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15 Best Places to Visit in India, According to Travel Experts

From the alpine meadows of Kashmir to the palm-fringed beaches of Goa, these are some of the subcontinent’s most enchanting destinations.

Margot Bigg is a freelance travel writer and editor who has spent most of her adult life traveling and living overseas. Her favorite topics include India travel, experiential travel, wellness, hotels, and the arts. When not on the road, Margot enjoys studying languages, discovering new music, taking pictures of random cats, and planning her next adventures.

guillermo1956/Getty Images

As a former longtime Delhiite and frequent traveler to India, people often ask me what the country is like. I never know how to respond, for trying to sum up a nation as vast and diverse as India feels impossible. So, instead, I asked a few experts for their insights.

“If you visit India, you feel you have visited several countries, as every part is different,” says Mohd Shafi Billo, an inbound tour operator who specializes in helping international travelers plan their trips to the country. “It’s an exceptional destination, thanks to its culture, history, and inclusiveness of different people from different faiths, and it has everything to offer, from forts to mausoleums, wildlife tours to mountain adventures.”  

Shoba Rudra, founder and partner at hospitality consultancy Rare India , agrees. “The country is living a dynamic moment in history, ever-changing,” she says. “What's constant, however, is the vibrant culture lived through its festivals, cuisine, heritage, crafts, and performing arts.”

While it would take years to see it all, India is an approachable destination — if you can narrow things down. With that in mind, here are 15 of the best places to get you started on your sojourn to the subcontinent.

Gautier Houba/Travel + Leisure

Stretching along the southernmost part of India’s Malabar Coast, the tropical state of Kerala entices visitors with its marshy backwaters, which most people visit on overnight houseboat adventures. These popular cruises “showcase lush landscapes and peaceful villages, and [give visitors] a glimpse into local life amid tranquil waters and picturesque surroundings,” says Billo. While the backwaters are a star attraction, the state offers much more to explore, from the tea plantations of Munnar, known for its cool climate and seemingly endless rolling hills, to the historic city of Kochi, celebrated in equal measure for its rich coastal history and contemporary art scene . The beaches aren’t too shabby, either. “North Kerala is also famous, as the Malabar Coast is where the spice trade flourished,” says Rudra. “The coastal area is picturesque and this region is still unexplored.”

Faizal A Rahiman/Getty Images

On the opposite end of the country from Kerala, Kashmir offers entirely different — but equally captivating — landscapes. With its alpine climate, evergreen trees, and snowy winters, Kashmir is often likened to a mini Switzerland . Famed 13th-century Sufi poet Amir Khusrau once proclaimed in Farsi, “If there is a paradise on earth, it is this,” and he may have been onto something. At the heart of it all is Srinagar, Kashmir’s capital city, which is known for its elegant gardens and watery centerpiece, Dal Lake. “Highlights include staying on a houseboat or taking a shikara [traditional Kashmiri boat] ride,” says Billo, who hails from the area. Don't leave without indulging in wazwan , an opulent, meat-heavy feast that can feature up to three dozen dishes in one sitting. 

Alongkot Sumritjearapol/Getty Images

Occupying a high-altitude plateau in the northernmost reaches of India, Ladakh is characterized by otherworldly landscapes and big skies, punctuated by palatial stupas and monasteries. Many visitors come to Ladakh’s capital, Leh, during the short summer tourist season, but this surreal region offers plenty more to experience beyond the city. Billo suggests visiting the Nubra Valley, an isolated part of the old Silk Road that’s only accessible by crossing Khardung La, one of the world’s highest motorable passes. “The valley offers a glimpse into Ladakh's unique geography and cultural diversity with monasteries, quaint villages, and apricot orchards,” says Billo. The region is also rich with unusual wildlife, from elusive snow leopards to the scaled-down Bactrian camels that originated in the steppes of Central Asia.

Rishikesh, Uttarakhand

al_la/Getty Images

On the banks of the sacred Ganges River, the holy city of Rishikesh has held a place in the hearts of spiritually minded travelers — both from India and abroad — for generations. It’s the self-proclaimed “yoga capital of the world,” with a mix of traditional ashrams (spiritual rest houses) that cater largely to Hindu pilgrims and yoga centers that attract international visitors with teacher-training courses and meditation retreats. If you’re not into yoga, you’ll still find plenty to do here. Popular activities include visiting the ruins of the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s ashram (dubbed the Beatles Ashram in honor of its most famous former residents) to whitewater rafting adventures on the mighty Ganges. It’s also a great place for a wellness getaway, and nearby Ananda in the Himalayas was voted one of Travel + Leisure readers' favorite international spas in 2023.

Auroville, Tamil Nadu

mazzzur/Getty Images

If you’re looking for a place that’s unlike anywhere else in India — or, frankly, the world — head to the intentional community of Auroville in South India. This UNESCO-recognized global township was founded in the 1960s with the goal of "realizing human unity," beyond the illusory divisions of creed or nationality, and it's home to generations of residents from around the world. Many visitors come for an hour or two, just long enough to view Auroville’s spiritual center — the golden, dome-shaped Matrimandir . However, it’s worth sticking around a bit longer to get a feel for what the community is about. As Akash Kapur, who grew up in Auroville and authored " Better to Have Gone " and " India Becoming ," puts it: "Come to Auroville if you're interested in alternative societies, sustainable living, or spirituality, but try not to just drop in for a few hours (as many do), and instead spend some time here, really getting to know the people and their work. The community rewards sustained immersion."

Andaman Islands

Vyacheslav Argenberg/Getty Images

Although most people associate the crystalline waters of the Andaman Sea with Thai island getaways, the Andaman and Nicobar Islands in this tropical region are under Indian control. This little stretch of paradise is full of gorgeous shorelines, but most visitors devote their vacations to the island of Swaraj Dweep (formerly known as Havelock). The most popular beach on the island is Radhanagar Beach , which offers just over a mile of white sand sandwiched between tropical jungle and warm, transparent waters. Getting to this remote island requires a bit of gumption: You'll need to fly from the Indian mainland to Port Blair on South Andaman Island, then catch a ferry or charter a seaplane for the final stretch. While visitors are welcome on many islands in the chain, a few — including secluded North Sentinel Island — are off-limits. 

While many travelers see India’s capital as a jumping-off point for visiting further-afield destinations, it’s worth sticking around for a while to truly appreciate what Delhi has to offer. There’s certainly never a dull moment in this busy metropolis, whether you’re shopping for handicrafts at one of its numerous markets or learning about medieval and Mughal history at one of its three UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Humayun's Tomb, Qutb Minar, and Red Fort. Although Delhi is undeniably rambunctious, it also has a quieter, more peaceful side that you can find amidst the trees and 15th-century tombs of Central Delhi’s Lodi Gardens or in the quiet interiors of the Baháʼí Lotus Temple.

Taj Mahal, Agra, Uttar Pradesh

Many travelers to India put the 17th-century Taj Mahal at the top of their list. This white marble mausoleum is easily India’s most recognizable structure — and it’s one of the New Seven Wonders of the World . This popular attraction also has a romantic backstory. “This iconic symbol of love is renowned for its architectural beauty, intricate marble work, and the captivating story behind its creation by emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his wife, Mumtaz Mahal,” notes Billo. The bodies of the emperor and his wife remain interred in the Taj to this day. 

Jaipur. Rajasthan

The capital of Rajasthan and one-third of North India’s popular Golden Triangle tourist route (which also includes Agra and Delhi), Jaipur is a must-visit for those who love architecture and shopping. “The Pink City, as it's nicknamed, offers a rich cultural heritage, stunning [landmarks] like Amber Fort, vibrant bazaars, and intricate handicrafts,” says Billo. Many of Jaipur's key attractions are found in the historic walled part of the city, which became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2019. Highlights include Jantar Mantar (a collection of oversized — and fully functional — astronomical instruments dating to the 17th century) and Hawa Mahal, or Palace of the Winds, a honeycomb-shaped palace designed with tiny windows that allowed air to flow freely through its interior.

Jodhpur, Rajasthan

platongkoh/Getty Images

Dubbed the Blue City because of the cerulean-colored buildings that extend for miles through the oldest part of town, Jodhpur has long attracted travelers eager to explore the ramparts of the larger-than-life Mehrangarh Fort. It’s also home to the grandiose Umaid Bhawan Palace , which made headlines in 2018 when Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas tied the knot there. While Jodhpur’s beautiful, regal architecture is reason enough to visit, there’s more to the city than massive forts and grand palaces. “The area around the Toorji ka Jhalra stepwell in the old city is fun to explore,” says hotelier Sapna Bhatia, owner of Kaner Retreat and Jodhpur-area native. “For nature enthusiasts, there’s the Rao Jodha desert park near Mehrangarh Fort.”

Udaipur, Rajasthan

Jeremy Woodhouse/Getty Images

T+L readers' favorite city in Asia and second favorite city in the world , Udaipur very much fits the bill of a fairy tale destination. Nicknamed the City of Lakes, thanks to its seven lakes, this gorgeous destination is home to some of India's finest luxury hotels plus historic whitewashed palaces, including the magnificent City Palace, an 11-palace complex that houses hotels, a huge museum with an impressive collection of European crystal, and a royal residence. A short boat ride from the palace lies the 18th-century Taj Lake Palace, an opulent palace-turned-hotel in the middle of Lake Pichola. It’s a quick drive from The Oberoi, Udaivilas , a purpose-built palatial hotel with onion-domed cupolas and a moat-like swimming pool that directly connects to some of the rooms.  

If you’re looking for a less-frequented, but no less amazing, alternative to more touristed states such as Rajasthan, consider Gujarat. “Under-explored but culturally rich, this state in India is a tapestry of festivals, textiles, architectural heritage, communities, and landscape,” says Rudra. Gujarat was also the birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi, who led the Salt March, one of his most famous acts of peaceful protest, through the state in 1930. Rudra suggests visiting the National Salt Satyagraha Memorial , which “honors the activists through murals, installations, sculptures, art, and related film.” It's also worth checking out the Kutch district, known for its distinct metal bells , which were originally used for keeping track of livestock and are now popular as decorative wind chimes.

Kaziranga National Park, Assam

ePhotocorp/Getty Images

The northeast Indian state of Assam is home to a treasure for wildlife enthusiasts: Kaziranga National Park . This expansive, UNESCO-listed wildlife refuge near the borders of Bangladesh and Bhutan has the largest population of Indian one-horned rhinoceroses on the planet, providing a home to roughly 2,000 of these massive beasts. Although rhinos are the star attraction on park safaris, all sorts of animals live here, including tigers, elephants, gibbons, sloth bears, and a small number of endangered Ganges River dolphins. 

Historic, glitzy, and positively gargantuan, Mumbai (formerly known as Bombay) is easily one of India’s most cosmopolitan destinations. This city by the sea is the nation's financial and entertainment capital, and while you’re unlikely to rub shoulders with Bollywood stars here, you're sure to see a lot of impressive attractions in very little time. Take a boat out to Elephanta Island to explore fifth– and sixth–century rock-hewn cave temples, marvel at the grand Indo-Saracenic architecture at Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus , or see thousands of clothes hanging out to dry at Dhobi Ghat, the world's largest open-air laundry. Then, head to the sleek neighborhood of Bandra West, where many of Mumbai’s best restaurants and hotels are located, including Taj Lands End, voted T+L readers' favorite city hotel in India in 2023.

India’s smallest state, Goa, is arguably its top beach destination, where long days of swimming and sunbathing turn into longer nights of partying on the sand. While Goa has been known as a hippie haven since the 1960s, it's started to shed its reputation in recent decades. It’s still very much a party state, though it also draws in families and couples in search of sea and sun, sans nightlife. It’s a great place for history buffs as well, with numerous seaside forts and UNESCO-recognized churches that were built when Goa was under Portuguese rule. And while the destination has always been loved for its fiery dishes that combine traditional Konkani ingredients with Portuguese influences, it has also emerged as a culinary hot spot , where a new generation of chefs is showcasing everything from Japanese yakitori to jackfruit tamales.

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India Travel Tips for First-Time Visitors

A solo female traveler in India posing with a local man

I’ve never been to India. I know. Crazy, right? It’s not that I don’t want to go but life has just always gotten in the way. However, India is a place a lot of people visit and, since I can’t write about it, I want to bring in someone who can: my friend Mariellen Ward. She’d a travel writer who has been going to India since 2005 and runs the website Breathedreamgo . We’ve known each other since 2010. Today, she’s going to share some tips on how to visit India for first-time visitors.

I will never forget my first time visiting India. My first car trip in Delhi felt like a roller-coaster ride. Cars and trucks of every size, overloaded bicycles and motorcycles, and even the occasional bullock cart, seemed to be coming at me from every direction. No one was paying any attention to lanes or the rules of the road. Vehicles were driving the wrong way. I couldn’t make sense of what was happening.

I had heard about the “sensory overload” travelers feel in India, and now I was experiencing it. It was exciting and nerve-wracking in equal measure. And just a taste of things to come.

I spent six months crisscrossing the subcontinent on my first trip, back in 2005 and was often overwhelmed by the huge crowds, the foreign traditions, the perplexing bureaucracy, the mind-boggling complexity, and the bewildering culture shock.

These things combined make India a challenging — though very exciting and rewarding —destination.

However, if you read and follow these travel tips for first-time visitors, they could help smooth out some of the more disorienting bumps.

1. Slow down

It takes time and some know-how to successfully navigate in India. This is not a place for hurried travel. Don’t try and see as much as you can; that is not the right approach. It’s tiring to travel in India, and the object should be to experience it, not to check things off a list.

As a general rule, for every two weeks you are in India, pick one region. For a one-month trip, just pick two regions — say, two weeks in Rajasthan and two weeks in Kerala . You can even sit in one place and still not miss anything. No matter what, if you are in India, you will experience India.

2. Adjust your attitude

A solo female traveler in India posing near a historic wall overlooking a town

Likewise, accept that things will not go as planned. Cultivate the philosophy that things happen the way they are supposed to, not the way they are planned. This attitude can lead to the most marvelous adventures.

3. Be careful who you trust

Having said that it’s a good idea to be open, a healthy level of skepticism also comes in really handy in India. There are many con men there, especially in the travel and hospitality sector. They have a sixth sense for first-time visitors and will try and take advantage.

So, learn the prices by asking locals and other travelers before negotiating with auto-rickshaw drivers and market vendors. Don’t believe drivers — or random people you come across at airports, train stations, and tourist attractions — who tell you things such as your hotel burned down, or the train you want was canceled.

Often, an opportunity to make money off of you will spur creative tactics, and some of these scams can easily catch you off guard. Once, I was looking for a new iPhone case and the vendor showed me one and told me it was made by Apple. But a close look revealed four spelling mistakes in one short sentence engraved inside the case.

4. Practice safe travel

A solo female traveler in India exploring a historic old building

There are also anecdotal reports of women being molested, especially in busy, crowded places. Follow basic precautions and safe travel strategies, and use common sense in India.

Here are several safety travel tips (please read my top tips for women traveling in India for more details):

  • Buy a local SIM card so that you can make local calls and stay in touch.
  • Research carefully where you want to go, ensuring it is an area frequented by other travelers, with good infrastructure and hotels.
  • Plan your travel so you don’t arrive late at night; travel during daylight hours only.
  • Be careful when posting to social media, so that you are not revealing your current location.
  • Stay alert to your surroundings, and keep a close eye on your handbag and luggage.
  • Keep the Tourist Helpline number handy and call if you need any assistance: 1-800-111363.

5. Try a small group tour

For your first time in India, try taking a small group or custom tour to help you get your feet wet. My company, India for Beginners , was founded to help women travel safely and well in India. We offer a few small group tours, but we specialize in creating custom tours and providing a high level of personal service, such as meeting travelers at the airport and assigning a tour manager who is available 24/7. We hold your hand in India!

6. Take the train

Taking a train in India is a great experience and should not be missed. However, you need some basic knowledge about the classes and the trains. You may not want to dive into sleeper class or general class immediately; I would recommend 2AC (second class with air conditioning) or CC (chair car). Or even 1AC (first class with air conditioning) or EC (executive chair car).

Shatabdi and Rajdhani trains are among the best in India, so try and book one of these. Overnight trains can be a problem because they don’t clean the toilets at night, so keep that in mind when you book.

7. Eat the food

India is one of the world’s great culinary destinations, and first-time visitors should not shy away from trying all the delicious cuisine on offer, even street food. Some of the famous Indian items you shouldn’t miss are masala chai, sweet lassi, biryani, pakoras, dosas, and sweets such as gulab jamun and kheer.

It’s hard to avoid getting sick in India, though, because you never know when a tainted item will cross your plate. It could be at a street stall or a five-star restaurant. However, you can reduce the chances of getting sick by following these basic rules:

  • Drink filtered or bottled water only.
  • Watch for undistilled water in ice or sauces.
  • Avoid salad and other raw food unless you can peel it (such as an orange or banana).
  • Eat only food that is freshly cooked.
  • Look for busy stalls and restaurants with high turnover.

8. Get a local SIM card

Everything in India runs on WhatsApp, one-time password (OTP) verification, and text messages. Because of this, you need a local number. To do so, get a local SIM at the airport when you arrive. Still, you may have trouble paying for things online with a foreign credit card, as India requires OTP verification, and getting registered with Indian Railways so you buy train tickets online is nearly impossible.

9. Remember where you are

A solo woman in India standing near two painted elephants

For example, unless you’re on the beach in Goa, it’s wise to wear modest clothing in India . Long, loose, and flowing are key for dressing for the climate and the culture.

It’s also best to be very respectful, especially with regard to the myriad religions. And be aware that genders relate differently in India, and overfriendliness can be misconstrued. Be polite, but with strangers, and especially those working in the hospitality sector, it’s usually best to dial back effusive friendliness.

10. Follow the seasons

Weather and the season matter in India. It’s incredibly hot almost everywhere in May and June, the monsoon season is July to August, and it’s surprisingly cold in north India in winter, December to February. Do some research and find out the best places to visit in India by season .

So, when it’s cold in north India, head down to tropical Kerala or Goa and hit the beach. In the heat of summer, check out Ladakh, a high desert plateau that sometimes seems otherworldly. Note: Fall is festival season, so you can experience Durga Puja in Kolkata, Diwali in Jaipur, or the Camel Fair in Pushkar.

11. Visit attractions in the morning

A solo female traveler in a colorful sari posing in front of the Taj Mahal in India

(However, this rule does not apply to shopping. Stores, and even restaurants, tend not to open until 10 or even 11 am. Urban Indians tend to do everything late. Breakfast and lunch are late, and dinner can be very late indeed.)

12. Head into the countryside

A solo woman in India posing in a green field surrounded by grass and trees

You can go trekking in the mountains, take a tiger safari , visit one of the many national parks, camp out overnight on a sand dune in Rajasthan, or take a boat cruise on the Brahmaputra River.

And don’t forget the rural areas. Most Indians still live in villages. It’s really worthwhile to meander through the quaint villages of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, or Uttarakhand.

India is not an easy place to travel. It’s not a relaxing vacation destination. It is, though, an experience — often a life-changing experience. Start by doing research, read books about India , watch movies about the country, learn about the cultures and various destinations, and get ready for a transformative travel experience.

Like many before you — from The Beatles to Steve Jobs to Elizabeth Gilbert — you may just fall in love with the place. As writer Rumer Godden said, “Once you have felt the dust of India, you will never be free of it.”

Mariellen Ward fell in love with India, with travel, and with travel blogging on her first trip to the country in 2005. She has spent more than seven years of the last 18 in India, and now lives there. Though Canadian by birth, Mariellen considers India to be her “soul culture.” With her travel blog, Breathedreamgo , she tries to encourage and help other female travelers to go after their dreams. And her custom tour company, India for Beginners , is dedicated to helping women travel safely and well in India.

Book Your Trip: Logistical Tips and Tricks

Book Your Flight Find a cheap flight by using Skyscanner . It’s my favorite search engine because it searches websites and airlines around the globe so you always know no stone is being left unturned.

Book Your Accommodation You can book your hostel with Hostelworld . If you want to stay somewhere other than a hostel, use Booking.com as it consistently returns the cheapest rates for guesthouses and hotels.

Don’t Forget Travel Insurance Travel insurance will protect you against illness, injury, theft, and cancellations. It’s comprehensive protection in case anything goes wrong. I never go on a trip without it as I’ve had to use it many times in the past. My favorite companies that offer the best service and value are:

  • SafetyWing (best for everyone)
  • Insure My Trip (for those 70 and over)
  • Medjet (for additional evacuation coverage)

Want to Travel for Free? Travel credit cards allow you to earn points that can be redeemed for free flights and accommodation — all without any extra spending. Check out my guide to picking the right card and my current favorites to get started and see the latest best deals.

Need Help Finding Activities for Your Trip? Get Your Guide is a huge online marketplace where you can find cool walking tours, fun excursions, skip-the-line tickets, private guides, and more.

Ready to Book Your Trip? Check out my resource page for the best companies to use when you travel. I list all the ones I use when I travel. They are the best in class and you can’t go wrong using them on your trip.

Got a comment on this article? Join the conversation on Facebook , Instagram , or Twitter and share your thoughts!

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links above may be affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I earn a commission if you make a purchase. I recommend only products and companies I use and the income goes to keeping the site community supported and ad free.

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Value of hotel market in India from financial year 2018 to 2020, with an estimate for 2027 (in billion U.S. dollars)

PE/VC investments in travel and hospitality 2013-2022

Private equity and venture capital investments in travel and hospitality sector in India from 2013 to 2022 (in million U.S. dollars)

Hotel industry

  • Premium Statistic Distribution of hotel market in India FY 2018-2027, by type
  • Premium Statistic Distribution of the hotel market in India FY 2018-2027, by booking channel
  • Premium Statistic Number of hotel rooms in India FY 2001-2023
  • Premium Statistic Number of approved hotels in India 2022, by category
  • Premium Statistic Supply of hotel rooms in India FY 2022-2023, by city
  • Basic Statistic Occupancy rate in hotels in India FY 2001-2024

Distribution of hotel market in India FY 2018-2027, by type

Distribution of the hotel market across India from financial year 2018 to 2020, with an estimate for 2027, by type

Distribution of the hotel market in India FY 2018-2027, by booking channel

Distribution of the hotel market across India from financial year 2018 to 2020, with an estimate for 2027, by booking channel

Number of hotel rooms in India FY 2001-2023

Number of hotel rooms across India from financial year 2001 to 2023, with an estimate until 2027 (in 1,000s)

Number of approved hotels in India 2022, by category

Number of approved hotels in India in 2022, by category

Supply of hotel rooms in India FY 2022-2023, by city

Existing supply of hotel rooms across Indian cities from financial year 2022 to 2023 (in 1,000s)

Occupancy rate in hotels in India FY 2001-2024

Occupancy rate in hotels in India from financial year 2001 to 2023, with estimates of 2024

Major players

  • Basic Statistic Leading hotel and restaurant companies in India 2023, by market capitalization
  • Basic Statistic Domestic market share of airlines across India FY 2022, by passengers carried
  • Premium Statistic Revenue of Airbnb India FY 2018-2020
  • Premium Statistic Revenue of OYO across India FY 2019-2023
  • Premium Statistic Thomas Cook India revenue FY 2020-2023
  • Premium Statistic MakeMyTrip's revenue FY 2015-2023

Leading hotel and restaurant companies in India 2023, by market capitalization

Leading hotel and restaurant companies in India as of 2023, based on market capitalization (in billion Indian rupees)

Domestic market share of airlines across India FY 2022, by passengers carried

Domestic market share of airlines across India in financial year 2022, by passengers carried

Revenue of Airbnb India FY 2018-2020

Revenue of Airbnb India from financial year 2018 to 2020 (in million Indian rupees)

Revenue of OYO across India FY 2019-2023

Revenue of OYO across India from financial year 2019 to 2023 (in billion Indian rupees)

Thomas Cook India revenue FY 2020-2023

Revenue of Thomas Cook (India) Limited from financial year 2020 to 2023 (in billion Indian rupees)

MakeMyTrip's revenue FY 2015-2023

Revenue of MakeMyTrip Limited from financial year 2015 to 2023 (in million U.S. dollars)

Further reports Get the best reports to understand your industry

Get the best reports to understand your industry.

  • Economic Outlook India
  • Domestic tourism in India
  • International tourism in India

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Travel for almost free with these volunteer travel opportunities in india.

Shahina Sayyed

Who doesn’t love to travel and explore? But the worst part is that money gets in the way of love. But don’t worry, we’ve got a solution for you: volunteer travel. Yes, you heard it right: Volunteer travel. What exactly is Volunteer travel? Volunteer travel,, or voluntourism, is a mix of travel and social services. You work for an organisation and take part in projects like education of street children, women’s empowerment, wildlife preservation, etc. In exchange, you get free meals and accommodations. In this blog, we’ll introduce you to the best volunteer travel options in India and help you make your travel dream come true.

Table of Contents

Volunteer Travel opportunities in India

1. spiti ecosphere.

Spiti Ecosphere focuses on the triple purpose of eco-preservation, responsible travel, and adventure in the heart of Spiti Valley, one of the most remote and picturesque regions in the majestic Himalayas.

As a Spiti Ecosphere volunteer, you can contribute to a wide range of community projects, including organic farming, wildlife protection, women’s empowerment, education, handicrafts, and much more. You can also take part in activities such as trekking, camping, cycling, cultural tours, and more.

At Spiti Ecosphere, you’ll stay in comfortable homestays where you’ll meet local families and experience the real Spitian culture and cuisine. Whether you’re teaching English to local children or participating in eco-initiatives, your efforts will leave a lasting mark. Spiti Ecosphere is one of the best volunteer travel opportunities for you.

Useful Links to know more about Spiti Ecosphere

  • Official website of Spiti Ecosphere
  • Instagram account of Spiti Ecosphere
  • Twitter account of Spiti Ecosphere
  • Reviews by ex volunteers of Spiti Ecosphere

2. Students Sea Turtle Conservation Network (SSCTN)

Are you looking for volunteer travel opportunities that involve wildlife conservation and environmental education as well? Then joining as a volunteer in SSCTN is best for you. What exactly is SSCTN? Well, SSCTN stands for Student Sea Turtle Conservation Network. It is a voluntary group of students and young adults who have been working on the beaches of Chennai for many years. Their aim is to conserve and create awareness about the endangered olive ridley sea turtle.

travel opportunity in india

The next question that may arise in your mind will be,What can you do as a volunteer in SSCTN? Well, you can participate in Turtle walks. Turtle walks involve collecting and relocating turtle eggs into a hatchery, so that they are protected from predators and human interference. Wait a minute; it doesn’t end up there. When the hatchlings emerge after 45 days, you can assist the team in releasing them safely into the sea. In this way, you are contributing to saving an endangered species, and you will really love it if you are an animal lover.

By joining the SSCTN, you can not only witness the amazing process of sea turtle nesting and hatching, but also learn more about the ecology and behaviour of these ancient creatures. You can also contribute to their conservation by helping to reduce the threats they face from fishing nets, plastic pollution, coastal development, and climate change.

Useful links to know more about Student Sea Turtle Conservation Network (SSCTN)

  • Official website of SSCTN

3. Wildlife SOS

Wildlife SOS is one of the best volunteer travel opportunities in India for those who love animals and nature. It is a non-governmental organisation that works for the rescue, rehabilitation, and conservation of India’s wildlife, especially bears, elephants, leopards, and reptiles. Wildlife SOS also conducts research, education, and awareness campaigns to protect India’s natural heritage and biodiversity. Do you also want to contribute to protecting India’s natural heritage? If yes, then this is the best option for you.

Volunteer travel opportunities in India

After joining, you will have to spend five days a week working with the elephants and bears at the Agra centres. You can assist with animal care, feeding, cleaning, enrichment, and medical treatment. You can also help with administrative tasks, social media, photography, and fundraising. In this way, You will also get to learn more about the ecology and behaviour of the animals you work with, as well as the challenges and threats they face from human activities.

Volunteering with Wildlife SOS is not only a rewarding and enriching experience, but also a lot of fun and adventure. You will also get to interact with other volunteers and staff who share your passion and dedication for wildlife and the environment.

Useful links for Wildlife SOS

  • Instagram account
  • Official website
  • Youtube channel
  • Twitter account
  • Reviews on Tripadvisor

4. Sadhana Forest

Sadhana Forest is a reforestation project and a sustainable living community in Auroville, Tamil Nadu. As a volunteer, you can participate in activities like planting trees, watering plants, mulching, composting, nursery work, and eco-construction. You can also join workshops on topics like yoga, meditation, vegan cooking, natural health care, and waste management. Sadhana Forest provides dormitory-style accommodation in huts made from natural materials, with vegan meals.

Free facilities include a small swimming pool, free 24/7 unlimited access to the Internet with your own laptop (weather and technical issues permitting), five hours each day (excluding Fridays) of AC power to charge electrical items (sun permitting), a small library, the use of several bicycles, and a playground for children. If you are interested in tree plantations, then Sadhana Forest is one of the best volunteer travel opportunities for you in India.

Useful links to learn more about Sadhana forest

  • Google reviews of Sadhana forest
  • Tripadvisor reviews of Sadhana forest

5. Sankalp Volunteer Society

Sankalp is a Volunteer society that aims to create world a better place. As a volunteer, you can choose from different projects like street children’s education, women’s empowerment, orphanage care, animal welfare, and medical assistance. You can also enjoy weekend tours to famous attractions like the Taj Mahal, Jaisalmer, Pushkar, and Ranthambore.

What can you do?

  • Family Volunteering Program : Volunteer with your family and spend a great time
  • Orphanage Volunteer Program : Assist the Orphanage staff in taking care of the kids
  • Teaching English Volunteer Program : Teach English to Students of Class 1 to 5
  • Women Empowerment Program : Teach and inspire young females by teaching them English speaking, basic computer skills, self-defence, etc.
  • Volunteering for Elephants : Work for Elephant conservation Program in Jaipur
  • Volunteer for Street Children : Teach Basic English and Maths to street Children

Useful links to learn more about Sankalp Volunteer Society

6. wwoof india.

WWOOF India is part of the worldwide network of Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF), which connects volunteers with organic farmers and producers. As a volunteer, you can stay with a host farm and help with various tasks like harvesting, weeding, milking, making cheese, or baking bread. You can also learn about organic farming methods, sustainable living, and rural culture. WWOOF India provides free accommodation and food in exchange for your work, usually around 4-6 hours per day. You can choose from over 240 hosts across 16 states and territories in India. If you are interested in farming and want to make a difference, then WWOOF is the best volunteer travel opportunity for you.

  • Help with various tasks on organic farms, such as harvesting, weeding, milking, making cheese, or baking bread.
  • Learn about organic farming methods, sustainable living, and rural culture from the host farmers.
  • Participate in community initiatives

Useful links to learn more about WWOOF India

7. fertile ground.

Fertile Ground is a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) that works for the development of sustainable agriculture and organic farming in the Northeast region of India. Your each step as a volunteer at Fertile Ground will contribute towards a greener future.

As a volunteer, Fertile Ground can help you with projects such as:

  • Permaculture Design
  • Seed Saving
  • Natural Building
  • Community Outreach

You can also learn more about the region’s culture, including weaving, music, dancing, and festivals. Fertile Ground’s accommodation is uncomplicated and comfortable, with bamboo shacks and tents, as well as vegetarian meals prepared with locally sourced organic produce.

Useful Links to Learn more about Fertile Grounds

  • Official website of Fertile Grounds


Shahina Sayyed

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The 10 Best Travel Franchises in India

Find The 10 Best Travel Franchise Businesses in India in 2022

Written by Anjali Dixit                                                                                     March 1 2022

Recently we have seen a surge in the demand for the best travel franchises in India amidst business seekers and entrepreneurs. India is a country of diverse geography, culture, history, and art. It is full of natural beauty and resources in numerous bounties. Nature is in its abundance and history goes back to ages. It is amongst those countries that hold one of the oldest histories across the world. India hence has a lot to offer in terms of tourism and traveling. The tourism products range from sports, wellness, religion, adventure, art, cultural, rural, and urban transition which hence results in a lot of tourist attractions every year. And this concludes why a tourism franchise can be a great opportunity for business seekers and entrepreneurs.

Why are Tourism Franchises a great opportunity in India?

As mentioned about India being a home to rich natural resources, beauty, history, culture, and, products and services, it attracts an immense number of tourists all around the year, both Indian and foreign. Also, India offers the world's second-largest franchising market across the globe with a guaranteed rise of 30-35% remarkable increment in the franchising market which is a credible achievement. The tourism and Travel franchise is an emerging business segment that has a fair contribution to the franchise market. Hence, there has been the availability of numerous choices of services for travel and tourism business that includes both best online travel agency franchises for sale and offline ones.

A franchise business is affected by multiple factors for efficient working and running of the business and the tourism & travel segment is an enormous segment that needs a lot of factors to be well taken care of to make it successful owing to its uniqueness and massivity:

What are the factors affecting the Tourism and Travel Franchises in India?

Business Model

Evaluation of Business Market

Planning & Strategy

Recruiting Workforce

Availability of Capital and Funding

Better Infrastructure, Transport, and Other Deliverables

Here is a list of  Top 10 Travel Franchises and Tourism Franchises in 2022 that are successful and emerging as great businesses in the Indian business market:  

List of Best Travel Franchise Opportunities in India in 2022

  • Make My Trip
  • Go ibibo 
  • Easy My Trip
  • Akbar Tours and Travels
  • Club Mahindra
  • Happy Miles
  • Cox & Kings

1. Yatra Franchise

Founded in: 2002

Franchising Year: 2017

Franchise units: 20-50

Investment: Rs 2-5 Lakhs

Franchise Fee: Rs 1-2 Lakhs

Space: 500-750 sq ft

It is one of the most widely recognized travel agencies in India. It primarily focuses on its objective of creating happy and satisfied travelers. Travel and tourism are done for various purposes by numerous people and to be able to provide them with the best in class services and products needs a reliable workforce and assistance. The yatra travel agency has completely suited itself for the cause establishing itself as most demanded amongst the top 10 travel franchises in India.

2. Make my trip Franchise

Founded in: 2005

Franchising Year: 2008

Investment: Rs 10-15 Lakhs

Franchise Fee: Rs 2-5 Lakhs

The most widely recognized travel franchises in India. It provides high-quality products and commendable services at affordable pricing. It has a great customer approach and wl-established brand recognition. Owing to its growing popularity and trusted services, it is the top choice amongst business seekers and interested individuals with resources.

3. Go ibibo Franchise 

Franchise units : 100+

Investment : Rs 5-10 Lakhs

It is the most searched and best online travel agency in India. They have their own portal and app that helps the customer use its features and services that includes ticket booking for railways, bus and flights. It also provides the facility of hotel booking. It has witnessed a rapid rise in its industry owing to its unique yet simple strategic business model. They have helped in creating a user friendly approach.

4. Clear Trip Franchise

Founded in : 2006

Franchising Year : 2008

Franchise units: 50+

It is one of the best travel franchises for sale in the list of Best travel franchise opportunities in India. It works on expanding its arena of services and products to assure the customers with maximum benefits and assistance in their entire travel period. They also work on blending the services of tourism along with education to help benefit college and school students. They are a riding travel franchise business that is currently expanding and growing.

5. Easy My Trip Franchise

Founded in:   2006

Franchising Year:  2008

Franchise units: 500+

Investment: Rs 5-10 Lakhs

It is one of the best online travel agency franchises in India that offers products and services at affordable pricing. The entire business is laced with high cut technology with an all-around 7 customer support. It is now looking forward to delivering a travel franchise for sale to attain its objective of expansion and reliability to the massive population. The travel agency franchise cost is adequately proportional and lies in the range of Rs 5-10 lakhs . 

6. Akbar Tours and Travels

Founded in   1978

Franchising Year   2006

Franchise units   100

Investment   Rs 5-10 Lakhs

It is one of the best travel franchises in India that renders the best solutions to its customers. It has a high brand recognition and user approachability. It includes travel and tourism to both national and international locations. They also have their portal service that reduces the burden of customers to avail visits services is one of the oldest and key players in the list of Best travel franchise opportunities in India 

7. Club Mahindra

Founded in : 1996

Franchising Year : 2002

Investment : Rs 15-20 Lakhs

Owned by the Mahindra group of companies, it is the most luxurious travel agency franchise for sale. If one desires a comfortable and deluxe tour and travel, Club mahindra should be the name. It keeps releasing attractive tourist and holiday packages for all types of tourism services ranging from solo travel to family packages. Owing to its pre established business, business individuals consider it as one of the safest and highly profitable franchise business opportunities.

Founded in : 1949

Franchising Year   1997

Franchise units   100+ Investment  

Rs 10-30 Lakhs Franchise Fee: Rs 2-5 Lakhs

It is a leading travel and tourism operator in India. It is an outbound travel and tour operating company that is owned by Kuoni Travels, which is the world's one of the oldest and most reliable travel franchises available for sale in the global market. It offers a wide range of tourism facilities ranging from individual tours to group travel to escorted tours to special interest packages. All of these makes it a top choice amongst both the customers and franchisees

9. Happy Miles

Founded in : 2008

Franchising Year : 2009

Franchise units : 60+

Investment : Rs 10-25 Lakhs

It is one of the best travel franchises of India that has the prime goal of merging education and traveling. It follows a unique business model and planning that has a social outlook as well. It's services are appealing and majorly focuses on the youth in order to help them explore the possibilities and make their trips more academically fun and interesting along with adventures and other sporting sets. It also provides the basic tours and travel packages like any other travel agency.

10. Cox & Kings

Founded in   1758

Franchising Year   2009

Franchise units   150+

It is one of the oldest and longest-running travel franchise companies. Established in 1758, it is headquartered in both the UK and India. It has maintained its presence in the global as well as a national business market with its ever refined products and services that make it the most preferred travel agency among the masses. It also offers educational holiday travel group subsidiaries for students and other researchers. Hence, making it a favorable choice amongst business individuals.

With these top 10 travel franchises in 2022 , business seekers, entrepreneurs, and interested individuals in the field can surely be bound to establish and start a travel franchise at an affordable investment and associate themselves with some of the leading travel franchises in India and gain higher returns and profits. The travel agency franchise cost is adequate keeping in mind the services and deliverables it needs to include in its business. With ever-increasing tourism to India, it is observed to have an incredible opportunity and growth in the business. It offers numerous benefits along with brand recognition, a high customer approach, and employment opportunities. Hence, the business individuals interested in the segment should fully seize the opportunity and explore this segment to the maximum. 

However, it is suggested to consult a franchise consultancy service before making a choice. FranchiseBazar is India's one of the largest franchise consultancy websites that offer opportunities and services to explore franchise business segments and help you reach a new business opportunity that fits in well with your suitability for the long run in the Indian business market.

You can Register To Take Franchise  Or Call / WhatsApp: +919844443200

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10 Organisations To Volunteer in India

There’s no dearth of opportunities for Volunteer travel in India. In fact, it’s one of the best parts of the world to indulge in for volunteer travelling, with different organizations, without paying a huge amount of money for the experience. There are a plethora of places for Volunteer Travel in India. These opportunities for volunteer travel n India are provided by different organizations all over the country. They are either free or come at a minimum cost involved. Here’s a list of Volunteer travel opportunities in India:

1.  Spiti Ecosphere, Himachal Pradesh:

Spiti, Volunteer Travel in India

Spiti, Himachal Pradesh

Spiti Ecosphere has been working on the economic empowerment of the region, and aims to provide sustainable livelihoods to those working with nature and the culture’s conservation. While volunteering for them, you’ll get to see the Himalayas and its unique culture from closely and you’ll be personally involved in promoting the eco-tourism in the region. You can opt for any program lasting a week, and participate in various activities including volunteering with daily village activities, ecosphere’s office work, or building of greenhouses and solar passive structure. Spiti Ecosphere is one of the perfect places for Volunteer travel in India for mountain lovers.

Read more on https://spitiecosphere.com/

2. WWOOF India, Uttarakhand

WWOOF, Volunteer Travel

WWOOF, Uttarakhand

WWOOF provides volunteering travel in India all through the country, which gives volunteers a chance to learn about organic food, farming and observe the different ways of life. At WWOOF you’ll be working closely with the people who share the common human values. While volunteering with WWOOF, along with your host, you’ll learn to lead life in an organic way. It is an exchange-volunteering program, where volunteers work for food, accommodation and learn a new way of life. This is one of the places for volunteer travel in India that revolve around farming, and it runs all over India.

Read more on http://www.wwoofindia.org/home.html

3. Fertile Ground, Assam

Fertile Ground, Travel while volunteering

Fertile Ground

This volunteering opportunity has been set up to provide support to the farmers of North East India who still are dependent on the traditional farming methods, plus also to those farmers who’re looking to incorporate organic agricultural practices including composting, natural pest control and mulching. Fertile ground has been working for years while providing the necessary support to the farmers, including training, resources, they help small scale tea growers, and also provide extension staff, teachers in the state of Assam. Fertile ground is one organization for volunteer travel in India where you’ll be growing healthy food by using traditional practices based on raw materials available locally.

Read more  on http://www.fertile-ground.org/

4. LHA, Dharamsala

Dharamshala, Volunteer Travel in India

LHA, Dharamshala

LHA is working in Dharamsala as non-governmental and non-profit social organization for the Tibetan refugees and the local Indian population including the people from the Himalayan regions. It believes in providing the vital resources to these people by offering free English, French, Spanish and Chinese classes, there are cultural exchange programs, vocational training and IT classes. LHA is also working in health and environment sector, thus providing you with a wide range of volunteering opportunities in various programs and activities. These factors make LHA a major place for volunteer travel  in India and varies from short term to long term.

Read more on https://www.lhasocialwork.org/

5. Sikkim Homestay

SIkkim, Volunteer Travel

ECOSS or the ecotourism and conservation society of Sikkim has been working for the sustainability and conversation in the state of Sikkim for long. It’s a non-governmental organization working to establish Sikkim Himalayan homestay with the support from UNESCO. The organization has been developing various homestay destinations in the state by working closely with the villagers at different place. ECOSS has been helping villages build their skills to sustain the tourist activity in the region, and every village has a tourism management committee that overlooks the operations. You can contact them for one of the most wonderful volunteer travel opportunities in India.

6. CHIRAG, Kumaon, Uttarakhand

Kumaon, Volunteer Travel in India

The Central Himalayan Rural Action group, or CHIRAG as it is popularly known, is operational in the Kumaon region in Uttarakhand. This organization works closely with the local communities residing in Kumaon on several issues, such as primary education, primary health care, agriculture, animal husbandry, community forestry, soil and water conservation and by supporting the development of youth. By addressing and working towards these issues, they aim towards bringing about an improvement in the quality of life of the rural populace, especially the women and poor. There are several fields in which volunteers can choose to get trained in, such as health, education, geology, etc. Head over to this beautiful place for volunteer travel in India.

Read more on http://chirag.org/

7. SECMOL, Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir

SECMOl, Travel while Volunteering


SECMOL, or the The  Students’ Educational and Cultural Movement of Ladakh,  is a NGO based in Ladakh, which was founded by a group of young Ladakhi students. Through their motto of the 3 H’s of education, i.e. Bright heads, Skilled hands and Kind hearts, they are working towards bringing about changes in the educational system prevalent in Ladakh. The different ways and activities, SECMOL aims to empower the youth of Ladakh.   Its activities comprise of solar alternatives to youth camps, educational reforms and eco-tourism. SECMOL is one of the volunteer travel opportunities in India where through several fun and innovative ways, one can help bring about changes in the lives of the local people and also have an experience worth remembering. Combine your love for travelling with volunteer travel in India and plan your next trip to Ladakh.

Read more on http://secmol.org/

8. Dakshinayan, Jharkhand

Dakshinayan, Volunteer Travel in India

Dakshinayan, Jharkhand

Established in 1992, Dakshiniyan is set in the tribal belt of Jharkhand where the population is mainly from the Paharia tribe. The Paharia tribe has been very cooperative in Dakshinayan’s attempt to help them and improve their day to day life conditions. Dakshinayan’s focus in this region has been towards the formal education of children, and to prepare them for mainstream, conventional schooling. Not only limiting itself to education of children, they also promote   health care, self-reliance and utilization of available resources, and also empower the local rural women and youth. People interested in volunteer travel in India, can take part in Dakshinayan’s teaching programmes and help in spreading the need for education among the Paharia children.

9. SSTCN, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Olive Ridley Turtles, Volunteer Travel India

Olive Ridley Turtles, Chennai

This organization is definitely meant for the people who are very much interested in doing their bit and contributing towards the preservation and protection of wildlife. The SSTCN or the Students’ Sea Turtle Conservation Network, is a voluntary student organization which has been working tirelessly towards spreading awareness about the endangered Oliver Ridley Sea Turtles. Every Friday and Saturday night, they conduct walks for interested people on particular beaches of Chennai. In these walks, they usually talk about the turtles and how the changing environment is affecting their existence. They also  walk the beaches every night, seacrhing for turtle eggs which they collect and relocate to a safe place. And when the eggs hatch, they release the hatchlings safely into the sea. Head over to Chennai and fulfil your love for animals by taking steps to preserve these turtles through Volunteer travel in India.

Read more on https://sstcn.org/

10. Mother’s Hope, Dimapur, Nagaland

Mother's Hope, Volunteer Travel in India

Mother’s Hope, Nagaland

Mother’s Hope is a residential home for pregnant women and babies. It helps in providing proper care to expecting mothers who either lack the resources and knowledge to take care of their babies, or have been victims of rape and sexual abuse. In the loving and caring environment of the residential home, these women get full medical and psychological support during their pregnancy. The medical support is completely free of cost. They also have a baby care facility and an adoption facility, by which they ensure that every child gets a loving family. You can volunteer here if you’re interested in learning about baby care, counselling, or just love babies in general. 

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travel opportunity in india

Hostel Coimbatore, India

Help us with some minor repairing and gardening! =)

  • Higher approval

travel opportunity in india

Help us at the reception and with some other tasks! =)

travel opportunity in india

Photographer with Interior Ideas

A day in the life of a worldpacker.

travel opportunity in india

A day teaching in India 👩🏻‍🏫​

travel opportunity in india

A day volunteering in Bruges, Belgium 🤍​

travel opportunity in india

Volunteering at a farm in Croatia 🐐​❤️​

travel opportunity in india

Volunteering at an animal shelter in Portugal ✨🐶

travel opportunity in india

Private School Dimapur, India

Volunteer at Residential Christian School in Nagaland, India

travel opportunity in india

Homestay Alappuzha, India

Cook for the household?

travel opportunity in india

Non-Profit Project Puttur, India

Home away from home in the South of India!

  • Sustainable project

travel opportunity in india

Non-Profit Project Cuddalore, India

Help us teaching to empower women in India

travel opportunity in india

Help us teaching Arts and languages to support school dropout girls in India

travel opportunity in india

Homestay Mumbai, India

Come help us teaching photography

travel opportunity in india

HOMESTAY : Proof Reading : English Language. - Mumbai, India,

travel opportunity in india


travel opportunity in india

Homestay Arrah, India

Join our team of Upcycling Artists!

travel opportunity in india

Document the work of the Centre of Resilience: Grassroots Change!

travel opportunity in india

Craft Person & Machinist

travel opportunity in india

Natural Builders! Help us build a Floating House

travel opportunity in india

We are a small team, working on big projects, come help us!

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What is important to know before traveling to India?

India is the seventh largest country and with more than 1 billion people, it is the second most populous country in the world! This land of so many colours and flavours can be overwhelming, but it’s beauty is incomparable. Although the Taj Mahal is the main destination, there are marvels such as Biwi ka Maqbara in Aurangabad or Humayun’s Tomb in Delhi that shouldn’t be missed. Religion is also an interesting part of India, since this country is the birthplace of 4 of the world's major religions: Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism.

5 ways to embrace cultural differences while traveling

8 tips on how to immerse yourself in local culture (plus what NOT to do)

Is India safe for tourists?

India is usually depicted as a dangerous country, but it is generally safe for tourists in comparison with neighbouring countries. Locals are usually nice and friendly, though rape rate is significantly high. Therefore safety should be a concern for female travelers in India. As a female tourist in India, you should take precautionary measures. For example, avoid being alone in poorly lit areas, let someone know where you are at all times, ask your host about the surroundings and how safe is the region in you are visiting.

Top 10 safest countries we recommend for solo female travel

Women traveling alone: we need to embrace the challenge

Is it possible to use Worldpackers in India?

Yes, you can exchange work for accommodation in India at hostels, camping sites, NGOs, guesthouses, farms and more. There are Worldpackers hosts in Jaipur, New Delhi, Mumbai and many other cities in India. Check our host list and make a profile for free. The profile should include the skills you’re good at and the ones you wanna learn, travel photos and a bio about yourself. Once you provide info and find a host, you can schedule a trip by becoming a member of the Worldpackers community for only $49 a year!

How Worldpackers works: the complete guide

How to volunteer abroad using Worldpackers

What is a work exchange and how does it work?

How do Worldpackers trips work?

As a member, you can contact as many hosts and travel safely as many times as you want.

Choose your plan to travel with Worldpackers as many times as you like.

Complete your profile, watch the video lessons in the Academy, and earn certificates to stand out to hosts.

Apply to as many positions as you like, and get in contact with our verified hosts.

If a host thinks you’re a good fit for their position, they’ll pre-approve you.

Get your documents and tickets ready for your volunteer trip.

Confirm your trip to enjoy all of the safety of Worldpackers.

Have a transformative experience and make a positive impact on the world.

If anything doesn’t go as planned with a host, count on the WP Safeguard and our highly responsive support team!

After volunteering, you and your host exchange reviews.

With positive reviews, you’ll stand out to hosts and get even more benefits.

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travel opportunity in india

There's no shortage of India volunteer opportunities, but many involve agencies that require volunteers to pay high fees (thousands of dollars) for the experience. The fees cover administration, accommodation, and food but it can work out a lot cheaper if you deal directly with the volunteer organizations themselves. Some organizations and hosts even provide board, so it works out very inexpensive indeed.

The following opportunities are either free, or there's a minimal cost involved. And, there's a wide range of opportunities to suit everyone!

WWOOFing in India

WWOOFing (Willing Workers on Organic Farms), is a worldwide concept that's been steadily gaining popularity in India. The number of hosts has grown from just a few in 2000, to over 100. They include tea estates, coffee estates, and vegan agricultural communities. It's a great way to learn as well as experience life in the Indian countryside. Food and accommodations are provided. To join, there's a membership fee of $40 for singles or $60 for couples, for 12 months.


Worldpackers.com is a popular worldwide community platform that connects verified hosts with travelers who are looking to exchange their skills in return for somewhere to stay. There are plentiful opportunities in India, many of which are at new backpacker hostels across the country. The work includes social media, photography, arts and music, web development, administration and reception. Other opportunities include social work, child care, teaching, and farming. An annual membership fee of $49 is applicable.

HelpX is short for Help Exchange. It's an online bulletin board where hosts all around the world put up notices for help required. The great thing about HelpX is the diversity of India volunteer opportunities on offer. You can do everything from helping run guest houses to teaching English, and working on farms.  Accommodations, and at least one meal (often all), are provided to volunteers free of cost. You'll need to sign up to the website, and pay a membership fee, to be able to contact the listed hosts though.

Ecosphere Spiti, Himachal Pradesh

If you'd like to combine volunteering with travel to a remote high-altitude alpine region, Spiti in Himachal Pradesh , Ecosphere Spiti offers opportunities to help local communities there. You can participate in construction of much-needed facilities, such as greenhouses for growing vegetables and structures for passive solar heating. If construction isn't your thing, another option is to assist the villagers with their daily activities.

Rural Organization for Social Elevation, Uttarakhand

Located in Kanda, a village near Bageshwar in Uttarakhand , the grassroots Rural Organization for Social Elevation (R.O.S.E.) works in the area of community development. They run projects all year round, for people who want to experience life in rural India and the foothills of the Himalayas. The activities involve teaching at a local school, farming, and construction. Volunteers live with a local family and get to learn about culture while enjoying nature.

Pyunli, Uttarakhand

Pyunli is a small NGO in Gauchar, high up in the Chamoli district of mountainous Uttarakhand, on the way to Badrinath . It aims to bring about meaningful changes to society through empowerment of women and education of children. The NGO is named after a very popular flower in the region's culture, which symbolizes a beautiful woman who lived in the forest. Volunteers can teach the local kids various things (such as English, music, drama, yoga) and also participate in organic farming.

Sadhana Village, Maharashtra

Sadhana Villiage is a residential care center for intellectually disabled and underprivileged adults. It's located in a village 30 kilometers from Pune (around four hours from Mumbai), and has been taking volunteers since 1995. The organization's focus is on education. Volunteers assist in workshops, cultural activities, and community development projects for women and children. Meals and accommodation are provided, but donations are appreciated as the organization doesn't receive government funding.

Salaam Baalak Trust, Delhi

The Salaam Baalak Trust, conveniently located in Delhi's backpacker Paharganj area, provides shelter, food, and support to the city's homeless street children. Another inspiring initiative is its City Walk program -- tours along the back streets of Delhi led by children who have trained as guides. The diverse opportunities for volunteers include education, creative expression, computing, marketing, and health care. Internships are also offered. The organization has a conveniently located flat for volunteers to live in at a minimal cost.

Ladli, Jaipur

Ladli, meaning "loving girl", is a small organization that provides vocational training for approximately 100 abused, orphaned, and destitute street children. It's located in Jaipur , Rajasthan. Volunteers work in child care, teach English, and lead children's activities. The organization doesn't charge any fees, but volunteers need to pay for their own accommodations and food. There are usually around three or four volunteers from around the world working there at a time. Some are there for a week, others stay for a year.

Mandore Project, Jodhpur

The Mandore Guest House in Jodhpur, Rajasthan is an excellent option for voluntourism. This bright and groovy guesthouse is run by a family who also operate the Marwar Medical & Relief Society -- a non-profit organization that's adopted local villages to help improve their infrastructure and education. Guests can join its volunteer programs for two weeks or more, mainly helping children with their English skills. This opportunity will particularly appeal to those who don't want to step too far out of their comfort zones (such as staying in remote rural areas in Indian-style accommodations) to volunteer.

Seva Mandir, Udaipur

Seva Mandir is located in the white city of Udaipur , in Rajasthan. It's a large and well established organization that's been doing development work in rural Rajasthan for over forty years. Volunteers get to work on projects that match their experience and interests. Activities include assisting with day-to-day operations, conducting research, undertaking independent assignments, and developing training modules. Guest houses/dormitories, fully furnished and with shared kitchens, are provided for volunteers. Volunteers are responsible for all their meals.

Joe Homan Charity, Tamil Nadu

UK citizen Joe Homan founded this charity in 1965 as a center for destitute boys, just south of Madurai in Tamil Nadu. He quit his teaching job and relocated to India after being shocked by the suffering of children there. The charity has grown considerably over the subsequent years to include seven residential homes for boys in south India, as well as similar projects for girls and younger children. Volunteers will be involved in the running of the residential projects and the children's daily activities. An interview is required to be accepted. Simple guesthouse accommodations are provided at a nominal charge to cover overheads.

Terre des hommes CORE Trust, Tamil Nadu

Terre des hommes CORE (Children’s Organization for Relief and Education) is based in Tiruvannamalai, in Tamil Nadu, and works in six places in the state to improve child welfare and development. The organization currently cares for more than 2,700 children through its various children's homes and projects. It was founded in 1994 by an Indian man, who lost his parents when he was 21, and a German man. Volunteer opportunities are available for people who are interested in protecting and helping children in need. The work can be as simple as sharing a skill with the children.

Trafficking in Kolkata

Those who have seen the documentary Born into Brothels will know about the red light districts in Kolkata, and the problem of prostitution and trafficking. The positive thing is that there are many non-profit organizations doing wonderful work to help rehabilitate affected women and children, and also prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. These organizations don't provide board and lodging, but neither do they charge fees for volunteering.

Human Wave is a Kolkata based organization that runs community development and health schemes in West Bengal , including volunteer programs in the Sundarbans and youth projects in Kolkata. Volunteer opportunities are available for two weeks to three months. Volunteers pay a small fee for food and accommodations.

The Shooting Star

Volunteer Travel in India: 7 Opportunities to Realign Your Passion and Purpose.

travel opportunity in india

Guest post by Dhruv Khanna  (with inputs)

In the summer of 2022, I had the opportunity to volunteer travel to the remote Sarmoli village in the Uttarakhand Himalayas. Along with the local organizations Himalayan Ark and Himal Prakriti, I was to organize workshops on visual storytelling for the local community.

Before I arrived, my main aim was to share what I had learnt about social media, especially how to reach a wider audience with a meaningful approach. But once I got there, I quickly realized that teaching is always a two-way process.

Over the next few days, I was exposed to a whole new world. I learnt how important it is to embrace who I am and where I come from. To be open to new experiences and do things that make me feel alive, like the locals who ran long distance, high altitude marathons! To stay in tune with my own natural surroundings, and preserve what we have.

That experience left such a profound impression on me, that I’m now an advocate of volunteering and travelling simultaneously.

Why volunteer in India?

Opportunities, desired skills , costs involved, how to apply, have you ever volunteered on your travels what was that experience like.

travel opportunity in india

India has so many layers, that travelling as regular tourists, we can hardly unravel them all. Slowing down and volunteering for a cause close to our hearts can allow us to build strong bonds with local communities, travel to places off the beaten track, and make a tangible difference in the lives of those who call them home.

Whether you’re passionate about education, environmental conservation, healthcare or community development, this list of volunteering opportunities in India offer a rewarding experience to travellers looking to leave a positive impact on the places they visit.

From the remote Himalayan deserts of Ladakh and Spiti to the lush forests of Darjeeling and Auroville, these non-profits and social enterprises invite travellers to contribute their time and skills to worthwhile causes:

*Please note that while none of these offer free travel volunteer programs in India (or involve paid volunteer work), they subsidize the boarding and lodging fee for volunteers.

Volunteer travel opportunities in India

1. sadhana forest, auroville.

travel opportunity in india

Sadhana Forest is a transformative ecological project focused on reforestation, water conservation, and sustainable living. By supporting local rural villages through water retention and indigenous plant restoration, it empowers communities to cultivate their own food and prevent migration to urban slums. Through environmental education, particularly targeting children and young people, Sadhana Forest aims to foster a shared vision of ecological responsibility and sustainable living, allowing them to experience and preserve the forest heritage of their ancestors.

  • Engage in ecological restoration and sustainable, vegan community living
  • Assist with daily community tasks and caring for rescued cows in the vegan animal sanctuary
  • Live in an off-grid, low waste campus in the forest
  • Minimum 4 nights commitment

Volunteers are required to contribute INR 600 per day to cover the expenses of their food and biodegradable toiletries.

Send an email to [email protected]  

2. Lha Charitable Trust , Dharamshala

travel opportunity in india

Lha Charitable Trust , a prominent non-profit in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, supports Tibetan refugees in India. Through language classes, livelihood training, scholarships and social services, Lha empowers Tibetan adults and youths to settle and thrive in their new home, while also welcoming local Indians and people from the Himalayan regions. Lha offers volunteer opportunities that enrich the community through engagement with international travellers and visitors.

  • Volunteer as a language teacher in English, German, French, or Chinese with a three-month commitment.
  • Provide personal tutoring and one-on-one support to students seeking to improve their language skills.
  • Join daily English Conversation classes as a drop-in volunteer, engaging in informal conversations with students to help them practice spoken English. No prior commitment is required for this; simply drop by between Monday and Friday from 4 to 5 pm.

Experience in teaching language to foreigners is a must. Preference is given to those with a certification in language teaching, such as TESL or TEFL.

There is no cost involved for volunteer opportunities offered, but volunteers have to manage their own accommodation and meals. No stipend is involved.

Fill out Lha’s volunteer form .        

3. Sambhali Trust , Rajasthan

travel opportunity in india

Sambhali Trust , established in 2007, empowers Rajasthani women through education, traditional skill training, and self-help groups. They provide support in cases of domestic violence, legal or medical issues, and promote awareness of human rights. Sambhali Trust is dedicated to addressing discrimination faced by women from marginalized communities.

  • Teach at the Trust’s Empowerment and Primary Education Centres.
  • Provide admin and office support.
  • Support survivors of gender-based violence.
  • Work at the sewing centre. 
  • Volunteer for ideally two months, have a satisfactory level of English, and be willing and flexible to get involved in changing activities.
  • Show patience, understanding and compassion towards children of varying learning abilities. Prior teaching or arts and crafts experience is beneficial, while sewing, dress-making, or tailoring skills are advantageous.
  • For those interested in supporting their Aadarsh and Nirbhaya projects, which focus on counselling and raising awareness about sexual abuse and gender-based violence, a background in psychology or counselling is required.

Reach out to Sambhali Trust to discuss.

Email [email protected] with your CV and motivation letter.

4. Tieedi Forest Garden , Darjeeling

travel opportunity in india

TIEEDI , an environmental conservation organization in Darjeeling, specializes in permaculture. Since 2016, their focus has been on experiential environment education, regenerative tourism, natural farming, waste management, and sustainable land and building design. As frontline warriors in the battle against the climate crisis, they strive to provide holistic solutions to the challenges of our times.

  • Engage in diverse volunteering roles, such as natural farming, permaculture principles, Zero Waste Andolan Projects, waste collection and segregation, upcycling, and local craft techniques.
  • Dedicate 6 hours per day to voluntary work, with no specific time commitment for the duration of your stay, allowing flexibility based on the duration rate chart provided.
  • Volunteers can also contribute their skills in areas like guest management or social media management, depending on their expertise and interests.
  • They seek passionate individuals who share a commitment to zero waste and sustainable living and are eager to make a positive impact on the world.
  • Artists, craftsmen, and experienced permaculture designers are encouraged to submit their portfolios for potential opportunities, which may include subsidized stays or waived volunteering fee based on project needs and valuable contributions.

Volunteering fee varies based on the duration of the stay, as below:

  • Upto 2 weeks: INR 750/day
  • Upto 1 month: INR 500/day
  • More than a month: INR 400/day 

The volunteering fee needs to be paid before or upon arrival at Tieedi. For volunteers looking to volunteer longer than two weeks, an amount of 10,500 needs to be deposited in advance. 

Aspiring volunteers can email at [email protected] or send them a DM on Instagram. 

5. Aarohi , Uttarakhand

travel opportunity in india

Aarohi , a not-for-profit organization in Uttarakhand, fosters resilience through sustainable livelihoods, healthcare, education, and environmental conservation. Touching the lives of over 150,000 people annually, Aarohi empowers communities with a dedicated team of over 100 full-time staff, many of who hail from neighboring villages.

  • While the organization is not currently looking for volunteers, they anticipate doing so in the near future and will notify interested individuals of potential openings. 
  • A minimum of one week is recommended for volunteers to gain a basic understanding of the organization’s diverse operations.
  • Aarohi seeks individuals with expertise in social work, health, education, livelihood generation, natural resource management, and conservation to contribute to their mission.
  • They also welcome volunteers in data collection, analysis, content creation, social media strategy, and marketing as they expand their scope.

Volunteers are expected to cover their own expenses for boarding, transportation and food, although discounted options for volunteer accommodation and meals can be arranged. This is a wonderful opportunity for international travel volunteering in India for anyone interested in environmental conservation in the Himalayan region.

Contact Aarohi by email at [email protected]

6. Rose Kanda, Uttarakhand

travel opportunity in india

A homestay located in the picturesque valley of Kanda, Uttarakhand, it offers a unique opportunity for international students, volunteers, social activists and eco-conscious tourists to interact with the local community, support micro-projects, and experience authentic village life. From participating in farming activities and festivals to fundraising, Rose Kanda offers a diverse range of experiences in the heart of rural India.

  • Teach English in the local school.
  • Study Rose Kanda’s approach to rural sustainable tourism, environment protection, and eco-development.
  • Get involved in projects like rural architecture development, eco construction, renewable sources of energy like solar lighting, organic farming, etc.
  • Assist in marketing campaigns, website design, networking, office help, and slideshow creation with an international perspective.

Contribute any skill you possess. Whether it’s teaching, designing, building, filming, marketing, or any other ability, your expertise is valued and can make a difference in the community.

Contact the organization for more details. 

The best way to apply is via email: [email protected]  

7. Maitri Pathshala, Spiti and Ladakh

travel opportunity in india

Maitrī Pathshala , a volunteer-run teaching program, is dedicated to providing language and life skills education to monks and nuns while enhancing the infrastructure of their classrooms. Inspired by a Lama’s request, the initiative actively involved the children and the Lama in envisioning their ideal learning environment.

Through fundraising efforts and the support of volunteers, Maitrī Pathshala successfully extended their efforts to Kwang Nunnery in Kwang village. Building on their achievements, the program expanded its impact in 2023 by engaging with a government school in Ladakh, to offer volunteer teaching opportunities and further improve classroom facilities.

  • Maitrī Pathshala seeks volunteer teachers and admins to support the program’s operations, but there may be opportunities for specialists and field workers in the future, depending on specific needs and ongoing projects.
  • Volunteer teachers are expected to commit to a minimum duration of one month, ensuring a substantial and meaningful engagement with the students and the program.

With an emphasis on open-mindedness and strong communication skills, volunteer teachers at Maitrī Pathshala do not require specific qualifications. However, a love for children, and an enthusiastic spirit, combined with a readiness for adventure, are highly valued attributes for those who join the program.

Volunteers at Maitrī Pathshala are responsible for their travel and accommodation expenses during the volunteering period. The organization provides information to assist volunteers in planning their travels and finding suitable accommodation near the monastery. In some cases, it might be possible to volunteer and travel for free in this part of India, with the option to stay in the free teachers’ room at the monastery or nunnery, subject to availability.

Send them a DM on Instagram.

To compile these active volunteering opportunities in 2023/24, we reached out to travellers on Instagram to seek recommendations – and shortlisted a wide range of organizations doing commendable work in their regions. We hope to gradually grow this list. If you’ve volunteered on your travels, or run an organization that offers meaningful opportunities for travellers, please reach out.

About the guest author:

travel opportunity in india

Dhruv is a creative storyteller and sustainability marketing manager with a passion for climate science, responsible travel and community living. He aspires to make climate action easy to comprehend, and inspire change at the individual level. He’s currently pursuing a degree in Environmental Science, Law and Policy from National Law University, New Delhi. Connect with him on: Instagram  |  LinkedIn

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travel opportunity in india

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White Labeling


Volunteer in India

Volunteer in India with Abroad Escape! Experience the adventure of a lifetime by becoming a volunteer in India. Our volunteer programs in Goa and Darjeeling in India offer you the opportunity to create your own schedule in the most rewarding and impactful volunteering projects in India. Also check out our India Road Trip .

Join From Only 555 Euro / 595 US$

Create your own unique schedule in india, create your own unique tailor-made schedule from our 15 meaningful projects in india, we are the most affordable volunteer organization for quality volunteering projects worldwide.

With the freedom to choose your own unique schedule as you want week by week. With us, you have the power to create your own tailor-made volunteer program that aligns with your passions and interests. You have the flexibility to start any Monday and stay for anywhere between one to twelve weeks.

With the freedom to choose  your own unique schedule  as you want week by week. With us, you have the power to create your own tailor-made volunteer program that aligns with your passions and interests. You have the flexibility to start any Monday and stay for anywhere between one to twelve weeks.

If you are a passionate volunteer with a heart for nurturing young minds and an eagerness to transform lives in India, then these programs are tailor-made for you. With a focus on early childhood education, these opportunities provide an ideal platform for you to channel your enthusiasm and create a positive impact on the lives of the little ones in this beautiful country.

You can also join as a family or as a group. Contact us for more details.

Location : Goa & Darjeeling, India Start Dates : Start every Monday Duration : 1 week – 12 weeks

travel opportunity in india

Why Join With Abroad Escape

Abroad Escape is committed to providing you with the highest-quality and most meaningful travel experiences possible. With our international volunteer abroad projects and immersion internships, you’ll have the chance to make a real impact in the lives of local communities. With our immersive volunteer programs, you’ll have the chance to engage with local communities and make a real impact in the lives of those around you. But that’s not all – you’ll also be creating lifelong friendships with fellow international travelers who share your passion for travel and making a positive impact.

Years Experience

volunteer luang prabang laos

Welcome to India

Welcome to Goa , a captivating destination that consistently ranks among India’s top tourist spots. Whether you’re a first-time traveler or an adventurous soul seeking new experiences, Goa offers the perfect setting to immerse yourself in a different culture. Prepare to embark on a thrilling journey of exploration and discovery.

Darjeeling is a hill station in the state of West Bengal in India. In the vicinity of steep and snowy mountains, the city of Darjeeling has been popular among local as well as international travelers as a great holiday destination. Darjeeling also has much more to offer. Climate is cold here throughout the year. Tea plantations and picturesque monasteries add a unique value to the atmosphere in Darjeeling.

Your Arrival

Get ready for a warm welcome to India! Your adventure begins the moment you arrive, with our airport pick-up on Sunday.

For all programs in Darjeeling you need to arrive at Siliguri Bagdogra Airport, Bagdogra (IXB) . For all programs in Goa you need to arrive at Dabolim International Airport (GOI) or Goa Mopa (GOX) Airport .

To ensure a smooth transition, we’ll provide you with all the necessary arrival and contact details when you book your program. The local team will be waiting for you, ready to transfer you to your accommodation where you’ll meet fellow volunteers from around the world.

travel opportunity in india

Your Orientation

On Monday, our experienced coordinator will lead an exciting orientation session. This is your chance to get comfortable with your surroundings and dive into the local culture, while also receiving important health and safety advice.

During the orientation, you’ll receive a comprehensive introduction to your program, accommodations, and the exciting projects that await. Plus, you’ll learn all the do’s and don’ts of local customs, giving you a head start on immersing yourself in the rich and vibrant culture of India.

Your  Accommodation

Your accommodation is included in your package from Sunday night until Saturday morning of your last week, so you can rest assured that you’ll have a comfortable place to call home throughout your journey.

You’ll be staying in shared rooms with other volunteers, giving you the perfect opportunity to make lifelong friends from around the globe. You’ll be accommodated in single-gender dorm-style rooms, ensuring maximum comfort and privacy.

If you want to have a single room, then this is available at an extra cost. There is limited availability for single rooms so please contact us for this.

But that’s not all – we’ve got your meals covered too! You’ll enjoy three delicious meals per day from Monday to Friday, and two meals per day on weekends. Plus, if you’re a vegetarian, no problem! We can vegetarian meals for you.

Goa  Accommodation

Darjeeling  accommodation.

Our projects in Goa. You can choose which project you day week by week and create your own unique schedule in India!

Culture Week

Immerse yourself in the vibrant tapestry of customs, culture, and captivating surroundings as you embark on a transformative journey through the rich and colorful country of Goa.

travel opportunity in india

This program offers an unparalleled opportunity to delve into the heart and soul of Goan life. It serves as a crucial stepping stone, preparing you for your stay in India and introducing you to a multitude of new experiences. With an open mind and a thirst for knowledge, you will have the chance to inquire about the organization, the programs, the country, the culture, and any other curiosities that may arise.

Throughout the week, you will engage in language lessons, participate in cooking classes to master the art of preparing delectable Indian meals and find solace in rejuvenating yoga sessions. Excursions will take you to authentic Indian homes, historic forts, enchanting churches, and bustling local markets, painting a vivid picture of Goan history and heritage. The sights and sounds of Goa’s pristine beaches will beckon you to relax and unwind, while workshops will immerse you in the essence of its captivating culture.

It is important to note that all transportation will be by way of public transport, ensuring an authentic local experience that deepens your connection to the people and the land. This authentic approach will allow you to truly absorb the vibrant tapestry of Goan life.

travel opportunity in india

Monday Breakfast at the Center Introduction to the program which includes code of conduct, house rules and Do’s and Don’ts Making Indian Traditional “Chai Tea” Introduction to Goa Lunch Mapusa city visit and the local Market Dinner at the Center Relax for the evening

Tuesday Self Defense classes Breakfast Tour to Main city of Goa “Pnajim “ and you will get a chance to see the Visit to Protguese Colony and Historic colonial buildings. Special Goan Vegetarian Lunch called “ Veggi Thali” Dinner at the Center Discussion about safety, transport and Indian culture

Wednesday Yoga session Breakfast Local Language Lesson Goan cooking Lesson Enjoy the meal prepared by you for the lunch Anjuna Beach and market visit Dinner at the Center

Thursday Breakfast at the Center Visit to SINQURIM beach and a Goan bakery Lunch at the Center Bollywood movie Dinner at the Center

Friday Breakfast at the Center Visit to Old Goa and Goan Spice Garden Traditional Gaon Lunch at the spice garden and proceed back to the accommodation Feedback time for the culture week Dinner at the center

* This schedule can be changed and/or amended depending on weather conditions, local conditions and unforeseen circumstances


Embark on a journey into Goa to assist in teaching to the migratory slum children who attend our school in the remote villages of Goa.

travel opportunity in india

The school teaches various educational subjects to migrant slum children from underprivileged backgrounds. In this program, you will have the opportunity to teach the children, teach hygiene and sanitation knowledge and help in organizing educational workshops on various need-based aspects such as sports, arts, health awareness, environment, etc.

When you select the teaching program in Goa, you can either select a teaching program at the Boys Shelter (the whole day) or Slum Outreach (evening project for two hours).

travel opportunity in india

1. Teaching at Boys’ Shelter The boys’ shelter accommodates from the age of 5 to 20 years and you are required to help them with English, and get them involved in activities such as sports, drawing, dancing, singing, etc. You also can help the caretakers of the shelter with cleaning and keeping the shelter tidy and neat. You will be teaching at the shelter for 5 and a half hours and you can take a 30 minute lunch break.

You can teach a variety of subjects to the kids including English, Music, arts and crafts, sports, math.

2. Slum Outreach This project is mainly conducted for children in the age group of 3-16 years belonging to migrant families living in slums located on the periphery of the city. You will prepare the lessons in the morning for about 2 hours.

The Slum Outreach program takes place in the evening with a duration of 2 hours where the participants interact with the children using games and activities to teach them and help them understand the importance of education and developing skills other than teaching them English. You may join another program in the morning if you wish to, as we require you to take part in a program for at least 5 hours a day.

In addition, during the teaching activities, always be on time and be mindful of class schedules and come to school prepared, be creative in preparing lessons in fun and engaging ways, smile and have lots of patience as you are working with children with various personalities and wear a dress that covers your shoulders and knees, and basically the more that is covered the better. Men must wear trousers, T-shirts and shoes and strictly follow the dress code policy. You are also expected to actively join other activities and of course to enjoy and make the most of your stay and make memorable learning experiences.

So, grab this opportunity to be part of the learning journey of these amazing children and young adults of Goa and help them build a brighter future. Besides that, you may also have the best time throughout your stay as you will engage in fun, relaxing and recreational activities held after a long day of your program alongside other participants.

Finally, you can not miss every single weekend experiencing nearby scenic views and historic places. Thus, we will make sure to assist you in organizing your weekend getaways and enjoy every bit of your time.

Monday Welcome, introduction to India, House rules, Code of Conduct and handling of documents Visit a spice plantation, visit the local market, and a few supermarkets located close to our center. You can also utilize this time of the day to exchange your currency or purchase any of the essential items you might need during your stay. Lunch Visit Slum Outreach School & join the education program for migrant slum children of all ages (This activity is optional). Dinner

Tuesday to Friday Breakfast at the centre Teaching at the shelter Lunch at the accommodation Teaching at the slum outreach Return to the accommodation Prepare lessons for the next day along with your partners Dinner at the centre

Community Engagement Program

PROJECT 1: ELDERLY CARE With modernization, people are in a race for achievements which puts the concept of the nuclear family in focus. When the grown children in the family are pursuing their dream jobs and leaving their families behind, there is no one to look after their parents. Therefore, they are placed in an Elders’ care home.

travel opportunity in india

In this program, you would visit an old age home and spend time with its residents as they need someone to listen or talk to and it is all that they need sometimes. Your visits would make them feel happier and less lonely. You will spend time as a companion to the residents where you can talk to them, play games, do reading, colouring and various other exercises with them.

Working Hours: Monday to Friday 8.00 a.m. to 1.30 p.m. Your role: To engage the residents at the Old Age Home in different activities, Play games and entertain them, Talk to them and listen to what they have to say, Read to them, Organize recreational and entertainment evenings for the elderly, Arrange sharing and discussion sessions on interesting topics, Teach the residents skills such as how to use their mobile phones better to store numbers, send text messages, take pictures, etc, Take the residents to museums and other places of interest, Celebrate festivals and birthdays with the elderly and Cleaning in and around the placement.

PROJECT 2: SPECIAL NEEDS EDUCATION AND CARE FOR ADULTS It is a home for adults with different levels of abilities. This Home was born out of a need to create an inclusive place where adults with intellectual disabilities feel welcome. With your help, we hope to create a healthier society for these differently-abled individuals.

Working Hours: Monday to Friday 9.00 a.m. to 5.30 p.m Your role: Assist the members to learn and improve their skills as per their abilities and interests, Share moments of happiness and love with the young and old in the free time, Assist them physically with basic tasks like walking them to the garden, having lunch or helping out at the work table, Give them a sense of value in their lives and the attention they seek, Teach them simple singalong songs and Assist the residents with physical exercises In addition, you may have the best time throughout your stay as you will engage in fun, relaxing and recreational activities held after a long day of your program alongside other participants.

Your activities will be assigned depending on on the daily tasks at the placement and you will be assigned work accordingly.

Monday to Friday You can choose to join either the Elderly Care program or the Special Needs Education and Care program.

Elderly Women Care program Working Hours: Monday to Friday 8.00 a.m. to 1.30 p.m Lunch will be served after the program After lunch you can prepare your work for the next day. Dinner will be served at the accommodation.

Special Needs Education and Care program for Adults Working Hours: Monday to Friday 9.00 a.m. to 5.30 p.m for Special Needs and Education Care program. 1pm – 2pm – Lunch Break 2pm – 3pm – Rest 3pm – 5.30 Pm – program

Construction & Renovation

Immerse yourself in a fulfilling journey where you can make a tangible impact on underprivileged communities and their schools in Goa through renovation and beautification projects. This is your chance to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty while uplifting the lives of those in need. Our carefully selected project sites are based on the specific requests and requirements of the community, ensuring that our infrastructure development assistance is focused where it is most needed. By joining forces with local communities, you will not only assist in creating positive change but also gain invaluable experiences along the way.

travel opportunity in india

In this project, our primary focus is on cleaning and beautification efforts in and around various community buildings. While heavy construction work is not included, the tasks assigned will be based on the community’s current needs upon your arrival. This could involve drawing and painting inspiring educational murals, gardening, refreshing old walls with paint, and occasionally reviving old furniture based on the community’s desires. If you possess a creative spirit and a passion for the arts, this is an opportunity you wouldn’t want to miss. You have the power to transform a village or a school into a more beautiful and vibrant place by channeling your creativity.

Our objective is to make a meaningful difference by improving the conditions and standards of the facilities within the local communities in and around Goa. Through our efforts, we aim to create a more pleasant and welcoming environment for the community and its residents.

Monday to Friday 06:45 – 07:15 Breakfast 07:30 Placement Orientation and leave for the project 08:00 – 13:30 Work at the site/Placement. 13:30 Leave for the accommodation 14:15 Lunch at the accommodation. 18:00 Dinner at the Accommodation.

Animal Care

Participate in maintaining the animal rehabilitation and rescue centre for cattle, goats, dogs and cats in beautiful Goa!

travel opportunity in india

These animals are invariably affected by life-threatening road accidents. Give them a new lease on life by helping them recuperate and maintain their shelter until they find new homes. During the monsoon, we go to the beach to feed the hungry animals.

The state of Goa has a large number of cattle freely roaming the streets. There are also a number of dogs on the beaches due to the numerous beach shacks and restaurants located on the beaches during the tourist season.

By joining this program you will have an opportunity to make a real contribution to the rescue and rehabilitation of sick, injured and orphaned animals. This will be done through a variety of tasks at a network of rescue centers within the North Goa region.

travel opportunity in india

You will be directed by local rescue experts in daily rescue and rehabilitation tasks, which may include collecting and transporting injured, orphaned and sick animals, animal husbandry duties, basic first aid as well as the construction of animal enclosures.

You will play a major role in assisting the process of rehabilitation, recovery and release, especially for the orphaned animals that have had one or both parents killed in a road accident, and would otherwise perish without your assistance. You will feed and clean the animals while being involved in other activities.

As a general rule, we recommend never to look an animal directly in the eye, when you first meet them, as this can be seen as a sign of aggression. Try to build trust before going near them.

This project would be conducted in the mornings. If you wish, you can continue the program in the afternoon as well.

Thus, grab this rare opportunity to be part of this meaningful community program as you extend your genuine heart and hand to these injured and abandoned animals who have been deprived of their rights to be taken care and shelter of.

Besides that, you may also have the best time throughout your stay as you will engage in fun, relaxing and recreational activities held after a long day of your program alongside other participants.

Monday to Friday After an early breakfast, travel to the animal rehabilitation centre to participate in various activities, you will be helping with the following tasks: help to feed the animals, daily or hourly monitoring, reporting and assessing animals on each day, reporting behavioural changes each day, changing bandages where required, washing and cleaning of animals were required, administer medicine and ointments as required, cleaning enclosures and their environment and animal enrichment please take treats along with you every day.

You will have your packed lunch at the shelter and you may continue with your work after lunch. The program will start at 9.30 a.m. and will continue till 5.00 p.m. You will get around two hours of lunch breaks in which you can rest for a while.

Yoga Experience

Take a well-deserved break and immerse yourself in a week dedicated to the practice of yoga and meditation, combined with rejuvenating Ayurvedic treatments. This program is designed to provide ultimate relaxation for your body and tranquility for your mind, offering the perfect respite after your projects.

travel opportunity in india

Discover the essence of yoga and meditation techniques in the land where they originated – India. Our program will guide you through the fundamentals of these transformative practices, allowing you to delve deeper into your body and cultivate a profound sense of inner peace.

Indulge yourself in a week designed to relax the body and mind. The Body and Mind week combines Yoga and Meditation with Ayurvedic treatments and starts you off on a journey towards achieving a fitter, healthier and more positive you.

This week you will learn about the basics of Yoga and Meditation and also the human body. It will help you make those lifestyle and dietary changes that will help you benefit tremendously by increasing your vigor, vitality and lifespan.

The Ayurvedic treatments deal with any physical aches and pains you may be experiencing at the time. The techniques taught here form the basics of Yoga and Meditation, as with any form of exercise it is not a magical formula. The benefits of it can be reaped only by continuously practicing it and with a conscious change in lifestyle.

Daily schedule would be in two sessions and three sessions depending on the schedule. Morning session will be from 6.00 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. and the afternoon session will be from 1.30 p.m. to 2.00 p.m. Evening sessions will take place after 3 p.m.

Find serenity and peace through this soul – enhancement and enriching program designed especially for you. Besides that, you may also have the best time throughout your stay as you will engage in fun, relaxing and recreational activities held after a long day of your program alongside other participants.

Monday Breakfast Meditation Yoga Philosophy lesson Karma Yoga Lunch Vajrasana Yoga Nidra Head and shoulders massage and relaxing time Dinner

Tuesday Breakfast Meditation Yoga Philosophy lesson Karma Yoga Lunch Vajirasana Yoga Nidra Full body massage and relaxing time Dinner

Wednesday Breakfast Meditation Yoga Philosophy lesson Karma Yoga Lunch Vajirasana Yoga Nidra Foot massage and relaxing time Dinner

Thursday Breakfast Meditation Yoga Philosophy lesson Karma Yoga Lunch Vajirasana Yoga Nidra Full body massage and relaxing time Dinner

Friday Breakfast Meditation Yoga Philosophy lesson Karma Yoga Lunch Vajirasana Yoga Nidra Shrirodara and relaxing time Dinner

Adventure Week

Tread along the rugged, challenging and fascinating trails of the Western Ghats and let yourself loose in the arms of nature.

travel opportunity in india

This trek is an amazing experience, as the landscape offers a gentle gradient in different phases with fishing, visiting waterfalls, caves, plantations, scenic views, campfires and much more. You will pass through several stunning places during your journey through the mystical Indian jungles.

ndulge yourself in an adventurous week designed to take you into the most amazing and picturesque Western Ghats which is also called the Amazon of the East. Older than the Himalayan mountains, the mountain chain of the Western Ghats possesses a great combination of biodiversity as well as a magnificent landscape. The ecosystems in these highlands forests have a significant influence on the Indian monsoon weather and moderate the climate in the region.

Having the reputation as one of the best areas in the world to observe the Monsoon climate, it has also been named as one of the eight best biodiversity hotspots on the planet. This was named as a UNESCO heritage site recognizing the exceptional features of its ecosystems and biodiversity being the home to about 325 globally threatened vegetation, bird, amphibian, reptile and fish species.

On this wonderful and powerful adventure journey through the week, you will experience local tribal cultures, scenic mountain views, various plantations, explore caves, visit famous waterfalls and hidden waterfalls, go fishing, appreciate spectacular flora and fauna, and relax in the evenings at the forest camp over a barbeque by the campfire.

The program offers a perfect blend of nature’s peace and greenery, the rich flora and fauna, the enchanting beauty of hills, gushing rivers, sound of waterfalls, breathtaking landscapes, dense forests and alluring adventurous activities which will make your week a unique experience.

Monday In the morning, we take a bus into the mountains and arrive at the jungle camp. After a welcome snack, you will get one hour introduction about Castle rock and the western ghats and a brief description of the 5 day program. Then, you set out for a trek to a nearby rural village (Pompalvaddi, 7kms from CR farm), and relax near a small perennial waterfall. Lunch will be cooked and served while you enjoy the waterfall. Then you will trek back to base camp by 16.00.

Campfire and dinner from 18.30 to 20.30.

Tuesday You will have breakfast at 6.30 and then drive for around 12 kms towards Kuveshi village in 4×4 open jeeps, where you will trek for 7kms to the source of the gigantic Dudhsagar waterfalls. Here you can relax and have the packed lunch and be at leisure till 16.00. After that you will trek back to the village and enjoy the drive back to base camp. Enroute you may stop for photography and probable sites of wildlife (which you may as well call ‘a safari’).

Dinner at base camp from 19.00 to 21.00.

Wednesday You will have breakfast at 07.00 and then walk to an 18th century British colonial structure and explore the surrounding areas in a radius of 3 km from our base camp.

Lunch will be ready at the base camp, after which you can relax till 16.00 and then leave for the fishing trip inside the forest. You will return by 18.00 to freshen up and be ready for a barbeque dinner by 19.00 around the campfire with a few sing along games. You shall retire by 21.30 at the camping site.

Thursday Breakfast will be served at 07.30 and after that we will set out into the wood for caving exploration. You will have your packed lunch for the day, which you can enjoy in the woods and you will return to the camp by 17.00, to freshen up and get ready for a barbeque dinner at night. You can enjoy and have quality time with the other participants until 22.00 as this is your last night at the camp.

Friday After having breakfast at 07.30 we walk to the nearby village to meet and interact with the villagers. You can buy some homemade handicrafts, spices or local honey here. Lunch will be at a local house cooked by the local women served on banana leaves. At about 15.00 we will depart from the camp and come back to our center.

India Road Trip

Embark on a 28-day India road trip and explore seven distinct regions of this exotic and diverse country.

From the capital to the Himalayan foothills, the Golden Temple, and the Taj Mahal, you’ll experience the country’s rich history and culture. Take a camel safari in the Thar Desert, hike in the Himalayas, visit palaces and UNESCO heritage sites, and engage with communities in Goa. Relax on the sandy beaches of Goa and enjoy the adventure of a lifetime. Don’t miss this opportunity to immerse yourself in the vibrant culture and stunning landscapes of India.

This is an eco-tourism travel program that gives you the opportunity to visit 7 distinct states in India in 28 days! Experience everything from its amazing culture, beautiful monuments, stunning nature, to its sublime cuisine by traveling through a cross-section of this vast sub-continent. Keeping with the values of our organization, this program is environmentally friendly.

travel opportunity in india

Once you arrive in New Delhi, our tour leader will receive you. After checking into your hotel, you will receive an in-depth orientation regarding your travel program. On Monday, early morning, we will travel to Shimla by a unique train called the “Himalayan Queen,” which is also recognized by UNESCO.

Experience this wonderful heritage train journey through the Deccan Plateau and into the Himalayan landscape with splendid views of the Himalayan mountains. During your time in Shimla, experience hiking in the mountains, absorb breathtaking views, taste the local food with local people, stay in a beautiful guest house located in the midst of the mountains, experience the mountain village lifestyle, and walk around the Shimla town to view temples, monuments, and museums.

On the next part of your journey, you will go on a bus journey through the Himalayan mountains to dive into Tibetan culture in Dharamshala, the home of the Dalai Lama. Go on a walking tour through the monasteries, experience a holy walk the way locals do, visit marvelous waterfalls, and learn about Buddhist teachings and their way of life.

You will then travel to Agra to visit the “TAJ MAHAL” and witness its amazing grandeur. Walk into the Taj Mahal at sunrise, which is the best time to visit the Taj. Spend your time marveling at the beauty of the Taj. You will also be taken to the ghats of the Yamuna river to relax in the beautiful garden with the Taj as its backdrop.

You are just at the beginning of this real adventure! Next, you will be immersed in the colorful and vibrant culture of Udaipur. Witness an energetic cultural dance show and visit the beautiful Udaipur Palace, which is the second-largest palace in India. Your experience of a lifetime begins as you travel into the Thar desert. Go on a camel safari into the desert for an amazing camping experience under the starlit sky and experience a caravan lifestyle.

travel opportunity in india

After that, you will travel to Mumbai, where you will visit its crowded streets, go on a boat ride into the Arabian Sea to visit an ancient island temple called the Elephanta Caves, and explore the city. You will also have some time to explore on your own in the evenings.

Your adventure does not end here. You will travel to the most exotic location of Goa, where you will be met by other participants taking part in various community engagement programs. In Goa, you will be introduced to various UNESCO sites and taken to the most famous beaches of Goa to unwind. We will also introduce you to yoga and an Ayurvedic massage, which will relax your body and prepare you for the project phase.

From Goa, you will be traveling to the magical ruins of Hampi, the capital of the ancient Vijayanagar Empire. This destination was the heartbeat of a powerful dynasty in its heyday. The ruins, spread over 16 sq miles, have temples, mandalas, sacred and religious structures that will inspire your imagination. This architectural splendor was reduced to ruins by marauding sultanate armies that razed the city to the ground, leaving back only the ruins in Hampi that you see today.

In the last week of your trip, you will have the splendid opportunity to take part in a variety of community engagement projects. You can work alongside local people at our women’s empowerment project, community school, renovation project, animal shelter, or participate in interacting with senior citizens at an old age home. The choice will be yours to find the best project that suits you and become a part of an ever-expanding community.

Week 1: Delhi, Shimla & Dharamsala

Day 1: sunday.

Arrival at Delhi Airport. Our Coordinator will be at the airport to welcome you into India & direct you to your accommodation.   Soon after your arrival and overnight stay at New Delhi on Sunday.

Day 2: Monday

Travel from Delhi to Shimla:

On the morning of Monday, your first day in India, hop into a UNESCO heritage train ride to Shimla. On this vibrant train journey, observe the beautiful and ever changing Indian landscape, regular day to day life on the streets, and finally a 5 hours ride into the amazing Himalayan mountain landscape. After reaching Shimla, we check into a guesthouse located with a great view of Shimla.

  • New Delhi to Shimla – Train (Air conditioned with recliner seats Delhi to Kalka, Toy Train Kalka to Shimla)
  • Travel Time: 10 hours travel time
  • Distance 370 km

Day 3: Tuesday

The day begins early with an orientation session with our tour leader. This session also includes briefing on aspects such as culture, safety and health precautionary measures, transportation, money, etc. Visit the famous monkey temple also called “Hanuman Temple” which is situated atop a hill, it is a 30 minute uphill walk and brings you to the highest point of Shimla city set at 2250 mts. Spend your afternoon, soaking into the views of the beautiful hill town, visit the local market and get acclimated to the Himalayan environment. Late afternoon, we proceed for a 2 hour bus ride deeper into the misty mountains of the Himalayas for an overnight stay at a local himalayan village. A local family in the mountains will host you for the night.

Carry an extra set of clothes and drinking water in a light backpack. The tour leader will arrange for you to leave your bigger backpacks that you may be travelling with at a safe place from where you can collect them after the hike.

Day 4: Wednesday

Today is the best! to experience the Himalayan ranges. Hike into the Himalayan mountains which is also quite a challenging element of your trip which culminates on top of a hill at 3100 metres offering an amazing picturesque view of the Himalayan range. You will rest here while having your lunch in the ambiance of the outdoor himalayan setup. Head back down to the village and drive back to Shimla, overnight stay at a guesthouse at Shimla.

The coordinator will help you get safe drinking water at the start of the trek. Packed lunch will be provided during the trek. The trek through the mountains will be approximately 7 hours long.

Trek Distance:         7 Km Trek Difficulty Level 2 –         Uphill and downhill Altitude:                 Approximately 3100 meters Terrain:                 Rocky, gravel, river crossing and winding tracks. Duration of Trek:         7 hours.

Day 5: Thursday

Our tour leader will take you on a beautiful heritage walk through the deodar forests to visit historical monuments and temples. Afternoon, we take a bus to Dharamshala, the abode of  the Dalai Lama.

Shimla to Dharamshala Bus ride: 9 hours

Day 6: Friday

Dharamshala – Experience Tibetan culture, visit the traditional Tibetan market.

After a relaxed breakfast, visit McLeod Ganj and walk into the beautiful Buddhist monastery and go on a 20 minute walk to a wonderful waterfall located in the mountains. Your walk through the markets will give you an insight into traditional Buddhist shops selling various interesting traditional ornaments and cultural clothing. The evening will be spent around McLeod Ganj and treat yourself for a traditional Tibetan dinner. Night stay in Dharamshala.

Day 7: Saturday

Dharamshala – Experience Tibetan art Visit Norbulingka Monastery to learn thangka Painting and wood carving.  

The Norbulinka Monastery is dedicated to the preservation of Tibetan art & has 300 artisans with traditional masters passing these skills down to coming generations. Housed within the monastery the art of statue making, metal craft, thangka painting, tailoring and wood craft are some of the heritage skills that are honed within aspiring artisans.

Day 8: Sunday

Spend your day in Delhi to visit Lotus temple, Gandhi Museum, Red Fort. Overnight stay in Delhi. New Delhi is the Capital city of India and contains the best of modern India fused with  a rich history that spans centuries. The Lotus Temple is a marvel that serves as a monument which embodies the true nature of a country with a myriad array of faith & religions. Delve into the architectural wonder of the Red Fort that was once was the capital of the mughal empire  exhibiting  Mughal style building with the influence of Hindu design.  The Gandhi Museum will serve as a window to  one of the most influential personalities in Indian & World History.

Week 2: Agra & Rajasthan

Day 9: monday.

Taj Mahal (Agra)

Today we have an early start, we take the morning train from Delhi to Agra.  Arrive in Agra and check into a hotel just next to the Taj Mahal. A stunning architectural triumph that was inspired by love.

travel opportunity in india

The highlight of the India Road Trip is today, witnessing one of the Seven Wonders of the World – The Taj Mahal. Visit the Taj Mahal at sunrise and spend the day by the river Yamuna to marvel at its beautiful architecture and its surroundings. Later in the evening, hop into an overnight train to Udaipur “the city of lakes” in Rajasthan.

Agra to Udaipur (Air conditioned Indian Railways).

  • Agra to Udaipur (Air conditioned Indian Railways)

Day 10: Tuesday

Experience Rajasthan – Udaipur “the city of lakes”. While in Udaipur, you will be hosted at our house. Fans of The Jungle Book and James Bond films may recognize Udaipur as the birthplace of Bagheera and the location for the Roger Moore starrer Octopussy. Spend the next 2 days visiting India’s second largest state, visit the beautifully architectured palace, enjoy a boat ride in lake Pichola, and watch a traditional Rajasthani dance and music concert. Overnight stay in Udaipur.

Day 11: Wednesday

Today we went on a temple tour in the morning. Visit the beautiful sculptured 8th and 10th century ancient temples on the outskirts of Udaipur. We return back to our center and then in the evening, we take an overnight bus to Jaisalmer which is approximately 12 hrs for the next highlight of our trip – The Desert experience.

Day 12: Thursday

“The experience of a lifetime” camping in the Desert. Once in Jaisalmer, you will have a bit of time to refresh at the guest house. We then go sightseeing in Jaisalmer to a 11th century fort and then take a jeep safari and a camel ride deeper into the Thar desert, where you will stay for the night. Please remember to pack your sleeping bags and water bottles for this part of the trip. Our tour leader will inform you of anything else that may be necessary. Tonight we camp in the desert under the stars. Overnight stay in the desert which is guaranteed to be one of your most memorable moments in life.

Day 13: Friday

You will return from the desert to the guest house and spend time in the city of Jaisalmer, visiting a beautiful authentic Haveli and a lake which is considered to be the largest in Jaisalmer and other tourist attractions. Later this evening, we took an overnight bus back to Udaipur.

Day 14: Saturday

  • You will spend the entire morning learning the art of rajasthani puppetry and painting. We will then take an overnight bus to Mumbai.
  • Udaipur to Mumbai – Bus (Comfortable air conditioned bus)

Day 15: Sunday

After breakfast, visit the Gateway of India and go on a boat ride into the Arabian sea to visit the ancient Elephanta caves. A good Indian lunch will be provided at the island. Return to the mainland and spend the remaining part of the day exploring the sights of Mumbai. Overnight stay at Mumbai.

Week 3: Goa

Day 16: monday.

Today, we took an early morning superfast train to Goa. Arrive in Goa early at noon. Check into our house where you will be hosted for the remaining days of your travel. Once at our centre in the afternoon, after a good spread of Goan lunch, you can relax and freshen up and meet other participants at the house. Overnight stay at our centre in Goa.

Day 17: Tuesday

Explore the rich history and impressive architecture of Old Goa, the former colonial capital of the state. The convents and churches are stunning, and the area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Be sure to visit the Basilica of Bom Jesus, which contains the relics of St Francis Xavier.

Visit the interesting spice plantation, know about various Indian spices, how they are grown before reaching your plates. After a sumptuous lunch at the plantation, spend some time at the plantation and on the way back visit a small but yet beautiful waterfall. Later in the evening, take your time out on your own. Overnight stay in Goa. \

Day 18: Wednesday

After breakfast spend the morning with a hands-on session in preparing a typical Goan lunch. We then visit the mangroves of Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary to get a glimpse of local & migratory birds in the afternoon. We trek up a small hillock to witness the ruins of a Portuguese seminary before getting back to the centre & get packed up for the next leg of our adventure. We board a bus & head out for Hampi after dinner

Day 19: Thursday

Arrive in Hampi early morning where we check in to our rooms & freshen up.After breakfast we take a guided tour into the ancient realm of the Vijaynagar empire. Your guide & the exquisitely carved structures will take you back in time to an ancient civilization at its peak. The sprawling complex of Hampi is an UNESCO heritage site. We then lunch at one of the finest eateries in Hampi & resume with our tour.  We also get a glimpse into one of the rituals carried out by the main temple in Hampi.Dinner & a well deserved nights sleep.

Day 20: Friday

After breakfast you are free to explore this amazing destination dating back to the 14th Century, at your leisure. Hampi is truly a photographer’s paradise where you can capture elements of a bygone age that still endures within these ruins.  We then meet for lunch & board a bus & head back to the beaches of Goa. On reaching Goa we get back to our centre for the night.

Day 21: Saturday

  • Experience an authentic ayurvedic massage to relax your body. After lunch at our centre,  spend your time at one of the beautiful beaches of Goa to return to the centre for dinner. Overnight stay in Goa.

Day 22: Sunday

Day to relax, breathe in, and catch up with your new friends at the guest house in Goa

Week 4: Community engagement week in Goa

Day 23-27: monday to friday.

During this week, participate in our community engagement program which consists of many projects such as  the community school or at a renovation project or animal shelter or even participate in interacting with senior citizens at an old aged home. The choice will be yours to suit yourself into a project to become a part of an ever expanding community. During the second half of the day spend educational and quality time with migratory children at our outreach program. Overnight stay in Goa.

Day 28: Saturday

Mode of transportation could change due to unavoidable circumstances.

This schedule can be changed and/or amended depending on weather conditions, local conditions and unforeseen circumstances.

Your departure can be planned either on Saturday (28 th  Day) from Dabolim Airport in Goa. If you choose to travel further in India on your own or have various other plans after completing your trip with us, we request you to kindly check out on Sunday (28 th  Day).

Starting Dates

3 June, 1 July, 5 August, 2 September

  • What’s included
  • Airport transfers as per the policy – Airport Pickup in New Delhi
  • Presence of a dedicated program coordinator throughout your travel, at the projects and facilities- Logistical management support in case of emergencies
  • Authentic Indian meals and European (breakfast, lunch, dinner) for the duration of the entire program as per the meal plan – Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  • Accommodation at hotels, homestays, and at our accommodation facility – Shared single gender accommodation.
  • Local transportation to all venues.
  • Entry fees to all places.
  • Extensive pre-departure information
  • What’s Excluded
  • Personal expenses such as table drinks, room service items, laundry, telephone calls, tips, portage at hotels or airports, bottles of water during your road trip etc.
  • Any additional expenses caused by or liability for disturbance in the trip program due to circumstances, weather conditions, sickness, natural disasters, riots etc.
  •  Liability for or insurance against injury, loss of life, accidents or loss of goods
  • Our program does not cover any liability and does not insure participants. Participants must have appropriate insurance before joining the program
  • Any camera fee where applicable.
  • Any service not specified above.
  • Few things to consider while you are with us
  • Request to be back at the accommodation by 22:30 everyday
  • Participants will not be entertained to hire any vehicles on their own
  • Consumption of alcohol are strictly prohibited at all our Centres
  • Respect and adhere to our code of conduct
  • Our staff are there to support you and to guide you and make your trip memorable, we request you to kindly follow their instructions at all times.
  • You will not be allowed to bring outsiders inside our centres, guest houses or hotels
  • Please provide your mobile phone number during the time of booking, as this will be useful for us to contact you at the Delhi Airport as this is quite a crowded airport, and we would not want to lose you!

Our projects in Darjeeling. You can choose which project you day week by week and create your own unique schedule in India!

Learn about the traditions, surroundings, culture, and other aspects of this vibrant and rich nation.

travel opportunity in india

Explore Darjeeling’s natural wonders, unwind on its pristine beaches, get to know the locals, experience the city’s beauty and culture, and discover the city’s past by going to local markets, old forts, and churches. Take home an unforgettable experience by learning to prepare Indian food.

This program lets you explore the life and style of the people of Darjeeling. This crucial step will help you get ready for your stay in India. You will be introduced to a ton of new things, and now is the perfect time to ask any questions you may have about the company, the programs, the nation, the culture, or anything else that comes to mind.

Additionally, you will learn about the culture through language instruction, cooking classes, yoga sessions, sightseeing, visits to real Indian homes, and workshops.

This program will include instruction in the local tongue as well as practical Indian cooking classes, yoga sessions, and excursions to beautiful locations. This week’s all-encompassing activities will prepare you for life in Darjeeling. In addition, all transportation will be by public transit only in order to give you a genuine taste of local life.

Discover Darjeeling’s hidden beauty, become engrossed in its fascinating culture, and create lifelong memories.

Monday Breakfast at the Center Welcoming ritual – Puja to the Gods and goddesses and name giving ceremony with Ice breaking activities Review the schedule. Social behaviors and norms do’s & don’ts in Darjeeling. Cross culture seminar on eating, drinking, clothing, bathing, and toileting customs in Darjeeling. Lunch Break Talk about safety and security during the program, sign up for the Code of Conduct, Child Protection Policy, Release and Waiver of Liability, and Media Consent. Collect passport copies, photos, and clean chit. Orientation tour of the neighborhood, getting personal accessories Headed Back to the Accommodation Center. Dinner

Tuesday Breakfast at the Center Nuts and Bolts (check-in) Impressions, health, emotions/feelings, needs, X-factor (special moments in your life) Nepali Language!!! Scavenger Hunt at Local Market, Chowk Bazar Explore the local markets, Chowrasta,Mahankal Temple, and Mall road Headed Back to the Accommodation Center. Dinner Movie Night!!

Wednesday Morning Walk (Mall road) Breakfast at the Center Presentation of the scavenger hunt Cooking class!! Lunch Break Tour to Bhalu Dhunga, rock climbing (optional), Happy Tea Garden Headed Back to the Accommodation Center. Dinner

Thursday Breakfast Talk about placement sites. Add on language class Lunch Break Historical as well as cultural orientation tour to Japanese Peace Pagoda Head Back to the Accommodation Center. Dinner Cultural Night

Friday Breakfast Hiking (Tiger Hill – Sinchel) – day trip, take Enough water Feedback sharing sessions over the culture week Head Back to the Accommodation Center. Dinner

Assist teachers in a local kindergarten and help establish a stable foundation in a child’s development.

travel opportunity in india

In a cold city in North India, located amidst snowy mountains, join a kindergarten teaching program and spend your time with kids who will welcome you to their classes with open arms. Create lesson plans, engage in interactive activities in the classroom and contribute to the teaching in the kindergarten.

In this program, you will work as an assistant teacher at a local kindergarten school in Darjeeling. This program helps children in the villages improve their English language skills as well as basic personality skills.

You will be able to create lesson plans and help teachers with lessons in English, Mathematics, Arts and Crafts, games and more. You will also be called upon to help teach drama, music and foreign languages.

All the kindergartens are well managed and are supervised by officers from government and private organizations. Your activities may include,

Teaching English (spoken and written), drama, music, arts, crafts and foreign languages Encourage children in academics and promote all-round development of the child Assist teachers and other staff in various classroom activities Create lesson plans Besides teaching, you will also support the local staff with the care taking of the children. This task can range in activities, from organizing classes, playing games and guiding activities to feeding, cutting nails, combing hair and so on.

travel opportunity in india

So, grab this opportunity to be part of their crucial point of exploration and help establish a stable foundation in their development. Besides that, you may also have the best time throughout your stay as you will engage in fun, relaxing and recreational activities held after a long day of your program alongside other participants.

Monday Breakfast Welcome, introduction to Darjeeling and projects, House rules, Code of Conduct and handling of documents. Culture Lesson and safety precautions during your travel Get to learn the language and talk about the project. Lunch Go out to visit the City of Darjeeling and explore. Dinner

Tuesday to Friday After breakfast, you will visit the kindergarten school and your classes generally take place from 09:30 to 15:30. Lunch break is from 12:00 to 13:30.

Mid June to 1st week of July, December & January are winter vacations in Darjeeling, thus this project will not function during this part of the year.

Education Project

Spend time to share your knowledge and skills to education in a hill station city called Darjeeling.

The best way to create a better future is educating the young generation. Join the Education program in Darjeeling and make a difference. Assist teaching at small local village schools where you can foster good relationships with the children as you assist with extracurricular activities and inspire them to achieve their full potential and broaden their perspectives.

In this program, you will get the opportunity to teach basic conversational English and other subjects of your choice to children from different age groups with different capabilities. The project can take place either at a regular government, private or community schools for children.

Participating teachers enable students to form relationships with someone from another background and culture, and the teachers can learn different teaching methods and techniques.

You will be taking different classes on an average of five classes a day (each class would be about 40 minutes). The schools usually have a very dull curriculum, so out- of ­the ­box activities and creative experiences such as sports or games are more than welcome and really appreciated by the children.

You are free to use different methods to teach but you can use the coursebook as a reference or educate children through conversational and spoken English. During your time there, you can teach them different subjects such as mathematics, history, science, geography, computer, technologies, music and other subjects, arts and crafts, different educational games, spoken and conversational English, personal development, environmental awareness, general health and safety and so on. All higher education in India is in English, so it is vitally important that children must learn English to continue further higher education.

Thus, make your way to this amazing community and make a difference in the educational journey of every single Darjeeling kid. Besides that, you may also have the best time throughout your stay as you will engage in fun, relaxing and recreational activities held after a long day of your program alongside other participants.

Tuesday to Friday After breakfast, you will visit the school and your classes generally take place from 10:00 to 16:00. You will be teaching different classes and each session would be 40 minutes. Lunch break is from 12:30 to 13:30

Community Development

Experience the captivating beauty of Darjeeling, known as the “Queen of the Hills.”

Engage in initiatives to break the cycle of poverty and contribute to the community by sharing your expertise. Embrace the unique culture and lifestyle of the people while participating in programs like Women’s Empowerment, Education, Housing, and Health. Immerse yourself in this enriching journey, making a positive impact and gaining new experiences.

Popularly referred to as the “Queen of the Hills,” Darjeeling is a popular tourist destination known for its natural splendor, historic forests, charming homes, hospitable residents, and mountain views. Darjeeling’s location is at such a high altitude that it is sure to enchant people. This is a result of the hill station’s diverse flora and fauna, as well as its chilly climate, which has given it the nickname “the Queen of Hills.”

The Queen of the Hills has seen a lot of issues and difficulties in recent years. Since the district’s economy is largely reliant on tea and tourism, residents have been struggling to make ends meet. Due to decreased production, the tea industry is losing a lot of money. The average daily wage for workers is 209 Rupees, which is insufficient for them to support their families. People in tea gardens are losing their jobs, which Is creating a cycle of poverty.

To address these issues and challenges, we have collaborated with a nonprofit organization in Darjeeling working on various sectors like Health, Education, women’s empowerment (income generation program), Food programs, and elderly programs. Participants are welcome to take part in the initiative to end the cycle of poverty and give back to the neighborhood by sharing their expertise.

The community, culture, occupations, and way of life of the people who live in the hills will all be covered in this program. Dealing with the distinctiveness and real lifestyle of the community will be your task. You will be given a fundamental understanding of how the organization operates.

The organization offers a women’s empowerment program (the Income Generation Program). The women participating in this program receive skill development so they can support themselves by weaving carpets, knitting, sewing, and creating cotton-based products. The trainees have the option of accepting employment at the organization itself after completing their courses or seeking employment elsewhere. There is a savings program that aids in educating underprivileged women about the importance of saving money. A loan Program helps provide loans to families below the poverty line.

One of the organization’s first programs, the Education Program, runs an Adult Literacy Program in both the plains and the hills. The Strive Program simultaneously provides the children with a home, food, and a bed while preparing them for admission to school. A scholarship program for female students provides funding to the chosen girls to help with the cost of their books, uniforms, and school fees. Students between the ages of 5 and 18 have a place to study after school thanks to the study group program.

The organization also gives needy pregnant women, senior citizens, and women with young children food such as bulgur and cooking oil. They not only get to eat but also pick up some cooking skills.

The Housing Program was initially established to aid in the rehabilitation of landslide and fire victims. 139 homes were initially constructed by the organization on government-provided land. Today, it also helps with home loans and gives homeless people homes.

In accordance with the old age program, elderly people in need are identified by community health workers, and following their identification based on need, they are given dry rations, medications, and an honorarium as a sign of appreciation.

The organization also runs health programs, and as part of these programs, women are chosen by their communities and trained to work as paramedics or village health workers, enabling them to offer basic medical services in the villages. Programs for mothers and children are designed to help underprivileged and needy mothers. For young children, there is a crèche or daycare facility so that their underprivileged mothers can go to work and make money.

The language of communication for the aforementioned programs will be English for community work and learning local languages. Participants are encouraged to use their imagination, be inventive, and share their knowledge in a variety of subject areas. In return, they can anticipate learning about the neighborhood and returning with some new experiences.

On average, participants must spend five days (five hours per day) in the organization and community. The participants must adhere to the organization’s schedule. A positive attitude and willingness to travel will be much appreciated.

Monday to Friday After breakfast, you will visit the organization. You will be in the organization as per your convenience and the time set by the office staff; 4 – 5 hours is a must to be in the organization each day.

Contribute to the construction and renovation of public schools and community development projects in Darjeeling.

travel opportunity in india

While assisting the community through this project, you will gain valuable experience by joining hands with the local communities. Your time and effort will help enhance the living standards of the community and let you make a difference by helping those who are in need.

In this project, you will get your hands dirty with construction and renovation projects.

Other construction efforts might be carried out in a local village, including renovating and building houses and sanitation facilities or working on construction projects at local community centres, schools, and monasteries. The placement you will be working at may change depending on the needs of the community at the time.

On a typical day of the program, you will have a quick discussion with your coordinator about the day’s tasks. You may be engaged in light construction work and also painting school buildings, fixing broken tables and chairs, making pathways, renovating toilets, repairing walls and gardening in schools.

You will also be continuing the ongoing construction and renovation projects and or join new projects happening to help the local community.

In addition, during the construction activities, please be careful and mindful when using construction equipment and material, ask assistance from your local coordinators for heavy tasks and of course to enjoy and make the most of your stay and make memorable learning experiences.

So, be ready to get your hands dirty and help this community build a safe and better place for everyone. Besides that, you may also have the best time throughout your stay as you will engage in fun, relaxing and recreational activities held after a long day of your program alongside other participants.

Tuesday to Friday Breakfast Working at the placement. Do Light renovation and Construction efforts. Lunch Working at the placement. Do Light renovation and Construction efforts. Dinner

Through this program, you will be able to gain a basic understanding of how the animal shelter operates.

Participants can help feed, care for, and nourish the animals, as the program also calls for community engagement through educational forums and veterinary clinics in Darjeeling’s rural and urban villages.

travel opportunity in india

Although other animals cannot be classified as social animals but are still God’s creations, man is a social animal. As a result, they are a fundamental component of the universe and play a crucial role in our day-to-day activities. We humans have consistently claimed to love animals. Unfortunately, we only truly love an animal until it can perform a useful task for us. Despite this, we have never treated animals with kindness.

In 1994, Christine and Jeremy Townend, who lived in Darjeeling, went for a stroll on a typical day. There, they saw a dog die from strychnine poisoning, and later learned from a local resident named Dr. G.S. Yonzone that the municipality was poisoning dogs to stop the spread of rabies. A meeting of Darjeeling leaders was called by Dr. Yonzone, and it was decided to launch the DAS Darjeeling Animal Shelter.

They invite participants and interns to assist them in giving the animals at their shelter care and affection. They travel to remote areas and both urban and rural Darjeeling villages to administer vaccinations. It is rewarding to work with animals alongside modest and considerate individuals. People who have worked in the DAS have found it easier to get over their fear of animals and to comprehend their emotions, especially those of stray dogs and cats.

Through this program, you will be able to gain a basic understanding of how the animal shelter operates. Participants in shelter homes can help feed, care for, and nourish the animals, as the program also calls for community engagement through educational forums and veterinary clinics in Darjeeling’s rural and urban villages.

The mode of communication will be English with the staff and the doctors. While traveling for vet camps, it will also give the participants a chance to learn about the area. Learning to care for animals would be easier if you loved them, but being open to learning more about them will give you the chance to become more knowledgeable about the details and compassionate toward them. It’s also an adoption center. Prior to adoption, applicants go through an interview process. Participants can also learn about the Indian adoption procedure for animals.

The participants are free to be creative in their work. They can also take part and design their own staff training session, as well as take part in dog-related cultural events like “Kukur Thihar” during the Dussehra festival, when people worship dogs.

Participants are required to spend an average of five days (three hours per day) at the shelter home. The participants must adhere to the organization’s schedule. Creative activities would be much appreciated.

Monday to Friday After breakfast, you will visit the shelter home. You will be in the shelter home as per your convenience and the time set by the office staff; a minimum of 3 hours is a must to be in the shelter home for each day.

Teaching at Buddhist Monasteries

Experience the Buddhist culture in a monastery while teaching English to novice monks.

travel opportunity in india

Teach English and help improve the language skills and communication skills of monks in a Buddhist monastery. Experience the simple way of life practiced by the monks and get a unique opportunity to immerse in their day-to-day lifestyle and learn about Buddhism. This program lets you discover a world beyond the busy cities where you will get close to nature and peace of mind.

This program takes place in Buddhist monasteries in the Himalayan city called Darjeeling. Darjeeling is popular for its misty mountain views, tea plantations as well as picturesque monasteries.

During this program, you will teach English to the monks in the classroom. You will also get a chance to learn about Buddhism while practicing various features of the lifestyle of a Buddhist Monk. You will be teaching to novice monks of various ages.

travel opportunity in india

The project will involve various monasteries wherein the age of the monks are between 8 to 25. The monastery has classes between Nursery to Grade 5. Each class approximately has 10 to 15 students. You will be mainly teaching English but you will also be able to teach other subjects such as Maths, Science and any other subject of your choice.

Immerse yourself in the teachings of Buddhism, deepen your understanding of meditation, and embrace the simplicity of life at the monasteries. This program offers a unique opportunity to experience the tranquility and wisdom of Indian Buddhism firsthand while also imparting your knowledge to the monks.

This program is for minimum 4 weeks.

Monday to Friday You will teach primarily English and various other subjects to the monks, both young and old, for around 2 to 3 hours of various age groups every day.

January and February are winter vacations in Buddhist Monasteries, thus this project will not function during this part of the year.

Program Prices

1 Week: 555 Euro / 595 US$ 2 Weeks: 685 Euro / 745 US$ 3 Weeks: 875 Euro / 945 US$ 4 Weeks: 1065 Euro / 1140 US$ +1 Week: 235 Euro / 265 US$

* Animal, Construction & Darjeeling Kindergarten have an extra fee of 70 Euro/80 US$ per week ** Yoga, Culture Week, Adventure & Buddhist Monasteries have an extra fee of 145 Euro/155 US$ per week

With us there are NO registration or administration fees! Plus you can easily combine the different projects.

What’s included: Volunteer program Accommodation Meals 24/7 in-country support In-country program orientation Pre-departure support Airport pick-up

Not included: visa, flight, travel insurance, vaccinations, criminal background check, return trip to the airport, 5% international banking fee

Requirements to join: – Participants need to be minimum 18 years old – Participants under 16 need to join with a parent/guardian – Participants aged 16 to 18 need to have parental consent – Participants are required to provide a criminal background check (if unable to obtain a criminal background check, you can provide two character reference letters instead) – Participants are required to have their own travel insurance – You need to be able to speak and understand at least basic English

How to Book

Fill out the online application form, we give you outcome within 48 hours, book your program by paying a deposit, frequently asked questions india, when should i start to apply.

It is best to apply as early as possible as we have limited placements available in our programs, especially during summer.

You can apply up to 1 year in the future to guarantee your placement.

We do however accept late applications up to 2 weeks before the start date, let us know and we will check the availability for you!

How long does the application process take?

Very fast with us! You fill out the application form, and we go to work for you within hours! For most placements, you will get an answer within 1-2 days.

Can I get a certificate after the program?

Yes, we will provide you with the Certificate after the successful completion of the program. This certificate is provided on request, so just let us know if you would like this!

How does my airport pickup work?

Your airport pick-up is included, and we will arrange this for you on Sunday.

For all programs in Darjeeling you need to arrive at Siliguri Bagdogra Airport, Bagdogra (IXB).

For all programs in Goa you need to arrive at Dabolim International Airport (GOI)/ Goa Mopa (GOX) Airport.

Can I volunteer with a friend or a group?

Yes you can! We can organize your program together with a friend, just let us know this in the comment section on the application form.

We can also organize. a family trip or a group, jst contact us, and we will be happy to help you!

How many hours per day do I volunteer?

Volunteers usually work for about 4 to 6 hours a day depending on their program type, and there can also be extra preparation time.

You have the weekend off so you can explore the area, go traveling, or just chill and relax on weekends.

Any More Questions?

We’re always here to help. Get in touch now!

Testimonial Sarah Snook

A testimonial from Sarah Snook the famous Hollywood actress who joined this volunteer program.

travel opportunity in india

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Volunteer in India

Home | Written by Brina | Updated 19th Oct 2023.

Volunteer in India guide

F or a volunteer experience involving all of the senses, look no further than India. A land of cows, yoga , chai, and chutney, India’s vibrance will leave a lifelong imprint upon you.

With its famous festivals like Holi and Diwali , India is also rich in culture and history. It’s no wonder that many people say that it’s a place like nowhere else.

Though the subcontinent is vast, it offers something for every kind of traveler. We want you to have the best possible experience volunteering in India, so we’ve put together a guide that will help lead you through the process.

Table of contents

Why volunteer in india.

Types of volunteering opportunities.

Who should volunteer in India?

The best time to visit.

Cultural and linguistic expectations.

Volunteer skills needed in India.

Is it safe to volunteer in India?

When to start planning.

Do I need a visa to volunteer in India?

Applying to volunteer in India.

Building your profile.

Writing your volunteer application.

Getting there and backup plans.

Explore available opportunities.

India is known for its stunning mausoleums and culinary delights. We believe it’s a stellar country for helpers, and here’s why:

Captivating nature - Whether you want to catch a glimpse of the snow-capped Himalayas, dip your toes in the Arabian sea, or camp out with camels in the desert, India has it all.

The cost of living in India is incredibly low. It’s an ideal country to visit on a budget .

India is known for its generosity. Locals are very kind to foreigners , making it easy to feel welcome.

Diversity - With 29 states, 122 major languages, and over 1.2 billion people, India is a melting pot of its own . 

Cuisine - Indian food is packed with flavor and loaded with an array of spices. Vegetarianism is practiced widely throughout the country, making it a great choice for travelers who don’t eat meat. 

Types of volunteering opportunities

There is a multitude of projects from which to choose. Here are some of the main categories:

Teaching English & TEFL in India - Opportunities include assisting in schools, volunteering with children in orphanages, and teaching English to young students.

Hospitality - Opportunities involve working reception at hostels, helping to set up a backpacker hostel, assisting with marketing operations at an eco lodge, and teaching yoga at a hostel.

Social Issues and NGOs - Opportunities include working with women and children in slums, helping charities, and interning with NGOs.

Farming - Opportunities involve learning about and helping with organic farming practices, as well as partaking in permaculture projects.

Anyone with a high level of motivation would make a great volunteer in India. If you’re open-minded, willing to adapt, and ready to be challenged , you’ll do just fine.

The great thing is, many of our projects allow you to utilize the skills and passions you already have. If you love children, why not opt to teach English in one of the schools? Enjoy raising awareness about important causes? Help out at one of the NGOs! Love working with your hands? Choose one of the farm projects!

The best time to visit

Between late October and March, most of India experiences cooler, drier, and sunnier weather, making it the optimal time to visit. If you’re headed to one of the northern states, it can be quite chilly during this time, so bear that in mind. The monsoon season runs from June to September.

Cultural and linguistic expectations

India is a conservative country. Women should wear modest clothing that covers their legs and shoulders. Everyone should bring lighter, breathable fabrics, such as cotton. You may also want to purchase traditional Indian clothing when you arrive, such as a salwar kameez (women) or a kurta (men).

Prior to entering someone’s home, always remove your shoes (unless instructed otherwise). Shoes should also never be worn in temples.

Many Indians eat using their hands. When touching another individual, always use your right hand, as the left hand is considered impure. Though western toilets are becoming more common, squat toilets are still the norm in most households and public places.

Hindi and English are India’s official languages. In larger cities, it’s common to come across English speakers, but in rural areas, English is more limited. While slow and simple communication usually suffices and can overcome language barriers, it can be helpful to learn some basic phrases. Do note that Hindi is spoken primarily in the northern part of the country. 

Volunteer skills needed in India

There isn’t a specific skill in high demand, only a desire to put forth your best efforts .

India is generally a safe country. The biggest issues are scams and pickpocketing, particularly in congested metropolitan areas and tourist hubs. Be sure to keep your valuables in a secure place. Always watch where you’re walking and look out for cars, as infrastructure in certain areas is still developing, and traffic laws are lax.

We recommend obtaining travel insurance before your trip. This will serve as a safety net and allow for peace of mind in case of any unforeseen circumstances. Our preferred insurance partner is SafetyWing.

When to start planning

It’s best to begin planning your trip at least 3-4 months in advance. This will allow you plenty of time to find the right host , book your flight, gather your belongings, and sort out other logistics of your trip.

Yes. All foreign nationals visiting India must have a visa to enter the country. (Those from the Maldives, however, may enter visa-free for up to 90 days).

Depending on your nationality, you can apply for either a regular paper visa or an e-Visa. The exception lies for those from Japan, South Korea, or the UAE, who can obtain a visa on arrival. An e-Visa is good for up to 1 year upon arrival, and each stay must not exceed 90 days. If you are from Canada, Japan, the U.K., or the U.S., you may stay for 180 days. The Government of India’s visa website has more information regarding visa applications and specifics.

All of our volunteer opportunities at HelpStay fall under the tourist visa category .

Applying to volunteer in India

As a non-member, you can read up on various work exchange projects in India. Once you’ve read up on all of the information, you can become a member , which will allow you to begin planning your stay.

The membership fee enables you to directly message hosts, using our secure messaging system.

Building your profile

Once you’ve become a member, you can also start to complete the “About You” section of your dashboard. Be sure to include these in your profile:

Your photo.

Your nationality.

Where you want to go.

When you plan to travel.

Project types that are of interest to you.

Information about you— This is where you play up your best talents and attributes to make a great impression!

As soon as all of these fields are complete, you may message hosts. 

Writing your volunteer application

Your messages with potential hosts are important, and you will want to present yourself in the best light. Be respectful, as this will go a long way.

Here are some pointers on how to make your application shine:

Thoroughly read the host listing so you have a clear idea of what is expected.

Be clear about how long you hope to stay. Mention what dates you’re available, and whether or not they’re flexible.

Express why you want this particular host’s project.

Say what other kinds of activities and excursions you hope to do when you’re not helping with the project.

Lay out what special talents or skills you have that make you a great fit for this particular project. This will be very helpful for the host!

List any dietary restrictions you may have.

Getting there and backup plans

After you’ve found the right host, you can book your flight to India. India is well-connected by air travel , making it easy to fly into whichever city is nearest to your destination. There is also an extensive railway system throughout the country, allowing travelers to move within India more easily. Additionally, local buses and rickshaws can help you get from place to place locally.

As with any major thing in life, it’s always wise to have a plan B. In our volunteer abroad guide , we highlight the importance of having a backup plan. 

Explore available opportunities

travel opportunity in india

You will be redirected to your dashboard shortly. We will also call you back in 24 hrs .

  • Volunteer Travel In India: Exploring Scope And Opportunities

If your travel can bring a change in people’s lives, there’s no better way of traveling. India is a beautiful land with diverse cultures and various geographical regions but life’s hardships and poverty are tyrannical realities for many here. Volunteer travel in India is an emerging concept that’s letting travelers from all across the world make a difference.

Teach kids, help conserve wildlife, plant trees, empower women by skill development, or choose homestays to enable economic empowerment and make your next trip count.

Volunteer travel – why should you choose it?

Old woman and young boy

Each year, thousands of travelers choose to volunteer in India with various volunteer programs. But why? Because they’ve figured out that volunteer travel in India is the best way to travel and understand its culture, people, and geography. From farming initiative to wildlife conservation, there are a lot of volunteer travel programs in India , where local as well as foreigner volunteers work for food, accommodation, and to learn a new and better way of life.

Let’s look at how India as a nation offers opportunities for volunteer travel.

Volunteer travel in North India

1. spiti ecosphere, himachal pradesh.

Spiti Ecosphere, Himachal Pradesh

Image Source

Among the many volunteer travel programs, India, Spiti Ecosphere is a collaborative effort of professionals from diverse background and the local community of Spiti Valley. Their aim is to create a sustainable economy that’s linked to culture and nature conservation. They help travelers give back to the region through different volunteer programs. You can either volunteer with them or contribute through your donations and ideas to help the community living in the upper Himalayas.

What you can do:  Teaching, homestays accommodation, and farming initiatives

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2. Druk White Lotus School, Ladakh

School Students

Situated on Leh-Manali highway, Druk White Lotus School, which rose to fame after the shooting of the film, 3 Idiots is a perfect place for your volunteer travel in India. This is one of the best ways to travel the incredibly beautiful Himalayas while helping the school kids improve their skills or pay for their books and tuitions.

What you can do:  Fundraising, donation, offer your time to teach kids

3. Aarohi, Peora, Uttarakhand

Aarohi, Peora, Uttarakhand

Nestled in the serene and picturesque valleys of Nainital, Aaorhi is an organization that helps empower the mountain families in as many ways as possible. They welcome teachers, sports people, doctors, marketing professionals, musicians, and anyone who wish to offer their skills and help the families make a living.

What you can do:  There’s no restriction. Anyone and offer any type of help

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Volunteer travel in Northeast India

4. fertile ground, assam.

Fertile Ground, Assam

There’s a great opportunity in Assam that can fulfill your dream to volunteer travel in India. Fertile Ground Center is always in search of volunteers who are interested in growing and caring fruits, vegetables, flowers, and grains on the fertile land of Assam. Also, there are volunteer opportunities for young farmers and students who want to learn entrepreneurial skills, low-cost farming etc.

What you can do:  Farming initiatives, tree plantation, and community development

5. Ecotourism and Conservation Society of Sikkim, Sikkim

Ecotourism and Conservation Society of Sikkim, Sikkim

Ecotourism and Conservation Society of Sikkim or ECOSS is an NGO that’s working for sustainable conservation in the state. They have built the Sikkim Himalayan Homestay with help of UNESCO to encourage sustainable eco-tourism.

What you can do: Volunteers can stay at the homestays to teach the families and their children different skills that’ll help them make a living.

Suggested Read: 13 Gorgeous Homestays In North East India That’ll Transport You To Another World

Volunteer travel in West India

6. sahyadri nisarga mitra, chiplun, maharashtra.

Sahyadri Nisarga Mitra, Chiplun, Maharashtra

Your volunteer travel in India can get really exciting in Chiplun. Sahyadri Nisarga Mitra is an org that organizes various projects in nature conservation and the protection of marine turtles, vultures, sea eagles etc. If you want to do your bit for mother nature while travelling the sublime valleys of Sahyadri, this is your chance.

What you can do: There’s a wide range of volunteer programs available for those who are interested. From helping them to compile the season’s turtle data and spread awareness in villages to conduct workshops and shoot films and prepare presentations, there’s so much you can do here.

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7. Sadhana Village, Pune, Maharashtra

a women and an old man drawing something on a chart

Anyone who’s planning to volunteer travel in India while exploring the gorgeous land of Maharashtra must volunteer at Sadhna Village. From health services and educational inputs to economic progress and women empowerment, they have successfully ran projects in the region.

What you can do: Help mentally challenged people, women, and young girls develop life and employability skills, teach kids, and help design better infrastructure for mentally challenged people.

Suggested Read: 17 Breathtakingly Beautiful Monsoon Getaways Near Pune & Mumbai

Volunteer travel in South India

8. sadhana forest, auroville, tn.

lady standing

Do you love the dense woods and a peaceful life? If you just said yes in your head, Sadhana Forest is the place for you. Anyone who’s travelling through the beautiful states of south India and looking for volunteer travel opportunities must live in Auroville and learn a new way of life. Here you learn water conservation, recycling, solar energy, food compositing, and also get involved in other projects that are created for wildlife conservation.

What you can do: Wildlife conservation and farming

9. Kabani, Wayanad

Leopard on tree

If you want to bring a change in many lives while travelling the byways and highways of Kerala, Kabani helps you do that. This is the place where you can bring your creativity, dedication, and skills to help improve the future livelihoods of the local communities as well as the environment.

What you can do: Community tourism initiatives and conduct survey, research, and campaigns

10. Andaman and Nicobar Islands Environmental Team (ANET)

three men rowing a boat in water

Anyone who loves white sands, blue waters, and tall palm trees will love their volunteer session with Andaman and Nicobar Islands Environmental Team. There’s a huge team of professionals who focus on environmental sustainability on the islands of Andaman.

What you can do: Carrying out interdisciplinary research, Environmental Education programmes, help develop PR with local, government agencies, institutions, and communities.

Further Read: Wanna Get Paid To Travel? Check Out 10 Lucrative Careers For The Wanderer In You!

We hope your every travel journey turns into a meaningful experience for you. So plan a trip in India , Are you already a volunteer traveler? If yes, share your volunteer travel stories with us and inspire other travelers to make a difference.

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Volunteer in India and get to know a fascinating country rich in culture, colors and exotic spices ... read more

Volunteer in India and get to know a fascinating country rich in culture, colors and exotic spices. Many projects are located in the capital Delhi , Dharamsala and Jaipur , but there are numerous volunteer opportunities in rural areas as well!

Use your teaching skills and volunteer at orphanages or care for underprivileged children in India. Or do you search for a medical volunteer opportunity in India? Perfect, help at a healthcare project and gain valuable work experience abroad. Women's empowerment is also an important issue: fight persisting inequalities and transfer your precious business knowledge for an aspiring female Indian generation.

India Medical Volunteers

Gain practical experience and insight on the medical program in India, whilst bringing support to a large population and under resourced facilities. Details >

Himalayan Trekking & Meaningful Adventure in India

Be a responsible tourist: Combine volunteering with adventurous traveling! Take a meaningful volunteer trip in India and support local communities in need. Details >

Women Empowerment Teacher

Join our women empowerment program for the women who live in rural areas, slums and backward villages in Jaipur, India. Details >

Building, Painting and Renovation Supporter

Construction and renovation in India! Get your hands dirty and help the underprivileged communities, working on school buildings. Details >

Natural Horsemanship Assistant

Spend some time with us and our amazing Marwari horses for a unique opportunity to be trained in natural horsemanship in the beautiful Indian countryside. Details >

India Childcare Volunteers

Volunteer at a childcare project in India and become truly engaged in the daily lives and development of these energetic children. Details >

Yoga and Meditation Workshop & Community work

This Project is an exciting project for Youth & Senior travelers coming to India. Please welcome to SMILENGO for Yoga & Meditation workshop with community services. Details >

Medical Mobile Ambulance Assistant

This program is about to support our Medical Health Care Van which run in rurals, slum and backward areas in Jaipur, India. Details >

Local Child Care Assistance

We are looking for volunteers to help with caring for the children living at our orphanage. They go to school however they benefit so much from extra tuition and care. Details >

Private Tutor Caretaker

Teach basic English & basic computer skills to children aged 8 to 16 years old, volunteers work in partner institutions, schools & on independent projects. Details >

Repainting and Renovation Of School

Motivated and energetic volunteers as a small to mid group, couples or individuals are welcome to participate in the renovation to school building for refugee children. Details >

Help the Street Children

Spend some quality time and contribute for the overall development and welfare of children from underprivileged backgrounds in Delhi. Details >

Care Assistant for underprivileged children

International youth volunteers are welcome to teach, help, play, distribute food to the underprivileged children living around Kolkata city. Details >

Theater & Art Mentor

This program is about to support children who are disadvantaged because of poverty. Help organizing a theater program and teaching them in performing. Details >

Cultural Exchange and Community Work

Do you wish to explore India and learn about Indian culture and tradition while living at local host family and helping SMILE NGO in good causes. Details >

Community Helper & Round Trips

Volunteer and travel in India to gain cultural experience. Details >

Promotional and Coordination Assistant

SMILE NGO India looking for motivated international volunteers to help Organization in online marketing and promotion. Details >

Summer Volunteering and Adventure

Experience the blend of exciting adventure tours and meaningful volunteering work under this specially designed 2 weeks program covering Delhi, Jaipur, Agra and Pushkar. Details >

Women Empowerment Supporter in Rural Villages

Support women in rural villages for their social justice. Details >

Refugee Community Coordination Assistant

International Youth volunteers are welcome to assist in Refugee Children & Community work. Location: Madhyamgram, Kolkata Details >

Volunteer Opportunities in India

Volunteering in India is an amazing experience. If you decide to travel and do voluntary work in India to support a local social project and their cause, you will be surprised by how much the country has to offer. It is home to a vast array of cultures, many different languages, and breathtaking landmarks that are unique to this corner of the earth.

Get to know India as the diverse and culturally rich country that it is, and experience everything India has to offer - from its traditions, and colourful festivals to spicy dishes and great music. Being a volunteer in India will be a great experience for you, and we want you to be prepared for your travel. That's why we are here to help you find out about the available volunteer projects in India. The opportunities are as varied as the country itself so there will be the right thing for everybody. Let's get started!

Volunteer opportunities in India

With over 1.2 billion people, India is the second-most populated country worldwide . However, a rapid economic growth did not solve the challenges, that a majority of India's huge population is facing, such as:

  • malnutrition
  • inadequate public healthcare
  • gender inequality
  • unequal distribution of education

Many volunteer projects in India are located in and around the suburbs of Delhi , which is India's second largest metropolis by population. It is home to more than 14 million inhabitants and a major cultural, political, and commercial melting pot. Thus, Delhi's citizens are confronted with many of the issues mentioned before. You might also do voluntary work in Jaipur, which is located around 260 km (162 miles) from the Indian capital New Delhi. Other volunteer projects in India are located in more rural areas such as Himachal Pradesh which is one of the northern states in the Himalayas.

Volunteer opportunities in India are multiple and variable . Choosing a cause to support is probably the most exciting part of planning your travel as a volunteer in India. So what are the most common fields of volunteer work in India?

Animal and wildlife conservation

Did you know that India is the only present-day country where both lions and tigers are found in their natural habitat? However, the Bengal tiger is threatened by habitat loss, conflict with humans and illegal wildlife trade and is therefore considered to be one of the most endangered big cats in the world .

As a volunteer in India, you can get involved in tiger conservation efforts and help these endangered animals in their own incredibly picturesque natural habitat . In addition to walking and vehicle-based safaris, you will take part in all manner of tiger conservation activities, wildlife management, and community focused initiatives during your time as a volunteer in India at a wildlife conservation project.

The wealth and variety of the local wildlife population provide perfect volunteer opportunities in India. There you can get involved with all sorts of animal conservations. You can, for example, take care of wild animals that have been harmed or mistreated. Your contribution as a volunteer in India will help biologists perform monitoring and research of the local wildlife.

If you want to explore India's fauna even further, the national parks are a popular travel destination . However, the parks won't be the only place you are going to get close to wild animals. However, the parks won't be the only place you are going to get close to wild animals. Don't be surprised to see elephants walking around on the streets and monkeys trying to steal from you. Seriously, don't get too close to these monkeys !

Biodiversity and its conservation

India is one of 17 megadiverse countries, which means that it harbors at least 5000 species of endemic plants and is bordered by a marine ecosystem. Furthermore, India contains three biodiversity hotspots, one of them being the 21.2% of forests that cover the country's landmass. Unfortunately, the human encroachment of the past decades has endangered India's unique biodiversity critically. And even though the country has made great progress in the past in terms of environmental protection and awareness, there are still many environmental issues that India has to face.

Do you think that protecting the environment is one of the most important challenges of our time? Your motivation to do volunteer work in India can make a difference where it is really needed!

The 5 most important environmental challenges India is facing are:

  • groundwater depletion
  • land/soil degradation
  • air and water pollution
  • loss of biodiversity
  • greenhouse gas emissions

Many of the social volunteer programs in India dealing with these issues are in desperate need of your helping hand and support as a volunteer in India. Other volunteer work in India that you can get involved in deals, for example, with organic and sustainable farming or environmental education.

Support community services

Given that widespread poverty and inequalities continue to be a great social concern in India, you might like to consider becoming a community volunteer in India. Among the many social issues the country has to face, these are the 5 most urgent:

  • overpopulation
  • inefficient public health infrastructure
  • the lack of proper sanitation in rural and urban areas
  • the substantial increment of poverty rates and inequality

There are many social volunteer projects in India that aim to tackle these issues. Volunteering at one of them gives you the opportunity to make a great difference for local communities and to improve various aspects of the local people's lives . The volunteer work in India in the field of community development are:

  • child care and buddy programs
  • working at local orphanages
  • taking care of street children
  • construction programs

Women empowerment

India is a fundamentally male dominated society in which many women have limited access to education and employment. The predetermined gender roles that shape the lives of many women often push them towards domesticated and subordinate lifestyles. As a result only two-third of women in India are literate.

Rural women in India are among the most disadvantaged in terms of decision making power and access to development opportunities. But did you know that rural women are active agents of economic and social change ? Studies show that they are leading in environmental protection and are, in many ways and to various degrees, thriving in their roles as farmers, producers, investors, caregivers as well as consumers.

This is why volunteer programs in India also include women empowerment since these are in need of international volunteers to assist, educate and provide professional training especially for women who live in:

  • rural areas
  • and below poverty line families

Education is the most influential tool to raise the status of women in developing countries . Once a woman perceives herself as belonging to a group - of students or workers (outside the family) she starts to see herself as a worthy and valuable contributor in society. This increases self-worth and paves the way for the eradication of gender inequalities. Hence, volunteer work in India has to involve the topic of women empowerment as well.

Working at an orphanage

Before you decide for one of the volunteer programs in India which is involved with orphanages , make sure you are prepared for your task and understand what to expect. While working with orphans might sound noble at first, it is important to realize that more than 80% of children living in orphanages are not orphans. They are separated from their families because they are poor, disabled, from an ethnic minority or because they are suffering from other exclusion factors.

Many of these children have experienced violence or abuse and are traumatised. For this reason, it is essential that volunteers MUST have appropriate skills . If not you could be putting yourself and the children at risk. Therefore, if you wish to do volunteer work in India at an orphanage, you should meet at least one of the following requirements:

  • experience in working with traumatised children
  • training as a child caretaker
  • training as a psychologist
  • training as a social worker

Teaching in India

Even though India can register a rising education, there is still a lot of potential and need for international volunteers to support local schools , especially in rural areas. Although there are many initiatives to work on the issue of poor education, it is still a concern in India. Projects focused on assisting with educational initiatives provide local children the opportunity for a better education . This is a great chance for children who couldn't afford to go to school otherwise.

Volunteering as a teacher and mentor for these kids is not only very rewarding, it will also help you grow as a person. To be working in teaching projects in India you need to be:

  • open minded
  • prepared to face challenges

In some volunteer programs in India, you can find yourself teaching in an open-air classroom and the need for creativity and improvisation is paramount. As a volunteer in India in the field of education you will be working in a team and if you have the necessary skills you might get the chance to plan classes independently . If you decide to work as an English teacher you will help in improving the vocabulary as well as spoken English skills of the students. We recommend you to make use of your creativity to organize educational games to play with the children.

Medical and healthcare

The previously mentioned problems like poor sanitation and the lack of sanitary sources for drinkable water are some of the reasons that India fights against a lot of water borne diseases. There are also great inequalities in the health system, especially between the castes.

Being a volunteer in health care can be a great opportunity for you to really make a difference in the lives of the unfortunate and offer you some hands-on medical volunteer work in India . Coming from a medical background, your help is always well received. As a volunteer in India you can join many humanitarian projects in areas such as:

  • Health education
  • Hospital placements
  • Medical and healthcare internships

Volunteer opportunities in India are endless, so there will definitely a program that suits you.

Cost of living

The suggested daily budget for living as a volunteer in India is between US$ 12 and US$ 29. This is an estimate made considering the average price of some of the services you might need and things you might want to buy. It gives you a general overview about how much things cost in this country, so you can be prepared and save the money you will need.

Additional costs you should consider will be:

  • program fees
  • flight tickets ( find cheap flights to India )
  • travel insurance (find your travel insurance )
  • fees for your visa
  • personal expenses

An exemplary overview of living costs in India (in US$, for one person) is:

Things to know before volunteering in India

When you travel to a different country it's important to familiarise yourself with its unique culture and social characteristics. This helps you to settle in quickly and avoid misunderstandings. The local Indian culture is diverse and old. It is affected by foreign influences, the different religions in the country and by the various languages and tribes. Exploring India's cultural heritage is a must when you travel India and a great way to spend your free time as a volunteer in India.

Safety & precautions

Keep in mind that there are different laws in every region you need to know before going to India . India has a complex social structure. You need to be aware of this and make the necessary research beforehand. When in doubt, you can follow these simple tips:

  • You must be able to identify yourself at all times!
  • Carry your personal belongings, and documents with you at all times.
  • Bring attested photocopies, just in case.

Check the legal drinking age of the state you are volunteering in: The legal ages range from 18 to 25 depending on the state. In some states (the so-called “dry states“) alcohol is completely forbidden .

Since the biggest cities in India often have a population of many million people, and thus a great poverty issue, high criminality rates are to be expected. If you are traveling alone as a woman, please check out some of our tips on female solo travel in India .

Culture & religion

Indian cuisine is - not surprisingly - as diverse as the country's different regions. Did you know that India has the largest number of vegetarians in the world? Around 20-40% of Indians are vegetarians . Indian cuisine is known for its rich use of herbs and spices and different cooking techniques.

The majority of the people in India (80%) practices Hinduism, but there's also a reasonable community that believes in Islam (14%). It is important to respect all religious habits and places:

  • Cover your head before entering a religious place.
  • Ask for permission before taking pictures of women and religious places.
  • Sometimes it is prohibited to take pictures and sometimes the places charge for it.

When moving to a different country it's important to familiarize yourself with its unique culture and the social characteristics . This helps you to settle in quickly and avoid misunderstandings. Regarding the Indian culture, please keep in mind that:

  • It is not appreciated to show affection publicly.
  • The same applies to nudity, which is highly penalized. So, if you are visiting any beaches, please abstain from going topless. You might be harshly reprimanded for this!
  • It is prohibited to smoke in public places.
  • It is impolite to eat with the left hand.

Health advice

It is annoying to get sick when traveling and although it is a common concern for travelers to get a stomach illness when traveling to India, there are some basic precautions you can take to avoid it:

  • Eat and drink safely: Don't eat undercooked food, avoid eating street food and don't drink water from the tap!
  • Also, wash your hands often , especially before eating.
  • Plan for how you will get health care during your stay. Get a travel insurance and bring medicine with you, especially if you need special medication.
  • Prevent bug bites: You might want to cover exposed skin, use an insect repellent , and use a bed net.
  • Make sure you are up-to-date on routine vaccinations before every trip. These vaccines include MMR, diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis, varicella (chickenpox), polio, and your yearly flu shot. Moreover, the US based health protection agency CDC recommends hepatitis A and typhoid vaccinations as you can get theses disease through contaminated food or water in India.

Tips for female travelers

As a female volunteer that travels outside the rural areas of India, keep in mind that safety of women is a concern in India. Exercise common sense and take the necessary measures to avoid unpleasant occurrences!

  • You should wear clothes that cover your shoulders and knees . This is even more important when you're visiting places of worship like temples.
  • It is recommended to carry a light scarf with you always. You can use it to cover your head when it gets really hot or when visiting religious places.
  • Use pre-paid taxis or taxis booked from hotels rather than hailing them on the street.

Who can volunteer in India?

You might have noticed by now that there are many volunteer opportunities in India that require different skills and abilities from their international volunteers. While you can find out the specific requirements for each project on their profiles on Volunteer World, here are some general requirements that apply to most projects in India:

  • You need to be at least 18 years old for most of the volunteer projects. When in doubt, we advise you to get in contact with the local project manager, as in some projects you can also volunteer when you're 16 years old.
  • You should have an intermediate level of English knowledge; some projects also require an advanced English knowledge.
  • Depending on the project you're interested in, you might need to provide a criminal background check and a health declaration before volunteering.
  • To have strong interpersonal skills , and experiences in working with a wide variety of people is expected from all volunteers. For teaching projects, other skills like dancing, drawing, sports, etc. can favour you as well.

What visa do I need for volunteering in India?

You have made it to the last section of this guide, which is another really important aspect while planning your trip: getting your volunteer visa for India.

Please consider that the following information is based on a best practice approach, which has been made according to the best of our knowledge and in cooperation with several volunteer organizations. That's why you should please make sure to discuss your visa requirements with your project coordinator on Volunteer World. If in doubt, we also recommend getting in touch with the Indian embassy or consulate in your country.

General entry information

There are some general requirements you should comply upon your arrival:

  • Please check the current validity of your passport. Your passport should have at least 180 days validity from the date of arrival in India.
  • Make sure your passport has at least two blank Visa pages . India requires that you have adequate unused pages in your passport, allowing for any necessary stamps upon arrival and departure.
  • Please check if a transit visa is required for any connections.
  • Make sure to be in possession of a valid return ticket .

Best practice for short-term volunteers

If you are planning to volunteer in India for 60 days or less, you can get the e-Visa. This visa is valid for 60 days from the date of arrival and permits double entry but is not extendable.

The e-Visa requires a complete online application . The application must be made at least four calendar days in advance of the date of arrival and can be made as early as 120 days in advance.

The e-Visa fees for India are divided into four slabs (in US$) depending on your nationality:

  • free (e.g. citizens from Argentina or South Africa)
  • US$ 25 (Japan, Singapore and Sri Lanka)
  • US$ 80 (Canada/Australia/Switzerland/EU)
  • US$ 100 (US/UK/Russian citizens)

Best practice for long-term volunteers

If you are planning to volunteer in India for more than 60 days, you should either apply for an employment or a tourist visa. This depends on your program duration and further plans to continue your travel through India.

  • The Tourist Visa is valid for a period of six months and is not extendable . All applicants are required to fill the valid online visa application form through the authorized website . Once you have completed your online application you will be provided with a checklist of documents that need to be submitted.
  • The Employment Visa is usually granted for one year or the duration of your voluntary work. Extensions and renewals can be requested at the Indian Ministry of Home Affairs in India (keep in mind that you need another blank page for each extension). Please note that you need an invitation letter from the Indian organization you are volunteering with in order to apply for the Employment Visa.

Welcome to Volunteering in India.

Meaningful Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering in India

Volunteer Travel India 2024

Carmen pieraccini - uk.

Europeans Volunteers Opportunities in India


  • Project Duration: From 1 week to 12 Week(s).
  • Age: 17 Or over can join.
  • Start Dates: All year round with flexible start dates you can choose your own start and finish date. However we recommend you to arrive on Sunday.
  • Accommodation: Volunteer House.
  • Meals: 3 Meals a day (B,L,D) & 24*7 staff support.
  • Volunteer Certificate: Offered after Program completion & references (on request).
  • Volunteer Work: Monday to Friday. Evenings and weekends are free to explore the local area or to enjoy optional Add On Tours offers by us.

travel opportunity in india

Apply Now! Submit your Application Form.

Volunteer travel in india-2024, combine volunteering in india with adventurous traveling make the most of your volunteer vacation in india by combining volunteerism with adventures travel.

travel opportunity in india

Volunteer Traveling in India may not be new for you, because in your early visits you would have spent all your time visiting all the World Heritage Sites, by staying in the Porsche hotels and traveling in the most comfortable zone. Have you ever felt that you are missing something in your luxurious trip? Do you like to meet the local Indian community? Are you interested in learning the basic culture of the rural India? Do you wish to help and serve people, who are deprived of education, food, health, hygiene, house to live in or geographically isolated Indians?

iSpiice responsible travel & Volunteer projects in India place you at the heart of rural India; work alongside with local communities and be welcomed into their daily lives. Volunteer in India and step into an enchanting land whose magic will stay with you long after you depart her shores. No matter which of our volunteer travel programs in India you choose with us, rest assured that you’re in safe hands with us. Our staff are available 24*7 with you while volunteering and while traveling. Voluntourism in India is a concept, exclusively designed for the volunteers, who want to spend time with the Indians, who need assistance for development. Incredible programs are offered for people, who want to travel to India as a traveler or to spend time during the gap year or to take up internship programs in India. We offer you an amazing volunteering experience, blended with the Indian culture, which you will not forget, all your lifetimes.

Volunteer work is carried out from Monday to Friday and on weekends there is an option to take optional weekend Add-On tours to Indian’s famous sites like Delhi City tour, Taj Mahal trip, Famous Golden Triangle trip of India,Trekking in Himalayas, Varanasi and Haridwar pilgrimage trip, Rajasthan trips including famous cities like Udaipur, Jodhpur, Jaipur, Jaisalmer and much more. For further information please visit→  ADD-ON TOURS  page.  (Some ADD-ON TOURS includes pick up from Delhi International airport at the time of your arrival in India). We also offer Combine Volunteer & Travel Programs in India for volunteers who are looking for Volunteering in India with Adventurous Traveling! For further information please visit→  COMBINE VOLUNTEER & TRAVEL PROGRAMS OPTIONS  (These options includes pick up and drop off to Delhi International airport at the time of arrival & departure.) These trips are always on high demand among volunteers and availability depends. 

Voluntourism in India combines fun, travel, adventure, learning and volunteering, so that every participant has the complete rewarding experience and action. Voluntourism allows the travelers to immerse in significant humanitarian activities, all through the weekdays and enjoy the most exciting tour programs to exhilarating Indian destinations, during the weekends. During the weekdays you are expected to spend just 4 – 5 hours on teaching, spreading awareness or renovating older buildings.

Browse Below Best, Affordable, Meaningful, Safe & Trusted Volunteer Travel India Programs iSpiice offer.

→combine volunteer & travel programs in india.

  • →Summer Volunteer Program in India
  • →Gap Year Program In India
  • →Volunteer & Explore India Social Volunteer Travel Program
  • →Volunteer & Visit Famous Forts & Monuments of India
  • →Be a Volunteer with Adventure Special Program
  • →Volunteer & Experience Famous Golden Triangle
  • →Varanasi Pilgrimage With Volunteering in Himalayas
  • →Volunteer & Experience Real Rajasthan


  • →The Taj Mahal Trip
  • →The Himalayan Trekking
  • →Golden Triangle Trip- Jaipur, Agra & Delhi
  • →The Golden Temple Weekend Tour
  • →Manali Adventure Weekend Tour
  • →Jaipur Tour with Delhi Sightseeing
  • →Varanasi Pilgrimage Tour
  • →Haridwar & Rishikesh Pilgrimage Tour

→Apply Now! Submit your Online Application Form!

The remaining hours can be used to understand the customs and culture of the local people. The local field trips and discussions about local issues help you get the clear understanding of the condition of the people in the area, so that you can give your fullest support to uplift them. Unlike the five star royal foods, which may not be prepared in the original taste of India, you can take pleasure in the authentic Indian food prepared with love and care. The staffs cook healthy and delicious meals, with the local recipes. Since you are among the people with different culture, for one or more months, the chances of cultural exchange are more. Teach them your skills and learn the best practices of the local people. This is the reason why the volunteering vacations have increased in number and popularity.

Volunteer travel India  offers travel experience along with work experience. Many people who work on Voluntourism gain greater prospects in their career. Further, in every program, add-on weekend programs bring all the fun you miss during the volunteering activities. They are filled with adventure and highlight the important places of the country. Voluntourism is definitely a fantastic alternative to the typical touring schedules and allows the participant to explore India; the local Indians and the heritage sites of India. The most common reason why Voluntourism in India is popular is due to the affordable packages. Unlike your regular abroad trip, Voluntourism does not cost you an arm and a leg rather the NGOs charge for your stay and food. They are non-profit organizations and hence do not make profit from your visit.

We welcome volunteers from all over the world. Volunteer programs runs throughout the year & open for Individuals, High school students, University students, couples, families, seniors over 50 and for groups.

→volunteer programs in india.

  • →Teach English To Children In The Himalayan Foothills
  • →Women’s Empowerment Volunteer Program in India
  • →Street Children Volunteer Program in India
  • →Dharamsala Community Development Project in India
  • →Volunteer Program for Child care help & support
  • →School & Community Renovation Program
  • →Medical Volunteer Program & Health Education
  • →Assist Teaching Computer & Communication Skills in India
  • →Private Tuition Volunteer Program in India
  • →The Himalayan Trip

Volunteer Review

Volunteer with iSpiice was amazing Experience. Felt very confident in iSpiice, all problems were dealt with, food was great, tours were great, work was organised, people were friendly, accommodation was clean and of good standard. During my stay I met with wonderful people. The group of Volunteers were great and the iSpiice team were incredibly helpful and kind.

Other Volunteer Programs In India

Volunteer Programs in India

Summer Volunteer Program in India:2024.

travel opportunity in india

Gap Year Program in India

travel opportunity in india

Varanasi Pilgrimage With Volunteering in Himalayas

Volunteer & Explore Four Cities in North India.

Volunteer & Visit Famous Forts & Monuments

travel opportunity in india

Volunteer & Experience Famous Golden Triangle

travel opportunity in india

Volunteer & Experience Real Rajasthan

travel opportunity in india

Volunteer & Explore India Social Volunteer Travel Program

travel opportunity in india

Be a Volunteer with Adventure Special Program

Teach English Volunteer Program in India

Teach English to Children in the Himalayan Foothills

travel opportunity in india

Women’s Empowerment Program

travel opportunity in india

Street Children Volunteer Program

travel opportunity in india

Dharamsala Community Development Project India

travel opportunity in india

Program for Child Care Support

travel opportunity in india

School and Community Renovation Program

travel opportunity in india

Medical Volunteer Program & Health Education

travel opportunity in india

Assist Teaching Computer & Communication Skills

travel opportunity in india

Private Tuition Program

Volunteer Taj Mahal trip in India

Optional Add on Tours for Volunteer's

Combine Volunteering & Travel Programs In India.

Volunteer for ngo in India for poor child education

Volunteer Programs in India

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Travel and Tourism Careers in India: Industry Outlook, Top Courses & Colleges, Jobs & Salary, and Top Companies

Tanmoy Ray

  • March 9, 2018
  • Career Guidance , MBA , Under Graduate

The United Nations (UN) designated 2017 as the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development. As one of the world’s largest economic sectors, Travel & Tourism creates jobs, drive exports & foreign revenue, and generate prosperity across the world. The International Year provides an enormous opportunity to further showcase the tremendous economic, social, cultural, environmental, and heritage value that the sector can bring. In this post, we will look into the travel and tourism careers in India .

Travel and Tourism Careers in India

Industry outlook, top courses & colleges, jobs & salary, and top companies.

The scope of employment in the tourism sector is very bright and has high potential with varied opportunities existing in both the public and the private sector. The public sector has opportunities in the Directorates and Departments of Tourism of the Centre and the State as Officers, Information Assistants, Tourist Guides etc. The private sector has opportunities in travel agencies, tour operators, airlines, hotels, transport and cargo companies etc.

Travel and Tourism Careers in India | jobs in travel and tourism industry in india

Travel & Tourism generated US$7.6 trillion (10.2% of global GDP) and 292 million jobs in 2016, equivalent to 1 in 10 jobs in the global economy. The sector accounted for 6.6% of total global exports and almost 30% of total global service exports.

Top 10 Countries that Earn Most from Tourism in the World:

Top countries in terms of economic impact from travel and tourism:.

  • South Africa

Travel & Tourism Sector in India: Industry Outlook

India is rich in culture, heritage, and geographical diversity. Desert, forest, mountains, beach, old towns, modern cities – you name it, India has it. So no wonder that the tourism industry contributes the most to the Indian economy.

The travel and tourism industry is growing tremendously and will continue so in the coming years. In India the travel industry hopes to create 46 million job opportunities by 2025 and our government is also taking various initiatives to improve the structure and promote tourism efficiently.

India’s Travel & Tourism sector ranks 7th in the world in terms of its total contribution to the country’s GDP, shows a new report by the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC). A job in this industry can be highly exciting and adventurous and even pays well. According to a report published by the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), India could possibly add another Rs. 8, 50,000 crores by the year 2020 just through tourism.

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Travel and Tourism Careers in India | career in travel and tourism after 12th

More importantly, the tourism sector will support 37.315 million jobs, which is about 8.7% of its total employment in India. The tourism industry is a service-based one; it relies heavily on human resources. The travel industry grows exponentially with specialized education. In fact, it depends entirely on the quality individuals have to offer.

The top employment sectors within the broad travel & tourism industry include the government tourism departments, major MNCs, Immigration and custom services; airlines & small-scale private travel agents. Some of the important factors in this field are good communication skills, English proficiency, understanding the customer needs and last but not least is the experience.

Travel and tourism is the largest earner of foreign exchange around the world and employs a large number of people directly or indirectly through corresponding service industries.

The Major Career Options (Traditional Career Paths) in the Travel and Tourism Sector are:

  • Holiday/Travel Agent
  • Tourism Manager
  • Travel Officer or Travel Agency Co-ordinator
  • Travel Counselor or Travel Consultant
  • Airlines Staff
  • Tourist Guide
  • Transport Officer

Associated Careers:

  • Airlines (Ground & In-Flight Staff, Sales & Marketing, HR, IT)
  • Hotels & Resorts (Operations, Front-Office, Food & Beverage, Sales & Marketing, Accounting, Public Relations , IT, HR)

Alternative (New-Age) Career Paths:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Retailer (Franchise)
  • Freelance Writer or Travel Blogger

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How Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Big Data are Reshaping the Travel & Hospitality Job Market

Careers in Adventure Tourism

Eco-Adventure Tourism: The Future of Hospitality Industry in India

Important Features of the Travel & Tourism Industry

  • Travel & Tourism is the largest earner of foreign exchange worldwide and employs millions of people directly or indirectly through associated service industries.
  • This industry includes everything from the government tourism departments and major multinational companies to the small-scale private travel agents.
  • While working in this industry, one provides services to people who are traveling for business or holiday or both, thus catering to tour packages, pilgrim travel, adventure travel or casual sight-seeing.
  • At almost every point of work in this field, employees need to interact personally with the customers and understand their needs while making them comfortable, so as to be able to provide the best service in terms of travel options and arrangements.

Career as a Travel Consultant or Travel Counselor

A travel counselor works right at the front and provides complete guidance on travel. As a travel counselor or travel consultant, you will ensure the best value out of individual and group bookings. A Travel Counselor also provides destination guidance and direction on accommodation, transport, and costs. He must also handle all ticket and hotel reservations and arrange for travel insurance.

Travel and Tourism Careers and Jobs in India | job opportunities in travel and tourism

Additional responsibilities include destination promotion, foreign exchange, and selling tour packages. There are two types of travel counselors, the first provides services for corporate tourism and the second specializes in leisure tourism. A travel counselor spends a good deal of his time in client servicing, ticketing, and reservations.

Salary Prospects in the Travel & Tourism Industry in India

Salary is pretty good in the travel and tourism industry. Moreover, the industry also offers good remuneration and perks, which include free travel for its employees and their families. You can get a relatively quiet handsome salary in foreign-based airlines or travel agencies. You could also do part-time jobs or can consider summer internships for early experience.

Required Skills to Make a Career in the Travel & Tourism Sector

Leadership, good teamwork, good communication skills, ability to research, strong customer focus, presentation skills, up-to-date news on current rules and regulations and documentation required, ticketing & passports, visas etc, interpersonal skills, a broad knowledge of India & world geography, working long hours. Skills required could include the knowledge of computer reservation system (CRS-Amadeus, Galileo, Sabre & Abacus), Airfares & ticketing skills, Language skills, Selling Skills, experience of handling money & foreign currencies, Customer service, Travel agency management, and travel & tourism geography knowledge.

Travel & Tourism Careers in India - Industry Outlook, Courses, Colleges, Jobs, Salary, Top Companies

Top Courses to Make a Career in the Travel & Tourism Sector

Diploma courses after class 12 (10+2).

  • Diploma in Travel and Tourism Management
  • Diploma in Hospitality Management
  • Diploma in Tourism Studies
  • Diploma in Aviation, Hospitality and Travel Management
  • Diploma in Tourist Guide
  • Diploma in Tourism and Ticketing
  • Diploma in Airfare and Ticketing

Bachelor Courses after Class 12 (10+2)

  • BA in Travel and Tourism Management
  • BA in Hospitality, Travel and Tourism Management
  • Sc. in Travel and Tourism Management
  • BA Tourism Studies
  • Sc. in Hospitality and Travel Management
  • BBA in Travel and Tourism Management
  • BBA in Hospitality and Travel Management
  • BBA in Air Travel Management
  • Bachelor of Tourism Studies
  • Bachelor of Tourism Administration
  • Com. Travel and Tourism Management
  • BA Travel and Tourism

Postgraduate Courses (after Bachelors) in the Travel & Tourism

  • MBA in Hospitality Management
  • Master of Tourism Administration (MTA)
  • MBA in Travel & Tourism
  • MA/MSc Hospitality Management with Specialization in Travel, Leisure & Tourism
  • PG Diploma in Travel, Tourism & Hospitality Management

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A careers & Jobs in Travel and Tourism

Top Institutes in India for Travel & Tourism Careers & Jobs

  • Centre for Tourism Studies, Pondicherry University
  • Indian Institute of Hotel and Tourism Management, Ghaziabad
  • Kuoni Academy
  • Indian Institute of Tourism and Travel Management
  • Thomas Cook-Centre of Learning
  • Amity Institute of Travel & Tourism
  • Blue Whale Academy
  • Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Hotel and Tourism Management Studies
  • School of Hotel Management and Tourism
  • National Institute of Tourism and Hospitality Management
  • Academy of Business Management, Tourism, & Research
  • Garden City College
  • Al-Ameen Institute of Management Studies, Hosur, Bangalore.
  • Bundelkhand University, School of Tourism & Hotel Management, Jhansi

A career in Travel and Tourism: Everything you wanted to know

Top Companies in the Travel & Tourism Sector in India

  • Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC)
  • State Tourism Boards (e.g. Kerala, North-East, Goa, Rajasthan, West Bengal, Assam, Himachal Pradesh, Sikkim etc.)
  • Cox & Kings Ltd.
  • Thomas Cook (India) Ltd
  • MakeMyTrip (and GoIbibo)
  • Balmer Lawrie Travel & Vacations
  • Jet Airways
  • India Healthcare Tourism (IHCT)
  • Kuoni Travel
  • East India Travel Co
  • Kesai Tours
  • Clun Mahindra Holidays
  • American Express Global Business Travels
  • Travix Leisure & Travels Pvt. Ltd.

Top Online Courses & Certifications to Improve Job Opportunities in the Travel & Tourism Sector

Sustainable Tourism – University of Copenhagen

Arts & Heritage Management – University of Bocconi

Travel Photography – Udemy

Communications: Advertising, Public Relations, Digital Marketing and more – IE Business School

International Travel Preparation, Safety, & Preparation – Johns Hopkins University

International and Cross-Cultural Negotiation – ESSEC Business School

Improving Communication Skills – University of Pennsylvania

Travel Writing – Udemy

Food & Beverage Management –  Università Bocconi

Marketing: Customer Needs and Wants – IESE Business School

Communication & Presentation Skills for Business – University of Colorado Boulder

Marketing Analytics – University of Virginia

Relationship Management – Rice University

Successful Negotiation: Essential Strategies and Skills – University of Michigan

Bar Manager Training Course – Udemy

Travel & Tourism Careers, Jobs & Courses

Hotel Management: Distribution, Revenue, and Demand Management Specialization – ESSEC Business School

The Arts & Science of Relationships: Understanding Human Needs – University of Toronto

English Communication Skills for Business – University of Washington

Digital Marketing – University of Illinois

Social Media Marketing – Boston University

Customer Analytics – UPenn (Wharton Business School)

Platform Strategy for Business – Boston University

Complete Digital Marketing Course – Udemy

Supply Chain Management – Rutgers State University

International Hospitality & Healthcare Services Marketing – Yonsei University

The Fundamentals of Hotel Distribution – ESSEC Business School

International Marketing & Cross Industry Growth – Yonsei University

Digital Marketing – Wharton Business School (UPenn)

Travel & Tourism Job Opportunities Abroad

Working abroad is a dream for several Indian students. Travel & tourism sector is one of the fields with immense job opportunities abroad. Countries like Australia, Canada & New Zealand are among the best in recent times. However, please be advised that local degrees are always way more preferable due to work permit issues. So, ideally, you need to hold a foreign degree.

Top 10 Foreign Countries to Study Travel & Tourism:

  • Switzerland
  • New Zealand
  • UAE (Dubai)
  • Netherlands

Top Courses to Study Abroad

Top 30 Universities in the World to Study Hospitality, Travel & Tourism

Top Courses to Study in Australia for Job Prospects & Immigration

Top Courses to Study in Canada for Job Prospects & Immigration

Acknowledgment: This article has been co-authored by Sujoy Sengupta . Read his blog post on Top 10 Places to Visit in West Bengal .

Key Sources: WTTC, India Today

Featured Image Credit: http://www.ohmyindia.com

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travel opportunity in india

Top Foreign Holiday Destinations For Indian Travellers in 2024

Discover 2024's top travel destinations for indian explorers. from tropical beaches to historic cities in europe, find out where indians are heading next.

Listen to Story

travel opportunity in india

Visa delays dash 'once-in-a-lifetime' opportunities for students, workers in India

L ast summer, Ankush Pal, a sociology student in Delhi, was thrilled to learn that he had been invited to present a paper at a conference in the fall at Southern Illinois University.

“As an undergraduate student, it’s a big deal,” Pal said. “It’s close to a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to even be invited.”

His trip was fully funded. The conference was four months away and he had a letter of invitation to support his visa application. There was only one problem: the earliest US visa appointment was 10 months after the conference.  

Getting visas to travel to the US has never been easy for people of certain nationalities. But pandemic closures made visa processing delays extend to a year or more, causing people to miss important family events, or have to delay work or study in the US.

Now, consulates are staffed up again, but substantial delays remain in many countries because of the large numbers of visa applicants. Slots for visa interviews are particularly hard to come by in India, where there’s a tremendous demand for visas.

The US Embassy in New Delhi and other consulates across the country processed more than 1 million non-immigrant visas in 2023.

“Indians now represent over 10% of all visa applicants worldwide, including 20% of all student visa applicants and 65% of all H&L-category [employment] visa applicants,”  according  to the US Embassy in New Delhi. 

To speed up the process, the US mission in India waived interview requirements for some applicants. It is also expanding operations by opening two new consulates in the country in the coming years.

Other strategies include roping in remote staff to help out with visa processing in India, and allowing Indians to appear for consular interviews at embassies in other countries.

“We’re currently processing more visas, faster than the US mission in India has ever done before,” Eric Garcetti, the US ambassador to India said last year.

Yet, a first-time visitor visa applicant in India, like Pal, may have to wait for as long as 260 days — nearly double the average global wait time of 140 days — but a significant improvement from the 1,000-day wait in 2022.

Pal’s interview is scheduled for August 2024.

Wait times are lower for Indian students, who make up the largest group of international students in the US. Embassies prioritize student visas, but even so, the process is far from simple, according to applicant Bikash Bhattacharya. Grabbing a slot requires repeated log-in attempts to the visa portal.

“Maybe 6 to 7 times daily at different points of time. Sometimes it’s at midnight, sometimes it’s early in the morning,” Bhattacharya said. He is supposed to start school later this month but doesn’t have a visa yet, and risks losing his PhD spot and scholarship.

Those who can’t afford to wait have one last resort: visa agents who guarantee an early slot for an extra fee. But it’s risky, Pal said.

“I am expected to share my credentials with them in the first place. I’m not sure what happens with my account at that time,” he said. The so-called agents can change your account password and hold it for ransom. Pal said many of them turn out to be scammers. 

The visa delay is also a diplomatic headache.

New Delhi is an important strategic partner for Washington, especially as a bulwark against Beijing’s rise.

Last year, President Joe Biden invited Prime Minister Narendra Modi for a state visit to the US. Both nations have grown closer in recent years and the Indian diaspora in the US is a key bridge between the two countries. At a  panel discussion  last year about US-India ties, experts said solving the visa issue should be a priority.

"Let’s make it easy to get visas to the US. That needs to happen. Let’s unleash that soft power, both the US and India. Let’s create conditions to build those people-to-people ties,” said Joseph Felter, a research fellow at the Hoover Institution, a public policy think tank at Stanford University.

Clearing visa hurdles for skilled Indian workers would help the US too, as it ramps up semiconductor production to compete with China.

“Essentially, today the US badly needs workers with basic STEM skills and is not able to produce them in sufficient volume,” said Dhruva Jaishankar, executive director at the Observer Research Foundation America.

“The only place they're going to be able to get skilled workers at the scale required is from India. So, some kind of mobility agreement between the US and India would go a long way toward benefiting both countries.”

Making people wait for visas hurts the US economy, too.

The  nonprofit US Travel Association  calls long visa delays a “de facto travel ban” which it estimates cost the US economy nearly $7 billion in 2023.

Long waits are also common in countries like Brazil and Mexico where there’s a large demand for visas. If delays persist, applicants like Bhattacharya may look to travel or study elsewhere. 

“I am scared of going through this whole thing again,” he said. He’s now thinking of applying to study in Germany.

The US Embassy in Delhi, India, where visas are processed for Indian nationals to work and study in the United States. 


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    Yet, a first-time visitor visa applicant in India, like Pal, may have to wait for as long as 260 days — nearly double the average global wait time of 140 days — but a significant improvement ...