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Celebrating Groove Cruise’s 20th Anniversary (2024 Review & Recap)

Ade / Festivals + Reviews

It’s been four years since I did my last festival cruise and I got the incredible honor of being invited as a content creator and workshop host to attend Groove Cruise to celebrate their 20th anniversary. I had heard of Groove Cruise from friends attending previous sailings; however, the timing never worked out until this sailing came around. I fully believe what’s meant to be will be and I was meant to experience Groove Cruise for the first time on this special occasion. I’m excited to share my experience as a first-time Groove Cruiser.

About Groove Cruise

Groove Cruise began in 2004 by Jason Beukema as the premier floating dance music festival. This special cruise sailing has become known as a weekend escape for Groove Cruisers to dance, express, have fun, connect, and more. Groove Cruise has always fostered a community of die-hard music lovers and I immediately felt the energy and connection the moment I stepped onto the ship. You can expect a wide variety of music, activities, outfit themes, and people when you board Groove Cruise.

This sailing I joined was held from January 24, 2024, to January 28, 2024, docking off from the Port of Miami and boarding the Norwegian Encore. Before the sailing, we flew into Miami and stayed in Brickell the night before to get ready for the sailing the next day. In this review, I’ll dive into the venue, the music, the vibes, and the overall experience. I’ll also share some tips for next time and if I would attend again.

groove cruise 2024 themes

Your home for the next four days is a massive cruise ship where you can eat, sleep, rave, and REPEAT. Having this all-inclusive experience within the Norwegian Encore makes it so easy for you to create the experience you want. Whether you want to go dance, hit the gym, have a spa day, or take a nap, the possibilities are endless as this ship has everything you need. The process for boarding the ship and getting off the ship was also super seamless and not stressful thankfully. The ship was really easy to navigate and we lucked out having our room on the same side of the ship (forward) where a lot of the stages and activities were. I was one of the fortunate ones that didn’t deal with sea sickness although I did feel the ship moving.

@vibewithade tour of our inside stateroom om the Norwegian Encore @Groove Cruise 🛳️ #groovecruise #GCMIA24 #GCFAM #whettravel #norwegiancruise ♬ Blurring the Lines – Disco Lines & Miggy Dela Rosa

I had an interior stateroom with two beds that I found to be super spacious. There was a lot of storage for our clothes and things. The bathroom and shower were spacious as well. There were plenty of places to charge things and it did come with a blow dryer. You can also turn on a button to let housekeeping know to clean your room and when you don’t want to be disturbed. You could also order 24-hour room service to your room anytime you needed it. They also dropped off a daily newsletter with the events for the day. One mistake we made was not preordering water prior so that was a lesson learned for next time. Overall, I felt our room and the boat was very clean and well put together.

Stages and Production

groove cruise 2024 themes

What truly is amazing to see is how Groove Cruise converts typical cruise areas into stages. With 10 stages to explore on this ship, each stage brought its own vibe. There was one outside stage that was the “main stage” on the pool deck where you could enjoy daytime sets, sunset sets, and late night into sunrise sets. The second mainstage was the Theater stage where you could even take sitting breaks in the theater-style seating with invigorating production. The Atrium was another main inside stage where they swapped out production and decorations based on the nighttime theme for that day which I enjoyed. The rest of the stages were found in converted bars and restaurants and even in the casino on the ship. Production was on point with all of the stages as well as the sound was bumping for all of the sets.

When it comes to food on the ship, there are a few options available to you that are included. Then there are also a few options on the ship that you could pay for like Teppanyaki. For the included options, you could go to the buffet or go to one of the standalone included restaurants. They also had the main dining rooms open for dinner. The one dinner we did pay for was Teppanyaki which was one of our favorite dinners of the whole time. To see what your food options are, you could check out the cruise line app to see. You could also set dinner reservations through the app as well.

With music going basically 24 hours, there was no shortage of good music. Groove Cruise had a wide variety of subgenres, from bass to trance to house to techno and more. You could easily walk across the ship and stumble upon a new favorite artist. There were also specialty sets like Throwback sets, Deep House Brunch, and fun sets to vibe to.

Top 5 Favorite Sets

groove cruise 2024 themes

Here are my top sets of the sailing:

  • Max Styler with the headline spot on night 3 on the Main Pool Deck was FIRE. He really turned on the dark and sexy house vibes and we had a great time. He’s definitely on the rise if you don’t know him, get to know him!
  • What was scheduled as a Kyle Walker set, turned into a mass b4b in the Atrium on the second night. It’s always so fun seeing similar artists vibe together and watching them collaborate together to bring a solid set.
  • Our group was planted at this set and we decided to check it out and I thoroughly was surprised by this set. I thought it was going to be more trance-like and it was definitely more melodic and progressive house with sprinkles of trance. Production also brought out the lasers for this set which was a nice surprise.
  • The perfect daytime island set was brought by Disco Lines. I really enjoy Disco Lines set because he really plays to whatever environment he is playing in. It was the perfect set on the most perfect day. Honorable mention is Tiësto’s set afterwards which was very iconic. I just enjoyed Disco Lines set more.
  • The perfect ending to this sailing was John Summit’s Main Pool Deck set on the final night. This was by far my favorite John Summit set I’ve seen. He really curated the best set list and kept the energy high the whole time for the 2 hours.

Going into Groove Cruise, I did have a preconceived notion about the vibes. I had heard it was an older crowd and a more rowdy crowd. To be honest, I didn’t feel like I was the only young person aboard. There was such a diversity of ages, races, and ravers.

Groove Cruisers

groove cruise 2024 themes

Overall, the Groove Cruisers are what make this cruise what it is. From the moment I got to the port, I could instantly feel the energy. People were just excited to be there and had good energy right away. People were ready to have a good time and spread the Groove Cruise vibes to each other. I left this weekend with so many new connections as well as fun little gifts and trinkets. It can be intimidating to be a newbie, but any veteran I met welcomed us with open arms and connection. It really is a testament to this festival when you can meet people on their 17th Groove Cruise or 9th Groove Cruise why they keep coming back. A lot of veterans also returned to Groove Cruise just for the 20th anniversary. I can officially say I am a part of the Groove Cruisers.

groove cruise 2024 themes

To keep the energy and vibes going, Groove Cruise plans out themes for day and night. This honestly is super helpful with packing and planning what to wear. It makes it a lot easier to curate outfits based on the themes rather than planning outfits yourself. Have fun with the themes if you attend Groove Cruise. You won’t be left out if you don’t dress to the theme, but it makes it that much more fun when you can.

groove cruise 2024 themes

Another part of the vibes of Groove Cruise is the activities aboard the ship. The ship had some of its own activities, but Groove Cruise had a full calendar of activities that cruisers could partake in. For some activities, you had to register beforehand and the others you could just show up for. Even more special is there were activities where you could interact with artists as well. Similar to a regular cruise, there were also excursions on the island day that you could sign up for along with artists being included too. With the activities included, it definitely gives you a packed and fun schedule with the music and other things a part of Groove Cruise. I was honored to host an intention setting workshop and vision board workshop for attendees.

Overall Experience

Looking at the overall Groove Cruise experience, it truly was a well-rounded experience. I had the best time aboard and I am grateful for the experience. I would highly recommend this experience to any festival goer. The all-inclusive cruise mixed with seeing your favorite artists and enjoying the sights of the Caribbean truly can’t be beat. On top of the community that you join when you come to Groove Cruise is special.

Tips for Next Time

I wanted to include some tips for myself next time and some lessons learned. I definitely will do some more tips for Groove Cruisers for the years to come.

  • Make sure you preorder your beverage package or water to the room ahead of time. I think the window was 48 hours before the sailing you could do it in your account online.
  • Try to sleep when you can and become a pro at naps.
  • Next time I’d like to explore a lot more between sets, parts of the ship, and activities.
  • BE PRESENT. Spend more time relaxing.
  • Getting off the ship sooner on disembarkation day helps to avoid panic at the port. Could also consider getting a hotel for that day to decompress then fly out the next day.

Would I attend again?

10000%! I’m already ready for 2025 to come. This is an event to look forward to and am so excited for what’s to come for this festival. You can appreciate this festival as a truly community-grown festival that isn’t backed by a major festival corporation. Jason has created something really special here and I can’t wait to return.

If you’re interested in Groove Cruise, be sure to l ock in your room for 2025 as rooms are selling quick. Use code RaveCultureCast when booking your rooms. Stay tuned for more content to get you ready on all of my platforms.

Check out my Groove Cruise videos on YouTube!

groove cruise 2024 themes

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groove cruise 2024 themes

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Groove Cruise Miami’s 2024 Themes Are Here!

groove cruise 2024 themes

Your Groove Cruise Miami 2024 themes are here! As you prepare for seeing headliners like Tiesto, John Summit, and Diplo for the January 24th-28th, 2024 event, add outfit planning to your list, as each day presents two different themes to dance the night away and express yourself. Check out the theme details below:

Represent:  What makes you unique by wearing anything that represents your country, team, favorite anything, and of course, virgins wear white.

U are the Universe:  Think galaxy, aliens, planets, astronauts, anything space.

Welcome To The Jungle:  Bring out your inner spirit animal with colorful zoo animals, to bright colored amphibians.

Dancing Thru The Decades:  Get your groove on with this funky theme with  by dressing up as 20’s flappers, hippies, disco queens, 80’s breakdancers, 90’s ravers.

Groove Racers:  Race to the finish line and wear your best NASCAR gear or channel your inner biker chick.

50 Shades of Nintendo:  Take your favorite Nintendo character, and make it naughty. Think punk rock Nintendo, goth Nintendo, whatever you’re into,

Naughty Nautical:  Get steamy, wearing captains hats, or sassy sailor suits. Think seashells, mermaids, fishnets, anything fun under the sun.

Captain’s Jubilee:  Celebrate in style with this regal and majestic theme. Think sparkles, shiny and glitter or metallic, and let’s raise a toast to the 20th anniversary of Groove Cruise.

In addition to theme announcements, the official Spotify playlist for Groove Cruise Miami 2024 is available now! Featuring all of the talented artists on the lineup, the playlist is the perfect way to get hype before even stepping on to the ship.

Groove Cruise Miami 2024 is currently sold out , but you can sign up for the waitlist here .

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Festival Report Card: Groove Cruise 2024

Avatar photo

The 20 th year of Groove Cruise 2024 set sail on the Norwegian Encore cruise ship from January 24 to January 28,   departing from Miami to Great Stirrup Cay.

Groove Cruise, with a shipping capacity of nearly 4,500 attendees, was an epic event that hosted artists such as Tiesto , John Summit , GG Magree , Gem & Tauri , LP Giobbi , Markus Schulz , and many other fan favorites.

Groove Cruise is known to be more than just the music and focuses on fan interactions with artists and crazy themes for attendees to dress up in. With over 40 artist activities that attendees could sign up for, sponsored activations, and many secret renegade parties, Groove Cruise 2024 was an event to remember. 

Although there were a few issues boarding and disembarking the ship, they were minor hiccups for our fantastic time at Groove Cruise 2024.

groove cruise 2024 themes

There was not a single moment where the vibes on the cruise were not immaculate. The number of “excuse me” and “I’m sorry” comments we heard was refreshing. At one point, people were holding their phones to their foreheads and had the words EXCUSE ME in big letters on their phones in case it was hard to hear.

Walking through the hallways was always an adventure. Every stateroom was having a party, everyone always greeted each other with a “happy groove cruise,” and the staff was just as friendly to festival goers. All aboard the ship had the same PLUR attitude, including the artists and the staff. 

The thing that sets Groove Cruise apart is the artist-to-attendee interactions. Seeing artists at their friends’ sets and interacting with people in the crowd was customary.

Making friends on the ship was easy and expected. The Groove Cruise community has been building for 20 years, and even newbies were welcomed with open arms.

Costumes also set the tone for some major good vibes. We saw tons of fancy outfits and attendees brought out their A-game. From a traffic cone telling partygoers when to dance to full LED suits, costumes were the best we’d ever seen at a festival. 

We did run into some frustration disembarking, which slightly brought the vibes down, but were minor. We also noticed a lack of harm reduction services, such as volunteers checking on guests, but overall, we were safe and happy with the vibes on the ship.

Production: A-

With over ten stages, there was no shortage of sets.

The theater on Deck 7 gave us a whole cinematic experience with top-tier production. It allowed ravers to sit in comfy theater chairs and enjoy the fog machines, confetti blasters, LED screens, and synchronized lasers (that could even point downwards, thank you, international waters).

The pool deck on Level 16 served as the main stage and did not skimp out on production. With inflatable decorations all around the pool deck, fireworks that dropped during sets, and excellent sound quality all around the pool, the sets on the main pool deck had some of the best production on the ship. 

Multiple rooms on the ship were converted to stages, such as the smokehouse BBQ restaurant that hosted panels during the day and a hip-hop-themed hub at night. We do wish there was music in the elevators, so we didn’t have to use cell phone speakers for entertainment (although we did see a game of Twister take place there.)

groove cruise 2024 themes

There were sets on the cruise that have become some new favorites such as Trivecta B2B Mitis , Haliene , Danny Olson , and Deeper Purpose.  

Music was in every corner of the cruise: from the rooms to the hallway, to the casino, and even the elevator when our fellow music lovers took out a speaker and started playing their favorite playlist.

The stages were far enough apart that sound bleed didn’t exist, yet each stage was only a short walk away.

After parties were coordinated so we got to keep the music going 24/7. Artists were seen walking into rooms and playing unreleased music on a deck on top of a corner table.

The music never stopped…. unless you went back to your room to sleep. The music was terrific and artists really shined at this event. 

Who doesn’t love a festival on international waters?

Groove Cruise took place on the Norwegian Encore, which has an overall length of 1,094 feet, 20 decks, and 2,043 staterooms. The cruise gave a similar feel to a camping festival because you could party, take a quick nap, eat, and dance all on the same floor.

The venue included more than 20 restaurants on board, an arcade room, a spa, a gym, pools, hot tubs, a racetrack of go-carts, outdoor laser tag, a casino, yoga, and many pop-up stages. 

The venue was not just about the music; it featured many artists’ activities, talking panels, and a few weddings. Groove Cruise contains a variety of events, many of which were created in the spur of the moment, such as secret disco parties and elevator parties.

The beach venue is at a Norwegian private resort, The Great Stirrup CA, in the Bahamas. The stage was on the beach, and a separate stage was set up for just this one party. Attendees could swim in the ocean and watch Tiesto all at the same time! The only thing we wish about the beach party was that it was longer! 

groove cruise 2024 themes

Groove Cruise is a bucket list festival for any festival goer to attend, no matter what genre you are into. Few events allow attendees to party/have dinner with their favorite artists, see unique renegade sets, and create memories that will last a lifetime.  

The 20th-anniversary sailing of Groove Cruise cultivated years of hard work from the Whet Travel team and proved to be an experience unlike any other. For this same reason, Groove Cruise is the ultimate festival for passionate and real music lovers to enjoy good music, good company, and the time of our lives.

While there were delays getting off the ship (the Miami Marathon caused hours of delayed traffic), we’d go through the same issues again in a heartbeat if we could relive one second of Groove Cruise 2024.

  • festival report card
  • Groove Cruise

groove cruise 2024 themes

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Groove Cruise to Celebrate Milestone 20th Anniversary with Miami 2024 Sailing

Whet Travel ’s flagship event Groove Cruise will celebrate 20 years on the open sea in 2024, adventuring from Miami to Great Stirrup Cay in the Bahamas from Wednesday, January 24 – Sunday, January 28, 2024 with an amazing lineup. To cement the impressive milestone, Groove Cruise Miami 2024 will be hosted on the award-winning Norwegian Encore – the largest and most luxurious Groove Cruise ship to date. 

Groove Cruise treats everyone as the Captain and invites veterans and newcomers alike to indulge in a once-in-a-lifetime experience aboard the Norwegian Encore . The sailing will feature 96 hours of nonstop music, as well as Groove Cruise ’s signature immersive programming which will include 11 stages boasting world-class production, daily themes with curated parties, over 50 artist-hosted activities, beachside destination parties, Whet Foundation volunteer opportunities, mental health panels, producer/DJ album listening and mentorship workshops, and so much more. 

Groove Cruise has enlisted world-renowned dance music superstars Tiësto , Diplo and John Summit to headline the 20th anniversary celebration.

Groove Cruise 2024 Lineup

groove cruise 2024 themes

GRAMMY award-winning producer Tiësto will make his inaugural Groove Cruise appearance on the 2024 sailing. One of the most influential dance music acts of this generation, Tiesto was the first artist ever to win DJ Mag’s #1 DJ for three consecutive years in a row in 2002-2004, and has since amassed billions of streams across platforms while performing around the globe. Making his long-awaited Groove Cruise debut, Tiësto is slated to headline the private beach party in Great Stirrup Cay .

Adding another legendary dance music icon to the #GCFAM, Diplo will also make his first-ever Groove Cruise performance on the 2024 edition, hosting a highly-coveted takeover from his Higher Ground imprint. The three-time GRAMMY award-winning producer has had quite a career with his various collaborative projects like Major Lazer , Jack Ū , LSD , Silk City , and more. He launched his underground-focused label Higher Ground in 2019 to pay tribute to his house music roots, and has since curated various label showcases across the globe. The Diplo-hosted Higher Ground takeover on Groove Cruise will feature a range of underground acts and promises to be one of the highlights of the weekend.

Following his unforgettable Groove Cruise debut aboard the Orlando 2022 sailing, global party-starter John Summit will make his Groove Cruise Miami debut as a headliner of the 2024 installment. The Beatport chart-shredder will once again deliver an electrifying performance, in addition to hosting Groove Cruise ’s first-ever Off The Grid takeover. Tapping label favorites that are famed for igniting dance floors, John Summit’s Off The Grid takeover will be a high-octane marathon of rip-roaring beats. 

In addition to the star-studded trio of headliners, Groove Cruise will welcome an impressive medley of genre-crossing acts to make their festival debuts. Transporting the sounds of the underground, Groove Cruise will welcome UK tech-house favorite Biscits , fast-rising techno act Brennen Grey , trance purveyor Craig Connelly , international techno queen Lilly Palmer , London house music ace Deeper Purpose , London-based Joshwa , Croatian born San Pacho , prolific duo Pig&Dan , and house music icon VNSSA . Mija and GG Magree will also make their Groove Cruise debut with collaborative So Tuff So Cute .

groove cruise 2024 themes

Groove Cruise  will also welcome back some fan-favorite veteran acts to celebrate the 20th anniversary. Longtime  Groove Cruise  veterans  Gene Farris  and  Markus Schulz  will once again return to bring their own unique blends of electronic music. Other returning artists include Egyptian trance titans  Aly & Fila ; multifaceted artist  Amidy ;  Incorrect Music boss   Anthony Attalla ; New York City favorite  Boris ; masked duo  Deepfake ; Dutch trance act  Factor B ; American trance music legends  Gabriel & Dresden ; house music ace  LP Giobbi ; a bevy of Ophelia Records favorites such as  Gem & Tauri , melodic bass titan  MiTiS , and emotive bass wizard  Trivecta ; renowned electronic music singer  Haliene ; and psytrance icon  Blastoyz .

The lineup also features UK producer and TV personality  Joel Corry ; LA native  Kyle Walker ; house duo  Max Low ; fast-rising house act  Ranger Trucco ; mau5trap favorite  Speaker Honey , and more.

groove cruise 2024 themes

Groove Cruise  will take attendees on a 96 hour non stop ride through the curated dance music realms of the  Abyss  underground,  Rising Tides  house music,  Embark  Trance, and  Sirens Echo  Melodic Bass along with a plethora of uniquely-crafted parties ranging from old school hip hop, disco, and emo night.

In addition to the music programming,  Groove Cruise  is known for its immersive experiences that educate, connect, and heal its Captains. Some of the highlights include  Martian Circus 5D  live interactive band,  Great Bingo Revival ,  Frick Frack Blackjack , and more. Fans can also relax and recharge at the  Whet Oasis  lounge with yoga, breathwork, mediation, and tarot card readings soundtracked by blissful downtempo music. Other activities on  Groove Cruise  include 80s themed workout “Crusher Camp”, silent disco, drag and burlesque shows, craft stations, comedians, and so much more.

Selected by  Porthole Cruise Magazine  as the 2020 Editors’ Pick for  Best New Ship , the  Norwegian Encore  will be the newest and largest ship to join the ranks of  Groove Cruise ’s 20-year history. Spanning an impressive 20 decks above the ocean, the list of onboard amenities feels endless with 40 bars and restaurants, the largest race track at sea for over 1100 feet of pedal-to-the-metal action, 10,000 square foot open-air laser tag arena, and virtual reality interactive gaming including a ride simulator at the Galaxy Pavilion. If that wasn’t enough the ship also hosts an aqua park with 2 multi-story waterslides that extend over the edges of the ship, 8 hot tubs and pools, spa offering and extensive list of treatments: IV hydration, large thermal suite including a snow room, saunas and steam rooms  high-tech Pulse fitness center with workout classes, Encore casino, and much more.

groove cruise 2024 themes

Over the last two decades,  Groove Cruise  has evolved into the world’s “premier floating dance music festival.” The nautical festival brand is famous for championing creative self-expression and curating inclusive environments that welcome attendees to follow their inner compasses toward adventure.  Groove Cruise ’s central ethos is all about finding your own individual flow, while simultaneously connecting with fellow passengers for a tight-knit, community-oriented experience.

Don’t miss your chance to experience the magic of  Groove Cruise ’s 20th anniversary and purchase one of the last remaining staterooms via  https://www.groovecruise. com/miami24

Press Release

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groove cruise 2024 themes




Wear something that represents your country, team, favorite anything, virgins wear white!



Take your favorite candy and make it sexy! Giggly Gumdrop, Princess Lolly, cupcakes, candy, or be the cherry on top. Be bright, be fun, be delicious! 



It’s beach party day so let’s turn up tropical style! Let’s flock it up flamingos, shake those pineapples, and go coconuts!



Captains it’s our last day, let’s get your neon out and brighten up this Sunday Funday!



Bust out your sexy lingerie or your fun pjs, and let’s stay up all night and dance the night away! 



Lights, camera, action! Dress as your favorite movie character. From your all-time favorite cult classic, to your favorite cartoon, let’s see you shine superstars! 


Farmers, carnal cowboys, sexy sheep, and pretty piggies, let’s see your OnlyFarms vision. What grows at your farm? Broccoli or eggplant, peach, or apples? Ducks, chicks, donkeys, horses, and cows, all are welcome on this sexy farm!



Make your fantasy come true. Be a fairy, unicorn, dragon, phoenix, or goblin. A wizard, witch, or warlock. Let your fantastic imagination run wild!


Groove Cruise 2024: The Ultimate EDM Odyssey at Sea

Groove Cruise 2024


Groove Cruise, the iconic dance music festival on the sea, is set to make waves again in 2024. As the world’s premier floating electronic dance music festival, Groove Cruise has been setting the standard for oceanic festivals for nearly two decades. In 2024, the cruise is gearing up to celebrate its 20th anniversary, promising an experience like never before.

A Legacy of Groove: The Journey So Far

From its humble beginnings, Groove Cruise has grown exponentially, attracting dance music enthusiasts from all over the world. The festival’s unique blend of sun, sea, and sound has made it a must-attend event for many. Over the years, Groove Cruise has featured some of the biggest names in the dance music industry, providing attendees with unforgettable musical memories.

What to Expect in Groove Cruise 2024

While specific details about Groove Cruise 2024 are still under wraps, given its track record, attendees can expect:

  • Stellar Line-up: Groove Cruise has always boasted a line-up of world-class DJs and artists. 2024 will be no exception, with the event likely to pull out all the stops for its 20th-anniversary celebration.
  • Themed Nights: One of the hallmarks of Groove Cruise is its themed nights, where attendees can dress up and immerse themselves in a world of fantasy and fun.
  • Unparalleled Experiences: Beyond the music, Groove Cruise offers a range of experiences, from wellness activities to gourmet dining, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

Setting Sail from Miami

l from the vibrant city of Miami . Known for its beautiful beaches and pulsating nightlife, Miami is the perfect launchpad for the Groove Cruise experience. Attendees can explore the city before boarding, soaking in its rich culture and diverse culinary scene.

A Commitment to Excellence

Groove Cruise’s longevity in the industry is a testament to its commitment to excellence. The organizers continually strive to enhance the attendee experience, ensuring safety, comfort, and, of course, non-stop entertainment. Their dedication is evident in the rave reviews and loyal fan base that eagerly anticipates each year’s voyage.

Giving Back: More Than Just a Festival

Groove Cruise isn’t just about music and dance; it’s about making a difference. Over the years, the festival has been associated with various charitable initiatives. While details about 2024’s charitable partnerships are yet to be announced, attendees can expect to be a part of something bigger, contributing to meaningful causes.

Navigating the Costs: Groove Cruise 2024 Expenses and Admission

Attending the Groove Cruise is an experience like no other, but like all festivals, it comes with its set of expenses. If you’re considering embarking on this musical voyage in 2024, it’s essential to have a clear understanding of the costs involved. Let’s break down the general expenses and admission costs based on historical data and estimates.

Admission Tickets: Your Passport to Groove

Historically, Groove Cruise ticket prices have varied based on the type of accommodation chosen:

  • Interior Cabins: These are the most budget-friendly options, offering a cozy space without a sea view. Historically, prices for these cabins have started at around $800 per person.
  • Ocean View Cabins: A step up from the interior cabins, these rooms offer attendees a view of the ocean. Prices have typically ranged from $1,000 to $1,500 per person.
  • Suites: For those looking for a more luxurious experience, suites offer spacious accommodations with premium amenities. Historically, suite prices have started at $2,000 per person and can go up based on the suite’s size and features.

Onboard Expenses: Grooving Beyond the Ticket

Once onboard, there are additional expenses attendees should be aware of:

  • Dining: While many meals are included in the ticket price, specialty dining options and certain beverages might come at an additional cost. On average, attendees might spend around $100-$200 on extra dining and drinks over the cruise’s duration.
  • Excursions: Groove Cruise often docks at exotic locations, offering attendees the chance to explore. These excursions, while optional, can range from $50 to $200, depending on the activity.
  • Merchandise: From exclusive Groove Cruise apparel to artist merchandise, there’s plenty to shop for onboard. It’s estimated that attendees might spend anywhere from $50 to $150 on merchandise.

Additional Costs: Getting Ready to Set Sail

  • Travel to Miami: Depending on where you’re coming from, you’ll need to budget for travel to Miami, the cruise’s departure point. A round-trip flight within the U.S. can range from $150 to $500.
  • Accommodation in Miami: If you plan to arrive a day or two before the cruise’s departure, consider the cost of staying in a hotel. On average, a night in a mid-range hotel in Miami can cost between $100 and $250.
  • Miscellaneous: From travel insurance to personal shopping, set aside around $100-$200 for miscellaneous expenses.

Survival Guide: Navigating Groove Cruise 2024 Like a Pro

Drawing from the rich history and culture of this iconic event, here’s a survival guide to ensure you make the most of your Groove Cruise experience in 2024.

1. Embrace the Themes: Dive into the Culture

Groove Cruise is renowned for its themed nights, a nod to the festival’s vibrant culture. Historically, attendees have gone all out, dressing up and immersing themselves in the fantasy world created onboard.

Survival Tip: Check the theme announcements ahead of time and pack accordingly. Embracing the themes not only enhances your experience but also helps you connect with fellow attendees.

2. Stay Hydrated: Dance Responsibly

With non-stop music and dancing, it’s easy to forget the basics. The sun, sea, and sound can be a heady mix, and dehydration can sneak up on you.

Survival Tip: Carry a refillable water bottle and set reminders to hydrate regularly. Remember, while the party is essential, so is your well-being.

3. Explore the Ship: More than Just Music

The Groove Cruise isn’t just about the beats. Over the years, the festival has expanded to offer a range of experiences, from wellness activities to gourmet dining.

Survival Tip: Take time to explore the ship and partake in non-musical activities. It’s a great way to recharge and experience everything the cruise has to offer.

4. Respect the Ocean: Leave No Trace

The Groove Cruise’s unique setting on the ocean is a reminder of the beauty and fragility of our natural environment. Historically, the festival has emphasized the importance of sustainable practices.

Survival Tip: Be mindful of your waste. Use the recycling facilities onboard and avoid single-use plastics. Let’s ensure the ocean remains pristine for future Groove Cruises.

5. Connect and Network: A Community at Sea

One of the most enriching aspects of Groove Cruise is its community. Over the years, attendees have formed lasting friendships, with many returning year after year.

Survival Tip: Engage with fellow attendees, share stories, and create memories. The Groove Cruise community is welcoming, and you might just make friends for life.

6. Plan Your Schedule: So Much to See and Do

With a line-up of world-class DJs and artists, it’s tempting to try and attend every set. However, with so much happening simultaneously, it’s essential to prioritize.

Survival Tip: Before setting sail, review the schedule and highlight your must-see acts. Factor in rest periods to ensure you’re energized for your favorite performances.

Finding Your Rave Buddy: Groove Cruise 2024 Companionship

While solo voyages can be liberating, having a rave buddy can enhance the festival experience manifold. Here’s a guide on finding that perfect dance partner for Groove Cruise 2024, rooted in the event’s culture and traditions.

1. Dive into Groove Cruise Forums and Groups

Historically, the Groove Cruise community has been active online, with forums and social media groups buzzing with anticipation months before the event.

Survival Tip: Join these platforms and introduce yourself. Share your music preferences, past rave experiences, and what you’re looking forward to in 2024. You’ll likely find like-minded individuals eager to connect.

2. Attend Pre-Cruise Meetups

In the past, attendees have organized pre-cruise meetups in various cities. These gatherings are a fantastic way to mingle and potentially find your rave buddy.

Survival Tip: Keep an eye out for meetup announcements on official Groove Cruise channels or fan pages. Attend with an open mind and a friendly demeanor.

3. Embrace the Ship’s Social Spaces

The Groove Cruise ship is designed to foster connections. From lounges to dining areas, there are numerous spaces where attendees gather and socialize.

Survival Tip: Spend time in these communal areas. Strike up conversations, share your festival itinerary, and you might just find someone with a matching vibe.

4. Participate in Workshops and Activities

Over the years, Groove Cruise has expanded beyond music to offer a range of workshops and activities, reflecting its diverse culture.

Survival Tip: Sign up for these sessions. Whether it’s a dance workshop or a wellness activity, you’ll naturally connect with attendees who share similar interests.

5. Respect and Openness: The Groove Cruise Mantra

The Groove Cruise culture is built on mutual respect and openness. Historically, attendees have celebrated differences, creating an inclusive environment.

Survival Tip: Approach potential rave buddies with genuine interest and respect. Remember, it’s the shared love for music and the Groove Cruise spirit that binds everyone.

6. Utilize the Buddy System

In recent years, some festivals have introduced ‘buddy systems’ or ‘meet and greet’ events to help solo attendees find companions.

Survival Tip: Check if Groove Cruise 2024 has such initiatives. Participating can be a structured way to meet potential rave buddies.

In Conclusion

Groove Cruise 2024 is shaping up to be an event for the ages. As it celebrates its 20th anniversary, attendees can look forward to a blend of nostalgic moments and fresh, exciting experiences. Whether you’re a Groove Cruise veteran or considering attending for the first time, 2024 promises a voyage filled with rhythm, revelry, and memories that will last a lifetime.


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Event Reviews

Groove cruise 2024: an electrifying voyage celebrating 20 years in the making.

' src=

This past weekend, Groove Cruise celebrated its 20th-anniversary extravaganza aboard the Norwegian Encore with roughly 5,000 music lovers, artists, and industry creatives in attendance. The concept of thousands of avid dance music aficionados living their best lives on a festival cruise might sound insane to some, but the reality? It’s every raver’s dream vacation.

From Wednesday, January 24th to Sunday, January 28th, attendees got the opportunity to bask in all of Groove Cruise’s glory to celebrate such a special milestone for the one-of-a-kind festival. The unique idea of producing an EDM festival experience on a cruise ship came to fruition in the early 2000s all thanks to Groove Cruise’s founder Jason Beukema. And since then, no other festival out there has been able to match the authenticity of Groove Cruise’s ethos.

Groove Cruise

Groove Cruise doesn’t refer to its attendees as plain old festival goers. They refer to them as “captains”, allowing them to lead the festival experience they desire and be the captains of their own 96-hour music-filled nautical adventure.

Everyone aboard the ship came from different backgrounds and age groups, and some even traveled from other parts of the globe to attend. Some were music festival veterans while others were first-time ravers. But the one thing every single person had in common was that they were having the time of their lives aboard Groove Cruise.

Groove Cruise

The festival’s 20th-anniversary celebration hailed esteemed headliners John Summit , Diplo, Markus Schulz , and Tiësto among others, with this being Tiësto’s Groove Cruise debut on the private beach paradise of Great Stirrup Cay. Full of eager “captains” ready to set sail on day one, Markus Schulz, Joel Corry , Blastoyz, and Adam Scott remarkably set the tone for the rest of the weekend during the festival’s official Sail Away party that began around sunset.

Notable set highlights from the 96-hour nonstop Groove Cruise fiesta include Gene Farris throwing down some classic Chicago house music at The Atrium, LP Giobbi’s mesmerizing sunset set on the pool deck, a psytrance-heavy Trivecta b2b Blastoyz set at the Social Lounge, and Brennen Grey and Lily Palmer’s hard-hitting techno beats on Thursday evening.

Groove Cruise

The second half of the festival experience was topped by San Pacho ‘s moving Latin-house soundscapes during the Rising Tides daytime party, Max Styler’s hypnotic tech-house beats on night three, Tiësto’s nostalgic performance on the breathtaking island of Great Stirrup Cay, and John Summit’s explosive closing set during his John Summit and Friends stage takeover on the final night.

With over 100 artists playing across 11 stages, there was not a single moment that went by without music pulsating through our veins. The best part about Groove Cruise is that because artists are aboard the ship for four days just as everyone else, everyone gets to party it up and experience meaningful encounters with them. It was heartwarming to see all of these artists thoroughly enjoy a festival just like the rest of us get to.

groove cruise 2024 themes

Music aside, this 2024 installment of the renowned cruise ship festival also allowed its captains to play dress up and get quirky with all the imaginative, whimsical themes curated on each day. Some themes worth noting included ‘U Are The Universe,’ ‘Dancing Through The Decades,’ ’50 Shades of Nintendo,’ ‘Welcome To The Jungle’, and ‘Naughty Nautical’. Witnessing everyone dressed up to the nines and getting creative with these themes felt like being in an adult playground, leaving us inspired and even healing our inner child.

On top of that, the festival’s nonprofit organization Whet Foundation was able to raise $20,000 to benefit the local Bahamian community of Great Harbor with the help of many Groove Cruise crew members and volunteers. This philanthropic movement provided essential items like clothing, food, school supplies, beach and community cleanups, painting and art programs, and more to those in need.

groove cruise 2024 themes

The bottom line : Groove Cruise is unparalleled compared to any other music festival concept out there. The festival’s entire ethos is surrounded by the concept of a strong sense of community – making everyone, even newcomers feel like they are truly part of the “Groove Cruise Fam.”

Passes for Groove Cruise 2025 are available now via their official website. Check out next year’s official festival announcement video below:

Rampage Open Air 2024 Drops First Names

Fred again.. Wins Two GRAMMY Awards

' src=

Currently based in Houston & Miami, I hope to inspire others through my writing. Electronic dance music has become a passion and a form of inspiration in my life, and I wouldn't change it for the world. I aspire to share this passion of mine with others and help them understand the uplifting potential it can have on our lives!

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CakhiaTV | Kênh xem bóng đá miễn phí số 1 Việt Nam Cakhia TV

Trải nghiệm đỉnh cao của bóng đá ngay tại nhà với CakhiaTV, nguồn lực trực tuyến hàng đầu cho người hâm mộ trên khắp Việt Nam. Với sự đa dạng về nội dung, từ các trận đấu hàng đầu đến tin tức nóng hổi, Cakhia TV mang đến cho bạn một trải nghiệm xem bóng đá hoàn hảo. Quên điều kiện phức tạp và phí phạm, chỉ cần một kết nối internet, bạn đã có thể thưởng thức bóng đá mọi lúc, mọi nơi với Cakhia TV.

Những điểm khiến người dùng yêu thích tại Cakhia TV

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Miễn phí và dễ truy cập

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Chất lượng hình ảnh và âm thanh

Một yếu tố quan trọng khác khiến người dùng yêu thích Cakhia TV là chất lượng hình ảnh và âm thanh đỉnh cao mà nền tảng này mang lại. CakhiaTV không chỉ cung cấp các trận đấu với độ phân giải cao mà còn chú trọng đến chất lượng âm thanh, giúp người dùng cảm nhận được mọi khoảnh khắc của trận đấu như thể họ đang ngồi trên khán đài sân vận động. Điều này tạo ra một trải nghiệm sống động, chân thực và đầy hấp dẫn cho người xem, khiến họ cảm thấy như được hòa mình vào không gian bóng đá mỗi khi truy cập xem Cà Khịa Tivi.

Một vài lưu ý khi xem bóng đá tại Cakhia TV

Khi xem bóng đá tại CakhiaTV, người dùng nên lưu ý các điểm sau đây để có trải nghiệm tốt nhất:

Kênh xem bóng đá không QC Cakhia

Kiểm tra kết nối Internet

Trước khi bắt đầu xem bóng đá trực tuyến trên Cakhia TV, người dùng cần kiểm tra kết nối internet của mình để đảm bảo rằng nó đủ mạnh và ổn định. Kết nối internet không ổn định có thể gây gián đoạn hoặc giảm chất lượng hình ảnh và âm thanh, làm ảnh hưởng đến trải nghiệm xem của người dùng. Do đó, việc sử dụng một kết nối internet đủ mạnh là rất quan trọng để tránh các sự cố không mong muốn trong quá trình xem bóng đá.

Tuân thủ luật pháp và quy định

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Bảo vệ thông tin cá nhân

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groove cruise 2024 themes

Item added to your cart

Top 10 curated outfits for groove cruise 2024: inspo for theme days and nights.

Groove Cruise 2024

As the 20th anniversary of Groove Cruise approaches, the countdown to this extraordinary fusion of EDM and maritime revelry has reached a fever pitch.

Setting sail from Miami to the captivating Great Stirrup Cay in the Bahamas on January 24, 2024 , Groove Cruise 2024 promises an unparalleled four days and nights of non-stop music and immersive experiences aboard the Norwegian Encore . This year's lineup boasts the headliner debut of John Summit, Grammy-winning maestro Diplo , and the legendary three-time DJ Mag's #1 DJ, Tiësto .

Amidst the beats from house virtuosos like Kyle Walker, Ranger Trucco, and LP Giobbi, and the melodic bass tones of HALIENE and Trivecta , Groove Cruise 2024 will be a sonic journey like no other. However, it's not just about the music. With themes like “Welcome to the Jungle” and “Dancing thru the Decades,” Groove Cruise and iEDM invite you to explore curated fashion that mirrors the eclectic vibes of each themed day and night party.

Join us as we unveil these spellbinding apparel and accessory combos, ensuring you are not only part of the music but a style icon on this unforgettable voyage.

groove cruise 2024 themes

Check out iEDM's Top 10 Curated Outfits for Groove Cruise 2024 below.

10)   Level Up Mushroom Tank  and  GBC Weekend Shorts

Level Up Mushroom Tank and GBC Weekend Shorts

Kicking off our list is a lethal combo for any 90s and 2000s gaming aficionado. These shorts and tank top are primed for the  Groove Racers  day theme on Friday, but could also be compatible with that night's  50 Shades Of Nintendo party (although you may want something a little less PG).

Take a look at all the Level Up Mushroom  apparel  HERE  for other day options as well as night fits for  50 Shades Of Nintendo , like zip-up hoodies.

Check out the Level Up Mushroom Tank HERE!

Check out the GBC Weekend Shorts HERE!

9)   Mermaid Scales Gold Crop Top  and Mermaid Scales Gold High-Waisted Shorts  

Mermaid Scales Gold Crop Top and Mermaid Scales Gold High-Waisted Shorts

Matching apparel is not always essential, but in this specific case, it is the recipe for the dopest outfit at Groove Cruise's Naughty Nautical  party on Saturday afternoon. 

Flaunt this stellar blend of gold and black aboard the Norwegian to close out the final day of this spectacular getaway experience. You could also pair these with some basic shades or a simplistically patterned bucket hat.

Check out the Mermaid Scales Gold Crop Top   HERE!

Check out the Mermaid Scales Gold High-Waisted Shorts   HERE!

8)  Metasphere T-Shirt and Joggers Combo  and Black Diffraction Ski Goggles

Metasphere T-Shirt and Joggers Combo and Black Diffraction Ski Goggles

Hyperbeam yourself to another dimension when tossing on this interstellar fusion of vibrant colors. The  Metasphere T-Shirt and Joggers Combo  were destined to be worn at the U Are The Universe  night rager on Wednesday, Day 1.

An optimal pairing with this outfit, iEDM's  Black Diffraction Ski Goggles  are a contender for the most elite festival-based eyewear on the market. You can also rip them on the slopes, but given their disorienting nature, we wouldn't recommend it.

These goggles come with an adjustable headband so they fit any size noggin. Also, there is the option to get a Microfiber Carrying Case for extra protection.

Check out the Metasphere T-Shirt and Joggers Combo   HERE!

Check out the   Black Diffraction Ski Goggles HERE!

7)   Level Up Mushroom Crop Top  and Growth Booty Shorts

Level Up Mushroom Crop Top and Growth Booty Shorts

For our ladies, we are going back to the Level Up Mushroom design once again for the 50 Shades Of Nintendo or Groove Racers-themed  parties

Adding an irresistible allure to this outfit is the Growth Booty Shorts.  This gem fits that Nintendo-retro vibe with its rainbow road-esque reflective graphic.

Check out the Level Up Mushroom Crop Top   HERE!

Check out the Growth Booty Shorts   HERE!

Click to dive into our top 10 must-see artists aboard Groove Cruise's 20th-anniversary sailing next month!

6)   junglist tundra tank  and  giraffe spots swim trunks.

Junglist Tundra Tank and Giraffe Spots Swim Trunks

Contrasting colors like purple and green can be a risky pairing, but when pulled off correctly, it can make for an amazing outfit. The Junglist Tundra Tank and Giraffe Spots Swim Trunks joining forces is proof of this.

Catered towards Thursday's Welcome to the Jungle  darty, the top makes you feel like you should be holding a machete, carving out a path as you trek through the Amazon. Meanwhile, the giraffe-inspired bathing suit transports you to the wildlife-filled outback.

If you have one of those solid tan-colored safari hats or a visor, either would be solid to pair.

Check out the Junglist Tundra Tank   HERE!

Check out the Giraffe Spots Swim Trunks   HERE!

5)   Awakening Crop Top  and  Canndala Purple High-Waisted Shorts

Awakening Crop Top and Canndala Purple High-Waisted Shorts

Enjoy the galactic beauty of these two pieces and simultaneously look on point for Wednesday night's  U Are The Universe party.

Both designs are the epitomes of symmetry, overflowing with kaleidoscopic neon pigments, from hot pink to turquoise. Their stunning geometric shapes and patterns will put everyone around you in a hypnotic trance.

Check out the Awakening Crop Top   HERE!

Check out the Canndala Purple High-Waisted Shorts   HERE!

4)   80s Rainbow and Hoodies Joggers Combo  and  MC Squared Kaleidoscope Glasses

80s Rainbow and Hoodies Joggers Combo and MC Squared Kaleidoscope Glasses

Even though the disco era emerged in the 1970s, it was thriving throughout the early 80s too. Nothing says let's get down and groovy like iEDM's  80s Rainbow and Hoodies Joggers Combo. 

This funky fit will have you shuffling across the dance floor with unmatched energy. The MC Squared Kaleidoscope Glasses  are the go-to accessory for Dancing thru the Decades  on Thursday when the sun goes down.

Check out the 80s Rainbow and Hoodies Joggers Combo   HERE!

Check out the MC Squared Kaleidoscope Glasses   HERE!

3)   Acid Tiger High Cut One-Piece Swimsuit  and  Furry Party Animal Diffraction Goggles

Acid Tiger High Cut One-Piece Swimsuit

As we near the top of our countdown, this Acid Tiger graphic is a staple of iEDM. One of the most iconic visual creations in festival fashion, this versatile design has been worn by the likes of Jack Black, members of the cannabis industry, DJs, and more.

Acid Tiger

Photos courtesy of @tenaciousd and @smokeproper on Instagram.

When worn at the same time as any of the furry goggles collection, this outfit will leave your rave squad in awe. The lenses themselves come in three different tints, and the frames and fur have four unparalleled options to choose from: Plur Fur, Cotton Candy, Neon Night, and Slime.

Check out the  Acid Tiger High Cut One-Piece Swimsuit   HERE!

Check out the  Furry Party Animal Diffraction Goggles   HERE!

groove cruise 2024 themes

2)  Spellbound Tank and Shorts with Bucket Hat Combo  and Classic Beats (Summer Jam Edition)

Spellbound Tank and Shorts with Bucket Hat Combo and Classic Beats (Summer Jam Edition)

Taking down the #2 spot is another outfit that encompasses the atmosphere of the  Naughty Nautical  theme on Friday. This three-in-one package makes an incredible synced graphic from head to toe.

The intricate design boasts a tropical island amid an enchanting neon night, with the moon shining over the scenic paradise.

Due to the 360-degree visual aspect bursting with color, it would be smart to align it with an accessory that is more basic but effective, like the  Classic Beats (Summer Jam Edition)  shades.

Check out the Spellbound Tank and Shorts with Bucket Hat Combo   HERE!

Check out the   Classic Beats (Summer Jam Edition) HERE!

1)   Peace Rafiki High Cut One-Piece Swimsuit and  Cosmic Dream High-Waisted Shorts

Peace Rafiki High Cut One-Piece Swimsuit and Cosmic Dream High-Waisted Shorts

One look at this mesmerizing duo and it is obvious why this outfit has been chosen to hold the top placement for Groove Cruise-catered apparel.  Dance the night away during  Dancing thru the Decades  with this fierce and electrifying combo.

The  Peace Rafiki High Cut One-Piece Swimsuit and Cosmic Dream High-Waisted Shorts  are equally immersive, each bringing its own color palette into the mix.

Check out the Peace Rafiki High Cut One-Piece Swimsuit   HERE!

Check out the Cosmic Dream High-Waisted Shorts   HERE!

Photos courtesy of @veranmiky on Instagram and Groove Cruise .

Upgrade your rave wardrobe with iEDM apparel and accessories. Check out our entire collection  HERE!

Stay up to date on the latest festival announcements and music news   here.

Connor Phillips

Fueled by his passion for EDM, Connor’s life revolves around dance music and its ability to bring people together. Raised in upstate New York, Connor was deprived of festivals and raves until he attended Florida State University, where he was instantly hooked. Fast-forward to today and Connor has become a house and melodic techno DJ, an avid EDM-based interviewer and writer, and has worked PR for the likes of Matroda, Bleu Clair, and other new-wave house icons.

Outside of music, Connor loves pretty much any sport (huge Knicks, Yankees, and NY Giants fan), going on hikes, traveling, and food. Based in Florida, there’s a good chance you will eventually run into Connor at one of the popular festivals and clubs throughout the state.

groove cruise 2024 themes


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Experience themed cruises and cruise music festivals at sea designed to set the stage for moments that make life rock!

There's nothing out there that can beat the adventure, excitement and allure of a cruise holiday - except a themed cruise!

Enjoy the best in live entertainment whilst cruising on some of the most innovative ships at sea by booking one of these sailings. It'll prove to be the ultimate holiday experience. View the list of current offerings below for more information on how to book these cruises.

On the Blue Cruise

Utopia Carnival Cruise & Festival | April 28 – May 8, 2024

MIAMI TO ST THOMAS Norwegian Breakaway

Experience an unforgettable ten-day party spree with Utopia Carnival Cruise & Festival, as we set sail from Miami to the heart of St. Thomas' carnival season on April 28th, 2024! Dive into electrifying land festivals, climaxing with our "Unity Festival" at Crown Bay on May 5th. Witness global sensation Burna Boy, Morgan Heritage, DJ Puffy, and more!

The Utopia Carnival Cruise & Festival ushers a new era of entertainment tourism, serving up a broad and eclectic array of engaging events. As a nexus of multicultural festivities, Utopia Carnival affords guests the opportunity to immerse themselves in an unparalleled selection of music and entertainment choices. Experience the 2024 carnival thrill!

Ubersoca Cruise

Ubersoca Cruise | October 21-27, 2024

MIAMI TO ST CROIX, USVI & PUERTO PLATA (Dominican Republic) Norwegian Jade

Ubersoca Cruise is a non-stop carnival on the high seas, boasting over 55 events, 80+ entertainers, and an unrivaled lineup of soca festivities! Immerse yourself in the live concerts, themed parties, pool parties and USC's legendary after-parties. Elevate your journey with workshops, seminars, and indulge in laughter with comedy shows. Ubersoca Cruise is not just a holiday; it's a holistic celebration of music, culture, and wellness. Get ready for an unforgettable fusion of entertainment and excitement!

Salsa Cruise

Salsa Cruise | November 1-5, 2024


Salsa Cruise is celebrating its 26th annual Salsa festival, and we want you to be part of this incredible experience! Sailing from Miami to Nassau and Great Stirrup Cay in the Bahamas on November 1 - 5, 2024 aboard Norwegian Gem.

Dance, sing, explore, relax, drink, and be ready to have fun! Enjoy different programmes onboard, including top salsa performances by Charlie Aponte, Luisito Carrion, and Josimar Fidel, live DJs, salsa dance workshops, comedians, and much more. You don't need to be a professional dancer; just be ready to have a blast and create memories that will last a lifetime!

groove cruise 2024 themes

Boots on the Water | February 8-13, 2025


Y'all ready for a little Country 'cation? Step back in time to the days when Country music ruled the airwaves and cowboy boots were a fashion statement. Saddling up February 8th - February 13th, 2025, Boots on the Water Cruise is bringing the honky tonk to the high seas for five days of unforgettable live concerts with your favourite Country stars, unique collaboration shows, as well as immersive activities, line dancing, and theme nights to keep the party going all night long. In addition to the onboard fun, we'll be boot-scootin our way from Miami to Nassau and Great Stirrup Cay, Bahamas for a break from reality with your toes in the sand.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your Stetson, dust off your boots, and join us for a holiday that promises a heaping dose of Southern hospitality, great music, and memories that'll last a lifetime. Don't miss the boat on this one-of-a-kind Country Cruise - it's gonna be a hoedown to remember!

groove cruise 2024 themes

Sail Across the Sun | February 13-17, 2025


Break out the bubbles and vino - and raise a full glass as we toast to a music-filled celebration at sea for Train's 8th Edition of Sail Across the Sun! Sailing February 13-17, 2025, from Miami to adventure-filled Cozumel, Mexico, aboard Norwegian Gem, this 4-day floating festival at sea brings together an incredible lineup of artists including Matt Nathanson, Yacht Rock Revue, Jon Foreman of Switchfoot, The Dan Band, and more!

groove cruise 2024 themes

Ultimate Disco Cruise and Beyond | February 19-24, 2025


The Ultimate Disco Cruise and Beyond is BACK for its 5th Anniversary sailing! Celebrate the Greatest Dance, Soul, Funk & Party Music Ever for five nights with over 40 live performances including Kool & the Gang, The Spinners, Shalamar, Tavares, Rose Royce, the Brothers Johnson, Lisa Lisa, The Legendary Blue Notes, and many more.

Join us as you dance back to everyone's favourite era of music where Norwegian Pearl will be transformed into a floating dance club!

groove cruise 2024 themes

Love and Harmony | March 3-8, 2025


Love and Harmony Cruise is an annual Caribbean cruise designed for music enthusiasts and those seeking an immersive Caribbean cultural experience. This cruise offers a unique vacation experience, bringing together fans and favorite artists amidst the picturesque backdrop of the Caribbean islands. With a variety of entertainment options, dining experiences, and luxurious accommodations, Love and Harmony Cruise sets a new standard for cruising. From award-winning entertainment to diverse curated dining choices, passengers can enjoy Caribbean flavors and world-class cuisine, ensuring a memorable and fulfilling sea journey. Known as the ultimate Caribbean party at sea, it promises non-stop fun and excitement.

groove cruise 2024 themes

Keeping The Blues Alive At Sea X | March 21-26, 2025


The BIGGEST BLUES ROCK PARTY AT SEA just got even BIGGER! To celebrate 10 incredible years, Keeping The Blues Alive at Sea will be sailing for FIVE FULL DAYS in 2025 with some of the best live music in the world. Join your fellow blues community and our host, Joe Bonamassa, with an ALL-STAR LINEUP for our 10th-anniversary extravaganza. Sailing March 21-26, 2025, Norwegian Gem will carry us from Miami, Florida, to TWO tropical destinations: Harvest Caye, Belize & Costa Maya, Mexico. Get ready for an adventure of five days & nights packed to the brim with live shows, rare collaborations, and unique activities that can only be experienced on board. With the backdrop of amazing Norwegian amenities like serene spa services, loads of dining options, shopping, and refreshing cocktails, you'll feel like a legend yourself.

groove cruise 2024 themes

The Broadway Cruise 3 | March 31 - April 4, 2025


The curtain is calling you back to sea! Experience the magic of Broadway like never before by joining your favourite stars on Norwegian Gem for The Broadway Cruise 3, sailing from Miami to Cozumel, Mexico, March 31 - April 4, 2025. This encore voyage features four nights of intimate, show-stopping performances, and dazzling shows from Broadway's top talent.

But the fun doesn't stop when the curtain falls! Go behind the scenes with immersive workshops, Q&A's with Broadway talent, and interactive panel discussions led by some of the industry's most inspiring creatives as they share tips, tricks, and trade secrets. If you feel ready for your starring role, take centre stage at one of our Broadway Karaoke or Broadway Dance Parties, surrounded by your fellow fans and thespians.

The Broadway Cruise 3 combines the luxury of a round-trip cruise, a celebration of Broadway's timeless fanfare, and a star-studded cast worthy of a standing ovation. Don't miss your chance to experience the magic of the Great White Wave!

groove cruise 2024 themes

Little Steven’s Under Ground Garage | May 9 - 13, 2025


Calling all freaks, misfits, and outcasts to come aboard!

Inspired by the renegade spirit of Pirate Radio with over 20 years on the airwaves, Little Steven is hoisting the Jolly Roger, plugging in the waterproof fuzzboxes, and inviting YOU to join the maiden voyage of Little Steven's Underground Garage Cruise. Sailing from Miami to Nassau, Bahamas on Norwegian Gem, May 9-13, 2025, it's sure to be "The Coolest Cruise in the World."

From B-sides to seasides, Little Steven’s Underground Garage Cruise will offer a full-throttle Rock ‘N’ Roll adventure with an unrelenting lineup of over 20 bands, including multiple sets from iconic Rock ‘N’ Roll legends and keepers of the faith in 5 onboard venues, multi-artist shows and unexpected collaborations, SiriusXM Sessions at Sea with DJs from Little Steven’s Underground Garage, Renegade Cinema film screenings, meet-and-greet autograph sessions, merch store, tattoo artists, and more!

Little Steven's Underground Garage Cruise will combine the luxury of a round-trip cruise with the thrill of a 4-day festival, so don't miss your chance to join this commotion on the ocean and “Hullabaloo on the High Seas!”

groove cruise 2024 themes

Lindsey Stirling Cruise | May 13-17, 2025


A mystical journey at sea with violinist, songwriter, and dancer Lindsey Stirling awaits, aboard Master of Tides sailing May 13-17, 2025, round-trip from Miami to Nassau, Bahamas. Immerse yourself in "Lindsey's World," with one-of-a-kind performances from Lindsey, a Q&A with Lindsey and her band, theme nights, and MORE! Mark your calendars and make sure you have no strings attached!

Heather McMahan’s Absolutely Knot Cruise

Heather McMahan’s Absolutely Knot Cruise | April 13-17, 2025

Join Heather and her closest pals to experience a 'day in the life' of Heather as we take over the Norwegian Gem and sail from Miami, Florida to Nassau, Bahamas from April 13-17, 2025. Onboard, prepare for an unforgettable adventure with Heather! Enjoy exclusive comedy shows from Heather and friends, be part of a live taping of her podcast Absolutely Not, luxuriate in spa treatments, and savour endless late-night chicken tendies. Dale!

Grab your favourite hussies and get ready to sip on speciality cocktails, mingle with Heather's inner circle, and immerse yourself in a 'Heather Coded' world of class and luxury. Let loose, have fun, and enjoy every moment without worry. There are sure to be some surprises in store so grab your wigs, mumus and get ready to sail away on this trip of a lifetime!

Bananaland at Sea

Bananaland At Sea | October 14-18, 2024


The greatest show in sports is hitting the high seas! Join us for Bananaland at Sea, sailing October 14-18, 2024 from Miami to Nassau and Great Stirrup Cay, Bahamas! Get ready to Go Bananas on this 4-day, fully immersive experience where the Savannah Bananas, the Party Animals, and the entire cast will be up to their usual antics- singing, dancing, banana tossing, and so much more. Score countless opportunities to strike up conversations with your favourite players and crew, participate in epic activities and games, and catch daily performances that'll leave you awestruck aboard this unforgettable trip.

Chris Jericho’s Rock ‘N’ Wrestling Rager at Sea: Six On The Beach

Chris Jericho’s Rock ‘N’ Wrestling Rager at Sea: Six On The Beach | January 31 – February 4, 2025


Sixth time's a charm, Ragers! That's right, we're coming back for the 6th voyage of Chris Jericho's Rock 'N' Wrestling Rager at Sea: Six on the Beach! We'll commandeer the Norwegian Gem January 31 - February 4, 2025. Starting in Miami and making our way down to Costa Maya, Mexico, get your sandy cheeks ready for table-slamming fan-favourites: an onboard wrestling ring, vibrant performances from musicians and comedians we love, and exclusive access to talent-hosted escapades. Even Poseidon gets down & dirty, so you should, too!

Hallmark Channel Christmas Cruise

Hallmark Channel Christmas Cruise | November 5-9, 2024

Pack your bags for the holiday of a lifetime as you experience the magic of a Hallmark Channel Christmas with your favourite Hallmark stars! On board, immerse yourself in Christmas crafts, participate in interactive talent panels, and enjoy an exclusive premiere of a new Hallmark Channel holiday movie from the comfort of our world-class theatre at sea. Create everlasting memories with your family, friends, and fellow Hallmark Channel fans with a festival of fun!

The Galaxy Cruise

The Galaxy Cruise | May 1-5, 2025

Adventure Awaits! Join the inaugural sailing of The Galaxy Cruise: Rebels of the Caribbean from May 1 - 5, 2025 from Miami to Nassau, Bahamas. The Galaxy Cruise: Rebels of the Caribbean will take you on a fully immersive adventure, transporting you deep into the universe of the movies and characters you know and love and culminating in a celebration of the spaciest of holidays, May Fourth. We won't tell you the odds, but we think they are in your favour for having the experience of a lifetime!

groove cruise 2024 themes

12 Themed Cruises You Should Have On Your Radar In 2024

T aking a cruise is an experience unlike anything else. Days at sea on a ship full of entertainment and relaxation make for a fantastic vacation. But what if you want even more from your cruise? A theme might be what's missing. In addition to all the usual cruise experiences, themed cruises allow fans of a particular artist, lifestyle, hobby (or even animal), to celebrate their passion on the high seas with activities, events, surprises, and sometimes special guests.

There are dozens of themed cruises on offer each year, usually hosted by major cruise lines like Norwegian , Carnival, and Royal Caribbean. But don't let their numbers fool you. According to  Business Insider , themed cruises are rapidly climbing in popularity, and some trips are selling out in record time. That means it's important to find your dream-themed cruise and reserve your tickets as early as possible.

Fortunately, even if they're sold out, most themed cruises will let you join a waiting list, so there's still hope! Here are 12 themed cruises that will set sail in 2024 and are well worth boarding, either now or the next time they hit the high seas.

Read more: Under-The-Radar Beaches You Need To Visit In The Caribbean

The Emo's Not Dead Cruise

If you truly know it's not a phase, the Emo's Not Dead Cruise is perfect for you. Gather with fellow emo fans for four days (and nights) of concerts, activities, and even a private party at Great Stirrup Kay in the Bahamas. Over a dozen bands will perform, including Yellowcard, Senses Fail, and Armor for Sleep. Alongside themed activities like a masquerade ball, cruisegoers can also enjoy surprisingly cheerful activities like a bellyflop competition in the ship's pool.

The first Emo's Not Dead cruise was in 2022. Cruisegoer and emo fan TheReelChris shared highlights on  YouTube , calling it "EPIC." Fans in the comments section agree, with Schecterplayer92 adding, "This was one of the best experiences of my life." With a killer lineup and entertaining activities scheduled, it seems like Emo's Not Dead 2024 will also be a rad experience. The cruise will be hosted on the Norwegian Pearl, leaving from Miami on February 26 and returning on March 1, 2024. But what would an emo-related cruise be without a little sadness? Unfortunately, the cruise is already sold out. If you're interested, you can  sign up for the waiting list  and hope.

Meow Meow Cruise

Some of us know that no matter how great a vacation might be, cats would make it even better. Meow Meow Cruise has solved that problem. While guests unfortunately aren't allowed to bring their own furry friends aboard Virgin Voyages' Scarlet Lady, the four-day cruise will give them their feline fix in plenty of other ways. 

Activities include cat-themed trivia and a scavenger hunt. But the best part may be communing with fellow cat people (many of whom stroll around the ship wearing cat ears). You'll also be able to mingle with real cats -- one of 2024's ports of call is Key West, where you'll find the Ernest Hemingway Home & Museum and its community of about 60 friendly polydactyl kitties, many of them descended from one of the author's own pets.

It's hard to find reviews for Meow Meow Cruise, but the fact that this themed cruise has been going on annually since 2015 speaks for itself. The 2024 Meow Meow Cruise sets sail from Miami on February 21, with a return date of February 25. Tickets are still available, but to be sure you don't miss out, consider booking right now.

In My Cruise Era

Sure, cruises are great — and cruising is a multi-billion dollar industry — but is anything more popular than Taylor Swift? For those who can't imagine anyone saying "no" to that question, there's no better cruise than In My Cruise Era. While not officially affiliated with Taylor Swift, this themed cruise is a passionate fan homage. Swifties will be able to dress up in their favorite Taylor-inspired looks, exchange friendship bracelets, perform their idol's songs during karaoke sessions, and more. We're also guessing there will be of lots impromptu song breaks throughout the ship from Taylor's extensive catalog.

Royal Caribbean's Allure of the Seas will host this cruise, which sets sail from Miami on October 21, 2024 -- which, as People Magazine points out, is one day after the Eras Tour will be in the city. Fans lucky enough to attend the concert can continue their Taylor euphoria for four more days on the high seas. Since this is a new themed cruise, there aren't any reviews, but based on the positive fan vibes from Eras Tour concerts and movie viewings, among other events, we're guessing it's going to be a great time for Swifties. Swifties must agree, since the cruise is already sold out. Cancellations do happen, though, so hopeful fans can join the waiting list.  Contact the cruise's organizers to sign up.

Disney's Halloween On The High Seas

Go on just about any cruise-related blog or website and you'll see that Disney Cruise Line's Halloween-themed cruise, officially called Halloween on the High Seas, is a popular favorite. As you probably expect from Disney, this themed cruise is perfect for a family vacation , so it's not too scary. The cruise is hosted on multiple Disney Cruise Line ships, and each one is decorated with the care and attention to detail you'll find in most Disney-related enterprises. The Pumpkin Tree is the highlight of the decor, with pumpkins that eventually appear on its branches and transform into lit and unlit jack o'lanterns.

Halloween on the High Seas also features Halloween activities (including a trick-or-treating night) and exclusive Halloween-themed desserts. Disney cruises in general are known for their opportunities to meet the studio's beloved characters, and during the Halloween on the High Seas cruises, some of those characters are in costume. Notably, Disney Cruise Line's official site tells us, Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck, and Clarabelle Cow will be dressed as the Sanderson Sisters -- who wouldn't want to see that? 

This magical mixture of whimsy, fun, and exclusive opportunities is the perfect way to cast a spell on Disney fans of all ages. Luckily, Halloween on the High Seas is held during a number of different times in September and October, so you and your family should be able to find a place on board!

The Hallmark Channel Christmas Cruise

Sure, Hallmark Channel Christmas movies might be a little on the cheesy side, but let's be honest: lots of us dream of being in one in real life. You can get a little of the real-life Hallmark movie experience by visiting some of the movies' filming locations , but now there's a way to have an even more immersive experience: The Hallmark Channel Christmas Cruise.

Passengers will get to meet Hallmark Channel movie stars, attend panels and photo ops, and get to see a new Hallmark Christmas movie before its world premiere. Maybe best of all, passengers can take part in lots of Hallmark Christmas movie-inspired activities, including tree lighting and cookie decorating -- all while wearing their favorite ugly Christmas sweaters.

2024 is the first year of the Hallmark Channel Christmas Cruise. It was originally intended to be just one cruise, but a second one was added after the first one sold out. As of now, two Hallmark Channel Christmas Cruises are scheduled for 2024. Both go from Miami to the Bahamas and back and last four days in November. ... And both are sold out. But Christmas is a time of miracles, so if a Hallmark Channel Christmas experience on the high seas sounds like your dream come true, sign up for the waiting list as soon as you can!

Hurtigruten Northern Lights Cruises

Themed cruises are often about fandoms and hobbies. But Norway-based cruise line Hurtigruten offers a themed cruise that's about something even bigger: the Northern Lights . There are several Northern Lights-themed cruises out there, including some luxurious options by Cunard. Unfortunately, the Northern Lights aren't always visible, but Hurtigruten stands out by offering a Northern Lights Promise for cruises scheduled between September 26 and March 31 and lasting longer than 11 days. If the Northern Lights aren't visible during your cruise, they'll give you another one. So if you're serious about seeing the Aurora Borealis, this is the company to choose.

The Northern Lights are the focus of Hurtigruten's eponymous cruises, but there are also other things to do on board, including scientific lectures and photography lessons. There are excursions, too -- notably a dog sledding option. Passengers who've taken one of Hurtigruten's cruises unanimously praise the stunning fjords and landscapes you can admire from the ship and during excursions, not to mention their experiences of seeing the Northern Lights. Some warn that the ships aren't as luxurious or modern as many other cruise ships, primarily because Hurtigruten's ships are also functional vessels intended to transport and deliver mail to various points on the Norwegian coast. Still,  Cruise Critic reviewers like cmolaison praise the friendly crew, the surprising level of comfort, and the "stunning vistas" you'll see, saying he and his family "highly recommend" taking a Hurtigruten cruise.

Cruise & Crop Crafting Cruises

If the perfect vacation for you is a combination of R&R and crafting, you're in luck! There are several crafting-themed cruises. One of the most popular is organized by Cruise & Crop, with ships around the world hosting different crafting- and arts-themed trips. This makes them the most accessible themed cruises on our list, with different price ranges, departure points, itineraries, and ports of call. One thing all crafting cruises have in common, though, is groups of like-minded people exploring their creativity amid the other joys of cruising.

For instance, one of Crop & Cruise's 2024 offerings is a Mexican Riviera cruise aboard Royal Caribbean's Navigator of the Seas, featuring scrapbooking and other papercraft classes taught by artist Barb Warne. The ship departs from Los Angeles on April 19, returning April 26. Many Cruise & Crop cruises sell out quickly, so if this idea has sparked both your wanderlust and your creativity, be sure to check their list of 2024 cruises and reserve as soon as you can.

Star Trek: The Cruise

For seven days and nights every year, thousands of Star Trek fans gather to be a part of a fandom extravaganza at sea. Star Trek: The Cruise is an experience that features celebrities aboard (2024's guests include LeVar Burton and Wil Wheaton, among many others), costume and cosplay events, and lots of fun activities. 

But what makes Star Trek: The Cruise truly unique is that audience participation is very much encouraged. Passengers and celebrity guests are all considered the crew of one great, big, intergalactic vessel. Passengers get to interact with the guest stars in events like karaoke battles, and stars share parts of their earthly lives with Q&A sessions and even glimpses at other projects they may be involved in.

The first Star Trek: The Cruise was held in 2017 and since then it's been a fan favorite. Star Wars and cruising aficionado Aaron Bossig writes on  Trek Movie.com that many fans go on the cruise every year, and proudly wear t-shirts from the previous ones. He calls Star Trek: The Cruise "an extra special convention experience." 2024's edition will be held on the Mariner of the Seas, departing from Cape Canaveral, Florida, on February 22 and returning on February 29.

Literature Festival At Sea

Once a year, aboard the legendary Queen Mary 2, passengers can mingle with writers, poets, journalists, and critics in a full-blown literary festival in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Literature Festival at Sea invites writers in all genres to host round table discussions, participate in Q&As revolving around their work and areas of expertise, host workshops, and converse with passengers.

Whether passengers want to participate as much as possible or just attend a few events, the Festival seems to be an excellent addition to a typical Queen Mary 2 voyage. On TripAdvisor , passenger Artemis C writes of her experience at a previous Literature Festival at Sea that "the whole week was a joy". 

2024's lineup features crime novelists, journalists, historians, and more, for what's sure to be a fascinating week of discussion and discovery. If you'd like to combine an elegant transatlantic cruise and a literary experience, 2024's Literature Festival at Sea will take place from November 13-20, departing from Southampton, U.K., and arriving in New York. Cunard has also launched an Australian Literature Festival at Sea, scheduled from December 11-16, 2024, on the Queen Elizabeth, which departs from and returns to Sydney. 

Chefs Making Waves

Many cruise lines are proud of their food offerings. Some cruises feature dishes created by world-famous chefs, and others even host food and wine festivals. But no culinary cruise event seems quite as, well, fun, as Chefs Making Waves. This culinary-themed cruise will set sail for the first time in 2024. Onboard will be a number of beloved celebrity chefs, including Anne Burrell and the Cake Boss himself, Buddy Valastro. Cooking demos and, of course, food tastings of all kinds (including sit-down meals, desserts, and street food) are on the menu. Best of all, Chefs Making Waves is an all-inclusive cruise, so everyone can eat and drink without having to pay extra!

There will be all of the usual cruise-related fun, from swimming to excursions, to help you work up an appetite. There will also be unique games, with some of the chefs participating in events like bingo and a celebrity chef sing-off. If this sounds like an awesome cruise, you're not the only one who feels that way. Chefs Making Waves will take place from March 25-29, departing from Miami with excursions in Great Stirrup Cay and Nassau, Bahamas ... and it's already sold out. But you can still  sign up for the waiting list . With a little luck, you'll be able to enjoy this delicious, themed cruise experience.

Soul Train Cruise

Imagine a festival with a lineup featuring some of the best soul and R&B acts of all time. Now imagine it's on a relaxing cruise ship. This dream is actually reality -- it's called the Soul Train Cruise. The popular themed cruise will be celebrating its 11th year in 2024 and the lineup is on fire. Dozens of groups and artists will perform, including The Temptations, Boyz II Men, and En Vogue. Passengers can also learn how to dance like people did back in the old school days of Soul Train's TV show, with lessons from some of the show's actual dancers. There will also be wine tastings, Q&A's, comedy shows, and a lot more.

With all of this on offer, it's no surprise that the Soul Train Cruise is sold out. But sign up on the waiting list and keep your calendar free from January 27-February 3, and you may get lucky. If you do, the cruise leaves from Fort Lauderdale, with ports of call in Tortola (British Virgin Islands) and St. Maarten.

The Gothic Cruise

The Gothic Cruise is an annual event held on an ordinary cruise ship. Goths mingle with "norms" but have their own private events on board, mostly DJ sets and concerts. There's also a masquerade ball, with Goths decked out in their finest Victorian-style garb ... as long as it meets ship safety requirements, that is. The cruise's website specifies that simulated weapons aren't allowed and notes that hoop skirts are fine for the ball but not in the ship's dining areas, "due to the close proximity of the tables". And yet, the Goth community thrives on these cruises -- and even gains norm fans along the way. 

In a Porthole Magazine article about the Gothic Cruise, longtime attendee Spike Pittman says that many mainstream passengers are wary of the Goths at first, "But by the end they're begging to get into our private events." Some even book their future cruises to coincide with the Gothic Cruise, even if they don't plan on attending every event. 

The Gothic Cruise has been held since 1989. Cruising doesn't seem very Goth, but in the end, the article points out, it comes down to what all themed cruises offer: a sense of community (in this case, one that often stays up all night and sleeps during the day). If this moves your little black heart, the 2024 Gothic Cruise will be held on the Norwegian Escape (but book through the Gothic Cruise's website for private event access), departing from Orlando on March 2, and returning March 9.

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