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Star Trek: Armada

Star Trek: Armada is a singleplayer and multiplayer bird's-eye view RTS game in the Star Trek: Armada series.

The game received three official patches post-release.

The game has been marred with issues since Windows XP days, from audio skipping when using hardware audio acceleration, through mouse control sluggishness and multiplayer desynchronization, to more modern startup problems alleviated by custom Direct3D wrappers .

General information


Essential improvements, official patches.

The unofficial Patch 1.3 Project patch adds compatibility fixes for modern versions of Windows as well as widescreen support and various bug fixes. Using it is highly recommended.

Custom wrapper (retail only)

This modified Direct3D wrapper resolves crashes on launch caused by an obsolete graphics renderer when running on modern Windows versions. Requires patches 1.2 and 1.3.

Skip intro video

Configuration file(s) location, save game data location, save game cloud syncing.

Graphics settings (with unofficial 1.3 patch)


Multiplayer types, connection types, issues fixed, game crashes when trying to run on windows 10 / stuck at 640x480 resolution, audio skipping on windows xp, issues unresolved, mouse performance.

The mouse commands in-game can appear slow, and some might not register properly. Cause currently unknown, but occurs in both retail and digital releases.

Multiplayer desynchronization

Under unknown circumstances, multiplayer sessions can desynchronize.

Federation mission 3 ("Vendetta") final wormhole bugs

When ordering the USS Avenger to enter the final wormhole in this mission, the game can in some cases either crash or declare the ship destroyed and fail the mission.

Other information

System requirements.

  • ↑ 1.0 1.1 When running this game without elevated privileges ( Run as administrator option), write operations against a location below %PROGRAMFILES% , %PROGRAMDATA% , or %WINDIR% might be redirected to %LOCALAPPDATA% \VirtualStore on Windows Vista and later ( more details ).
  • ↑ can't enable Aureal 3d sound in Diablo 2 - Hardware Central Forums - last accessed on May 2023
  • One-time game purchase
  • Singleplayer
  • Multiplayer
  • Bird's-eye view
  • Multiple select
  • Point and select
  • Self-hosting

star trek armada in windows 10


  • May 1, 2024 | Toronto Stage Used For ‘Discovery’ Renamed “The Star Trek Stage” By Pinewood Studios
  • May 1, 2024 | Star Trek Event Coming To ‘World Of Tanks’ Online Game – Watch Mission Preview
  • April 30, 2024 | Star Trek Team Was Top Fundraiser For Pancreatic Cancer Action Network 2024 Charity Walk
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‘Elite Force,’ ‘Bridge Commander’ And More Classic Star Trek PC Games Updated For Windows 10

star trek armada in windows 10

| September 8, 2021 | By: TrekMovie.com Staff 40 comments so far

A frustration for fans of classic PC games is that they become unplayable on modern computers, or maybe you can’t find those long-lost game discs. But this will no longer be a problem for a selection of some favorite Star Trek games of the past.

Activision Star Trek games on GOG.com

The digital storefront GOG.COM and Activision are celebrating Star Trek Day by bringing some of the franchise’s favorite and critically acclaimed video games back, updated to work on modern operating systems. According to GOG “Preserving classic games is at the very (reactor) core” of their business and they have set their engineering crew to make sure that all of these games are up-to-date and running smoothly on Windows 10. Some of the titles even work on LAN multiplayer.

The six classic Star Trek games now available on the GOG.COM store include:

Star Trek: Voyager – Elite Force – a first-person shooter set onboard the USS Voyager where you must take on some of the most dangerous special missions.

star trek armada in windows 10

Star Trek: Elite Force II – a stunning sequel set on Enterprise-E where you get your orders from Captain Jean-Luc Picard himself!

star trek armada in windows 10

Star Trek: Hidden Evil – a third-person adventure game with both Patrick Stewart and Brent Spiner reprising their roles as Captain Picard and Lt. Cmdr. Data.

star trek armada in windows 10

Star Trek: Away Team – an isometric turn-based tactical game influenced by titles like Commandos and the X-Com series.

star trek armada in windows 10

Star Trek: Starfleet Command III – a simulation game with RPG elements where you can customize your starship and lead it into space battles.

star trek armada in windows 10

Star Trek: Bridge Commander – a space combat simulation game that sits you in an actual captain’s chair with a crew waiting for your orders.

star trek armada in windows 10

In addition, two real-time strategy titles, Star Trek: Armada and Star Trek: Armada II, are coming soon to GOG.COM and can now be added to the user wish lists.

The games are priced at $9.99 each. For more details, please visit the Star Trek games page on GOG.COM .

Find more news on Star Trek games .

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star trek armada in windows 10

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star trek armada in windows 10

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star trek armada in windows 10

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star trek armada in windows 10

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‘The Archive’ Star Trek Spatial Experience Released For Apple Vision Pro

Star Fleet Command was way better when it was based off Starfleet Battles (I think I and II)! Are they going to update that version because would love to play that multiplayer! Had great weapon and ship variety and awesome tactics! The most memorable Star Trek games to me was 25th anniversary (PC) and Judgement Rites; it was like playing a TOS season. They should continue that series!

Yes, please, please do I&II. III was not bad, but was dumbed-down (no doubt by marketing drones) for “broader appeal”, it was/is not NEARLY as deep as I&II…

Yes, I’ll never get why story writers were like “let’s give everyone cloaking devices”, “everyone uses photon torpedoes”, “everything is generic!” and then wonder why a TOS with Romulans having cloak and plasma torpedoes, Klingons having battleships, disruptors, Kzinti/Hydrans with fighters, Lyrans, transporter marines. mines, expanding sphere generators, drones, etc is so much more exciting in a game. SFB expands on that with the Andromedians invading the galaxy with repulsor beams, displacement Devices and the Tholian Web, etc – that should have been SFC III.

Yeah, the first two Starfleet Command were based on SFB. They have the first one but oddly not the second.

GoG also has both 25th Anniversary and Judgement Rites!

Star Feet Command 1 is already on GOG

Oh, thanks!

Darn. I have a Mac.

You always have the option of boot camping a Mac – not all hope is lost.

Is it an x86 (Intel) Mac or one of the new ARM ones? If it’s the former you might be able to install Windows in a VM or natively and play them that way. I think DOSbox is probably available for macOS for the DOS-based ones. Even 64-bit Windows can’t run DOS games.

Awesome! I have all of them on disc, and so far the ones I tested (Armada II and Elite Force) were running fine in compatibility mode. But this is of course great for people who don’t own the old discs anymore and don’t want to pay excessive amounts of money on ebay for those games (I saw bridge commander go for 100+ Euros)

This is a nice little surprise. Played most of the games back in day. A pity Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – The Fallen is not included. A decent third person shooter.

Would be so much easier were they on steam.

I don’t know about “so much easier.” GOG is great!

Agreed; I love GOG!

1st: Be patient, the Trek titles from Interplay became available on Steam after just a short time of GOG.com exclusivity.

2nd: Why, just why would you say such a thing? GOG Galaxy is at least as comfortable as Steam, and you can even use it to access your Steam library. On top of that GOG.com does not bother you with DRM. You can actually download and install the games from a stand-alone installer without a client, if you fancy that. No internet activation required. Also, GOG.com takes care of the classic games published there and will keep them compatible on Windows 11 and into the future. The only actual downside is the lack of an integrated modding library like the Steam Workshop.

You are aware that you can bind games into steam to launch them from there?

Elite Force was so sick back in the day. There was even a multiplayer death match, too!

I LOVED Armada and Armada II!!! So pleased to see these coming back!

Me too! I just played it today on my old windows xp computer which I kept because of that. Would love to play it on windows 10.

This is great news. The only remaining 90’s Trek game I really want to play again is “Birth of the Federation.” It was such an underrated game.

One of my favourite Trek games and it’d be fantastic to play it again.

Man I used to deliberately cheat to keep the game going and have about 80 starships protecting each system, the Klingons would almost always still give me a run for my money though if we hadn’t reached an alliance. For some reasons the Cardassians were always the first to fall haha.

Add to that my game would go for too many turns and each turn would end up taking like 5-10 minutes to process or something ridiculous.

Bridge Commander!! Finally playable on modern hardware! That’s awesome!

I’ve missed these old friends. That activision lawsuit was such a blow to me in high school. I wanted my EF2 expansion!

Hope they get the rest of the Interplay Trek games up like Klingon Academy, Starfleet Command 2 and New Worlds. To add to that get the Microprose titles too like A Final Unity, Generations, Klingon Honor Guard and Birth of the Federation

Never have I ever been so happy in my life, with the exception of asking my fiance to marry me of course haha.

I loved Armada I and Armada II as well as Bridge Commander. I had the Hidden Evil demo but I never got to play it. I am seriously purchasing all of these games. I am so stoked.

I hope they add DS9: The Fallen!

Could they bring Starfleet Academy and Klingon Academy back from the dead too??

Gog has Starfleet Academy listed for sale.

Thank’s for that. Actually I wish the Klin Acad. A LOT! :)

I love both Star Trek and games, but I’d prefer a Star Trek game that’s NOT about fighting. Are any of these about exploring and making friends with new peoples?

Try 25th anniversary and judgement rites. You basically play a TOS season.

Thanks! I’ll check that out.

There’s a bit of exploration in Bridge Commander. But also a lot of combat. Despite this it stays true to the series and films.

No Star Trek: Armada? That was the only one worth playing. Haven’t been able to play it for years.

On the GOG website both Armada 1 and 2 are listed as coming soon. Can’t wait to play them again!

I was always a big fan of the Elite Force games. Can’t wait to try them out again.

Since I own Elite Force 1/2 on disc – can I download a patch somewhere for Windows 10? I DID manage to get it working recently, via unnoficial means, but I’d like a proper patch to install or whatnot.

I lost a lot of sleep to Elite Force back in the day. And cookies. First person shooters give me motion sickness, but I’d still play that one in online group battle mode for hours. I seem to remember finding a server somewhere where someone had patched it with a limited TOS environment. It was so cool that I’d just walk around like a tourist getting blasted.

Star Trek: Armada (Windows)

  • My Abandonware

Star Trek: Armada

Windows - 2000

Download extras files Manual and patch available

Description of Star Trek: Armada

When it comes to space operas like  Star Trek  or  Babylon 5  you can have all the square-jawed heroes, but what you really need to give a show that extra edge is some really nasty baddies.  Bablyon 5  pulled this off well, featuring the evil Shadows, with their jet black ships and sneaky plots. And the entertainingly off-kilter  Lexx 's central antagonist was a strange shadowy lifeform who initially ruled a rather macabre universe dominating empire (which Star Wars' Imperial Empire had nothing on) and later became a sort of half machine creature who succeeded in destroying the entire universe piece by piece.

But the creators of  Star Trek: The Next Generation  must claim the prize for creating the best evil baddies ever - the Borg. The Borg are half human, half mechanical and uglier than the Daleks ever were. Except that is, for Voyager's Seven of Nine who has been shorn of most of her robotic appendages and appears to be the only member of the Voyager crew with a with access to unlimited supplies of lycra and special Borg 'implants' which probably contravene every Starfleet clothing regulation. Still, she's more a blip than an emerging trend amongst the Borg, and the rest of the Borg remain thoroughly nasty, their nastiness rating boosted by the fact that they spend most of their free time mercilessly assimilating all species they come across, turning them into Borg drones and stripping them of their individuality.

And if that wasn't worrying enough, they're virtually unstoppable. They're so nasty, in fact, that I suspect at least half of all the people who bought  Star Trek: Armada  bought it just for the chance to play as the Borg. After all, everyone knows that the when it comes to lethal weaponry and bottom-kicking ships, bad is best.

Powered down

Unfortunately, those looking forward to assimilating the universe in one fell swoop may be a little disappointed upon picking up  Star Trek: Armada , for a couple of reasons. The first of the reasons is that the Borg campaigns, like those of the other races, slot neatly into the storyline. This is an interesting approach in itself but does have the downside that you can't do anything that would alter the storyline. You can't assimilate the Enterprise for example, or assimilate the Earth and rule the galaxy (on a permanent basis, at least). Having the bad guys win is apparently not on the cards - the Federation always manage to save the day. Secondly, as David Finn points out in his pretty comprehensive review, the Borg in  Armada  are rather weak compared to their counterparts in the  Star Trek: First Contact  movie and the  ST:NG .

In the series, the Borg cube dwarfed the Enterprise and the only way the Federation could defeat the Borg was by running around like headless chickens for 40 minutes and then coming up with some techo-gibberish to miraculously disable and or destroy them. In  Star Trek: Armada  however, each cube is about the same size as the Enterprise and about as strong. The series and movie Borg ships also had the ability to remodulate their shields thereby negating any phaser damage they may have received - this too has been taken out of the game, despite the fact that the Borg ships, when ordered to move, often say 'remodulating shields'. 'Resistance is futile?' - resistance is too flipping easy, more like. Oh, how cruel it is to have your plans for galactic domination crushed...

On the plus side, you do still get a variety of Borg weaponry that you can use against your foes, such as the combined holding beam and assimilator attached to the Borg Cube that can grab and assimilate the crew of any ship, even if their shields are up. Other races can take over ships too, but they have to wait till their opponents' shields are low - but it's still worth doing as there's something ego-boosting, especially in multiplayer mode, about nicking your enemy's ships and then using them to take out their own. It's one of the rather nice touches that makes  Star Trek Armada  such a promising game when you first pick it up.

Other nice (or 'neat' if you're an American) touches include the multiplayer game which features a skirmish mode so you can take on AI opponents in lieu of kicking arse on-line and getting some practice in. Plus, should you go about setting up your own multiplayer game you can customise pretty much everything in the game - including whether or not the Ferengi put in an appearance. When this race is in the game they'll fly around the game area and nick any crewless derelicts, hauling them away before you can re-crew and rescue them.

At least in theory that's the way it's supposed to happen - in truth, I witnessed a rather monumental Ferengi bug not once but twice while playing  Star Trek: Armada . Not only did a Ferengi ship manage to capture one of my ships that was fully crewed with Borg, having recently been assimilated, but on traversing an asteroid belt the Ferengi ship cleared the belt okay but my ship got stuck behind an asteroid, so the Ferengi's blue tractor beam stretched, and stretched, and stretched. Until, no - my ship didn't escape, the ship was mysteriously pulled through a solid asteroid and taken off the map.

Buggy of Borg

And the above bug wasn't the only one I ran into either - even with the Beta Patch installed I ran into a number of others, some minor, some major. The worst one was on the fourth Federation mission - after destroying all the Borg vessels and bases I found myself unable to complete the mission as there was one green dot on the map. This dot turned out to be nothing at all - not a ship, not a Borg base, just a strange dot that could not be destroyed, so I ended up skipping the mission as have dozens and even hundreds of people if the strategic newsgroups are anything to go by. Shipping a product with this many bugs just isn't on and it's especially annoying as  Star Trek: Armada  had the potential to be a real corker.

In strategic terms too,  Armada  is a little under par - it could have done with a little more unit tweaking and unit variety. Granted, the differing special abilities of the ships do add some variety to the game but they don't disguise the fact that each side has pretty much the same basic types of ships and units. In  Total Annihilation  - a comparison that's especially valid since  Armada  is just a 2D strategy game in space - no single unit could kick the electronic cack out of every other one. You could blitz Big Bertha guns with aircraft, manufacture anti-aircraft units that could take out flying vehicles and use smaller craft to take out the giant stomping robots and tanks.

But in  Star Trek: Armada  - even when you have the 'director's cut' mode turned on which means ships turn and zoom around in combat - you need only to manufacture six or so of the big units such as the large Enterprise starships or the Borg Cubes to be able to take out pretty much everything in your path. Even a swarm of fighters doesn't stand much chance against a heavily armed starship - although you'd think the fighters would move too fast for the bigger ships to be able to get a lock on them. Still, no-one said Sci-fi had to be realistic. Or indeed that  Star Trek: Armada  had to be an entertaining and bugless game, more's the shame.

The real telling point is that if it wasn't for the  Star Trek  licence,  Armada  probably wouldn't have even made it to market. As it stands,  Star Trek: Armada  does, as David Finn states, feel like a rushed product. In fact, it feels like the production team were working on it happily, making good progress, when someone in marketing decided they needed it released next month, and they shipped it way ahead of time. 

Star Trek: Armada  could have been a good game, but as it stands it's just a case of big name, shame about the game.

Review By GamesDomain

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Captures and snapshots.

Star Trek: Armada 0

Comments and reviews

darkness 2021-03-14 0 point

when you go to the pearly gates there will be two orion slave girls ther to escort you in and the cheers are alwas for you you made an old soldier very happy

indus49 2021-03-04 0 point

Does anyone know where saved game files are stored? I'm trying to move this game to another machine, but I cannot find the save data. I checked in %appdata%/roaming - no activision or armada folder there. Checked in my save games, and in the Armada "Save" folder (same directory as the game itself) - NADA!

gamerhawks 2021-02-27 1 point

patch 1.2 says it cant verify the location of the game please help it wont update

assimilated 2020-10-31 0 point

beware that this game crashes immediately on startup (after the splash screen) if you have dual monitors connected - or at least it did for me.

phoenix 2020-09-19 -3 points

same problem here as armada 2 only 2 files available BIN and CUE files no actual game file this sucks guess i need to keep looking else were for these great games :(

Classicgamer23 2020-08-31 3 points

If phoenix ever reads this, the Armada.mdf and Armada.mds are fake CD images. You need to mount them with a program like WinCDEmu, its a free program that will allow you to mount the images. With the images mounted you should be able to start the executable file if you have one.

phoenix 2020-08-24 1 point

well this sucks i downloaded all the files but cant even get the game to do anything ive extracted it all but all i get r files " Armada.mds " and " Armada.mdf " but there is no option to play the game cant install the patches as the patches cant find the game files guess im just gonna have to go and find the CD version again :(

Bafits 2020-07-16 -6 points

old-games.com Both Armada 1 and 2 are available here... Go to Armadafiles.com for Mods and Addons... It's worth paying a few bucks to get this game to run with no hassle... I don't know what it is about myabandonware, but it's such a hassle to get anything to work properly when downloading from here...

madeingermany 2020-04-05 -1 point

On Win 10 with this fix, I did not need any special compatibility settings: https://github.com/elishacloud/dxwrapper/wiki/Star-Trek-Armada-1 (Installed the provided 1.2 and 1.3 patches first)

ARTURO A.VELA ok 2020-02-21 3 points

I just miss playing star trek armada

Retr0Gamer1971 2019-11-10 1 point

Thank you! I have been looking for this game for YEARS. It is wonderful that you guys have this!

Kurt 2019-10-26 -1 point

I've having issues where it says i don't have the CD in when i try to launch the game...

BebeOso 2019-10-13 5 points

Ok. So many thanks to LECK for getting this working, for me. It's still a buggy mess and crashes 7/10 in the menus, but once in, playing the game is no problem. The big issue that I seem to have, is that once you've finished the fourth chapter for each faction, that's it. That's as far as the game will allow me to go. It happened for the Federation, so I thought 'Fine, I'll move on'. Did it for all the others. Absolutely no idea why. Tried using a code to move on, but all it seems to do is take me back to the main menu. Then when I try to open up a factions missions, game crashes out. Very bizarre.

Wolfcall 2019-08-14 -1 point

I haven't been able to find patch 1.3 ANYWHERE!!!

Warthog 2019-08-13 -6 points

Error "Unable to verify location of Star Trek Armada" Any hints to fix this?

Nanox 2019-04-09 -5 points

So I mounted the .mds file and this still ask for a cd... what do i do?

KrisC1337 2019-03-06 1 point

it didnt work for me... did everything and tries to load. Get a black screen and then a loading cursor, then it closes and windows compatibility pops up. Ran compatibility as well and no difference.

franco 2019-03-02 -1 point

hello, can this game run in windows 8.1?

Leck 2019-02-09 4 points

i figure i would answer the question everyone seems to have because i was trying to get this to work for 10 years and finally did. i cannot take most of the credit, even though i have some additional comments beyond just giving links. these are instructions how to get armada1 to work on windows 10. on windows 7 you can simply install patch 1.2 and it should work. i believe windows vista only needs patch 1.1, and on windows xp and 98 this game should run natively without modification. first thing is you need the iso or cd of the game (you need the game). both should work the same way. if you have an iso, you need software to simulate a physical cd (or you can burn a physical cd is another option). the best free software for different purposes changes from year to year so i suggest 'virtual clonedrive' in 2019 as the best free software to mount iso files. any mounting software will do. open the cd in your file explorer (double click on the cd drive) and run the "setup.exe" . after armada is finished installing you can install a mappack into your addons folder. here is a link to get patches and maps http://armadafiles.com/files/armada. if you don't want to bother with the mappack, skip this step. you might be able to add maps later, i'm not sure. install patch 1.2. then install patch 1.3. then get the "armada-fix" file from https://github.com/elishacloud/dxwrapper/wiki/Star-Trek-Armada-1 and follow the instructions on this page (if this link is broken simply copy the 3 files in the armada-fix into your main armada directory. if you don't have access to "armada-fix" i am saving these files for decades, so you can contact me directly and i can send them to you) you should be able to play single player at this point. i was unable to find a way to get out of 640x480 resolution or mute sound, but the game is still perfectly playable in this way on windows 10. i had to alt+tab out and back in to see anything but a black screen every time i started the game, but that's a small price to pay to play a game i've been trying to get to work for over 10 years. i have a method i am going to try to get multiplayer to work i have not tried yet. it should work. it involves using the "stvssw" mod and using tunneling software to connect 2 computers. again i'm not going to write this here because this method is more complicated than just getting the game to work, and i haven't even tested it yet. ----- my website www.Lecksite.com

TJ 2019-02-04 -6 points

Okay, I have no idea what to do with the ISO files. Why can't you just have the whole game file without having some silly ISO file? I don't like installing multiple apps to get one game "unlocked".

Jonnief83 2019-01-03 -2 points

I was trying to change the ini file but i have noticed it is locked tight, any ideas ?

Thatonethere 2018-12-27 1 point

I remember playing this game with my dad. Had some flashbacks to it over Christmas hoping it holds up to my memories

Aserez 2018-12-08 1 point

When I was playing this as a teenager i found the full conversion star wars mod which was the absolute BEST. Loved it but my old pc could never handle it, now my new old pc can run it in its sleep!

Cao 2018-11-03 0 point

I used to play this game NON-stop, I got so many mods and played online as often as I could. It's too bad it's tricky to get working, I was kind of hoping somebody would have modified it so that it works on WIndows 10 by now. There are ways to get it to work, sure, but it's a pain in the arse...unless I'm missing something? Oh and I should say I still have my favorite old mod which I don't mind sharing (if they're not online anymore): AresV3, and some maps to go with it: 8fallen, 6war, 3contact.

Tinker 2018-10-06 0 point

i have always used Deamontools lite for both making ISO image files of disks i currently have and mounting ISO files as well. it is totally free and work likes a champ! it is also a great way to get those old CD games into a nice digital form so that you dont have to worry about the disk getting lost. https://www.daemon-tools.cc/downloads#page

Ace86 2018-09-23 1 point

You'll have to make sure it's iso and not msb then you'll just use the file view and on the top left of the window is a mount option.

PC_Junkie_17 2018-07-10 1 point

i remember playing this game when i was 10 years old. this game is what got me into science and the star trek universe in the first place. its nice to see it preserved.

Vocaloidrocket 2018-06-05 -16 points

How do i get the ISO version to work on windows 10? i literally cant find anything anywhere to help me.

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Star Trek Armada 1

Star Trek Armada 1

Supported on Windows 10/11

I am using the retail CD version of Star Trek Armada 1 (upgraded to version 1.3)

Patch updated: March 16th, 2024

The first problem I had with Star Trek Armada 1 was that it crashed when I tried to run it on Windows 10. Then once I got it to run I could not get it to run in high resolution. The game was stuck at 640x480 resolution.

Star Trek Armada 1 crash

Initial Solution

I created a DirectDraw wrapper that allows me to intercept DirectX7 APIs. A while ago I was troubleshooting the issue I found a bug in Microsoft's implementation of ddraw. Apparently it was introduced in Windows 8.0, and still exists in the latest version of Windows 10.

The issue happens when an application calls SetCooperativeLevel and set the exclusive flag on a particular window and then later the window closes without releasing the exclusive flag. In ddraw the exclusive flag remains set on the handle to window, even though the window does not exist. At this point any call to make another window exclusive will fail, since ddraw still sees the first window as exclusive. If you try to clear the exclusive flag on the first window ddraw will not let you since the window no longer exists. Therefore there is no way to clear the exclusive flag or make any other window have exclusive access. The result is that both games crash on launch. Note: this issue happens with both Star Trek Armada 1 and 2.

I put a fix for this in my code see here . Basically I set a window hook callback when window is closing. This way I can clear the exclusive flag before the window closes, since it does not make sense to have an exclusive flag set on a closed window.

However there were still some missing animations in the menu screen. After running a few tests I found out that enabling DDrawCompat solved that problem.

Current Solution

The current solution no longer requires DDrawCompat. Instead I am using Dd7to9 , which is able to convert the DirectDraw/Direct3D APIs to Direct3D 9.

This fix allows Star Trek Armada 1 and 2 be fully functional on Windows 10/11.

Star Trek Armada 1 1920x1080


In order to install the Windows 10/11 patch for Star Trek Armada 1 you can follow these steps:

  • Make sure you have installed both Armada patch 1.2 and Armada patch 1.3 . Patch 1.2 needs to be installed first.
  • Download the fix below.
  • Unzip the files to your Star Trek Armada 1 installation folder (where the Armada.exe file exists).
  • Start the game and enjoy!

If you run into issues check the compatibility settings. I am running with the following compatibility settings:

Compatibility Settings

Here is the Download for the patch to fix Star Trek Armada 1 on Windows 10/11.

This download contains 3 files:

  • dxwrapper.dll
  • dxwrapper.ini

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star trek armada in windows 10

Armada 1 in Windows 10

That did it.
Still annoying to start programs "as an Admin" if the account is already an Admin.
I can start it but the game is being run on safe-mode.
eriedlinger wrote: I was able to get Star Trek Armada I to work on Windows 10 64bit. My previous post talks about updating Armada.exe and using DxWnd.exe to launch the game. The post is located here: //www.fleetops.net/forums/armada/armada-1-and-2-crashes-in-windows-8-12199?p=202233#p202233 These two steps are still needed. However, besides doing those you will need to remove the App Compatibility settings for Armada.exe and recreate them. Step 1: Remove App Compatibility settings ** Note: If you are not comfortable with using regedit.exe then I would recommend against this. But I will tell you what I did in case you want to try it. I could not get it to work without this step. The only way I found to remove all the App Compatibility settings was by searching the registry and deleting them. Removing them from the file properties Compatibility tab won't remove them all. What I did was search the full registry for "armada.exe" and when I found an entry if the entry was under an App Compatibility registry key then I deleted it. For your convenience I listed the App Compatibility registry keys below: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AppCompatFlags HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AppCompatFlags HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AppCompatFlags Step 2: Add new App Compatibility settings To do this all you need to do is: 1. Right-click on the Armada.exe file and click properties. 2. Go to the Compatibility tab. 3. Select "Run this program in compatibility mode for:" and select "Windows 7". Note: from my tests it worked with Windows XP and Windows 8 also but I chose Windows 7. That's all. at this point you should be able to run Star Trek Armada I in Windows 10 by: 1. Running DxWnd.exe 2. Double-click on the "Star Trek - Armada" item


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Star Trek: Armada II

Game description.

Star Trek: Armada II is a real-time strategy video game published by Activision in 2001, based upon the Star Trek universe. The game was developed by Mad Doc Software. It is the sequel to Star Trek: Armada .

Download Star Trek: Armada II

Star Trek: Armada II is no longer abandonware. You can now buy the game from:

Windows (2001)

Star Trek: Armada II on GOG

Additional files, patches and fixes

Star Trek: Armada II Patch 1.1

Star Trek: Armada II Unofficial Patch 1.2.5

Star Trek: Armada II No CD

Star Trek Armada II: Fleet Operations 3.2.7 – Credit goes to https://www.fleetops.net/

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Star Trek: Armada II Windows Manual (English)

Star Trek: Armada II Screenshots

Star Trek: Armada II Gameplay (Windows)

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this is no longer abandonware it is sold on gog

Ok, so I got it to work even when it says I need CD. Essentially I followed all those steps to make a mod, and then instead of opening the mod, I went to the nonfleet operations start trek armada ii and ran that and was able to play and it didnt ask for cd

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