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I would like to.

Access my expenses.

NHSBT expense claims are recorded through the EASY system. You can access the EASY website here , however before you can log in, you will need to make sure you have registered an EASY account.

  • EASY registration guide

Claim My Expenses

NHSBT expense claims should only be claimed in line with the Travel and Expenses policy . The Travel and Expenses Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) will also help with understanding what claims you are able to make. 

The below guides will help with inputting your expense claims in EASY:

  • How to make expense claims
  • EASY Expenses - How do I?

Submitting your Expenses

Claim My Mileage

To claim mileage on the EASY Expenses system, you first need to make sure you have a vehicle registered to your account. The below pages will help you register either your own car, or a lease car provided by NHSBT:

  • Using your own car

Once you have a vehicle registered, you will be able input mileage claims using the video guide below:

Making Mileage Claims

 Access and Use the Expenses app

To help with the input of expenses on the go, EASY have an app available for both Apple and Android devices.  Unfortunately there is currently no app available for Windows phones, however you will be able to access the EASY website in the phone's web browser. The guides below will help with accessing and using the app

  • Expenses app download guide
  • How to attach receipts using the expenses app

Registering the EASY Companion App

Approve Expense Claims

Supervisors will have access to approve the expenses only of employees that sit under them in the hierarchy. Supervisors that are going to be absent or that share responsibility for expenses approvals are able to delegate access of their employees to other supervisors with Expenses approval rights. They are also able to control when they receive reminders and notifications from the EASY system.

  • How to set up a delegate in EASY
  • How to set up and use notifications in EASY

Manager approval of expenses claims

Report on an individual employee's or my team's expenses

The  EASY report overview - guidance takes you through the process of running, opening and saving reports.

  • Electric Vehicles
  • Home to Base travel
  • Overseas Travel

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    After you join NHSBT, you will receive an email providing you with your assignment number. Once you have received this email, you should wait 1-2 days before trying to self register on the EASY website. If you need help with registering with EASY, please see the EASY registration guide. Once registered with EASY, …