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china cycle tours


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Passion for China, Passion for Cycling

Cycle with the China-Experts

CHINA BY BIKE has been organising guided cycle tours in Asia for over 20 years.

On our cycling tours through China and its neighbouring countries you can explore the cultural highlights and the rough beauty of the rural areas, while experiencing everyday culture on every step of the way.

We offer carefully designed long-range trips to satisfy everyone who believes – just like us – that cycling is the best and most authentic way to discover new places! CHINA BY BIKE’s tours are designed for people who prefer an active and original mode of travel over classic mass tourism.

Past customers have loved our tours because of the familiar atmosphere created by small groups of like-minded travellers, experienced Western tour leaders and our friendly local support crew.

A rate of over 50% returning customers proves that we must be doing something right. But we will continue to work hard and keep improving to make our tours the best possible experience for you!

Watch our video to see what it’s like to be part of one of CHINA BY BIKE’s tours!

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Pioneers in China

During the past 20 years, CHINA BY BIKE has explored more of China’s roads than any other cycling tour operator – we have organised tours through Tibet and the China’s North West along the old silk roads, along the Great Wall in the hills north of Beijing, in the fertile coastal provinces Fujian and Guangxi, we crossed central China’s Qinling mountain range, cycled along the Yangzi and discovered almost every corner of beautiful Yunnan.

Small Groups and Dedicated Service

Responsible Travel

During our tours we are committed to supporting small-scale businesses, minimising ecological impact and respecting local culture.

Read our full Responsible Travel Policy here!

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Cycling Tours & Bike Trips in China

Life is about the journey, not the destination and that couldn't be more true than on a cycling tour in China. Travel on countless routes lasting from 8 days up to 16 days, and with 7 China bike tours listed you're sure to find one for you. Click here to see all cycling trips .

7 China bicycle tours with reviews

9-Day Cycle Panda Kingdom, Sichuan Province, China Tour

  • Christmas & New Year

9-Day Cycle Panda Kingdom, Sichuan Province, China

14-Day Cycle & Hike Panda Kingdom and Kham Tibet, Sichuan Province, China Tour

14-Day Cycle & Hike Panda Kingdom and Kham Tibet, Sichuan Province, China

14-Day Cycle Chengdu to Guiyang: pandas, dinosaurs, high-quality liquors and ancient towns Tour

14-Day Cycle Chengdu to Guiyang: pandas, dinosaurs, high-quality liquors and ancient towns

16-Day Cycling Tour to Kham Tibet(No Need of Tibet Travel Permit), Sichuan Province, China Tour

  • Mountain Bike

16-Day Cycling Tour to Kham Tibet(No Need of Tibet Travel Permit), Sichuan Province, China

Cycling through Garze Tibetan Autonomous Region in Sichuan Tour

Cycling through Garze Tibetan Autonomous Region in Sichuan

Best of China Tour

  • In-depth Cultural
  • Active Adventure

Best of China

China Experience Tour

China Experience

Regions in china.

  • Western China (5)
  • Sichuan (5)

Travel Styles

  • 10 Best Cycling Tour Companies 2024/2025
  • 10 Amazing Private Bicycle Tours 2024/2025
  • 10 Best Cycling Tours 2024/2025
  • China Travel Guide | All You Need to Know

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china cycle tours

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There’s more to the world’s second largest and most populous country than the Great Wall. With enough scenery and culture to sustain a lifetime of travels, China beckons the curious explorer who’s ready to step beyond the familiar.

China cycling tours

More Than a Wall

Snow capped mountains and alpine forests. Tropical river deltas. Otherworldly expanses of towering limestone formations. Endless, undulating seas of bamboo. There’s more to China than the Great Wall. So much more. With more climates and biozones than almost any other country on earth, China’s natural diversity is only rivaled by the depth of its prolific, ancient culture.

China cycling tours

Ancient Culture

One of the longest-lived civilizations on earth still thrives. See the real China, beyond the modern, mega-cities. From a sip of green tea in a porcelain cup, to a ride through sprawling hillside rice terraces. Walk the ancient cobblestones of Yunnan, and meet its colorful tribal people. Experience the simple pace of life in the Middle Kingdom, continuing as it has for thousands of years.

China cycling tours

Every day is an entirely new experience with different scenery on the Pandas and Buddhas Tour. And the food in Sichuan is fabulous!

June MacGregor

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We can tailor make your adventure exactly how you want it. Whether it's tweaking an existing itinerary, booking a standard tour on a different date, or creating your own unique one!

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China Cycle Tours

china cycle tours

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china cycle tours

Biking Real Shanghai& Enjoy Local Food

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Ann B

2024 China Cycle Tours - Tours & Tickets (with Prices)

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China By Bike

Visit sacred Buddhist sites such as the world’s largest prayer wheel at Songzanlin Monastery.

Cycle undulating roads through small villages and around the foothills of the Tibetan Himalayas.

Step back into time as you pedal through villages with fascinating ancient rituals and customs.

Discover the mythical utopia of Shangri-La, named after the fictional city in James Hilton’s Lost Horizon.

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We make it easy and affordable to arrange private departures that fit your needs. Use our trip designer to start crafting your perfect tour.

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The Rewards of Cycling in China

Off the beaten path.

While most visitors head to China’s sprawling cities or famous ancient sites, you’ll have the chance to forgo the crowds with a cycling immersion into the rural Yunnan Province that borders Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam. This part of China is ideal for nature lovers who are seeking satisfying cycling, spectacular scenery, and a different side of Chinese culture with ancient roots. With our knowledge of the region, you are sure to have a spiritual Chinese experience that leaves you with lifelong memories.

Stunning Scenery

Beginning with a pedal around the dramatic Napa Hai Lake Reserve flanked by mountains, you’ll have the chance to experience the jaw-dropping vistas of China’s Yunnan region. Cycle around the dream-like grasslands, through verdant valleys cut by snow-capped mountains, to the exquisite mineral terraces of Bai Shui Tai where white terraced pools are framed by the green background of the valley. Pedal into dramatic Tiger Leaping Gorge with its towering walls and follow the thundering Yangtze down below. Your cycling tour in China will not be short on jaw-dropping views and stunning nature.

Ancient Culture

Stay in simple village guesthouses with friendly hosts to connect with the Yunnanese locals, and head back to a time of feudal dynasties with a cycle to the World Heritage listed stone town of Lijiang. There, take a break from riding to learn about the local Naxi Culture that has a strong matriarchal society and practices the Dongba faith. Wander the paved streets of Shaxi and glimpse temples and houses that date back to the Ming Dynasty over 1000 years ago, then check out the marble carvings Dali is famous for. Your time in China is sure to leave you with lasting memories of its rich cultural heritage.

Our Expertise

In the remotest parts of Asia, on very few of our tours, we have carefully sought out the finest partner businesses to work alongside to create tours that are unique to Grasshopper. These businesses share the same attention to details and customer-centered focus, so we can work together to bring you the best possible cycling tour experience. Importantly, each tour is comprehensively researched in advance by the Expedition Leader. As always, your tour leader is knowledgeable and experienced and looking out for your safety and comfort at all times.


Every day was a new adventure! The riding was challenging but very fun, especially downhill! I had an amazing trip surrounded by amazing people! Any problem we faced got worked out. Even though some things didn't go as planned, it all went pretty smooth.

Bike Touring Asia in Grasshopper Adventures Styles

From the road.

Check out our Youtube channel for exclusive content including tour footage, inspirational videos, and tips and tricks for cycle travel.

Kent's Adventure in Asia

Cruise & cycle the iconic mekong river, the grasshopper experience, meet our team, china experts.

This is one of the few destinations where we enlist the help of partner businesses that share our values and dedication to the customer, attention to all the details, and are committed to bringing you a unique and adventurous Grasshopper tour. Rest assured knowing your guide and team leader are looking out for your safety and comfort at all times.

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China Family Tours

china cycle tours

Easy Tour China and its China Bike Tour department - Guilin Cycling Tours is a professional travel company based in Guilin - south of China. We are the real local bike tour organizer who is leading groups, maintaining bikes, giving tour suggestions and updating bike routes every year. From long distances cycling to day tours, from biking only to tours with all kinds of multi-activities , we are highly praised and widely recognized by our clients.

All our cycling tour teams will treat clients more like close friends rather than business partners. The bike tour guides of ETC are multi-skilled and qualified in English speaking, bike fixing, guiding and long-distance cycling with clients. Variety of bikes and supporting vans are available with ETC and GCT, and we tailor made itinerary based on clients’ fitness background, tour wishes and budget. Keep winning the certificate of excellence of 2017 and 2018 on TripAdvisors , ETC started offering China hybrid bike tours and E-bike tours from 2020, welcome to China at anytime.

Recommended Multi-day Bike Tours in China

china cycle tours

Lower Budget Cycling Tours Less than a Week

china cycle tours

  • Cycling distance (flexible): 45-70KM per day
  • Road Condition: Mostly paved with concrete/asphalt
  • Available cycle styles: Fully supported, Self-guided Cycling, Half-guided by Guide + Luggage Transfers.

china cycle tours

  • Cycling distance: Average 50KMs per day
  • Available cycle styles and bikes: Self-guidedCycling with MTB, Hybrid Bike or optional E-Bike.

china cycle tours

  • Cycling distance: Flexible50 - 100KMs
  • Available cycle styles and bikes: Supported Day Tour, Hybrid Bike or MTB.

China Cycling Day Tours

china cycle tours

Why ETC - China-based Bike Tour Company?

I'm a first-timer to China

china cycle tours

Finding a real local tour operator means a guarantee of high standard tour services: You will not stay in a small and narrow room while the price you have paid worth a 3 star hotel. A local bike company will always describe you the fact of cycling in their areas and how good / bad the food or rooms will be based on the real latest condition, instead of the out-of-date inaccurate information, they will not exaggerate the tour experiences and pushing you to pay, because they value the clients more than the middle man.

Enjoy the up to date routes and best experience during your bike tour in China: Local Chinese knows how often and how fast the roads are changed, we are happy to give you more suggestions and communicate with youbetter before designing a tour for you, otherwise it is very embarrassing when you are here then find the route we discussed and decided is too hard or too boring under your expectation. We want you be happier in China, not just following a boring cycle tour from A to B, arriving hotel at 5-6 p.m after suffering the climbs on the mountains or roads with constructions. It is hard for a third party to reorganize the tour detail changing if they only send 1-2 groups to China every 2 years and they are not happy seeing their routes and descriptions online to be changed or to be designed with higher costs due to the changes in China.

Being more cared as a VIP client: A subcontract bike tour means you are only 1 member of the big group who has to follow the same itinerary, food, hotel as planned with no (or very little) chance to change tour details. The guide has no power to change things to better serve you according to company rules, meaning you have to finish your cycling even it is raining / when you are sick without the supporting van’s help, or tolerate some dislikedfood. Because a third party earning commissions definitely does not want to increase their cost and losing the profit or change tour prices – making their tours less competitive. When finding the real local bike tour company in China, it doesn’t only mean you will get a cheaper price, but also means you can tell the people who will lead you tour what you want and what they can improve and make a tailored better ways when you are in China.

A subcontractor will charge everyone the same price no matter there are 5 or 20 in the group while a real local bike tour organizer in China only earns less money based on your tour numbers, as they know when you finish the tour with satisfaction, more of your friends or families will join in the future.

Better hotels and food: The local tour organizer always cares more about your personal wishes (e.g, we will try best finding bakery selling western style breakfast instead of letting you having local noodles every morning, or we will prepare and bring toast machine and bread and make coffees for clients, not charging extra fees. We enjoy those days staying and travelling with you, not only just a servant who needs to finish jobs; we treat you as friends and will send the tour organizer as the guide for your coming group if possible, they are usually friendly, multi-skilled and devoted to their job.

More flexible cancellation fees: most of the time, even when clients had to cancel their tours in the last minute due to injury, job changing or any reason affected their time for the tour booked, we will still try to give back their tour fee paid as much as possible and only deducting some basic service fee for the preparations (and emailing time and works) or some non-refundable fees or compensation fees to the guide or car hires. Delaying your travelling date under the same price is for free, changing itinerary and shorter your touring period and get some money back is available before coming to China, we are more flexible than subcontractors.

The local organizers and leaders who actually do the tour will always offer more than an assigned team by subcontractors: The guide (team) local people sent for your group are not mind if you arrive one day earlier before the tour starts or leave one day later after the tour is finished, they are willing to help for giving suggestions and services under basic costs, or even guide you for free during your extra time staying, you are always be our VIP clients, wishing that you can enjoy the best food and experiences because here are the places we familiar with. We never pretending to be an expert answering all your questions because we know there are certain things we don’t know. In short, beside the tour, you will get a very honest friend in China.

Customize Your Own Bike Tour in China

china cycle tours


china cycle tours

Yunnan (云南) , meaning 'the south of colorful clouds' in Chinese, is absolutely one of the best places for experienced cyclists as your first bike ride in China. Strategically located in the southeastern end of Himalaya Mountains, Yunnan has so much to offer. Sunny & mild weather, well paved roads, stunning sceneries and diverse ethnic cultures can all be good reasons to come here. With Tibetan, Naxi, Yi, Bai and other nationalities, Yunnan is a multi-ethnic province, which has most varieties of minority groups in China (25 minorities in total). Right here the traditional lifestyles and culture are still well preserved in their daily lives. Therefore, our bike trip is not simply cycling all the way, you will have loads of chances to see and experience the lifestyles of locals. We are very sure that this will be an eye-opening and self-developing journey for each participant of the trip. ( Yunnan Cycle Blog )

Tours Option(s) of Yunnan:  

Classic Yunnan Bike Tour from Shangrila to Dali 

Who probably enjoys a bike tour in Yunnan most:

1. Cyclists who are fit enough for long uphill/downhill cycling (6-25kms uphill * 1 or 2 times per cycling day); 

2. Travelers who are fond of both natural scenery (branches of Yangtze River, gorges, snow mountains, highland lakes, etc.) and minority cultures; 

3. Adventurous travelers, who enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities like hiking, exploring unknow countryside, trying local food, etc. Those less capable riders can rely on our support van or electronic bikes to skip tough uphill riding and add more sightseeing into the tour. 

Not recommended to: The ones who do not accept some less paved roads (only less than 10%) among local villages; people with heart/respiratory problems; those who feel uncomfortable with the high altitude (2500-3000 meters above sea level).

Tours Option (s)  of Central China: 

Cultural Bike Recalls from Xi'an to Luoyang 

Who probably enjoys a bike tour in Central China most :

1. Moderate level cyclists, who love Chinese history and culture. There are loads of serendipitous discoveries here awaiting you to enjoy, and the cultural insights to savor;  

2. Cyclists who need a second trip to China & anyone or tour companies looking for a unique and less traveled route; 

3. Anyone who likes a mix of biking along valleys, river bank areas (flat) with hiking the mountains. 

Not recommended to: Those who prefer 4 star hotels or fancy food; the ones who refuse to skip some bike-unfriendly sections by car transfer.

Southern China (中国南部) : "East or West, Guilin landscape is the best". Stunning limestone pinnacles rising above the plain, winding rivers, scenic lakes, cascading rice terraces and much more - the dramatic landscapes in and around Guilin are some of the world's most beautiful and have attracted travelers from the world over. Guilin is a delightful place packed with numerous hidden gems and requires endless exploration. You can cycle between the majestic peaks, revel in the picturesque rural scenery, hike the mesmerizing rice terraces, sample distinctive local food such as rice noodles and beer fish, and chat with ethnic minority peoples such as Yao and Zhuang to get an insight into their unique culture. ( Guilin Cycle Blog )

Tours Option(s) of Southern China:  

Guilin Grand Loop by Bike 

Who probably enjoys a bike tour in southern China (Guangxi Province) most:

1. All level cyclists who loves to have a bike holiday in South-West China; ; 

2. Travelers who are fond of both natural scenery (Li and Yulong River, Rice terrace field, etc.) and minority cultures; 

3. Family who like to enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities like cycling, hiking, exploring unknow countryside, trying local food, etc. Those less skillful riders can rely on our support van or electronic bikes to skip some short uphill riding on the Karst peaks. 

Not recommended to: The ones who prefer more history of old China instead of natrual landscapes.

East of China (Hui and Hang Region 徽杭地区):  This part of China is definitely less known to international travelers, while it is home to stunning natural sceneries and well preserved cultural heritage of East China. You will start from the scenic and prosperous Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang province, heading southwest to Anhui Province to visit the picturesque Yellow Mountain, and cycle off-the beaten-path through the ancient villages. Just feast your eyes on the verdant countryside and white walled architecture. Finally finish the awesome trip in Jingdezhen of Jiangxi province, the Porcelain Capital of China. Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage behind the chinaware produced here, the country’s name where came from.  ( East China Cycle Blog )

Tours Option (s)  in East China:  

Bike from the Yellow Mountain to Porcelain Capital;

Who probably enjoys a bike tour in East China most :

1. All level cyclists who loves to have a bike holiday in China; 

2. This trip is a mix of everything, cycling, hiking, food tasting, sightseeing, etc. Those who prefer an integrated travel experience would like it; 

3. Who is less capable of riding uphill or long ride in western part of China (more mountains and longer uphill ride). 

Not recommended to: Extreme bikers; those who are not interested in history; who is looking for remote and underdeveloped rural areas.

Experienced Team for Bicycle Tours and Outdoor Activities

china cycle tours

  • Senior China travel manager, Charlie has over 10 years working experience with foreign travelers, arranging their regular China tours, cultural tours, hike tours, tea tours, and also the professional bike tours. He is highly recommended by our former clients and also the colleagues in the company. His strong sense of responsibility strengthens the relationship between you and us.
  • Bobby is a Miao minority man and grew up in a town neighboring Guizhou. He knows the South China minority groups very well, and specialized in many fields, like car fixing, surgical operation, professional English guiding of cycling and trekking tours, car driving for both small and big vans, etc. This guy is more reliable than you can imagine.
  • As a native in Guilin city, Robert has unique understanding of long-distance bike tours in China as he really cycled a lot, he also knows very well about the repair and assembling of bicycles. He is experienced in designing, arranging tours based on guest's need and is glad to give suggestions making your trip easier and happier.
  • That's the Mr. Bike! Bai has spent over 20 years on bicycles industry and he is the master of bike technician in Guilin for sure. His persistence on bike parts and proficient driving skills helps our tour participants to finish the cycling trip more comfortable and safer. Don't forget to bring your puzzled bike parts to him if there are any problems because Mr. Bai will fix it!
  • Born in the countryside of Guilin, Mark is a passionate and kindhearted young guide; he is always wishing to help even for free. He finished his trekking alone around Annapurna in Nepal and helped a lot to local people after the big earth quake there in 2015. He regards the opportunity to serve you as the most valuable thing.
  • A strong-willed man with curiosity to learn things, Forrest knows more off the beaten tracks and paths than most local people in Guilin. With the living experiences in Ghana, he will bring you more than normal bike tour. He loves exploring less-commercialized tracks on bike and has become a funny and friendly tour leader full of stories and Chinese cultural lessons.

china cycle tours

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china cycle tours

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China Bike Tour, 6 Best China Cycling Tours 2024

Why Take a China Bike Tour?

china cycle tours

"Excellent Tour, best experience"

"A unique experience despite a difficult context thanks

to an experience team of organisers"

6 Best China Bike Tours | China Cycling Tours

4 recommeded china group tours, 4 popular china tours with citywalk.

  • Articles & Planning

Tibet bike tour

The following are the 4 Recommeded China Group Tours , ranging from 8 to 16 days, offering an intimate exploration of some of China's most exciting destinations in the year 2024. From classic discovery in China's golden triangle cities ( Beijing , Xian and Shanghai ) to scenic exploration in Guilin and Yangshuo , where you can marvel at the Karst landscapes and relax on Li River cruise, and from visiting the Tibet Potala Palace to experiencing the Hometown of Giant Pandas in Chengdu, we specialize in offering group tours that allow you to make the most of your travels. Choose from our carefully designed top 4 guided China group trips , thoughtfully crafted by our experienced experts. Join us for a China Group Tour with the best service and the best prices.

Mutianyu Great Wall, Beijing

China Citywalks offer a unique and immersive way to explore the country's vibrant cities on foot . Walking allows you to engage with the local culture, experience the bustling streets, and discover hidden gems that may be missed when exploring by other means of transportation. Popular cities for China Citywalks include Beijing , Xian , Shanghai , Chengdu , Hangzhou , Suzhou , and Guilin . Each city offers its own unique blend of history, culture, and natural beauty, making it an ideal destination for exploring on foot. Remember to contact us to plan your walking routes in advance, wear comfortable shoes, and be prepared to be immersed in the vibrant tapestry of China 's cities as you start your citywalk adventure .

Shanghai French Concession Wukang Mansion

4 Popular China Trekking Tours

Ganden Monastery, Tibet

China Bike Tours Planning & Useful Articles

Would you like to bike in China to explore cities like Beijing, Shanghai , Xian , Guilin , Lhasa , Shigatse ? Have you thought about cycling to explore Tibet and even ride to the Mount Everest Base Camp (5,200m)? How about biking around the holy Namtso Lake and achieve spiritual enlightenment? You can also have a light biking tour around Lhasa such as cycling to Ganden Monastery.

Join our China Bike Tour for a unique and enriching experience by discovering the real China by bike. Join us for biking tours, and have more opportunities to learn about Chinese culture, witness stunning scenery, and engage in adventure activities. Feel free to contact us if you need assistance planning a cycling tour in China .

china cycle tours

Yes, you can travel China by bike . Cycling through China offers a unique and immersive way to explore the country, allowing you to experience its diverse landscapes, rich culture, and historical sites up close.

China bike tours organized by reputable tour operators (such as AOT Team ) generally prioritize safety. They provide experienced guides, support vehicles, and ensure proper equipment maintenance. However, it's crucial to choose a reliable tour operator, follow safety guidelines, and remain vigilant while cycling on roads. Adhering to traffic rules, wearing appropriate safety gear, and maintaining situational awareness are essential for a safe and enjoyable bike tour.

China bike tours cater to cyclists of all levels, offering a range of tour options suitable for beginners to experienced riders . Some tours are designed for leisurely exploration, while others may involve more challenging routes. It's advisable to select a tour that matches your cycling abilities and comfort level to ensure an enjoyable experience.

What is the best time of year to go on a China bike tour ? The best time to go on a China bike tour depends on the specific region and weather conditions. Generally, spring (April to May) and autumn (September to October) offer pleasant temperatures and favorable weather for cycling in most parts of China . However, it's important to consider the specific region you plan to visit, as weather patterns can vary across the country.

Whether you need to bring your own bike for a China bike tour depends on personal preference and the tour arrangements. Tour operators often provide high-quality rental bikes suitable for the terrain and routes. However, if you have a preferred bike or require specific customization, bringing your own bike may be preferable. It's recommended to confirm rental availability and quality with the tour operator if you choose to rent a bike.

Support vehicles are commonly available during China bike tours, especially for longer or more challenging routes. These vehicles provide assistance, carry luggage, and offer support in case of emergencies or fatigue. However, the availability of support vehicles may vary depending on the tour operator and the specific tour package. It's advisable to inquire about support vehicle arrangements with the tour operator when planning your China bike tour.

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Latest China Bike Tours Reviews from Our Customers

Mike T

Date of Experience: Oct 12, 2023

Tour Customized by: Tony

You May be Interested in This Tour: Customized Tour


New Zealand

china cycle tours

Destination(s): Beijing, Xian, Shanghai

Date of Experience: Oct 26, 2023

Tour Customized by: Leo

You May be Interested in This Tour: 8 Days Shanghai Xian Beijing Classic China Tour

Gustavo F

Date of Experience: Oct 01, 2023

Tour Customized by: Anthony


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China Bike Tours

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Bike to Amnye Machen Mountain Tour

Deep in central China, you will find unexpectedly stunning topography of red rock mountains, snowy peaks, and undulating highways. This 12-day mountain bike tour will take you across about 500 km of impressive terrain for a journey you’ll never forget.

Highlights of China

The Highlights of China package is an activity-packed 11-day guided tour. From hanging out with Giant Pandas to exploring major cities, to visiting ancient archeological sites and relaxing in peaceful countryside, the holiday offers a huge range of different activities and locations.

Central Tibet Biking Tour

Adventure awaits in central Tibet! Biking through this region will give you an up-close experience to all its natural and cultural wonders. Cycle from Lhasa and make a loop through phenomenal mountain ranges and valleys, seeing glaciers, lakes, and hot springs along the way. You’ll also get acquainted with Tibetan Buddhism by visiting several remote monasteries along the journey. This 17-day tour will fill your soul with magic from your surroundings.

China by Bike Tour

Cycling in China can be spectacular, and this guided tour allows you to bike through the countryside before moving on to some of the touristic highlights, like Xi’an, the Great Wall and Beijing.

Hike & Bike China

This amazing guided tour allows you to explore some of the highlights of China under your own power. You will get to hike along the Great Wall and in other stunning parts of China, then you will get to cycle through the charming Chinese countryside.

Nepalese Himalayas

Lhasa to Kathmandu Mountain Bike Tour

Talk about a bucket list item! This is one of the most epic tours you can treat yourself to. The words “it’s about the journey, not the destination” represent this 25-day tour, without a doubt. Cycling from Lhasa, Tibet, to Kathmandu, Nepal?! What a dream!

China Adventure Tour

You will immerse yourself in stunning Chinese landscapes on this activity-packed 19-day guided tour in China. From hiking the Great Wall of China to exploring the stunning Longji valley and sacred mountains of Simatai you will hike and cycle your way through breathtaking scenery throughout this guided adventure tour.

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china cycle tours

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Sichuan Adventure

Sichuan Adventure is your #1 Choice to take an active tour in Sichuan Province of China. Since 2013, we have been taking international travelers on biking, walking, hiking & multi-adventure trips across the amazing Panda Kingdom – Sichuan and getting many great reviews .

Our 9-Day Cycle Panda Kingdom tour allows you to see pandas, taste authentic Sichuan cuisines and ride the Tea and Horse Road; While the 16-Day Cycle Eastern Tibet tour will take you to explore Tibetan high-plateau grasslands, snow mountains and turquoise lakes; then  7-day The Last Shangri-La trip will show you the mysterious Shangri-La and  nomadic life of Kham Tibet.

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Cycle Panda Kingdom

Taking you through Ancient Towns which formed the beginnings of the ‘Old Tea Horse Road’ and religious sites with over 1500 years of history, we have carefully designed the route so that the ride takes you through tranquil roads and greenways allowing you to relax and enjoy the classic lush greenery of rural Sichuan.


Cycle and Hike Sichuan

Bike and hike in the tranquil rural Chengdu as well as Sichuan’s spectacular Tibetan area. You will see the laidback Han Chinese around Chengdu Plain, the nomadic Kham Tibetans around Tagong Grassland, and the semi-agriculture and semi-nomad Gyalrong Tibetans at Danba.

china cycle tours

Cycle Eastern Tibet

Kham is less travelled than central Tibet, ensuring that the joys in this ride lie not only in the views, but also stumbling across authentic and meaningful encounters with the local Khamba Tibetans and their culture. All the joys of Tibet, with more freedom and without an extra travel permit.

Our Travelers Say

Dear Ying Ying, thank you so much for a trip of a lifetime! You and your staff did an outstanding job! It’s an epic bike tour complete with wonderful food, great sights and your amazing local knowledge. You are truly a professional and have all the talent necessary to go far in the tourism industry. Thank you for being such an informative guide during our Bicycle Adventure Club ride in China. We enjoyed your wonderful country very much! And we enjoyed you as a thoughtful and gracious guide. October 2017

china cycle tours

I have had the assistance of Liu Bin on two trips in China. l can only speak highly of Liu Bin. He is a very organized and knowledgeable guide, good with people, interested in all kinds of topics and a wizard on finding information so that we get to the right place in time. He is also very quick to understand what you are looking for, to suggest alternatives you did not know were available. On top of that, he is an excellent travel companion. I will give Liu Bin my best recommendations for any kind of trip you are planning anywhere.

china cycle tours

Our enjoyment of our trip to Chengdu and its sites were made all the more pleasurable by being accompanied for the whole time by such a knowledgeable guide as Liu Bin. Both my 70-year-old parents and my 12-year-old daughter were kept entertained throughout the trip with his stories of the area. He made the visit to Chengdu and its attractions so easy and we have learnt so much from his huge knowledge of this region and also the whole of China! In my opinion, you could not find a more perfect companion for your travels in China.

china cycle tours

China Cycle Tours

china cycle tours

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china cycle tours

Biking Real Shanghai& Enjoy Local Food

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CHINA CYCLE TOURS - All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (with Photos)

  • 86-19138970032 (GMT+8 18:00~09:00)

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China Cycling Tour

Cycling in China 2024/2025

To give you a better chance to really experience the places you visit, we at China Discovery allow you to get closer to its landscape, culture and local life on two wheels !

Our selected routes are easy and scenic, which appeal to all types and ages of travelers. It is a perfect way to discover the hidden gems, as well as see the famous sites of China up close !

Grab a bicycle, and let's go! - Customize your cycling preferences to your China trip by using our carefully designed tailor-made form below!

Most Recommended China Cycling Package Tours

To save your time and money, we have specially selected our travelers' favorite China cycling itineraries , which combine the right mix of cycling, sightseeing and relaxation, each with a few hours of leisurely cycling.

Contact us to customize one of the tours to your interests and needs.

5 Days Shanghai Suzhou Hangzhou Tour with West Lake Biking

West Lake Cycling Experience

9 Days Best of China Bike Tour

Experience a Wonderful Cycling Tour around Yangshuo

Top Cycling/Biking Destinations in China

the Paradise Town of Yangshuo

Customize your Cycling Tours

Please just take a few minutes to let us know what the ideal China trip in your mind is. Our travel experts will get back to you with a itinerary proposal within 0.5~23.5 hours .

  • * This is an enquiry form, not a reservation form, so no deposit is needed! It's free and fast!
  • * Not all fields are required, but the more information we have, the better and faster we can provide you with the perfect trip

Start planning your tailor-made holiday to China by contacting one of our specialists. Once inquired, you’ll get a response within 0.5~23.5 hours.

china cycle tours

  • Affordable and valuable price
  • 100% tailor-made packages
  • Highly rated customers reviews
  • Efficient customer support

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“Awesome China tour from northeast to southwest”

Any questions, please email us at: [email protected] or call us at: 86-19138970032 (Monday-Friday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. GMT+8)

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Beijing Great Wall, 9-day Tour

This easy-to-moderate cycle tour begins and ends in China’s capital city of Beijing, located at the north tip of the North China Plain. This tour is intended for those with basic cycle-touring experience and will utilize vehicle transport to access some of the more remote areas where we can then cycle and explore at a leisurely pace. The tour will be supported, meaning there will be a guide and support vehicle with the group at all times.

This tour can also be modified to satisfy those looking for more of a challenge and include greater daily cycling distances with more challenging terrain. It will also satisfy those interested in either historical/cultural or geographic/scenic interests and can be tailored as such.

The tour begins in historic Beijing city, known as much for its modern architecture as for its 3 millennia history. After getting picked up from the airport we’ll head to the centrally located, quaint hotel right amidst the traditional ‘hutong’ neighbourhoods inside Beijing’s 2nd Ring Road. The following morning we’ll explore these famous “small alleyways” by bicycle before visiting some of the historic and imperial sites within the city. The group will have the opportunity to choose a few sites among the Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Tiananmen Square and Mao Zedong’s Mausoleum, Drum and Bell Tower, or Jingshan Park.

On the second full day we’ll leave the hotel early by vehicle and visit the imperial garden called the Summer Palace, dating back to the 12th century. The Summer Palace is best known for its impressive landscape design including Longevity Hill and Kunming Lake. In the afternoon we’ll loop northeast through pleasant countryside areas of Beijing urban outskirts before arriving in Changping. The following morning includes the Ming Reservoir and Changling tomb, one of 13 of the tombs built for Ming Dynasty emperors. In the late morning we’ll then begin ascending into the Jundu mountains of Changping District where we’ll follow the general path of the eastern portion of the Ming Dynasty Great Wall. As we cycle, we’ll pass multiple sections of the Great Wall, sometimes riding right through it, as it loops north-eastward into Hebei Province, finally ending at the Old Dragon Head in the Bohai Sea.

Along the way we’ll pass the breathtaking Miyun Reservoir and spend the night at the restored Simatai Great Wall near the ancient village of Gubeikou. The following day includes a chance to hike this portion of the Wall before we begin cycling to the Summer Mountain Resort in Chengde, Hebei Province.

Days 6 & 7 are full of more picturesque riding among rolling hills, rivers, reservoirs, and a 20+km descent as we cycle down towards the coast. Day 8 will be the final big day of riding with more descending, only interrupted by a few flat sections, as we arrive at famous Shanhai Pass. At Shanhaiguan, as it’s better known in Mandarin, we’ll visit the “First Pass Under Heaven” and the famous Old Dragon Head where the Great Wall juts into the sea. This is also the famous gate where the Manchus were given passage to help defeat the short-lived Shun Emperor and subsequently conquered the Ming Dynasty, seized Beijing, and established rule under the Qing Dynasty.

On the final day of the tour we’ll enjoy more of the sites in Shanhaiguan and take a short ride along the coast before driving back to Beijing.  Arrival back in Beijing will be the end of the tour.

* (Note: daily distances may be supplemented with vehicle transport)

Arrive in Beijing

Cycling distance, total distance, simatai great wall, shanhaiguan, return to beijing.

china cycle tours

China Cycle Tours


China Cycle Tours is a Shanghai and Suzhou based bicycle tourism company specializing in guided city and countryside biking tours. We operate carefully chosen cycling routes both in Shanghai and Suzhou, and in the surrounding mountains and countryside.

Tai Lake East Mountain Cycling Adventure

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Tour Operator:  China Cycle Tours

  1   days  

Prices from

  Tour Operator   China Cycle Tours

Get out of the city for a day of biking through the East Mountain Nature Reserve near Suzhou. Visit the ancient sites nearby whilst enjoying excellent riding and stunning views. The trip starts along a lakeside track, passing by villages and farmland then we climb us the quiet tea leaf vovered East Mountain overlooking tranquil Tai Lake to the sough west of Suzhou, a perfect place with a scattering of climbing paths, peaceful villages and serene temples

Cycle Qinghai Lake

  9   days  

On this 9-day tour featuring both on-road and off-road cycling, experience Qing Hai's amazing nature, rich cultures and exotic foods. As you pedal along Qing Hai Lake on a clear day, feel empowered by her seemingly boundless deep blue water. Descend continuously for two km into County, and you feel like riding through an Alpine landscape, looking out at greenish hills covered with dark green forests, farm graze lands and small creeks winding their ways along the road. Stop by traditional Tibetan tents for a small break, sample fresh yoghurt andfeel people's hospitality and curiosity. Visit a small family run deli, taste vegetarian or meatfood prepared with fresh local produce.

Chongming Island Cycling Discovery Tour

China Cycle tours do it's best to find and propose you tours that can suits your tastes in discovering the multiples faces of China, in unusual places you never thought of. For this new summer tour we offer you to go to Chongming Island.China`s third largest island and home of a bird sanctuary,it's a quiet and peaceful refuge from the busy and bustling city. Situated just an hour away by car from Shanghai this place is full of unique sights such as its plantations,canals and traditional atmosphere. Visit this huge island and eco-friendly place for a relaxing ride though small villages,parks,plantations, and the beautiful riverside and of course its typical fisherman's.

Shanghai Highlights Tour

  4   hours  

Our tour will begin in central Shanghai , where we will begin our 20km tour, seeing all of the city's most famous highlights in rapid succession. On the Shanghai highlights tour you will experience all the essentials of Shanghai, from the French Concession and Xintiandi , to Taikang Road, the Bund and People's Square.

Guilin Biking & Rafting Escape

  2   days  

Drift along the Li River from Guilin, a superb bamboo rafting from one of China`s legendary tourist places.Pedal lazily through the verdant rice paddies, quaint villages and the extraordinary Karst peaks of Yangshuo.This creatively crafted itinerary takes you away from the usual tourist trails to enjoy the best scenery of Guilin.The treasure of the Song Dynasty, the world famous beautiful city of Hangzhou. From West Lake to temples to the tea-covered mountains, there`s always something to see and explore.

Moganshan Cycling Adventure

A great 2 day escape awaits you, as CCT heads 3 hours southwest into the mountains of Zhejiang to the famously amazing Moganshan. We biking over mountains of bamboo, through emerald green tea fields and past crystal blue lakes...an area that will leave you relaxed and not wanting to return to Shanghai. Quiet nights and days of adventure await!

Shanghai Classic Tour

The Shanghai Classic Tour is ChinaCycleTours's most popular tour. There is no other experience in town that shows you as much or entertains you like the Shanghai Classic! We will take you to all of the iconic sights, and other sights you may miss on your own. Our expert guides will give you the information you need to get the most out of your trip to Shanghai.

Zhujiajiao - Water Towns Cycling Escape

Zhujiajiao, the day's destination, is a local treasure located in a suburb of Shanghai city. It's one of the partially restored watertowns on the banks of Dianshan Hu lake typified by the many small waterways that crisscross the village like main street and broadway with a history of more than 1700 years. A perfect short cycling trip to explore quiet, hidden away village architectures, waterways, lake side roads and less visited pathes through the country side.

Old Shanghai Exploration Tour

Old Shanghai Exploration tour takes you to old alleyways in Shanghai.Shanghai Old Street: Located in Yuyuan Commercial Area, the street has been restored to its original state after renovation. The lattice window, long door plank and pivoted door have again presented the late Qing-dynasty architectural features to the tourists.

Shanghai Charming Night Tour

Shanghai Charming night tour is specifically designed to show you the vibrant nighttime�s atmosphere of this colourful metropolis. We will cruise from French Concession, eventually pedalling toward Xintiandi. From there we will head toward the Bund, where the night view is considered one of the top 10 views in the world.

While great care has been taken to show full and correct tour details, unfortunately transcription errors do occur and, although we continually seek to eliminate these, we apologise for any mistakes. Plans or bookings should not be made exclusively based on information shown on this website but must be confirmed with the tour operator.

Songzanlin Temple, Shangri-La

China Bike Tours

china cycle tours

Historical Routes: Beijing , Nanjing , Xian

china cycle tours

Excellent Sceneries: Guilin , Huangshan , Suzhou , Harbin , Changsha

china cycle tours

Golden Beaches: Haikou , Guangzhou , Qingdao , Xiamen

china cycle tours

Yunnan Ethnic Minorities: Kunming , Dali , Lijiang , Jinghong

china cycle tours

Southwest Adventure: Chongqing , Chengdu , Guiyang , Lhasa

china cycle tours

Northwest Exploration: Hohhot , Yinchuan , Xining  ( Qinghai Lake Cycling Race )

Lanzhou , Dunhuang , Urumqi

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china cycle tours

11-day Zhangjiajie & Guilin Cycling Adventure

china cycle tours

  • Tour Overview: This is an outdoor adventure trip of mixed cycling and hiking experiences from Guangxi to Hunan province in South China. The 2 areas are both among the most beautiful sites in China: Guilin (limestone) and Zhangjiajie (quartz sandstone) – it is the place that inspired Hollywood movie director James Cameron to create the world of Avatar in his film.
  • Duration: 7 cycling days, 3 day trekking
  • Tour Code: GCT-MD5-00E
  • Price from: $2256

china cycle tours

Tour Itinerary

Tour Highlights

*  Holistic Travel Experiences with a Lot of Fun: Cycling, Hiking, Non-Cycle Visits, Rafting etc.. *  Less-travelled Countryside Biking. *  Hiking at Longji Rice Terraces and Zhangjiajie National Forest Park. *  Chinese Bullet Train and Overnight Sleeper Train Experiences. *  Amazing Light Show of Impression Sister Liu San-jie in Yangshuo. *  Local Specialty Dishes. *  Flexible Tour Itinerary Based on Your Budget and Fitness.

The tour itinerary is customizable. If you prefer to cycle more, we can shorten the 3-day walking at Zhangjiajie National Forest Park and arrange more cycling distance.  

Tour Overviews

This is an outdoor adventure trip of mixed cycling and hiking experiences from Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region to Hunan province in South China. The areas both shares the most beautiful scenery to the world: Guilin (limestone formation) and Zhangjiajie (quartz sandstone formation) – It is the place that inspired Hollywood movie director James Cameron to create the world of Avatar in his film.

Day 1  Arriving in Guilin and Half-day Warming up Cycling (L,D)

Half day bike tour around Guilin

Please arrange your own flight or train to China and Guilin (KWL) and earlier arrival time is recommended n order to have more time enjoying the city, and for more rest too. A warming up ride around 30KM in Guilin city helps a lot to understand the rental bikes and cycling difficulties on China’s road condition, it also reveals the real local lives of the citizen. The itinerary and distance for biking is very flexible as we do hope you can have a good rest after a long trip to China. A tour briefing for the next day will be made by your guide after a fancy dinner in the top-rated restaurant.

Cycle Tour in Guilin, Tofu Culture Experiences in Guilin

Day 2 Xing'an to Tunnel Cave. 40-65 KMs Approx. (B,L)

Visit the Local Farmer's House

A one hour driving after hotel check out is the best way to skip the rush hours in the city and will lead us directly to the peaceful countryside. Our cycling of the whole trip starts from the bike path along the Ling Canal near Xing’an county (Built in 214BC, one of the oldest contour canals in the world).

Hidden Water Cave Popular for Trekkers in Guilin

After visiting the local farmer’s house and his grape farm, challenging some short climbs with beautiful reservoirs and brooks, we finally arrives a remote village where one of the biggest tunnel caves in Asia is located. A 1-2 hours stays and exploration inside the huge tunnel cave is highly recommended for people without back/knee problems. Saying thanks and goodbye to the owner of the land and the memorable scenery there, our supporting van will drive us back to our hotel in Xing’an.

Day 3  The Cave to Caoping. Approx 50-73KMs  (B,L,D)

Daxu Green Way for Bicycles

Guilin is a beautiful region where countless limestone hills lives, cycling through the undulating back roads. The northern part of Guilin looks a little different to the south, more canals, valleys, brooks and reservoirs makes our biking memorable. Move by pedaling gradually into the south and the well-known Li River banks. The bike path along the Li River will lead us to our hotel, and a visit of Daxu Ancient Town and rice wine factory visit is also worthy during our cycles.

Day 4  Caoping to Yangshuo. Approx. 55km (B,L,D)

Yangshuo Mountain Bike Tours with Guilin Cycling Tours

An challenging 1.5 km steep uphill takes us to the mountain top where the panoramic view of Li River and the small town we stay last night can be seen, a local boat transit to the other side of the river gives us better scenery and cycling opportunity along the Li river all the way to Yangdi town - half way town for the well-known Li River cruise.

Biking deep into the mountain area full of wonderful Karst landforms, we will finally see the back garden of Yangshuo – the Yulong River and enjoy splendid scenery, leisure cycling and all types of amusement for tourists there. Yangshuo is an interesting place full of things to do, we can stop our cycling anytime and transfer to our hotel if your tour is a guided/half-guided one. The light show about LiuSanJie (local finsherman singer) in the evening is highly recommended after our dinner in the West Street, book it one day ahead with us if you want to see.

Day 5  Yangshuo Highlight Cycling. 45-62KM Approx.(B,L)

Yangshuo Mountain Bike Tours with Guilin Cycling Tours

Our local guide will take you for an insight ride more than the popular bike routes around Yangshuo known by major tourists. And the itinerary for today is very flexible based on your wishes, we recommend a 40-60KM around the town or a biking + non-cycle touring to less crowded attractions hidden between Guilin-Yangshuo-Xingping (the classic triangle zones where best scenery are). After the trip, our supporting van will drive us from Yangshuo/Xingping back to Guilin which allows us seeing the beauty of the other side of River Li.

Day 6  Longji Hiking. Non-Cycle Day (B, L, D)

Cycling to Longji,Bike and Hike Tour Longji

After breakfast, drive 1.5 hours to Longji Rice Terraces Scenic Spot. Unlike the majority of tourists who will going up by vehicle, it must be more interesting hiking with your guide from the mountain bottom up all the way to Ping’an Zhuang Village (9 km, 2.5-3 hours) via zigzagging mountain trail. You will surely be amazed by the stunning view of farmlands and stilted wooden houses built on the mountain slope. And a visit of the local museum offers us insight views about the landscape of the terrace fields and the inhabitants. Our guesthouse, although basic, offers spectacular views of the rice terraces and fantastic food, popular among westerners for over 20 years.

Day 7 Longji to Guilin to Zhangjiajie via Overnight Train (B, L, D)

Soft Trains in China

A further explore the areas in the morning to the most beautiful viewing platforms to see the man-made miracle of Longji Rice Terraces (2 hours) can be done today or yesterday afternoon, we shall have plenty of time resting in the village or return to Guilin suburb for a visit to some free but places of high values like visiting local wood carving market / flower and birds market, etc. After making a good use of our final day in the first province of the tour, we will transfer to Guilin Railway Station. You will take a bullet train to Liuzhou (1.25 hrs), then change another overnight sleeper train to Zhangjiajie (10.5 hours, starts in the evening). You will take 2 different types of trains today, which is a unique experience for international travelers.

Day 8  Arrive in Zhangjiajie and Warm-up of Zhangjiajie, Leisure Cycle / Non-Cycle Day (B, L, D)

One day cycling tour in Zhangjiajie

Arrive in Zhangjiajie in the morning. Transfer to the hotel for refreshment. We have to make earlier decisions about today's plans, about to walk / keep cycling for a half day (with different rental bikes). Zhangjiajie is a heaven during hot summers; we can walk along the brooks, or swim in a crystal clear stream flowing in the mountain valley to wash away our tiredness on the train. Later you will be rewarded by a local spicy dinner featured with Hunan cuisine, hot dishes is not a must but we can try those local flavors.  

Tianmenshan Mountain Cycle Zhangjiajie.

Day 9  Zhangjiajie National Forest Park Hiking  (B, L, D)

Hike Tour in Zhangjiajie national park

Located in the northwest of Hunan province, Zhangjiajie is a beautiful mix of landscape and culture. For the past decades, it has been prestigious for its quartz and sandstone geomorphologic structure rare on the planet. Most of Zhangjiajie’s attractions are at Wulingyuan, including Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, we will spend three days here and your guide will try to avoid the tourist-packed sites and see the less visited spots. 

Day 10  Zhangjiajie National Forest Park Hiking (B, L, D)

Trek in the Zhangjiajie National Forrest Park Where the Movie Avatar was Shoot

The orders of visiting in the National Forest Park are very flexible based on weather and client's wishes. Today you will have another day tour at Zhangjiajie National Forest Park. Ascending Yuanjianjie Mountain by Bailong Elevator (recommeded to save time by this, optional fee) - a glass elevator which was built into the side of a huge cliff, and it is the fastest elevator in the world. Experience the speed while taking in the breathtaking views. Taking about 2.5 hours to discover the amazing pillar scenery of the southern sky, which was used to inspiration for the famous “Avatar Hallelujah Mountain”. Afterwards, take the sightseeing bus to visit the beautiful Tianzi Mountain Nature Reserve, including Helong Park, West Sea Scenic Area and some other sights. Marvel at a notable setting of quartzite peaks that seem so the otherworldly. Later, take cool Tianzi Mountain cable car down the mountain and to enjoy a brisk walk along the picturesque Ten-mile Natural Gallery, lined with peaks resembling human, fingers, monkys, lions, etc.

Day 11  Zhangjiajie National Forest Park Hiking (B, L)

Cable Car at Zhangjiajie National Forest Park

The National Forrest Park is definitely worth for 3 days walking but it is not the only highlight of the city. So based on our flexible tour itinerary style and more cares to the clients’ wishes, you can communicate with GCT’s guide ahead and do some optional visit like going to the Tianmenshan Mountain – city symbol of Zhangjiajie. From the city downtown to the peak of the Mountain, this 7455 meters cableway is the longest one in the world so far. The stunning sightseeings include Tianmen Cave, the 99 Bends, and the glass skywalk and so on. On the mountain, your guide will take you to have a challenging walk on the glass skywalk along the cliff.

Instead of visiting the above places, more rest and leisure touring can be arranged before leaving Zhangjiajie, the tour price includes the room for tonight so if you are leaving today, please let the guide know earlier as they are leaving today and finish their jobs.

Tour Feedback

Feedback and reviews of GuilinCyclingTours

Room Standard 

Guide price.

2023 - 2024 Price  (based on twin-beds rooms and non-holiday dates)

Popular Holidays in China: Qingming (Early April), National Holiday (First Week of Oct.),  rooms price in some areas during Chinese school summer vactions will be doubled or tripled. (July, August).

$2380 p.p  ( from 2 people's group ) Please contact to get more discounts if you have more people coming.

Single Room Supplement: $230

*Please note that obtaining your own travel insurance is required in order to participate on this biking tour. It will need to include a minimum coverage of medical expenses with emergency evacuation, personal liability and accident insurance. Our biking leader will need to see a copy of your insurance at the group meeting on the first day. We reserve the right to refuse you if you do not carry such an insurance policy.

china cycle tours

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china cycle tours


  1. CHINA CYCLE TOURS (Shanghai): Ce qu'il faut savoir pour votre visite

    china cycle tours

  2. China Cycle Tours (Shanghai)

    china cycle tours

  3. China Cycle Tours (Shanghai)

    china cycle tours

  4. Love the Bike Lanes

    china cycle tours

  5. Self-guided bike Tour in China, China Self-guided Cycle Tour, Budget

    china cycle tours

  6. Bike tours in China, Biking Guilin, China bike tours at Easy Tour China

    china cycle tours


  1. आखिर CHINA CYCLE क्यों बर्बाद कर रहा है .....?😱😱#youtubeshort

  2. Riding e-bike in a chinese third tier city part 3

  3. Welcome to visit us at CHINA CYCLE 2023 in Shanghai!

  4. China cycle race



    Explore the cultural and scenic highlights of China and its neighbouring countries on a cycling tour with CHINA BY BIKE, the pioneer of cycling tours in Asia since 1995. Choose from a variety of long-range trips, designed for small groups and experienced cyclists, and enjoy the benefits of local support and cultural insights.

  2. China Cycle Tours-Bike Tours,Bicycle Rental,Bicycle Trips,Cycling Tours

    CHINA CYCLE TOURS:China Cycle Tours is the leading bicycle tour and rental company in Shanghai And Suzhou. We offer the best routes and the most fun, organized and informative Bike City Tours, Mountain Biking Weekend Tours, Family Tours and Team Building.

  3. 7 Best Cycling & Bike Tours in China 2024/2025

    7 China bicycle tours with reviews View Map Bicycle Christmas & New Year 9-Day Cycle Panda Kingdom, Sichuan Province, China Destinations Chengdu, Yaán +2 more Age Range 12 to 80 year olds Country Region Western China +1 more Operated in English, Chinese Operator Sichuan Adventure Duration 9 days Price per day $298 From US$2,680 View tour

  4. Bike China Adventures

    Travel Stories Break for the Border: Cycling the Sino-Siberian Boundary After teaching English in China for a year, I got … Read More All Stories At Bike China Adventures, our focus is on helping you experience China at its best through unforgettable bike tours across the country.

  5. China Bicycle Tours by SpiceRoads Cycling

    China bicycle tours and cycling holidays: cycling and biking travels in Chengdu, Yunnan, Shangri La, Kham, Tibet and beyond

  6. THE 10 BEST China Bike Tours (Updated 2024)

    THE 10 BEST China Bike Tours Bike Tours in China Enter dates Outdoor Activities Filters • 1 Sort All things to do Category types Attractions Tours Day Trips Outdoor Activities Concerts & Shows Food & Drink Events Classes & Workshops Shopping Transportation Traveler Resources Outdoor Activities Beach & Pool Clubs Hiking & Camping Tours

  7. 2024 China Cycle Tours

    China Cycle Tours is a Shanghai and Suzhou based bicycle tourism company specializing in guided city and countryside biking tours.China Cycle Tours operates carefully chosen cycling routes both in the cities (Shanghai and Suzhou) and in the surrounding mountains and countryside.

  8. China cycling|CHINA CYCLE TOURS

    China Cycle Tours is a Shanghai and Suzhou based bicycle tourism company specializing in guided city and countryside biking tours. We operate carefully chosen cycling routes both in Shanghai and Suzhou, and in the surrounding mountains and countryside. We also do customized tours if you are interested in travelling off the beaten path.

  9. China Cycling Tours

    China Cycling Tours - Grasshopper Adventures | Active Bike Tours China China By Bike Turn your attention from China's big cities and Great Wall to the southern province of Yunnan, and cycle tour from mystical Shangri-La through the Leaping Tiger Gorge down the Tea Horse Trail to Dali.

  10. China by Bike Guided Cycling Tour

    Cycling in China can be spectacular, and this guided tour allows you to bike through the countryside before moving on to some of the touristic highlights, like Xi'an, the Great Wall and Beijing. You will cycle over 500 km through peaceful Chinese countryside, allowing you to see another side of China away from the busy coastal cities.

  11. China Bike Tours, China Cycle Holidays 2024/2025, China Cycle Tours

    China Bike Tours Easy Tour China and its China Bike Tour department - Guilin Cycling Tours is a professional travel company based in Guilin - south of China. We are the real local bike tour organizer who is leading groups, maintaining bikes, giving tour suggestions and updating bike routes every year.

  12. China Bike Tours 2023-2024, China Cycle Holidays, China E-Bike Tour Company

    China Bike Tours 2023-2024, China Cycle Holidays, China E-Bike Tour Company YOU ARE TRAVELING WITH LOCAL SPECIALISTS, NO MIDDLE MAN. Guilin Cycling Tours is a professional bike tour company based in south of China.

  13. China Bike Tour, 6 Best China Cycling Tours 2024

    Our 6 Best China Cycling Tours cover some of the most mature/famous biking routes around Shanghai, Xian, Guilin, Lhasa, Shigatse, Mount Everest Base Camp, or even Mount Kailash. For Shanghai Bike Tour, you can discover the modern city by bike. For Xian Bike Tour, you can explore the ancient city of China by bicyle.

  14. Best China Bike Tours

    Cycling in China can be spectacular, and this guided tour allows you to bike through the countryside before moving on to some of the touristic highlights, like Xi'an, the Great Wall and Beijing. E-Bike. Guided. Sep-Dec. 16 days from $3,670 USD Details. Open details for Hike & Bike China.

  15. China Bike Tour

    Sichuan Adventure is your #1 Choice to take an active tour in Sichuan Province of China. Since 2013, we have been taking international travelers on biking, walking, hiking & multi-adventure trips across the amazing Panda Kingdom - Sichuan and getting many great reviews.


    China Cycle Tours is a Shanghai and Suzhou based bicycle tourism company specializing in guided city and countryside biking tours.China Cycle Tours operates carefully chosen cycling routes both in the cities (Shanghai and Suzhou) and in the surrounding mountains and countryside.

  17. Tour of China Cycling, China Bike Tours, Cycling in China

    Shanghai Suzhou Hangzhou Kunming Lijiang Tours Hong Kong Guilin Tours Xian Chengdu Tours Chengdu Lhasa Tours >> All Short Stays Top Visited Destinations Special Theme Tours Cycling in China 2024/2025

  18. Self Guided Bike Tours

    Bike China Adventures, LLC. specializes in offering customized, guided bicycling tours throughout China. We have a vast number of already designed tours that can be modified to meet your specific cycle touring needs, whether it be with regard to level of difficulty, duration, or areas of interest. If you are interested in cycling in China...

  19. China Cycle Tours-Bike Tours,Bicycle Rental,Bicycle Trips,Cycling Tours

    "China Cycle Tours" is a Shanghai and Suzhou based bicycle tourism company specializing in guided city and countryside biking tours. In addition to our carefully chosen routes in both cities and the surrounding mountains and countryside, our completely bilingual staff and guides handle all logistic details from transportation, lodging (as ...

  20. Beijing Great Wall, 9-day Tour

    This easy-to-moderate cycle tour begins and ends in China's capital city of Beijing, located at the north tip of the North China Plain. This tour is intended for those with basic cycle-touring experience and will utilize vehicle transport to access some of the more remote areas where we can then cycle and explore at a leisurely pace.

  21. China Cycle Tours

    China Cycle Tours is a Shanghai and Suzhou based bicycle tourism company specializing in guided city and countryside biking tours. We operate carefully chosen cycling routes both in Shanghai and Suzhou, and in the surrounding mountains and countryside.

  22. China Bike Tours: Cycling Routes in Beijing, Guilin, Chengdu, Xian

    Xining. Yinchuan. Historical Routes: Beijing, Nanjing, Xian. Beijing, Xian and Nanjing are the three famous ancient capitals of China. If you want to cycle a long journey, the route Beijing-Xian-Nanjing is highly recommended. Be sure preplan your travel fully and detailedly. In Beijing, traveling around the Hutongs by bicycle is a wonderful trip.

  23. Zhangjiajie Bike Tours, China Bike Tours, China Cycle Tours.

    A hiking and cycling holiday in China from the limestone peaks in Guilin region to quartz sandstones at Zhangjiajie. Call Us: 86 773 3810665/3810500 Our Working Time: 09:00am-06:00pm (GMT+ 8 hours)