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How to Book Ola Round Trip

Do you want to go to the outskirts of your town or outstation? Then, in such a scenario you should book ola round trip. A round trip means the same ride or driver will pick you up and drop you back. Thus, when you go out, you will not have to worry about the availability of other cabs and booking another ride. The cab that you arrive in will wait for you to take you back. You can cancel booked OLA cab rides in certain situations. Make sure you know the conditions in which you can cancel it before booking.

We will get going with the steps before giving more specifics about the round trip.

How to book ola outstation

Book OLA Round Trip: 8 Steps (with Pictures)

Step-1 Open the OLA Application: Firstly, you need to have the OLA application on your mobile device. Download it from the play store if you do not have it already. Once you open it, you will have to give it the permission to access your location.

Book Ola Round Trip-1

Step-2 Tap on Search Destination: Now, in the daily category, click on the search destination option.

Book Ola Round Trip-2

Step-3 Search Destination: If the pickup point is your location itself, then you do not need to change it. You can directly search for your destination. Make changes to pickup point if required.

Book Ola Round Trip-3

Step-4 Tap on Book an Outstation Ride: Now, you will see an option of booking an outstation ride. Once you enter a destination that is outside city limits, you will automatically get an option to book an outstation ride. So, click on that.

Book Ola Round Trip-4

Step-5 Tap on Your Transport: Now, you will see that there are two options. One-way and Round trip. By default, the round trip option is selected. Now, you just need to choose the vehicle of your liking.

Book Ola Round Trip-5

Step-6 Review and Confirm Booking: Now, you must review your booking before confirming. You will also be asked to enter the date and time of your booking as it is a round trip.

  • You need to set the date and time of your pickup.
  • Further, you also need to mention the time by which you expect to return.
  • After that, you will be able to confirm your booking.

Book Ola Round Trip-6

Step-7 Tap on Remind me Later: If you want to add ride insurance you can, or just tap on remind me later to let this option go away.

Book Ola Round Trip-7

Step-8 Tap on Proceed: Once done, you need to tap on proceed. Like this, you will be able to book your round trip. Choose the payment option and make the payment if the cash option is unavailable.

Book Ola Round Trip-8

When Should I Book a Round Trip?

If you want to go to the outskirts of the town for sightseeing, a picnic, some important work, then you can book an OLA round trip by choosing the outstation option. Like this, you will have the car until return and will not need to book another. You can even use this facility for going to another city. There is a total fare or you might even have a per kilometer fare. Choose it accordingly and book your ride.

What Do I Need to Keep in Mind?

Firstly, you must select the option of a round trip after you select your destination. Do this before you select the type of car. Secondly, do not forget to specify the date and time. Specify the date and time you want to leave and by when you plan to return. You can book OLA prime sedan for your comfort if it is in your budget for your round trip.

Second Method

Ola round trip is the type of booking where you can book the cab cab for a two way journey. In other words, to book a Ola round trip means the service where the cab you book will take you and bring you back. Under this service, you do not need to book another cab for the return journey as the cab you arrived in, will wait until you return. Therefore it can be described as a reserved or waiting cab.

Steps to B ook Ola Round Trip

ola return trip

9. Select Round trip option: As a result of tapping on the continue option, you will get the following screen. In this section, you will have to select the type of trip. Therefore, tap on the option "Round trip" as indicated by the arrow mark shown below. This will ensure that the ride you book will be a round trip and not one way.

ola return trip

Therefore, the steps explained above show how you can book a round trip on Ola. Following the steps mentioned above will take you up to the point of payment. Afterward, you have to simply complete the payment and your cab will be booked. In this way, the procedure to book Ola round trip is simple and easy to follow. Any user can book an Ola round trip by following steps.

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ola return trip

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ola return trip

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ola return trip

Round-trip or One-way

Why pay for a return journey when you are travelling just one-way out of town? Book affordable AC cabs for your one-way travel or a return journey, only with Ola!

When can you use Ola Outstation

ola return trip

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ola return trip

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ola return trip

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ola return trip

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ola return trip

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ola return trip

24/7 Customer Support

A dedicated 24x7 customer support team always at your service to help solve any problem

Your Safety First

Keep your loved ones informed about your travel routes or call emergency services when in need

Top Rated Driver-Partners

All our driver-partners are background verified and trained to deliver only the best experience

Booking an Ola Cab?

Estimate your ola fare, ola mini vs. ola prime, compare ola services & prices, avoid ola peak time surcharge pricing, save money on your ola rides.

How much does an Ola Cab cost? Which Ola Cab service is right for me?

OlaFareFinder calculates the cost of your Ola ride in over 100 supported cities. Simply enter your pickup and dropoff locations to get the price estimate of a variety of Ola Cab services (Ola Mini, Ola Sedan, Ola Prime, etc) available in your area.

Check Ola peak time surcharge pricing! OlaFareFinder will even warn you if peak time pricing is currently enacted in your location.

Ola fares from {{ origin_data.address }} to {{ destination_data.address }}

Trip is {{ trip.distance.value / 1609.34 | number : 1 }} mi, {{ trip.duration.value / 60 | number : 0 }} mins, ola {{ r.display_name }}, includes the following surcharges:, {{ }}: {{ surcharge.value_text }}, no surcharges for this trip, 🕙 {{ r.time_estimate_minutes }} minutes away, unavailable at this time, join the club.

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What is Ola?

OlaCabs, or more commonly referred to as Ola, is an online, on-demand car service based in Bangalore, India. Ola provides riders with a variety of car services, ranging from their ultra-affordable Ola Micro service to their luxury business class option, Ola Prime.

Ola cabs are requested and booked through the Ola smartphone application via the touch of a button. Once a customer books their Ola car, they will have the option to pay via cash or with Ola money. Ola money is a cashless form of payment within the app, which allows a customer to buy Ola credit (via their credit or debit card) to use towards Ola rides.

Ola cab prices are very reasonable but occasionally when Ola cabs are in high demand the company may enact peak time surcharge pricing. Peak time pricing could double or even triple your fare depending on the surge amount. Luckily, Ola will always warn you if peak time pricing is in effect before you decide to book one of their cars.

Ola Cabs is currently available in over 100 cities across India.

What cities does Ola support?

  • Visakhapatnam
  • Tiruchirappally
  • Tirunelveli
  • Bhubaneswar
  • Hubli Dharwad
  • Kurukshetra
  • Thiruvananthapuram
  • lego_ignore
  • Pondicherry
  • Rajamahendravaram
  • second_change
  • Durg Bhilai

What rideshare services does Ola offer?

Ola’s newest and cheapest service. When you select an Ola Micro, a compact car with seating for up to 3 people will pick you up.

Some of the vehicles you might ride in when using are:

Hyundai Eon •  Wagon R •  Datsun Go

Another low cost service, though slightly more expensive than Ola Micro. When you select an Ola Mini, an air-conditioned compact car with seating for up to 3 people will pick you up.

Tata Indica •  Vista •  Ford Figo

This is Ola’s flagship taxi service. Ola Prime is aimed at regular city travelers who are looking for a more spacious ride than the Micro or Mini. When you select an Ola Prime, a sedan class car with seating for up to 4 people will pick you up.

Suzuki DZire •  Mahindra Verito •  Toyota Etios



Search this blog, ola outstation - a detailed review for travellers.

Recently we were in Gujrat to witness the Navratri celebrations in various Garba grounds of Ahemdabad and Vadodara. It was a long weekend, so we took out time to spend 4 days in Gujrat and also explore nearby places in this beautiful & progressive state of India. During this trip we used Ola Outstation cab twice - once for one day trip from Ahemedabad to Adlaj ni Vav, Modhera Sun Temple, Patan's popular Rani no Vav and GandhiNagar's famous AksharmDham temple & Mahatma Temple. Second time, we used Ola Outstation to go from Ahemdabad to Vadodara via ASI heritage site in Lothal and second day drive to Statue of Unity & then came back to Ahmedabad for our flight back.

Get ready to celebrate Special Navratras in Gujarat - One of the best states to visit during Navratri week in India

Uber driver stalking a customer : "safety of customers" is very serious, which every tech enabled business need to understand & pay attention to.

An evening before, we booked Ola station and scheduled it for 8:30am next day. Cab is confirmed by Ola an hour before your trip starts, so we received driver details along with OTPs to start the trip and end the trip at 7:30am. It was little uncomfortable to not have cab details till very late and there was a doubt if driver doesn't show up, which is usual thing in inter-city commute.       Our cab arrived on time - driver asked for OTP, asked me to click a photograph of meter reading and started the trip. As our trip started, we got know that AC of the car is not very effective and it was a hot day and soon after we realised that music system in the car doesn't work. Music was sorted through phone speakers (not a very good way to enjoy music on the road but better than nothing :) ).

How OLA or UBER apps on your mobile can be costly for you?

(Above photograph is sample to show how you see details while doing booking for Ola Outstation.)    Disadvantages of Ola Outstation :    1. Usually Ola drivers are not very experienced drivers when it comes to knowing touristy locations and places worth exploring. Mainly because most of these folks drive within cities and that too for quick pick-up/drops.    2. You don't know which car would be allocated to you for your travel and how well maintained it would be. You get to know about the cab details an hour ago your trip starts.     3. Usually local taxi vendors maintain their cars better than Ola (although it's hard to generalise like this. Both the Ola Outstation cars we got were not clean and had issues with AC & music systems. It's hard to find such taxis through local vendors and at least I don't such experience from past).    4. I observed that Ola drivers are not in a habit of staying overnight in different city or at least they pretend, even when there are extra charges for night stay (although it's not huge. Ola charges 200rs for a day and 150 rs for night stay. With this Ola expects driver to manage his/her own stay)     5. You need to be very sure of your itinerary and can't rely on driver to take you around.     6. Many of the OLA drivers drive in cities and rely on CNG gas. On the way, their ignorance may cost more time. Filling once may easily take 20-40 mins depending upon where you want to get it refilled and how long is the queue. Even these cars have Deisel tank but no driver would want to use other fuel because that hits their margins. So you may need to be aware if you come across a filling station which is relatively empty and prompt the driver to get tank filled, if needed.

Ahmedabad - One of the best places to visit during Navratris to enjoy Garba Festivities & Eventful Evenings

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How to reach Kasol/Malana and top things to do around this stunning hill-station of Himalayan State of India


Main places to see & Top things to do around Dalhousie : Stunning Hill Station in Himalayan State of India

Frequently Asked Questions

Booking an ola, how to book a ride.

Booking an Ola is super easy. Simply, follow the steps below:

  • Open the app
  • Select your ride type
  • Enter your pick-up and drop-off location
  • Tap Apply Coupon and redeem your offer
  • Tap Continue and then Confirm Booking

How to get picked up as a rider

After you have booked your ride and a driver has accepted, you’ll see the:

  • Driver’s name
  • Estimated time of arrival
  • Driver rating
  • Profile photo
  • Car details

When your driver arrives, you’ll receive a push notification letting you know they have arrived at your pick-up location.

If you have any special instructions or need to speak to your driver, you can give them a call in the app by tapping ‘Call Driver’.  

How to enter your pick-up location

Your pick-up location will automatically set to your current GPS location. If you’d like to change it, there’s a couple of ways to do so:

  • Tap ‘pickup location’ at the top of the screen and enter your address.
  • Drag the pin to the right location on the map.

How to enter or change your destination

You will need to enter your destination before confirming your booking. You can do this by:

  • Entering the address in the ‘destination’ field at the top of the screen.

You can also change your destination during your ride by:

  • Clicking ‘Edit’ and entering the correct destination

Save your preferred pick-up or drop-off location

You can save your most frequently visited locations by:

  • Simply tapping the ‘heart’ icon on the right side of the location field and select the category that best suits that location.
  • When inputting your pick-up and drop-off location, enter the name of that category and the address will automatically populate.

How to apply a coupon to your ride

Apply a coupon by viewing your active promotions in the ‘notifications’ section of the app. 

To apply a coupon to your ride :

  • Open the Ola app
  • Select your car type and enter your pick-up and drop-off location.
  • Tap ‘Apply Coupon’ at the bottom of the screen
  • Tap ‘Confirm booking’

How to track your ride

Once your booking is confirmed, you’ll be able to track your ride and see the following details on your app in real time:

  • Your driver’s ETA and current location.
  • The driver’s route to your pick-up address.
  • The entire route of your ride.

How to share your ride details

Once you request a ride and your booking is confirmed, you can easily share your ride details with family and friends.

  • Simply tap the ‘Share Details’ button at the bottom of the screen on your app while you are riding.
  • Select who you would like to share your ride details with and a link will be sent to them via SMS.
  • You can also pre-select up to 5 contacts to automatically send your ride details to each time you take a ride.

How to pay for your ride

You can pay for your ride using a credit/debit card or PayPal. Follow the steps below to add these payment methods to your account:

  • Select ‘Payments’ from the main menu in the app.
  • Click on ‘Add another card’.
  • Enter your card details and click ‘Save Card’.

How to change your payment method

You can change your payment method before booking a ride, follow these steps below to do so:

  • Enter your pick-up and drop-off location.
  • Tap ‘Continue’.
  • Tap your payment method icon in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • Select your payment option or add another card.

How to rate your ride

Ratings enable us to ensure both our riders and drivers are having a great experience using Ola. You’ll always be prompted to rate your driver after you take a ride with us. Once you reach your destination, a notification will appear that will prompt you to rate your driver.

  • You’ll be able to rate your ride from 1 to 5 stars.
  • Select certain fields about the ride and provide specific details.

Ola city boundaries

Ola operates across most major cities in Australia, however, we are bound by certain coverage areas that we are not live in yet.

These areas will change over time as we grow our presence across Australia. If you enter a pick-up or drop-off location in your app that is outside these areas, you won’t be able to confirm your booking.

Ola in Australia

Ola operates across:

  • Sunshine Coast
  • Central Coast
  • Wagga Wagga

Taking a ride in a city I didn't sign up in

You can definitely take a ride in a region you didn’t sign up in, as long as Ola operates there.

Riding with Ola is a great way to see the city you are visiting from a locals point of view as our drivers generally know a lot about the place you are visiting.

I had an issue with my pickup

If your driver refused to continue start the trip because you had too much luggage for their car, you may be charged a cancellation fee as it is a safety risk to have unsecured luggage anywhere else except in the boot of the car.

If you are travelling with a lot of pieces of luggage, opt to book for a SUV as vehicles in the SUV category have more space to carry your luggage.

Can I book a ride for someone under 18 years of age?

Ola strictly prohibits children under the age of 18 to use its rideshare platform unless accompanied by an adult.

Customers must not book rides for children under 18 years of age unless they are accompanied by an adult for the entire duration of the trip.

Persons under the age of 18 are prohibited from holding an Ola account. If Ola becomes aware of an account being held by a person under the age of 18, the account will be immediately suspended.

Can I send parcels only in an Ola vehicle?

No, Ola can not guarantee or cover parcels that are sent unaccompanied by a rider. Please see our terms and conditions for details.

My driver requested a cash payment. Can I pay with cash?

Ola is a cashless rideshare platform in Australia and any payments made outside of the Ola application will be deemed to be a breach of our  Driver Community Rules  and  Passenger terms and conditions . Please immediately inform us if your driver has requested cash for a trip or additional service and our safety team will investigate and take action as necessary.

Ola car types

We have different types of cars to fit your travel needs. Select your car type on the main screen before entering your pick-up and drop-off destination.

  • Prime (Standard) Up to 4 people
  • SUV (Large) Up to 6 people
  • Premium Available in Sydney only

Can I request a specific car?

While you can’t request a specific model car or driver, you can select a car between our two different types that are available to book.

Our Prime (Standard) cars comfortably fit up to 4 people, they are the perfect option to choose when you are riding solo or out with a small group. Our SUV (Large) cars fit up to 6 people and great for when you need a little extra room for luggage or loved ones.

Can I request more than one ride?

You can only request one ride at a time. You can request another vehicle immediately after your current ride ends.

Ola offers car types for large groups, instead of booking one ride after the other. Opt for booking an SUV vehicle that fits up to 6 people.

Riding with friends in large groups is the perfect time to start inviting your friends to Ola. Tap the ‘Refer & Earn’ section in your app and share your referral code to earn yourself a free ride*

Do you have a pool or shared service?

At the moment we don’t offer a shared ride service, we are currently working on some really exciting things and this may be one of them. Stay tuned!

Fares and Charges

Ola rate card.

To view our rates, view the Rate Card option available in the app menu. You will be able to view fares for Ola rides in different cities there.

What is the extra charge I am seeing from Ola?

When you create an Ola account, update your payment method or request a ride you may see a pending transaction on your account. This isn’t an extra charge, but a temporary authorisation hold to check that a valid payment method is being used. These will usually appear when you are using Ola for the first time or if you are adding a new payment method. 

A pre-authorisation hold is the term commonly used by banks in situations where a customer purchases services or goods using a credit/debit card, or a digital wallet (e.g. PayPal) and an amount is held by the customer’s bank on behalf of the merchant as a ‘pre-authorised hold’. These funds are merely placed “on hold” and no money is debited from the customer’s account until the transaction is completed and final payment is processed. 

To understand how pre-authorisations work with your Ola rides, read HERE

What additional fees do you include on your rides?

Toll Fee The final fare you see in the app includes applicable toll fees that you will take on your route. These prices are based on the electronic toll system. All flat fare final costs will exclude tolls.

Booking Fee The final fare you see in the app includes your booking fee. The price you will see is 55c and this is added to each ride.

Do you charge a cancellation fee?

  • Cancellation fee is charged to compensate drivers for the time, effort and fuel spent while trying to reach the pickup location.
  • The estimated time of arrival of the driver is less than 5 minutes and the rider cancels the booking 3 minutes or later after the booking has been accepted by the driver; or
  • The estimated time of arrival of the driver is 5 minutes or more and the rider cancels the booking 5 minutes or later after the booking has been accepted by the driver; or
  • The driver has already arrived at the pickup location; or
  • The driver cancels the booking after waiting at the pickup location for 5 minutes or more.
  • However, the cancellation fee will not be charged if the driver is delayed in reaching the pickup location by more than 5 minutes from the shown estimated time of arrival.
  • If a driver starts a trip they are ineligible to receive a cancellation fee for that same trip.
  • Cancellation fee amount may vary depending on the rider’s city and the vehicle category selected.
  • Cancellation fees charged to Ola riders will be paid to the driver, less any commission.
  • If a cancellation fee is applicable, the driver will be instantly notified within the app upon cancellation of the booking. Where a driver declines a ride after adhering to the above rules, Ola reserves the right to deny a cancellation fee.
  • Any disputes may be raised via the app.

*When the booking is confirmed, the system will calculate an estimated time of arrival (ETA) for the driver to reach the pick-up location from his/her current location. The actual time of booking acceptance is added to the ETA to amount to the scheduled pick-up time. The calculation of the ETA is based on a fixed default speed in its calculation. That is, the actual time of arrival for a car can be more or less than the ETA depending on his/her driving speed.

Credit or coupon didn't apply

Any valid offer or promotions on your account will automatically appear in the notifications section in your app.

All you need to do is: Tap ‘Apply Coupon’ in the ‘book your ride’ section and the offer will be applied to your ride.

Cancellation fee

If you no longer need a ride, feel free to cancel it. To cancel a ride, tap ‘Cancel’ in the bottom left corner of the app. To compensate your driver for their time and petrol, we may apply a cancellation fee for specific rides.

Wait time fee

In some locations, a per-minute wait time fee will apply if your driver has to wait for you after he or she has arrived at your location. This fee will begin after your driver has been waiting for two minutes and will be charged at a rate of 30-60 cents per minute. 

Cleaning fee

In certain circumstances, if you or a passenger made a mess in the car during your ride, you may be charged a cleaning fee to enable the driver to be compensated for costs incurred to clean up the mess. The table below outlines the applicable fee depending on the type of mess made.

How to dispute a fee

Simply open your app and access the ‘Your rides’ tab.

  • Tap the ‘Menu’ bar in the top left corner
  • Tap the ‘Your Rides’ option
  • Select the ride with the fee
  • Select ‘Billing Related’
  • Then select your issue

If you would like to tell us more about your problem, select ‘Write to Us’. We’ll ask for a brief description of what happened

Will I be charged a cancellation fee if I order an Ola vehicle for a parcel only (no rider) delivery?

Yes, if you do not ride with the parcel, as all riders have agreed as terms of service not to send parcels unaccompanied for your and our driver’s convenience and safety.  Drivers are requested to cancel services when a parcel is expected to be driven unaccompanied in their vehicle due to customer service, safety, and insurance reasons.  This cancelation fee as you can understand is paid by the rider due to costs and inconvenience (traveling to your location and may potential loss of other rides)

Will I receive a cancellation fee, if the rider does NOT travel with Parcel?

Yes, if the rider will not travel with their parcel, you can cancel the ride and receive the cancelation fee. Please ensure you first, clearly explain that a cancelation fee will be applied if they do not travel with their parcel or goods.

Pay with card

You can pay for your Ola ride using your credit/debit card. You will need to add your chosen card to your Ola account to pay for the ride.

Follow the steps below to add your credit/debit card to your Ola account.

  • Select Payments from the Ola app menu.
  • Click on Add a Credit/Debit card.
  • Enter your card details and click Save Card.

Once you have successfully added your card, all you need to do is to select the card from the ‘Pick a Payment’ option before confirming a booking.

Pay with cash

Ola is an entirely cash free experience. Book your ride at the ease of your app and when your trip ends, your chosen payment method will be charged. Easy as that!

Pay with PayPal

You can pay for your Ola ride using PayPal. Simply, tap ‘Payments’ on the main menu on the app and tap ‘Add PayPal’. You will then be redirected to the PayPal website where you can enter your details.

Account & Referral

Create an ola account.

Simply, download the app and sign up with your details. The below fields are what you will be asked to enter in order to sign up.

  • Mobile number
  • Email address
  • Referral code if you’ve been referred to Ola
  • Payment details

What is the refer a friend program?

A way to earn $20 credit on us by rewarding you for referring friends to Ola.

All you need to do is share your unique referral code and ask your friend to enter this after signing up. Your coupon will appear after their first ride. 

For your friend to receive their $10 coupon, ensure that they use your referral code before their first ride and within 10 days of sign-up.

How to add emergency contacts

Add emergency contacts, by tapping on your name in the app menu and following the steps below:

  • Tap on Emergency Contacts
  • Tap on Add Contacts to select up to 5 contacts

Once you have added an emergency contact, you can choose to share your ride details with them every time you ride. You can toggle this feature on or off anytime.

How to raise an alert during your ride

In case of an emergency, you can raise an alert from the app. The Emergency button is visible throughout your whole ride on the main screen.

  • Tap the Emergency button in your app and tap on the Get Help option to alert our safety response team in real-time of any concerns.
  • Our response team will immediately get in touch with you and the driver.
  • You can also choose to alert your emergency contacts or call the police in case of immediate danger when you press the Emergency button.

Olacabs Blogs

No more waiting at mumbai airport..

ola return trip

Do you often travel to multiple cities on work? Here’s good news! In our bid to make your travel experience even more seamless we bring you a dedicated pick-up experience – Ola Zone at Terminal 2 in Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai . With ‘Zero Wait Time’ on Ola cab rides, you get a quicker way of booking your cab at the airport. The OTP you receive while booking a cab at the airport can be used in any cab. Now skip the wait and get going with the first cab available.

Our Ola personnel are there to solve your queries, help you board your respective cab and provide a better pick up experience. Simply head to Ola Zone and get in touch with Ola Personnel for any support. There’s always a car waiting for you.

It’s a simple process. Here are the steps.

  • Book a ride on the Ola App from the terminal
  • Select ‘Corporate’ profile
  • Confirm booking

Have a great ride!

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Hello everyone,

I just wanted to share my experience recently with Ola cabs at Terminal 2 of the international airport. We had returned from some travel and it was about 3pm in the afternoon. After collecting our bags, we headed to level P7. That is where the Ola pick up point is. We used our phone and booked a ride home. However, what followed was quite incredible.

The driver who was booked called us. He asked us where we wanted to go. After we explained, he said ok. Then after the call was disconnected, he cancelled the ride. We were a bit surprised, but moving on, we booked a ride again to try for a second time. During this second attempt, the driver simply did not move towards our direction. We called him once and he said he is coming to us. But after 20 mins, nothing happens. So, we call him again, and he does not pick up the phone. Next moment, he cancelled the ride. So, we now have 2 driver cancellations, its been almost 40 mins, and we do not have a cab.

We try our luck one last time. We book a ride for the THIRD time. The driver isn't moving again, so we call him. He says he is coming. So, we wait. Another 20 minutes later, he is still in the same location. We call him again and inform him that we really need to get going or else we cancel the booking and go for a black-yellow cab at the P4 level. He pleads with us not to cancel and that he will be on his way. But he is stationary for another 10 mins. Finally we cancelled the ride and had to take a normal taxi from P4.

' class=

I hear you MG, we had to put up with this in proper daytime, around 3-4 pm. Going and coming from the airport is becoming more and more challenging because it is somewhat of a captive environment. What other options do we really have. That lack of options is what is being taken advantage of.

ola return trip

This is standard practice now for Ola and Uber drivers, not just at airports but anywhere. Service as a whole has gone down the toilet over the last year or so, coinciding, not surprisingly, with the operators cutting back on the ridiculously high incentives they used to offer circa 2015.

true, ola drivers cancel rides after asking the destination. OLA corporate simply does not care about this

' class=

Thanks for sharing. This is pathetic. Just a question if you don't mind - How far was your destination? was it too close or too far?

This happened with me too once... when I tried booking myself... but there are Ola people at p7 in a small office... when I asked them to book for me... ola came in 5 minutes

This happened to me too... when I tried booking on my own... the driver made excuses and never turned up. There are Ola people in the office at P7... when you ask them to book for you, and provide your mobile number.... the cab takes just 5 minutes to my advice is ask the Ola office people to book for you and provide them your mobile number

ola return trip

I have been using pre paid Taxies i.e Blue AC taxi for my commute past few times... atleast one starts moving without Anxiety.... Ola/ Uber are now out of control... earlier drivers cared for their rating but now they are least bothered.. as seems there is no system to punish them and both the companies are striving hard to keep force with them ...

This is basically a niche problem.. Govt should encourage black/ Yellow to convert their taxies in to bigger vehicle, larger to the small ones which hardly fit 4 people and extremely limited boot space... Just like any other big cities of the world...

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ola return trip

After 7-run eruption, Stanford's return trip to WCWS sealed with a blast

T he final sounds of a Stanford home game in the Pac-12 era in any sport was the thwack of Kaitlyn Lim’s sixth-inning home run ricocheting off a tree in right center field, and the following echoes of a frenzied crowd and equally jubilant players celebrating Stanford’s second consecutive Women’s College World Series appearance. 

Lim’s home run made the score 8-0 and propelled the No. 8-seed Cardinal to a mercy-rule win against No. 9 seed LSU (44-17), ending Stanford’s final game at Jill and Boyd Smith Family Stadium (a new park will be built), ending the Pac-12 era in Palo Alto, and opening a new chapter in program history in becoming the first Cardinal team to reach the WCWS in back-to-back seasons.

“Last year (former Stanford player) Ramona (Shelburne) told me, it’s hard to get back,” said Cardinal pitcher NiJaree Canady, who got the win Sunday. “I just kind of brushed it off. But she was right, it’s very hard to get back, and I’ve had that in the back of my mind since.”

The Cardinal (48-15) opened the best-of-three Super Regional with a stunning 11-1 loss Friday night. But Canady rebounded Saturday and Sunday with 13 consecutive scoreless innings.

Stanford combined for 11 runs in those shutout wins, far more than the sophomore — the nation’s ERA leader (0.67) — needed after her career-worst showing in the first game (4 innings, 10 hits, 5 earned runs). 

The Cardinal have faced elimination three times already this postseason, including the past two games. It will begin its WCWS on Thursday at 4 p.m. in Oklahoma City against tournament No. 1 seed Texas (52-8). It’s a similar opening to last year when Stanford began the Series by playing No. 1 Oklahoma.

“Everybody there is good,” said head coach Jessica Allister. “Bring them on. When you get to the postseason, everyone you play is really good.”

Jade Berry’s first home run since May 3 broke Sunday’s game open in the fifth inning. After having been dazzled by LSU ace Sydney Berzon on Friday, the Cardinal banged out nine hits and scored six runs off her Sunday in 4.2 innings.

Emily Jones drove in the first Cardinal run with a dribbler to second, scoring River Mahler, who had tripled to lead off the inning and slid under the tag at home.

Jones and Lim were thrown out at home on consecutive plays, but the rally was continued on RBI singles from Ava Gall, Aly Kaneshiro, and Caelan Koch (who went 3-for-3 with two doubles).

Berzon was pulled at that point and Berry went deep to center on the first pitch she saw from LSU reliever Raelin Chaffin to make it 7-0. Lim led off the sixth with her solo shot, her teammates swarming the field before the ball went over the fence.

“I didn’t even see her swing, I just saw the ball fly and my heart stopped,” Koch said. “It was just an incredible moment. … It was a good way to end it.”

This will be the fourth WCWS appearance for Stanford and Allister has been a part of all of them. She was a player in 2001 and ‘04, and coached last year’s group.

Lim was one of four players (along with Kaneshiro, Regan Krause, and Ellee Eck) playing her last Stanford home game. The lasting image — and sound — of her hit off that tree marked a sense of finality for a program whose postseason run is anything but over.

“In the huddle we were saying, ‘Let’s end this game here,’” said Canady. “I thought it might take a few more batters. But (Kaitlyn) took it into her own hands.”

Reach Marisa Ingemi: [email protected]; Twitter: @marisa_ingemi

San Francisco

TV Shows Ace

Ryan Sutter Celebrates Wife Trista’s Return Home

Trista and Ryan Sutter/Credit: Trista Sutter Instagram

Ryan Sutter sparked major concern when he revealed his wife was gone. Some fans thought Trista Sutter had passed away but she was on a mysterious trip. Now the Bachelorette winner took to social media to celebrate Trista’s return to the family.

Trista Sutter Defends Husband’s Worrisome Posts

Ryan Sutter recently found himself in the middle of a media firestorm after posting about missing his wife, Trista. It all began right before Mother’s Day when the former Bachelorette star posted about how absence makes the heart grow fonder and that he missed his wife of over 20 years already.

He followed up with another post about missing her voice and wishing he could talk to her. The innocent post kicked off a media frenzy with everyone wondering if Trista had died or if their marriage was in trouble. Nothing was wrong with Trista or their marriage. She was off on an adventure, with many speculating she was filming for a reality competition show .

Trista Sutter/Credit: Trista Sutter Instagram

Trista Sutter is back with her family after her mysterious vacation. She took to Instagram to defend her husband’s mushy posts. The reality star declined to reveal where exactly she was, but Trista assured fans that she was “safe and sound.” Moreover, she was “in love and grateful.”

She went on to call out those who gave Ryan a hard time about his recent social media activity. “For those who’d rather focus on being critical and searching way too hard for darkness, good luck with that,” she wrote.

  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Trista Sutter (@tristasutter)

She shared a photo of her family, including the couple’s two children, enjoying the beach. Ryan Sutter shared a similar photo to celebrate his wife’s return.

Amid all the backlash, Ryan Sutter vowed to return to only posting photos of his dog on his Instagram . However, he quickly broke that rule with the beach photo. In a lengthy caption, he shared his happiness of having his wife back home from her journeys.

“They say absence makes the heart grow fonder…. We found out it’s true. It also makes the heart more grateful, more sympathetic, more appreciative for what someone does for you, with you, alongside of you,” he began.

The captioned continued, “It brings questions and wonder and worry and then answers and peace and celebration. It brought time for reflection, for projects, prayer and independence but mostly it brought joy at its conclusion. Real joy. And that’s really what it’s all about…”

  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Ryan Sutter (@ryansutter)

“Welcome back @tristasutter We missed you…,” Ryan Sutter wrote to his wife.

Multiple comments praised his writing skill and suggested he write a book. Perhaps a book of poetry?

What do you think of Ryan Sutter posting so much about missing Trista? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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College Sports | Cardinal ace Canady on top of her game as…

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Today's e-Edition

  • Earthquakes
  • High School
  • Pac-12 Hotline
  • Dieter Kurtenbach

College Sports

College sports | cardinal ace canady on top of her game as stanford softball set to make return trip to college world series, nijaree canady pitched two shutouts in three days in super regionals; cardinal opens cws against no. 1 seed texas on thursday.

Stanford pitcher NiJaree Canady (24) pitches against Saint Mary's during an NCAA softball game on Friday, May 17, 2024 in Stanford, Calif. (AP Photo/Lachlan Cunningham)

But while the eighth-seeded Cardinal will be the underdogs against Texas on Thursday, it will have arguably the best pitcher in the country playing at the top of her game.

Sophomore NiJaree Canady pitched a two-hitter in Stanford’s 3-0 win against No. 9 LSU on Saturday, and followed that up with a three-hitter against the Tigers on Sunday as the Cardinal won 8-0 in six innings to advance out of the Stanford Super Regional.

It is the first time in school history that Stanford will make back-to-back trips to Oklahoma City. The Cardinal made the national semifinals last season, before losing to No. 1 seed and eventual champion Oklahoma for a second time.

“I remember (former Stanford player and current ESPN reporter Ramona Shelburne) last year said it’s hard to get back, and I remember when she said that, I brushed it off,” Canady said. “I said, ‘Ok, we’ll get back.’ But she’s right, it’s hard. Last year I didn’t take it in as much as I should have, it being your first year, you just expect that this is normal. But looking back on it, only eight teams make the World Series, and this time around I’m going to try and cherish it because it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity — or twice.”

It’s no coincidence that Stanford’s first consecutive appearances in the WCWS came after Canady arrived from Kansas. Canady (23-5) leads the NCAA in ERA (0.65), has 310 strikeouts to 37 walks and has allowed just 99 hits in 204.2 innings.

The 13 shutout innings by Canady in the two elimination games came after she allowed a career-worst six runs in four innings in the opening game of the best-of-three super regional on Friday.

“I am so incredibly proud of this group of women,” Stanford coach Jessica Allister said. “To come back during regionals, and to come back after a tough first day, it takes so much grit, so much tenacity. I think it speaks to the strength of our team, and obviously NiJa put together an unbelievable weekend.”

The only other two WCWS appearances in school history came in 2001 and 2004, when Allister was the Cardinal’s starting catcher.

“I went my freshman year and had the same thought (as Canady), ‘This is how it goes,’ and I didn’t get back until my senior year,” Allister said. “I know how hard it is to get to Oklahoma City and there are so many good teams and margins are so small, you have to play good ball at the right moments, have to get some breaks. It’s wonderful because you get to see these young women live their dreams.”

While last year’s team went undefeated in the regionals and super regionals, this season Stanford needed to win three elimination games to advance to the WCWS, an experience that Allison hopes will make the team more prepared this week.

“Last season almost felt easy,” Allison said. “And this year was different. This is how you win it all, because you have all of this in your back pocket, and when you go through these things and you gain confidence, you’re a different team when you come out on the other side. It’s great to be able to perform in those situations and for that belief to just grow.”

In Sunday’s winner-take-all game, the game was scoreless in the fifth inning when Kyra Chen caught a fly ball in left field and threw out an LSU runner tagging from third.

The Cardinal then exploded for seven runs in the bottom half of the inning. River Mahler led off with a triple and scored on a grounder to put Stanford in front. The Cardinal had two runners thrown out at the plate in the inning, but RBI singles by Ava Gall, Aly Kaneshiro and Caelen Koch stretched the lead and chased LSU starter Sydney Berzon.

Freshman Jade Berry hit a three-run homer on the first pitch from reliever Raelin Chaffin to make it 7-0, and Kaitlyn Lim ended the game with a leadoff homer in the sixth inning.

The lineup’s power is a reason that Stanford (48-15) could advance farther in the WCWS this season after scoring just five runs in four WCWS games in 2023.

While last year’s team hit 26 home runs, this year’s team already has 54, and four players have at least seven.

Three-time defending champion Oklahoma is also on the other side of the bracket this time, though No. 1 Texas will be a formidable first opponent when the teams face off at 4 p.m. on ESPN2. The other two teams on Stanford’s side are No. 4 Florida and No. 5 Oklahoma State.

“Bring (Texas) on, I don’t care,” Allister said. “They’re good. Everybody there is good. When you get into the postseason, everybody you play is good. They’ll be ready for us, we’ll be ready for them.”

College World Series schedule (all times Pacific)

Thursday, May 30 Game 1: (14) Alabama vs. (6) UCLA | 9 a.m. | ESPN (Fubo) Game 2: (10) Duke vs. (2) Oklahoma | 10:30 a.m.  | ESPN (Fubo) Game 3: (8) Stanford vs. (1) Texas | 3 p.m.  | ESPN (Fubo) Game 4: (5) Oklahoma State vs. (4) Florida | 5:30 p.m. | ESPN (Fubo)

Friday, May 31 Game 5: TBD vs. TBD | 3 p.m. | ESPN2 (Fubo) Game 6: TBD vs. TBD | 5:30 p.m. | ESPN2 (Fubo)

Saturday, June 1 Game 7: TBD vs. TBD | 11 a.m. | ABC (Fubo) Game 8: TBD vs. TBD | 3 p.m. | ESPN (Fubo)

Sunday, June 2 Game 9: TBD vs. TBD | 11 a.m. | ESPN (Fubo) Game 10: TBD vs. TBD | 3 p.m. | ESPNU (Fubo)

Monday, June 3 Game 11: TBD vs. TBD | 8 a.m. | ESPN (Fubo) Game 12*: TBD vs. TBD | 10:30 a.m. | ESPN (Fubo) Game 13: TBD vs. TBD | 3 p.m. | ESPN2 (Fubo) Game 14*: TBD vs. TBD | 5:30 p.m. | ESPN2 (Fubo) * If necessary

WCWS finals schedule Wednesday, June 5 Game 1: TBD vs. TBD | 4 p.m | ESPN (Fubo) Thursday, June 6 Game 2: TBD vs. TBD | 4 p.m | ESPN (Fubo) Friday, June 7 Game 3*: TBD vs. TBD | 4 p.m | ESPN (Fubo) * If necessary

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NiJaree Canady throws a second consecutive shutout to lead No. 8 Stanford into the Women’s College World Series.

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Saturday night's Arizona-USC baseball game was the final event of the Pac-12 in its current form

College Sports | Pac-12 goes dark: Baseball title game, with walk-off win, marks end of an era

NiJaree Canady struck out nine to help Stanford Cardinal earn a 3-0 win over LSU

College Sports | NCAA Super Regionals: Canady, Stanford force decisive Game 3

A momentous week in college sports included the unveiling of a private investment firm, Collegiate Athletics Solutions, interested in funding athletic departments.


College sports | wrapping a wild week: how paying college athletes might impact fans, plus major football tv news drops.

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Orioles return from hectic road trip to face Red Sox

  • Medium Text

Our Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles. New Tab , opens new tab

The Houston Astros expect to have a familiar face back in the clubhouse when they open a four-game series Monday at Seattle.

The San Diego Padres have hovered around .500 all season, but maybe their newest weapon can help them string together some wins.

The Philadelphia Phillies and San Francisco Giants have been playing stellar baseball in recent weeks, and two struggling pitchers who want to get in on the fun are scheduled to square off when the teams meet Monday.

Two teams trending in the right direction meet when the Cincinnati Reds begin a three-game series against the visiting St. Louis Cardinals on Monday.

LSEG Workspace

Sports Chevron

French Open

Gauff outclasses qualifier Avdeeva

Coco Gauff made a strong start in her bid to win a maiden French Open title as she eased past German world number 208 Julia Avdeeva 6-1 6-1 in the first round on a rainy Monday at Roland Garros for her 50th Grand Slam match victory.

French Open

The Dallas Mavericks have an opportunity to reach the NBA Finals for just the third time in franchise history when they seek to close out a sweep of the visiting Minnesota Timberwolves in Game 4 of the Western Conference finals Tuesday night.

Women's Champions League - Final - FC Barcelona v Olympique Lyonnais

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Celtics Starter Upgraded to Available for Game 3 vs. Pacers

Bobby krivitsky | may 25, 2024.

May 23, 2024; Boston, Massachusetts, USA; Boston Celtics guard Jrue Holiday (4) dribbles the ball past Indiana Pacers guard Andrew Nembhard (2) in the first half during game two of the eastern conference finals for the 2024 NBA playoffs at TD Garden. Mandatory Credit: David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

  • Boston Celtics

On Saturday night at Gainbridge Fieldhouse, the Boston Celtics have a chance to move within one win of their second trip to the NBA Finals in three years.

As they aim for a commanding 3-0 series lead over the Pacers, they've received good news on the health front with Jrue Holiday, who's dealing with a non-Covid illness, upgraded from questionable to available.

The two-time All-Star is averaging 21.5 points, nine rebounds, five assists, and 1.5 steals this series. He's shooting 69.6% from the field and knocking down 58.3% of the six threes he's hoisting.

The former UCLA Bruin delivered his  best game as a Celtic  in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals. He stayed on the floor for 48 of 53 minutes, generating a season-high 28 points, dishing out eight assists, swiping three steals, and five of his seven rebounds resulted in second-chance opportunities.

He also quieted Tyrese Haliburton, limiting him to eight points on eight shots in the final 24 minutes of regulation. The 2024 All-NBA selection went 1/3 with six points and a turnover in overtime of Boston's  133-128  victory.

Holiday followed that up with 15 points, ten assists, and another impressive defensive showing in the Celtics'  126-110  win in Game 2.

The visitors are without Luke Kornet (left wrist sprain) and Kristaps Porzingis on Saturday night. However, the latter may return for Game 4 after being sidelined by a soleus strain in his right calf suffered in the first half of Boston's Game 4 win over the Heat in the first round.

To avoid falling into a 3-0 hole, which no team in NBA history has dug out from, Indiana must overcome Haliburton's absence. The two-time All-Star exited late in the third quarter of the Pacers' Game 2 loss due to left leg soreness.

He's dealing with left hamstring soreness. That's the same hamstring he injured against the Celtics in January, causing him to miss ten of the next 11 tilts.

While Rick Carlisle said pregame on Saturday that Haliburton's progressing, there remains concern about him being healthy enough to return for Game 4 on Monday.

The hosts are also without Bennedict Mathurin. Their top scorer off the bench suffered a season-ending labral tear in his right shoulder in March.

Game 3 will tip off at 8:30 p.m. EST at Gainbridge Fieldhouse.

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Kristaps Porzingis Discusses Target Date to Rejoin Celtics' Playoff Run: 'Doing Everything I Can'

Bobby Krivitsky


Bobby Krivitsky's experiences include covering the NBA as a credentialed reporter for Basketball Insiders. He's also a national sports talk host for SportsMap Radio, a network airing on 96 radio stations throughout the country. Additionally, he was a major-market host, update anchor, and producer for IMG Audio, and he worked for Bleacher Report as an NFL and NBA columnist.

Follow @BobbyKrivitsky


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    ola return trip

  6. How To Get Your Ola Trip Invoice Using Ola App in Hindi

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    Tap on the Round trip option and then on the Select option to alter the date and time you wish to leave for your destination. Tap on the Next button. Select the date and time you wish to return back, according to this Ola will schedule its round trip package. Based on the number of days and hours, Ola will calculate the total fare.

  10. OlaFareFinder

    OlaFareFinder calculates the cost of your Ola ride in over 100 supported cities. Simply enter your pickup and dropoff locations to get the price estimate of a variety of Ola Cab services (Ola Mini, Ola Sedan, Ola Prime, etc) available in your area. Check Ola peak time surcharge pricing! OlaFareFinder will even warn you if peak time pricing is ...

  11. FAQs

    OLA's business model. OLA is an online marketplace for drivers. These drivers are independent and they are either self-employed (own their commercial vehicles), or work for an Operator who owns multiple cars. Like you have an OLA app on your smart phone to book a cab, these drivers have a similar Driver mobile App on their smart phones.

  12. Introducing One-Way Trips on Ola Outstation!

    Access the Ola Outstation icon on the app by scrolling to the right panel and enter your destination city. Select your time of travel Choose from travelling 1 hour later or book up to 7 days in advance. Choose your travel package and car category Book a one-way ride (available only on select routes) or round trip for up to 10 days.

  13. OTP for starting and ending Rental trip

    Ending your trip. You will need to share the end trip OTP with the driver to end your rental trip. Driver will require to enter this OTP to end the trip. The end trip OTP will be shared with you via SMS on your registered phone number.You can also find the OTP to end your trip on Track Ride screen in your Ola app.

  14. Make round trips convenient with Ola Rentals.

    We recommend Ola Rentals. You can book cabs by the hour and keep the cab for your entire trip. Thus making it a convenient option for round trips. Get 20% off up to Rs.100 on your first Ola Rentals booking. Use code RENT20. If you've used Ola Rentals before, Get 10% off up to Rs.100 on your next Ola Rentals booking. Use code RENT10.

  15. Ola Rentals: Now books cabs by the hour

    Introducing Ola Rentals! Whether you're going for a night-out with friends, multiple client meetings, a shopping trip across the city or exploring the city's touristy spots, have a car at your disposal throughout your journey, willing to wait while you do whatever you want to. Packages start at 1 hour and extend all the way up to 12 hours!

  16. Toll charges applicable on Outstation ride

    Toll charges for one-way trip. When you book a one-way Outstation trip, you will need to pay toll charges (as applicable) on your one-way trip. However if a one-way trip is converted to a round trip in case you return to the source city (the city where cab was booked) or a trip duration exceeds 24 hours, you will be liable to pay the toll ...

  17. Ola Outstation

    During this trip we used Ola Outstation cab twice - once for a one-day trip from Ahmedabad to Adalaj ni Vav, Modhera Sun Temple, Pattan's popular Rani no Vav and GandhiNagar's famous Akshardham temple & Mahatma Temple. Second time, we used Ola Outstation to go from Ahmedabad to Vadodara via ASI heritage site in Lothal and second day drive to ...

  18. Ola outstation ride kaise book kare

    Ola outstation ride kaise book kare | how to book Ola outstation 2022 | ola return tripwelcom to parasmani vlog में इस वीडियो मैं आज दिखा रहा हू ...

  19. Ola Rider FAQs

    Ola strictly prohibits children under the age of 18 to use its rideshare platform unless accompanied by an adult. Customers must not book rides for children under 18 years of age unless they are accompanied by an adult for the entire duration of the trip. Persons under the age of 18 are prohibited from holding an Ola account.

  20. No more waiting at Mumbai Airport.

    In our bid to make your travel experience even more seamless we bring you a dedicated pick-up experience - Ola Zone at Terminal 2 in Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai. With 'Zero Wait Time' on Ola cab rides, you get a quicker way of booking your cab at the airport. The OTP you receive while booking a cab at the airport ...

  21. Ola cabs at Mumbai International Airport T2

    7 helpful votes. Ola cabs at Mumbai International Airport T2. 5 years ago. Hello everyone, I just wanted to share my experience recently with Ola cabs at Terminal 2 of the international airport. We had returned from some travel and it was about 3pm in the afternoon. After collecting our bags, we headed to level P7.

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