleanser and moisturizer, body wash and lotion, shampoo, and conditioner—all with the delicious scents Malin + Goetz is known for.

travel gift basket items

Pi7 S2 Wireless earbuds

Bowers & Wilkins have created an industry first: a wireless audio retransmission case, so you no longer have to worry about swapping out your headphones on the plane to enjoy in-flight entertainment. Simply plug each end of the included audio cable into the case and seatback console for up to five hours of crystal clear audio.

travel gift basket items

Shinola denim duffle

The denim duffel is Shinola Detroit's spin on an American classic. It's made from American denim and reimagines the brand's traditional cotton duffel with a more elevated flare. Accompanied by a striped band, you can carry it as a crossbody, over the shoulder, or opt to tuck the strap in and use the elegant arched handles.

Image may contain Plant and Food

Patagonia Provisions roasted garlic mackerel

Upgrade your outdoorsy traveler's camping meals with anything from Patagonia Provisions. We're fans of the brand's tinned fish , and especially this tender, garlicky mackerel. A single can makes a great stocking stuffer, but if you're shopping for a full-on seafood lover, splurge on the Tinned Seafood Sampler Box .

travel gift basket items

Lyft Gift Card

Calling Lyfts while traveling can quickly add up; a gift card helps take the pressure off any back and forth over whether a car is worth it or not, making it a great gift for younger travelers heading out on group trips or gap years. Another perk: Lyft's partnership with Delta means SkyMiles members can earn miles with each ride.

travel gift basket items

Patagonia Ultralight Black Hole mini hip pack

We love a good fanny pack here at Traveler , and Patagonia's is ideal for any frequent hikers (or bikers) on your gift list. Given its size—it stuffs into its own small pocket when not in use—and light weight (3.5 ounces), it's great to throw into your suitcase to use on city trips, too.

travel gift basket items

Apollo Walker picnic backpack bag

This all-in-one picnic fits comfortably inside a backpack and includes everything one could imagine: a set of stainless steel knives, forks, spoons, dinner plates, napkins, and wine glasses, just to name a few. As the cherry on top, it comes with a waterproof blanket.

travel gift basket items

Oak Essentials Mini Routine

Fancy skincare products are always welcome, especially when they come in a travel-size set that means you don’t have to rely on whatever’s in the hotel or Airbnb. This set, which comes with complimentary gift-wrapping, comes with the five products that make up Oak Essentials’ routine: a cleansing balm, balancing mist, ritual oil, moisture rich balm, and restorative mask.

travel gift basket items

Yellowstone National Park magnet

Like Parks Project , another  Traveler -favorite company for gifts for outdoorsy pals, The Landmark Project creates national park-themed gear that raises money to preserve outdoor spaces. These national park magnets make great stocking stuffers, and if you purchase something from the  Smokey Bear collection , 10 percent will go to the US Forest Service. 

travel gift basket items

Away The Bigger Carry-On

When it comes to luggage, Away is a solid choice—you can find this bag and many other Away styles in the closets of many a Traveler editor. Treat the graduate, new traveler, or family member in need of a suitcase upgrade to this larger-than-average carry-on.

travel gift basket items

Amalfi Coast coffee table book

Perfect for the traveler who just moved, or is in the middle of redecorating, this Assouline coffee table book will add a splash of color to any living room. Inside, there is plenty of eye candy and details on the 13 towns that comprise the Amalfi Coast.

Image may contain Nature

Cadence The Bestsellers

These toiletry travel bottles have changed the game when it comes to bringing your own products with you—they are entirely leak-proof, and are magnetized, making them snap together to minimize they space they take up in your Dopp kit and the hotel shower.

travel gift basket items

Carbone print

Created by a former New Yorker editor, All the Restaurants offers limited-edition, hand-drawn sketches of iconic restaurants in New York, London, Paris, and Napa Valley. Order one to commemorate a special meal with a loved one, or one you’re still dreaming of visiting together.

1000 Perfect Weekends Great Getaways Around the Globe

1,000 Perfect Weekends: Great Getaways Around the Globe

For the traveler who doesn't know where to go next, this National Geographic book will give them plenty of inspiration. It is filled with 36- to 72-hour weekend guides to places around the world, with itineraries meant to tack onto existing trips or use as a weekend getaway from home (tags let readers know what hub the destination is within six hours of). Inside, you'll find ideas for beachy escapes, nature parks, food and wine-focused trips, even pet-friendly vacations. Also mixed in: helpful insights like wheelchair-friendly beaches to visit in the U.S.

Allbirds Tree Dashers

Allbirds Tree Dasher

Traveler readers went wild for Allbirds' first running shoe when it debuted in 2020 , and again when a higher-ankle version was released last year. Share the wealth of comfortable kicks this holiday season—they come in nearly a dozen colors, are lightweight and pack down well, and look sufficiently non-sporty enough to wear throughout a trip, not just while exercising. (For those who live in cold-weather climates, the newer Wool Dasher Mizzles are a good option, too.)

travel gift basket items

Noshinku refillable pocket hand sanitizer (three-pack)

A practical, but extremely useful travel accessory: hand sanitizer. Noshinku gets bonus points for its slim profile, aesthetically pleasing colors, and refillable design. File this under gifts that will most definitely be used.

travel gift basket items

1Mii Bluetooth 5.0 adapter

Sometimes, the best gifts are the most practical. This pocket-size Bluetooth transmitter lets you watch in-flight entertainment with your AirPods, or any other cordless headphone you may use. Never stress about forgetting that second pair of earbuds again.

Image may contain Cosmetics and Deodorant

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

A favorite of Traveler editor Meaghan Kenny, this popular lip balm makes for another great stocking stuffer or gift set inclusion. Use it at bedtime, in the morning, or mid-flight to hydrate dry, flaky lips.

Nodpod eye mask

Nodpod eye mask

An eye mask is a light sleeper's travel essential, and Nodpod took things up a notch by creating a weighted version. Best for long-haul flights where you'll be in a lay-flat seat, or to use in bed—the mask can be secured with its pull-through slit, but is best used simply draped over your eyes—it adds a bit of weight to your eyes, promoting a deeper, more restful sleep.

travel gift basket items

Alex Mill The Perfect Weekday Tote

Every traveler needs a solid tote to bring on road trips and use as a personal item. This Alex Mill bag gets the job done and has a classic look they won't tire of. It fits up to a 13” laptop, plus all the other essentials: phone, keys, wallet, water bottle, snacks, the works.

Image may contain First Aid

Lay-n-Go drawstring toiletry bag

Travelers who are also regulars at Sephora or Ulta will appreciate this cool makeup bag : Instead of having to dump out all your products to find what you're looking for, the bag opens up by way of drawstrings, and can be laid out as a circle on any surface, allowing every product to be on display.

travel gift basket items

Mountain Valley Train Puzzle

The 1,000-piece puzzle, made out of other recycled puzzle boards, is based on the artwork of Lars Stewart. This super-detailed piece captures a scenic ride through the Arizona desert with illustrations of wildlife, maps, recognizable travel gear, and more.

travel gift basket items

Ceremonia The Scalp Power-Duo

Ceremonia is a favorite of many Traveler editors, and this haircare set will turn any giftee into a fan. It comes with a scalp massager and scalp remedy oil—use the former to distribute the latter evenly and gently exfoliate the scalp.

Behind the Bar Book

Behind the Bar: 50 Cocktail Recipes from the World's Most Iconic Hotels by Alia Akkam

Written by Traveler contributor Alia Akkam , Behind the Bar takes readers to 50 iconic hotel bars around the world, offering recipes and historical tidbits from each. Perfect for the consummate host in your friend group, they'll have a good time recreating classics and discovering new cocktails from home.

Image may contain Clothing Apparel Robe and Fashion

Parachute Waffle Robe

A cozy robe is always a winner in our book, and Parachute makes some of the best. This classic waffle robe will remind them of days spend luxuriating at the hotel spa.

travel gift basket items

Papier travel notebook

You're either a journal person or you're not, but if you are, you know you can never have too many notebooks on hand. This pretty Papier pad will be a welcome addition to the stack, and is customizable: choose lined, plain, or dotted sheets, and either a hard or soft cover.

Go Neck Pillow

Go Neck Pillow

Ostrichpillow makes a whole bunch of nap-friendly designs , but we're partial to the classic Go Neck pillow for long-haul flights or lengthy road trips. It is made with a supportive (and compressive) memory foam, and has a Velcro close for an easily adjustable fit. Plus, it comes with a carrying case.

A bag.

Béis The Weekender Bag

A real text I got from a friend after writing about this Béis weekender : “BÉIS CONVERT FOREVER. You did not oversell this. Truly a miracle.” It has plenty of room inside for clothes, accessories, and toiletries, and a bottom compartment for shoes, dirty clothes, or anything else you want to keep separate.

Welly Adventure Kit

Welly Adventure Kit

Slip this into the stocking of any thrill-seeking , accident-prone traveler. It comes with all the essentials—more than 50 bandages, tape, butterfly strips, antibiotic packets, hydrocortisone packets, Ibuprofen—in a compact, easy-to-stash kit.

travel gift basket items

Mzoo contoured sleep mask

A good sleep mask is a travel essential for overnight flights. This one is made of memory foam and has raised sections over your eyeballs for added comfort, but lies flat around the nose and eyebrows to thoroughly block out light.

travel gift basket items

Ugg Scuffita slide slipper

Shopping for a homebody? Consider these shearling-lined Ugg slippers, made for lounging around the house (or hotel, or Airbnb) in peak comfort and style.

travel gift basket items

Upoy charging station

This multi-port charging station is a gift for the whole family—or for one very tech-obsessed traveler who need to juice up a phone, AirPods, smart watch, and Kindle all at once.

travel gift basket items

Mansur Gavriel Soft Lady Bag

A re-imagination of Mansur Gavriel's popular Lady Bag, the Soft Lady Bag was released to celebrate the original's five-year anniversary. It's softer and slouchier than its predecessor, meaning it'll pack down better in your suitcase. With room for daily essentials (a phone, wallet, keys, earphones, and even an iPad) and interior compartments to keep you organized, it's a polished crossbody you'll use for years to come.

travel gift basket items

Paravel Packing Cube Quad (set of four)

Paravel's packing cubes—which helped turn Traveler editor Lale Arikoglu into a more organized packer —are a practical gift any traveler will appreciate. They now come in a set of four, with two small cubes, a medium, and a large; for an extra touch, have them personalized with your giftee's initials.

Diptyque Orphon Eau de Parfum

Diptyque Orphéon Eau de Parfum

Diptyque candles are always a welcome gift, but for something a little more unique, go for one of the brand's eau de parfums. This one was formulated to recreate the scent of a ’60s Parisian bar—the woody scent smells great spritzed around the home.

Airbnb gift card

Airbnb gift card

Here at Traveler, we're always on the hunt for the coolest, coziest Airbnbs, whether we're looking for a romantic cabin getaway , a house with a pool , or one that can brighten up our mood with the sheer amount of color found within its four walls. For the travelers in your life who are also keen on staying in a rental, Airbnb gift cards can be purchased in amounts from $25 up to $500, so you can chip in (or cover) their next stay.

Image may contain Bottle Cosmetics Sunscreen Lotion and Shaker

Supergoop! Unseen Sunscreen

Arguably the most popular sunscreen amongst Traveler editors, this gel-like face SPF blends in easily, leaves no white cast, and feels great on your skin. It'll be a welcome addition to any stocking stuffer or gift set.

Polaroid Hi·Print 2x3 Pocket Photo Printer

Polaroid Hi·Print 2x3 Pocket Photo Printer

Now that we all walk around with high-quality cameras in our pocket, fewer of our photos actually make it to print. This pocket-size printer from Polaroid spits out vibrant 2"x3" photos, so you can instantly hand over that new family portrait to grandma or share physical photos with a travel companion. 

travel gift basket items

Sabah slip-ons

Comfortable shoes are a hot topic among travelers and these Sabah slip-ons have articles director Lale Arikoglu's stamp of approval . Handmade in Turkey, they come in a range of colors and are long-lasting: “After six years of ownership, my pair is completely intact with the exception of the color, which is slightly fading in a way that, if anything, has only made them look better,” Arikoglu says.

Nixon Wizard Stick Beverage Sling

Nixon Wizard Stick Beverage Sling

This is a niche gift, but there's someone on your list who will absolutely love it. Nixon's insulated beverage sling fits six cans at once; they can bring it along to picnics, camping trips, tailgates, or hikes to keep drinks cold and avoid the clunkiness of a tote bag or backpack.

Hinoki Wood Rice Ball Mold

Hinoki Wood Rice Ball Mold

There are food gifts for friends who want a meal or snack that's nearly ready to go right out of the box. Then, there are gifts that require some effort. For the home chef who's looking to expand their cooking skills, gift a new kitchen tool like this rice ball mold, which they can use to shape homemade onigiri.

Gastro Obscura A Food Adventurer's Guide

Gastro Obscura: A Food Adventurer's Guide

Another great coffee table book, Atlas Obscura's new tome is made for travelers who plan their trips around food. Inside, readers will find a  guide to food experiences around the world, with chapters on every continent (including Antarctica!), as well as features on foodies like Tom Carvel, events like the Chicago World Fair,  and “how to try it” tips. Just a few noteworthy inclusions: Jeju Island's free-diving sea women in South Korea, the world's largest edible mushroom in Zambia, and the great fruitcake toss in Colorado.

The Carried Away Convertible Backpack

The Carried Away Convertible Backpack

Sarah Jessica Parker collaborated with Samsonite on this versatile bag, which has since sold out multiple times. It's a jack-of-all-trades—wear it as a backpack, carry it as a tote, or sling it over your shoulder. It comes with a removable clutch and an extra strap to turn the smaller bag into a cross-body. Otherwise, it has all the bells and whistles you'd expect in a travel backpack : luggage sleeve, water bottle pocket, laptop slot, etc.

Bokksu snack box subscription

Bokksu snack box subscription

There is no shortage of subscription boxes out there, but we're particularly fond of the edible ones. Bokksu, a Japanese snack service that recently launched an online Asian grocery store , sends recipients an assortment of sweet and savory snacks, candies, and teas on a monthly basis, sourced from small, family-run businesses in Japan.

Artifact Uprising Color Series Photo Book

Artifact Uprising Color Series Photo Book

Commemorate a special trip with a photo book from Artifact Uprising. Whether it's your first big trip this year or one taken decades ago, your loved ones will appreciate the thought that goes into picking out your favorite memories together.

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  Send them packing with the perfect travel gift basket!

Whether traveling for business or pleasure, our travel gift baskets make a great gift for any traveler!  We’ve put together a variety of travel gift collections and creatively package them in a useful travel bag or keepsake box for cards, souvenirs, and more!  Our travel gift baskets are especially popular for retirement, anniversary, or birthday gifts.

Flight Ready Travel Gift Basket for Men

Flight Ready Travel Gift Basket for Men

World Travel Gift Basket for women features  travel crossbody bag, set of 3 travel pouches, and so much more.

World Travel Gift Basket for Women

You're the Man Travel Gift Set in wood grain styled gift box

You're the Man Travel Gift Set

Pamper Me spa gift set features Green Daffodil handmade bath and body products

Pamper Me Spa Gift Set

The Beach Spa Gift is of our newest collection of bath and body products with flip flop cosmetic bag!

Beach Spa Gift Set

World of Thanks Gourmet Gift Basket

World of Thanks Gourmet Gift Basket

Travel gift baskets at thoughtful presence.

Travel gifts are perfect the perfect indulgent gift for any traveler on your gift list. Send them on their way in style! At Thoughtful Presence, we offer travel gifts to celebrate the occasion. While these gifts are perfect for Birthdays, Retirements, and of course Traveling, we also know that just a stay at home vacation is also worth celebrating with these gift collections. Show how much you care with a unique Travel gift! You are sure to ship the perfect lasting memory for the recipient.

Don’t see exactly the gift you are thinking of? Check out these other gift basket collections or call us to build a custom Travel gift basket for you.

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Even though we concentrate on the most unique Travel gift baskets, we also offer other unique Travel gifts as well.

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T+L Editors Reveal the 21 Gifts They've Secretly Been Wanting All Year

From comfy Allbirds sneakers to Parisian pastries, here’s what we really want this season.

travel gift basket items

Travel + Leisure / Madison Woiten

When it comes to gift-giving, the holiday season can be both a blessing and a curse — after all, finding the perfect gift for a loved one can be fun, but it can also be pricey, confusing, and all-around stressful. And if someone on your list asks for a custom-made or hard-to-come-by item? Making it happen can feel like a project. 

That’s why the Travel + Leisure team got together and compiled a list of the items we’re gifting and hoping to receive ourselves this year. Some of them are must-haves specifically for travelers, but many of them are likely to be well-received by anyone on your list. The best part is that a handful of these items are up to 50 percent off right now! From a Calpak duffel bag to comfy Allbirds shoes to festive baked goods , here’s everything we’re gifting this year.

Troubadour Carrier Tote

Troubadour Goods

If you’ve been on the lookout for a carry-all that’s both functional and stylish, Troubadour’s Carrier Tote may be the bag for you. It’s structured and sturdy; plus, it’s waterproof, so it’s sure to hold up well through travel of all types. It’s also quite secure thanks to a subtle zip-top opening. Traveling with tech? The Carrier Tote has a dedicated padded laptop compartment as well as a quick-access pocket for your phone. You can even slightly change the size of the bag with built-in side snaps to better suit what you’re carrying. 

“I'm gifting this stylish bag to my best friend this year (I hope she doesn't see this before opening!),” Updates Writer Taylor Fox said. “She travels a lot for work and this is the perfect-sized bag for overnight and weekend trips alike; plus, it looks elevated and sophisticated. With plenty of pockets and durable carrying straps, travelers using this tote can stay organized on the go, no matter where their 2024 adventures take them.”

Allbirds Men's Wool Runner Mizzles

Allbirds is arguably the internet’s favorite comfy shoe brand, so consider gifting a pair this year. We especially like the Wool Runner Mizzles for their cozy merino wool uppers and water-repellent construction. Travelers can walk or run through pretty much anything when they’ve got these on without ever experiencing pain, soreness, or excessive moisture. They come in 14 colors ranging from Natural Black to Thrive Teal — some of which are up to $51 off right now.  

“I finally picked up on my husband's hints and got him these sleek, water-repellent Allbirds,” Senior Editor Kayla Becker said. “They're the shoes everyone wants, thanks in part to celebs like Ashton Kutcher rocking the brand. But they're not just stylish; they're also super comfortable, durable, and great for all-day walking (even in the rain), which I think will come in handy when we go on trips this year.”

Marmot WarmCube Active Novus Jacket

It may not look like it, but this jacket from Marmot is one of the warmest we’ve worn all year. It has a unique cube construction that offers comfort, warmth, and style, and it falls perfectly to the waist for optimal coverage in cold weather. It even features zippered hand warmer pockets and an adjustable drawcord hem to really lock in heat, plus multiple layers of insulation that will keep you warm even if the jacket gets wet. The WarmCube Active Novus comes in five sizes and three colors, and we may just be adding all three shades to our holiday list.

“After getting so much use out of this jacket myself last fall and winter, I'm gifting one to a family member this year,” Senior Editor Lydia Price said. “The cube design is incredible for retaining heat despite a light, breathable, and slim build. I found it perfect to use as a mid-layer for skiing and as an outer layer during transitional weather. Anyone who contends with a cold climate will find themselves reaching for this jacket again and again.” 

Calpak Luka Duffel

Most avid travelers would agree that they can never have too many luggage options, so consider gifting them the Calpak Luka Duffel this year. While structured, this soft bag easily folds and squishes down to be stowed under the airplane seat in front of you, or into a closet at home. Beyond its convenient storage capabilities, it also boasts luxury features like a sturdy trolley sleeve, separate shoe compartment, and durable material. The straps are crafted in a way that prevents them from digging into your shoulders no matter how much you stuff inside, and plenty of interior pockets help keep things organized. We especially love that it’s available in 21 colors ranging from neutrals to metallics. 

“I refuse to use anything but a weekender bag as a carry-on when I fly,” Associate Editor Hillary Maglin said. “I recently started using Calpak's Luka Duffel and it became my new favorite travel bag pretty much immediately. It's super soft making it comfy to carry, and it's quite spacious while remaining within carry-on size limits. I've been stopped by multiple strangers asking where I got the bag, and even my boyfriend who initially referred to it as my ‘space bag’ (I have it in the metallic gold shade) admitted it's a pretty efficient travel duffel. He just might be receiving his own this holiday season.”

Boll & Branch Signature Long Sleeve & Pants Pajama Set

Boll & Branch

There’s something about these Boll & Branch pajamas that remind us of a spa day — not just because of the zen hues they’re available in, but also because of their unbelievably soft and breathable stitch. Made with 100 percent organic long-staple cotton, these pajamas are comfy enough to wear all night and day. There’s some subtle ruching at the shoulders and on the back for a touch of femininity, and there’s both a chest pocket and an elastic waist with a drawstring string closure for added functionality. As luck would have it, they also happen to be on sale right now. Whomever your gift recipient is, they’ll likely thank you for such a luxe and comfy present. 

“Cotton pajamas are my go-to since they work in any season, and I’ve never felt more luxe than when wearing this set from Boll & Branch,” Associate Editorial Director Morgan Ashley Parker said. “They’ve gotten even softer with wear and, since my mother has been eyeing mine with envy, she’ll surely find these under the tree this year. I personally prefer the long sleeve and pants PJs but there’s also a shorts set and a sleepshirt as well.”

Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheet Set

If your giftee has a thing for the super comfy beds found in their favorite hotels, Cozy Earth’s Bamboo Sheet Set is right up their alley. These extra-soft sheets are made with 100 percent viscose from bamboo fabric, and they feel just as luxurious as that dreamy bed from their last vacation. They even made Oprah’s Favorite Things list in 2018 — they’re that comfy. Plus, they’re designed to prevent you from feeling too hot or too cold. You can snag the sheet set in 13 colors and six sizes including split king. And right now, all sizes and colors are 30 percent off. 

“These temperature-regulating sheets from Cozy Earth are buttery soft and easily the most luxurious thing I own,” Editor Sophie Mendel said. “These have seriously upgraded my sleep experience by keeping me cozy and cool all night long. They’re the perfect gift for anyone trying to get a better night's sleep or make their room feel like a five-star hotel.” 

HP Sprocket 3x4 Photo Printer

While it’s nice to keep your favorite photos stored digitally on your phone, there’s something exciting about an old-fashioned printed photo. The easiest way to get images from your phone onto paper is with HP’s Sprocket 3x4 Photo Printer. This tiny device produces vibrant, high-quality photos in seconds using zero ink technology. We’ve been obsessed with it all year — and we’re pretty sure every traveler and nostalgic loved one on your shopping list will feel the same way.

“I can't say enough great things about this adorable mini photo printer,” Mendel said. “The perfect gift for travel lovers, you can send photos directly from your phone to this portable printer for quick, instant, high-quality printing. You'll get cute mini prints on sticker paper, perfect for gifting or keeping for yourself to hang on the fridge or stick in your travel notebook to remind you of your favorite trip memories.” 

Sprinkles Holiday Assorted Dozen

When it comes to cupcakes, many connoisseurs will tell you there’s nothing better than Sprinkles. If you’ve got a loved one with a sweet tooth, they’re sure to appreciate a box of assorted Sprinkles cupcakes delivered right to their doorstep. While you can’t customize this particular box, you’ll be pleased to know it includes four vanilla, four red velvet, and four chocolate peppermint cupcakes, each decorated with holiday-themed sprinkles, candies, and fondant. This gift box may seem a bit pricey, but keep in mind that Sprinkles cupcakes are extra-large — and also wildly delicious. 

“I’m not able to attend my BFF’s Christmas party this year but I’ve got plans to send Sprinkles' holiday box of cupcakes in my place,” Parker said. “The set of 12 includes her favorite (red velvet) along with classic vanilla and a chocolate peppermint that I wish I was there in person to taste for myself. These sweet treats can be shipped anywhere nationwide — and I may just add in a box of pupcakes for her pooch, too.” 

The Dermstore Holiday Beauty Box

If you’re not into transferring your cosmetics and skincare products from their original packaging into travel-sized tubes every time you hit the road, consider adding the Dermstore Holiday Beauty Box to your wishlist. It’s packed with 21 high-end products from brands like Supergoop!, Kate Somerville, Caudalie, and more, and the best part is they’re already in TSA-compliant bottles and tubes. The box is valued at more than $750, but you can take it home for just over $100.

“This box is filled with a variety of travel-size luxury skincare goodies to pack on your next trip,” Writer Anna Popp said. “I love that all of the products are small and under 3.4 ounces, which makes it the perfect gift for someone who travels frequently and also enjoys nice skincare products.” 

Rebecca Minkoff Simple Chain Tote

Nordstrom Rack

Looking for the perfect present for your fashion-forward friend? Go for the Rebecca Minkoff Simple Chain Tote. It’s roomy enough to fit plenty of essentials without feeling oversized or heavy, and it matches with pretty much everything. It’s also classically sleek and stylish, so you’ll never have to feel like you sacrificed appearance for function. We like to use it as a carry-on for shorter trips and as our everyday commuter bag since it’s durable enough to handle moderate wear. If you buy it now, you’ll score 55 percent off the original price. 

“With so many black tote bags on the market, it's hard to find one that's strong enough to haul your stuff while still standing out from the crowd,” Testing Editor Jackie Cucco said. “I always get compliments on this one from Rebecca Minkoff, which has an edgier look thanks to the shiny leather and thick, silver chain. It's also so spacious and lightweight.”

Kelty Tru Comfort Doublewide Sleeping Bag

Give your camping pals the gift of comfort this holiday season! The Tru Comfort Doublewide Sleeping Bag by Kelty is just about as cozy as it gets when it comes to sleeping bags. It’s equipped with CloudLoft insulation, two foot vents, two built-in blankets, a zip-off top layer, and even a stuff sack for easy carrying. It’s also crafted with temperature-regulating technology, so you can bring this with you no matter the time of year. The best part? It’s large enough for two people.

“As frequent campers (and city dwellers), my husband and I are always trying to figure out how to downsize our gear without sacrificing comfort,” Fox said. “This doublewide sleeping bag is the perfect solution as it minimizes what we have to carry and store, but keeps us both warm throughout all of our camping adventures. It makes a great gift for camping couples or families and can even unzip fully to use as a picnic blanket or wear while cozied up around the fire.”

Smith Glide Jr. MIPS Helmet

Know a kiddo who’s preparing to hit the slopes for the first time this winter? Smith’s Glide Jr. MIPS Helmet is the gift they’ll need. Smith is known for its reliable ski gear, and this helmet is specially designed to protect children’s skulls from impact. Beyond that, this helmet is also quite lightweight, warm, and ventilated to keep little ones’ heads from sweating and goggles from fogging up. The Glide Jr. comes in three sizes and five colors ranging from white to cobalt.

“My nephew is starting his first ski season this year, and there's no one I trust his little noggin with more than Smith,” Price said. “I've worn the brand's ski goggles and helmets for years while honing my skills on and off-piste. They're some of the most comfortable pieces of equipment on the market, and, more importantly, they use the crème de la crème of protective technology. The Glide Jr. MIPS takes after Smith's premium adult helmets with a multi-directional impact protection system (MIPS) that reduces rotational forces on the head upon impact. He'll be rocking the helmet in the vibrant cobalt color for our family trip to Tahoe.” 

Pluto Pod Travel Pillow

You may have used travel pillows before, but you likely haven’t used a travel pillow like the Pluto Pod. Unlike most travel pillows that just sit around your neck, the Pod wraps around your neck and head like a hood or space suit. It offers support and soft cushioning from every direction so that you’re virtually guaranteed restful sleep on your next long-haul flight or road trip. Adjusting the fit of the Pod is easy, and when it’s not in use, you can simply roll it up into itself and stow it in your carry-on. It may look a little silly, but you’ll have the last laugh when you hop off the plane fully rested and free of neck pain. 

“I do a ton of research and testing on travel pillows as a T+L shopping editor, and I've found they aren't all one size fits all,” Price said. “That being said, the Pluto Pod is a perfect gift for light sleepers who take long-haul journeys. It provides ample neck support without feeling too constrictive, and the overhead design is great for blocking out light and noise. It really helps to give the illusion of privacy on public transit, and the germ-wary will appreciate extra peace of mind from full head and face coverage. I expect my giftee will appreciate the thoughtfulness that went into this perfectly tailored pick.”

Stubbs and Wooten Shaken Stirred Slippers

Whitney Robinson International

We doubt you’ll find a cooler pair of slippers than these. The James Bond-inspired unisex slippers nod to one of the spy’s most famous catchphrases without feeling kitschy, and the black velvet uppers offer an air of sophistication. The comfy and supportive kicks can be worn both indoors and outdoors thanks to their leather interior paired with stacked wooden heels. They’re also made-to-order, which is reflected in the price and wait time, but there’s no better gift for the suave Bond-lover in your life.  

“My husband is a martini man who also happens to have a thing for shoes,” Editor-in-chief Jacqui Gifford said. “This Stubbs and Wootten collaboration between the Four Seasons Ocean Club — a Bahamian resort where James Bond was once filmed — and design star Whitney Robinson hits all the right notes. Black velvet shoes to wear with a black tie on the beach or on a cold winter's night? How very 007.”

Roverlund Out-of-office Carrier in Pink

Tend to travel with your pet in tow? Add Roverlund’s Out-of-office Carrier to your list this year. It’s perfect for you since it’s lightweight and comfy to carry, but your fur baby will love it, too, for its spacious interior and sturdy bottom. It has mesh panels on three sides for your pet to see out of and get some air, and it has multiple zip openings to help ease your pup or kitty in and out. There are even two different sizes available: a small 17-inch carrier that holds pets up to 15 pounds, and a large 19-inch option that holds up to 25 pounds. 

“My dog loves his black-and-yellow Roverlund carrier and the bag has just been released in hot pink, perfect for Barbie vibes this year,” Parker said. “I’m recommending it to the parents of my pup's ‘girlfriend’ so they can have matching styles on their next trip. My favorite thing about this carrier is that the crossbody strap doubles as a leash so I don’t need to stash that away or have him get tangled up with one on while inside the bag.”

Bedhead Pajamas Paris Promenade PJ Set

Bedhead PJS

Got someone on your list who’s dazzled by all things Parisian? This pajama set from Bedhead is perfect for them, and it’s just as comfy as it is cute. The long-sleeve set is made from organically grown cotton jersey material which is cozy as can be, and the whimsical Paris print paired with contrasting piping just feels stylish and fun. It even boasts side pockets on the pants and a chest pocket on the top, plus it comes in eight sizes. Perhaps the most exciting thing about the PJ set, though, is it’s currently 50 percent off. 

“Fun PJ sets are my favorite gift to give to friends and family, and this year I went with Bedhead Pajamas since they have tons of fun travel-themed prints like this Paris one,” Popp said. “The PJs are super soft and breathable so they can be worn year-round and it's the perfect way to live vicariously through travel memories in your favorite cities while cozying up at home.” 

Ladurée Eugénie Gift Box

Got a cookie lover on your list? Trust us when we tell you they need Ladurée’s Eugénie in their life. Ladurée, a famed French bakery known for its incredible macarons, released the new Eugénie this year, which is basically a crunchy shortbread cookie with a melting center and chocolate coating. They’re available in eight flavors including chocolate, blackcurrant violet, and Marie-Antoinette tea, and most flavors come in cheerful pastel colors sure to remind you of Paris. And luckily for all of us, the store ships its treats worldwide.

“I got my hands on a box of these a few months ago and have not stopped thinking of them since,” Maglin said. “Not only are they one of the most mouth-watering confections I've ever tasted, but they also had me daydreaming of Parisian cafes with every bite. If you or someone on your shopping list is obsessed with French sweets, the Eugénie is a must. I'm hoping to find a box of them under the tree this Christmas.” 

Haricot Vert ‘Dear Diary’ Custom Earrings 


Custom-made presents are equally as fun to create as they are to receive. That said, we’re loving these custom earrings by Haricot Vert. Just choose 6 to 10 charms from a menu of 128 options, and Haricot Vert will put together a totally unique pair of dangle earrings for you (or your giftee). Some of our favorite charms include an artichoke, a disco ball, Saturn, and a tiny lemon painting, but there are dozens more worth adding to your earrings. Once you’ve chosen your charms, you can also choose your preferred metal color and hardware. If you go for the deluxe option, you’ll even be prompted for your Instagram handle and overall vibe so Haricot Vert can create something perfectly “you.”

“Who doesn't love adorable custom accessories as a gift for the holidays? I love my Haricot Vert earrings, and designing them was half the fun,” Associate Photo Editor Alessandra Amodio said. “Not only do they make an incredible gift, but they are also my new favorite accessory to wear while traveling. The ‘Dear Diary’ option lets you pick from over 100 charms where you then describe your ‘vibe’ to aid the designing process. Since I'm forever in my ‘tomato-girl era,’ and a lover of all things martinis and Italy, my earrings reflect that with charms ranging from wine, tomatoes, and cheese to a little statue bust and a dirty martini. They’re the perfect gift for any travel-loving creative. If designing a pair is too much pressure, pre-designed pairs like the Radis Au Beurre and Rue de le Villette are great for any French-obsessed friend.” 

Dior Limited Edition Rouge Dior Minaudière Clutch 

This pre-filled metal makeup clutch is the definition of luxury — which feels like a statement of the obvious, considering the designer is Dior. The gift set comes with not only a stunning gold clutch featuring the Dior logo, but also four of the brand’s coveted lipstick shades. Your gift recipient can also easily remove the lipsticks and fill the clutch with other makeup or essentials depending on where they’re headed. You can even have it engraved for free before checking out. And because the clutch is on the smaller side, it’s great for packing away in luggage. 

“Packing purses to travel with has always been a difficulty of mine which is what makes this the perfect gift for any beauty-loving bestie,” Amodio said. “Not only do you get to try out four shades of Dior's famously gorgeous lipsticks, but they come packed away neatly in an elegant golden metal clutch. Inside, you get a Rouge Dior lipstick in the iconic 999 and three refills in varying shades along with a chain to convert this chic clutch into a shoulder bag. It’s truly the perfect day-to-night (or night-to-day) purse that you already know will hold all your lipsticks. Plus, with that incredible Dior packaging (and a free sample or two), who wouldn't want to open this up for the holidays?” 

Cartolina Harriet Sweater

A quality sweater is a classic holiday gift, and this year, we’re loving this one from Cartolina. It’s oversized yet flattering and it’s made of ultra-soft cashmere. A mock neck works to lock in warmth while a flowing bottom keeps shoppers from overheating or feeling restricted. Just to up the style ante, Cartolina has added a small slit on the bottom of either side. The sweater comes in two colors — black and marled biscuit — and six sizes ranging from XXS to XL. 

“Cashmere is pretty much the perfect gift in my opinion, and this versatile sweater is so cozy while instantly elevating any outfit,” Fox said. “Cartolina has a series of plush sweaters, but I love that this turtle neck is the type of present you open and immediately want to wear to your next holiday party — and all winter long.”

The Renzoe Box has to be one of the coolest and most convenient ways to package makeup for traveling (or even for everyday styling). The box allows shoppers to customize their own palette of makeup products, but here’s the kicker: you can include products from different brands . Basically, this box combines the best of your favorite cosmetic brands like Tarte, Mac, Nars, Estée Lauder, Chanel, Smashbox, and more all in one convenient place. And unlike most palettes that only include one type of product, like eye shadow, this box lets you add everything from bronzer and highlighter to concealer and lipstick. 

“I recently tried out Renzoe Box and it’s such a stunning makeup set for travel,” Parker said. “Instead of packing different cosmetics, you customize up to seven ‘pods’ of high-end products (think Dior, Hourglass, Charlotte Tilbury, and more) to fit in the compact case. The box has a spot for non-pod products at the bottom and even includes brushes to perfectly fit in the side cylinder. I love that there are pre-made options plus a giftable one where you share skin, hair, and eye color details about your loved one instead.”

Why Trust Travel + Leisure

For this article, Associate Editor Hillary Maglin collaborated with other members of the T+L team to compile a list of the best travel gifts we are giving and hoping to receive this holiday season. Hillary researches and writes about travel products every day, so she has personally used several of the items on this list. 

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Christmas gift guide to Moscow surroundings

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Visitors from America and Western Europe might be surprised to discover that Russia celebrates Christmas on January 7th. That’s because the Russian Orthodox Church follows the Julian calendar. After the end of the Soviet Union, some Russians have begun celebrating Christmas on December 25 in accordance with the Gregorian calendar. But many Russians still observe the tradition of fasting on January 6th, breaking the fast with a large feast on Christmas Eve after the first star has appeared in the sky.

During the Soviet era, Christmas and religious traditions were banned in Russia. Santa Claus was replaced by Ded Moroz, or, Grandfather Frost, an old man with a long white beard who would bring gifts to children on New Year’s instead of Christmas. According to Russian tradition, Ded Moroz is accompanied by his granddaughter, Snegurochka, the Snowmaiden, who helps him on his journey to give presents to children.

Although the tradition of having a Christmas tree, known as a yolka in Russian, was also banned during Soviet times, Russians got around this by having New Year’s trees from which they hung homemade decorations. Today, the restrictions of the Soviet Union have faded into history, and during the Christmas season visitors to Russia can even purchase Christmas ornaments in the shape of matryoshka dolls, or religious icons that depict nativity scenes.

Heading counterclockwise around the Golden Ring this holiday season, northeast of Moscow, your first stop will most likely be the city of Vladimir, home to some of Russia’s most striking churches and cathedrals. The Vladimir region is known for its fine crystal. Stop by the Crystal, Lacquer Miniatures, and Embroidery Museum ( 2 Bolshaya Moskovskaya ) for an overview of traditional crafts before visiting the gift shop in the museum to browse the crystal selection. Vladimir Chic ( 2 Dvoryanskaya ) also sells local glass and crystal work.

Typical souvenirs are also for sale in Vladimir’s old town, especially by the Golden Gate, a triumphal arch and defensive tower that is one of the last-remaining parts of the wall that once surrounded ancient Vladimir and a sure stop on any tour of the Golden Ring.

Just 63 kilometers from Vladimir lays the nearby city of Gus-Khrustalny , the ‘Crystal Goose,’ also home to a rich glass and crystal making tradition. You can visit the glassmaking factory in Gus-Khrustalny and buy gifts ranging from plates and vases to decanters, or visit the outlet store back in Moscow ( 4 Ilyinka ) just east of the Kremlin.

North of Vladimir, you’ll arrive in Suzdal, one of the Golden Ring route’s more tranquil towns. Suzdal boasts a number of small bazaars and stands outside the main tourist sites where visitors can purchase local honey mead, called medovukha, along with traditional crafts, like a pair valenki, or Russian woolen boots, which make an ideal Christmas gift for friends and family back home. The shopping stands outside Suzdal’s Museum of Wooden Architecture and Peasant Life ( Ul. Pushkarskaya ) are also highly recommended. Market Square ( Torgovaya Pl ) houses a number of shops where visitors can search for arts and crafts.

Following the Golden Ring north of Suzdal, many tours will stop in the city of Kostroma, a former trading outpost on the immense Volga River. One of the city’s highlights is the Museum of Linen and Birchbark ( 38 Tereshkova ), where visitors can view exhibits on traditional Russian crafts woven from flax and bark. A gift shop in the basement sells tablecloths, napkins, baskets, linen dolls, and traditional clothing typical of the region.

South from Kostroma, stop in the city of Rostov-Veliky for enamel jewelry, a craft which allows artists to produce small paintings on metal that are then fired to produce a thin glaze over the image. Rostov became famous for its tradition of enamel work. Today, visitors can purchase rings, earrings, bracelets, brooches, and jewelry boxes in the gift shop of the Rostov Enamel factory ( 3 Borisoglebskoye Highway ).

While you’re in Rostov, visit the House of Crafts ( 16 Vtoraya Tolstovskaya Naberezhnaya ) for local pottery and the Souvenirs shop ( 5 Ul. Kamennyi Most ) for ushanka hats—Russian fur caps with earflaps—paintings, and samovars for tea lovers.

The last two stops on a tour of the Golden Ring are the cities of Pereslavl-Zalesskiy and Sergiev Posad. Pereslavl is most famous for its embroidery work, available at the Art Salon ( 12 Ul. Sovetskaya ) along with souvenirs made of wood and stone. Nearby Sergiev Posad is considered the place where Russia’s matryoshka dolls were first invented, and was the chief production center of the dolls before Soviet times. Visit the city’s Toy Museum ( 123 Pr. Krasny Armii ) to get a better sense of the birthplace of one of Russia’s most recognizable toys, then head over to the market alongside the Trinity Monastery of St. Sergius—one of the city’s most important sites—to load up on matryoshka dolls, painted eggs, and icons before going home.

If you’ll be in the Golden Ring during New Years, the city of Vladimir hosts an impressive Christmas fair, with an iceskating rink and performances by local artists, in the main square ( Sobornaya Pl ). In most other Golden Ring cities you’ll find similar events in the center square as Christmas nears.

Most shops and markets in the Golden Ring are open year round. If you’re coming to Russia for a short period of time, whether in winter or summer, consider a trip to this stunning part of the country, and bring an extra bag if you plan to go shopping for Christmas gifts.

All rights reserved by Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

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