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Disneyland VIP Tour – Pricing, Details, Tips – We Have Been On!

Disneyland VIP Tours are the ultimate way to experience the theme parks. There are several special tours offered throughout the year at Disneyland, from Walt's Main Street Story Tour which takes you inside Walt's Fire Station apartment to the Happiest Haunts tour offered at Halloween, but the VIP tours are the top offerings.

For Disneyland VIP Tours, you are led by a knowledgeable VIP Tour Guide, sometimes referred to as a plaid for the color they wear, who will share fun information about the parks and tips with the group and accompany you throughout the day. On your Disneyland tour you'll be able to enjoy perks like expedited access to attractions, personalized scheduling for your park day, reserved viewing for entertainment, and more! You'll often see celebrities around the parks enjoying VIP tours with guides wearing their recognizable plaid uniforms, but any guest can splurge on this incredible experience.

The Mickey Visit team is in Disneyland every single week. We have been on a VIP tour and it was an incredibly luxurious experience that gives you great access to enjoy the parks in a completely stress-free manner. Keep reading for everything you need to know about Disneyland VIP Tours, including details on what they include and how to access the best VIP Tour prices through Get Away Today.

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In this planning guide:

Disneyland VIP Tour Offerings

Before we dive into the details of VIP Tours at Disneyland, we will cover an overview of what is included when you book a VIP tour.

  • Personalized planning
  • Expedited access to attractions
  • Expert VIP Tour Guide who will accompany you through the parks
  • Reserved viewing for entertainment

Note that the price of the VIP Tour does not include park admission, so you will need to purchase this separately. We will discuss the pricing more for Disneyland VIP Tours below. Guests may decide to splurge on a VIP Tour due to the significant perks it offers and not having to worry about the hassle of long wait times and having to plan out their day. You can truly maximize your time in the parks and soak up the magic, enjoying your personalized itinerary with your expert VIP Tour guide taking great care of your group's every need.

Below, we will share more details about each aspect of the Disneyland VIP Tours we listed above.

VIP Tour Guide

One of the most defining aspects of your VIP Tour experience is your VIP Tour Guide. Before your tour, VIP Services or Guest Relations will reach out to you to get a sense of what you'd like in your tour and match you with an expert guide who will be the best fit for your interests. Depending on what your priorities are (like riding all of the top attractions or learning about behind-the-scenes secrets), they will find a tour guide who will be best suited to that to make sure you have the best day possible.

During the VIP Tour, the Tour Guides will share interesting facts, tips, and behind-the-scenes stories about the parks that really elevate your experience. The VIP Tour Guides are also experts at navigating the parks and always have a good sense of what is going on during the day. Beyond the basic knowledge of what is currently offered and not offered at the parks, they know the precise nuances of all of the park happenings so that they can help you navigate the parks effectively and make the most of your experience.

VIP Tour Guides can also pick up mobile orders for you to help you make the most of your time. You'll still pay for the food, but this can be a great time-saver.

Disneyland VIP Tour Personalized Scheduling

One of the biggest advantages of Disneyland VIP tours is the personalized scheduling that is included with the experience. Once you have booked your VIP Tour experience, a VIP Tour Coordinator will help with details like dining reservations, start times, any celebrations to note for the day, and your party's priorities. The VIP guides will also make Park Pass reservations for your party as well.

You will have a customized itinerary planned for the day that is tailored specifically to your group's preferences and interests. See our Disneyland & Disney California Adventure 1 Day Itinerary for an idea of what you'd like to prioritize. This itinerary can be flexible if there are any spontaneous changes your group may decide on.

VIP Tour guests can express interest in certain experiences, and as long as these don't interrupt the normal flow of guests at the park, Disney will try to make it happen for you on your tour. For example, guests could request to see a certain character and enjoy expedited access to permanent character meet-and-greet locations that have backstage access. 

With so much of the current Disneyland experience revolving around planning, it is a huge benefit to have all of this taken care of for you so you can focus on having fun and enjoying the experience!

VIP Expedited Access to Attractions

Another benefit included in Disneyland's VIP Tours is expedited access to attractions so you can enjoy as many offerings as possible during your park day. For attractions that offer Genie+ Lightning Lane, this will be through the Lightning Lane entrance. This includes some of the most popular rides of the park with Individual Lightning Lanes like Radiator Springs Racers and Rise of the Resistance. Guests will get the benefit of not needing to make Genie+ reservations or figure out the best time to ride during the day.

For attractions that don't have a Lightning Lane entrance, you will likely enter with your party from the exit, so the wait is shorter than what a Lightning Lane wait would typically be for these experiences. The ability to access rides with significantly shorter wait times, without needing to juggle Genie+ , stand in long lines, and strategize when to get on certain rides, is one of the biggest perks of the Disneyland VIP Tour.

Disneyland VIP Tour Reserved Viewing for Entertainment

During a Disneyland VIP Tour, you'll also be able to enjoy special reserved viewing for entertainment like fireworks, parades, and shows. You don't need to enjoy this reserved viewing during the time of your tour, and we do suggest seeing them outside of that time frame so you can fully enjoy the tour offerings.

This prime viewing is a fantastic perk that VIP guests get to enjoy without needing to stake out a spot hours in advance. Especially for evening shows, it's the perfect way to end a great day after your tour experience. You can see our guides to parades at Disneyland and fireworks at Disneyland for everything you need to know about the current entertainment offered!

Disneyland VIP Tour Pricing and Details—How to Get the Best Prices!

Disneyland VIP Tours start at $500 per hour for up to 10 guests with a minimum of 7 hours and a maximum of 10 hours (gratuities are not included), so the cost of this experience starts at $3,500. Prices for VIP Tours will be higher during peak times like Spring Break and summer, with the higher end of the current pricing scale currently around $800 an hour.

If you have more guests than 10, you will need another guide. The 10 guests for the tour cannot be changed. Once you book the VIP Tours, these are non-refundable when canceled 48 hours or less before arrival. Strollers and wheelchairs are complimentary with your VIP Tour. VIP Tour schedules are flexible within normal park operating hours.

The price of the VIP Tour does not include park admission, and you need to have Park Hoppers if you are planning on visiting both Disneyland and Disney California Adventure. You can book the VIP Tour experience about a year in advance, although the exact hourly rates may not be available until closer to the date of your tour.

While Disneyland VIP Tours are a pricey option, the best way to save money on the experience is to book through Get Away Today . Get Away Today offers a $100 discount off VIP Tours! 

To book this experience through Get Away Today, call their number at 855-GET-AWAY and be sure to mention you heard about them through Mickey Visit get your $100 off. When you call, be prepared with information like when you will be planning your trip and the time you would like your tour to be. Get Away Today can check availability and discuss pricing with you. They'll also be able to follow up about your tour with you over email.

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You can find more information on planning your vacation in our guides:

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Frequently Asked Questions

A VIP tour at Disneyland currently starts at $500 per hour for a minimum of 7 hours and a maximum of 10 hours (gratuities not included), meaning the minimum cost of the experience is currently $3,500. See everything you need to know about Disneyland VIP Tours in our guide above!

A VIP tour at Disneyland will get you personalized planning, expedited access to attractions, an expert tour guide to take care of your party throughout the day and help you navigate the parks, reserved viewing for entertainment, and more. You can see details about everything that is included in a Disneyland VIP Tour above.

You can book a Disneyland VIP Tour about a year in advance, though the exact hourly rates for the experience may not be available until closer to the time of your tour. See more details about booking the best prices for Disneyland VIP Tours above.

Many who are able to splurge on a VIP Tour consider it worth it due to the unparalleled experience it offers. The personalized planning that allows you to sit back and truly enjoy your park day, the expertise of the incredible VIP Tour guides sharing knowledge and helping you to navigate the offerings of the park, and the ability to save time by skipping long attraction lines and enjoying reserved viewing areas for entertainment make this the ultimate way to experience Disneyland.

Up to 10 people can be on a VIP tour at Disneyland. These 10 guests cannot change, and if you have more than 10 guests, you will need another guide. 

It is customary to tip between 15-20% for a VIP tour guide at Disneyland. Remember that these expert tour guides go above and beyond to ensure you have the best experience possible and take care of your every need. 

Disclosure: We have used all the products recommended on Mickey Visit. We may receive compensation when you click on links to some products featured.

About Emily Midgley

Emily Midgley is a writer from San Diego, California. She was introduced to Disneyland when she was two and has been in love with all things Disney ever since! At Mickey Visit, she will keep you updated with the latest news from the Disney Parks and provide helpful planning content for your vacation. Her favorite rides at Disneyland are Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout, Space Mountain, and Rise of the Resistance. She loves Marvel (especially Guardians of the Galaxy) and lives and breathes anything to do with Star Wars.

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2024 Hong Kong Disneyland Planning Guide

hong kong disneyland vip tour

This Hong Kong Disneyland planning guide will help you figure out all you need to know to prepare for your trip: park tickets, attractions, dining, transportation, hotels, and much more! Since Hong Kong only has one park and three hotels, it’s much easier to plan a visit here than just about any other Disney resort around the world. ( Updated January 17, 2024 .)

Even with the language barrier, a first trip to Hong Kong Disneyland is so much easier than a first trip to Walt Disney World! Various nuances of international travel can make it a little tricky, but overall, it’s a pretty simple place to visit. Since Hong Kong Disneyland is not too complicated, this guide covers more about the logistics of doing the trip and getting there, plus general info about traveling to Hong Kong in general, as opposed to specifics once you’re there.

All things considered, we view HKDL as one of the cooler destinations in Hong Kong. Even for people who are not Disney fans, it’s a fun way to spend a day, and it being located near the Tian Tan Buddha and Hong Kong International Airport makes it an easy place to visit outside of the city proper. This covers everything you need to know if you’re planning a visit to Hong Kong Disneyland in 2024 or beyond. We’ve stayed at all of the hotels at HKDL, done every attraction, and eaten at (almost) every restaurant…

As for serious Disney fans, Hong Kong Disneyland is finally a park that’s on many bucket lists, with the incredibly highly regarded Mystic Manor almost alone making Hong Kong Disneyland worth visiting. (Almost.) It’s also fun to compare and contrast the similarities and differences between it and the other parks, as well as experience other unique Hong Kong Disneyland attractions.

In addition to this guide, we recommend consulting our Hong Kong City Guide on TravelCaffeine , our non-Disney planning site, for your time downtown. We also recommend checking out Macau, which is a popular “side trip” from Hong Kong. Although we visit Hong Kong regularly, we’ve only been to Macau once. It was an interesting experience and potentially worth visiting, depending upon your interests (but a “one and done” for us).

With that said, let’s get started with the guide…

What’s New & Next in 2024 at Hong Kong Disneyland

hong kong disneyland vip tour

Arendelle – World of Frozen – This new land is the biggest expansion at Hong Kong Disneyland in a decade. World of Frozen is home to two attractions, including an enhanced version of the Frozen Ever After boat ride and the all-new roller coaster, Wandering Oaken’s Sliding Sleighs. World of Frozen also offers unique character experiences at the Playhouse in the Woods, plus a restaurant, retail, and other things to do.

“Momentous” Nighttime Spectacular – The new fireworks show above Castle of Magical Dreams features close to 40 classic Disney moments, nearly 150 cherished characters, and comes to life with multimedia elements, including large scale 3D projection mapping technology, choreographed fountains, illuminated water projection, lasers, theatrical lighting, pyrotechnics, and fireworks effects. What’s more, your ears will be regaled with newly-reimagined classic Disney songs. It’s a spellbinding experience that’s sure to melt hearts, warm smiles, and reawaken beloved memories.

hong kong disneyland vip tour

Castle of Magical Dreams – The reimagined castle transformed the tiny Sleeping Beauty Castle into a much taller monument to 13 stories of beloved Disney Princesses and heroines. The Castle of Magical Dreams celebrates Cinderella, Tiana, Aurora, Ariel, Mulan, Snow White, Moana, Merida, Belle, Rapunzel, Pocahontas, Jasmine, plus Anna and Elsa. The central, raised stage in front of the Castle of Magical Dreams hosts a variety of daytime shows throughout the year focused on favorite Disney characters and stories through song and dance. At night, there’s the above-referenced Momentous fireworks show.

More Marvel…?   – Over the course of the last several years, Marvel attractions have debuted at Hong Kong Disneyland. Tomorrowland is now home to Stark Expo, which currently includes the Iron Man Experience simulator and Ant-Man and The Wasp: Nano Battle! The former is a simulator very similar to Star Tours, whereas the latter is a shooter attraction that reimagined Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters.

At some point in the future, a Marvel E-Ticket  might  be built in Tomorrowland. Although originally announced several years ago, those plans are still up in the air. Between the closures and prior financial struggles–plus Disneyland in California revisiting the E-Ticket concept–it’s unclear what, if anything, else will be built.

The Hong Kong government released a report last year indicating that only about half of the original expansion budget has been spent, but it’s unclear whether the other half will still come to fruition, or if the company and city will cut their losses. See  What’s New & Coming Soon to Hong Kong Disneyland   for a rundown of what else is on the horizon–and has been recently added.

Hong Kong Disneyland as a Destination

hong kong disneyland vip tour

We’ll start by noting that the U.S. State Department issued an advisory for Hong Kong, but with a Level 2 status, recommending that American travelers “exercise increased caution.” This is one level below mainland China.

For our part, we feel perfectly safe in Hong Kong and want to support the country and its people to the extent that they have a degree of autonomy, and their own economic and administrative systems. But the degree to which that’s still the case is murky, at best. I would like to think that people being willing to visit Hong Kong but not mainland China does send a message, but that’s probably wishful thinking.

Setting aside that dilemma, Hong Kong Disneyland is not a destination resort for the average American who needs to fly 16+ hours to get there. We absolutely adore Hong Kong Disneyland, but no American should make the expensive trip to Hong Kong solely for this theme park. That would just be foolish and excessive for a park that is a 1-day park for 95% of guests and a 2-day park only for extreme Disney fans. Fortunately, there are a couple of other ways to visit Hong Kong Disneyland that do make the trip reasonable.

We’ve been to Hong Kong Disneyland a few times, and each time, that has been in conjunction with another destination. Our first two times, we did Tokyo Disney Resort after HKDL, treating it as the “Gateway to Tokyo Disney Resort.” During one visit, we went to Hong Kong after Shanghai Disneyland.

There are a few reasons for stopping in Hong Kong. First, it’s very easy to book Hong Kong as a stopover on the way to Tokyo or Shanghai, which means that it’s inexpensive to add Hong Kong to an Asia trip from an airfare perspective. (We are aware that a lot of people don’t understand how stopovers work, so you can read about that in our “ How to Visit 3 Disney Destinations on 1 Airfare ” post.)

Second, while Hong Kong Disneyland has come into its own as of the last couple of years in terms of being a quality Disney theme park, it still doesn’t compare to Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo DisneySea, or Shanghai Disneyland. You should not fly to Asia solely for Hong Kong Disneyland.

hong kong disneyland vip tour

Finally, although we don’t believe there’s a substantial language barrier at Tokyo Disney Resort or Shanghai Disneyland, English is much more common in Hong Kong (a British colony until the late 1990s), making it a good way to ease into a foreign environment for those inexperienced with international travel.

If you’re also visiting the Japan or Shanghai parks, make sure to consult our Tokyo Disneyland Trip Planning Guide and our Shanghai Disneyland Trip Planning Guide . There’s a lot more you’ll need to know for those visits! Hong Kong Disneyland is far and away the easiest of the trio to visit. It’s the most charming and laid back Disney park on the planet.

Another option is to visit Hong Kong Disneyland as part of a trip to Hong Kong and Macau. Hong Kong is frequently described as where “East Meets West,” and there’s truly something for everyone. From temples and shrines to a developed metropolis, Hong Kong has it all. It’s truly one of our favorite cities in the world.

Macau is akin to Las Vegas on steroids, and is a place where you can find UNESCO World Heritage Sites mere streets away from larger than life casinos. Macau is something else–really unique and well worth seeing. Definitely not among our favorite places in the world, but we’re glad we’ve been there before, and recommend it to others if “Vegas on Steroids but with Old World Heritage” catches your curiosity.

(For those unfamiliar with Hong Kong, although technically part of China, it’s a “Special Administrative Region” on an outlying island, meaning that visiting locations in mainland China like Shanghai and Beijing requires another flight.)

hong kong disneyland vip tour

Much like Disneyland Paris, Hong Kong Disneyland is a bit of a melting pot in terms of guest demographics. Many visitors come from Hong Kong, but it seems that just as many come from mainland China (there’s a pretty big difference between the two).

Hong Kong Disneyland also sees its fair share of Australians, guests from other countries in Asia, and a variety of guests from other English speaking countries. Cantonese, Mandarin, and English are all commonly-spoken languages by Cast Members at Hong Kong Disneyland. In fact, some attractions offer options for each of those three languages.

Some attractions and aspects of the park are not in English, but as English-speaking guests, we did not at all feel isolated or at a disadvantage. The things that aren’t in English are pretty easy to understand given their largely visual nature, or through subtitles. We do not view Hong Kong Disneyland as having any significant language barrier.

How Long to Visit

hong kong disneyland vip tour

We sort of touched upon this in the section above, but unless you’re a really serious Disney fan, we recommend one day at Hong Kong Disneyland. Contrary to popular lore, Hong Kong Disneyland is not a half day park. It’s also probably not a two day park, though. If you do opt for two days, that gives you time to slow down and do just about everything, plus repeat favorites, have a table service meal or two, and soak up the ambiance. That much time is not necessary (except perhaps on national holidays?), though.

You can hit the highlights in a single day, and if you’re traveling all the way to Hong Kong, you might want to allocate any additional time to exploring the city. If you are in any way crunched for time, (e.g. visiting both Hong Kong and Shanghai Disneyland or Tokyo), don’t spend more than 1 of your theme park days at Hong Kong Disneyland; spend the rest of your time at Shanghai Disneyland and/or Tokyo Disney Resort.

When to Visit

hong kong disneyland vip tour

Basically, you want to avoid three times: 1) the summer tourist season (not only are crowds high, but so is humidity–the area around Hong Kong Disneyland might technically be a jungle), 2) weekends, and 3) holidays, especially the Chinese New Year.

We’ve heard that crowds can be very high during these times. During our weekday off-season Christmas visit, the park seemed empty by US standards. There were several times in the middle of the day when Mystic Manor was a walk-on, and only a handful of popular, low-capacity rides had prohibitive waits.

When we returned in the summer, the humidity was killer. We will never go back to Hong Kong Disneyland between May and September ever again because the humidity is simply too brutal to have a pleasant time.

hong kong disneyland vip tour

Halloween season is another time of year that Hong Kong Disneyland, but whether you should avoid it or go because of this is a good question. We went during Halloween a couple of years ago, and it was amazing. Take a look at our photos and thoughts on the elaborate (and genuinely scary!) Halloween entertainment offerings at Hong Kong Disneyland .

The one downside was that it was still pretty humid, but not nearly as bad. We wouldn’t hesitate to go back at Halloween-time, simply because the entertainment is so awesome. Crowds are a bit higher, but it’s totally worth it.

What to Pack

hong kong disneyland vip tour

As always, we think the items on our Unique Disney Packing List will be helpful in any of the Disney theme parks. Specific to Hong Kong, we note that since it is a jungle (or jungle-like, at the very least) environment, plan for hot weather. Things like Frogg Togg Chilly Pads will come in handy, as will moisture wicking clothing.

In general, we would caution against overpacking. This is especially true in terms of toiletries if you’re staying at one of the on-site hotels. Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel provided a large set of toiletries in our room (large enough that it was themed to the Seven Dwarfs and there was a different item for each Dwarf!). Remember, Hong Kong is a world city, and you can purchase just about anything in Hong Kong that you’d be able to purchase at a convenience store in Orlando.

If you are going to be staying in multiple hotels in Asia, we highly recommend packing cubes or compression bags (I prefer the cubes) for organization. You can read more of our “carry-on philosophy” and which types of bags we use here .

Getting There

hong kong disneyland vip tour

If you are also visiting Hong Kong as part of your trip, we recommend doing the city itself before Hong Kong Disneyland, in which case taking the MTR into Hong Kong is the way to go. Our rationale for doing the city first is because it puts you at Hong Kong Disneyland right before your flight leaving Hong Kong, and you presumably will be on more of a strict schedule (since you flight has a set departure time) on the way out than you are on the way in, and it’s easier to bank on the 10-15 minute taxi ride to the airport than it is on the 30 minute to an hour long MTR ride from downtown Hong Kong to the airport.

The MTR is very reliable–it’s the best public transportation we’ve encountered anywhere in the world–but it’s still more predictable/safer to rely on a short taxi ride to the airport than a longer train ride, which means you won’t need to build as much of a time cushion into your return airport trip.


hong kong disneyland vip tour

Fortunately, we didn’t have to spend too much time researching this, as we quickly learned that Hong Kong has an impressive, free-for-visitors WiFi network . Rather than paying for anything, we have just used the free public WiFi when visiting Hong Kong.

Free WiFi is now available in Hong Kong Disneyland. However, it’s very spotty, meaning that you won’t have internet access at all in some lands. When this has happened, we just did without internet for an hour or so.

If you will literally die if you don’t post to Instagram for an hour, check out rental options. We wouldn’t want to be responsible for a headline in USA Today reading, “American Abroad Dies From Snapchat Withdrawal.” 😉

hong kong disneyland vip tour

We strongly recommend having a credit card with no foreign transaction fees for any international travel and also carrying cash for emergencies (plus small merchants and taxis that may not accept credit cards), but we didn’t find ourselves using credit cards or cash much in Hong Kong. Instead, we used what’s called the Octopus card . You think Walt Disney World’s MagicBands are cool? The entire island of Hong Kong has had the tap-to-pay system down since 1997.

The Octopus card is a reloadable tap-to-pay card that can be used at a multitude of locations, from 7-11 to the trains. It’s super easy to use, and how we paid for probably 75%+ of our transactions in Hong Kong.

hong kong disneyland vip tour

Hong Kong Disneyland has two official hotels, Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel and Disney’s Hollywood Hotel, both of which are walking distance to HDKL. (There’s also a shuttle if you’d prefer.) We’ve stayed at each of these hotels, and will give you a quick synopsis of each, along with links to our reviews.

  • Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel is the flagship, Grand Floridian-esque hotel, and it’s slightly closer to the park. We loved Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel .
  • Disney’s Hollywood Hotel is a Deluxe-caliber hotel that is Art Deco stylized, cheaper, and about 5 minutes farther away from the park. We also had a great stay at Hollywood Hotel, and found it to be a solid value .
  • Explorers Lodge is the newest, and best, hotel at Hong Kong Disneyland. As you can read in our full Explorers Lodge Review, this is our favorite hotel at HKDL .

If you’re on a tighter budget, there are also some nearby hotels that you can find on the usual suspects of booking sites. We’ve stayed at a couple of those, and would recommend the Hong Kong SkyCity Marriott Hotel. It’s basically a business class airport hotel. Really nice (and you earn points!).

In terms of perks, there’s no real benefit to staying on-site. Hong Kong Disneyland does not have Extra Magic Hours, an airport shuttle, etc. The train ride in from the Sunny Bay Station is really nice, so we don’t see the harm. The biggest benefit of staying on-site is the convenience of walking between your hotel and the park, and also being enveloped in the Disney ambiance.

We do not recommend booking a hotel in downtown Hong Kong for the entirety of your stay. If you visit downtown Hong Kong, you should do a split stay, changing hotels for the Hong Kong Disneyland leg of the trip. Much like Disneyland Paris and Tokyo Disney Resort, Hong Kong Disneyland is a decent train ride from downtown, and you’ll spend a couple of hours per day in transit if you make downtown your home base for the duration of the trip.

Park Tickets

hong-kong-disneyland-194 copy

Park tickets for Hong Kong Disneyland are super cheap as compared to the US parks. You can save money on Hong Kong Disneyland tickets by purchasing from Klook, which will also allow you to instantly print your ticket. You can also use the coupon to purchase a discounted meal voucher for Hong Kong Disneyland .

One thing to strong consider if you’re going for two or three days and plan to stay on-site is to have one person in your party purchase an Annual Pass. Currently, the breakeven point is 3 days in the park for an AP. Given that most people won’t be visiting for 3 days and the fact that the lowest tier of Annual Pass has 100+ blockout dates, it’s not going to be a good option for most people. (However, Annual Passes offer a variety of discounts, including on hotels for select dates.)


Dining at Hong Kong Disneyland is pretty simple, too. The restaurants are generally good, have a diverse selection of options (among them), and cater to a variety of dietary needs (including a couple of places that are Halal Certified). Think of it as sort of comparable to dining in the World Showcase in Epcot at Walt Disney World.

We’ve only reviewed a few Hong Kong Disneyland restaurants thus far; to read those make sure to check out our Disney Restaurant Reviews Index . We also have a Top 10 Hong Kong Disneyland Restaurants post, which is more to the point about where you should–and should not–dine.

As with Tokyo, make sure to sample Hong Kong Disneyland’s snacks. There aren’t nearly as many, but there are some good ones. These include the specialty drinks, seasonal donuts, Korean squid, turkey legs, and even Marvel-themed snacks in Tomorrowland.

hong kong disneyland vip tour

Also, we highly recommend doing the dim sum meal at Crystal Lotus in Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel . This needs to be booked in advance, so stop in here the first night of your trip, or call in advance. If you are interested in character dining, our favorite option is the breakfast in Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel. As we wrote in our Enchanted Garden Restaurant Review, this buffet is one of the best character meals in the world !

Another thing worth trying is the afternoon high tea. As mentioned above, Hong Kong is a former British colony, so this isn’t out of place like it might seem. We have done high tea at both River View Cafe and Corner Cafe on Main Street, but we noticed that it was also available at a couple of other restaurants.

There’s also a Victorian high tea in Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel. The presentation of our desserts was excellent, and we felt it was well worth the money for the experience. This seemed fairly popular, so consider booking day-of reservations.

That’s really the bulk of our recommendations. You can find what type of cuisine each Hong Kong Disneyland restaurant serves here . You’ll notice not many burger places, so if you’re a picky eater, your options are limited. We avoided the burgers, and found the other options to be excellent and not so exotic that anyone should be scared away from trying them.

What to Do?

hong kong disneyland vip tour

In our experience, Hong Kong Disneyland did not see massive crowds right at park opening like Tokyo. Rather, the attendance builds throughout the day, with the busiest time being in the late afternoon. We’re not advocating sleeping in (especially with the park’s short operating hours), but if you do, it’s probably not the end of the world.

There’s a lot more we could include in this guide, but Hong Kong Disneyland really doesn’t need to be “over-thought,” so let’s cut it off there. We will definitely add to this based on common questions, and I’m more than happy to offer assistance and advice in the comments if you have questions.

Your Thoughts

I know this just begins to scratch the surface of planning for a trip to Hong Kong Disneyland. If you have additional questions, please leave them in the comments. If you’ve been to Hong Kong Disneyland and have tips of your own, please add them in the comments—I might just borrow them for the guide itself!

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Written by Tom Bricker

' src=

I’m curious, why do you say HKDL “does not compare” to Shanghai DL?

' src=

This is super helpful. We’re planning a Japan trip and when I run the numbers it is nearly the exact same cost to add a Hong Kong stopover. Might as well drop in! Thanks for all the hard work that you put in to write these articles.

' src=

You write like HK is some remote, unknown island! It isn’t! Also, why would you fly between HK and Shanghai? Take a super comfortable train or bus across!

' src=

??? Weird take. . .I didn’t get that from this article at all. As for paying for the train to Shanghai; it sounds like a decent option. But Tom also discusses the hard-to-beat idea of stopping over on a flight “for free” so. . .?

We hope to finally make it to HKD/Tokyo Disney again once everything opens up (we are Disney cruisers and have been to most parks many times over). I’ll be referring to these guides before any others – not only due to their Disney expertise but for practical suggestions for vibrant HK and Japan as well.

' src=

Why would you take a bus between Shanghai and Hong Kong? That’s a crazy long ride as the two cities are very far. Even a flight takes you nearly 3 hours.

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This is a wonderful place! So magical! I wish one day I can see Disneyland in real life! Can’t wait to go there with my family. Thanks for sharing!

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Unrelated to park hopping, but any news on the walkway from Grand Floridian to Magic Kingdom?

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more updates*

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There are few locals at HK Disney. Most Chinese are mainland tourists. It’s been 5 years since my last visit. I plan to be there next week again. Hoping it’s empty because of protests. Debating on a 1 or 2 day ticket… Curious to see if there is any diff on the DCA Chinese New year outfits vs HK Disney New year’s outfits.

It’s been about a year since my DLR/DCA anual pass expired… but I recall Turkey legs are available in California Adventures.

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In my opinion, kids could also get toys at other times if they have been very good and good kids all the time. If there is any kind of trip or Disneyland going, then I think the kids should get something out there because the things they bought from the trips are still very valuable souvenirs that are not sold in shops, and every thing that is bought, will be remembered for their wonderful trips.

I highly recommend that you let the children choose what they like very much, their biggest dream and buy it. children may not like them at all.Purchase only the things that they really wanted and make them really happy.Sometimes they could rarely allow children to have the toys they deserve with their great nobility.If children are still very good, then, very rarely, they could just as well afford more expensive things. Very expensive things, then for the holidays.

I advise against banning things that children really like, because then they start plans to just want more.I advise not to buy all the time, but sometimes very rarely still be able to afford something if they have been very good children for a long time.I certainly also recommend that you let the children choose from online stores, because there are just so many rare, popular, exciting, cakey, and sweet things that may not be available in stores.

Hello there! Dear parents! Every child has the right to keep all the toys because they are valuable! If you have space, let them keep everything in their childhood! Keep the toys, if the kids like them very much!!!

Could you please forward these messages to the other people and parents too,because it is very important for all of us that every single kid can get the best childhood ever and their dreams should also come true and they will be very happy then!!!It will teach all the parents,how to give the best childhood for their children!!!This is the best lesson for all the parents!!!Thank You!

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go VIP! - Hong Kong Disneyland

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  • Hong Kong Disneyland

We spent a little more and did the VIP tour of Disneyland as we only had one day - I felt like a rock star that day! We jumped every line, got seats reserved at the show and our own private area to watch the parade. Our host was ever so gracious and knowlegeable, even taking photos of us while we were on the rides. We booked the tour online throught the Disney HK website which was super simple and then met our guide at the customer services area in the park. I totally recommend doing this tour, especially if your time is limited. The park is small so you could do it in one day, but with the heat why would you want to wait in the hot humid climate when you can be escorted straight on ?!

What else can I say about disneyland? it certainly rekindled the child in me! Best if you go on a weekday. We went on a wednesday and we hardly fell in line! No line took us more than 10mins. In some rides we didn't que at all but went straight in. Since we had more time, we were able to watch all the shows and maybe rode 80% of the rides. Come early and come on a weekday!=)

We are a young couple and we also loved the Hong Kong Disney! Everywhere you could see frantic Asian kiddies running around and enjoying themselves. The park is well organised. As with all tourist destinations the food was pricey for the quality. The waiting times where not that long in August when we went to visit. The Metro goes directly to the Resort, very convenient! I would recommend for most families on vacation in Hong Kong to visit the Disney. Enjoy!

Not as big as Disney in the US, but definately worth a day trip. Food is pleantyful. Rides were a bit kiddy for over 12s. Great day out.

On our recent trip to Hong Kong we visited Disneyland. Disneyland has been a place that both my wife and I have always wanted to experience since we were kids growing up. Our accommodation was in Kowloon, however getting to Disneyland is a short MTR ride away. (About 30 minutes) The experience starts when you get onto Disney’s very own train leading to the park. Its decked out with plenty of Disney memorabilia and Mickey mouse shaped windows. Upon arrival there is a short walk to get to the main entrance. I recommend getting to the park early around 9.30 am as it tends to get really busy throughout the day. If you’re not staying at the Disney land hotel, you should allow at least 9 - 10 hours to make sure you get the full Disneyland theme park experience. The park itself is gigantic. There are so many things to do. If you are only there for the one day, I would recommend going on the rides first then make you way around to watch some of the fantastic shows available. The rides are great fun. Be sure to go on the space mountain rollercoaster and the Dumbo rides as in my view they are the best ones there. The only down side with the rides is that you have to wait quite a while to get on. We waited 50 minutes to go on the parachute ride in the Toy Story land. I recommend going to the Disney awards show. It’s located next to the "It’s a small world" land. It was one of the highlights of our Disney experience. Such a great stage performance by all involved. Food wise, the restaurants are quite expensive as you would expect for a theme park. We had lunch at the Corner Cafe which had very nice food but cost us $65 AUD for two gourmet burgers, chips and two soft drinks. We were a little disappointed when we walked next door to Tomorrow land and saw that the food prices were a lot cheaper for the same type of food. ($45 AUD cheaper to be exact) Nevertheless there are plenty of food outlets available to choose from. If you want to take photos with the Disney characters you need to try and get in very early as once again there are long waiting times to do this. The park staff take professional photos in the hopes of you spending more money but they are more than happy to use your camera and take some happy snaps to remember for free. We really enjoyed our time at Disneyland Hong Kong and would recommend it to anyone. If your are travelling with kids it would be worth staying at the Disneyland Hotel for at least two nights so the kids can get the full experience as it is such a big theme park with lots of fun and exciting things to do. It really is an awesome day out for both kids and adults!!!

Staying in TST, Kowloon, we caught the MTR (train) to Disney Land and return - very straightforward. This was my kids first visit to a Disney Land and we were not disappointed. Unfortunately there were various thunderstorms and therefore some attractions were not operating. As the weather was poor and we went mid week, the lines were short (average queue time less than 15 mins). The park was well laid out and very clean. You were able to get photos with all the main Disney characters (I think it was in the Magic Garden) and then pick them up as souvenir photos later in the day, but surprisingly, the Disney staff also took photos with our camera so I did not have the spend the extra money if I did not want to. For tickets at the gate, we were offered a discount if we paid by VISA. A memorable day was had by all.

The Pinay Solo Backpacker Itinerary Blog

Disneyland Hong Kong Guide: Tickets, Ride, Itinerary + Budget

by thepinay solobackpacker | Sep 12, 2023 | Hong Kong | 4 comments

Few things in life can make us feel like a kid again, and Hong Kong Disneyland is  one of them. It’s the main reason why my sister and I first visited Hong Kong a few years ago, and we did not regret it. Like I said on my Hong Kong Travel Guide Blog, the trip was really special. The Disney Castle’s fireworks display was so beautiful it made us cry. The feeling is so surreal, like a childhood dream that finally came true. We spent 2 days in Disneyland Hong Kong because we’re just so mesmerized and wanted to slow down and soak up the atmosphere.  To make the most of your time here, best to plan your trip and decide the rides that you want to try  and attractions that you want to visit. Here’s my Disneyland Hong Kong Guide to help you plan your itinerary.



When is the best time to visit.

Hong Kong is a year-round destination due to its sub-tropical location.  It has 4 seasons: summer, winter, autumn and spring. The months of October to November and March to April are the best months to visit Hong Kong due to its pleasant weather, just avoid the weekends and holidays if you are visiting Disneyland as it can get pretty crowded.  June to August is hot and humid, which can be brutal.  May to September is a typhoon season, so if you have booked during these months, make sure to check the weather updates.  Meanwhile, the months between December to February are the coldest months in Hong Kong.

How many days to spend in Hong Kong Disneyland?

Disneyland Hong Kong is not a half-day park, you will miss a lot if you only visit for 1 day.  And with the hefty entrance fee, best to maximise your time here.  I think a 1-day visit would be enough to cover the highlights of Disneyland Hong Kong. You can get a FASTPASS to avoid long queues.  I will discuss that below .

Now if you are a huge Disney fan, then 2 days in Hong Kong Disneyland would probably be the best for you, as this will give you enough time to cover the entire theme park and soak up the atmosphere here.

Disneyland Hong Kong Open Hours:

Disneyland Hong Kong operating hours is 10:30 AM –  8:45 PM every Monday to Thursday and 10:00 AM – 8:45 PM from Friday to Sunday.

Official Website:

hong kong disneyland vip tour

Decide your Hong Kong Disneyland Route

If you wish to maximize your trip to Disneyland Hong Kong, better plan your route ahead of time.  Download the Hong Kong Disneyland mobile app with GPS-enabled map HERE .   This is a big help when navigating around the park, it will also tell you the estimated waiting time for each ride, you can make restaurant reservations through the app, it will tell you when and where will the Disney character appear in the park, etc.

Check out the map below to see what are the Hong Kong rides and attractions that you want to see and try.  You can also get a FREE map inside Disneyland Hong Kong.

Where to buy Hong Kong Disneyland Tickets?

While you can buy Hong Kong Disneyland ticket at the park entrance, you can avoid the long lines and save time if you purchase your ticket in advance.  You can get it from Hong Kong Disneyland Hotels or better yet, get it online. Klook offers Hong Kong Disneyland discounted tickets, you can book through the link below.


How much is the hong kong disneyland ticket price.

There are 4 types of Hong Kong Disneyland tickets. The most popular HK Disneyland tickets are:

1-Day HK Disneyland Park Ticket:

(General Admission, 12-64 y.o) :  HKD 619/PHP 4,199/USD 79/EURO 68/SGD 107/MYR 316

(Children, 3- 11 y.o) : HKD 458/PHP 3,107/USD 58/EURO 50/SGD 79/MYR 236

(Senior, 65 + y.o): HKD 100/PHP 678/USD 13/EURO 11/SGD 17/MYR 51

2-Day HK Disneyland Park Ticket:

(General Admission, 12-64 y.o) : HKD 799/PHP 5,420/USD 102/EURO 87/SGD 138/MYR 407

(Children, 3- 11 y.o) :  HKD 458/PHP 3,107/USD 58/EURO 50/SGD 79/MYR 236

(Senior, 65 + y.o) : HKD 170/PHP 1,153/USD 22/EURO 19/SGD 29/MYR 87

disneyland hong kong - Tomorrowland 1

Can you skip the line in Disneyland Hong Kong rides?

  Yes.  But you need to get a FASTPASS Ticket and good news is, it’s FREE. FASTPASS attractions include: Hyperspace Mountain, The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh and the Iron Man Experience.

FASTPASS Tickets are available to guests with valid Hong Kong Disneyland park tickets, and they are subject to change and availability. It’s only valid on the day of issue and everyone in your group must have FASTPASS Ticket.

FASTPASS ticket can only be used for a specific time period  and you can only get one ticket for the said period. A valid FASTPASS ticket should indicate the attraction name, a time period you can return to the attraction and a time when you can get another FASTPASS ticket.


  • Go to the FASTPASS distribution sign near the ride or attraction entrance.
  • Check the “Return Time” shown on the sign. If the return time is good for you, you can scan your valid Hong Kong Disneyland ticket at the FASTPASS machine.
  • The machine will generate a FASTPASS ticket printed with your return time. Get the FASTPASS ticket.
  • Go to the FASTPASS return entrance during the specified time on your ticket.
  • Show your FASTPASS ticket the Cast Member (staff) and enjoy your shorter wait line!

What to Pack for Hong Kong Disneyland?

  Bring refillable drinking bottle to keep yourself hydrated, you can refill for free at any of the drinking fountains scattered around Hong Kong Disneyland, usually located outside most restrooms.

If you are visiting from December to February, bring jacket as this is the coldest months.

If you are visiting during summer, bring extra shirt or clothes so you can change. The weather can get pretty humid during this season.

Bring power bank for your phones and bring extra battery for your camera so you can take many pictures.

Hong Kong Disneyland Internet and Data:

  Hong Kong Disneyland has  a free Wi-Fi, but connection is intermittent, so it’s best if you have your own Wi-Fi connection. Philippine Airlines has MYPALRoam , we used this during our recent trip and the connection was really good. You can  BOOK HERE   and they also have booths at NAIA Terminal 2.

hong kong disneyland vip tour

Hong Kong Simcard:

If you are traveling to Hong Kong alone, the cheapest option to get connected online is by buying a Hong Kong sim card.  You can purchase through the link below.  


Mode of Payment in Hong Kong Disneyland:

While Hong Kong Dollar is used widely, some restaurants and shops inside Hong Kong Disneyland accepts major credit cards. It would be best to bring a credit card with no foreign transaction fees. Otherwise, if you run out of cash, there are ATMs located inside Hong Kong Disneyland.

ATM locations inside Hong Kong Disneyland:

  • Left side of the Park entrance
  • City Hall along Main Street, USA
  • Explorer’s Club Restaurant, Mystic Point
  • Inside Hong Disneyland Resort hotels

Also, take note that you can use the Octopus Card in several locations in Hong Kong, including train rides.

  Are there lockers in Hong Kong Disneyland Park?

  Yes. You can leave your bags at the luggage valet on Park Promenade near MTR Disneyland Resort Station. Fee for any luggage size is HKD 110/PHP 746/USD 14/EURO 12/SGD 19/MYR 56 per piece per day.

You may also store your luggage at lockers inside Hong Kong Disneyland Park midway up Main Street, USA.  And you can open them unlimited times during regular business hours.  Luggage size should fit the locker with size 45 cm x 35 cm x 43 cm. Fee is HKD 110/PHP 746/USD 14/EURO 12/SGD 19/MYR 56 per piece per day.


disneyland hong kong - fantasy parade. 1

How to get to Disneyland Hong Kong from Manila, Philippines?

There are several airlines that fly to Hong Kong daily. But Philippines Airlines is a great choice since the airfare comes with inflight-meal and a 30 kg baggage allowance, unlike in low cost airlines. You can book your flight at   and follow them on their social media channels to get seat sale alerts.  We flew early in the morning and luckily, our PAL plane has inflight entertainment!

It’s pretty easy to get around Hong Kong because of its excellent transportation system, most especially its well-connected MTR. Here’s how to get to Hong Kong Disneyland Resort from some popular train stations.  You can plan your Hong Kong MTR route  HERE

  Hong Kong Airport to Hong Kong Disneyland

  •   Ride the Hong Kong Airport MTR.
  • Alight at Tsing Yi Station.
  • Change to Tung Chung Line (Orange Line) at Tsing Yi Platform 3
  • Get off at Sunny Bay.
  • Change train to Hong Disneyland Resort (Pink Line) at Sunny Bay Platform 3.
  • Alight at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort Station and walk to the park entrance.

Transit Time: About 34 mins

First Train: 05:54 AM

Last Train: 12:04 AM

Regular Fare:

(Adult) HKD 85.20/PHP 578/USD 11/EURO 9.31/SGD 15/MYR 43

(Children/Senior) HKD 42.40/PHP 288/USD 5.40/EURO 5/SGD 7.34/MYR 22

Fare if using the Octopus Card:

(Adult) HKD 65/PHP 441/USD 8.28/EURO 7.10/SGD 11.25/MYR 33.15

(Children/Senior) HKD 32.50/PHP 220.45/USD 4.14/EURO 3.55/SGD 5.63/MYR 16.57

hong kong disneyland vip tour

Hong Kong Station to Hong Kong Disneyland

  • If your hotel is near Hong Kong Station, ride Tung Chung Line (Orange Line) to Sunny Bay.
  • Get off atSunny Bay Station.
  • Interchange at Sunny Bay Platform 3 towards Disneyland.
  • Board the train to Disneyland Resort (Pink Line)
  • Alight at Disneyland Resort Line.
  • Walk towards Disneyland entrance.

T ravel Time: About 30 mins

First Train: 6:01 AM

Last Train: 00:13 AM

  Regular Fare: HKD 28.50/PHP 193/USD 4/EURO 3/SGD 5/MYR 15

  Fare if using the Octopus Card: HKD 25.7/PHP 174/USD 3.27/EURO 3/SGD 4.45/MYR 13.11

Mongkok/Tsim Tsa Tsui to Hong Kong Disneyland

  • If your hotel is in Mong Kok, ride Tsuen Wan Line (Red Line) at MTR Mong Kok Station .   If coming from Tsim Sha Tsui area, at MTR Tsim Tsa Tsui, board the Tsuen Wan Line (Red Line).
  • Alight at MTR Lai King Station.
  • Change train at Lai King Platform 3 towards Tung Chung (Orange Line).
  • Get off at Sunny Bay Station.

Travel time: 33 mins

First Train: 06:16 AM

Last Train: 12:09 PM

Regular: HKD 23/PHP 156/USD 3/EURO 3/SGD 4/MYR 12

Fare  if using the Octopus Card:

MTR (Adult) HKD 20.3/PHP 135.67/USD 2.59/EURO 2.10/SGD 3.42/MYR 10.12

MTR (Child/Student)   HKD 10.2/68.17/USD 1.30/EURO 1.06/SGD 1.72/MYR 5.09

By Disneyland Hotel Shuttle

If you’re staying at any of the Hong Kong Disneyland resorts, there are FREE shuttle buses that run between the hotels and the Disneyland  Resort Public Transportation Interchange (PTI), which is walking distance to Park.

Shuttle Bus Hours of Operation:

6:00 AM to 8:00 AM Departing from PTI every 20 minutes

8:00 AM to midnight Departing from PTI every 10 to 15 minutes

12:00 AM to 1:00 AM Departing from PTI every 20 minutes

1:00 AM to 6:00 AM Services may be arranged upon request. Inquire at the hotel front desk.


Hong kong downtown to hong kong disneyland.

Long Win Bus and City Bus have bus routes to Hong Kog Disneyland from downtown Hong Kong.  Bus # R33 leaves from Tuen Mun Railway Station. While Bus # 42 leaves from Tai Wai Railway Station.

FARE: HKD  22.3/PHP 151.26/USD 3/EURO 2.44/SGD 4/MYR 11.37

Hong Kong Airport to Hong Kong Disneyland

  • Go to Airport Ground Transport Center Bus Terminus .
  • Ride any “A” or “E” bus routes to Lantau Link Toll Plaza.
  • Get off at Lantau Link Toll PlazA.
  • Ride bus R8 toDisneylandResort Public Transportation Interchange (PTI)
  • Walk to park entrance.

To Lantau Toll Link Plaza:HKD 7/PHP 47/USD 0.89/EURO 0.76/SGD 1.21/MYR 4

To Disneyland Resort Public Transport Interchange (PTI): HKD 3/PHP 20/USD 0.38/EURO 0.33/SGD 0.52/MYR 1.53

You can take a taxi to Hong Kog Disneyland Resort. Taxi service areas are indicated by color:  Urban taxi (red), New Territories taxis (green) and Lantau taxis (blue). If coming from Hong Kong Airport, expect to pay aroundHKD 130/PHP 882/USD 17/EURO 14/SGD 23/MYR 66 for a taxi to Disneyland Hong Kong.

Where to Stay in Disneyland Hong Kong?

disney explorers lodge

Disney Explorers Lodge

Disneyland HongKong can be easily done as a day tour from downtown Hong Kong, but if you have the budget to splurge and want to treat your family and friends to a comfortable stay near the theme park, you can book the following hotels.

NOTE: To check the room rates, click the link below, change the date and click search.


The latest addition  to Hong Kong Disneyland Resorts, Disney Explorers Lodge is a seven-story hotel with design and architecture that showcases the cultures of Africa, Oceania, South America and Asia.  Interestingly, the hotel is brimming with arts and artefacts from around the world. I stayed here during our recent visit to Hong Kong Disneyland.



My sister and I stayed here during our first visit to Disneyland Hong Kong, and just like in Disney Explorers Lodge, we enjoyed the experience.  It’s a Hollywood-inspired hotel, with a beautiful Art Deco style building sprinkled with Disney designs.


Though I haven’t stayed here yet, I’ve visited this twice during my Hong Kong trip because we usually dine here.  It has an opulent 6-star lobby and a Victorian-inspired building.  Also check out its  well-manicured garden with a maze.

ALSO READ: Hong Kong Budget Hotels

Where to eat in hong kong disneyland.

disneyland hong kong - food

There are several restaurants inside Disneyland Hong Kong park, you can refer to your mobile app or map on where to find them. We’ve tried most of them during our last visit. My personal favorite is the Main Street Corner Café and Plaza Inn.

Main Street, USA: Main Street Corner Café, Plaza Inn and Market House Bakery

Mystic Point: Explorer’s Club Restaurant

Fantasyland: Royal Banquet Hall and Clopin’s Festival of Foods

Adventureland: Tahitian Terrace

Tomorrowland: Comet Café, Starliner Diner

If you are staying in one of the 3 Hong Kong Disneyland Resorts, you can also try their restaurants and get to meet Mickey and friends! My personal favorite here is the Enchanted Garden and the Crystal Lotus

Disney Explorer’s Lodge: Dragon Wind, World of Color Restaurant, Chart Room Cafe

Disneyland Hotel: Enchanted Garden, Crystal Lotus, Walt’s Café, Sea Breeze Bar

Disney’s Hollywood Hotel: Chef Mickey, Hollywood and Dine

Hong Kong Disneyland Theme Zones and Popular Rides

1. main street, usa.

Once you enter Hong Kong Disneyland, this  beautiful themed zone will welcome you warmly.  This place will make you feel as if you are walking in 1900’s  in the US. At the end of the Main Street, you will see the Disneyland Castle  proudly standing in the middle. Main Street, USA is a perfect place to shoot your Instagram OOTDs!

Popular Main Street, USA Attractions:

hong kong disneyland vip tour

Royal Princess Garden –  Little girls will surely love this place where visitors can meet and greet their favorite Disney Princesses like Cinderella, Snow White, Belle, Sophia and Princess Aurora and have a photo with them!

2. Adventureland

This place is like a remote jungle, brimming with outposts and river cruises.

hong kong disneyland vip tour

Popular Adventureland Attractions:

Festival of the Lion King –  My favorite theater show in Hong Kong Disneyland is the Lion King. Don’t miss this musical that tells the story of Simba, Nala and Scar. The stage is packed with acrobats and fire dancers and impressive floats.

  Jungle River Cruise –  Ride a weathered tramp steamer and enjoy a fascinating cruise along a tropical river where you’ll encounter a pool of playful elephants, hippos, gorillas, king cobras and giant spider, a headhunter and the iconic Canyon of the Gods.

Tarzan’s Tree House –  Ride this raft that will take you to Tarzan’s Tree House.


This eye-catching sci-fi themed park is located on the right side after Mainland, USA. You won’t miss it because of the distinctive rocket dome of Hyperspace Mountain. Tomorrowland mostly features space adventures.

hong kong disneyland vip tour

Tomorrowland Popular Rides:

Iron Man Experience –  At Tomorrowland, you’ll find the Iron Man Experience, a 3D simulation ride where you can fly over Hong Kong on a wing flight vehicle while the city is under attack by Hydra and Iron Man will surely save you. If you want to meet and greet Iron Man himself and snap a photo, you can head to the Iron Man Tech Show at the Stark Expo. As queue here can get pretty long, you can use your FASTPASS.

Hyperspace Mountain –  This classic roller coaster ride sent me screaming for my dear life! Haha Definitely one of the most popular rides in Hong Kong Disneyland, Hyperspace Mountain is a Star Wars theme ride.  You will board a thrilling ride together with your buddy as you go through intergalactic battles with sudden twists, bend and drops, Stormtroopers, X-Wing Star Fighters, and more! After the thrilling ride, you can meet the Star Wars character at the command post.

Starwars Take Over –  You can also see your favorite Star Wars characters, including Stormtroopers, Chewbacca, R2D2 at Tomorrowland.

Buzz Light Year Astro Blasters –  This interactive ride is set in the Buzz Light Year universe. I like this ride because it’s not as gripping as the Space Mountain but it’s interactive – so when my sister and I tried this years ago, we had fun shooting targets with the movable laser gun.

Orbitron –  Another classic ride at Tomorrowland where you get to be a pilot of your own flying saucer!

4. Fantasyland

This is the heart of Hong Kong Disneyland, crowned by Disney Castle.Here, you’ll find many of the classic favorites like Cinderella, Winnie the Pooh, Dumbo, Mickey Mouse and Minnie, etc.

hong kong disneyland vip tour

  Fantasyland Top Attractions:

  • Hong Kong Disneyland Castle  – Currently under renovation.
  • Fantasy Garden –  You might meet and greet your favorite Disney character in this beautiful, well-manicured garden that was inspired by Fantasi
  • It’s a Small World –  My favorite ride in Hong Kong Disneyland because I thinks it’s therapeutic.  Hop on a musical boat while singing along to the classic world peace song and sail along the river fringed by stunning, intricate papier-mache and several traditionally dressed dolls from different parts of the world.
  • The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh –  Ride on a gigantic Hunny Pot as you glide along the settings of Winnie the Pooh and immerse in its stories.

5. Toy Story Land

As you might have surmised, Toy Storyland will shrink you and transport you to Andy’sbackyard where you can play with the Toy story character, just like in the movie.  This zone is packed with rides and attractions for children and adult.

disneyland hong kong - toy story

Toy Story Land Popular Rides:

  • Toy Soldier Parachute Jump –  Hop on the 6-person parachute jump vehicle and float up a 25-meter-tall parachute tower for stunning, panoramic view of Mystic Manor and Grizzly Gulch! Then, experience being dropped from the sky with a parachute, over and over again!
  • RC Racer –  I tried this roller coaster ride on my 1 st visit, and it almost made me puke! Haha If you like gravity-defying rides, this one’s for you, but if not, skip this!  The RC Racer is inspired by the remote-controlled car (RC) of Andy in the Disney Pixar movie Toy Story.  This ride will send you speeding back and forth on a towering U-shaped track.
  • Slinky Dog Spin –  Slinky Dog Spin will remind you of Andy’s good friend Slinky the Dog, with a distinct spring body. This ride will take you up and down as Slinky Dog follow a ring-shaped route.

  6. Mystic Point

This themed zone in Disneyland Hong Kong is one of my favorites! The Mystic Point is set in 1908 where supernatural events and mysteries happens.

disneyland hong kong - mystic 2

Mystic Point Popular Attractions:

  • Mystic Manor –  We visited the lovely Mystic Manor, home of Lord Henry Mystic and got to hop on the mystic magneto-electric carriage to see his extensive art and artifacts collection and got to witness how his beautifully carved Balinese music box turned inanimate objects to life with its music dust!
  • Garden of Wonders –  Right in front of the Mystic Manor is a special garden that looks ordinary at first sight, but once you roam this well-manicured place, you will discover varied archaeological relics that form interesting 3D illusions.

7. Grizzly Gulch

This themed zone features a wild west concept, peppered mining mountains, golden nuggets, geyser, town jail and 19 th century-inspired establishments. You can also meet and greet your favorite Disney character sporting old wild western styles outfit here.

hong kong disneyland vip tour

Grizzly Gulch Popular Ride:

Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars – Ride the mine train that will swoop you around a winding track, past jagged cavern! This is one exhilarating ride, not for the faint hearted!


A visit to Hong Kong Disneyland won’t be complete without watching the street parade!


disneyland hong kong - fantasy parade

My favorite street parade as it packed with Disney characters in gorgeous floats! Catch Mickey and friends, Toy Story, The Lion King, The Jungle Book, and more! Catch this performance along the street every 1:45 PM!


disneyland hong kong - paint the night

  Another beautiful parade, happens every night in Disneyland Hong Kong is the Disney Paint the Night Parade.  Catch your favorite Disney Characters infused with lights and colors! Catch Belle, Tinker Belle, Buzz Lightyear, Sheriff Woody, Ariel, and many more!  You can watch this every 8:45 PM at the main street of Disneyland.

What’s New in Hong Kong Disneyland

1. New and Long-Time Disney Friends – At the different corners of the park during the “Carnival of Stars”, you’ll get to meet the new faces and some long-time Disney friends.

At the Annex on the Main Street, USA, you can queue to meet Baymax and Hiro from Big Hero 6 .

Watch out for the grand entrance of Wakanda’s King – T’Challa, also known as Black Panther , from the technically-advanced African nation. Lean the traditional Wakandan greeting and snap a photo with him!


At Tomorrowland, meet Groot , as he joins guests for a very special Heroic encounter!

Catch Spider Man as he swings into action and shows off his bold moves in Tomorrowland.

2.  Karibuni Marketplace – Opened this year beside the Theater in Wild Adventureland, Karibuni Marketplace takes guests in the lively colors, sights and sounds of Africa. We had fun playing games here like Blongo Balls, Plinko and Wheel of Fortune where we were able to take home some cutesy prizes like stuffed animals and Disney pins! There are also snacks being exclusively sold here!

And oh, watch out for King Louie and Baloo from the Jungle Book, Carl and Russell from Up, Gennie and Jasmine from Aladdin, and Timon and Rafiki from the Lion King!

3. Moana: A Homecoming Celebration – Moana fans will surely rejoice as you can now meet this beauty in Adventureland. Moana: A Homecoming Celebration is the first attraction added toDisneyland Hong Kong’s expansion.

hong kong disneyland vip tour

4. Water Play Street Party- Disneyland Hong Kong has just introduced the first-ever Disney-Pixar themed “Water Play Street Party”, featuring Disney Pixar stars, such as Mr. and Mrs. Incredibles from the Incredibles, and Toy Story characters. This street party is along Main Street, USA, where guests will be soaked up in a water-filled summer celebration!

5. The Transformation of Hong Kong Disneyland’s Castle – Who isn’t excited to see the new Disneyland Hong Kong Castle? The new castle will honor the 13 Disneyland Princess stories and is expected to take Disneyland Hong Kong to new heights will all new day and night entertainment! The makeover is still ongoing and guests are welcome to share their Disneyland Hong Kong photo on Instagram with the hashtag #CreateaDisneyCastle to help create a Disney mosaic together!


hong kong disneyland vip tour

Here’s a sample Hong Kong Disneyland itinerary, good for 1 day. Feel free to tweak this depending on your schedule.


disneyland hong kong - carnival of stars

If you are wondering how much to spend in Hong Kong Disneyland, here’s a sample budget. But do note that this doesn’t include the food, because it depends on where you plan to eat.  Food in Disneyland is quite hefty, and you can’t bring your own food. If you are on a tight budget, there are food trucks outside the park.  You can see them half way to the train station. Klook also offers a discounted voucher, you can RESERVE HERE .

Hong Kong Disneyland Travel Tips

hong kong disneyland vip tour

Take note of these Etiquette and Rules inside Disneyland Hong Kong:

  • Crowds would usually stand along the street when watching the Disney Street Parade or the WE Love Mickey Mouse Show.  If you want to have a good view, go there early so you can snag a spot. Don’t go around telling people to sit down.
  • Beat the queue with the FASTPASS.
  • Arrive early and go to the far attractions like Toy Story Land, Grizzly Gulch and Mystic Point first since most likely the crowd will gather at Main Street and Fantasy Land.
  • Wear proper attire, 16 years or older are not allowed to wear costumes.
  • Wear comfortable shoes or footwear as you will walk most of the time.
  • During summer, bring umbrella, hat, sunglasses and sunscreen to protect yourself from the harsh sun.
  • Smoke in designated smoking areas only.
  • Don’t bring food, alcoholic beverages or any illegal substance inside the park.
  • If you are really on a budget, there are food trucks outside Hong Kong Disneyland where you can buy and eat reasonably-priced food.
  • Bag or boxes that are larger than 56 cm x 36cm x 23cm cannot be brought inside the park.
  • Flying of drone and use of selfie stick, large tripod, folding stools, and chairs are prohibited inside the park.

More info HERE

hong kong disneyland vip tour

DISCLOSURE: Our Hong Kong Disneyland trip was made possible by Hong Kong Disneyland and Philippine Airlines .



Follow me on facebook for travel guide updates.


Follow her on Facebook , Twitter and Instagram .

For advertisements, sponsorship and partnerships, you may reach her at gaelhilotinblog (at) gmail (dot) com.

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hong kong disneyland vip tour

HONG KONG : Budget Hotels

hong kong disneyland vip tour

Hong Kong Disneyland Rides : Fantasyland

jeanette bobadilla

hello! i would like to ask the time regarding parade, on the disneyland website it is 7 30pm and flights of fantasy 3 30pm but yours is different. is it depende on the date? im doing our itinerary in disneyland kasi hehe thak you!

thepinay solobackpacker

The schedule varies. They may have changed it already. Follow the dates on the official website. Thanks for the heads up


Disneyland Resort VIP Tours

Roll out the red carpet for your family with our customizable vip experience—and get ready for your most magical day ever, reservations are required. email us or call (714) 300-7710 to book today, private tour guide.

Welcome to the ultimate Disney experience—Disneyland Resort VIP Tours—that combines the hospitality Disney is known for, plus a wealth of premium benefits!

Hassle-Free Planning

Personalized scheduling.

“Let your concierge be your guide” and design a customized yet flexible schedule for your family.

Concierge Booking

Get your specific needs and priorities served—including booking your dining reservations in advance!

Reserved Viewing

A night to remember.

Enjoy reserved viewing for fireworks at Disneyland Park and World of Color at Disney California Adventure Park, subject to availability.

Look Who’s Passing By!

Wave hello to some of your Disney pals during a Disneyland Park parade from a reserved viewing section, subject to availability.

Expedited Access

Vip service, from the very first greeting….

Delight in Disney’s acclaimed hospitality and attention to detail—and get help for your needs.

Insider Storytelling 

Your own personal guide will entertain your family with insider tips and stories throughout the day.

Immerse Yourself in Disney Magic and Stories

Valuable tips, how to book.

Planning Your VIP Tour

Get help planning your trip with important information along with the assistance of VIP Tour Coordinators. 

• VIP Tour Coordinators can help you preplan major items such as start times, special celebrations, specific family priorities for the day and special dining needs.

• VIP Tour Coordinators can also help you book Disneyland Resort dining reservations.

• Your VIP Tour schedule will not be a minute-by-minute itinerary but will allow you the flexibility to make impromptu changes along the way.

• Tour length is customizable to your needs, with a minimum of 7 hours and a maximum of 10 hours.

• Tour services are available during normal park operating hours only.

Know Before You Go

Theme Park Admission

Separate theme park admission and park reservation are both required to enter a park and for all Disneyland Resort Tours.

• Park admission is not included in the VIP Tour price. 

• Park reservations will be obtained for Guests with confirmed VIP Tours.

• Same-day visits to one or both theme parks—Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park—requires separate admission to both parks.

Tips and Information about Your Special Day

Questions? Here is some information that might help answer them.

• Minors (Guests under the age of 18) must be accompanied by an adult (18 years of age or older) during the entire tour.

• Complimentary strollers and wheelchairs offered to VIP Tour Guests (based on availability).

• VIP Tours are outdoor walking tours, so please wear comfortable walking shoes—and remember to check the weather forecast in advance and to dress appropriately. Inclement weather may also affect available entertainment, attractions and experiences.

• All offerings, services and experiences are subject to availability, change or cancellation without notice. Other restrictions may apply.

Related Activities

The 21 royal experience.

Host an extraordinary dinner party—with the help of an expert sommelier—at a private residence in the heart of Disneyland Park.

Crown Collection by Disneyland Resort

Explore a thoughtfully curated suite of personalized services and offerings at the Disneyland Resort.

Walt’s Main Street Story Tour

Learn little-known facts about Main Street, U.S.A. during this enchanting tour—which includes a visit to Walt’s apartment in Town Square!

Land of Dreams VIP Tour

hong kong disneyland vip tour

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  • Destinations
  • Rewards

A guide to Hong Kong Disneyland Tickets and best attractions Official

Overview of Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong kong disneyland itinerary, special add-ons, hong kong disneyland magic access, must-visit attractions in hong kong disneyland, top parades and shows in hong kong disneyland, mass transit railway (mtr), public buses, private cars and rental cars, hotel shuttles, what to pack for a day at hong kong disneyland, eating and dining at hong kong disneyland, souvenir shopping in hong kong disneyland, hotels near hong kong disneyland, things to know before visiting hong kong disneyland.

Show More 

Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland is a popular theme park attracting many people from around the world. Photo by Jacob Dyer on Unsplash

Planning for a Hong Kong Disneyland trip this season, here’s our guide to making the best out of your experience.

Overview of Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland is the first Disneyland in China. Photo by Russel Jhon Seares on Unsplash

A magical theme park located in Hong Kong, Hong Kong Disneyland is a part of the global Disney theme park franchise. It was open to the public on September 12, 2005, and is situated on Lantau Island.

Apart from offering various attractions in other Disney parks worldwide, the park also features unique elements that reflect local culture and traditions. Hong Kong Disneyland has several themed areas, including Main Street, U.S.A., Fantasyland, Adventureland, Toy Story Land, Tomorrowland, Grizzly Gulch, Mystic Point, and Arendelle: World of Frozen.

As a visitor, you can enjoy classic Disney attractions and witness spectacular parades and shows. The park is constantly adding new attractions and entertainment to enhance the guest experience.

*Please note that the times are approximate and can vary based on the crowd levels and your personal pace. Also, remember to check the schedule for live performances and parades, as these are subject to change.

Hong Kong Disneyland Tickets

Hong Kong Disneyland tickets

There are different Hong Kong Disneyland tickets for different budgets and requirements. Photo by Carl Barcelo on Unsplash

There are different Hong Kong Disneyland tickets to meet different needs. However, please note that Hong Kong Disneyland Ticket price keeps changing, so it's always best to check the official Hong Kong Disneyland website or contact them directly for the latest information. Here's an overview of the Hong Kong Disneyland tickets and Hong Kong Disneyland ticket price ranges:

The tier system for 1-day Hong Kong Disneyland tickets is designed to manage park attendance based on the expected demand. Each day is assigned a "tier" based on the anticipated crowd, with the ticket price varying accordingly.

Tier 1 Tickets are the most affordable option, typically designated for regular weekdays or less busy days while Tier 2 Ticketsare Slightly more expensive and are usually for days with a moderate level of expected visitors.

Similarly, Tier 3 Hong Kong Disneyland tickets are for days with higher anticipated crowds, often aligning with school holidays or special events. They are priced a bit higher. Whereas Tier 4, the most expensive of the four Hong Kong Disneyland tickets is for the busiest days, such as major holidays or peak seasons. If you purchase a ticket for a higher tier, you have the flexibility to use it on a day of a lower tier.

For further details and updates about the latest Hong Kong Disneyland tickets, you can visit the official Hong Kong Disneyland website .

Apart from regular-tier tickets, Hong Kong Disneyland tickets also come in the form of special passes and add-ons. An early park entry pass Hong Kong Disneyland ticket price is HK$199. The park also offers Premier Access to specific attractions. Here’s a table explaining the pass types and their costs.

Hong Kong Disneyland ticket Prices may vary depending on the day of your visit and factors, such as peak seasons or special events. Therefore, it's always best to check the official Hong Kong Disneyland website or their app for the most current prices and any special offers that may be available.

Hong Kong Disneyland Magic Access is an annual pass you can use throughout the year. The park offers three types of magic accesses.

Silver Magic Access can be primarily used on weekdays, excluding public holidays and specific blockout dates. The benefits of this Hong Kong Disneyland ticket include admission to the park on valid days, discounts on food, merchandise, and hotel stays, and special members-only offers.

Gold Magic Access allows a visitor access to the park throughout the year with some blockout dates, usually on major public holidays. This Hong Kong Disneyland ticket includes all the benefits of a Silver Membership with additional days of park access. It also offers greater flexibility in choosing visit days.

Platinum Magic Access comes with unlimited access to the park throughout the year with no blockout dates. This Hong Kong Disneyland ticket includes everything that comes with Gold Membership, maximum flexibility with no blockout days, and additional exclusive offers and events access.

For the latest details on Magic Access membership types and Hong Kong Disneyland ticket prices, visiting Hong Kong Disneyland's official website is recommended.

Must-visit attractions in Hong Kong Disneyland

Cinderella Carousel at night in Hong Kong Disneyland. Photo by Jay R on Unsplash

Hong Kong Disneyland offers a unique blend of attractions combining classic Disney magic with distinct cultural elements. Here’s a list of some must-visit attractions:

Mystic Manor (Mystic Point): A unique take on the Haunted Mansion found in other Disney parks, it features magical artifacts that come to life instead of ghosts in an enchanting, family-friendly adventure. The ride uses trackless technology and makes each experience unique.

Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars (Grizzly Gulch): It’s a thrilling roller coaster ride that combines the excitement of Big Thunder Mountain and the Everest expedition. The ride takes through a gold mine with surprises along the way.

Grizzly Gulch

Iron Man Experience (Tomorrowland): It's a 3D motion simulator ride where visitors join Iron Man in a battle over Hong Kong. As the first Marvel-themed ride in a Disney park, it’s a showcase of excellent immersive storytelling through cutting-edge technology.

Iron Man experience

Iron Man experience can be a great immersive experience Photo by Meg Landrito on Unsplash

Hyperspace Mountain (Tomorrowland): Hyperspace Mountain is a Star Wars-themed Space Mountain roller coaster. It combines the high-speed thrills of Space Mountain with the audio-visual elements of the Star Wars universe.

It's a Small World (Fantasyland): This classic boat ride takes visitors through various Asian cultures with iconic Disney characters and audiovisual experience.

Castle of Magical Dreams (The heart of the park): This castle represents a mosaic of different Disney stories. It hosts various performances and the nighttime spectacular.

Frozen Ever After (Arendelle: World of Frozen): This attraction, based on "Frozen" takes through an enchanting boat ride through scenes and songs from the movies. Visitors experience the magical world of Arendelle with appearances from different characters.

Toy Story Land (Toy Story Land): This area allows visitors to explore Andy's backyard with attractions like the RC Racer, Toy Soldier Parachute Drop, and Slinky Dog Spin.

Toy Story Land

Jungle River Cruise (Adventureland): It’s a guided boat tour that takes visitors through various jungles around the world, featuring animatronic animals and an engaging skipper. Each cruise offers unique experiences based on the skipper's style.

Festival of The Lion King (Adventureland): It’s a live theatrical performance based on "The Lion King." The popular show features acrobatics, dance, puppetry, and music.

Top parades and shows in Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland is also famous for its spectacular shows. Photo by Henry Lai on Unsplash

Apart from its famous rides, Hong Kong Disneyland is also famous for its captivating parades and shows, which are integral parts of the Disney experience. Here's an overview of some of the top parades and shows you can enjoy there:

"Disney Paint the Night" Parade (Mainly along Main Street, U.S.A.): This nighttime parade featuring state-of-the-art LED lighting is a dazzling spectacle of lights, music, and Disney characters. The parade is also known for its interactive elements, where people can purchase merchandise that synchronizes with the parade's lighting.

"Flights of Fantasy" Parade (Parade route through the park, predominantly Main Street, U.S.A.): It’s a daytime parade that showcases a variety of Disney characters and stories, with beautifully decorated floats, lively music, and energetic performances. The audience can expect high-flying acrobatics and some interaction with the characters.

"Festival of the Lion King" (Adventureland): It’s a live stage show, featuring songs from "The Lion King" movie. It includes impressive costumes and performances by singers, dancers, and acrobats. The show is also known for its immersive theater-in-the-round setting, allowing each audience member to experience the action more closely.

"Mickey and the Wondrous Book" (Fantasyland): A live stage show featuring Mickey Mouse and Friends, the show is based on a storyline centered around a magical book. It includes a mix of live-action, music from various Disney movies, and captivating visual effects. Audiences can expect a medley of songs from different Disney movies and a nostalgic journey through Disney's musical history.

A daytime parade at Hong Kong Disneyland

A daytime parade at Hong Kong Disneyland. Photo by Meg Landrito on Unsplash

"We Love Mickey!" Projection Show (Main Street, U.S.A.): It’s an evening outdoor show that uses buildings along Main Street, U.S.A., as screens for a vibrant projection show celebrating Mickey Mouse. This show as a tribute to Mickey Mouse incorporates various animation styles to represent different eras of Disney animation.

"Momentous" Nighttime Spectacular (Around the Castle of Magical Dreams): Visitors can expect a breathtaking evening show combining fireworks, music, and projection mapping on this show. The show is celebrated for its artistic storytelling that combines different Disney tales, creating an emotional and visually stunning experience.

How to get to Hong Kong Disneyland

How to get to Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong has a well-developed public transportation system. Photo by Andrew Wulf on Unsplash

Thanks to the well-developed public transportation system of Hong Kong, getting to Hong Kong Disneyland is quite easy. Here are the various options for reaching the park:

You can take the Tung Chung Line to Sunny Bay Station, and then transfer to the Disneyland Resort Line. The journey from central Hong Kong to Disneyland on MTR takes about 30-40 minutes. Fares differ depending on where you board the train. A one-way ticket from central Hong Kong to Disneyland may cost around HK$20-30. What’s exciting about this journey is that the Disneyland Resort Line features Disney-themed trains. It’ll make a Disneyland visitor’s journey a part of the experience.

Buses can be a cost-effective option, though they may take longer than the MTR. Several bus routes, including R33 and R42 run to Hong Kong Disneyland. Depending on the distance, bus fares typically range between HK$10 and 30. The travel time also varies based on the route and traffic conditions. A bus ride from Central Hong Kong might take about an hour in normal traffic conditions.

Taxis offer a direct and comfortable way to reach the park. A taxi ride from central Hong Kong to Disneyland may cost around HK$200-300 and may take about 30-45 minutes, depending on traffic.

You can easily book a rental car at the airport, in hotels, and through online platforms. As an international tourist, you can use your home country’s driving license in Hong Kong for up to 12 months. It generally about 30-45 minutes to drive from central Hong Kong to reach Disneyland. Remember that traffic drives on the left-hand side of the road in Hong Kong. Hong Kong Disneyland’s parking lot is located near the park entrance and the single-day parking fee for private cars is about HK$190.

The hotel provides hotel shuttles to and from the park for its clientele. The cost is often included in the hotel price and can be a convenient option. A hotel shuttle can get you to Disneyland in about 40 minutes from central Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Disneyland trip is an exciting experience. Some thoughtful packing can ensure you have a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Some recommended essentials you should consider bringing include comfortable footwear, weather-appropriate clothing, sun protection, reusable water bottles, snacks, Hong Kong Disneyland tickets and your ID, a Park Map, and an App.

Remember, while it's important to be prepared, overpacking may not seem wise. Make sure you’re not packing too much as it can be cumbersome and tiring. Most essentials can easily fit into a small backpack or bag.

Eating and dining at Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland offers a wide range of dining options. Image source: Hong Kong Disneyland official site

With a variety of restaurants offering both local and international cuisine, eating and dining in Hong Kong Disneyland is an experience in itself. Here are some popular dining options the park offers to its visitors:

Crystal Lotus (Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel): Crystal Lotus is famous for its Chinese cuisine, especially its Disney Dim Sum. The Dim Sum menu includes creative dishes that resemble Disney characters. Its elegant decor with a lotus motif and an extensive menu offering various regional Chinese cuisines make it a great fine-dining experience.

Explorer's Club Restaurant (Mystic Point): This restaurant offers Southeast Asian cuisine to its patrons. Popular dishes include Hainanese Chicken Rice, Laksa, and Indonesian Satay.

The restaurant features artifacts and decorations from around the world and is themed as a 1930s explorer's club.

Royal Banquet Hall (Fantasyland): Royal Banquet Hall is known for its European and Asian dishes menu, including Roasted Chicken, Beef Stroganoff, and Sichuan Pork. Set in a medieval castle with various food counters for different cuisines, the restaurant provides a great dining experience.

Clopin's Festival of Foods (Fantasyland): Clopin’s Festival of Foods has a menu dedicated to Chinese specialties like Beijing Roasted Duck and Sichuan Chicken. It is themed after Disney’s "The Hunchback of Notre Dame." The vibrant interior creates a festive atmosphere for its patrons.

Starliner Diner (Tomorrowland): This space-themed restaurant is known for American fast food as it serves burgers, fries, and fried chicken. It can be a great place for a quick and satisfying meal.

Comet Cafe (Tomorrowland): It’s a great spot for a quick recharge with a view of the park's attractions. Comet Cafe offers a variety of snacks and quick bites, including Japanese dishes, vegetarian dishes, sandwiches, and pastries.

Comet Cafe

Comet Cafe can be a great place for quick recharge. Image source: Hong Kong Disneyland official site

Tahitian Terrace (Adventureland): Specializing in Halal-certified dishes, Tahitian Terrace offers Indian Curries and Malaysian satays. The tropical paradise theme offers a serene dining environment with exotic flavors.

Enchanted Garden Restaurant (Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel): Enchanted Garden Restaurant is known for its international buffet that offers a wide range of dishes from around the world.

The restaurant features a Victorian garden setting and occasionally, Disney characters join guests for meals, making it ideal for families.

Souvenir Shopping in Hong Kong Disneyland

Emporium is the largest merchandise shop in Hong Kong Disneyland. Image source: Hong Kong Disneyland official site

Souvenir shopping is an unmissable part of the Hong Kong Disneyland experience. A variety of shops offer unique merchandise that captures the magic of Disney. Here are some of the popular shops in the park:

Emporium (Main Street, U.S.A.): Emporium is the largest souvenir store in the park and offers a wide range of merchandise, including exclusive Hong Kong Disneyland apparel, plush toys, accessories, and collectibles.

Merchandise Carts (Scattered across various locations in the park): Merchandise carts often sell park-exclusive items themed around the nearby attractions. They can be perfect for picking up quick and unique souvenirs on the go.


Pooh Corner (Fantasyland): Pooh Corner specializes in Winnie the Pooh merchandise, including plush toys, clothing, and home decor. This shop is a must-visit for Winnie the Pooh and Friends fans.

Pooh Corner

Pooh Corner can be a great place to be for Winnie the Pooh fans. Image source: Hong Kong Disneyland official site

Star Command Suppliers (Tomorrowland): Star Command Suppliers offers a range of "Toy Story" and other Pixar merchandise. It can be a great merchandise store for fans of the "Toy Story" franchise, with items that are not easily found elsewhere.

The Archive Shop (Mystic Point): The shop is known for its exclusive Mystic Point merchandise. It features unique items related to the Mystic Manor attraction and its storyline.

Duffy's Record Shop (Main Street, U.S.A.): This shop is dedicated to Duffy the Disney Bear and friends and offers Duffy-themed accessories. It’s a haven for Duffy fans, with a wide array of Duffy and Friends merchandise that is highly popular in Hong Kong.

Intergalactic Trading Post (Tomorrowland): The shop features a wide collection of "Star Wars" merchandise, including light sabers, clothing, and collectibles.

It is a must-visit store for "Star Wars" enthusiasts.

Treasure Cove Shop (Adventureland): Treasure Cove Shop offers pirate-themed merchandise, such as accessories and toys inspired by "Pirates of the Caribbean." It can be an exciting souvenir shopping experience for Pirates of the Caribbean fans.

Hotels near Hong Kong Disneyland

You can find several hotel options near Hong Kong Disneyland

There are several hotel options near Hong Kong Disneyland . Here’s an overview of the major hotels near Disneyland:

Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel: Located within walking distance from the park, this is a Victorian-themed luxury hotel offering elegant rooms, fine dining, an indoor pool, and a Mickey Maze. Its highlights are character dining experiences and the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. It is about a 15-minute walk away from the park.

Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel

Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel is an official Disney hotel.

👉 Book your accommodation at Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel

Disney Explorers Lodge: This hotel features 4 gardens based on various tropical climates, an outdoor swimming pool, and thematic dining experiences and is themed around adventure. Its rooms offer views of either the sea or the lush gardens. A quick 10-minute walk or a short shuttle ride with get you to Disneyland from this hotel.

👉 Book Disney Explorer’s Lodge now

Disney's Hollywood Hotel: with the design inspired by the golden age of Hollywood, this hotel offers art deco-styled rooms, a large outdoor pool, a piano-shaped pool bar, and character dining. It’s known for its vibrant atmosphere and family-friendly facilities. A 5-minute shuttle ride or a 15-minute walk will take you to Disneyland from this hotel.

👉 Reserve a room at Disney’s Hollywood Hotel

Auberge Discovery Bay Hong Kong: Located in Discovery Bay, the hotel is about 15-20 minutes public transport or a short taxi ride away from Disneyland. It’s a seaside resort offering spacious rooms with sea views, a spa, an outdoor swimming pool, and a range of dining options.

👉 Find great hotel deals at Auberge Discovery Bay Hong Kong

Novotel Citygate Hong Kong: This hotel is located in Tung Chung, near Hong Kong International Airport. It’s a modern hotel with easy access to shopping at Citygate Outlets. The hotel offers contemporary rooms, a swimming pool, and multiple dining options. Its distance to Disneyland is approximately 15-20 minutes by MTR or taxi.


Novotel Citygate Hong Kong Hotel during the evening time.

👉 Reserve a room at Novotel Citygate Hong Kong

Hong Kong Disneyland is a magical experience, especially if you’re a first-time visitor. Here are some useful tips to make the most of your trip:

Purchase tickets in advance: Buying Hong Kong Disneyland tickets ahead of time can save you from long queues at the entrance and might also offer early bird discounts or special packages.

Download the Hong Kong Disneyland App: The app provides real-time information on everything you need including the latest changes in Hong Kong Disneyland ticket prices, wait times for attractions, show schedules, and a park map. It's an invaluable tool for planning your day efficiently.

Arrive early: Arriving at the park before it opens can help you experience popular rides with shorter wait times.

Plan your visit in advance: Prioritize must-see attractions and shows and familiarize yourself with the park layout to plan an efficient route.

Use FastPass wisely: FastPass is a free service that allows you to skip the regular lines. It can save you a lot of waiting time. Consider using this system for popular attractions.

Be aware of meal times: Dining venues can get crowded at peak meal times, making you wait long. Eating at off-peak hours or booking a dining reservation in advance can be a wise choice.

Consider staying in a Disney Hotel: Disney hotel reservations come with additional perks on Hong Kong Disneyland tickets and early park access. Consider Disney Hotels if your budget allows you to enhance your Disneyland experience.

10 One Day Tour in Hong Kong in April

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Vip tour - Hong Kong Disneyland

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We go to Disneyland twice a year, always around the peak public holidays as its the only time we have off. Therefore, we always purchase the VIP tours as can't imagine queuing up several hrs for one ride with 2 young kids. VIP service is good,and efficient. Rides there cater more for the under 8yr olds. I guess teens would definitely find them too tame. Watch out for the mainlanders there though-we hired their push chairs for our youngest child and their name was written clearly in English. After the ride we went to pick the push chair and saw a chinese woman put her child in it and walk off. My husband in his broken mandarin told her that it was our chair. Instead of apologising, she had the audacity to shout and yell at him that the name was in English and why we didn't put a chinese name on it !!! We were in total shock (and so was a guide).

We just came back from Tokyo disneyland and since our kid still wanted to go to Disney, we went there again. The park was much smaller than Tokyo's one. The worst experience was that we faced some guests that did not want to queue in several occasions. The only advantages that Hongkong disney had were lion king show and madagascar which were not available at Tokyo's one.

Very small park and not many places were open since they were creating new rides. Only a few rides were ok like the Mystic Manor and Captain Buzzyear but the train and Jungle Cruise were lacking.

This is my second time to come here, so lovely place to come to, I saw so many new things since 2012, also they were celebrating the 10 aniversery for diseny land hong kong.

One of the few place in Hongkong where I can find hospitality. Timing of shows are available at entrance. That allows us to plan the day. The 'festival of lion king' and 'Mickey and wonderous book' - shows are highly recommended. Downside is the photo taking timing is not available on the brochure and you can only know when you are there. If you are staying at Disneyland hotel, have breakfast at enchanted garden whereby main Disney characters (Mickey, Minnie, goofy, Pluto) will be out to take photos with you. In this way, you can save time queueing to take photo in Disneyland.

Tip: 1. get the fastpass to skip the queue (limited in number and timing). 2. Stay in disneyland hotel or the disney hollywood hotel. 3. Get the 2 day ticket. You will waste a lot of time queueing. 4. Bring strollers if you are bringing young kids. 5. Reach there either very early (before 1030) and plan your rides in advance to beat the queue.

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hong kong disneyland vip tour

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Hong Kong Disneyland Tour

3 Days Hong Kong Disneyland Package Tour for Family with Kids

If you are visiting Hong Kong with kids, it is a fantastic choice to take them to Hong Kong Disneyland , the largest theme park in Hong Kong. With a whole host of Disney characters to meet, rides to enjoy, a Lion King show, the Fantasy Parade and fireworks, you and your kids are guaranteed a day of fun and much excitement with this Disneyland in Hong Kong experience. There are seven themed lands explore such as Fantasyland, Toy Story Land and Adventureland, with all the favourite rides such as It’s a Small World, Mad Hatter Tea Cups and Space Mountain to enjoy, as well as some that are unique to Hong Kong Disneyland.

Besides great exploration in Hong Kong Disneyland, we’ve designed some kids-friendly activities into this Hong Kong tour including fresh things learning at museums (Science Museum, History Museum, or Space Museum), Peak Tram ride up to Victoria Peak, interesting Star Ferry journey across Victoria Harbor, or enjoy fun with local kids at the playground...I am sure you and your kids are going to "LOVE Hong Kong" with this trip at a suitable leisure pace!

Alternative Plan: If you’ve been to a Disneyland before, you and your kids can visit Aberdeen Fishing Village, Repulse Bay and Ocean Park (dolphin-watching) for day 2’s itinerary. Or, before you making any decision, you can tell us your kids' ages and interests , and we are here ready to offer you a customizable Hong Kong tour for your family!

  •  Type: Private Tour
  •  Tour Code: CD-HKT-03(B)
  •  Price: request
  •  Trip Length: 3D/2N
  •  Theme: Theme Park


  • Come to the first Disney resort in China - Hong Kong Disneyland and enjoy great fun in this amazing magical paradise with your kids.
  • Enjoy different kinds of shows and try different kinds of interesting activities in the seven theme parks and be yourselves in this pure land.
  • Ride the legendary Peak Tram up to Victoria Peak and get panoramic view of the whole metropolis and Victoria Harbor.
  • Get onboard Star Ferry, one of the oldest modes of transport in Hong Kong for a close look at Hong Kong Island and Victoria Harbor in different way.
  • Learn some fresh knowledge in Hong Kong Science Museum or other educational museums specially suit for your kids’ interests.
  • Enjoy your free time with your family and kids and try to do something interesting. The pace of this tour is leisure which will best match your demands.
  • Trip Itinerary
  • Price Guide
  • Guides, Cars, Hotels & Meals
  • Make an Inquiry
Day 1 Hong Kong Arrival Suggested Activities for Family with Kids: Avenue of Stars - Temple Street Night Market
Ni Hao!  Welcome to Hong Kong, Asia’s World City. Upon arrival, your local guide is ready to meet you at the airport, train station, port or metro station. Then, you’ll be escorted to your hotel to check in. The rest of today is free on your own to explore this modern metropolis. Suggested  Activities for Family with Kids   ( Explore on Your Own ) : In the late evening, enjoy a light walk along  Avenue of Stars . Admire stunning views of the Victoria Harbor and Hong Kong Island with its numerous skyscrapers. Catch the chance to watch “A Symphony of Lights” that is held every night at 20:00.  Later, take a walk through Temple Street Night Market  which is the livest night market in Hong Kong. You and your kids are going to find everything from souvenirs to tiny trinkets and from clothes to footwear, bags and more. Browse different kinds of commodities with exquisite design, and if you like, stop to sit and enjoy some delicious snacks. After the tour, get back to your hotel by yourselves.  Avenue of Stars Temple Street Night Market
Day 2 Hong Kong Disneyland (B) Full Day Exploration in Hong Kong Disneyland with Seven Themed Parks
After breakfast, be driven to Hong Kong Disneyland , the first Disney resort in China. Enter into a magical kingdom inspired by fairy-tale dreams and explore seven lands - Adventureland, Grizzly Gulch, Mystic Point, Toy Story Land, Fantasyland, Tomorrowland and Main Street, U.S.A. - filled with beauty, excitement and Disney Characters.  Enjoy a warm welcome on Main Street U.S.A.  and if you like, catch a unique opportunity to bring a Disney character to life to draw on your imagination; move your steps into Fantasyland  and climb aboard an ornate carousel horse and gallop through a whirling backdrop of color and sound, take a journey through a whimsical garden featuring classic Disney Fairytales as living storybooks, wander through Hundred Acre Wood in an oversized Hunny Pot and immerse yourselves in the stories of Winnie the Pooh, get swept up in the enchantment of Disney animation in this 3D concert movie starring Donald Duck; head to Toy Story Land  to meet and greet some of your favorite toys from the Toy Story movies at this bright blue barrel, drop from the sky with the Toy Soldiers from Toy Story during a parachuting drill with thrills, ride atop Slinky Dog from the Disney Pixar Toy Story movies as he chases his tail around a giant food bowl; come to Mystic Point  to stroll through a stately garden filled with curious archaeological antiquities that create wondrous 3D illusions, explore a mystifying museum where exotic artifacts from around the globe come to life right before your eyes; visit Grizzly Gulch  and dash in and out of twisting caverns and rumble through Grizzly Gulch aboard a speeding mine train; move to Tomorrowland  and rocket intro the middle of a Star Wars battle or have a close encounter with the Marvel Superhero - Iron Man himself, pilot your very own flying saucer high above Tomorrowland amid a glistening galaxy of orbiting planets; if you have a thirst for adventure and a yearning for excitement, come to the Adventureland to set sail for high adventure during a guided tour of the mysterious and untamed Rivers of Adventure, also enjoy raft to Tarzan’s Treehouse...surprises, magic, thrill, excitement…are waiting for you here! After the tour, be driven back to your hotel in downtown area. Happy Hong Kong Disneyland Karibuni Marketplace in Hong Kong Disneyland Tomorrowland at Hong Kong Disneyland
Day 3 Hong Kong & Hong Kong Departure (B) Victoria Peak - Star Ferry - Middle Road Children's Playground - Hong Kong Science Museum
After breakfast, your guide and driver will pick you up at your hotel. Firstly, take your kids to experience the quickest and most scenic way to reach up the highest point on Hong Kong Island (552 meters) -  Victoria Peak  by the legendary  Peak Tram  which has been operating for more than 130 years as one of the world’s oldest funicular railways. Ascend the Sky Terrace 428 observation deck to enjoy 360-degree spectacular panoramic views of the vibrant city - from the stunning skyline and Victoria Harbor to the tranquility of greenery landscape. If you like, enjoy a walk around and shoot some gorgeous photos. Getting down Victoria Peak, your family will be transferred to the Central Pier for a relaxing journey with  Star Ferry  to travel across Victoria Harbor. Star Ferry was rated by National Geographic as one of “50 Places of A Lifetime to Visit”. Enjoy the 10-minutes ride by the distinctive green and white ferry and snap some stunning pictures of the magnificent Hong Kong skyline onboard. Upon arrival at Tsim Sha Tsui pier, savor your stroll along the  Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade where offers resplendent views across Victoria Harbor to Hong Kong Island. Later, reach Middle Road Children ’ s Playground  for a lot fun and relaxation. This breezy playground with swings and slides for all ages, is a public utopia for kids of different ethnicities. The last stop today is to visit Hong Kong Science Museum . This three-storey of action-packed displays at Hong Kong’s livest museum are a good place to learn fresh knowledge for youngsters from toddlers to teens. Enjoy about 500 exhibits in the permanent exhibition area and see the 22-meter-high twin tower Energy Machine which is the largest of its kind in the world. (Note: Hong Kong Museum of History  is located opposite of the science museum. You can either choose science museum or history musuem for your visit. This excellent Museum of History brings the city’s history to life in colorful ways. Your kids will enjoy the “Hong Kong Story” exhibition with its splendid replicas of local tradition such as a Chinese wedding and a life-sized fishing junk. Also, the exhibit takes you on a fascinating journey through the history that has shaped the city and its culture as well as the history of development of the territory from its earliest days to British rule and the reunification with China in 1997.) After the tour, you’ll be driven back to your hotel in downtown area. (Note: If your time is tight and have no time to stay in Hong Kong, we can escort you to the airport, train station or port for leave. Feel free to tell us your plan.) Take the Peak Tram to the top of Victoria Peak Hong Kong Star Ferry Hong Kong Science Museum

Recommended Add-on Options

Guilin, the darling of tourists!

Guilin is famous for having the best landscape under Heaven which can be seen in three most popular places - Guilin , Yangshuo and Longsheng . Only 3 days are needed to get them all in a single trip. You will visit the essential sites in the city, enjoy a relaxing cruise along Li River , and have a pleasant time of countryside exploration in Yangshuo Town . Another highlight is the unique trip to Longji Terrace which is an ideal place for experiencing ethnic culture, hiking and photography.

Fisherman fishing on Li River, Taken by Our Customer Mr. Pasquale from Italy in 2018

Beijing , the 'forbidden' city, now is open to the world!

As the capital city of China for more than eight-hundred years, Beijing possesses rich cultural deposits of China. You will need at least 3 days to explore its best highlights. Here is the plan - Day 1 is for you to visit the imperial historical sites, including Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City and Summer Palace ; Day 2 is to hike the magnificent Great Wall while Day 3 is for you to have a half-day visiting of the Temple of Heaven ,local Hutongs , and depart from the city.

The Forbidden City Overall View from Jingshan Park

The quotation for this trip is from $607 Per Person

1. This price is for one person, based on a group of 2 adults sharing one standard double-bed room in 4-star hotel and traveling with our private tour in low seasons. 2. This price is subject to change according your traveling season, group size, hotel class, change of activities in your itinerary and possible fluctuation of currency exchange rate. If you want a lower price, you can get more people to join you, or use economy class hotels. 3. This price is only valid to March 31, 2025. 4. Reference exchange rate of USD 1=RMB 7.00. The final quote is based on current exchange rate. It may change according to the currency fluctuation, while the RMB quotation will be remained the same.

What's included?

  • Professional licensed English-speaking guide;
  • Admission tickets for all attractions listed in the itinerary;
  • Accommodation as listed in the itinerary (4-star standard);
  • Necessary vehicle transfers as listed in the itinerary;
  • Domestic flights (economy class) and high-speed trains (second class) as listed in the itinerary;
  • Airport (and train station) pick up and drop off;
  • Luggage Transfers: between airports (railway station) and hotels;
  • All meals as listed( “B” for Chinese and Western breakfast buffet in your hotel; “L” for Chinese Lunch in local restaurant; “D” for Chinese dinner in local restaurant.);
  • Accident insurance;
  • Our service charge, including tour planning, handling, operational and communication charges.

What's excluded?

  • China visa;
  • Personal expenses;
  • Accommodation not listed in the itinerary;
  • Single Room Supplement;
  • Tourist sites which are not listed in the itinerary;
  • Recommended optional activities;
  • Flights or trains not listed in the itinerary;
  • Excess Baggage Charges;
  • Optional tips to guides, drivers, etc.

Check What our delighted customers are saying about our services

Hi dear Vivien,

our journey is about to end. We are on our way to Guilin airport. It has been an awesome trip indeed. Each destination was well chosen and everything went smoothly. I am super happy for my sister and me to be able to experience such a wonderful travel through the most stunning landscapes in China. Thank you for the perfect organization. And thank you for the nice gift we got in Guilin. Really appreciate it.

My sister with her fan. We also got a beautiful stamp and ink. Thank you very much!

Guilin Tour

just want to record our thanks to you for your good planning, coordination and arrangement for our recent holidays to Dali, Lijiang and Xianggelila. The tour guides and drivers were warm and friendly and we felt safe, and enjoyed the trip very much.

All the best to you.


1. Yes - questions were promptly addressed to my satisfaction. Excellent service overall.

2. The local guide is knowledgeable and has good command of English. He's also patient, considerate, and takes good care of his customers.

Zhangjiajie Tour

Hi Samantha,

Sunrise was very nice and checked us in to a nice room at 8:30 am. It’s been a while since we were in Shanghai, and it is a wonderful, clean city that’s very vibrant. It has been sunny and warm the last four days.

Dear Wing Zeng,

My family and I have now arrived safely back at home in Bangkok. We had a wonderful time on the cruise, and we would like to thank you very much for assisting us on the whole process, from booking the cabins to arranging transportation from Jingzhou to Maoping port. We are very impressed with your service.

As for your questions, here is my response:

1A: Wing Zeng always responds to our emails very promptly. At the beginning when I planned to book the cruise, Wing Zeng has been very patient to respond to all my questions about the cruise itinerary and the cabin types. I am very happy with her service.

2A: With Wing Zeng's help, our tour arrangements were very smooth. Our family travel with one senior and one small child, so we were very careful about transportation to and from the port. On the day of embarkation, Wing Zeng helped us book a van transfer directly from our hotel in Jingzhou to the port, which made the embarkation process very smooth and enjoyable.

3A: Definitely. I highly recommend your service to anyone who wants to take the Yangtze cruises.

4A: I'm very satisfied with your service. Our travel consultant is very helpful and professional.

5A: It would be nice if you could give a little warning that the water level in Chongqing might be too low around this time of year. Originally, our cruise was scheduled to end at Chongqing Chaotianmen port. But because of the low water level, we had to disembark somewhere else and took a 2-hour drive to Chaotianmen. The cruise arranges the transfer smoothly and it worked out fine in the end. But if this is something that happens usually around this time of year, it would be nice to be given a little warning beforehand.

Check What our customers are saying about us on

We are one of the few China travel agencies who have kept active and received lots of feedbacks and reviews during pandemic years


How Our Teams Serve you at China Discovery

"Highest Standards of Quality and Honesty" is the core value of each specialized team at China Discovery.

Eveyone in our company is working hard for only one goal, which is to ensure the highest level of service, luxury, and attention to detail from the minute you begin planning your trip, to the day you return home.

1-on-1 Travel Consultant

China Tour

Our travel consultants are professional, experienced and responsible, helping you from the very beginning to the end of your China trip!

After sending us an inquiry, one of our travel consultants will get back to you within 0.5~23.5 hrs. In the next few days, he/she will be working closely with you to formulate a customized tour plan, as well as providing professional suggestions based on your travel interests, time, and budget.

Beside, he/she will keep in contact with you during your entire tour in China, continually checking if everything is going well as planned.

hong kong disneyland vip tour

We're working at Chengdu Bamboo International Tours, local based in Chengdu.

Local Tour Guides

China Tour

Our local guide in every destination is not only very friendly, enthusiastic but also very informative and knowledgeable.

Once you arrive in the destination, the patient and punctual guides will pick you up and take you to get under skin of the city at your own pace. By in-depth discovery and explanation, they’ll show you more about the history, culture, customs and authentic local life. Throughout the journey, they're not only expert guides who take care of all the details but also fellow travelers who are dedicated to help you explore in comfort and style.

hong kong disneyland vip tour

Our guides are passionate about what they do, and it shows all the way!

Local Drivers & Vehicle

hong kong disneyland vip tour

Using our private transfer service makes you comfortable, relaxed and worry free all the way!

Our private service includes licensed drivers with many years’ driving experience and air-conditioned, non-smoking, clean and well-maintained cars/vans. Drivers are local, polite, friendly and helpful, taking you to your tourist sites, hotels, airport/train stations in safety. All kinds of vehicle are offered, and yours depends on the size of your group. Usually, we offer sedan cars, SUVs, business vans (MPV) and different types of buses, all with extra space for your luggage.

hong kong disneyland vip tour

Our private transfer service guarantees you the highest comfort!

Comfortable & Homelike Hotels

China Tour

In each destination, you’ll enjoy a comfortable stay in a great location!

The hotels we choose are based on star rating, great locations, well-equipped facilities, cozy bed, high quality service and guests’ feedbacks. Choices are a lot ranging from luxury 5 star, comfortable 4 star to budget 3 star. You could decide where to stay to best suit for your budget and likes. Generally, the hotels have both Western and Chinese breakfast with a wide choices.

If you have already got an ideal hotel, please feel free to tell our travel consultants and they'll book the hotel for you.

hong kong disneyland vip tour

Have good sleep in our well-selected hotels in all the destinations of China.

Meals & Dining

China Tour

We can satisfy all the dietary requirements no matter you want Chinese local food, western food, vegetarian food or muslin food.

The restaurants we will take you for lunch or dinner are all designated tourist restaurants approved by local tourist administration bureau. They have very good sanitary conditions and the food is prepared fresh and clean.

There will be some meals excluded in your itinerary as you like, and your private guide will be delighted to give you some suggestions and take you to the local restaurants to taste like Beijing Roast Duck, Xian Dumpling Dinner, Sichuan Hotpot, etc., if you are interested in local food tasting.

hong kong disneyland vip tour

All the dining options will satisfy your stomach!

Photo gallery of this trip

Avenue of Stars

Most Important Hong Kong Travel Notes

Visa policy of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region is different from that of Mainland China. Hong Kong provides visa exemption to certain certificate owners for any purpose of visiting, and visa/entry permit to citizens (ordinary passport holders) of 170 countries. Otherwise, you need to apply for and get a visa to go to Hong Kong as required. Note: A Chinese Visa is not valid for visiting Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, which are considered as third regions from mainland China. Check Hong Kong Visa Free Countries List & Visa-free Period >>

Hong Kong boasting the top busiest international airport among the world serves about 170 routes to overseas cities and regions in other continents, including New York, Los Angeles, London, Sydney, Toronto, Paris, Rome, Tokyo, etc. Every day, more than 1,000 flights take off at Hong Kong International Airport and need within 5 hours to reach half of the world’s population.

Besides, Hong Kong is very well connected with many cities in Mainland China. Travelers can board a flight to reach Hong Kong from Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Guilin, Chengdu, Guangzhou, and other nearly 50 cities. Also, Hong Kong West Kowloon Station creates new way to get there by high speed trains directly from other 44 cities in the Mainland, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guilin, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Hangzhou, Changsha, etc.

(a)Guangzhou to Hong Kong: Guangzhou launches more than 30 daily G trains every day from Guangzhou South Railway Station to Hong Kong, with a whole riding for only about 1 hour. (b) Shenzhen to Hong Kong: there are about 80 high speed trains depart from Shenzhen North Station and Shenzhen Futian Station there very frequently, which takes only 15-20 minutes to get to Hong Kong Kowloon downtown.

Several best ways are provided to travel between Hong Kong and Shenzhen, including high speed train, metro, coach/bus or private car.

● By high speed train: The most convenient and fastest way to go between. Travelers can take high speed train from Shenzhen Futian Railway Station to Hong Kong West Kowloon Railway Station or vice versa. Travelers need to be checked your valid documents at Hong Kong West Kowloon Station no matter you leave or enter Hong Kong. The high speed train journey takes only 14 minutes.

● By metro: Travelers can take Hong Kong MTR East Rail Line to arrive at Luo Wu Station. Then, go through the immigration at Luohu Port (06:30-24:00) to enter Shenzhen. It is suitable for independent travelers.

● By coach/bus: There are some cross-border buses serving from Huanggang Port to many stations in Hong Kong, including Wan Chai, Prince Edward, Kam Sheung Road, and Hong Kong International Airport. However, crossing this Huanggang Port by cross-border buses, you need to get off the bus when arrive at the port and go through the clearance procedure with all your luggage and belongings. After your customs clearance, come out from the customs building and get on the bus to Hong Kong. 

● By private car: If you go with China Discovery, we’ll normally use Huanggang Port or Shenzhen Bay Port to go through the immigration.

Both group tour and private tour are available in Hong Kong. You can choose your way to explore Hong Kong based on your time, interests and budget.

● Group tour: If you take a group tour, it means you’ll be picked up at an assigned place, hop on a big bus, enjoy sightseeing with other travelers and then be sent back at an assigned place. It is fixed with some routes, taking either half day or one full day. It is money-saving!

● Private tour: Going with China Discovery in private way, it means you’ll have your personal drivers and cars and be picked up at your hotel and visit the customizable sites/attractions and be sent back to your hotel. It is very flexible! Compared with group tour, it costs much higher.

If you want to explore Hong Kong with full enjoyment at a budget price, it is a good idea to combine group tour and private tour into “one”. You can choose half day group tour to see the classic sites on Hong Kong Island, or one day group tour to Lantau Island, local featured group to explore Kowloon, and the other time and sites to explore in private way. And if you like, you can see it on your own. For more itineraries design info, please contact our professional travel consultants.

Money & Currency: Hong Kong has its own official currency, called Hong Kong dollar. There are banknotes of HK$10, HK$20, HK$50, HK$100, HK$500, HK$1000, and coins of 10 cents, 20 cents, 50 cents, HK$1, HK$2, HK$5, and HK$10. Usually, the exchange rate is HK$1=USD0.128, HK$1=CNY0.88, HK$1=0.1027GBP. For convenience and better rate, it is suggested to exchange some Hong Kong dollars before you go.

Electricity, Voltage & Sockets: The standard in Hong Kong is 220v, 50Hz. And most hotel bathrooms also have outlets for 100v. Most outlets in Hong Kong are for three-pronged UK-style plugs. A power adapter is suggested to prepare for charging your mobile phones, cameras, tablets, etc. And that can be provided in some hotels or found in some supermarkets.

Languages: Chinese and English are both the official language of Hong Kong. Cantonese, Mandarin and English are all frequently used there. Nearly 90% people there speak Cantonese. However, as some people can speak English, especially many young people. Chinese and English are used for signs and notes (Cantonese, Mandarin and English for voice broadcasting on all MTR and most public buses), it is easy to travel in Hong Kong for a foreign visitor.

Hong Kong houses an extremely large quantity of accommodation in downtown and suburb areas. Kowloon and Hong Kong Islands offer more options and are largely more chosen by travelers and business visitors. From world top luxury 5-6 star hotels, to average comfortable hotels to budget homestay and cheap hostels and even berths can be found galore, especially at Tsim Sha Tsui, Mong Kok, Yau Ma Tei, Central, Causeway Bay, Admiralty, Wan Chai, Sheung Wan, etc.

For most first-timers to Hong Kong, Tsim Sha Tsui is a top choice, where fabulous view of the Victoria Harbor, many shopping centers and museums are within short distances. Mong Kok and Yau Ma Tei are good to savor Hong Kong local culture with famous Ladies Market, Temple Market and a good portion of budget hotels. Causeway Bay offer many reputable accommodations and is favored for shopping and family visitors. To seek the night life and left historical feature from the colonial era, Central should be at the top of your list.

Many travelers choose to do one day tour from Hong Kong to Macau by ferry. Macau is a popular tourist destination, where a cluster of eye-pleasing heritage building relics, rich types of flavoring food and snacks, strong atmosphere of traditional China and Western world, etc. can be savored handy. Usually, visitors take a fast ferry from Central or Tsim Sha Tsui to Taipa or Outer Harbor Ferry Terminal to start the one-day exploration to the Ruins of St. Paul Cathedral, Senado Square, Section of Old City Wall, A Ma Temple, and Border of Gate and try some tasting Portuguese and Macao food, such as the Portuguese egg tarts, etc. And then, you can take a ferry back to Hong Kong or fly to your next destination very easily. 

China’s Greater Bay Area covers Hong Kong, Macau and nine cities in Guangdong Province (Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Foshan, Huizhou, Dongguan, Zhongshan, Jiangmen, and Zhaoqing). Among all the cities and routes, Hong Kong - Macau - Shenzhen - Guangzhou is the most popular way to see all the highlights in the bay area, taking about 8 days.

Different people come to Hong Kong for different reasons. No matter you are businesspersons, family with kids, foodies, layover transiting, Hong Kong has something to offer. To travel beyond Hong Kong, you can head to Guilin, Zhangjiajie, Shanghai, Xian, Beijing and other destinations in China. Please feel free to tell us any idea you are thinking about, and our professional travel expert from China Discovery will help you plan your Hong Kong China trip with sincerity and rich experience and knowledge!

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hong kong disneyland vip tour

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3D2N HONGKONG with Disneyland Package

Jul 28, 2023 | 3D/2N , Accommodation , Hongkong , Tours , Transfers

hong kong disneyland vip tour


Round trip airport transfers based on seat in coach (In & Out Hong Kong International Airport – HKG only)

2N / 3D Room Accommodation

Compulsory half day Hong Kong city tour based on seat in coach with complimentary outside breakfast (fixed on day 2)


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Disney Premier Access - “Momentous”, 8 Attractions and 2 Shows

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Disneyland | How will DisneylandForward affect the Anaheim…

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Disneyland | how will disneylandforward affect the anaheim resort district, new attractions and lands will come, and nearby businesses 'optimistic' they can benefit.

hong kong disneyland vip tour

The Anaheim Resort District attracts tens of millions of visitors yearly, bolstering the city’s $2 billion budget , and it’s poised to undergo significant growth should the City Council approve Disney’s new development  plans at its April 16 meeting.

Dubbed DisneylandForward, Disney’s vision for how it could transform under-used portions of its property would lure even more visitors “for generations to come,” company officials say, and create thousands more jobs in the city’s 1,100-acre resort district, which fuels dozens of hotels, restaurants and other attractions outside the theme parks gates, including the city-owned convention center .

While they’ve been concerned in recent years about some Disney development plans cutting off their access to vacationers, many business owners in the resort district believe the DisneylandForward project, which will commit the company to investing at least $1.9 billion into its Anaheim destination, will be good for their bottom line as well.

“The idea is exciting. The idea of development is exciting,” said Dara Maleki, a restaurateur who owns The Pizza Press on Harbor Boulevard. “We’ve seen in the past when they created new lands, it has created more traffic and arguably more business within the resort.”

hong kong disneyland vip tour

Theme park changes

The City Council on Tuesday, April 16 will consider the DisneylandForward project, which would give Disney flexibility for where on its property it builds more theme park attractions and visitor amenities, likely taking its entertainment space up to the resort’s western boundary and turning the Toy Story lot on Harbor Boulevard into a destination.

Maleki said the Anaheim of the early 1990s – the last time the city and Disney came to an agreement to govern development at its theme parks – has changed significantly.

The resort area has exploded in recent years. In 1992, almost a decade before Disney California Adventure and Downtown Disney opened, the city was collecting around $30 million a year from hotel taxes. Now, with not only the second theme park open but the additions of Cars Land, Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge and Avengers Campus, the city is taking in more than $220 million a year from taxes on hotel room rates.

Disney is already permitted to build more, but wishes to do it in areas it can’t currently throughout the resort. Disneyland Resort President Ken Potrock has teased there are “remarkable, integrated experiences” the company has been able to build around the world, from popular films such as “Zootopia” and “Frozen,” that could come to Anaheim.

The DisneylandForward approach makes sense for a landlocked theme park that has used its limited footprint to the best of its ability, according to Dennis Speigel, an industry expert with International Theme Park Services, which advises theme parks on their operations.

The DisneylandForward expansion plan would enable Disney to develop new...

The DisneylandForward expansion plan would enable Disney to develop new theme park lands, but it doesn’t call for the resort to be served by mass transit. (Courtesy of Disney)

Concept art of the potential Eastern Parking Structure included in...

Concept art of the potential Eastern Parking Structure included in the DisneylandForward proposal. (Courtesy of Disney)

Magic Way, a 1,150-foot street from Disneyland Drive to Walnut...

Magic Way, a 1,150-foot street from Disneyland Drive to Walnut Street, in Anaheim, CA, on Tuesday, Jan. 23, 2024. Disney is hoping to purchase the public street as part of their DisneylandForward expansion project. (Photo by Jeff Gritchen, Orange County Register/SCNG)

Wondrous Journeys, a nighttime spectacular celebrates 100 years of Walt...

Wondrous Journeys, a nighttime spectacular celebrates 100 years of Walt Disney Animation Studios at Disneyland in Anaheim, CA, on Thursday, Jan. 26, 2023. Disney will seek approval from the City Council on Tuesday, April 16 for it’s DisneylandForward plan which would enlarge its theme parks in Anaheim by extending beyond the current boundaries, introducing fresh attractions and accommodations. (Photo by Jeff Gritchen, Orange County Register/SCNG)

“They’ve needed a facelift for a while,” Speigel said. “What they’re looking at doing makes a lot of sense.”

Disneyland and Disney California Adventure attracted an estimated 25.9 million visitors in 2022, according to a report from the Themed Entertainment Association and AECOM.

Speigel estimates attendance at the Disneyland resort could increase to 40 million to 50 million within 10 to 15 years if Disney built everything in the DisneylandForward proposal. And that jump in attendance would fuel an increase in revenue and per capita spending by visitors, he said.

A summary of a study completed for Disney by professors at Cal State Fullerton found that when Disney invests $1 billion into the resort that results in an uptick in the city’s hotel tax revenue as off-site hotels accommodate an increase in attendance. Employment in the resort district is also expected to grow dramatically. Right now, the resort area employs around 30,000 people. DisneylandForward, if approved, would add 9,000 more Disneyland Resort employees once it’s built, and thousands of more indirect jobs.

“Anaheim would be very remiss if they didn’t jump on this bandwagon with Disney and let them move forward,” Speigel said. “This will be the biggest influx of people and revenues to Anaheim that they’ve seen since 1955.”

The long-term planning proposal doesn’t layout specific new attractions or themes, but dangles possible projects based on “Frozen,” “Zootopia,” “Tangled,” “Avatar,” and other Disney films.

A new Frozen-themed land like the World of Arendelle at Hong Kong Disneyland likely costs about $300 million to build, according to Speigel.

In the single concept rendering released by Disney the Downtown Disney and Lilo and Stitch parking lots disappear and new lands and amenities are woven amid the Disneyland Hotel and Pixar Place Hotel.

Disney officials describe that area, bounded by Katella Avenue, Walnut Street, Magic Way and Disneyland Drive, as more of a theme park expansion than a new “third gate.”

Expansion on the eastside would bring together theme park experiences, hotels, retail, dining and entertainment on the Toy Story parking lot next to the Anaheim Convention Center.

Concept art features a central lagoon surrounded by shops and a low-rise hotel with a parking structure near the corner of Katella Avenue and Haster Street.

Harbor Boulevard access remains

hong kong disneyland vip tour

To free up the space for all that new magic, a 17,600-space parking structure would be built on the eastern edge of the resort. It would connect to the theme parks via a pedestrian bridge over Harbor Boulevard.

Visitors to the theme parks would still be able to flow in and out at Harbor Boulevard and visit the restaurants or hotels nearby once the bridge is built , said Joe Haupt, a consultant for Disney – access those businesses have called vital.

Angela El Haj co-owns the restaurants Calaca Mamas Cantina and IHOP on Harbor Boulevard, across the street from a drop-off point for passengers and where pedestrians can enter the theme park. There’s a premium for leasing business space across the street from the theme parks, she said, and she believes the DisneylandForward expansion will bring more eyes to Anaheim.

“More people will come into Anaheim,” El Haj said. “We want to make sure businesses on Harbor bring in a lot of people. We are all franchises, mom-and-pop. Our only concern is that we don’t get alienated.”

Disney scuttled plans in 2017 for an Eastern Gateway , which would have built a 6,900-space parking structure and security-screening entry point and added a pedestrian bridge over Harbor. Local merchants fought it, arguing it wouldn’t allow easy access to surrounding businesses for people entering and exiting the theme parks.

There were early concerns, El Haj said, that businesses on Harbor would get alienated and suffocated out of business if Disney had moved forward with making it harder for pedestrians leaving the theme park to get to their businesses.

“It’s been years in the making, and I’m optimistic that we have come to a general consensus that this will be the best way for Disney to move forward,” she said now.

Haupt said pedestrian access points are a new obligation for Disney in the project. Those pedestrian access points would be at Harbor Boulevard, Ball Road, Katella Avenue and the new developments east of Harbor at the parking garage and Toy Story Lot.

Greg Eisenman, who manages two hotels on Harbor Boulevard, said the project is exciting, though the more than 300 rooms he oversees are already “running in the high 80% occupancy.”

Eisenman said with the increased number of guests expected to come into the theme parks, he would like to see an increased number of hotels, which would benefit the city’s hotel tax and support services for residents.

Anaheim has around 180 hotels, half of which are in the resort district, according to a fact sheet from the city. More hotels continue to be built and will open in the next few years as traveler demand continues to climb.

But Disney is expected to build more of its own hotels that would keep guests on its property. The goal in the theme park industry right now is keeping guests inside the “theme park destination resort,” said John Gerner, managing director for Leisure Business Advisors. Those vacationers tend to spend more, Gerner said.

“People want to stay close to the theme parks,” Gerner said. “The Disney hotels tend to have higher occupancy and room rates and they tend to be more profitable than the theme parks.”

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4-Day Hong Kong Family Tour

Hong Kong has long been a place of diversity. With diverse attractions to engage people of all age groups, Hong Kong is the perfect destination for a family holiday. Gear up for fun and excitement at Disneyland and spend some quality time with family at the highlights of Hong Kong Island.

  • Enjoy a magical night in Disney's Hollywood Hotel
  • Spend a full day in the fairy-tale Kingdom of Disneyland Park
  • View the amazing skyline from the historical Peak Tram of Victoria Peak
  • Relax on the Golden Beach of Repulse Bay
  • Experience the local sampan ride at Aberdeen

Suggested Itinerary

Your private guide will be on time and waiting in arrivals. A comfortable private car (non-smoking) and experienced driver will transfer you directly to the Disney's Hollywood Hotel . Your guide will tell you the pick-up time for the following day and deliver the Hong Kong Disneyland Park one-day admission tickets to you. Stay overnight and enjoy Hollywood-style family fun.

Accommodation Disney's Hollywood Hotel

In the morning, you take a free shuttle bus from the hotel to Disneyland Park in 5 minutes. Enter the park and start a magical day: catch beloved Disney Characters on parade, try out exciting rides, enjoy terrific live shows and gaze at the "Disney In The Stars" Fireworks . After the fireworks display ends at around 21:00 , meet your private guide and be escorted back to your hotel in Kowloon center for a sleeping-beauty rest.

Accomodation Harbour Plaza Metropolis

Hong Kong Island is the heart of the city. Your first stop is Victoria Peak , the highest peak in Hong Kong. Your visit features the 112-old-year Peak Tram and Hong Kong's most unusual building, the Peak Tower, which is the terminal building of the Tram, the location of Madame Tussauds and the best place to overlook the city's skyline.

One way on the Peak Tram (8 minutes) is included. Your guide will purchase the ticket for your family in advance to save time, but during the peak season, you will still need to queue for about 8 to 20 minutes to take the tram. Your experienced guide will adjust the itinerary to minimize the waiting time.

The next spot is the "Golden Beach" in Hong Kong, Repulse Bay . Shaped as a crescent, the bay stretches a long way; the waves are gentle and the sand is soft. It is now one of Hong Kong's most exclusive residential areas

Our last stop is a special one; we have planned an experience for you in the fishermen's area — Aberdeen . It has become a world-famous travel spot for its fishing village customs and seafood. A sampan ride for 15 minutes is included for you to have a close-up look at this unusual way of life.

Alternative for Aberdeen: If you are not interested in Aberdeen, we can arrange a visit to Stanley Market for you instead. Once a fishing village, Stanley Market is now a great destination for purchasing various goods, including Chinese-style works of art, silk fabric, antiques, and king-size clothes.

At the end of the tour, you will be escorted back to your hotel. The rest of the day will be free for you to explore or to shop at your own leisure . Your guide can offer recommendations if you like.

After breakfast, your private guide and driver will escort you to the airport in good time and make sure everything goes smoothly before saying goodbye.

Tailoring Your Tour

This tour is very flexible. You can alter the itinerary, extend or shorten it to suit your price, interest, and schedule. If you would like to book the hotels on your own, we can remove the hotel cost from quotation. Please inform your travel advisor about your preference.

Optional Extension

Ocean Park is Hong Kong's biggest theme park. Along with acrobatic sea mammals, there are many other sea creatures. The Amazing Asian Animals section has some pandas. We can even arrange an Honorable Panda Keeper experience for you. You can ride the sky tram to see the scenery and hop onto a roller coaster and many other big rides. Please feel free to inform your trip advisor if you would like to add one day to visit Ocean Park.

Price includes:

  • Private air-conditioned business car with big windows and ample space
  • English speaking local guide
  • Activities, hotels, and meals listed in the itinerary
  • 24/7 helpline for while you are traveling

Discover real reviews of Highlights Travel Family 's best-rated service across trusted platforms.

Your 1:1 travel consultant will reply within 1 working day.

Number in your group

Adults number (age ≥ 18 years old)

Children number

10-17 yrs old

3-9 yrs old

0-2 yrs old

What's your hotel choice?

I prefer to be contacted via:

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