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Best Kayak Racks For Your RV Or Camper

Getting out on the open road and exploring the country in an RV can be an exciting way to spend a vacation. What’s not to love?

But it can be even more fun if you can bring along your kayak!

I’ve written up the ultimate guide to RV kayak racks (BTW – the RecPro vertical is the best I think!) , ensuring your water companion is always with you. Safety, convenience, and adventure rolled into one – let’s paddle ahead!

Quick Picks

  • RecPro RV Vertical Kayak Rack (Best Vertical)
  • Thule Hullavator Pro (Best For Camper Roofs)
  • Yakima JayLow Kayak Carrier (Best J-Cradle)
  • Yakups KR2B56S Vertical Kayak Racks (Best For Capacity)
  • TMS Universal Pickup Truck Rack (Best Budget Rack)

Table of Contents

7 Best Kayak Racks For Camper Vans And RVs

1: recpro rv vertical kayak rack (best vertical).

travel trailer kayak carrier

  • Dimensions: 66.5 inches (height), 41 inches (depth), 38.5 inches (width at top)
  • Weight: 46 pounds

The RecPro RV Kayak Rack is a vertical kayak rack designed specifically for campers and RVs. It’s also made in the USA.

It’s designed to fit on a standard 2-inch hitch and has a maximum carrying capacity of 150 pounds. This means you can carry up to two kayaks at the same time. You can also carry two paddle boards or one paddle board and one recreational kayak.

The bottom section of the rack is 20-inches wide, so if the bow or stern or your kayak is very wide, you may struggle to get it to fit. Additionally, this rack can only carry kayaks up to 12-feet in length. So it’s not suitable for sea kayaks or touring kayaks.

The rack is made from strong steel and comes with ratchet straps and pool noodles for wrapping around the frame.

Another handy feature is that it folds flat when not in use.

  • Can carry kayaks vertically
  • Made in USA
  • Holds up to two kayaks or paddle boards
  • Not suitable for long kayaks
  • Not great for wide vessels

2: Thule Hullavator Pro (best for camper roofs)

  • Dimensions: 36 by 16 by 6 inches
  • Weight: 39.75 pounds

The Thule Hullavator Pro is a roof-mounted kayak rack that can be ideal for carrying kayaks on camper vans.

It’s designed to be mounted onto crossbars, so you’ll need to purchase crossbars separately if you don’t already have them installed on your roof.

This is a lift-assist carrier that can help you load your kayak on the roof of your camper van. And it also features cradles to support hulls up to 36-inches wide during transport.

A good thing about this kayak rack is that it extends 40-inches down the side of your vehicle. So if you have a small ladder on your camper, you can climb just part of the way up for easier loading. The rack also helps to take the weight of the kayak, up to 40-pounds.

This can be ideal for all types of kayaks, including touring kayaks and long sea kayaks. However, it’s not built for kayaks heavier than 77-pounds.

  • Load-assist rack
  • No length limit on kayaks
  • Lowers down the side of your vehicle
  • You’ll probably still need a ladder
  • 77-pound weight limit

3: Yakima JayLow Kayak Carrier (best J-Cradle)

  • Dimensions: 20 by 6.7 by 6 inches
  • Weight: 11 pounds

The Yakima JayLow is designed for mounting onto crossbars on the roof of camper vans and other vehicles, such as SUVs towing an RV. Because this rack is attached to the roof, it can be more suitable for smaller motorhomes where clearance isn’t as much of an issue.

A great feature of this kayak rack is that it folds down flat against your roof when not in use. So when you’re not hauling kayaks you can leave it attached to your roof rack.

This is a quality kayak rack that is designed for carrying a wide range of kayaks, including whitewater kayaks, touring kayaks, and some fishing kayaks. However, it won’t work with SUPs or canoes.

This rack can carry one kayak in the J-cradle position or it can be used to carry two kayaks when adjusting the cradle arms to an upright position. Straps are included.

  • Folds for storage/clearance
  • Carries up to two kayaks
  • Roof mounted
  • Not the best for larger motorhomes
  • Not suitable for SUPs or canoes

4: Yakups KR2B56S Vertical Kayak Racks (best for capacity)

  • Dimensions: 56 by 32 inches
  • Weight: 90 pounds

The Yakups KR2B56S is one of several patented vertical kayak racks designed by this brand. This kayak rack has been designed and made in the USA to fit various motorhomes and campers.

One of the best features of this custom rack is that it can hold up to four kayaks. It can also carry up to eight surfboards.

There is also an optional bike rack attachment (custom feature – not included as standard on this model), allowing you to carry two bicycles and two kayaks. The rack is custom-made to fit your specific camper. But if your kayak is longer than 12-feet and wider than 32-inches, your kayak won’t fit.

The one-piece rack features a double powder-coated steel frame and stainless steel hardware and guards for durability.

A handy feature is that the bar at the top pivots for easy loading and locks in place for safety.

  • Custom-made to your specifications
  • Holds 4 kayaks
  • Vertical kayak rack
  • Not for long watercraft

5: TMS Universal Pickup Truck Rack (best budget rack)

travel trailer kayak carrier

  • Dimensions: 24 inches (height), 5 to 7 feet (adjustable width)
  • Weight: 57.9 pounds

This TMS Universal Rack is a durable, heavy-duty rack with a more affordable price tag, designed for pickup trucks. So it can be a great option if you tow your camper behind your truck.

One of the main features of this cargo rack is that it has a huge 800-pound capacity. So you should be able to carry kayaks as well as other cargo.

This rack is a set of crossbars that are mounted to the bed of your truck, providing additional space above the truck bed. This means you can still use the bed to store gear.

This doesn’t come with ratcheting straps so remember you will need to purchase straps separately. There’s also no padding on the bars.

  • High capacity
  • Fits pickup trucks
  • Straps not included

6: VertiYak Vertical Hitch Mount Kayak Rack

  • Dimensions: 11.5 by 17 inches (lower loop)

The VertiYak is a hitch mounting kayak rack that can carry kayaks vertically at the back of your camper or motorhome.

This can be a good way to carry two recreational kayaks on the back of camper vans, saving you from having to climb a ladder onto the roof every time you load and unload.

This mounts to the tow hitch at the back of your vehicle and features a metal loop at the bottom section. This loop is 11.5-inches in depth and 17-inches wide, so your kayak bow or stern needs to fit in that space. However, narrow kayaks will likely be too narrow and could affect the clearance underneath.

This vertical rack can work with other vehicles as well as camper vans and fifth wheels, such as pickups and large SUVs.

Straps and padding are not included.

  • Ideal for recreational kayaks
  • Designed specifically for motorhomes
  • American brand
  • Not for long or narrow kayaks
  • No ratcheting straps or padding

7: Yakups 2KR37W Vertical Kayak Rack For RVs And Fifth Wheels

  • Dimensions: 37 inches (width) by 32 inches (depth)
  • Weight: 80 pounds

The Yakups 2KR37W is an ideal solution for carrying kayaks on the back of camper vans or fifth wheels. This vertical kayak rack is designed specifically for RVs and motorhomes, so you can easily load and unload kayaks without a ladder.

This kayak rack that is made to fit your specifications (you simply provide your measurement details when ordering).

This heavy-duty rack comes with a 5-year warranty. It can hold up to two kayaks but you can also use it to hold other cargo, such as paddle boards or surfboards.

However, your kayak needs to be no more than 12-feet long for it to work with this rack.

If you have rear parking cameras or sensors, this rack might block those. 

  • Holds up to two kayaks
  • Great for recreational kayaks
  • Custom details
  • Blocks parking sensors
  • 12-foot kayak length limit

How To Choose The Right Rack For Your RV Or Camper


Confirming suitability of the rack with your RV or camper is a given. It can also be worth making sure it will work with the size of your kayak, as some kayaks may be too wide or too long for some racks.

Some RV kayak racks can let you haul your kayak in a vertical position, so that the length of the kayak is against the back of the RV, which can let you make use of the height of your RV.

However, this vertical type of rack may not work for other vehicles, such as trucks or SUVs, as the length of the boat may hit the ground in this position or extend too high above the top of your car, making it unsafe while driving.

You may also want to think about whether or not a specific rack will work on your RV if you also plan to tow a vehicle behind it. You may be able to purchase extensions or adapters to let you install additional hitches.

However, it may be easier in this case to attach a trailer to your RV with your car and kayaks secured on top of the trailer, as this could provide you with additional storage space and still give you full access to the back of your RV if you need it.

A trailer may also be useful even if you don’t want to bring your car along. But you should make sure you don’t exceed the maximum length allowed for towing vehicles in the states you visit.

Many kayak racks are crafted using strong, durable materials so that they can hold the weight of a kayak or canoe. It can be useful to look for racks that are corrosion resistant so that they can withstand whatever nature throws at them while you’re on the road.

Not all racks will feature padding, so it can be a good idea to purchase additional accessories or padding to protect your kayak while it’s in the rack.

While some racks might be custom-made to suit your particular boat, with other racks, such as those with crossbars, you might want saddles or cradles to keep your boat in place on the rack and give it a little extra protection.

Capacity – Can You Take More Than One Kayak Or Even Bikes?

If you plan to carry more than one kayak, capacity will likely be an important factor in the type of rack you’ll need. You’ll usually find that with most multi- kayak racks you can also carry just one kayak if that’s all you need. But racks that are designed for just one kayak generally can’t handle more due to weight or size restrictions.

You may also want to carry additional items , which could affect the type of rack you need. Some racks may be able to carry other items as well as kayaks, which can be useful if you plan to haul bikes or paddle boards.

Size – Too Big Is Can Be A Problem

Size can be an important thing to consider, whether your rack will be on the back of your RV or if you’ll be towing an RV with your kayaks on the roof of your car.

If you have a towable RV you may want to make sure that you have enough distance between the front of your RV and the back of your kayak, as some longer kayaks may extend beyond the back of your vehicle.

It can be worth considering size as well if your kayaks are on the back of your RV as this could make your vehicle much longer than normal, which could affect where you can park, for example.

Camper & RV Kayak Racks Commonly Asked Questions

How many kayaks can i carry on a rack for my camper.

Usually no more than four. But this will depend on the maximum limit for your specific rack. We have a guide on the best racks for holding three kayaks that might help you.

How Do I Install And Remove A Kayak Rack From My RV?

Vertical kayak racks usually attach to the tow hitch at the back of your RV.

Video: Installing A Kayak Carrier On RV 

How Do I Secure My Kayaks To The Kayak Rack On My Camper?

Use ratchet straps to secure the kayaks to both ends of the rack.

Can I Protect My Kayaks From Damage While Traveling?

You could use cockpit covers or kayak covers to add an extra layer of protection from the elements. You could also make sure the kayak rack is padded to prevent damage to the hull. 

Are There Legal And Safety Requirements For Using A Kayak Rack On My RV Camper?

Some vertical racks will affect ground clearance as well as height clearance. Your vehicle’s turning radius will also likely be affected. You should check the legal requirements for RVs and camper vans carrying cargo in your state.

Final Thoughts

The best kayak rack for camper vans is the RecPro RV Kayak Rack if you want to carry your kayak vertically against the back of your camper van. This can be easy to load and unload kayaks without climbing to the roof.

Another great option, if your kayak is too long for vertical transport, is the Hullavator Pro . This can be used on camper vans and SUVs, with the load-assist making it easier to load a kayak onto a high roof.

Not all of these kayak racks will fit all types of kayaks or all types of motorhomes. Remember to check the size of your kayak and your vehicle’s specifications to make sure you choose the right kayak rack.

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7 Best RV Camper Kayak Racks

Are you searching for the easiest ways to transport a kayak on your next trip.

  • 1 Are you searching for the easiest ways to transport a kayak on your next trip?
  • 2.1 Sit-on-top Kayaks
  • 2.2 Recreational Kayaks
  • 2.3 Touring Kayaks
  • 2.4 Foot Kayaks
  • 2.5 Inflatable Kayaks
  • 3 Mike and Jennifer's RV Lifestyle hat collection
  • 4 Now that you know all about the types of kayaks, let's find the best RV camper Kayak Racks
  • 5.1 Vertiyak
  • 5.2 Yakups Swing Out RV Kayak Rack
  • 6.1 AA-Racks Pick-Up Kayak Rack
  • 6.2 Vantech Universal Pickup Kayak Rack
  • 7.1 Thule Compass Kayak Carrier
  • 7.2 Kayak Trailer
  • 7.3 Right-On Trailer Multi-Sport Multi-Rack Kayak Trailer
  • 8 Kayak the Great Lakes!
  • 9.1 Explore this Bundle and plan your next trip!

Kayaks are quite cumbersome, which is why quality racks can make all the difference! Let's help you find the best option to transport a kayak on all of your camping trips.

From a vertical kayak raft to a ladder rack, there are lots of choices when trying to find the best RV camper kayak racks. You probably don't have the option of tossing them into a truck bed. Instead, you can rack them to the roof of your RV or the back of the RV.

If you buy something through our links, we may get a small commission at no extra cost to you. It helps keep our lights on so we can continue to provide helpful resources for RVers. Read our  full affiliate disclosure here.

Different Types of Kayaks

There are generally five types of flatwater kayaks. They are called: Sit-on-top, recreational, touring, foot (or pedaling), and inflatable. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Sit-on-top Kayaks

7 Best RV Camper Kayak Racks 1

Sit-on-top kayaks are easy to get into since they do not have a closed cockpit. They are wider than other kayaks, which provides them with good stability. Many use these as fishing kayaks because your gear is easily accessible.

One downside of these kayaks is that you will most likely get wet. If you are careful, you can stay dry but most of the time you will be splashed when paddling.

Recreational Kayaks

7 Best RV Camper Kayak Racks 2

Recreational kayaks have a closed cockpit. Most of them have a large opening, however. That means there should be enough room to put a small child in with you.

They are shorter kayaks than touring kayaks, usually measuring under 10 feet. Recreational kayaks are also versatile. In the summer, you can leave the cockpit open for a nice, cool ride. In the winter, throw on a skirt to keep you warm and dry.

Touring Kayaks

7 Best RV Camper Kayak Racks 3

Touring kayaks are usually 12 feet or longer. They also have smaller cockpits and are narrower than other kayaks.

Since they are narrow and long, they can go very fast. They are better for long trips across larger bodies of water instead of a family afternoon trip to a lake or river.

The smaller cockpit allows for a little more paddler control. It has thigh braces inside so if the kayak rolls over, the paddler can use his thighs to roll the kayak upright.

Expect to pay a lot for a touring kayak. Most run between $800-$1,200.

Foot Kayaks

Foot kayaks are also known as pedaling kayaks. They are terrific for people suffering from shoulder or back problems. That is because the only time you use your arm is when you pull into shore.

Foot kayaks are great to use for far distances since you can save on your arm's muscle fatigue.

Inflatable Kayaks

7 Best RV Camper Kayak Racks 4

Inflatable kayaks are just how they sound- inflatable. They do not track well and are at risk of popping.

However, storability is their biggest advantage. Inflatable kayaks take up less space than other kayaks and do not need to be transported via a roof rack.

Mike and Jennifer's RV Lifestyle hat collection

7 Best RV Camper Kayak Racks 5

Who needs a hat? You do! Dad hats aren't just for dads. This comfy one's got a low profile with an adjustable strap and curved visor. Just the thing to wear on your next RV Lifestyle adventure.

Now that you know all about the types of kayaks, let's find the best RV camper Kayak Racks

There are many different options on the market when looking for the best RV camper kayak racks.

If you have a larger RV, like a Class A , you will likely want to look for a vertical kayak rack. Accessing a rack on your RV roof can be rather difficult depending on the height of your vehicle. In addition, if your vehicle is tall you might run the risk of hitting overhead obstacles with a roof rack.

If you have a camper van or other Class C RV , you may want to opt for installing a rack on the roof of your vehicle. It will not be that difficult to access the kayak, and the height should still be fine for most driving situations. They are also less cumbersome than having them at the back of your vehicle, in many cases.

Ladder racks, also called a truck rack, for kayaks are usually used for trucks. These may come in handy if you use a truck to tow a travel trailer. Though, if you use a 5th wheel trailer, you may want to consider a vertical rack. That is still a great option, and you won't have to worry about the kayak hitting the trailer.

The last option is using a kayak trailer , which you tow behind your vehicle. This can be an ideal solution if you want to use your kayak rack with various vehicles.

Vertical Rack

7 Best RV Camper Kayak Racks 6

A vertical rack is mounted on your RV's rear end. Some can swing out, which can be a good option for van-style RVs. Vertical kayak racks can free up storage space and again, are more easily accessible for larger RVs.

The Verityak vertical kayak rack is one of the most affordable on the market. It gets attached to the back of your vehicle and can secure up to two kayaks in the vertical position.

The two metal arms near the top of this rack are not adjustable. For that reason, your kayak may need to be cinched with ratchet straps to ensure a secure fit.

If you have a large kayak, be sure to measure it first. It must be able to fit one into the lower hoop with dimensions of 11.5 inches x 17 inches.

Yakups Swing Out RV Kayak Rack

If you need a swing-out rack, you may want to check the Yakups Swing Out RV Kayak Rack. This great product allows you to access your camper van back door, all while keeping your kayaks or paddle boards safely stowed.

This rack can accommodate kayaks that are up to 32 inches wide. However, they must be under 50 pounds.

Ladder Rack

7 Best RV Camper Kayak Racks 7

Ladder racks can be used for transporting kayaks on the roof of your camper, car or truck. They are a great option if you can utilize them.

AA-Racks Pick-Up Kayak Rack

This is an overall excellent rack for your truck.

It gets installed in the back of your truck, not on the truck roof, and does not require any drilling to install. It is durable, reinforced heavy-duty aluminum. It uses heavy-duty clamps to attach the vertical brackets.

Vantech Universal Pickup Kayak Rack

The Vantech model can be installed on the roof of your pickup truck.

With a capacity of up to 500 pounds, you can easily throw a couple of kayaks onto this rack made from heavy-duty steel.

Thule Compass Kayak Carrier

If ladders or vertical racks do not sound appealing, you may decide to mount a kayak rack to the top of your vehicle.

Thule Compass Kayak Carrier

This versatile carrier can move a single j-style or saddle mode kayak. Or, two regular kayaks in stacker mode.

It can also transport two paddle boards in saddle mode.

Kayak Trailer

kayak trailer

If you prefer to tow your kayaks behind you, then you will want to look at a kayak trailer. This may be an affordable way to travel with your kayaks if you plan on using several different vehicles.

Right-On Trailer Multi-Sport Multi-Rack Kayak Trailer

This versatile trailer can move your kayaks and paddles boards from one place to another with no problem. The best thing is, it can also be used as an optional bike rack.

Kayak the Great Lakes!

Mike and jennifer's great lakes bundle – 2 ebooks.

7 Best RV Camper Kayak Racks 8

This bundle is our popular Upper Peninsula RV Adventure Guide PLUS our newest Adventure Guide – The Great Lakes Shoreline Tour! Both ebooks will give you plenty of ideas and resources to enjoy this part of the US.

Explore this Bundle and plan your next trip!

travel trailer kayak carrier

Published on 2021-07-27

Mike Wendland is a multiple Emmy-award-winning Journalist, Podcaster, YouTuber, and Blogger, who has traveled with his wife, Jennifer, all over North America in an RV, sharing adventures and reviewing RV, Camping, Outdoor, Travel and Tech Gear for the past 12 years. They are leading industry experts in RV living and have written 18 travel books.

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[…] If your dad already has or wants a non-inflatable kayak, you could consider gifting him one of the 7 Best RV Camper Kayak Racks. […]

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[…] 7 Best RV Camper Kayak Racks […]

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[…] If you’re trying to maximize your basement storage space, don’t forget to utilize exterior storage as well. Here are 4 Outstanding Hitch Racks for eBikes and the 7 Best RV Camper Kayak Racks. […]

travel trailer kayak carrier

July 27, 2021at10:12 am , Timothy Custer said:

I would like to know where I can purchase your RV Lifestyle hat?

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travel trailer kayak carrier

  • Find a Location

Camping World’s Guide to RV Kayak Racks

travel trailer kayak carrier

Kayak trailers pair well with motorhomes, and you’ll find models that carry a single kayak or multiple kayaks side-by-side or stacked together. The main benefit of a kayak trailer is the ability to separate the trailer from your RV. Some are even light enough to move a short distance by hand once detached. 

Roof-Mounted RV Kayak Racks

Roof racks are a little less popular for RVs due to the issue of height clearance . If your RV is already 13 feet tall, mounting kayaks on top probably isn’t an option. 

However, shorter towable campers, such as the Coleman Rubicon 1200RK and the Forest River NoBo 10.6 , are designed to offer roof-mounted storage. Many class B campers are also short enough to accommodate RV kayak racks on the roof. 

If you have one of these RVs, consider the following RV kayak racks: 


Each style below requires crossbars, so let’s start here. Many crossbars are specific to vehicles and the types of factory-installed rails they come with. RVs like the NoBo 10.6 have crossbars as a standard feature, which is rare in a towable RV . 

Installing crossbars on your RV can require installing crossbar mounts into your RV roof in appropriate locations. Then, you’ll need to apply the proper RV roof sealant around the mounts to weatherproof your work. 

Water damage can create expensive repairs if you don’t seal your roof properly. So we highly recommend contacting a Camping World RV Service Center to inquire about RV improvement services before attempting a DIY crossbar installation. 

Cradles, V-Style, T-Style, and J-Style RV Kayak Racks

rv kayak racks j, v, and cradle styles

If you have crossbars on your small camper or class B RV , you can always strap a kayak directly to the crossbars. However, utilizing cradles, V-style racks, T-style stackers, or J-style racks allows you to secure multiple kayaks. 

Depending on the rack type you choose, you can free up additional roof space for a cargo box, an awning, or other roof-mounted RV accessories. You must ensure your choice matches the round, square, or oval-shaped crossbars on your vehicle’s roof. 

Vertical Kayak Rack for Your RV Bumper


These RV kayak racks allow you to transport kayaks vertically. Most are hitch-mounted designs, but you may also find options that mount to a rear RV bumper. These kayak racks are generally suitable for motorhomes , travel trailers , and 5th wheels .

Explore all RV kayak racks available at Camping World.

How to Choose a Kayak Rack for Your RV

Let’s look at the important factors to consider when narrowing down your RV kayak rack options: 

Mount Type and Location


There are three primary locations for mounting a kayak rack on your RV: the hitch, bumper, and roof. 

Hitch-mount RV kayak racks can work with motorized and towable RVs. They’re often the quickest and easiest option to install and can easily be removed if your next camping trip doesn’t involve a waterfront destination. 

Most hitch-mount racks require you to transport your kayaks vertically. The length of your kayaks is important to consider before installing a vertical RV kayak rack. They can’t be longer than the height of your RV, or they’ll add to your overall height. You also lose the ability to tow anything behind your RV with a hitch-mount kayak rack. 

Bumper-mount RV kayak racks can also work with motorhomes and towables, but they require a bolted installation to the RV’s bumper. Most will require certain clearance between the bumper and the RV’s frame, so you must ensure compatibility.

Most bumper RV kayak racks also require vertical kayak storage, requiring the same important considerations about how they’ll add to your RV height clearance. However, some bumper-mount kayak racks allow you to retain the use of your hitch for towing a vehicle behind your motorized RV .  

Pro Tip: Consider your RV’s design as well. For example, bumper and hitch-mount racks may not work if your RV’s main entry door is on the back of the unit rather than on the side. 

Roof-mount RV kayak racks are generally only suitable for short travel trailers and class B camper vans. You may occasionally find them on other RVs, but roof access and height clearance make storing kayaks on taller RVs either a hassle or, in some cases, impossible. 

The benefits of roof RV kayak racks include the retention of a hitch for towing and better weight distribution to ensure safe towing . However, loading and unloading roof-mounted RV kayak racks can be much more difficult. 

Kayak trailers are another option for motorhome owners. In theory, they could also be towed behind a short travel trailer or fifth wheel. Still, you’ll need to be careful not to exceed maximum vehicle length restrictions wherever you travel. 

Kayak trailers make it easier to load and unload kayaks while eliminating the issues of height clearance. This means they’re a great option for owners of longer expedition-style kayaks. 

However, most kayak trailers are more expensive than other RV kayak racks. They also increase your overall length, decreasing your RV’s maneuverability and impacting the number of campgrounds that can accommodate you. 

Carrying Capacity


Another factor to consider is how many kayaks you need to transport and the total weight of those kayaks. If you plan to store any kayaking gear inside your kayaks in transit, you’ll need to factor that weight in when selecting an RV kayak rack.

Most bumper or hitch-mounted RV kayak racks carry 2-4 kayaks. A kayak trailer may allow you to stack multiple kayaks together if you properly secure them with tie-down straps. 

Regarding roof-mounted RV kayak racks, you’ll find options for a single kayak and stackers that can accommodate up to four kayaks. The latter, however, is rare for RVs due to the roof space required for other RV features like air conditioners and roof vents. 


The materials used in a kayak rack’s construction will determine durability, carrying capacity, and weather resistance. Aluminum racks are the most lightweight, and aluminum isn’t particularly susceptible to rust and corrosion. 

If you’re looking for something more durable, stainless steel is the way to go. Stainless steel RV kayak racks also hold up well in the elements. Their only downside is that they’re usually a bit heavier than aluminum racks. 

In addition, consider the amount of padding a rack provides. Ideally, you don’t want your kayaks bumping or rubbing directly against any metal as you travel. 

What Other Kayak Accessories Do You Need?


The type of RV kayak rack you choose can impact the additional accessories you’ll need to transport your kayak safely. Here are a few to consider: 

  • Straps and tie-downs . Cam straps are our preferred option, but ratchet straps can serve the same purpose. 
  • Anchor rope . Designed for anchors but can also be useful for tying down the bow and stern of a kayak on a roof rack.
  • Cable lock . For securing your kayak rack and/or kayaks when your RV is unattended.  

Of course, you can also explore Camping World’s kayak selection if you don’t have your personal watercraft already.

Once you have your kayak racks mounted and your kayaks loaded up, it’s time to hit the road. Here are a few resources to help you find beautiful locations for your next RV-based paddle trip: 

  • RV Campgrounds Near Dreamy Florida Freshwater Springs
  • 5 Waterfront RV Campsites to Visit This Summer
  • 8 Amazing Waterfront Campgrounds

Do you have any questions about RV kayak racks? Let us know in the comments below.

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What is your RV’s make and model?

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You live the Good Life, and you take your Kayak’s along with you for even more fun. We have found the best and most affordable way to get take them with you on your next camping trip. VertiYak™ is a vertical kayak rack designed to haul your kayak with ease. Easily attach the VertiYak to any hitch receiver and unfold the rack. Place your kayaks in the rack, secure them, and go. Its that easy!

Currently available at our Webster City location. Order soon to ensure your’s arrives before summer. 515-207-9457. Only $450 Shipped Including Tax. IN STOCK READY TO SHIP. A Re-Stocking fee applies to returned Vertiyaks.

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Vertiyak Optional Accessories

Anti rattle kit.

Vertiyak Anti Rattle Kit

Bolt On Receiver

RV 4″ Square Tube bumper mount Receiver. 2″ Receiver size and easily bolts on to your square trailer bumper.

See RV Kayak In Action

Before you buy: One end of your kayak must fit within a 11 1/2″ X 17″ lower hoop. Please check these measurements before ordering your VertiYak™. Once installed, be sure of adequate clearance between your kayak and the ground to prevent ground scrape. Always be aware of overhead obstacles (low bridges, limbs, etc.). Always secure kayaks or paddleboards with ratcheting straps (not included) at strap loops. Foam padding (pool noodle not included) can be used on lower hoop to protect rack and kayak finish.




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Yakups® RV Kayak, Bike, & Boards Custom vertical rack  www.Yakups.com

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Fifth Wheels

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Yakups® Racks are customized and Made in the USA . Guaranteed to fit your cargo and slide in your 2" Receiver.

*Stainless Watercraft Guards stop your Kayaks from being damaged! * Guaranteed to fit your RV and all of your Cargo! *Custom manufactured w/ 5 year warranty! Don't risk your valuables or highway Liability with inferior Racks.

*YAKUPS® brand "The Original VERTICAL Patented RV Kayak Rack"tm Custom made in the USA !



travel trailer kayak carrier

New Model E2KR37W Sale Price $999 + ship * Kayaks, Paddleboard, & Surfboards

Yakups® brand Quality Racks are “The Original Patented RV Kayak Racks”tm and made in the USA since 2013!

* Fits watercraft up to 32" wide.  Built to last a lifetime. 5 year warranty included. Kayaks can be loaded either cockpit facing in or outward.

* Solid Yakups® frame construction that has No flex or loose connections.  Solid 2"  main frame shaft.    Stronger 3/16" wall vertical post that will not flex Your Safety is our #1 concern..  Our racks are built to withstand Highway stresses. Structural Review study completed by RIT in 2014. 

* All stainless hardware including the patented watercraft guards that prevent damage to your valuable cargo. Fits 2" frame mounted hitches. Anti wobble clamping block included along with Padlocks, straps, 5 year warranty and instructions.  

 * Correctly Designed patented racks that load watercraft so they cut into the wind.  Other multi use custom rack models are available that carry bikes and kayaks. 

This new model E2KR37W fits standard kayaks, paddle boards, and surfboards. Yakups® You get a durable rack that will last a lifetime. This model does not offer customization or special changes.

While we are providing you a solid heavy duty rack it has a five year warranty, all stainless steel hardware, at an affordable cost. Includes all straps , cables and Padlocks. $999.00 plus $229.00 shipping This model ships right out by UPS ground..

travel trailer kayak carrier

Easy to Install

Custom racks for your toys.

Custom built racks to do what you need. FROM FISHING KAYAKS ( NATIVE SLAYER SHOWN) TO We can build Trike racks that can carry one or two trikes or other things depending on the space.. This is a Trike rack that can also carry regular bikes, kayaks, as shown in the photo.

CUSTOMIZED RACKS Why Leave Fun Behind?"™ TRIKES RACK Shipping is currently 2 - 3 weeks.. Call us 518-791-1121

Yakups®  Great looking racks are made in the USA & finished with stainless hardware. Simple to install right out of the box. Each order arrives fully assembled in three easy to bolt together sections. The solid one piece designed rack slides into a 2" hitch receiver and locks tightly to hitch with clamping block for a NO Wobble connection. YAKUPS® patented brand racks carry kayaks, wind/surfboards, paddleboards,  bikes, and SUP's.

YAKUPS® brand The Original Patented Vertical RV Kayak Racks


Fifth Wheels, all types of Motorhomes, Vans, and truck campers! Quality customized patented rack systems!

travel trailer kayak carrier

Adventure Anywhere

With YAKUPS® brand Racks, you can bring along your kayaks, Boards and bikes on your wildest RV adventures!


"You have excellent instructions and the rack is ingenious. I was very impressed with your customer service and help, and I willl have no problem recommending RV Kayak Racks to anyone that asks where we got the rack from. This is a very unique product for an active RV owner."

— Brian G.

"We purchased our double kayak/bicycle rack from rvkayakracks.com. It is so stable and easy to use on our class C RV. We have taken many trips and are very satisfied with the way it handles and the quality of the materials. We highly recommend this rack to all fellow kayakers and cyclists."

— Bob M.

"This was our first time using this type of rack, but when I put it on the Fifth wheel trailer, I was ready to get in and take off! The rack was easy to assemble, install and load. Thank you for a great product! I am looking forward to its use for many trips and years." 

— Doug A.

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Jeffsetter Travel

Jeffsetter Travel

Travel Consultants and Travel Tips

9 Best RV Kayak Racks

December 30, 2021 by August Croft

Last updated on May 23rd, 2023 at 01:46 pm

best rv kayak rack

All of our reviews are based on exhaustive research, industry experience, and whenever possible, hands-on testing. When you make a purchase using one of our chosen links we’ll receive a small percentage of the proceeds. This supports the site and keeps Jeffsetter running. You can read more here .

If you happen to be an adventurous camper who loves bringing your kayak along on every trip you take, what do you do when you are RVing in your big rig , but don’t have space for your boats?

It may be time to invest in a kayak rack!

But what should you consider in a kayak rack before making your final purchase, and how will you know what option is best for you? 

We’ve compiled a list of the 9 best RV kayak racks so that you don’t have to worry about making an uninformed decision. Let’s discuss what you need to know about RV kayak racks before we dive into the products.

Already familiar with why you need an RV kayak rack? You can jump ahead to our list of products by clicking here.

Thule 830 The Stacker Kayak Carrier

  • Thule brand name carries reliability and loyalty with it
  • Compact design allows for up to four kayaks to fit on your roof
  • Dozens of excellent reviews

MaxxHaul 70107 Hitch Mount Compact Cargo Carrier

  • High carrying capacity means you can bring all of your gear
  • Hitch placement allows for more aerodynamics

RecPro RV Kayak Rack Vertiyak

  • RecPro is a reliable name, leading to a reliable product
  • Easy to install and dismantle, this rack can carry two kayaks
  • Hitch mount can be very convenient

What To Consider In An RV Kayak Rack

Now that you know some of the reasons why you may want an RV kayak rack, here are some very important considerations you should think about before making your final purchase. Let’s take a look at those now.

Mounting Style Of Rack

Given that every RV is different, you may prefer a different mounting style of kayak rack depending on the RV you own. There are a few different styles for you to consider in the first place.

For example, many RV kayak racks can attach to your rig’s bumper or hitch as a vertical mount, meaning the kayaks will be standing upright. This allows you to avoid adding t oo much overhead height to your already tall Class A or C .

There are also racks that attach to your RV’s roof. This can affect your gas mileage and fuel efficiency, so you should consider this before committing. Many small travel trailers for couples probably won’t be affected by a roof rack, but take your time deciding on a style.

You can even find roof racks that attach to your tow vehicle. These are just another solution to your kayak rack troubles, but these roof racks may not be ideal to have installed on your tow vehicle when you’re not camping.

How Many Kayaks You Plan On Bringing

While there are many different sizes and styles of kayak racks on the market today, knowing how many kayaks you plan on bringing is important. While you may be able to fit more than you think when you get the rack installed, you should never overload it.

Kayaks are definitely something to plan ahead for should you want to bring them with you. They take up a lot of space and need extra time when packing them up, so knowing how many you might bring on an average camping trip is key before you shop.

Some racks are only built for one kayak; some are built to handle up to four. Some racks are even built with bigger boats or kayaks in mind, allowing for a wider recreational toy. Do your research first, and consider how many kayaks you need to pack with you, especially if you’re in a small rig .

Your budget could be a determining factor when it comes time to shop for an RV kayak rack. Depending on the style of the roof rack and the number of kayaks you plan on bringing with you, you may be surprised by how pricey RV kayak racks are. 

Most RV kayak racks have a price range of $200 to over $1,000, depending on the capacity and other features. This could be what you were expecting to pay, or more than you want or can afford at this time.

Many RVers tend to find this price high, and usually DIY their own rack setup, depending on their rig and capabilities. However, that is up to you to decide!

Ease Of Installation

Having an RV kayak rack that is easy to install and set up can be great peace of mind for the average camper. Not only should an RV kayak rack be easy to use, but it should also be easy to install. 

Depending on the style and installation location of your new RV kayak rack, you may have more trouble than others. This is why it is important to have an RV folding ladder close at hand , especially if you are installing your rack on the roof of your RV. 

Some kayak racks simply mount onto your hitch receiver if you have one on your Class C made for boondocking or another motorhome. However, not every travel trailer will have a hitch receiver so it is important to consider this while you shop. 

If you don’t have a hitch receiver, the installation gets a bit more complicated. However, RV kayak racks are designed to go up with relative ease and not damage your RV or tow vehicle exterior. 

Aerodynamics Of The Rack

While the average RV gas tank is quite large, this doesn’t mean that RVs are fuel-efficient. Quite the opposite, to be honest! So considering the aerodynamics of your kayak rack is important no matter the RV style you have. 

Vertical rear-mounted hitch receiver racks are often the most aerodynamic, given that they are flush against the back of your RV. They won’t interfere as you drive down the highway, and won’t be jostled by high winds. 

While RV kayak roof racks are usually more affordable, you risk losing some of your valuable aerodynamics and fuel efficiency by mounting your kayaks this way. You also risk increasing the height of your rig to a dangerous level, depending on the style of RV you own.

However, many RVers don’t notice or mind the difference a kayak roof rack can make to their travels. When your fuel efficiency is already so low, you may not even notice what a roof rack changes about your fuel expenses!

Finish Of The Rack

Choosing an RV kayak rack that matches your RV or overall exterior can be something that you’re interested in. You should also consider the quality and finish of the rack itself.

Given that the kayak rack will be facing the elements as well as many road conditions that are unsavory, you may want to consider a durable finish for your kayak rack. This could include steel or matte black metal.

These racks will have the potential of losing their veneer as well as transferring their finish onto your kayaks if you aren’t careful. This could be something to consider as you shop as well, as the last thing you want is to damage your kayaks in the process of bringing them with you! 

However, most RV kayak racks are built to handle many different weather scenarios and situations. You should feel confident attaching your kayak rack to your Class C built for winter weather camping ! 


If you have just arrived at camp and can’t wait to take your kayak out on the water, having an accessible and easy-to-use kayak rack could be important to you. After all, you’re there to enjoy the great outdoors with all of your recreational gear in tow, right!?

Having a kayak rack that is mounted to the rear of your RV can be a much easier access point than a kayak rack that is attached to the roof of your tow vehicle. This is even more so the case if you have a kayak rack attached to the roof of your RV.

While there are many things to consider about RV kayak racks, having one that is easy to access as well as easy to free your kayaks from the rack could be something else for you to consider. 

The 9 Best Kayak Racks For Your RV

Feeling confident about what you want and need out of a kayak rack for your RV? Then it’s time for us to take a look at some of the best kayak racks available on the market today! Let’s dive in now. 

Best Overall: Thule 830 The Stacker Kayak Carrier

Thule 830 the stacker kayak carrier.

This Thule 830 The Stacker Kayak Carrier is ideal for RVers who already have a roof rack on their RV or tow vehicle. As I sometimes go on RVing adventures with friends, I particularly like that this carrier has the capability to carry up to four kayaks, side by side, on my standard roof rack or cross-beam system.

Small and easy to install, The Stacker can make quick work of a large number of kayaks or stand-up paddle boards so I can take all the gear I want with me on the road! So long as my kayak is 34 inches wide or below, I can use these bars to stack them atop my RV roof , laying on their sides, side by side. 

This particular carrier can also handle kayaks up to 75 pounds, which is ideal for carrying my kit, and my partner’s too! I also don’t get stressed if ever I have to place four kayaks on the roof of my tow vehicle as Thule is a reliable and top-rated brand for cargo carrying and outdoor adventure.

These bars are meant to attach to an existing roof rack with no tools needed. They have a fold-down powder-coated steel design, which means I won’t risk damaging the roof of my vehicle and they are both corrosion and weather resistant for improved longevity. This is music to my ears as RVing costs enough already, and I don’t want to be replacing my carrier in a few months’ time!

It has side attachment straps allowing me to secure two kayaks on either side, with room in between to wedge two more, should my friends be visiting. While this particular kit from Thule only has one large tie-down, I can easily purchase another set of ratchets or bungees for very little money to improve the security further.

These bars are also aerodynamic when not in use, capable of folding down and laying flat when I’m not bringing my kayak along. This can be an added bonus for RVers with a trailer, who have a car as a tow vehicle that’s regularly driven around. Unlike the other cargo carriers, these rods are designed specifically for kayaks.

They are built to hold up a wide range of boats and water hobbies- it isn’t simply an open basket that you might be able to secure your kayak to! However, the main drawback of this particular product is that these are specifically designed for use in tandem with other Thule roof rack products, so you may need to make sure they work with your existing roof rack first.

[amazon link=”B0001FUAXQ” title=”Read more about this product and see today’s price on Amazon by clicking here.” ]

Best On A Budget: MaxxHaul 70107 Hitch Mount Compact Cargo Carrier

Maxxhaul 70107 hitch mount compact cargo carrier.

Budget is always one of my top priorities, that’s why I’ve added this MaxxHaul hitch-mount cargo carrier to this RV kayak rack list. This cargo cage has a 500-pound carrying capacity, which should be plenty for at least two kayaks!

With an inside basket dimension of 51-1/2″ x 17-1/2″ x 4″, I have the ability to stand my kayaks upright and attach them to my rig. Plus, the basket weighs a sturdy 27 pounds, which makes it easy to have in the hitch but also is a reliable weight.

Given its size and weight, it’s easy to think this basket can’t handle very much weight capacity, but it can actually carry a whopping 500 pounds, so long as everything is safely secured! I can easily pack a full ice chest in it, firewood, and more- such as kayaks!

That’s another perk about this hitch basket: its versatility. I can always use it with my tow vehicle for smaller trips, like a day trip to the lake, or I can pack extra cargo in it, such as camp chairs or tents. Whatever I need to bring with me, this compact cargo carrier can handle it!

Not only is this cargo carrier ready to carry whatever I put into it- it’s safe too. I always put safety first, and will only ever use products in my RV that I trust are safe. It has included reflectors and remains balanced with the weight evenly distributed throughout the rack. If you tow a travel trailer, you know how important it is to maintain an even weight !

And this basket is made of a powder-coated steel frame so I don’t have to worry about weather or UV damage wearing it away over time. The entire cargo carrier is rust and corrosion-resistant to help make it last longer, so I don’t have to splash out on another carrier next year.

The main con of this cargo basket is that it only fits standard class 3 and 4 standard 2-inch hitch receivers. If you have a smaller or larger hitch receiver, this cargo carrier won’t work for you. You may be able to purchase an adapter, but that may affect the safety of the product.

This cargo basket also isn’t specifically made for kayaks, so it can be a little bit of a hassle arranging them to fit properly in the basket. However, for a limited budget, this is a good storage solution for taking kayaks out on the road!

[amazon link=”B008CE0LD2″ title=”You can check out the latest price for this product by clicking this Amazon link.” ]

Most Aerodynamic: RecPro RV Kayak Rack Vertiyak  

Recpro rv kayak rack vertiyak.

One of the top names for RV products has to be RecPro – and they’ve even got my kayak-carrying needs covered. This Vertiyak kayak holder can carry my kayaks vertically along the backside of my rig, making it a highly aerodynamic kayak rack! This rack mounts onto my motorhome, car, or RV’s hitch, so long as it has a standard 2-inch hitch receiver. It simply goes in, and allows me to carry up to two kayaks behind me with no issues!

This particular rack is recommended for use with kayaks that are 12 feet or less in length, and the overall carrying capacity of this rack is 150 pounds, making it perfect for a couple of kayaks. While it can’t handle the whole family’s boats, it suits me and my partner.

This hitch-mount carrier is heavy-duty too. It weighs almost 50 pounds and is made here in the USA out of 14 gauge stainless steel. It’s tough and built to last, but it isn’t powder coated, so not recommended for leaving on the back of my RV when not in use.

However, it can be removed and folded flat for storage so I don’t have to worry about it taking up too much space. It comes with a few sections of pool noodles so I can safely store my kayaks in this rack without getting them all scratched up.

RecPro has considered many issues that most RVers face, including the rattling and shaking that, can occur when towing kayaks. There is nothing more nerve-wracking than towing and having something bouncing around!

There is even a lower cradle hoop that has three different levels of access points, allowing me to safely secure my kayak at different levels for maximum safety. It’s a bit frustrating that I have to purchase ratcheting tie-downs separately as this isn’t the cheapest kayak rack out there, but overall this rack has my back covered.

[amazon link=”B097HVRZMS” title=”Read the reviews and check today’s price on Amazon by clicking here” ]

Multi-Use: AVENN Rooftop Basket & J-Bar Kayak Rack

AVENN Rooftop Basket & J-Bar Kayak Rack

AVENN Rooftop Basket & J-Bar Kayak Rack

  • Multiple storage uses means you can use this year round
  • Easy to install on any crossbeam roof rack for your convenience

If there’s anything I’ve learned from living full-time on the road for the past few years, it’s that products able to do more than one thing are SO useful, as they help keep space to a maximum and budget to a minimum. That’s where this AVENN Rooftop Basket and J-Bar Kayak Rack Combo comes in as it’s a rooftop cargo carrier also able to carry my kayak alongside it.

This unique storage solution measures 64 x 23 x 6 inches and weighs just over 35 pounds, so although it’s hefty, it doesn’t weigh too much. The heavy-duty robust metal cargo basket and kayak rack can complete any RV or tow vehicle storage setup. It is, however, best designed to mount on existing or after-market installed roof cross racks.

While you’ll need to consider a cross rack if you don’t have one already, the price point on this cargo basket is fairly reasonable. Considering I get storage space for one kayak along with a sizable carrying basket, means I don’t have to worry about struggling to bring everything I need with me on camping trips. 

This rack has a carrying capacity of up to 150 pounds and is made of durable galvanized stainless steel, so I trust it to last for a substantial amount of time, with no problems. It also includes everything I need to safely install it, and has additional ratchet tie-downs and bungees- all included, so I don’t have to take a trip to the hardware store to complete the installation.

The kayak rack portion of this cargo holder includes thick foam to better protect my gear and tow vehicle. Plus, the basket has an included wind fairing for better aerodynamics while traveling at high speeds – not that I drive fast at all in my rig!

While it may look a bit complicated to set up at first, this cargo basket truly offers multiple capabilities. While it can hold a kayak that is up to 36 inches wide, it can also support skis, snowboards, surfboards, and more. This is great for me as I love trying new sports and activities, so I don’t know what the future looks like and what I might be needing to store in my RV.

The main issue for me is the high price tag, which can increase even further if you don’t already have a crossbeam roof rack installed on your rig or car. You may not need the extra storage at this time either, but you never know when it might come in handy!

You can [amazon link=”B08CGY6NZ2″ title=”read more about this kayak rack and check today’s price on Amazon by clicking here.” ]

Easiest To Use: Swagman RV Bumper Rack

Swagman RV Bumper Rack

Swagman RV Bumper Rack

  • Easy to install, this rack goes right on your RV bumper
  • Aerodynamic design may help you save on gasoline

I like adding items to my rig that are simple to use and easy to install, just like this bumper rack from Swagman, which is RV approved. It’s a unique setup of two smaller bumper racks, perfect for transporting bicycles, but they can also be used to transport a kayak.

All I have to do to get this bumper rack set up is simply secure the steel bolts to my bumper’s frame. There is included hardware to do this, and I can place the racks wherever I want them to go along my bumper, giving me the freedom I need to best-decide where the rack will work better.  

While this rack is not designed for use with an aluminum or spot-welded bumper, most RV bumpers can handle the weight of these racks and their cargo. Given that it only weighs a pound or so, these racks are lightweight and portable, two features I consistently look for in an RV product.

Each rack can hold up to 30 pounds, so laying a kayak flat across both allows me to carry a 60-pound kayak! There should be plenty of locations and opportunities to ratchet tie down a boat, whether it be on my RV ladder or on the rack itself.

Made of powder-coated metals, this rack is weather and corrosion-resistant, which is exactly what I need as I travel year-round, often facing soggy winter days . I enjoy being able to leave it attached to my RV long term but also find it useful that I can remove it too for ease of travel and storing my RV. The bolts are very easy to remove and reinstall, so I don’t have to struggle one bit taking it off and putting it back on again.

Just like the RecPro product, this bumper-mounted rack is a wonderful aerodynamic rack to consider. I don’t have to worry about losing precious height or gas mileage by storing my kayak on the roof of my rig!

It’s a reasonable price point and can install around standard 4-inch to 4.5-inch RV bumpers. The simplicity of this rack may prove useful for the more DIY or adventurous RVer, as securing a kayak may take some time and engineering.

However, given that this is technically rated for bicycles, I think it’s best to weigh your kayak and make sure it doesn’t weigh more than 30-60 pounds. It’s also advisable to test this rack out before hitting the road, just in case!

You can [amazon link=”B000SLL8BQ” title=”read the reviews and see today’s price on Amazon by clicking here.” ]

Top Rated Brand: Rhino Rack Kayak & Canoe Carrier

Rhino Rack Kayak & Canoe Carrier

Rhino Rack Kayak & Canoe Carrier

  • Heavy duty design can handle being installed all year
  • Easy set up means you don’t have to waste time before hitting the road

Just like the Thule kayak rack product on this list, this Rhino-Rack carrier is a streamlined and innovative solution for carrying multiple kayaks at once. It can attach to the crossbeam roof rack on your rig or tow vehicle, and these simple rods substantially maximize my storage possibilities!

While this piece is just an extender to an existing Rhino-Rack product, it allows me to carry up to four kayaks on my roof – ideal for when the whole family gets involved in RVing! I like that it comes with durable foam to protect my toys and car, along with ratchet tie-downs and securing straps for ultimate safety.

I can use these simple J-style holders to secure my kayaks with ease. Plus, they fold flat against my roof rack when not in use, so I won’t lose out on any aerodynamics while traveling without your boats. The heavy-duty alloy steel construction on this Rhino carrier is a huge bonus in my eyes as it resists water, rust, and corrosion.

These J-style bars are made to be left on the roof of my tow vehicle year-round, in case I ever need to break out the kayaks in inclement weather! This also means I don’t have much maintenance to take care of, giving me more time to enjoy the things I love most like being out in my kayak.

Given this is just an extension of an existing Rhino-Rack product, the price point is a bit higher than other options. However, much like Thule, this top-rated brand from Australia often means that you get what you pay for.

See if this rack works for you, and [amazon link=”B00AK6Y1SQ” title=”read the reviews and check today’s price on Amazon by clicking here.” ]

Premium Pick: Yakups Kayak Racks

✅ Custom-made options mean you can bring all of your toys ✅ R oom for up to four kayaks so no one has to leave their boat behind ❌ High price point can keep buyers from going with this brand

To find the best of the best in terms of RV kayak racks, I think it’s worth going to the source. Yakups is a company that specializes in RV racks, especially for your water sports gear. They even make custom racks- let’s talk about them now.

From one to four kayaks, Yakups has a setup to suit any RV type . I love the ability to choose from many rear hitch or bumper-mounted options, and some can even come equipped with a swinging arm! I can easily maneuver my kayak storage into any position, all while still being attached to my rig. This ease of use is shown in the video below:

Yakups, also known as RV Kayak Racks, is a veteran-owned company, and each of its racks is built with unique RV experiences in mind. These racks are built to not wobble, and they are made of quality powdered steel and stainless steel finishings. Having a robust construction is crucial for me, as the last thing I want to do after splashing out on new kit for my rig, is need to replace it in a few months, or even a year’s time! 

Not only are these racks built for kayaks- I can get a Yakups RV rack built for bikes, surfboards, and more, leaving my future open for new sporting activities while I’m RVing. Yakups offers custom RV rack orders so I can build my own, and get the perfect setup for my camping adventures!

I find the easy installation handy, as it takes the stress away of adding something new to my rig. The rack arrives in one solid welded metal piece, all I need to do is insert a couple of bolts and attach it to my hitch receiver. These are designed to work on any rig too, from Sprinter vans to fifth wheels .

This company has thought of everything in terms of RV life. Their kayak racks are designed to work alongside a roof ladder, spare tire, and backup camera if you have one. Plus, all of these kayak racks are complete with a sleek matte black finish, giving me the clean aesthetic I want. 

You may be asking yourself: what’s the catch? Buying a custom kayak rack for your RV doesn’t necessarily sound cheap, does it? That’s because it isn’t. A Yakups branded kayak rack may cost you more than your kayak originally! However, given their fantastic touches, customer service, and ability to house up to (if not more than) four kayaks at a time, this might be one purchase worth investing in.

Consider a Yakups, if you have the budget to support it – you can click here to check them out . 

Best For Trucks: Thule 997 Goal Post Hitch Mount Truck Adapter Canoe and Kayak Carriers

Thule 997 Goal Post Hitch Mount Truck Adapter Canoe and Kayak Carriers

Thule 997 Goal Post Hitch Mount Truck Adapter Canoe and Kayak Carriers

  • Height-adjustable
  • Load straps for extra stability
  • Durable plastic coating

Although this Thule 997 Goal Post Hitch Mount Truck Adapter is primarily for use with a pickup truck, I thought it was worth a mention for the adventurous truck campers out there! This rack only works with Thule kayak, canoe, or paddleboard racks, so this may require an additional purchase if you don’t already have one.

It’s an ideal rack for carrying kayaks whilst RVing in a truck as it’s hitch-mounted, has a telescoping mast for fitting a range of truck cab heights, and also has height-adjustable load bars. This means I can get the carrier in the exact place I need it to be without too much of a problem. I like that the Thule steel load bar is 58″ and has a durable plastic coating, as this means it’s less likely to show damage from wear and tear and should last for a substantial amount of time!

As I’ve mentioned before, safety is a top priority for me, so I enjoy that this carrier has 2 load straps to help keep the load secure and safe, even when I’m driving. The maximum weight capacity is 70 pounds which isn’t the best when friends and family want to bring their kayaks along, but for solo travelers this is plenty!

You can read more and find the latest price by clicking here .

Best Multiple Carry Option: Thule Compass Kayak and SUP Roof Rack 

Thule Compass Kayak and SUP Roof Rack

Thule Compass Kayak and SUP Roof Rack

  • Universal mounting hardware included
  • Reliable brand
  • Multiple carry options for kayaks or paddleboards

When it comes to RVing, having a variety of options is essential for me, as I have no plans of leaving the RV lifestyle behind me, and want to leave my options open for the future! This Thule Compass Kayak and SUP Roof Rack have universal mounting hardware to fit existing rack systems, and with a variety of carry options, I’m not limited to just one piece of kit in my rig.

I can carry a single kayak in either J-style or saddle mode, up to two kayaks in stacker mode, and two paddleboards in saddle position. This is ideal as I don’t know when a friend might join me for a vacation on the road and bring their kayak along too! I love knowing our equipment won’t get damaged either, thanks to the thick rubber saddles and padding. 

It would be great if this rack was a bit easier to install as it’s hard to get everything into place alone. The StrapCatch is handy during installation, but it would be ideal if Thule could make things a little easier for solo RVers!

However, the fold-down design is convenient as I can fold the rack down when it’s not in use, helping the aerodynamics of my rig. The high price tag means this piece of kit is an investment, but it has multiple carry options, and tie-downs for enhanced safety, so overall, it’s worth considering for your rig.

You can see the latest price on Amazon by clicking here .

Why You Might Need An RV Kayak Rack

You may not have considered the benefits of an RV kayak rack before. There are more than you may think, especially if you are worried about packing everything inside your new RV for the first time.

Even the biggest travel trailer with two bathrooms may not be able to fit a kayak inside. Let’s learn more about why you might need an RV kayak rack now. 

Frees Up RV Storage

RV storage is always at a premium, no matter who you are traveling with or where you are going. RVs have come a long way in terms of their innovative storage solutions, but most have not taken kayaks into account. 

Purchasing an RV kayak rack means that you can bring along all of your recreational toys without having to sacrifice valuable storage for your goods or luggage. This can be a valuable purchase for people with fifth wheels and especially some of the smallest travel trailers on the market today. 

Not only does an RV kayak rack save your interior storage word exterior pass-through storage from getting taken up, but it’s also ideal for keeping your RV clean. Most RV kayak racks are attached to the exterior of your RV and will keep any dirt or debris out of your way.

Perfect For Bringing Along Your Kayaks

If you are an avid kayak user, you no doubt know the value of bringing along your kayaks, especially on camping trips. Even if you are new to kayaking, having the ability to easily pack your toy means you are more likely to bring it with you.

Purchasing an RV kayak rack means that you are investing in your hobby and recreational time. Whether you are packing a kayak for yourself and your significant other or plan on using a kayak during your solo travel trailer journey , you won’t have to worry about your kayaks.

More People Can Travel With You

If you normally pack your kayak in valuable RV underbelly storage compartments for even in your tow vehicle, purchasing a kayak rack may give you more space to bring more guests along with you on your travels.

While bringing a kayak for each member of your family of 5 can be too many kayaks for any rack to handle, even just securing one or two to the outside of your rig can make a world of difference with your storage!

Even allowing for more luggage space or space for food and other supplies can be a huge perk when you consider that your kayak will be packed on the roof or side of your travel trailer or RV. Storage matters, especially when you want to bring more friends along!

Safe And Secure Way Of Transporting Your Kayaks

Not only will securing your kayaks out of the way give you more storage space, but chances are it is a much safer and more secure way of bringing your kayaks along with you. 

If you have always used tie-downs or bungee cords to attach your kayaks to your tow vehicle’s roof or elsewhere, you may enjoy the peace of mind that a proper kayak rack can give you. You won’t have to worry about anything coming undone or falling off!

While attaching your kayak yourself using only a few tie-downs and accessories can be much more affordable, purchasing a kayak rack is one of the only ways to secure your gear in a way that is safe for both the kayak and the RV. 

Protects Your RV Exterior

Kayak racks are designed to keep your gear from denting or otherwise damaging your RV exterior. They are positioned far enough away so that the gear you place in the rack doesn’t crash into the rig while you are driving. 

It can be risky to tie down or otherwise attach a kayak to any other part of your RV or tow vehicle. Your RVs exterior, while ugly , is a delicate thing. It is much easier than you think to scratch, dent, or permanently damage it.

Protecting your RV’s exterior should be a priority for you, no matter the age of your rig. Your aluminum or fiberglass walls are key to keeping out pests, rain, and more.

Alternatives To An RV Kayak Rack

If you are thinking that an RV kayak rack is too expensive for your existing budget, you may consider an alternative method for bringing your kayak along with you. However, keep in mind that you risk damaging your RV or kayak if you don’t do this successfully.

Here are a few possible solutions to consider instead of purchasing an RV kayak rack.

There are many different types of tie-downs, ratchets, and bungee cords that you could use to tie your kayak to either your tow vehicle or RV. Keep in mind that, just like it is important to only cover your RV properly , you run the risk of damaging your RV with these types of tie-downs. 

However, many RVers find great success in attaching their kayaks in their own, more affordable way. Bungee cords and tarps are much less expensive than kayak racks, and it isn’t very difficult to get things secure for a long drive.

You could also consider attaching your kayak to your RV roof ladder, should you have one permanently installed on the back of your rig. Again, this isn’t ideal for the life of your ladder, as some RVers report it getting damaged in the process. 

Bed Of Truck

If your tow vehicle happens to be a pickup truck, you may consider storing your kayak in the bed of that truck. There’s usually a space for a kayak to rest in a truck bed, depending on the make and model of your truck.

However, many RVers are already using their truck beds as storage or have shorter beds that don’t allow for kayaks to fit. This may not work for your particular situation, especially if you already have a truck bed full of cargo. 

Have you heard of a special type of travel trailer called a toy hauler? These towable rigs are perfect for bringing along your kayaks, ATVs, and much more.

Through unique modular furniture and RV slide-outs, toy haulers are designed as empty garages on wheels. They still have bathrooms and kitchens inside, but the bulk of the living space remains barren so that you can fit your recreational toys inside.

Toy haulers are useful given that they have hooks and tie-down options inside. If you aren’t bringing too many other things, you can easily set up your kayaks inside of your toy hauler and bring them with you with no issue. 

If you haven’t purchased an RV yet and are considering which one may be right for you, I highly recommend checking out our list of some of the best small and lightweight toy haulers by clicking here .

Final Thoughts

Finding an RV kayak rack doesn’t have to be a chore. Whether you have a kayak just for you or a kayak for each member of your family, there are RV rack options that can work for you. Camping is a time of adventure, so be sure to bring the kayak along with you!

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Goin’ Paddling – The Best RV Kayak Rack Options and Accessories

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Traveling by RV gives you access to the world’s best vistas and hikes–as well as enticing bodies of water. After all, most of the earth is covered by water. It would be a shame to miss out on all of those exploration options. If you want to bring your kayak along for the ride and enjoy paddling into the sunset, you’ll need an RV kayak rack to transport it securely. 

Here’s a look at the best ways to carry a kayak on all sorts of RVs and trucks, and the best products to do it.

kayak rack for RV

Buyer’s Guide – Everything You Need to Know About RV Kayak Racks

Things to consider when buying an rv kayak rack, compatibility.

The first thing to consider is where the kayaks will fit best and be the most aerodynamic. A streamlined location will help you with your gas mileage. If you want to place your kayaks on the roof, consider highway bridge clearance and how much trouble it’s going to be to get your kayaks on and off the roof. 

If you plan on using a vertical mount, you’ll want to consider road clearance in addition to bridge clearance. Also, if you tow a trailer and want to use hitch-mounted camper kayak racks at the same time, you’ll have to get an adapter. 

If you want to use a roof rack on your camper, tow vehicle, or car, make sure your roof rack is compatible with your chosen mounting accessories. 

If you already own a kayak, make sure the RV kayak racks and the mounting method you choose will be compatible. For example, an ultra-long touring kayak can’t be used with vertical RV kayak racks. If you need to carry multiple kayaks, make sure to consider this from the start. Most camper kayak racks can carry up to two kayaks or paddle boards, but seldom more.

Rack Capacity

If you already own a kayak, make sure you buy a rack that can handle your kayak’s weight. If you plan on hauling two kayaks, the capacity rating is even more important. 

Many RV owners want to carry other items in addition to their kayaks. For example, if you want to add bikes or paddle boards to your rack, make sure your rack can be configured properly and handle the weight. 

Overall Size

Consider how the size of your RV might change with the addition of a RV kayak rack. If you carry your kayaks on an RV roof rack, your rig will be taller. If your kayaks are longer than your RV, consider how that impacts your RV’s size and maneuverability. For example, if you need to back into a site or closely maneuver to get the perfect electric or sewer hook-up, you might not want the extra length to consider. 

The same principle applies if you have a vertically mounted kayak. If the vertically mounted kayak extends above your roofline, consider how tall you are and re-calculate your bridge height. These camper kayak racks limit you to smaller recreational kayaks. While a vertically mounted kayak won’t add a lot of length to your rig, it will change the length a little, and that could make a difference in smaller parking spots. 

Truck and camper kayak rack

What Makes a Good RV Kayak Rack for RV Exploration

A good kayak carrier for RV use should be durable and made from high-quality, long-lasting materials. It shouldn’t rattle or vibrate excessively. It should be adjustable or customizable to ensure the perfect fit. Finally, it should be easy to use and manage. 

Durable and Sturdy

A good RV kayak rack has to do it all. The RV kayak rack should be easy to use and easy to load. Good RV kayak racks should be durable and sturdy so it doesn’t fall apart on the road. It should be made with high-quality materials such as powder-coated stainless steel. A good kayak rack protects your kayak and delivers it safely to your destination. 

Always keep in mind that your roof rack or RV kayak rack carrier does a lot more than just hold the weight of your kayaks and gear. It also supports that weight plus the force of the wind resistance on those items, which is considerable. And don’t forget the forces put on the rack when you need to slam on the brakes suddenly. In other words, a roof rack is not a part of your rig where you want to cut corners, use poor fitting parts, or fail to put the money towards reputable brands and designs.

Rattle and Vibration Free

A great RV kayak rack is rattle-free and vibration-free so that you can enjoy your road and camping trips. If you have to listen to an annoying rattle for eight hours at a time, you won’t arrive at your campsite relaxed and ready to paddle.  

Adjustability and Fit

Look for an RV kayak rack that is adjustable or customizable so that it will perfectly fit your vehicle and your kayaks. When traveling long distances at highway speeds, you want to make sure your kayaks are well-secured and protected from damage. 

An RV kayak rack should be easy to use. If you dread unloading and re-loading your kayaks, you’ll use your kayaks less. If you can easily and quickly secure your kayak, you’ll get a lot more use out of it. Even high rooftops can be manageable with accessories like a roller loader or load-assist device. 


Once you’ve paid for your RV, upgrades, kayaks, RV kayak racks, and kayak rack accessories, it might feel that your simple lifestyle is complicated and costly. However, there are several budget-friendly camper kayak racks that are simple and will do the job. 

In addition, there are budget-friendly accessories to help you get the most out of your RV kayak rack. For example, if you love the idea of a load-assist device but don’t want to blow your budget, you can get a simple boat-roller for a fraction of the cost of a full-option load-assist rack. 

Common Problems with RV Kayak Racks

Noise issues are often the biggest complaint with RV kayak racks. Loose straps, poor construction, and wind noise can make life with an RV kayak rack annoying. In addition, buyers should make sure their rack features quality construction and components.

Vibration and Rattling

One of the most common kayak rack issues is vibration and rattling noises. For example, if a strap is not secured properly, it might constantly hit the vehicle’s roof. Some vibration and rattling noises are user-error and can be easily fixed. Other noises are due to poor construction. Carefully read the rack’s reviews to see if your choice has known vibration issues. 

Wind noise is another common issue. Instead of cleanly traveling over the roof, a kayak rack disrupts air movement. At highway speeds, the wind noise can create a real distraction. Some RV kayak racks have aerodynamic features to reduce wind noise.

Corrosion and Poor Construction

RV life can be tough on equipment. Driving cross-country can quickly wear down parts and hardware. Salt air, rain, UV rays, and other environmental factors can damage poor-quality RV kayak racks. Look for camper kayak racks made from solid materials like stainless steel and aluminum. 

The RV kayak racks that are overly complicated and feature dozens of parts are more prone to failure and damage. Look for a rack that is high quality and has fewer components.

Types of RV Kayak Carriers

There are several different types of camper kayak racks that will suit different situations. A vertical rack is a popular option for many Class A or C RV owners, but if you drive a Class B, tow a travel trailer, or tow a car, you can add a roof rack. Finally, a kayak trailer is purpose-built to haul kayaks. 

Vertical Rack

A vertical RV kayak rack mounts your kayak vertically against the back of your RV. This is a great choice if you have a Class A or fifth wheel and you don’t want to store your kayak on your RV’s roof. A vertical rack is also popular with campers and vans. A vertical rack mounts to your hitch, and it’s recommended that your receiver is frame-welded. Most vertical camper kayak racks mount to two-inch hitch receivers. 

RecPro RV Kayak Rack Vertiyak Hitch Mount Standing Kayak Carrier - Fits up to 12' Kayaks (Hitch Mount)

Ladder Mounted Kayak Rack

Ladder mounting is an inexpensive way to mount your kayaks. However, some RV owners find this method is not secure enough, especially for highway use. It’s also very inconvenient since you might want to use your ladder as a ladder. 

Rooftop Racks to Carry Kayaks

Rooftop racks are popular with cars and lower-profile vehicles; however, they also work well with smaller RVs and campers. If you are towing your RV, you might consider mounting your kayaks on your SUV or truck. Many RV owners that travel extensively tow a car or SUV. You might find it works well to add a kayak roof rack to your car. 

Smaller campers, vans and Class C RVs can also use roof racks. Several manufacturers offer load-assist racks to bring the rack to waist-level for easy loading. You can then push the rack on top of your vehicle. 

Thule Hullavator Pro Rooftop Kayak Carrier

Truck Mounted Racks

You can also add a kayak rack to your pickup truck. This is a great way to easily carry your kayak while conserving space in your truck bed for other items. You’ll need to add a crossbar to your truck’s cab and get an aft mounting rack to handle your kayak. 

Thule TracRac TracOne Truck Rack (Black)

Kayak Trailer

A kayak trailer is ideal if you own several kayaks. Most kayak trailers can be customized to haul all your toys, including kayaks, paddle boards, surfboards, and bikes. A kayak trailer provides the easiest loading and unloading experience. 

Malone LowMax 2-Boat Bunk Kayak Trailer Package

RV life can be tough, so it’s always a good idea to buy equipment that can stand up to life on the road. For example, the best RV kayak racks have corrosion-resistant parts that will last longer and require less maintenance. 

Look for a rack that comes with padding to help protect your kayaks against jostling and road vibrations. In addition, you might want to look for a rack that has cradles to give your kayak support and keep it perfectly in place. 

Kayak Rack Strength

Look for a kayak rack that has a high weight capacity. Even if your kayaks aren’t heavy, the beefier the rack, the stronger it is. A stronger rack will manage the hardships of the road better. 

Best Kayak Rack Brands

Yakima and Thule are well-known kayak rack brands that usually cater to cars, SUVs, and trucks. These brands will work well for rooftop users. Yakups is an RV-specific brand that focuses on customizing vertical racks to suit your kayaks and RV. 

Yakups is one of the best RV kayak rack brands. This veteran-owned company manufactures RV-specific kayak racks in the USA. Each Yakups rack has a five-year warranty. 

Yakups focuses on quality and durability. Each rack is made to order so you can be sure the rack will perfectly accommodate your kayaks. 

Yakups makes camper kayak racks for kayaks as well as combo racks that can hold kayaks and bikes. Each Yakups rack has stainless steel guards to protect your watercraft from road damage. In addition, each rack is wobble and rattle-free so it won’t drive you crazy! 

Thule is a well-known kayak rack brand. Thule focuses on camper kayak racks that are easy to load and unload while providing safe transportation. 

Thule offers many different rack options, and you can choose from vertical or horizontal carrying positions. The company is a market leader in all sorts of aftermarket cargo solutions, including bike, ski, snowboard, and cargo carriers .

Thule operates the Thule Test Center where they put their camper kayak racks to the test. Each rack design is exposed to extreme temperatures, UV rays, chemicals, crash tests, and wear and tear. You can be confident that a Thule rack can stand up to the rigors of the road. 

Thule’s biggest competitor is Yakima. Yakima is based in the Pacific Northwest and is committed to getting people outdoors. Their camper kayak racks are well-known and hard-wearing. Yakima offers kayak racks, RV bike racks , truck racks, and hitch racks. 

Yakima offers a great fit guide so you can easily find the best rack for your vehicle. In addition, they offer a wide range of accessories, such as saddles and locks. 

kayaking is a fun part of exploring by RV

Best Roof Kayak Racks for Campers and RVs

There are hundreds of camper kayak racks out there, but not all of them are suitable for the RV lifestyle. Use our research to find the best kayak rack for travel trailer use, camper use, and RV use. You’ll be exploring the country’s best streams, rivers, lakes, and even oceans in no time. 

Best Kayak Rack for Camper or Small RV

If you have a camper van or a Class C RV, you might consider a roof rack on your camper. You should be able to manage to get the kayak on and off your camper’s roof, and the new height usually won’t be restrictive. 

In addition, several manufacturers have innovative camper kayak racks that allow you to load your kayak at waist level and pivot the loaded rack to your camper’s rooftop. If you struggle to reach your roof, you can get a tire step and get the extra height you need. 

Yakima ShowDown Load-Assist Kayak Rack

The Yakima ShowDown is a camper owner’s dream come true. This mount will take the workout away from loading and unloading your kayak. 

The ShowDown tilts 26 inches lower than the roof rack and offers up to 45 percent weight assistance. Instead of wrangling your kayak on top of your camper, you can load the kayak at an easier-to-manage angle and height. You can load your kayak at waist level and use the slide and tilt mechanism to get your kayak to your camper’s rooftop. 

The mount can hold one kayak or two paddle boards with a combined weight of up to 80 pounds. The mounting hardware will fit most roof racks with a crossbar spread of at least 24 inches. 

The ShowDown has felt-covered cradles that protect your watercraft and provide secure transport.

Tie-down straps are included, and this Yakima rack is compatible with SKS Lock Cores for added security. The mount will fold down flat when not in use. 

Yakima ShowDown Load-Assist Kayak Mount Product Tour

  • Super easy loading and unloading
  • Universal mounting hardware
  • SKS lockable
  • Felt covered handles
  • Can only handle one kayak
  • Item Weight: 21 pounds 
  • Max Kayak Weight: 80 pounds 
  • Features: Load your kayak at a manageable height and angle

travel trailer kayak carrier

  • Take it easy: ShowDown tilts down 26 from roof rack height and provides 30-45 percent weight assistance, making it a breeze to load and unload kayaks and boards

Prices pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:

Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on [relevant Amazon Site(s), as applicable] at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

Thule Hullavator Pro Rooftop Kayak Carrier

The Thule Hullavator offers easy loading and unloading solution and is an ideal camper kayak rack. The Hullavator works great for campers, single-handed loading, or just to make life a little easier. If you have two kayaks, you can buy two Hullavators and use one on each side of your vehicle. 

The Thule Hullavator can accommodate watercraft up to 36 inches wide. The rack pivots and lowers 40 inches to waist level so you can easily load your kayak at a manageable level. 

The rack’s gas-assisted struts take the kayak’s weight so you don’t have to. The Hullavator has a corrosion-resistant base and protective padding. In addition, you can use Thule’s one-key lock system to secure your rack and kayaks. 

  • Easy loading and unloading
  • Can mount two Hullavators on one vehicle
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Item Weight: 40 pounds 
  • Max Kayak Weight: 75 pounds 
  • Features: Easy loading and unloading at waist-height 

travel trailer kayak carrier

  • Lift-assist kayak rack designed to easily load and unload on your own

Malone Downloader J-Style Car Rack

The Malone Downloader J-Style Car Rack is low-profile and simple. It works with the Telos Load Assist (sold separately) so you can easily get your kayaks onto your camper’s roof. 

The Malone Downloader carries one kayak vertically and folds down when not in use. You can buy two Downloaders and mount them both to store two kayaks on your rooftop. 

The Downloader has a boarding ramp for easy loading and has padding to protect your kayak. The mounting hardware fits most factory crossbars. The Telos Load Assist will help you load your kayak at waist level and raise it so it can be loaded onto the Downloader. Check out the Load Assist in our accessories section. 

  • Low-profile
  • Easy installation
  • Has some air noise when folded down
  • Item Weight: 10 pounds 
  • Max Kayak Weight: 75 pounds
  • Features: Works with the Load Assist lifter device 

travel trailer kayak carrier

  • J-style kayak carrier with built-in boarding ramp for easy loading

Best Kayak Racks for Large RVs – Vertical Kayak Rack Options

Owners of large RVs often favor vertical kayak racks. Mounting a roof rack and managing kayaks on a Class A’s roof will be cumbersome and challenging. In addition, adding a roof rack to the top of a large RV might cause issues with overhead clearance. 

Vertical racks offer a streamlined, easy-to-manage way to carry your kayaks, bikes, and other cargo items. 

RecPro RV Kayak Rack Vertiyak Hitch Mount Standing Kayak Carrier

The Vertiyak is one of the most popular and affordable travel trailer kayak rack options. It can accommodate paddle boards and kayaks up to 12 feet in length. The rack attaches to a two-inch hitch receiver. It can carry two kayaks and handle up to 150 pounds. 

The Vertiyak includes an anti-rattle device for distraction-free driving. The rack also comes with ratchet straps so you won’t need to buy any extra equipment to get on the road. 

The lower cradle can be adjusted to accommodate three different mounting heights. To use the Vertiyak, one of your kayak’s ends must fit into the 11.5 by 17-inch lower hoop. The metal arms at the top don’t adjust. 

Before setting off, make sure that your kayak won’t scrape any bumps in the road or snag any overhead obstacles. The Vertiyak works great with shorter kayaks. 

  • Vertical mount makes for efficient, gas-saving travel.
  • Inexpensive
  • Simple to Use
  • No ground clearance protection 
  • Item Weight: 46 pounds
  • Max Kayak Weight: 150 pounds
  • Features: Anti-rattle device 

travel trailer kayak carrier

  • For kayaks and paddleboards up to 12 ft in length

Yakups KR2B56 – Vertical Rack for Kayaks Up to 32 Inches Wide

The Yakups KR2B56 is a durable vertical rack that can accommodate other toys in addition to your kayaks. It can fit kayaks up to 32 inches wide and at least 6.5 feet long. If you want to carry bikes, a separate bike adapter is available. You’ll be able to carry two kayaks and two bikes with the additional adapter. 

This Yakups model features a heavy-duty double powder-coated steel frame. It also has stainless steel guards to protect your kayaks from road damage. The rack comes with everything you need, including stainless hardware, cables, clamping block, straps, and padlocks. 

The wide rack doesn’t block your rearview camera, so you can still back up with confidence. 

  • Made in the USA
  • Solid, heavy-duty construction
  • Can carry bikes in addition to two kayaks
  • Stainless steel shields to protect from road damage
  • Doesn’t block the rearview camera
  • The bike rack is not included and must be purchased separately
  • Item Weight: 90 lbs plus an additional 18 lbs for the bike rack
  • Fits in a two-inch frame-mounted hitch receiver
  • Can be used with a swing-out adapter

Visit the Yakups website for more details – KR2B56 FIFTH WHEEL & Motorhome Rack

Yakups OKR2B56 – Vertical Rack for Watercraft Up to 36 inches Wide

This Yakups rack works with wider kayaks. While Yakups’ other racks only accommodate kayaks up to 32 inches wide, this version can handle kayaks and paddle boards up to 36 inches wide. 

This wide rack also works with Yakups’ optional bike rack, so you can store your bikes in the middle of the rack with the kayaks or paddle boards on each side of the bikes. The bike rack can accommodate regular or electric bikes. However, this model won’t work with a swing-out hitch receiver.  

Visit the Yakups website for more details – OKR2B56 RV FIFTH WHEEL / MOTORHOME / VAN RACK FITS WATERCRAFTS UP TO 36″ WIDE

Yakups KR2B56S Vertical Rack for Four Kayaks or Boards

Like the other Yakups products, this vertical kayak rack is heavy-duty and built to last. In addition, it features a stainless steel powder-coated construction.  

This vertical rack can carry up to four kayaks or paddle boards and is perfect for families who love to paddle together. The rack can carry up to eight surfboards if you love to surf. 

This rack can handle boards or kayaks up to 32″ wide. Two of your watercraft must be at least 6′ 4″ long. Yakups will customize the rack to suit your exact specifications. 

  • All hardware and straps are included
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel construction
  • Steel guards protect against road damage
  • Can transport four watercraft
  • Item Weight: 90 lbs
  • Features: Carries four kayaks

Visit the Yakups website for more details – KR2B56S RV VERTICAL RACKS FOR UP TO FOUR KAYAKS

Best Kayak Rack for Car-Top

Yakima jaylow, j-style fold down rooftop kayak carrier.

If you are using an SUV to tow your small camper, or you are towing your car, a rooftop kayak rack is an easy and affordable solution.

The JayLow can fit one or two kayaks and offers streamlined, easy-to-use functionality. The rack can fit one 80-pound kayak in the J-cradle position or two 55-pound kayaks in the vertical, stacked position. 

The JayLow kayak rack requires a minimum 24″ inch crossbar spread and is compatible with most crossbars. 

The rack includes heavy-duty straps, bow and stern tie-downs, and all the hardware needed to install the rack. The integrated cam lever means you can easily adjust the upright position. The rack folds flat when not in use for reduced drag and better clearance. 

You can use the rack with a Yakima SKS locking system for theft protection. 

  • Lightweight
  • You may have to get an adapter if you have rounded or elliptical crossbars
  • Item Weight: 11 pounds 
  • Max Kayak Weight:  80 to 110 pounds
  • Features: High weight capacity and works with Yakima SKS locking system

travel trailer kayak carrier

  • Carry up to 2 kayaks: Fits 1 kayak in J-cradle position (up to 80 lbs.) or 2 kayaks in a vertical, stacked position (up to 110 lbs. combined)

Thule Compass Kayak Carrier

This Thule Compass Kayak Carrier can accommodate one or two kayaks or paddleboards. It will handle one kayak in J-style or saddle configuration and two kayaks in the stacker configuration. 

The rack can accommodate kayaks up to 36 inches wide. It folds down flat when not in use for better aerodynamics. 

The padded rubber saddles offer great protection to your kayaks and provide a quiet, vibration-free and rattle-free ride. The rack comes with loading straps and bow and stern tie-downs so you can snugly tie your kayaks. The strap buckles have a rubber guard which helps protect your car and kayaks against buckle damage. 

The kayak carrier will fit any factory crossbars. The rack has a StrapCatch feature so you can easily load and unload your kayaks, even if you are by yourself. 

  • Tool-free, quick installation
  • Comes with all straps
  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Installation screws are not theft-proof 
  • Item Weight: 20 pounds
  • Max Kayak Weight: 130 pounds
  • Features: Rubber saddles, folds down when not in use

travel trailer kayak carrier

  • Versatile water sport carrier that can transport kayaks or stand up paddleboards

Thule 830 Stacker Kayak Rack

This Thule model is very simple; however, it is only compatible with Thule roof racks and crossbars. So if you have a factory roof rack or different brand crossbars, it won’t work for you.

The Thule Stacker is super lightweight and won’t weigh your car down. Its design focuses on quick loading and unloading. The Thule Stacker can carry several kayaks at once. The carrier only comes with straps for one kayak, so you might need to buy additional straps. 

The Thule Stacker folds down when you aren’t using it and features a scratch-resistant coating so you won’t bang up your car. 

  • Simple design
  • Low overall kayak weight
  • Only works with Thule brand racks and crossbars
  • Item Weight: 7.1 pounds
  • Features: Easy load and unload

travel trailer kayak carrier

  • Fold-down steel design with non-scratch outer coating

Best Truck Kayak Rack

Thule 997 hitch mount truck adapter.

If you use a truck to tow your RV , or you use your RV to tow your truck, a truck adapter might work well for you. The Thule Hitch Mount Adapter allows you to use your truck’s bed for storage while mounting the kayak horizontally above the truck’s bed. 

The Thule Adapter can carry two kayaks at a time. The Thule adapter features an anti-sway design. The telescoping mast assembly adjusts from 46 inches to 67 inches to fit different truck cab heights.

You’ll have to use a hitch receiver adapter and a cab crossbar to use this rack while towing your trailer. In addition, you might want to consider a hydro-glide or saddles to help your kayak sit comfortably. 

The Thule adapter has a durable plastic coating to help protect your kayak. In addition, it has two vertical load stop attachments that give it its goalpost look. 

  • Easy to install and use
  • Great for trucks
  • Requires an adapter to tow a trailer at the same time
  • Requires a cab roof crossbar
  • Item Weight: 24.9 pounds 
  • Max Kayak Weight: 165 pounds
  • Features: Connects to a two-inch hitch receiver 

travel trailer kayak carrier

  • Adjustable watersport carrier uses 2 inch truck hitch receivers to haul canoes, kayaks, paddleboards and more

Best Kayak Trailer for RVs

A kayak trailer is a great idea if you have several kayaks and don’t want to load and unload them onto a roof or don’t want to use a vertical carrier. If you have extra long kayaks, a vertical rack might make your overall rig too tall. 

A kayak trailer offers a simple way to transport your kayaks and doesn’t involve the strenuous loading and unloading work that some racks require.

Right On Multi-Sport Multi-Rack Kayak Trailer

This Right On trailer has two levels so you can customize what gear you carry. It can fit up to six kayaks or a mix of kayaks, bikes, paddleboards, and storage bins. 

You can attach your kayaks directly to the trailer’s crossbars or buy a set of J-bars. The trailer can handle longer kayaks easily without worrying about clearance issues. 

  • Can manage long kayaks
  • Can haul a mix of kayaks, bikes, and gear
  • You’ll have to buy separate cradles and racks for your kayaks and bikes
  • Coated metal isn’t as durable as stainless steel 
  • Item Weight: 200 pounds 
  • Max Kayak Weight: 300 pounds 
  • Features: multi-rack, multi-use

travel trailer kayak carrier

  • Add custom text here

Kayak Rack Accessories

If you need a little help loading your kayak or keeping it secure, there’s a solution for that! Our favorite kayak accessories make loading and unloading your kayak easier. Check out a Load Assistant or Boat Roller to help you load your kayak onto a roof. Grab a step-up to reach your roof rack. 

If you can’t stand the wind noise your rack makes, invest in a fairing to reduce drag. Check out Thule and Yakima locking systems to keep your kayak and rack secure. Our favorite accessories will get you out on the water with a smile on your face! 

Yakima SKS Locking System

SKS means “same key system.” Yakima’s SKS enables you to lock all your Yakima products with just one key. This system is awesome for securing your kayaks and rack while you paddle, while your RV is in a parking lot, or anytime you want security and theft protection.  

  • You only need one key for all your Yakima locks

travel trailer kayak carrier

  • PROTECT YOUR GEAR: Get peace of mind by locking up your gear with the SKS Lock Cores

Thule’s One-Key Lock Cylinders

If you have a Thule roof rack, you’ll want to check out Thule’s locking system. You can buy several Thule locks and use just one key to unlock them all. The grip-friendly comfort key makes it easy to use. 

  • One key to ruling them all

travel trailer kayak carrier

  • Country Of Origin : Belgium

Yakima WindShield Fairing

The Yakima WindShield Fairing attaches to your roof rack’s bar to reduce wind noise. The fairing deflects the wind over the rack to dampen wind noise and reduce drag.

The fairing comes in four different sizes to fit most vehicles. The stainless steel fairing is heavy-duty and will stand up to the rigors of the road. 

The fairing has both inner and outer clips for an outstanding hold. The fairing weighs two pounds and is easy to install. 

  • Reduces wind noise
  • Can be tricky to install on round crossbars

travel trailer kayak carrier

  • COMPATIBLE: Universal mounting attachment works with any Yakima bar - StreamLine or round; Fits square bars and most factory bars

Yakima – BackSwing Bike Rack Hitch Extension

A hitch swing means you can swing out your hitch-mounted vertical kayak rack to access your RV’s back door. This hitch swing works with a two-inch hitch receiver and is easy to install. A hitch swing can be used with Yakups Model KR2B56 kayak and bike rack. 

The hitch swing attachment swings 90 degrees and then locks in place with a release lever. While underway, it’s securely locked with a safety latch. You can use Yakima’s Same Key System (SKS) to secure the rack against theft. 

 It weighs 35.5 pounds and can handle 250 pounds (gear plus rack). If you are using this with a vertical rack that weighs 108 pounds, a bike rack that weighs ten pounds, and you are carrying several bikes and kayaks, your rack will be approaching or exceeding the hitch swing’s limit. Be sure to measure and weigh your rack and items carefully so you don’t overload the device. 

  • Gives easy access to your RV
  • Easy to accidentally overload

travel trailer kayak carrier

  • Swing adapter for your hitch: A bike rack hitch extension that simply converts most 2-inch hitch products to a swing-away rack; 250 lb maximum load capacity (rack plus gear)

Wilco Hitchswing

The Wilco Hitchswing is another hitch swing mechanism that allows you to swing out your vertically mounted kayak rack and access the back of your vehicle. The Wilco hitch swing is heavy-duty and proudly made in America. A hitch swing can be used with Yakups Model KR2B56 kayak and bike rack. 

The swing’s weight limit depends on how far away your kayaks are mounted from the hitch receiver. If they are between one and three feet away, the swing can handle up to 300 pounds. If your kayaks are between four and six feet away, the swing can only handle 150 pounds. The swing itself weighs 42 pounds. 

  • Easy access
  • Interferes with your backup camera

travel trailer kayak carrier

  • The hitch swing makes the back of your vehicle a freely accessed area once again

Optional Bike Rack Attachment for Yakups models

If you are buying a Yakups vertical rack to store your kayaks, you may be interested in adding the bike attachment. The bike attachment will add bike racks to vertically store two bikes in between your kayaks. All options include stainless steel bolts with nylock nuts that won’t vibrate loose. In addition, the bikes sit in stainless steel holders to protect them from road damage.

As with all Yakups equipment, the bike rack is made in America with high-quality stainless steel. 

There are several options available to get the perfect fit for your bikes. Option 1 holds bikes up to 75 inches long with tires up to 2 3/8 inches wide. Option 2 is a tandem bike attachment for two bikes up to 95 inches long. Finally, option 3 can accommodate bikes with fat tires that are four or four-and-a-half inches long. 

  • Easy bike storage solution
  • Quality construction and hardware

Visit the Yakups website for details – STANDARD BICYCLE RACK ATTACHMENT FOR RV RACKS

Seattle Sports Sherpak Boat Roller Load Assist

If you are using a roof-mounted rack and need a little help to get your kayaks on and off the roof, this neat roller bar can help.

The Sherpak Boat Roller has heavy-duty suction cups that you can mount wherever works best for your vehicle and rack setup. It can be mounted on a window, on your car’s roof, or on the back of your SUV. Some kayakers buy two rollers and mount one to the vehicle’s windshield and one to its hood for super-easy loading onto their rack.

The suction cup rollers are temporarily mounted, and you can then slide your kayak over the rollers and onto your roof rack. These rollers are economical, easy to install and uninstall, space-conscious, and easy to store. The roller system works well with racks that feature foam blocks or cradles.

  • Easy to use
  • Needs a clean, flat surface to suction to 

travel trailer kayak carrier

  • VERSATILE - Use to Mount Kayaks and Canoes on Most Vehicles Using the Suction Cups on Car Tops or Glass with 2 Different Mounting Angles

Malone TelosXL Load Assistant

The Malone Load Assistant works with the Malone Downloader or SeaWing kayak rack. This unique lift assist device isn’t permanently installed; instead, you temporarily attach the Load Assistant to your rack. The Load Assistant has two arms that reach out and rest on the ground, giving you a sturdy platform.

You’ll place the kayak on the arms and use the ratcheting system to vertically raise your kayak to the roof rack’s height. Next, you can detach the Load Assistant and use it on the camper’s other side if you have another kayak to lift. You can then store the Load Assistant in your trunk for easy storage. 

The Load Assistant has adjustable bottom extensions and self-locking vertical ratchets. The fully padded cradles protect the kayak as you load it. The device can handle a kayak up to 75 pounds. 

  • Can use one loader for two kayaks
  • Less expensive than other lifter options 
  • Lifting the kayak from the rack onto the loader is cumbersome 

travel trailer kayak carrier

  • temporarily attaches to Malone J-style carriers (DownLoader - J-Loader - AutoLoader) and the SeaWing V-style carriers and provides a safe way to vertically raise the kayak into a position where it can easily be loaded into the carriers.

Powerbuilt Heavy Duty Tire Step

If you’re loading a kayak onto your car, truck, or RV rooftop, a step up can elevate your life. There’s no need to dream about being ten feet tall; you can just use a tire step to reach your roof rack and make life a little easier to manage.

Slip the step over your tire, and then easily reach your kayak rack. This step has a metal cheesegrater-style surface with anti-slip tape so you can securely use it in any condition.

When you are finished, the step folds flat and can be stored behind a seat or out of the way. 

The Powerbuilt tire step fits any tire up to 13 inches deep and carries 300 pounds of weight. Rubber bumpers protect your tires. 

  • Rubber bumpers sometimes fall off 

travel trailer kayak carrier

  • Reach Higher: Step On Up With This Sturdy Secure Step. Slip It Over Your Vehicle Tire, Then Reach Your Roof Rack, Engine Bay, Truck Box, Lumber Rack, Luggage And Bike Without Overreaching

Make the Most of Your Water World

Since most of the world is covered by water, it makes sense to bring your water toys along for the ride. Kayaks open up a world of beauty and offer a whole new perspective of favorite locations. 

RV owners have many choices on how to transport and store their kayaks in the easiest, most efficient, safest manner. While managing kayaks might seem overwhelming at first, there is a myriad of racks and accessories available to make loading and unloading your kayaks a breeze. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do you store a kayak on an rv, related articles:.

travel trailer kayak carrier

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travel trailer kayak carrier


  • Kayak Racks

RV Kayak Rack Vertiyak Hitch Mount Standing Kayak Carrier - Fits up to 12' Kayaks

RV Kayak Rack Vertiyak Hitch Mount Standing Kayak Carrier - Fits up to 12' Kayaks

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travel trailer kayak carrier

Kayaks and paddleboards add so much fun to a water vacation. From long journeys through rivers to a relaxing fishing trip, kayaking expands your vacationing ability into new and exciting waters. The question then becomes how to get it there. If you have the gear ready but are struggling to find a way to transport it, then look no further. This RV Kayak and Paddleboard rack is the perfect solution.

Measuring 66” high by 40” deep by 37” wide at the top and 20” wide at the bottom, the main beam and upper section are constructed of 14-gauge steel and the lower cradle is constructed of 11 gauge steel. It is powder-coated black to keep the color through movement and use. When in use, this is a vertical hitch mount. When you are not using it, you can fold it up to the side of your RV, up and out of the way. You can also remove it from the hitch receiver. Made in America, it’s durable, efficient, and sure to last you through many adventures.

RV Kayak Rack

This kayak rack is designed for kayaks and paddleboards up to 12 feet in length. It mounts to a 2” hitch receiver and works best with frame-welded receivers. It can store up to 2 kayaks/paddleboards and each kayak or paddleboard must have an end that can fit within the lower cradle, which is a 11 ½” by 17” hoop. This lower cradle hoop has holes for 3 different mounting heights. Altogether, the kayak rack weighs 46 pounds and can carry up to 150 pounds.


When placing the kayaks into the rack and adjusting the lower cradle, make sure there is adequate room between the kayak bottom and the ground in order to avoid ground scrape. Also be aware of overhead obstacles and the height of the kayaks (bridges, limbs, etc.). Always secure the kayaks with 2 ratcheting straps and use foam padding such as pool noodles around the lower cradle to further protect the kayaks and lower cradle. There are options for both of these securing mechanisms as well as for an anti-rattle device if your setup should require it.

RV Kayak Rack

Have any questions? Contact us online or call our friendly Customer Care team today!


  • RV Kayak and Paddleboard Rack
  • Dimensions: 66”H x 40”D x 37”W (top) 20”W (bottom)
  • Main beam and upper section: 14-gauge steel, 1/16” thickness
  • Lower cradle: 11-gauge steel, 1/8” thickness
  • Hitch: 2”
  • Includes anti-rattle hitch tightener
  • Powder-coated black
  • Vertical hitch mount kayak carrier
  • For kayaks and paddleboards up to 12 ft in length
  • Mounts to a 2” hitch receiver (frame-welded receiver recommended)
  • Can be mounted to a bumper with an RV bumper hitch
  • Can store up to 2 kayaks/paddleboards
  • One end of each kayak must fit within a 11 ½” by 17” lower hoop
  • Kayak rack weight: 46 pounds
  • Can carry up to 150 pounds
  • Lower cradle hoop has holes for 3 different mounting heights
  • Once installed, be sure of adequate clearance between your kayak and the ground to prevent ground scrape
  • Always be aware of overhead obstacles (low bridges, limbs, etc.)
  • Always secure kayaks or paddle boards with 2 ratcheting straps at strap loops
  • Foam padding can be used on lower hoop to protect rack and kayak finish
  • Includes ratchet straps and pool noodles for installation, color can vary from picture shown
  • Folds up/flat and out of the way during storage
  • Made in USA
  • Pool noodles (2, assorted colors), zip ties and tie down straps do not come attached
  • *Patent Pending

RV Kayak Rack

Camper Grid

How To Carry a Kayak On an RV (6 Common Ways)

How To Carry a Kayak On an RV (6 Common Ways)


G. Yoganand

When it comes to adventures, camping and kayaking go hand in hand. Kayaks are a good way to make your camping exciting and memorable.

However, as a new RVers you may have this question, “how to carry the Kayak on RV”.

It is possible to carry kayak on an RV. However, you need to check if your camper is capable of carrying that extra weight. Since a kayak would be placed on the exterior of the RV, it is essential that it is secured properly and wont pose any risk while traveling.

Fortunately, there are different options designed to help you carry a kayak safely on your travel trailer. These options offer convenient carrying, loading, and unloading of your kayak.

Carrying Kayak On RV

Normally, kayaks aren’t that heavy. On average they weigh around 20-100 pounds. Fishing kayaks are heavier with more than 120 lbs. What method you will use depends on the weight as well.

There are multiple ways to carry a kayak on an RV. The best and popular options include strapping the kayak on the ladder at the back side of the RV, on the roof using a roof rack or on a kayak trailer behind the RV.

Lets check these options in detail.

1. Transport using a Kayak Rack

Best way to easily carry your kayak on your motorhome or RV is by using racks. There are kayak racks that are specially designed to hold the kayak in the right position on your RV.

When buying kayak racks, ensure that they fit well on your trailer hitch. The advantage of using kayak racks is that they are easy to install and take off. You can use these racks to carry your kayak either at the back or on the roof of your RV.

To use kayak racks, you will need to have a hitch on your RV. For those RVs that do not have a hitch, you will need to first install the hitch to use the kayak racks. However, the biggest drawback of kayak racks is that they are expensive, but once you buy one, you can use it for a lifetime.

2. Get a Roof Mounted Rack for your RV

The third option for transporting your kayak on your RV when you go camping is to get a roof-mounted rack for your RV. Getting a rack mounted on your travel trailer or camper is easy, and you can do it yourself.

However, you should be careful to ensure you fasten it correctly. This is to ensure that your kayak stays in position even when you are traveling at high speeds.

The good thing about an RV roof rack is that you can transport other things apart from your kayak. Furthermore, the roof racks allow you to carry large items such as water containers and large luggage.

You can easily find an RV roof rack online. Most of them come with guides on how to install them based on your RV.

3. Use Kayak Trailers

travel trailer kayak carrier

If you enjoy kayaking much often, then you should consider getting a kayak trailer. Though they are a bit pricey, kayak trailers allow you to carry more than two kayaks.

Kayak trailers are convenient in terms of loading and offloading the kayak on top of your camper. Kayak trailers are ideal for people with experience in kayaking. This is because there are varieties of kayak trailers available in the market, and you should know the best option for you.

With kayak trailers, you can carry any type of kayak as you travel to your campground.

The good thing about kayak trailers is that you can buy a ready on in the market, or you can get a custom made that suits your kayak. With custom made kayak trailers, you will get the right weight, capabilities, and size that suits your kayak.

4. Carry Kayaks on the Roof of Your RV

While it is recommended that you get a roof rack to carry the kayak, you can still carry it on the roof of your vehicle. This is an affordable way since you do not need to purchase racks.

The only things you need are pool noodles to secure the kayak and protect your RV from damages.

To get started with this option, you will need to measure the length of your kayak against your RV roof. Then put the pool noodles on all the ends of the roof. The pool noodles are used in place of a regular rack.

Therefore you should position them where the rack would be placed. Then place your kayak on the pool noodles correctly and fasten the ratchet straps on each end.

To secure your kayak against falling off due to wind and speed, use as many pool noodles as possible. Also, ensure the straps are well tied.

Its easy to bring a kayak when you are traveling in a fifth wheel . One can carry a kayak on fifth wheel by placing it on the roof of the towing truck or by placing it at the back or at the top of the 5th wheel.

Although a truck can be used to carry multiple kayaks by tying them in the bed, same is not possible with fifth wheel as the bed is used by 5th wheel’s front hanging part. If you are using truck to tow a travel trailer then it is possible to use the truck bed for carrying the kayak in the truck bed. For 5th wheel you can use the top part to place the kayaks there.

Bigger class A motorhomes have big storage ad thus one may keep kayaks inside them.

Carrying kayak on a pop up camper

Most outdoor enthusiasts who go boondocking with pop up camper often carry their kayaks as well. But, it could be little difficult to do this with your small pop up.

The best way to carry a kayak on pop up camper is to place it on the roof of the camper when it is folded down. Then you have to secure the stern and bow. Its not a good idea to drill holes on the roof as it may lead to leakage even though you seal them.

For truck campers, the best place to transport canoe or kayak is roof. You can install a kayak roller/saddle and a roof bar for bringing longer kayak or canoe.

5. Carry the Kayak on the Back of Your RV

Most RVers carry their kayaks by strapping them to the ladder located at the back of the RV. This is one of the easiest options for carrying kayaks on a motorhome. You can use straps or cords and hook the kayak on the ladder.

With this option, you do not need to tie knots on the ropes, making it easier to take off the kayak from the ladder. However, you need to ensure the straps are tight to prevent the kayak from slipping off on the road.

The straps are also used to keep the kayaks in place to avoid scratching the RV. With this method, you will only be able to carry one kayak on your RV. If your RV does not have a ladder at the back, this method will not work for you.

This method of transporting kayak is best suited for class B, class C motorhomes and even towable RVs.

6. Carry Inflatable Kayaks

One of the easiest ways to carry a kayak in your RV is when it’s inflated. This is a good option for smaller RVs that do not have enough space for a kayak.

Additionally, these inflatable kayaks are lightweight, which makes them easy to transport on your RV. You can easily pack an inflatable kayak into a bag and store them in the storage space in your RV.

The best thing about inflatable kayaks is that there are various brands and models available in the market.

Best Kayak Rack s for RV

Here are some of the top kayak rack brands that you can consider.

1. Thule Compass Kayak Rack

This is one of the best kayak racks that you can get. They are highly versatile, and you can carry more than two kayaks at the same time. You can carry one kayak in J-style or two kayaks in stacker mode.

This kayak rack is made of durable stainless steel materials thick rubber saddles for maximum protection.

It comes with straps that help you to load and unload the kayak easily and faster. You do not need special tools when installing this rack on your RV.

It can accommodate kayaks with a maximum weight of 130lbs and a width of 36 inches. This kayak rack has to fold down features so that you can store it easily when not in use.

2. VertiYak Kayak Rack

travel trailer kayak carrier

If you want a budget-friendly kayak rack, you should consider this rack. With this rack, you will need a hitch on your RV to carry a kayak. This is because it carries kayaks using a hitch mount vertically. With this rack, you will be able to carry up to two full-sized kayaks on your RV.

It comes with a solid metal construction that ensures that your kayak remains in position. To use this rack, ensure that there is a clearance between the ground and the kayak.

This is because it does not come with a protective cradle for the bottom of the kayak, which may cause scarping the ground and causing damages to your kayak. The advantages of this rack are that they are lightweight, cheap, and easily folds up when not in use.

This rack can be used to transport 2 kayaks.

3. Thule 830 Stacker Kayak Rack

This is a simply designed kayak rack that you can easily load and unload from your RV. It is ideal for RVs that have a rooftop rack and crossbars. This is because you will need to tie the kayak down to the crossbars of the roof rack for support.

The best thing about this kayak rack is that it can carry up to four kayaks with 75 lbs and a width of 36 inches.

This rack is made with a scratch-resistant outer coating. It comes with fold-down features so that you can easily collapse it when you are not traveling with your kayak.

It has a very sturdy build to ensure it lasts for long and that your kayak is well secured when traveling. It does not occupy much space on your RV roof so that you have more space to carry other roof-mounted items on your RV.

4. Yakups RV Kayak Rack

travel trailer kayak carrier

This is one of the best hitch mount kayak racks for your RV. It allows you to carry your kayaks vertically at the back of your RV. It can carry up to 4 kayaks, each with a width of 32 inches.

It is ideal for lightweight kayaks since its lightweight and cannot be able to accommodate a lot of weight. The rack weighs about 108 lbs and has the option of a bike rack.

It gives your kayaks a snug and tight fit to ensure they remain in position as you travel. They are also compatible with most of the hitch receiver swing arms.

The swing arms maximum load should be less than the weight of the rack. Lastly, with this rack, you will easily have access to your kayak, and loading and unloading are much easy. The downside of this rack is that it is expensive compared to other racks.

Can You Carry Two Kayaks on RV

It is possible to carry two kayaks on an RV. All you need is to buy a rack that can accommodate two or more kayaks easily and conveniently. Moreover, if you want to carry more than two kayaks on your RV, ensure they are lightweight and smaller in size to be able to fit well. You can also find a kayak trailer that can accommodate two or more kayaks.

Some people also transport their kayaks inside the camper . A 10 foot kayak can easily fit inside one of your motorhome or travel trailer room. Just strap them with ratchet strap and you are good to go.

Since most kayak don’t weigh much its easy to decide on where to place them. If you are one of those who like to go kayaking every now and then, then its better to have permanent solution like at the back side or on the roof of the camper.

Having a toy hauler RV can make it very easy for you to carry a kayak or a small paddle boat. Bigger fifth wheel toy hauler or travel trailers are capable of carrying such special toys.

Some DIYers also make their own kayak racks. This is a project for only those who have hands on knowledge on building such racks.

travel trailer kayak carrier

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Best RV Kayak Rack

travel trailer kayak carrier

Yakima JayLow Kayak Carrier

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travel trailer kayak carrier

Thule Compass Kayak Carrier

travel trailer kayak carrier

Thule 830 Stacker Kayak Rack

Numerous people enjoy discovering different places on their kayaks, although they are quite large. How then can you carry your kayaks safely and without adding more height to your RV? Of course, you’ll need a kayak rack for your RV.

Whenever it concerns adventures, kayaking and camping work hand in hand. However, transporting a kayak in your RV may be more difficult than you expect.

It’s a positive factor there are camper kayak racks intended to do something about it: keep the kayaks safe and protected while providing easy unloading or loading choices.

You may attach a kayak to your RV in a range of methods, however, some people recommend this method for long journeys.

In this article, we will go over how to attach a kayak to an RV, show you seven of the greatest RV kayak racks, and show you how to make your custom.

Mounting Kayaks to RVs

The optimal mounting method will be classified by the characteristics of the RV you have. Because Class A motorhomes and fifth wheel recreational vehicles are among the highest vehicles on the road, installing your kayak vertically is typically the best option. Vertical kayak attachment usually entails holding the kayak up and fastening it with a hitch gear or an RV ladder.

Although kayak racks for your RV’s roof are available, most RVers would not want to increase an additional height. This can also reduce your gas mileage. If your gas mileage is only about 10 miles per gallon, you want to conserve every mile you can.

Roof mounts, on the other hand, can function well enough with smaller RV trailers including motorhomes. If you’re towing, you can also install your kayaks just on the roof of a vehicle or SUV.

travel trailer kayak carrier

RecPro Vertiyak Hitch Mount RV Kayak Rack

travel trailer kayak carrier

Right-On Trailer Multi-Sport Multi-Rack Kayak Trailer

travel trailer kayak carrier

Thule GoalPost

6 best rv kayak racks for your camper.

It can be difficult to find the ideal kayak rack for your camper. We conducted an extensive study to come up with the following seven RV kayak rack alternatives. Here is the list of the best RV Kayak Racks you can choose from for your own RV.


  • Carrying up to two kayaks: Fits one kayak in a J-cradle posture (up to 80 lbs.) or two kayaks stacked vertically (up to 110 lbs. combined)
  • Suitable with Yakima SteamLine crossbars, as well as round, square, factory, and aerodynamic crossbars; minimal crossbar width of 24″
  • All required equipment and straps (Heavy-Duty Straps and Bow/Stern Tie-Downs) are included in the package; SKS (Same Key System) locks are offered separately.
  • Flexible design: An inbuilt cam lever makes it simple to modify the upright position; when not being used, the rack folds flat for improved clearances and decreased drag.
  • Easy to setup: arrives fully assembled out from the box; tool-free setup takes roughly 10 minutes; check compatibility with Yakima Fit My Car Tool.

travel trailer kayak carrier

If you have a towable RV, this Yakima JayLow Kayak Carrier may be an excellent choice. This can be mounted on the top of most cars, notably automobiles and SUVs, and therefore can transport two kayaks on its sides or one kayak in a J-cradle.

The JayLow carriers are suitable for a variety of crossbar shapes and sizes, such as round, oval, square, and factory bars. If you’re not towing kayaks, they may provide a good seat for your kayak if it is on your roof rack, then they can be conveniently folded flattened against the roof if they’re not in usage, providing you extra room.

The JayLow kayak carrier is suitable with the SKS security mechanism (which is not included) and includes robust tie-down straps and also bow and rear straps for enhanced security.

  • Kayaks and stand-up paddleboards may both be transported in this versatile water activity container.
  • Single kayak in J-style or saddle type, two kayaks in stacker method, and up to two SUPs in saddle mode are all available.
  • For optimal protection, thick rubber saddles and a padded upright are used.
  • StrapCatch is an integrated feature that makes it simple to manage straps while loading.
  • When not in use, it folds flat.
  • All rack systems are compatible with universal mounting hardware.
  • Installs quickly and without the use of any tools.
  • Kayaks up to 36″ wide can be accommodated.
  • Product Weight: 20 lbs; Load Capacity: 130 lbs
  • Dimensions: 32 in. x 7 in. x 19 in.

Another of the best kayak rooftop racks available is the Thule Compass Kayak Carrier. Thule is a well-known company with a solid guarantee and a track record of producing high-quality items.

In J-style or classic saddle mode, the Compass Kayak Carrier rack can handle one kayak or two kayaks in the stacker method. It has padded saddles that provide the highest level of safety for your kayaks.

It even has a strap catch mechanism that makes loading and unloading your kayaks a breeze with minimal effort. Two sets of loading straps are included, as well as buckle bumpers, for a more secure fit on your kayaks.

Since this mounting hardware is universal, it could be used with a variety of rack systems. However, because of the car’s aerodynamic crossbars, several reviewers have reported having trouble putting this roof rack on their automobiles. As a result, the roof rack crossbars are larger in the front and narrower in the rear, making it difficult to secure the crossbar clamps adequately.

In most cases, though, you won’t have to use any equipment to attach the kayak racks. Kayaks with a larger diameter of 36 inches and a weight capacity of 130 pounds can be accommodated.

Thule’s Compass Kayak Carrier is 32 inches long. × 19 inches × 7 inches Each saddle weighs 20 pounds. There are two saddles included, one for the front and the other for the rear.

travel trailer kayak carrier

  • The Strap Catch function makes loading and unloading the kayak a breeze.
  • Stainless steel is used to make this item.
  • When not in use, the rack can be folded down to make it more aerodynamic.
  • If not correctly loaded, it might be fragile.
  • Installing some roof racks can be tricky.
  • Due to the Thule name, it is a little costly.
  • Steel design that folds down and has a non-scratch exterior coating
  • Hardware that turns on and off quickly ensures quick installation and disassembly.
  • It can carry up to four leisure kayaks, however, it only comes with enough straps to carry one kayak.
  • Kayaks up to 36 in/90 cm in width and 75 lbs/35 kg in weight can be accommodated.
  • Thule rack systems crossbars, round bars, or factory racks are required – see Buyer’s Guide for more information.

If you have a rooftop rack including crossbars, the Thule 830 Stacker Kayak Rack is a “the keep it simple” kayak hauler to consider. The Stacker serves as a foundation for leaning your kayak against it before tying it to your roof rack’s crossbars.

When not being used, this kayak rack has a fold-down system with a scratch-resistant exterior coating that allows you to compress the stacker. This complements its rapid loading/unloading mechanism nicely.

It was only suitable with Thule roof rack and crossbar setups, however. However, with a little imagination, users have indeed been able to make things work with their current crossbars.

This can accommodate four kayaks with a maximum width of 36 inches each with a maximum weight of 75 pounds The Thule 830 is the lightest kayaking roof rack in this collection, weighing only 7 pounds and measuring only 20 inches in length. × 5 inches × 5 inches The package contains two units, one for the front and one for the rear.

travel trailer kayak carrier

  • Kayaks are easy to load and unload.
  • The construction is quite solid. Kayaks are safely secured.
  • Multiple kayaks can be carried.
  • If only hauling one or two kayaks, there is enough capacity on the roof for other roof-mounted equipment.
  • Additional attachments, including a crossbar, are required.
  • Kayaks are less protected than canoes since they rest firmly on the crossbars.
  • Extra tie-down straps are required, as the package only contains enough for one or two boats.
  • To load kayaks, two people are required.
  • Kayaks and paddleboards up to 12 feet in length are allowed.
  • Main beam and upper section: 14-gauge steel, 1/16″ thickness, produced in the United States
  • Attaches to a 2″ receiver hitch (frame-welded receiver recommended)
  • Kayak rack weight: 46 pounds, can hold up to 150 pounds.
  • The perforations in the lower cradle hoop allow for three different installation heights.
  • Installation includes an anti-rattle mechanism, ratchet straps, and pool noodles.

travel trailer kayak carrier

The RecPro Vertiyak RV Kayak Rack attaches to your campervan or trailer’s hitch.

This kayak rack can hold a kayak or paddleboard approximately 12 feet tall. It’s built of alloy steel and weighs 46 pounds. It attaches to a 2-inch receiver.

It features slots for three different installation heights and can hold two kayaks and up to 150 pounds. The rack comes with pool noodles for padding, as well as an anti-rattle mechanism and ratchet straps to keep it set.

This multilayer trailer is ideal if you need a trailer that can handle everything. The Right-On Trailer Multi-Sport Multi-Rack Kayak Trailer has two levels, allowing you to transport your stuff in a variety of ways.

If you set the boats correctly, this trailer can hold up to six kayaks. Kayaks, canoes, standup paddleboards, bicycles, and storage bins are all possible options.

The disadvantage is that you’ll really have to purchase a set of J-bars unless you wish to attach your kayaks directly to the crossbars. Luckily, you can get decent quality ones for a reasonable price, like this set for approximately $50, which includes plenty for two kayaks.

This kayak trailer weighs roughly 200 pounds and is 65 inches wide. So it’s not a very light trailer, but it’s not bad for a multi-tiered video. Because the trailer is composed of powder-coated metal, any nicks or scrapes should be repaired as soon as possible to avoid rusting.

Because it comes from Amazon, it will need to be put together. It really should take around 5 hours to finish altogether for the typical person, so start working on it when there is plenty of daylight and therefore not immediately when you need to use it.

travel trailer kayak carrier

  • For a multi-level trailer, it’s relatively light.
  • Long kayaks can be hauled
  • Can transport a variety of kayaks and other items.
  • A kayak trailer should not be prohibitively pricey.
  • Shipping is quick.
  • The supplier is responsive and helpful
  • You need to put something together.
  • Increases the length of your RV setup
  • Add-ons are required for a proper kayak and optional bike rack.
  • Canoes, kayaks, paddleboards, and other watersports may be hauled with this adjustable watersport carrier that employs 2-inch vehicle hitch receivers.
  • Both the Hydro-Glide and Set-To-Go kayak saddles are compatible (sold separately)
  • Anti-sway design ensures a more stable and secure ride. 12.5 x 58 x 73.8 inch Dimensions Strap Length: 1 x 6.5 feet
  • The telescoping mast can be adjusted to fit different truck cab heights.
  • 2 vertical load brakes and hook straps to assist with the stabilization and holding of the load in all conditions
  • Excellent for pickup trucks
  • Needs an adapter to also pull a trailer
  • Stable steel structure
  • Requires a crossbar on the cab roof

If you pull your RV with a pickup truck, the Thule GoalPost may be appropriate. This vertical extension allows you to transport a kayak on your vehicle’s roof, freeing up a lot of storage in the bed of the truck.

To be using this when towing a trailer RV, one may require a 2 inch receiver adapter, like is this one, so that you could utilize your towing hitch to attach the GoalPost as well as to pull your RV.

travel trailer kayak carrier

The GoalPost can be modified to match a variety of automobile heights, spanning from 46 to 67 inches. This one has a 58-inch crossbar that adds strength and stability to your kayaks. Because the rack has a 165-pound load maximum, it ought to be able to transport two recreational kayaks.

It has an anti-wobble construction and is coated inside too and outside of the steel tubes to prevent corrosion. Installing a crossbar on the top of your cab is normally required for this rack (this is sold separately).

Types of RV Kayak Carriers

There are indeed a variety of racks to choose from, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Many Class A and C RV owners prefer a vertical rack, but you may also install a roof rack if you operate a Class B, tow a travel trailer, or haul a car. Lastly, a kayak trailer is designed specifically to transport kayaks.

travel trailer kayak carrier

Vertical Kayak Rack

The kayak is mounted vertically against by the rear of the RV on a vertical rack. If you have a Class A or fifth wheel and wouldn’t want to keep your kayak on the top of your RV, this is a wonderful option. Campers and vehicles both benefit from a vertical rack. A vertical rack attaches to your hitch, and a frame-welded recipient is preferred. The majority of vertical racks are designed to fit into two-inch hitch receivers.

Ladder Mounted Kayak Racks

Ladder mounting is a low-cost option for kayak mounting. Nevertheless, some RV owners believe that this system is insufficiently secure, particularly for highway travel. It’s also troublesome because you might have to use your ladder for anything else.

travel trailer kayak carrier

Rooftop Racks to Hold Kayaks

Rooftop racks are common on cars and other low-profile vehicles, but they also work well on compact RVs and campers. If you’re towing an RV, your kayaks might well be mounted on your SUV or truck. Several RV owners who travel a lot tow a car or SUV behind them. You might discover that adding a kayak roof rack to the car is a good idea.

Roof racks are also suitable for smaller campers, vans, and Class C RVs. Many companies manufacture load-assist racks that raise the rack to waist height for simple loading. The racks could then be pushed onto the roof of your automobile.

travel trailer kayak carrier

Truck Mounted Racks

A kayak rack can easily be added to your pickup truck. This is an excellent way to transport your kayak while freeing up space in your vehicle bed for other goods. To transport your kayak, you’ll have to install a crossbar in the cab of your truck and purchase an aft attachment rack.

travel trailer kayak carrier

Kayak Trailer

If you have numerous kayaks, a kayak trailer is great. The majority of kayak trailers may be adapted to transport all of your gear, including kayaks, paddleboards, surfboards, and bikes. A kayaking trailer makes loading and unloading a kayak a breeze.

Buyer’s Guide to Buying the Best RV Kayak Racks

Compatible racks.

When selecting a kayak rack for an RV, it’s a great idea to double-check that it’ll work with your vehicle. It’s also worthwhile double-checking that it fits your kayak’s dimensions since some racks could be too broad or lengthy for some kayaks.

Some RV kayak racks allow you to transport your kayak vertically, with the length of the kayak against the back of the RV, allowing you to take advantage of the RV’s height.

This vertical form of the rack, on the other hand, may well not work for those other cars, like as trucks or SUVs, because the length of the watercraft may contact the pavement or reach too far above the head of your automobile in this position, making it dangerous to drive.

If you intend to haul an automobile alongside your RV, you may also want to consider whether or not such a certain rack would fit. Extensions or adapters may be available to let users to install extra hitches.

However, throughout this scenario, it may well be simpler to connect a trailer to the RV and place your car and kayaks onto the roof of the trailers, as this will provide you with more storage capacity while still allowing you complete access to the rear of your RV if necessary.

Although if you don’t wish to bring your automobile, a trailer could be handy. However, in the countries, you travel to, make absolutely sure that do not even exceed the maximum length permitted for hauling automobiles.

Kayak Rack Capacity

If you plan to transport more than a single kayak, capacity will certainly be a key consideration when choosing a rack. Many multi-kayak racks could also be used to carry only one kayak if that was all you require. However, due to weight or size restrictions, racks built for just one kayak usually can’t hold several.

One could also wish to transport more products, which will influence the sort of rack you require. Many racks can accommodate more than just kayaks, which is important if you plan to transport bicycles or paddleboards.

Many kayak racks are made of robust, long-lasting components to support the weight of a kayak or canoe. Seek for corrosion-resistant racks such that they might endure anything Mother Nature sends to them when you’re on the road.

Because not all racks come with cushioning, it was a good time to purchase provides benefits or padding to safeguard your kayak while it was being stored.

Although some racks can be specially designed to fit your specific boat, others, like those with crossbars, may require saddles or cradles to hold your boat in position and provide additional protection.

If your rack would be on the rear of an RV or if you’ll be hauling an RV with your kayaks just on top of the car, dimension is a vital consideration.

If you have a towable RV, be certain there would be enough space between the front of your car and the rear of your kayak, because some lengthier kayaks may stretch down to the other end of your automobile.

If the kayaks will be on the rear of an RV, it’s also worth thinking about size, because this could make your car longer than usual, limiting where you can park, for instance.

Durability and Sturdiness

A solid kayak rack should be able to handle everything. The kayak rack must be simple to load and utilize. To avoid falling apart on the road, a decent kayak rack should be strong and sturdy. High-quality components, such as powder-coated stainless steel, must be used. A solid kayak rack can keep your kayak safe while transporting it on your journey.

Always remember that a roof rack or kayak carrier is doing a lot more of it than merely supporting the weight of your kayaks and equipment. This also bears the weight of those goods, as well as the pressure of the wind resistance, which is enormous. Do not even overlook the stresses that are applied to the rack when you really need to hit the brakes quickly. To put it simply, a roof rack is not an area of your vehicle where you might scrimp, utilize shoddy parts, or neglect to invest in respected brands and concepts.


It’s easy to feel like your simple lifestyle is complex and expensive when you’ve bought your RV, modifications, kayaks, kayak racks, and kayak rack accessories. Nevertheless, there seem to be a number of simple and inexpensive racks that will suffice.

There are also low-cost attachments available to assist you to get through your kayak rack. For instance, if you really want load-assist equipment but wouldn’t want to break the bank, a basic boat-roller can be had for a fraction of the price of a full-featured load-assist racking.

Building Your Own RV Kayak Rack

One might also construct your personal Kayak Rack. Kayak racks for RVs will be as much as three to ten times higher than the cost of the kayak alone.

Constructing your personal RV kayak rack will save you money, but you’ll have to go dirty and use some strength. Continue reading to learn how to accomplish this!

You may make your own RV kayak rack in a variety of ways.

Bob from WhereRVTraveling on YouTube (videos currently unavailable for now) explains how he constructed his for $400 and saved over $1,000 in another video. He constructed it using a few readily available materials. A dual extension hitch, a vertical load extender hitch, as well as a logistics rack and basket, made up the kayak rack.

Bob modified the load-carrying tray to accommodate his kayak and bikes. Padding for his kayak plus metal strips to hold his bike wheels were among his improvements.

Bob utilized ratcheting straps to fasten the kayak to the rack as well as the vertical load extension. He then added a camera on the back and just a license plate mount to the rear, among other things.

Because water covers the majority of the globe, it’s only natural to bring your water toys along for the voyage. Kayaks offer up a world of new beauty and give you a different viewpoint on your favorite places.

RV users have a variety of options for transporting and storing their kayaks in the most convenient, efficient, and secure manner. Though handling kayaks may appear daunting at first, there are a variety of racks and attachments that may be making loading and unloading your kayaks a pleasure. Choosing the best RV Kayak Racks and even opting for an optional bike rack will make your adventures even more worthwhile.

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travel trailer kayak carrier

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13 Best Kayak Racks for RV

  • Travel Gear
  • 13 Best Kayak Racks for…

travel trailer kayak carrier

RVing is only worth it if you bring your favorite outdoor sport with you, and kayaking shouldn’t be an exception. RV roofs and ladders are not naturally suited to carry kayaks, which is why you need the best kayak racks for RVs to keep your paddleboards and kayaks safe in transit. Getting the right kayak carrier for campervans can be daunting because there are many options with compatibility and safety issues to consider in the market.

It all comes down to the compatibility of the kayak rack with your crossbars or ladder and how soft the resting bed on the kayak rack is. The type and number of kayaks you need to carry also matter when choosing the right kayak carrier for campervans. You need the guidance of those who have succeeded in moving sea kayaks around, which is why this guide is based on the experience of fellow camper owners that are also kayaking enthusiasts.

Table of contents

Dr sports universal kayak racks for rvs, bougerv roof-mounted kayak racks for rvs, yakima – sweetroll rooftop mounted boat loader, rhino-rack nautic kayak racks for rv roofs, yakima – bigstack rooftop mounted boat rack, malone seawing stinger-combo kayak racks for campers, vertiyak hitch-mounted kayak carrier for camper backs, yakima deckhand roof mounted boat rack, tms j-bar rack hd kayak carrier for camper roofs, mrhardware 2-pair heavy duty kayak racks for rv roof, accpols bike and kayak racks for rvs, thule hull-a-port aero rooftop kayak carrier, yakima, evenkeel rooftop mounted boat rack, crossbar compatibility, accessories and convenience, what is the easiest kayak rack to use, how far should kayak racks be apart, can i go through a car wash with my kayak rack.

The best kayak racks for RVs need to fit your camper’s crossbar and include everything you need to secure your kayak in transit, including the tie-downs. The complete package of the DRSports Universal Kayak Racks For RVs is a lifesaver as it includes all the accessories you need to secure a kayak. Moreover, the racks are made of solid steel frames to withstand harsh weather, but they are foam padded to keep your kayak safe.

This package includes two pairs of kayak racks, which means you can load two racks onto the trailer roof. The racks clamp onto most camper-roof crossbars up to 3.5 inches in width, accommodating most square and aerodynamic crossbars. Furthermore, the racks are foldable on both sides to free up your roof when they are not in use.

  • Durable frame
  • Includes two pairs
  • Universal crossbar compatibility
  • Protective padding
  • Hard to install

travel trailer kayak carrier

If you need more flexibility with the cradle shape for better management of your roof space, then you should buy the BougeRV Kayak carrier for camper roofs. The J-Bar on these racks can slide and tilt on both sides, allowing you to choose which side gets more space. Better still, you can carry two kayaks or SUP paddleboards on the rack, which allows you to carry more RV camping gear for the whole family.

The racks come preassembled, so there is no time wasted putting them together. The cradles also have inbuilt strap clips, which help you secure your kayak better without the risk of ropes sliding and squeezing your boat’s hull. Moreover, the paddle cradles on these kayak carriers are rubber padded to eliminate bouncing and keep paddles safe.

  • Secure strap clips
  • solid steel frame
  • sliding J-Bar for convenience
  • Collapsible for easy storage
  • Can carry two kayaks
  • Don’t include hood ropes

Yakima is one of the most popular brands for RV camping gear, and this is one of their most innovative kayak carrier for camper options. The Yakima Sweetroll kayak racks for camper roofs make loading easy as your boat simply slides into position because of the rollers on the pads. Moreover, the racks are super light and easy to install.

They are also compatible with most types of crossbars and can fit without scratching your camper roof because no bolts are needed to lock them in place. Moreover, these kayak pads come with a complete set of straps and tie-downs you need to secure your kayak. The pads also have springs that adjust to your kayak’s shape, so no adjustment is required.

  • Tool-free installation
  • Scratch-proof pads
  • Self-adjusting pads
  • Easy kayak loading
  • Over-reliance on straps for stability

If you need a sturdy set of racks that don’t need to be collapsed or removed every time you drive into your garage, then you should try the Rhino-Rack Nautic racks for campervan roofs . These low-profile racks grab onto your kayak like a secure pair of hands, so all you need to do is strap it down for extra safety. They are also universally compatible with square and aerodynamic camper-roof crossbars.

The cradles are nylon padded to prevent scratches and dents on your boat. Moreover, the pads can rotate 180 degrees allowing them to adapt to any shape of kayak or SUP paddleboard. The package also includes all the straps and tie-downs to secure every side of your kayak, including hooks for securing at the fifth wheel or A-frame.

  • Weatherproof pads
  • Easy installation
  • Low-profile
  • Durable pads
  • Adapts to the shape of the kayak
  • The nylon makes loading difficult

If you need to carry up to four kayaks, regular saddle kayak racks for RVs won’t be of much help unless you have a stack rack. The YAKIMA BigStack kayak racks for campervans simply act as strong pillars for you to fasten a stack of kayaks. Like other kayak racks from YAKIMA, this one is a sturdy frame that comes with the straps you need to secure two kayaks, including bow and stern tie-downs.

However, the pillars can safely secure up to four as long as you get extra straps, which is a lifesaver when you are RVing as a family. When not used, the bars can be collapsed onto the roof for parking convenience. Moreover, the pillars have strap clips that make it easier to secure your kayak.

  • Solid steel frame
  • Carries multiple kayaks
  • Includes tie-downs
  • Insufficient padding

If you need a kayak rack that makes loading easy while protecting your camper roof from scratches, then you need the Malone stinger-combo kayak racks for campers. The stinger is the best thing about this rack, as it makes loading super easy, especially when loading alone. Moreover, the racks have a large surface that secures your kayak better, with the rubber padding protecting the hull from scratches.

These racks are adjustable to fit any length of crossbars which is suitable for wider rooftop crossbars. Better still, the straps lock safely thanks to the strap clips that reduce the pressure on your kayak’s hull. The stinger can also be locked onto the cradle when not in use to act as extra padding for the kayak.

  • Weatherproof
  • Includes bow and stern lines
  • Easy loading
  • Limited to small kayaks

Kayak racks for RV bumpers and hitches save your space, allowing you to use your RV’s roof for more demanding camping accessories. The rack still needs to be strong enough to keep your kayaks safe, which is why the Vertiyak kayak rack for RV bumpers is a wise investment. The best part is that the lower hoop can be adjusted to three different heights to help you choose the best position for your kayak, so it doesn’t get scratched.

These heavy-duty kayak racks for trailer hitches are built to last with a powder zinc coating to prevent rusting. The package also includes anti-rattle stoppers to keep the back of your camper quiet as you move. Better still, the rack is over 60-inches in height, which can accommodate any kayak safely.

  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Universal receiver compatibility
  • Anti-rattling protection
  • secure ratchet straps

A universal fitting kayak rack is the surest way to avoid extra crossbar costs after buying your kayak rack, which is why the YAKIMA Deckhand kayak racks for RV roofs are so famous. These racks don’t need any tools for installation because opening and clamping are the only actions needed to secure them to the crossbar.

Furthermore, the racks are easy to load thanks to the soft felt padding, which allows kayaks to slide smoothly when loaded as opposed to nylon which offers resistance. The package also includes all the straps needed to secure a kayak, including bow and stern tie-downs.

  • Low profile pads
  • Adjustable to kayak shape
  • Universal crossbar fitting
  • Overreliance on straps for stability

If you need a wider bed to secure big kayaks better, then the HD kayak carrier for campers from TMS is a great option. It is one of the market’s best budget-friendly kayak carrier options, with enough security measures for your kayak, including a soft rubberized bed to protect the hull. Moreover, the wide bed and extra foam padding make loading smooth and easy.

These racks are easy to install because of the wide base clamps onto any crossbar, including round and square roof racks for RVs. Better still, the package has strong straps with ratcheting locks that are easy to tie down and secure.

  • Wide and secure bed
  • Extra rubber padding reduces bouncing
  • Non-collapsible J-bar

If you need a low-budget package for your kayak rack, then the Mrhardware Heavy-duty kayak rack package is worth the money. The package doesn’t compromise on quality because the frames are made of durable steel. Moreover, the entire J-Bar is covered with soft padding to protect all sides of your kayak.

This rack is easy to install, and the base is compatible with most aerodynamic, round, and square crossbars. The main catch is that the package includes four 10ft straps, a durable bow, stern hooks, and ropes. The set can be tightened onto your crossbar using the knobs, so no tools are required.

  • Budget-friendly
  • Foam padding
  • Includes all straps and tie downs
  • The J-Bar is not collapsible

Biking and kayaking/canoeing are great outdoor sports when RV camping, which is why this ACCPOLS kayak carrier for camper backs is also a bike rack on the side and a great buy. This package of one sturdy steel frame can carry two bikes and kayaks with everything you need to tie them securely. Moreover, these kayak racks for trailer hitches securely clamp onto any hitch receiver locking in easily without drilling your vehicle’s body.

The kayak racks are foam padded to hold your kayak snugly without scratching the hull. The rack’s height can also be adjusted up to 62-inches, enough to accommodate any kayak. Additionally, the rack can be securely folded into a smaller package for easy carrying and storage.

  • High Capacity
  • Universal hitch compatibility
  • Sturdy frame
  • Safe padding for kayaks
  • Unsuitable for long kayaks

Thule is the ultimate heavy-duty rack brand in the market, and the Aero rooftop Kayak carrier with its 130lb capacity is no different. The best thing about this rack is its strong grip on the crossbars that eliminate bouncing. This kayak carrier for campers also has one of the heaviest rubber paddings to protect the hull of your kayak. Its J-bar can adjust to 36” wide, enabling it to carry even the largest kayaks.

Thule kayak carriers are built to last with sturdy frames that withstand the battering of regular kayak transporting and harsh weather. The J-bars are also easy to adjust and lock securely using a simple knob under the cradle. Moreover, the rack can be folded to be completely flat for convenience when parking your camper.

  • Includes security locks for safety
  • Heavy rubber padding
  • Strong crossbar grip
  • The J-bar knob is hard to access

If you don’t want your camper’s roof cover to be disturbed but still need a set of pads to carry your kayak safely, then the Yakima EvenKeel Kayak Racks for camper roofs will do the job. They are one of the easiest kayak racks to mount, and they stay out of the way, so no folding or offloading is needed when you park your motorhome. What’s more, these racks can carry any kayak in saddle style with protective rubber padding keeping the hull safe from scratches and dents.

The pads come fully assembled, so you only need to clamp them to your crossbars to secure them and then load your boat. Moreover, the package includes tie-downs for securing your kayak so the wind doesn’t damage the hull. The pads are also designed to self-adjust to the shape of your boat, so you don’t need to adjust anything once the boat is loaded.

  • No overload on the roof
  • Safe rubber padding
  • Limited to one kayak

How To Choose The Best Kayak Racks For Campers

Transporting a kayak in your RV doesn’t have to be complicated. You just need a rack that makes everything easy by installing easily onto your crossbars and offering a soft bed for your kayak to lie on. You have to ensure that the rack can support the width of your, too and that all the straps you need are in place. These are the other things to consider when buying a kayak carrier for campers.

Most kayak racks are now made for aerodynamic crossbars to match the most popular crossbar makes in the market. You should therefore check the manufacturer’s specifications to ensure that the racks are compatible with your crossbars. Some manufacturers also make kayak racks that are compatible with their own branded crossbars, so you have to be keen on specifications.

The wind is always strong on the roof, which is why many kayaks in transit get ripped apart before they reach their destination. It gets worse when your rack is not clamping sturdily onto the crossbars because the bouncing and rattling will damage both the camper’s body and the hull. If you can’t get a roof rack that fits your crossbars, then you should consider kayak racks for RV bumpers because they can fit any hitch receiver.

Bow and stern tie-downs are important accessories that some manufacturers don’t include. You should never drive around with a kayak without tie-downs because the wind won’t spare it. You should also consider strap clips on the rack so that the straps don’t tie too hard around the kayak’s body, which can also cause damage. Collapsible J-bars are also an important consideration because your garage wasn’t made with the height of your kayak rack in mind.

Rooftop kayak pads are the easiest because they adjust to make loading easy and adapt to your kayak’s shape. Kayak racks for trailer hitches are also easy to load and dismount.

It depends on the width of your crossbars. Most racks have a width recommendation between 24 and 30 inches. You may need straps to secure the base of your kayak if it goes too close to the camper roof.

No. It is safer for the car and the racks to be removed when going to a car wash.

' data-src=

Author:  Julie Wharton

As a solo traveler, I have discovered the freedom and adventure that comes from exploring the world on your own terms. With a backpack on my back and a thirst for new experiences, I have journeyed to some of the most remote and fascinating destinations on the planet. As a travel blogger, I share my stories and insights with fellow solo travelers who are looking to break free from the constraints of group tours and package deals. Whether you're a seasoned backpacker or a first-time adventurer, my blog is dedicated to helping you plan your solo travels with confidence and ease. From tips on finding the best hostels to recommendations for off-the-beaten-path destinations, I provide a wealth of information that will help you make the most of your solo journey. And with a passion for photography and storytelling, I bring each destination to life through vivid imagery and captivating narratives. So if you're ready to embark on an adventure of a lifetime, join me on my journey and let's discover the world together.

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Team Camping

The 5 Best Camper Kayak Racks

Because we love to seek out bodies of water while we’re on the road, we prefer to bring our kayaks along for the ride.

Although we could haul the boats in a trailer, maneuvering a camper can be tricky enough without affixing another appendage to the rear.

That’s why we prefer to transport them the old-fashioned way.

That’s what prompted us to seek out the 5 best camper kayak racks on the market.

1. TMS J-Bar Rack HD Kayak Carrier -Best Overall

2. AA-Racks Steel Jetty Saddle Rack set -Best For Budget Shoppers

3. Thule Hullivator Pro -Best Quality

4. SportRack Mooring 4-in-1 Carrier -Best Versatility

5. AA-Racks Model X27 -Best Heavy Duty

Table of Contents

The 5 Best Camper Kayak Racks: Product Review Guide

In this section, we’ll review the key features and benefits of five leading camper kayak racks, using the information listed above as a guide.

If you’d just like the basic rundown on each model, here’s a quick overview:

Best Overall

1. tms j-bar rack hd kayak carrier.

While there are many quality options out there, the TMS J-Bar Rack HD Kayak Carrier is a hit in every category. The steel rack is lightweight and simple to install, with a generous J-style design that’s wide enough to accommodate broad lake-touring kayaks.

Adjustable padding provides stability and protection, while the wide mouth makes loading and unloading a snap. Best of all, the price is low enough to keep this purchase from breaking the bank.

  • Easy installation
  • Attractive price point
  • Broad J-style design accommodates boats up to 36 inches wide
  • Clear, concise instructions
  • Sturdy build
  • Straps are a bit too short; may require reinforcement
  • Some secondary hardware is low quality

2. AA-Racks Steel Jetty Saddle Rack set

Looking for a dependable way to transport your kayaks without emptying your bank account? The AA-Racks Steel Jetty Saddle Rack set could be just the ticket.

Though the design is rudimentary—consisting only of four steel saddle-shaped attachments to hold the kayak in place—this unit is also hassle-free. With durable ratchet straps and a load capacity of 300 pounds, they deliver peace of mind as well as affordability. Be forewarned that your RV must already be outfitted with a roof rack before you attempt to install this system.

  • Simple design
  • Impressive load capacity
  • Allows you to load from either side of the rig
  • Can only be installed on an existing roof rack

3. Thule Hullivator Pro

On the opposite end of the pricing spectrum is the Thule Hullivator Pro, a lift-assisted rack that earns high marks for tech wizardry. This horizontal loader is outfitted with gas struts that take on 40 pounds of weight during the loading process, thereby eliminating most of the hard work involved.

Because the Hullivator can be loaded from a low level, it’s a great fit for solo kayakers. Bow and stern tie-downs are supplemented by two center straps for additional stability. There’s also plenty of padding to keep the hull from getting scratched during transport.

For all its good features, the Hullivator has a maximum capacity of just 75 pounds, making it a better fit for lighter crafts. However, the cradles are wide enough to accommodate kayaks that measure 36 inches across.

  • Sophisticated lift-assist technology
  • Provides superb protection for both the boat and the roof of the RV
  • Secure anchor lines
  • Only works with Thule roof racks
  • High price point

4. SportRack Mooring 4-in-1 Carrier

If you’re in the market for a rack that can accommodate more than one type of outdoor gear, take a look at the SportRack Mooring 4-in-1 Carrier. With two pairs of bow and stern tie-downs and four load straps, this rack provides a safe and efficient way to transport your watercraft.

This unit is prized for its convenience and versatility. It’s suitable for stand-up paddleboards as well as kayaks, and can be configured to load either a single kayak or a pair.

Be aware that while the maximum capacity is listed at 130 pounds, the weight of a single kayak must not exceed 75 pounds, or it will put too much strain on the hardware. Your RV will need an existing roof rack in order to accommodate this unit.

  • Can accommodate SUPs in addition to kayaks
  • Multi-purpose design
  • Can be folded down when not in use
  • Generous padding
  • Slightly tricky to install
  • Existing roof rack required

5. AA-Racks Model X27

AA-Racks Model X27 is a set of racks that’s designed to fit on van rooftops. If you have a smaller camper and heavier kayaks, this could be the setup for you.

Each of the 3 bars has a load capacity of 350 pounds, but the combined capacity is slightly lower than the math would suggest—800 pounds. Still, the racks are plenty sturdy enough to support 2 or 3 kayaks, depending on their width.

The best thing about these racks is their heavy-duty steel construction, which gives them superb weather resistance in addition to durability. They also have a low profile, so they can be left in place even when you’re not transporting any boats. Be aware that you’ll need to provide your own tie-down straps if you choose to invest in this unit.

  • Sturdy construction
  • Weather resistant
  • High load capacity
  • Low profile won’t distract from the clean lines of the RV
  • Not designed specifically for kayak transport
  • No tie-down straps included
  • Some shipping issues reported (small hardware components missing on arrival)

How To Select The Best Camper Kayak Rack

What should you look for in a kayak rack?

If you’ve ever purchased one for your car or SUV, you’re probably familiar with the basics. Here are a few particulars that merit close attention during your search.

Which style you choose depends on how much space you have, how many boats you’ll be transporting, and whether you’ll be paddling alone. Since lift-assisted racks also tend to be more expensive than the rest, your budget also plays a role here.

Here’s what you need to know about the 5 basic types of kayak rack on the current market.

As the name suggests, these racks support the kayak in a J-shaped cradle. They’re prized for the stability and extra protection that they provide. Most J-style racks are also fairly easy to install. Because of their popularity, you should have plenty of options in this category.

The simplest style of the bunch, horizontal kayak racks are designed to hold the kayak flat on its hull. Some racks of this type are nothing more than block-shaped pads that provide a barrier between the boat and the roof of the camper. While they’re effective on an aerodynamic level, they might require additional reinforcements to hold the boats in place.


If you’ll be paddling alone, a lift-assisted kayak rack is your best bet. These nifty inventions are equipped with poles or wheels that allow you to slide the craft neatly into place. The more sophisticated versions have pneumatic gas struts to take on the majority of the lifting chores.

For tips on how to safely load a kayak when you’re working solo, take a look at this video demonstration.

Also known as kayak posts, these models give the boats a place to rest against when they’re stacked on their sides. Because most versions can hold up to 4 kayaks at a time, they’re ideal for larger groups.

Hitch Mount

Kayak racks that are mounted on the hitch are usually configured to transport the kayaks in a stand-up position at the rear of the RV. While some are outfitted with a crossbar that rests against the bed of a pickup truck, these aren’t usually suitable for campers unless you have an exceptionally low-riding rig. For the purposes of this guide, we’ve limited the search to include only hitch mounts with a rear-loading function.

Note that these terms provide only a general overview—for example, some of the types have overlapping characteristics. As you learn more about the principles involved, you’ll be able to gain a clearer idea of what you need.

Ease Of Installation

You don’t want to spend half a day attempting to secure the rack to the roof of your RV. The best models should feature customized hardware to make the installation process as smooth and easy as possible.

If there are customer reviews available, check them out to see what past users had to say about the procedure. While you’re at it, see if anyone had any comments regarding the loading and unloading of the boats themselves. This, too, should be quick and convenient so you can spend less time fiddling around with straps and more time out on the water.


What is the kayak rack made of? Anodized steel is a popular and durable choice, but some quality brands may also include padding to help protect the boats from dings and scratches. The components should also be treated with a finish to make them resistant to rust and weather damage.

While a sturdy build is important, the material doesn’t need to be overly heavy in order to be durable. In fact, some high-end models weigh in at under 10 pounds, which is especially convenient if you’re installing the rack yourself.

Load Capacity

How many kayaks can the carrier hold? If you’re transporting a single kayak, narrow your search to exclude racks that are designed to hold multiple boats.

Similarly, take a look at the weight limit of the rack. If your kayaks are exceptionally large or bulky, you’ll need an exceptionally hefty model that’s designed to withstand the extra pounds.

In Conclusion

Installing a kayak carrier will give your camper a dynamic edge and allow you to fully enjoy the great outdoors. In choosing one of the models listed above, you’ll also enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’ve selected a quality product.

Best of luck, and happy camping!

Check out our article on:  Best Water Containers For Camping 

Please keep in mind that we may receive commissions when you click our links and make purchases. However, this does not impact our reviews and comparisons. We try our best to keep things fair and balanced, in order to help you make the best choice for you.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

travel trailer kayak carrier

travel trailer kayak carrier

This is a vertical hitch mount kayak carrier for kayaks up to 12ft in length. The price includes shipping anywhere in the continental United States excluding Hawaii and Alaska. One end of your kayak must fit within a 11 1/2" X 17" lower hoop. Please check these measurements before ordering your VertiYak™. Once installed, be sure of adequate clearance between your kayak and the ground to prevent ground scrape. Always be aware of overhead obstacles (low bridges, limbs, etc.). Always secure kayaks or paddleboards with 2 ratcheting straps (not included) at strap loops. Foam padding (pool noodle not included) can be used on lower hoop to protect rack and kayak finish.

Featured Products

The Best Kayak Trailers

Editor’s Note – This list was updated on January 9, 2023,   to improve content relevance and usefulness.  A paragraph on safety tips when using kayak trailers was added.

Whether going down rip-roaring rapids or gliding through quiet lakes, kayaking can be a sublime experience. Unfortunately, kayaks are pretty big and don’t fit inside the majority of vehicles. If this is a predicament you want to avoid, it may be time to check out some kayak trailers.

Trailers are practical, easy to manage, and carry hundreds of pounds of gear to various outdoor destinations. If you often kayak and know that you’ll do so in the future, buying a reliable kayak trailer will save you time, effort, and money over the long term. Investing in a kayak storage rack is another great consideration for safe and protected storage.

Right-On Multi-Sport

The Right-On Multi-Sport is a unique and versatile due to its feature-laden designs and versatility.

Our Winners

  • Best Overall – Right-On Multi-Sport
  • This is where the multi-sport shines brightest. You can bring multiple kayaks and tie them comfortably with the vertical trailer arrangement. The versatility doesn’t stop when the kayaks are fastened; there are extra places to attach bikes!
  • Best Budget Option – Malone EcoLight 2-Boat V-Rack
  •  This kayak trailer costs several hundred dollars less than the asking price for many other models. With kayak trailers costing thousands of dollars, saving on the overall price becomes a very attractive option.
  • Best 4 Kayak Carrier – Malone Auto Racks MicroSport Trailer
  • The Malone Auto Racks MicroSport Trailer is the perfect four-kayak carrier trailer for outdoor enthusiasts. Its lightweight design and adjustable width allow it to quickly carry four kayaks of any size. Its durable steel construction and corrosion-resistant coating ensure it will stand up to the harshest conditions. This is an excellent option if you’re looking for a kayak trailer with a 4-kayak capacity and intuitive design.

Rackmaven may earn a small commission should you purchase a product through one of our affiliate links.

1. Right-On Multi-Sport

Dimensions: 144 x 64 x 19 inches

Trailer Weight: 205 lbs

Maximum Cargo Weight: 300 lbs

Versatility is where the multi-sport shines brightest. You can bring multiple kayaks and tie them comfortably with the vertical trailer arrangement. The versatility doesn’t stop when the kayaks are fastened; there are extra places to attach bikes! You can fit this trailer with enough gear for an extended biking and water sports trip, a huge time saver and adventure enabler. 

The crossbars on the trailer are compatible with most bike racks manufacturers like Thule and Yakima. You can stack as many as six bikes on the trailer or combine bikes and kayaks. Despite its robust design and multi-sport versatility, the trailer has a suggested maximum weight limit of only 300 lbs. In most scenarios, this will not be an issue, but it does lack the weight limits of several of its competitors.

While relatively expensive, the price is below average for this durability and performance trailer. Most trailers offer less versatility and ultimately cost more. Therefore, for the money, you get a lot of options to work with.

Building a kayak trailer from parts is not a quick and straightforward task. However, with coherent instructions and great diagrams to accompany them, setting up this trailer shouldn’t take more than a few hours. Always follow all steps and double-check your work before moving on to a new step. A handy friend or family member helping out will speed the process along.

  • Lower max weight limit

2. Malone EcoLight 2-Boat V-Rack

Dimensions: 129 x 58 x 40 inches

Trailer Weight: 145 lbs

Maximum Cargo Weight: 400 lbs

This kayak trailer costs several hundred dollars less than the asking price for many other models. With kayak trailers costing thousands of dollars, saving on the overall price becomes a very attractive option.

Despite its budget appeal, this trailer doesn’t sacrifice how much it can carry. With a maximum load weight of 400 lbs., the Malone Ecolight 2-Boat V-Rack Kayak Trailer can haul a ton of stuff.

Fully assembled, this trailer weighs 145 lbs. This is generally much lighter than other models. It’s easy to maneuver by hand and has a lower ground clearance for easy loading and unloading. This is a perfect setup for 1-2 kayaks; however, if you want to transport more material, the trailer comes up short. You can also only transport Kayaks less than 14 feet long. If you can operate within those criteria, it’s a great buy. For all others, there are burlier trailers to choose from.

Like other models, the wheel size is only 8 inches. This isn’t a concern on smaller roads but may be an issue driving on highways and rougher access roads. An adventure could turn sour if you have to fix a busted tire or a bent trailer tongue after it slams into a bumpy dirt road.

  • Small wheel size

3. Malone Auto Racks MicroSport Trailer

Like the Malone 2-Kayak Megawing trailer, the Malone Auto Racks Microsport Trailer Kayak can haul as much as 800 lbs. of cargo. You can carry multiple kayaks without worrying about overloading the trailer, which is fantastic! You can fit kayaks up to 17 or 18 feet in length. Anything longer than that, and you’ll need to purchase an extendable tongue for the trailer. This should accommodate the majority of kayaks outside of specialty designs.

Again, like all trailers that arrive in component pieces, the assembly will likely take some time to complete (several hours). There are just a lot of parts to put together. Thankfully, the instruction manual is well-written, and the directions are clear.

 The cost could be detrimental as the most expensive package on this list. However, you get what you pay for, and the durability of the trailer is excellent. You won’t be disappointed if you can spend the money needed to obtain this trailer. The lighting kit included in the package doesn’t last long and may have to be replaced within the first year. This appears to be a uniform problem across most Malone models.

  • The lighting kit doesn’t last long

4. Malone MicroSport 2-Boat MegaWing

Dimensions:  96.4 x 45 x 18.5 inches

Trailer Weight: 197 lbs

Maximum Cargo Weight: 800 lbs

With an impressive 800-pound cargo capacity, this trailer blows most of the competition out of the water. It’s an impressively sturdy trailer and would rank higher if not for a few downsides.

Like other trailers, it does take a while to set up the Malone MicroSport Megawing, but the instructions are straightforward, and you can do it solo if you have a few hours and a toolbox.

Once assembled, the mega wing components make hauling kayaks a breeze. The kayaks fit easily and stay in place. Always check to make sure the kayaks are secure before driving anywhere. It generally takes anywhere from 3-6 hours to assemble the trailer. Like other kayak trailers, the instructions are good, but the time commitment is slightly longer than our best overall.

However, the price is probably the biggest detractor; you can get our best overall or budget options for hundreds less and still accomplish the same tasks. 

The trailer can carry 1-2 kayaks comfortably and other associated gear without issue, but you can’t add more than that, unlike our best overall.

  • Long assembly time

What Are the Different Types of Kayak Trailers?

The basic kayak trailer has a metal frame and small brackets to handle most kayaks. Straps are used to secure the kayaks in place while they’re in transit. The trailers are relatively low to the ground, making it easy to slide your kayak on and off.

But this is not the only option when considering the best kayak trailer for your needs. Here are some approaches and options to load a kayak onto a trailer.

Low Bed Kayak Trailers

Dedicated flat-bed kayak trailers carry one or two kayaks. These low-profile trailers can be towed behind most vehicles with a hitch with little impact on fuel consumption.

Multi-Sport Kayak Trailers

Multi-sport trailers give you flexible options to load kayaks, attach bike racks, storage boxes, and whatever else you need.

Stacked Trailers

This type of trailer stacks the kayaks on top of each other, sometimes stacking them 3 or 4 high.

Extra Wide Kayak Trailers

This trailer allows you to place 2 or 3 kayaks side by side. The weight is kept lower, reducing drag and helping you to keep your speed up.

Multi-Kayak Trailer

A trailer that can carry 2 or 3 kayaks next to each other and go as high as 3 or 4. These are generally used for commercial purposes.

Trailer Top Carriers

This mounts on top of your existing trailer, allowing you to carry items in the trailer and your kayaks on top.

How Does a Kayak Trailer Compare to a Kayak Roof Rack?

Roof Racks are generally less expensive than kayak trailers and utilize the length and width of your roof, so no added storage is necessary. While driving, you also eliminate the need to handle a trailer, which makes driving a little easier. However, you will not be able to fit into any parking garage, uneven loading on the roof can damage your car, and if your car doesn’t come with a roof rack, good luck securing kayaks to it. Another downside is capacity; you can only safely carry two kayaks.

Kayak Trailers alleviate a lot of the kayak roof rack issues. The significant downsides are price, storage, and more challenging driving. Though if you’ve ever driven with a trailer attached to your car, the principles are the same.

With a Kayak Trailer, you can load kayaks quickly, increase your carrying capacity, and load up a trailer with hundreds of pounds of gear. If you can fence the cost, find a place to store the trailer, and master the more challenging driving, the benefits outweigh the cons.

A Kayak Trailer Buyer’s Guide

Buying a kayak trailer is a significant investment, and there are a few points you should keep in mind when shopping around.

Carrying Capacity

The number of kayaks you need can differentiate between a kayak rack and a trailer. Kayak Trailers are best for carrying two or more kayaks. If you only need to haul one kayak around, the price of the trailer may seem relatively high. However, a trailer is a way to go if you’re moving around kayaks for you, your friends, and your family.

Ordering a kayak trailer is easy, but the pieces come in boxes. Dedicate a few hours to assembling the full trailer and follow the instructions religiously. While snafus occur during assembly, the process is straightforward as long as you have a tool chest, time, and instructions. Depending on local laws, you may also need to register your trailer and get insurance. Like most larger projects, it helps slow down and ensure all the steps are done correctly. Building off of an incomplete step or process will inevitably slow down the rest of the build and could create weak points within the trailer’s structure.

Your Vehicle’s Tire Size

Trailers come in a few varieties. Kayak trailers generally have wheels between 8-12 inches. A trailer on the smaller end of that range will roll lower to the ground and be slightly easier to load. However, a lower ground clearance becomes a concern on rougher roads, many of which are needed to access rivers, lakes, and bodies of water. Larger wheels give you more ground clearance, handle a little more weight, and generally last longer.

Tongue Length

This is part of the trailer that connects the main body of the trailer to the hitch or coupler on your vehicle. Without the added length of the tongue, the trailer won’t be long enough to carry any kayak. The longer the tongue , the longer the kayak can be carried. Conversely, the longer the tongue, the harder it will be to control the trailer while making turns or backing up. For longer trailers, it helps to have a spotter direct you to a boat ramp or put-in area.

Cargo Versatility

Most trailers fit to carry kayaks can also take additional cargo. Make sure to shop accordingly. If you’re stuffing a trailer full of items, check the weight limits to guarantee the trailer can handle everything. A trailer carrying kayaks could also be used for small boats. Some trailers have compartments for added gear like life jackets, oars, and more. The more the trailer can carry, the easier the process of getting to the water will be. However, added maximum weight usually means a more expensive trailer.

What your kayak trailer is made of impacts its towing capacity. For example, lightweight material like aluminum is sturdy but won’t be able to handle more than a few hundred pounds of weight. Galvanized steel is much sturdier and can take multiple heavy kayaks at once. Galvanized steel will inevitably ratchet the overall price compared to aluminum or an alloy.

Kayak Trailers are not cheap. If you’re throwing down a lot of money for a purchase, ensure you’re getting your money’s worth. Generally, top-of-the-line trailers are all within a few hundred dollars of each other. When the overall price is likely over 1000 dollars, it helps to evaluate whether an extra hundred or so dollars can give you an added benefit that other models don’t have.

Any Safety Tips When Using Kayak Trailers?

  • Inspect your trailer and kayak before each use to ensure safety and proper operation.
  • Secure all straps and adjust them to the proper tension to ensure the kayak is safely secured to the trailer.
  • Please make sure all trailer lights are operational and that they are visible from a distance.
  • Take extra precautions when driving on winding roads or hills. Slow down and use caution.
  • Keep the trailer away from sharp objects that could potentially puncture the tires.
  • Ensure the trailer is properly balanced and that the load is distributed evenly.
  • Check that the trailer hitch is securely attached to the vehicle towing it.
  • Always use a wheelchock when parking your trailer to prevent it from rolling away.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and always obey traffic laws.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do i tie down a kayak on a trailer.

The best way to tie down a kayak is by using ratchet straps—position straps across the kayak’s width and around one of the load bars on the kayak trailer. When you ratchet it down, ensure the buckle is over the middle of the kayak so that when tightened, the buckle will easily loosen when the time comes.

How Far Can I Travel With a Kayak Trailer?

Kayak Trailers, when correctly assembled, can accompany you for thousands of miles. The most significant issues with trailers over time are the wheels popping (which would require the use of a spare) or bouncing issues on the highway. Make sure to see if the trailer you’re buying is rated for highway use. Additionally, any wheel less than 8 inches tall means the trailer is low to the ground. If you need to drive on dirt roads to access some lakes, this could be an issue with bouncing and bottoming out.

What Are the Laws Regarding Kayaks?

The answer to this question varies depending on location. You’ll need to license and register your trailer in many places before you can legally drive. That isn’t true everywhere, however. The best action is determining what your local government mandates for kayak trailers.

Timo Holmquist

Timo is an outdoor enthusiast and gear specialist who is constantly exploring. As an avid hiker, he has completed the ADK 46ers, South Beyond 6000, GA4000, and the Colorado 14ers. He's ice climbed Mt. Hood, hiked up half a dozen mountains in the Alps, and spent three consecutive summers constructing a sustainable trail through the Colorado high country.

RockyMounts BrassKnuckles Review

Yakima holdup evo hitch bike rack.

  • The Best Hitch Cargo Carrier
  • The Best Aluminum Hitch Cargo Carrier

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  1. Vertiyak RV Kayak Carrier

    travel trailer kayak carrier

  2. Rv Kayak Carrier

    travel trailer kayak carrier

  3. kayak trailer

    travel trailer kayak carrier

  4. RV Kayak Rack Vertiyak Hitch Mount Standing Kayak Carrier

    travel trailer kayak carrier

  5. Vertiyak RV Kayak Carrier

    travel trailer kayak carrier

  6. Yakups brand multi use RV racks!

    travel trailer kayak carrier


  1. KAYAK: Don’t do it yourself (Vacuum)

  2. Welcome to Kayak USA.... INTRO

  3. Kayak Trailer for this years hobie kayak. On the Cheap!

  4. Trashmaster? My NEW Favorite? Check it out!

  5. Kayak Setup and Launch From a Trailer

  6. kayak trailer


  1. 7 Best RV Kayak Racks For Your Camper [2024 EDITION]

    1: RecPro RV Vertical Kayak Rack (best vertical) Dimensions: 66.5 inches (height), 41 inches (depth), 38.5 inches (width at top) Weight: 46 pounds. CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON. The RecPro RV Kayak Rack is a vertical kayak rack designed specifically for campers and RVs. It's also made in the USA. It's designed to fit on a standard 2-inch hitch and ...

  2. 7 Best RV Camper Kayak Racks

    If you need a swing-out rack, you may want to check the Yakups Swing Out RV Kayak Rack. This great product allows you to access your camper van back door, all while keeping your kayaks or paddle boards safely stowed. This rack can accommodate kayaks that are up to 32 inches wide. However, they must be under 50 pounds.

  3. 7 Best RV Kayak Racks For Your Camper

    3. YakUps RV Kayak Rack KR2B56 With Optional Bike Rack. The YakUps KR2B56 RV kayak rack can hold kayaks and bicycles. It'll support up to two watercrafts 32 inches wide and 6.5 feet long and has an optional bike rack add-on. The KR2B56 is the most popular option sold by YakUps.

  4. Camping World's Guide to RV Kayak Racks

    These RV kayak racks allow you to transport kayaks vertically. Most are hitch-mounted designs, but you may also find options that mount to a rear RV bumper. These kayak racks are generally suitable for motorhomes, travel trailers, and 5th wheels. Explore all RV kayak racks available at Camping World.

  5. Vertiyak RV Kayak Carrier

    Easily attach the VertiYak to any hitch receiver and unfold the rack. Place your kayaks in the rack, secure them, and go. Its that easy! Currently available at our Webster City location. Order soon to ensure your's arrives before summer. 515-207-9457. Only $450 Shipped Including Tax. IN STOCK READY TO SHIP.

  6. RecPro RV Kayak Rack Vertiyak Hitch Mount Standing Kayak Carrier

    Amazon.com: RecPro RV Kayak Rack Vertiyak Hitch Mount Standing Kayak Carrier - Fits up to 12' Kayaks (Hitch Mount) ... ‎Trucks, Trailers, Utility-Terrain-Vehicles, All-Terrain-Vehicles : Exterior Finish ‎Powder Coat : Manufacturer ‎RecPro : UPC ‎193652052814 : Item Weight

  7. Vertical YAKUPS brand RV Kayak carrier for bikes kayaks, paddleboards

    Call us at 518-791-1121 or 518-223-0596 and please leave a message if we are on another line and do not answer. We will call you back! We are very happy happy to assist you with your customized rack! The Original Patented Yakups brand vertical RV Kayak rack does it all! Carry Bikes, kayaks, SUP Paddle boards, and surfboards safely while you're ...

  8. Amazon.com: Rv Kayak Rack

    RV Kayak Rack Hitch Mount Universal for RVs Campers Trucks Trailers 2" Receiver Holds up to 12ft Kayak Standing Kayak Carrier 150 LBS. $195.00 $ 195. 00. FREE delivery Apr 30 - May 6 . ... RV Kayak Rack, Kayak Carrier Holds Up to 2 Kayaks and 2 Bikes, 2'' Hitch Mount, Compatible with RV, Truck, SUV, Fits Most Kayaks, 300 lb. Capacity ...

  9. 9 Best RV Kayak Racks

    Best Overall. Thule 830 The Stacker Kayak Carrier. Check Price On Amazon. 9.9. Thule brand name carries reliability and loyalty with it. Compact design allows for up to four kayaks to fit on your roof. Dozens of excellent reviews. Best on a Budget. MaxxHaul 70107 Hitch Mount Compact Cargo Carrier.

  10. Goin' Paddling

    RecPro RV Kayak Rack Vertiyak Hitch Mount Standing Kayak Carrier. The Vertiyak is one of the most popular and affordable travel trailer kayak rack options. It can accommodate paddle boards and kayaks up to 12 feet in length. The rack attaches to a two-inch hitch receiver. It can carry two kayaks and handle up to 150 pounds.

  11. RV Kayak Rack Vertiyak Hitch Mount Standing Kayak Carrier

    Details: RV Kayak and Paddleboard Rack. Dimensions: 66"H x 40"D x 37"W (top) 20"W (bottom) Main beam and upper section: 14-gauge steel, 1/16" thickness. Lower cradle: 11-gauge steel, 1/8" thickness. Hitch: 2". Includes anti-rattle hitch tightener. Powder-coated black. Vertical hitch mount kayak carrier.

  12. How To Carry a Kayak On an RV (6 Common Ways)

    Best Kayak Racks for RV. Here are some of the top kayak rack brands that you can consider. 1. Thule Compass Kayak Rack. This is one of the best kayak racks that you can get. They are highly versatile, and you can carry more than two kayaks at the same time. You can carry one kayak in J-style or two kayaks in stacker mode.

  13. Best RV Kayak Rack

    Thule's Compass Kayak Carrier is 32 inches long. × 19 inches × 7 inches Each saddle weighs 20 pounds. There are two saddles included, one for the front and the other for the rear. Pros: The Strap Catch function makes loading and unloading the kayak a breeze. Stainless steel is used to make this item.

  14. 13 Best Kayak Racks for RV 2024

    BougeRV Roof-Mounted Kayak Racks For RVs. Yakima - SweetRoll Rooftop Mounted Boat Loader. Rhino-Rack Nautic Kayak Racks For RV Roofs. YAKIMA - BigStack Rooftop Mounted Boat Rack. Malone Seawing Stinger-Combo Kayak Racks For Campers. Vertiyak Hitch-Mounted Kayak Carrier For Camper Backs.

  15. The 5 Best Camper Kayak Racks

    That's what prompted us to seek out the 5 best camper kayak racks on the market. 1. TMS J-Bar Rack HD Kayak Carrier -Best Overall. 2. AA-Racks Steel Jetty Saddle Rack set -Best For Budget Shoppers. 3. Thule Hullivator Pro -Best Quality. 4. SportRack Mooring 4-in-1 Carrier -Best Versatility.

  16. Kayak Rack

    The VertiYak, or the vertical kayak carrier, is designed to transport 2 recreational kayaks up to 12 feet in length. VertiYak installs into a 2" hitch receiver. If you're looking for an easy way to transport your kayaks, VertiYak is the way! Toggle navigation. Your American made kayak transportation solution since 2016 Cart 0 ;

  17. Hitch Mounted Kayak Rack

    This is a vertical hitch mount kayak carrier for kayaks up to 12ft in length. The price includes shipping anywhere in the continental United States excluding Hawaii and Alaska. One end of your kayak must fit within a 11 1/2" X 17" lower hoop. Please check these measurements before ordering your VertiYak™.

  18. Best way to transport kayaks while towing a travel trailer?

    There are kayak racks that mount to the RV bumper. I carried 4 kayaks on my Tacoma while pulling my camper, ill be doing the same with my F150, if I ever get it. ... Many recommended getting a custom weld job instead. ymmv based on what brand of travel trailer you have. Reactions: 780. JohnMcClane Well-known member. First Name John Joined Feb ...

  19. The Best Kayak Trailers of 2024 (With Buyer's Guide)

    Best Budget Option - Malone EcoLight 2-Boat V-Rack. This kayak trailer costs several hundred dollars less than the asking price for many other models. With kayak trailers costing thousands of dollars, saving on the overall price becomes a very attractive option. Best 4 Kayak Carrier - Malone Auto Racks MicroSport Trailer.

  20. How to Make a DIY Kayak Rack

    Make the bottom racks. Measure 3-1/2 in. from one end of the short 2x6s and mark with pencil. Draw lines on marks with a speed square, wrapping the line around the sides.; Lay the longer 2×6 on a table or the ground and align the foot near mitered end.

  21. Elektrostal, Russia: All You Must Know Before You Go (2024

    A mix of the charming, modern, and tried and true. See all. Apelsin Hotel. 43. from $48/night. Apart Hotel Yantar. 2. from $28/night. Elektrostal Hotel.

  22. Likino-Dulyovo, Russia: All You Must Know Before You Go (2024

    Likino-Dulyovo Tourism: Tripadvisor has 61 reviews of Likino-Dulyovo Hotels, Attractions, and Restaurants making it your best Likino-Dulyovo resource.

  23. Statue of Lenin

    Statue of Lenin. Suggest edits to improve what we show. Ленин - символ нашей эпохи. Памятники Ленину в нашей стране-все разные. Ленин и очень большой и очень маленький.И сидит, и стоит ,и думает. Но он все еще Живее ...

  24. Elektrostal, Moscow Oblast, Russia

    Elektrostal Geography. Geographic Information regarding City of Elektrostal. Elektrostal Geographical coordinates. Latitude: 55.8, Longitude: 38.45. 55° 48′ 0″ North, 38° 27′ 0″ East. Elektrostal Area. 4,951 hectares. 49.51 km² (19.12 sq mi) Elektrostal Altitude.