last minute cruises to asia

Best Last Minute Cruise Deals to Asia and Asia Pacific

Spectrum of the Seas ship photo

4 Night Asia and Asia Pacific

Shanghai (Baoshan), Okinawa, Shanghai (Baoshan)    View map

Sailing Dates:

Jul 3, 2024 → Jul 7, 2024

Wed-Sun See other dates

Spectrum of the Seas

Priced per person, based on 2 guests. Est. tax/fees of $90 pp not included.

$849 $212 /night

$1,218 $305 /night

Priced per person, based on 2 guests

5 Night Asia and Asia Pacific

Shanghai (Baoshan), Fukuoka, Kumamoto, Shanghai (Baoshan)    View map

Jul 7, 2024 → Jul 12, 2024

Priced per person, based on 2 guests. Est. tax/fees of $105 pp not included.

$915 $183 /night

$1,205 $241 /night

$1,248 $250 /night

Shanghai (Baoshan), Nagasaki, Kagoshima, Shanghai (Baoshan)    View map

Jul 12, 2024 → Jul 17, 2024

$995 $199 /night

$1,156 $231 /night

$1,190 $238 /night

Jul 17, 2024 → Jul 21, 2024

$845 $211 /night

$976 $244 /night

$1,050 $263 /night

Asia and Asia Pacific destination photo

7 Night Asia and Asia Pacific

Shanghai (Baoshan), Kobe, Osaka, Tokyo, Shanghai (Baoshan)    View map

Jul 21, 2024 → Jul 28, 2024

Priced per person, based on 2 guests. Est. tax/fees of $120 pp not included.

$1,927 $275 /night

$2,151 $307 /night

$2,609 $373 /night

Shanghai (Baoshan), Fukuoka, Nagasaki, Shanghai (Baoshan)    View map

Jul 28, 2024 → Aug 2, 2024

$947 $189 /night

$1,251 $250 /night

$1,292 $258 /night

Shanghai (Baoshan), Fukuoka, Shanghai (Baoshan)    View map

Aug 2, 2024 → Aug 6, 2024

Fri-Tue See other dates

$1,006 $252 /night

Shanghai (Baoshan), Nagasaki, Shanghai (Baoshan)    View map

Aug 6, 2024 → Aug 10, 2024

Tue-Sat See other dates

$798 $200 /night

$924 $231 /night

$955 $239 /night

Shanghai (Baoshan), Fukuoka, Busan, Shanghai (Baoshan)    View map

Aug 10, 2024 → Aug 15, 2024

Sat-Thu See other dates

Shanghai (Baoshan), Nagasaki, Fukuoka, Shanghai (Baoshan)    View map

Aug 15, 2024 → Aug 20, 2024

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last minute cruises to asia

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last minute cruises to asia

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Kyoto, Japan Orange Path


Asia cruises.

See rural rice fields covered in mist and cosmopolitan cities awash in neon lights with a cruise to Asia.

Asia has enchanted and bewildered visitors for ages. The continent's combination of energetic cities, traditional architecture and exotic landscapes will overwhelm and delight your senses. Discover a tropical paradise in Thailand, where you can snorkel in the Phi Phi Islands or zipline through the rainforest in Chiang Mai and see the Temple of Heaven in Beijing or scale the Great Wall of China. Cruise to Asia and take in kaleidoscopic Tokyo to get swept up in the city's fast-beating heartbeat at Shibuya Crossing. Hit the streets of Malaysia's Kuala Lumpur to sample street-food classics like nasi lemak — coconut rice spiced with sambal hot sauce and paired with fried chicken — or trek through mist-covered rice paddies in Vietnam. Discover the magic with an Asia cruise.

last minute cruises to asia

Save Big With These Asia Cruise Deals

Explore more while spending less with Asia cruise deals onboard our best cruise ships.

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Skyscrapers in Asia


Asia's sprawling metropolises are some of the world's most futuristic urban centers and Asia’s top attractions. Gaze at a forest of skyscrapers in Hong Kong, see mind-blowing 3-D art projections in Tokyo, or stroll through innovative billion-dollar gardens in Singapore with the best Asia cruises. 

Hong Kong, China Harbor


Explore Malaysia's Taman Negara rainforest, or kayak past steep, moss-covered cliffsides in Vietnam's Halong Bay. Hike up red-pagoda-lined Nanshan Mountain near Shenzhen, China, or scale volcanic Mount Keelung in Taiwan. Step into a vast and varied continent with virtually endless natural wonders during your next cruise to Asia. 

Langkawi, Malaysia Cenang Beach Shoreline


A cruise to Asia is filled with exciting destinations, each with its own style and vibe. Discover Asia onboard the Best Royal Caribbean Cruise Ships.

Singapore, Garden by the Bay at Night


Traditional Temple, Suzhou, China

Asia's summers tend to be hot and humid — great weather for lounging on a tropical beach, but if you're looking for cooler temps, visit at the end of spring or the start of autumn.

English is spoken and taught in many Asian countries as a second language, but it's always handy to know a few words in the local language to help you navigate the place and culture.

Stop for food at the spots you see crowded with locals: You might wait in line a bit, but the busy spots are sure to serve up the best, most authentic dishes.


Visit your favorite Asia cruise ports as you tour through China's biggest cities, from Hong Kong to Shanghai and Beijing. Experience the culture of mysterious and bustling Japan: See the urban sprawl of Tokyo and the quiet temples and traditional markets of Kyoto. Or set your sights on Thailand's beaches with stops in Phuket and Bangkok.

Kobe, Japan Noruko Gorge

Kobe, Japan

Beppu, Japan Hot Spring

Beppu, Japan

Busan, South Korea Aerial Temple

Busan, South Korea

Sanya, China, Beach

Sanya, China

Shenzhen, China, Town square

Shenzhen, China

Shimonoseki, Japan, Aerial view

Shimonoseki, Japan

Japan Chureito Red Pagoda Mt. Fuji Fujiyoshida

Tokyo, Japan

Phuket, Thailand Boat Sea

Phuket, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand Palace Reflections Water

Bangkok (Laemchabang), Thailand

Beijing, China Forbidden City

Beijing (Tianjin), China

Benoa, Bali, Indonesia White Sand Beaches

Benoa, Bali

Boracay, Phillippines Rock On Beach

Boracay, Philippines

Cochin, India Waterfall

Cochin, India

Cam Ranh, Vietnam Sea View Coast

Nha Trang (Cam Ranh), Vietnam

Fukuoka, Japan Red Bridge Shrine

Fukuoka, Japan

Goa, India Basilica

Goa (Mormugao), India

Hiroshima, Japan Atomic Bomb Dome

Hiroshima, Japan

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam Aerial View of Notre Dame

Ho Chi Minh City (Phu My), Vietnam

Hong Kong, China Harbor

Hong Kong, China

Hualien, Taiwan Cliff

Hualien, Taiwan, China

Hue, Danang, Chan May, Vietnam Old Building

Hue / Danang (Chan May), Vietnam

Jeju, South Korea, Sunrise at Seongsan Ilchulbong

Jeju (Hwasun Bay), South Korea

Kagoshima, Japan Japanese Garden

Kagoshima, Japan

Kaohsiung, Taiwan Lotus Pond Dragon Tower

Kaohsiung, Taiwan, China

Kitakyushu, Japan Cherry Blossoms

Kitakyushu, Japan

Kochi, Japan Kochi Castle

Kochi, Japan

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Skyline

Kuala Lumpur (Port Klang), Malaysia

Kumamoto, Japan Garden Japanese Tree

Kumamoto, Japan

Kyoto, Maizuru, Japan Bamboo Forest

Kyoto (Maizuru), Japan

Kyoto (Osaka), Japan Mount Fuji Cherry Blossoms

Kyoto (Osaka), Japan

Langkawi, Malaysia Mangroves

Langkawi, Malaysia

Manila, Philippines Modern Buildings Architecture

Manila, Philippines

Miyazaki (aburatsu), Japan Coastline Beach

Miyazaki (Aburatsu), Japan

Mt. Fuji, Shimuzi, Japan Green Tea Fields

Mt. Fuji (Shimizu), Japan

Nagasaki, Japan Rice Fields

Nagasaki, Japan

Nagoya, Japan Castle Flowers Wall

Nagoya, Japan

Okinawa, Japan Sea Bridge

Okinawa (Naha), Japan

Penang, Malaysia Red Lanterns

Penang, Malaysia

Sakaiminato, Japan Mount Daisen

Sakaiminato, Japan

Sasebo, Japan Cosmos Flowers

Sasebo (Miura), Japan

Seoul, South Korea Gyeongbokgung Palace Pond

Seoul (Incheon), South Korea

Shanghai, China Skyscrapers

Shanghai (Baoshan), China

Singapore City Landscape at Sunset

Singapore, Singapore

Subic Bay, Philippines Volcano

Subic Bay, Philippines

Taichung, Taiwan, Skyline

Taichung, Taiwan, China

Taipei, Taiwan, Hope Valley

Taipei (Keelung), Taiwan, China

Nha Trang, Vietnam Fishing Boats

Nha Trang, Vietnam

Hakodate, Japan Mt. Hakodate Skyline

Hakodate, Japan

Mumbai (Bombay), India Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus

Mumbai (Bombay), India

Niigata, Japan Winter Mountain Range

Niigata, Japan

Okinawa (Nakagusuku), Japan Manzamo Cape

Okinawa (Nakagusuku), Japan

Ilocos (Salomague), Philippines Blue Lagoon

Ilocos (Salomague), Philippines

Malacca, Malaysia Historical River Landscape

Malacca, Malaysia

Ishigaki, Japan Kabira Bay Clear Water

Ishigaki, Japan

Hanoi (Ha Long Bay), Vietnam Huc Bridge

Hanoi (Halong Bay), Vietnam

Sapporo (Muroran), Japan, TV Tower

Sapporo (Muroran), Japan

Bintan Indonesia Clear Waters

Bintan Island, Indonesia

Aomori Japan Hirosaki Castle

Aomori, Japan

Japan Huis Ten Bosch Palace Sasebo Kyushu Garden

Sasebo (Uragashira), Japan

Japan Miyako Okiwana Ocean

Miyako Island (Hirara), Japan

Tokyo, Japan, Chureito Red Pagoda and Mount Fuji

Tokyo (Yokohama), Japan

Japan Akita Sakura Tree Cherry Blossom

Akita, Japan

Japan Kanazawa Kenrokuen Gardens Sunset

Kanazawa, Japan

Karst Landforms Sea World Natural Heritage

Halong Bay, Vietnam

An aerial view of Colombo, Sri Lanka

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka city has so much to offer.

Hambantota, Sri Lanka

The natural beauty of Lombok is otherworldly.

Lombok, Indonesia

Stone columns make up the unique Daepo Jusangjeolli Cliff on Jeju Island.

Jeju Island, South Korea

a view of mountains and sea in Al Mughsail Salalah, Sultanate of Oman

Salalah, Oman

Pura Ulun Danu temple on a lake Beratan on Bali Indonesia

Celukan Bawang, Bali

Jeju, South Korea, Sunrise at Seongsan Ilchulbong

Jeju (Seogwipo), South Korea

Related Destinations

Traditional Temple, Suzhou, China

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last minute cruises to asia

Find Cheap Cruises to Asia

Great asia cruise deals now.

For expert cruise advice, call 1-800-916-8586.

Travelers in the cabin

last minute cruises to asia

Best Asia cruise deals

MSC Bellissima

3 night Asia

MSC Cruises

5 night Asia

Spectrum of the Seas

4 night Asia


Find the best cruise to Asia

How much does a cruise to asia cost.

Asian cruise prices vary depending on the departure port, cruise travel length, cruise line, and time of year. Expedia offers a variety of last-minute discount cruises and excellent Asia cruise 2025 deals if you want to plan your cruise vacation early.

Why should I go on a cruise to Asia?

A Asian cruise vacation is a fantastic way to explore new countries and immerse yourself in local cultures. The continent has diverse climates and landscapes, as well as rich cultural and food scenes in each country. Visitors can roam beautiful beaches, trek through jungles, hike the Andes Mountains, or immerse themselves in the vibrant nightlife and learn local dances.

How can I find a cheap Asian cruise?

To find cheap cruises to Asia, just sort your results by price from lowest to highest. The search results will automatically be organized to show you the best discount cruises first. Cheap cruises may be shorter in length, but you will still get to experience the richness of Asian culture and have an incredible cruise vacation.

Where can I find the best Asian cruise deals?

The price of cruise tickets to Asia varies, but you can find fantastic Asian cruise deals on Expedia that are tailored to your travel wants and needs. Cruise season in Asia typically runs from November to early May, so the cruise to Asia price may be higher during this time. The destination points and lengths of cruises may also vary during this time. To get the best cheap cruise deals, consider booking your cruise trip between mid-May and the end of October as it's off-season.

What to look out for when you book your Asian cruise?

It’s important to know where you’d like to go on your cruise trip as itineraries vary. Asian cruise destinations include – but are not limited to – Argentina , Brazil , Chile , Peru , and Uruguay . The location of the cruise terminal will also be important as travel to and from the terminal is not included in the total price of your cruise booking. Since Asia is such a large continent, some cruise itineraries will have you start and end your cruise trip in different countries. This means you may need to fly from an airport that’s different from the one you flew into.

How to book a cruise to Asia on Expedia?

Expedia makes the entire booking process as seamless as possible. That way you can focus on the important stuff, like getting excited about your upcoming cruise trip. Once you are on the ‘Cruises’ page, you can select the ‘Asia’ option in the search bar and browse by date, duration, price, cruise terminal, cabin experience, and cruise line. While there are many excellent cruise line options, the best cruise lines in Asia include Norwegian Star , Costa Favolosa , and MSC Cruises . Once you’ve selected your desired cruise, you can book your dream cruise vacation and get ready for the experience of a lifetime.

How can I find last-minute cruise deals to Asia?

You can book a last-minute cruise to Asia on Expedia by inputting your travel dates and sorting the results by price. All valid deals will automatically be applied to the visible cost so you can be confident you are getting the best cruise deals. Last-minute cruise deals may vary by season but can offer an exciting opportunity to explore new destinations at a discount.

Do you need a passport to cruise to Asia?

Yes, passports are required for cruises that go to Asia. While departure ports and cruise destinations vary, US citizens are required to have a valid passport when entering each country in Asia. US passport holders don’t need a tourist visa if their stay in each country is less than 90 days. While it is possible to embark on a closed-loop cruise to Asia, US citizens will still need a valid passport to enter countries throughout Asia.

Can I cancel my Asia cruise booking?

You can cancel your Asian cruise via the ‘Trips’ tab on Expedia. Alternatively, you can contact customer service and they can help cancel your cruise trip for you. Cancellation and refund policies will vary based on your cruise booking, as well as when you cancel your cruise trip. If you cancel your trip further in advance, you're more likely to receive a better refund.

Why should I book a cruise to Asia with Expedia?

Booking a cruise vacation with Expedia provides you with an abundance of cruise destinations in Asia, top cruise lines, and cheap cruise deals to ensure you have the best Asian cruise.

When booking an eligible cruise as a One Key TM member, you will earn OneKeyCash TM .

This is our rewards currency which you can use to save on  eligible bookings  across Expedia, and Vrbo. The more you book on our three brands, the more perks you'll unlock.

What are the best things to do on a Asian cruise?

Embarking on a boat cruise to Asia is a unique experience that you’ll want to make the most of—both onboard and offboard. Exploring the cruise ship, tasting meals from various dining options, utilizing available amenities, and engaging in organized activities are several of the many ways you can enjoy your time onboard to the fullest. Offboard, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in the local culture by trying the best foods, learning their traditions, and visiting cultural and historical sites.

What should I pack for my Asia cruise?

The weather in Asia varies by country and the time of year. Countries below the equator experience warmer weather starting in December while countries above the equator experience warmer weather in the mid- to late-spring months. So, your packing list will depend on when and where you go on your cruise trip to Asia. Regardless of the season or temperature, it’s generally advised to pack comfortable clothes, durable walking shoes, sunscreen, bug spray, and a portable charger.

About Asia Cruises

Float along the rivers or around the coast of a continent that blends spectacular scenery with beautifully preserved traditions and cultures.

There is no such thing as a typical cruise to Asia. The continent is divided by many operators into the subsections of Southeast Asia and East Asia, each diverse and thrilling. Both regions promise a heady mixture of natural beauty and fascinating culture, albeit with very different atmospheres. Spend your days aboard an Asia cruise watching idyllic islands pass by or enjoy port days exploring stunning temples, energetic cities or rural retreats.

Many Southeast Asia cruise itineraries mix the beautiful beaches of Phuket, the manic energy of Hanoi and the sleek modern elegance of Singapore. However, the diversity of this part of the continent means you can find exactly the right kind of Asia cruise to suit your tastes. That might mean partying in Bali or taking an organized shore excursion into a quiet Malaysian fishing village.

Choose a cruise to East Asia for a vacation that includes China, Japan and Korea. Disembark in Beijing to enter the Forbidden City or visit the Great Wall. Pick an itinerary that travels via Kyoto to see some of Japan’s most impressive Shinto monuments. Try an East Asia cruise vacation along the Yangtze River, leading through the towering scenery of the Three Gorges. 

Although most Asia cruises start and end on the continent, some East Asian journeys will travel as far as Los Angeles as a first or last port in longer itineraries. The most comfortable time of year to cruise in Asia and the best Asia cruise deals will vary according to which part of Asia you are visiting. Often cruise lines will avoid scheduling Southeast Asia cruises in the most uncomfortably humid months. In East Asia, the summer months of July and August can be very hot.

Such a wide array of destinations means that there is no set length for cruises in Asia. Spend four days skimming around Japan or take 14 to explore Phuket, Halong Bay and Ho Chi Minh City. Cruises to Asia can also entice you away from the most famous itineraries too, with expedition cruises taking passengers into Borneo or along rivers through Myanmar.

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last minute cruises to asia

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4 Night Cruise to the Bahamas

last minute cruises to asia

  • You want a fun, value-packed cruise on a manageable scale
  • You don't need the flashy features of MSC's newer ships
  • You want a cruise experience that focuses on unique itineraries
  • You want splash parks, waterslides and bowling alleys onboard
  • You are looking for a cruise that caters to North Americans

3 Night Cruise to the Bahamas

7 night cruise to the bahamas.

  • You want a cutting-edge family cruise with European flair
  • You like nonstop activities with round-the-clock fun for all
  • You want dozens of different bars, lounges and restaurants
  • You don't want cruise catering to European tastes first
  • You dislike announcements made in up to six different languages

7 Night Cruise to Alaska

last minute cruises to asia

  • You want a big-ship experience with plenty of classy spaces
  • You appreciate good cuisine, wine and beverage offerings
  • You enjoy a more upscale cruise experience on a big ship
  • You always cruise on ships that are brand-new and innovative
  • You want the latest technological advances and features
  • You aren’t interested on longer, more unique itineraries

4 Night Cruise to the Mexican Riviera

last minute cruises to asia

  • You want new features like virtual balconies in inside cabins
  • You want a big-ship experience with family-friendly fun
  • You want a splash of traditional grandeur with lots of choice
  • You want a ship with plenty of massive, windowed public rooms
  • You want a quiet cruise experience that focuses on relaxation

4 Night Cruise to Canada & New England

  • You want mega-ship fun with innovative onboard features
  • You need a cruise that is suitable for families of all ages
  • You want your ships big and bold but with a touch of class
  • You hate crowds; things can get competitive at the buffet
  • You are looking for cruises longer than a week in duration
  • You don't enjoy being upsold for promotions and packages

4 Night Cruise to Pacific Coastal

  • You want a big ship with lots of classy fun for all ages
  • You enjoy live music and plenty of enrichment activities
  • You're happy with good quality service and a relaxing vibe
  • You enjoy strolling on a true wraparound promenade deck
  • You miss the more intimate feeling of the line's smaller ships

last minute cruises to asia

5 Night Cruise to the Western Caribbean

  • You want solid entertainment and splashy, Broadway-style shows
  • You like to keep busy, and want active days and vibrant nights
  • You want a big ship cruise with plenty of bang for your buck
  • You want longer cruises that explore uncommon destinations
  • You prefer a more traditional, laid-back kind of cruise vacation
  • You want a freshly renovated older ship with lots of activities
  • You like plenty of open decks and cabins with balconies
  • You want a ship that provides fun with a touch of class
  • You want a quiet, classically understated cruise experience
  • You need diversions like massive waterparks and ziplines

5 Night Cruise to Bermuda

  • You like lots of fun activities on a big ship with fewer people
  • You are on a budget, and need a ship offering plenty of value
  • You don't need the latest bells and whistles to have a good time
  • You prefer Royal Caribbean's bigger, more feature-rich ships
  • You want spacious cabins; Vision's are on the small side

8 Night Cruise to the Bahamas

5 night cruise to alaska.

last minute cruises to asia

  • You want a fun, big-ship cruise with classic nautical motifs
  • You love open deck space; this ship has plenty to go around
  • You want a variety of window-lined restaurants and lounges
  • You want the gadgets found on Royal Caribbean's newer ships
  • You think bigger is better and want a Vegas-style experience

3 Night Cruise to the Western Mediterranean

last minute cruises to asia

7 Night Cruise to the Western Caribbean

3 night cruise to the baltic sea.

  • You want big ship features on a humanly sized, classy ship
  • You don't need the whiz-bang features of MSC's newest ships
  • You appreciate MSC's international flair and unique voyages
  • You dislike hearing announcements made in numerous languages
  • You need the latest high-tech amenities on MSC's newest ships
  • You want an upscale cruise experience at a decent price
  • You like having plenty of options for dining and entertainment
  • You appreciate cruise ships with plenty of innovative amenities
  • You are looking for a truly all-inclusive cruise vacation
  • You typically only cruise on the latest and largest ships
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Asia Cruises

The range of spectacular destinations to discover when cruising across Asia make for an unforgettable cruise holiday .

From vibrant, cosmopolitan cities, bustling with life and intrigue to ancient, historic sites surrounded in mystery, your Asia cruise will be filled with wonder and the profound beauty of the natural landscapes enveloping these cultures will creating lasting memories for years to come.

A cruise in Asia will be full of contrasts. It hosts some of the most forward-thinking, technologically advanced cities in the world, such as Tokyo, Singapore and Hong Kong, but venture a little away from the sleek, streamline skyscrapers and you will discover idyllic beaches with crystal clear oceans and hiking trails through lush, green mountains. The culturally curious will be in their element; revered temples and sacred mosques, ancient shines and historical sites are compelling in their history.

With so much to experience within the continent, a cruise across Asia offers the perfect travelling solution for visiting all the highlights of the area, enabling you to travel in luxury, relaxing whilst onboard your Asia cruise and feel reenergised for your next destination.

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last minute cruises to asia

Top tip for your cruise to Asia

Prepare for the contrast in temperatures. Although cruising across Asia throughout most of the year you will find outdoor temperatures to often top 30 °C, air conditioning inside is cold. Bring a layer or two to wear when visiting inside shopping malls, restaurants and tourist attractions.

Top Asian cruise harbours

When you arrive at Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong, you will get a preview of what this amazing city has to offer. Colourful, full of life and with breath-taking scenery from the moment you arrive, the harbour acts as a gateway, inspiring you to explore the city further.

See Hong Kong from its highest and most picturesque vantage point at Victoria Peak. Take the tram up the steep 1,300 feet climb and save your energy for the Peak Circle Walk at the top, allowing you to appreciate Hong Kong from every angle.

A visit to the Tian Tan Buddha, or ‘Big Buddha’ is another rise above the city that provides spectacular views from the glass-bottomed cable car ride up and as Hong Kong’s most iconic attraction, it is one not to miss. --> Hong Kong cruises

Did you know…?

Hong Kong has more skyscrapers than New York City. In fact, it has more than anywhere else in the world, at 353 of these towering buildings with more than 40 floors.

The Port of Tokyo (Yokohama) provides the welcome to a capital city dazzling with the neon lights of modern, chic shopping, bustling street food traders and ultra, high-tech attractions. This is the city that never sleeps in the East.

Dine at the astonishing, 10-billion-yen worth, Robot Restaurant. This unique and crazy experience is robot entertainment on a new technological level.

For those seeking a quieter pace of life, Tokyo is steeped in history and its thousands of Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples offer more contemplative, tranquil, yet equally spectacular places to explore.

If time allows, step outside the city boundaries and soak up the overwhelming beauty of the Japanese natural landscape. Standing at 3,776 metres, as Japan’s highest mountain, Mount Fuji and its surrounding Fuji Fives Lakes are simply stunning.

The Tokyo Tower, built on the model of the Eiffel Tower, stands 13 metres taller than its inspiration, but is only half the weight, due to advances in steel technology. --> Tokyo cruises

If you are searching for a clean, cutting-edge city that is continually reinventing and pushing the boundaries to amaze its visitors, then Singapore is your destination. Culture meets technology and action meets creativity, delivering new experiences every day.

Its modern, well-equipped infrastructure allows easy travel around the city; perfect if you are short on time.

Visit Gardens by The Bay, where futuristic design is used at its most effective to create 101 hectares of horticultural delight. Waterfall cascades, giant cacti and 18 Supertrees create an extensive garden that can only be likened to a movie set.

Marina Bay Sands Hotel has gained worldwide notoriety. Walk along the waterfront here to appreciate the elegant city skyline any time of day. --> Singapur cruises

A trip to Singapore’s Night Safari is a unique and eerie opportunity to come face to face with 120 species of nocturnal wildlife and fragrant jungle foliage.

When is the best time to go on an Asia cruise?

Climate and weather patterns can vary quite significantly, even within the same country in Asia, so it is useful to know what to expect, so you can plan accordingly.

Brief guide of the three main ports in our Asia cruise.

Best time to visit hong kong.

As a subtropical location, the best time to visit Hong Kong is either in the Spring (March -April) or Autumn (October – November). Temperatures are moderate, usually around the mid-20°C, sunshine is common and evenings are cool. July and August can get hot and humid and there is the potential for typhoons, however this does encourage great travel and shopping discounts.

Best time to visit Tokyo

The weather is Tokyo mirrors the UK to a large extend, making Spring (March-May) and autumn (September to November) comfortable times to be out and about, exploring. Travelling in May is beautiful, as the parks and gardens are all in bloom.

Best time to visit Singapore

Being closer to the equator, the temperatures in Singapore remain quite consistent; between 30-33°C. The rainy season is between November and December. However, from June to August, it can get humid, so there is the potential for flash thunderstorms. At any time of year, it’s best to get up early and enjoy the cooler temperatures for sightseeing and also to avoid the crowds.

During peak tourist season, top attractions in the cities can get busy. Book in advance or go early to ensure that you can maximise your time in each location.

Top sights in Asia

Asia’s variety of incredible landscapes, fascinating cultures and ancient historical sites is so extensive that the possibilities for adventure are endless. We’ve picked out our three favourite sights, within close vicinity to our top three harbours.

High Island Reservoir East Dam

The spectacular sight of the largest reservoir in Hong Kong makes High Island Reservoir East Dam well worth a visit. It is situated at the most accessible part of the Hong Kong Global Geopark and features hexagonal volcanic rock columns, formed over 140 million years ago, alongside thousands of dolosse blocks (huge cement barriers shaped like jacks) placed along the coast to break the sea waves; a truly surreal and unique sight.

Sensoji, Asakusa

Sensoji, Asakusa is Tokyo’s oldest Buddhist temple, built in 628. It’s colourful, five-storied pagoda and 200m long, historic shopping street, selling souvenirs and traditional Japanese snacks, attracts many tourists and is host to several large-scale festivals throughout the year.

Raffles Hotel

Enjoy a Singapore Sling in the place where it was created: Raffle Bar in the Raffles Hotel. This hotel has become iconic in Singapore with its colonial history dating back to 1887. Its list of celebrity guests includes Elizabeth Taylor, Michael Jackson and even Queen Elizabeth II. Aside from its magnificent 103 suites and 18 restaurants, it has an arcade of over 40 designer boutiques and stores; heaven for the shopaholic.

For every 10 people alive in the world, 6 of them live in Asia!

Regional Asian dishes

If you love exciting, varied cuisine, bursting with flavour, then Asia will not disappoint. Although Asian food has become increasingly popular in the U.K., tasting the dishes prepared at their origin takes the experience to a whole new level.

Try the unique flavour of Ramen, a Japanese wheat noodle bowl in a Miso broth. Often garnished with egg, pork, seaweed or onion, the dish is strong in flavour, healthy and filling.

Travel to Hong Kong and you must try Dim Sum. Translated as ‘touch the heart’, Dim Sum is not a singular dish, but more a style of food, being a variety of bite-sized dishes. Think Asian style tapas. Hong Kong is famous for its variety of Dim Sum, so here is the place to sample the best.

For a traditional taste of Singaporean cuisine, Bak Kut The, or Pork Ribs Soup, is the dish to order. Simple and humble, this dish consists of a pork broth, spiced with mild herbs, such as star anise and is often thought to be a tonic to reenergise workers.

Fascinating Facts about Asia

Despite Hong Kong’s reputation for high rise skyscrapers, hiking is one of the nation’s favourite pastimes with 40% of its territory is made of country parks and nature reserves.

Hong Kong has the world’s longest covered escalator. Running for 800m, lined with shops and restaurants, the Central–Mid-Levels Escalator was featured as one of the ‘coolest commutes’ by CNN in 2015.

Japan has the greatest density of vending machines in the world, with one on nearly every street corner. These are reported to total around 5.5 million vending machines across the country, which sell everything form hot coffee to umbrellas and fresh eggs!

Cherry blossoms (sakura) are Japan's national flower. Their colourful bloom can be enjoyed at varying times of the year from January to late May, depending where you are in the country.

Singapore is one of only three city states in the world; the others being Monaco and the Vatican City. This is where a singular city and its dependent territories is politically independent and makes up an entire nation.

If you come across a $1,000 note in Singapore, have a look more closely. On the back you will find the full national anthem, written in microtext.

Top Travelling Tip for cruises to Asia

Research local laws and customs when visiting each country in Asia. For example, there are certain places where photography is not welcome, dress should be more conservative or specific gestures may cause offence.

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