A Full Guide – How to Download & Install Safari in Windows 11

What is Safari? Is it possible to install Safari for Windows 11? How can you download and install Safari latest version for Windows 11 PCs? To get answers to these questions, you can read this article. MiniTool Solution will give a detailed guide focusing on Windows 11 Safari.

What Is Safari?

Safari is the default web browser on all Apple devices. According to Apple, it is the fastest browser in the world and it is 50 percent faster than Google Chrome when loading websites. Google Chrome is widely used on Windows PCs.

Besides, Apple asserts Safari consumes less battery power than most web browsers. And the time you browse websites on laptops and mobile devices with Safari is longer – 30 minutes longer than Chrome, Edge, and Firefox

Due to a wide range of personalization choices, industry-leading battery life, and strong privacy safeguards, Safari is popular with many users. And someone prefers installing this browser on a Windows PC to replace Chrome, Firefox, or Edge. Perhaps you are also the one.

Is Safari Compatible with Windows 11?

Currently, the new Windows operating system, Windows 11 has been released by Microsoft. You may have upgraded to Windows 11 and decided to install Safari on the new system. Well then, a question comes: is it possible to install Safari on Windows 11? The answer is Yes. Safari is compatible with Windows 11 to some extent.

Back in 2012, Apple no longer developed Safari for the Windows operating system. Safari for Windows was likely abandoned by Apple. Thus, you cannot install the latest Safari browser version for Windows 11. But you can still download and install Safari 5.1.7 which was published a few years ago. This version is compatible with Windows 11/10/8/7.

The following is the way to download and install Safari on Windows 11. Now, let’s go to see it.

How to Download and Install Safari for Windows 10?

Is there Safari for Windows? How to download and install Safari on Windows computers? In this post, we will show you a full guide.

Windows 11 Safari Download & Install

Step 1: Download Safari Browser for Windows: Version 5.1.7

Open Microsoft Edge or another browser in Windows 11, search for “Safari for windows download” and you can see some searching results. Click one download website and click the given link to download this version.

Step 2: Install Windows 11 Safari

  • Double-click on the downloaded file and click Next to continue.
  • Accept the terms in the license agreement.
  • Choose the installation options for Safari according to preference.
  • Choose a folder where Safari files will be installed. If you don’t install this app to the default path like C:\Program Files (x86)\Safari, click Change to specify one.
  • Click Install to start the installation. During the process, you need to click Yes on the UAC prompts.
  • After finishing the installation, click Finish . To launch this browser, you can check the box of Open Safari after the installer exits before clicking Finish.

install Windows 11 Safari

Are you looking for web browsers for Windows? Now we will show you some alternative browsers for Windows and you can choose a suitable one for further use.

Final Words

This is all the information about Windows 11 Safari and how to download & install Safari latest version for Windows. Follow the given guide to get Safari for use.

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How to Download Safari for Windows 11 – A Complete Guide!

  • Published on December 16, 2022
  • Updated on July 27, 2023
  • In Tips , Windows
  • Read Time 5 mins

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Download Safari for Windows 11

Safari is one of the best browsers apart from Brave, Google Chrome , and Firefox. Almost every Apple user uses Safari as their default web browser on their MacBook as it is one of the most secure browsers . Now if you just switched from Mac to Windows OS then this article can help you to get Safari for Windows 11/10.

Earlier, Safari wasn’t available for Windows but now you can use Safari on Windows 11. Wondering how you can do that? In this article, we will share a working method for how to download the Safari browser on Windows 11.

Safari for Windows 11

Table of Contents

Is Safari Compatible with Windows 11?

Apple hasn’t released an official version of Safari for Windows 11 but you can still use it. So, Safari is only partly compatible with Windows 11. Apple ended Windows support for Safari in 2012 when it launched Safari 6 just for Mac users .

So, for a long time, Apple hasn’t launched an updated version of the Safari browser for Windows. On Microsoft’s Windows 11, you can still use the current Safari browser.

Safari 5.1.7 is the last and most stable version of Windows 11. Note that you won’t be able to use the latest Safari browser features as it is an older version.

How to Download Safari for Windows 11

To download Safari on Windows 11, you will need to use the setup wizard for version 5.1.7. Follow these steps to download and install the Safari browser on Windows 11.

  • First, open the official website of Safari and then go to the downloads section .

Open the Safari download page

  • Now find and click on the Safari browser icon on the top and then click on the Download button as mentioned below.

Click the Download button on that webpage

  • Save it on your desktop.

How to Install Safari Browser on Windows 11 PC or Laptop

Once you download the browser, here’s how you can install Safari on Windows 11 system.

  • Double click on the Safari setup file from your desktop to install it. It will open a setup wizard window.
  • Click on next and you will see license agreement details.
  • Agree to the license agreement by clicking on the I accept ratio button.

Select the I accept the terms radio button

  • Follow all other on-screen instructions and select the required installation options to install the Safari browser on Windows 11.
  • If you want to change the installation location then you can change it while installing process. Or you can just skip this step.

Change button to choose an alternative installation

  • Click  Install and then click on Yes of UAC alert shows up.

Once installed, click on the open Safari browser option from the desktop shortcut or using the Windows search box and start using Safari on Windows 11 without any hassles! This completes the Safari download for Windows 11 process.

Update:  Few users aren’t able to see the Safari download option on their PCs on Apple’s official website and it’s redirecting to this page instead which reads “Apple no longer offers Safari updates for Windows. Safari 5.1.7 for Windows was the last version made for Windows, and it is now outdated.” In that case, here’s an alternative method to download Safari for Windows 11.

Alternative Way to Download Safari on Windows 11

To get Safari for Windows 11 even when Apple has stopped the support, you need to download Safari from a third-party website like this one .

Although, it’s not recommended to install Safari from such third-party websites as it may have adware and some freeware but if you still want to use it at any cost, that’s up to you. We do not endorse it but upon our readers’ request, we’ve provided the Safari download for Windows 11 link.

Here’s a video that shows the entire process of installing Safari on Windows 11 using third-party download links.

When Safari is running on Windows 11, you can use some awesome features. Here are some tips that will improve your browsing experience.

To add a new site, click Edit. Then type the website’s URL in the address bar, but don’t hit Enter. Click the small globe icon to the left of the website address and drag it onto a top site’s thumbnail.

Safari comes with a Reading List function. To view it, click the Show Reading List button. To add a webpage to the sidebar, click Add page.

Safari’s Bookmarks Bar now offers page thumbnail previews. To see it, select Show all bookmarks from the browser’s left side.

Safari’s URL toolbar can be customized. To do so, click the Show a menu button in the browser’s upper right. Select Customize Toolbar to bring up the popup shown below:

Safari even allows access to banned websites. Parental Control settings are best for Mac users.

Can I Use the Latest Version of Safari Browser with Windows 11?

The only way to install the latest version of Safari for Windows 11 or 10 is by using virtual machine tools like VMWare or Virtual Box . You can even install and use all the Apple products that are not available for Windows.

The entire process takes little time and it is a very complex process. So you have to take care while setting up and installing Safari on Windows 11 using virtual machine tools. At times, your system might get slow too as the virtual machine requires higher CPU resources and RAM too.

In such cases, it’s better to use Windows 11 Safari browser as mentioned in the above method. But if you’re a developer and want to test out how the latest Safari version behaves on Windows 11 operating system, virtual machine tools are your best bet!

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Well, that ends up the tutorial on how you can download the Safari browser for Windows 11. Do not hesitate to reach out to us on Twitter if you’ve any issues regarding the installation of the browser or any other problem you face.

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Rahul Patel

Rahul is a blogger and a tech geek. By reviewing the latest technology and finding the solution of pesky errors, he feels immense pleasure. Driven by his innate interest in blogging, he adapted blogging as a full-time profession 4 years ago.

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Safari May Be Most Popular, But Experts Say MS Edge Most Useful Browser

There’s a lot to love about Microsoft’s offering

safari windows 11 reddit

  • Macalester College
  • Columbia University

safari windows 11 reddit

  • Western Kentucky University
  • Gulf Coast Community College
  • Mobile Phones
  • Internet & Security
  • Computers & Tablets
  • Tech Leaders
  • Home Theater & Entertainment
  • Software & Apps
  • Social Media
  • Women in Gaming
  • Apple’s Safari Browser now has more users than Microsoft Edge.
  • Experts say that Edge has new AI features worth checking out.
  • Safari might be a better choice for users worried about security.

Unsplash / Mockup Photos

Apple is narrowly winning the browser battle for the hearts and clicks of users, but experts say that rival Microsoft Edge has features worth trying. 

Apple's Safari has retaken the lead over Microsoft Edge to become the world's second most popular desktop browser, according to StatCounter. Safari is used on 11.87 percent of desktop computers, 0.87 percent more than Edge, which comes in at 11 percent. 

"Edge is known for its speed and performance, making it a great choice for users who want a fast and reliable browsing experience," Piyush Tripathi , a software engineer for Square , told Lifewire in an email interview. "It also has a clean and modern interface that is easy to navigate, making it a great choice for users who are new to web browsing."

Browser Battles

Apple and Microsoft are locked in a ferocious competition for users. Last year, Edge beat Safari for second place by less than one percent margin, thanks to positive reviews.

"Safari is known for its security and privacy features, making it a good choice for users who are concerned about their online safety," Tripathi said. "It also has a lot of useful features, such as the ability to save and organize bookmarks and a built-in reader mode that makes it easier to read articles online."

Safari also has many tools that make it an excellent choice for users who want to customize their browsing experience, Tripathi added. For example, it has a built-in password manager that makes storing and managing passwords easy, and a solid set of extensions, such as AdBlock, that can enhance the browsing experience. 

"It also has tight integration with Apple's ecosystem, which is great for Mac and iPhone users," he added. 

Edge’s Edge

While Safari offers solid performance, Edge has new features that make it a great choice for users who want to stay up-to-date with the latest web technologies, Tripathi said. The browser has a built-in PDF reader that makes it easy to view and edit PDF files and a range of tools that work seamlessly with the Windows platform and make it easier to share content with others.

One area where Edge is winning over Safari is in the fast-growing field of artificial intelligence (AI). Microsoft recently announced that it's boosting its Edge features that rely on Bing search powered by AI. The browser's Bing feature will change from single-use search sessions to multi-session productivity experiences with chat history and persistent chats within Edge.

"Looking to the future, we can expect to see new browser enhancements, especially related to artificial intelligence, that will make it easier for users to browse the web," Tripathi said. "For example, we may see more advanced security features that make it easier to protect personal information online, as well as new AI-based tools that make it easier to collaborate and share content with others."

Windows / Unsplash

The new Edge update adds several visual search features, including the ability to search using images. It also allows users to generate charts, graphs, and other visual answers as part of a search. Microsoft plans to expand its Image Creation Tool, enabling users to create images through chat prompts, to support more than 100 languages.

As part of the upgrade, Edge gets a sleeker look with rounded corners, organized containers, and semi-transparent visual elements. The browser will also soon support plugins. 

For example, if you're researching the latest restaurant for dinner in Bing chat, it will leverage OpenTable to help you find and book a reservation. Or, with Wolfram|Alpha, you can create powerful visualizations and get answers to complex science, math, and human-curated data-based questions directly from Bing chat. 

But the most interesting browser might not be available from Apple or Microsoft. Will Ward , the founder of Industry Arabic , pointed to Arc Browser , which he called "an impressive new browser built with Chromium that is entirely focused on customization and creating user-specific workspaces. It's only available on Apple devices for the moment, but the start-up browser company really sets the bar high for customization."

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Should I use Safari on Windows? [closed]

I've been considering installing Safari on my Windows machine for a while. Is it worth it? I normally use Opera, and fall back to Firefox, then to IE if I need extra compatibility (not very often) - would Safari add anything to that?

Ant's user avatar

  • Thanks very much for all the answers everyone. I think I'll stick to what I've got for the moment then! –  Ant Jul 15, 2009 at 12:24
  • Funny that the obvious answer wasn't mentioned: install and try it out for a bit, and if you like it (more than the other browsers), then by all means use it :) Safari 4 does have some nice new features, so I can see why some might prefer it over Opera, IE and Firefox. –  Jonik Aug 10, 2009 at 20:39
  • I think I did try the last version and couldn't get used to it. As some have mentioned, I found it a bit to mac-y for my preference. I'll probably try it again at some point, but not just yet :) –  Ant Aug 11, 2009 at 9:57

5 Answers 5

Well, Webkit (the rendering engine behind Safari) is really fast and supports the latest standards. I would use Google Chrome though as it shares a large part of its codebase (including Webkit) with Safari but it is more suitable for Windows. Safari looks really out of place in a Windows environment in my opinion.

Tamas Czinege's user avatar

  • 2 I agree. Safari feels more at home on OS X, and Google Chrome would be a better alternative to Safari because of the shared codebase. –  user83 Jul 15, 2009 at 9:50
  • Safari 4 is much better since it was developed as a Windows app and not an OSX app. I prefer it over any of the others and honestly find it faster then both IE and Firefox. However there is the normal issues when running in a heavily Microsoft environment and a lot of sites still complain about compatibility. On MacOSX Safari is the only browser I use. –  BinaryMisfit Jul 15, 2009 at 10:16
  • 2 Diago: - dunno, that still doesn't really look like a Windows app for me. I mean, it's a great browser and stuff but all the widgets and colors just feel wrong on windows. –  Tamas Czinege Jul 15, 2009 at 11:37
  • DrJokepu, that's a screenshot of Safari 3 for Windows, despite the file name. –  eyelidlessness Sep 20, 2009 at 21:02
  • This is Safari 4 on XP:… Note, though, that the cap is of the beta, and top tabs were removed in the final version (sadly). –  eyelidlessness Sep 20, 2009 at 21:05

One reason why I prefer Safari over Chrome in Windows is because it syncs my bookmarks over MobileMe.

Guillermo Esteves's user avatar

  • 1 You can also use Xmarks, it's a plug-in for firefox it's really cool to sync bookmarks –  bAN Aug 24, 2009 at 19:36

Safari will not provide any compatibility gains next to Firefox or IE. It is also far less stable than either of those Windows systems. Personally I see no reason to use Safari on Windows, except where you may prefer its interface.

Ehtyar's user avatar

  • Safari certainly has web standards support well beyond IE on most metrics, (and somewhat beyond Firefox on some metrics). –  eyelidlessness Sep 20, 2009 at 21:06

I certainly didn't like it at all. One of the main reasons is that, it really doesn't fit. This might be because I use Mac OS and Windows and it just feels awkward. Furthermore, the performance, I'd dare to compare it to IE but of course, a li'l better (I hate IE).

AZ.'s user avatar

I use Safari on Windows about 30-40% of the time (the rest being Firefox). Safari has Apple's font rendering which makes the text look better and more correct from the typography's point of view. See, for example Joel's article on the subject. I find it being significantly easier on the eyes, and I choose Safari for lengthy articles.

On Mac on the other hand, I find myself using Firefox almost exclusively since it's got all the GreaseMonkey goodies and it takes much less CPU than Firefox, which translates to cooler and quieter notebook.

Rom's user avatar

  • Oh interesting - I find the Microsoft font rendering to be easier to read. Bet that's a small nightmare for usability experts :) –  Ant Aug 25, 2009 at 8:29
  • When you look at the text as a whole, and not a collection of standalone letters, the dynamics of the text (i.e. ratio between its weight and spacing) and consistency of the page become important factors. Different people perceive it differently, no question about it. My eyes tolerate working with text rendered using Apple's method much better than working with text rendered by default Windows method. I measure it by the amount of strain and pain after hours of work. –  Rom Aug 26, 2009 at 18:54

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safari windows 11 reddit

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference to kick off June 10 at 10 a.m. PDT with Keynote address

The Keynote will be available to stream on , the Apple Developer app, the Apple TV app, and the Apple YouTube channel. On-demand playback will be available after the conclusion of the stream.

Looks like no one’s replied in a while. To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question.

safari for windows 11

IS there a way to get safari for windows 11?

Posted on Oct 11, 2022 6:30 PM


Posted on Oct 11, 2022 6:44 PM

Safari for Windows was discontinued 10 years ago.

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  • Can I still get safari for windows? Can I still get safari for windows? 339 1
  • Safari on Windows there's any option to download Safari on Windows? 197 1

Loading page content

Page content loaded

Oct 11, 2022 6:44 PM in response to asx200

Oct 11, 2022 6:47 PM in response to FoxFifth

Thank you very much for your response

It's time for Apple to bring back Safari for Windows

Apple ended development of Safari for Windows in 2010, but it might be time for the browser to make a comeback.

The web has changed drastically over the past decade: web apps have become more common, algorithms now dictate how most people receive content, and billions more people are now connected globally. Google has also become more dominant in that time, and has occasionally used its position in the web ecosystem and browser market in harmful ways. There have been many ideas for how to keep Google's power in check, but here's mine: Apple should make its Safari web browser cross-platform again.

You might recall that the Safari web browser used to be available for Microsoft Windows , in addition to macOS (then known as Mac OS X) and later iPhone and iPad. Apple discontinued the Windows version of Safari many years ago, but bringing it back now could provide one of the best alternatives to browsers built with Google's Chromium engine.

The Windows experiment

Apple released the first version of the Safari web browser in January 2003, as part of Mac OS X 10.3 'Panther', following the end of Microsoft's five-year deal with Apple to keep Internet Explorer as the default web browser on Mac. Even though the web browser was new, the technology powering it was not — Apple used the KHTML rendering engine as a starting point to create Safari's WebKit engine.

The browser was initially exclusive to Mac, but when the first iPhone arrived in 2007, it also included Safari. The first version for Windows, Safari 3.0, was released that same year. However, the Windows version wasn't all that great . The initial release included a security vulnerability for arbitrary code execution, which was patched less than 48 hours later as Safari 3.0.1.

Safari also felt out of place on Windows. Apple used the same (awful) compatibility layer from iTunes for Windows with the Safari port , which re-implemented the Cocoa UI, Core Foundation, Core Graphics libraries on top of Windows — similar to using Wine to run Windows programs on Linux. The result was an application that worked, but didn't match the design or expected functionality of its host operating system.

Despite the early security issues and questionable software architecture, Safari for Windows was a decent web browser. Apple advertised it was "up to twice as fast" as Internet Explorer 7, and up to 1.6x the performance of Mozilla Firefox 2 (both supposedly tested on a Intel Core 2 Duo system with Windows XP and 1GB of RAM).

Apple continued to release new Safari versions for Mac and Windows, but when Safari 6.0 was released as part of Mac OS X Mountain Lion in 2012, a Windows version was missing. Apple later quietly removed the download links for Windows Safari, seemingly marking an end to the browser's existence on non-Apple platforms. The final version was Safari 5.1, released in 2010.

The comeback

Fast forward to 2022, and the web ecosystem is better in many ways, but also far from perfect. Web apps are more capable than ever before, mostly thanks to the accelerated development of new APIs in Google Chrome. However, Google now has significant influence over the course of web browsers — Opera and Microsoft dropped development of their own rendering engines to use the same Google's Chromium engine, while newer contenders like Brave and Vivaldi used Chromium from the start.

Web browsers based on Chromium have the ability to make changes to the browser interface and engine, so Google doesn't have complete control over how they work. Each step away from Google's upstream code makes adopting new changes to Chromium more time-consuming, though. That makes development more burdensome, and more crucially, it can lead to security patches in Chromium taking a long time to show up in some browsers. One example was Kiwi Browser for Android, which was stuck on Chrome 77 for over a year.

The web needs a balance of powers to remain an open platform

The web needs a balance of powers to remain an open platform, but there are now only two major web browsers not based on Chromium: Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari. Firefox uses its own Gecko engine, which has seen significant performance improvements in recent years. Safari still uses WebKit, and while much of Safari's popularity comes from it being the only real browser allowed on iOS and iPadOS, it has also become a proper competitor to Chrome in recent years. Apple bringing Safari to more platforms could pull back some market share from Chrome and other Chromium-based browsers.

Christian Schaefer pointed out in a blog post last year that Apple still supports the WebKit engine on Windows, mostly for embedded applications and Microsoft's Playright testing platform. Newer versions even dropped the iTunes-based monster of a compatibility layer, in favor of the cross-platform Cairo graphics library. However, these minimal builds of WebKit are only intended for site testing, and don't have common browser features like sync, tabs, or extensions.

There are reasons beyond the health of the open web for Apple to port Safari to more platforms. There are millions of people that use an iPhone or iPad, but use Windows PCs instead of Mac computers. Keeping Safari exclusive to macOS might encourage some of those people to buy a Mac, but Safari on Windows (and other platforms) could also act as a loss leader that encourages future Apple hardware purchases — much like the original iTunes for Windows nearly two decades ago. This is also a strategy that worked for Google: Chromebook sales were helped by the popularity of the Chrome browser, which itself only made Chrome more popular.

Apple has also been more willing in recent years to bring its services and applications to other platforms, even in just a limited fashion. iCloud is available for Windows, the iCloud web apps work in most web browsers, FaceTime calls can now be joined via link from non-Apple devices, Apple Music has an Android app, and so on.

Safari for Windows could give Chromium browsers some much-needed competition, while also opening up a more connected experience for Apple devices. There are still plenty of reasons for Apple to not do it, but I'd certainly like to see it happen.

10 Best Browsers for Windows 11 Based on Use Case

Browsers are your window to the internet world — the world wide web or WWW as we know it. That’s how you access the wild web. You need a Windows 11 browser and there is no dearth of them either. So which browser should you use on your Windows 11 computer and why? Good question. The answer is that there is no clear winner and choosing a browser for Windows PC depends on your use case and what you want it to do. I will test 10 Windows 11 browsers for speed, security, privacy, and features today.

Let’s begin.

Table of Contents

1. Google Chrome (Most Popular, Largest Ecosystem)

Google Chrome is the most popular Windows 11 browser in the world and with the largest market share too. Chrome browser runs on the Chromium engine, a free and open-source initiative that is used by many other browsers covered in this guide. While Google has done an impressive job at developing the Chrome ecosystem with a large repository of extensions , Chrome is marred by sluggish performance and frequent lags and crashes.

Chrome is also known to be a resource hog, especially when you have multiple windows and tabs open. A quick look at the Task Manager will tell you all you need to know about RAM and other resources it is consuming. But still, Chrome is a first and solid choice for most users.

safari windows 11 reddit

Chrome benefits from Google’s large ecosystem of apps like Search, Translate, dates, currency converter, etc. So you can solve simple math problems or perform quick searches right in the address bar without having to open a site or even Search.

  • Privacy and security focused
  • Create QR code for any page
  • Cast to device
  • Translate, Lens, Search, etc. works
  • Benefits of Google’s ecosystem
  • Search, convert, translate, etc. right inside the address bar
  • Search Google Drive from Chrome address bar directly
  • Send page to synced devices
  • Password and credit card manager
  • Resource intensive on RAM
  • Lags and hangs frequently

Download Google Chrome

2. Microsoft Edge (Balanced Replacement for Chrome)

Microsoft finally got over IE and launched Edge, a Chromium-based browser that benefits from the large extension database of Chrome but mostly none of its drawbacks. Edge is quite fast and in my personal experience, has never lagged. Because it is a Microsoft product, it integrates with Microsoft apps, just like Chrome does with Google apps.

Microsoft Edge browser for Windows brings some interesting features like web capture to take and annotate screenshots on any page on the fly, solving on-screen math problems, and choosing between three different privacy profiles to name a few.

Just like Chrome, Edge also benefits from Microsoft’s suite of apps and is capable of performing several tasks right inside the address bar.

Some interesting things I noted. Edge can’t translate words in Bing like Google does in Chrome. However, Edge can solve even complex math problems on any website or webpage.

safari windows 11 reddit

  • Cast media to device
  • Solve on-screen math problems
  • Suggests coupons when shopping
  • Three Privacy profiles to choose from
  • Web capture to take and annotate screenshots
  • Benefits of Microsoft’s ecosystem
  • Can’t search OneDrive from Edge
  • Can’t translate on the fly

Download Microsoft Edge

3. Brave Browser (Private Browser That Pays You)

Brave is a privacy and security-focused Windows 11 PC browser, but it is also web 3 and a crypto-native one. It was founded by one of Firefox’s co-founders and so privacy and security are part of its ethos. We have covered Brave browser before pitting it against Chrome , Vivaldi , and even Firefox and each time it came out stronger.

Brave blocks ads and trackers by default. You see, Google’s business model was built on advertising so it can’t help but show ads and that requires collecting and selling user data. Brave chose a decentralized web with its own crypto token and advertising model.

brave rewards for using browser

Interestingly, Brave has a revenue split program called Rewards. Basically, you can choose to view ads if you want and the revenue earned by Brave will be split between them and you. Get paid to browse. By default, this is turned off which is good. Revenue will be credited to your crypto wallet and paid in their native token Brave.

It also integrates TOR’s world-class privacy feature and uses DuckDuckGo as the default search engine to enhance your privacy online. Over the years, Brave has grown its product lineup.

But because Brave is still a new player, it cannot compete with the resources or ecosystem of Google or Microsoft. However, because it was built on Chromium, it does benefits from it.

  • Search engine
  • Talk – Video calling app
  • Crypto wallet
  • Privacy-focused
  • Native token
  • Chromium-based
  • Lacks ecosystem benefits of Edge and Chrome

Download Brave Browser

4. Opera (Free VPN With a Catch)

Opera is quite a feature-rich Chromium browser for Windows 11. One of the primary features is a free VPN that can be set to 4 different regions. But as the famous proverb goes, if there is no product, you are the product. Free VPNs make money by selling your data so forget privacy. They recently introduced paid plans beginning at $1.99/month though.

opera browser vpn feature

Another interesting feature is the ability to use messaging apps like WhatsApp and Telegram , among others, right in the sidebar. No need to keep them open in separate tabs now. It saves time and makes life easier. Also supports music streaming apps like Spotify.

opera workspace and sidebar feature

  • Multiple workspaces
  • Messaging apps in sidebar
  • Music streaming apps in sidebar
  • Built-in ad blocker
  • Built-in Calculator
  • Flow to share files/URLs between devices
  • VPN (Freemium)
  • Screenshot tool
  • Slightly bloated

Download Opera

5. Opera GX (Gaming Browser or Fad)

Another browser from Opera, GX is focused on gamers. In fact, Opera has a number of browsers for Windows users to choose from making it slightly confusing. For example, Opera supports crypto wallets, however, there is a dedicated Web 3 browser too!

opera gaming browser limiter

I would say GX should be considered if you are into light-browser gaming on Windows 11. For everything else, there is Steam and dedicated desktop apps like MSI Afterburner and Rivatuner among many others. GX will add some fancy bookmarks to sites that a gamer may visit, a red theme that screams gamer, and tools in the sidebar to limit CPU, RAM, and Network. The limiter functionality might come in handy while playing in-browser games.

  • RAM, CPU, Netowork limiter
  • Gaming themes/wallpapers
  • GX Corner – gaming news, deals, etc.
  • Music streaming in sidebar
  • Share files and URLs between devices
  • Gaming calendar
  • Freemium VPN
  • No workspaces

Download Opera GX

6. Firefox (Fighting Losing Battle)

The only non-Chromium Windows 11 browser on the list, Firefox is slowly losing out to Chrome and all the other browsers that its browser engine helped spawn. What that means is if Firefox loses and has to shut down, Google dominates the browser industry and that is important because browsers are how we access the world wide web.

Privacy and security were Firefox’s selling points until others started offering features that simply made life easier. Firefox was forced to up its game with offerings like the ability to edit PDF inside the browser itself, Eye Dropper that will identify color codes, and a few more.

color picker tool in firefox browser

But the primary selling point remains a privacy-focused secure Windows browser that is not owned or even related to Google remotely. If you take a look at Firefox’s product lineup , it becomes more obvious. There is a VPN, Monitor that will tell you if your email address was part of known hacks, and Relay that works like Apple’s own iCloud Email Relay .

firefox monitor to check email id breaches

Firefox has an important role to play but seems to be lagging behind. Too little, too late? Probably, but when it comes to privacy and security, it is second to none.

  • Color picker
  • Dedicated Facebook Container
  • Doesn’t support many popular extensions/add-ons
  • Sometimes sites don’t load correctly

Download Firefox

7. Safari (Try and Buy)

Talking about privacy and security, Safari is the go-to browser for most inside Apple’s walled garden, or as Apple calls it, ecosystem. Outside, Apple decided to stop offering support for Safari in 2015. You can still download the old version on Windows 11 but it is not recommended. So no joy for Windows users unless you simply want a taste of it before you move to macOS for good. That’s the only reason it made the list. Read on, nothing to see here.

Download Safari

8. Vivaldi (Endless Customizable)

Vivaldi takes a leaf out of Opera and tries to distinguish itself in a sea of Chromium browsers on Windows by adding features and customizations. The good thing is that it allows you to choose how much clutter you want in your UI.

vivaldi options and settings for ui

I went for fully loaded because that’s one way to truly experience the browser on my Windows 11 machine. The setup process is clean and clear and takes you through features, security, privacy, etc.

vivaldi options and settings page

Like Brave, it displays the number of ads and trackers blocked. Like Opera, it has a functional sidebar where you can find interesting and useful features like notes, tasks, and a mail client. The UI can be customized infinitely (which is where it shines) and however, you want from the position of tabs to the sidebar, menus, and everything in between.

safari windows 11 reddit

Vivaldi is for those who like to control every single aspect of their Windows browsing experience right from the position of the address bar to keyboard shortcuts. And Vivaldi doesn’t disappoint.

  • Customizable keyboard shortcuts
  • UI is flexible and customizable
  • View multiple pages
  • Tab manager
  • Mail client
  • Translation tool
  • In-built ad blocker
  • So many settings/options can be overwhelming

Download Vivaldi

9. Slim (Lightweight and Fast)

We saw browsers with privacy and security on the mind. We saw browsers with features and customizations on the mind. We also saw browsers for Windows with web 3 and crypto on the mind. Slim takes all that away to offer the lightest browser for Windows 11 you can find. It does nothing else which means it opens quickly and loads pages fast.

safari windows 11 reddit

It does have a download manager that allows you to download packets in parallel. There are a few other addons available that enable features like sharing pages directly to Facebook and Twitter but that’s it.

  • Download manager
  • Too basic and simple for modern browsing

Download Slim

1 0 . TOR (For privacy and Security Fanatics)

Download Impervious

TOR is the gold standard of privacy and security. TOR or The Onion Router uses something called multi-layered encryption where your traffic is moved through a series of servers to mask the source IP. Just like how an onion has multiple layers.

However, because traffic and data are moved through as many as three servers, the result is slow loading times. TOR doesn’t offer any of the fancy features we saw in some Windows browsers above. No. It was designed from the ground up to do one thing – offer the best privacy to the end user.

safari windows 11 reddit

As such, TOR is not your ordinary browser and neither are its use cases. TOR is used to browse the dark web, journalists who are reporting on war, and so on. It is designed with specific use cases in mind.

  • Private and secure
  • Encrypted traffic
  • Blocks ads, trackers
  • Resist fingerprinting
  • Slow loading speeds

Download TOR

Browsers for Windows 11

Here is the breakdown.

Go for Edge if you are deep into the Windows ecosystem. Use Brave browser if you are into crypto and web 3 but also value your privacy and security equally. Opera and Vivaldi will offer way too many features than you know what to do with and that’s not a bad thing. Most of you won’t need TOR unless you really want to protect your identity at all costs. I still like Firefox and it has an important role to play but sadly, it is on the decline. I do hope it makes a strong comeback.

Chrome remains the OG with its large ecosystem with Google’s full might behind. It is also the most popular one out there. But sometimes, it lags and disappoints and when it comes to privacy and security, Chrome is far behind the likes of Brave, for example.

' src=

Gaurav Bidasaria

Gaurav is an editor here at TechWiser but also contributes as a writer. He has more than 10 years of experience as a writer and has written how-to guides, comparisons, listicles, and in-depth explainers on Windows, Android, web, and cloud apps, and the Apple ecosystem. He loves tinkering with new gadgets and learning about new happenings in the tech world. He has previously worked on Guiding Tech, Make Tech Easier, and other prominent tech blogs and has over 1000+ articles that have been read over 50 million times.

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Safari for Windows 10: How To Get and Install It

Plus, why you shouldn't do this

Author avatar

If you use a Mac or an iPhone, it’s hard to pick a different browser over Safari. It’s incredibly fast, uses minimal resources, and respects user privacy. But if you also use a PC, you won’t have the luxury of installing Apple’s flagship browser on Windows since the Cupertino-based tech giant does not develop Safari for the Windows PC. That’s a major issue when your gear consists of cross-platform products.

What you can do is install an older version of Safari on Windows 10 or 11, although we highly advise against that due to compatibility and security-related issues. The best and safest option is to sync your browsing data from Safari to Chrome or Edge on your PC via iCloud for Windows. Setting up macOS on your PC and using Safari that way is another feasible option.

Safari for Windows 10: How To Get and Install It image 1

Download and Install Safari on Your Windows PC

Apple halted the development of Safari for Windows in 2012. However, the final version of the browser (Safari v.5.1.7) is freely available on the internet, so you can quickly download and install it on your Windows 10 or 11 PC. The problem? It’s terribly slow and dated, lacks compatibility with most web apps, and poses security risks. You also can’t sync your browsing data, so it’s not a solution if you want to access bookmarks and passwords.

Regardless, the steps below will walk you through downloading and installing Safari on your Windows 10/11 PC. But unless you just want to have a feel of how Safari looked almost a decade earlier, we recommend you stay away from it.

1. Download the Safari installer from a software download portal such as Uptodown , Filehippo , or TechSpot . It weighs in at 36.7MB. Unfortunately, Apple no longer supports Safari for Windows, so you can’t get it from an official source.

2. Double-click the downloaded SafariSetup executable file.

3. Select Next on the Safari Setup’s Welcome screen.

Safari for Windows 10: How To Get and Install It image 2

4. Accept the license agreement and select Next .

Safari for Windows 10: How To Get and Install It image 3

5. Specify if you want to add Safari as a desktop shortcut or not. Also, decide if you prefer it as the default browser on your computer (we recommend you don’t select this option). Select Next to continue.

Safari for Windows 10: How To Get and Install It image 4

6. Pick an install directory (or leave the default folder path) and select Install .

Safari for Windows 10: How To Get and Install It image 5

7. Wait for the Safari installer to finish installing Safari on your computer. Then, select Finish .

Safari for Windows 10: How To Get and Install It image 6

After installing Safari, you can choose to open it by double-clicking the Safari icon on the desktop. Or, you can open it by selecting Safari on the Start menu’s programs list.

Despite being almost ten years old, Safari for Windows doesn’t look too out of place. To the top, you have the familiar URL bar (you can’t use it to perform searches, however), a Bookmarks strip underneath, and a dedicated Search bar on the left corner. By default, new tabs display frequently visiting sites in thumbnail format—you can use the Top Sites and History tabs to switch them and your browsing history.

Safari for Windows 10: How To Get and Install It image 7

Selecting the cog-shaped icon at the right corner of the screen reveals the Safari menu, where you can choose to customize the toolbar, access your browsing history, launch a private browsing window, and so on.

Safari for Windows 10: How To Get and Install It image 8

Selecting Preferences opens the Preferences pane, which provides options to modify the homepage, pick a default search engine, adjust privacy settings, manage extensions (although extensions support is non-existent), etc.

Safari for Windows 10: How To Get and Install It image 9

What the browser does not allow is to sign in with an Apple ID. That makes it impossible to sync your browsing data from an iPhone or Mac. Even if the functionality were present previously, Apple probably would’ve stopped you from signing in to it by now.

During our Safari tests on Windows, the browser started showing its age. Most websites took a long time to load, while web apps (such as YouTube and Google Maps) simply failed or prompted us to switch to a compatible browser. Other than for basic web browsing, it was practically useless.

Safari for Windows also hasn’t received security updates in almost a decade, so we recommend that you don’t attempt to use it for any sensitive activities such as banking or shopping.

Sync Safari Browsing Data via iCloud for Windows

If your gear consists of a PC and iPhone or Mac, you can sync your passwords and bookmarks from Safari with Google Chrome and vice-versa by installing iCloud for Windows. That’s the most convenient method for accessing your browsing data on each platform.

iCloud for Windows also offers password syncing for Microsoft Edge and bookmarks syncing for Mozilla Firefox. However, only Chrome receives support for both.

If you don’t have iCloud for Windows on your PC, you can get it via the Microsoft Store or the Apple website . If you already have it, make sure to upgrade it to at least version 12.5 or later (you can do that via the Microsoft Store’s Downloads and updates screen or by running the Apple Software Update applet).

With iCloud for Windows up and running, open the iCloud app and check the boxes next to Passwords and Bookmarks . You can also activate additional iCloud services such as Photos and Drive if you want.

Safari for Windows 10: How To Get and Install It image 10

Follow that by installing the iCloud Passwords on Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. The former lets you insert and save passwords to the iCloud Keychain. You can also use the iCloud Passwords app (which installs automatically alongside iCloud for Windows) to manage your passwords in Windows. On the other hand, the iCloud Bookmarks extension syncs passwords between Chrome/Firefox and Safari.

Download: iCloud Passwords (Chrome)

Download: iCloud Bookmarks (Chrome)

Download: iCloud Passwords (Edge)

Download: iCloud Bookmarks (Firefox)

Run Safari via a macOS Virtual Machine

If you want to use the most recent version of Safari on your PC (perhaps to test a feature or extension), the only way you can do that is by running macOS via virtualization software. However, the procedure is not convenient. For starters, Mac’s operating system is not natively supported by most VM software, so installation generally relies on workarounds relying on additional software. Also, it requires lots of free disk space and uses up system resources, not to mention that virtual machine guests generally run sluggishly compared to the host operating system.

If you still want to go ahead and install macOS, the easiest way to do that is by following the instructions within this macOS Virtualbox project on GitHub. It lets you install macOS Catalina as a virtual machine via a Bash script. We’ve condensed it into the following steps:

1. Download and install Oracle VM VirtualBox on your PC (it’s free).

2. Download and install Cygwin with the following dependencies (you can select them during installation).

3. Download the bash script from GitHub.

4. Open the Cygwin Terminal. Then, drag and drop the bash script and press Enter .

5. Follow the on-screen instructions to set up macOS as a virtual machine on your PC.

Safari for Windows 10: How To Get and Install It image 11

After the setup procedure, you can open and use Safari by selecting the Safari icon on the Mac’s Dock. Before you do that, however, it’s a good idea to update macOS and Safari. To do that, open the Apple menu and select System Preferences > Software Update > Update Now .

iCloud for Windows Is the Most Convenient

Although it’s possible to download and install Safari on your Windows 10/11 computer, we recommend you stray away from it. The security risks alone make it impractical, and it’s not like you can use it for any serious web browsing anyway due to compatibility issues.

Since the most likely reason you would want to install Safari involves syncing your passwords and bookmarks, using iCloud for Windows is the only viable alternative. But if you do have the time and just want to try out the latest version of Safari, your best option is to set up macOS as a virtual machine on your PC.

' src=

Dilum Senevirathne is a freelance tech writer and blogger with three years of experience writing for online technology publications. He specializes in topics related to iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and Google web apps. When he isn't hammering away at his Magic Keyboard, you can catch him binge-watching productivity hacks on YouTube. Read Dilum's Full Bio

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Blazing fast. Incredibly private.

safari windows 11 reddit

Safari is the best way to experience the internet on all your Apple devices. It brings robust customization options, powerful privacy protections, and optimizes battery life — so you can browse how you like, when you like. And when it comes to speed, it’s the world’s fastest browser. 1


More with the battery. less with the loading..

With a blazing-fast JavaScript engine, Safari is the world’s fastest browser. 1 It’s developed to run specifically on Apple devices, so it’s geared to make the most out of your battery life and deliver long-lasting power.

safari windows 11 reddit

Increased performance

We’re always working to make the fastest desktop browser on the planet even faster.

safari windows 11 reddit

Improved power efficiency

Safari lets you do more online on a single charge.

safari windows 11 reddit

Up to 4 hours more streaming videos compared with Chrome 3

safari windows 11 reddit

Up to 17 hours of video streaming 3

Best-in-class browsing

Safari outperforms both Mac and PC browsers in benchmark after benchmark on the same Mac. 4

  • JetStream /
  • MotionMark /
  • Speedometer /

JavaScript performance on advanced web applications. 4

Safari vs. other Mac browsers

Safari on macOS

Chrome on macOS

Edge on macOS

Firefox on macOS

Safari vs. Windows 11 browsers

Chrome on Windows 11

Edge on Windows 11

Firefox on Windows 11

Rendering performance of animated content. 4

Web application responsiveness. 4

4K video streaming

See your favorite shows and films in their best light. Safari supports in-browser 4K HDR video playback for YouTube, Netflix, and Apple TV+. 5 And it runs efficiently for longer-lasting battery life.

safari windows 11 reddit

Privacy is built in.

Online privacy isn’t just something you should hope for — it’s something you should expect. That’s why Safari comes with industry-leading privacy protection technology built in, including Intelligent Tracking Prevention that identifies trackers and helps prevent them from profiling or following you across the web. Upgrading to iCloud+ gives you even more privacy protections, including the ability to sign up for websites and services without having to share your personal email address.

safari windows 11 reddit

Intelligent Tracking Prevention

safari windows 11 reddit

Safari stops trackers in their tracks.

What you browse is no one’s business but your own. Safari has built‑in protections to help stop websites and data-collection companies from watching and profiling you based on your browsing activity. Intelligent Tracking Prevention uses on‑device intelligence to help prevent cross‑site tracking and stops known trackers from using your IP address — making it incredibly difficult to learn who you are and what you’re interested in.

Privacy Report

Safari makes it simple to see how your privacy is protected on all the websites you visit. Click Privacy Report in the Safari menu for a snapshot of cross-site trackers currently prevented from profiling you on the website you’re visiting. Or view a weekly Privacy Report to see how Safari protects you as you browse over time.

safari windows 11 reddit


Putting the you in url..

Safari is more customizable than ever. Organize your tabs into Tab Groups so it’s easy to go from one interest to the next. Set a custom background image and fine-tune your browser window with your favorite features — like Reading List, Favorites, iCloud Tabs, and Siri Suggestions. And third-party extensions for iPhone, iPad, and Mac let you do even more with Safari, so you can browse the way you want across all your devices.

safari windows 11 reddit

Safari Profiles allow you to separate your history, extensions, Tab Groups, favorites, cookies, and more. Quickly switch between profiles for topics you create, like Personal and Work.

safari windows 11 reddit

Web apps let you save your favorite websites to the Dock on Mac and to the Home Screen on iPhone and iPad. A simplified toolbar and separate settings give you an app-like experience.

safari windows 11 reddit

Safari Extensions add functionality to your browser to help you explore the web the way you want. Find and add your favorite extensions in the dedicated Safari category on the App Store.

safari windows 11 reddit

Save and organize your tabs in the way that works best for you. Name your Tab Groups, edit them, and switch among them across devices. You can also share Tab Groups — making planning your next family trip or group project easier and more collaborative.

safari windows 11 reddit

Smart Tools

Designed to help your work flow..

Built-in tools create a browsing experience that’s far more immersive, intuitive, and immediate. Get detailed information about a subject in a photo with just a click, select text within any image, instantly translate an entire web page, and quickly take notes wherever you are on a site — without having to switch apps.

safari windows 11 reddit

Notes is your go-to app to capture any thought. And with the Quick Note feature, you can instantly jot down ideas as you browse websites without having to leave Safari.

safari windows 11 reddit


Translate entire web pages with a single click. You can also get translations for text in images and paused video without leaving Safari.

Interact with text in any image or paused video on the web using functions like copy and paste, translate, and lookup. 6

safari windows 11 reddit

Visual Look Up

Quickly learn more about landmarks, works of art, breeds of dogs, and more with only a photo or an image you find online. And easily lift the subject of an image from Safari, remove its background, and paste it into Messages, Notes, or other apps.

safari windows 11 reddit

Surf safe and sound.

Strong security protections in Safari help keep you safe. Passkeys introduce a safer way to sign in. iCloud Keychain securely stores and autofills passkeys and passwords across all your devices. Safari also notifies you when it encounters suspicious websites and prevents them from loading. Because it loads each web page in a separate process, any harmful code is always confined to a single browser tab so it won’t crash the entire application or access your data. And Safari automatically upgrades sites from HTTP to the more secure HTTPS when available.

safari windows 11 reddit

Passkeys introduce a more secure and easier way to sign in. No passwords required.

Passkeys are end-to-end encrypted and safe from phishing and data leaks, and they are stronger than all common two-factor authentication types. Thanks to iCloud Keychain, they work across all your Apple devices, and they even work on non-Apple devices.

Learn more about passkeys

safari windows 11 reddit

Apple Pay and Wallet make checkout as easy as lifting a finger.

Apple Pay is the easiest and most secure way to shop on Safari — allowing you to complete transactions with Face ID or Touch ID on your iPhone or iPad, with Touch ID on your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, or by double-clicking the side button on your Apple Watch.

Learn more about Apple Pay

With AutoFill, you can easily fill in your previously saved credit card information from the Wallet app during checkout. Your credit card details are never shared, and your transactions are protected with industry-leading security.

Same Safari. Different device.

Safari works seamlessly and syncs your passwords, bookmarks, history, tabs, and more across Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch. And when your Mac, iOS, or iPadOS devices are near each other, they can automatically pass what you’re doing in Safari from one device to another using Handoff. You can even copy images, video, or text from Safari on your iPhone or iPad, then paste into another app on your nearby Mac — or vice versa.

safari windows 11 reddit

When you use Safari on multiple devices, your tabs carry over from one Apple device to another. So you can search, shop, work, or browse on your iPhone, then switch to your iPad or Mac and pick up right where you left off.

Save web pages you want to read later by adding them to your Reading List. Then view them on any of your iCloud-connected devices — even if you’re not connected to the internet.

iCloud Keychain securely stores your user names, passkeys, passwords, and credit card numbers and keeps them up to date on your trusted devices. So you can easily sign in to your favorite websites — as well as apps on iOS and iPadOS — and quickly make online purchases.

safari windows 11 reddit

Designed for developers.

Deep WebKit integration between Mac hardware and macOS allows Safari to deliver the fastest performance and the longest battery life of any browser on the platform, while supporting modern web standards for rich experiences in the browser. WebKit in macOS Sonoma includes optimizations that enable even richer browsing experiences, and give developers more control over styling and layout — allowing for more engaging content.

Make Safari your default browser

Customize your start page, view your browsing privacy report, monitor your saved passwords, use apple pay in safari, view your tabs across all your devices, read the safari user guide, get safari support.

  • Meta Quest 4
  • Google Pixel 9
  • Google Pixel 8a
  • Apple Vision Pro 2
  • Nintendo Switch 2
  • Samsung Galaxy Ring
  • Yellowstone Season 6
  • Recall an Email in Outlook
  • Stranger Things Season 5

The best web browsers for 2024

All web browsers have the same basic function, and yet, the choice between them has always been one of the most contentious in tech history. You have more options these days than ever before, whether you’re looking for the best web browser for privacy , the best for speed, or perhaps something a bit more adventurous.

To help you decide on the best web browser, we grabbed the latest browsers and put them through their paces. Even if some could use a complete overhaul, these options are your best chance for a great online experience.

The best web browser: Google Chrome

Chrome is ubiquitous — and for good reason. With a robust feature set, full Google Account integration, a thriving extension ecosystem (available through the Chrome Web Store), and a reliable suite of mobile apps, it’s easy to see why Chrome is the most popular and the best web browser.

  • 9 best 2-in-1 laptops in 2024: tested and reviewed
  • The 23 best Google Chrome themes in 2024
  • The best Chrome VPN extensions for 2022

Chrome boasts some of the most extensive mobile integration available. Served up on every major platform, keeping data in sync is easy, making browsing between multiple devices a breeze. Sign in to your Google account on one device, and all Chrome bookmarks, saved data, and preferences come right along. Even active extensions stay synchronized across devices.

Chrome’s Password Manager can automatically generate and recommend strong passwords when a user creates a new account on a webpage. Managing saved passwords and adding notes to passwords is even easier. The search bar, or Omnibox, provides “rich results” comprised of useful answers, and it now supports generative AI capabilities. Favorites are more accessible as well, and they’re manageable on the New Tab page. And it’s now easier to mute tabs to avoid unwanted sounds.

Other updates have included a Dark Mode for Windows and macOS , better New Tab customization and tab group creation, tab hover cards, and an in-browser warning if your password was discovered in a data breach. There’s a price tracking feature that can help locate the best deals. Android users will appreciate the Phone Hub for linking and monitoring their phones. There’s also the ability to quiet notifications, so websites don’t bombard you with requests to enable in-browser notifications.

What’s the bottom line? The Google Chrome browser is fast, free, and even better looking than before. With a thriving extension ecosystem, it’s as fully featured or as pared-down as you want it to be. Everything is right where it belongs, privacy and security controls are laid out in plain English, and the browser just gets out of your way. While it can be a little RAM-hungry at times , Google is working to make it more efficient — like Microsoft’s Edge, Google can now hibernate tabs in the background to stop them from using too many resources.

Overall, Chrome remains the best web browser download for the average user.

And, things are looking to get even better. Google announced some significant upgrades to the browser that haven’t gone live yet, to celebrate Chrome’s 15th birthday . A Material You design language will allow users to customize Chrome’s look and feel and attach themes to profiles to make it easy to tell them apart. The menu system will be revamped to provide easier access to a variety of settings and features including Extensions, Password Manager, Translate, and others. The Chrome Web Store will be redesigned using Material You to be easier to use, and AI will help identify useful extensions. And finally, Safe Browsing will now work in real time to protect against threats.

The best Chrome alternative: Microsoft Edge

In response to the market’s rejection of its original home-grown Edge browser, Microsoft rewrote Edge using the open-source Chromium web browser engine. The new Edge launched on February 5, 2020 , as a separate, stand-alone browser that replaced the integrated version. It became part of Windows 10 with the May 2020 update, although you can still download it for Windows 10 builds prior to version 2004. Of course, it’s the default web browser for Windows 11.

At first glance, the new Edge browser looks and feels like Google Chrome. It prompts you to import Chrome’s bookmarks toolbar and other settings. This is great if you hated the old Edge browser and want to give Microsoft’s new browser another shot. It also supports Chrome extensions , though the browser leads you to the Microsoft Store for add-ons. You must manually load the Chrome Web Store to install anything not listed in Microsoft’s repository.

However, it’s not Chrome with a Windows 11 theme. Microsoft reportedly disabled many features, including Google’s Safe Browsing API, ad blocking, speech input, Google-centric services, and more. In return, the company worked to optimize Edge and reduce its footprint while continuing to add new, Microsoft-oriented features. As of January 2023, Edge is the most efficient browser in terms of memory usage. It also allows sleeping tabs, to let tabs release their resources when they haven’t been used for some time.

Features launched since its release have included the new Edge Sidebar that provides easy access to various tools, more flexibility in managing how Edge starts up, Citations to make it easier for students to cite sources, and various other updates to make the browser more productive. Edge Workspaces lets users organize tasks into dedicated windows, and Microsoft has continuously tweaked various features, like the Edge Sidebar, to make them more user-friendly.

Microsoft Edge also provides simpler privacy settings and security updates. Microsoft Edge uses a graphically friendly interface that displays three security levels: Basic, Balanced, and Strict. With Balanced set as the default, many sites request you to disable your pop-up blocker even though one isn’t manually installed. All in all, we’re very optimistic that Edge is on its way to challenging Chrome as the best web browser.

The best Chromium alternative: Mozilla Firefox

Firefox is the best browser that’s not based on the Chromium browser engine. Mozilla has taken real strides to make its browser a truly modern way to surf from site to site, thanks to efforts like its upgrade to Firefox Quantum , its VR alternative Firefox Reality , and password-free browsing .

It wasn’t too long ago that Mozilla rebuilt the browser’s interface, offering a cleaner, more modern take on what a web browser should be. The changes weren’t just skin-deep, however. There’s some impressive engineering going on behind the scenes.

For example, Firefox Quantum is designed to leverage multicore processors in ways that its competitors just aren’t doing. It was not designed to make a huge difference in your day-to-day browsing, but Mozilla hopes this design will give Firefox Quantum an edge moving forward. By engineering for the future now, Firefox Quantum is in a better position to take advantage of quicker processors as they emerge.

Some Firefox strengths include privacy protections with SmartBlock anti-tracker support, improved password syncing across devices, enhanced readability, integrated breach alerts, and a Protections Dashboard that provides a summary of how Firefox protects your privacy behind the scenes. WebRender improves the graphics performance on Windows PCs with Intel and AMD CPUs.

Recent updates include easier download management, captions, and subtitle support on YouTube, Prime Video, and Netflix videos watched in picture-in-picture mode, HDR support in macOS, and the ability to edit PDFs with text, drawings, and signatures. Firefox can also recognize text from an image, which is copied to the clipboard when selected. Finally, Firefox Colorways provides new options for optimizing how Firefox looks on-screen.

Beneath those changes, Firefox remains a comfortable, familiar standby. It’s a capable browser with a deep catalog of extensions and user interface customization. While managing settings across platforms isn’t as seamless as Google Chrome , the mobile browser app lets you share bookmarks between devices when using a free Firefox account.

There’s a bit of a fringe benefit, too. Since it’s been around longer than Chrome, some older web apps — the likes of which you might encounter at your university or workplace — work better on Firefox than they do on Chrome. For that reason, it never hurts to keep it around.

Overall, Firefox is more privacy-centric than Chrome and comparably fast, but its feature set isn’t quite as expansive elsewhere. If you like the sound of this, download the Firefox browser today.

The most innovative web browser: Opera

Another venerable browser and popular alternative, the Opera browser shares much of Chrome’s DNA and deserves its place as one of the best web browsers. Like both Edge and Chrome, Opera is built on Google’s open-source Chromium engine and, as a result, they all have a very similar user experience. Both feature a hybrid URL/search bar, and both are relatively light and fast.

The differences appear when you look at Opera’s built-in features. Where Chrome relies on an extension ecosystem to provide functionality users might want, Opera has a few more features baked right into the browser itself. It introduced a predictive website preload ability, and an Instant Search feature isolates search results in their separate window while the current page fades into the background, letting users more easily focus on the research task at hand.

You can install extensions from the Opera Add-ons store , which are just like Chrome extensions. Similar to Google’s browser, you’ll find useful tools like Giphy, Amazon Assistant, Avast Online Security, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and more. If Chrome’s wide variety of extensions is important to you, then Opera becomes an intriguing alternative. It might just be one of the best browsers for quickly navigating web pages.

Opera also features a built-in “Stash” for saving pages to read later. There’s no need to sign up for a Pocket or Evernote account to save a page for later reading. Similarly, Opera features a speed-dial menu that puts all your most frequently visited pages in one place. Google Chrome also does this, but only on a blank new tab. Finally, Opera has a built-in unlimited VPN service, making it a more secure browser option.

The biggest changes came with Opera 60 and Reborn 3, a complete revamp that brought a new borderless design, Web 3 support, and a Crypto Wallet, allowing users to prepare for blockchain-based sites. With version 69, Opera became the first browser with a built-in Twitter tool, and the company has added others as well including Instagram and TikTok. Just click the icon on the toolbar, log in to your account, and tweet away right from within the slide-out menu.

Other recent advancements include Lucid Mode, which sharpens video playing on a variety of platforms, supports emojis instead of web links, and other enhancements. The Opera Sidebar adds new functionality much like Edge’s Sidebar, allowing quick access to various Opera features. And Opera Aria adds new generative AI capabilities built right into the browser.

You can see that we’re well into hair-splitting territory, which is why it’s important to remember that your choice of browser is, more than any other service or app you use each day, entirely dependent on your personal preferences — what feels most right for you. The Opera web browser has a unique look and feel, and it combines some of the best features of Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

Alternative browsers

While the preceding browsers will meet most users’ needs, other alternatives exist for anyone looking for something different. This section is for those who have a more niche preference in web browsers  or want to try something new.

Apple Safari

If you use Apple devices exclusively, Safari is already your default browser. It’s also significantly faster than in the past, surpassing Chrome in its quickness. It’s integrated into iOS, iPadOS, and macOS, and you’ll likely get better battery life thanks to Apple’s in-house optimizations and the underlying hardware.

Safari also focuses a great deal on privacy and security. If you want to minimize how you’re tracked and whether Big Brother is looking over your shoulder, then Safari is a good choice. If you also use an iPhone and/or an iPad, then using Safari on your Mac will make for the most seamless transition between platforms. Open websites on an iPad or iPhone are carried over to macOS.

Safari is not offered outside the Apple ecosystem.

Vivaldi Browser

The Vivaldi browser is truly unique. No two Vivaldi users will have the same setup. When you run it for the first time, you’re guided through a setup process that lays out your browser in a way that makes sense for you. You choose where your tabs and address bar go and whether you want browser tabs displayed at the top of the page or in a separate side panel. This is a browser built from the ground up to deliver a unique user experience, and for the most part, it succeeds. Vivaldi 2.0 enhanced the customization features and made them easier to access.

This browser excels at customization, and you can choose from a variety of tasteful themes that don’t feel dated or out of place on a modern PC, in addition to the aforementioned UI choices. It also has some standout privacy-enhancing features, like its team-up with DuckDuckGo to make the non-tracking search tool the default option when in privacy mode.

Finally, recent updates added more powerful tab management, enhancements like Web Panels that make for smarter browsing, and (as mentioned) even more powerful customization options. Other new updates include a built-in ad blocker, a built-in tracker blocker, a clock in the Status Bar, a new Notes Manager, and a Break Mode for pausing the internet while keeping the browser open.

Brave Browser

One of the most unusual browsers around is Brave — or, perhaps, it’s Brave’s business model that’s the strangest. Brave blocks all ads on all web pages by default, which makes it arguably the fastest browser around. Ads are a huge portion of how many websites make money — block these ads, and suddenly the most important web financial tool is eliminated.

That’s where the Brave Rewards program comes in. Users receive Basic Attention Tokens (BATs) when they view alternative ads that Brave places in the browsing stream. Users can pass along a portion of their tokens to publishers. As of January 2021, there were over 70,000 websites that supported BAT-based transactions through the Brave browser, including Wikipedia, The Guardian, WikiHow, MacRumors, and more.

What’s in it for users? Simply put, if you’re not waiting for ads to download along with website content, then your web experience will feel much faster. Brave performs no user tracking, making it ideal for private browsing as well.

Tor Browser

The Tor Browser is a version of Firefox that serves one very specific purpose: A simple entry point for The Onion Router, or Tor .

Tor is software combined with an open network aimed at making you invisible by routing your traffic through several anonymous servers. While it’s not foolproof, it’s very difficult for someone to identify you when you’re properly configured and using something like the Tor Browser to surf the web — especially if combined with a VPN .

There are many legitimate uses of the Tor Browser and the Tor network. It’s a good choice for people who live in countries with repressive governments, as well as journalists and activists. The dark web is also one of the destinations for people using Tor, which includes many nefarious and illegal sites.

In any event, if you want to remain completely anonymous while surfing the web, the Tor Browser and network are for you. If you want a more mainstream alternative, Opera includes a VPN component, but it’s far less private.

Avast Secure Browser

Avast Secure Browser first arrived as the Opera-based Avast Safezone Browser in 2016 as part of the Avast Antivirus paid bundle. It was revised and rebranded in 2018 as a free stand-alone product based on Chromium. Originally the “SafeZone” aspect kicked in when users visited websites to make purchases or manage money.

Avast Secure Browser provides several built-in tools to protect your data and privacy. These include an anti-phishing module, fingerprinting and online tracking prevention, an ad blocker, and a Webcam Guard tool to control which websites can access your camera. The Hack Check tool will determine if your info was leaked in a data breach.

Avast Secure Browser is a stand-alone download for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. The desktop version doesn’t include an integrated VPN but instead directs users to download the company’s separate SecureLine VPN software. The listed Bank Mode — part of the Avast Free Antivirus client — flips on when users load a banking website.

Best web browser features — what to look for

Benchmark tests.

Notice we don’t include Safari in our main comparison. Apple’s Safari web browser is unavailable on Windows, Android, or Chrome OS, so we removed it from our primary list.

Most browsers are compatible with web standards and handle performance with relative ease. A casual user probably won’t notice a difference in the rendering speed between today’s modern browsers, as all six are much faster and leaner than those of a few years ago.

We ran the following benchmarks on a desktop with an AMD Ryzen 7 5800X processor, 32GB of RAM, a 1TB M.2 PCIe NVMe solid-state drive, and Windows 11. All browsers were clean installs of the most current production versions as of January 2023, and all were run at their default settings.

First, JetStream 2 is a JavaScript and WebAssembly benchmark. It tests how quickly a web browser can start and execute code, and how smoothly it runs. Higher numbers are better.

Notice how all three Chromium-based browsers outperform Firefox. In fact, there’s very little difference between them, while Firefox’s performance is quite poor by comparison.

The next test we ran was Speedometer 2.0 . It measures how responsive a browser is to web applications by repeatedly adding a large number of items to a to-do list. Higher numbers are better.

Here, Opera led the pack, with Chrome and Edge running nearly neck to neck. Firefox came in last here with a relatively low score.

Finally, we tested how much RAM each browser uses, both with no tabs open and then with 10 tabs open accessing the same popular sites. We made sure that each browser had no extensions running, and we let each browser settle in before looking at its memory use. For the test with 10 tabs open, we averaged memory use when all the tabs were opened and then five minutes later to account for any variability.

It’s not a scientific test, but it should be sound enough to give you an idea of which browsers are the most and least efficient in terms of taking up your RAM. We found Opera to use the least amount of RAM when first opened, barely ahead of Edge, while Chrome used the most. Edge used the least with all 10 tabs loaded by a significant margin, a third or less than the other browsers. Chrome used the most with all 10 tabs open, and Firefox and Opera weren’t far behind.

Security and privacy

The most valuable tool for secure and private browsing is user discretion, especially when you consider that every web browser has encountered security breaches in the past. In particular, Internet Explorer and Chrome’s reputations for protecting users’ security and privacy credentials are spotty at best.

Chrome, Safari, Vivaldi, Opera, and Firefox all rely on Google’s Safe Browsing API to detect potentially dangerous sites. Thanks to constant updates, Mozilla, Chrome, and Opera all make constant security improvements. Microsoft disabled this API in Edge.

All browsers offer a private session option, too. Private sessions prevent the storage of browsing history, temporary internet files, and cookies. Browser support for Do Not Track remains spotty.

Mozilla made some strides in differentiating itself from others with a real focus on privacy in recent years. It even debuted a Facebook Container  in 2018 to make it harder for the social network to harvest user information.

Frequently asked questions

Do you need to use a VPN when browsing the web? 

You do not have to use a VPN when browsing the internet. However, a VPN can be a good tool to use as it protects your privacy and data by creating a secure and encrypted data tunnel between your browser and a VPN server. In turn, that server creates a secure and encrypted connection between it and the target website.

As a result, the website can’t identify you personally, nor can it see your true geological location or internet address. Not even your ISP knows where you’re surfing or the device you use with a VPN enabled. Some VPN services are free while others require a subscription. We have a list of the current best VPN services .

Which browser is most used in the world? 

Google Chrome leads the web browser market with a 64.68% share, according to Statcounter . Apple Safari follows with 18.29%, Edge at 4.23%, Mozilla Firefox at 3.01%%, and Opera at 2.25%. Internet Explorer is still in use with 0.81%, while Microsoft Edge “Legacy” is fading out at 0.32%.

What are the best ad blockers to use for your browser? 

We have a guide on the best ad blockers for Google Chrome , but here’s a short list:

  • AdBlock and AdBlock Plus
  • AdGuard (Chrome only)
  • CyberSec by NordVPN
  • Poper Blocker (Chrome only)
  • Stands Fair AdBlocker (Chrome only)
  • uBlock Origin (Chrome and Firefox only)

What is browser fingerprinting and how can you prevent it? 

Websites want to know everything about you: Your tastes, your habits, and where you like to surf. When you load a website, it quietly runs scripts in the background that collect information about you and your device. The operating system, the web browser, all installed extensions, your time zone — all of this information is strung together to create a “fingerprint,” which in turn can be used to trace you across the internet via cross-site tracking.

Avast provides a detailed explanation and outlines various forms of fingerprinting. For example, the “canvas” method forces the browser to draw an image or text in the background, without the user knowing, to determine the operating system, web browser, graphics card, installed drivers, and the current font style. Device fingerprinting determines all internal and external device components.

As your fingerprint is tracked across the internet, this “profile” can be sold to data brokers, who then resell the data to advertisers. It’s a more silent means of gathering information about you versus using cookies that require your consent. The problem is, browser fingerprinting is still perfectly legal.

The best way to prevent browser fingerprinting is by randomizing and generalizing data. Third-party software like Avast AntiTrack does this by inserting “fake” data when website scripts try to collect your information. However, this tool allows scripts to continue running in the background so the website doesn’t “break.”

Many browsers offer some type of anti-fingerprinting protection. These include Avast Secure Browser (see above), Brave Browser (randomization), Mozilla Firefox (blocks fingerprinting scripts), and Tor Browser (generalization).

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With so many things going digital these days, it's a surprise that there's still a big need for printers, even if it's for small and basic things. On the bright side, there are a lot of budget-friendly printers, and even if you need something a bit more heavy-duty for your small or medium business, there are some solid options for that, too. Even so, you'll still likely want to grab yourself a printer deal, especially when dealing with the best printer brands on the market, which are often somewhat pricey. To that end, we've collected some of our favorite deals on some of the best printers we could find to help save you an extra bit of hassle. Also, if you're interested in something a bit more three-dimensional, there are some great 3D printer deals you can take advantage of, too. Canon Pixma TR4722 -- $79, was $99

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Being in the creative field essentially means that you're likely going to be using Adobe Photoshop and other Adobe products, considering they are some of the most popular and widely used. Unfortunately, they are quite expensive, and while there are some great Photoshop alternatives, a lot of folks aren't used to them, and they don't always have all the features you may need. Also unfortunate is how expensive Adobe products can get, which is why we've collected some of our favorite Adobe Photoshop deals below to help save you at least a little bit extra.

You may also want to consider grabbing yourself one of these laptop deals or desktop deals to upgrade your PC to handle the latest Adobe Photoshop features more smoothly, and this is a good step if you're moving to a more professional setup. Adobe Photoshop free 7-day trial

Safari browser review

Experience personalization at your fingertips with safari.

Website screenshot for Safari browser

TechRadar Verdict

After our careful evaluation, we found Safari to be one of the best apps Apple has ever launched. It's fast, responsive, and comes with tons of tab management features that make it easy for users to maintain an online workspace.

Optimized to load CSS and HTML pages super fast

Clean and navigable design that’s easy to understand

Lets you sync all your devices together for uninterrupted reading

The default security features are good enough to keep each session private

Not available for all operating systems, such as Android and Windows

Why you can trust TechRadar We spend hours testing every product or service we review, so you can be sure you’re buying the best. Find out more about how we test.

  • Ease of use
  • Competitors
  • Final verdict

Safari is a popular web browser launched by Apple in 2003. In the past few years and through multiple upgrades, Safari has transformed into a power-packed, privacy-centric browser that aims to give you the best web experience in every session.

It's faster compared to many popular browsers such as Firefox and Chrome, is highly reliable, and comes with a million customization options that make you feel a little at home every time you log in. It might not be the top leader of the browser industry, but it surely has a massive user base of more than 1 billion people.

So if you’re planning to set Safari as your next default browser, read our guide till the end and find out what you can expect.

Safari browser: Features

Safari’s best-known feature is “Intelligent Tracking Prevention,” which protects you from online trackers. Such malicious software have countless ways to keep following you across the web. Thankfully, Safari’s dynamic system is not only capable of tackling their current tricks, but it can also adapt and counter any hack they might develop to steal your data.

If you’re working on multiple projects at the same time, grouping the tabs together might be an efficient way to work faster and reduce the clutter. You can also label these tab groups, with each category leading you to a certain set of sites. To take it a step further, you can also add Focus Modes to these Tab Groups. This way, when a user opens the Safari browser with a certain Focus active, only those tab groups that are attached to it will show up.

Safari’s intuitive auto-fill feature will save you tons of time. For starters, it connects to your passwords saved on iCloud or other third-party password managers and auto-fills while logging. It also extracts information from your Contacts, Calendars, Credit Card, and other saved documents to auto-fill empty fields of forms and registration pages on your behalf. For sensitive information such as credit card details and passwords, Safari uses a special 256-bit AES encryption.

Safari also helps you create stronger passwords the first time you’re signing up for an account. You can either opt for traditional passcodes with a combination of numbers, letters, and symbols or go for advanced face ID or touch ID for better security. 

To minimize spamming from websites, Safari provides a unique feature called “Hide My Email” in collaboration with iCloud. Under this, instead of suggesting your actual email, it’ll suggest an alias to the website you’re signing into. This will help you recognize the spammers, and you can cut them off by simply deleting the alias email address.

Safari claims that it takes minimal battery power. Compared to Firefox and Chrome, Safari offers up to 3 hours of additional browsing and 4 hours of additional video streaming.

Safari browser: Privacy

Safari offers a decent level of privacy. It may not completely stop data collection from third parties, but it minimizes the transfer of user data to a great extent. On top of that, users get access to all its privacy settings by default, ensuring they’re protected from the get-go.

You can also modify the privacy settings if you want. For example, you can adjust how often you want your web history deleted or tell websites not to track your information, such as location or contact details.

We recommend adding a VPN to your arsenal, which, along with Safari, will prove to be the security you’ve always wanted on your device. 

Safari browser customizations.

Safari browser: Ease of use

Safari is pretty easy to use. The address bar is at the top of the screen, and you’ll find the open tabs stacked right below it — much like Google Chrome.

What sets apart Safari’s user interface is options such as Bookmarks, History, and Edits are placed above the address bar. 

Our favorite thing about its user settings is that it lets you get the complete overview of your tabs on a much higher level. If you have multiple tabs open at once, this feature lets you zoom out and check them all at once.

The only thing we didn't like about Safari was some of the features, such as Tab Grouping, were slightly hidden on its Mac Version. You’ll have to click on the Page Icon for a panel to appear before you can use the grouping feature. 

Safari browser: Competitors

Safari’s biggest competitors are Chrome, Edge, and Firefox. But thanks to its features and outstanding performance, it’s not too far behind them in the race. 

For starters, a speedometer test by Safari revealed that it's almost 1.4 times more responsive than Chrome and Firefox. 

Another series of tests found that when the macOS is used for animation rendering and Javascript, Safari is 2 times and 1.4 times faster than Chrome and Firefox, respectively. 

With such outstanding performance, it's no wonder that millions of users are flocking to Safari every year.

Another benefit of Safari is that it's lightweight and doesn't take up too much battery power. In fact, compared to other browsers, Safari gives you at least 3 to 4 hours of additional battery life.

Also, unlike Edge, Safari lets you pick and put any picture you want as the browser's background. While Edge and Chrome let you experiment with multiple themes, Safari goes a step ahead and lets you personalize it.

Managing tabs with Safari is easier than most browsers. You can group them together, label them for quick searches and attach them to a particular Focus Mode to reduce the crowd of tab groups. No other renowned browser offers this feature.

Safari browser: Final verdict

After our careful evaluation, we found Safari to be one of the best products Apple has ever launched. It's fast, responsive, and comes with tons of tab management features that make it easy for users to maintain an online workspace.

Compared to Chrome and Edge, Safari is much more serious about user privacy and data leaks. After all, it has developed a whole new technology (Intelligent Tracking Prevention) just to combat that. 

It also comes pre-installed on every Apple device, be it an iPhone or Mac. If you’re a proud Apple device owner, there’s no reason you shouldn’t try Safari since there’s no trouble downloading and setting it up.

Also check out our roundup of the best anonymous browsers .

Désiré has been musing and writing about technology during a career spanning four decades. He dabbled in website builders and web hosting when DHTML and frames were in vogue and started narrating about the impact of technology on society just before the start of the Y2K hysteria at the turn of the last millennium.

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    11. TOR. Browsers for Windows 11. 1. Google Chrome (Most Popular, Largest Ecosystem) Google Chrome is the most popular Windows 11 browser in the world and with the largest market share too. Chrome browser runs on the Chromium engine, a free and open-source initiative that is used by many other browsers covered in this guide.

  20. Safari for Windows 10: How To Get and Install It

    5. Specify if you want to add Safari as a desktop shortcut or not. Also, decide if you prefer it as the default browser on your computer (we recommend you don't select this option). Select Next to continue. 6. Pick an install directory (or leave the default folder path) and select Install. 7.

  21. Safari

    Safari vs. Windows 11 browsers. Safari on macOS. 1.7 x faster. Chrome on Windows 11. Edge on Windows 11. Firefox on Windows 11. 4K video streaming. See your favorite shows and films in their best light. Safari supports in-browser 4K HDR video playback for YouTube, Netflix, and Apple TV+. 5 And it runs efficiently for longer-lasting battery life.

  22. The best web browsers for 2024

    Google Chrome leads the web browser market with a 64.68% share, according to Statcounter. Apple Safari follows with 18.29%, Edge at 4.23%, Mozilla Firefox at 3.01%%, and Opera at 2.25%. Internet ...

  23. Safari browser review

    Final verdict. Safari is a popular web browser launched by Apple in 2003. In the past few years and through multiple upgrades, Safari has transformed into a power-packed, privacy-centric browser ...

  24. Better Browsing: 30 Hidden Tricks Inside Apple's Safari Browser

    Now, here are 30 tricks to help you have a better experience when using Safari. 1. Navigate Tab Bar. (Credit: Lance Whitney / Apple) The jump to iOS 15 moved Safari's address bar to the bottom of ...