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How to Find a Job in Dubai on a Visit Visa

dubai visit visa jobs

In 2013, when we were a little younger and a little braver, we arrived in Dubai airport on a 30-day Dubai visit visa, we were excited and ready to embrace all that the city had to offer.

We ended up enjoying eight great years in Dubai. We became Dubai recruiters and over the years we have helped, and continue to help, many people from all over the world find jobs in Dubai. 

In this article I'm going to explain four steps that you can take right now, that will help you find a job whilst on a visit visa in Dubai.

Many people arrive in Dubai on visit visas hoping to secure employment, unfortunately many are unsuccessful.

This is not because they lack the right skills of experience, but rather, they fail because they don't understand how recruitment works in Dubai.

By the end of this article you'll have four very simple steps that you can take right now, to dramatically improve your chances of finding a job in Dubai.

Four-steps to finding a job on a Dubai visit visa

1. decide exactly what kind of job you want to get in dubai.

When you arrive in Dubai on a visit visa, you will have a very limited amount of time at your disposal.

You need to hit the ground running, and you should do as much preparation as possible before you arrive.

One of the main things you need to do before you arrive in Dubai, or as quickly as possible after you arrive, is to have a clear goal in mind.

• What job do you actually want to get? 

• What industries are you targeting?

• What companies would you like to work for?

When you know exactly what job it is that you are looking for, you'll be able to perform a very targeted job search.

A clear goal will improve your chances of getting a job in Dubai on a visit visa

I know this sounds too simple but this is absolutely fundamental to your Dubai job search success.

When we first arrived in Dubai, Hannah knew exactly what job she wanted, she had her CV tailored and targeted and had completed most of the steps outlined in this article. Within one week she had accepted a job offer!

I on the other-hand, had no idea what I really wanted to do. I was offered a job selling private jets, a wealth management role and other random jobs that I didn't really want.

After three whole months I finally decided that I wanted to be a Dubai recruiter. I tailored my CV accordingly, updated my LinkedIn profile and within two weeks I had three job offers!

Hopefully my point is obvious, those who know what they want are much more likely to get it.

If you are happy to get any job in Dubai, you are likely to end up with no job in Dubai!

Many of the clients that we work with become frustrated when they apply for huge numbers of roles and hear nothing back.

This typically happens when they haven’t decided on exactly what role they want, and instead believe that applying for more jobs will increase their chances.

Unfortunately, this approach rarely works and is often one of the major reasons that people seem to get stuck in their job search, here’s why:

It leaves recruiters in Dubai unsure as to how they can help you ‍

Recruiters in Dubai are tasked to source candidates that meet very specific requirements. Companies in Dubai are quite inflexible in regards to their requirements.

If your CV, LinkedIn profile or applications are too generic, Dubai recruitment agents will be unclear about what roles they should approach you for and whether or not you will be a good fit for the role for which they are recruiting.

It can show you lack intention and focus

Many people don’t realise that a single Dubai recruiter will likely be handling multiple roles at any given time and when they see the same candidate applying for lots of roles, even roles that they are not suitable for, it can undermine the candidate’s credibility, giving the impression that this candidate does not really know what job they want or what role they would excel in.

dubai visit visa jobs

Your job applications will be low quality

It’s very easy to quickly click ‘apply’ on Dubai job boards and recruitment platforms, but this typically results in lots of low-quality applications, applications that have not been given enough thought or attention.

Generally, fewer, high-quality applications yield a greater degree of success than many low-quality applications.

‍ Deciding on exactly what kind of role you want will enable you to conduct some thorough research and to begin communicating the value that you can add to specific organisations on your CV and LinkedIn.

It will also provide you with more time to follow up on your applications with high-quality and personalised communication.

Everything You Need to Land a Job in Dubai on a Visit Visa

Get your cv professionally edited and make sure you get noticed, 2. create profiles on dubai job boards.

Signing up for the most commonly used job boards should play a role in your Dubai job search.

However, the extent of the role they will play will largely depend on the kind of role and level you are aiming for.

It’s important to understand that applying on job boards alone is unlikely to be the quickest route to finding a job in Dubai on a visit visa.

Having said this, my advice would be to register on a few key job boards sooner rather than later.

If you are planning to visit Dubai on a visit visa to look for a job, you should do this before you even arrive so that you don’t waste time once you land.

What are job boards in Dubai useful for?

Conducting your research.

Dubai job boards can be an effective means of scoping out and understanding the job market in Dubai, you should use them to;

• Find the names of recruitment companies, as well as understand the types of roles that they handle. You can then reach out to them directly.

• Get an idea of how active the market is at the moment. Fewer jobs on job boards is an indication of a slow market.

• Better understand how in demand your skills and experience are and even get some idea of the companies that are currently hiring. 

• Understand the salary levels that are on offer for the roles you desire.

Getting found by organisations and Dubai recruitment companies

Most recruitment companies and a lot of internal HR departments will use job boards to some extent.

• By uploading your CV and personal details you are more likely to get found as and when a recruiter or HR manager conducts a search for candidates with your skillset using a job board platform.

• Very often recruiters and HR managers will store the details of good candidates that they find on job boards for later. Registering on a job board can be a good way to get into the databases of recruitment firms or organisations that handle their own recruitment to some extent.

‍ Applying for jobs

This is the obvious one and it’s the main reason that people register on job boards, however, remember what we said in tip number one and don't just apply for anything and everything! It’s worth noting the following;

• Most job boards are designed to advertise jobs in the junior to mid-level range.

• Very senior or specialised roles tend not to be advertised this way but will often be recruited through executive search firms. 

• You can get more in-depth advice for using job boards in Dubai.

3. Get a Dubai telephone number

When we moved to Dubai, we were advised to get local Dubai phone numbers as soon as possible.

This was some of the best advice that we received, because the minute we updated our new local number on our CVs, LinkedIn profiles and job boards, we started to receive calls from Dubai recruitment companies.

Generally speaking, recruiters and organisations in Dubai prefer to attract local talent, people who are already located in Dubai for two reasons;

• It's less risky – when offering a job to someone abroad there is always a risk that they will choose not to relocate.

• It’s cheaper – Relocating someone from abroad comes at a cost, these costs can be avoided when hiring someone already in the country.

Having a Dubai number on your CV, job board profiles and LinkedIn profile tells recruiters and hiring managers that you are here and ready to go!

Take a trip to one of the many malls in Dubai as soon as possible, and visit an Etisalat or DU store and get yourself a pre-paid sim card.

Make sure you take your passport as you will need ID.

Also, don’t forget to change your location on LinkedIn to ‘Dubai’ so that you start showing up in searches for people based in the region.

​​4. Partner with Dubai recruitment agencies

One of the first things you need to do when embarking on your Dubai job search is partner with one or two Dubai recruitment agencies.

You should find identify recruitment agencies in Dubai that:

• Are specialists in your particular industry or area of specialisation. ‍

• Are reputable and trusted.

• Are willing to meet with you.

Take some time to read our dedicated article to find out what you should expect from a recruitment company in Dubai.

Download a copy of our 20 Top Recruitment Agencies in Dubai to find the recruitment agencies in Dubai that specialise in your industry and use the email address, website links and telephone numbers to get in contact directly.

You'll also get a copy of our Email and Inmail templates and scripts or contacting recruiters, which will help you to make a great first impression.

Once you have identified the Dubai recruitment agencies that specialise in your particular industry, and recruit for the roles that you are targeting, visit the company’s website and find the name of the recruiter in the team specialising in your field.

Next, call up the company and ask for that particular recruitment consultant by name. Explain a little bit about who you are, suggest a coffee chat and follow-up with an email to thank them for their time on the phone and attach an up-to-date copy of your CV.

Failing all of the above there is an alternative way to get on the radar of a recruitment company and that is by applying for a role that they are advertising.

Just make sure the role is a good fit for you, it’s important that you make a good first impression. If they like your profile they will get in touch and usually your CV will be added to their database regardless.

It is possible to arrive in Dubai on a visit visa and find a job.

However, your chances of successfully finding a job in Dubai on a visit visa will be greatly improved if you carry out the four above steps before or right after you arrive!

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dubai visit visa jobs

dubai visit visa jobs

[Guide] : How to Get a Job in Dubai on Visit Visa

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Table of Contents

Get a Job in Dubai on Visit Visa

The UAE is a top destination for professionals looking for improving their quality of life. However, to be able to work there you must have legal documents that allow you to do it. In this regard, many wonder how to get a job in Dubai on visit visa since this may look easier to accomplish.

Although you can get permanent and temporary jobs in Dubai on visit visa , you need to know how to do it legally. You could enter into the UAE with your tourist visa , but you should know that you can only work with an employment visa. Let’s observe:

Guide for How to Get a Job in Dubai on Visit Visa

Is it allowed to work in the uae with tourist visa, what tips can help you get a job on tourist visa, which steps should you follow to look for a job through visit visa, what are the common questions regarding getting a job on visit visa, how can connect resources help you find a job.

As a professional, you may be looking for excellent job opportunities in your career. Perhaps you’ve considered searching for a job abroad so you can get more money. However, to be able to work legally in another country you must have the legal documents that allow you to do it.

dubai visit visa jobs

In some countries, it’s not allowed to search for a job while you’re on a tourist visa. But, in the UAE it’s different, since foreigners can search for a job while they’re on the country on a visit visa.

For this reason, many wonder how to get a job in Dubai on visit visa . Getting a job in the UAE can help you improve your quality of life and get an outstanding income.

Nevertheless, it’s essential to learn how to follow the regulations so you don’t have any issues with the authorities and Here you can learn how to hire employees from India .

Get a Job in Dubai on Visit Visa

What visa do you need to work in the UAE?

When you plan to travel to the UAE, you must apply for a tourist visa. With this document, you can enter legally and stay for the period established.

But if you want to work in the UAE, you must have a valid employment visa. So, your employer must apply for this visa if they want you to start working with them.

If you arrive with your tourist visa you can start your job search. If you wonder if In 3 months can we get job in Dubai , it’s possible since it’s more than enough time to get excellent results and Discover how you can have outstanding employees without upskill .

If you’re planning on entering the UAE to search for a job , you must know how to do it in compliance with the law. Knowing how to get a job in Dubai on visit visa can help you.

Although you can look for a job while you’re on your tourist visa, you must know that you can’t work in the UAE with this document.

Many expats wonder the following: can I work in UAE on visit visa ? And the answer to this question is no and Get to know how to hire remote developers for your business .

What happens if you decide to work without an employment visa?

When you get your job in the UAE, you have to carry out the process to change your tourist visa to an employment visa.

Here’s what can happen if you start working on a tourist visa:

  • Non-compliance with UAE Labor Law .
  • Risk of fines and deportation
  • Get blacklisted. It means that you won’t be able to return to the UAE on an employment visa.

In addition, if you decide to start working while on your tourist visa, in case of a dispute with you employer, you don’t get to say anything.

If you’re looking for assistance with 90 days job seeker visa Dubai , here in Connect Resources we can help you and See how you can get your remote work visa in the UAE .

When you got your tourist visa, you can start planning your strategy on how to get a job in Dubai on visit visa . It’s important to plan with advance so when you arrive you can take advantage of the time you have.

dubai visit visa jobs

Here we have some of the most useful tips for you:

Travel between October-February

The most important thing you must decide is when you plant to visit the country. You must travel in a time where it’s more likely to land a job.

Many advise to visit Dubai during October to February, since during these months there are more vacancies. Keep in mind that you must spend time building your network and reach out employers, so in these 5 months is more likely that you get results and Get an IT outsourcing service from Connect Resources .

Make a list of relevant companies

Before traveling to Dubai, you should make a list of companies that are relevant to your field. Get important details such as the address, phone, email and any other that may help you contact them once you get to Dubai.

Make sure to look for a company that ensures the change of tourist visa to employment visa in UAE .

Prepare your resume

Many professionals make the mistake of not having their resume updated . Work on your CV and make it professional. This is very important since it’s going to be the first impression for recruiters.

Highlight your skills and qualifications , and make sure to match them regarding your job profile. Also, include your experience in the right way so recruiters can’t oversee it.

Don’t waste time

When you enter the UAE you have a limited time to find permanent or temporary jobs in Dubai on visit visa . So, make sure to use it the best way possible. Don’t waste time visiting tourist places but focus on networking and attending recruitment events.

Once you land your job, you’re going to be able to explore the beauty of Dubai. But while you’re on your tourist visa you must focus on getting a job.

Approach recruiters

Learning about recruiters is also important. If you’re making a list for companies, you should also make one for recruitment agencies . This way you’re going to have more chances of landing a job because a recruitment firm can help you .

You can approach Connect Resources, so you can be part of our talent pool and increase your chances of getting your dream job and Learn how to choose an outstanding EOR for your business .

job through visit visa

When you start applying the tips on how to get a job in Dubai on visit visa , you’re closer to landing your job.

In addition, it’s advisable to know which steps you must follow when you’re looking for a job. Here we have a summary:

Plan in advance

Before you arrive the UAE, you have to consider all the factors that this involves. Make sure to learn about work opportunities in your field, and which companies are recruiting during the time you plan to visit.

Develop a strategy on how you’re going to use the days you’re going to be there. Make a schedule regarding the events you’re going to attend and the companies you plan to visit and Contact Connect Resources to get Executive Search Services .

Search for jobs before you arrive

In 3 months can we get job in Dubai ? Although you can get a job in your 3-month visit, it’s advisable to start searching in advance.

Start searching in websites such as LinkedIn or job portals , so you can apply before you arrive. If you have any friends or relatives in the UAE, you can ask them to arrange job interviews for you once you get there.

Prepare your CV and Cover Letter

Have your CV and Cover Letter prepared. You can request a consultant to help you prepare an outstanding one. Make sure to not mention you’re on a visit visa and don’t specify how long you’re going to stay. Have your documents with you and ready to print or to send to an email so you don’t waste time.

Attend as many interviews as possible

Try to look for jobs that match your skills. In addition, make sure to highlight yourself as a top candidate. It’s probable that you get many interviews so don’t be too fussy about which ones you should attend.

Try to go to as many interviews as you can. By landing a job you’re able to get your employment visa, and you can start working on your career path and gain experience. This will allow you to grow professionally and develop your skills and Find out how international payroll outsourcing can help your multinational business .

Once you know how to get a job in Dubai on visit visa , you must still have some doubts about the process.

  • Can your employer request you to work on tourist visa?

An employer is responsible for sponsoring you so you can get your employment visa. But, you can start working for them once you get it.

If your employer requests you to start working without having obtained your employment visa, you have to point out that they’ll be breaking the UAE Laws. Don’t start working for them until you get your labor approval and labor contract.

  • What is the penalty for working on visit visa?

If you start working for an employer while you’re on your tourist visa you’ll be liable for paying a fine. It’s a Dhs 50.000 fine for incurring in this offence. In addition, your employer can also face a high penalty for employing people that don’t have a valid employment visa.

  • Can you work in the UAE with a tourist visa?

Can I work in UAE on visit visa ? As we have mentioned before, foreigners can only work in the UAE with a valid employment visa. So, you can’t work in the UAE with tourist or visit visa.

  • What happens after your tourist visa expires?

When you enter into the UAE with your tourist visa, you do it to search for a job. If your visa’s expiration date is close, you must exit the country prior to the expiry. If you have gotten a job, you’ll have to pay the necessary fees to convert it to an employment visa.

Keep in mind that your employer is the one who should pay the fees. You may still need to leave the country and then come back to process your employment visa.

Job on Visit Visa

If you want to know how to get a job in Dubai on visit visa , here in Connect Resources we can assist you. Our team of recruiters can advise you on how to prepare an outstanding CV and how to highlight your skills.

In addition, you can become part of our talent pool, so whenever an employer looks for a candidate like you, you can get the interview. When it comes to 90 days job seeker visa Dubai , we can assist you.

We can also help your employer with the change of tourist visa to employment visa in UAE . This way, you can have your legal documents so you can start working immediately. Our specialists ensure total compliance with regulations.

Would you like to contact Connect Resources for recruitment ?  You can call at  +971 433 166 88  or send an email to  [email protected] , and you’ll talk to one of their representatives that will gladly answer all of your questions

Connect with our experts to seek the best Visa Services in the UAE.

Check out how we can offer this service to you.

' src=

Get a free consultation call with our experts

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Tourist visa

A tourist visa is for those who are not eligible for  visa on arrival  or a  visa-free entry  to the UAE. You can apply for a tourist visa through airlines, hotels and travel agents. Read about the eligibility criteria and the steps to apply.

Multiple entry 5-year tourist visa

Who is a tourist visa for, who can apply for your tourist visa, related eservices.

The multiple entry 5-year tourist visa enables tourists to enter the UAE multiple times on self-sponsorship and remain in the country for 90 days on each visit, and can be extended for further 90 days. This type of tourist visa can be issued for all nationalities.

To obtain this visa, the applicant must have:

  • a bank balance of 4,000 USD or its equivalent in foreign currencies during the last six months
  • a valid health insurance policy applicable in the UAE
  • a ticket to and from the UAE

Documents required

To apply for the multiple entry tourist visa, the applicant must provide the following:

  • a colored photo
  • a copy of the passport
  • medical Insurance
  • bank statement for the last 6 months with a balance 4,000 USD or its equivalent in foreign currencies
  • tour programme
  • a ticket for onward journey.

Read related news coverage on  WAM .

Related online services

  • Issue family group multiple entry long-term tourist visa - 5 years - (all nationalities) – ICP
  • Issue multiple entries long-term tourist visa - 5 years - (all nationalities) – ICP

Tourist visa is for those who are not eligible for  visa on arrival  or a  visa-free entry  to the UAE. Tourist visa can be obtained for eligible individual tourists from around the world. Females below the age of 18 are not eligible to apply for this type of visa unless they are travelling with their parents.

According to a Cabinet resolution passed in July 2018, children under the age of 18 years who are accompanying adults, can get a  free visa for their visit from 15 July to 15 September each year.

Tourist visas through airlines

Each airline has some conditions, which must be met in order for your visa to be arranged by them. One of the conditions is flying with them. For more updated and specific information, check the following UAE-based airlines for visa types, facilities, terms and conditions:

  • Visa services from Etihad Airways  - Etihad Airways
  • Visa Services offered by Emirates Airline  - Emirates Airline
  • Visa services from Fly Dubai  - Fly Dubai
  • Visa services from Air Arabia  - Air Arabia

Tourist visas through agencies and hotels

Licensed travel agents and hotels in the UAE can arrange a tourist visa for you provided you purchase the ticket through them and maintain hotel reservation with the specific hotel.

You can also contact travel agencies in your country for any tourist packages available to the UAE in collaboration with a local tour operator.

It is important to check the authenticity of travel agents you are dealing with and refrain from paying or sending copies of your official documents until after you are 100 per cent sure the tour operator is genuine. You can seek the help of the  UAE embassy in your country  for verification.

Note: The UAE embassies do not issue tourist visas. In order to get a tourist visa to the UAE, you need to get in touch with one of the UAE-based airlines, a tour agency or a hotel (where you intend to stay) in the UAE who will apply for visa on your behalf to the official  visa-issuing authorities  in the UAE.

  • Tourist visa from Etihad Airways  - Etihad Airways
  • Tourist visa from Emirates Airline  - Emirates Airline
  • Tourist visa from Fly Dubai  - Fly Dubai
  • Tourist visa from Air Arabia  - Air Arabia

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Warehouse & Logistics Controller Jobs In Dubai 2024- Urgent Requirements

Warehouse & Logistics Controller Jobs In Dubai 2024- Urgent Requirements

Warehouse & Logistics Controller Jobs In Dubai 2024- Warehouse and logistics activities are basically of much significance in an organization and, in particular, in industries such as aviation, where requirements are in terms of precision and efficiency. Emirates Engineering, based in Dubai, is looking for eligible professionals to join them as Warehouse & Logistics Controller. The job holder would plan, control, and manage warehouse and logistics activities in order to ensure seamless support to operations while meeting safety standards and regulations.

Table of Contents

Function of Warehouse & Logistics Controller Jobs 

  • Plan, organize, and control the overall operation of the assigned functional areas, i.e., Goods Inwards, Main Stores, Sub Stores, Tool Stores, Line Maintenance Stores, Outstation Support, and Spares Distribution, as required, to ensure that service level agreements of various maintenance customers are consistently met. Manage the performance of the workforce in the functional area(s) assigned to achieve the best efficiency in human resources in warehouse and logistics operations.
  • Standardization of warehouse and logistics operations to regulatory and company requirements through the development and periodic review of SOPs, EPM, and other aircraft maintenance data for the interest of conformity and compliance.
  • Create business reports, KPIs, and other analyses in the field of Warehouse & Logistics processes to monitor and control the process, identify improvements, and support the decision-making process.
  • Communicate and coordinate with internal and external customers in respect of the execution and completion of warehouse and logistics activities. Act as a stakeholder in the engineering-wide projects and lead special assignments/projects of the business to meet the operational and strategic objectives.
  • Monitor and control operational expenditure for areas of assigned functionality to support the control of annual budgeted expenditure.
  • Execute performance review, staff training, and staff development to be able to motivate, upgrade, and improve the performance level of all teams.

Experience for  Warehouse & Logistics Controller Jobs

At least 5 years’ experience in warehouse and logistics in a maintenance organization, preferably in an Aviation/MRO environment, with at least 3 years of experience controlling teams operating within warehouse and logistics.

Knowledge for Warehouse & Logistics Controller Job s

  • Knowledgeable in office applications/systems, warehouse/inventory/ERP systems, business reporting, aircraft/engineering maintenance data, relevant airworthiness regulations, and best practices in warehouse/logistic operations.
  • The experience in process optimization and knowledge of warehouse management systems would also be a big plus.

Credentials : Vocational or Diploma (12+2 or its equivalent)

The incumbent must have been exposed to working in warehouse and logistics in an MRO environment for an organization responsible for maintenance, preferably in an aviation environment, for a minimum of 3 years in controlling teams responsible for warehouse and logistics operations.

How To Apply For Warehouse & Logistics Controller Jobs?

Interested candidates can apply for Warehouse & Logistics Controller jobs by following the steps outlined below.

  • Get redirected to the Warehouse & Logistics Controller job site by hitting the “Apply Here” button in order to view the available positions.
  • Once there, hit the “View Job Vacancies” button.
  • You can get more information about a position by clicking the job title.
  • Ensure that you thoroughly review the responsibilities, credentials, and other requirements.
  • Click on the “Apply” button and log in to begin filling out the application form.
  • Complete the form as precisely as possible.
  • All required documents must be uploaded.
  • Submit the application.
  • The hiring team will confirm receipt of your application.

Join us in Dubai and enjoy an attractive tax-free salary and travel benefits that are exclusive to our industry, including discounts on flights and hotels stays around the world. You can find out more information about our employee benefits in the Working Here section of our website Further information on what’s it like to live and work in our cosmopolitan home city, can be found in the Dubai Lifestyle section.

Participate as a stakeholder in engineering-wide projects and lead special assignments to accomplish operational and strategic objectives. 6. Finance Management: Monitor and control operational expenditures to effect budgetary control and ensure that adherence to assigned budgets is carried out. Restate An exciting job as the Warehouse & Logistics Controller in Dubai is bound to manage the effective running of Emirates Engineering/Fleet operations. It demands great leadership with good knowledge in warehouse and logistics operations, planning, organizing, compliance, and performance control. In case you have field experience and are looking for a challenging career in aviation, we invite you to apply for a position and join this dynamic and world-renowned organization.

Salary & Benefits In addition to an appealing tax-free salary, employees will also be eligible for exclusive travel discounts on airfare and hotel accommodations worldwide. More information about the benefits of working for Emirates and life in Dubai can be accessed on the Emirates Careers website. Join us in Dubai and be a part of this high-flying team of one of the best airlines.

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Heavy rain lashed the UAE on Thursday morning, but cloud cover has since significantly receded. The National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) says the unstable weather was caused by an extension of low pressure from the Red Sea, along with humid south-easterly winds, which caused rain clouds to migrate from Saudi Arabia towards the UAE.  Will it rain on Friday? NCM expert explains what to expect over the weekend.

Here are the latest updates from across the UAE.

Taking E16 from Dubai to Hatta? Check this update

In response to a commuter's inquiry, the RTA advised that the E16 bus route from Dubai to Hatta is currently suspended.

Here are your alternative options:

  • Take bus route H02 from Dubai Mall to Hatta Bus Station.
  • For a smoother journey, planning your trip in advance is recommended. You can do this using: The S'hail app
  • The RTA journey planner on their website.

This information is according to the RTA.

Abu Dhabi replants trees damaged by recent weather

Abu Dhabi City Municipality replanted trees affected by recent weather and maintained public and recreational facilities.

Abu Dhabi: Al Mina Street reopens to Corniche Street exit

Abu Dhabi Police announce Al Mina Street reopened towards Corniche Street exit via Sheikh Zayed Tunnel. Drive safely!

Dubai marine services resume rormal operations after rain

Dubai's Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) announces that marine services are back to normal operations following a day of heavy rains across the country. Read more

Abu Dhabi Police announce traffic diversion

Abu Dhabi Police have announced a traffic diversion from Al Mina Street to Corniche Street exit via Sheikh Zayed Tunnel, following a day of heavy rains that lashed different parts of the country.

Intercity buses are fully operational

Dubai’s Roads, and Transport Authority (RTA) posted on X that Intercity Bus services are back to normal after it was temporarily suspended due to the adverse weather conditions .

DXB returns to normal operations

Dubai International Airport (DXB) has returned to normal operations this afternoon, following disruptions caused by unsettled weather.

Dubai's beaches, parks reopen

As Dubai swiftly rebounded from recent weather fluctuations, public beaches, dubai public parks, and markets affiliated with Dubai Municipality are open again.

In a post on X, the municipality said "Dubai's beaches, public parks and markets managed by Dubai Municipality are reopening to welcome you according to ther regular working hours."

Reminder: Extended Dubai Metro timings

To facilitate travel to and from Dubai International Airport, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has extended Dubai Metro operating hours today, Thursday, May 2nd. Trains will run from midnight 12am until 5am the following morning.

Follow safety instructions to prevent vehicle fires

Dubai Police urge drivers to adhere to safety guidelines to lower the chances of vehicle fires, particularly in waterlogged areas.

Ras Al Khaimah road collapse

Ras Al Khaimah: Emirates Road heading to the Al Shuhadaa (Martyrs) Street exit in Ras Al Khaimah caved in on Thursday afternoon following heavy rains .

RTA enhances safety measures

Due to the current unstable weather conditions in Dubai, RTA is stepping up its efforts to ensure your safety on the roads.

Look: Traffic flow resumes in Abu Dhabi

In pictures: Abu Dhabi reports normal traffic flow following rainfall in the emirate.

Dubai ferry services temporarily suspended

RTA announces temporary disruptions to Dubai Ferry routes due to UAE weather conditions. See list of affected routes below.

➡ Al Ghubaiba - Marina Mall (in both directions)

➡ Dubai Water Canal - Al Ghubaiba (in both directions)

➡Dubai Water Canal - Bluewaters (in both directions)

➡Bluewaters - Marina Mall (in both directions)

➡Al Ghubaiba - Sharjah Aquarium (in both directions)

Watch: Ajman beefs up patrols during heavy rain

Ajman Police have intensified their presence on various internal and external roads of the emirate, to deal with the heavy rains and provide assistance to the public.

Sharjah suspends intercity bus services

Sharjah announces the temporary suspension of its intercity bus service, due to the prevailing unstable weather conditions. Sharjah's RTA has informed the public that updates on the service resumption will be communicated through official channels.  

Dubai suspends buses to other emirates

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) of Dubai has suspended intercity bus services to Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, and other emirates.

On Guard 24/7: Dubai Police ensure safety

Watch : Dubai's dedicated police officers, armed with diverse expertise, are committed to around-the-clock public safety.

Dubai-Sharjah bus service temporarily suspended

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) of Dubai announced the temporary suspension of intercity bus services between Dubai and Sharjah on Thursday due to the heavy rain brought on by the weather situation.

Dubai Metro operating in both directions now: RTA

Dubai Metro is operating on the Red line in both directions without stopping at the following stations: ONPASSIVE, Equiti, Al Marsheq and Energy.

Speed limits back to normal on key roads

Abu Dhabi Police have stated that speed limits on Abu Dhabi's external roads are back to normal.

Ajman Police ensure smooth traffic flow

The Ajman Police General Command has prepared all resources to manage the event, ensuring the safety of lives and the smooth flow of traffic on the roads. This ensures readiness to face challenges and swift recovery from any consequences.

Residents advised to avoid beaches and valleys

Ajman Police urge the public to exercise caution and vigilance during rainfall. Stay away from areas with accumulated water, beaches, valleys, and torrents.

Dubai Airports cancels 13 flights

Dubai International Airport (DXB) confirmed a total of 13 flights were cancelled Thursday morning. Moreover, five inbound flights were diverted overnight. Passengers departing from Dubai's airports have been advised to allocate additional time for their journey to the airport, as road congestion may be anticipated.

Look: Dubai tackles rain impact

Dubai authorities deployed teams from the Municipality, RTA, and Police to minimise rain disruptions on city streets. Images show their efforts in action. Read more

RTA suspends intercity bus services until further notice

Intercity bus services between Dubai have been suspended until further notice due to unstable weather conditions, Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has announced on X. RTA advised commuters to follow social media channels for further updates regarding the service resumption.

Plan ahead: Travel advisory issued

Air Arabia advises passengers flying from Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Ras Al Khaimah to plan for additional travel time to the airport due to weather conditions. The airline also recommends updating contact information in bookings to receive the latest flight updates.

Several Dubai flights cancelled amid heavy rainfall

Adverse weather conditions across the UAE are impacting flights to and from Dubai on May 2. Passengers can expect delays, diversions, and cancellations.

Emirates Airlines has announced reduced flight operations at Dubai Airport due to the weather. Passengers flying into or out of Dubai on May 2nd should be prepared for potential delays and rescheduling. The following Emirates flights have been cancelled for May 2:

EK 123/124: Dubai - Istanbul

EK 763/764: Dubai - Johannesburg

EK 719/720: Dubai - Nairobi

EK 921/922: Dubai - Cairo

EK 903/904: Dubai - Amman

EK 352/353: Dubai - Singapore (EK353 departs May 3rd at 12:50 AM)

UAE urges caution: Follow safety instructions

The National Center of Emergency Management and Crisis (NCEMA) encourages the public to strictly follow all instructions and guidelines issued by relevant authorities for the safety of lives and property.

Watch: Waterlogging hits Abu Dhabi streets after heavy rainfall

See: Waterlogging on the streets in some parts of Abu Dhabi as rains hit the UAE. Heavy rain and thunderstorms hit Abu Dhabi early on Thursday morning.

Dubai Police issue guidelines

Dubai Police issued guidelines, stating: "Let's work together to ensure everyone's safety during rainy weather conditions by following the necessary guidelines on the road, at work, and at home."

Sharjah medical fitness centers closed today

The Sharjah City Municipality announces the closure of medical fitness centers on Thursday, May 2, due to the weather conditions, out of its concern for the safety of the public.

Watch: Cloudy skies over Dubai this morning

Heavy cloud cover greeted parts of Dubai on Thursday morning. The NCM issued an amber alert across the country, indicating rain-bearing clouds had covered most areas.

Drivers alert: Jebel Ali hit by strong morning winds

Jebel Ali experienced strong winds early Thursday morning. Expect occasional strong winds, especially near cloud formations, which could cause reduce visibility on roads. The NCM warns motorists driving during this time to be cautious of reduced visibility.

Watch: Heavy rains and strong winds hit Sharjah early today

Rta prepares for unstable weather: issues safety tips.

The Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) is prepared to handle upcoming weather conditions and maintain smooth traffic flow. In a recent post on X, the RTA urged drivers to "adhere to the guidelines while driving your vehicle during the prevailing weather" for everyone's safety. They have also shared additional safety tips on their website for your reference.

Flying from Sharjah? Check early arrival times

Sharjah Airport advises travellers to arrive at the airport 3 hours before their departure time due to weather conditions and to check with the airline companies on their flight updates.

Watch out for revised speed limits on Abu Dhabi roads

1. Sheikh Tahnoon Bin Mohammed Road:  Speed Limit Reduced to 100 km/h on Sheikh Tahnoon Bin Mohammed Road (Al Saja - Masakin).

2. Abu Dhabi - Al Ain Road: Speed Limit Reduced to 100 km/h on Abu Dhabi - Al Ain Road (Complex Bridges - Al Wathbah).

3. Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Road: New 100 km/h Speed Limit on Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Road Sheikh Zayed Bridge - Al Bahyah).

4. Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Road:  Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Road Speed Change: New Limit 100 km/h (Yas - Al Saadiyat).

5. Al Khaleej Al Arabi Road : Speed Limit Reduced to 100 km/h on Al Khaleej Al Arabi Road (Musaffah Bridge - Abu Dhabi).

6. Abu Dhabi-Al Ain Road:  Speed Limit Reduced to 100 Km/h on Abu Dhabi-Al Ain Road (Al Mahawi - Al Sad)

Distance learning

Following an advisory by the National Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management Authority (NCEMA), schools and colleges will be implementing distance learning today and tomorrow.

Work from home advised

Both government and private organisations have been urged to consider remote work. This, however, will not apply to those who are required to be physically present at work or be involved in potential response and recovery efforts.

Airport advisory

Dubai International (DXB) and Al Maktoum International Airport (DWC), have urged passengers to avoid delays due to possible road congestion, utilise smart apps for real-time traffic updates and consider using theDubai Metro. Emirates also advised passengers with travel plans today to arrive early. flydubai also advised passengers to allow extra time for their journey to DXB.

Dubai Metro timings extended

Dubai Metro operating hours have been extended from 12am to 5am. Trains will depart from Centrepoint Metro Station and will only stop at Emirates Metro Station, Airport Terminal 1, Airport Terminal 3 and GGICO stations.

Police advisory for bikers

Abu Dhabi Police have called upon delivery bike riders to avoid riding in volatile weather conditions.Police has called on delivery bicycle drivers to commit to the need to stop transportation and delivery services during volatile weather conditions.

Residents alerted

Dubai Municipality, Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (Dewa) and other departments have alerted residents about various precautionary measures they should take amid unstable weather conditions. The Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure has shared its preparedness measures in ensuring the safety of infrastructure, roads and dams.

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