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Intrepid Travel Morocco – Review: South Morocco Discovery

Morocco is an amazing country. I took a group of listeners of the Amateur Traveler podcast on a trip to Morocco which was run by Intrepid Travel , their South Morocco Discovery tour. Of all the trips we have done on 6 continents, this trip remains my wife’s favorite trip. Was it because everything went smoothly? No. Let me explain…

intrepid tours morocco reviews

High Atlas Mountains

Ait benhaddou, ksar kasbah taourirt, sahara camp.

The  South Morocco Discovery trip starts in Marrakesh and then loops around southern Morocco before returning to Marrakesh 9 days later. One of the things that made this trip so memorable was the variety of the places we saw on our trip. We saw modern cities, mountain villages, the many faces of the Sahara, cities with mud walls that looked like Timbuktu and walled cities on the coast. This was our first trip to Morocco .

Over the course of the trip, we stayed in

  • a traditional Berber homestay
  • western style hotels
  • at a Sahara desert camp in a tent
  • a couple of riads (traditional Moroccan palace)

We were met at the airport by a van and driver from Intrepid . We are used to traveling independently but can certainly get used to having someone just come and meet us with a sign after a long trip from the west coast of the United States to northern Africa. If you book a group on a trip that all travel together, then the airport pick-up is included. When you all come from different places, as we did, it is an extra charge but worth it.

Most of our group was smarter than we were and added extra time in Marrakesh at either the beginning or the end of the trip. But we did not have enough vacation time, so we arrived the day the tour started.

We met up with our tour group at 6 pm that night and met our guide, Khalid, for the first time. At this point, much of the group were strangers. We did have my wife Joan’s brother join us, some friends from college, and some former guests on the Amateur Traveler podcast , so we knew more of the group than anyone.

One person in the group missed the requirement that you need to have travel insurance … oddly enough, since this was my trip, it was me, so I had to quickly go online and buy a policy.

We would grow to love our guide, Khalid. He was a deep source of information about Morocco. He loves Morocco but could patiently explain how things work even when he thought they might work better some other way. He is fluent in at least 4 languages, and we were not surprised when he won a worldwide competition as “guide of the year” the year after our trip.

intrepid tours morocco reviews

We got acquainted a bit and then Khalid led us to a bus to the Medina. It was a bit overwhelming for the first night, with so many people crowded around. He got us seats outdoors at a large table and began ordering food. It was beyond chaotic, as food kept coming, waiters and cooks yelled at each other, and Khalid yelled at them when he didn’t get what he wanted. There was a huge assortment of food, including couscous with potatoes, carrot, eggplant, bread, sweet or hot sauce, skewers with veggies, chicken or beef, and turkey sausage. At the table next to our people were peeling vast quantities of hard-boiled eggs and making sandwiches or something.

Rachel, who traveled to Morocco by herself, told us that the day she spent in Marrakesh as a solo female traveler was much less comfortable than once she joined the group. This was particularly true when she visited the medina by herself.

We ate breakfast at the hotel and loaded up in the van and headed into the High Atlas Mountains. Even when you know they are there, it is surprising to see snow-capped peaks within an hour of Marrakesh. The country had received quite a lot of rain before our trip so this part of the trip was through lush green landscapes

intrepid tours morocco reviews

We stopped at a weekly outdoor market along the way, which was a big dusty area, with a variety of items for sale, including spices, live animals, vegetables, mule shoes, and pottery. A few “helpful” guides attached themselves to some of us, trying to sell us their wares as they walked along pointing things out to us.  A few of us bought a few pieces of jewelry for a few dollars.

We also passed a “room” open to the market with a sheet across the entrance, which Khalid said was the dentist. We’re pretty sure the conditions wouldn’t have been very sanitary and aren’t sure what they would use for anesthesia.

intrepid tours morocco reviews

We drove on from there to the town of Imlil where we would leave the van and take just our day packs on up to the mountain village where we would spend the night. There was an option to ride mules if the hike was too strenuous, which a few in the group did. For the rest of us, other mules carried our day packs. It was a decent hike, not too steep for most of it, and took a little over an hour.

intrepid tours morocco reviews

We arrived in the village of Aroumd, to the guest house, or gite, where we would stay. We had tea in the courtyard, and lunch of cut vegetables, omelet, rice, lentils, chicken skewers, and oranges.

intrepid tours morocco reviews

A local guide took part of the group on another hike in the mountains to a shrine. For the less adventurous, Khalid took us around the village, showing us the bakery, where everyone in town brings their bread to be baked each day, the hammam (baths), and the school nearby. We saw women gathering due to a village woman’s death. There were children running around and playing, and we heard the call to prayer from the mosque.

intrepid tours morocco reviews

Dinner was in a large sitting room with benches all around the perimeter of the room, a common arrangement in the country. Each couple had their own bedroom, but the bathrooms were shared. It was quite comfortable, and the air was so fresh outside.

Breakfast was in the same room as dinner, with yogurt, bread, crepes, coffee, and juice. After breakfast, we packed up to head back down the mountain to Imlil to reconnect with our bags. The hike back down wasn’t bad either, though the mules were not available for riding for that stretch.

intrepid tours morocco reviews

We began our drive to Ait Benhaddou, a UNESCO World Heritage Site on the edge of the Sahara. It was about a 6-hour drive. We stopped for lunch at a roadside restaurant, sitting upon a terrace, with chicken or beef skewers and fries.

intrepid tours morocco reviews

Ait Benhaddou was built along the salt caravan route between the Sahara and Marrakech. It was built starting in the 17th century. The site is a fortified village, or ksar, with kasbahs, or fortified houses, within.

intrepid tours morocco reviews

We were able to climb the steps to the granary, which would have served as storage but also for protection if attacked.

intrepid tours morocco reviews

We were able to go into one of the houses and visit with the woman who lived there, who of course served us tea. We could ask questions through Khalid. The funniest story was that the film Gladiator was filmed there in part, and Russell Crowe had stopped to visit with her. She had no idea who he was, but she has a signed movie poster on her wall that he gave her. Parts of Game of Thrones were also filmed in the picturesque town.

intrepid tours morocco reviews

We also got to see someone making art by putting tints onto paper, which all looked yellow at first until he held it over heat, at which point the actual colors appeared. He made paintings this way of desert scenes with camels and the building style of the kasbah.  So cool!

intrepid tours morocco reviews

We stayed that night in a hotel near the site, Rose du Sable , and had the chance for a cooking class. Several of us made our own tajine, a traditional dish that we ate often on the trip, made with meat, vegetables, and spices, always served with bread.  It was fun to put together the meal with the spices they had pre-selected to use. Our rooms were just off the terrace around the pool.

intrepid tours morocco reviews

After breakfast at the hotel, we drove to Ouarzazate, the film capital of Morocco. There was a very small cinema museum, which a few of us toured, seeing sets from movies that we had never heard of (mostly biblical stories).

intrepid tours morocco reviews

We stopped at Project Horizon International, the non-profit that Intrepid supports in Morocco, to tour and see the work they do providing physical therapy and prosthetics for people with physical disabilities, along with training in art or a craft, so that they can have their own businesses. We were able to buy some of the craftwork in the gift shop, such as jewelry, painted glassware, or ceramics.

intrepid tours morocco reviews

We drove on to Zagora, where we saw the famous sign “Tombouctou 52 Jours” (52 days by camel, it’s apparently only 6 days by jeep).

intrepid tours morocco reviews

We stopped to pick up lunch food at a market and went to the rug merchant. None of us were interested in buying rugs but it was interesting to learn more about them.  We were able to use an upstairs room at the store to eat our lunches, in the company of the cats who lived there.

intrepid tours morocco reviews

We took the van to the Ksar Kasbah Taourirt. It was a very well preserved town, restored with 3 sections: administrative (judge), living space, harem, sauna, first lady room, and cellar. It’s like a labyrinth, you don’t go out the way you came in.

intrepid tours morocco reviews

We stayed at a 4-star Hotel Ksar Tinsouline . Joan and I tried out the pool, but it was very cold. We sat out on the patio visited. We enjoyed dinner on the patio, tajine, steak, fries, crème caramel. You can pretty much assume that every meal will include a tajine of some sort.

We had breakfast also on the lovely patio, and left around 10:30 am, with a day pack for the camp.

intrepid tours morocco reviews

We drove to Tamegroute, where we all bought headscarves to be prepared for possible sandstorms in the Sahara, and visited a library with ancient books of religious studies and math and science texts, where an elderly man gave explanations of what we were seeing.

intrepid tours morocco reviews

We stopped at a pottery factory, which operated just as it would have hundreds of years ago, including a man using the spinning wheel sitting in a hole in the ground, and kilns cut into the rock wall. We toured through the mud buildings and were able to buy really beautiful pieces made either there or at another ceramic factory within the same cooperative.

intrepid tours morocco reviews

Then, finally, the camel ride. We got to a hotel of sorts with many low buildings and ate our picnic lunch that we’d prepared for at a small grocery store on the way. Then we saddled up, tied on our headscarves, and headed off on our camels… into a thunderstorm. None of us had expected that, and all we could do was laugh as ultimately after only about 10 or 15 minutes Khalid had the drivers turn the camels around and head back. It is not likely you will have this experience as this is the first time Khalid had run into this situation after years of guiding.

We tried waiting out the rain, but it was determined to continue. All the while we tried to find a spot that the rain didn’t come right through the dirt and grass roof and drip muddy water on us.  The camel drivers were pressed into service to provide tea, which may not have been a good idea, as the tea probably wasn’t boiled well enough and caused a few stomach ailments for the rest of the trip. If we had had a SteriPen with us, we probably could have avoided that problem.

Khalid was also calling ahead to the tour company to determine whether the rain would wash out any of the ravines we had to cross on our drive in the 4x4s. Eventually, he determined that it was safe, and we headed out.  One of the drivers really enjoyed the off-road freedom and raced a bit.

Most of the Sahara in Morocco is barren but not sand. We were driving to one area of large sand dunes.

intrepid tours morocco reviews

We all safely arrived at the Sahara Camp, which had several large tents each with 2 or 3 beds, plus a kitchen and dining tent, and a lavatory building with a few stalls and a sink (no toilets – very rustic!).

intrepid tours morocco reviews

People climbed up to the dunes for the view, but Joan was feeling pretty queasy so rested, and wasn’t able to eat dinner, finally tossing her lunch during the night. Turns out Jim and Rachel had also gotten sick. After the rain, the sleeping tents also smelled of wet camel… which was not the best smell.

In the morning those who could ate breakfast and eventually we headed out and back to civilization. The drive back was a bit calmer as Khalid had told the drivers to take it easy, especially as we had some cranky stomachs. Joan slept most of the way, surprising the other people in our 4X4 since the drive was anything but smooth.

intrepid tours morocco reviews

We stopped along the way to visit with a nomad family who actually has lived in the same location for many years, but they live out in the desert in a few tents made of blankets and tarps. They do have a cooking tent, but of course no electricity. They have a motorbike for trips to town.

intrepid tours morocco reviews

They were parents of grown children, who had all moved to the city, but 2 small grandchildren and a flock of goats lived with them. A few of us could fit into the tent and visited some, and when Khalid said where we were from, the mother did not know of America. Khalid explained that it is across the ocean, and she had heard of the ocean. It was amazing to see examples such as this where, in some ways, time has almost stood still, just a few hours drive from modern cities.

We drove on to Taroudant, with a few stops along the way. We were all very interested in seeing the “flying goats” who climb trees to eat the argan nuts. We were very lucky to have the chance to see a flock of goats who were, in fact, climbing in and jumping out of trees very close to the side of the road.

We also stopped to see how saffron is raised. We stopped and visited with a gentleman who grows saffron, and he showed us what the plant looks like and how he extracts the spice from the plant. He served saffron tea, and people had the chance to buy some as well.

intrepid tours morocco reviews

We also stopped at an argan oil cooperative, where we could see the very manual process of grinding the nuts down into a paste much like peanut butter after which the oil is separated out and used in cosmetics and hair products.

We stayed in Taroudant, at Hotel Dar Zitoune , a riad in a garden setting, with many paths between the main building and other buildings with rooms. Staying in an old palace was quite the improvement over tents smelling of a wet camel.

intrepid tours morocco reviews

We enjoyed a trip to see Taroudant’s original medieval walls as well as the local market.

intrepid tours morocco reviews

Our last few days would be in Essaouira, on the coast. This walled city has a large old town medina where we all enjoyed quite a bit of shopping for handmade items such as woodwork, crafts, leather products, pottery.

intrepid tours morocco reviews

I enjoyed wandering the side streets and adding to my collection of pictures of old doors.

intrepid tours morocco reviews

Khalid took us on a walking tour with a local guide, which was very good.  It was good that we had 2 nights here and didn’t have to be in a van at all after some really long travel days. We went out to dinner at a restaurant that mostly offered seafood. I was able to get a slice of pizza and a break from ordering a tajine.

intrepid tours morocco reviews

I went out exploring by the fishing port, and a local fisherman gave me an impromptu tour. I went back and paid him for his time later in the day.

intrepid tours morocco reviews

We did walk along the water to another area with beaches and a few cafes. It was really a nice town, with a mix of modern and the old in the Medina. We had fun shopping and bargaining (sometimes trying a bit too hard to get the price down, and talking the guy out of the bargain).  We grabbed dinner with a small group.

Back to Marrakech. We were back at our original hotel, and all went together to a nice restaurant for dinner. A few of the group members were staying on to see more of Marrakech. We were off to the airport around 7 am for our flight home.

Morocco, specifically southern Morocco is amazing, beautiful and diverse. The  Intrepid Travel South Morocco Discovery  proved to be a great way to see a lot in a little period of time. Book extra time in Marrakech at the beginning or end of your tour. Bring a large card for your digital camera. I took hundreds and hundreds of photos.

See all my photos from Southern Morocco

Listen to the podcast episode from the trip.

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intrepid tours morocco reviews

by Chris Christensen

+Chris Christensen | @chris2x | facebook

15 Responses to “Intrepid Travel Morocco – Review: South Morocco Discovery”

' src=

Another one for my bucket list! Thanks so much for the post.

' src=

Hi Chris, Morocco is on my bucket list. Is it ok if i’ll travel solo?

' src=

I certainly know women who have traveled solo to Morocco. We talked to Sherry Ott about that more than 10 years ago on . But… I think I mentioned that the young woman on our tour did get hassled less when she was on the group. So probably depends on how confident a traveler you are.

' src=

I’ve really been enjoying your posts on Morocco, i’d like to spend honeymoon in morocco.

So glad to hear Nadia, as I mentioned, my wife’s favorite trip

' src=

I’m female (although not young, alas), and I traveled solo in Morocco in Essaouira, Marrakesh, Casablanca and Rabat either side of an Intrepid tour of Morocco. The vendors in the Marrakesh medina were pushy, but no worse than the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul and certainly not up to Indian standards. Dressing modestly and being willing to say no and keep walking will help.

Odd coincidence – there had been a thunderstorm a couple of days before our visit to the Sahara (staying in a hotel, it was winter – we froze in Imlil!) and I have a photo of a sand dune with a lake at its foot.

I do think it’s a pity to go to Morocco and miss Fez.

Chris Christensen

That’s funny that you also almost had our thunderstorm experience.

' src=

Jake Batoto

Hi Chris! This is really great. I’ve been been hesitating about visiting Morocco but now, I made up my made. Thank you very much.

' src=

Hi Chris, this was a great read! My friend and I have booked the South Morocco tour with Intrepid for next winter! Did you find the walking around to need special shoes (hiking boots/firmer soles/whatever) at certain points, or were you pretty comfortable in sneakers?

I was comfortable in sneakers.

' src=

Great post with a lot of information and beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing your advice! And I agree with the comment above, sneakers should be fine!

I think south Morocco often doesn’t get enough attention. Thank you for this post!

' src=

Hi Chris Thank you for your great blog. What time of the year did you go to Morocco? I’m looking at doing this tour in June. Would places be air-conditioned?

' src=

how much extra cash do per person do you think is required on this trip? ignoring shopping, just for the meals and drinks/snacks?

The extra meals were something around $10 a day when I was there. Besides shopping a tip for the guide would be best in cash. Intrepid can give you some guidelines. The guides are great!

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  • Brandon · 15th January 2024 Everything was perfect. Local guide, our main guide Hassan, accomodations, perfect amount of time in each place,... Show more
  • Stefanie · 7th January 2024 Absolutely satisfied and will definitely remain a customer

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intrepid tours morocco reviews

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Fabulous journey covering all the main…

Fabulous journey covering all the main sights of Egypt. Mo our guide was brilliant and remains a friend over a year later. Very knowledgeable and he took us to some great restaurants with amazing views over some sights like the Temple of Luxor. The overnight train from Cairo to Aswan was a fantastic experience! Highly recommend this trip.

Date of experience : February 02, 2023

Reply from Intrepid Travel

Hello Julie, Thank you or taking the time to post your review and for recommending this trip to others. It’s great know that you had a fabulous time exploring Egypt, that the overnight train was such a highlight, and that you are still friends with your tour leader, over a year after taking this trip. We appreciate you taking the time to post your review and we hope to welcome you on another of our adventures soon.

I did the Moroccan Family Comfort…

I did the Moroccan Family Comfort holiday. It was awesome. I was traveling with my twins, 6 years old at the time. It was a small group and we loved it. We learned a lot about the people and the culture there. Beautiful Country. Our tour guide was the best. I am planning on going back with my mother-in-law and the kids to do it all over again with Intrepid Travel.

Date of experience : December 18, 2023

Thanks so much for you amazing feedback, and for taking your children with you to see such a magical part of the world. We agree that seeing the world through a childs eyes is a whole new experience and we are so glad that you all loved Morocco as much as we love Morocco! We can't wait to welcome you all back!

A Bucket-list wish fulfilled

Our tour leader, Ahmed, was absolutely wonderful--he made all the difference in this informative and well-organized tour of the major antiquities sites in Egypt, competently and cheerfully fulfilling the roles of leader AND guide. He knew his stuff (history, archaeology, culture...); definitely one of the very best tour leaders I've known in 30 years of traveling.

Date of experience : December 12, 2023

Thank you so much for your great feedback! We agree, Ahmed is a top guide and we are so glad that you got to experience all that Egypt has to offer paired with his knowledge of all of the history.

'Premium Northern Thailand'

On my return from 'Premium Northern Thailand' in January 24, I contacted Intrepid to discuss what I saw as the ONLY fault in an otherwise superb trip (I have done eight, so I have solid grounds for comparison!) My complaint was centred around the train trip that takes place on day 6 of the tour. Various factors conspired to see the group travel in non-airconditioned carriages for 6 hours! I was heard by senior management of Intrepid, each of whom took my comments most seriously and have kept me advised about their actions. I felt that this matter could not have been more effectively dealt with and gave me continued confidence to travel again with Intrepid.

Date of experience : December 30, 2023

Dear Stephen, thank you for taking the time to leave a review. We are so appreciative of your ongoing support for Intrepid, thank you for continuing to choose us! We truly value your input and are delighted to hear that our team expertly managed your feedback. We hope to see you soon on another adventure, take care.

Totally Inflexible

I booked a once in a lifetime trip to see Gorillas with my daughter several years ago now, with Intrepid. I payed around £6,000 in total. My daughter was then living in South Africa and unfortunately contracted malaria, about 4 weeks before we were due to start our tour. Luckily she fully recovered but we were unable to make the tour. Despite contacting Intrepid numerous times, they were totally inflexible about changing our tour dates or refunding ANY of the money. We let them know immediately when she became ill but they were adamant there was nothing they could or would do. They told me to claim on my insurance. Because I'd paid for my daughter's tour too, my insurance would only refund my tour. I basically lost £3,000 by booking with Intrepid and would consequently never book with them again.

Date of experience : January 26, 2023

Hi Julia, thank you for your post. We are sorry to hear that you were unable to travel with us due to medical reasons, however our terms and conditions are advised on before travel- and those are agreed to in your contract upon payment. Our cancellation policies are outlined in our online platform should you wish to review. The insurance coverage purchased by our travellers does need to meet our base requirements- medical, emergency evacuation and repatriation. Should you want to have us look at your file again, please email [email protected] with your booking number (please do not post it publicly). The issuance of refunds, from insurers, do get processed based on the policy purchased. We are sorry that we were not able to host you on what would have been an amazing tour. We hope to hear from you. Stay well.

Memories of Vietnam

The scenery, food and than was an outstanding guide. On his day off he rode a bike around the old city to check on us.

Thank you so much for your great feedback! Vietnam is an amazing country and we are so glad that you got to experience it with one our our trips and thanks so much for your feedback on our guides. They truly are the heart of a great tour!

Explore Vietnam - Very Highly Recommended

I completed the Intrepid "Explore Vietnam" trip at the end of 2023, and enjoyed a fantastic trip. The tour was described as "Basic" which was reflected in the very competitive price, but the standard of accommodation and the quality of venues was certainly much better than the "Basic" label implied. The tour guide, Lucky, was probably the best organised and informative guide I have ever travelled with. A great trip, that I would recomend to anyone who wishes to discover the treasures of Vietnam.

Date of experience : December 27, 2023

Thank you so much for your positive review, Niall. We are delighted to hear that you had such an amazing time exploring Vietnam and that you found the standard of accommodation and tour leader to be far from 'basic'. We look forward to welcoming you on another Intrepid adventure in the not so distant future.

The best of Sri Lanka was just that - and we can't wait to return

We have just returned from a 15 day tour of the Best of Sri Lanka! What a wonderful trip. This really was the best of.Our guide, Ranjan went above and beyond to ensure we had the most authentic trip and that everyone was well looked after. We woke to the sound of peacocks calling by the Indian Ocean in Mirissa, were served tea in the heart of verdant tea plantations on our treks, rode bikes through ancient temple sites at Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa amongst the pilgrims and the monkeys, hung out of trains as they travelled through the lush green countryside, and marvelled at the treasures hidden up high in the Dambulla Cave Temples. New Year's Day saw us trek up Lion's Rock at 5am to toast the new year as the sun rose - we were rewarded with biblical rain instead! Our guide and driver were fantastic, even suggesting and organising detours to Ella, the Nine Arch Bridge and the Tsunami museum and Buddha statue....and introduced us to burnt cashew nuts. Wonderful trip, a wonderful guide. We will be back.

Hi JB! Thank you for the lovely review of your time with us- it sounds like the perfect way to ring in 2024. We are thrilled to know of your unique experiences and how Ranjan truly took care of the group. We look forward to seeing you for your next adventure, should you consider us. Stay well.

I was interested in booking a guided…

I was interested in booking a guided tour for De Mont Blanc and tried to chat on Intrepid site to get knowledge on number of miles per hike. Was told by Janette that they do not provide that type of information as it might be misinterpreted by customers? As a result I will not be booking a tour through this company if they cannot provide this simple, important detail of their itinerary.

Date of experience : January 07, 2024

Hi Craig, Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review, we're discouraged to learn about your experience when reaching out to our Sales and Customer Service team. While we understand Janette offered to contact our local team to confirm the distance hiked each day, we acknowledge that having this information readily available on the itinerary would be very helpful for potential travelers. In light of this, we have shared your feedback with the Product Manager of our Walking & Trekking trips and asked they work to update the trip itinerary to include this important information. Thank you again for sharing your experience as this has allowed us the opportunity to improve the information on our itinerary. We appreciate your input and look forward to implementing these improvements to ensure a smoother and more informed journey for our future travelers.

Amazing trip to Mexico

Amazing trip! I had a brilliant tour leader, and everything was so well planned and organised. Had an amazing experience.

Date of experience : January 13, 2024

Hi Izzy, thank you for your lovely post. We are thrilled to know that you enjoyed your time in Mexico, and that your leader was an asset to you and your group. We look forward to seeing you again when the time comes, have an amazing 2024!

So much iconic history!

I was fascinated by the historic sites we saw, and learning of their stories. Our guide Büsra, was excellent explaining the various activities, and in dealing with the minor crises, such as finding a dentist for my husband’s dental emergency! Turkish Delight is much better in Turkey than in Australia, but may be difficult on loose fillings! Unfortunately the tour does not include enough time in Istanbul, and we were glad to spend a week there exploring on our own. It was very safe on our own and with the group! ***** Ann

Date of experience : October 25, 2023

Hi Ann, thank you for letting us know about your experience during your time in Turkey! We are pleased to hear that you were supported by Busra during - what can be- a stressful time. We are pleased to know you arranged extra time to explore Istanbul and to indulge in some authentic Turkish Delight- how wonderful! We look forward to seeing you again, should you afford us the opportunity to host you in future. Have a fantastic rest of 2023! Stay well.

Oman Discivery

Travelling to Oman in 2023 was my first experience with Intrepid From the initial phone call where team Members were knowledgeable courteous and easy to talk to through to the tour itself there were no problems or hassles. The Omani tour leader Said was exceptional approachable personable he is a true leader ably supported by Yousef and Amin. This team showed compassion and respect in an unobtrusive manner. Their constant good humour and their willingness to assist in the learning of Arabic was much appreciated. The interaction with Omanis during our travels was an inspiration and a joy Accommodation could not be faulted The whole tour of Oman was a gem which will remain in my memory My tour was in November an ideal time of year to travel

Date of experience : November 01, 2023

Hi Stephanie, thank you for sharing your experience with us! We are thrilled to know that you had a great time, and that Said and the team were so well liked. We also appreciate your mention of the time of year to travel and the insight you have provided around that. We hope to see you again when the time comes and we wish you all the best for 2024!

What a wonderful introduction to Cuba

What a wonderful introduction to Cuba! The guides (Will and Claudia, with George safely guiding our bus from place to place) were fantastic and we met dozens of Cubans from all walks of life. It was a perfect mix of culture, food, politics, and history. (For details, you can see my blog posts about Cuba, including what to expect and more about Intrepid) at

Date of experience : November 05, 2023

Thanks for your fabulous review! We're delighted to read that you had a wonderful time in Cuba and that your guides Will and Claudia were able to enhance your experience, along with the driver George. Cuba is such a unique place to visit and we're thrilled that Intrepid got to be part of your experience. We hope to welcome you back on another trip with us soon!

East Europe Express

This review is in relation to East Europe Express trip that I attended in August 2023. Overall trip was good and tour guide did a good job. There are number of things that can be improved. 1) The trip is called East Europe Express but technically you spend a night in Romania and a night in Turkey whereas rest of the trip is through Bulgaria. Might as well rename it to Bulgaria trip? 2) Sofia is the capital and there is a lot to do in this beautiful city. One afternoon and morning wasn't enough. I would suggest allowing for another night there. 3) Bansko to Plovdiv train ride. As much as it was a fun local train ride experience. It took 5 hours to get to Plovdiv and we got to Plovdiv around 8pm. The same journey could have been done by car in few hours. 4) It appears that you are spending two nights in Plovdiv but technically you are only there for one whole day which seems rushed. 5) Plovdiv to Istanbul is a long drive, we stopped at a beautiful border town of Erdine in Turkey. One could easily spend an afternoon here and break the long drive between Plovdiv and Istanbul Most of the accommodations were reasonable and optional activities had a good balance.

Date of experience : August 07, 2023

Hello Az! Thank you so much for your honesty and for taking the time to share your opinion with us. We are happy to hear that overall you had a good tour and that your tour leader did a good job. We will share your constructive comments with our local team, we really appreciate the opportunity to improve our services. We look forward to welcoming you on another of our adventures soon.

Intrepid tour of Egypt…

Our Egyptian guide Ahmed Fawzy brought a wonderful trip to a new level. His knowledge and understanding of Egyptian history and culture was outstanding but the care and thoughtfulness he gave to all of us was the icing on the cake. We felt we were in such capable hands and our safety and comfort was always a high priority. Can’t thank Ahmed enough for making it the best trip we have ever been on.

Date of experience : October 30, 2023

Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with us, Eleanor. We are delighted to hear how your tour leader, Ahmed brought your wonderful trip to a new level. Our incredible local leaders are an asset to our company and we are so pleased that Ahmed's knowledge and thoughtfulness made this the best trip you have ever been on. We look forward to welcoming you on another adventure in the not-so-distant future. All the best, Intrepid Travel

Just finished my third trip with Intrepid (US Western National Parks; India and Japan) and immediately booked for next trip to Asia in 2024. Most of the group on my last trip were repeat customers and would use again which tells what you need to know. I found it a great option as a solo traveller and thought the optional solo supplement was reasonable.

Date of experience : November 23, 2023

Hi Caroline! Thank you for your review. We are thrilled to know you are already signed up for a new tour following your most recent experience. Thank you for highlighting your thoughts around travelling as a solo adventurer- we appreciate your feedback, and cannot wait to see you again! Stay well.

Japan:Land of the Rising Sun

Great trip, lots packed into 13 days. Be prepared for a lot of walking and travelling, but well worth it. Pack light and wear good comfortable shoes that you can take off and put on easily! Guide Machiko was brilliant, nothing too much trouble. Varied destinations and great trips, brilliant food and Sake was lovely. Only slight downside was several nights rooms in Ryokans had shared toilet facilities, and sleeping on floor can be difficult if you struggle to get up. Having said that would recommend (Group of 12 was a good size)

Date of experience : October 05, 2023

Hello John, thank you for your review! We're delighted that you had a great adventure with us in Japan and appreciate your feedback on all aspects of the trip. We hope to welcome you on another Intrepid tour in the near future.

An enjoyable Premium Sicily trip

Intrepid looked after all the organising; all we had to do was enjoy ourselves. Our Premium Sicily trip had mostly good accommodation - well located with good sized rooms and good breakfasts. There were lots of included activities making for fast oaced full days. The tour leader was very good. The city guides were also excellent, although perhaps a little wordy while standing in the hot sun. Lots of ancient Greek and Roman sites. A variety of other activities. Good quality food and plenty of it - perhaps too much. Some great wines. Bus was good but lacking in legroom for taller passengers. Driver excellent.

Date of experience : October 03, 2023

Thank you for taking the time to post your review. It great to know that you enjoyed your time exploring Sicily, while taking in the sights, enjoying the activities and the amazing wine and food on offer in this wonderful destination. We do hope you have some amazing memories of your time here and that we can welcome you on another of our adventures soon.

Exploring Morocco

Morocco was a beautiful country with interesting history and very friendly people. I loved seeing many of its historic cities. This trip had lots of variety, a good guide, freedom to explore on our own without a group and great local experiences. I also liked the local transportation and the places we stayed overnight. It would have been nice if Intrepid offered an app with up to date trip details.

Date of experience : September 28, 2023

Hello Margriet, thank you for taking the time to post your review. We agree Morocco us a beautiful country with lots of history and friendly people, so it great to know you enjoyed you time here and that you had some great local experiences. We would love to have an Intrepid App, and this is something that has been discussed, but currently there are no plans to do this. We hope you have some amazing memories of your time in the special part of the world and that we can welcome you on another of our adventures soon.

Useless company

Useless company, go with TripADeal or anyone else. My issue, I emailed this company on October 3rd regarding a refund and still haven’t heard back. Was disconnected from a live agent last night due to time out error and still no follow up made on their behalf.

Date of experience : November 24, 2023

Hello Matthew, thank you for sharing your comments with us. We can see that you and your travel agent were in contact with our sales team, and that your refund was processed successfully. We are truly sorry that you are unsatisfied with our resolution, and our Customer Care team is more than happy to contact you directly to address your concerns. Once again, we are sorry for the inconvenience caused. Take care.

Happy Days Travel

Happy Days Travel

Do it Now – Don't Wait for Retirement!

A Review of Intrepid’s ‘Morocco Encompassed’ Tour

This photo shows the sun setting behind the holy city of Moulay Idris

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Mark and I do a lot of independent travel.  We enjoy the freedom and flexibility that goes with ‘doing our own thing’.  However, this type of travel can be exhausting!  When we completed our two-month trip around southern India, we felt like we needed a holiday!  Sometimes, we prefer to join a tour.  It’s great not to have to worry about where we’re staying each night or how to get there.  We can just enjoy the experience.

What follows is a review of Intrepid’s amazing ‘Morocco Encompassed’ tour that we’ve just completed.

If you would rather visit Morocco independently, check out this comprehensive 10-day itinerary .

25% off Intrepid Travel trips

In this article

  • Name of Tour  – Morocco Encompassed (Code XMSQC)
  • Operator  – Intrepid 
  • Countries Visited  – Morocco
  • Crew  – 1 Intrepid tour leader, 1 driver who was with us for 5 days plus local guides
  • Number of Passengers  – maximum 16
  • Duration  – 18 days
  • Itinerary  – Day 1 Casablanca , Day 2 Rabat / Moulay Idriss , Day 3 Volubilis/Fez, Day 4 Fez , Day 5/6 Chefchaouen , Day 7 Tangier, Day 8/9 Marrakech , Day 10 Aroumd , Day 11 Ait Benhaddou, Day 12 Zagora, Day 13 Sahara Camp , Day 14 Taroudant, Day 15/16 Essaouira , Day 17/18 Marrakech
  • Cost – from $1515 US

What Happened Before our Morocco Encompassed Tour

We booked our trip directly with Intrepid on this occasion, but we could just as easily have booked through TourRadar , a platform which offers tours from many operators and which often has better offers than booking direct.

Our pre-departure information from Intrepid was second to none.  They provide detailed trip notes including advice on visas and suggestions on what to take with you.  Their customer service team are very good if you have any queries before you go.

We wanted to add on a few days in Casablanca before the start of our tour and also in Marrakech at the end.  We enquired with Intrepid as to the cost of extra nights in the hotels used on the trip.  They were very quick with their response and handled the bookings efficiently.

What Happened During our Morocco Encompassed Tour

Meet and greet.

Our ‘meet and greet’ took place in the restaurant of the joining hotel at 6pm on day one of the tour.  It was a chance for us to meet our guide, Hamid, and our fellow travellers.  Because the ‘Morocco Encompassed’ tour is made up of two other trips (one covering northern Morocco and the other travelling to the south), Hamid didn’t know at this stage if he would be with us for the duration.  Also, the make-up of our group would change at the mid-way point.  As it transpired, Hamid did indeed stay with us for the entire eighteen days and, of the fifteen passengers on the first leg (2 Americans, 3 Canadians, 6 Australians, 2 New Zealanders, and us), six of us continued for the whole thing.

Hamid was engaging, friendly and informative with a great sense of humour.  His five years of experience in the job shone through; he immediately put us all at our ease and answered any concerns we had.  He gave us all the details we needed to get the most out of the trip without overloading us.  We all left the meeting feeling excited about what was to come.  Several of us went to a local restaurant and had dinner together, beginning to form friendships that I’m sure will endure.

We had a second ‘meet and greet’ at the end of the first half of the trip.  By then, those of us who were continuing had got to know each other and Hamid very well.  It could have been awkward for the ‘newbies’!  Hamid, however, did a great job of integrating them into our group.  We continued happily into phase two joined by a family of four from New Zealand, a German couple and a Canadian lady.

A nice touch when you do an Intrepid tour is that you are given an attractive canvas bag at the welcome meeting, part of the company’s green ethos.  Hamid gave us a bag each for each leg of the trip so we came away with four of them which we used both on this trip and our subsequent tour around West Africa .

This photo shows our group on the highest road pass through the High Atlas Mountains

Our transport on the tour was, mainly, a comfortable private minibus, although, in line with Intrepid’s policy to give guests a local experience, we did also travel by train, taxi, public bus and 4WD.

We had some long driving days on the minibus which some of the group found difficult, but any discomfort was more than made up for by the amazing views and the chance to stop whenever we saw something interesting – like lots of goats in a tree, for example!  It was also important that we changed seats each day so that nobody was stuck with always sitting at the back – not the most comfortable seats when driving along rough roads!

One journey that none of our group was looking forward to was the overnight train from Tangier to Marrakech .  In the event, it was not as bad as we had feared, though sleep was a little hard to come by!  We were put into groups of four to share a sleeper compartment.  The bunks were reasonably comfortable, but the carriage was so hot that it made for a sticky night.  Trying to get cleaned up in the morning in a bathroom with no water was interesting.  Luckily, I never go anywhere without a pack of wet wipes!


We stayed in a variety of different accommodation during our trip.  All were of a decent standard and some were real gems that we would definitely choose to stay in again if we return to Morocco.

For ten nights of our trip, we stayed in hotels.

Our joining hotel in Casablanca was clean and comfortable and served a very good breakfast.  It was conveniently located very close to the central station meaning that we had just a short walk to catch our train to Rabat when we left the city.

In Fes , our hotel was located in the new town (so-called because it is only 700 years old!), a twenty-minute drive to the medina.  We spent two nights here.  The hotel was fine if a bit nondescript – to be honest, I’m struggling to recall it as I write this a few weeks after being there!  I do remember that there was an off-licence across the road, a rarity in Morocco and a welcome sight for some members of our group!

The next hotel we stayed in was in Chefchaouen , the blue city.  This was much more memorable!  The Dar Echaouen is a typical Moroccan building with rich sand-coloured walls and vibrant blue paintwork.  It has a glorious garden filled with comfortable sofas and vibrant, fragrant blooms.  The rooms are very pretty and super-comfortable.  Ours had an amazing view over the swimming pool and the city beyond.  The buffet breakfast was delicious and the pool was a very welcome relief from the heat of downtown Chefchaouen .  We spent a very enjoyable two nights here.

Thus photo shows the swimming pool at our hotel in Chefchaouen surrounded by trees

In Marrakech , our hotel was very comfortable with a small plunge pool and a restaurant that served incredible, if a little expensive, food!  By the time we reached here, we were all a little tired of couscous and tagine, delicious though they are, and we were grateful to be able to choose fish or steak or lamb or pasta – anything but couscous!  We spent two nights here at the mid-point of the tour and returned for a further night at the end.

We stayed in two other hotels – in Ait Benhaddou and Zagora .  Both were very nice and had swimming pools and clean, spacious rooms.

We spent one night in a family-owned chambre d’hotes in the holy city of Moulay Idris .  This was a real highlight.  Intrepid supports local businesses wherever possible and this guesthouse is one of the success stories.  Hamid explained that when Intrepid first began taking groups to Moulay Idris, this was just a restaurant where they would have a meal before leaving the town to stay somewhere else.  Over the years, the family, with Intrepid’s help, have extended and now have several ensuite rooms built in the Berber style around an interior courtyard.  The accommodation is rustic but very comfortable.  There is a roof terrace with stunning views over the city, the perfect spot to enjoy our complimentary mint tea on arrival.

Our hosts, Mohammed and Rashida, were very friendly and welcoming.  Before dinner, we all crammed into Rashida’s tiny kitchen to learn how to cook couscous properly – it involves much more than pouring boiling water over it!  The meal that followed was an absolute feast: olives, ratatouille and bread to start, home-made soup, couscous with vegetables, meatballs in tomato sauce with omelette, roast spiced chicken, and fresh melon and grapes to finish.  Delicious!!

Sleeper Train

As I’ve already mentioned, we spent one night of our trip on the sleeper train from Tangier to Marrakech.  All I can say is that it wasn’t as bad as some of our number had feared!

In the High Atlas Mountains , we stayed in a stone-built gite in the village of Aroumd.  Here, the accommodation is in shared dorms, but because we were the only guests and because our group was quite small, we were allocated individual rooms and just had to share the bathrooms – no great hardship!  The food we were served here was delicious.  The only downside was that the gite was really cold.  It is located at altitude and consequently, the temperature was considerably lower than anywhere else we went.

We spent one night at a campsite in the Sahara Desert .  This was another trip highlight.  The ‘tents’ were very comfortable with proper beds to sleep on and electric lights.  The staff prepared us a fabulous meal and afterwards, we sang songs and danced around the campfire!  Some of our group chose to pull their beds out of their tents and sleep under the stars.  A truly memorable experience!

The first riad we stayed in was a former palace near Taroudant .  The rooms had echoes of former grandeur but were somewhat decaying – I could describe them as ‘shabby chic’ if I were being generous!  The grounds and swimming pool, though, were stunning, as was the dining room, complete with chandeliers.  The weather was warm enough, however, for us to enjoy our meals al fresco.   We felt very privileged to be dining in such opulent surroundings.

This photo shows our table laid for dinner with crisp white linen tablecloths and napkins

We also spent two nights in a riad in Essaouira .  This was a traditionally-built riad with the three storeys of rooms located around an inner courtyard.  It was beautifully decorated with elaborate carpets, lush plants and fine pottery.

We ate unbelievably well on this trip!!  Moroccan food is incredible!!  We feasted on tagines, tasty stews, dried fruits, Berber omelettes, pastillas, fresh salads, dips, and Moroccan doughnuts.

As well as dining in restaurants, we also had the opportunity to eat in people’s homes which gave us a real insight into how Moroccans live and how important food is to family life and the nation’s culture.  I’ve already talked about the amazing dinner we had at the family-run guesthouse in Moulay Idris.  For breakfast the next morning, Rashida prepared delicious crispy pancakes served with apricots and honey followed by home-baked crusty bread with eggs and olives.  What a fantastic way to start the day!

On the evening we were taking the night train to Marrakech, we went to the home of a friend of Hamid for dinner.  We sat on plush upholstered bench seats and dined on harrira, a spicy tomato and chickpea soup, zingy lemon chicken with rice, vegetable tagine with couscous, and fresh melon served with homemade pastries.

We enjoyed some wonderful regional specialities throughout our trip, too – creamy, home-made goat’s cheese served with spicy fig chutney in Chefchaouen , rabbit stew with prunes in the High Atlas Mountains, sweet chicken pastillas in Fes, date ice cream in Zagora, and barbecued camel burgers in a smoke-filled cabin in Meknes .

One of our most memorable meals was in Essaouira .  Making the most of being in this famous fishing town, we gave Hamid some money to shop for us in the fish market.  He took our ‘catch’ to be prepared at a local restaurant.  Here, we enjoyed a feast of fresh fish and seafood – sole, sea bream, sardines, shrimps, calamari, huge prawns, and other local fish we couldn’t identify.  The platters just kept on coming!  The fish was all barbecued and served with Moroccan salad and fresh crusty bread.  Dessert was simply segments of juicy orange.  So delicious!!

There were also a couple of occasions on long drive days when we eschewed restaurants and bought provisions from a supermarket instead, finding a picnic spot en route to enjoy our lunch.

This photo shows a colourful Moroccan salad of diced vegetables garnished with slices of orange

The itinerary for our trip was very well put together.  It was so varied, giving us every opportunity to learn about the culture, the history, the people, the cuisine, the music, and the traditions of Morocco.  We covered an awful lot of ground and saw and did so much in eighteen days and yet we never felt overwhelmed.  There always seemed to be time to reflect on what we’d seen or simply relax in a garden or by a pool.

There were some long driving days, but these were broken up with stops for coffee or to take photos – and the scenery was spectacular!

In a trip packed with interesting experiences, it’s hard to choose the best.  However, for me, there were two highlights:

Moulay Idris

The holy city of Moulay Idris was closed to non-Muslims until 2005 and still attracts fewer visitors than the more well-known places in Morocco.  In fact, once evening came, we appeared to be the only tourists in town.  We enjoyed a guided walk through the picturesque streets, tasted bread straight from the public oven, and watched the sunset as we listened to the call to prayer sung from three different minarets.  It was a truly special moment, enhanced by Mohammed and Rashid’s hospitality at their guesthouse (see above).

This photo shows the sun setting behind the holy city of Moulay Idris

Camping in the Sahara

Spending the night in the Sahara Desert was a real highlight.  Just sitting on the top of a dune and watching the sunset was incredible.  Then, the guys working in the camp cooked us the best tagine we had in our entire trip and, later, they entertained us with Berber songs around the campfire.  The next morning, we were up at dawn to see the sunrise.  A once in a lifetime experience.

This photo shows our tent and the dining tent as the sun went down over our Sahara camp

There really wasn’t anything we didn’t like.  Morocco is a magnet for tourists so, if there was a downside to the trip, it would be the number of visitors everywhere!  We could hardly move in the beautiful blue city of Chefchaouen for tourists.  We had the same problem in the medina in Fes and the markets of Marrakech.  Perhaps, it would have been less crowded if we’d visited in the depths of winter?  We can hardly complain about the tourists, though, can we?  Not when we ourselves were swelling the numbers!!

What did we Think of the Tour?

We loved it!!

Intrepid more than delivered in terms of organisation and logistics – we would definitely book with them again.  Their representative on the ground, Hamid, was the best guide we have ever had anywhere in the world!

We thought the trip represented very good value for money, too.  Had we travelled independently, it would have cost us a lot more and we would have missed out on so much local insight.

This photo shows Mark with our guide, Hamid



I had the pleasure of meeting travel documentary maker, Karl Watson , during Traverse 19 in Trento.  He was very generous in giving me some useful photography tips. 

In September 2019, in conjunction with Intrepid, he organised his first small group trip to Morocco.  Our very own Hamid was the guide!  Karl has produced two videos documenting his experience.  They are incredible pieces of work.  Check them out to see Hamid at work and to get a better idea of what you’ll see if you book an Intrepid tour to Morocco.

If these films don’t convince you to put Morocco at the top of your bucket list, nothing will!!


Check out my morocco colouring books.

Unlike most colouring books on the market, mine, suitable for both adults and older children, are full of line images created from photos I have taken on my travels.  This means that they are highly detailed.  They are not line drawings where you can colour between every line.  The pictures invite you to be creative.  Apply a colour wash with watercolour.  Use coloured pencils to create texture.  Blend colours together.  Add detail with a fine ink pen.  The choice is yours!  Create your own work of art!  When you’re happy, remove it from the book.  Stick it on the fridge as a reminder of a place you’ve already been to or somewhere that’s on your bucket list.  You could even get it framed.  Display it on the wall for people to admire. 

Here is a selection of my Morocco titles:




Planning a trip to Morocco? Read my review of Intrepid's 'Morocco Encompassed' tour. #Africa #Morocco #tour

Disclosure:  This post contains affiliate links.  If you click through for more information, or to make a purchase, it may result in a small commission coming my way.  Please note that there is no extra cost to you associated with this.  Thank you so much for supporting my site.

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Intrepid Travel Review – the Largest “Small Group” Adventure Travel Company

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Intrepid Travel Review – the Largest “Small Group” Adventure Travel Company

Who Are Intrepid Travel Tours Good For?

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Traveling the world is an exciting adventure, but for many, it can be a stressful experience. Worries of safety, navigation, and tackling language barriers can be enough to put off many travelers, especially if you’re considering going solo.

Intrepid has been operating small group tours for over 30 years and is one of the major leaders in the industry. You can choose from over 1,000 tours to 100 destinations, selecting the comfort level that suits your budget and travel style. You’ll be guided throughout your journey — right from the point of booking — with advice on visas , currency, and other essential trip information .

Intrepid has been a fully carbon-neutral company since 2010 by investing in projects that actively reduce CO2 emissions. So you can feel safe in the knowledge that you’re traveling as green as possible while embarking on your adventure. Intrepid small group tours usually accommodate up to 16 people but tend to have an average of around 10.

Solo Travelers

Intrepid Solo Travel

Most of us have been in a situation where we’ve been desperate to go traveling, but none of our friends or family are in the position to go with us. You’re then left with the dilemma of going it alone or missing out on the experience altogether. Thankfully, that’s where a small group tour can help.

Even though you’re traveling solo, you’re never really alone on an Intrepid tour. There are rarely single supplement rates as you’ll buddy up with another traveler of the same gender. Of course, you still have the option to upgrade to your own room if you would like to.

Friends or Groups

Intrepid Friends and Groups

Joining a tour with a group of friends is great if you like the idea of spending time with them while also being open to mixing with other people. No one likes being the organizer, so joining a small group tour eliminates the pressure from 1 person having to book everything and manage payments. You’re all equal participants on an Intrepid tour.

Intrepid Family Travel

If you’re traveling with children under 17 , you’re welcome to join a family tour. Let someone else do the organizing and navigating so that you can enjoy the experience of traveling with your family . An Intrepid family tour can be a fun and educational experience for your child and can help them gain confidence by interacting with new people.

Hot Tip:  You might have a long flight or some lengthy road trips to contend with. Prepare yourself with some entertainment by checking out the best podcasts and audiobooks for travel .

If you’re on a budget or believe that a hotel is simply somewhere to rest your head for the night, a Basix Tour could be for you. This tour style focuses on simple accommodation (such as camping or homestays) and lots of free time, so you’re not spending money on excursions that you have no interest in.

Original Tours combine tourist-class accommodation (2- to 3-star hotels) with local and private transport. There’s a blend of planned excursions and independent exploration , suiting those travelers looking for a balance between guided local knowledge and free time.

Comfort Tours feature more comfortable and unique accommodation with more frills than the Basix and Original Tours. Private transport is used throughout, and these tours run at a slower pace with exploration and activities usually led by a guide.

Intrepid Travel Tour Themes and Destinations

18 to 29s tours.

18 to 29s Tours

As the name suggests, these tours are specifically for those that fall into the 18- to 29-years-old age bracket and tend to cover the highlights of a destination with lots of free time. With around 10 people per tour, there are plenty of opportunities for making friends , while also allowing you to explore independently if you prefer.

Hot Tip: Contiki is a similar tour company that caters to young travelers in a similar age bracket —  18 to 35 years old. Some tours can accommodate much larger groups, upwards of 50 people. Read more about the tour types and destinations in our Contiki review !

Adventure Cruising

Intrepid Adventure Cruises

Adventure Cruises accommodate less than 50 passengers  so the ships can explore places that large cruise liners can’t reach. Groups are large enough to socialize with various travelers but are small enough to feel that your arrival on land doesn’t swarm a destination impacting that local experience.

Hot Tip: Our ultimate cruise vacation packing checklist helps ensure that you have everything you need to be dressed for any occasion.

Cycling Tours

Intrepid Cycling Tours

Cycling Tours are an excellent way to enjoy the journey and the destination , peddling along with incredible views and authentic encounters. Each tour has a physical rating , so you can determine whether the trip is right for you, and includes a tour leader and support vehicle.

Hot Tip: If you’re an adventure seeker, you’ll want to pack all of the essentials for your next active vacation.

Family Tours

Intrepid Family Tours

Family Tours consist of family-friendly activities and accommodation mixed with flexible free time. Your tour leader will be specifically trained in family travel with groups accommodating 3 to 5 like-minded families.

Intrepid Food Tours

Food Tours will give you a true flavor of some of the world’s most famous culinary destinations . Discover fresh food markets and local restaurants, or try your hand at a cooking class.

Lonely Planet Experiences

Intrepid Lonely Planet Tours

Intrepid has partnered with Lonely Planet to provide exciting tours for adventurous and independent travelers. Seek out the mountain gorillas of Uganda or ride the bullet train from Tokyo to Kyoto. You’ll have a knowledgeable local leader and can read all about the destination before your trip with 12 months of free access to the Lonely Planet app .

Hot Tip:  Tours often include a fair bit of walking to see the sights, so you’ll need a good pair of hiking boots or shoes . 

Polar Tours

Intrepid Polar Tours

They may be polar opposites, but the Arctic Circle and the Antarctic have 1 thing in common — they’re both incredible destinations. Look out for polar bears and the Northern Lights in the Arctic and kayak among breaching whales in the Antarctic. Exploration ships have modern amenities , and expert leaders hold interesting seminars and guide travelers on exciting excursions.

Hot Tip: One of our writers sailed to Antarctica on a trip booked through Intrepid .

Intrepid Retreats

Retreats are short breaks that could be just a short drive or flight from your home, where you live and explore as the locals do . All retreats feature 1 accommodation, so you’ll only have to unpack once with all your free time spent immersing yourself in the local community rather than traveling.

Other Tour Themes

  • Active Adventures
  • Expeditions
  • Short Breaks
  • Tailor Made
  • Urban Adventures
  • Walking and Trekking
  • Women’s Expeditions

Hot Tip:  Avoid the temptation of pickpockets and keep your hands free to explore with these crossbody bags and purses . 

Intrepid Travel offers over 1,000 tours to over 100 countries within these continents and regions:

  • Antarctica/Arctic
  • Australia and Oceania
  • Central America
  • Middle East
  • North America
  • South America

Intrepid Travel Top Tours

Uluru Australia

From lush rainforests and glistening beaches to baron deserts and cosmopolitan cities, Australia is a country of contrasts. Every region is uniquely different, and due to the sheer size of the country, it’s unlikely that you’ll get to see everything in a single trip. Most tours stick within a particular region . You could be snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef, heading out to Kangaroo Island, or exploring the vineyards of the Margaret River.

  • Includes transportation, accommodation, most meals, and some excursions

Hot Tip:  As flights are not included in the tour price, you may want to check out the best ways to fly to Australia with points and miles

Angkor Wat Cambodia

The Cambodian people are the country’s shining stars. Incredibly friendly with smiles all around, this inspiring nation has risen from the 1970s bloodshed of the Khmer Rouge and welcomes visitors with open arms. It’s an unforgettable moment seeing the sunrise over Angkor Wat or spotting a rare freshwater dolphin swimming along the Mekong Delta.

  • Includes transportation, accommodation, some meals, and most activities

Costa Rica Tour

With an ecotourism scene , farm-to-table restaurants, and unspoiled natural surroundings, it’s not surprising that Costa Rica’s motto is “Pura Vida” – the pure life. Spot toucans in the mysterious cloud forests, try your hand at a surf lesson, or glide through treetop canopies on a zipline adventure. There is so much to see and do in Costa Rica , and with a tour, you can let someone else do the driving.

  • Includes transportation, accommodation, and some activities

Hot Tip:  Intrepid tours use locally run guesthouses, homestays, and restaurants to support local communities rather than large chains.

Cuba Tour

When you think of Cuba, you think of colorful colonial buildings, vintage cars, and turquoise waters. But there is so much more to see apart from the vibrant capital Havana and its beautiful beaches. Head out to Vinales to tour a traditional tobacco plantation or enjoy some salsa dancing in historical Trinidad.

  • Includes transportation, accommodation, and excursions

Egypt Tour

Egypt is a land of ancient wonders with a history as long as the Nile itself. Marvel at the magnificent pyramids and bargain for souvenirs in the bustling bazaars of Cairo. Sail down the River Nile on a traditional felucca and discover the ancient city of Luxor and the Valley of the Kings.

  • Includes transportation, accommodation, excursions, and some meals

Greece Tour

Discover the ancient ruins of Athens before crossing the Aegean to island-hop your way between the beautiful Greek islands. Weave your way around the cute whitewashed houses of Santorini or explore the clifftop ruins of Delphi. Greece is also renowned for its nightlife , whether you’re looking for a quiet bar to watch the sunset or a club to dance into the early hours.

Icealand Tour

From bubbling hot springs to mountain glaciers, and lush green landscapes to frozen waterfalls, Iceland’s diverse landscape is one of the main attractions that draw visitors to the land of fire and ice. That and the prospect of catching a glimpse of the Northern Lights. Take a dip in the famous Blue Lagoon or simply chat with locals in Reykjavik or any of the friendly coastal towns.

India Tour

India captivates many visitors with its thriving culture, historical sights, wild beaches, and wildlife. The busy cities and sometimes intense atmosphere prevent many from venturing to India independently, and taking a tour can alleviate the pressure . If you love exploring temples, then you’re in for a treat as India has millions.

Jordan Tour

Soak up the history of the Silk Road, explore the mysterious deserts of Wadi Rum, and visit the magnificent ruins of Petra. Jordan is a haven for history buffs and adventurers alike . For a more relaxed pace, travelers can watch an Arabian sunrise from their Bedouin camp or float in the mineral-rich Red Sea, enjoying every minute of the famous Jordanian hospitality.

  • Includes transportation, accommodation, and some meals and excursions

Morocco Tour

Wander around chaotic and colorful Marrakesh before changing up the scenery with a trip into the Atlas Mountains where you can hike and visit a Berber village. Amble across the Sahara Desert by camel to reach your Bedouin camp or enjoy yoga or surfing in the coastal towns of Essaouira and Taghazout.

Peru Tour

Hike within the Andes to reach Machu Picchu — the most well-preserved archeological site for ancient Incan civilizations. Although these mountain ruins are the most visited attraction in Peru , there is so much more to this incredible country. Tours will take you to the unique islands of Lake Titicaca, Colca Canyon, and deep into the Amazon Jungle in search of black alligators.

  • Includes transportation, accommodation, meals, and porters (guided hike)

Hot Tip:  Mosquitoes and other biting bugs can be found all over the world. If you prefer to steer clear of DEET-based repellents, take a look at the best natural insect repellents to help protect you.

Sri Lanka Tour

Due to its modest size, you can see a lot of Sri Lanka in a small space of time . Not that a trip to this enchanting country should be rushed. Savor your journey around the ever-changing landscapes, from the vast plains of the north, the rocky mountains and rain forests of the center, and beautiful beaches framing most of the rugged coastline. See the largest gathering of Asian elephants or go in search of the elusive leopard. The food is delicious, the culture is captivating, and the people are friendly.

  • Includes transportation, accommodation, and some excursions and meals

Vietnam Tour

All who visit Vietnam are blown away by its natural beauty . Watch farmers harvest rice from the colorful fields or sail around the towering limestone rocks of Halong Bay. The powdery white beaches of Phu Quoc Island are glorious, and wondrous waterfalls and caves make for fantastic photo opportunities. If variety is what you’re after, that is exactly what you’ll get visiting Vietnam. One minute you’re negotiating swarms of motorcycles crossing the road in Hanoi and the next your rafting peacefully down the rivers of Ninh Binh.

Hot Tip:  Find out the best ways to fly to Vietnam with points and miles . Currently, there are no direct routes from the U.S. to Vietnam, but with Vietnam Airlines recently receiving the required Air Carrier Permit, this could be on the horizon.

Intrepid Travel is well-reviewed across many of the major review sites. Many customers have recently taken to these sites to negatively review Intrepid’s cancellation and refund policy in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Trustpilot : 2.8 out of 5
  • TourRadar : 4.6 out of 5
  • Facebook : 4.9 out of 5

These are some reviews from Intrepid’s most popular tours, and more can be found on the individual destination pages :

Great Ocean Road Adventure ex Adelaide “Great little trip from Adelaide to Melbourne if you’re short on time and want to see the Great Ocean Road. The guide was excellent and the itinerary packed a lot in!” — Kaitlyn

Cambodian Traveller “A good introduction to the country stopping at the main points of interest. Would highly recommend Intrepid as its a well organized operation which takes the difficulties out of traveling in a less developed country where you don’t speak the language. The tour guide was a great help, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and kind. A great trip.” — Imogen

Classic Costa Rica “This has been my third trip with Intrepid. As usual I enjoyed it immensely. This trip deserves additional high praise. Their guides as usual are top class, very knowledgeable and approachable. They show not only in words but actions, how looking after the environment is a major part of Intrepids policy.” — John

Hola Cuba – for US citizens “The Hola Cuba Trip For US Citizens is an excellent introduction to Cuba, it’s people and their culture. The trip provides glimpses into the urban cultures of Habana, Trinidad and Cienfuegos while also allowing travelers to see the quieter lives of those in Viñales and Las Terrazas. Our guide Andy was very knowledgeable of the history a culture of his homeland and did an amazing job of sharing the beauty of Cuba through experience and storytelling. I absolutely recommend this trip for travelers thirsty to learn about Cuba and its people.” — Jason

Egypt Experience “Our group traveling in Egypt was a group of 10- a perfect number. Our leader was mature, very knowledgeable, organized, and treated us all with respect. He did not hover over us and gave us information to make decisions. To visit the antiquities of Egypt was amazing and we had plenty of time to absorb these awesome sites. Our visit to a Nubian village and share a family meal was special. This trip is highly recommended.” — Margaret & Tom

Sail Greece: Santorini to Mykonos “Our sailing adventure true Greek islands was an unforgettable experience! If You love sailing and want to see a real beauty of Greece this trip is for you. Swimming and snorkeling in turquoise water, cave exploration, hiking, beautiful sunsets, sunrises and delicious food are all guaranteed. Great mixture of adventure, relaxation and fun. We also had the best skipper ever, Rita. She was so friendly and knowledgeable. Took the best care of us.! Unbelievable woman with a great personality. She shows us so many beautiful places that we couldn’t even imagine. The boat was way over 10 years old, not 5 as in booklet. All through we had a great trip with great people :)” — Marcin

Northern Lights Escape “I had huge expectations of Iceland. My 6 day Intrepid small group tour (9 of us), met them all. Stefano, our guide, was fantastic – funny, knowledgeable and took great care of us. The itinerary allowed us to see and experience all the amazing highlights of Iceland, and more, even though we didn’t luck out with the aurora. Our tour was early March, so everything was white. I’d do it all again in a flash, and will return and do it in summer, too! I highly recommend Intrepid. Just do it!” — Margi

India’s Golden Triangle – For Solo Travellers “This trip was fantastic! I wasn’t sure what to expect as I hadn’t done anything like this before but I’m so glad I booked it. All the hotels were of a good standard as were the tours and transport. Shakti was a fantastic tour leader as was the group I travelled with. I will cherish the memories of this trip forever. I can’t wait to book another trip!” — Chantal

Trek Jordan “Great trip. Ticked all the boxes I was looking for. Loved floating in the Dead Sea and the accommodation there was outstanding. Petra was awesome, especially the trek to the Monastery. That was a great day. Loved trekking Wadi Rum too. What a landscape – no wonder they used it for “The Martian” and other movies. And our guide Muhammad was brilliant – couldn’t have asked for better!” — Robert

Best of Morocco “Intrepid provided an authentic and special experience. I knew my money was going to the people who needed it most. Due to Intrepid’s dedication to providing socially and environmentally conscious tours, the tour drew a unique, like-minded group of people who shared similar values and an appreciation of diverse cultures and the environment. This, along with the exceptional tour guide, are why I will continue to travel with Intrepid in the future. Thank you for a trip of a lifetime!” — Penelope

Quarry Trail to Machu Picchu Extension “This may not be the Inca Trail, but it is still beautiful and cultural. To stand in the Andes and listen to the silence, there are no words. It is still pristine as you wander up through farming communities and then on to the highlands. The waterfall is rather spectacular also and of course Machu Picchu itself. If you are lucky enough to have Kleberth Ovalle as your guide, you will leave much enriched.” — Deb

Cycle Sri Lanka “A wonderful experience to cycle through the country, meeting the local communities and sampling the local food. Some days the terrain was challenging and I was pleased I had an e-bike! Our guide Dodan was enthusiastic, well informed and always went above and beyond the call of duty. A great holiday and one I would thoroughly recommend.” — Heather

Vietnam Express Northbound “This trip gave an excellent overview of Vietnam. The presence of a guide made navigating a country with such a different language and culture to ours much easier. The transport was safe and well organised. Hotels were well situated and clean. We had plenty opportunities to explore on our own but there was always plenty of advice offered about places to avoid.” — Carol

Intrepid Travel and G Adventures are very similar in their product offerings, both offering a wide range of destinations and tour types. Intrepid has over 1,000 tours to over 100 counties , so it does exceed G Adventures’ 700 tours if the range is a factor for you.

Price-wise, both operators are pretty much on par with each other , but if you are comparing a similar itinerary, do check what inclusions are featured as some Intrepid packages include more bang for your buck than G Adventures.

Travel insurance is mandatory when traveling on an Intrepid tour, and your tour leader will need to see documentation before you set off. Although Intrepid doesn’t offer travel insurance, it recommends booking through World Nomads .

Intrepid recommends that your travel insurance covers you for:

  • Medical expenses and emergency repatriation
  • Personal liability
  • Cancellation
  • Curtailment
  • Loss of luggage and personal effects

Hot Tip:  Don’t get overwhelmed with the variety of travel insurance options available! We’ve created an ultimate guide to buying the best travel insurance to help simplify the process. You may also have travel coverages and benefits offered by your credit card .

While it’s unlikely that you’ll find Intrepid Travel promo codes on third party websites, Intrepid does frequently feature offers for specific destinations or tours that need a push. You’ll also find that booking well in advance can provide savings of 10% to 15% . No promo codes are required to obtain these deals; just visit the Travel Deals page on the Intrepid website.

The heart of Intrepid Travel is in its tour leaders — friendly locals, born and bred in the countries you’re discovering. Who better to show you around? Intrepid’s are some of the best in the industry and are consistently praised in customer reviews for the knowledge and personality they bring to the table.

If you’re thinking about your first tour, or have traveled with another tour operator before, don’t hesitate to give Intrepid a go. You’ll have the most extensive choice of tours and destinations of any operator and the comfort of knowing that you’re traveling with a company committed to having a positive impact on the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is intrepid travel a good company.

Intrepid Travel is well-reviewed across many of the major review sites. Most recently, many customers have taken to these sites to negatively review Intrepid’s cancellation and refund policy in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. But overall, the actual tours are highly reviewed.

Where is Intrepid Travel based?

Intrepid was founded in Australia and has offices in Melbourne, Toronto, London, and New York.

Which is better, Intrepid or G Adventures?

Intrepid Travel and G Adventures are very similar in their product offerings, both offering a wide range of destinations and tour types. Intrepid has over 1,000 tours to over 100 counties, so it does exceed G Adventures’ 700 tours, if range is a factor.

Price-wise, both operators are pretty much on par with each other, but if you are comparing a similar itinerary, do check what inclusions are featured as some Intrepid packages include more bang for your buck than G Adventures.

Are flights included in Intrepid Tours?

Flights are not included in the tour prices you see on the Intrepid website, however, you can book your flights through Intrepid. If you book your flights independently, you need to make sure you arrive in time for your welcome meeting on the first day of your tour.

What age group travels with Intrepid?

All age groups are catered for with Intrepid. 18-29s Tours and Family Tours are the only types that come with age restrictions; anyone else is free to join the other tours. Children over the age of 15 are permitted on most tours, provided they are accompanied by an adult over 18.

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Morocco Uncovered

intrepid tours morocco reviews

intrepid tours morocco reviews

Health Safety +

  • Travel by camel across the dramatic red dunes of the Sahara Desert and spend the night camping under North African stars.
  • Spend time in two of Morocco’s most picturesque towns – the 11th century kasbah of Ait Benhaddou and Chefchaouen with its striking blue and whitewashed houses, red-tiled roofs and artistic doorways.
  • Tuck into a memorable dinner in Fes and dine on one of the city’s signature dishes, the salty and sweet pastilla, one of the best pies you’ve ever tasted!
  • Join expert local guides to explore medinas, Roman ruins and rural areas and gain a deeper understanding of significant sites in Rabat, Volubilis, Fes, M’Goun and Marrakech.
  • Take part in the traditional Berber activity of henna tattooing, where a naquasha will adorn your hands and feet with beautiful designs, supporting local women, their families and community with an income.
  • By travelling on this trip, you’ll directly support our Intrepid Foundation partner, Education for All. Donations help them support girls in the High Atlas Mountains through secondary school, bringing a generation of women out of the cycle of illiteracy, poverty and early marriage.

What's this trip about?

Travel themes.

  • High Adventure
  • Local Immersion & Homestays



  • Ait Benhaddou
  • Atlas Mountains
  • Chefchaouen
  • Sahara Desert
  • Historic sightseeing

Trip includes

  • Complimentary Arrival Transfer
  • Casablanca - Hassan II Mosque
  • Rabat - Kasbah des Oudaias
  • Rabat - Hassan Tower
  • Rabat - Mausoleum Mohammed V
  • Rabat - Mausoleum Hassan II
  • Meknes - Medina walking tour
  • Chefchaouen - Leader-led orientation walk
  • Volubilis - Entrance and Guided Tour
  • Fes - Funduq al-Najjarin
  • Fes - Medersa El Attarine
  • Midelt - Hike
  • Sahara Desert - Camel ride
  • Todra Gorge - Leader-led walk
  • M'goun Valley - Guided Half Day Hike
  • M'goun Valley - Henna activity
  • Skoura - Kasbah and Oasis visit
  • Ait Benhaddou - Leader-led ksar walk
  • Ait Benhaddou - Tawesna Tea Break
  • Marrakech - Medina walking tour
  • Marrakech - Palais Bahia
  • Marrakech - Fresh Orange Juice

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Morocco Family Holiday Comfort

Morocco Family Holiday Comfort

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North Morocco Adventure

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Best of Morocco Family Holiday

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Essential Morocco

There are no activities planned after breakfast so you are free to leave your accommodation at any time. It’s worth adding a night or two in Marrakech so you can do some extra activities like cooking classes and cycling tours, exploring nearby towns or visiting a hammam. If you wish to spend more time here, we'll be happy to book additional accommodation for you (subject to availability).

Want a tailor-made trip instead?

Your trip, your way, planned by an expert:.

  • You choose budget, destinations, activities, transport & lodging type
  • Expert designs the itinerary for you, and once approved, takes care of logistics

Dates & Availability

Check Current Availability, prices, specials with Intrepid Travel .

The total tour cost includes the tour price (regular or promotional) and the compulsory local payment. The promotional price is subject to change. Check directly with the operator for the latest price offer. The tour operator requires you to pay only the tour price to purchase your travel. The compulsory local payment will be paid when you join the trip. All prices are based on double, twin or triple share occupancy. Solo passengers will be accommodated in a double, twin or triple room according to availability with a passenger(s) of the same gender. Single supplement only needs to be paid if the passenger does not want to share and requests their own room. Discounts can only be applied at the time of booking and cannot be added at a later date, regardless of any changes made to the original booking.

Prices may vary due to local taxes and trip seasonality. Click "Request Info" to inquire directly with the tour operator for the final trip price.

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Intrepid Travel Reviews & Ratings

Make your own morocco tour.

Intrepid Travel – Morocco Uncovered 13 days tour (Oct. 2017) I like to read reviews before choosing a tour. Intrepid lists details of the itinerary for “Morocco Unc...

I very much enjoyed the trip since

I very much enjoyed the trip since we saw so many different parts of Morocco and learned a lot about ist history and about the culture of the people. Our tour guide ...

Pretty much a very stress free trip

Pretty much a very stress free trip that went really well - our guide and driver were fantastic.

Great itinerary, fair price.

Other Intrepid Travel Reviews

We joined the intrepid “real italy food….

We joined the Intrepid “Real Italy Food Tour” and enjoyed it thoroughly. Our tour guide, Micol, was very knowledgeable and provided us with lots of good information....

Audrey Tavares

Central Asia Explorer

This was my third trip with Intrepid, and I'll continue to plan future trips with them. I choose Intrepid to travel to parts of the world where I don't feel comforta...

Lesley Webb

Went on Highlights of Japan Tour

Went on Highlights of Japan Tour, 8 days on19/11/23. Tour Leader was Yuki Saida, she was marvellous. Helpful, knowledgeable and patient.I suggest you keep her as she...

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Premium Morocco Highlights

Premium Morocco Highlights

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Tour operator, intrepid travel, the intrepid travel experience.

If you’re looking for adventure, you’ve come to the right place. For the past 25 years, we’ve been taking small groups of travelers on unforgettable trips around the world. What makes them unforgettable? Take a look for yourself and discover the Intrepid experience.

Our travelers have three styles of tour to choose from: Basix, Original and Comfort. Each has a different level of inclusions and accommodation, but all have unforgettable real life experiences as part of the package. Travellers can also choose themed trips, such as Family, Sailing or Food, to suit their interests.

Our group size has an average of just ten travellers, which allows us to get off the beaten track, use local accommodation and transport, and really get to know the culture. It also ensures we are contributing to the local economy; by choosing local suppliers we were able to keep AUD 60 million in local economies in 2012. We’re also working hard to reduce our carbon footprint and were the first in our sector to introduce carbon offset trips. This, along with our many corporate sustainability activities, has meant we’re one of the travel industry’s leaders in responsible travel.

Why Intrepid?

  •   Small groups - average of 10 people per trip
  •   Sustainability - pioneers for the industry
  •   Local leaders - authentic perspectives
  •   Local transport - get close and personal
  •   Local accommodation - experience real living
  •   Intrepid travelers - like-minded companions 

Intrepid Travel has come a long way since its beginnings in 1989. From two university friends, a typewriter and a kitchen desk, it is now a proud member of The Intrepid Group, taking over 100,000 travelers every year.

Intrepid Travel is part of The Intrepid Group of companies, alongside leading small group adventure companies Peregrine, Urban Adventures and PEAK DMC.

Despite growing into a global business with over 1,000 staff based all over the world and over 800 different trips across every continent, we’ve remained devoted to the same grassroots values and responsible travel philosophies that we had at the very beginning.

On every trip we operate and in every interaction we have with a client, supplier or local, we live our core values everyday:

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Mount Toubkal Winter Trek

Mount Toubkal Winter Trek

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Intrepid Morocco Tours

intrepid tours morocco reviews

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intrepid tours morocco reviews

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intrepid tours morocco reviews

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Intrepid Morocco Tours: All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (with Photos)

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Two Weeks In Morocco: Intrepid Travel Morocco Tour & Itinerary

Morocco 2 Week Itinerary - Intrepid Travel Morocco Itinerary

With its dramatic landscapes, fascinating history, and intersection of cultures, Morocco should be on the bucket list of every world traveler. Find out the best way to explore this adventurous destination with a two week Morocco itinerary, either on your own or as a guided Intrepid Travel Morocco tour.

Morocco languished on my bucket list for a long time. As a new traveler — and as a solo female traveler — I couldn’t imagine planning a trip to the many cities and sights I longed to see. Eventually, though, I hit upon a solution: a small group adventure tour from Intrepid Travel, which allowed me to explore the best sights of Morocco in two weeks.

For solo travelers and even friends or couples, assembling an itinerary for a place like Morocco, including booking hotels and overland transport, can seem daunting.  

Small group tour operators like Intrepid Travel and G Adventures make it possible for travelers to immerse themselves in a culture while having the work and worry of the planning taken care of for them.

In this guide, I’ll share the top sights of Morocco and my experiences traveling there. I’ll also share the best Morocco tours and tips for planning your own two week Morocco adventure, either alone or as a guided tour.

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This article contains affiliate links. If you click through and make a purchase, I might earn a commission, at no additional cost to you. Thanks for your support in this way! Learn more in my Disclosure Policy .

Two Weeks in Morocco Quick Tips

  • See the price and availability for the Intrepid Travel Best of Morocco tour. This trip doesn’t include Chefchaouen or Tangier; if you have a few more days, you might prefer the Morocco Encompassed trip which does.
  • Check out all of Intrepid Travel Morocco itineraries including shorter and longer trips
  • See a similar two week Morocco itinerary from G Adventures or explore all of the G Adventures Morocco options, including family trips and exclusive National Geographic Journeys
  • What are Intrepid and G Adventures? Don’t miss my comprehensive guide to adventure travel tours including sales and how to choose a tour company

Affordable Small Group Tours

Visiting Morocco: Essential Trip Planning Info

Morocco Haphazard Rating: (3 of 5).  Expect more basic hotels and services, particularly outside of the large cities.  The winding old city medinas are difficult to navigate – stick with your group to be sure you don’t get lost.  Female travelers may feel they receive unwanted comments or attention. To See: Sahara Desert, Settings of Game of Thrones and Gladiator, Roman ruins, labyrinthine medinas, souks and markets, Atlas Mountains, coastal towns To Eat: tagines, couscous, mint tea, camel burgers, pastilla pigeon pie, the best olives and dates When to Go: Weather is best in April – May or September – November

Morocco History

Current-day Morocco is part of the Maghreb, the name for the region of western North Africa which in Arabic means “west” or “sunset.”  It is also the legal and Arabic name for Morocco.  The Maghreb’s ancient and Classical history is a blend of native Berber tribes, Phoenician settlements on the coast, and later as a Roman province.

In the 7th century, a Muslim conquest brought the Arabic language and Islam to the region.  The next centuries saw Berber and Arab dynasties, and even invasions by Ottomans, until Morocco was united under the Alaouite dynasty in 1666.  This is still the ruling house of Morocco.  

In the late 19th century, both Spain and France had designs on Morocco as a colony, and entered into a treaty to establish protectorate regions within the country.  

In 1956, Morocco gained its independence from France and then, a few years later, from Spain. Morocco is now a constitutional monarchy under King Mohammad VI.

view from the top of the Ait Benhaddou kzar or fortress

Morocco Religion and Languages

Islam is the state religion of Morocco.  The second most prevalent religion is Christianity, although most Christians are foreigners or descendants from the period of Spanish and French colonization.

Morocco’s Jewish population has mostly emigrated to Israel and other countries, with fewer than 6,000 estimated remaining.

The official languages of Morocco are Arabic and Berber.  French is also spoken in the larger cities.

Morocco Geography & Climate

Morocco has coasts on both the Atlantic and Mediterranean, one of the things that made it so attractive as part of an empire or protectorate in its past.  Its landscapers are extremely varied, with densely packed cities, dramatic coastlines, rugged mountains, and the vast Sahara desert.

The Atlas mountains, still mostly inhabited by Berber people, run down the center and southwest of the country.  The Sahara desert makes up a large portion of the southeast.  Another mountain range, the Rif, is found in the north.

I traveled in November, which was generally nice, although cold at night in the cities at higher altitudes.  Be aware that travel in the summer months can be difficult: temperatures easily reach 100F.

Because of the varied landscapes, Morocco’s weather is different in each region, so I recommend checking the different stops of your trip separately.

a black and white photo of the Morocco desert with a dune and a guide

Tips for Female Travelers to Morocco

Since I traveled, I’ve gotten many questions about my experience in Morocco as a woman. With the growing trend for solo female travel, I wouldn’t recommend Morocco as a spot for this unless you’re an experienced traveler.

I mostly stayed with others in my group although I did walk and shop a bit on my own, particularly in Essaouira; and the only time I felt uncomfortable was when I received some comments there in the medina, but nothing explicit.

Shopping in Medinas

Once, in a crowded passageway in Fes, a man touched my shoulder – but that was the extent of it. We did notice that Moroccan women didn’t go out to cafes or restaurants and were only seen in passing in medinas.

The exception was Marrakech: we did see more women out and about, including at the shopping mall.

Overall, I think that souk sellers might be pushier with women traveling alone or without a male guide. And the women in my group definitely felt visible if we ate in local restaurants, but never unsafe.

Be sure to read my guide to what to pack for Morocco which includes cultural tips and packing advice for every season.

Intrepid Travel Best of Morocco: Two Week Itinerary

Intrepid’s Morocco itinerary begins in Casablanca and continues through major cities like Rabat and Fez before it ends in Marrakech.  It includes several days in the Atlas mountains and an overnight in the Sahara, in addition to the seaside town of Essaouira.  

Many Morocco itineraries follow the same plan: starting in Casablanca and making a loop around the country to end in Marrakech. I caught an overnight train back to Casablanca for my return flight home, although it’s possible to fly out of Marrakech on many airlines.

Keep reading to find out all the best sights, food, and adventures this fascinating destination holds!

The starting point of my trip was Casablanca.  Because the itinerary included only one night there, I planned to arrive a day early; unfortunately, my first flight was cancelled and I couldn’t catch up to the other connections.  So I arrived on the same flights the following day, but still in plenty of time to meet my group that night.

In the airport, follow signs to the taxi stand outside.  You’ll need to agree on a price with the driver, since taxis aren’t metered.  I paid around 300 dirham ($30) to get to the city center.  There are currency exchanges and ATMs upon exiting customs.

In Morocco, you’ll encounter two types of taxis: petit taxis, which will only carry 3 passengers or less, and grand taxis which will carry 4.  All of the airport taxis are grand taxis.

Sightseeing in Casablanca is limited, especially in comparison to Morocco’s other cities.  There is a Rick’s Cafe modeled after the movie bar if you’re a film buff.  Before setting off by train to Rabat, some of my group and I made a quick trip to the Hassan II Mosque, the largest in Morocco, for a guided tour.

Hasan II Mosque Morocco

Rabat & Meknes

Rabat is the capital of Morocco, and has a more cultured feeling than Casablanca. It overlooks the Atlantic coast, with a wide main avenue, winding smaller streets, and a beautiful train station and a wide main avenue.  

You can walk around to see the royal mausoleum and nearby gardens, then follow the walls of the old citadel to the ocean.  There are shops and cafes along the way.

We spent the afternoon in Rabat, then continued to Meknes by train for the night.

Meknes is another chance to tour by foot, with a morning walk from the granary to the medina for lunch.  This is where my love affair with mint tea began – but camelburgers, not so much.  

In many Moroccan cities, you’ll find a main square with an open market. To escape the sellers and bustle of the city, look for a restaurant with a rooftop terrace where you can enjoy a cup of mint tea in peace.

Camel burger

Volubilis Roman Ruins

Volubilis is the site of Roman ruins set against the Moroccan countryside, and the best-preserved archaeological site in the country.  Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997, it is known for its many beautiful mosaics.  

Take a guided tour and spend a few hours roaming the ruins of different palaces, houses, public buildings, bathhouses, and more.

Be sure to take sunscreen, a hat and water.  There is little shade, but the views of the ruins and surrounding region are beautiful!

We left Meknes in late morning for Volubilis, then arrived in Fes for dinner that night.

photo of Roman ruins at Volubilis

Start the day with a walking tour of the city, including the gates of the Grand Palace, or the Dar El Makhzen.  Fes was Morocco’s capital until 1924, and is its second-largest city and cultural hub.  A day in the winding streets of the medina is fascinating and nearly overwhelming.

Although this is early in the trip, Fes is the best place in this itinerary for souvenir shopping.  Visit the Tamegroute Pottery Cooperative to see pottery being made and painted by artisans.  

Here you can purchase ceramics made from white clay, including decorative bowls and tagines, or even large mosaic fountains and tables.  

photo of the doors of the Palace in Fes

Fes Medina and Tannery

In the medina, visit the metal works of the family who made the palace gates: my group bought ornate silver teapots and a table with a beautiful hammered tray.  Stop at a weaver to buy scarves or djellabas and learn how to wrap a turban.  

You’ll also visit the tannery and, if you survive the smell, can buy leather goods including coats, purses, belts and babouche slippers.

Fes is famous for its leather products, all made in a process that remains mostly unchanged since medieval times. The legendary smell comes from the cow urine, quicklime, water, and salt used to prepare the hides.

Moroccan Babouche Slippers

Lunch in the Fes Marina

We were happy to stop at a restaurant tucked deep in the medina for a quiet lunch.  We had small plate appetizers, harira chickpea soup, and delicious pastilles pies made from either chicken or pigeon (our choice – although I wasn’t sure there was too much difference between the two!).

Stay with your group in the medina and don’t get lost, or you might have to hire a guide to get out and a car to get back to your hotel.   (Alternately, you could just apply for a job in the tannery!)  

In addition to shopping, there are museums and several restored mosques to visit.

photo of a Moroccan savory pie called a pastilla

Midelt: Middle Atlas Mountains

Midelt began my tour’s ascent into the Middle Atlas Mountains.  On one of our stops along the route, we had a chance to see Barbary apes (the only monkey found in North Africa).  

Our auberge for the night was one of the more rustic hotels along the route, but a welcome respite after the chaos of Fes.  We had time in the afternoon for a hike to the nearby village, with dramatic views of the Ziz River.

This was the first cold night we had on our trip – I had packed a light fleece sleeping bag and was glad I had it for extra warmth!

a photo of a barbary ape in Morocco

Sahara Desert Camp

If you travel to Morocco, you must do a desert trek.  For our tour, the drive from Midelt into the Sahara was around 5 hours.  You can also book treks from Marrakech or Essaouira.

I was so excited for this part of the trip that I couldn’t sleep the night before  We finally reached Merzouga, a settlement at the edge of the desert.  There we left our main luggage and prepared only our day packs with necessities for the overnight.  

After a quick tea, we tied our turbans with help from our desert guides, and settled off on camels into the dunes of the Erg Chebbi (a large sea of dunes that makes up part of Morocco’s Sahara).

photo of author ready to head into the Sahara

Getting to the Sahara

The two-hour trek into the desert is almost surreal – orange sand dunes as far as you can see, with the occasional trek group off in the distance.  It is also completely quiet other than the sounds of the camels taking steps in the shifting sands.

After arriving in the Sahara camp, some of us hiked to the top of the tallest dune while we waited for our Sahara guides to prepare dinner.  In the evening, our guides played and sang traditional Berber songs around a campfire.  I’ve never seen more stars than that Sahara overnight.

It was cold, and I was glad I’d brought a small fleece sleeping bag for extra warmth.  The tents were made from heavy blankets which sectioned off separate sleeping rooms.  There were basic toilet facilities and running water (but no showers).

Sahara Camel

In the morning, we woke to tea and again mounted the camels for the return trek.  We had breakfast at the auberge and freshened up, then began the onward journey to the Atlas Mountains.

Todra Gorge and Ouarzazate

We spent two nights in Todra Gorge, in a hotel nestled into a palmery against sheer rock cliffs. Our guide discouraged us from the optional 10km gorge hike, saying it was too difficult, but the members of our group who went really enjoyed it.  

Instead most of us hiked through a local village and along the river, stopping for lunch in a local home, before we met up with the rest of the group.

Two Weeks in Morocco

Ait Benhaddou in Ourzazate

From Tinghir, we continued to Ourzazate and Ait Benhaddou, which served as the Game of Thrones kingdom of Yunkai.  The owner of the guest house where we stayed is a frequent movie extra and likes being referred to as “Mr. Action.”  

After we arrived, my first Facebook post declared “You guys – I can see Game of Thrones from my window!”

Ait Benhaddou is a ksar (fortified village) along the former caravan route between the Sahara and Marrakesh. Today it is a site for film sets, including the fictional city of Yunkai in Game of Thrones.

We took an evening hike up to the top of the kasbah, where there is a lovely observation deck where you can have tea and watch the sunset.  I also bought a painting from a seller there. A small number of sellers and families still live inside the ksar.

Get up early at dawn, and get amazing photos of the kzar before any tourists arrive.

Ait Benhaddou

Aroumd: High Atlas Mountains

Our trip continued to the High Atlas Mountains, where we again stored our main luggage and took only our day packs on a one-hour hike up to Aroumd.  The village is picturesque with brightly colored houses perched against the mountains.  

We stayed with a local family: the lower level of their house was outfitted with several large shared sleeping rooms connected by a lounge area, with a shared bath.  We had a delicious dinner upstairs in their large dining room.  

Although we wanted to thank the wife who had made the dinner, apparently it wasn’t appropriate – and I wished that our guide had explained this.  He said only, “Here is the chef,” as he gestured toward the husband.

The next morning, most of the group went on a hike – but it turns out this was the one to avoid!  I happily stayed behind and caught up on some reading, while several of my group barely made it back due to the higher altitude and difficult trail.

photo of a village in the mountains

Along the road to Essaouira, we kept an eye out for goats climbing the trees to eat argan seeds, but no luck.  We did visit a women’s collective to buy argan oil products (which, honestly, sort of seemed like a bit of a scam but I bought some on the off-chance it wasn’t).

Essouira is a seaside fishing town, and was the most walkable destination of our trip.  The medinas lead to the sea wall where you can look out over the Atlantic.  Our hotel here was the most unique of the trip – a restored riad.  No elevator, but the lobby was open all the way to the top floor with a large atrium, and rooms on each floor had windows into the center.

Essaouira Walking Tour

We took a walking tour of the medina, sea wall (skala) and port, then shopped in the medina before having afternoon tea at the port.  In the medina some in my group bought CDs in a local music shop and the store owner recommended regional musicians. 

When we got back to the hotel, I found some of the music and this was one of my favorite memories of the trip: the sounds of Moroccan, French and sub-Saharan African music echoing through our riad.

Some of us also booked massages, which was a welcome bit of pampering after our desert stay and basic hotel accommodations. That evening we enjoyed dinner at a seafood restaurant with live gnawa music.


Upon arrival to Marrakech, we checked into our hotel, which had an actual elevator.  The more comfortable accommodations were very welcome after two weeks in rustic hotels.

In Marrakech, it was easy to catch a local bus on Mohamed V Avenue, and take it directly to the medina main square, or Djemaa el Fna.  We ate in one of the food stalls on the first night we arrived, which felt like a uniquely local experience.

One of the most popular Marrakech sights is Majorelle Gardens in Marrakech, a twelve-acre botanical and landscape garden built by French artist Jacques Majorelle. Yves Saint Laurent and partner Pierre Bergé bought the Jardin Majorelle in 1966.

Koutoubia Mosque Marrakech

Marrakech Djemaa el Fnaa Square

The next day we toured Marrakech – a walking tour of the Kotubia Mosque, and then through the streets of the medina.  We ended at the market of Djemaa el Fnaa square and its labyrinth of sellers.  In the inner market, you can find artisans producing their wares which are sold in the chaotic outer stalls.

Finally, we had dinner in a local restaurant and celebrated the end of our trip with a strong peppermint drink in the square.  There’s a restaurant in the square with a terrace which, again, was a welcome escape from the sellers below.  I visited for lunch and again in the evening to get photos of the square.

Djemaa el Fna Market

Why You Should Travel To Morocco with Intrepid

Two weeks in Morocco was the longest I’ve spent in one country during my travels.  Although Morocco is a small, there is so much to see, with its blend of cultures and many gorgeous landscapes. Morocco is a classic adventure for travelers.

Traveling with a group like Intrepid or G Adventures lets you focus on the experience. For solo travelers and others, this is invaluable, especially in a destination where English isn’t widely spoken and overland transportation is difficult.

Booking Your G Adventures or Intrepid Travel Morocco Tour

Both Intrepid Travel and G Adventures offer many different Morocco itinerary options, from a few days to several weeks including other countries in the region. Check out all of the Morocco options from Intrepid Travel and G Adventures, as well as some of the most popular tours below.

  • Intrepid Travel Morocco itineraries
  • G Adventures Morocco itineraries

More Morocco Travel Resources

  • Be sure to use my Morocco packing list when preparing for your adventure!
  • Country information  on Morocco from the U.S. State Department
  • Health information  for travelers to Morocco from the U.S. Center for Disease Control
  • Culture Crossing Guide , an online community-built resource for cross-cultural etiquette and understanding
  • Recommended reading for this trip: The Caliph’s House by Tahir Shah and  Dreams of Trespass: Tales of a Harem Girlhood  by Fatima Mernissi.  I read both during my trip felt like they gave me an interesting perspective into the culture.

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