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Travel in Missouri

Our 9 Favorite Kansas City tours

Last updated on April 19th, 2024 at 08:45 am.

Kansas City truly offers a unique and diverse experience for visitors. In addition to its world-renowned BBQ and jazz music scene, the city also has civil war history and a vibrant arts and culture community. Kansas City tours offer an excellent opportunity to explore and learn more about the city’s many attractions.

For foodies, the KC Food Tour is a must-try, which takes you on a walking tour to some of the city’s best restaurants and food markets, showcasing the local cuisine and culture. And for art enthusiasts, the KC Street Art Tour is a great way to explore the city’s vibrant street art scene and learn about the artists and their work.

Nichols fountain in the Plaza

No matter what your interests are, there are so many fun things to do in Kansas City and lot’s of great guided tours to choose from. It’s a great way to experience the city in a new and exciting way and learn more about its history, culture, and people.

Table of Contents

Best Kansas City Tours

Todd and I moved to Kansas City three years ago. We have explored a lot on our own and are always looking for new Kansas City’s neighborhoods, attractions and fun things to do.

We also love to find something new or unique to try. So, signing up for guided tours offers us an opportunity to see Kansas City through someone else’s eyes. City tours are an excellent way to see something new and learn new things about an area’s history.

Here’s a look at some fun tours to help you explore Kansas City. I love Viator and Get Your Guide for tour companies. They are the two companies I use when I travel because they use local guides.

The Best of Kansas City Walking Tour (Private Group Tour)

View from the WW1 Tower in Kansas City

Tour Length: 2 Hours Meeting Point: WW1 Museum; 2 Memorial Dr, Kansas City, MO 64108

Discover the city’s most charming attractions and learn about its fascinating history with the help of a professional guide on this private group tour. This tour offers an opportunity to explore the city’s hidden gems and learn about its vibrant culture and rich history.

You will learn about the city’s famous BBQ scene and the fountains that have earned it the nickname “City of Fountains”. You will be surprised by the many fascinating facts and legends that are hidden throughout the city.

From the Civil War history to the jazz music scene, you will learn about the unique features that make Kansas City such a special place to live and visit.

These guided private tours are perfect for those visiting the city for the first time and wanting to experience it to the fullest.

View Prices & Reviews

Kansas city crossroads art district and westside urban hike.

Mural in KCMO

Tour Length: 3-4 Hours Meeting Point: WWI Museum; 2 Memorial Dr, Kansas City, MO 64108

Kansas City Crossroads Art District and Westside Urban Hike is an adventurous 5-mile tour that starts with a breathtaking view at Liberty Memorial, then descends down the hill past Union Station with an excellent tour guide.

Enjoy a refreshing fruit juice from a local Mexican shop while exploring the culturally rich neighborhood of Westside. Learn about the historical West Bottoms and the Pendergast era, and be amazed by the street art in the alleyways.

The hike includes steep hills and staircases, so bring your comfortable walking or running shoes and a water bottle. Don’t miss the chance to capture Instagramable moments and discover hidden Kansas City gems. This tour is also available in Spanish.

Kansas City Segway Tour: Art and Glide

Segway tour

Tour Length: 1.5 Hours Meeting Point: 4245 Walnut St, Kansas City, MO 64111

Experience the sights and sounds of Kansas City like never before on a fun Segway tour of the iconic Country Club Plaza area. Lasting 1.5 hours, this tour is the perfect way to explore the city’s most famous landmarks and learn about its rich history and culture.

Comfortably glide through the streets on a Segway as your knowledgeable guide points out important landmarks and sites of interest that tell the tale of this Midwestern city. Along the way, you’ll learn about the city’s fascinating past, from its early days as a frontier town to its rise as a major cultural and economic center.

Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a local, this Segway tour is the ideal way to explore the city in style and comfort.


Battle of Westport stop 9

For history enthusiasts wanting to explore Civil War sites in Kansas City, the self-driving Battle of Westport tour the best way. The Visitor’s Center website provides a map with 25 stops around the city, including Loose Park, where most of the sites are located. Interpretive signs provide insights into the battle and campaign in Missouri, and visitors can learn about this important historical event while enjoying the park’s outdoor spaces.

Stop #8 is particularly noteworthy as it not only covers the Westport battle but also the overall campaign of the Civil War. Visitors can also see a cannon at this stop. Although it may not be a traditional Civil War battlefield, the Battle of Westport is still a crucial part of Kansas City’s history that visitors should explore.

City of Fountains Self Guided Tour

Discover the beauty of Kansas City’s stunning fountains on a self-guided tour. With over 200 fountains scattered throughout the metro area, visitors can explore and appreciate the city’s most iconic and unique displays. One of the most notable fountains is the J.C. Nichols Memorial Fountain located in the Plaza, featuring four equine figures representing the world’s mighty rivers.

Other notable fountains to explore include the Crown Center Square Fountain and the Meyer Circle (“Seahorse”) Fountain, featuring a 17th-century Venetian sculpture. Many neighborhood parks also offer stunning fountains to discover. Don’t miss the chance to experience Kansas City’s fountains on a fountain tour, and immerse yourself in the city’s rich history and culture by creating your own fountain tour!

Kansas City Brewery, Winery, and Distillery Tour

Kansas City Brewery, Winery, and Distillery Tour

Tour Length: 3 hours Meeting Point: 325 E 31st St, Kansas City, MO 64108

Embark on a beer lover’s dream tour of Kansas City and explore the city’s thriving craft beer industry. With a knowledgeable guide leading the way, you’ll visit at least three local breweries, enjoy behind-the-scenes access to the brewing process, and sample a variety of delicious beers, wine and distilled liquors.

Learn about the rich history and culture of the craft beer scene in Kansas City as you travel from one brewery to the next, soaking up the atmosphere and enjoying the company of other beer enthusiasts.

At each stop, you’ll get to try different types of beer, from classic brews to experimental flavors, and get an inside look at how each one is made. And with provided transportation between each stop, you won’t have to worry about driving after enjoying a few cold ones.

J. Rieger & Co. Distillery Tour

J Rieger Distillery in Kansas City, MO

Tour Length: 1 Hour Meeting Point: 2700 Guinotte Ave, Kansas City, MO 64120

Experience the rich history of J. Rieger & Co ., Kansas City’s iconic distillery, with a guided tour. Founded in 1887 and now located in the historic East Bottoms district, the tour takes you on a journey through time as you witness the entire distillation process and learn about the brand’s past, including its demise during Prohibition.

You’ll also have the opportunity to taste the brand’s four flagship products, including the unique Caffè Amaro. The tour includes pickup from many Kansas City hotels upon request, making it a convenient and fascinating way to explore the city’s distillery scene.

Kansas City Brewery Tour


Tour Length: 4 Hours Meeting Point: 325 E 31st St, Kansas City, MO 64108

Experience the best of Kansas City’s craft beer scene with this exclusive four-hour brewery tour. Led by a knowledgeable guide, you’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at some of the top craft brew hotspots in the area.

Sip on delicious beers and learn about the brewing process as you visit multiple locations throughout the city. With all snacks and drinks included, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy meeting the interesting people behind the beer in KC. Get ready for an unforgettable experience filled with insider information and local knowledge.

Kansas City Bar Hunt: Crush Bar Crawl

Peanut on Main (bar in Kansas City)

Tour Length: It’s all up to you! Meeting Point: Download the app to find first location

Experience a night of adventure and fun in Kansas City with the city’s ultimate Bar Hunt! With just your smartphone and your crew, you can explore the best bars, pubs, and cocktail joints in the city, collecting clues, completing wild photo challenges, and earning points along the way.

Whether you’re looking for a unique way to spend a regular Saturday night or simply want to experience the city’s vibrant nightlife, the Kansas City Bar Hunt offers a fun and exciting way to do it.

Play at your own pace and explore the city’s best bars and pubs, discovering new favorites along the way. With a variety of challenges and clues to complete, you and your crew will have a blast as you compete for points and bragging rights.

So gather your friends, charge up your smartphones, and get ready to hit the town for a night of bar-hopping and adventure with the Kansas City Bar Hunt walking tours app!

Looking for more to do in Kansas City?

We also have our favorite things to do in Kansas City for every month. Just click on the month you want to plan your next KCMO adventure! January | February | March | April | May | June | July | August | September | October | November | December

Kansas City tours offer an excellent opportunity to explore and learn more about the city's many attractions. Choose from BBQ tours, brewery tours and more!

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13 Unique Tours To Experience In Kansas City

crossroad tours kansas city

  • Destinations
  • Kansas City
  • United States

crossroad tours kansas city

My wife and I visit Kansas City a lot. It’s about a 3-hour drive from Omaha, so it makes for a fun and accessible getaway. It can also create challenging ways to view a city we’ve come to know well over the years. My brother-in-law once joked (I think) that I know my way around the KC area better than he does.

We enjoy exploring Kansas City’s neighborhoods, dining scene, and history, among other fun attractions. As my wife, Lisa, and I plan our visits to the City of Fountains , we strive to find something new or unique to try. So, signing up for guided tours offers an opportunity to see Kansas City through someone else’s eyes. From a gangster tour to local coffee shops, city tours are an excellent way to see something new and learn new things about an area’s history.

Here’s a look at a baker’s dozen of tours to help you explore Kansas City.

1. Urban Hikes KC

Alley murals in the Crossroads District with Urban Hikes KC

Whether you’re an art fan or history buff, Urban Hikes KC combines Kansas City attractions with a little exercise. Each hike covers 3 to 4 miles while including stops such as Crossroad Art District’s galleries, museums, and alley murals, or the history of Kansas City (Kansas), the ethnic groups calling the famous Strawberry Hill area home, and its beautiful historic murals. With 11 urban hikes available, there’s much to explore, including making your own pottery.

Book Now on GetYourGuide

2. KC Fun Tours

Hop aboard a historic trolley for a 75-minute cruise through Kansas City’s history. Sit back and relax and learn about some of the city’s impressive history while enjoying its beautiful architecture during your adventure with KC Fun Tours . Among the history you can expect to learn about includes Union Station and City Market, Kansas City’s year-round farmer’s market. KC Fun Tours is perfect for seasonal celebrations, such as Country Club Plaza’s holiday lights. The Crazy Little Women Tour offers a two-hour look at some of the great women who have influenced the city’s history. 

Pro Tip: Open seasonally March-December, the tour starts and ends at the historic Union Station.

3. KC Barbecue Tours

Of course, Kansas City has a barbecue tour. With more than 100 barbecue joints, KC Barbecue Tours takes you beyond the well-known eateries, offering a look at — and taste of — some of the off-the-beaten path barbecue restaurants in the metropolitan area. Tours typically visit four spots, with each providing delicious samples and water. Adult beverages can always be purchased during stops. The family-friendly tour includes transportation to each restaurant. KC Barbecue Tours also offers private tours.

Pro Tip: If you have dietary restrictions, let KC Barbecue Tours know in advance, so it can do its best to accommodate them. Vegetarian and vegan options will be limited.

4. The Roasterie Coffee Company

DC-3 plane at Roasterie Coffee Company

The historic DC-3 airplane outside The Roasterie Coffee Company’s main location hints that you’re in for a unique visit. Before sampling a delicious cup of coffee made with freshly roasted beans, enjoy a fun and informative tour of the warehouse and roasting process. An hour-long tour, which is free, takes you through a brief history of the creation of coffee — you can thank an ancient goat herder — as well as the roasting process. You’ll be salivating for a cup of brew by the end of the tour. You’ll also appreciate the work that goes into making the tasty coffee, espresso, or latte — with a cute heart or other artwork the barista adds —  at The Roasterie.

Pro Tip: The Roasterie has four other locations in the area, as well as providing coffee packages in stores, restaurants, and hotels.

5. KC Segway Tours

Nelson Atkins Museum on KC Segway Tours

Explore Kansas City’s history and art while riding a Segway. Featuring stops at some of the city’s sites, such as Nelson Atkins Museum, Country Club Plaza, and the historic Westport neighborhood, the museum, pranks, and history is one of the fun tours offered by KC Segway Tours . Art enthusiasts enjoy touring the public art at the Nelson Atkins Museum’s sculpture garden, as well as the fountains and sculptures at Country Club Plaza. History tours include looks into the city’s train and covered wagon trails, including stops at the Liberty Memorial and 18th and Vine District. Bicycle tours are also offered, featuring tours of Kansas City’s barbecue and beer scene. 

6. Boulevard Brewing Company

Interior of Boulevard Brewing

Learn the story behind Kansas City’s popular brewery as you traverse the Boulevard Brewing Company’s campus, watching the brew-making process. Learn about the beer’s history and what makes it so popular, not just in Kansas City, but across the country. You’ll see artifacts and memorabilia, such as ads, bottles, and bottlecaps. Each tour’s conclusion includes a sample drink. While you must be at least 21 to drink, tours are open for people seven years old and older.

Pro Tip: The majority of the brewery tour is accessible, but a few spots are stairs-only.

7. KC Walking Tours

City Market on KC Walking Tours

Explore Kansas City architecture, history, art, and even its food scene, close-up with KC Walking Tours. Lasting from 1 to 2 hours, adventures cover half-a-mile to 1.5 miles. Explore the historic River Market area, including City Market and the neighborhood’s architecture. Downtown walking tours showcase the city’s beautiful architecture and historical anecdotes. A food tour explores cuisine in the River Market, while a brewery tour covers beer joints. You can also enjoy a hop on and off streetcar tour. Each tour is led by a guide knowledgeable of city history and fun facts.

Pro Tip: Wear comfortable walking shoes for the tour. KC Walking Tours will do its best to accommodate wheelchairs and walking frames on tours. Pets are not allowed on the tour.

8. Taste of KC Food Tours

Kansas City River Market

Everyone knows Kansas City is home to great barbecue, but its culinary scene is so much more than great ribs, brisket, and burnt ends. Taste of KC Food Tours takes you on a 3-hour tour of unique local eateries in the River Market and Crossroads Art districts. Bring your appetite, as you’ll be sampling local dining spots featuring pizza, hoagies, and even international fare. Check out the Prohibition Tour, taking you to speakeasies and brothels that once thumbed their noses to the ban on alcohol and fun. You’ll also enjoy a private tour of a distillery in the 3.5-hour tour. Of course, there will be cocktails.

Pro Tip: As you travel by bus between restaurants, your guide will share fun historical facts about the area.

9. First Fridays

First Fridays celebrate Kansas City art, as galleries, studios, and museums in the Crossroads Art District open their doors, staying open late on the first Friday of the month. Enjoy a self-guided walk through the area, taking in the eclectic art scene, celebrating local artists, as well as nationally known creators. Stop in at any of the unique shops and boutiques in the district. Don’t forget to enjoy dinner at a local eatery or a drink at a bar or tasting room.

10. Gangster Tours

Bullet hole at the renovated train depot

From the Kansas City “Massacre” and mobster boss Tom Pendergast’s rule, the city has seen its share of organized crime. The KC Gangster Tour starts at Union Station, site of a major shootout in 1933, when Charles “Pretty Boy” Floyd and others attacked law enforcement officers escorting a colleague to jail. You can still see a bullet hole outside the renovated train depot. Learn about Kansas City’s seedy history on your 90-minute guided tour.

Pro Tip: Tours are offered each Saturday.

11. Pioneer Trails Adventures

Harry S. Truman Presidential Library & Museum

See where President Harry S. Truman worked as a youth, the jail where outlaw brothers Jesse and Frank James were held, and first lady Bess Truman’s birthplace among the historical sites on tours offered by Pioneer Trails Adventures in Independence. Horse-drawn covered wagons take you on 20–30-minute tours of Truman’s hometown. Taking off from the National Frontier Trails Museum, Pioneer Trails Adventures also offers an hour-long city tour, holiday lights outing, and ghost tours.

Pro Tip: Combine your tour with a visit to the Harry S. Truman Presidential Library and Museum .

12. Caffeine Crawl

Unique tastes can be found on the Kansas City Caffeine Crawl

Originating in Kansas City in 2011, Caffeine Crawl has become popular around the country. But, maintaining its roots, Caffeine Crawl traverses the city highlighting unique local coffeehouses and tea shops. Crawlers select a tour route and meet their guide at the participating locations, where they learn about the coffee shop’s history and bean roasting before sampling drinks specially created for the tour. With five to six stops, a Caffeine Crawl lasts up to five hours.

Pro Tip: You may want to bring a bottle of water along on the tour to hydrate between stops.

13. Self-Guided Tours

Hallmark crowns at the Hallmark Visitors Center at Crown Center

Create your own tour of Kansas City with a self-guided tour . From exploring downtown architecture, Crossroads art, and the city’s water fountains, Kansas City is your blank canvas. How about creating your own Kansas City film tour ? The neat thing about a self-guided tour is that you can mix and match attractions, such as exploring Union Station and the World War I Memorial along with the historic Crown Center and Hallmark.

Image of Tim Trudell

Tim and his wife Lisa have been writing their blog The Walking Tourists for eight years. They live in the Midwest and enjoy writing about its attractions. They focus mainly on the Midwest, but enjoy traveling all over. With daughters living in the Seattle area, they also have a fondness for the Pacific Northwest.

Tim is a freelance writer and online content creator. He has authored two books about Omaha attractions and restaurants: "100 Things to Do in Omaha Before You Die" and "Unique Eats and Eateries of Omaha". A third book about Nebraska tourism -- "100 Things to Do in Nebraska Before You Die" -- will be published in April 2020. He writes magazine, newspaper, and online articles as well as offering ghostwriting services. He loves writing.

As a one-time community journalist, his affection for the stories journalists share has never waned. Having been a manager of people, he is intrigued by people's leadership qualities and practices.

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Taha Mexican Kitchen Kansas City

New and notable restaurants and bars in Kansas City this summer

Kansas City’s restaurant scene is constantly changing as new eateries regularly pop up across the area. This summer is no exception.   

From upscale, fine dining on the Country Club Plaza to casual neighborhood stops in Waldo, there’s always something fresh for everyone to try.

Here are eight new and noteworthy restaurants that have recently opened or are on the horizon this summer.

City Barrel Pizza + Patio

City Barrel Pizza and Patio Kansas City

Crossroads brewery City Barrel has taken over the former Bier Station site in Waldo, opening in June. City Barrel Pizza + Patio , a taproom and family-friendly pizza restaurant, also features an upper level gaming room, a photo booth and to-go beers to add to the fun.

Sushi Kodawari

This fine dining sushi restaurant, which opened in June, has just eight seats inside, allowing for an intimate dining experience in the Crossroads. Sushi Kodwari is also the first omakase restaurant in KC, meaning each course is determined by the chef.

HomeGrown Kansas City Power and Light

Downtown Kansas City has a new option for breakfast, brunch and lunch at KC Power & Light. HomeGrown opened its fourth Kansas City-area location in the heart of Downtown Kansas City, sourcing from local brands.

T’aha Mexican Kitchen

T'aha Mexican Kitchen

This father-son operation opened in May in the former Jax Fish House in the West Plaza. T’aha Mexican Kitchen focuses on upscale, authentic dishes from Central Mexico—a nod to co-owner Fidel Gomez’s roots—but with a Midwestern flair.

At this upcoming West Bottoms bar, shuffleboard is king with 10 courts both inside and outside. Larks will also feature nostalgic arcade games, plus a restaurant, cocktail bar and massive patio. It’s set to open in July.

The Drunken Worm

The Drunken Worm Kansas City

In June, the Drunken Worm reopened on West 39th Street under new owners who have restored this tequila dive bar and restaurant to its roots. They even brought back the chef who created the original menu, and weekend brunch will make its return soon.

Blanc Champagne Bar

Get ready for Champagne flights, caviar and rooftop views at this upcoming bar and restaurant. Blanc Champagne Bar plans a late summer opening in The Netherland on Main Street. Guests will be able to enjoy Champagne, sparkling wine, cocktails and elevated small plates and shareables.

XO hi-fi bar Kansas City

Kansas City’s newest “listening bar” opened in June in the West Side. XO offers audiophiles a chance to grab a drink and Japanese-inspired small plates created by James Beard Award-nominated chef Johnny Leach. But the real focus is on the music with an impressive sound system and massive vinyl collection.

Kansas City Fun Tours


Guided Tours of Kansas City!

Get acquainted with the popular sights and local favorites that Kansas City has to offer during our fully narrated 90 minute tour aboard an authentic, air-conditioned trolley with brass rails, bells and all!

Here’s just some of the highlights of what you’ll see, learn about, be surprised by and laugh about along the way:

  • Union Station
  • Historic City Market
  • Crown Center
  • Country Club Plaza
  • The River District
  • Historic Westport
  • Sea Life Aquarium
  • Historic 18th & Vine
  • Downtown Kansas City
  • Nelson Atkins Museum
  • College Basketball Exp
  • Power & Light District
  • T-Mobile Center
  • Crossroads Art District
  • Jazz Hall of Fame
  • Federal Reserve
  • Legoland Discovery Center
  • Vietnam Vets Mem Park
  • The Mighty Missouri River
  • Negro League Baseball Museum
  • The Arabia Steamboat Museum
  • Hallmark Visitor's Center
  • Kauffman Center Preform Arts

crossroad tours kansas city

Top 10 Things to do In Kansas City


Tours 5 days a week Thursday – Monday 10AM 12PM 2PM

All tours start and end at Union Station 30 W Pershing Road

  • $25 Veteran
  • $15 Kids (12 & under)

Info & Photo Galleries

crossroad tours kansas city

Kansas City Fun Tours will provide wonderful wedding memories with “Pearl”, our glistening white trolley.

  • Sounds system with aux hook-up
  • Seats Up to 30
  • Fully Air Conditioned
  • Padded Seats

crossroad tours kansas city

Enjoy the famous holiday lights of Kansas City while listening to seasonal music aboard a heated authentic old time trolley with brass rails, bells , lights and all!

Thanksgiving – DEC 30st

crossroad tours kansas city


We are the talk of the town!

crossroad tours kansas city


If you are interested in pricing for a: Corporate Event Private Party Wedding Transportation Or just general information, contact us with form:

Thank you Kansas City!

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Casual Animal Brewing Co. in the East Crossroads of Kansas City

East Crossroads

A rapidly evolving entertainment hub within the dynamic Crossroads Arts District , the East Crossroads area has become a popular destination in its own right. While there’s no formal designation that draws a line between the East Crossroads and the broader neighborhood, the term is often used in reference to venues found east of Grand Blvd.

Here’s a tip for your first time exploring the East Crossroads: Start at the intersection of East 18th and Oak Streets, then see where the day takes you. It’s an easily walkable area, so you’ll be able to find breweries, restaurants, shopping and much more within a few blocks in any direction.

Things to Do

Casual Animal Brewing Co. in the East Crossroads

Here, hopping between breweries is a breeze. The East Crossroads district boasts the highest concentration of breweries anywhere in the KC area. Casual Animal Brewing Co. features a regular rotation of beers inside a taproom bathed in light and shrouded in leafy plants—as the name suggests, it’s a laid-back way to get in touch with your wild side. A few doors down, Brick River Cider Co. produces an assortment of drinks that range from tart and floral to fruity and refreshing, ensuring everyone has a cider to suit their taste.

Border Brewing Co. in the East Crossroads

Along East 18th Street, you’ll encounter a series of local favorites within a few blocks, from new additions to mainstays that have been pouring for nearly a decade. Border Brewing Co. has called the street home since 2015, with staples like its Patio Pale Ale and Strawberry Blonde serving as an evergreen choice among many locals. A few doors down, Double Shift Brewing Co. impresses with offbeat—and often surprising—flavors that keep guests coming back for more. The adjacent Red Sash Brewing features an inviting, popular patio overlooking one of the neighborhood’s buzziest corners.

A young couple sitting on the patio, enjoying drinks at Brewery Imperial in the East Crossroads in Kansas City

Around the corner, Nimble Brewing takes its name seriously as it crafts one barrel at a time, guaranteeing there’s something new to try on a daily basis. Brewery Emperial has earned acclaim for its reliably solid food and beer menus, plus a sprawling patio that holds a place as one of the area’s most beloved outdoor dining venues.

Torn Label Brewing Co. in the East Crossroads

Keep heading east for two more spots that prepare satisfying plates alongside excellent brews. City Barrel Brewery + Kitchen offers a full selection of wings, salads, burgers and more to pair with the establishment’s hoppy and sour beers. Torn Label Brewing Co. takes bar food to new culinary heights with a vast menu of items like soft pretzels, sandwiches and a seemingly endless array of dipping sauces.

Mean Mule Distilling Co. in the East Crossroads

Of course, beer isn’t the area’s only choice for a top-tier beverage. Head to Mean Mule Distilling Co. for agave spirits in a sublime, Southwestern-inspired tasting room, or snag a place at the bar to sample gin, vodka and absinthe at Lifted Spirits Distillery . If you’re hoping to enjoy a glass of wine in the heart of the city, KC Wineworks is second to none—its tasting room pours a robust selection of Missouri wines, plus seasonal cocktails and frozen drinks during the warmer months.

If you’re in the mood to linger at a beloved neighborhood bar, you have plenty of nearby options. Try your hand at darts and billiards at Chartreuse Saloon or keep an eye on all the neighborhood’s activities at King G , a glassy and graffitied cocktail bar with a neighboring deli by the same name. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to find a seat inside Jim’s Alley Bar for one more round in a stellar retro setting.

Where to eat

Whether you’re looking for a quick bite or an upscale evening on the town, you’re never more than a few steps away from an outstanding dining experience in this creative district.

Parlor in the East Crossroads

A multistory food hall, bar and entertainment destination all under one roof, Parlor promises to please. More than half a dozen kitchens create an always-changing lineup of menus, ranging from pizza and fried chicken to Korean specialties and more.

Mission Taco Joint in the East Crossroads

Take advantage of the neighborhood’s many cuisines with a lineup of more casual favorites. Dig into Korean barbecue dishes Kobi Q , warm up with noodles at Mama Ramen , gather over margaritas at Mission Taco Joint or snag a slice at Grinders Pizza .

Christopher Elbow Chocolates in the East Crossroads

And don’t miss the chance to wrap up your time in the neighborhood with a sweet treat that doubles as a work of art. Christopher Elbow Chocolates features a showstopping case full of handcrafted chocolate pieces that shimmer and sparkle in every color imaginable, making it endlessly enjoyable to pick out a few for yourself.

Interactive Map

Discover more of this neighborhood and the rest of Kansas City with our interactive map

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Crossroads Culinary Tour, Kansas

LOCATION: Kansas City, MO


crossroad tours kansas city

A real culinary adventure

Get ready to experience the kaleidoscope of life, color and sensational cuisine that characterizes Kansas City's famous Crossroads district.

This burgeoning foodie hot spot is filled to the brim with flavor and passion and you'll need to bring your appetite as well as a sense of culinary adventure as you go behind the scenes with an expert foodie guide. Stroll through one of Kansas City's most artistic and vibrant neighborhoods as you enjoy a wide variety of tastings including artisanal hand crafted chocolates, heavenly pizza, a melt in your mouth beignet that rivals any New Orleans cafe and much, much more! 

Go with the flow on a guided voyage of discovery through the true melting pot of history and gastronomic excellence that makes the Crossroads one of the most unique culinary and cultural centers of the world. 

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  • 3 hours of cultural and foodie fun in the company of expert local guide
  • 6-7 delicious tasting stops at local wine boutiques, cafes and other speciality shops
  • Savor artisanal chocolate delights, saucy bites and authentic ethnic cuisine
  • Learn about the history and culture of the area
  • Suitable for all ages.

Located just a few blocks south of the busy Downtown Power & Light District, you will get away from the hustle and bustle of this commercial area and instead dive deep into the heart of the Crossroads where the locals dine and enjoy great cuisine. 

Enthusiastic tour guides will share with you their knowledge and recommendations of architectural standouts, backdoor venues and Kansas City’s role in Prohibition as well as exciting local attractions and restaurants.

Tours take place five days a week, from Wednesday to Sunday. Tour times are at 11am and 2pm.

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Crossroads Arts District

Kansas city's creative neighborhood.

The Crossroads in Kansas City

First Friday in the Crossroads

What is first friday in the crossroads.


Mark your calendar! On the First Friday of every month , thousands of residents and visitors fill the Crossroads Arts District in Kansas City to enjoy what has become the City’s most dynamic and popular event: #firstfridayskc . Our community comes alive as arts organizations, galleries, studios, and a wide variety of businesses in the district feature local, regional, national, and international artists . Also catch one of the Crossroads’ creative wall murals or visit our exciting new Art Alleys between Baltimore and Wyandotte from 18 th Street to Southwest Blvd which are filled with Art Vendors and their individual artistic creations!

Insider Tip : Take the free  KC Streetcar  and avoid the parking hassle!

The Crossroads Arts District is best explored on foot once you arrive. We recommend making it an evening with dinner at one of our many fabulous restaurants , a drink at one of our local craft beverage makers, and a  performance at a Crossroads Entertainment Venue . Every visit to the KC Crossroads is a new adventure!

Discover the evening events at This First Friday .

What to expect?

Explore all the KC Crossroads has to offer!

  • Galleries and artist studios featuring exhibits from local, national, and international artists
  • Locally owned restaurants
  • Local craft breweries, distilleries, and wineries
  • Eclectic shops
  • Art Alleys*
  • Food Truck Plaza*

*Art Alleys and the Food Truck Plaza featured from April to October open at 5:00 PM and close at 9:00 PM . Check This First Friday for gallery exhibits and special events. 

Need help getting to the Crossroads and finding your way around? Learn more on our Visitor Info page .

To learn more about the art, parking, food, and entertainment visit  VisitKC’s First Timer’s Guide to KC’s First Fridays .

Want to SEE what First Friday in the Crossroads is like? Watch this video from  BostWiki .

Where do I park in the Crossroads during First Friday?

There are many parking options in the Crossroads, but during First Friday, those who arrive a bit earlier have a better chance at finding on-street parking. There are a number of parking lot options around the community, or you could park at nearby Union Station and either walk or take a short KC Streetcar ride into the midst of all the fun! See our Visitor Info page for parking maps and more information.

How can I promote First Fridays from my Crossroads business?

Download, print, and display this poster! The QR code links to all the happenings for the next First Friday.

crossroad tours kansas city

I’m going to be hungry. Will there be food trucks?

On First Fridays during the months of April through October, the First Friday Food Truck Plaza is located in the parking lot between 19th and 20th Streets and Grand Boulevard and McGee Street. Enter from 19th Street. 

If you are a food truck owner and would like to sell your goods, hop down to our Food Truck and Food Vendor section.

crossroad tours kansas city

What do I need to do to exhibit my artwork on First Friday?

crossroad tours kansas city

If you want to show and/or sell your artwork during First Friday between April to October along one of the beautiful new Art Alleys between Baltimore and Wyandotte from 18 th Street to Southwest Blvd, first review the  First Friday Art Vendor Guidelines  for more information and to see if your work fits the event.

During the high season months of April through October, a participation fee is charged:

  • $25 if you pay in advance for the upcoming month
  • $150 if you pay in advance for the full season, April to October 2024
  • $30  if you pay at First Friday (cash or check made payable to  Crossroads Community Association )
  • *N o participation fee is charged from November to March

If your work fits within the First Friday Art Vendor Guidelines and you would like to participate during the months of April to October, 2024:

  • Click the below link Pay Now . You’ll be directed to PayPal (you are not required to have a PayPal account to submit either a debit or credit payment).
  • If you want to pay in advance of each event, please note $25. If you want to pay for the full season, please note $150 and then click Continue .
  • Fill in your credit/debit card information and make sure to include your email address and full name. After you submit the payment, PayPal will display your receipt.
  • Please print the receipt and bring it to First Friday to show to the Crossroads Vendor Team when they come by.

After you have received your Art Vendor permit , you are welcome to set up a table during the event along one of the Art Alleys between Baltimore and Wyandotte from 18 th Street to Southwest Blvd.  Set-up begins on First Friday anytime after 10:00AM , and you are more than welcome to start selling as soon as you’re ready! If you are bringing a pop-up tent, please make sure it is no bigger than 10′ x 5′.

No participation fee is charged and no Art Vendor permit is required from November to March. 

crossroad tours kansas city

Art Vendors will NOT be permitted to set up along the sidewalks within the permitted Festival Boundary unless you have been personally invited by an open Crossroads business to set up in front of their location. If you have such permission, please do not obstruct the sidewalk and be sure to clean up before you leave.

Thank you for helping to create a collective, diverse experience for our visitors and for taking part in First Friday in the Crossroads Arts District!

PLEASE NOTE: The re-selling of items is not permitted.

What if I would like to perform live music during First Friday?

If you would like to perform live music, please contact [email protected]  for placement within the Festival Boundary. 

Please remember, First Friday is a family-friendly event, so lyrics should not be of an adult nature. And while some limited exceptions may apply, no amplified music is allowed within the permitted Festival Boundary.

What if I would like to sell culinary treats for a cause during First Friday?

If you want to sell a culinary treat or are a non-profit organization raising funds by selling baked goods, please contact  [email protected]  for additional information and placement within the Festival Boundary.

Food Truck or Food Vendor?

FIRST, you must be up to date and compliant with the City of Kansas City’s Food Truck Rules and Regulations !

Please note, unless you are personally invited and hosted by an open Crossroads gallery or business within the permitted Festival Boundary, you must set up within the Food Truck Plaza at 1907 Grand, Kansas City, MO. 64108.

From April to October, set-up begins First Friday at 2:00PM , and you are welcome to start selling as soon as you’re ready!  Fee: $200 per event [cash or check] which will be collected after you set up. A 20-gallon trash can is required in front/side of truck per City regulation.

Engage with others in the community about First Fridays on Facebook , Twitter , and Instagram .

Be sure to use the hashtags: #kccrossroads #firstfridayskc

Neighborhood Tourist Development Fund

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Crossroad Tours

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1320 W 149th St

Olathe, KS 66061

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Photo of Matt S.

The Kansas Jayhawks Rugby Football Club has used them several time and were impressed with the promptness of pick-up/departure times, cleanliness of bus, and comfort. Thanks Crossroad Tours!

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The Crossroads

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  • What Is Cinema?

Role Model Is Ready to Move On

Image may contain Face Head Person Photography Portrait Clothing Pants Field Grassland Nature Outdoors and Plant

Last summer Tucker Pillsbury, the 27-year-old singer-songwriter known as Role Model, was having what he describes as a quarter-life crisis. Originally from Portland, Maine, he was living in Los Angeles, attempting to write a follow-up to his debut album, Rx. He was the most homesick he’d ever been in his life, he tells me while tugging on a gold chain around his neck that reads “Mom.” Three and a half years into a very public relationship (and his first relationship ever)—one that was hard launched in GQ —with arguably the most influential woman on the internet , Emma Chamberlain, he found himself frequently visiting home, seeking some semblance of normalcy. “I was just instantly happier,” Pillsbury tells Vanity Fair. “Then I’d go back to LA and just sit there and go back to my sad little life…It’s just like, What am I doing with my life? Is me pursuing music and trying to reach whatever goal I have a good enough reason to be wasting my 20s in LA?”

Tucked into a corner of the Ludlow Hotel on the Lower East Side, in the middle of a heatwave, Pillsbury is wearing a white tank top, exposing an assortment of tattoos that say things like “may women rule the world,” and army green paint-splattered cargo pants. As he sips on a brightly colored spritz, he poses the questions that led him to his introspective sophomore album, Kansas Anymore, which is out Friday. “I seriously was considering, What am I doing in my life?” he says. “Very much having a crisis.” The album’s title is a nod to the film The Wizard of Oz. (“I’ve seen it once and I don’t even think I was fully conscious yet at that age, so the only thing I remember is the flying monkeys, and it scared the shit out of me,” he says.) Pillsbury was searching for a way home, a way back to himself.

It wasn’t that long ago that this was all a dream come true. In 2018, Pillsbury was studying film at Point Park University in Pittsburgh, experimenting with music equipment in his dorm room. His life changed when he caught the attention of the late rapper Mac Miller, who messaged him on Instagram and flew him out to LA, where Pillsbury later signed to Interscope Records.

As fate would have it, it was the same year Chamberlain moved to LA to pursue YouTube full time, having dropped out of high school. In 2020 the stars aligned, and in the way all great Gen Z love stories begin, Pillsbury slid into Chamberlain’s Instagram DMs after seeing her on TikTok to tell her that her ’fits were fire. Pillsbury’s first album, Rx, coincided with the singer falling in love for the first time, commemorating the honeymoon phase of their modern romance with starry-eyed, if not juvenile, songs like “Die for My Bitch” and “Masturbation Song.” He found himself completely consumed by the relationship. “You just sort of disappear off the face of the earth…and you make that person the center of your universe, which is romantic,” he says. “But it puts these blinders on you.”

Of course, when he was writing Kansas Anymore last year, he didn’t necessarily know it was going to be a breakup album, but by then Pillsbury was becoming increasingly disillusioned with LA and the industry at large. “I just wasn’t present [anymore],” he admits. Suddenly at a crossroads, he could feel his relationship slipping out from under him, but he kept writing. “We’re hanging on by threads / And I can’t hold it any harder on my end,” he confesses on “Oh, Gemini,” a song not-so-subtly named for Chamberlain’s astrological sign. When the couple officially called it quits, much of what he thought would be his sophomore album hit the cutting room floor, but not all of it. Over 13 tracks, Pillsbury longs for things to turn out differently but arrives at an understanding of why it had to end, exhibiting growth both personally and musically. The record is sonically softer and more mature for Pillsbury, inspired by the warm Americana sound that reminds him of home and built on his newfound guitar skills, which Chamberlain’s father taught him. From the brazen breakup anthem “Deeply Still in Love” to the earnest, somberly nostalgic “Frances” (which is Chamberlain’s middle name), the album chronicles the full spectrum of heartbreak.

With the record’s obvious nods to his famed ex, Pillsbury knows that the internet will try to extract intimate details about his relationship from his music, but he tries not to think about that. He’s ready to move on from his role as a famous person’s boyfriend, something he was once insecure about. “I will say this: Once we started putting out these singles, I fully started feeling like my own entity again, which is all I wanted,” he says. “That was the biggest weight off my shoulders.”

Beginning in September, Pillsbury will join forces with sad-girl-pop powerhouse Gracie Abrams, with the two going on tour and playing venues such as Radio City Music Hall. “I very much thought I was done opening for people for the rest of my life…but then this was just too perfect. I'm a massive fan of hers. I always have been,” says Pillsbury. “It’s one step closer to Miss [Taylor] Swift, ” he adds jokingly, referring to Abrams’s stint as an opener for Swift’s Eras Tour. “I’m doing the tour so that I can get free tickets.”

In the past he’s expressed his disdain for artists pedaling their music on TikTok to please their labels. For this album cycle, though, he’s manufactured a digital evil twin on TikTok, Saint Laurent Cowboy, who does the posting for him. It’s a satirical account, but nonetheless it’s difficult to tell where the joke begins and ends. “I don’t know that man. I don’t support him. He’s trying to be me,” says Pillsbury, deadpan. “He’s pretending to be me, and I think it’s disgusting and I’ve tried to report it, but it won’t work. I just say, don’t follow him or engage with him.” All jokes aside, he says he will oblige and post what he needs to post on the eve of his album’s release before chucking his phone. But he quickly catches himself and backtracks. “I’ll be on my phone. Yeah, I’ll be on my phone,” he says, shaking his shaggy brown hair. “I’m very curious what people are going to think.”

But it’s not until now that he starts to consider what Chamberlain might think of the album, sinking into his seat as that reality sets in. “I don’t have an ounce of anger in me…. I think it shows in the album; it’s pretty much [me] just beating myself up,” he says, as evidenced by self-deprecating songs like “Scumbag.” “I don’t think it would be any news to her. I would never want to hurt someone’s feelings with my music. I don’t have that in my brain or heart.”

RFK Jr.’s Family Doesn’t Want Him to Run. Even They May Not Know His Darkest Secrets.

The album ends with a glimmer of hope for a pair of unlikely lovers on the song “Something, Somehow, Someday,” which calls to mind the Moldy Peaches indie-folk ballad “Anyone Else but You.” On it, Pillsbury sweetly sings, “But I believe they’re meant to be / Something, somehow, someday,” lingering on the possibility that their love story isn’t over quite yet. “It’s this open-ended hope to end everything off,” he says. “Leave the door open…almost leave it kind of unfinished. To me, that is the perfect ending. I wouldn’t have wanted to end on any other note.”

It’s mere hours before Kansas Anymore is officially out, and taking another sip of his drink, Pillsbury declares his quarter-life crisis a thing of the past, eager to remind people that these songs were written a year ago. “I genuinely am in such a better place in my life now. I have friends in LA for the first time,” he says, smiling. “I’m good now…. I’m more content in LA. I’m happy with the music I’ve made and where my career is at,” he adds slowly, pausing to convince himself of these things. “I feel like this is my happy ending—finally.”

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RFK Jr.’s Family Doesn’t Want Him to Run. Even They May Not Know His Darkest Secrets.


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    1320 W 149th St. Olathe, KS 66061. Get directions. 2 reviews of CROSSROAD TOURS "The Kansas Jayhawks Rugby Football Club has used them several time and were impressed with the promptness of pick-up/departure times, cleanliness of bus, and comfort. Thanks Crossroad Tours!"

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