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Intramuros Sites And Museums: Entrance Fee and Opening and Closing Hours

Intramuros Sites And Museums Worth Visiting

Intramuros is the historic center and oldest district of Manila, the capital city of the Philippines.

Also known as the Ciudad Murada (Walled City) because of its most famous feature, a nearly three-mile-long circuit of massive stone walls and fortifications that almost completely surrounds the entire district.

12 Intramuros Historical Sites You Need To Visit

  • Fort Santiago
  • Rizal Shrine
  • iMake History Fortress
  • Casa Manila
  • Baluarte De San Diego
  • San Agustin Museum
  • Bahay Tsinoy
  • Bagumbayan Light and Sound Museum
  • NCCA Gallery
  • Fr.George J. Willman SJ Museum
  • Destileria Limtuaco Museum
  • Manila Cathedral-Basilica

intramuros sites

Intramuros Opening Hours 8 AM – 9 PM Daily

Intramuros Entrance Fee P75 – Adult P50 – Student/Child/Senior

Intramuros Tour Sites Entrance Fee

  • Fort Santiago – Cor. Santa Clara/G.luna Open Daily from 8 AM to 9 PM Entrance Fee – P75 for Adult / P50 for Senior/ Student /Child Telephone : 527-2961
  • Rizal Shrine – Inside Fort Santiago Open Monday from 1 PM to 5 PM Tue – Sun from 9 AM to 6 PM Entrance Fee – Included in the Fort Santiago Entrance Fee Telephone: 0917-851-9548
  • iMake History Fortress – Inside Fort Santiago Open Daily from 9 AM to 6 PM Entrance Fee – Included in the Fort Santiago Entrance Fee Telephone: 527-7300
  • Casa Manila – Plaza San Luis cor. G.Luna and Real Open Daily except Monday from 9 AM to 6 PM Entrance Fee – P75 for Adult / P50 for Senior/Student/Child Telephone: 527-4084, 527-4088
  • Baluarte De San Diego – Sta.Lucia Open Daily from 8 AM to 5 PM Entrance Fee – P75 for Adult / P50 for Senior/Student/Child Telephone: 527-3096, 527-9012
  • San Agustin Museum – cor. G.Luna and Real Open Daily from 8 AM to 12 PM and from 1 PM to 6 PM Entrance Fee – P200 for Adult / P160 for Senior/Student/Child Telephone: 714-6889, 714-7470
  • Bahay Tsinoy – cor. Anda and Cabildo Open Daily except Monday from 1 PM to 5 PM Entrance Fee – P100 for Adult / P80 for Senior / P60 for Student/Child Telephone: 526-6796, 527-6085
  • Bagumbayan Light and Sound Museum – cor. Anda and Cabildo Open Daily from 9 AM to 6 PM (reservation required) Telephone: 524-2827, 0919-469-6809 Entrance Fee – P150 for Adult/Student/Child, P120 for Senior with ID Telephone: 524-2827, 0919-469-6809
  • NCCA Gallery – G.Luna Open Daily from 9 AM to 5 PM Free Admission Telephone: 527-2192
  • Fr.George J. Willman SJ Museum – cor. G.Luna and Sta.Potenciana Open Monday to Friday from 7:30 AM to 4 PM and Sat. by Appointment Only Free Admission Telephone: 527-2233, 0929-701-2789
  • Distileria Limtauco Museum – 482 San Juan De Letran Stree Open Tuesday to Sunday from 9 AM to 6 PM Entrance Fee – P100 for Adult / P50 for Student and Senior – additional P100 for wine testing Telephone: 0917-652-8935
  • Manila Cathedral-Basilica – cor. A.Soriano/Gen.Luna Open Monday to Friday from 6 AM to 5:30 PM / Saturday and Sunday from 6 AM to 7 PM Free Admission Telephone: 527-3093, 527-1796

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Kapwa Travel

Intramuros: Travel Guide to the Historical Walled City of Manila

by Leslie | Dec 16, 2020 | Blog

Get a sense of what the old  Manila was like during the Spanish colonial era – witness timeless beauty with its cobblestone streets, well-preserved Spanish colonial architecture, rustic mansions, Baroque churches and horse-drawn carriages (calesa). You’ll also be delighted to meet security personnel dressed like Guardia Civils (Spanish-era civil guards) in many parts of Intramuros.

intramuros as the world's leading tourist attraction

2020’s World’s Leading Tourist Attraction  | Source: DOT

Intramuros, Philippines: World’s Leading Tourist Attraction

Intramuros has quickly emerged as one of the top tourist attractions not only in the Philippines but of the world.

Declared as this year’s “ World’s Leading Tourist Attraction ”, Intramuros bested  15 other world-renowned attractions including the Great Wall of China, Taj Mahal of India, Acropolis of Greece, Machu Picchu of Peru and Burj Khalifa of Dubai among others.

Moreover, the Philippines was also recognized as the World’s Leading Dive Destination  in the  recently concluded 27th World Travel Awards.

intramuros tour open

Baluarte de San Diego in Intramuros | Photo by: imwaltersy | Shutterstock Photo ID: 1803568756

Intramuros Location

It is located in the bustling city of Metro Manila. It sits beside the national landmark, Rizal Park or Luneta Park and is just a few blocks away from the National Museum of the Philippines.

This historical site also puts you at the center of places like hotels, shopping malls, restaurants, religious sites and prominent schools in the country.

Intramuros Manila Map

intramuros tour open

From daytime to night-time, Intramuros offers classic charm which evokes feelings of patriotic admiration. You have 3 ways to tour the area:

Walking Tour

A walking tour can be self-organized or a guided tour.

Bamboo Bike Tour

Go on a historical, ecological and one-of-a-kind bamboo bike (also known as “bambike”) tour where you will be accompanied by a local guide to pedal and tour around its cobblestone streets.

bamboo bikes at intramuros

Bamboo Bikes | Photo by: imwaltersy | Shutterstock Photo ID: 1387314050

Intramuros Night Tour

When the sun is gone, Intramuros transforms into a whole new dimension as lights illuminate old streets and structures creating a fancy, European, romantic vibe all over the place.

Intramuros Entrance Fee

There is no entrance fee to enter Intramuros, however, the sites found inside like the Fort Santiago, Casa Manila, Rizal Shrine, etc, charge a minimal entrance fee of Php 50 (child) to Php 75 (adult).

Intramuros Opening Hours

Intramuros is open from 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM. Although some sites like museums are only open at certain hours.

Intramuros Tour Guide

It is possible to tour the area on your own, however, it’s always a better tour experience when accompanied by a tour guide. In case you need one, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

The bits and pieces of what you will see will become more meaningful when you have a knowledgeable tour guide narrating its story.

Attractions in Intramuros and Tourist Spots

There are many historical sites to see inside the walled city which are managed by Intramuros Administration (IA) . Pace, time and choices of sites to visit are of course flexible and according to your liking. Here is a guide list to some of its most famous sites:

Fort Santiago

It is one of the oldest and most fortresses in the country and was declared as a National Historical Landmark in 1951.

The main gate at Fort Santiago in Intramuros

The main gate of Fort Santiago in Intramuros | Photo: Jorge Láscar | License: CC BY 2.0 | short

Rizal Shrine

It is a museum to honor the life of the great national hero, Dr. Jose P. Rizal. The museum stands at the exact location where Rizal spent his final moments before he was executed on December 30, 1896 at the nearby Luneta Park.

Church of San Agustin

San Agustin Church is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This Spanish Baroque-style church is the oldest standing stone church in the country which was completed in 1607. 

It is noteworthy that the first Spanish Governor-General of the Philippines Miguel López de Legazpi was actually buried in this church.

intramuros tour open

Church of San Agustin | Photo: Jun Acullador | License: CC BY-ND 2.0 | short

Manila Cathedral

The Manila Cathedral is the first cathedral in the Philippines.

It is the only one elevated to the rank of a Basilica by the Pope’s own initiative. His Holiness, Pope John Paul II, now a canonized Saint, raised the Manila Cathedral to the dignity of a Basilica (motu proprio) on April 27, 1981. As the Premier Church, Premier Cathedral and Premier Basilica, the Manila Cathedral-Basilica is the “Mother of all Churches, Cathedrals and Basilicas in the Philippines”.

manila cathedral, cathedral of manila, manila, philippines

The Manila Cathedral | Photo: Jorge Láscar | License: CC BY 2.0 | short

Museo de Intramuros

Museo de Intramuros exhibits treasured antiques and artifacts that pays homage to the story of evangelization in the Philippines from the perspective of Filipinos.

Casa Manila Museum

Casa Manila or Manila House is a lifestyle museum that offers glimpses of the life of upper class families (known as Ilustrados) who once lived there during the Spanish era. Discover aesthetic heritage through house decors, furnitures, artworks and artifacts found at the Casa.

intramuros tour open

Casa Manila Museum | Photo: Roberto Verzo | License: CC BY 2.0 | short

These are just a few of the important sights found at Intramuros.

There’s a lot more to explore. For instance, Palacio del Gobernador, Ayuntamiento de Manila, Bahay Tsinoy, Plaza Roma, Baluarte de San Diego and more.

Restaurants Intramuros

Barbara’s heritage restaurant.

Barbara’s is Spanish-Filipino inspired restaurant that serves lunch and dinner buffets with a 45-minute Cultural Show at night time. There’s no better place to dine than at Barbara’s. It is a must-try experience while at the walled city.

It is a premier restaurant located at the rooftop of Bayleaf Hotel which offers an unobstructed, 360-degree view of the city including the famous Manila sunset.

Hotel Near Intramuros

The bayleaf intramuros.

Bayleaf is conveniently located at the heart of the walled city of Intramuros. Its ideal location allows you easy access to the iconic site. They offer tastefully designed rooms and first-class restaurants, including the Sky Deck.

Rizal Park Hotel Manila

Considered as one of the most iconic boutique hotels in the country, Rizal Park Hotel’ s interiors and architecture are impressive, allowing you to fully immerse in the Filipino-colonial ambience.

Looking for an Intramuros Manila Tour?

Intramuros is a treasured attraction you certainly would want to include in your itinerary. This tour can be easily integrated in your Manila Tour and is available all year round.

calesa at intramuros

Tour using a horse-drawn carriage (also known as Calesa)

If you like, we can customize an authentic Intramuros Tour or Manila Tour for you. Feel free to contact  us or leave us a comment and we will be delighted to pick up your inquiry/request.

Go on a nostalgia trip and discover the “walled city” of Intramuros – the World’s Leading Tourist Attraction.

Another excellent destination for a historical tour is Cebu City. Find out more on this blog .

Philippines’ Leading Tour Operator Nominee

Kapwa Travel as Philippines leading tour operator

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Manila Intramuros Half-Day Shared Walking Tour with Guide

Stroll around Fort Santiago in Intramuros


Discover the Walled City of Intramuros in Manila on this half-day shared walking tour. If you love history, this tour will take you to one of the most significant locations in the Philippine capital. This tour is inclusive of a DOT-accredited tour guide, entrance fees, and a disposable raincoat (if it rains).

You'll meet your tour guide at the Fort Santiago entrance gate. One of Metro Manila's most significant historical landmarks is Fort Santiago. Fort Santiago, constructed by the Spanish conquest Miguel López de Legazpi in 1571, functioned as a protective bastion for Manila, which had just been founded at the time.

During your tour, you will go on a scenic walk around the fort, which boasts impressive architecture and extensive military history. You’ll check out Plaza Moriones , a historic public square; Reducto de San Francisco Javier, part of the seaside defense in Intramuros; The American Barracks, an old Spanish barracks used before by the American forces; and the  Fort Santiago Gate , which has an interesting history behind its ruins.

You’ll also visit Plaza De Armas , another public square in Intramuros; Rajah Sulayman Theater and Brick Barracks , the other military barracks in Intramuros; The Dungeon, used as prison cells during World War II; White Cross,  built for the victims of World War II; and  Medya Naranja, a historical marker in Intramuros.

You'll head next to Palacio Del Governador General and Ayuntamiento de Manila, two government buildings in Intramuros. After visiting the two historic locations, you’ll go next to Manila Cathedral . This church, also referred to as the Manila Metropolitan Cathedral-Basilica, hosted papal masses for Pope Francis in 2015, Blessed Paul VI in 1970, and St. John Paul II in 1981.

Postigo del Palacio , an old alleyway in Intramuros, is your next destination. You will visit Memorare-Manila 1945 Monument afterward, which was built in memory of the innocent civilians who were killed during the Battle of Manila.

Your last stop is Casa Manila , a museum that looks like a house in the 19th century. The two-story museum features artwork, Spanish-era furnishings, dinnerware, and books that portray colonial life.

Get ready to know more about the Walled City of Intramuros and discover why it's a must-visit tourist spot in the Philippines. Check the availability by choosing a date.

intramuros tour open


Manila Cathedral

What to bring

Good to know.

This is a shared tour. You may upgrade it to private walking tour which includes private tour guide assistance. This does not include vehicle transfers. Meals expenses are not included, and it will be on your own account

Children Friendly: Yes!

Pet Friendly: Yes!

Senior Citizen/PWD Friendly: Yes!

Meet up time is 8:00AM at Fort Santiago in Intramuros. To change the meet-up time and location please request in advance so our operator may check if the itinerary will fit as we may need to move the pick-up time if the location is far and additional fee may apply.

The operator may cancel the tour in case of force majeure or unforeseen circumstances like weather conditions. In this case, you will be given the option to reschedule or request a full refund. Note that being late by 15-30 minutes without any advice is considered a no-show. Schedule cancellation requests must be made 48 hours before your original subject to approval.

Verified reviews

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Scan this QR code with your phone camera and press the link that appears to add the Philippines’ biggest travel marketplace into your pocket. Enter your phone number or email address to receive an SMS or email with the download link.

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Intramuros After Dark / Intramuros tour at night / Manila tour

Intramuros After Dark: A Night Walking Tour of Old Manila

There was a time when Intramuros was Manila. Manila then wasn’t the large metropolitan area what we know now but a walled city, covering a total of 64 hectares, and home to thousands of Spanish colonists and their Filipino servants. It served as the country’s capital and the seat of Spanish religious, political, and military power.

This lasted for 400 years — until the city was mostly destroyed by the Japanese military during the WW2.

Later in the 1980s, the Philippine government made a major restoration effort in Intramuros, rebuilding its historic buildings. Today, it is one of the most visited attractions in Manila . You can explore Intramuros on your own, but if you want a unique experience, you can join the tour Intramuros After Dark .

Please enable JavaScript


Intramuros After Dark is a 4-hour walking tour inside the Walled City, conducted by Butch Pedalino (also known as Julian ang Makabayan, or simply Kuya Butch). A great storyteller who loves history, Kuya Butch has been doing this Intramuros tour since 2017. Notably, he was also a friend of the late Carlos Celdran.

Kuya Butch’s tour isn’t just a talk about historical facts — there are also interesting tidbits and urban legends included. Here’s my experience joining the Intramuros After Dark.

Our Intramuros tour at night

How to book your tour, travel tips, what to read next:.

I was invited on this tour by other bloggers and content creators. As stated above, this tour normally lasts 4 hours but we had a condensed itinerary that lasts 2-2.5 hours only.

Prior to the tour, we met up at the Destilaria Limtuaco Museum . This is the oldest distillery in the country, which produces various alcoholic drinks including shoktong — an old medicinal wine. We filled up with local snacks and desserts first, including siomai, sisig nachos, and local gelato flavors from Karabella Dairy which are infused by alcohol flavor from this very distillery.

Destilaria Limtuaco Museum

Kuya Butch then introduced himself to us. He handed us small packets of salt for protection, with instructions on how to use it after the tour and to visit another area first before heading home (also called “pagpag”). Intramuros is notorious for its ghost stories.

We started the tour at Puerta del Parian (“puerta” meaning gate), which served as the main gateway to Intramuros. Beside it there used to be a moat, although now it is completely dry. We then walked around and saw the Manila Clock Tower, the largest clock tower in the country and a center of controversy when a condominium building was built near it, hence “photobombing” the iconic view.

Puerta del Parian in Intramuros

From there we walked outside to the streets in Intramuros. Kuya Butch said that today this area suffers from illegal squatter settlements — an ongoing issue that persists due to political reasons.

We arrived at the Plaza San Luis Complex, which is home to the newly opened Café Intramuros. I love the architecture of this plaza — it is reminiscent of the old buildings in Vigan City . I haven’t really thought about photography when I joined this tour, and I somehow regretted not bringing an actual camera. Alas, I wasn’t able to take a picture with me because there were too many passing vehicles.

Kat in Intramuros mural

We then entered Casa Manila located inside the complex. Casa Manila features the lifestyle of an affluent Filipino family during the late Spanish colonial period, with its signature courtyard and a fountain in the center, which was designed to cool the rooms facing it.

Kat in Casa Manila in Intramuros

Afterwards, we crossed the street to see the San Agustin Church. Interestingly, this church is the only building in Intramuros that survived the heavy bombing during the Battle of Manila during the WW2 period. Currently, it is one of the four baroque churches in the Philippines to be declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site . It’s also a popular church for weddings, with a long walkway that is said to offer good luck.

Another interesting fact is that the saint carvings on its doors look Asian and there are fu dogs on the front of the building. Fu dogs are mythical animals in China that protect the inhabitants of the spaces they are guarding.

These — along with the piedra china (Chinese granite) on the sidewalks outside of the plaza — are just some of the influences left by the Chinese merchants in Intramuros (the original chinatown) before they resettled in Binondo.

San Agustin Church in Intramuros

Our next stop was Memorare Manila. This monument was constructed in honor of over 100,000 civilians who died during the Battle of Manila, many of which were victims of heinous crimes by the Japanese imperial forces and casualties of friendly fire from the American soldiers.

Did you know that Manila was one of the most ravaged capitals in the world during WW2? The other ones were Berlin in Germany and Warsaw in Poland.

Here we took a moment of silence as we lit candles for the souls of those who passed away.

We ended the tour at Manila Cathedral. Manila Cathedral is known as “The Mother of All Churches.” It has a unique facade with three access ways and bronze carvings of Mama Mary and other famous saints. Kuya Butch said that there is superstition that it’s unlucky to get married here because there is a partition between the main doors. It’s said that if you want your marriage to last, say your vows in San Agustin Church instead.

Intramuros After Dark with Butch Pedalino

Overall, the Intramuros tour at night was tiring because we had to do a lot of walking, but it was also enjoyable. I enjoyed not just the historical facts, but urban legends as well. Belief in the soul and afterlife is an integral part of the Filipino identity. I now understand why Intramuros at night is a popular tour during halloween.

Admittedly, a lot of times I was distracted because I wanted to take pictures of the old streets and buildings. I didn’t realize how lovely Intramuros would be at night. I think this tour will benefit not just history lovers, but photographers as well.

Intramuros After Dark group photo

You can book this Manila tour through Intramuros After Dark’s official page . There are open joiner tours on weekends (Saturday and Sunday). You can also request for a private tour on your date of choice, with a minimum of 10 participants.

  • Rate : As of 2023, the current rate for this tour is P1300 per person.
  • Schedule : Intramuros After Dark starts from 5PM to 9PM. Call time is typically at 4:45PM at The Plaza Roma Fountain.
  • Who can book the tour : This tour is ideal for those interested in history, corporate team-buildings, and foreign visitors looking for Manila tours. It’s also a great opportunity for photographers to capture the beautiful lights of Intramuros at night.

Here is the itinerary/list of places to visit:

  • Stories from Plaza Roma and The Fort Santiago
  • Intramuros: The Walled City of Old Manila
  • The Manila Cathedral and Plaza Roma
  • The Memorare Manila
  • The San Agustin Church
  • The Plaza San Luis Complex and the Piedra China
  • The Dancing Fountain at the Manila City Hall Grounds
  • The Hidden Garden and the Liwasang Bonifacio
  • The Old Original Chinatown of Manila
  • Stories from The Jones Bridge and the Old Calle Escolta

Here are important travel tips before you go!

  • Wear comfortable clothing and footwear. You’ll be walking a lot!
  • Bring a reusable bottle of water and a fan if you have any. It is hot and humid especially during the summer months, even at night.
  • Eat before your tour so you have energy. There are various restaurants inside the walled city. You can also head to Binondo for a food trip , which is just close by.

Disclaimer : This tour was offered for free c/o Intramuros After Dark, Destilaria Limtuaco Museum, and Karabella Dairy. As always, thoughts and opinions are my own.

Are you interested in going on an Intramuros tour at night? If you have questions or comments, let us know in the comments section below.

If you’re interested in historical tours, read these as well:

  • WW2 Historical Tour: Bataan Death March

Staying in Manila? Don’t forget to read these guides!

  • Insider Guide: Best Things to Do in Manila
  • Best Hotels in Manila
  • Best Staycations in Manila with Pool
  • Best Things to do in BGC Taguig
  • Best Restaurants and Cafes in BGC
  • Binondo Food Crawl
  • Poblacion Food Crawl

Venture outside of the city for fun and adventure:

  • Best Beaches Near Manila
  • Affordable Beaches Near Manila
  • Best Waterfalls Near Manila
  • Best Farm Staycations Near Manila
  • Best Day Trips from Manila

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Katherine Cortes is a long-time backpacker and a freelance writer/editor. She likes beaches, snorkeling trips, and relaxing staycations (preferably with bath tubs!).

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intramuros tour open

Travel Blog

a facade of a concrete gate

Intramuros at Night (Walking Tour) 2023

Intramuros boasts great aesthetics with its historical architectures confined within its walls, amidst the bustling metro. The daylight promises a retrospect of the long gone decades but with significant stories of the past etched in the buildings, walls and stone paths which have withstood various catastrophe and the test of time. Every door, every gate is open to the curious souls to give them a chance to time travel through the curated well-preserved artifacts, replica and monochromatic photographs on display.

Come dusk .

intramuros tour open

Places to Visit in Intramuros at Night

Fort santiago.

intramuros tour open

The US Embassy recently collaborated with the Intramuros Administration in commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Manila. A gallery with the theme “ Allies for Freedom ” showing portraits of Filipino and American Courage during World War II was launched on March 4, 2020 and it will be up until May 31, 2020.

Important Historical Points inside Fort Santiago 1. Plaza Moriones 2. Baluartillo De San Francisco Javier 3. Reducto de San Francisco Javier 4. Guadalupe Chapel 5. Marty’s wall 6. Moat & Bridge 7. Fort Santiago Gate 8. Baluarte de San Miguel 9. Plaza Armas 10. Rizal Shrine 11. Dungeons 12. White Cross 13. Baluarte de Santa Barbara 14. iMake History Fortress Learning Center 15. Falsabraga Media Naranja 16. Falsabraga Santa Barbara 17. Postigo De La Nuestra Senyora de Soledad 18. Rajah Sulayman Theatre 19. Medio Baluarte de San Francisco 20. Almacenes Reales

The Dungeons

intramuros tour open

One of the recently sought after point of interest inside Intramuros is the dungeons . It was restored and recently opened to the public. It is situated at Baluarte de Santa Barbara , by the bay area of Fort Santiago.

The dungeons was initially a storage area of ammo and gunpowder during the Spanish occupation. However, the tunnel was usually damp which makes it not an ideal place to store gun powder; hence, it was turned into a prison cell instead. During World War II, particularly, the Japanese occupation in the country, around six hundred people were said to be left to die inside this dungeon. These bodies were buried en mass at the area just outside, where the white cross stood.

The visitors are requested to tone their voices down and treat the place with respect.

intramuros tour open

Manila Cathedral

intramuros tour open

Jones Bridge

intramuros tour open

Filipino-Chinese Friendship Arc (Binondo)

Refrain from trying to take photos and posing at the middle of the arc especially when there are vehicles passing through.

Liwasang Bonifacio Musical Dancing Fountain

One of the best ways to end the Walking Tour is through witnessing the Dancing Fountain Show at Liwasang Bonifacio. The 15-minute Musical Water and Light Show happens everyday from 6:30 PM to 10:30 PM. Fountain closes at 12:00 AM. Below is the schedule of the Fountain Show:

6:30 PM 7:30 PM 8:30 PM 9:30 PM 10:30 PM

Getting Around Intramuros at Night

intramuros tour open

Where to Eat

Intramuros at night walking tour tips.

intramuros tour open

Sample Intramuros at Night Walking Tour Itinerary

' src=

Anne Elizabeth Gumiran

Anne Elizabeth Gumiran, also known as Queenie, is a 20-something, full-time public school teacher, a part-time travel blogger and a freediver. She started putting her stories of adventures and misadventures into words and pictures in 2017 and continues to do so as she shares her advocacy, Sustainable Traveling.

hot air balloons on the ground

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' src=

I love the timeline! Thank you for writing this, Queenie ❤ ^_^

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Aw, thank you, Eunice! ❤

' src=

Hello there!

I am planning a whole day to spend in Manila on the first week of Feb 2022, it is supposed to be a first date with this guy who I reaaaaaaally like. I just want to impress him by showing him the old manila at night. I just have a few questions about this guide.

1. Is the “sample” itinerary achievable by walking (he likes walking and admiring the scenery a lot)? 2. Is Fort Bonifacio open these days (sorry can’t find any credible sources online) 3. Do you think it’s right to go here on a first date (I mean after we eat our dinner ofc)

Will be looking forward to your answer.

Hi there! Yes, we were able to go to the places identified in the sample itinerary on one walking night tour. However, take note that it may take hours of walking and of course, sitting too as it can get really tiring especially if you’re not used to it. Fort Bonifacio I think is not open yet as I haven’t found any updates on Intramuros’ Instagram account, too. It is! The places and the lights at night are really romantic! But then again, it is okay, if you’re used to a lot of walking 🙂

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Walking Tour of Intramuros

This is where Manila was Born

intramuros tour open

Michael Runkel / Getty Images

For hundreds of years, the walled city of Intramuros was Manila : the nerve center of the Spanish occupation in the Philippines , home to several thousand Spanish colonists, their families, and their Filipino servants.

Intramuros was erected on the ruins of a Malay settlement at the mouth of the Pasig River. Its strategic location attracted the attention of the conquistador Miguel Lopez de Legazpi, who took over the area in 1571 and proclaimed it as the Philippine colony's new capital.

For 400 years, Intramuros was the center of Spanish political, religious, and military power in the region. (Read about churches in the Philippines .) The walled city suffered grievously through World War II; only San Agustin Church was left standing by war's end.

In the 1980s, the government led a major restoration effort that reconstructed Intramuros to its present state. Today, Intramuros is a prominent tourist spot where visitors can experience Spanish-era Manila through the walled city's churches, restaurants, and museums.

Beginning Your Intramuros Walking Tour

Begin at the Intramuros Visitors' Center at the restored Baluartillo de San Francisco Javier in Fort Santiago ( Google Maps ). This is an ideal jumping-off point for many walking tours through Intramuros, or independent visits to Intramuros' top sights .

At the Center, you can pick up brochures on the places you plan to see or find out about scheduled cultural events in the Walled City.

Fort Santiago is easily accessible via taxi, jeepney, or LRT (the Central Terminal Station is the closest stop). Read about Manila's commuter rail system for more details. 

The tour will take about two hours and involves a fair amount of walking. We recommend you avoid walking in the middle of the day; limit your trips to before 9am, or after 4pm to avoid sunstroke or sunburn .

To fully enjoy your trip, you'll need:

  • a carry bag for souvenirs
  • comfortable shoes
  • bottled water

First Stop: Fort Santiago

Fort Santiago ( Google Maps ) was built by Spanish conquistadors in 1571, replacing the destroyed fortress belonging to the last datu (king) of pre-Hispanic Manila.

Over the years, Fort Santiago served as a fortress against marauding Chinese pirates, a prison for Spanish-era political prisoners, and a Japanese torture chamber in World War II. American bombs deployed during the Battle for Manila almost succeeded in destroying the Fort altogether.

A postwar government initiative helped restore Fort Santiago and clean its bad juju away. Today, Fort Santiago is a relaxing place to visit and an enlightening portal into the Philippines' colonial past. It contains a peaceful park, battlements overlooking the Pasig River, and a memorial museum to the Philippines' national hero Jose Rizal.

For more information, read our overview of Fort Santiago in the Philippines .

Next Stop: Manila Cathedral

Exit the main gate of Fort Santiago and make a five- to ten-minute walk southeast down General Luna Street, past the Plaza Moriones and the Palacio del Gobernador. The Cathedral will be visible to your left.

The Manila Cathedral (Cabildo cor. Beaterio Streets, Intramuros; Google Maps ) is the ecclesiastical seat of the Archdiocese of Manila. In Spanish colonial times, this was the seat of the Spanish Archbishop of Manila, who had jurisdiction over the entire archipelago .

This structure is actually the sixth church to occupy the site. The first one, built in 1581, was razed to the ground two years after it was built. The present structure was completed in 1958.

The Cathedral's crypts serve as a final resting place for former Archbishops of Manila, just as the crypts of St. Peter's in the Vatican do for the bodies of former Popes. Among those interred in the Cathedral's crypts is Jaime Cardinal Sin, one of the ringleaders of the 1986 Edsa Revolution that ousted the dictator Ferdinand Marcos.

Next Stop: Walls of Intramuros/Puerta de Santa Lucia

A further five-minute walk down General Luna Street in the same direction; after two blocks, turn right and walk down Calle Real until you reach Puerta de Sta. Lucia.

Facing the former Malecon Drive (now Bonifacio Drive), Puerta de Santa Lucia ( Google Maps ) is one of several gates passing through the Intramuros walls. First built in 1603, Puerta de Santa Lucia (when open) leads out to Malecon, once a waterfront promenade before reclamation transformed the shores in front of the walls into the present-day Port Area.

Passersby get a close-up look at the thick stone walls and moats that skirt Intramuros' borders, as the walls can actually be climbed for a commanding view of the streets within Intramuros and the golf course beyond the wall.

During Manila's colonial heyday, no one could enter Intramuros but the Spanish, their servants, and mestizos (half-Spanish Filipinos). Outside Manila lived Filipinos and Chinese merchants. The latter were forced to live in a ghetto that was conveniently located within range of Intramuros' cannons, in case the Chinese revolted against Spanish rule.

Next Stop: San Agustin Church and Museum

Go back up Calle Real, turn right on Gen. Luna Street and enter the parking lot of San Agustin Church immediately on your right.

The San Agustin Church (Calles Gen Luna and Real, Intramuros; Google Maps ) is the first European stone church designed along Spanish lines in Manila. It has 14 side chapels, hand-carved hardwood pews dating back to the 17th century, an 18th-century pipe organ, and a beautiful trompe l'oeil ceiling. Beside the church is a small museum featuring Spanish-era vestments, furniture, and religious artwork.

Along with three other ancient Philippine churches, San Agustin Church was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1993.

Its walls have stood as a mute witness to Philippine history. Three Spanish conquistadors are buried here. In its vestry, Spanish and American commanders discussed the city's terms of surrender during the Spanish-American War. Japanese soldiers massacred 140 people on the premises during World War II, as the American troops approached Intramuros.

For the bloody details, read our overview of San Agustin Church .

Next and Final Stop: Casa Manila

Go back the way you came, through the parking lot—cross the street to get to the Plaza San Luis Complex.

Plaza San Luis (Calle Real del Palacio, Intramuros; Google Maps ) was a pet project of Imelda Marcos (she of the 7,000 shoes): its centerpiece is Casa Manila , a reconstruction of a Spanish colonial home of the 19th century. (The whole structure itself dates back only to 1981.)

Each room in Casa Manila is decorated in period style, complete with antique furniture, fixtures, and artwork.

Beyond Casa Manila, the Plaza San Luis Complex contains several other stops that will hold any tourist's interest: the White Knight Intramuros budget hotel; Puesto Manila , a creative hub and cafe; Barbara's, a Filipino restaurant; and Bambike Ecotours , which takes guests on tours of top Manila stops using bamboo bikes.

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intramuros tour open

Intramuros Guide 2023: A Tour in the Beautiful Walled City of Manila

  • February 22, 2023

intramorus tourist spots

By: Jillian Dionela

Casa Manila

6. ride a bambike, types of accomodation:, history of intramuros.

The Walled City of Intramuros in Manila City is located south of the Pasig River and east of Manila Bay. It was constructed by Spanish colonizers in the mid 1500s after their arrival to serve to establish their military and political bases in Asia.

Intramuros was constructed as a city with a privileged status with churches, schools and government structures. These walls were later built to safeguard Intramuros from natural disasters as well as intruders. Intramuros was the capital of power during Spanish rule.

Intramuros, Manila

In addition to the 4.5-km. wall, which is where the name originated (“within within the wall”) there were other defensive structures were built to surround the city like moats, cannons, bulwarks and javelins. The wall not only protected Intramuros from natural disasters, but it also deterred the threat of Chinese pirates, Dutch force, Chinese pirates, Dutch forces and other intruders.

While heavily inspired by Spanish architecture (think extravagant baroque church designs) Renovations have also exposed the Chinese influences. In the 80s, government officials facilitated an enormous restoration effort that restored Intramuros to the present condition.

The fact that it is no longer an eye-sore, however. The history behind the ruin is what makes it an important place to visit in Manila even today despite the changes it has seen.

Additionally to that, fortresses, ramparts and gates of the past remain open and are the mainstay of walks and cultural events for tourists who want to know more about the country’s history. In the present, Intramuros is a prominent tourist attraction where you are able to experience the Spanish-era Manila through the city’s walls, restaurants, churches and museums.

How to go to Intramuros

Entrance - Intramuros, Manila

At Quezon Avenue in Quezon City take a jeepney, or van that is bound to Buendia. The driver may request to drop the passengers on Liwasang Bonifacio (also widely known as its previous designation, Plaza Lawton). If you’re at Liwasang Bonifacio, it’s just one short stroll to Intramuros.

If there are no Buendia-bound vehicles on the road then you could opt for either a jeepney or a van that goes to Quiapo. From Quiapo you can take a jeepney to Pier 15 that passes within Intramuros.

If this is your first time visiting Intramuros and you’re a bit unsure concerning public transportation then you could take a taxi or utilize the mobile app of Grab.

What to see and do in the Intramuros

The city’s walls aren’t very large, and when compared to other tourist spots located in Metro Manila, there are very few activities and sights are accessible inside the walled city.

The best part about visiting the Walled City is that each place you visit is rich in historical significance and is just an easy walk from one another. Here are a few of the structures and landmarks that you should definitely visit in Intramuros:

1. Fort Santiago

Fort Santiago - Intramuros, Manila

A trip to Intramuros can’t be complete without getting close to the things that were the reason it became so famous–the brick wall, garrison and fortifications that protected the elites and colonizers who used to reside in the area. The strongholds remain in the city to this day, leaving just a few stretches of land in the vicinity of Pasig River. Pasig River.

The most well-known among the forts would have been Fort Santiago in the northwestern northern part of the city. Fort Santiago is the primary fortification of Intramuros constructed in the 1500s. It’s located on Pasig River; being a defense fortress, it’s strategically placed to protect against pirates and other invaders.

2. Marvel at the architectural design and the faith that is reflected in the churches.

Manila Cathedral - Intramuros, Manila

The Spaniards are responsible for the growth of Christianity in the Philippines It also was logical to Intramuros to be home to a handful of churches so that the colonizers within can continue to practice their religion. The two most prominent include Manila Cathedral and San Agustin Church.

The Grand Manila Cathedral, founded in 1571, is one the most easily recognized structures within Intramuros. The present structure is the fifth church built following the earlier ones that were destroyed by natural disasters and the Second World War. The Manila Cathedral is also a well-known wedding location. The cathedral was dedicated to Immaculate Conception.

The San Agustin Church, founded in 1571, has been classified as an World Heritage Site by UNESCO as well as a National Historical Landmark by the Philippine Government. San Agustin Church is the oldest church built of stone located in the Philippines. The present structure constructed out of stones, was the 3rd church to be constructed in the area after the two first timber structures had been destroyed in a fire.

3. The time to pass is in public squares and important structures

Plaza de San Luis - Intramuros, Manila

As it used to be home to the elite at the time It’s not a surprise that there are numerous public squares in Intramuros that people can use to spend their time in leisure. Since then, Plaza de Roma has been one of the town squares. Plaza de Roma, located right across Manila Cathedral, was the principal public square in Intramuros. It was the site of many gatherings and celebrations before it was turned into an outdoor garden by the Governor-General in the late 17th century.

Plaza San Luis took its name from one of the old barrios of Intramuros. It’s now an urban and cultural complex that includes museums, restaurants and a venue for events. Plaza San Luis is located close to San Agustin Church.

4. Visit a museum

A trip to an art museum is a good idea if you love admiring antiques and other historical artifacts. If you are in Intramuros you are essential to know the most about the rich past of the city’s walled walls, but also about Manila as a whole. There is nothing better to learn than these Intramuros museums.

  • San Agustin Church Museum
  • Rizal Shrine Museum
  • Rizaliana Furniture Exhibit

Bahay Tsinoy

  • Archdiocesan Museum of Manila

Light and Sound Museum

  • Fr. George J. Willmann, SJ Museum
  • The Bonsai Library and Museum
  • The Silahis Center
  • Baluarte de San Diego
  • Likha-an sa Intramuros
  • Destileria Limtuaco Museum
  • iMake History Fortress LEGO Education Center
  • Instituto Cervantes de Manila
  • Museo de Intramuros
  • The Attic Museum
  • Colegio de San Juan de Letran

San Agustin Museum

San Agustin Museum - Intramuros, Manila

The museum houses an assortment of Spanish colonial-era ecclesiastical clothes as well as manuscripts, sacred vessels as well as ivory and wooden statues, Dominican paintings and sculptures and a variety of other sacred objects.

Light and Sound Museum - Intramuros, Manila

In this interactive museum visitors can explore Philippine history during the Spanish rule and the lifestyle of Rizal by way of images, sounds and animatronics.

Bahay Tsinoy - Intramuros, Manila

In this site, you can discover the past and achievements of China-Filipino communities, which includes those who supported the Filipinos’ revolution against Spaniards.

It also houses galleries as well, such as Batang Tiaong, Bahay na Bato (Chinese settlement in Manila), Ching Ban Lee Ceramics Gallery, Martyrs Hall along with Batang Tiaong.

Casa Manila - Intramuros, Manila

The location can be described as a recreation of residence of a wealthy family from the 18th century or the Ilustrados.

These are the educated and wealthy classes that held immense influence in both the state and among the people. The homes are full of furniture, art and other objects that date back to the colonial age.

Dine In - Intramuros, Manila

In Intramuros eating out is about the ambience and overall experience, not the diversity and variety of food options. There’s nothing really unique about eating in a restaurant, but when you’re in Intramuros located in the midst of historical buildings, the dining experience gets a new level. The majority of restaurants located in Intramuros provide Filipino cuisine , so if that is what you want, then make your way to the city that is walled.

There are some restaurants that serve international cuisines (after all, Manila is a melting pot of different kinds of cultures) which foreigners may be familiar with but the best method to take pleasure in your Intramuros food tour is to stick to local favorites that serve traditional Filipino food and a cultural experience.

Bamboo bike -  Intramuros, Manila

The most well-known thing to do in Intramuros is exploring Intramuros on bicycles. These aren’t your typical bicycles, they are eco-friendly , sustainable, and bamboo bicycles that are made by hand. If you’d like to experience this, you must look into Bambike’s website. The price for this tour is P1,747.98.

Where can you stay

The space within Intramuros is small, it is only sensible to have only a handful of accommodation options available to people who wish to stay inside these walls during the duration of their stay. Some are quite expensive. But, there are plenty of alternatives beyond the walls.

Bayleaf - Intramuros, Manila

There’s a lot of activity taking place within Intramuros, Manila, or almost any city or district within the Metro. But, the capital city doesn’t let tourism down and, therefore, whatever type of traveler you’re: someone who backpacks with money in the bag or an experienced traveler who’s had saved for a week of adventure, there’s going to be a perfect accommodation option both inside and out of Intramuros.

Budget and luxury Hotels of all kinds are found in Manila. In actuality, Manila Hotel, one of the most well-known brands in luxury hotels, is within Intramuros. But, as one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Philippines, Manila caters to penny-pinchers and budget-conscious travelers too.

Apartment and Condominium Units for Rent

Rental properties around Intramuros are usually available on Airbnb. There are many apartments and condominiums in Manila mostly due to the recent growth of the real estate sector. A lot of these rooms can be rented out for various reasons, which makes it a reasonable option for accommodation for tourists.

What to Pack

Other than your basic necessities (i.e. passport, ID cards, cash and other ID cards. ) In addition, you might need your smartphone along with pocket Wi-Fi (or purchase local SIM to use data) to help you navigate if you need to. Unfortunately there aren’t all public spaces in the Philippines offer free Wi-Fi, so it’s best to have your own.

As we’ve mentioned before, pack lightweight clothing and shoes that are comfortable for walking. If you’re anticipating rain, make sure you have an umbrella, raincoat or jacket to safeguard yourself. If it’s going to be warm, a new set of clothing, towels as well as plenty of water are essential.

Things to Remember

  • Intramuros is a public space therefore there is no entrance cost for visitors who would like to go there.
  • Intramuros is the best place to explore during the dry time that runs from January to May.
  • Dress in comfortable shoes and clothes while walking through Intramuros. If you’re traveling on your own and you are traveling on your own, it might be beneficial to carry an extra selfie stick to capture memorable images as you wander around Intramuros.
  • You can take as many photographs as you like of the iconic landmarks of Intramuros.
  • Intramuros is usually a secure location, particularly since there are security guards in numerous corners and structures. But, be cautious and ensure your possessions are secured, especially in case you’re exploring unfamiliar territory.
  • Intramuros is easily accessible by vehicle.
  • Always seek permission before you want to visit a structure or square.
  • There are a lot of dark places in Intramuros and it is scary in certain places. Actually, some of the most frightening locations in Manila are located in Intramuros.

Walled City - Intramuros, Manila

At present, upgrades and enhancements are being carried out to preserve the appearance and timeless appeal of Intramuros. It’s always good to visit again and discover the latest developments if you’re looking for.

Intramuros is an ongoing reminder to Filipinos to remember that beauty exists even in the chaos. Maybe not necessarily in terms of appearance however, the fact that they are able to endure the harsh realities of time and the past and improve from them is still something to be celebrated.

It is an extremely secure city, protected by fortifications, however its rich past must be displayed at the forefront for the world to experience. This is the reason Intramuros is one of the most well-known destinations on Manila tours.

Take a trip back in time to discover for yourself the things that make Intramuros an exceptional destination. Intramuros tours , activities and excursions are available throughout the year for you to experience.

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Local heritage tourism is back in full swing with these Manila walking tours


  • These walking tours let you see—and sometimes taste—Manila’s incredible history and culture. All while getting some exercise in

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Walkable cities are still a thing of the future, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy Manila on foot. Manila is one of the oldest cities in the country, which means there are several sites and landmarks that deserve our attention. 

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Founded by Spanish invaders in 1591, Manila has seen some of the most brutal and beautiful events in our nation’s history. While most tourists favor more tropical destinations, Manila still offers some of the richest experiences when it comes to our cultural heritage and history. 

If you ever want to play tourist for a day and discover the historical side of the capital, here are some walking tour companies that offer experiences worth your while. 


Wander Manila is a walking company that specializes in private and customized tours in the historical Intramuros district. They currently have three curated tours: ¡Hola Intramuros!, One Night in Intramuros, and the Chinoy Heritage Tour. 

View this post on Instagram A post shared by WanderManila (@wander.manila)

The Hola Intramuros tour takes you around the Intramuros area during the daytime. The One Night in Intramuros tour is during the evening and shows you the darker side of the area’s history. The Chinoy Heritage Tour takes place across the Binondo, San Nicolas, and Escolta areas—which are some of the places that have a high concentration of Chinese immigrants. 

These tours come with your very own tour guide and costs P1,000 per head with a minimum of 3 guests per tour. 

WanderManila also has custom tours available where you can pick your destinations. These custom tours start at P1,500 per head with a minimum of three guests per tour. The final cost can be higher depending on the inclusions. 

You can book your tours through the WanderManila Facebook page

Walking Tour – Lakbay Lakaran sa Quiapo

Lakbay Lakaran sa Quiapo takes you on a firsthand adventure through what is considered to be “old downtown Manila.” The tour incorporates a sightseeing journey, a pilgrimage, and a fiesta all into one experience. Having started some time in the late ’80s, Lakbay Lakaran sa Quiapo is also thought to be one of the oldest walking tours. 

intramuros tour open

Each tour takes you across the Quiapo district and its historical landmarks, like the San Sebastian Church and Bahay Nakpil-Bautista. 

The tour costs P700 per person, with a minimum of three people in each group. It starts at 1:30 p.m. and runs for 3 to 4 hours, depending on the group’s pace. 

You can book your tours through the Walking Tour – Lakbay Lakaran sa Quiapo Facebook page

Old Manila Walks 

Old Manila Walks is one of the biggest walking tour companies that operate in the city. It offers five different tours: Intramuros (P1,500+), Binondo (P1,750+), San Miguel and Malacañang Palace (P1,750), Chinese Cemetery (P1,300), and a halo-halo tour combo you can customize (P2,850). 

intramuros tour open

The rates go up by P150 to P300 on weekends, except for the San Miguel and Malacañang tour, which is only available on weekdays. The Binondo tour is also a food tour with a tasting menu, which is already covered by the initial payment. The Intramuros tour can also be extended or done at night, which costs P1,800. 

The mix-and-match tour allows you to combine two walking tours in one. The combos available are Intramuros with either the Chinese Cemetery, Malacañang, or Rizal Park. 

There are scheduled tours you can book through the website , but if you don’t see the tour or dates you want, you can schedule it through their booking form . 

Bambike Eco Tours

This tour is especially crafted for bike enthusiasts who also want to get a little history and culture in, along with some exercise. Though not strictly a “walking” tour, the Bambike Eco Tour still allows you to explore Manila with your own two feet—albeit on a bike. 

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Bike Tours in Intramuros (@bambikeecotours)

Bambikes offers three types of guided tours around Intramuros: the Intramuros Experience (P1,699 per person), the Intramuros Express Tour (P999 per person), and the Intramuros Sunset Tour (P1,799 per person). 

The Intramuros Experience takes you through eight different sites in two and a half hours, while the express version takes you to six different sites in an hour and a half. The sunset tour is a two-hour tour that happens in the late afternoon and ends with a complimentary drink at The Bayleaf Intramuros—just in time to see the gorgeous Manila Bay sunset. 

All the tours come with your very own choice of Bambike, a serving of local ice cream (a.k.a. dirty ice cream), and a cool towel to freshen you up after your journey. 

For people who want to take the tour but don’t know how to ride a bike, don’t worry. Bambikes also offers bikes with sidecars and a trained operator for P600 for a regular bike and sidecar, or P1,000 for a bamboo bike and sidecar. Both options are big enough to fit two people. 

You can book your tours through the Bambike website

intramuros tour open

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We have been working in Manila ever since we graduated from college. Even so, we never really got the chance to explore what is known to be the home to the city’s historical landmarks built during the Spanish era. Guilty as charged, we didn’t find time to do so… not UNTIL NOW!

Intramuros is the Latin word that means “inside the walls” thus, calling it the “ Walled City ” located in the city of Manila, the capital of the Philippines. This was built in the late 16th century to protect the city from foreign invasions. This is a great place to revisit Manila’s rich history and see centuries-old establishments.

If you are looking for an Intramuros day trip itinerary, we got you covered. I’ll be sharing with you how we explored this place and how much we spent.

Intramuros Itinerary

How to go to intramuros.

Take the LRT-1 going to Central Terminal Station. From here you have 3 Options:

  • Walk five minutes to Manila City Hall. From here, a pedestrian underpass takes you across Padre de Burgos Street. Immediately upon exiting the underpass, you’ll see Victoria Street, which curves right through the walls. ( Pros : cheaper way – Cons : can really be hot during day time and it will take you 10-15 minutes)
  • Hail a Taxi – Outside the station, you can take a taxi. It should not cost you more than Php 200. Before going inside a taxi make sure you make it clear to the driver that you want the metered price otherwise there’s a possibility they will overcharge you especially if you are a foreigner.
  • Take a Grab – Download the GRAB APP then book your ride to Intramuros. We tried booking a grab from Central Terminal Station going to San Agustin Church in Intramuros and the price is Php 178.
  • Pedicabs – This is the option we took. They are bicycles with side compartments or motorized rickshaws. Similar to Thailand’s Tuk-tuk. Each trip costs about 50 Philippine pesos. (negotiable).

How to tour around Intramuros?

Information on the internet can be overwhelming. Before going, we really don’t know where to start. We didn’t have a final itinerary when we got there. I asked the pedicab driver to drop us off at San Agustin Church because I thought that was the best way to start. Here are the available options by the way.

  • Ride from one historical monument to another on the Electric Chariot with your knowledgeable tour guide. The Budget Tour (30 minutes) costs Php 300 and the Grand Intramuros Tour (1 hour) costs Php 900.

2. Hop on a bamboo bike – Bambike . A guided tour costs Php 999. You can also rent a bike on-site for Php 200 per hour. They are located in Casa Manila just in front of San Agustin Church.

3. Calesa  is a great way to experience touring in a horse-drawn carriage. Calesa accommodates 1 to 3 passengers on a 30-minute guided tour of Intramuros. The cost is Php 1,000. If you will take this option, you need to go to Manila Cathedral first. That is where you can find rental Calesa.

4 Pedicabs  offers guided tours as well. It costs Php 350 for 30 minutes tour, for locals it’s Php 150 per 30 minutes. They have this laminated white paper where they have pictures of the historical places they will tour you. If you will take this option you can find them outside Manila Cathedral, San Agustin Church, or Fort Santiago.

12:30PM – San Agustin Church

We explore Intramuros’ DIY style. When we got out of Central LRT station, the original plan was to walk going to Intramuros but it was 12 noon that time. The sun is up and it’s so humid that’s why we tried to check how much will it cost us to book a grab – and it costs Php 178. We tried to look for a taxi but there were others who were in line waiting. Finally, we decided to take a pedicab. At first, they were charging us more than the price if we took a grab so we declined. They are very persistent and a little scary honestly. But when we said we would just take a grab one of them lowered it to Php 50.

San Agustin Church is the oldest stone church in the country. This church survived wars and natural calamities before it was hailed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It has a museum inside with its precious collection of Spanish artifacts, statues, church ornaments, and paintings. They are open from Wednesday to Sunday, from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.

intramuros tour open

01:00 PM – Casa Manila

Just in front of San Agustin Church is the Casa Manila or “ Manila House ”. It is a living museum that features the lifestyle of an affluent Filipino family during the late Spanish colonial period.

The first thing we noticed is the Bambike rental headquarters outside Casa Manila.

intramuros tour open

On the other side of it is Barbara’s Heritage Restaurant.

intramuros tour open

As we walked inside, we saw souvenir shops, a cafe, and another restaurant. There is a passage on the left side that leads us to this fountain. The entrance fee to Casa Manila Museum is PHP 75 . They are open from Tuesday to Sunday only. Operating Hours are from 09:00 am – 06:00 pm.

intramuros tour open

01:30 PM – Baluarte de San Diego

From Casa Manila, we took a pedicab going to Baluarte de San Diego. The fare is Php 50 each. Then, we paid the entrance fee which costs Php 75 each.

The Baluarte de San Diego also known as Nuestra Señora de Guia (Our Guidance Lady) is one of the oldest forts inside Intramuros. This spade-shaped bulwark which used to be a circular watch tower was built in the late 16th century primarily to defend against the invasion of this area.

intramuros tour open

Today, the fort has become a popular tourist spot. They built a garden around the fort that features shaded walkways, fountains, old cannons, and structures from the preceding century. 

intramuros tour open

02:00 PM – Fort Santiago

We took another pedicab outside Baluarte de San Diego going to Fort Santiago. The fare is Php 50 each. Then, we paid the entrance fee which costs Php 75 each.

intramuros tour open

I honestly thought Fort Santiago and Intramuros were the same. But they are not. Fort Santiago is the oldest Spanish bastion in the Philippines situated inside the walled city of Intramuros . It became the headquarters for the armies of several foreign powers in Philippine history, including the Spanish, the British, the Americans, and the Japanese. This is also where Dr. Jose Rizal, the Philippines National Hero was detained here for 56 days. Then made his final walk from Fort Santiago to Bagumbayan.

It is interesting to see how it used to be and how much they were able to preserve up to this day.

There’s so much history in this place. There are also dungeons here – the Fort Santiago dungeons where the US Army discovered 600 decomposing corpses inside. During World War II, the Japanese used dungeons as a prison and torture chambers for high-value prisoners. During the Battle of Manila, in their haste to destroy Intramuros, the Japanese sealed off the dungeon, leaving the hundreds trapped inside to suffocate.

intramuros tour open

We crawled into this narrow passageway. This tiny entrance leads us into the inner chambers of Fort Santiago Dungeon. I remember asking the guard if there was someone inside already because I don’t want to go there with just me and my sister. What a relief to see a group of students inside.

Right beside the entrance to the dungeon, we noticed a white cross marking the mass grave of the 600 victims pulled out from the dungeon.

intramuros tour open

There are also a lot of areas to chill and have a picnic. There are shops inside and a cafe but my favorite is the area in front of the river.

intramuros tour open

03:00 PM – Manila Cathedral

From Fort Santiago, we walked for 3 minutes going to Manila Cathedral. In front of it is Plaza Roma.

intramuros tour open

03:15 PM – Late lunch/Snack at La Cathedral Cafe

Finally, to finish our Intramuros day trip we dine at La Cathedral Cafe. It’s time to reward ourselves after a long walk. We ordered Kare-Karea, Korean Barbeque, Carbonara, and two frappes.

intramuros tour open

This restaurant is known for its proximity to Manila Cathedral giving its customers a nice view while they dine in. Their foods are a bit pricey. If you are on a budget, just order a frappe it costs less than Php 200.

intramuros tour open

Intramuros Day Tour Expenses:

So there you have it! It’s time to plan your Intramuros trip soon!


Prepare for your trip with our must-have travel essentials.

You may also check our MANILA, PHILIPPINES TRAVEL GUIDE: Everything You Need to Know . Also, I would really appreciate it if you subscribe to our YouTube channel below:

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  • Destinations
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  • Philippines

Manila Free Tour: Exploring Intramuros

Manila Free Tour: Exploring Intramuros Philippines — #1

Overview of the tour in Manila

Our Intramuros tour begins at the iconic Manila Cathedral, where our knowledgeable and friendly guide will greet you. From there, we’ll embark by foot on an exploration of Intramuros, taking you through its cobblestone streets and picturesque corners. As we uncover this colonial neighborhood's rich history and cultural heritage, prepare to be transported back in time. We’ll also explore the enchanting Puerta Real Gardens, where you’ll be taken to a different era through its well-preserved Spanish architecture and tranquil gardens. Stroll through this picturesque setting and soak up the ambiance of a bygone era. Our tour continues to Casa Manila, a beautifully restored colonial house that offers a glimpse into the opulent lifestyle of the past. The final stop of the Intramuros tour is the St. Agustin Church, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the oldest church in the country. Marvel at the intricate details of its architecture and learn about its significant role in shaping the history of Manila.

This activity includes:

Manila Cathedral

  • Casa Manila
  • Puerta Real Gardens
  • San Agustin Church

Meeting point

Find the whole group in front of the well-known Manila Cathedral. The guide will be holding signage for this free tour *For joiners staying at Abraham Manila or anywhere in Makati, an Abraham Tours escort can assist you going to the Manila Cathedral, the starting point of the tour, via public transport, specifically through ferry and tuktuk. Please note that transportation fees will be paid by participants. If you choose this option, please be at 08:30 AM at the lobby of Abraham Manila: 7840 Makati Ave, Poblacion, Makati, 1200 Metro Manila, Philippines

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Posted on February 10, 2018 May 6, 2020

The Intramuros Walking Tour – A Quick Exploration of Manila’s Historic Walled City

If you are in Manila, Philippines and looking for a cool day trip, then Intramuros – the historic walled city of Manila – is a cool family and friends destination that you can try. Its Intramuros Walking Tour is a definite must-try!

I have been to Intramuros, years ago. I remember it was a time when I was a member of what we called ‘ Tribung Bagong Silang’, a local group of young people who participated during festival competitions. (Yep, you read it right. I have danced for the Pintados- Kasadyaan festival in Tacloban City. It’s synonymous to the famed Sinulog Festival in Cebu and Dinagyang Festival in Iloilo ).

We were invited as guests during one of the Department of Tourism’s Wow Philippines which aimed to entice tourists to visit the Philippines. We have danced through the streets (or maybe just a portion of it. LOL) and performed a 3-minute dance showdown at one of the open fields in the Walled City.

Fast forward a decade or more later, I returned to Intramuros with some of my good friends in college for a day trip, or rather, for a quick walking tour.

The Intramuros walking tour only lasted for a few hours . We had our own personal guide (one of our good friends) who took us to the spots that we needed to see.

We did not have the luxury of time to check out all the spots, however. The walking tour was just one of side trips to our Ilocos Tour .

Our plane arrived in Manila at around 9 AM. After a quick breakfast and meet-up with some of our friends who are based in and around the city, we headed out to Intramuros for our walking tour.

Despite the limited time, we were able to visit some points of interest in Intramuros. As all of our trips together , the afternoon spent with them is fun and can make me feel young! I guess that’s the effect old friends have on you. They make you feel years younger! 😉

We still had hours of free time before we checked in to our accommodation for the night. It was spent doing the Intramuros Walking Tour and our Binondo Food Crawl later in the afternoon.

Intramuros Walking Tour: Intramuros Map

Before I proceed, let me clarify that Intramuros occupies around 0.67 square kilometers of land . There are several museums and historic buildings inside it including some of Manila’s universities.

It will take you an entire day to visit them all should you wish to. Of course, it will depend on your pace too.

Here’s a quick rundown of the places we saw (in order) and the delicious late lunch we had !

Our ride dropped us off at the entrance of Fort Santiago where we paid an entrance fee of 75 Php . This particular area has several places that you can visit which I will enumerate below.

After payment, you will be greeted with an open field including some souvenir shops and snacks center.

Intramuros Walking Tour: Fort Santiago

Table of Contents

Fort Santiago

Plaza de armas, memorial cross, media naranja, baluarte de santa barbara, rajah sulayman theater, manila cathedral, plazuela de sta. isabel, casa manila museum, san agustin church and the san agustin museum, philippine president’s gallery, baluarte de san diego gardens.

Intramuros Walking Tour: Fort Santiago

Fort Santiago is a defense fortress originally built in 1571 . Like most defense structures the entrance of Fort Santiago is imposing.

It reminds me vaguely of Fort San Pedro in Cebu (one of the places we visited during our Cebu DIY Tour ).

The fort has undergone major changes over the years before finally turned over to the Intramuros Administration in the year 1992.

Passing through the entrance of Fort Santiago, you will notice this public square at the centre of the military barracks and storehouses.

Intramuros Walking Tour: Plaza de Armas

Plaza de Armas is a open green area where a lone statue of the Philippines’ National Hero: Jose Rizal is erected at the centr e.

It was a bit gloomy when we visited Intramuros, so despite the open spaces, the air had a cool feeling to it and was not hot.

After a quick appreciation of the area, we moved forward and came upon the Memorial Cross.

Intramuros Walking Tour: Memorial Cross

The Memorial Cross is a structure erected in memory of the 600 Filipinos and Americans who died in a dungeon .

All of the bodies had signs of starvation and suffocation. They were found during the last days of February 1945.

The dungeon where the bodies were found had inner doors of massive iron bars and outer doors of iron plate on wood.

Ironically, just nearby the cross is an underground structure called the dungeons.

Intramuros Walking Tour: Dungeon

There was no mention whatsoever if this was the same dungeon where the 600 Filipinos and Americans were found. As per the signage on the entrance, these Dungeons used to be the storage vaults and powder magazine of the Baluarte de Santa Barbara .

Because of certain conditions wherein the structure was no longer fit to store the items, it was then converted into prison cells and storerooms.

We did not went down to the entrance as it was a bit eerie. Just recently, though the dungeons has been restored and is now open to the public.

You can now visit it from 2 PM to 10 PM everyday with the entrance fee already included in the Fort Santiago entrance fee.

Near the Dungeon is the Baluarte De Santa Barbara and the Media Naranja. Before proceeding to explore the aforementioned places, we noticed a man wearing the old Guardia Civil uniform.

He is in fact a member of the Security Guards of Intramuros. And of course, we could not resist taking a picture with him!

Intramuros Walking Tour: Guardia Civil

The Media Naranja (or half orange) is a semi-circular platform that forms part of the fort’s river defences . From this area, you can see the Pasig River and some of Manila’s skyline.

Taking the stairs, we were given a much better view of the city’s skyline and of the fort’s defences.

Intramuros Walking Tour: Baluarte De Santa Barbara

Baluarte De Santa Barbara was built in 1592 to protect the entrance to the Pasig River . From where we stood at the top, we can see the dungeons from below.

It is said that the area served as vaults at one time, then as a quarter of the artillerymen; the house of the commandant before it was finally turned as a dungeon for prisoners.

Walking at the ramparts of the fort, we found ourselves back at the Plaza de Armas.

We chose not to enter the Rizal Shrine Museum as our schedule was a bit packed. We proceeded however to the Rajah Sulayman Theater.

Along the way, we noticed some footprints on the concrete floor: Rizal’s Last Walk To Martyrdom which traces his walk from his cell to his execution site in Bagumbayan .

Intramuros Walking Tour: Rajah Sulayman Theater

Rajah Sulayman Theater, otherwise called as Dulaang Raha Sulayman, is an eighteenth-century building converted into the venue of seasonal performances by the Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA) . Formerly, the area was a Spanish military barracks.

After Fort Santiago we headed to the next destination of our Intramuros Walking Tour: The Manila Cathedral.

Intramuros Walking Tour: Kalesa

At the time of writing, a tour will cost you around 600 Php. Another transportation option in the Walled City (that is aside from the private cars) is what we locally call as ‘Pedicab/ Padyak’.

It’s a pedal-operated tricycle and way smaller than the regular tricycle. Cost is around 300 Php. Please note however, that prices may vary. Might as well check before hiring one! 😉

Fronting the Cathedral is another public park called Plaza Roma. This park is considered to be the centre of Intramuros and is in close proximity to three (3) important landmarks: Manila Cathedral to the south, the Palacio del Gobernador to the west, and the Casas Consistoriales, also known as the Ayuntamiento de Manila, to the east .

Intramuros Walking Tour: Manila Cathedral

Manila Cathedral is a Roman Catholic Basilica dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary as Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, the Principal Patroness of the Philippines .

Intramuros Walking Tour: Manila Cathedral

After saying a little prayer inside the church, we proceeded to our next destination of the Intramuros Walking Tour: the Casa Manila Museum. Along the way, we came upon another memorial.

Intramuros Walking Tour: Plazuela de Sta. Isabel

The Plazuela de Sta. Isabel is a small park where a memorial was built in dedication to the non-combatant victims of the Battle For Manila in 1945 .

Intramuros Walking Tour

They are the mode of transportation if you wish to join the Bambike Ecotours around Intramuros. Definitely a unique alternative for an Intramuros Walking Tour.

Just beside the Bambikes, is the museum that we were looking for: the Casa Manila Museum.

Intramuros Walking Tour: Casa Manila Museum

The museum showcases the social history of Manila during the Spanish Colonial Era . We did not get a chance to explore the museum however (again the limited time.. 🙁 ) But we were able to appreciate it’s gorgeous structure.

Intramuros Walking Tour: San Agustin Church and Museum

Just across Casa Manila Museum is one of the Philippines’ World Heritage Site by UNESCO and is a National Historical Landmark in the country: the San Agustin Church.

Sadly, we were not able to enter as there was a ceremony inside (it looked like a wedding), thus we contented ourselves admiring its structure from the outside.

Just beside the San Agustin Church is the San Agustin Museum . As of writing, the entrance fee was around 200 Php.

We were pretty hungry at this point (note that the time was about 2 PM in the afternoon and we haven’t had lunch yet. LOL). So we again skipped the museum and headed to the nearest restaurant in the area.

Fortunately, Ristorante delle Mitre was just across the church and we were immediately ushered in.

Intramuros Walking Tour: Ristorante delle Mitre

We each had selected a few delicious food from the menu and settled in. Here’s a few photos of our delicious lunch!

Intramuros Walking Tour: Ristorante delle Mitre Meal

Once we were full and watered, we then proceeded to our 2nd to the last stop for our Intramuros Walking Tour. The catch though was that we weren’t walking at that time. LOL.

We had the car picked us up and took us to San Diego Gardens. Before heading there, we did a brief stop to the Philippine President’s Gallery.

Intramuros Walking Tour: Philippine President’s Gallery

The Philippine President’s Gallery is small park where sculptures of the faces of former Presidents of the Republic are on display.

To be honest, there’s not much to see here. Just something that might interest people who love history (although we did not find any inscriptions).

After the gallery, we were taken to Baluarte De San Diego Gardens. This particular area holds two (2) places that we were visiting: the garden and the fort.

Intramuros Walking Tour: Baluarte De San Diego Gardens

Baluarte de San Diego Gardens serves as the entrance to the fort . You’ll have to pay an admission fee to get inside. Ours was 75 Php each.

We saw old canons displayed within the area plus a vintage-looking fountain greeting you from the entrance.

The garden is quite popular for couples as it can be reserved as a wedding venue as well.

Intramuros Walking Tour: Baluarte De San Diego Entrance

Like Fort Santiago, Baluarte De San Diego has also seen several re-constructions and restorations.

After roaming around the gardens, we finally left Intramuros feeling happy and accomplished!

Despite the limited time, I must say we covered some interesting places and fascinating history . It’s always great to look back and know some significant part of Philippine history.

Here’s a really quick video of the sights we saw. If you liked it, don’t forget to hit that ‘Subscribed’ Button on our YouTube Channel!

Have you been to Intramuros? What did you liked most? Tell us in the comments below! Like This Post? Pin It!

The Intramuros Walking Tour - A Quick Exploration of Manila’s Historic Walled City #travelph #intramurosmanila #manilaphilippines #walledcity #itsmorefuninthephilippines #travel #travelblog #travelblogger #osmiva

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Great post! What a beautiful spot – a must do in Manila!

Thank you, Chantelle! 🙂

Oh I am such a sucker for beautiful architecture! <3 The Cathedral is so pretty! I am adding this tour to my bucket list :))

Good to hear that! 🙂

Such clarity of writing, such a beautiful post. I loved every detail you have provided. The heritage and history of the place is evident in the post. Much love.

Aww.. Thank you, Madhurima! You made my day! 😀 Hope you get to visit Intramuros! 🙂

Interesting read! 🙂

Thank you, Zoe! 🙂

The Philippines would be a dream come true to visit. I really enjoy hikes so a walking tour sounds like the perfect way to explore but also learn so much, what a great idea!

It is.. 🙂 Hope you do get to visit, Lauren.. 🙂

Awesome article! It’s great to see historic sites like this!

Thank you, Lucile! 🙂

What a great day out! I’ve never seen this side of Manila actually, I’m hoping to visit the Philippines soon so will definitely look at stopping over here on my way to the beaches!

You should visit.. Nothing beats a good dose of history before enjoying the beach! 🙂

The Philippines are on my list someday! Sounds like a fantastic visit.

You should really visit. There’s so much to see! 🙂

This is so interesting! I didn’t know such a thing existed! Would love to see it for myself one day!

I love walled cities! I have visited a few in Europe. The architecture in Intramuros looks really impressive and the museum sounds interesting. Adding it to my Philippines list.

I love historic walled cities but never would have expected to find one in Manila! What a great round up of the many things to do there, this will be a must-do when I visit the Philippines.

Ooh very interesting! I love cool architecture like this. Good to know it’s near Manila!

This looks like a great site to explore! I saved it in case I make it to Manila soon! Thanks!!

I never knew Manila had this much interesting things to see! I’ve only visited quickly for business before so sounds like I should actually try to visit again with more time!

How lovely that you first got to visit through your dancing club! I love the idea of doing a walking tour within Manila’s Intramuros old town area, I think having a local guide friend or booking a private tour guide is a big help to make sure you see the highlights in the time you have available. For me, it’s the small cobbled streets of old buildings that appeal the most, and the Baluarte de San Diego Gardens. And being able to try local specialities food-wise too!

This looks incredible. And you’ve led me to not start reading about the Spanish Colonial rule of The Philippines which admittedly I knew nothing about. I’m a fond traveller of Latin America and reading all the Spanish named locations within your post didn’t spark a little ignorance from me so just having a quick read up on the history of The Philippines. Thanks for sharing.

I love a good walking tour. I find it the perfect way to get acquainted with a city…especially cities that are basically outdoor museums. This tour looked so complete and interesting!

A walking tour with a personal guide is always a great idea, even if you weren’t able to see all the spots! I think it’s always awesome to explore with the locals because they know a lot about a destination!

I only ever spent 15-hours in Manila – I’ll have to go back and check these places out!

Intramuros is such a unique place. The Baluarte De San Diego in particular would be really cool to see. Great post.

Thank you, Yvette! 🙂

The Philippines is on my bucket list for sure. I can’t wait to stroll around the historic walled city in Manila and also to try Bambikes! I love any alternative ways to explore a new destination and it looks like so much fun!

This sounds like a good tour. At least my kind of tour with all that fort, the dungeons and the stories behind. I hope they take it slow for I would be stopping every now and then to examine things closer

I’m sure you would, Ami! I’d agree on you about taking the tour slow. It’s more immersive that way.. 🙂 You can actually do it yourself as there are maps that you can ask for and have it on your pace. 🙂

I love taking such short tours around the places we stay in because the closest ones to us are the ones we tend to skip for later – eventually never making it to that place. I would love to explore a place like this. The Baluarte De San Diego is definitely unique and also the display of former presidents!

This is a really lovely post! I love looking at the old churches there, especially Manila Cathedral as it’s so Gothic looking. I can definitely see the Spanish influence here. Looks like you had a great time!

Been looking for a reason to stop over in Manila, guess you just gave me one!

You are bringing me back to one of my favourite trips. We also did a tour of the Intramuros when we were in Manila. It was not what we expected to experience while there and was a great way to appreciate the Philippines before we headed off to the islands.

I loved Intramuros. It is such a lovely contrast to the rest of Manila. Like a whole tiny city within a city.

Love Intramuros. Wish I was there right now.

Nostalgia, That’s what I felt while I was reading this. It was 9 years ago when I finally did this tour…to show Bill, my American husband, our heritage. Thanks.

I have a special affection for walled cities and I love to explore them on all my travels. Quebec City is my favourite but I’m definitely adding this to my list

Intramuros looks really fascinating. A walk that takes you into the historic past of Manila must indeed be a great experience. This is definitely a different perspective of the Philippines, different from the beautiful beaches and islands.

Aren’t walking tours fabulous? I love them! I always learn some new things about the city, and usually from a local guide with a unique perspective. You hit up so many places on your tour. It looks perfect!

I love walking tours. You guys sure did see a lot of places in one day! The President’s Gallery was kinda of neat…I like how the portraits were displays how it looked like stone replicas of wall portraits…neat!

This is the first time I am hearing about Intramuros and this walking tour seems exceptional, Marvi. Thanks for the inspiring pictures and post and for motivating me to add this place to my bucket list!

Great to hear that Agness! 🙂 You’re welcome!

Great photos! I would love to visit the Philippines so I need to have a look at flights. Interesting post!

Thank you, David! 🙂

Intramuros is among the places that we want to visit in Manila. We plan to do a city tour sometime—-Intramuros, National Museum, Rizal Park, Edsa shrine, etc.

The only thing that is stopping us from doing so is the horrendous Manila traffic.

I couldn’t blame you.. 🙂 Traffic can be really bad.. Good thing we had such an efficient guide with us, we mostly avoided traffic!

Hi, did you do the intramuros walking tour on your own or did you hire a tour guide?

Hi Gretchen! Thank you for dropping by! Our friend served as our guide as she is based in Manila.. 🙂 You may check them out on their FB page as they are establishing their tour agency too. 🙂 .

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  • Dey Street between Broadway and Church Street
  • Vesey Street between West Street and West Broadway
  • Murray Street between Broadway and West Broadway
  • Warren Street between West Street and Broadway
  • Duane Street between Broadway and West Broadway
  • Thomas Street between Broadway and West Broadway
  • Leonard Street between Broadway and West Broadway
  • Franklin Street between Broadway and West Broadway
  • White Street between Broadway and West Broadway
  • Walker Street between Broadway and 6th Avenue
  • Lispenard Street between Broadway and 6th Avenue
  • Broad Street between Pearl Street and South Street
  • Broadway between Morris Street and Battery Place
  • South Street between Broad Street and Whitehall Street
  • Water Street between Whitehall Street and Broad Street
  • 138th Street between Madison Avenue Bridge and 3rd Avenue
  • 3rd Avenue between 138th Street and 3rd Avenue Bridge
  • Rider Avenue between 138th Street and 137th Street
  • 137th Street between Rider Avenue and 3rd Avenue
  • 3rd Avenue Bridge (Manhattan-bound)
  • 21st Street between Queens Plaza South and Hoyt Avenue North
  • Queens Plaza South between 21st Street and Vernon Boulevard / Alternate Route
  • Hoyt Avenue North between 21st Street and 19th Street
  • 19th Street between Hoyt Avenue North and Ditmars Boulevard
  • Ditmars Boulevard between 19th Street and Shore Boulevard
  • Shore Boulevard between Ditmars Boulevard and Astoria Park South
  • Astoria Park South between Shore Boulevard and 14th Street
  • 14th Street between Astoria Park South and 31st Avenue
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Lincoln Tunnel Challenge 5k + Long Island Marathon results

Another heads up for drivers: The Lincoln Tunnel Challenge 5k is also taking place Sunday. Expect heavy traffic around the Weehawken toll booths, which mark both the start and finish.  

The Long Island Marathon is also being held in Nassau County. Several roads are closed for the race, but they are expected to reopen by 1:30 p.m. See the Long Island marathon results page.

  • Links & Numbers
  • New York City

Mark Prussin is a Digital Producer at CBS New York. He covers breaking news, sports, politics and trending stories in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut for Mark joined the CBS New York team in 2019.

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Thomas Longbella wins KIA Open after final round canceled due to weather

Thomas Longbella won the KIA Open at 16-under after weather caused play to be canceled on Sunday. (Gregory Villalobos/PGA TOUR)

Thomas Longbella won the KIA Open at 16-under after weather caused play to be canceled on Sunday. (Gregory Villalobos/PGA TOUR)

Change Text Size

QUITO, Ecuador – Due to unplayable course conditions, the KIA Open has been shortened to 54 holes and third-round leader Thomas Longbella is the tournament winner, the PGA TOUR Americas Rules Committee announced Sunday.

Although heavy overnight rains continued into the morning, Sunday’s final round began as scheduled at 6:27 a.m. CT with the first four groups starting as scheduled. With the fifth group of the morning on the first tee, play was suspended at 7:15 a.m. CT.

“We are extremely grateful towards Quito Tenis y Golf Club’s maintenance staff in providing an exceptional golf course to host this year’s KIA Open," said John Slater, PGA TOUR Americas Chief Referee. "They did an incredible job getting the course prepared for the final round after heavy rain overnight. Although the course was playable this morning and allowed us to begin as scheduled, the rains worsened and ultimately led us to suspend play at 7:15 a.m. We were unable to send players back out due to unplayable course conditions."

In accordance with PGA TOUR Americas Regulations, the tournament results are final through the conclusion of 54 holes. The tournament is considered official and Fortinet Cup points will be awarded.

Longbella eagled the 17th hole Saturday to move to 16-under and take a one-stroke lead over Gunn Yang, which proved to be the final margin of victory. With the win, the 26-year-old moves to No. 4 in the Fortinet Cup going into the Inter Rapidisimo Golf Championship (May 16-19), the sixth and final event of the Latin America Swing.

Longbella claimed his first PGA TOUR-sanctioned victory at the KIA Open and carded a 7-under 65 in what turned out to be Saturday’s final round. His lowest score of the season was enough to take the lead by one over second-round leader Gunn Yang. Over 54 holes, Longbella consistently worked his way up the leaderboard. A bogey-free 6-under 66 in the first round started the 26-year-old tied for fourth and two strokes back from the lead. He followed that performance with a second-round 3-under 69 and moved into a tie for second. With an eagle on the 17th hole on Saturday, Longbella unknowingly secured his victory.

"Obviously at the time I just thought it [No. 17] was a great hole and got me into a good position," said Longbella. "I didn't really think it was going to be the moment that I actually got the lead and it ended up making me the champion... I'm super excited for the rest of the season, going up to Canada. I played the last couple years up in Canada, so I feel like I have some good experience there. Yeah, yeah, in a great spot for the rest of the year."

In his third season as a professional, Longbella’s career now consists of 12 top 25s, including four top 10s which is highlighted by his win at the 2024 KIA Open. Previously, Longbella’s best finish was third place at the Osprey Valley Open on PGA TOUR Canada in 2022. His 33rd place finish on the 2023 PGA TOUR Canada Fortinet Cup points list earned him membership into the inaugural season of PGA TOUR Americas. Two top 25s this season paired with this week’s win put Longbella at 4th in the Fortinet Cup standings.

The University of Minnesota alum competed for five seasons on the men’s golf team after the spring of his senior season was cancelled due to COVID-19. Longbella finished his last spring season as second on the team with a 74.87 scoring average and accrued four different recognitions in his collegiate career: Big Ten Golfer of the Week/Month (2016), Academic All-Big Ten (2018, 2019, 2021), Cleveland Golf All-America Scholar (2019) and the Golf Coaches Association of America All-American Scholar (2020, 2021).

Longbella is expected to be in the field at the Inter Rapidisimo Golf Championship, the final event of the Latin America Swing, which will be hosted at Club El Rincón de Cajicá from May 16-19 in Bogotá, Colombia.

About Thomas Longbella (1/-16)

Birthplace: Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin

Residence: Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin

College: University of Minnesota

Fortinet Cup: 4th

  • With the win, becomes an exempt member on PGA TOUR Americas for the remainder of the 2024 season and through the Latin America Swing of 2025; earned 500 points and is No. 4 in the Fortinet Cup
  • Earned membership into the inaugural season of PGA TOUR Americas via a 33rd place finish on the 2023 PGA TOUR Canada Fortinet Cup points list
  • Graduated from the University of Minnesota in 2021 with a degree in Business and Marketing Education
  • Monday Qualified for the Corales Puntacana Championship on the PGA TOUR in back-to-back years (2023/MC, 2024/MC)
  • Has made two Korn Ferry Tour starts in 2024 at the 117 Visa Argentina Open presented by Macro (MC) and the Astara Chile Classic presented by Scotiabank (MC)
  • Won the 119th Wisconsin State Amateur Championship by a 10-stroke margin, one shot off the tournament record
  • In his junior career, he won the WSGA Junior Boys Championship, the 2014 Wisconsin PGA Junior Championship and placed first in three straight age-level state junior championships from 2012 to 2014
  • Enjoys fishing

Competition Notes

Course Setup: Par 72 / 7,412 yards; Cumulative average: 71.110

  • The KIA Open was shortened to 54 holes due to unplayable course conditions on Sunday
  • Longbella claimed his first career PGA TOUR-sanctioned victory
  • Shad Tuten shot the lowest final round, carding an 8-under 64 (T6/-12)
  • Four Argentinians finished inside the top 10 and ties: Mateo Fernández de Oliveira (T8/-11), Jaime Lopez Rivarola (T10/-10), Martin Contini (T10/-10) and Mauro Baez (T10/-10)
  • Joey Savoie finished T19 at 8-under par and led six Canadians who made the cut
  • Diego Vanegas of Colombia (T32/-6) recorded a 2 at the par 5 No. 3 in Friday’s second round; it was the third albatross of the PGA TOUR Americas season
  • Ecuador native Felipe Garcés became the first amateur to make a cut this season (T27/-7)
  • Four Monday qualifiers made the cut: Mauro Baez (T10/-10), Martin Contini (T10/-10), Diego Vanegas (T32/-6) and Austen Christiansen (T73/+3)
  • Quito Tenis y Golf Club played .890 strokes under par through the tournament; the hardest hole on the golf course was No. 6 – the 220-yard par 3 which averaged a +0.230

Melanie Martinez - The Trilogy Tour Setlist 2024

All of the songs played during Melanie Martinez's 2024 Trilogy tour!

16 Songs, 1 hour, 5 minutes

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2024 Myrtle Beach Classic odds, field: Surprising PGA picks, predictions from model that's nailed 11 majors

Sportsline's proven model simulated the myrtle beach classic 2024 10,000 times and revealed its pga golf picks.

intramuros tour open

A new event on the PGA Tour will begin on Thursday when the 2024 Myrtle Beach Classic makes its debut at The Dunes Golf and Beach Club in South Carolina. It is the third Additional Event of the season, sitting opposite to the Wells Fargo Championship, which is the main event of the week. This course previously hosted the PGA Tour Champions season-ending Charles Schwab Cup Championship from 1994 to 1999, and it also hosted the PGA Tour Q-School Finals in 1973. Erik van Rooyen is the 25-1 favorite in the 2024 Myrtle Beach Classic odds, followed by Ben Griffin (28-1) and Doug Ghim (30-1). 

There are 12 golfers in the 2024 Myrtle Beach Classic field who have a two-year exemption due to being a PGA Tour tournament winner. Are they the primary golfers you should be targeting with your 2024 Myrtle Beach Classic bets? Before making any 2024 Myrtle Beach Classic picks, be sure to see the golf predictions and projected leaderboard from the proven computer model at SportsLine .

SportsLine's proprietary model, built by DFS pro Mike McClure, has been red-hot since the PGA Tour resumed in June of 2020. In fact, the model is up more than $9,000 on its best bets since the restart, nailing tournament after tournament.

McClure's model correctly predicted Scottie Scheffler would finish on top of the leaderboard at the 2024 Masters, the Arnold Palmer Invitational, the Players Championship, and the RBC Heritage this season. McClure also included Hideki Matsuyama in his best bets to win the 2024 Genesis Invitational. That bet hit at +9000, and for the entire tournament, McClure's best bets returned nearly $1,000.

The model also predicted Jon Rahm would be victorious at the 2023 Sentry Tournament of Champions and The American Express. At the 2023 Masters, the model was all over Rahm's second career major victory heading into the weekend. Rahm was two strokes off the lead heading into the third round, but the model still projected him as the winner. It was the second straight Masters win for the model, which also nailed Scheffler winning in 2022.

In addition, McClure's best bets included Nick Taylor (70-1) winning the 2023 RBC Canadian Open, Jason Day (17-1) winning outright at the 2023 AT&T Byron Nelson, and Rickie Fowler (14-1) finishing on top of the leaderboard at the 2023 Rocket Mortgage Classic.

This same model has also nailed a whopping 11 majors entering the weekend and hit the Masters three straight years. Anyone who has followed it has seen massive returns.

Now that the Myrtle Beach Classic 2024 field is finalized, SportsLine simulated the tournament 10,000 times, and the results were surprising. Head to SportsLine now to see the projected leaderboard .

Top 2024 Myrtle Beach Classic predictions 

One major surprise the model is calling for at the Myrtle Beach Classic 2024: Ben Griffin, who is listed second in the odds this week, stumbles and doesn't even crack the top five. Griffin finished T13 in the CJ Cup Byron Nelson last week after missing the cut in the Zurich Classic of New Orleans. He has finished inside the top 40 in five of his last six tournaments, but he has not posted a top-10 finish during that stretch. 

In fact, his only top-10 of the season came in The American Express in January when he finished T9 at 24-under. He ranks outside the top 160 on the PGA Tour in total driving and outside the top 120 in GIR percentage. The model does not think he has the tools to put four strong rounds together this week, making him a golfer to avoid with Myrtle Beach Classic bets. 

Another surprise: Victor Perez, a 35-1 longshot, makes a strong run at the title. He has a much better chance to win it all than his odds imply, so he's a target for anyone looking for a huge payday. Perez has already been in contention once this season, finishing T3 in the Puerto Rico Open in March when he shot 18-under.

He has made the cut in six of his last seven individual events on the PGA Tour, carding top-20 finishes in the Cognizant Classic and the Texas Children's Houston Open. Perez ranks 16th in strokes gained approaching the green and seventh in GIR percentage. This is one of the weakest fields he will face this year, so he has an excellent chance to pick up his first career PGA Tour victory.  See who else to pick here . 

How to make 2024 Myrtle Beach Classic picks

The model is also targeting three other golfers with odds of 35-1 or longer to make a strong run at the title. Anyone who backs these longshots could hit it big. You can only see the model's picks here .

Who will win the 2024 Myrtle Beach Classic, and which longshots will stun the golfing world? Check out the Myrtle Beach Classic 2024 odds below and then visit SportsLine to see the projected Myrtle Beach Classic leaderboard , all from the model that's nailed 11 golf majors, including the last three Masters.

2024 Myrtle Beach Classic odds, field

Get full 2024 Myrtle Beach Classic picks, best bets, and predictions here .

Erik van Rooyen +2500 Ben Griffin +2800 Doug Ghim +3000 Daniel Berger +3000 Davis Thompson +3000 Beau Hossler +3000 Victor Perez +3500 Ryan Fox +3500 Matt Wallace +3500 Kevin Yu +3500 Thorbjorn Olesen +4000 S.H. Kim +4000 Ryo Hisatsune +4000 Andrew Novak +4000 Chris Gotterup +4500 Chan Kim +4500 Taiga Semikawa +4500 K.H. Lee +4500 Justin Lower +4500 Joseph Bramlett +5000 Greyson Sigg +5000 Sam Stevens +5000 Alex Smalley +5000 Matti Schmid +5000 Jimmy Stanger +5500 Garrick Higgo +5500 Chesson Hadley +5500 Thriston Lawrence +5500 Sami Valimaki +5500 Alejando Tosti +5500 Robert MacIntyre +5500 Max Greyserman +5500 Jacob Bridgeman +6000 Ben Martin +6000 Sam Ryder +6000 Patton Kizzire +6000 Nick Hardy +6000 Michael Kim +6000 J.J. Spaun +6500 Davis Riley +6500 Chandler Phillips +6500 Chad Ramey +6500 C.T. Pan +6500 Martin Laird +6500 Kevin Dougherty +6500 Dylan Wu +7000 Carl Yuan +7000 Parker Coody +7000 Alexander Bjork +7500 Kelly Kraft +7500 Jorge Campillo +8000

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intramuros tour open

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  1. Walking Tour of Intramuros, Philippines

    intramuros tour open

  2. Free Guided Tour

    intramuros tour open

  3. Walking Tour of Intramuros, Philippines

    intramuros tour open

  4. Free Guided Tour

    intramuros tour open

  5. Historical Manila City & Intramuros Tour

    intramuros tour open

  6. Intramuros, Manila, Philippines (NOW OPEN!)

    intramuros tour open


  1. Intramuros Sites

    Museo de Intramuros. Hours open: Mon: Closed; Tue to Fri: By appointment only;** Sat to Sun: 9:00AM to 5:00PM. ... **Exclusive for tour groups with a minimum of 10 participants. Reserve at least two (2) days before your visit via this link. For inquiries: 09157174115, 09368403225, ...

  2. Tours by DOT-Accredited Tour Guides

    Itinerary: Fort Santiago, Old City Walls, Plaza Roma, Manila Cathedral, San Agustin, Barrio San Luis. Tour duration: 2 to 2.5 hours. Rates: PHP 1,750/head; PHP 1,950.00 on Weekends and Holidays; PHP 1,800.00/head night tour (after 5:00PM). Rates subject to change at any time. Go here for more information.

  3. Intramuros Travel Guide: How to Go To, Places to Visit, Things to Do

    Day 3: Intramuros and Manila Tour. 08:00 AM - Rizal Park. 10:00 AM - National Museum tour. 01:00 PM - Lunch, walking tour, and souvenir shopping at Binondo. 04:00 PM - Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene (Quiapo Church) 06:00 PM - Dinner and bar-hopping at Malate. Explore the Walled City of Intramuros

  4. Welcome to Fort Santiago!

    The stone fort was built between 1589 and 1592 and was repaired and extended after being damaged by the 1645 earthquake. Spanish, British, American and Japanese occupation forces used the fort as their headquarters and a prison for men, women, children and soldiers. After its destruction during the Battle of Manila in 1945, the fort was used by ...

  5. Intramuros Sites And Museums: Entrance Fee And Opening And Closing

    Intramuros is the historic center and oldest district of Manila, the capital city of the Philippines. 12 Intramuros Sites You Need To Visit. ... Intramuros Tour Sites Entrance Fee. Fort Santiago - Cor. Santa Clara/G.luna Open Daily from 8 AM to 9 PM Entrance Fee - P75 for Adult / P50 for Senior/Student/Child Telephone: 527-2961;

  6. Intramuros Walking Tour in Manila

    Intramuros, the historic heart of Manila, is a treasure trove of cultural heritage, and the Intramuros Walking Tour offers an immersive experience that brings its storied past to life. Led by knowledgeable guides, this tour offers a fascinating glimpse into the Philippines' colonial history and architectural splendor.

  7. Intramuros: Travel Guide to the Historical Walled City of Manila

    Intramuros Tour. It will take a full day to tour around the walled city. There are many sites and landmarks to see in the area offering a great opportunity to discover Philippines' history and see imprints of our glorious past in old structures. ... Intramuros Opening Hours. Intramuros is open from 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM. Although some sites ...

  8. Manila: Intramuros Walking Tour.

    The Intramuros tour is a historical walking tour around the famous fort built by the Spanish. The tour will focus on the greatest and darkest moments during the long history of Intramuros, with details of what transpired within the walls of Intramuros during the Battle of Manila and beyond. You can enjoy learning something about this historical ...

  9. Manila Intramuros Half-Day Shared Walking Tour with Guide

    None. Discover the Walled City of Intramuros in Manila on this half-day shared walking tour. If you love history, this tour will take you to one of the most significant locations in the Philippine capital. This tour is inclusive of a DOT-accredited tour guide, entrance fees, and a disposable raincoat (if it rains).

  10. Intramuros After Dark: A Night Walking Tour of Old Manila

    There are open joiner tours on weekends (Saturday and Sunday). You can also request for a private tour on your date of choice, with a minimum of 10 participants. Rate: As of 2023, the current rate for this tour is P1300 per person. Schedule: Intramuros After Dark starts from 5PM to 9PM. Call time is typically at 4:45PM at The Plaza Roma Fountain.

  11. Manila: Filipino Historic Walking Tour in Intramuros

    Take a walking tour of Intramuros with a professional guide. Visit all of the area's major historical sites and hear their hidden stories. Take a look at old artifacts at the history museum. Pick up insights into Philippines' colonial history. Full description. Meet your guide and dive into the history of the Philippines, beginning with the ...

  12. Intramuros at Night (Walking Tour) 2023

    Intramuros at Night (Walking Tour) 2023. Intramuros boasts great aesthetics with its historical architectures confined within its walls, amidst the bustling metro. The daylight promises a retrospect of the long gone decades but with significant stories of the past etched in the buildings, walls and stone paths which have withstood various ...

  13. Walking Tour of Intramuros, Philippines

    bugking88/Getty Images. Begin at the Intramuros Visitors' Center at the restored Baluartillo de San Francisco Javier in Fort Santiago (Google Maps).This is an ideal jumping-off point for many walking tours through Intramuros, or independent visits to Intramuros' top sights.. At the Center, you can pick up brochures on the places you plan to see or find out about scheduled cultural events in ...

  14. Intramuros Walk Tour

    Embark on the half-day Intramuros Walk Tour to delve deep into the rich history and vibrant culture of this iconic walled city. The tour provides fascinating history insights and offers a unique opportunity for cultural exploration.Visitors will be guided through multiple sites within Intramuros, seeing the stories and heritage of this historical gem.

  15. Intramuros Guide 2023: A Tour in the Beautiful Walled City of Manila

    The Walled City of Intramuros in Manila City is located south of the Pasig River and east of Manila Bay. It was constructed by Spanish colonizers in the mid 1500s after their arrival to serve to establish their military and political bases in Asia. Intramuros was constructed as a city with a privileged status with churches, schools and ...

  16. 4 Manila walking tours worth your while

    Old Manila Walks is one of the biggest walking tour companies that operate in the city. It offers five different tours: Intramuros (P1,500+), Binondo (P1,750+), San Miguel and Malacañang Palace (P1,750), Chinese Cemetery (P1,300), and a halo-halo tour combo you can customize (P2,850). Binondo Church. Photo courtesy of Old Manila Walks.


    The Fort Santiago Tour Guides are organizing a FREE guided tour of Fort Santiago on October 31, 2022 from 5:00 to 8:00 PM.Go to the Intramuros Visitors Center inside Fort Santiago. Reservations not needed. This promo comes free with your Fort Santiago ticket: PHP75.00 (regular), PHP50.00 (discounted). Discounted rate is for children (<18 ...

  18. Time to Explore the Old Manila

    The Budget Tour (30 minutes) costs Php 300 and the Grand Intramuros Tour (1 hour) costs Php 900. BOOK via KLOOK White Knight Electric Chariot Intramuros Day Tour: 2. Hop on a bamboo bike - Bambike. A guided tour costs Php 999. You can also rent a bike on-site for Php 200 per hour. ... They are open from Tuesday to Sunday only. Operating Hours ...

  19. Walls of This Content Intramuros Tour: An Interactive Walk in Manila

    Join this walking tour via Klook, and you'll be taken to some of Intramuros' most popular features. Stop by Manila Cathedral, San Ignacio Ruins, Plaza de Roma, and San Agustin Church, the oldest stone church in the country and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You'll also be accompanied by an expert guide, from whom you'll hear stories of ...

  20. Manila Free Tour: Exploring Intramuros

    Stroll through this picturesque setting and soak up the ambiance of a bygone era. Our tour continues to Casa Manila, a beautifully restored colonial house that offers a glimpse into the opulent lifestyle of the past. The final stop of the Intramuros tour is the St. Agustin Church, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the oldest church in the country.

  21. Welcome to the Intramuros Visitors Center (IVC)!

    Front desk. Tour guides. Intramuros Heritage Exhibit (featuring models of historic buildings in Intramuros) Lounge and reading corner (featuring books about Philippine culture and history) Charger for rent. Free use of indoor games. The Information Center and Visitors Lounge is open everyday, from 8AM to 5PM. Email: [email protected].

  22. The Intramuros Walking Tour

    LOL) and performed a 3-minute dance showdown at one of the open fields in the Walled City. Fast forward a decade or more later, I returned to Intramuros with some of my good friends in college for a day trip, or rather, for a quick walking tour. The Intramuros walking tour only lasted for a few hours. We had our own personal guide (one of our ...

  23. With this win: Adrian Otaegui at the 2024 Volvo China Open

    Key facts: Adrian Otaegui's victory at the Magical Kenya Open. This is his fifth DP World Tour victory in his 203rd appearance; This is his first victory since his 2022 Estrella Damm N.A. Andalucia Masters win; He moves up to 13th on the Race to Dubai in Partnership with Rolex with 779.16 points, up from 59th;

  24. Leaderboard

    02 - 05 May 2024. Volvo China Open. Hidden Grace GC, Shenzhen, China Feed Results Leaderboard Odds

  25. 2024 CJ Cup Byron Nelson prize money payouts for each PGA Tour player

    It pays to play well on the PGA Tour. Just ask this week's winner, Taylor Pendrith. The 32-year-old won the 2024 CJ Cup Byron Nelson at TPC Craig Ranch in McKinney, Texas, on Sunday after a late birdie on the 72nd hole to secure his first-ever win on the PGA Tour in his 74th start.

  26. Directory of Intramuros Tour Guides

    By continuing to use this directory you understand the following: That the rates may vary depending on the tour guide, duration of tour, time of the day, or season. That the tour guides listed in this directory are free-lance, private tour providers. They have no employer-employee relationship with the Intramuros Administration or the ...

  27. Five Boro Bike Tour is Sunday in NYC. See the map and list of street

    The Five Boro Bike Tour map shows the route of the 40-mile event, which starts at 7:30 a.m. Sunday, May 5 in Manhattan. Bike New york Here are the bridge and tunnel closures announced by the MTA:

  28. Thomas Longbella wins KIA Open after final round canceled due to

    Longbella claimed his first PGA TOUR-sanctioned victory at the KIA Open and carded a 7-under 65 in what turned out to be Saturday's final round. His lowest score of the season was enough to take ...

  29. Melanie Martinez

    Open in Music. Melanie Martinez - The Trilogy Tour Setlist 2024 . ... All of the songs played during Melanie Martinez's 2024 Trilogy tour! 16 Songs, 1 hour, 5 minutes. More By Topsify Global . HOUSE MUSIC 2024 | TOP 100 DANCE HITS. TikTok Songs 2024 | Viral Internet Hits | Trending Songs 2024. HITS 2024 - Today's Hits. Yacht Rock • 70s & 80s ...

  30. 2024 Myrtle Beach Classic odds, field: Surprising PGA picks

    A new event on the PGA Tour will begin on Thursday when the 2024 Myrtle Beach Classic makes its debut at The Dunes Golf and Beach Club in South Carolina. ... winning the 2023 RBC Canadian Open ...