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How To Pack Bras For Travel: Pack Like A Pro

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Travel is essential to life, allowing us to explore new places, cultures and experiences. Whether a quick weekend getaway or a month-long trip abroad, traveling gives us a much-needed break from our daily routines and helps expand our horizons.

It allows us to step out of our comfort zone and challenge ourselves in new ways, whether trying new foods, navigating unfamiliar streets or communicating in another language. Traveling can be a nightmare if you don’t pack your bra properly. Stuffed and squished between clothes, bras can lose shape and support, making you uncomfortable throughout your trip.

But don’t worry. We will discuss how to pack bras for travel. With these 11 smart and simple tips, you can pack like a pro and keep your bras looking perfect while traveling. We recommend some of the best bras for prima donna travel from Bali, Wakol. Read on to find out.

How To Pack Bras For Travel – 11 Smart And Easy Tips

How To Pack Bras For Travel - 11 Smart And Easy Tips

Travel is a wonderful way to broaden your horizons and experience new cultures. Whether exploring a new city, hiking through a national park, or lounging on a tropical beach, travel offers endless opportunities for adventure and discovery. One of the most exciting aspects of travel is trying new foods and experiencing different cuisines. Here are how to pack bras for travel – 11 smart and easy tips. Scroll down to get into details.

1. Use A Bra Case

Use A Bra Case

For peace of mind when traveling with bras, it’s essential to pack them using the right technique. Use a bra case that fits your bra size and style – whether you have molded cups or non-molded bras. Alternatively, opt for a soft-sided packing cube or a clean sock to protect your favorite bras while on the go. Remember to put your bras at the top of your luggage so they don’t get squished in the middle of the bra pile-up.

2. Choose A Packing Cube

Choose A Packing Cube

Consider using a packing cube to ensure your bras remain organized and retain their shape when traveling. Opt for one that fits comfortably in your luggage and accommodates all your bras. For added protection against crushing or damage during transit, pack molded cups inside out and secure straps and hooks with bra clips or paper clips. A lingerie bag also serves as an excellent alternative.

3. Consider A Travel Bra Bag

Investing in a travel bra bag is a great way to pack bras for travel. Not only does it provide peace of mind knowing that your bras are protected during transport, but it also helps in keeping your bras organized and tangle-free.

Look for bags with compartments or sections that fit your bra size or style. Choose a breathable mesh design to allow airflow and prevent moisture buildup. A travel bra bag can also double as storage for your favorite bras at home.

4. Pack Bras In Bra Wash Bags

To ensure your favorite bras remain in their original shape during traveling , pack them in a bra wash bag. Made of mesh fabric that allows water and soap to pass through, keeping bras separate from other items. Pack bras with cups facing each other to prevent damage or crushing, and avoid folding padded bras.

Choose the right bag size that fits your bra size and type; alternatively, you can use lingerie or cup cases for extra protection. Consider using wireless or underwire bras for more comfort in your suitcase.

5. Fold Or Roll Bras

Fold Or Roll Bras

To keep your bras organized and protected during transit while saving some space in your bag without losing their original shape is to fold or roll them up with tuck or clam folds.

To ensure they remain intact throughout the journey while making the most of the little space available in your suitcase or travel bag, use a travel bra or laundry bag to house them between clothes items. Consider packing enough room for at most three best bras for peace of mind during getaway trips.

6. Stack Bras Vertically

Pack your bras like a pro for your next trip with these smart tips that will save you space and give you peace of mind. To keep your expensive bras safe from damage while traveling, stack them vertically by folding the cups into each other and tucking the straps inwards.

Place them in a lingerie bag, a small pouch, and some bamboo socks or underwear to maintain their original shape. Ensure underwire bras are packed in your carry-on luggage or travel bra case. Get creative with your packing and use a packing cube or zip lock bag to pack your sports bras or bralettes.

7. Use Socks Or Underwear To Shape Cups

To keep your bras in shape while traveling, use this clever hack: put socks or underwear in the cups to prevent creasing. To save space in your suitcase, stack them vertically and fold them in half. If you want extra protection for your favorite bras while on vacation, pack them separately in a lingerie bag or a travel bra case.  Put your bras at the end of your packing list to ensure souvenirs don’t crush them.

8. Pack Wireless Or Underwire Bras

Pack Wireless Or Underwire Bras

While traveling, it’s crucial to pack the right type of bra. Opt for wireless bras as they are comfortable and occupy less space in your suitcase. If necessary, pack underwire bras with caution to retain their original shape. Use a bra case, packing cube or a lingerie bag to keep them organized. Creativity like tuck or clam folding can save you a lot of space in the middle of the bra wardrobe for souvenirs or other essentials.

9. Adjust Straps And Fasten Hooks

To ensure your bras remain in their original shape while traveling, don’t forget to adjust the straps and fasten the hooks before packing them. For added protection and organization of your favorite bras on the go, don’t shy away from using a bra travel case or organizer.

You can also use soft items like socks to fill the cup space or tuck-fold them for more room in your suitcase. Incorporate some creativity while packing, as every little space counts.

10. Pack Bras Last And Around Corners

Maximize your luggage space by packing your underwear and socks inside your bra cups while traveling. Remember to pack your bras last and place them around corners when creating more room in your suitcase.

Use a bra travel case, a ziplock bag, and cube organizers to prevent creases and maintain their original shape during transport. Don’t forget to adjust the straps of your favorite bras before placing them in the middle of the bra cups.

11. Create A Bra Wardrobe For Travel

Create A Bra Wardrobe For Travel

To pack like a pro for your undergarments, creating a bra wardrobe for travel is important. This means selecting the best bras to suit your trip’s various outfits and occasions while keeping packing space in mind. Opt for versatile and comfortable options like wireless or underwire bras.

Investing in bra storage solutions like a travel bra case or organizer can help you keep your lingerie organized and protected. Doing so lets you enjoy peace of mind knowing that your favorite bras are safe and sound until you reach your destination.

Recommended Bras For Travel (Bali, Wacoal, Prima Donna)

Packing bras for travel can be a hassle, but you can save some space with a little creativity. Opt for wireless or underwire bras – they take up less room than sports bras or bralettes. Use packing cubes or a travel bra case to separate your bras from the rest of your clothing.

Save even more space by tucking small items like underwear into the cups of your bras. Bali offers various colors and styles, while Wacoal is perfect for long flights. Try Prima Donna for extra support and lift. Don’t forget to pack a laundry bag to wash your delicates on the go.

Essentials For Packing Bras For Travel

Bras are essential for many women, providing support and comfort throughout the day. Protecting and organizing your bras when traveling is essential for stress-free packing. When packing bras for travel, taking the necessary steps to keep them organized and protected is important.

Here are some essential tips for packing bras for travel: By following these simple tips, you can ensure that your bras stay in great condition while traveling and avoid any unnecessary stress while on the go.

  • Use a bra organizer or case. This will help keep your bras organized and prevent them from getting crushed or tangled in your luggage.
  • Stack your bras. Place one bra on the other, with the cups facing opposite directions. This can help prevent any damage to the cups or underwire.
  • Stuff your cups. To help maintain their shape, stuff each cup with a sock or underwear.
  • Pack in the middle of your luggage. Placing your bras in the middle of your luggage can provide extra cushioning and protection from any bumps or jostles during transit.

What Not To Do When Packing Bras For Travel

Protecting your bras while traveling is essential to maintain their original shape and condition. Instead of tucking them away and hoping for the best, use these packing tips: Fold rather than roll your bra cups to save space in your suitcase.

Use a bra case or a zip lock bag to prevent moisture from affecting the delicate material of your lingerie. Choose wireless bras over underwire styles if possible. Pack lighter-coloured options like nudes and whites at the bottom of your bag to avoid staining from souvenirs. With a little creativity, you can pack fewer bras while still having enough room for all your other travel essentials.

How To Unpack And Care For Your Bras After Travel

How To Unpack And Care For Your Bras After Travel

After a long trip, the last thing you want to worry about is how to unpack and care for your bras. Here are some tips to help you keep your bras in good condition after travel. Following these simple steps ensures that your bras stay in good condition even after a long journey.

  • Unpack them as soon as possible. Leaving your bras compressed in your luggage can cause damage or misshaping. Take them out of your suitcase right away and lay them flat.
  • Hand wash them if possible. If you have access to a sink or tub, hand washing your bras can help remove sweat or dirt accumulated during travel. Use a gentle detergent and rinse thoroughly.
  • Hang dry them. Avoid using a dryer, as the heat can damage the elastic and fabric of your bras. Instead, hang them up to air dry.
  • Store them properly. Once dry, store your bras in a drawer or closet where they won’t be crushed or misshaped. You may consider using bra storage bags or dividers to keep them organized and protected.

Bras are essential for many women, providing support and comfort. Various styles and designs suit every body type and personal preference. There is a bra for every occasion, from push-up bras to sports bras, strapless to balconette.

Traveling with bras can be a hassle, but it doesn’t have to be. With our 11 smart and easy tips on how to pack bras for travel, you can pack like a pro and ensure your bras arrive at your destination in perfect condition.

We’ve got you covered, from using a bra case or packing cube to stacking bras vertically and adjusting straps and hooks. Don’t forget to check out our recommended bras for travel from Bali, Wacoal, and Prima Donna , and essential items to include while packing your bras. And remember, never simply toss your bras into your luggage – following these tips will help them stay organized and protect their shape during travel.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.How Do You Store Bras When Traveling?

Ans: When traveling, store bras by stacking them with cups facing opposite ways and stuffing socks or underwear inside the cups to maintain their shape. Consider using a bra travel case or padded pouch. Avoid folding or squishing them to prevent damage.

2.How Do I Keep My Bra In Shape When Packing?

Ans: To maintain your bras’ shape while packing, fold them half at the center and stack them. Stuff padded bra cups with socks or underwear, use a lingerie travel case to protect delicate bras from damage and avoid placing heavy items on top.

3.How Many Bras To Pack For A 2-Week Trip?

Ans: The number of bras to pack for a 2-week trip varies based on personal preference and activities planned. Generally, 2-3 versatile bras are recommended. Don’t forget bra accessories like clips or travel cases to keep them organized and protected.

4.How Many Bras To Pack For 10 Days?

Ans: When packing for a 10-day trip, bring at least 2-3 bras and consider your planned activities and outfits. Pack a variety of bras, including sports bras, bralettes, and underwire bras. Properly pack them to avoid damage or misshaping during travel.

5.How To Pack Your Bras For Travel?

Ans: When packing bras for travel, use a designated case or organizer with compartments to protect them from damage. Alternatively, stack and fold them in half and place them in a ziplock bag. Avoid tight spaces and folding in half. For padded bras, pack them with cups facing each other to prevent crushing.

How to Pack Bras for Travel

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travel bra bag

Travel Fashion Girl

How to Pack Bras for Travel with Reader Hacks

Packing Tips , Underwear & Thermals


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Not sure how to pack your bras so that you don’t ruin their shape or just can’t seem to fit them in your bag? Our readers share how to pack bras and their picks for the best bras to pack for your next vacation!

How to Pack Bras

Table of contents.

Travel Fashion Girl help! A reader asks:

Hey everyone! Just curious how you pack your bras to take up as little space as possible but also keep their shape. I’ve been blessed with an “ample bosom,” so my bras have the molded cups.

Bras are a must-have item on every female explorer’s packing list, but do you struggle with how to pack bras in a suitcase? Are you worried about ruining the shape of your expensive bra? Our readers give advice on how to pack padded bras to make the most of the space in your luggage and protect them from damage.

travel bra bag

Compass Rose Travel Packing Cubes

Designate a Packing Cube as Your Underwear Cube

Why not designate one packing cube just for your bras and underwear? One reader says, “I have a packing cube specifically for bras, and stuff my undies and socks in there so that they can keep their shape.”

I like to place my underwire bra along the right or left corner of a slim packing cube. This way the underwire follows the cube’s edge. I place two to three underwire bras over each other in the exact same place and then place my underwear in the cups so the shape is protected, and I maximize space. I also place underwear or small socks in the space between the cup and the bottom of the cube, making sure I make the most of every nook and cranny .

Several of our readers also like to use a packing cube for their bras. One reader says, “I layer three bras on top of each in a packing cube with undies, socks, and tanks rolled in and around them.”

Watch this video on how to pack for one trip with different activities!


Think Outside the Cube

Just because packing cubes are so handy doesn’t mean you have to pack everything inside them.

One female explorer suggests “leaving the bra out of the packing cube and then pack it the corner of my bag so the corner of a packing cube fits inside the cup, and the curve of the wire follows the curve of the corner of my suitcase.”

Another reader shares how she “puts my bras in the corners of the suitcase, then the packing cube corner wedged into it. It’s a little place where nothing else fits, but there’s a bit of room.”

What a great way to make sure you are using every available space in your suitcase!   

Follow these packing hacks  one trick to instantly downsize your luggage!


Bra & Lingerie Travel Case

Use a Travel Bra Bag  

You could invest in a  Travel Bra Case to keep your bras protected and organized when traveling. This travel bra organizer is designed to prevent your bras from becoming crushed or damaged by adding a protective layer around your bras. It comes in two sizes and lots of different colors and styles. Bra bags are an awesome packing solution for protecting your favorite underwear!

One reader shares how she bought a bra case “that I use all the time when I travel. I can’t be without it now. I don’t have to worry about folding or crushing my bras.”

You’ll want to look your best when you travel! Read my travel tips to Pack Light Stylishly ! 


Laundry Science Premium Regular Bra Wash Bag

Pack Bras in Bra Wash Bags

You also could use this Laundry Bra Wash Bag to pack your bras when on vacation. The plastic frame with the mesh is designed to be flexible and protect your bras while maintaining its shape.

One reader says, “I use a bra washing bag. I place my bras in it, and then I put miscellaneous things in small pouches to fill up the nooks and crannies. I then use the lingerie bag for my underwear on laundry day.”

One product for multiple purposes — what an awesome way to save space in your packing!

Here are our tips on how to hand wash clothing when traveling !

travel bra bag

Some readers choose to fold their bras before packing them.

Using socks or panties to keep the shape of the cups is a popular bra packing strategy among our female readers. One reader says, “I fold my bras in half, and then roll panties and then put those in the cups.”

Another reader adds, “I fold my bras in half, one cup inside the other, and then I find a corner to tuck it into, around other stuff.”

One reader says that when traveling, “I try to pack bras that don’t have molded cups so that I can squish them into my suitcase better!”

Learn which works best for packing, folding vs. rolling clothes for packing!

Disclaimer: Folding one bra cup into the other can ruin the shape and integrity of your bras.

travel bra bag

If you are looking for how to pack bras in a suitcase, stack them toward the top of the bag with enough room to avoid crushing the cups. Stack one bra behind the other, keeping the cups puffed up. Then stuff some socks or panties behind the cup. This makes sure your bras keep their shape and will avoid ruining them.

One reader shares how she “stacks them and then stuff the cups with underwear and socks.” Another reader adds, “I nest the bra cups inside another bra, stacking them, and then stuff with underwear or socks and place near the top of my suitcase. This works well for me.”  

Get expert tips on  choosing the best bra for travel !

How Many Bras to Pack?

Figuring out how many bras to pack can be confusing, especially when you are on a long vacation. Generally speaking, you want to pack the most versatile bras possible, so always choose what makes sense for the activities you have planned.

As with shoes, three is the magic number. Keep this rule of three in mind for bras, too!

Remember, if you are traveling for longer, you can do laundry while on your vacation, so you won’t need to pack more bras just because you will be away longer.

Read about the bras every woman should pack when traveling!

Our Readers’ Favorite Bras for Travel


Wacoal Halo Underwire Bra in Sand

Most Versatile Underwire Bra: Wacoal Women’s Halo

Wacoal’s underwire bra has all-over stretch lace cups for great natural shaping and offers excellent support. It has adjustable convertible straps that can be worn traditionally over the shoulder or in the racerback style.

This bra is available in a wide range of colors, from versatile neutrals to more colorful red and blue, so there is a color to suit everyone.

One reader says, “This is my go-to bra.” Another reader says, “I am always really happy with my bras from Wacoal.” While one reader also adds, “Wacoal Halo Lace is the comfiest bra I’ve ever worn.”


Prima Donna Madison Bra in Caffe Latte

Best Full Cup Bra: Prima Donna Madison

Our readers also really love the Prima Donna’s Madison bra because of its support and coverage. One reader says, “The bra is sooo comfy and gets the job done. They’re always comfy.” Another reader adds how “ I love my Madison bra!”


Bali Comfort Wirefree Bra in White

Best Wireless Bra: Bali Comfort Revolution

Bali is a popular bra brand among our readers, as it offers various styles and many different bust sizes, so there is a bra to fit everyone. One reader says it’s “the BEST bra ever!”

Read our post on the best wireless bra !


Hanes Wire-Free Bra in Taupe

Comfortable Wireless Bra: Hanes Ultimate

Bras from Hanes are a particular favorite among our female explorers. One reader says, “I just love my Hanes bra.” Another reader also shares how “my friend just got these and LOVES THEM! She said it’s the best bra she’s ever had.”

Remember: If you are planning any strenuous activities on your vacation or even for bumpy travel days, pack a sports bra. Have a look at these options .  

How do you pack bras when traveling? Share in the comments below!

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  • Bra-Sized Swimwear by Cup Size
  • Can I Wear an Underwire Bra Through Airport Security?
  • Best Travel Underwear for Women



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Travel By Ships

Best Travel Bras

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When it comes to travel essentials, a comfortable and reliable travel bra is often overlooked but can make a significant difference in your journey.

  • 1 Best Travel Bras Compared
  • 2 What Makes a Good Bra For Travel?
  • 3.1 The Ultra-Light Travel Bra with Pockets
  • 3.2 Warner’s Blissful Benefits Wireless Comfort Bra
  • 3.3 SHAPERMINT Compression Wirefree High Support Bra
  • 3.4 Leading Lady Meryl Cotton Comfort & Sleep Bra
  • 3.5 RUNNING GIRL Sports Bra
  • 3.6 Bali Women’s Comfort Wireless Bra
  • 3.7 Boody Body EcoWear Women’s Shaper Bra
  • 3.8 ExOfficio Women’s Give-n-go Crossover Bra
  • 3.9 Panache Women’s Non-Wired Sports Bra
  • 3.10 Hanes Ultimate Women’s Wireless Bra
  • 3.11 Under Armour Mid Impact Crossback Sports Bra
  • 3.12 Anita Women’s Extreme Control Sport Bra
  • 4 Tips on Maintaining Your Bra While Travelling
  • 5.1 How do you travel with a bra?
  • 5.2 Are there travel bras with built-in security features?
  • 5.3 Can I wear a travel bra as an everyday bra?
  • 5.4 What are the best travel bras for hot climates?
  • 5.5 Can I use a sports bra as a travel bra?
  • 5.6 Are there travel bras for plus-size travelers?
  • 5.7 Are there travel bras for nursing mothers?
  • 5.8 Can I use a travel bra for hiking and outdoor activities?
  • 5.9 How many travel bras do I need for a trip?
  • 5.10 Can I wear a travel bra under swimwear?
  • 5.11 Are there eco-friendly travel bras available?
  • 5.12 Can I wear underwire bra to airport?
  • 6 To Wrap Up

Whether you’re embarking on a long-haul flight, exploring new destinations, or going on an adventurous trip, the right travel bra can provide much-needed support and comfort.

The right travel bra does more than just offer support. It should be your secret weapon, blending comfort, durability, versatility, easy maintenance, and even security. Travel can be stressful, but with the right bra, you can conquer any travel hiccup with style and confidence.

Best Travel Bras Compared

The Necessity of a Good Travel Bra…

It’s no secret that an ill-fitting bra can ruin even the most picturesque day exploring a new city. But a well-chosen travel bra does more than just prevent discomfort. It enhances your travel experience by offering the right support as you dash through airports, hike up mountains, or dance at a local festival.

What Makes a Good Bra For Travel?

As with any other travel essential, there are a few key attributes that a travel bra should possess:

  • Comfort : After hours of exploring, you’ll need a bra that’s breathable, adjustable, and supportive. It should feel like a second skin, moving with you, not against you.
  • Durability : Travel can be tough on our clothes, and bras are no exception. Opt for high-quality materials and construction. A good travel bra should withstand multiple wears and washes without losing its shape or comfort.
  • Versatility : A bra that works with different outfits is worth its weight in gold. Be it a plunging neckline dress for a romantic dinner, a t-shirt for a city tour, or a tank top for a beach day, your bra should be able to keep up.
  • Easy maintenance : When you’re on the go, the last thing you need is high-maintenance clothing. A great travel bra should be easy to clean and quick-drying.
  • Security : Travel bras with hidden pockets are a secret weapon against pickpockets. Perfect for stashing extra cash or a copy of your passport!
  • Quick-drying: The ability to dry quickly is essential, especially if you need to wash your bra during your trip.
  • Moisture-wicking: Bras with moisture-wicking properties keep you dry and fresh, especially during hot and humid travel conditions.
  • Breathability: Look for bras that allow airflow to prevent excessive sweating and discomfort.
  • Odor resistance: Anti-odor bras are a bonus, ensuring you stay fresh even after prolonged wear.
  • Packability: Consider bras that are easy to fold and pack without losing their shape.

With these attributes in mind let’s looks at some of the best travel bras you can buy online right now.

Top Bras For Travel Reviewed

The ultra-light travel bra with pockets.

The Ultra-Light Travel Bra with Pockets, as the name suggests, is a lightweight and compact option perfect for travel. This versatile piece offers not only comfort but also practicality with its innovative pocket design.

The Ultra-Light Travel Bra with Pockets

  • Design and Material: Made from a combination of soft, stretchable, and breathable fabrics, this travel bra ensures maximum comfort for prolonged use. Its seamless construction and absence of underwires prevent any form of discomfort or irritation, making it suitable for long journeys.
  • Pocket Feature: The primary standout feature of this bra is its pockets. Integrated subtly into the design, the pockets provide a secure place to keep your essential items like passport, credit cards, or even small pieces of jewelry.
  • Comfort: Apart from its soft material, the bra offers adjustable straps and closure to fit various body sizes, enhancing the comfort level. The lack of underwire also contributes to its comfort, ensuring there’s no pressure or pinch points.
  • Versatility: The neutral colors of this bra make it versatile enough to be worn under any outfit, be it a casual t-shirt or a formal dress. It can even be used as a standalone piece for workouts or lounging.
  • Care Instructions: Being machine washable, maintaining this bra is a breeze. Just toss it in the wash, and it’s ready to be packed for your next adventure.

In essence, The Ultra-Light Travel Bra with Pockets combines comfort, functionality, and practicality, making it an ideal companion for travel. While it may not be perfect for everyone, its unique features make it a must-try for frequent travelers.

Warner’s Blissful Benefits Wireless Comfort Bra

Warner’s Women’s Blissful Benefits Bra is a testament to the brand’s dedication to comfort and quality. With a focus on creating a dig-free experience, this bra offers a blissful wearing experience for the user.

Warner's Blissful Benefits Wireless Comfort Bra

  • Design and Material: Crafted from a blend of nylon and elastane, this bra promises durability and elasticity. Its lightly lined cups provide modest coverage and shape without adding extra bulk, making it an excellent choice for travel.
  • Comfort: One of the major selling points of this bra is its seamless stretch band. It’s designed to lie flat against your skin, eliminating the digging and pinching common with traditional bras.
  • Wireless: The absence of wires means no poking or discomfort. Plus, it makes packing more straightforward, with the bra easily folded into any luggage space.
  • Adjustable Features: With adjustable straps and hook-and-eye closures, this bra offers a customizable fit to accommodate different body sizes and shapes.
  • Easy Care: This bra is easy to clean and maintain, thanks to its machine washable nature.

Overall, the Warner’s Women’s Blissful Benefits Bra is a great travel companion for those seeking comfort and simplicity. Its dig-free band and wireless design ensure a pleasant wearing experience, regardless of your journey’s duration

SHAPERMINT Compression Wirefree High Support Bra

The SHAPERMINT Compression Wirefree High Support Bra is a versatile choice for women who want a functional bra that can handle a variety of situations, from everyday wear to exercising.

SHAPERMINT Compression Wirefree High Support Bra

  • Design and Material: This bra is designed with a soft, breathable fabric that not only ensures comfort but also aids in moisture management. The high-quality material makes it durable and resistant to wear and tear.
  • Compression: One standout feature of this bra is its compression ability. It provides adequate support and shape, especially for women with larger bust sizes.
  • Wireless and High Support: Despite being wire-free, the bra offers high support, which is essential for various physical activities, including walking, jogging, or even yoga. This makes it a practical choice for active travelers.
  • Back Support: Another highlight of this bra is its back support. The bra is designed to distribute weight evenly across the back, reducing pressure on the shoulders and improving posture.
  • Adjustable and Wide Straps: The adjustable and wide straps provide an additional level of support and comfort, reducing the chance of straps digging into the skin.

Overall, the SHAPERMINT Compression Wirefree High Support Bra is a functional and versatile choice. It’s particularly suitable for active travelers who want a bra that can provide support during various physical activities.

Leading Lady Meryl Cotton Comfort & Sleep Bra

The Leading Lady Meryl Cotton Front-Closure Comfort & Sleep Bra is designed specifically for comfort during sleep and leisure. This is an excellent choice for travelers who value comfort during their downtime.

Leading Lady Meryl Cotton Comfort & Sleep Bra

  • Design and Material: Made primarily of cotton, this bra is soft, breathable, and hypoallergenic, reducing the chance of skin irritation. The spandex element ensures flexibility and shape retention.
  • Front Closure: The bra features a front closure, making it easier to put on and take off—a feature particularly appreciated by women who have limited mobility.
  • Comfort: As a sleep and leisure bra, the focus is squarely on comfort. The seamless, wire-free design ensures there are no pressure points, while the wide straps prevent digging into the shoulders.
  • Versatility: Though designed for sleep, this bra is versatile enough to be worn during the day, especially during long travel hours when comfort is paramount.
  • Easy Care: Being machine washable, this bra is easy to clean and care for, making it suitable for travel.

The Leading Lady Meryl Cotton Front-Closure Comfort & Sleep Bra is an excellent choice for those who prioritize comfort, especially during sleep and leisure times. Its simple design and front closure make it a convenient choice for various users.


The RUNNING GIRL Sports Bra is a great option for active travelers. Its medium support and stylish design make it suitable for workouts, yoga sessions, or even casual wear.


  • Design and Material: The bra is made from a blend of nylon and spandex, ensuring durability, flexibility, and moisture-wicking properties. It features a fashionable criss-cross back design.
  • Support: This sports bra offers medium support, making it suitable for moderate-impact activities like cycling, hiking, or dancing. It comes with removable cups for customizable coverage and support.
  • Comfort: The seamless and wireless design ensures comfort, while the wide and adjustable straps provide a snug fit without digging into the skin.
  • Stylish: This bra isn’t just functional—it’s also trendy. Its stylish design makes it suitable to wear on its own or under workout clothes.
  • Easy Care: Like the other bras on this list, it’s machine washable, making maintenance hassle-free.

The RUNNING GIRL Sports Bra stands out for its combination of style and function. It’s an excellent choice for active travelers who don’t want to compromise on style while getting the necessary support.

Bali Women’s Comfort Wireless Bra

The Bali Women’s Comfort Revolution Wireless Bra focuses on providing all-around comfort and a personalized fit with its ComfortFlex design.

Bali Women's Comfort Wireless Bra

  • Design and Material: Made from a blend of nylon and spandex, this bra ensures durability and flexibility. The lightly padded cups offer modesty and shape, enhancing the overall fit.
  • ComfortFlex Fit: The ComfortFlex Fit is a notable feature of this bra. It provides a personalized fit that shapes to your body, ensuring comfort throughout the day.
  • Wireless and Full Coverage: This bra is wireless for maximum comfort, and its full-coverage design provides excellent support for all cup sizes.
  • Comfort: The bra features adjustable straps for a custom fit, while its seamless design prevents chafing. Its hook and eye back closure ensure the bra stays secure.
  • Easy Care: Being machine washable, it’s easy to clean and maintain, making it suitable for travel.

The Bali Women’s Comfort Revolution Wireless Bra is a go-to option for those who value personalized comfort and full coverage. Its features cater to a wide range of sizes and shapes, making it a versatile pick for many women.

Boody Body EcoWear Women’s Shaper Bra

The Boody Body EcoWear Women’s Shaper Bra stands out for its eco-friendly material and comfortable design. It’s a great option for those conscious of their environmental footprint.

Boody Body EcoWear Women's Shaper Bra

  • Design and Material: The bra is made from bamboo viscose, an eco-friendly material known for its softness, breathability, and moisture-wicking properties.
  • Wireless and Light Support: As a wireless bra, it offers comfort without compromising on support. It provides light support, making it suitable for casual wear and light activities.
  • Seamless and Stretchy: The seamless design of this bra prevents any discomfort or skin irritation, while its stretchy nature ensures a comfortable fit.
  • Comfort: The soft bamboo material, combined with the absence of wires and seams, makes this one of the most comfortable bras on the market.
  • Easy Care: This bra is machine washable, making it easy to maintain, even on the go.

The Boody Body EcoWear Women’s Shaper Bra is an excellent choice for eco-conscious travelers who prioritize comfort and environmental responsibility. The soft, breathable material and seamless design ensure maximum comfort for all-day wear.

ExOfficio Women’s Give-n-go Crossover Bra

The ExOfficio Women’s Give-n-go Crossover Bra is designed for the adventurous traveler. It’s durable, easy to care for, and quick to dry, making it an excellent choice for outdoor activities and long travel days.

ExOfficio Women's Give-n-go Crossover Bra

  • Design and Material: This bra is made from a blend of nylon and Lycra, making it durable, stretchy, and comfortable. It also features a crossover design for a stylish touch.
  • Quick-Drying: One standout feature of this bra is its quick-drying ability. This feature is especially handy for travelers who often need to do quick washes on the go.
  • Comfort: The bra offers a flat elastic binding and straps to ensure a comfortable fit without digging into the skin. The absence of an underwire also adds to its comfort.
  • Odor Control: This bra features an antimicrobial treatment that reduces odor, keeping you fresh even after a long day of activities.
  • Easy Care: The bra is machine washable, and its quick-drying nature makes it easy to wash and wear on the go.

The ExOfficio Women’s Give-n-go Crossover Bra is probably the best quick dry bra for travel and stands out for its quick-drying material and odor control treatment. It’s an excellent option for outdoor enthusiasts and those who require quick and easy care.

Panache Women’s Non-Wired Sports Bra

The Panache Women’s Non-Wired Sports Bra is an excellent option for active travelers. It offers support, comfort, and a touch of style in a non-wired package.

Panache Women's Non-Wired Sports Bra

  • Design and Material: The bra is made from a blend of polyester, polyamide, and elastane for durability, flexibility, and comfort. It features a sporty aesthetic suitable for workout gear.
  • Support: Despite being non-wired, this sports bra provides excellent support for all sizes, making it ideal for medium to high-impact activities.
  • Comfort: The padded, adjustable straps and the breathable material all contribute to the overall comfort of the bra.
  • Stylish: The bra comes in various colors and patterns, allowing users to choose based on their personal style preferences.

Overall, the Panache Women’s Non-Wired Sports Bra is an excellent option for active travelers who need a stylish yet supportive bra for their workout sessions or outdoor activities.

Hanes Ultimate Women’s Wireless Bra

The Hanes Ultimate Women’s Wireless Seamless Convertible Bra promises comfort and versatility with its convertible design and ComfortFlex Fit.

Hanes Ultimate Women's Wireless Bra

  • Design and Material: The bra is made from a blend of polyester, spandex, and nylon for flexibility, comfort, and durability.
  • Convertible: This bra’s convertible design allows it to be worn in multiple ways, making it versatile for different outfits and occasions.
  • ComfortFlex Fit: The ComfortFlex Fit offers a personalized fit that molds to your body for maximum comfort and support.
  • Wireless and Seamless: The wireless and seamless design of this bra ensures comfort and prevents any discomfort or skin irritation.
  • Easy Care: This bra is machine washable, making it easy to clean and maintain, even when traveling.

The Hanes Ultimate Women’s Wireless Seamless Convertible Bra is ideal for travelers looking for a versatile and comfortable bra. Its convertible design and ComfortFlex Fit make it suitable for various activities and outfits.

Under Armour Mid Impact Crossback Sports Bra

The Under Armour Women’s Mid Impact Crossback Sports Bra is designed to support medium-impact activities. It’s a great choice for active travelers, offering both style and function.

Under Armour Mid Impact Crossback Sports Bra

  • Design and Material: The bra is made from a blend of polyester and elastane for comfort, flexibility, and moisture-wicking properties. It features a stylish crossback design.
  • Support: This bra offers mid-impact support, making it ideal for activities like cycling, weight training, and boxing.
  • Comfort: The soft, breathable cups provide extra structure and coverage, while the adjustable straps ensure a snug and comfortable fit.
  • Easy Care: This bra is machine washable, making it easy to clean and maintain, even on the go.
  • Stylish: The bra comes in various colors, allowing users to choose based on their personal style preferences.

The Under Armour Women’s Mid Impact Crossback Sports Bra is an excellent quick dry sports bra for travel especially for active travelers who need a stylish yet supportive bra for their workout sessions or outdoor activities.

Anita Women’s Extreme Control Sport Bra

The Anita Women’s Extreme Control Sport Bra stands out for its high-impact support. It’s ideal for active travelers who engage in high-intensity workouts or sports.

Anita Women's Extreme Control Sport Bra

  • Design and Material: The bra is made from a blend of polyester, nylon, and elastane for comfort, flexibility, and durability. It features a full-coverage design for maximum support.
  • Support: This sports bra provides extreme control and high-impact support, making it ideal for activities like running, aerobics, and other high-intensity workouts.
  • Comfort: The padded straps and seamless cups contribute to the bra’s overall comfort, ensuring a snug and pain-free fit.

The Anita Women’s Extreme Control Sport Br a is a top choice for travelers engaging in high-intensity activities. Its high-impact support and stylish design make it an excellent travel companion.

Tips on Maintaining Your Bra While Travelling

To keep your bras in tip-top shape, avoid folding padded bras; instead, tuck your undies into the cups to help them maintain their shape.

Washing your travel bra during your trip is essential to keep it fresh and clean. Follow these steps for hand washing your bra:

  • Fill a sink or basin with lukewarm water and add a gentle detergent.
  • Submerge your bra in the water and gently agitate it.
  • Let it soak for 15-30 minutes, depending on how soiled it is.
  • Rinse the bra thoroughly with cold water until all the soap is gone.
  • Gently press out excess water—avoid wringing or twisting the bra.
  • Lay the bra flat on a clean towel and roll it up to remove excess water.
  • Reshape the bra and let it air dry.

How do you travel with a bra?

Traveling with a bra is relatively simple, but to ensure it stays in good condition, consider the following tips:

  • Pack bras flat: Folding your bras flat in your luggage will help them maintain their shape.
  • Use travel cases: If you prefer added protection, consider using specialized bra travel cases or lingerie bags.
  • Avoid crushing: Try not to place heavy objects on top of your bras to avoid crushing the cups.
  • Wear during travel: Consider wearing your bulkier or heavier bras during your travel day to save space in your luggage.

Are there travel bras with built-in security features?

Yes, some travel bras are designed with built-in security features to protect your valuables during your journeys. These bras may have discreet pockets or hidden compartments to store small items like cash, credit cards, or keys safely. They can be particularly useful in crowded areas or when you want to travel light without carrying a purse or wallet.

Can I wear a travel bra as an everyday bra?

Absolutely! Many travel bras are designed to be versatile enough for everyday wear. They offer the same comfort and support as traditional bras but often come with additional features suitable for travel. This dual functionality makes them a practical choice for daily use and ensures you get the most out of your purchase.

What are the best travel bras for hot climates?

In hot and humid climates, breathability and moisture-wicking properties are essential. The best bras for hot weather travel are made from lightweight and breathable fabrics such as bamboo, modal, or moisture-wicking synthetic materials like polyester or nylon. Seamless bras are also a great option to prevent chafing and discomfort.

Can I use a sports bra as a travel bra?

Sports bras can make excellent travel bras, especially if you’re planning active adventures during your trip. They provide ample support, are often made with moisture-wicking materials, and are generally quite comfortable. However, ensure the sports bra you choose is versatile enough to be worn comfortably throughout your journey.

Are there travel bras for plus-size travelers?

Absolutely! Travel bras come in a range of sizes to accommodate all body types. Look for brands that offer extended sizing options and prioritize comfort and support. High-quality plus-size travel bras will provide the same features as regular-sized bras, ensuring everyone can have a comfortable and enjoyable travel experience.

Are there travel bras for nursing mothers?

Yes, there are travel bras specifically designed for nursing mothers. These bras offer easy access for breastfeeding while providing the necessary support and comfort for travel. Look for nursing travel bras with convenient nursing clips or drop-down cups for seamless feeding on the go.

Can I use a travel bra for hiking and outdoor activities?

Absolutely! In fact, some of the features that make travel bras suitable for journeys also make them excellent choices for outdoor activities like hiking. Moisture-wicking, quick-drying, and breathable materials will keep you comfortable during your adventures, and the added security features can be helpful when exploring unfamiliar terrains.

How many travel bras do I need for a trip?

The number of travel bras you need depends on the length of your trip and your packing preferences. As a general guideline, packing two to three travel bras should be sufficient for most trips. This way, you can rotate them, allowing time for washing and drying if needed. Choose versatile bras that can be paired with multiple outfits to maximize their utility.

Can I wear a travel bra under swimwear?

Some travel bras, especially those made from moisture-wicking materials, can be suitable for wearing under swimwear. However, it’s essential to check the specific product details and ensure the bra is designed to be used in wet conditions. For added versatility, look for travel bras that can double as swim tops.

Are there eco-friendly travel bras available?

Yes, as sustainability becomes more important in the fashion industry, eco-friendly travel bras are also becoming available. Look for bras made from organic or recycled materials and from brands with a commitment to ethical and eco-friendly practices.

Can I wear underwire bra to airport?

Yes, you can wear an underwire bra to the airport. Underwire bras are allowed and perfectly fine to wear during airport security screenings. The underwire in the bra should not cause any issues during the screening process. Airport security personnel are accustomed to passengers wearing underwire bras, and they are not considered a problem or prohibited item.

However, if you find underwire bras uncomfortable during long flights or if you have concerns about the metal detectors, you can also choose to wear wire-free bras or sports bras for added comfort and flexibility. Ultimately, the choice of bra depends on your personal preference and comfort level during travel.

Having the right travel bra can really make a difference to your comfort and convenience while on the road. With so many options available, there’s no need to compromise on comfort or style. Ladies, our globetrotting adventures deserve the very best in every way, including the best travel bras !

Remember, your bra should be your best travel buddy – supportive, reliable, and always there to lift you up when you need it.

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travel bra bag

Travel asks a lot of your wardrobe. Not only do your pieces have to fit well and be comfortable for all-day wear ⁠— including sitting in the plane, train, or car for hours on end ⁠— it has to not wrinkle or get damaged easily when stowed away, too. The best travel bras have the versatility to transition from day to night while staying comfortable and easy to pack.

For plane trips or any other travel that requires walking through a metal detector, it's important to consider if you want to wear an underwire bra through security or not. An underwire is fine to wear on board , according to the TSA, but some readers of TravelFashionGirl.com report regularly getting patted down in airports when wearing an underwire while others have not experienced this problem. However, there are plenty of wireless bras on the market that provide plenty of support if you'd rather not risk the hassle.

Next, consider the destination, wardrobe, and personal preference. For long trips or warm locales, quick-drying materials that are breathable and easy to wash are a big plus. And if your outfits have you considering a strapless bra, consider a convertible model you can wear in different ways throughout your trip.

With all that in mind, scroll on for the best travel bras on Amazon . These picks offer plenty of versatility, are easy to pack without damage, and are comfortable for hours on end. When you've picked what to bring, then comes the question of how to pack bras . For delicate ones, stacking your bras (perhaps even adding socks and underwear in between) will be the gentlest way to go. But those looking to save space may prefer to fold their bras in half.

The Overall Best Wire-Free Bra

Bali Comfort Revolution Wire-Free Bra

  • Also available on BareNecessities.com, $27, and Macys.com , $44

You'll get plenty of support with this wireless bra without the worry of setting off metal detectors. With a wide band for smoothness all around your ribcage and stay-put adjustable straps, it's easy to wear in comfort. The lightly padded cups provide extra coverage and support. Plus, there are dozens of colors to choose from. The only drawback might be that it's recommended to hand wash.

According to a reviewer: "My favorite leisure and travel bra! I just cannot wear underwire when traveling/sitting for long periods of time. This bra surprisingly provides good support and separation for my 40DDD girls."

  • Available sizes: X-Small - 3X-Large

A Travel Bra Made From Breathable, Antimicrobial Material

ExOfficio Give-N-Go Crossover Bra

  • Also available on MooseJaw.com , $27

Made with an antimicrobial fabric that’s designed to tackle unwanted odors, this machine-washable travel bra is great for hot locales and all-day walks. The breathable and quick-drying nylon and spandex material also helps keep you cool. (How quickly it dries also makes it a great pick for backpacking or other trips when you need to do laundry but facilities aren’t the easiest to access.)

According to a reviewer: "Best barely bra ever! This does exactly what I want: start comfortable, provide minimal support, absorb boob sweat, and stay comfortable. Fabric feels great, dries fast, and breathes. I like that it's lowcut enough to wear under shirts with a low neck line. These have become an everyday wear."

  • Available sizes: X-Small - X-Large

A Seamless Bralette That’s Great For Travel

Calvin Klein Invisibles Adjustable Skinny Strap

  • Also available on BareNecessities.com , $20, and CalvinKlein.us , $40

Customers love how comfortable this bralette is, giving it a 4.6-star overall rating. Made of a elastane, microfiber, and nylon blend, it's stretchy and soft while staying seamless underneath clothes. It is lightly lined and has removable pads for addition coverage. It's machine washable and also super easy to fold and pack. Choose from a dozen solids and even a floral print.

According to a reviewer: "These bras are amazingly comfortable yet supportive. I wear a 38 DD and ordered the XL [...] This leaves no lines under your clothes and is so lightweight and breathable that you forget you’re wearing a bra at all!"

The Cult-Favorite Sports Bra That Doubles As A Crop Top

Lemedy Padded Sports Bra Tank Top

When traveling, versatility is key. And this sports bra and crop top in one is a great multi-use way to save space in your luggage. Made from a stretchy nylon-spandex blend, this TikTok favorite has earned a 4.5-star rating after more than 35,000 reviews. The padding is removable, and it comes in a rainbow of solid colors.

According to a reviewer: “Literally the most comfortable and most supportive sports bra ever. I have wore it hiking, on a road trip, and while tailgating and I have never felt so good. Worth the buy. I have recommended it to everyone I know.”

  • Available sizes: Small - XX-Large

A Budget Cooling & Supportive Wire-Free Bra

Warner's Blissful Benefits Play Cooling Wire-Free Bra

  • Also available on Kohls.com , $38, and Jcpenney.com , $38

This wireless bra will keep you dry, cool, and supported all day long during your trips while staying smooth underneath your outfits. Made with a special moisture-wicking Chill FX lining, it's a great choice for trips to hot destinations. The straps are even convertible to a racerback. However, it's hand-wash recommended.

According to a reviewer: "This bra is soft and comfortable, even in hot weather. No seams to show under a t-shirt or polo. It provides enough support for me, without having a wire. In bras with wires, they inevitably poke me. When traveling, washes easily in the sink and dries overnight, even in muggy, un-air conditioned rooms."

  • Available sizes: 34B - 40C

The Best Underwire Bra For Travel

Warner's Cloud 9 Underwire Contour Full-Coverage Bra

  • Also available on Kohls.com , $40, and BareNecessities.com , $20

If you'd prefer the support of a underwire, this bra will stay comfortable all day. The smartly contoured cups and high side panels are smooth under clothes, and this style is machine washable. However, the real selling point here is how comfortable this is from the nylon and spandex blend fabric down to the shape. It's also available in a wireless style .

According to a reviewer: "I have been trying, literally, every brand of bra to find something that fits comfortably and gives good coverage in a t-shirt. Finally, I found my correct sizing and the coverage I need."

  • Available sizes: 34B - 40D

A Pack Of Light-Support Sports Bras For A Great Price

Fruit of the Loom Tank-Style Sports Bra (3-Pack)

  • Also available on HerRoom.com , $17, and Fruit.com , $17

These stretchy and comfortable cotton sports bras are a great, budget-friendly choice whether you're working out or just walking around. Ideal for low-impact exercises, they have a double-layered front for a little extra support, and the tag-free build prevents itching. They come in a variety of colors (and even a few prints). At about $5 each, it’s hard to go wrong with these. No wonder they’ve earned more than 40,000 perfect five-star reviews.

According to a reviewer: "I didn't expect them to be as nice as they are. They aren't as substantial as a jog bra but are definitely nice, feel well made & secure. No "headlights," as my mother would say. The fabric is smooth & soft. I washed & dried warm & they didn't shrink much if at all."

  • Available sizes: 34 - 50

A Quick-Drying, Cooling Bra Made From Eco-Friendly Bamboo

Boody Body EcoWear Bra

  • Also available on BoodyWear.com , $20

With no padding and made from 80% cooling, eco-friendly bamboo viscose, this is a great pull-on bra for long flights and long days. Plus, plenty of customers have noted how quickly the material dries. It only provides light support but the wide straps and ribbing keep things comfy. Choose from nine muted shades including a wide array of skin tones.

According to a reviewer: “Fits well and will dry quickly. The band at the bottom is a bit thicker than a similar bra by ExOfficio so may take a bit longer to dry. I bought them to dry quickly after hand washing while traveling. Happy with this one.”

The Best Convertible Strapless Bra

WingsLove Strapless Convertible Bra

To maximize space and minimize the number of bras you'll need to pack, consider a multiway bra . This fan-favorite underwire bra can be worn strapless, as a halter, racerback, on a single shoulder, and with straight straps. With silicone around the edges to prevent slipping and molded, unpadded cups, customers have given this a 4.2 rating overall. However, it's hand-wash only.

According to a reviewer: "I have always had trouble finding bras that fit, but this bra was a MIRACLE! The bra is versatile and could be worn strapless, crossback, or standard. The strapless fit so snug and stayed up all day in my dress. [...] lasts all day. No band irritation."

  • Available sizes: 30C - 44DD

This article was originally published on Sep. 7, 2019

travel bra bag

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The Best Travel Bras

Before traveling anywhere in the world, there are many things to think about, including a good travel bra. Here is our guide to the best travel bras.

The very Best Bras For Travel Bras PIN

When traveling anywhere in the world, you need to think about many different things before you go. For instance, you need to plan your route, you need to think about visa and passport issues, and you need to pack. Within all of that, you also need to figure out how to keep your most valuable possessions safe. Of course, you also need to be comfortable too!

Did you know that you can combine your comfort with safety at the same time?

Girls welcome to the world of travel bras.

Skip Ahead To My Advice Here!

What Is A Travel Bra?

As the name suggests, a travel bra is, first and foremost, a bra. We all need a bra. We need to be comfortable, we don’t need to feel like we can’t move, and we need to be supported. Some bras, however, serve a second purpose: keeping your credit cards, passport, and other small and essential items safe. This is through small, hidden pockets that are sewn into the bra. No, it won’t cause bulk or discomfort because it’s all designed to be super-streamlined. Clever, right?

On the other hand, some travel bras don’t have hidden pockets; they are designed to be super comfortable and supportive while moving around for long periods and packed down small .

Look at the specs below if you want a travel bra with pockets.

Best Travel Bra Reviews

The travel bra co ultra-light, wire-free bra with anti-theft pockets.

travel bra bag

This particular bra comes in a good nude color, so it is pretty versatile regarding what you can wear underneath. The bra is light and made of soft polyamide fabric, so it is the best quick-dry travel bra, perfect if you get a little sweaty while out and about. The bra has five hidden pockets, ideal for jewelry, cash, passport, and cards.

The bra also has an adjustable chest band, so as you place things inside, you can adjust for comfort and support. There are no wires to dig into your chest or sides, and the seams are flat-locked, so they don’t bulk out and cause extra lines to appear under your clothes.

This is an excellent bra for travel, especially for backpackers.

Light Support Strappy Seamless 2 Pack 

This two-pack of essential sports bras could easily be worn as a fashion piece, as they appear more like a bralette than a functional sports bra. The moisture-wicking material will keep sweat away from your body and make you feel comfortable and relaxed about your day. The pack contains two bras in differing colors, such as black and white, dark green and light green, or black and pink.

The crossover back straps can be adjustable for comfort and support, and the bras can be washed in the washing machine, as they’re made of a nylon and elastane mix.

Iris & Lilly Microfibre Bras

These cute bralettes are not only supportive and comfortable, but they’re very fashionable too. Made with an elastane and polyamide mix, the bras are machine washable and soft to the touch. The pack contains two bras in a black and beige combination or a black and dusky pink choice.

The straps can be converted from regular straight straps to a crossover back by simply linking the straps together between your shoulder blades. The thin cup inserts can be removed to give you a customized fit according to your needs.

Aurique Women’s Seamless Colour Block Sports Bra

Our pick for the best sports type bra for travel (and also for working out).

travel bra bag

Sports bras don’t have to be boring, as this one shows! This bra is designed to have remote support without being too tight during exercise. The bra has a round front and back, with an elasticated midsection to hold everything in place. The brand is made of polyester, polyamide, and elastane for a little extra stretch during wear, available in two color block options, including a black, blue, and white choice.

Amazon Brand – Iris & Lilly Women’s Sports Bra With Padded Cups

travel bra bag

This particular sports bra is ideal for those who prefer padding in the cups, giving extra confidence and support. Available in four different color options, the bra is fashionable enough to be worn alone but can equally be worn under a top. The cups are foam and have firm support, ideal for women with larger chest sizes. Made of a polyester and elastane mix, the bra doesn’t have underwiring and is machine washable.

Genie Bra Women’s Twin Pack

travel bra bag

This is a twin pack of super comfortable bras, which are ideal for travel. Made of a nylon and spandex mixture, the bras are easy to clean and are seamless and wire-free. There is ruching in the middle of the bust section, and the waistband/chest band is elasticated for extra comfort. The color options are nude and pink, which are ideal for most outfits.

This bra doesn’t have anti-theft storage pockets, but it is fantastic for being comfortable and supported while traveling. However, a hidden pouch is designed for a pad to be inserted for extra oomph; nothing stops you from using this as a concealed pocket for something important!

Genie Women’s Cami Shaper

travel bra bag

This is the ideal travel bra for those who want to be comfortable and appear slimmer in the midriff area simultaneously! It has no additional storage pockets, but it is an excellent choice for traveling.

This is more of a bodysuit bra and a nylon and spandex mixture. A slimming technology element is built in, and an elasticated comfort band ensures you don’t feel too restricted.

There are also pads included, so you can add a little extra volume if you want to. Overall, this is a versatile choice as you can use it for travel as a bra, or you can use it as a camisole to wear on the outside too! The shaper element also adds confidence while traveling.

Patagonia Women’s Barely Bra

travel bra bag

Patagonia is a distinguished name in the sports world, and this particular bra doubles up as a fantastic travel bra too. Again, super comfortable and supportive, this specific bra has a racerback style and is made of a nylon and spandex mixture, so your skin can breathe.

There is an internal cup pocket, which can either be used to insert pads for an extra boost, or you can use it to add something important you want to keep safe – the choice is yours! There is under-bust support in the form of a panel and a gathered section to add shape.

Overall, this is a comfortable choice for travel and active use.

Lululemon Black Ta Ta Tamer III Bra

travel bra bag

The bra is made of polyester and has sweat-wicking included to act as a second skin and take moisture away from the skin. There is also a little Lycra to keep the shape.

There are adjustable straps for comfort and versatility, and there is a criss-cross design to the back so that it won’t show through any strappy style tops. The bra also closes with a hook and eye design.

Under Armour Women’s Armour Mid-Sports Bra

travel bra bag

This is another sporty bra that could easily be used for travel, and it comes from a big-name brand simultaneously. This bra is best for A to C cups made of a polyester and elastane mixture only (sorry busty babes).

There is compression to the bra section, as it is specially designed for sporting activities, but that also makes it ideal for hiking and other active travel types .

The bra fits by pulling over the head and has a racerback. There is a soft elastic band underneath, so it doesn’t move and stays where it is supposed to. The bra is also designed to give a ‘second skin’ feel.

Boody Body EcoWear Women’s Shaper Bra

travel bra bag

If you’re a little environmentally conscious, this is a fabulous bra. This is a combined sports bra and travel bra made of bamboo, which has been organically grown. No buckles, wires, or clasps make wearing this bra uncomfortable, and it is designed with total comfort in mind.

The sprays are made of a contoured ribbed material for support and comfort, and the fabric is breathable and moisture-wicking.

While this bra might not offer much support and doesn’t have any space to store items, it is an excellent choice for smaller-chested women who want to be comfortable and dry during their travels. You can also choose from white, black, or nude.

Panache Women’s Non-Wired Sports Bra

travel bra bag

This is a great travel bra for those likely to be active during their travels. Made of polyamide, polyester, and elastane mixture, the bra has a conventional hook, eye closure, and molded inner cups free of seams. There are mesh inserts and cushioned straps, which can also be adjusted for extra comfort.

This is an adjustable design, as it can convert into a racerback format if you wish. There are several color options, too, so you can work according to your outfit. Again, this is an exceptional sport and travel bra for active travelers and those who want additional support.

Exofficio Women’s Crossover Bra

Our pick for the best comfortable bra for travel.

travel bra bag

This is a terrific bra for general travel. While it won’t offer you much support for extreme activities, such as hiking and the like, it will be comfortable and supportive for getting from A to B. The bra is lightweight and odor-resistant also.

This particular bra is a solid option if you want to be super cool during your travels. The front is a crossover design, so while it does come down relatively low, it is still quite supportive and won’t show through a similarly low cut in the front of a top.

The bra is made of a nylon, Lycra, and spandex mixture, and it has a moisture-wicking element, so you stay dry and comfortable at all times on your travels .

Hanes Women’s Ultimate Comfy Support Wire-Free Bra

travel bra bag

For the price, this is a great value bra for travel. Made of a mixture of nylon, polyester, and spandex, the bra comes in various colors to find the ideal choice for your needs.

The bra closes with a regular hook and eye mechanism and is suitable for machine washing . There are no seams and wires, and the cups stretch four ways, thanks to an elastic band around the middle. The straps are also adjustable for comfort.

This conforming bra for travel isn’t particularly strenuous, but for trip that also needs support. In contrast, extreme sports will need more support, and this particular bra offers everything you need for regular travel and perhaps for low-impact hiking trips .

Anita Women’s Extreme Control Sports Bra

travel bra bag

This is one of the best bras for active travel and comes at a great price. It is a mixture of polyester, nylon, elastane, and cotton to give extra support when you need it the most. With a very sporty appearance, it is available in several color combinations.

There are hooks, eye closings at the back, and secure elasticated straps to give extra support and control during strenuous activities.

This bra isn’t adjustable, which is something to consider if you prefer to have more versatility. Still, for regular wear during demanding conditions, it is a great value option to look into.

Hanes Women’s Comfort Evolution Bra

travel bra bag

This is another from the Hanes range, and it is built with comfort in mind; this makes it ideal for travel! The bra looks pretty and is made of a combination of polyester and spandex.

The back closes with a regular hook and eye and has no wires. The neckline is a sweetheart design, which adds to the attractive appearance.

The cups are molded for comfort and extra support, and you can choose from a few different colors, including nude, back, or white. This is an ideal bra for everyday travel needs .

ECOSUSI Portable Travel Case Underwear Bra Drawer Closet Storage Bag

Best Travel Packing Cubes bra organiser

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What To Look For In A Travel Bra

So, now you know you need a travel bra, what do you need to look for when purchasing one?

  • Budget : Obviously, you shouldn’t spend more than you can afford, so shopping around and sticking to your budget is important.
  • Colour options: Do you wear light-colored clothes more often? If you are someone who prefers to wear darker colors, you need a black or navy blue option so the light color underneath won’t show through your outfit. In that case, you need a nude or white colored bra.
  • Straps: What kind of straps does the bra have? Does it have thick straps or thin ones? This is a personal preference you need to consider when purchasing.
  • Is it convertible: Does the bra convert into a strapless option? Does it switch, so the straps cross over at the back to avoid strap lines when wearing racerback tops?
  • Is it suitable for exercising or hiking: How much support does the bra offer? If you’re doing sports or hiking, getting from A to B travel requires a bra that offers more support and padding than regular.
  • Space: How much space does the bra take up in your bag? Want to know how to pack bras for travel? Some travel bras can be bulky to pack, because of the space inside for storing things, so consider this. You also need to think about how much space is inside for storing your valuables, if it has this function, e.g.,g how many credit cards or debit cards does it hold?

What Makes A Good Bra For Travel?

What makes a good travel bra? A bra with all the above options and one you feel comfortable in. Shopping around is the only way to ensure all of that happens, but some excellent bras are on the market.

Choosing the best travel bra should, therefore, be comfortable and supportive; it shouldn’t look bulky or ugly and could offer you space to store a small number of valuable items too. If you are doing any strenuous activity, such as hiking, you should also look into a more sports-designed type of bra, perhaps with a little more compression support built-in.

Why Do You Need A Comfortable Bra For Travel?

When we’re traveling, we need to be comfortable and supported, and travel is none of those things when you’re wearing a cheap bra that offers zero support, and the straps keep falling. You might be enjoying active travel too, e.g., hiking or exercising; in that case, you need extra help too.

We mentioned that some travel bras have hidden pockets to keep your small valuables safe, but you can also cut down on the number of small bags you need to take with you by utilizing the space within the bra. For instance, do you want to take extra things in your bag while hiking? You might not have room.

For these reasons, a good quality, comfortable, versatile, and supportive travel bra is essential to your travel armory.

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11 Best Luggage Pieces for International Travel, Tested by Experts

These are the top-tested soft and hardside carry-ons, checked bags, duffels and more to take on your next adventure abroad.

best luggage pieces for international travel

We've been independently researching and testing products for over 120 years. If you buy through our links, we may earn a commission. Learn more about our review process.

Freeform Hardside Expandable Spinner

Best Overall

Samsonite freeform hardside expandable spinner.

20-Inch Hardside Spinner

Amazon Basics 20-Inch Hardside Spinner

The Carry-On

Best Carry-On

Away the carry-on.

31-inch Baseline Extra Large Expandable Spinner

Best Checked

Briggs & riley 31-inch baseline extra large expandable spinner.

Checked Luggage

July Checked Luggage

Platinum Elite Softside Expandable Checked Luggage

Best for Frequent Travelers

Travelpro platinum elite softside expandable checked luggage.

Helium DLX Softside Expandable Luggage

Best Budget

Delsey paris helium dlx softside expandable luggage.

Adventure Rolling Duffle Bag, 135L

Best Rolling Duffel

L.l.bean adventure rolling duffle bag, 135l.

Allpa 35L Travel Pack

Best Backpack

Cotopaxi allpa 35l travel pack.

Luka Duffel

Best Weekender

Calpak luka duffel.

As you start planning your next trip abroad, looking into hotels, flights and tourist attractions, don't forget that the key to a smooth travel experience is a great piece of luggage. When you're traveling internationally, it's especially important to bring a suitcase that complies with airline restrictions, is comfortable to carry or roll throughout your journey and has plenty of room for all of your belongings and your souvenirs for the trip home.

This top-performing suitcase from our best overall luggage brand Samsonite has repeatedly stood out in the Textiles Lab's and our consumers' tests and is priced under $200 — an incredible value. The hardside carry-on is made of polypropylene and weighs in at just 6.5 pounds, which is one of the lightest bags we've tested, so it won't eat too much into the lower weight restrictions set by many international airlines.

I was impressed by how easy it was to lift and roll the bag around, even when filled with our standard packing load. Despite the lightweight design, this carry-on is spacious with a butterfly-opening, unfolding into two primary compartments for easy packing, and there's an additional one inch of expandable storage with the pull of a zipper.

During our Lab evaluations, we liked how easy it was to pull the bag through our luggage obstacle course. While some testers said the telescopic handle felt a bit loose, the suitcase earned high scores for maneuverability, with testers sharing feedback including "very smooth rolling" and "the wheels moved really well." The material was more prone to scratching than some others we evaluated, but the suitcase proved to be durable overall in our drop tests, resisting major damage.

Listed dimensions: 21.25" x 15.25" x 10" | Weight: 6.5 lbs | Material: Hardside polypropylene | Expandable: Yes | Returns: Within 30 days, unused

samsonite suitcases in a hallway

With more than 34,000 five-star ratings, t his best-selling suitcase from Amazon Basics is loved by both real users and our consumer testers who say it's worth every penny. Made of lightweight ABS plastic, the hardside suitcase isn't quite as durable as those made of polycarbonate, but the material helps to keep the cost low — under $100 — so I recommend it for someone shopping on a budget.

During our Textiles Lab evaluations for durability, there were some noticeable markings in our scratch tests, but we were impressed by how well the bag maintained its shape after being released repeatedly from our drop tester. Amazon reviewers who regularly use the suitcases say they hold up over time, as well.

When our consumer testers rolled the suitcase through our obstacle course, they were wowed by how smooth the wheels were, with one describing the bag as "very easy to move." We gave the carry-on high scores for packability, as we were able to pack our standard load of belongings (clothing, accessories and toiletries) for a short trip inside with room to spare. Plus, there are interior zippered mesh pockets for easy organization, and the bag expands up to one extra inch for additional packing space.

Listed dimensions: 22" x 14.9" x 10" | Weight: 7.3 lbs | Material: Hardside ABS plastic | Expandable: Yes | Returns: Within 30 days, unused

a suitcase from amazon basics closed and open in a hallway

One of the most popular suitcases on the market, Away's standard carry-on is definitely worth the hype . The bag is available in 11 colors, including on-trend options like green and red, along with neutral hues like gray and black.

Not only is the suitcase simple and stylish from the outside, it's also full of functional features inside to make packing for your next international trip a breeze. The bag unfolds into two separate primary compartments to fit all of your things: one fully zippered side and one with adjustable compression straps, and there are mesh pockets to stash smaller items.

Consumer testers and GH analysts alike love to travel with the Away carry-on, including one who shared, "It fit all of the clothes I needed for a long weekend. It rolled really easily and was light enough to pop in and out of the overhead bin." Testers said the telescopic handle felt flimsier than others they tried, but they were impressed with the bag overall, saying that it was easy to maneuver and roll over different types of flooring, including wood, carpet and tile. And it looked great after our drop and scratch tests, showing no major signs of damage or dents.

Listed dimensions: 9" x 13.7" x 21.7" | Weight: 8.1 lbs | Material: Hardside polycarbonate | Expandable: No | Returns: Within 100 days, unused

suitcases from away open and closed

Briggs & Riley 31-inch Baseline Extra Large Expandable Spinner

The innovative design details of this softside checked bag from Briggs & Riley help to simplify packing for extended trips abroad. The bag features a unique push-button expansion system unlike any other we've evaluated , which allows you to easily expand the bag, fill it with everything you'll need and then compress it back down to its standard size.

One tester who was impressed with the amount of space in the carry-on version of the bag shared, "It fit clothing and accessories for two people for a seven-day summer vacation." And this checked bag offers more than double the packing capacity. Other innovative features include a built-in trifold garment folder for formal attire and reinforced corners for added protection.

At 15.6 pounds, the suitcase does weigh more than other models we've evaluated, but it is made with a nylon material that resisted wear and tear when I tested it in our abrasion machine. It also earned top marks in our latest round of drop testing. Along with performing well for durability, the suitcase received high scores for maneuverability, with smooth wheels and a sturdy telescopic handle.

Listed dimensions: 31" x 22" x 13.8" | Weight: 15.6 lbs | Material: Softside nylon | Expandable: Yes | Returns: Within 30 days, unused

a briggs and riley suitcase opened and closed in a hallway

Rolling a bag through the airport has never been easier than it is with July's classic luggage , including this spacious checked suitcase and its popular carry-on bags . One GH analyst who took the checked bag on a vacation abroad said, "I've never used a suitcase with wheels this smooth." I've personally traveled with luggage from the brand and was blown away by how effortless it was to roll the suitcases, even over carpet and concrete sidewalks.

The telescopic handle technically locks at 20 different heights to prevent it from falling down on its own, and most testers appreciated the slanted grip on the handle, sharing that it was comfortable to hold and easy to maneuver with.

Made with a polycarbonate shell, the suitcase is lightweight and durable, and the corners are reinforced with aluminum bumpers for an added level of protection. The bag held up well after being released repeatedly from our drop tester, but testers noted marks and scuffs on the surface after taking the bag on just one trip.

It boasts 80 liters of packing space and features one fully zippered compartment and one open compartment with a compression panel and Y-strap for security. Even more, it weighs just 8.3 pounds, which is similar to many of the carry-on sized bags we evaluate.

Listed dimensions: 26" x 18.75" x 11" | Weight: 8.3 lbs | Material: Hardside polycarbonate with aluminum corners | Expandable: No | Returns: Within 100 days, unused

a july suitcase opened and closed against carpeting

Travelpro luggage was created by a pilot who wanted to make bags specifically for other pilots and airline crewmembers who were always on the go. The result is a collection of highly durable, quality suitcases including the popular Platinum Elite medium checked suitcase.

Built to last, the luggage is made of heavyweight nylon material that performed well when I tested it for abrasion resistance. When I released the bag repeatedly from our drop tester, it showed no signs of damage or dents. Our testers also gave the suitcase high scores for ease of use and appreciated the sturdy feel of the telescopic handle. The suitcase does have a more traditional look, though, which some testers described as "old-fashioned," sharing that they wished it were sleeker.

Full of thoughtful and functional features, the suitcase makes packing and traveling a breeze. The bag can be unzipped to reveal one large packing compartment with compression panels that secure your belongings in place, a removable wet bag for toiletries, a large mesh zippered pocket in the lid for breathable storage and a built-in suiter to help keep more formal clothes in tip-top shape. To prevent the suitcase from tipping over when it's full, it's also designed with a unique tapered expansion system, so the bag is narrower at the top and broader at the bottom.

Listed dimensions: 25" x 18" x 11.25" | Weight: 9.8 lbs | Material: Softside nylon | Expandable: Yes | Returns: Within 30 days, unused

two travelpro suitcases open and closed

While some softside luggage is bulky and pricey, this Helium DLX carry-on from Delsey is lightweight, as the name implies, and it's available for a great value. The polyester material isn't quite as durable or substantial as nylon styles we've tested, but the brand's polyester fabric has performed well overall in our abrasion tests without major wear.

Two external zippered pockets allow for easy access to travel essentials like your phone and ID, so you won't have to hold up the TSA line while scouring through your bag. While the bag unzips to expose only one main compartment for packing, it's equipped with a removable bi-fold organizer and expands by two inches for additional room. One tester said, "I love the pockets." Plus, the inner lining can be fully unzipped and removed for easy cleaning.

I personally carry luggage from Delsey and love the smooth wheels and sturdy telescopic handle, and our testers who tried Delsey's luggage found the handle to be comfortable to grip and use. However, they said the bags were more difficult to maneuver through our obstacle course than others they tested.

Listed dimensions: 12" x 17.75" x 28" | Weight: 8.4 lbs | Material: Softside polyester | Expandable: Yes | Returns: Within 30 days, unused

a delsey suitcase open and closed in a hallway

A rolling duffel like this one from L.L.Bean is ideal for longer adventures abroad or for overpackers like me. The duffel isn't as structured as standard suitcases, meaning you can compress it and slide it under your bed or in a closet if you're pressed for storage space — and on the other hand, you can really fill it to the brim when you're packing. Just be careful that you're not stuffing it too much because it can be easy to exceed an airline's weight restrictions.

One GH analyst who loves to travel with this bag said that it's one of her go-to picks for family vacations. With just two wheels, our analyst said it's a little more cumbersome to maneuver than a spinner suitcase, but you also have the option to carry the bag with the padded strap.

The bag has a wide opening for easy access to everything you need inside, and outer compression straps keep everything in place. Made of durable polyester material with a reinforced base, the duffel lasts for years and years without signs of wear, according to our analyst. Plus, it's water-resistant inside and out — perfect for inevitable leaks or wet weather. If you're looking for something smaller, the brand carries a variety of sizes to meet your travel needs.

Listed dimensions: 14" x 17.25" x 32.5" | Weight: 8.8 lbs | Material: Softside polyester | Expandable: No | Returns: Within 1 year

When we evaluated this bag in the Textiles Lab, we were amazed by just how much we could fit inside during our packing tests. Not only did it beat out other travel backpacks we tested, it also outperformed some of our carry-ons because of its spacious interior .

The backpack has a suitcase-style opening and fully unzips to expose a highly organized interior jam-packed with zippered mesh pockets for all of your belongings. It also features a padded laptop sleeve that fits up to a 17-inch computer.

Made of recycled nylon and polyester, the bag is durable and water-resistant. When I tested it for abrasion resistance in the Lab, there were no visible signs of wear. Details like a sternum strap, waist belt and padded mesh provide comfort and support. With backpack straps that tuck neatly inside the back of the bag and carrying straps on all sides, you can easily grab it to lift into an overhead bin.

Some online reviewers wished it was equipped with a water bottle holder and said the zippers can be finicky, but we didn't have issues with them in the Lab.

Listed dimensions: 22" x 12" x 10" | Weight: 3.5 lbs | Material: Softside polyester and nylon | Expandable: No | Returns: Within 30 days, unused

a backpack from cotopaxi unzipped and opened

Able to hold everything you need for a weekend getaway, this weekender from Calpak was the top performer in our Textiles Lab tests. Not only is the bag totally on-trend, thanks to the puffy padded design and fashionable color options, it's also full of functional features . One tester who used it as her personal item on a long trip said, "This bag fits everything I need and more!"

A GH analyst who used the bag added, "I appreciate the well-organized interior," which includes several zippered pockets and elastic storage. Outside, there's a separate shoe compartment, additional zippered pockets and a water bottle holder. Altogether, there are nine pockets, and the spacious bag aced our packing tests.

If you're pairing it with Calpak's popular luggage , this bag has a trolley sleeve that slides right over the telescopic handle of your suitcase. One tester noted that the stitching that secured the sleeve in place started unraveling a bit after just one use. The bag is made of a smooth polyester material that's comfortable to carry and water-resistant. A tester said, "It poured while I was traveling and everything inside this bag stayed perfectly dry."

Listed dimensions: 12" x 16" x 7" | Weight: 2 lbs | Material: Softside polyester | Expandable: No | Returns: Within 30 days, unused

a gh staffer carrying the calpak luka duffel

Eagle Creek Cargo Hauler 40L Duffel Bag

Cargo Hauler 40L Duffel Bag

This convertible duffel from Eagle Creek is the perfect adventure travel companion. The bag is durable, combining polyester and nylon for a water-resistant material that also held up well when tested for abrasion resistance . One GH analyst who travels with this duffel said that it still looks great after years of regular rough and tough use.

It's structured and maintains its shape for easy packing, but the duffel can be compressed to bring inside of your suitcase as an extra bag or for compact storage at home. According to our testers and GH analyst, the zippers have large pull tabs that are easy to use, and, according to the brand, they're covered in water-resistant strips for the ultimate protection in wet weather.

The duffel features a reinforced top handle and grab handles along the sides for carrying, and there are adjustable backpack straps for hands-free use that can be connected for an additional carrying strap or tucked inside the bag. Some online reviewers said the backpack straps are on the thinner side and weren't as comfortable as other traditional travel backpacks, but they appreciated the convenient option.

Listed dimensions: 11.5" x 23.25" x 11" | Weight: 2.5 lbs | Material: Softside polyester and nylon | Expandable: No | Returns: Within 30 days, unused

Headshot of Amanda Constantine

Amanda (she/her) researches and reports on products in the Good Housekeeping Institute 's Textiles, Paper & Apparel Lab, ranging from clothing and accessories to home furnishings. She holds undergraduate degrees in apparel merchandising and product development and advertising and marketing communications, as well as a master of science degree in consumer sciences from The Ohio State University. Prior to joining Good Housekeeping in 2022, Amanda was a lecturer for the fashion and retail studies program at Ohio State, where she taught fashion and textiles courses.

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Protect Your Trip »

The 9 best cooler bags of 2024.

Carry your beverages and picnic to the beach in cool styles.

The Best Cooler Bags

Group of friends sitting in chairs around a cooler on a beach at sunset.

Getty Images

Keeping snacks and drinks cold when you're on a road trip, at the beach or car camping is essential. Depending on what you want to pack, where you're going to be and how much you need to take, there are different cooler bags to meet your needs.

The right cooler bag can save you money, keep the kids happy with fresh snacks and offer convenience. U.S. News researched online retailers, travel industry review sites and more to come up with this selection of the best cooler bags.

Best Overall: ICEMULE Classic Medium 15L

  • Jump to features and traveler insights ↓

Best for Beach: Alameda Mesh Tote Beach Bag

Best insulation: arctic zone titan deep freeze cooler, best small: igloo retro square lunch bag, best wheeled: coleman chiller 42-can soft cooler with wheels, best backpack: everlasting comfort beach cooler backpack, best collapsible: clevermade tahoe collapsible cooler bag, best tote: creative green life jumbo insulated cooler bag, best durable: yeti hopper flip 18 soft cooler.

(Note: Prices and availability were accurate at the time of publication; they may fluctuate due to demand or other factors.)

ICEMULE Classic Medium 15L in light blue against a white background.

Courtesy of ICEMULE

Capacity: Up to 16 cans with ice or 24 cans with no ice

What sets it apart: This soft-sided cooler from ICEMULE is rugged, versatile, waterproof and collapsible. It's perfect for the beach, river, lake or pool since it floats. The compressible zipperless design makes it easy to pack for travel. You can sling it over your shoulder to leave your hands free to carry your beach or camping gear. Your food and drinks will stay cold for up to 24 hours with this cooler. The ICEMULE Classic comes in three other sizes and a range of bright colors.

Travelers appreciate: Many reviewers comment that the bag is lightweight and compact, making it easy to transport.

Price: $84.95 or less

Alameda Mesh Tote Beach Bag in blue against a white background.

Courtesy of Alameda

Capacity: Up to 12 cans

What sets it apart: This two-in-one cooler bag by Alameda is perfect for the beach. It has a detachable insulated cooler section on the bottom to keep things cold and a mesh section on top that's perfect for towels, sunscreen and more. The mesh is made from environmentally friendly and sand-resistant nylon. This bag features six pockets and a zipper closure on top to keep items secure.

Travelers appreciate: Beachgoers praise this bag for keeping items cold and keeping sand out.

Price: $34 or less

Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze Cooler in moss against a white background.

Courtesy of Arctic Zone

Capacity: Size options range from 9 to 48 cans

What sets it apart: This totable hard-body cooler bag includes a SmartShelf to keep crushable items on top. It keeps beverages and snacks cold with Deep Freeze Performance Insulation and has a zipperless top that flips open so you can access items quickly and easily. The bag is easy to keep clean since the exterior is made from water- and stain-repellent material and the interior hard liner is removable.

Travelers appreciate: This Amazon's Choice product has a 4.6-star rating from more than 48,000 ratings. Product owners appreciate the zipperless lid since zippers can break, as well as the removable liner that is easy to clean.

Price: $62.99 or less for 30-can size

 Igloo Retro Square Lunch Bag in teal and pink against a neutral background.

Courtesy of Igloo

Capacity: Up to 9 cans

What sets it apart: This cute, colorful and compact cooler is perfect for taking lunch or drinks on outings. It has a front zippered pocket to hold things like keys, a phone or sunscreen, as well as a lightweight insulated liner to keep snacks and drinks cold. The top handle and shoulder strap make it easily portable. This small cooler bag comes in a retro neon color combination or Care Bears design.

Travelers appreciate: The nostalgic Care Bears print is a hit with recent reviewers, as well as the fact that it's easy to wipe clean.

Price: $29.99 or less

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Coleman CHILLER 42-Can Soft Cooler with Wheels in blue against a white background.

Courtesy of Coleman

Capacity: Up to 42 cans

What sets it apart: With durable wheels and a telescopic handle, this Coleman cooler can easily travel to and from your destination. It features leak-resistant welded seams, front and inside pockets for additional storage, and a hard plastic liner that can be removed for easy cleaning. Your goodies can stay cold for up to 12 or more hours, thanks to the TempLock insulation. This cooler is also eco-friendly with recycled exterior fabric. Coleman also has options in smaller sizes that don't have wheels, as well as a backpack style.

Travelers appreciate: Reviewers say it keeps items cold for many hours and the wheels are convenient, though some caution that the wheels don't do as well on sand or rough terrain.

Price: $64.99 or less

Everlasting Comfort Beach Cooler Backpack in gray against a neutral background.

Courtesy of Everlasting Comfort

Capacity: Up to 54 cans and 4 pounds of ice

What sets it apart: For an easy-to-carry cooler with lots of room, this backpack cooler from Everlasting is a great option. Made from PVA and insulated foam, this bag will keep your food hot or cold for up to 24 hours. Stash napkins and utensils in the front zippered pocket and wine or water bottles in the side pockets. It features a leakproof design and heavy-duty bottom, plus padded, adjustable straps.

Travelers appreciate: The spacious storage and leakproof material were favorite features of customers.

Price: $49.99 or less

CleverMade Tahoe Collapsible Cooler Bag in white and brown pattern against a white background.

Courtesy of CleverMade

Capacity: Size options range from 24 to 50 cans

What sets it apart: Not only is this CleverMade cooler collapsible, but it also has top handles and shoulder straps for easy carrying. Its solid, sturdy base is designed to hold up to between 30 and 55 pounds (depending on the cooler size). It is made from recycled polyester with a durable wire frame. This cooler is lightweight and stores easily since it folds down.

Travelers appreciate: The features that reviewers praise the most are its anti-leak material, effectiveness at keeping things cool and collapsibility.

Price: $39.99 or less for 30-can size

Creative Green Life Jumbo Insulated Cooler Bag in gray against a white background.

Courtesy of Creative Green Life

Capacity: Up to 30 cans

What sets it apart: For a tote bag that keeps things cool, this bag by Creative Green Life fits the bill. Its extra-large capacity with zipper-close top and shoulder handles make it easy to bring plenty of snacks and drinks for your outing. It has a leak-resistant liner and machine-washable, stain-resistant fabric. The handles can be adjusted to carry food either horizontally or vertically. With the thermal foam insulation, your food can stay hot or cold for eight or more hours.

Travelers appreciate: Customers love that this bag keeps food consistently cold and is easy to store, making it great for the beach, the park or grocery shopping.

Price: $34.99 or less

YETI Hopper Flip 18 Soft Cooler in light purple color against white background.

Courtesy of YETI

Capacity: Up to 16 cans with ice or 30 cans with no ice

What sets it apart: The material of this sturdy YETI cooler is designed to protect the bag from punctures, UV rays, and mildew both inside and out. This rugged cooler is ready for any adventure with a high-performance zipper, a leakproof construction and closed-cell rubber foam insulation. If you want a smaller cooler than the 18, the cooler comes in sizes 8 and 12 as well. A Rambler Bottle Sling can be attached using the Hitchpoint Grid system. For keeping things on ice for one person, YETI also makes a lunch box and lunch bag .

Travelers appreciate: Shoppers who purchased this cooler bag recently appreciated the quality and size of the cooler, noting that the ice did not melt for hours. Some felt the zipper was difficult to open and close.

Price: $300 or less

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. To ensure the contents of your cooler bag are kept properly cold, here are some tips for how to effectively use ice:

  • Add the right type of ice: YETI suggests using a combination of block ice and cubed ice, since block ice melts more slowly and cubed ice cools items faster. YETI also makes a YETI ICE hard ice pack for even cooler temps.
  • Layer the ice correctly: The ideal way to fill your cooler is to put ice on the bottom and the top with your food and drinks in between (as this Arctic Zone video demonstrates).
  • Use the right amount of ice: Be sure not to overfill your cooler with ice, as the lid must be able to close tightly. The amount of ice compared to cooler contents may depend on your cooler and what works for you: Arctic Zone recommends a 50-50 ratio of ice and food, for example, while YETI suggests filling two-thirds of your cooler with ice.

In addition to getting the ice right, there are some other ways you can optimize your cooler's performance.

  • Pre-chill the cooler bag: Starting with a cool bag is a great trick. The Igloo website recommends pre-chilling your bag overnight with a bag of ice inside to maximize ice retention.
  • Add cold drinks: Adding drinks that are already cold will help with ice retention, according to ICEMULE. Frozen water bottles are a great option too.
  • Keep the lid closed: Be sure to keep the lid shut (and locked, if that's an option) to keep the cold air in.

Why Trust U.S. News Travel

Sharael Kolberg is a U.S. News & World Report contributor with a wealth of knowledge when it comes to cooler bags. She often uses a cooler bag for road trips, hikes and days at the beach. Kolberg used her experience as a frequent traveler and research expertise to curate this list of top cooler bags.

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World's Best Places To Visit

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  • # 4 Bora Bora

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travel bra bag

Checked Bag Fees: Airline-by-Airline Guide for US Travel in 2024

C hecking a bag is something frequent flyers try mightily to avoid. It adds time, extra logistics, and cost to air travel. When little ones come along, however, packing light just isn’t always possible. Flying with a baby or toddler requires gear! The time comes for traveling parents to face the reality of needing to check a bag…or two.

So just how much will checked bags set you back? Checked bag fees vary from airline to airline. It is important to know what the airlines charge before booking your flight. You need to consider the costs as you are comparing ticket prices between different carriers to get the best overall deal. This is especially true for families, because bag fees can add up quickly with multiple people. And with many major airlines increasing checked bag fees again in early 2024, the costs grow ever higher.

Last updated : March 6, 2024. (Updated to include increased bag fees on Delta Airlines. Note that American, United, and Alaska all increased their fees in 2024 a few weeks prior. Those increased fees are reflected below.)

Checked Bag Fees on Every U.S. Airline

So just how much do airlines within the United States charge for checked bag fees?

The only major US airline that doesn’t charge checked baggage fees at all is Southwest Airlines . All of the legacy carriers ( United , American, Delta, Alaska, etc.) tend to charge right about the same for their checked bags – approximately $35 for the first bag as of March 2024.

The ultra-low cost carriers (Frontier, Allegiant, Spirit, etc.) have pricier bag fees that are more opaque. Most of these airlines charge based on variables like flight distance or how early you pre-pay for a bag. Some of these airlines have bag fee check tools on their website, so I highly recommend going there first for an estimate before you waste time going through multiple steps in the booking process.

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Here’s a chart showing the current bag check fees for domestic travel on all the major US carriers.

Note that most airlines classify a standard checked bag as one weighing up to 50 lbs. The standard dimensions for checked bags on most airlines are normally 62 inches maximum, which is total length + width + depth, allowing for multiple bag shapes. A few airlines, however, have even more restrictive weights and dimensions, so I’ve noted those rules below.

Special Checked Bag Fee Rules To Watch Out For

As the chart makes clear, there are lots of asterisks and fine print in the world of checked bag fees. Here are some special bag check situations and rules to look out for so you aren’t surprised and what may cost you more (or conversely, what you might not expect to be free!).

  • Pre-Purchased Bags : Quite a few airlines (in particular low cost carriers) charge you more based on when you pay for your checked bag. If you book a checked bag when you purchase a ticket, you’ll often pay quite a bit less. Sometimes there is an intermediate price if you add a bag after you’ve book, such as at online check-in. Whatever you do, never ever wait to pay until you get to the airport ticket counter. That is when prices are highest – sometimes several times more!
  • Car Seats and Strollers : Believe it or not, US domestic carriers do not charge anything for checking a stroller and/or car seat . That’s a nice and rare break for traveling parents. Note though that at least one airline doesn’t allow you to gate check strollers that are either non-folding or that exceed 20 pounds (see tips for flying American Airlines with a stroller ).
  • Overweight/oversize bags : Oversized or overweight bags or special equipment like skis or golf clubs can really cost you. Most airlines consider any bag over 50 pounds to be overweight (and >62 inches in total dimension to be oversized). But there are a couple of tricky airlines that set the maximum at 40 pounds (ahem, Frontier & Spirit). This maximum is easy to exceed packing a standard sized suitcase with a reasonable amount in it. What airlines charge for oversize bags varies wildly – even more than regular checked bag fees. So check the fine print closely. The chart below summarizes the major overweight/oversize fee rules for each airline.

Ways to Avoid Checked Bag Fees

Although most airlines charge checked bag fees these days, there are increasingly a number of ways to avoid them or at least minimize them. Here are all the strategies my family and I have used to control our bag check costs over the last decade and a half of flying with kids.

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Elite Status

If you have elite status on an airline, you probably get at least one free bag (or more), usually for each person traveling on the same reservation with the elite member. Double check the program benefits for the airline you are flying on, however, because airlines offer different benefits at each elite status level and are constantly tweaking these rules in small ways.

Airline Co-Branded Credit Card

If you have one of the airlines’ credit cards, you (and others booked under the same reservation) usually get a free bag if you have booked your tickets with that credit card. Many of these airline credit cards have annual fees of about $100 a year, so if your family checks two bags on a roundtrip vacation on that airline once a year, you’ll at least break even on the fees.

Credit Card Airline Fee Credit

Some credit cards (especially those with higher annual fees targeted at a traveling demographic) come with perks like an airline fee credit. You may be able to charge bag fees to that card and have some or all of the fees refunded. My husband and I have had several cards the past few years that have this benefit that we’ve used to cover fees on airlines we don’t fly as often. These cards aren’t affiliated with a particular airline program but you may have to select your preferred airline (often once a year in January) in order to access the credit.

Fare Types that Include Free Checked Bags

A number of airlines have fare types or bundles that come with one or more extras. One of the included perks may be a checked bag or two. You’ll of course pay more for these fare types than the cheapest economy ticket, but there may be savings in the overall bundling, especially if you need some of the other perks too like seat assignments or a larger carry on bag.

Premium Cabins

If you are lucky enough to be traveling on a business class or first class ticket, you usually will not have to worry with bag fees. If you are booking these kinds of fares with cash though, you’ll nearly always be paying much more for these cabins, so the “savings” aren’t necessarily savings. Often first and business class passengers are able to check bags that weigh more than the standard sizes (sometimes 70 pounds instead of a 50 pound maximum).

Last but certainly not least, families can often save on bag fees just by packing strategically. Don’t underestimate the savings to be had just by sharing bags or smartly distributing your packed items between and among checked vs. carry on bags, based upon what the airline charges for each.

For example, some legacy carriers like American or Delta don’t charge for carry ons, even for passengers purchasing basic economy tickets. Families may want to carry on more bags when flying those airlines to save on checked bag fees.

Conversely, some ultra low cost carriers charge more for a roll-aboard carry on than a larger checked bag. Families may save more packing clothes for everyone in one or two checked bags instead of bringing larger carry ons at all.

The post Checked Bag Fees: Airline-by-Airline Guide for US Travel in 2024 appeared first on Trips With Tykes .

Checking a bag is something frequent flyers try mightily to avoid. It adds time, extra logistics, and cost to air travel. When little ones come along, however, packing light just isn’t always possible. Flying with a baby or toddler requires gear! The time comes for traveling parents to face the reality of needing to check …

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TSA is prepared for the expected increase in Memorial Day Weekend travel from DC area airports

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As Memorial Day Weekend approaches, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is prepared to handle an increase in the number of travelers who will be flying out of Washington Dulles International Airport and Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport.

For the first time ever, TSA will likely be screening more than 3 million passengers nationwide in a single day at some point this summer. We have already recorded four top 10 busiest days this month, with this Thursday and Friday before Memorial Day expected to see more than 2.9 individuals screened at checkpoints across the nation.

“At Dulles, we expect to provide security screening for anywhere from 39,000 passengers on our two busy days, Thursday and Friday, to 34,000 on the Sunday before Memorial Day.  That is an average increase of 12% over 2023.” said Scott T. Johnson, TSA’s Federal Security Director for Dulles. “With the increase in air travel it’s important that passengers get to the airport early and come prepared to go through the checkpoint screening process efficiently.  The Officers at TSA Dulles look forward to this Memorial Day weekend and to your safe travels.”

At Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, TSA expects to screen approximately 8,000 more travelers per day for the holiday weekend than during an average weekend, explained John Busch, TSA’s Federal Security Director for the airport. That marks a 10 percent increase over 2023 checkpoint throughput.  “We ask travelers to know the contents of their bags to ensure that they don’t have any prohibited items inside. This will help ensure a smooth passage through our checkpoints,” he said. 

TSA is prepared for the expected increase in Memorial Day Weekend travel from DC area airports

TSA continues to deploy new technologies at checkpoints to enhance security, which is why it is important for travelers to listen to and follow the guidance offered by TSA officers. TSA continues to upgrade all of its primary screening technologies for identity verification and carry-on bag screening. These critical technology investments improve security effectiveness; increase security efficiency; and enhance the passenger experience. These technologies include computed tomography (CT) and credential authentication technology (CAT or CAT-2). The CT units provide a 3D image of the contents of carry-on bags at checkpoints. The CAT units scan a traveler’s photo identification, confirm the traveler’s identity as well as their flight details. The new generation of CAT units, referred to as CAT-2, have the same capabilities, but are also equipped with a camera that captures a real-time photo of the traveler. CAT-2 compares the traveler’s photo on the ID against the in-person, real-time photo. Once the CAT-2 confirms the match, a security officer verifies and the traveler can proceed through the checkpoint, without ever exchanging a boarding pass. The photo is then deleted. Travelers who do not wish to participate in the facial matching process can opt out in favor of an alternative identity verification process.

TSA asks that the travelling public do their part in efficient checkpoint screening by arriving to the airport two hours prior to their scheduled flight departure and know what they can – and cannot pack – in their carry-on luggage.

TSA reminds passengers to always know the contents of their carry-on bag prior to coming to the security checkpoint. TSA has multiple resources available to passengers to help them determine whether an item is permitted in carry-on baggage, checked baggage, either or neither. Travelers can use the “ Can I Bring?” feature on the TSA website or on the free downloadable myTSA app . Travelers can also tweet to @AskTSA or send a text message (275-872) if they have a travel question or are unsure if an item is allowed through security in a carry-on bag. Just snap a picture or send a question and get real-time assistance.

Individuals who are planning to travel this summer should consider enrolling in TSA PreCheck ®. The popular expedited screening program allows travelers to leave on their shoes, jackets, belts and enables them to keep their electronics and 3-1-1 bags in their carry-on bags. Teenagers aged 13-17 may accompany their TSA PreCheck-enrolled parents or guardians through TSA PreCheck screening when traveling on the same reservation and when the TSA PreCheck indicator appears on the teen’s boarding pass. Children 12 and under may still accompany an enrolled parent or guardian when traveling through the TSA PreCheck lanes anytime without restriction.

This summer is also the ideal time to get a REAL ID drivers license. We are one year out from the REAL ID deadline. Beginning May 7, 2025, if you plan to use your state-issued ID or license to fly within the U.S., make sure it is REAL ID compliant.

Travelers should also keep these tips in mind while traveling:

  • Do not attempt to bring a firearm through a TSA checkpoint; doing so compromises the safety and security of other passengers and our officers in the checkpoint.  Passengers who do attempt to bring a firearm through a checkpoint can expect to receive a civil penalty (fines may be as high as $15,000) and lose eligibility for TSA PreCheck. Additionally, local law enforcement will be called and because these passengers may present additional risk beyond the firearm, they will receive enhanced screening.
  • Get to the airport early. Travelers should arrive a minimum of two hours before their scheduled domestic flights and three hours before scheduled international flights. Roadways near airports are going to be crowded. It is going to take longer to locate an available parking space at the airport. Airline check-in counters will be busy. This is all before you even get to the security checkpoint. If you find yourself waiting in a security checkpoint lane, use that time to your advantage. That’s the ideal time to remove items from your pockets and place them into a carry-on bag. It’s also the time to get out your ID and boarding pass so you’re not fumbling in your wallet for your ID when you step up to the TSA travel document checking podium.
  • Know before you go. Travelers need to know what can and cannot go in their carry-on bag, from firearms to oversize liquids. Passengers will spend more time in the security checkpoint if their carry-on items trigger an alarm because it results in TSA’s need to resolve the alarm by opening the carry-on bag to determine what triggered the alarm. Use TSA’s tools for your resources. TSA offers several ways for travelers to find out if an item is permitted in a carry-on bag, checked bag, either or neither and TSA has just launched a new higher level of assistance for travelers with questions about airport security screening procedures. Airline passengers may now send a text message using any mobile device to “AskTSA” (275-872). A virtual assistant is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. For more complicated questions, @AskTSA staff are available daily from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Twitter and on Facebook Messenger. The TSA web site has a feature on the homepage called “What can I bring?” Type in the name of the item and it will let you  know if it should be packed in a checked bag or carry-on bag. The same handy feature is available on the free downloadable MyTSA app . The MyTSA app gives users 24/7 access to the most frequently requested airport security information on any mobile device, including a searchable database that will let you know whether an item can be packed in a carry-on bag, checked bag, either or neither. The app also identifies delay information and current weather conditions at your favorite airports nationwide.
  • Bring an acceptable ID. Before heading to the airport, travelers should make sure they have  acceptable identification .  And remember, the REAL ID deadline is less than a year away.
  • Request passenger support. Travelers or families of passengers with disabilities and/or medical conditions may call the  TSA Cares  helpline toll free at 855-787-2227 at least 72 hours prior to travel with any questions about screening procedures and to find out what to expect at the security checkpoint. TSA Cares also arranges assistance at the checkpoint for travelers with specific needs. 
  • Never leave a suitcase, roller bag, laptop bag, shopping bag, backpack or any other item unattended. And if you come across an unattended item, please alert an airport official. If you See Something, Say Something®.


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Rusmania • Deep into Russia

Out of the Centre

Savvino-storozhevsky monastery and museum.

Savvino-Storozhevsky Monastery and Museum

Zvenigorod's most famous sight is the Savvino-Storozhevsky Monastery, which was founded in 1398 by the monk Savva from the Troitse-Sergieva Lavra, at the invitation and with the support of Prince Yury Dmitrievich of Zvenigorod. Savva was later canonised as St Sabbas (Savva) of Storozhev. The monastery late flourished under the reign of Tsar Alexis, who chose the monastery as his family church and often went on pilgrimage there and made lots of donations to it. Most of the monastery’s buildings date from this time. The monastery is heavily fortified with thick walls and six towers, the most impressive of which is the Krasny Tower which also serves as the eastern entrance. The monastery was closed in 1918 and only reopened in 1995. In 1998 Patriarch Alexius II took part in a service to return the relics of St Sabbas to the monastery. Today the monastery has the status of a stauropegic monastery, which is second in status to a lavra. In addition to being a working monastery, it also holds the Zvenigorod Historical, Architectural and Art Museum.

Belfry and Neighbouring Churches

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Located near the main entrance is the monastery's belfry which is perhaps the calling card of the monastery due to its uniqueness. It was built in the 1650s and the St Sergius of Radonezh’s Church was opened on the middle tier in the mid-17th century, although it was originally dedicated to the Trinity. The belfry's 35-tonne Great Bladgovestny Bell fell in 1941 and was only restored and returned in 2003. Attached to the belfry is a large refectory and the Transfiguration Church, both of which were built on the orders of Tsar Alexis in the 1650s.  

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To the left of the belfry is another, smaller, refectory which is attached to the Trinity Gate-Church, which was also constructed in the 1650s on the orders of Tsar Alexis who made it his own family church. The church is elaborately decorated with colourful trims and underneath the archway is a beautiful 19th century fresco.

Nativity of Virgin Mary Cathedral

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The Nativity of Virgin Mary Cathedral is the oldest building in the monastery and among the oldest buildings in the Moscow Region. It was built between 1404 and 1405 during the lifetime of St Sabbas and using the funds of Prince Yury of Zvenigorod. The white-stone cathedral is a standard four-pillar design with a single golden dome. After the death of St Sabbas he was interred in the cathedral and a new altar dedicated to him was added.

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Under the reign of Tsar Alexis the cathedral was decorated with frescoes by Stepan Ryazanets, some of which remain today. Tsar Alexis also presented the cathedral with a five-tier iconostasis, the top row of icons have been preserved.

Tsaritsa's Chambers

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The Nativity of Virgin Mary Cathedral is located between the Tsaritsa's Chambers of the left and the Palace of Tsar Alexis on the right. The Tsaritsa's Chambers were built in the mid-17th century for the wife of Tsar Alexey - Tsaritsa Maria Ilinichna Miloskavskaya. The design of the building is influenced by the ancient Russian architectural style. Is prettier than the Tsar's chambers opposite, being red in colour with elaborately decorated window frames and entrance.

travel bra bag

At present the Tsaritsa's Chambers houses the Zvenigorod Historical, Architectural and Art Museum. Among its displays is an accurate recreation of the interior of a noble lady's chambers including furniture, decorations and a decorated tiled oven, and an exhibition on the history of Zvenigorod and the monastery.

Palace of Tsar Alexis

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The Palace of Tsar Alexis was built in the 1650s and is now one of the best surviving examples of non-religious architecture of that era. It was built especially for Tsar Alexis who often visited the monastery on religious pilgrimages. Its most striking feature is its pretty row of nine chimney spouts which resemble towers.

travel bra bag

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I'm a Packing Expert, and the 14 Travel Accessories That Help Me Double My Suitcase Space Are on Sale From $7

From packing cubes to tech organizers to my go-to handheld steamer.

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Travel + Leisure / Jaclyn Mastropasqua

As a travel writer and the founder of packing site Just Packed , I’ve found that there’s only one way to minimize stress and maximize efficiency within the packing process: preparation. No matter the length of your trip, it’s always beneficial to take the time to think through what (and how) you’re packing. Sometimes, that means devising a list of your trip outfits a week before your departure. Other times, it’s ensuring your bathroom cabinets are well-stocked with travel-sized toiletries for easy grab-and-go packing the night before. 

With summer travel just days away — and can’t-miss Memorial Day sales already popping up online — now’s the perfect time to begin your packing game plan for the next few months. I recommend taking stock of the packing essentials you currently have (things like suitcases, packing cubes, and toiletry bags), and determining if there are any you may need to acquire or replace. And if you’re not sure which pieces to invest in for an overall easier time packing? I can help. 

Below, I combed through Amazon’s travel gear deals to find the best, highest-reviewed packing essentials, including a set of packing cubes and a durable, expandable suitcase. With these items in your travel arsenal, you’ll be completely ready to take advantage of any last-minute trips or weekend getaways this season — and you won’t have to spend a ton of money to do so. 

Hotor Packing Cubes

I’m a firm believer that every traveler can benefit from using packing cubes – whether they’re traveling with a carry-on or a checked bag. They’re ideal for keeping the contents of your suitcase organized, and I find they’re also useful for storing dirty clothes, damp bathing suits, or anything you’d rather keep separate from everything else. I usually suggest opting for sets of packing cubes that come with a variety of sizes, like this one from Hotor. For under $10, you get three packing cubes, a shoe bag, a drawstring pocket, and an underwear bag. 

Traveler's Choice Pagosa Carry-On Spinner

Suitcases can run the gamut in price, but you don’t have to spend a pretty penny for a high-quality, decent-sized piece of luggage. Case in point: The Traveler's Choice Pagosa Carry-On Spinner, which is currently on sale for under $70 (in certain colors). Armed with a scratch and water-resistant polypropylene hardshell, the bag comes with a built-in USB port, an interior power bank compartment, and 360-degree spinner wheels. It also has top and side rubber carry handles and an adjustable telescoping handle for greater maneuverability. Finally, all good carry-ons should have at least a couple of interior organization functions, and this one is designed with several zippered pockets and interior compression straps to keep your clothing secure. 

Vorspack Transparent Shoe Bags

Packing cubes usually steal the spotlight in the travel world, but don’t sleep on transparent (and affordable) shoe bags. Most travelers buy them to keep more delicate shoes from scuffing while in transit, but I also tend to use them to transport toiletries, socks, underwear, or other smaller-sized items. I might even pack an empty one or two — as they hardly take up any precious suitcase real estate — in case I have a need for an extra bag or organizational compartment during my trip.  

Iniu Portable Charger

There are some travel stresses that simply cannot be avoided (like delayed or canceled flights). Your phone battery dying because you can’t find a working outlet, however, does not need to be one of them. The night before I’m set to travel somewhere, I always make sure my portable charger is full of power and safely packed away in my bag. By buying a charger like this one from Iniu, I’ve never again had to experience the stress of arriving at my destination, only to realize I can’t call an Uber or access Google Maps until I find a plug to revive my phone battery. 

Raycon Everyday Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds 

For a long time, I swore by my large, noise-canceling headphones. While they’re comfortable and nearly impossible to lose, they take up a not-insignificant amount of room in my bag. To pack a bit lighter, I’ll switch out the bulky headphones for a pair of earbuds, like the Raycon Everyday Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds. On sale for 25 percent off, they’re the perfect alternative when you want to listen to your music or audiobook on the go, but you don’t have a ton of extra space. 

Kebnor Handheld Travel Steamer

The key to looking put-together while traveling is simple: You need a steamer. Forget the hotel iron (it takes too long to set up anyway), and leave the extra-large steamer at home. Instead, whip out the Kebnor Handheld Travel Steamer, currently marked down by 33 percent. In just 15 seconds, it will steam for eight minutes, allowing you to quickly freshen up your linen top or wrinkled pants. Plus, it’s small enough to easily slip into a personal item bag or a tiny space between your packing cubes. 

Tocelffe TSA Approved Silicone Travel Containers

Any traveler with a set beauty or skincare routine will know the struggle of packing your toiletries. Not all shampoos, conditions, moisturizers, and serums come in travel-sized containers, and you’ll frequently need to transport them in smaller containers when you’re only traveling with a carry-on bag — or risk airport security throwing them away. By having these Tocelffe TSA Approved Silicone Travel Containers on hand, you can use the funnel or spatula (both of which come with the set) to easily transfer your favorite products into either the silicone bottles, spray bottles, or cream jars. 

Bevegekos Cord Organizer Storage Case

Organization comes naturally to some travelers. For others, it’s a constant struggle, usually accented by unnecessary stress and worry. If you fall into the latter camp, you may benefit from the Bevegekos Cord Organizer Storage Case. Marked down to under $7, the travel pouch is designed to keep all of your electronic gadgets — like a power bank, charger cables, earbuds, and adapters — stored safely in one place. Gone are the days of digging through your backpack in a panic, searching for your charger or extra battery before your phone dies. 

Niveaya Hat Clip

If the beach, pool, or a generally strong sun will make an appearance in your travel plans this summer, you might be contemplating bringing along a sun hat. While important for sun protection, a wide-brimmed hat isn’t always the easiest accessory to pack — unless you use a magnetic hat clip. On sale for under $22, the Niveaya Hat Clip snaps onto your hat and then clips onto your tote bag or backpack, allowing for hands-free transportation. Thank me later.

Vorolo Crossbody Belt Bag

Whenever I’m flying, I’ll usually have an empty shoulder bag or belt bag tucked into my carry-on suitcase or personal item bag. That’s because while I like to have a smaller, on-the-go bag to use upon arrival, I also want to avoid an extra bag charge. The Vorolo Crossbody Belt Bag is the perfect example of this type of packable accessory. Not only is it functional (the nylon material is waterproof), but it’s sleek enough to wear with a variety of outfits and it can be worn as a crossbody bag, fanny pack, or an across-the-chest style. 

Travel Inspira Luggage Scale

A few years ago, I finally caved and bought a luggage scale — and I’ve never looked back. Prior to leaving for the airport, I’ll use it to measure the weight of my checked bag (instead of hoping for the best upon check-in). It’s also small enough to bring along on trips. That way, if you happen to pick up a few souvenirs, you can reweight the contents of your suitcase and adjust accordingly. I promise this will be the best $8 you’ve ever spent. 

Balulhg Travel Toiletry Bag 

A reliable, spacious toiletry bag is non-negotiable in my book, and I even have a few different shapes and sizes that I can alternate between on trips. One of my favorites is a hanging toiletry bag. It has enough room for all of my everyday products, and it’s designed so I don’t have to go digging through the bag to pull out a particular one. This style from Balulhg comes in two sizes, medium and large (as well as a variety of colorways), so you can pick whichever one makes the most sense based on how many products you typically travel with. 

Npcqun Compact Umbrella

An umbrella is often a forgotten packing essential, but I’ve learned the hard way you should always have one tucked into your luggage. While you might not use it every day, it’s the type of item that can make or break a trip, especially if you’re traveling somewhere with an ever-changing forecast. When broken down, this umbrella is only 11.5 inches in length, and it can easily be tucked into the bottom of your tote bag or the side of your suitcase. 

Molnia Travel Backpack

If you, like me, rarely travel without a laptop, it might be time to reevaluate how you’re transporting it from place to place. I try to always carry mine in a backpack, as it saves any undue pressure on my shoulders or arms. Marked down by 20 percent with an on-page coupon, this travel backpack can fit more than just a laptop, though. There’s plenty of space for clothes, a pair of shoes, a book, and even a small toiletry kit. And the best part? It’s still compact enough to fit under the airplane seat in front of you.

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Just days before the East Tennessee State University men’s golf team was set to play in the NCAA tournament, they captured on video the moment their golf club bags were tossed around on the tarmac by airline baggage handlers. It’s just one incident raising concerns over airlines’ treatment of passenger baggage ahead of the summer travel season. NBC News’ Valerie Castro has more. May 27, 2024

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  4. Travel Packing Hacks: silicone wash bag and hard side travel bra case

  5. CT Safety Travel Bra Pouch

  6. Elevate your style to a new level with a Wacoal Mood Travel bra. Must have! #Wacoal #WacoalIndonesia


  1. Amazon.com: Travel Bags For Bras

    10 Pack Mesh Laundry Bags for Delicates with Non Rust Zipper- MDSXO White Laundry Bags Mesh Wash Bags, Easy Fit Bra, Sock,Lingerie,Sneaker,Baby Laundry for Washing Machine Travel Storage [1XL/3L/3M/3S] Options: 7 sizes. 1,988. 2K+ bought in past month. $1199 ($1.20/Count) Save 5% with coupon.

  2. Bra Travel Bag

    LiLi Mini Pouch - Zipper Card Wallet - Small Mini Bags - Travel Rainbow Color Pouch - Nylon Cosmetic bag - Coin Wallet Size (13x 12x 5cm) (314) $15.02. Linen mesh laundry bag for socks, bra or delicates. Lightweight drawstring wash bag. Washable laundry mesh bags to protect your clothing.

  3. Travel Bra Bag

    Underwear Bag, Storage Bag, Clothing Bag, Travel Portable Storage Bag, Underwear Bra Bag, Multifunctional Clothing Organization Bag. $35.35. $70.71 (50% off) FREE shipping. Alien Bra bag. sweet mint or yellow color, light weight travel bag for bra and lingerie . Easy way to Organize your bra and underwear. (51)

  4. Travel Bra Organizer

    Alien Bra bag. sweet mint or yellow color, light weight travel bag for bra and lingerie . Easy way to Organize your bra and underwear $ 30.00. FREE shipping Add to Favorites Personalized Linen Travel Lingerie Bag, Monogram Lingerie Bag for Underwear, Lingerie Travel Bag, Lingerie Organizer, Shoe Bag for Travel (958) ...

  5. How To Pack Bras For Travel

    3. Consider A Travel Bra Bag. Investing in a travel bra bag is a great way to pack bras for travel. Not only does it provide peace of mind knowing that your bras are protected during transport, but it also helps in keeping your bras organized and tangle-free. Look for bags with compartments or sections that fit your bra size or style.

  6. How to Pack Bras for Travel with Reader Hacks

    Bra & Lingerie Travel Case . Use a Travel Bra Bag You could invest in a Travel Bra Case to keep your bras protected and organized when traveling. This travel bra organizer is designed to prevent your bras from becoming crushed or damaged by adding a protective layer around your bras. It comes in two sizes and lots of different colors and styles.

  7. Best Travel Bra

    Unique Features. Ultra-Light Travel Bra with Pockets. Polyamide, Spandex. Pockets for essentials, Ultra-lightweight. Warner's Women's Blissful Benefits Bra. Nylon, Elastane. Seamless, Wire-free, Dig-free band. SHAPERMINT Compression High Support Bra. Nylon, Spandex.

  8. Bra Travel Case : Target

    for "bra travel case" ... Unique Bargains Black White Double Layer Makeup Bag Cosmetic Travel Bag Case Large Makeup Bag Make Up Organizer Bag for Women Cows Texture 1 Pc. Unique Bargains. 5 out of 5 stars with 3 ratings. 3 reviews. $17.99. reg $35.99. Sale. When purchased online. Add to cart.

  9. The 9 Best Travel Bras In 2022

    Bali Comfort Revolution Wire-Free Bra. See On Amazon. Also available on BareNecessities.com, $27, and Macys.com, $44. You'll get plenty of support with this wireless bra without the worry of ...

  10. The Best Travel Bras

    Genie Bra Women's Twin Pack. This is a twin pack of super comfortable bras, which are ideal for travel. Made of a nylon and spandex mixture, the bras are easy to clean and are seamless and wire-free. There is ruching in the middle of the bust section, and the waistband/chest band is elasticated for extra comfort.

  11. Best Travel Bras: Guide on How to Choose Yours » Maps & Bags

    Comfy bra for travel. Features: This merino blend travel bra has removable pads and adjustable straps that help with overall comfort and support. Because most of its fabric is merino wool, this Ibex bra wicks moisture and is odor-resistant. Meaning, you can wear it for days in a row before having to wash it.

  12. The 15 Most Comfortable Bras for Traveling of 2023

    Best Overall: Honeylove Silhouette Bra at Nordstrom ($64) Jump to Review. Best Budget: Hanes ComfortFlex Fit Wireless Bra at Amazon ($16) Jump to Review. Best Investment: ThirdLove 24/7 Classic T ...

  13. 11 Best Luggage for International Travel 2024, Tested by Experts

    This convertible duffel from Eagle Creek is the perfect adventure travel companion. The bag is durable, ... The Best Bras. The Best Hair Dryers. Dyson 360 Vis Nav Robot Vacuum Review.

  14. The 9 Best Cooler Bags of 2024

    Best Overall: ICEMULE Classic Medium 15L. Jump to features and traveler insights ↓. Best for Beach: Alameda Mesh Tote Beach Bag. Jump to features and traveler insights ↓. Best Insulation ...

  15. Why AirTags are the ultimate travel companion this holiday season

    Apple AirTag. Amazon. The Apple AirTag is the perfect tool to bring on any trip. Its simplicity, functionality and size will ensure you never lose track of your bags while on the go. The peace of ...

  16. 75 Best Nordstrom Half-yearly Sale Deals

    Save up to 80 percent on travel bags, comfortable travel clothes, supportive walking shoes, and more from top brands like Skims, Free People, and Vuori. ... Chantelle Lingerie Orchids Underwire ...

  17. Travel Bra Bag

    Underwear Bag, Storage Bag, Clothing Bag, Travel Portable Storage Bag, Underwear Bra Bag, Multifunctional Clothing Organization Bag. £34.65. £69.30 (50% off) FREE UK delivery.

  18. Elektrostal

    Elektrostal is linked by Elektrichka suburban electric trains to Moscow's Kursky Rail Terminal with a travel time of 1 hour and 20 minutes. Long distance buses link Elektrostal to Noginsk, Moscow and other nearby towns. Local public transport includes buses. Sports

  19. Checked Bag Fees: Airline-by-Airline Guide for US Travel in 2024

    Southwest Airlines. All of the legacy carriers (. United. , American, Delta, Alaska, etc.) tend to charge right about the same for their checked bags - approximately $35 for the first bag as of ...

  20. 50 Best REI Memorial Day Sale 2024 Deals

    Brooks 3 Pocket Sports Bra, $27 (originally $55) The North Face Sunriser T-shirt, ... The Travel Bag Brand Our Editors Are Obsessed With Has Slashed Prices Up to 50% for Memorial Day Weekend.

  21. TSA is prepared for the expected increase in Memorial Day Weekend

    Travelers can also tweet to @AskTSA or send a text message (275-872) if they have a travel question or are unsure if an item is allowed through security in a carry-on bag. Just snap a picture or send a question and get real-time assistance. Individuals who are planning to travel this summer should consider enrolling in TSA PreCheck®.

  22. Savvino-Storozhevsky Monastery and Museum

    Zvenigorod's most famous sight is the Savvino-Storozhevsky Monastery, which was founded in 1398 by the monk Savva from the Troitse-Sergieva Lavra, at the invitation and with the support of Prince Yury Dmitrievich of Zvenigorod. Savva was later canonised as St Sabbas (Savva) of Storozhev. The monastery late flourished under the reign of Tsar ...

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    Traveler's Choice Pagosa Carry-On Spinner. Amazon. Buy on Amazon $111 $69. Suitcases can run the gamut in price, but you don't have to spend a pretty penny for a high-quality, decent-sized piece ...

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    10. Coronado Beach: San Diego, California. If you want to enjoy the top US beach in 2024, pack your bags for Hawaii. Stephen Leatherman, aka "Dr. Beach," is out with his annual list of the 10 ...

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    Airline baggage handling incidents raise concerns ahead of summer travel season. Just days before the East Tennessee State University men's golf team was set to play in the NCAA tournament, they ...